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Week of April 16, 2019

With Magnitude & Direction

Photos By Birju Dhaduk

Students Dive into the College Experience By Birju Dhaduk | Staff Writer On Saturday, April 13, 2019, NJIT hosted its third annual Splash event. Splash is an educational program where high school students can learn about various topics in classes taught by college students. Created in 2016 as a chapter of Learning Unlimited, Splash has given high school students the opportunity to explore their interests in a fun and welcoming environment. Learning Unlimited was founded in 2007 by a group of Massachusetts Institute of Technology alumni who wanted to spread the Splash program at MIT to other universities, and open educational opportunities to a larger audience of high school students. The students that attended Saturday’s event were able to explore classes ranging from the arts to engineering. Danasia Ali-Cooke, a sophomore at Union High School who attended the event, arrived with the intent of “getting to know

more about college life.” One of the events she attended and thoroughly enjoyed was the ‘How to Adapt to College’ class. Though there was a large variety of students in both grade level and interests, each wants to pursue a college education. Splash gave them a medium through which they could experience the college life and feel prepared for when they start college, whether that is in a few months or a few years. Another student, Kaya Augustyniak, a freshman at Memorial High School, felt that it was “interesting to learn about subjects taught by those who are majoring in them.” This is exactly what the program hoped would happen. James Nanchanatt, a sophomore BME major and one of the administrators for the event, expressed his desire to, “show the students that education can be fun and that the Splash community wants the students to enjoy the classes that are taught by enthusiastic teachers.” For Nanchanatt as well as the oth-



er administrators, Beatrice Rejouis and Sam Lee (both Sophomore Biology majors), Splash is a great opportunity for students and teachers to discuss and share their passions. However, these passions were not limited to academics. Though many of the available classes aligned with their academic interests, many students attended miscellaneous classes. For example, despite expressing immense interest in the medical field as a career path, Augustyniak attended the ‘How to Make a Car’ and ‘Evolution of Military Technology’ classes. These other topics allowed Augustyniak, alongside other attendees, to explore various hobbies and interests they may not have known know they had. The event would not have been possible without the teachers who put in the time and effort to share their interests with students. For Karen Immanuel, a third-year Splash teacher of ‘Introduction to Watercolor Painting,’ this event is a chance for her to continue her

passion for art and share it with students. In high school, Immanuel took art classes all four years, but was unable to take classes related to art after starting college. Splash has allowed her to continue pursuing her passion while sharing it with others. By playing the role of a teacher, Immanuel has also become a student of those she meets. Immanuel stated, “some of the students truly have great artistic capabilities and their art work inspires me. They learn as much from me as I do from them.” For Immanuel, the satisfaction is in seeing the high schoolers enjoy the class and the creativity of the artwork they create. Immanuel also feels as though “students should explore different fields and get a feel for all the different opportunities available to them.” Apart from all the classes, Rejouis expressed that Splash is “not just about education but about connections as well.” Splash is not confined to NJIT,

but rather, is involved with chapters from across the United States. MIT Splash sent an administrator to assist with the event. One of the Learning Unlimited mentors, Sam Kaplan, attended the event as an advisor to ensure that the program ran smoothly. Other Splash chapters from around the country helped advertise for the event as well. Rejouis believes that “this event has so much potential for networking.” The program at NJIT is still in its early stages and has much room to expand. Many of the older chapters boast over two thousand attendees each year and often host an event each semester. The administrators are hoping for greater participation in the future and for Lee, “the goal is to expand the outreach of the club in order to match these bigger chapters.” In its entirety, NJIT Splash was a widely successful event, hosting 55 teachers and offering a learning experience for everyone.





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Week of April 16, 2019

THE VECTOR As the official student newspaper of the New Jersey Institute of Technology, our mission is to infom and entertain our readers, cultivate awareness of issues concerning the NJIT community, and provide a forum for purposeful, constructive discussion among its members. Deadlines for Articles or Letters to the Editor are due on Thursdays prior to publication at 10 P.M. Submissions should not exceed 750 words. For more information on submissions, e-mail: Advertisement Reservations are due two weeks prior to publication and should be sent to: ADVISORS Operational Advisor Kristie Damell Faculty Advisor Miriam Ascarelli EXECUTIVE BOARD Editor-in-Chief Carmel Rafalowsky Executive Editor Sandra Raju Managing Editor Daniil Ivanov Business Manager Regee Lozada Web and Multimedia Editor Victoria Nguyen Photography Editor Katherine Ji SENIOR STAFF Copy Editors Colin Bayne Adrian Wong Siri Uppuluri Marzia Choudhury Nicole Cheney

