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Week of February 13th , 2018

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Diverse Campus Struggles to Promote Diversity Organizing a Diversity Office is proving to be a challenge even on a diverse campus like NJIT’s By Shanee Halevi | Senior Staff Writer & Kalyani Velamuri| Staff Writer One of the frustrations that “Now, more than ever, this them to different cultures plagued the Diversity Office was office is needed on campus,” and learn… NJIT has low event attendance. Samantha Cacdac asserted. She noted that a diverse student Cacdac, a third year Mechanical there is an increase in “bigotry, body, and reopening Engineering student who worked hate, unproductive discussion" it [the Diversity as the marketing coordinator for and expressed the need for a Office] makes it the Diversity Office, said only space not only to welcome the more accessible” about 5-10 people attended events underrepresented but also to says Maisha regularly. Turnouts increased when another club cosponsored or when food was offered, but those were not sustainable options. “People would come to eat then kind of mentally check out if it was their only incentive” Cacdac said. LaViscount says low event turnout is understandable. “I think our students are as involved as they want to be. Our school is very rigorous and I understand that our students have to pick and choose. Not everyone has time for diversity or leadership programs when they have physics or chemistry to study for.” This is not to understate the value Sherlene Ayala, former Director of NJIT's Leadership & Diversity Programs, presenting at the 2017 Highlander of a Diversity Office on Student Leadership Awards. campus. Cacdac said implementation of an office for that based on student surveys, educate our peers. Maniar, a third year majoring in diversity programs, Cacdac stated attendees left having learned “We [current college students] Computational Math. what students should expect for something new. Tabling events are tomorrow’s leaders. If we don’t Third year STS major, Kimberly the future. were especially effective in learn how to respect one another Prince, anticipates that as a result “It needs to be run by someone quickly engaging students in now, our future generations will of the closing, “There will be more who is passionate about these conversations on topics such be at a loss," said Cacdac. category specific groups (cultural, issues,” Cacdac asserts. “The office as sexual and racial identity. NJIT’s students are excited for a denominational and nonwon’t provide the same space if its The Diversity Office's social reopening, especially since most denominational), and, hopefully opened under bad leadership, just media campaigns, such as for did not know the Diversity Office they [the Diversity Office] will start for the sake of having an office for Asexuality Awareness, received was closed to begin with. collaborating with them for future good press.” a considerable amount of online “It’s important for students to events.” The Office of Student Life seems student engagement. take part in events that introduce As she looks forward to the to have this covered, as seen in its enthusiasm for the future. Dean Boger would like to focus on events such as "Talk-Back to Hate" and "Title IX Teach-In" to educate the student body and organize groups of outreach students. LaViscount has a different view, steering away from the lectures and tending towards interactive and fun programs. He plans on tapping into focus groups and his connection with Student Senate.

Photo by Cassidy Lavine

The Diversity Office on campus was closed over the Summer of 2017, when the previous director, Sherlene Ayala, left NJIT for a position at a different university. The Office of Student Life, relocated to the Diversity Office’s old space on the fourth floor, has since been trying to reinvent the Diversity Office. The challenge lies in finding a passionate professional who can regularly discuss diversity issues with the student body. The traditional lecture-type setting is unlikely to see voluntary attendance. Raising awareness about diversity requires diligence and ingenuity to keep students engaged. It is a task that the Office of Student Life has been trying to single-handedly manage for almost a year. Anthony LaViscount, Director of Student Life, and Dean Marybeth Boger have expressed that NJIT is committed to reopening a Diversity Office. LaViscount intends to fill the position, which is posted on NJIT’s job application site, by the end of this semester. “I want that diversity office back, absolutely,” declared LaViscount. “Our office is actively looking for a replacement while delivering diversity-oriented programs”. LaViscount recognizes that the position requires flexibility to tailor its attention to its student body. “Look at the government and politics... There are a number of new diversity issues now that, five years ago, would not have been an issue at all. Part of our role as university administrators is to ask students what they need… but also to look at the bigger picture and see how society is affecting our students and address those new needs," says Laviscount.

NJIT's Diversity Scores

100 75


National Average





INNER WORLD MAP To understand someone, you must step into their shoes. But to understand a culture, you must become self-aware and accept foreign ideas. See page 7.



Source: Media Factual





A cursory list of the major nationally recognized monthlong celebrations on one page to recognize groups that have contributed to American history. See page 4.

In the spirit of Valentine's Day, we present to you a collection of matrimonials, proposals, and declarations. See page 5.



Week of February 13, 2018

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Events & Weather Tuesday February 13th, 2018


A Kiss from Cops Campus Center Lobby Sponsored by the Department of Public Safety

Wednesday February 14th, 2018

Humanities and Valentines Cullimore 431 valentine-Themed Candy from the Humanities Department

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Raffle & Fresh Made Smoothies Campus Center Lobby Sponsored by the Office of Student Life

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Screening of The Big Short & Pizza Leir Conference Room

w/ an introduction from the Investment Management Club


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12:12AM Officers arrested a Rutgers Student at 267 MLK Blvd. for Disorderly Conduct.

1:08AM Officer issued two summonses to two Rutgers Students on Burnette Street for Open Containers.

12:59AM Officers issued a summons to a non-affiliate for Public Urination at Sussex Ave. and MLK Blvd.

Memory of Dr. Herman A. Estrin and Roger Hernande z


NJIT Vector Summary 2/9/2018 For 2/2/18 through 2/8/18

Times Shown are Times Reported

8:16PM NJIT Student reported he parked his vehicle on Sussex Ave. and Colden Street in the Morning. He returned early evening and noticed paperwork in disarray and his “YI” Dash Camera ($50.00) and AT&T Charger ($25.00) were both missing. He could not recall if the vehicle was locked. There were no signs of any forced entry.

