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Vol. XCIV Issue 9 Week of October 31st, 2017

With Magnitude & Direction

Unseen, But Not Forgotten: NJIT's PC Mall By Babatunde Ojo | Managing Editor The NJIT campus has undergone many renovations since the start of the semester. These improvements can be found in the Campus Center, the completion of the Life Sciences and Engineering Center, and the soon to be completed Wellness and Events Center. These changes and upgrades are visible for students making their way from class to class, but there is a building located in the corner of the school that has yet to be improved. In an interview with The Vector, Blake Haggerty, Executive Director of Digital Learning and Technology, and Todd Miller,

Director of Campus Planning & Design, provided some reasons as to why the PC/Student Mall has not been receiving as much attention as other buildings. Haggerty stated that NJIT has a queue of projects lined up by priority and that not every project on the list will see the light of day. With a finite budget of roughly $40 million for projects, a lot of thought must go into which project will be greenlit. In 2016, Haggerty had sent in a proposal to renovate the PC Mall along with other proposals made by various members of the NJIT community. Despite not achieving

success to move forward with the plans, Haggerty is submitting an updated version of the original proposal again this year. “We look at learning spaces”, said Haggerty when explaining the process of gathering data on what work/study environment works best and meets students’ needs. Using the example of the Central King Building, there were focus groups dedicated to finding what was necessary to move forward and gauge what the budget would cost for the project. Miller added that “…we always have planning” when talking about other campus renovations.

One of such renovations will be in Faculty Memorial Hall where there will be an attempt to refurbish a lecture hall to host another focus group. Pat Lay, a third year Mechanical Engineering major, tends to visit the PC Mall when the library is overbooked and loud. “It’s not too cramped, but small enough. Here is the last haven for getting work done”, he said when asked about what he liked about the PC Mall. When asked about what he would change about the PC Mall, David Schnepf, a third year Information Technology major and MTSS employee, said he would not

change much about the PC Mall if it were to be renovated similarly to CKB. “Honestly, there are some decent computers in there. Each location serves a different purpose. It’s like an area of silence here where you don’t hear a thing. In the library it’s a lot more open and sometimes louder and the PC Mall is a lot more mellow.” With other projects higher on the priority list, the PC Mall may remain the same for some time, but for the students who frequent the building, this does not seem all to concerning.

Who/What/Where is WJTB!? By Beshoy Shokralla | Senior Staff Writer

If you have been to any major event on campus, you have probably noticed that there is a table dedicated to playing music. This table is hosted by NJIT’s radio club, WJTB. WJTB is an X-club that gives students the ability to host a radio show, and provides music for events on campus. For the past few years, WJTB only broadcasted radio shows online as opposed to on the radio, due to an FCC fine. While the fine is the known reason the club does not broadcast on FM, WJTB President, Sean Regan, has not found any actual records of it. “We’ve heard three different rumors as to why this fine exists. One, they didn’t renew the license. Two, language got them kicked off the radio. And three, and possibly the most interesting, is that they used the third rail on


the train line, or something, to power up a broadcast, and that broadcast interrupted the airport broadcast. But as far as a fine goes, we have not been able to find any record or documentation about any such thing.” Despite a fine forcing them to only broadcast online, WJTB has made the most of it. For years, they cultivated a strong club community and produced several radio shows, from music shows like the R&B Radio Show, to comedy shows like Garbage Theater where students Christopher Ho, Connor Flemings, and Connor “The Director” Norris act out the funniest fan fictions online. The club has only continued to improve, and recently connected to the Campus Center speaker system and plan to host a regular

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Campus Center stream. They also are already following FCC standards to prepare for their Campus Center stream and for when they can once again broadcast on FM. As Station Manager Kenny Eisenhardt put it, “That’s why we’re getting these guidelines implemented now before we even start broadcasting in the Campus Center. That way people who do want to have a show on the campus center or FM, will already meet those FCC compliances starting now. Which is definitely going to help streamline the process of getting quality produced content on FM.” While the club has before stayed away from regaining their radio license, this year the entire executive board has set their sights

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on eventually regaining FM within the next two years. The Campus Center stream is a great stepping stone that will allow them to garner more attention from the NJIT student body and gain new, quality content. Webmaster and host of the CERiNG Show, Spencer Gunning, structured his show for eventually airing structured his show specifically for possibly going on FM, and said “When I came to the club last year, my intentions were to get a show that could be broadcasted on FM, and when I walked on the state of the club I knew that there was no way we could broadcast on FM. And I wanted to be one of the people that changed that.” His show not only plays music, but also updates listeners on

traffic and weather, hoping to provide students with the state of traffic not only near campus but also in the general Newark area. The story of WJTB is that of a tragic hero. If the phantom FCC fine is their great monster, they have shown incredible progress in getting back up and pushing to beat it. The club will be broadcasting in the Campus Center soon and will provide music at the WEC opening. If you are interested in having your own radio show, whether online or on the Campus Center, their meetings are on Tuesday, 9 p.m. in the Basement of the Campus Center, B03, and they have a Commuter meeting on Wednesday at 2:30 p.m., same room. You can also email them at

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Week of October 31, 2017


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AROUND THE WORLD The World This Week

