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With Magnitude & Direction

LANDING YOUR INTERNSHIP By Sreya Das | Senior Staff Writer

“The employer motivation is stronger than it's ever been, the span of candidates that they will consider for internships is wider than it's ever been, [and] the demand for tech talent has never been as great.” - Gregory Mass, CDS


nternships are like movie trailers: they allow students to experience what it’s like to work in their field, so they can decide whether or not to stay in their major, and if so, what future classes to take. “An internship is one of the best things a student can do,” said Michele Bell, one of the four academic advisors for the Ying Wu College of Computing Sciences (YWCC). “It lets you see if you’re in the right major. We recommend it to all students.” Aside from validating your career choice, internships provide many other benefits. By working in the “real world”, students gain valuable work experience. Experience-based learning helps students improve knowledge of their field. Additionally, they may even learn new concepts and get the opportunity to work with equipment and methods they may not typically be able to access. For example, when I interned at the Rutgers University Wireless Information Network Lab-

oratory (WINLAB) as a high school student, I had the chance to work with the Microsoft Hololens for a project involving augmented reality —something I would never have been able to do on my own, due to the $3,000 price tag. Another perk is the chance to develop one’s soft skills. Internships allow students to learn how to interact with coworkers, gain experience in a corporate structure, practice professionalism, and broaden their network. They are also a resume boost, which can in turn help attain future internships. It’s a virtuous cycle! Now that you know about the joys of internships, the question is obvious: ”How do I get one?” Some tips that Bell suggests include: • Meet with your career advisor • Visit Career Development Services (CDS) • Keep your GPA up •Thoroughly research the companies and fields in which you’re interested •Prepare your resume before

you start applying for internships. Additionally, Bell emphasized the necessity of “exploring all possibilities—don’t limit yourself just to Handshake and the NJIT career fair.” Networking with people, from classmates to coworkers, to past and current professors, could provide you with unexpected opportunities. That said, the NJIT career fair is a perfect stepping stone for internships. With the career fair coming up this Wednesday on February 13, now is an excellent opportunity to search for internships. “The employer motivation is stronger than it's ever been, the span of candidates that they will consider for internships is wider than it's ever been, [and] the demand for tech talent has never been as great,” said Gregory Mass, Executive Director of the Career Development Services. “So there are a number of environmental external factors that really work in the favor of students who attend NJIT, because of their major, the reputation of

Tips To Bag The Job: • • • • •

Meet with your career advisor Visit Career Development Services (CDS) Keep your GPA up Thoroughly research the companies and fields in which you’re interested Prepare your resume before you start applying for internships.

the school, and the employer emphasis on developing relationships sooner with students.” As someone who has overseen over 60 career fairs at NJIT, Mass has an abundance of solid advice for students planning to attend the career fair. He likens career fairs to amusement parks; there are many fun and exciting attractions to see, along with the endless lines and crowds—and you want “to maximize your fun by eliminating the amount of time that you're waiting.” Mass recommends going to the career fair as early as possible and developing a plan of action by deciding which employers you want to visit the most, as many hardcore roller coaster enthusiasts would do with amusement parks and rides. Although there is a math common exam on the same day as the career fair, Mass hopes as many students as possible will take advantage of this event. Best of luck to all students, and happy job-hunting!



Week of February 12, 2019

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Week of February 12, 2019

Research Says: Stick To Your Fitness Goals For One More Week By Katherine Ji | Senior Staff Writer & By Sandra Raju | Contributing Writer

Photo via U.S. Air Force photo/Senior Airman Clay Murray

Stick to your fitness goals for just one more week: researchers at the University of Texas, Austin recently discovered that previously sedentary young adults instructed to exercise regularly began choosing healthier food options without prompting. Indeed, almost 3,000 inactive young adults chose to eat more fruits, vegetables, and lean meats, as opposed to fried foods and sodas after exercising for only a few weeks. This is not an isolated incident either. Another research team from Indiana University followed more than 6,000 people at different stages of their life and also noted this “transfer effect,” in which improvements in one area of one’s life quickly trigger a desire for improvement in another. In fact, smiling gym buff Waleed Mujib, a second-year biology student, knew exactly what we were talking about when we began talking about

how exercise affects one’s life, having experienced the effect firsthand. Wrestling ignited Mujib obsession with exercise during his freshman year of high school. Athough Mujib did not recall immediately switching to healthier foods, he remembers “not feeling good about putting in so much hard work at the gym and then coming home and eating unhealthy foods that weren’t the best.” He knew that “eating healthier foods would accelerate the process” and that “it just wasn’t worth it to invest so much time in the gym and then make it worthless through his eating choices.” However, because Mujib did not immediately crave healthier foods and instead made a conscious effort, he is a prime example of an individual that followed the transfer effect. Like many other young adults who’ve experienced the phenomenon, the nov-

elty and positive results Mujib experienced in exercising encouraged him to try and find healthy foods he enjoyed, despite his continued desire for junk food. With exercise and nutrition complementing one another, since both work towards one’s overall health, it’s no wonder one might crave a smoothie after hitting the gym. However, other research extends beyond this psychological connection and explores the scientific mechanisms at work behind these changes. For example, research shows that even moderate exercise can cause changes in dopamine levels, and as a result, can reduce preference for high-fat foods. Other projects have shown that high intensity exercise has actually increased appetite-regulating hormones in the body. Ask any NJIT student if they have goals to become healthier, and most of them will say yes. Howev-

er, it is evident that many students have trouble committing to healthier lifestyle habits. Mujib testified that he noticed many of his friends who started exercising would not make dietary changes. His explanation is that it “might have just been because they weren’t consistent with the exercising.” Mujib also stressed that the school’s dining hall contributed to a severe lack of healthy options available on NJIT’s campus. For example, Mujib notes that main meals are often “fried or breaded, and the pastas are always white and never whole wheat,” and the healthy options that are available are, as Mujib explicitly put, “horrible. They actually taste disgusting.” Regardless, these studies are invaluable in understanding the relationship between diet and exercise and most hopefully, a new source of motivation.