2/6/18 4:43PM Officers arrested nonaffiliate on Eagles Street for an Open Warrant.

2/8/18 2:54PM NJIT Bookstore Employee was arrested by officers for copying customers Credit Card information. 11:42PM Officer issued a nonaffiliate a summons on Sussex Ave. and Newark Street for Public Urination.




Week of February 13, 2018 CLUB SPOTLIGHT

American Chemical Society By Yasmine Ibrahim | Senior Staff Writer ACS, or the American Chemical Society, is a non-profit organization. It is a scientific society that is based in the United States and focuses on supporting scientific inquiries in the field of chemistry. The ACS, founded in 1876 at New York University, currently has more than 158,000 members of all degree levels in many different fields. It has also played a vital role in many of its members securing jobs and other great career opportunities. At NJIT, there is an ACS chapter that anyone can join, even if their majors have nothing to do with chemistry. All that is needed is some passion to join and learn more about the fun stuff that exists in chemistry. If you do have a major which is related to, or based on chemistry, it is highly recommended that you join the organization, as you will surely find great opportunities to network in the field of chemistry. By joining, ACS members are able to connect with each other across the nation. The chapter on the NJIT campus is very active. They not only focus on making chemistry fun, but also host a lot of review and study sessions. So whether you want to try different experiments or have someone help you prepare for your commons, ACS is the society

Five chemists who met at the College of Pharmacy of the City of New York found the ACS.

for you to join. NJIT's ACS chapter has an active group of student ambassadors from different majors. These ambassadors aim to plan more events for the community that reflect the mission statement of the organization, which " is to establish, maintain, and promote a more profound awareness of Chemistry within the NJIT community." Student ambassadors even volunteer off campus and represent ACS at regional conferences. In addition, ACS ambassadors will be volunteering at upcoming science and research fairs in New Jersey. This semester, ACS plans on to mentoring students at different middle and high schools around Newark and the surrounding neighborhoods. They will guide the students through different projects and experiments that will teach them more about chemistry in the hopes of generating interest in scientific fields. If you are interested in joining or would like further infromation, ACS general body meetings are usually held on Fridays during common hour. Any questions or further cornerns can be sent to: acs.njitchapter@

The American Chemical Society was founded on April 6, 1876.

The ACS is the world’s largest scientific society.


Yu-Gi-Oh and Magic the Gathering Tournament Hosted by the Student Activities Council

Competitors square off in a bracket style tournament to decide which duelist is the NJIT King of Games.

Photos by Loumy Volmer



Week of February 13, 2018


February Black History Month Originally a week-long celebration, Black History Month celebrates all that African Americans have contributed to American history. February was chosen because that is when two prominent leaders of Emancipation, Abraham Lincoln (1809 – 1865) and Frederick Douglas (1818 – 1895), were born.

March Women’s History Month National Women’s History Month was established on March 8, 1857 when female textile workers marched in protest of unfair working conditions and unequal rights for women. At the time, they were also protesting child labor, sweatshop working conditions, and campaigning for the right to vote. As of March 8, 1910, women were given a day of recognition: International Women’s Day. In 1978, that day became a week, and in 1987, that week became an entire month.


Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month began in 1976 when the president of the Organization of Chinese American Women pointed out the lack of Asian Pacific representation in the celebrations of the U.S. bicentennial that year. Such observances began about three years later as Asian Heritage Week. That changed in May 1990 when George H.W. Bush turned that week-long observance into a monthlong celebration. In October 1992, Bush then signed legislation designating every May as Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month. May was chosen because of the first Japanese immigrants to the United States (May 7, 1843) and because of the completion of the transcontinental railroad (May 10, 1869, also known as Golden Spike Day).

June LGBT Pride Month LGBT Pride Month began in 1999 in order to celebrate Pride Days in America. Bill Clinton encouraged “all Americans to observe this month with the appropriate programs, ceremonies, and activities that celebrate our diversity.” The most significant LGBT-related event in June was the Stonewall Inn Rebellion in 1969 when patrons protested against unfair police discrimination and harassment.

October Filipino American History Month Filipino American History Month was established in 1988, forming in California and Hawaii. October was selected as the primary month for celebration due to it being the first time Filipinos made contact on American soil on October 18, 1587. It is also the birth month of Larry Itliong, a Filipino labor leader.

HERITAGE MONTHS By Michael K Tshimanga | Contributing Writer Note: This feature is limited to nationally recognized month-long heritage observances, celebrated as such due to the heritage's contributions to the history of the United States.


National Hispanic Heritage Month This celebration of Hispanic American culture began as a week-long celebration in 1968. September 15th and 16th were chosen to be part of the week in honor of Independence Day for Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua (September 15, 1821) and Mexico’s Independence Day (September 16, 1810). The celebration was eventually expanded to a month-long celebration in 1988, including El Día de la Raza on October 12, Chile’s Independence Day on September 18, and Belize’s Independence Day on September 21.

November National American Indian Heritage Month Congress initially designated a week in October in order to recognize the influence that Native Americans had on the United States. About 20 years later, Bill Clinton noted that “American Indian and Alaska Native peoples have been an integral part of the American character.” November is a fitting month to celebrate Native Americans, because this it is when most tribes hold fall harvest, powwows, and various feasts.




Week of February 13, 2018


Dearest Sarah, you’re like telophase, I admire your cleavage

Each week, students send anonymous text, email, and phone responses to our weekly ‘Collections’ prompt. Send us your response for next week’s prompt: Share an experience that you’ve had with CCAPS. Please use appropriate pronouns to protect identities. Email us at with the subject line ‘Collections’.