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NJIT Vector Summary 4/12/2019 Times Shown are Times Reported Memory of Dr. Herman A. Estrin and Roger Hernande z

For 4/5/19 through 4/11/19

3/22/19 4:13PM Officers arrested a non-affiliate at Bleeker St. and University Ave. for two open warrants out of Newark. This was subsequent to a Motor Vehicle Stop for unclear plates and littering. Two summonses were also issued. 4/9/19 12:12PM A student reported he was the victim of a cyber crime scam for money. The contention is the other party allegedly has explicit photos and wanted money to not post on Facebook.

5:57PM Officers conducted a motor vehicle stop on Central Ave. and Duryea St. for unclear plates. One occupant was arrested for an open warrant out of Newark, three summonses were issued. 4/10/19 6:20PM Officers conducted a motor vehicle stop on Norfolk St. for blocking the intersection. The vehicle had three occupants and two had open warrants from the Essex County Sheriff’s Department. They were processed and remanded to the County.

8:20PM A non-affiliate reported that while his car was parked on James and Boyden Streets, somebody broke the passenger side window and took the radio. 4/11/19 11:39PM Officer issued a summons to a Montclair State University student for public urination at 261 MLK Blvd. 11:48PM Officer issued a summons to Montclair State University student at 261 MLK Blvd. for public urination.





Week of April 16, 2019

New Jersey Legalizes

Physician-Assisted Suicide By Daniil Ivanov | Managing Editor

Last Friday, April 12, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy signed into law the “Aid in Dying for the Terminally Ill Act.” Effective August 1, this law will make New Jersey the eighth state in the country to legalize physician assisted suicide. Physician assisted suicide, the practice of a licensed physician giving a suffering terminally ill individual the means to painlessly end his or her life, is illegal in most states. California, Colorado, Hawaii, Montana (though only by court ruling rather than legislation), Oregon, Vermont, Washington, and Washington D.C. are the only few areas within the country where a patient may ask their physician for a lethal prescription. The bill was first introduced seven years ago, failing to gain traction in the Christie administration. The bill narrowly passed under Murphy, coming

down to one vote in both the state Senate and the General Assembly. Under the new law, health care facilities will be able to voluntarily offer this practice to their patients. In order to qualify for a physician assisted suicide, a patient must be terminally ill—defined as having a prognosis of six months or fewer to live with an irreversible disease. The patient must be a New Jersey resident, be mentally fit to make decisions on his or her own health, and give fully informed consent. The patient must also be given a terminal prognosis by not only their attending physician, but also a second consulting physician. The patient can then issue a verbal request for a physician assisted death. Fifteen days

later, the patient may make a second verbal request. After two verbal requests alongside a written request, the physician may issue a prescription for a lethal drug to be used by the patient in a private establishment at the patient’s discretion. Governor Murphy took personal issue with the bill stating that “as a lifelong, practicing Catholic, I acknowledge that I have personally grappled with my position on this issue.” However, Murphy “concluded that, while my faith may lead me to a particular decision for myself, as a public official I cannot deny this alternative to those who may reach a different conclusion. I believe this choice is a personal one and, therefore, signing this legislation is the decision that best respects the freedom and humanity of all New Jersey residents.”

The Department of Arts, Culture, and Media of Rutgers University-Newark presents

The Rutgers University Chorus

Spring Concert

Supported by the Cultural Programming Committee of Rutgers-Newark Sun | May 5, 2019 3 p.m. St. Mary's Church 520 MLK Blvd., Newark NJ

Preferred Seating | $25 General Admission | $10 Students/Senior Citizens | $5 Brian P. Harlow, Conductor

Tickets available at the door or via email:

Student Senate Minutes from 04/10/2019 By Andrew Edmonson | Staff Writer | Student Senate Secretary 1. Attendance 2. Minutes to Approve a. 3 April 2019 3. Guest Speaker a. Representatives from Facilities i. Working on IT infrastructure at NJIT ii. Want to hear directly from students 1. Level of disparity between different buildings’ IT 2. Learning systems-Canvas has received support, bodes well for university-wide transition 3. Password resets, varies from student to student, some have to create new passwords more often than others 4. Often difficult for students to sign into NJITsecure wifi on Android devices 5. Not a lot of access to outlets in many academic buildings, dining hall, etc. 6. GITC, Colton Hall, and PC Mall computers often don’t work properly, forcing students to use laptops that don’t have all the software and need to be plugged in 7. Library computers, even the ones that people use to quickly log in and print, take a while to log in 8. Printers don’t have a “forgot ID” option 9. More consistent notifications at the end of the semester for grade postings 10. Crashes and poor reloads during registration