World News

Hague Judge Resigns from Post Following Overt Interference from US and Turkey By Parth Agrawal | Senior Staff Writer Christoph Flügge, a senior judge at the international courts in The Hague, Netherlands, set off a storm of controversy by resigning from his position, citing claims of extensive political interference by the United States and Turkey. The Hague is the seat of international judiciary power. Home to the United Nations International Court of Justice (ICJ) and the International Criminal Court (ICC), the city provides a platform for the world to reach a consensus upon internationally accepted standards and to provide channels for resolving disputes peacefully. The Hague is the international community’s mediator and watchdog. For instance, last February the ICJ ruled that Nicaragua must pay reparations to Costa Rica for violating its border agreements, and the ICC recently cleared the former president of Côte d’Ivoire of accusations of war crimes brought against him by the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The new allegations brought by Flügge assert that the United

States and Bolton’s reTurkey marks reflect have dethis sentigraded the ment thirty processes years later: of these “We will let courts by the ICC die bullying on its own. the interAfter all, for national all intents and judiciary purposes, the into turnICC is already ing a blind dead.” eye. When In response the ICC to these statebegan inments, Flügge vestigating The Peace Palace in The Hague, Netherlands, home to the Permanent Court of International Justice. Photo via responded: U.S. mili- Creative Commons “The Amerpay reparations to Nicaragua tary conican securiduct in Afghanistan, national for violating international law ty adviser held his speech at a security adviser John Bolton by sponsoring terrorist rebels. time when The Hague was plandelivered a fiery speech in Sep- However, the US contested that ning preliminary investigations tember threatening to use “any the Court had no jurisdiction into American soldiers who had means necessary to protect our over the matter. UN Ambassa- been accused of torturing peocitizens and those of [sic] our al- dor Jeane Kirkpatrick called the ple in Afghanistan. The Amerilies from unjust prosecution by Court a “semi-legal, semi-judi- can threats against internationcial, semi-political body, which al judges clearly show the new this illegitimate court.” The United States’ contentious nations sometimes accept and political climate. It is shocking. relationship with the judicia- sometimes don't.” Since then, I had never heard such a threat.” ry stretches back to the 1986 the U.S. has refused to recogAdditionally, Flügge cited inICJ case Nicaragua v. United nize Court rulings as compulso- terference by Turkey’s governStates. The International Court ry and accedes to them only on ment as reasons for his resignaof Justice ordered the US to a case-by-case basis. tion. The Turkish government

accused the sitting UN judge Aydın Sefa Akay of links to a failed coup attempt, allegations which Flügge calls “baseless.” “We, the other judges, immediately protested,” Flügge said. “But his tenure was nevertheless not extended by the UN secretary-general. And with that, he’s gone.” Power plays like those of the United States and Turkey have set a precedent for undermining the international justice system, he argues. Nikitha Pappachen, a biology major considering a minor in global studies, says that when she visited the NYC UN Headquarters last year, she observed firsthand that United Nations’ investigative and humanitarian efforts often lack real strength. “They don’t really have enough members to maintain a core system. In the current state, it probably wouldn’t be a good idea to give the UN court full jurisdiction. But in the long run, if they were to develop a proper system, I think it could be really good to have them investigate these crimes objectively.”



Week of February 12, 2019

SAC Arcade Night


Sigma Psi Kappa Blood Drive


Students are in for a night of fun as they compete in old-style arcade games for a range of SAC prizes.

Students donate blood at Sigma Psi Kappa's Blood Drive event for the Spring 2019 Semester.

SAC Stuff-A-Bear Lines build up as students choose from a myriad of stuffed animals to stuff and build with love and affection, of which the proceeds went to charity.




Week of February 12, 2019

Liquid Batteries: A Potential Answer to Solar Energy Effiency


By Isaac Scafe | Senior Staff Writer In their constant search to find a renewable energy source, scientists may have found a solution to harness solar energy more efficiently. Up until this point, it was difficult to consider solar energy as a renewable source; while the Sun is a constant source of energy, there was no cheap and efficient way to store all that energy. Now, a team from Chalmers University of Technology, based in Sweden, has developed a fluid, solar thermal fuel that could store energy from the Sun. Often compared to a rechargeable battery, the fluid takes the sunlight and is able to convert it to heat. The fluid itself is a liquid consisting of norbornadiene which has photophysical properties, meaning it does not involve any chemical change. Instead, the fluid stores energy by isomerization, a chemical process that transforms the compound’s structure while maintaining its chemical makeup. This process means byproducts are not produced, something that could happen during a chemical reaction. The isomerization process starts when the liquid norbornadiene is hit by sunlight. The fluid’s atoms become denser, which causes the liquid norbornadiene to become quadricyclane and trap the sun’s energy. In a sense, it is similar to how insects get trapped in amber or sap. Energy from the sun stays in the fluid, even after the liquid is removed from sunlight. Members of the team claim that the system can store energy for up to 18 years and energy can be extracted whenever need be. Best of all, no emissions are produced, reducing pollution in the atmosphere. The system itself, called The Molecular Solar Thermal Energy Storage (MOST), is made from a concave reflector with a pipe down the middle that tracks the sun’s movement in the sky. The fluid is pumped through the pipes in order for

