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"Fight for Fifteen" Pressures Rutgers to Further Raise Minimum Wage By Victoria Nguyen | Senior Staff Writer Rutgers University raised its oncampus student employee minimum wage from $8.44 to $11 per hour. This comes after a series of protests on Rutgers University campuses led by the “Fight for Fifteen” organization advocating for a $15 per hour minimum wage pay rate for on-campus student employees. On December 11, 2017, Rutgers University President, Robert Barchi, wrote in an official statement that this 30% pay raise is necessary for “ensuring access and affordability” for students “while simultaneously strengthening our [Rutgers University’s] academic profile”. He mandated that the new wage hike take effect January 1, 2018. This change in hourly pay is applied to both student employees and students in the Federal Work Study program. “I have made it a goal to put as much of Rutgers’ revenues back into the academic mission as possible and financial assistance in all forms for students is at the top of my list,” stated President Barchi. Despite the minimum wage increase, “Fight for Fifteen” has continued to hold demonstrations across campus advocating for a further increase to help students cover the cost of not only tuition but also rent, food, and medical care. Ysabel Teves, a third-year psychology major at the Rutgers-Newark campus, is happy the minimum wage was increased at all. “I work at the Office of

Information Technology as a Newark Computing Services consultant,” she stated. “The hours are really flexible and I am in great support of this new raise that positively affects my fellow student employees and myself. With this raise, I get to save more money than spending it all on bills.” To cover the cost of such an increase for over 13,000 student workers, translating to an extra $30,000 per hour worked, President Barchi explained that the President’s Office is allocating funds from the presidential strategic initiatives budget. At NJIT, students employed at Phonathon are paid $12 per hour; those who are employed at the Highlander Pub receive $9 per hour, while those at the Campus Center Information Desk work for $8.60 per hour. Although hourly wages may vary among on-campus employment opportunities for students, the set minimum wage for oncampus student employees is $8.60 an hour. This is in accordance to the State of New Jersey’s minimum wage law, but many students do not feel that this pay is adequate enough to match with the continually rising costs of tuition. Zachary Valbrun, a third-year Law, Technology, and Culture major says, “I have worked for athletics, financial aid, and now currently the campus center at the information desk. Neither

have the ability to pay me above the $9 an hour [mark], and their rehiring process is vague to say the least. In terms of the pay, it’s a real struggle.” He continued, “Many people try to pay off tuition, food, room and board, and other expenses with these jobs, and it takes forever for someone to get an acceptable [pay] rate. Even if this pay was $10 an hour, it would attract students to work more for NJIT.” However, Tommy Liang, a firstyear Electrical Engineering major, has no issues with the current hourly pay rate for oncampus student employees. He also works at the information desk at the Campus Center, where the hourly wage is $8.60 an hour. “I am not concerned at all because I am fine with what I am getting paid. I am happy to have a job on-campus, which is very convenient for me.” Those in favor of raising the minimum wage at NJIT argue that it would help increase interest in on-campus employment among students, especially for positions that go largely unfilled due to students seeking higher paying off-campus opportunities. “I’ll give it credit. The people you meet [at work here] are genuine people. I have never had a problem with coworkers and/ or superiors,” Zachary Valbrun said. “But it isn’t an environment that receives criticism and changes very well.”

NIJT Graduates Fare Above National Average in Professional Post-Grad Life By Siri Uppuluri | Senior Staff Writer What used to be a familiar sight on the bridge between Fenster Hall and the Campus Center, the sign boasting NJIT’s status as #1 on BuzzFeed’s list of the cheapest, best colleges, is just one of several accolades NJIT has received as an institution in regard to its tuition to salary ratio of its graduates. After receiving recognition from BuzzFeed in 2013, NJIT was later

named #1 on Business Insider’s list of the “Most Underrated Colleges in America” in 2015, based on a matrix that compared US News’ rankings of the best universities with PayScale’s College Salary Report. Most recently, in The Princeton Review’s 2018 annual guide, Colleges That Pay You Back: The 200 Schools That Give You the


Best Bang for Your Tuition Buck, NJIT was listed as, “one of the nation’s best colleges for students seeking a superb education with great career preparation and at an affordable price.” Furthermore, the guide lists NJIT in the top one percent of institutions for occupational earnings power in the United States. Statistics from NJIT’s

Career Development Services (CDS) from their Annual Report for 2017 provide substantial evidence that NJIT is due the credit and recognition it receives as a ‘best value’ institution. From a representative sample of May 2017 NJIT graduates, CDS reports that among undergraduate students, 62% had an employment offer or were employed by the time of their


graduation, and among graduate students, 51% were employed or had an employment offer by the time of their graduation. It is noteworthy that of those undergraduate students who reported being employed or having an employment offer, half of those students reported finding the employment opportunity through a CDS program or service.

... POST-GRAD cont. on page 2





A few apps, like Acorn and Robinhood, allow you to set up accounts for less than a broker would charge. Robinhood recently added a feature to trade cryptocurrency and have begun testing it out in some US States. See page 3.

Later this year, the NJIT Solar Car Team is scheduled to compete in their debut 2,000-mile American Solar Car challenge. See page 8

To experience one of Newark’s most authentic and comforting Latin inspired eateries, head down to La Cocina, which can be located on the outskirts of the Rutgers Newark campus. See page 11.