11. Integration of Schedule Builder and Banner 9 12. Access to your number of swipes on GDS 13. Let students download Adobe iii. 4. Executive Reports a. Andrew Edmonson, Secretary i. We got the crosswalk put in at Summit St. and Central Ave. ii. Waiting to hear from Andrew Christ about any future developments 5. Senator Reports a. Kion Namjou, Freshman Resident, and Tiffany Olivera, Chemistry i. Identification Card Meeting 1. Smart cards, updating IDs 2. Meeting a vendor tomorrow 3. Currently 15,000 cardholders on campus 4. IDs are really easy to duplicate and less durable 5. Looking at options that other colleges use 6. Some of these cards have corresponding apps for phones/smartwatches 7. Potential for using IDs for attendance/ verification of presence, potential issues with privacy and professor willingness to do it 8. $200,000 9. Will be putting Public Safety and emergency information on the backs of IDs b. Owen Busler, Electrical Engineering

i. Strategic Planning - Student Learning and Achieving 1. Committee meeting on student satisfaction and tech in the classroom 2. Transfer rates, graduation rates, milestone experiences, more responses to surveys 3. Educational value of courses 6. Old Business 7. New Business a. Clubs up for approval i. Math Club 1. Approved ii. Debate Team 1. Approved iii. Silver Wings 1. Approved b. Constitutional Amendments i. Article I - Name 1. Approved ii. Article II, Section 1 - Purpose 1. Tabled to next meeting iii. Article VI - Committees 1. iv. Article VII, Section 1 - Meeting Frequency 8. Announcements a. Next Meeting i. 17 April 2019, WEC Lecture Hall b. Senate End of Year Banquet i. 1 May 2019, Faculty Dining Hall


By Sagar Solanki | Staff Writer

Week of April 16, 2019


Students Chase the Hill

The Student Activities Council (SAC) hosted a trip to Washington D.C. last weekend. Along with various events on campus like the Carnival and the Haunted House, SAC also plans and organizes outof-campus activities like trips to the New York Auto Show, Broadway shows, and a big out-of-state trip at least once per year. They are an active community that makes sure that NJIT students have every opportunity to get together, see the world, and have fun.

This year, their big trip was to the nation’s capital, Washington D.C. While the trip was only for the weekend, the $85 fee included the trip, lodging, transportation, a meal on the way to Washington, and a free T-shirt. The timing of this trip was impeccable, as the warm weather gave all of the travelers the best conditions for exploring the city, from the Smithsonian Zoo to the museums at the National Mall. However, what makes the trip even more exciting is all of

the festivals occurring in D.C. at this time, including the National Cherry Blossom Festival Parade and the Japanese Tree Festival. These celebrations honor the American and Japanese cultures, and represent a close bond forged between the two countries dating back to 1912. There were a lot of fun things to do in D.C. like riding the electric scooters to get around the city quick enough, and they are especially fun and very safe for a reasonable price using an app. It was also amusing to learn that everything in the city is in reference to the Capitol building. For example, we stayed in a hotel that had the address of 333 E St SW, which means that the street is on the South West of the Capital building. The Botanical Garden, which also happens to be about a block away from the Capital, is also worth checking out. There were a lot of good views to take selfies and groupies for all your social media needs.

Photo By Sagar Solanki | NJIT SAC

Photo By Sharon Olortegui | NJIT SAC


By Regee Lozada | Business Manager The SAC Washington D.C. trip was super busy; there were so many things to do in a span of 3 days. The ones that I had enjoyed the most were the National Zoo, the Air and Space Museum, and the Botanical Gardens. Since all of the museums were free it was perfect for us students. Since we went during the Cherry Blossom festival, the entire city was packed full of people. There

were a lot of things to see at the Cherry Blossom festival, I had taken so many photos of the parade. I took pictures of most of the floats—three were filled with beauty pageant winners, numerous high school bands, vintage cars, and giant inflatables. I barely got any sleep during the trip, but it was filled with time with friends and memories made.