By Ujjwala Rai | Senior Staff Writer


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President Donald Trump is set to visit China next month, where President Xi Jinping is changing succession rules to showcase his power. As of Wednesday, the Chinese president has no obvious successor and no limit to his time in office, meaning he oversees the world’s second largest economy and one of the strongest militaries for as long as he wants. This gives him a level of security and influence that most world leaders both lack and envy. USA's Donald Trump, Germany’s Angela Merkel, and UK’S Theresa May face strong oppositions at home, whereas Vladimir Putin’s government has not been able to achieve the economic stability that Xi’s government has. Some people are calling Xi the King of China, but his title is still that of President. President Trump tweeted late Wednesday evening that he had called Xi Jinping and congratulated him on his ”extraordinary elevation.”

A fireworks factory near Jakarta, Indonesia had a disastrous mishap after the factory caught fire and exploded. The explosion happened at 09:00 local time (02:00 GMT) in an industrial complex in Tangerang. It took a few hours to bring the fire under control and 46 fatalities had been registered. 46 people are injured and in hospitals, whereas 10 people are unaccounted for. The police report said that most of the bodies were found in the back of the factory, suggesting that the people had died while trying to control the fire. Firefighter Oni Sahroni said that the people who died in the fire were completely unrecognizable. According to the witnesses, there were two explosions. The first started the major fire and brought down the factory roof. The second explosion caused the fire to spread to nearby areas, burning cars around the factory.



The Catalan political crisis continues to escalate with Catalan leader outright rejecting any attempt by Madrid of direct rule. Spanish president Mariano Rajoy announced that the constitution has an article that allows the dissolution of the Catalan parliament, and that he will use it to remove the region’s leaders and hold elections to elect new leaders. The independence referendum passed on October 1, 2017 and since then, this has been the most serious threat Rajoy has issued, triggering Spain’s worst political crisis. Madrid has declared the referendum illegal, but Catalan made it a point to release the result of the referendum to the public.

A MI-8 Russian helicopter has reportedly crashed into the sea, with eight people on board near the Arctic Archipelago of Svalbard. Though the region officially is a part of Norway, Russia own a small coal-mining field in the community of Barentsburg. The crash happened a few kilometers from there and the passengers are feared to have not survived the crash. The helicopter is operated by a Russian coal-mining company Arktikugol. The helicopter went missing around 15:35 local time (13:35 GMT) while flying from Barentsburg to Pyramiden, which is another disused coal-mining field. The people consisted of five crew members and three scientists, all of whom were Russian.



NJIT Vector Summary 10/27/2017


11:33AM Officers arrested an Essex County College Student on Academy Street for Possession of CDS. He was processed and released with a court date.

12:23PM Officers recovered a stolen vehicle at Norfolk and New Streets. The vehicle was impounded and towed for investigation.

12:56AM Officers responded to the Plaza for a trash can fire. The fire was extinguished by Campus Center Staff prior to officer’s arrival.


10:06PM Officer issued a summons to a Montclair State Student at 371 MLK Blvd. for an Open Container.

For 10/20/17 through 10/26/17

Times Shown are Times Reported

11:04AM Officers arrested a nonaffiliate on Lock Street for an Open Warrant out of Newark.

8:51AM Employee of the Village Market on Warren Street reported an individual entered the store and Shoplifted Potato Chips and Candy Bars. The suspect fled north on Summit Street on a bike.

Memory of Dr. Herman A. Estrin and Roger Hernande z



Last week, in issue 8, a Statement regarding Dr. Jorjani was wrongly attributed to the HUM Department. The original statement was actually made by the Faculty Senate.




Week of October 31, 2017


Minutes President Joel Bloom By Babatunde Ojo | Managing Editor


By Daniel "Rick" Cruz | Senior Staff Writer

Q: When and how did your path to Presidency start?

B: My journey started when I graduated from Hunter college; my major was in Economics. I wanted to go to work right away and I found a job out in California working for a steel company doing production forecasts back in the 70's. the steel industry is very expensive, not only the production of steel, but you had to ware house it at the time, you got to move it around, a lot of big heavy equipment. and japan at the time was selling steel much cheaper. So, this company wanted to hire people with Baccalaureate degrees who knew about economics and forecasting, today it’s called predictive analytics. So, they hired three guys, 2 from the east coast and 1 from the west. I worked in California for 3 years. My family caused me to come back and while I was back I wanted to make some money, so I wound up being a substitute teacher in a junior high school and I fell in love with education. This was back when i was in NYC public schools, I had a math background right, and they had me teaching English, which was fascinating. I learned a lot of things that I should've learned when I was in college. and I stayed around, and I started teaching. and ultimately became an administrator in that junior high school, started thinking about going back to school to get a Master’s degree. I got a Masters in Economics at Hunter college. Then the principal of the school said, "Well you know, you don't really have the license to teach", so I also enrolled in Columbia and then they said, "Well we'll give you a full ride if you're a full student" and complete a brand new joint degree program, EDD doctorate of education and an MBA, so I got to Columbia and stay there for seven years, never really wanting to do... I wasn't necessarily wanting to be an educator, I was more interested on the research side. and I was researching a lawsuit having to do with school funding equity. I was already doing some work for the state of Texas so the people in NJ said why don't you come to do some that research for us too its lawsuit here in the state of NJ.