, I'll c a fond ress you le my r Gol vesic gi bod les y if y ou

Note: All responses are posted exactly as they were received. Understand there is an unwritten [sic] after every possibly erroneous (or not) response. Forward slashes are inserted to indicate intentional line breaks.

I wish your hometown weren't three hours away, because I think we'd be perfect together ❤

Curated By Prasanna Tati | Editor-in-Chief

A Collection of Matrimonials, Proposals, and Declarations in the Spirit of Valentine’s Day

voices from around campus

is a joy A thing of beauty forever.

____ _____, I wanna taste your cigarette breath this Valentine's Day. Book us a meeting room in Honors ## #s the Campus Center and we'll blow more than latex and c till needs Valentine. P rying but d just cigarette smoke o bring flowlease no c/o ers wI o n k you ently t e l t to ed rec n a w Hey _______, according to the second law of I t curv go thermodynamics, you're supposed to share your hotness with me He’s [Jon Hamm as Donald Draper] zaddy I @ ________: you light up ant ya want him to treat me Ooh how I w my life

David i love you stop stalking gaga, she's busy

“I love you... bitch. I ain't never gonna stop lovin' you... bitch.”

to s t a h Idk w D:

If you h I can pl ave a kitten, p ay with , please ug, and/or ba b chief@ njivectoemail editor-i y

all To Brian, whose smile enumerates to good qualities I forget that I have; ng Brian whose laughter dances sparkliian across the dearth of my heart; to Br d whose love pierces all shades of trials an o tribulations; te amo, te necesito, te quier

To my roo life with mmate who bright ens color-code d everyth my ang

She told me she loved me, I told her she was a contestant on the bachelor

For the sahara food truck lady: thank you for feeding me so well. i love you so much

To the random kid who held the door open for me like 7 times in one morning even though I walk really slow

dilf a s i _ _ _ _ _ _ ___

I wish your hometown weren't three hours away, because I think we'd be perfect together

“ “

“ “ “




Week of February 13, 2018


Virtual Dating Series TECH TALK

An Introduction to Dating Apps By Donna Sunny | Staff Writer

Asking someone out in person is often considered an ordeal wrought with endless anxiety, fear, and nerves. The fear of rejection has given rise to the era of dating apps. The usage of dating apps has risen exponentially over the past few years. Dating apps have become the standard for millenials and their notorious expectations regarding instant gratification; a few swipes are all it takes to secure a significant other. So many people use Tinder accounts that it is nearly impossible not to run into a colleague, peer, or even relative on the app. The most widely used dating apps include but are not limited to, Tinder, Bumble, OkCupid, and eHarmony. Among college going youth, however, Tinder has risen in the ranks as the “go to” dating app. After creating an account on Tinder, one can select a name, age, occupation, school, and gender for themselves. In accordance

with today's era of awareness and social change, Tinder allows one to select genders other than “male” or “female” to identify with. A user is also able to write a brief “about me” in their caption and can post photographs of themselves on the app. To add to their photos, the user can link their Facebook and Instagram account to their Tinder. The user can also include their “anthem,” or favorite song, in their profile by linking their Spotify account. In addition, when it comes to matching with other individuals, one is able to set an age, maximum distance, and gender preference. Following this, various profiles of different potential matches pop up onto the screen containing photos and information about them. If one likes the person, they swipe right onto the screen. If one dislikes the person, they swipe left on the screen. If one greatly likes the person, they swipe up and “super like” the per-

son. If both parties “like” or “super like” each other, they are able to send messages to each other. Some people use Tinder for other reasons than finding a romantic partner. Tinder may be marketed as dating app, but not everyone uses it for dating. Some users may be seeking out friendships with people of similar interests or senses of humor. Furthermore, as fun as Tinder can be, most wonder how practical it is. Can you really meet the love of your life on an app?

Diversify Your Portfolio By Ralph Legge | Senior Staff Writer The biggest regret most people have when they are looking to retire is that they should have invested more when they were younger. In today’s world, it is important to have a backup and a way for money to make money. With the rise of cryptocurrencies and the ease with which anyone can invest their money, it is important to understand what options are available in both the cryptospace and traditional avenues. This is the first in a three-part series of articles describing investment options. When it comes to cryptocurrencies, everyone hears about Bitcoin. While Ethereum is also commonly

known and traded, Bitcoin maintains its presence at the top of the market. There are, in fact, over 1000 coins available on exchanges worldwide and that does not even include the ICOs, or initial coin offerings, available. When addressing investment and one’s portfolio, it is important to understand the different types of tokens out there. St o re d value coins such as Bitcoin operate as a vehicle to

store monetary value. This comes in handy for investment as well as transactions. Unfortunately, Bitcoin is currently experiencing some drawbacks that it will hopefully overgrow. If that does not prove to be the case, then the surviving competitors to Bitcoin will surface as the better bet. Coins that operate as a new leader in that field provide the on-ramp to a service not yet answered by any previous option. For example, Substratum is the current leader in a decentralization of the web Blockchain. There have been a few other coins trying to compete, but Substratum, as one of the leaders, provides a more secure investment opportunity for everyone. December 16, 2017 – Bitcoin reaches Privacy coins, much like VPN’s, will always be its All Time High (ATH) at nearly around. They

$20,000 USD.

November 28, 2017 – Bitcoin snatches Mainstream Media attention by jumping from $8,000 USD to $10,000 USD in less than one week. January 30, 2018 – Bitgrail, an overseas Cryptocurrency Exchange, causes a 50% price dip for NEO (formerly known as RaiBlocks) after attempting to close its European accounts.