it to be warmed by sunlight and absorb the sun’s energy. The norbornadiene is moved through pipes and stored at room temperature to reduce energy loss. When needed, the fluid filters through a catalyst that heats it, allowing the molecules of energy to revert back to their original state. The energy is released as heat, which can be used by heating systems to power appliances. The now cold-liquid is returned to the MOST to collect solar energy once again, repeating the cycle. The system could be the reason why solar energy can be considered a replacement for fossil fuels the world has been trying to replace. While other sources, such as solar panels, power buildings during the daytime, the MOST can transfer energy stored throughout the day during nighttime and the winter. This is crucial for countries that do not experience strong or consistent sunlight. For example, during the month of January, the sun rises at 8:47 a.m. in Sweden, but sets at 2:55 p.m. For solar energy to be a fossil fuel replacement, it must be available when needed. The researchers who developed this system have conducted this cycle over 125 times without significant damage to the fluid itself. They have also claimed that their system has about the same amount of power as two Tesla Powerwall batteries, which can power a house for more than seven days during an outage. While the MOST can continue to be improved upon, its potential is exciting. A world powered by the sun could help mitigate the effects of climate change.

Campus News

TKE Trial: A Sentence Has Been Reached By By Carmel Rafalowsky | Managing-Editor After nearly three years, justice has been served. Joseph Micalizzi, a third-year mechanical engineering student and member of NJIT’s Tau Kappa Epsilon chapter, was fatally shot in an attempted robbery on May 2, 2016. Two men broke into the fraternity house located on Dr. MLK Blvd. at approximately 3:15 a.m. to rob students. Micalizzi was shot in the head and one his hands while attempting to fight off the intruders. He was taken to University Hospital and pronounced dead at 5:02 a.m. The men, Taquan Harris, 24, of Newark, and Nafee Cotman, 21, of Irvington, were indicted on charges of murder,

felony murder, robbery, burglary, and weapons offenses. A press release from the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office reported that Harris admitted to shooting Micalizzi three times during plea hearings in October 2018. Cotman pleaded guilty to robbing Micalizzi, and said he tried to take Micalizzi’s belongings during the incident. Under terms of a plea agreement, Harris pled guilty to aggravated manslaughter and illegal possession of a weapon; the murder count was dismissed, according to the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office. Cotman pled guilty to one count of first-degree armed robbery. All other

charges were dismissed. On Thursday, Feb. 7, Harris was sentenced to 26 years in prison for the death of Micalizzi, and Cotman was sentenced to 12 years. According to the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office, Harris attempted to withdraw his plea prior to sentencing on Thursday. Judge Ronald D. Wigler rejected the motion, ruling that Harris “knowingly and voluntarily entered the guilty plea”. Under the No Early Release Act, both Harris and Cotman must serve at least 85% of their sentences—at least 22 years for Harris and 10 years for Cotman—before they will eligible for parole.


9 A.M. – 5 P.M. NJIT WELLNESS AND EVENTS CENTER ARENA NEWARK, NJ REGISTRATION FEE: ADULTS - $50, STUDENTS - $20 Event Details: Today, roughly 14,000 nuclear weapons are in existence, ready to launch on warning within fifteen minutes. Nuclear arms are the only weapons of mass destruction not yet prohibited by an international convention. Recently, a letter was signed by more than 3,000 scientists, including 23 Nobel laureates, in support of talks at the United Nations whose aim is to make nuclear weapons as unthinkable as biological and chemical weapons. On April 14, 2019, New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) will host a conference on nuclear war entitled, “Steps to a Nuclear Weapons-Free World”, to speak out on the many facets of this critical problem. Nine experts will join the conference attendees to examine the crucial problem of reducing the nuclear threat to our planet. The Conference will be led by two renown keynote speakers joining the conference through live streaming: • Daniel Ellsberg, author of “The Doomsday Machine: Confessions of a Nuclear War Planner.” • Robert Jay Lifton, author of “The Apocalyptic Twins: Nuclear and Climate Threats.” Ellsberg and Lifton will be joined by: • Zia Mian, physicist and co-director at Princeton’s Program on Science and Global Security, and co-author of “Unmaking the Bomb.” • Bruce Blair, research scholar at Princeton Program on Science and Global Security, Macarthur Fellow and U.S. Air Force intercontinental ballistic missile launch officer. • Kelsey Davenport, director of non-proliferation, Arms Control Association. • Lisbeth Gronlund, senior scientist and co-director, Global Security Program at the Union of Concerned Scientists. • Laura Grego, senior scientist and expert on weapons in space, Union of Concerned Scientists. • Ray Acheson, Nobel Peace Prize winner for creating the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons or ICAN. • Elaine Scarry, Harvard University, Cabot Professor of aesthetics and the general theory of value. Registration includes a continental breakfast, lunch, coffee/tea break and a booklet of position papers by the speakers.

NJIT welcomes attendees from all area colleges and universities. For more information: Contact

Complimentary Parking



Week of February 12, 2019

voices from around campus Each week, students send anonymous texts, emails, and mobile responses to our collections prompt. Note: all responses are posted ex-

THIS WEEK: “It’s Valentine’s Day! Send actly as they were received. Unus your love letters, crush derstand there is an unwritten [sic] after every possibly errone- confessions, proposals, and ous (or not) response. more!”

By Carmel Rafalowski | Managing-Editor

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Thanks for participating!!





Week of February 12, 2019 Opinions

Why We Need a Wall, And How Trump Wasted Our Time By Mark Pothen | Contributing Writer

" ... The rationale for the wall is similar to building a dam..."