Q: What would you say is your greatest philosophical frustration?

B: My biggest frustration is that I'm tired of people who come here and learn about this university and say, "Wow, we didn't know about NJIT". And that includes people in our profession, other deans and presidents, it includes NJ legislators, people from the Congress, it includes people planning on bringing their child here. So, I'm on this visibility kick, and if I do anything in my ensuing years it’s to try and get NJIT better known and better recognized. So that's my biggest frustration, it's not a struggle, it’s more of a frustration.

Q: How many hours do you work in a week?

B: So, this week, I was out every night this week, except tonight. I was out Sunday night with Alumnus, we were in Manhattan with our NACME Scholars (National Action Council of Minority Engineers) so I've been working this week, short of today, 14 hours.

Q: Pick one: Sleep, Sanity or Grades.

B: Here's what you can't pick. You can't pick grades. You have to get good grades. So, I pick sleep to forego. Sanity, you know, at any given day you could lose it here.

Q: What do you look forward to?

B: So, this is my 6th year being president. We opened the Life Sciences and Engineering building this fall, we're going to open the WEC on Nov 10. It's not about the material things but that's when you do look around, and that's what people notice. And the ranking of the university is continuing to improve. Its back to this visibility things. The more better known, this university is, the more valuable you guys are. I look forward to us continuing to improve. I learned when I was an MBA student at Columbia, continuous improvement. That is not just a slogan, that's what Vision 2020 is about.

The full interview with President Bloom can be found on



Week of October 31, 2017






Week of October 31, 2017

Preventative Health Tip Is Being Scared Good For You? By Marzia Rahman | Copy Editor & By Siri Uppuluri | Senior Staff Writer Even though no one actually wants be in an life threatening scenario, many still crave scareinducing moments, such as watching horror movies or electing to enter a haunted house attraction. In an article published in The Atlantic titled “Why Do Some Brains Enjoy Fear," Allegra Ringo interviews a “scare specialist,” Dr. Margee Kerr, professor at two universities and sociologist on staff for “ScareHouse,” a haunted house attraction in Pittsburgh. According to Dr. Kerr, many people seek out fear-inducing activities because of the feeling of euphoria from the adrenaline release associated with the “fight or flight” response. Furthermore, a person’s individual brain chemistry can also play a role in his or her response to a scary scenario. Dr. Kerr mentioned that new research has demonstrated that the hormone dopamine released from experiencing scary things can be more intense for some people than for others. People who tend to enjoy scary things more than others often have more dopamine released and less dopamine reuptake than others who have a more controlled dopamine pathway. Furthermore, people often feel a sense of accomplishment or increase in self-esteem at the end of being exposed to something terrifying, such as a feeling of “I did it!” or “I survived!”. In addition to the neurological effects of experiencing fear, your body also experiences several physiological effects in response to fear-inducing stimuli. For example, as you’re watching that horror movie, your brain interprets the events of the film as real, and posing a potential threat to your wellbeing. Therefore, the autonomic nervous system, which is responsible for the “fight” response, increases production of adrenaline and cortisol. As a result, your heart rate increases so that more blood is pumped throughout your body, preparing you for any potential threats. In addition, one study found that for their sample of a group of young adults, watching a horror movie resulted an increased heart rate by 14 beats per minute. The study also found a significant increase in blood pressure, white blood cell count, and concentration of hematocrit, which is the percentage of red blood cells in the total blood volume. Other physical responses to fear include sweating and

muscle contraction. When your brain has detected a threat, it gives a kind of “alarm reaction.” Researchers from the University of Amsterdam determined that in horror movies with especially effective soundtracks, the music, when coupled with a sudden or unexpected stimulus, leads to contraction of the muscles of the legs and arms. Some studies have investigated the potential positive health effects of watching horror movies. A surge of adrenaline can actually improve alertness, if coupled with later realization that the threat is fake. Moreover, feelings of fear can also distract you from your daily worries and pressures. The emotional arousal caused by scary stimuli can also help alleviate depression because of the increase of adrenaline. Dr. Mayer, a practicing psychologist and expert on the effects of violence on the human psyche explains, “It’s nearly impossible to be thinking of our pressure and worries when we’re experiencing fear or feeling scared. It works like an eraser for the mind.” Furthermore, when we watch horror movies or go to haunted houses, we experience fear with friends in a group. Therefore, we are engaging in prosocial behavior, which reinforces the strength of relationships with members of the group. This strengthening of bonds can be attributed to the hormone oxytocin, which is released by the body when you are scared. The release of oxytocin is associated with the brain’s survival instinct, which involves pairing with another person or group of people to increase survival chances. Though an occasional good scare can rattle your bones and give a jolt of excitement, living under prolonged states of fear or threats can negatively impact health. Fear can lower the ability of the immune system to fight against pathogens. It can cause an increased rate of aging, gastrointestinal issues such as ulcers and can even lead to early death. In addition, fear can impair how the brain works by messing up pathways which play a role in the regulation of emotions, making decisions and interpreting body language. The memory center of the brain, the hippocampus, also risks being damaged because fear can interfere with the proper formation of long term memory. In addition to physical health, fear can impact mental health as well by resulting in post-traumatic stress disorder, PTSD, chronic fatigue and depression.