DISCLAIMER: This is not professional financial or legal advice. All financial transactions should be performed after serious research.

provide an option for increased security and privacy that most investors opt-in for. For example, Monero-to-Monero (Monero being another cryptocurrency) wallet transactions are 100% private and untraceable. Lastly, there are coins with the ability to have an ecosystem of applications hosted on its platform. Ethereum is the current king in that space with almost all the decentralized applications out there. Neo, however, provides a similar service but solely for the Chinese Market. This gives it a high potential in gaining traction.It is important to have a few coins in each of these sections, making sure to minimize the risk and optimize an investment opportunity. A few strong options include Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Monero, Dash, Zcash, Neo, Civic, EOS, Steemit, Substratum, and Stellar. ICOs also provide a source of investment. This is much riskier than choosing a coin currently being traded on exchanges since most ICO’s are available well before they are released on exchanges and even have a

February 5 – Bitcoin and a majority of cryptocurrencies crash before the announcement on the state of the market held by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

working project or any code written towards the project. Some ICO’s have the potential of becoming a viable token. After considering the ICO’s whitepaper, the document describing the token and their vision for the project, the team behind the token, and the problem the coin serves to fix, it becomes easier to make an informed decision on investing. Crypto ETF’s are an option that provides a different layer of security for those more acquainted with the stock market. An ETF is a fund that hold the underlying assets; the ETF then is traded much like a common stock. With Bitcoin ETF’s for example, one can purchase them from CME Group, which provides one with an option of buying a Bitcoin future backed by cash. This allows someone through a broker to invest into crypto without dealing with any of the technical tasks behind it, as well as to have some insurance sometimes provided by the broker. Cryptocurrencies are not the only option for investment but they are a great option for many people. Whether it is the ideals behind crypto, the problems they wish to solve, or the sheer ability for gains, crypto can be an option now and to the future for investment.




Week of February 13, 2018

Inner World Map

Strive to build a comprehensive collection of cultural experiences through self-awareness and curiosity. By Jonpierre Grajales | Senior Staff Writer To understand someone, you must step into their shoes. However, to understand a culture, you must become self-aware and accept foreign ideas. A world map shows the surfaces of Earth with varying details, while an inner world map could be understood to be a map of the different cultures and lifestyles from those areas, that you understand or have some knowledge of. Growing up, my life was made up of a grab-bag group of people of various ethnicities, nationalities, creeds, genders, sexual orientations, and economic levels. My town, Clifton, is known to be a mixing pot of ideologies from around the globe. From Colombia to China, and from Russia to Nigeria, you could find a different nation around every corner. This diversity not only shaped my perspective of the world, but shaped who I am as a person. I am Hispanic. Both my parents are Colombian immigrants who came to America in pursuit of the American dream. My house would often be filled with the smell of arepas, sancocho, or arroz con pollo and sounds of Juanes, Ricky Martin, and other Spanish singers. I had the privilege of going to my motherland a few times during my childhood. I socialized with

the locals and got to realize many differences in law and societal norms that Colombia has in comparison to the United States. I was able to help and converse with the impoverished and the wealthy, gaining viewpoints from both sides of the spectrum and everything in between. T h i s

experience broadened my inner world map to a large degree because I was able to learn the struggles facing a developing country and the advantages that I got just from being born in America. Rather than having my only experience

The world of dating apps is not a place you want to be in. One of the most common ones, Tinder, is used is for many reasons, including boredom, self validation and to cure loneliness. Many more use dating apps for hookups, to make a partner jealous, or in an attempt to fit in with the crowd. What’s Tinder not used for? Dating. After creating a female Tinder account, here’s

Why I Don

n ati

't Use D

A female NJIT student chronicles her experience with Tinder, a popular dating app. By Rachel Deahl |

Senior Staff Writer

g Apps

of Colombia be learning from a Spanish class textbook that Bogotá is its capital, I was able to connect with the citizens of the country on another level and better understand my own culture and heritage.

While I am Hispanic, I also am American. My views are very ‘Americanized,’ for a lack of a better word. I tend to consume more English media, have more

what was found: a large portion of men who matched but never sent a message. Those who did respond fell into different categories based on the way they would respond. Some men decided the best way to start a conversation with a match was a simple “Hey :)” and often failed to carry on the conversation afterwards. Others were very forward, sending crude messages with expletives right off the bat. They often did not take the time to even say hello to the match before asking if she was “DTF.” Even more asked for an alternative form of contact, usually sliding a line such as “Hey, this app sucks, give me your n u m b e r .” or “You got snap?” into a usually stagnant conversation. Several men requested to meet up after exchanging less than 10 short messages with a match, often remarking that the distance between them was very minimal, and


liberal views than my ancestors, and tend to not practice certain traditions that are the norm in my parent’s culture. I also have had the chance to interact with people outside of my town through volunteer opportunities and competitions. I previously volunteered at a

medical center in Paterson and was able to interact with a different batch of people. There are little quirks that differentiate residents of the two towns, be it the colloquialisms that they use, or the attitudes they demonstrate.

that they should take advantage of that. The strangest of Tinder horror stories however, are the outliers. One man sent a gif of a