In game theory, chicken is an experiment that everyone is quite familiar with: the only way to make the other player yield is to make a definitive statement that you're willing to risk mutual destruction. President Trump lost this game of chicken by idiotically submitting to Democrats when he was so close to attaining his goal, essentially making the entire shutdown pointless. Democrats despise the President so much that they were not willing to grant him the equivalent of 12 hours of federal funding (5.6 B), which pales in comparison to the trillions spent on entitlements touted by Democrats. Trump

could have come out of this by making an affirmative case for the wall paired with technological enhancement of border security, which is not difficult to do when there are 700 to 800 miles of unguarded border. The rationale for the wall is similar to building a dam: to concentrate the water flow to a certain point rather than having water uncontrollably flowing at all points. In the same way, illegal immigration should be concentrated at points of entry rather than being spread out over thousands of miles along the border. Trump and Republicans have argued that we should know

who is coming into our country. Mainstream Democrats like Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer used to be very warm to this argument. Once in 2005, Obama even went so far as to say that “we simply cannot allow people to pour into the United States undetected, undocumented, unchecked, and circumventing the line of people who are waiting patiently, diligently, and lawfully to become immigrants in this country.” Those seeking amnesty, under its legal definition, can simply go to a point of entry and file for amnesty, a procedure that has been in place for years.

I’m all for the free flow of labor as long as we do not confer governmental benefits to those who are seeking economic opportunity and as long as they adhere to basic notions of private property and liberty. House majority leader Nancy Pelosi began negotiations by saying she would allocate “Not one dollar to a border wall,” and that “The wall is an immorality,” is idiocy considering the Democrats proceeded to promulgate the notion that those who agree with the building of a wall have a deep-rooted racial animus towards those coming over the border. The Democrats were never going to give an inch and

Trump should've been aware of that. Instead of tweeting statements from the White House every day of the shutdown, the President should've been at unprotected parts of the border, pointing and saying “This is what the Democrats are not willing to fund,” as well as hosting meetings with Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents and Angel moms. Though the president yielded in this game of chicken, we may be in for another shutdown within the next week so be sure to stay tuned for the potential second part of the shutdown saga 2019!

Left, Right & Middle Does Cory Booker’s track record justify his political aspirations? If the elections were this month, would you vote for him? By Nicole Cheney | Senior Staff Writer

Liberal L


ory Booker essentially runs on what most today cite as a typical liberal platform. He supports an increased minimum wage, defends the right of samesex marriage, believes in man-made climate change, favors criminal justice reform, and opposes overturning Roe v. Wade. All these positions, among others, are the bare minimum that the primary Democratic voter base expects out of a candidate. Yet, Booker’s inability to explicitly take a side on hot button social issues is of concern, as he seems to have fumbled the ball on a few recent race-related incidents, including the photos in Virginia Governor Ralph Northam’s medical school yearbook displaying blackface and a Ku Klux Klan costume. On this issue, Booker said it was important to “put yourself in a white person’s position,” to create a better dialogue around race. While Booker’s voting record and political platform is more or less solid for his targeted demographic, his reluctance to openly condemn something as heinous as the KKK begs the question: will be able to make tough, partisan decisions on a grand scale, or if he will too easily give in to pressure to appease the other side? It will be interesting to see if Booker’s milquetoast statements will help him among centrists or hurt him among leftists in the Democratic primary.

By Parth Agrawal | Staff Writer




t’s hard not to root for Cory Booker, the senator from my home state, former mayor of my college city, and a person of color, as “the home team”. Running on a message of optimism and love, he seems to appeal to the citizens of a country tired of stalemates, anger, and hate. As mayor of Newark and the junior Senator of New Jersey, he was instrumental in securing countless new public and private investments in Brick City. But Booker is perhaps known more for the public persona of being a “people person”, an image he has spent years crafting. He lived for eight years in a housing project, shoveled snow from residents’ driveways, and befriended an imaginary drug dealer named T-Bone. Perhaps it makes sense that Booker, with degrees from Oxford, Yale, and Stanford, should try to offset his “outsider” status by demonstrating a direct connection with Newark citizens. Yet stunts like his dramatic and embarrassing attempt to “break protocol” during the Kavanaugh investigation call for a more critical look at his motivations and authenticity. Booker has spent a considerable amount of time outside the New York metropolitan area and has been criticized by state officials for not being around often enough to manage daily affairs. If we are to learn anything from dealing with our current president, we ought to ensure that 2020’s winner brings more to the table than theatrics.

By Mark Pothen | Contributing Writer

Conservative C


ory Booker's record consists of his tenure as mayor of Newark, which he spent sensationalizing himself through publicity stunts, such as living on food stamps for a week and shoveling constituents’ streets, rather than being effective, with the crime rate remaining stagnant and spending 21% of his time out of state. Within the Senate, his perpetual need to virtue signal did not improve his record. In the wake of the Kavanaugh hearings, after castigating everyone who supported then-Supreme Court nominee Kavanaugh as “complicit in evil,”, he ridiculously likened himself to Spartacus for releasing documents that had been previously declassified. Booker has now become an exemplar of democratic radicalism by openly calling for the implementation of policies such as the Green New Deal and “Medicare for all,”, the latter of which would cost 32.6 trillion dollars over the next 10 years and decimate private insurance, and the former being fully delusional with full government control over all industries and the expectation to squash 89% of American energy production. The man simply has the charisma and political savviness of a slab of granite. He’ll get my vote when pigs fly.

OPEN NOW Campus Center Lobby 11AM-8PM Mon-Fri. 11AM-5PM Sat.