COLLECTIONS voices from around campus

By Prasanna Tati | Editor in Chief


THIS WEEK: A Collection of Our Deepest Fears Each week, students send anonymous text, email, and phone responses to our weekly ‘Collections’ prompt. Send us your response for next week’s prompt: How far have you gone for extra money? Email us at with the subject line ‘Collections’. Note: All responses are posted exactly as they were received. Understand there is an unwritten [sic] after every possibly erroneous (or not) response. Forward slashes are inserted to indicate line breaks.

“Losing without learning/ improvement” “My deepest fear is the exorcist girl” “Calc 2” “Losing without learning/ improvement” “Not finding my purpose” “Being a disappointment to myself and the people I love and never being enough for someone.” “Rejection and loneliness And that I'm not a good person” “Never being able to love.” “My biggest fear is that im never gonna have a man like Morris Chestnut.” “My biggest fear is that i wont be able to overcome doubt & believe that my soulmate actually loves me.” “Never being able to achieve happiness.”



Week of October 31, 2017

Left, Right & Middle


NJIT's thoughts on Controversial Costumes By Babatunde Ojo | Managing Editor

By Victoria Nguyen | Senior Staff Writer

By Adrian Wong |Senior Staff Writer







For an outfit to be controversial, I feel as though it needs to be done without tact and consideration. Dressing up in costume as a Native American is generally seen as a controversial costume due to the negative connotations. But what else crosses that line from “innocent” costume, to “controversial” costume. When people dress up provocatively as a doctor/ nurse, firefighter, or police officer, does this mean anything? Of course not, people are allowed to dress as provocatively as they please. Or if someone was to dress up as a priest/nun with a twist of dark humor? Then comes the limit of how much one can wear “blackface” (or any other “face”). What crosses the line from someone painting their faces to appear more ghoulish and someone else doing it as a caricature of a stereotype? Is the person wearing the costume going too far with it and avoiding criticism by claiming it's just a joke and that it is Halloween? There have been many reported issues of people wearing inappropriate and offensive costumes, and it can be difficult to gauge if certain individuals even realized if what they were wearing was okay or not. These individuals need to take responsibility for what they wear and are not allowed a free pass. It will not always be easy to tell when a costume goes too far, but maybe some form of discretion should be used when picking out what you wear on the second most frightening day of the year.

Halloween is a holiday that should be enjoyed by all various forms of audiences. It is on this special night that one is given the opportunity to dress up as anything they want to be and spend the rest of the night eating delicious candy with their close friends. But what truly constitutes as a good costume? In recent years, the issue of cultural appropriation has been notably raised in today’s society with all kinds of people from ethnic backgrounds speaking up against the supposed brandishing of their culture. Cultural appropriation is highly apparent in popular Halloween costumes. In a recent article published by Teen Vogue, the magazine actually defined the negative effects of cultural appropriation’s assimilation in the holiday, by stating that “once you’ve dehumanized someone, you can co-opt their culture with ease; their language, dress, and customs aren’t worthy of the respect you reserve for your own.” I, for one, believe in this claim. One should not be in blackface, another should not dress up as a Japanese geisha. However, to deviate away from the Halloween debate, I think that our society should clearly define what is cultural appropriation and what is cultural respect. Individuals who are not fully educated on this matter can be simply inspired and passionate about another culture, can potentially face intense accusations of appropriating culture if not done so correctly. Others who blindly toss the term "cultural appropriation" can increase confusion. It is true that no one should dress up as various forms that are evident and normalized in other cultural backgrounds, but we need to discuss this issue and its potential solutions on all other days besides just Halloween. We need to step outside of the box and start educating ourselves.

Every year, the debate arises of which Halloween costumes are too offensive to wear. Recently, a company had to pull an Anne Frank costume from their website after receiving significant backlash from consumers. Related to this, we have seen a similar debate about whether or not it is acceptable to dress in blackface or to dress as a Native American. While the law protects the right for one to dress however they wish, it is not socially acceptable to dress in any of these costumes. When I hear that someone is dressing in an offensive manner, my first question is why. I personally will never understand someone’s desire to try something like this. The risk is way too high for almost no reward. A person doesn’t really stand to gain from dressing as Anne Frank. Given the history behind blackface, it is understandable that there are people who would not be happy to see someone dressed in such a way. In today’s world, you can’t guarantee that someone else is going to behave peacefully either. People who get offended regularly punch, hit, and beat the people who offend them. While this behavior certainly cannot be condoned, it is general common sense that one should avoid this potential interaction by simply picking a normal costume. Furthermore, dressing in such a way can very likely cost someone their reputation. Often, students are removed from universities because of unwise decisions like dressing in blackface for Halloween. The bottom line is that dressing in an offensive costume might technically be legal; however, it is not worth risking a reputation by dressing offensively.

On-Campus Opinion Not quite “Humans of NJIT.”