While my inner world map did not ‘expand’ in the traditional sense, my region became more detailed and I was able to learn more about what makes Clifton, Clifton. At NJIT, my inner world map is being further detailed through both the professors and the student body. This institution has allowed me to interact with students from around the country and the world. According to College Factual, international students make up 18.7% of the student body, an astonishing number in my opinion. International students bring a piece of their culture with them and talking to them lets me learn more about them and their country from their perspective; a lesson that cannot be learned in the classroom. While many people do not have the privilege I had growing up, I believe that expanding ones’ world map is a necessity that a person must undertake in order to fully mature. Vacationing, volunteer retreats, or studying abroad all have their different purposes, however, they all lead to a better understanding of certain parts of any given culture. If it was not for the opportunities that I received, I do not think I would be the same person that I am.

which girls make the first move, isn’t as active as Tinder and matches time out within 24 hours without a response. Clover allows you to set age restrictions on the profiles you swipe on, but these only apply to the profiles you view, not the ones that view you. This means that everyone can see your profile and “like” it, even men that are two and three times your age. Meeting someone at a coffee shop, or in school, is still the best way to go. The relationship feels more real and removes any possibility of being catfished. You can get a better judgement of their character and can even have a friend weigh in too. The best thing about finding a Valentine without the use of the internet, is that you can get a full perspective of them, without filtered selfies that “snapchat saw first”. The male-to-female ratio of these online apps is usually dependent on your location and how far you are willing to set your range to. This means that NJIT’s diversity is reflected in the profiles you swipe on. So when it comes down to it, you are better off doing it the oldfashioned way and asking that cute girl in psych class for notes than hitting her up on Tinder. We’re going to have to swipe left on online dating.

One of the most common ones [dating apps], Tinder, is used is for many reasons, including boredom, self-validation and loneliness. large brown bear to the match, proposing to her in a foreign language. Swiping through profile after profile, there were a few commonalities among them. There was quite a few who specified that they were looking for a “woman who says hi first.” Many others wrote particularly coarse descriptions of the kind of woman they were looking for, while others emphasized that they had Netflix or “Hulu without ads.” The use of emojis seems to be a common art in the world of online dating. Tinder allows users to connect their Snapchat or Instagram to their profile to make contacting matches easier. However, many abuse this, often lurking on profiles of those who didn’t match with them and messaging off-app. When confronted, the go-to line tends to be “then don’t put it in your profile.” While it is wildly popular, Tinder is not the only dating app out there to have built up such a reputation. Bumble, another popular app, in




Week of February 13, 2018


Dear Highlander:

an NJIT advice column

AROUND THE WORLD The World This Week


South Korea The spokesperson for South Korean President, Moon Jae-In, said that he will be meeting with North Korean leader, Kim Yo Jong, along with North Korea’s Olympic delegation on Saturday.  Kim Yo Jong, who is also the younger sister of Kim Jong Un, will be making the first visit from the Kim ruling dynasty since the Korean war of 1950-1953. Although just a few months ago this meeting may have been fairly unlikely, Moon sees the Winter Olympics as a chance to make diplomatic inroads with the North.  This motion towards an apparent thaw of the tension between the two nations has not been well received by the United States. Vice president Mike Pence said that he would not let Pyongyang, (capital city of North Korea), hijack the message and imagery of the Olympic games. Following this, North Korea decided against meeting with the US Olympic delegation. Jo Yong Sam, department director general of the North Korean foreign ministry, said that North Korea, “never begged the US for dialogue,” and they were not about to start now.

By Ujjwala Rai | Senior Staff Writer

EUROPE Maldives The Republic of Maldives has recently been going through a political crisis since its President, Abdulla Yameen, defied the nation’s Supreme Court order to reinstate opposition Members of Parliament and release political prisoners. The President has declared a state of emergency and ordered the arrest of the Chief Justice, who is also the former Maldivian President.  Yameen gave a TV address in which he urged the public to remain calm and that it was business as usual. He defended his actions by saying that he was trying to prevent a coup and that the Supreme Court was acting in a haste. As of Tuesday, the Supreme Court has decided not to release the political prisoners.


The Chief Rabbi of Poland says that the country's controversial Holocaust law is ‘distorting facts’ due to its lack of clarity. The law he refers to states that it is illegal to accuse the Polish nation of complicity in crimes committed by Nazi Germany, including the Holocaust. He explains that the way the law is written and presented fails to meet its goal, and therefore needs to be worked on it. The President of Poland, Andrzej Duda signed the bill on Tuesday without it being reviewed by the country’s Constitutional Tribunal. The law is supposed to ban terms like "Polish death camps" in relation to Nazioccupied Poland. Violations of this law will result in a hefty fine or up to 3 years of jail time, if not both.

Letter from the Editor Regarding the Weekly "Left, Right, & Middle" Column

Dear Readers of The Vector, One of our fellow readers, Max Bakie, raised concerns about the restrictive nature of the “Left, Right, & Middle” column. As Editor-in-Chief and final decision-maker on publication, I want to take the time to clear any misunderstandings regarding the “Left, Right, & Middle” column. Earlier in the year, each section of the column was accompanied by a political party’s symbol. The “left” side was represented by a “Liberal” heading and a Democratic Party donkey. This occurred only in the debut issue of “Left, Right, & Middle” before being corrected to represent respective positions on political spectrum. Currently, the three sections of the column are “Left”, “Right”, and “Middle”, representing relative positions on the political spectrum. None of the sections are meant to represent a specific and consistent political party and/or viewpoint. They are merely opinions that occupy a relative left, right, or middle area of the political spectrum. I understand readers' concerns regarding the need to associate particular political perspectives with political parties, but that is not one of the goals of the “Left, Right, & Middle” column. The column only seeks to communicate three varying positions on the political spectrum regarding a single issue. Despite not assigning politicalparties to perspectives, readers are still presented with multiple takes on a single issue. This allows the reader themselves to become better aware of issues plaguing politics today and provides an avenue for formulating well-informed personal political opinions. If any of you beloved readers have any further questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me at If you would like to submit your own Letter to the Editor, I would encourage you to provide the Editorial Board, with a 250-400 word letter articulating your concerns, at Thank you! Best Regards, Prasanna Tati, Editor-in-Chief of The Vector