From zesty pizzas to succulent garlic knots, we offer great food for low prices.




Week of February 12, 2019

French Fries Land at University Ave: Are You In Heaven? By Shanee Halevi | Senior Staff Writer & By Katherine DeMottie | Contributing Writer

Walking through the pearly gates of French Fry Heaven, I was drawn to giant menu on the back wall. As I scanned it, I became very aware that fry heaven is largely reserved for omnivores. Chicken, beef, egg, and cheese-laden fries make front news, and as a vegetarian I thought I’d have to settle for a plain potato with ketchup. There is, however, a small separate menu of vegetarian options. Most of them are simply regular menus items without the meat. In fact, any item on the main menu can be made vegetarian by omitting ingredients. The staff was quite understanding of my vegetarian concerns, and even helped recommend the best dishes based on my preferred flavors and spice level. Vegans may have a less exciting time in heaven, though it is possible. I would recommend a bed of fries with any veggie toppings, and a fun sauce that doesn’t seem mayo- or cheesebased. On the bright side, avoiding the cheese and mayo will make the meal feel much lighter on the gut.

Q: French fry, did it hurt? A: Did what hurt? Q: WHEN U CRASH LANDED ON UNIVERSITY AVE.

THE OMNIVORE EXPERIENCE French Fry Heaven was insanely crowded on its first day open, but 100% worth the wait. I got to try samples of some of their fan-favorite dishes such as Bacon Cheeseburger Spuds, Taco Spuds, and Cheesy Garlic Chicken Spuds. All of these were absolutely fantastic, though I thought the Cheesy Garlic Chicken Spuds were the

best by far. A delicious, spicy cheese sauce and plenty of toppings adorned each order, so make sure to grab a fork! The staff was also incredibly nice and made the whole experience worthwhile. I enjoyed the Garlic Parm fries so much that I ended up ordering them on Grubhub for delivery the next day!

THE VEGGIE EXPERIENCE If you can eat animal products or are not vegan, I would recommend the cheese sauce! I don’t know how much of it is actually cheese, but it absolutely amplifies the comfort food effect. It’s not movie theater plastic nacho cheese, but also not quite chipotle queso. The sauce has some chopped ingredients which adds a fun texture. You’ll find yourself using your fries to mop up those last drops. I think it’s the only type of cleaning accepted in heaven. To the vegans, vegetarians, omnivores, low-cal, low-life foodies—I highly recommend the truffle salt. It adds a kick

of umami flavor without being heavy like other sauces. Also, it’s not available unless you ask for it—so don’t be shy! While Fry Heaven does not offer wholly nutritious vegetarian meals (see: business model is eating a bed of French fries), it is a vegetarian-friendly, comfort food establishment. It can be difficult to find comfort food that isn’t chicken or bacon infused in other establishments, but at Fry Heaven, you have the option to omit the meat. Also, their takeaway containers are compostable, and I appreciated that more than the free fries.

Movie Review

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb; A Preview / Review

By By Carmel Rafalowsky | Managing-Editor On Monday, Feb. 18, the Murray Center will screen Stanley Kubrick’s “Dr. Strangelove” in the Campus Center Ballroom B, from 3 – 5 p.m., in anticipation of NJIT’s “Steps to a Nuclear Weapons-Free World” conference in April. The purpose of this viewing is to educate students and the greater NJIT community about nuclear weapons—including modern and historical challenges involving nuclear arms, current nuclear policies, and strategies toward disarmament. We encourage you to attend this screening, learn, and enjoy. I first saw Stanley Kubrick’s “Dr. Strangelove” a year ago at the IFC Center in Greenwich Village while on a date with a friend. It was a strange choice, I admit. To make matters starker, we were caught trying to decide between Hayao Miyazaki’s “Princess Mononoke” and Stanley Kubrick’s “Strangelove”. Did we want an intricately animated fantastical war? Or a black and white film about war? Figuring we had nothing to lose, and that Kubrick is classic, we went with “Strangelove”. I went in with nothing—no expectations, no knowledge of the plot, no idea what I was about to witness. I didn’t watch a trailer. I didn’t ask anyone what they thought of the movie. I’d never

even seen a Kubrick film before. And it was the absolute best thing I could’ve done for myself, because nothing can reasonably convey the ridiculousness that is “Strangelove” without giving a newcomer the wrong impression, or completely ruining the punchline of several jokes. That said, I’ll try. The story behind “Strangelove” is that of an unhinged US Air Force general who orders a nuclear attack on the Soviet Union. The film follows the President of the United States, his advisors, Joint Chiefs of Staff, a Royal Air Force officer, and a Russian ambassador to the US in an American war room as they try to recall the bombers and prevent a nuclear apocalypse. The film separately follows the crew of one of the B-52 bombers that is deployed by the insane general as they try to deliver their payload. At first glance, this storyline seems bland, boring, snore-inducing, and way too political for my tastes. I admit, 15 minutes in, I was questioning our decision and wondering if I just wasn’t cultured enough to appreciate fine art. But soon enough, that worry fell away. The longer I watched, the more engrossed in the story I became. It slowly dawned on me that “Strangelove” was a Cold War satire. I was hooked.