In the Spirit of Halloween, what is the Scariest Movie you've ever seen? By Marwa Moustafa | Senior Staff Writer

Peter Hwong


Business & Marketing | Junior "The scariest movie I ever saw was Nightmare on Elm Street. It had really creepy elements to it, the typical scary timing and jump scares, and atmosphere."

Sean Dewal


Chemical Engineering | Sophomore "The original IT, even though it was really stupid."

Nora Moustafa


Biomed. Engineering | Freshman "Neil Gaiman's Coraline. You know, that animated movie for kids. Yeah, totally freaked me out when I saw it in middle school. The idea of a girl walking through a small door in an old house and finding herself in an alternate dimension, then having 'the other mother' turn into a spider-like creature who wants to rip out her eyes and sew on buttons instead is something I could never get over. How it's a kid's movie, I have no idea."

Anthony Richardson

Chemical Engineering | Junior

4 Abeer Khan

"I saw Scary Movie 3 or 2, the one when the girl is vomiting all over the bed. She was projectile vomiting everywhere. It scared the living poop out of me when I was six."


Engineering Science | Freshman "Cabin in the Woods! It's about these 5 young adults that go on a vacation to this cabin on spring break. The basement is abandoned and haunted. Then this item they pick starts a chain reaction and one by one they start getting killed. It's kind of a complex story, it's not as much scary as it is freaky and outlandish. It was very gory. My favorite character was Marty."

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Week of October 31, 2017 SPECIAL

A Fate Worse Than Death By Aishat Aminu | Contributing Writer Picture this: It is the middle of the week and you have just finished your first mid-term exam. The exam itself was not too hard and you are feeling pretty good about the outcome. You might even be feeling accomplished with the work that you did. Suddenly, your friend reminds you that you have an upcoming exam at the end of the week that you haven’t started studying for. And like a tsunami wave, the rest of your responsibilities hit you. You realize that you have meetings and events planned for every day for the next two weeks that you cannot afford to miss and your nights are filled with studying and catching up on your classes. Moreover, you are taking the maximum number of credits and you cannot afford to drop or fail any of your classes. You are juggling so many responsibilities and commitments and you can feel the panic creeping up on you like a noose, making it difficult for you to breathe. So, you start to

backtrack, and you ask yourself: “When did I agree to any of these commitments?” Making commitments is always a slippery slope that most of us end up falling on. The danger usually starts early in the semester when you find yourself agreeing to one or two responsibilities. For example, you saw that the cheer team was looking for new members, so you tried out and made the team; you have a part time job on campus and you’re also on the Executive board of a club. In those first few weeks, you probably found an effective enough method of handling those responsibilities in addition to all your classes and you felt great. “Well, since this is working out so well”, you said to yourself, “I’m pretty sure I can take on more

work.” You do exactly that and you find yourself taking on more than you bargained for especially with the mid-term exams looming over you like a storm cloud. Now you find that all this work is doing its absolute best to make your life a living hell. So, you do what any sane person would do and try to drop some of your commitments to lighten your workload. If you are lucky, you can lighten your load and hopefully learn from the experience. If you cannot or do not want to drop any of your responsibilities, you must now figure out how to manage your responsibilities, so they don’t end up killing you. For the sake of damage control, you ask yourself what are the effects of having a huge workload.

"When did I agree to any of these commitments"

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Well, a huge workload could easily raise your stress levels which could lead to sleep deprivation, loss of appetite and maybe even weight loss, all of which could lead to serious illnesses. Elevated stress levels could also lead to mental health issues such as depression. Apart from having an impact on your physical and mental well-being, taking on more than you can handle could also affect your social interactions and your academic performance. On the other hand, taking on a huge workload is also an opportunity for you to grow and really test your limits. It is a great way to develop excellent multitasking and planning skills. Usually the effects of taking on a huge workload varies from person to person and because of this, it is unfair to generalize it as an entirely bad thing. However, the prudent thing to do would be to recognize when you are taking on too many responsibilities.


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Week of October 31, 2017

Spot Dessert Bar, NYC

By Donna Sunny | Contributing Writer A whiff of pure green matcha swirled into gooey chocolaty goodness fills the previously humdrum air. One cannot help but sigh in serenity as one enters the fine establishment, every bit of anxiety within them disappearing. They are blissfully oblivious to everything except for the appetizing dessert in front of them. Spot Dessert Bar, located in the heart of the East Village in Manhattan, NYC invokes pure, childlike joy in all of its customers. With 2379+ reviews on Yelp, the restaurant is most certainly prospering. At Spot, customers are given a wide range of options for what to order. The restaurant sells hot and cool drinks including, but certainly not limited to, iced bubble tea and Nutella hot chocolate. In addition, they sell a wide range of desserts ranging from French macarons to fresh matcha lava cookies, to their famous tapas. Their signature tapas include the “Matcha Lava” tapa and the “Golden Toast" tapa. The “Matcha Lava” tapa is a chocolate cake oozing with green tea ganache; this beyond delicious dessert is paired with green tea ice cream with cookie crumbs on the side. Furthermore, the “Golden Toast" tapa is composed of a honey buttered toast containing softly churned whipped cream; it is