Dear Highlander, I feel like for some people Valentine's Day is one of the most exciting days of the year. Not for me though. This year I think will be one of the hardest because I am hiding a pretty big secret...I’m in love with my roommate. We’ve started living together this year and I fell for her just within a few weeks of meeting her. I really can’t stop thinking about her. But I don’t really know where to proceed from here; I’m really terrified to tell her about it (not to mention just nervous to speak to her in general...she miiiight think I’m a little anti-social whoops). Help? Please? Crushing-and-Clueless Dear Crushing-and-Clueless, No need to be nervous! Do not worry, we will get you through this. Since you and this girl are dorming together, I am assuming that you are, in fact, both ladies. So your first move might be to find out whether or not your roommate is queer; obviously if your roommate isn’t LGBT+ it would not make sense for you to keep pining over them (unrequited love is not fun)! This might be a little difficult for you to inquire about since you are shy about speaking to your roommate. Your easiest bet might be checking her old social media to see who she has dated in the past. If you see she has had a girlfriend before, you are good to go! If you see only boyfriends, it’s possible that she is not queer but you really will not know unless you ask. Since you probably will need to ask...girl, you are going to have to talk to her! Being nervous around crushes is perfectly normal. However, you need to understand that your crush is a human being just like you are, and they are not worth the anxiety. Especially since you live with your crush, it would probably make your living experience easier if you could speak to your roommate and not be nervous. You need to sort of desensitize yourself; start out small. You can make small-talk with her about how her day has been. You will need to do this more and more often, and eventually before you know it, you will be having much more interesting conversations! Once you two are friends and more comfortable with each other, you could try inquiring about her preferences, whether or not she is looking to date, etc. If you are having trouble figuring out how to start this conversation, perhaps you could share with her that you are queer (but obviously you do not need to do that unless you feel totally comfortable doing so). If, in the future, you have an inkling that your roommate might like you back, TELL HER. I know that there are a bazillion thoughts you might have regarding why you should not tell her, but just do so. The worst thing that can happen is that you get rejected. And, you know what, rejection is totally fine. If you are going to be rejected it is better that it happens sooner rather than later on when you are even more attached. On the other hand, if you tell her and she likes you back, you two can get together sooner rather than later. Long story short, don’t be scared, just start talking. You got this. Sincerely, A Fellow Highlander




Week of February 13, 2018

On-Campus Opinion

By Marwa Moustafa | Senior Staff Writer

Not quite “Humans of NJIT.”

What was your most memorable Valentine's Day?







Liam Tully

Juan Rios

Information Technology | Junior "My most memorable Valentine's day would probably be back in high school. In sophomore year, I bought flowers and chocolate for this really cute girl that I liked. But she already had a Valentine, so she denied me. I just ate the chocolate myself and gave the flowers to my mom." 

Computer Interaction | Senior


"My most memorable Valentine's Day story was two years ago. I went on a 'group date' with a bunch of friends. None of us had girlfriends, so we went out together. And that was actually how I met my current girlfriend. So after that night, we started talking more and we've been together since. It's been our tradition to visit the same place, Cafe Arkitipus, every year on Valentine's Day. "

Shanee Halevi

Mechanical Engineering | Junior "My favorite Valentine's Day memory was in high school. It's kind of wholesome. My friends and I cut out hearts and gave them to everyone. The kids really liked it. It was nice to see everyone smile." 


Claudia Chan

Biology | Sophomore "Well I've always been a single pringle. But last year, my roommate and I went to Galentine's Day at the Murray Center. We did our nails and ate stuff. It was a lot of fun."

Left, Right & Middle Thoughts on President Trump's Decision to Not Publicize His Tax Returns By Quratulain Malik | Staff Writer

By Babatunde Ojo | Managing Editor

By Adrian Wong |Senior Staff Writer







President Trump’s tax plan is, to no one’s surprise, a new break for the wealthy. The tax plan offers tax cuts ranging from 4% to 20.8% for blue-collar workers like carpenters, cashiers, and machine operators. However, under the bylaws set into the plan, the decreases in taxes will not be indefinite. In fact, in twenty-five years, the taxes of the middle-class would increase, but the tax cuts of the upper-class will remain the same. For upper-class citizens, several specific taxes like the estate tax and the alternative minimum tax will be removed. To most citizens, this tax plan seems like a blessing, but it is really a temporary aid to mask the true workings of the plan. In reality, after a few years, average hardworking Americans will be forced to carry the burden of the national debt. Not only is this tax plan detrimental to the working-class in the long run, but it will inevitably increase the U.S.’s national debt – tacking on to the current twenty trillion dollars. The couple hundred or thousand dollars that Americans are saving right now is not worth the thousands that they will lose in the future.

As to why President Trump decided to not disclose his Tax Returns has been an interesting conversation point for some time. Left-leaning supporters still question why the man who boasted his wealth constantly has yet to prove it and “win” again. Those on the opposite side of the political spectrum think it does not matter as the government/IRS would have caught any discrepancies in their books. The only thing driving this question to the forefront of every conversation involving Trump’s wealth, is the “why”. All people want to know is why has he not released his papers? If he has nothing to hide, then flaunt it as you do verbally. It could only serve to benefit Trump in that his supporters will have the edge in every Facebook/Twitter/Reddit thread regarding the issue. This only serves to bring up the issue continuously and leaves the public from moving on to more important issues.