Week of February 27, 2018

THE VECTOR As the official student newspaper of the New Jersey Institute of Technology, our mission is to infom and entertain our readers, cultivate awareness of issues concerning the NJIT community, and provide a forum for purposeful, constructive discussion among its members. Deadlines for Articles or Letters to the Editor are due on Thursdays prior to publication at 10 P.M. Submissions should not exceed 750 words. For more information on submissions, e-mail: m a n a g i n g - e d i to r @ n j i t v e c to r . com. Advertisement Reservations are due two weeks prior to publication and should be sent to: ADVISORS Operational Advisor Anthony LaViscount Faculty Advisor Miriam Ascarelli

...POST-GRAD cont. from front Interestingly, the Career Fair only materialized in employment offers for 9% of those undergraduate students who reported employment after graduation, while the most helpful CDS service in gaining employment appeared to be CDSlink. The value of co-op and internship opportunities in setting up students for full time employment after graduation was also evident, as 16% of those undergraduate students who reported having an employment offer after graduation earned the offer through a co-op/internship conversion. Participation in coops and internships is a clear strength of NJIT graduates; CDS reported nearly 900 co-op/ internship placements in 2017, with students collectively earning

almost $7 million. Top employers of NJIT graduates include consultancy giants Cognizant, Mott MacDonald, and Accenture, in addition to the medical manufacturing company, Stryker and engineering firm, AECOM. Also, among the top recruiters of NJIT graduates are Prudential and PSEG, which are locally headquartered in Newark. In total, CDS reported that over 500 companies recruited on campus in 2017. Average starting salary for NJIT graduates is reported to be $61,000 and climbing. This far exceeds the U.S. national average of $49,785 for May 2017 graduates, which, as reported by The Wall Street Journal, is already the highest the average salary for college graduates has been in the past decade while adjusting for inflation. However, the mean starting salary for all

graduates may not be the most representative measure, given that when stratified by college and major within NJIT, it is evident certain majors may pull the average higher. Specifically, from the reported data of CDS, the higher average salaries, based on a large enough sample size, tend to be for graduates majoring in Chemical Engineering, Information Technology, and Computer Science, which are $67.954, $65,357, and $65,086 respectively. A substantial number of NJIT graduates also pursue graduate or professional school, with 13% of May 2017 graduates reporting full-time graduate school plans at institutions nationwide, including the University of Pennsylvania, Stanford University, and Harvard Business School. May 2017 graduates are reported


to be attending graduate school abroad at institutions such as the Domus Academy in Milan, Italy and the University of Lausanne in Switzerland. Moreover, of the BA and BS degrees earned by graduates, BS Biology majors remained the largest group pursuing advanced study, with 60% of the 69 May 2017 graduates reporting pursuit of full time graduate/professional school. Based on reports provided by CDS, NJIT is poised as an institution whose education delivers a return on investment greatly exceeding the national average by positioning students for success in gaining fulltime employment or graduate/ professional school placement post-graduation.

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4:18AM RA on duty in Oak Hall reported trash cans and bulletin boards were strewn about on floors three thru seven.

2:35PM Student was arrested in the Greek Village for an Open Warrant off campus.

3:13PM Student reported, while his vehicle was parked on Warren Street, a gear bag was moved and loose change and 2 pairs of Rayban Sunglasses were missing. The student stated the vehicle may have been unlocked. No signs of any forced entry.

Memory of Dr. Herman A. Estrin and Roger Hernande z

NJIT Vector Summary 2/23/2018 For 2/16/18 through 2/22/18

Times Shown are Times Reported

9:43PM Officers arrested a nonaffiliate for two Open Warrants on MLK Blvd. The driver was also issued 2 summonses and released with a court date.



4:58AM Officers arrested a Resident Student in Laurel Hall for Disorderly Conduct. He was released with a court date.

8:39AM Officer issued a nonaffiliate a summons for Public Urination on Newark Street.

12:55PM Student reported the theft of two gold chains from the Athletes Weight Room in the WEC.




Week of February 27, 2018

Preventative Health Tips Health Effects of Sudden Weather Changes By Marzia Choudhury | Copy Editor & Siri Uppuluri | Copy Editor This past week has seen drastic changes in the weather, as Wednesday, February 21 resulted in a new record for the hottest temperature ever recorded in Newark during February. The thermometer at Newark Liberty International Airport reached up to 80 degrees at around 3:30 pm. Yet, the weekend prior, townships across New Jersey experienced four to eight inches of snow. The seesawing weather conditions not only leaves one confused in regard to sartorial choices but can also affect one’s health. Some of the common health effects associated with sudden changes in the weather include allergy and sinus problems such as sneezing, swollen nasal passages, and congestion. Abrupt weather changes can also lead to rhinitis, which results in a itchy, swollen nose. If one has pollen allergies, the symptoms they experience after sudden weather changes are often similar to what they would experience in the spring. However, sudden weather changes can also affect people without any known allergies. This is because there is an important distinction to be made between allergic rhinitis and nonallergic rhinitis. Allergic rhinitis is triggered by known allergies, typically to pollen from grasses, flowers, and trees. Anyone who suffers from a pollen allergy is therefore aware of the misery that can come with the season of spring. Nonallergic rhinitis, on the other hand, is usually triggered by sudden changes in humidity and temperature. Someone with nonallergic rhinitis would not test positive for any specific allergies. Another important distinction between the two types of rhinitis is that antihistamines would only provide relief for allergic rhinitis, but not nonallergic rhinitis. For those suffering from nonallergic rhinitis, it is recommended to use saline irrigation which is basically spraying a solution of saline into the nostrils. Other treatments also include decongestants and steroids special for noses to shrink nasal passages. It is important to first consult with a physician to diagnose exactly what the cause of rhinitis is, before administering any sort of treatment. For those suffering from allergic rhinitis, they could take over the counter antihistamines or if allergies are particularly severe, physicians may provide prescription strength medications. Unfortunately, researchers are still not able to completely prevent someone from developing allergic or non-allergic rhinitis in the first place. The best way to alleviate symptoms would be to take allergy medication or nasal saline sprays, depending on the cause of the allergies.