topped with vanilla ice cream and drizzled with honey on top. Three tapas cost $26.95, four tapas cost $34.95 and five tapas cost $42.95. I admit that Spot dessert Bar is a bit pricey; however, it is completely worth the price. Since Spot Dessert Bar is in the heart of New York City, it is easily accessible to NJIT students. A train away from Newark, New York City is great place to be a backyard tourist for NJIT’s student population. Many NJIT students report having made the trek into the city and visiting Spot Dessert Bar. In fact, Mahenoor Shaikh, a Biomedical Engineering student, ardently expressed, “It sure hit the spot, pun intended.” Shaikh relayed how Spot is both aesthetically pleasing (a great spot to be the focus of social media posts) and also provides mouthwatering treats. She recommended it for not only its delectable menu, but also for its kind staff. Readers, I too highly recommend Spot not only for the versatility of its desserts, but also for the experience. I can confidently say that Spot Dessert Bar is truly life changing. NJIT students, in the midst of mind-draining exam season, should most certainly make the trip to Spot Dessert Bar.

Sound of Horror

THE BUMP IN THE NIGHT IS NOT THE ONLY SOUND THAT IS TERRIFYING By Jon Pierre Grajales | Staff Writer Humans have evolved in a way to preserve ourselves, be it through our endurance, intelligence, or our natural instincts. One such instinct is our perception of danger from sound. Sound is utilized in many mediums to evoke certain emotions: for example, a laugh track in a comedic scene or a sad violin playing when a tragedy occurs in a soap opera. One of the most fascinating ways that we have used sound is to induce fear into the listeners. Television shows, movies, video games, and even podcasts can produce terrifying and eerie sounds and make the audience shake in their seats. But how do they do it? The key is linearity, or lack thereof in this case. Nonlinear sounds put us in a frightened state in that they break the “order,” which causes greater stress when trying to process it. Consonance is a grouping of sounds that makes the listener feel pleasant and nice. Dissonance, on the other hand, uses sounds that do not mesh well together and generally sound “nasty” to make people feel tense. Many soundtracks use these two ideas to create an atmosphere of never-ending unpleasantness and are usually used to build up the “shock” part of the scene. For

example, many sound effects for monsters use a mix of animal roars to inflict a sort of primal terror into the audience. Both soundtracks and sound effects use digital distortion to make organic sounds inorganic and foreign, which removes us from our comfort zone. But the ambience is a key component as well. The tone of the scene is critical for the payoff and makes the horror many times more terrifying because of the tension and anxiety that the builds up inside the viewer. Leaves crackling, wind blowing, and even a character's harsh breathing can add to the urgent and dire atmosphere. A way that some creators do this is by using infrasound (or frequencies that are below the average human’s sense of hearing). Infrasound, although not audible to us, can still resonate through our bodies and triggers our sense of fear. All three aspects (soundtrack, sound effect, and ambience) are utilized by directors to either create “jumpscares” (scenes with quick, loud sounds and/or visuals) or the feeling of a looming terror at every corner that the audience cannot escape from. Many games, like Five Night’s at Freddy’s, use jump scares for what many critics argue,

“cheap horror.” Other games, like PT, primarily use the “loom effect” to generate fear into the audience, sometimes leaving players with a continual fear in reality. Horror movies that tend to do well at the box office use a mix of both to create a memorable tone and iconic scenes that are revered even today (take for instance Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho). Arguably, the most difficult medium used to evoke fear is podcasting due to the fact that the creators use sound alone and no visual aids to carry the weight of the story and the responsibility of scaring the audience The bump in the night is a sound that many people still fear because the source is foreign even though they are in the comfort of their own home. The calm atmosphere (or tense atmosphere, if you are alone with only your thoughts, which is even scarier) is broken by the sudden sound and lets our imaginations go wild. Sound is all around us and distorts our perception of reality; for example, mundane sounds like a creaky floorboard suggest a stalking murderer. Hopefully, this Halloween, your gut instinct will be wrong and it is just the “house settling”.





Week of October 31, 2017


HP Lovecraft and His Love for Horror By Jon Pierre Grajales | Staff Writer

Fear is an innate feeling almost all humans have. One fascinating thing mankind does is search for fear by watching scary movies, listening to terrifying stories, and even reading sleep-depriving books. One such book is “The Call of Cthulhu” by H.P. Lovecraft, a cult classic about the Cthulhu Cult and worldwide mania. The story is written in a documentary style and split into three parts, all connected to the “pulpy, tentacled head surmounted a grotesque and scaly body with rudimentary wings”, the image of Cthulhu. The first part of the story, "The Horror in Clay", is about a sculpture by Henry Anthony Wilcox, a student at the Rhode Island School of Design, who based the piece on his dreams of "great Cyclopean cities of Titan blocks and sky-flung monoliths, all dripping with green ooze and sinister with latent horror." During the creation of the sculpture (1925), there were also cases of mass hysteria around the world. In the second part of the story,