I do not care about Trump’s tax returns as a person or as a business. I have faith in the IRS that they would have taken action in the event of any wrongdoing. He is such a high profile individual that he absolutely would not have been able to fly under the radar of the IRS. In addition, there is documented proof that the Obama IRS specifically targeted conservatives, so if Trump really had something to hide, I think we’d have heard about it by now. In addition, Rachel Maddow released a leaked copy of his 2005 tax returns which showed that Trump paid nearly $40 million in tax that year. Since the Maddow release in March 2017, Google Trends has reported that searches for “Trump tax return” are incredibly infrequent. The public simply has not cared about his tax returns since Maddow revealed his 2005 returns. At the end of the day, Trump is the president and he got elected without having to release his tax returns. If he did something illegal regarding his returns, I hope the IRS will do their job. Otherwise, it is a non-issue.

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Week of February 13, 2018






Jonpierre Grajales | Senior Staff Writer

Visual novels make up a genre of games that are akin to ‘choose your own adventure’ books. While the player goes through the story, they can make key decisions that decide the end of the story. Doki Doki Literature Club is a game with a betraying name. While the game looks like a cute, anime visual novel, the contents are horrifying to say the least. The story follows the protagonist being invited to a literature club by his childhood friend, Sayori. There, he meets the other members: Natsuki, Yuri, and Monika. They all spend time together and become close. Then they begin planning for the school festival and Sayori confesses her love for the protagonist and shares that she has depression. Sayori’s poems become grimmer and darker until the protagonist, in a worried state, finds her dead and hanging. The player is ejected from the game and when restarted, the game glitches and Sayori is ‘deleted’ from the game by being removed, blurred, or distorted. Being invited to the club

falls to Monika, the club’s president. Later, the protagonist finds Yuri cutting herself also confesses her love to the protagonist before the festival and kills herself. The protagonist spends a week next to her body. Monika finds the protagonist and deletes the other girls’ files and stops the game. Restarting puts the protagonist in a room with Monika, who claims that she is aware that she is a character and that she loves the player. The player then needs to go to the game files and delete Monkia, making the game glitch and angering her. She relaxes and realizes her mistake and restores the other girls while deleting herself. The game ends with Monika claiming she disbanded the literature club because ‘there is no happiness in it’. From a gameplay perspective, DDLC is fine. While it contains the visual novel gameplay of ‘choose this option and change the course of the story’, it later forces the player to access the game files and delete the characters. There’s not much

for replayability and once you know the twist, all there is to do is to go through all the dialogue that player might have missed or finding the easter eggs that are strewn throughout the game. The art for the characters is well done and fits the typical visual novel genre which adds to the initial deception. Even the grotesque art is well done and conveys the feeling of terror. The soundtrack can be both cheerfully fun while dreadfully menacing and fits the mood of the scenario perfectly. The music by Dan Salvato is stunning and worth listening to on its own. While the game is good, it thrives on the “twist”. The whole appeal is the shock that unsuspecting players experience and the popularity is attributed to those players’ need to tell others in order for them to experience the dread as well. The contrasting horror and cuteness makes the game memorable and great.

By Adrian Wong |Senior Staff Writer & James Lyle |Contributing Writer

PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS, also known as PUBG is a 100-person battle royale game where individuals, pairs, or squads of players parachute onto various points of a map and compete to acquire guns and be the last man or team standing. Early access began in March, but the game was not officially released until its version 1.0 update in late December. We have extensively played this game and this is our take on PUBG. The concept of battle royale games is that players are put in an arena and are forced to fight until only one person or group remains. In order to maintain the game’s progress, a deadly circle forces players to move toward a small area of the map where the game will end.


There are various types of strategies in PUBG. They can mostly be broken into two categories; the “Hot drop,” and the survivor. The hot drop is a style where players land in high risk, high reward areas in which a lot of other players also congregate. On the old PUBG map (Erangel) these places would be the school or the military base, and on the new map (Miramar) Campo Militar and Los Leones. Most of the players die in these places fighting for the best loot. This makes the strategy one with high risk and high reward. The survivor strategies consist of two different play styles: the players who land on the edges of the map where no one else lands (making them safe), but usually find low tier loot.

Given the fact that keyboards have many more inputs and are more customizable than a controller, the controls are not too much of an issue on PC. On Xbox, however, controls seem to be confusing and very difficult to learn. Players may find themselves in a firefight against an enemy and either of them being able to kill the other. This sometimes leads to awkward exchanges as they attempt to reload their weapons. The game on Xbox really suffers because there are too many controls and not enough buttons.

There is a huge amount of variation in terms of weaponry. Some guns, like the shotguns and pistols are exclusively used for close range. It is usually best to find a rifle because of their versatility. There is also bullet drop rates and travel time which may affect strategy. There are some players who have a skillset that better suits a sharpshooter style of play and these would likely prefer the KAR98k or any of the other bolt-action sniper rifles. Overall, there are enough weapons with various abilities that can fit a wide array of playstyles. Melee Weapons are practically a waste of server space in PUBG being only valuable in the very beginning of the game before a gun can be found, or if you just want to mess around. However, there is one weapon that can literally save your life and there is no reason not to equip it when it is found. This weapon is the pan and it can stop a bullet fired from any gun. Players affectionately call it tier 4 armor.

The game has proven to still be fun for players even after 150 hours of gameplay each. The game can be difficult to win unlike other games where half the server gets is victorious. If the changes are implemented the game will go to borderline perfect territory. But without a working anti-cheat system and very stable servers the game is still in need of polishing.