Diversify Your Part II Portfolio Common Stocks and Mutual Funds By Ralph Legge | Senior Staff Writer


nvesting can be a scary, but once you decide to take the plunge, diversification is key. In part two of the three-part series, you will get information on Common Stocks and Mutual Funds. There are a few options that are available to the college student for investing in common stocks. These range from investment apps, online brokerage accounts, and brick and mortar brokerage firms. It is a good idea to consider all the options to best suit your needs. Common stocks are a security that represents ownership in a corporation. Essentially, these stocks give the holder a stake in the company that they control and with enough stocks, the holder can exercise control by electing board directors and voting on corporate policy. For the everyday investor, however, stocks are just a medium for investment. A few ways to

purchase stock include the use of a brokerage firm in which you would make an appointment, meet with a broker, and set up an account to manage your investments. Additionally, online brokers like E-trade, and Fidelity provide the option of allowing you to visit a website and interact with your account to buy and trade stocks. A few apps, like Acorn and Robinhood, allow you to set up accounts for less than a broker would charge. Robinhood recently added the feature to trade cryptocurrency and have begun testing it out in some US States. These phone apps let you choose which stocks you would like to invest in, and usually have an easier interface than sites like E-trade. When investing into common stocks, it is important to understand that there are many different types of companies. Some examples include technology, food, business, and

precious metals. Having stock in a few companies in each of these sectors ensures that you are prepared for anything. Mutual funds provide a safer avenue than common stocks. A mutual fund is basically a pool of money managed by a firm or money manager. They provide an option for the everyday person who does not wish to spend time buying and selling but is interested in investing some funds. Mutual fund shares can be bought via a brokerage and all details about the fund are specific to that fund and firm. When looking to invest in common stocks, it is important to choose the right brokerage outlet as well as the correct types of stocks. Without the proper research, it is a gamble. And when investing, it is imperative to make as less of a gamble as possible.


By Jonpierre Grajales | Senior Staff Writer


btaining insight from previous or current employees is a great way to find out if a company’s culture or initiatives suites a person’s interests and lifestyle. This is especially true in a competitive job market, where an employee does not want to work for a company without any hopes of moving up the ladder and wasting their time when they could be climbing the ranks at another. In the past, these insights were usually spread by word of mouth, but now, in the age of the internet, anyone can use websites to look up and share our thoughts and knowledge about companies that we have worked for. Launched in June 2008, Glassdoor is one such website that has become increasingly popular among job seekers. The rating site was a huge success with an astounding 41 million unique users in 2017 alone.

Glassdoor, in conjunction to giving users many reviews about the company, gives them information about qualifications for the position, statistics about CEO approval, and the history of the company. Glassdoor is an incredible utility that can give someone a leg up in their interviews with their “interview questions” section and allow them to pass with flying colors. Glassdoor can also offer various perspectives of a company or particular branch by many user reviews. Of course, this is a double-edged sword. Although people have access to reviews and various tidbits about a company, they are written with some form of bias. They are usually written by people who adore the company or those that loathe it, which does not give the Glassdoor users a true representation of the workplace since it is not a true sample size. The reviews are also anonymous,

which can lead to manipulation of the data by someone or even the company itself. The rating site claims that it verifies the legitimacy of every review through algorithms checking email addresses and through a screening done by their content management group. According to Glassdoor, about 20% of reviews are rejected through the process. Although this site may seem like an amazing opportunity gold mine, take the reviews with a grain of salt. Do research on the branch that you want to work for. Get a true feel of the office through insider information from a friend or previous worker. While this may seem old-fashioned, it removes the anonymity and can make the statements more genuine. Glassdoor is still a helpful tool to get a quick estimate on the environment and pay, but it can be riddled with misinformation, so use it with a reserved mindset.



Week of February 27, 2018

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Week of February 27, 2018



Spring Career Fair

Photos By David Korty | Senior Staff Writer

Hosted by the Career Development Services (CDS), the Semi-Annual Career Fair took place at NJIT, on February 21. During the event, “Employers have access to a diverse group of students from a broad range of academic majors and degree levels who are seeking full-time, part-time, co-op, internship and summer positions.� Beforehand, CDS held multiple events preparing students for the event. By partnering with select companies and former alums, students had the opportunity to have their resumes critiqued by professionals, mock interviews to improve their communication skills, and information sessions for students to learn more about a company and the culture through their employees. The next Career Fair will take place during the Fall semester later this year.



Week of February 27, 2018

On-Campus Opinion Not quite “Humans of NJIT”

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? By Marwa Moustafa | Senior Staff Writer


3 2


Yasmine Elfarra

Biology | Third-Year "In five years, I see myself having graduated medical school, started my first year of residency, really living out my dream in medicine, and having lots of cool patient experiences."