From the American General’s blaze of fury temperament, to the B-52 pilot’s Western patriotism, and the President’s hopelessness (and to some extent, helplessness), every aspect was played up just right. It wasn’t so much as to be farcical or unbelievable. It wasn’t so little that the scenes were concerningly authentic. While certain scenes did cause some gut-wrenching and despair, they were all interrupted with giggles. By the end, I was a convert. With tears of laughter in my eyes, I struggled to believe a film as blatantly satirical and critical of the United States’ foreign and nuclear policies could reach such acclaim—especially at the time of the film’s release in 1964. Today, I realize that the film is more than humorous; it’s poignant. While the plot is entertaining, there’s more than a grain of truth to several key aspects of the storyline, and that’s what makes it so enjoyable… albeit, in a slightly horrific way. In fact, with the threat of the Trump administration to pull out of the Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces treaty unless Russia complies within 180 days, the topic and film are more relevant than at the time of my viewing. The truth is, as long as countries have nuclear capabilities, movies like “Strangelove” will remain evergreen.



Week of February 12, 2019




his week saw the release of “Kingdom Hearts III” (KH3), the latest installment in the Kingdom Hearts series, developed by Square Enix and Disney. Many fans, such as myself, have been waiting a long time—14 years to be exact—for the game which is the next installment in the main series of Kingdom Hearts. While the franchise spawned several side games such as “Dream Drop Distance”, “Birth by Sleep” and “Re:Coded” during the gap, many have been


waiting for the main game. “KHIII” released on Jan. 25 in Japan, and worldwide on Jan. 29. I was one of the thousands in line to pick up my copy of the game as soon as retailers released it. Over a period of about two days, I logged around 1215 hours of gameplay and am roughly 40% through the story. During this time, I’ve come to appreciate many aspects of the game, and have come to terms with its shortcomings.



Visual Work “KHIII” is one of the most beautiful games I have ever seen. Every part of the game is rendered masterfully, from the perfectly animated cutscenes, to the space travel between worlds, to the work in each world. Despite the immense variety of the various Disney and Pixar worlds available to visit, each one has been done justice. From the exploration of The Kingdom of Corona (“Tangled”), to saving citizens in Thebes (“Hercules”), to hanging out with Mike, Sully and Boo (“Monsters Inc.”), everyone and everything has been animated beyond expectation. Item Creation Previously to create items, players had to journey back to the main base world (Traverse Town, Hollow Bastion). Now players can create items at any Moogle shop they visit, with the new items automatically deposited and shared between shops. Story “Kingdom Hearts” is a straightforward game where the player travels between worlds, beating each world in turn, and repeating the process until the game's completion. The cutscenes in previous games in the franchise could sometimes drag on, but with “KHIII" this isn’t an issue, as each cutscene is extremely well done and immersive. In addition, the fresh feel of each


world and gameplay mechanics keep the feel of the game fresh from start to finish. From running around in “Toy Story” to fighting naval battles in “Pirates of the Caribbean”, you will always be entertained. Length Each world is relatively long, with the starter world taking about an hour on the hardest difficulty setting, and each one after taking around 2 hours with exploration. Along with all the side quests, such as finding constellations, emblems, and making food in “Ratatouille”, the game will definitely keep you sitting in front of your monitor for hours. Gameplay DONALD IS FINALLY USEFUL! A running gag in the series is that Donald Duck (the wizard in the party) is mostly useless because he won’t heal you when you’re about to die and dies quickly. However, Square Enix beefed up our favorite duck with better combat AI and he now comes in very handy at times. As well as the new fighting mechanics, players have an array of weapons, from magic to different keyblades. Additionally, Square Enix brought back both form changes from “Kingdom hearts II” as well as links from “Birth by Sleep”.

By Ivan Hernandez | Senior Staff Writer


As much as it physically hurts to do so I must point out where “KHIII” felt a bit lackluster. Fighting While the combat mechanics are a pro, they’re also a con. It feels like the company tried to put a lot of novelty into the mechanics, but unfortunately, they overused the new additions, so players get used to them pretty quickly. One such example is the addition of attractions—throughout battle, Sora can summon attractions based on the ones at Disney Park (Splash Mountain, Carousel, Laser arcade, Tea cups etc). It’s a fun and cool concept, but its novelty would make you think it’s reserved for use during certain events, such as boss battles, or after some highly specific conditions are met. It happens pretty randomly, but frequently, making the novelty and appeal of the moves boring after a while. In one battle I summoned three attractions in succession, so it can quickly get repetitive. Party Before, when you entered a world, that world had a character you could add to your team. You would switch them out with Donald or Goofy. Now, any extra members are simply added to your party, essentially creating an ultra-party. While


That’s about as much as I can say for what I have done personally. Overall, while the game falls a bit short of the hype (can anyone really live up to 14 years of hype?) it is still a very well-made game. I will mostly likely be somewhat emotional by the time

this is fun, it can make the game seem easier than previous installments. Worlds One of “Kingdom Hearts’” best qualities was all the different worlds it brought together, from “Alice in Wonderland” to “Tarzan” to “Winnie the Pooh”; and even Mickey Mouse’s “Steamboat Willie”! While this installment does have some exciting worlds, we only have nine of them. By contrast, “Kingdom Hearts II” had 17, including the two optional worlds. Final Fantasy (or lack Thereof ) One of the greatest aspects of “Kingdom Hearts” was that it was the lovechild of the Final Fantasy series and Disney: two elements you wouldn’t think would mix but did so beautifully. However, there are essentially no major elements of Final Fantasy within the latest installment. All we have from the series are Moogles and a slight cameo of “Final Fantasy XV” characters. Besides these minor aspects, there are no appearances of Final Fantasy characters or elements at all. Where’s Leon with his gun blade? Or Cid to help with ship building? Why is Cloud not kicking butts a third time in a row, and for the love of God, why am I being robbed of the intense side battle with Sephiroth? “Kingdom Hearts” is missing a whole half of what made the franchise what it is.