Players have three different ways to move once they land. Running is the most common type of movement and is essential to the game. Players can also use cars and motorcycles to move faster but this is very loud and risk alerting otherwise unaware enemies of their location. It is also worth noting that developers designed the Erangel map to be easier for land vehicles than the Miramar map. Boats are not used too often and are almost only used on Erangel.

The games current start is better than it ever was, but it needs to get even better. Games are often filled with hackers who break the game and obviously make it borderline unplayable. Server issues are a recurring theme that make the game hard to play as well.




Week of February 13, 2018 FILM REVIEW

"500 Days of Summer" By Prem Naik | Senior Staff Writer In an age where love has become over saturated in every medium of entertainment, it might be worth checking out a film that breaks the trend, "500 Days of Summer". A favorite for the lonely and an overall great film, "500 Days of Summer" may just be the perfect movie to cope with Valentine’s Day blues. Directed by Marc Webb, this 2009 movie boasts the talents of Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel, a great soundtrack, and a bittersweet story at its core. Told out of order, this movie presents the 500 days that Tom (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is infatuated with Summer (Zooey Deschanel). Tom is shown to suffer from a one-sided love story, and this is an aspect not often shown in the romance genre. From the dance number to Daryl Hall and John Oates’ “You Make My Dreams,” to the simple meeting

of a boy and a girl in the elevator, "500 Days of Summer" oozes with cheesy scenes and their contrast to real life. The movie follows many trends of classic romantic comedies, but also effectively sets itself apart from the others. Expertly crafted scenes show Tom’s expectations and the often-underwhelming reality. With references to other romantic films like The Graduate (1967), it serves as the antithesis to all romance films before it. As Tom says, this ‘is not your typical love story’. The film is for everyone who has ever fallen in love, and hoped for a future with their significant other, only to see their invested time go to waste. Many will relate to Tom, the typical everyman and hopeless romantic. Tom is the ‘nice guy’ who has been spoiled by modern views of love and represents what is wrong with

current romanticism. Constantly seeking Summer’s reciprocated feelings, he idolizes her, thereby sacrificing any happiness that could come from the relationship. Summer on the other hand, represents ‘the one that got away.’ Summer lives her life day by day, and never allows herself to be tied down by a relationship. She never sacrifices her individual thoughts and feelings for the sake of a relationship, and in turn feels content all the time. As the film is told through Tom’s perspective, it is easy to see his side of

things, and call her selfish, and this is only partially true. Summer never tells Tom that she loves him back, but that is her own choice. As the ‘romantic hero’ of this story, Tom’s weakness as a person lies in his inability to move on. However, through the film, He is shown to go through major character development, and this is the most rewarding part of the film. "500 Days of Summer" gives a commentary on modern romance and uses classic romantic movie techniques to give a quick, uplifting feelgood movie. The movie never feels bogged down by its nonlinear storytelling and gives an altogether great experience that makes viewers stop and think about how love in media has shaped their views on romance.


"The Shape of Water" By Prem Naik | Senior Staff Writer Guillermo Del Toro has been known to make great movies that often go unseen and The Shape of Water is his latest success. A tribute to classic monster films but still fresh out of Guillermo Del Toro’s imagination, "The Shape of Water" encompasses all of Del Toro’s trademarks from fantastical monsters, to darkness and gore, and to an impressive presentation of film craft. As edge-of-seat thrilling as it gets, it is just as satisfying visually and emotionally even at the expense of a compelling plot. Centered around Sally Hawkins’s Eliza, a mute custodian at a top-secret research lab, "The Shape of Water "shows how love knows no bounds when Eliza falls for the lab’s newest specimen. During the opening credits, the audience is presented with an apartment eerily filled to the top with water, with the dream-like soundtrack playing and the voice of the narrator setting the stage of the story to follow about "the tale of love and loss, and the monster, who tried to destroy it all". As the water clears the room and Eliza’s dream ends, the beautiful blue and green tint of water remains on the screen as her day begins. Set in 1962 during the Cold War, Eliza works at an American Laboratory, responsible for

cleaning up after the scientists who fight to get ahead of the Soviets. As a mute woman, she relates to her only friends Giles, a closeted gay man played by Richard Jenkins, and Zelda, an African American woman played by Octavia Spencer, who are both characterizations of underdogs of 1960s America. One day however, when Doug Jones’s half man half water creature is brought into the lab, Eliza’s world changes for the better. Beaten daily by Michael Shannon’s Strickland, the water man lives his days in solitude and pain, that is, until Eliza finally meets him caged in his tank. As both are unable to communicate with the world through words, she finds companionship with the creature, who like her, is lonely inside. This is perhaps where the movie excels the most, as the scenes where the two connect are some of the best artistically, visually, and emotionally. The scenes where the two are together are shown to be teal accompanied by a lovely score to show their happiness and unity. However, it gets frustrating to see the plot get over complicated when Russian spies are involved and Strickland’s monster is freed, causing Strickland to become frantic and monstrous in his quest

to reclaim his monster. These plot points are where the sex, violence and gore are showcased, often unnecessarily. Much like Interstellar’s problem, with many plot points introduced, the film is an odd compilation of ideas that could have been many different films. It could have been a Cold War thriller, a story about the downfall of a monstrous man (Strickland), a love story, or an all-out monster movie. With these things considered, the finished result does its best to mesh these concepts together and works in some ways, but not in others. As an experience, the movie will have moments where you will smile from cheek to cheek, feeling happy for the water man and Eliza, but will also have you cringing from the gore and suspense. Overall, however, it is a visual treat that will certainly entertain, as it is at its very core, a story that proves that love can overcome anything.



Week of February 13, 2018


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