One Campus, Many Futures:

A Q&A with NJIT Provost Fadi Deek

By Fadi Deek | Provost | Guest Writer With assistance from the Office of Strategic Initiatives NJIT is nearing the end of the fiveyear strategic planning period known as 2020 Vision. How many of our goals have we achieved? I’m pleased to say that we’ve already accomplished about 80% of what we set out to do in the 2020 Vision, and we’re all especially proud of the strides we’ve made in two key areas: improving the learning environment–and outcomes– for students, and expanding research opportunities for both faculty and students. More and more of our students are graduating on time, and many of them with “milestone experiences” under their belts–immersion in research, coops, internships, community service and even entrepreneurial ventures. A growing number are fielding multiple job offers. As for our faculty, their success in securing external funding at the national and state level, as well as from industry, has risen dramatically–from $63 million in 2014 to $106 million this past year. All in all, our good news seems to be getting out. Freshman applications have nearly doubled. What do these improvements mean for the campus community? The goal is to create exciting opportunities for our students while they’re here and when they graduate. We’ve also earned some important recognition

that strengthens our reputation in ways, we hope, that increase pride in the university and enhance the value of NJIT degrees on the job market. That we are rated number one in the country for our students’ upward economic mobility is critical to us. Our recent designation as an R1 (top tier) research institution under the Carnegie Classification® is another key accomplishment. We’re one of just three universities in the state, with Rutgers and Princeton, to meet the criteria for “very high research activity,” and this helps us attract enterprising scholars and even more research dollars that we can all put toward solving important and interesting problems. This has already happened. Along with Rutgers (as the lead) and Princeton, we recently received a $29 million grant from the Clinical and Translational Science Awards Program of the National Institutes of Health to speed the pace at which promising research is converted into patient care and treatment. What’s left to do? As we begin working in earnest on our new five-year strategic plan, NJIT 2025, we’re planning to turn even more of our attention to the daily experiences of our students and faculty and to work very hard on doing what it takes to promote their success. Our new facilities, from

the Life Sciences and Engineering building, to CKB, to the WEC, to the Makerspace, have been great additions. But we know there is much more to do. We’ve heard it from you loud and clear: you want better equipped classrooms with the sort of technology you take for granted in other areas of your life. More intimate and flexible learning spaces. More staff. And yes, new paint on the walls. That’s why we’re devoting an entire priority in the new strategic plan to resources. What does this entail? We’re not just talking about physical improvements, but digital, fiscal and, most importantly, human resources as well. As we embark upon NJIT 2025, what’s different about this planning round? In a word, process. We’ve spent the last several months on a listening tour, gathering feedback from our students, faculty, staff, board of trustees and alumni in retreats, surveys, interviews and focus groups. Nearly 200 community members, divided among five committees– each focused on a specific priority–have begun the process of deliberating over these results, and will soon begin drafting recommendations. We have a better roadmap than we did the last time–it’s based on community feedback and not the administration’s directives.

Note from the Editor in Chief: This Q & A was produced by NJIT's Office of Strategic Communications address strategic planning, improvements on the NJIT campus, and goals for the future.

How can you participate going forward? First of all, I want to thank everyone who provided us feedback in so many forms. Students in particular–your response was tremendous! But it’s not too late to weigh in. Everyone on campus should know someone on the five “priority” committees: prominence, students, faculty, research, and resources. Either talk to them or write to me directly. Our plan for the future should reflect the diverse perspectives that make up NJIT as an institution and as a community.


Monday, April 29, 2019 WEC, 2nd Floor Concourse 10 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Cap & Gowns

Class Rings

Senior Portraits

Food & Music

Honor Medals

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Raffle Prizes

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#njitgrad •



Week of April 16, 2019





On April 11, students took to the Highlander Pub for a night of song and dance as The Wedding Crashers brought the show of a lifetime, featuring Kristie Damell, Director of Student Life. The event was hosted by SAC. Photos by Regee Lozada

SAC Washington DC Trip

Photo by Regee Lozada

SAC brings dozens of students to Washington DC, just in time for the Cherry Blosssom Festival.

Greek Week Iron Chef

Various Greek sororities and fraternities compete head-to-head in the Campus Center to see who can create the best hotdog delicacy.