I finish, because this series was a big part of my childhood. Including the side games, I’ve probably dedicated about 500 hours to this series—likely a bit more. To fans of the series, I hope you all enjoy it, but to anyone thinking about getting into it for the first time: you’re going to get on one crazy, amazing ride.




Week of February 12, 2019

Do You Even Sudoku?



Horoscopes credited to Poetastrologers

PISCES You are racing and yet you are slowly walking. You are slowly waiting for the light to turn. It will go from orange to yellow to blue. But those aren’t the things you were waiting for.

SAGITTARIUS People adorn things because why not. But despite your carefree attitude that’s never been a good enough reason for you. Remember all those summer trips where you stood and stared at a ceiling. They only have to happen again if you want

VIRGO A clear point of everlasting light will present itself one morning. It won’t be due to time of day or even place. None of these things matter to an emotion flattened by time. If you could tune your heart you wouldn’t.


You will definitely do what you’ve been asked to do. A green balloon floats to the ceiling. Will you jump up to grab it. Will it take you this long to know what is best for you.

AQUARIUS You can do it only if you really want to. If the thing in red feathers does enter the room will you welcome it. You can’t be sure about anything. Trust in love.

SCORPIO In the back of your mind there is a blue circle that rings around something important. You are so sure it doesn’t mean anything and you watch and wait for the rain. Instead you might be clear about what you want. The truth is, it means something.


If you can’t sleep then don’t sleep. Asking for too much won’t be the answer. If you think you won’t meet the rose bird then don’t tell everyone you will. Don’t expect all the things you don’t even want.

TAURUS You’ve turned the lights off so now you can be sure you are sitting in a room of no lights. Eventually it will be evening again and it will all be blue. Will you write the same poem no matter what happens. Who will you blame it on next.

CAPRICORN People will be so nice to you and you will be grateful. But you don’t need nice you need support. If you could walk along the place where the water is you’d say so much. You’d say purple purple and then run away.



A pile of pink glitter will appear. It may or may not be in the shape of your name. You’ve been telling yourself you’d better come to terms with it all. Don’t waste any more time standing still.


You will fall asleep to the sounds of light lilac systems. When it’s time to get up you will ask anyone if they heard you call for them. What dreams are sitting out the window in blocks of ice. You can be sure that no matter what you’ll keep going.


ARIES Maybe you have some sense that giving up on something that seems way too difficult is a way to show how you’ve grown. Don’t just be a tree. Go deep into the possibility you know is not destined to happen. Once you’re free of feeling you are free to feel.


Crossword Crossword credited to

Tweet @TheNJITVector a photo of your completed crossword puzzle (only if you can solve it, though)! Down

1. Take a --- at (try) 2. Plate place 3. Turnpike 4. Places for stagnant water 5. Serve well done 6. Impudent reply 7. Overthrows 8. Sight from the cuckoo's nest? 9. Erodes 10. Kitchen tool 11. Proverbial septet 12. Natural effortlessness 13. Blue shade 19. Hobby shop inventory 21. Lou Grant portrayer 24. Stocking stuffers? 26. High standards 27. On your toes 28. Item at the Mad Hatter's party 30. Extraordinary 31. ''--- of the State'' (1998) 32. You can get this in bars 33. They are behind glasses 39. One person's opinion 40. Bullpen success 43. Law-making bodies 45. ''Can't Cry ---'' (Sheryl Crow) 48. A or B, on a record 50. Fuel rating 52. In and of itself 54. Intersection sign 55. Opposite of flushed 57. English author Kingsley 59. Wasn't colorfast 60. Hardens 61. Place for a soak 62. Durable hardwood 63. Boom preceder


1. Biblical queen's land 6. Place in a hold 10. Applications 14. Kind of waste 15. As good as it gets 16. Shipbuilder's stock 17. Plentiful 18. Illegal nightclub 20. Titanic downfall 21. Cleopatra's undoing 22. Dentist's directive 23. Sushi dishes 25. Organizational aids 27. Gave one's consent 29. Paddock papas 33. Some rail lines 34. 6th day of Christmas gift 35. Jay often seen at night 36. Longbow wood 37. Title for Eva Per—n 38. Braying beast 41. --- culpa 42. Mesozoic and Paleozoic 44. Type of lily 46. Band aid, briefly 47. Eyelid irritants 49. Distasteful 51. On the chilly side 53. Choker site 54. Gardener's tool 56. Pins are made here 58. Barkeeps records 61. Cruise ship accomodation 63. Dark brown fur 64. Fishing rod 65. Rani's attire 66. Fjord 67. Earth rulers in a 1968 film 68. Just gets by 69. Bed starter



Week of February 12, 2019


Five Double-Figure Scorers Pace Kennesaw State on “Pink Day” By NJIT Atheltics KENNESAW, GA— Kennesaw State had five players score in double-figures paced by sophomore guard Kamiyah Street with 19 points in the Owls' 7047 victory over visiting NJIT on "Pink Day" in ASUN Conference action at the KSU Convocation Center Saturday afternoon. The Owls snap a six-game skid, moving to 6-17 overall, 2-7 in the ASUN while the Highlanders fall to 5-17 overall, 2-7 in the league. In the first meeting of the season, NJIT defeated Kennesaw State 66-60 on January 5. Street scored 11 of her 19 points in the first half, grabbing six rebounds followed by Alexis Poole, who posted a double-double for the Owls with 12 points and 11 rebounds, Carlotta Gianollla and Breanna