Amina Cole

Biomedical Engineering | First-Year


"Making money! I want to work for pharma and stuff. I want to do corporate things in the medical field. Wherever God takes me, that's where I'm gonna go." 



Morgan Hah

Hunter Kieran

Computer Science | First-Year

Mechanical Engineering | Second-Year "I see myself flying a plane over North Carolina. Marines."

"Having a job. I don't know what exactly yet. Probably in IT or programming. I think I'll be a completely different person, for the better hopefully." 

Left, Right & Middle Thoughts on Trade School Vs. College Liberal






By Babatunde Ojo | Managing Editor

By Akin Aguda | Copy Editor

By Adrian Wong |Senior Staff Writer


ersonally, I believe that there is an overemphasis on going to a prestigious four-year college. No one should feel ashamed for going to a Trade school or community college whatsoever. Often times, those options are cheaper than investing in a four-year education that you may not even use post-graduation. If I was not more interested in studying Business or Computer Science, I would have loved to try a more hands on approach that would have made me more well-rounded when it comes to handy-work or the like. The world would simply not function without the “blue collar worker”, as not everything in the world can be solved and accomplished in a cubicle. A few of my high-school classmates went to trade school, but when they brought it up, some students were taken aback because the option to pursue that path seemed foreign to them. Trade school is more than just learning how to be a plumber – a profession that we all know is important but is somewhat looked down upon. Completing your time at a trade school can take half as long as the traditional college route, and by graduation, you would have gained enough hands-on experience to potentially start right out of the gate.


here are many reasons why one would prefer to go to a trade school. Ultimately, it comes down to which is most ideal for achieving one’s career goals. Students who know already by the end of high school what they want to do as a vocation and do not find a college education to be a necessity in their career path will most likely be heading to a preferred trade school to hone their skills. Alternatively, individuals who perhaps are looking to learn new trades and lack interest in many of the trade-unrelated courses that a wellrounded college education will demand, will also likely choose to go to a trade school. There is almost no reason to see trade schools in a bad light. For one, trade schools contribute to having a balanced workforce in society. Also, due to their relatively short periods for completion, these schools provide a great opportunity for young students to try out a trade and check for their compatibility with that career. Along with being prepared for a skilled job position, students who after trade school wish to learn further about their given trades, or who eventually see themselves pursuing a professional license or advanced college degree can always pursue a college education wherein they would be several steps ahead of their college peers in knowing what their course work is actually about.


oday in the United States, students are consistently pressured to attend university after graduating high school. It is often seen as the only viable path. On top of this, students also face increasing cost of school and the possibility of major debt after graduation. More students should consider trade school as an alternative to attending university. Trade school is nothing to be ashamed of, although quite unfortunately, people all too often think that individuals in trade schools are less intelligent and motivated than college students. People who go to trade school often are extremely specialized at one, very needed skill which makes it relatively easy to acquire a job in their field. In addition, it is also less time, cheaper, and for many, it is more exciting. Many people who choose trade school prefer to work with their hands which draws them toward trade school. Trade school is not right for all people but for some, it could be a very smart decision. Unfortunately, high school students are forced to make this major decision, between trade school and college, when they are young and often make the wrong decision which can lead to thousands of dollars of debt. Trade school should be considered more by high schoolers who have to make decisions about their future.



Week of February 27, 2018

Primary Relationships Secondary Relationships By Rachel Dheal | Senior Staff Writer


t is usually when people face adversity that they begin to look at things from a different perspective. Maybe it is not until you cannot afford that new textbook that you realize you did not exactly need that extra pair of shoes, or did not need to spend that third dollar at the crane machines down by the shore. You might not realize that you could have started a study group with the girl who sits in front of you in math class until you get back your exam with a big, red 67 on the top of it, while you can see the 93 on hers. It is important to learn from these mistakes and to start seeing the opportunities you can make for yourself, before they slip away. As a college student, there are going to be people you meet who have the potential to help you out in ways you could never imagine. Maybe the barista who is serving you coffee, who you recognize from your history class, takes stellar notes. You would never have found that out if you did not get to know him. It takes only a minute to introduce yourself and to ask for their name. If you are waiting in a line for your coffee, you might as well ask them about their day. Even a small gesture like that can make your life easier if you go about it the right way. Firstly, you need to know who to make connections with and to not discriminate, no matter how small the help might be. By getting to know the librarian, she might just let you use the paper cutter to cut out mini flyers for an event your club is hosting, despite students not being allowed to operate it. These secondary relationships

with the people in your life, your mailman, your professors, your peers, the crossing guard, can be turned into primary relationships by getting on a first name basis with them and communicating beyond what they do for you, or you for them. You also do not always need to get something tangible out of it. If you ask the man that scoops mashed potatoes onto your plate how he is doing, you might just make his day. If you are aiming for an Eboard position or a job, it helps to have the connections and pays off to be on the inside track. Remember to always be respectful of the people that you hope to be working with, and to build up your name and reputation while you work toward achieving your goal. It is extremely beneficial to surround yourself with the people you aspire to be, and to involve yourself in similar organizations. For example, if you are applying to be a Resident Assistant, becoming a part of other Residence Life groups, such as Residence Hall Association (RHA) and Hall Council, is a great way to build these connections. Through this, you are able to meet the same Professional Staff that later on might be the one interviewing you for a position. It is important to get the most out of opportunities that you possibly can and to prioritize connections that assist you the most in achieving your goals. You will encounter these secondary relationships throughout your life and they will come and go, but it is the ones that you transform into primary relationships that will matter.

need to know who to make “ Youconnections with and to not discriminate, no matter how small the help might be.