Photos by Andreea Band & Steven Aquino

Senior Formal Photos by Karel Rojas & Loumy Volmar

Seniors celebrate their last semester with a night of laughter and fun at NJIT's Annual Senior Formal.




Week of April 16, 2019

NJIT’s Career Development Services (CDS) provides many services to help NJIT students and alumni find internships, co-ops, part time and full-time jobs. We engage employers to post

jobs, schedule information sessions, conduct on campus interviews, participate in Career Fairs, and more. Our internship program has been very successful and leads to excellent

employment opportunities. Internships provide learning experiences that are most often related to your major and overall career interests. They can be pursued during the

semester or in the summer. As we head into the summer, many of our students are preparing to start exciting internship opportunities. Here are testimonials from last year’s students.

Career Development Center Provides Internships for NJIT Students and Alumni By NJIT CDS Jirassaya Uttarapong – “[Working at] Celgene was an amazing opportunity I was blessed with having this past summer and has impacted me greatly. Prior to Celgene, I had no corporate experience. The thought of that type of job intimidated me, as it does many people. The social aspect of my experience was life-changing and showed me why internships are so valuable. I started out nervous and shy, naturally since Celgene was my first internship, but slowly opened up and pushed myself to achieve more than I originally thought possible.”

Nicole Cheney – “Besides learning the technical and professional skills necessary to perform work this summer at PTC Therapeutics, I gained experience in quite a few unexpected ways. I first and foremost learned the value of networking, without which I would not have even known of this opportunity. I learned about the pharmaceutical industry and how many different departments, how much time, and even how much paperwork is required to bring a drug to market.”

David Liptsyn – “The internship at Mercer was my first corporate work experience and allowed me to learn tremendously. Specifically, I gained technical skills (Excel, PowerPoint), and learned more about a variety of business concepts (organization structure, talent strategy, executive compensation, financial statement analysis).”

Laura Uribe – “The internship program at Boeing allowed its interns to explore different roles within the company and partake in courses geared towards technical areas of interests. The knowledge and connections that I gained from this summer have given definition to my growth and development as an engineer as well as a young professional.”

Madeline Griep – “My time with The Avoca Group has been so much more than I had hoped. I have applied knowledge gained from my time at NJIT and learned real world business skills from the employees at Avoca. Working with the Business Development team, I have assisted in a market analysis project and developed a product profile based on feedback we received from potential customers. I have developed a strong understanding of the company’s CRM system and developed the contacts and accounts within.”

To search the many internship opportunities through CDS, access Handshake at http://njit. Note from the Editor in Chief: This piece was produced by NJIT's Office of Career Development Services to highlight the benefits of internships and the role CDS plays in helping students secure such positions.



Week of April 16, 2019

Apex Legends

Game Review


By Ivan Hernandez | Staff Writer Apex Legends has quickly established a foothold in the battle royale video game genre. Free-to-play battle royale games have been sweeping the industry for the past year with games such as Fortnite and Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds—PUBG for short—the number one and two most popular games in the genre respectively. The game is now entering its second month after release and has more viewers watching gameplay than PUBG on Twitch—the most popular video game streaming service. According to PCGamesN, Apex Legends had 50 million established players within its first month. While Apex has been following the same formula as Fortnite and PUBG—free to play with options to spend money on aesthetics—it has established a few key differences. Apex does not have a complete

free for all experience, instead opting for squad play, where players are put into 20 teams of three players each. The focus on team play and communication, along with the choice to utilize a first-person camera, makes the gameplay stand out. Similar to OverWatch and League of Legends, Apex also has multiple characters to choose from. Each character has different abilities and traits, and the added abilities allow for a multitude of play styles throughout the game. For example, the Pathfinder character is a scout that moves around the map on its own, while the Lifeline character is a medic that sticks close to other players. A large strategic aspect of the team game is choosing characters to compliment each other to gain a victory. You can see teams that are wellbalanced, super aggressive, or more defensive. This helps Apex give

each match a different experience, which makes the game more fun to play. The standard match runs fairly quickly and averages 15 minutes of gameplay. However, the time constraint makes gameplay more aggressive than some players might prefer. As of right now, the game is limited to just squad matches. In comparison, Fortnite and PUBG offer various styles such as solos, duos, and custom games, where you can play without an objective or create your own objective. Apex also has no story or progression outside of a video explaining— poorly—that you are fighting in an arena. After playing for a couple of hours, I didn’t experience the same repetitiveness as I did with Fortnite and PUBG. I would recommend Apex Legends to anyone that’s eager to try a new video game.w

Last Week's Entertainment Solutions Do You Even Sudoku?