"The Tale of Inspector Legrasse", notes showed that there were other sculptures like Wilcox’s. In 1908, Inspector Legrasse asked experts at the American Archaeological Society meeting about a statue retrieved from a voodoo ritual. Later, Legrasse leads a search party for a bunch of women and children and found that they were being used in a ritual by the Cult of Cthulhu, which was comprised of 100 men. After some were captured, Legrasse had them talk about the group and translate the markings on the statue. In the third part of the story, "The Madness from the Sea", a newspaper article describes the discovery of a ship with one survivor. First, the crew fought another ship, The Alert, and then came across an uncharted island. The rest of the crew, with the exception of one man, dies on the island. Thurston travels to the uncharted island and finds the nightmare corpse-city of R'lyeh. Thurston and his crew encounter Cthulhu and ram Cthulhu's head with their ship, narrowly making

their escape. The book was masterfully written and instead of the modern “gross out” or “creepy” horror that some books use, H.P. Lovecraft writes using terrors far beyond our world, our grasp of human knowledge, and scope of imagination. These ancient, massive terrors are omens such as The Old Ones and have a vast range of forms and powers. Lovecraft breaks our idea that humans are the apex species and grinds it to dust, unsettling both the characters in the stories and the readers. His use of words that are obscure and antiquated are key to the immersion of the story and adds its terrifying nature due to the fact that the beings are not new and are even older than the Earth itself. Lovecraft took many of his horrors from his own dreams, or more aptly, his nightmares. He took inspiration from a few other horror writers, such as Edgar Allen Poe, and integrated it into his writing. Lovecraft creates many current horror tropes and unique ideas, like the Necronomicon (a

grimoire written by Arab author Abdul Alhazred) and the idea of a cosmic horror. Lovecraft plunges the world into a new way of thinking about what is terrifying and gives the cosmic horror genre a jumpstart with many of his popular and critically acclaimed stories. Although he has a knack for terror, Lovecraft also has an obvious racist glare in his writing when describing certain characters or groups of people. Some experts believe it was to show that racism and the terror that is Cthulhu (and all other entities) are just fear of the unknown. Though racism is not at the forefront of most of his writing, it can be seen in the background and in small glimpses. I recommend “The Call of Cthulhu” to any horror fan, or if you just want something to read. If you like that book, read more of the “Cthulhu mythos” by Lovecraft or his successors! But remember, “in his house at R'lyeh dead Cthulhu waits dreaming”.

vigorously cleaning the table keeps wiping well beyond the actual length of the table. In the beginning, Winston seems to be the only sane citizen. But when he breaks down in fits of panic, screaming “DOWN WITH BIG BROTHER” over, and over, and over, he slowly seems to be an eerily unreliable narrator for the audience. This question of truth culminates in the finale of the play, where Winston is brutally tortured on stage by O’Brien. The torture, so graphic that the company had to implement an age restriction on the play, was another one of the most terrifying parts of the play. You see Winton get his fingernails and teeth ripped out as he vomits crimson blood all across the stark, white torture room. While this brutality is unsettling enough, it is only compounded by a gorgeously written monologue by O’Brien. He forces Winston to submit to the will of the Party, and you as an audience have to watch Winston have his humanity stripped from him. Yet the play ensures that you do

more than just watch. As Winston is tortured, O’Brien says that he is welcome to tell “the future” anything he wants. Winston’s face is live-streamed onto the billboard, and they stand at the front of the stage as the auditorium is flooded with white light. Winston looks directly into the eyes of the people in the front row, in the back, in the mezzanine, and cries. He screams, begs the audience to help him, shouting with blood pouring from his mouth, “You are complicit! You can stop this! Look up from your screens and help me, please!” O’Brien simply pats his back and leads him back to the torture chair, saying that no one is going to help him. People could always stop this, but no one does. And he’s right. No one in the audience does anything. No one tries to help. It’s a theater, of course, but it was something that weighed on the back of my mind the rest of the night. Why does the truth matter if no one cares enough to stand by it? When will we start to demand it?

Two + Two = ?

By Kaylin Wittmeyer| Staff Writer While Netflix is currently flooded with hundreds of scary movies in the Halloween spirit, Broadway boasts an adaption of 1984 more terrifying than any sewer clown out there. The stage adaption of "1984" follows the plot of George Orwell’s book of the same title. In the totalitarian dystopia Oceania, protagonist Winston Smith (Tom Sturridge) is nothing more than another faceless worker, in charge of erasing and rewriting history. But as he becomes more aware of the evils of the brain-washing surveillance state, Winston begins to work against the Party. He finds friends in Julia (Olivia Wilde) and O’Brien (Reed Birney) - until O’Brien turns out to be one of the Party leaders and torturers, of course. As the play went on, both the audience and Winston became increasingly uncertain. Combined with sudden loud noises, blinding lights, or bloodcurdling screams, the play builds tension in a way that many cheap horror movies fail. Its success is also attributed to the stellar

performances by the criticallyacclaimed cast, the gorgeously design post-modern set, and the integration of the giant video screens within the play. It was the play’s power to make the audience question reality that was one of its most terrifying aspects. "1984" relies heavily on the question of what reality itself is. In Oceania, when the Party says something is true, it is a crime to so much as think it is not. Which brings about the question: is there such thing as objective truth? To quote the play’s example, two plus two is four. But if everyone around you is saying that the sum is five has always been, and will always be five - how can you possibly begin to say that this is not so, especially when there is no way for you to prove it? Winston is one of those "thoughtcriminals" often erased by the Party, constantly questioning what is going on. The play is sprinkled with many occurrences just wrong enough to unsettle you and Winston, the only people who seem to notice that the man



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Horoscopes PISCES




My fishy friend, you’re right at home in the dreamy, phantasmal side of Halloween this year. It helps that you’ve got more confidence and focus than usual right now. Use that sweet energy to create a beautiful escape for your loved ones.