Dear Highlander: an NJIT advice column

Dear Highlander, I’m a transfer student who’s having a little trouble fitting in. Everyone seems to have their groups of friends already, and I’m left feeling like the odd guy out. I’m a commuter, so I don’t have an RA or roommate to talk to, and I’m a bit introverted so I don’t usually initiate conversations. I don’t share many interests with the students here, so I often feel very isolated. I kept to myself at my community college and often felt judged for being so reserved. What can I do to fit in? Sincerely, Seeking-Some-Friends Dear Seeking-Some-Friends, First of all, don’t worry. A lot of people struggle with making friends! It’s completely acceptable to be introverted, in fact a majority of people in the whole world are introverted, so you are not alone. There are a lot of people that feel, or once felt, exactly like you do, but they just might not share it with everyone. Introversion and extroversion is a measure of how you feel energized or motivated. Extroverts tend to re-energize around larger groups of people, while introverts may prefer to spend more time alone, or with smaller, more intimate groups. Neither defines one person as better than the other, nor does it mean that anyone is in the wrong. Interests, such as sports, video games, music, and reading, may bring two people closer together, but you don’t need to find a carbon copy of yourself to make a friend. Often, you end up gaining interests from friends and them from you. You might find yourself listening to a band they have mentioned, binging a show that they posted on their story, or playing a FPS they recommended. You might subconsciously add a few new words to your vocabulary that they use frequently. You could try to get out of your comfort zone. Do not stray too far but try joining a club that sparks your interest. Think about the things you did in high school or the things you do in your free time. As a commuter, you will usually have a lot of space in your schedule between classes, but not enough space to go home. Try to find things to do with that time, like making a study group in class. It is okay if you are not the type to initiate conversation, because chances are, there is going to be someone that asks what homework is due in class or what the professor just said because they could not understand them. Ultimately, fitting in at college is not any different than fitting in anywhere else: you just have to find your people. And it is okay if that takes a while, you cannot expect to find a lifelong friend right off the bat. It is important to stay true to yourself. Do not fake interests or pretend to be someone else. You want to find people who will like you for you. Sincerely, A Fellow Highlander



Week of February 27, 2018



By David Korty | Senior Staff Writer


The NJIT Solar Car team, completely run by students, is an organization that utilizes “an interdisciplinary, project-based learning community” to research, design, and construct a solarpowered vehicle.” The team, formed just last spring, aims to educate students with hands-on systems engineering experience. Founded by Fourth Years, Ivan Mitevski and Jefferson Guerrero, the NJIT Solar Car Team aims to attract students with the propensity to take initiative in future career preparation “and the development of technical and soft skills in engineering, design, and business”. Later in the year, the Solar Car Team is scheduled to compete in their debut 2,000-mile American Solar Car challenge. Quite overwhelming at first yet, from experiencing this community first-hand, the Solar Car team is welcoming and supportive of all majors who are considering in joining their organization. Under the umbrella of the Solar Car Team brand name,

Email: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Linkd In: @njitsolarcar Website:

GENERAL MEETINGS Wednesdays 2:30-3:30pm ECEC 202 Saturdays 11:00am-3:00pm

are several teams such as the Electrical, Mechanical, Battery, Solar, Telemetry, Marketing, and Business teams. Finding the right team for any student is easily to do; the introductory phase into the project’s development and lifecycle are easily digestible by students of any major. As one can see, no matter the specialty an individual may have, a home for them lies within the Solar Car Team. Business students can gain real-world experience by assisting in marketing and fundraising. Computer science majors have the opportunity to work alongside the Telemetry team, or possibly delve into website development. Engineers have three different options of teams to utilize the resources and opportunities provided by the team itself. As of now, the Solar Car Team is assembling the chassis of the vehicle, has tested and grouped all batteries under a BMS (battery management system), established communication between transmitters, and debuted on

marketing platforms. Unfortunately, despite the team’s progress, they are provided with inadequate workspace. Meetings between members, small battery testing, and coordination are all done in a classroom. However, when it comes to welding the chassis together, storing materials, and housing members together to carefully assemble the frame, the Solar Car Team severely lacks the required space to do so. Hosting quite the number of members at currently over 70, NJIT administrators have not been able to allocate space to allow the Solar Car Team to work freely and safely. Altogether, the NJIT Solar Car team is here to bring forth the initiative of sustainable energy systems and utilize their creative ambitions. Members have full confidence in the team, plan to do their best at their first competition this summer, and wish to see the organization expand.