Week of April 16, 2019

Horoscopes By @poetastrologers



It’s almost time to call. Don’t wait until the future. The time to read the letters is now. If you can write and read even more than ten books then send it all again in a green package.

be certain of your past. What the present brings is a fish. Be sure of the world you know.


Go in a room and turn the volume up. Is it a song you crave. No you probably are longing for the sounds of trees breathing in a faster span of time. Be patient.

You have worked on something for what seems like a lifetime. It’s time to set it aside. What you can imagine is not what you can dream. In your dreams you will be happy.



You will want to give up at least a few times. So much is coming your way. It’s not really your style to forget which road to go on. You can be certain the road will be lined with red flowers.

You will have to put the liquid in a different container to get it to work. There will be two options in fact. You don’t need to choose either. The right choice will speak for itself.

of yourself. Someone was there just when maybe they shouldn’t have been. Come home early if you can. Drape your whole room in yellow.

Do You Even Sudoku?

You will be so pleased seeing evYou don’t really need to know erything set up in this way. Isn’t this the entire outcome to get what made it all worth it. Wear a started. Twice this week you will sun. Rest and rest, and sleep.


GEMINI You will feel sad and also sure


TAURUS You will have at least one big day. Needless to say what the birds say really matters to you. Try to stay where someone can find you. It’s ok to have a purpose.



You will do something that will make someone feel better. You will receive an order that you did not order. What about the cold water. What about calling to the first bright moon.


There is a book you have been waiting for. Maybe you gave it away or maybe you never had it. It will return. Spend some cash on as much fun as possible.


ARIES Do everything you can to put up with people who don’t have your energy level. They simply have a different way of experiencing their time here. Try to remember what really matters to you, especially in terms of love. Dye your hair purple.

Calvin and Hobbes


EVIL By Bill Watterson

For more comics and animations visit

Crossword Crossword credited to

Tweet @TheNJITVector a photo of your completed crossword puzzle (only if you can solve it, though)! Down

12. Having much better than 20/20 vision 13. Sled dogs, as a group 18. Sneaker bottoms 21. Nine inches 24. Opera feature 26. Successful gold digger, perhaps 27. Informal greeting 28. "Why don't we?" 29. Yogi or Boo-Boo 30. Vietnam, Cambodia, etc. 31. "Sleepy Hollow" director 35. Winemaker's barrels 36. Cone home 38. Wilbur Post's horse


25. "Family Affair" actress hiding a Greek goddess 29. Is terrible, in slang 32. Put the arm on 33. Mississippi mud, e.g. 34. "National Velvet" author Bagnold 35. West African river 36. Be affected by a long run, perhaps 37. High-ranking USN official 38. Syrup tree 39. Aims a witticism at 40. "Wagon Train" actor hiding a Norse god 43. Overly precious 44. Puts up

1. Vanzetti's alleged partner in crime 2. Loathe 3. Doone of Exmoor 4. Made a sudden move, perhaps 5. Shrub related to the rose 6. Aphid, to a gardener 7. Winglike structures 8. Smack-dab in the middle 9. "I'm scared!" 10. Keep adding more to 11. Makeshift weapon in the kitchen

1. Shaker's contents 5. One of thirteen cards 10. Fizzling-out sound effect 14. "Take ___" (1994 Madonna hit) 15. Martinique volcano 16. "Dies ___" 17. "Wicked Game" singer hiding an Egyptian goddess 19. Vega's constellation 20. Bent out of shape 21. Earthquake 22. Delphi feature, in ancient Greece 23. Al convicted of tax evasion


39. 1998 role for Antonio Banderas 41. Everlasting, once upon a time 42. Abounded 45. Readies for swallowing 46. Fork's stabbers 47. Be stertorous 48. Suddenly go crazy 50. Working 51. Cabbie's passenger 53. Golden Fleece sourceWW

48. "Measure" of dignity 49. Having very little thickness 52. Prefix with amine 53. "West Side Story" performer hiding a Roman god 54. Unknown writer (abbr.) 55. In flames 56. Large pitcher 57. Sheet of stamps 58. Allotted, with "out" 59. In ___ (in actuality)