You’re enjoying every second in your comfort zone, but other peoples’ stresses keep cracking the icing on your cute spooky ghost cookies.

Queen Leo, you are sensitive, romantic, and even more prone than usual to pull a performative Romeo and Juliet-esque I’ll-die-if-I-can’thave-you for love lately.

This is your holiday, right? And yet, something is off. Maybe it’s the escapism all around you: You know how dark things are beneath the surface; any masks are just asking to get flipped up and peeked beneath.





You’re in a mood to pick political fights and be obsessed with being right. The cause? You’ve got a mess of sticky, hard feelings going on and don’t know what to do with them.

Double-fine, you’re psychically trying on the costume of every great trickster this week and loving every micro-millisecond. Like Pan, Loki, and Coyote, you know just the word to say to get people to spill their secrets.

You’re more focused than usual and with a fine-tuned ear for what’s going on with everyone else. You can struggle with expressing your natural compassion at the best of times, but tonight the few right words just come.

This is your moment, Sag. You’re confident, you’re bold, you’re insanely charismatic — ride the high, but don’t go overboard or you’ll swallow enough water to sink.





You may find that the best thing you can do for a person is to back off and give plenty of room for that person to solve the problem independent of you. It will probably be harder than stepping in and fixing things, though.

Ouch. It’s a rough one, Cancer. You’re feeling extra needy and self-pitying today, bringing out your mean streak. Give yourself permission to stay home, knowing you’ll be more fun later when you’ve worked through the emotions.

You’re in your comfort zone, chillaxing and chatting with your circle of Marilyn Monroes, Beyoncés, and, um, sexy goldfish. Unfortunately, not everyone is keeping it as cool as you. Wherever you go lately, people are restless and argumentative.

Your dark secret is that behind that high-functioning autopilot is a stew of mooshy, difficult emotions, sea goat. If you’re not feeling the party, stay in and appreciate the trick-o-treaters.





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Week of October 31, 2017

Women's Soccer Sets Program Record for Wins; Blanks Upstate 1-0 in Season Finale By NJIT Athletics HILLSIDE, NJ—Carly Berdan registered the only goal of the match and Karen Davidposted the shutout in NJIT's 1-0 win over visiting USC Upstate in the season finale for the Highlanders Saturday afternoon. With the win over USC Upstate, the Highlanders set a program record for wins in a season (9) and finish above .500 (9-8 overall). NJIT concluded the nonconference portion of its schedule with a 7-3 mark and went 6-2 at home. Berdan scored the only goal of the game, assisted by Briana Hackos in the 68thminute. Hackos carried the ball down the side and along the baseline, beat her first defender and found Berdan waiting in the box, tucking away her third goal of the season. The graduate student finishes her career with 10 goals, which ranks

tied for second in the Division I era and tied for third in program history. Her 25 career points ranks second in the D1 era and seventh all-time. David recorded her second win and shutout of the season, wrapping up her career with nine wins and eight shutouts. Her eight career shutouts and 209 saves both rank third in the D1 era. The visiting Spartans were favored in overall shots 21-11 and corner kicks 7-2. USC Upstate fired the first shot of the match in the 10th minute, which sailed high by Emma Honis. An opportunity for the Highlanders in the 21st minute came on a chip shot over the top of the frame by freshman Katrina Nguyen-Demary. In the 23rd minute, Berdan took a long strike, coming off the bench for NJIT but her shot was picked

up by Brooke Bailey. USC Upstate had two chances in the 36th minute on a header by Emelie Valenciano and a second shot by Jade Hudson, which was blocked by the Highlander backline. The Spartans with an opportunity to score in the final seconds of the first half on a shot by Delaney Bussey from the top of the box but Highlander keeper Karen Davidmade a diving save. In the second half, Kate Winegarner took a long shot in the 51st minute but NJIT's David elevated and punched the ball out over the cross bar, resulting in a corner kick. Spartans Isabella Burns, from 20 yard out, blasted a shot from the top of the box, just nipping the cross bar in the 54th minute. The visitors with back-to-back chances in the 76th and 77th

minute on a blast from Isabella Burns 25 yards out saved by David as Ellis followed up with a leftfooted shot, which sailed wide. Amelia Sapirman, the lone senior on the Highlander roster, appeared in 13 matches, combining for seven wins, four shutouts and 51 saves, including a .773 save percentage. Hackos led the Highlanders with four goals, two assists and 10 points followed by Berdan with three goals, two assists and eight points. Junior co-captain Arianna Gerber, who missed the last seven games due to injury, paced the Highlanders with three assists. Her nine career assists is the most in the Division I era and ranks third all-time with one season remaining.


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