"IN THE HEIGHTS" COMES TO UNIVERSITY HEIGHTS By Elizabeth Castro | Contributing Writer The RU-N/NJIT Theatre and Arts Technology program presents “In the Heights”, a Tony-Award winning musical with lyrics by Lin Manuel Miranda based on the book by Quiara Alegria Hudes and directed by Michael Kerley, the Associate Director of the Theatre Program. Using Afro Latino and rap music directed by Robert Felstein and Gonzalo Valencia and Latino-styled dancing choreographed by Jacob Toth, “In the Heights” tells the story of a small Hispanic community in Washington Heights on the brink of change when the younger generation must decide whether to deviate from tradition or go back to their roots. NJIT and Rutgers students, especially those coming from minority communities, will have a diverse range of themes to relate

to in this musical. Whether it is the overwhelming bar set upon first-generation college students or the hardships experienced by immigrants and minorities attempting to escape the lack of opportunities in their own home countries, this musical will hit home for everyone. When asked about what audiences might take from the show, Dr. Kerley had this to say, “I think the audience will see themselves on stage, which is so important. The struggles of the failed student returning home, the difficulty of trying to find your place in the world, the uncertainty of the future, the need to be "home" and recognize its importance to our lives – all will be reflected in the score, dance and story of “In the Heights”. This rich diversity can also be found in the cast of the musical

with students who have roots all over the world. Cuba, Guyana, Great Britain, and India are just some of the few nations from which this cast originates. Our leads include: Lukas Luna, Gabriela Acosta, Carmelo DeJesus, Rebecca Cortes, Adam Hassan, Alex Su, Jennifer Dios, Marisa Sigas, Keitheshia Parris, Duron Coles, Daveed Ben-Arie. Our wonderful singing and dancing ensembles are made up by Taylor Jackson, Tiaja Harley, Darius Calvo, Connor Criscoe, Alfredo Calderon, Marlyn Marcellus, Jisette Duran, Omuwumi Mebude, David Villa, Lerone Clark, Jakeia Toliver, Noah Bimpayo and Shivani Jaisinghani. Dr. Kerley speaks for everyone who’s seen these rehearsals when he says, “I could not be prouder of the cast we have assembled – its diversity, its love for the material,

its willingness to put in long hours to rehearse, its enjoyment of each other's company. I could not have asked for more. Knowing the full schedules they have, knowing the energy it takes to make the show successful, and the stress they will endure as we approach opening night, I feel very confident that this cast will perform wonderfully. The memories they will create will be in their hearts for a long time”. However, cast rehearsals would be for naught without the hard work of the Production crew in creating an amazing set and gathering the multitude of props that will be used for five nights only. The Production Crew consists of Dan Drew as Set Designer, Dan Douress as Set Technician, Ray Gintner as Head Lighting Technician, and Eric Johnson as Head Audio

Technician and our many talented students in Production classes. The two props masters coming from Rutgers-Newark are Michelle Cairo and Brooke Kupferman. Making her debut at NJIT, we have our Costumer, Sabrina Bianca Guillaume, working with two very dedicated NJIT students, Loni Fiscus and Alexis Telyczka on creating the costumes for the show. The musical will have performances on February 28, March 1, March 2, March 3 at 7:00 pm, and March 4 at 2:30 pm in the Jim Wise Theatre, Kupfrian Hall, NJIT. The Albert Dorman Honors College Colloquium will be held on March 1 after the performance. Tickets can be purchased at for $15.

OPEN NOW Campus Center Lobby 11AM-8PM Mon-Fri. 11AM-5PM Sat.

From zesty pizzas to succulent garlic knots, we offer great food for low prices.




Week of February 27, 2018

The Korty Report:

La Cocina

Interview With Manuel Veovides (Co-Owner of La Cocina) By David Korty | Senior Staff Writer

Q: What kind of cuising would you consider La Cocina is? A: Well it's Latin cuisine but it's got more of a Cuban flavor to it. Even though we have gandules rice which is Puerto Rican, we have pastelon which is also Puerto Rican, but overall it's generally Latin cuisine.

Q: What made you want to bring these cultures like Cuban and Puerto Rican together? A: Well you know what it is, the area is mixed. And if we're gonna do moro rice which is a Cuban rice, and a standard white rice as well, then why not also include gandules rice?

Q: Do you see a wide diversity of people enjoying and recognizing your food? A: Oh yeah, our food is easy to understand. It's simple. Beef stew, pepper steak. These are dishes that people can see in front of them. Our craziest question we get is, "Is it spicy?" and to solve that we have separate meals like spicy beef stew and normal beef stew.

Q: You're on death row, final meal, what are you eating? A: I've gotta say the pernil. When it comes out fresh in the morning, it opens up my appetite and my eyes glow.

My favorite quality of Newark is the diversity among the community. Walk 5 minutes in any direction from NJIT’s Campus Center and you are guaranteed to find multitudes of ethnic cuisine. Japanese, Italian, Spanish – find your craving at any nearby locally owned restaurant. To experience one of Newark’s most authentic and comforting Latin inspired eateries, head down to La Cocina, which can be located on the outskirts of the Rutgers Newark campus. Surrounded by festive music and the sweet aroma of spices, La Cocina is sure to satisfy any appetite that steps through their door. Off the bat, their customer service is fluid and impeccable. The employee’s guidance throughout ordering meals, which are displayed right before your eyes, allow customers to actively engage in creating their own plate. Any questions are easily answered and the employees are willing to accommodate any requests. Standing before the presented food can leave an individual dumbfounded with the amount of choices. Your options begin with 3 types of rice to start as a base, paired with 1 choice of a side, and a main meal such as pollo al horno (baked chicken). This plate will run your wallet approximately $9. However, said example does not include other options such as their juicy empanadas, cuban sandwiches, or savory desserts. I can heartily recommend the pernil (oven roasted pork shoulder) for anyone who may be timid to venture outside of

their usual food palate. Warning to the wise, La Cocina cooks their pernil fresh every day. They commonly run out of pernil before 2 o'clock so I highly suggest going before if you’re craving a heavenly experience. The pork is succulent, delicious, rich in flavor, and the crisp burnt ends of rendered fat melt in your mouth. The only reason I have ever been disappointed in La Cocina is when I arrive too late and come to the awful realization that they have ran out of pernil for the day. In turn, all strategies need a back-up so my eyes commonly zoom in on the delicate pastelon (Cuban lasagna). However, I could never discredit how tender the Wednesday special of ropa vieja (Cuban shredded beef ) is. In addition, the desserts are the low-key victor at La Cocina. As you progress down the assembly line, your eyes may glance over these compact containers. Make