Hoover (12 points each) and Lexi Mann (10 points). NJIT's Tatianna Torres led the Highlanders with 15 points and eight rebounds on 6-of-12 shooting from the field. Junior forward Danielle Tunstall was the Highlanders other double-figure scorer with 13 points on 5-of-9 shooting while Dez Allen came off the bench to add six points, two rebounds, two assists, one block and one steal. Kennesaw State came out of the gates hot, jumping out to a 10-2 lead, paced by Hoover and Poole with three points each. NJIT's Kelly Guarino scored the lone points for the Highlanders in the first six minutes of action. Graduate student Torres halted the scoring drought, scoring consecutive baskets for the visi-

Two In a Row for Men’s Tennis; Highlanders Top Sacred Heart, 6-1 By NJIT Atheltics NEWARK, NJ— The NJIT men's tennis team won its second straight match with a convincing 6-1 victory over visiting Sacred Heart Sunday morning at The Naimoli Family Athletic and Recreational Facility. NJIT (2-2) registered a tight 4-3 victory over Fairleigh Dickinson on Saturday and followed up with a 6-1 win over the Pioneers (0-4) on Sunday for a 2-0 record on the weekend. "Another good doubles outing as we swept all three matches," head coach Ira Miller commented after the match. "Everyone was very solid in singles, never letting Sacred Heart into any of the matches." NJIT picked up where they left off Sunday morning, as Highlander pair George Svensson and Lukas Zvikas combined for a 6-2 victory at second doubles. Abdullah Fouad and Aleksa Petrovic secured a 6-2 win at the third spot while

Highlander duo Tomi Antoljak and Zac Castagna were 7-5 winners at first doubles. Zvikas recorded the first victory in singles action, combining for a straight set win, 6-2, 6-2 at the third spot. NJIT captain Castagna notched an identical score victory, 6-2, 6-2 at the fourth spot to go up 3-0. Antoljak made it 4-0 with a straight victory at first singles, 6-4, 6-3. Fouad battled out the only three-set tilt of the match at second singles, dropping the first frame, 6-4, but bounced back with a identical score victory, 6-3, 6-3 to earn the point. The lone Pioneer point came at the sixth spot. Petrovic played a tight match at fifth singles, coming out on top, 7-5, 7-6 (6). NJIT will return to action on February 17 when the Highlanders host Drexel at 11am inside The Naimoli Family Athletic and Recreational Facility.


tors and cutting the lead to 15-6. After a jumper by Kennesaw State to open the second quarter, NJIT used a 7-2 surge, cutting the Owls lead to within 10, 23-13, at the 4:43 mark. The Owls registered its largest lead of the game, 16, on a three-pointer by Amani Johnson. Kennesaw State would close out the first half on a 13-3 spurt, heading into the locker room with a 36-20 lead. At the half, Kennesaw State's Street led all scorers with 11 points on 5-of-8 from the field while NJIT's Torres paced the visitors with eight points on 4-of-5 shooting from the field. Kennesaw State shot 51.6 percent from the field in the opening 20 minutes (16-for-31) while the Highlanders shot a low 33.3

percent (7-for-31). A 9-0 run to start the third quarter for NJIT, saw the Highlanders slim the Owls lead to single digits, seven, 36-29. Forward Dez Allen sparked the scoring for NJIT followed by seven straight points from Tunstall. The Owls closed out the final four minutes of the quarter on a 9-3 spurt, holding a 45-32 advantage. Kennesaw State began the fourth quarter on a 9-1 run, taking its largest lead of the game, 21, 54-33, and continued its momentum till the final buzzer, securing the 70-47 victory. NJIT will have a quick turnaround when the Highlanders visit Florida Gulf Coast on Tuesday, February 12 at 7pm in Fort Myers, Florida.

Men’s Volleyball Wins Fourth Straight; Highlanders Sweep Kean By NJIT Atheltics UNION, NJ—The NJIT men's volleyball program registered its fourth straight win of the season with a 3-0 sweep at Kean Monday evening at Harwood Arena in men's volleyball non-conference action. NJIT, which returned to action after a threeweek break, posted a 26-24, 25-17 and 25-21 victory over the Cougars, moving to 4-4 on the young season while Kean drops to 10-3 overall. NJIT's Piotr Namiotko led the Highlanders with eight kills and match-best five service aces followed by Alvaro Gimeno with seven. Graduate student Enrique de Diego Garcia combined for a .667 hitting percentage, combining for four kills and six attempts. De Diego Garcia posted four block assists in the win. Senior Ricardo Whitaker piled up 21 assists and three digs while libero Chris Wise added three digs for the Highlanders. Kamil Garbowski led the way for Kean as he hit .692 with 10 kills. Garbowski was the only player for either team to reach the double-digit mark. A see-saw tight affair in the first set, saw the score tied at 16-all, as the Cougars were able to take a three point lead after a pair of kills, 19-16. NJIT would rally back and knot the set at 22 and then at 23 and held set point on a block assist from Jens Feldthus and Enrique de Diego Garcia. After a timeout from Kean, led to a Dylan Flor kill which tied the set right

back up, 23-all. But a service and attack error by the Cougars to end the set, ended the threat and the Highlanders edged out a 2624 win. NJIT rolled off six straight points to start the second frame with three straight aces from Piotr Namiotko in the span. Kean chipped away and tied things up at 10-all. The Highlanders led 20-17 and used the arm of Namiotko to close out the set as he collected two more aces 25-17. The Cougars took control early in the third set scoring five straight points, but NJIT used aces from Luca Berger to tie the set and eventually take the lead, 15-14. Kean would battle back to knot the set at 17-all, but NJIT chipped away and finished off the straight set win 25-21. NJIT, which has played it first eight matches on the road, will open up at home on Friday at 6pm when the Highlanders host George Mason in EIVA Conference action.

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