Week of April 16, 2019

North Florida Wins 8-3 to Take ASUN Weekend Series from NJIT By NJIT Athletics

JACKSONVILLE, FL—North Florida recorded an 8-3 victory over visiting NJIT to take the weekend ASUN Conference series at Harmon Stadium Sunday afternoon. North Florida (21-16, 7-5 ASUN) won the opener on Friday 4-0, picked up a 5-2 victory on Saturday and completed the sweep on Sunday. NJIT moves to 11-18-1, 3-9 ASUN. The home team opened the scoring in the bottom of the first, taking a 1-0 lead up until the top of the fourth. NJIT scored a pair of runs after an RBI double by RF Matthew Cocciadiferro and a sacrifice fly to center by C Paul Franzoni for a 2-1 lead. North Florida regained the lead, 4-2, in the bottom of the fifth and the Highlanders cut the deficit to one, 4-3, scoring one run in the top of the sixth, on an RBI groundout by DH Jared Donnelly. The Ospreys added a single run in the bottom of the sixth and add three in the bottom of the eighth, extending its lead, 8-3. North Florida's Brandon Reitz and Trace Norkus combined for

the win, as Reitz pitched five innings, allowing six hits and three runs, while Norkus, picked up his sixth save of the season, pitching two scoreless innings, allowing one hit and fanning three batters. NJIT's RHP Sean Lubreski took the loss on Sunday, falling to 4-5 on the season, pitching 7.1 innings. North Florida produced 16 hits in the win, with four different players registering three hits, including Tanner Murphy, who finished 3-for-4 with three RBI and two runs, with a solo shot in the fifth, his fifth of the season. Helmkamp and Cocciadiferro went 2-for-3 in the game. Helmkamp scored a pair of runs while Cocciadiferro drove in one run and scored a run for the Highlanders. Donnelly, Franzoni and CF Michael Anastasia recorded a hit. NJIT will return to action on April 18-20 when the Highlanders host Lipscomb in Augusta, NJ at Skylands Stadium. Click here for directions. First pitch on Thursday is scheduled for 2pm, 12pm on Friday and 11am on Saturday.

NJIT 11-18-1, 3-9 ASUN


Men's Volleyball Wins 3-2 Thriller on Senior Day to Conclude Season By NJIT Athletics

NEWARK, NJ--The NJIT men's volleyball team closed out its 2019 season with a thrilling 3-2 victory over visiting Saint Francis U in EIVA Conference action Saturday evening on Senior Night inside NJIT's Wellness and Events Center. In pregame ceremonies, NJIT honored five graduating seniors -- Ricardo Whitaker, Chris Wise, Enrique de Diego Garcia, Tyler Brandow, Ricardo Whitaker and Pat Howell. NJIT (10-14, 5-9 EIVA) took a 2-1 lead heading into the third fourth frame, after the Red Flash opened the first set with a 25-18 victory. The Highlanders won the second and third sets – 25-23 and 25-21 but Saint Francis U held on for a 25-21 victory in the fourth set, forcing a fifth and deciding set. In the fifth and deciding set,

NJIT broke an 8-8 tie, scoring four straight, taking a 12-8 lead, resulting in a Red Flash timeout. The Red Flash scored two straight but the Highlanders closed out the frame on a 3-2 spurt, capped by a kill by sophomore Alvaro Gimeno, securing the 15-12 victory. The Red Flash (15-13, 9-5 EIVA) will enter in to the EIVA Tournament as the No. 4 seed and take on No. 1 Princeton in the semifinal round. Gimeno, the only Highlander to reach double-digit kills, produced 16 kills on 37 attempts, combining for a .324 hitting percentage with just four errors. Graduate student Enrique de Diego Garcia, a 2016 AVCA All-American, concluded his collegiate playing career with seven kills on 13 swings and just one error for a .462


hitting percentage. NJIT's freshman setter Roque Nido filled up the score sheet, recording 23 assists, six digs, five block assists and two kills. Senior libero Chris Wise led the match with 10 digs followed by seven from Gimeno and Piotr Namiotko. In front of the net, NJIT held a huge team blocking advantage, 16to-6, paced by de Diego Garcia with nine total blocks (one solo, eight assists) followed by junior middle Luca Berger with six (all assists). The visitors edged NJIT in the service ace category, 12-to-10. NJIT's Berger recorded four aces followed by Gimeno with four. Saint Francis U Michael Fisher led the match with six aces.

15-13, 9-5 EIVA

10-14, 5-9 EIVA

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