Price Range: Website:


Phone Number: Location:

no mistake as to not consider ordering the guava cheesecake or tres leches cake. Both of these choices are stellar in their own way. As a secret tip, consider adding in a cup of cortadito (cuban espresso) and pouring periodic humble amounts over a slice of tres leches cake. You are welcome in advance. The mouthwatering lineup of options that La Cocina has to offer, I guarantee, will fulfill all hungry stomachs. As we slowly approach some warmer days, be sure to schedule a lunch trip to La Cocina. Outside the rear exit of the store also includes a patio area secluded in a tranquil and serene atmosphere to enjoy your meal outside. Unfortunately, no live music to complete the full experience but you are guaranteed to leave with a smile from ear to ear. If you can handle amazing flavor, then I will see you in La Cocina.

(973) 856-6777

61 New St, Newark, NJ (6 min. walk from CC)



Week of February 27, 2018

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Horoscopes Week of February 27, 2018





It's quite tempting to tell others what they need to hear, especially when you're sure you could really help them. You need to avoid interference now, though.

You may feel like your nose has been to the grindstone so long that it's been shaved down quite a bit. Keep up those efforts, though, and you should soon see it all come to fruition.

Energy is what it's all about for you right now. You're hotter than the sun and you've got a magnetic energy that draws others close. Everything's goes your way, no matter what you're doing.

It might be a great day for you on the job, but only if you make a serious effort to focus your energy and keep yourself from distractions brought by higher-ups.





Only stubborn fools refuse to compromise. Remember that during today's negotiations, no matter the venue. To keep things moving along, you need to keep a broader perspective in mind.

Fireworks go off when you start to engage in a one-on-one conversation on some deeply stimulating topic. If you're enjoying the debate for its own sake, be sure to let the other person know, or they might confuse your brainy enthusiasm for a much different kind of heat.

Creativity and good feelings about your fellows are just erupting out of you today. That's an incredibly powerful combination you've got going for you, so be sure to focus all that energy in the right place.

You usually strive to keep it positive, and today is no exception. It's sometimes crazy just how well it works out for you. Sometimes difficult situations can work out simply because you just know deep down that that's how it has to be, particularly when it comes to taking on new projects.





Wear something really awesome today, because you're definitely all about the huge crowds, fun distractions, and loud merrymaking. If there's a carnival somewhere nearby, get moving right away, because you're definitely going to have fun.

You're ready to make such a big splash that the people around you should carry umbrellas. Only the best is good enough for now, and that's definitely a welcome change of pace from your usual low-key self.

Your people are playing follow-theleader, but at least for now, you're the one leading the way. Everyone is happy to mosey along with you, especially when you decide to indulge in fun and games.

Try to avoid taking much of anything at face value right now. Instead, try looking beneath the surface and get at someone else's motives. This is particularly smart if a deal seems too good to be true, or the person on the other end seems just a bit too anxious for you to agree then and there with no time for questions.




Week of February 27, 2018


Is Black Panther Marvel's Best Movie Yet? A good movie that gets better on a second viewing. By Prem Naik | Senior Staff Writer & By Aishat Aminu | Staff Writer

When I was first introduced to the Black Panther, I was twelve and babysitting my siblings in the sweltering heat of Lagos, Nigeria. As usual, the power supply was spotty so we had to put on the generator. When we finally managed to turn it on, my brother suggested we watch Disney XD. At first, I was wary – the unspoken agreement in our house was that Disney Channel was for girls and Disney XD was for boys, but this time around we chose not to follow that rule. At the time, I had just entered an all girls’ school and was fighting to suppress my tomboyish

nature, but deep down I wanted to watch the boys’ channel. That was the first time I was introduced to The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. In the world of Tony Stark (Iron Man), Steve Rogers (Captain America) and Hank Pym (Ant-Man) I knew I had found my tribe. But out of all of the Avengers, none captured my attention and piqued my curiosity like the Black Panther did. He was smart, educated and kicked total butt. Above all, not only was he black, he was a monarch from a prominent African country. For

Fast Facts Runtime Written by Based on

134 minutes Ryan Coogler and Joe Robert Cole The Marvel Comics by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby

Ryan Coogler Directed by Rachel Morrison Cinematography Ludwig Goransson Music by Michael P, Shawver and Debbie Berman Edited by Production Co. Marvel Studios, Walt Disney pictures February 16th, 2018 Release Date $202, 003, 951 Opening weekend

someone like me, who only ever got to see Africa portrayed in a bad light in mainstream media, T’Challa, the King of Wakanda, meant everything to me. A call-and-response is a form of interaction between a speaker and an audience in which the speaker’s calls are punctuated by the audience’s response. The calland-response is deeply rooted in African culture; it can be found in our music, our interactions, our literature. For a long time, it was an integral part of our storytelling. So when the Black Panther called for his story to be told on the silver screen with director Ryan Coogler at the helm, the African diaspora responded. Millions showed up to movie theater in traditional attire, showcasing their cultures and breaking box-office records in the process. One thing that stood out in the film was the attention to detail of the whole production. From the costumes and the set designs, to the accents that all the actors sport, the production crew did their best to stay true to the African aesthetic. Another aspect that stood out was how relevant the film was in the current world climate. Oftentimes, Marvel movies fail to push the envelope and question or even comment on the status quo, but Black Panther does more than that. The movie addresses issues of race, colonialism, and the disparities that are often seen

in the African diaspora and it does that while giving us stunning Afro-futuristic visuals and strong character development. Ten years ago, the world was introduced to their first Iron Man movie and the first installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Eighteen movies later, audiences are still compelled to watch their favorite characters grace the big screen. This is because each of Marvel’s films has been made to match great filmmaking standards: eye popping visual effects, stellar action sequences, and compelling title characters at the core. After his brief scenes in Captain America: Civil War, T’Challa experienced a great character arc in this film.   T’Challa’s character goes through one final challenge to become the rightful king of Wakanda and it is this challenge that becomes his defining moment in the MCU. Not concerning itself with exposition or setting up other Marvel movies, Black Panther gives enough time to showcase each character’s quirks (e.g. Shuri, his sister, and Okoye, a Wakandan guard), and still has enough screen-time to showcase wellchoreographed action sequences, and Michael B. Jordan’s terrific performance as Killmonger. That being said, an abundance of CGI is also used in the movie, which can at times seem rushed.






Week of February 27, 2018

Namiotko and Gimeno Combine for 32 Kills in NJIT’s 3-1 Win Over Sacred Heart

By NJIT Athletics

VS S o p h o m o r e   P i o t r Namiotko and freshman Alvaro Gimeno  combined for 32 kills, leading NJIT to a 3-1 victory over visiting Sacred Heart in Eastern Intercollegiate Volleyball Association (EIVA) action Friday night at the Wellness and Events Center. NJIT (1-1 EIVA, 3-8 overall) rallied back down 1-0, after the Pioneers took a 25-21 victory in the first set.  The Highlanders answered with a 26-24 win in the second set and cruised to a 25-14 and 25-17 victory in the third and fourth stanza, earning the first EIVA victory of the 2018 season. Highlander duo Namiotko and Gimeno each produced 16 kills as Alvaro combined for a .393 hitting percentage on 28 swings while Namiotko finished with a .389 hitting percentage on 36 attempts and just two errors. Middle Luca Berger hit .385 with six kills, one error and 13 attempts.

Pioneers cut the Highlanders deficit to six, 16-10, on a pair of Sacred Heart kills by Waumans and Connor Mahoney.  NJIT scored seven-ofthe-last 10 points to take the set 25-14 and go up 2-1. In the final set, NJIT took control early, 5-0 and later 11Setter Ricardo Whitaker paced .538 hitting percentage, notching The second stanza saw Sacred 4.  The Pioneers closed the gap the match with 34 assists while eight kills. Heart leading, 15-11, but to within four, 11-7, but Gimeno Noah Ricchetti piled up 27 assists, Highlanders Alvaro highlighted libero Shannon Heckman and capped a 5-2 NJIT run that put Gimeno led the Highlanders while libero Joshua Ayzenberg a 5-1 run for the home team, the Highlanders ahead, 19-11. The paced the match with 10 digs.  knotting the score at 16-all.  After defensively with eight digs each.  Pioneers scored three straight In front of the net, NJIT held Bloomquist and Waumans each consecutive aces by Shawn points, 19-14, resulting in an NJIT a 14-to-7 advantage in blocks, posted four total blocks (one solo, Tichler, the Pioneers extended its timeout as the Highlanders used a lead to 23-19. led by Namiotko, who recorded three assists). 6-3 run to close out the match with In the opening set, the NJIT rallied for four straight seven blocks (all assists) followed a 25-17 victory. by Kevin Myren (six assists) and Highlanders went up early, 6-4.  points of its own, as a pair of Piotr NJIT will return to action on Sacred Heart rallied back and Namiotko  kills tied the set 23.  Berger (one solo, four assists). Saturday at 4pm when the Whitaker led the match with pulled ahead by one, 11-10, after a The Pioneers earned set point at Highlanders host Harvard inside three service aces, pacing the kill by Bloomquist.  NJIT recorded 24-23 on an NJIT error, but the the new Wellness and Events Highlanders with a 9-to-6 edge in back-to-back kills by Berger, which Highlanders won the next three Center. sparked a 3-0 run, which put the points to take the set 26-24. that category. Harvard (2-2 EIVA, 2-8 overall) The Highlanders jumped out Sacred Heart (0-4 EIVA, 2-7 Highlanders ahead 13-11. is coming off a 3-0 sweep at Sacred Heart used a 7-1 run to to a 10-2 lead in the third frame, overall) was led by Emerson Princeton Friday evening. Mundy and Waumans, the lone Pioneer to take a 22-18 lead and the visitors behind Bailey reach double-digit kills at 13.  closed out the set, scoring the final Whitaker, who combined for four aces in the first 10 points.  The Taylor Bloomquist combined for a two points for a 25-21 victory.


25 24 14 17 (2) 21 26 25 25 (3)



Week of February 27, 2018


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