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NJIT's Smoking Survey Results are in... Right now, the University is looking to enforce it in ways that are not punitive—meaning violators should be issued reminders and warnings”. When properly measured, the commercial smoking receptacles are less than 25 feet away from many of the buildings. This, could be encouraging those from the smoking population to not adhere to the 25 feet rule—to which Dean Boger made a note, stating she will do what she can to make a change to that. She concluded with, “NJIT has done a phenomenal job taking the first step and establishing the 25 feet rule. However, in our environment— truly enforcing this policy is a work in progress and a moving piece. Looking forward as we continue along. We want to move to be a smoke free campus under the realms of this policy”. Because the policy is quite vague about the ways that it seeks to put the 25 feet rule into practice, there is a lot NJIT could do. A few suggestions have also been voted on by the student senate. As Dean Boger said, this is truly a work in progress. Although in instances like Yasmine’s, holding NJIT liable for an unsafe environment is a bit of a stretch, it can be quite problematic—both for the students and for NJIT. “The health of students should be the university’s number one priority. I argue that smoking rules should be just as important the other rules that are enforced so strongly, such as academic integrity” says Yasmine. Whatever the solution is, smoking or non-smoking, we must work together to work towards a better establishment for this policy.

NJ Gubernatorial Debate Coverage By Daniil Ivanov | Contributing Writer


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The NJIT Smoke-Free Workplace Policy states, “NJIT is dedicated to providing a healthy, comfortable, and productive environment for our employees”. “To prevent smoke filtering into buildings and for the safety of those standing near exits, smoking is also prohibited within 25 feet of an entrance/exit to any university building. This policy applies to all employees, students, and visitors”. In addition, “…violations may be subject to disciplinary action…”. “The smoke on campus not only takes away from its beauty, but serves as a major health hazard—a true stain on NJIT” says Yasmine Elfarra, a senior biology major. She said, “I was walking outside of Tiernan the other day with my one of my friends who is an asthmatic. There were students smoking outside the building and as we were walking, we walked through a cloud of smoke. My friend had to pull her inhaler out and use it because she felt an attack”. By establishing the 25 feet rule— as many of us know it— NJIT seeks to maintain a balance between and protect the rights of those who wish to smoke on campus and those who would like to avoid it. Yet, the question here is, "is this policy being effectively enforced?" The Student Senate conducted a survey about smoking on campus on Thursday, Oct. 5. The survey concluded that although 83% of students believe the rule should be enforced, only 23% believe it is currently being enforced. To investigate how the 25 feet rule was currently being administered, Dr. Marybeth Boger, Dean of Students, provided her input on the matter. In an interview with The Vector, Dean Boger said, “Unfortunately smoking is rampant on campus.

How Should Smoking Near Entrance Ways be Discouraged

Warning system from Public Safety

Better signage posted near doors to discourage smoking within 25 feet

Moving ash trays even further from building entrances

How Should Smoking Near Entrance Ways be Discouraged

“The health of students should be the university’s number one priority. I argue that smoking rules should be just as important the other rules that are enforced so strongly, such as academic integrity.

NJPAC recently hosted the first debate for the soon to be vacant position, Governor of New Jersey in early October. Democrat Phil Murphy, former U.S. Ambassador to Germany and Goldman Sachs executive, and Republican Kim Guadagno, Governor Christie’s Lieutenant Governor, debated prior to the November 7 election. Five other third-party candidates are being considered in the gubernatorial election, however they did not raise

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Fines for repeat offenders

By Hana Fatima | Contributing Writer

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the $430,000 minimum to qualify to be on the debate stage. The debate covered a broad spectrum of topics such as property tax, one of the key issues for voters in New Jersey, where Guadagno promised to lower taxes to make New Jersey an affordable state to live in. Murphy, however, has plans to fully fund the state’s education system which he says is underfunded by nine billion dollars, continue to

subsidize healthcare, and fund the impoverished state employee pension program. Murphy plans to raise taxes throughout New Jersey, focusing mainly on the wealthy. They found common ground on plans to invest in infrastructure throughout the state, but continued to differ in opinion on gun control, marijuana, and the minimum wage. Murphy wants stricter gun laws, legal marijuana,

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Week of October 24, 2017


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The Student Senate meets: Wednesdays from 2:30-4:00 in Ballroom B of the Campus Center


NJIT Senate Update Senate Meeting #6 10/11/17 By Rick "Daniel" Cruz | Staff Writer The appointment for Vice President of Student Affairs was decided as Senior Yasmine Elfarra beat Kellen Kadakia for the position. Currently, Yasmine is working on the Newark Network with Dean Bogert and has talked with Public Safety on how to improve safety on campus and improve parking. At her last feedback session she received over 300 responses. "In a position like VPSA, the most important thing to do is to listen. Whatever the student body wants I will do the best to try to make sure they get it." With almost ten projects coming up for approval by the Senate, Student Affairs will be overseeing the appropriation of thousands of dollars of expenditures. For installing new water bottling stations in Faculty memorial hall, GITC, student mall, and the mechanical engineering building, the Senate is requesting $7,800 although projected estimates for the project is closer to $5000. The Massage Chair proposal has several options ranging from $800 - $3499. The two guest speakers this week were Lenny Kaplan, director of athletics, and Reggie J. Caudill Dean of Martin Tuchman School of Management. Lenny Kaplan came to give an update on the Wellness and Event Center (WEC). Working on campus for the past 18 years, seeing the creation of the Wellness Center is something he has been working on since he first came to

the campus. He had a slideshow showing the layout of the 200 thousand square foot WEC, noting its 12000 sq ft indoor turf area, 8 lane pool, 3 lane jogging track , full concession and restroom facilities, 5600 sq ft fitness center, and suggested the introduction of aquatic clubs and exercise classes using the pool. Kaplan said to the Senate, "My door is always open.. Anything we can do athletically to make the experience here better let me know." The ribbon cutting is Friday, Nov 10 at 10:00 a.m. and will be fully operational December 1st. #protecttheWEC Dean Caudill has been, Dean of the Management School for 3 years now, heading the chair of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering prior. He talked about the partnership with IBM being " something that's exciting for all of our students here". He went on to discuss the importance of approaching business from a STEM perspective and the significance business has gone through in a digital transformation. In 2007, the iphone, Google android, facebook, github, and air bnb started. The advent of cloud based operations has created lots of data known as "Big Data". In today's age, discovering how to gleam through all that data and make informed decisions. "Everything is data driven.. we are very much focused on data science and business analytics because that's where all

the jobs are." He said that in today's market, being an effective communicator, understanding STEM, and applying Business and management skills are all required in order to be successful. Caudill said, "To have real world experiences, that's what will end up making it happen. " With well structured oppportunities for students, this could be a path

to incorporate experiences into the curriculum. "if you're not changing in the right direction, then your extinct, you just don't know it yet." In other business Suzanne Hlinka was appointed as Web and information systems Representative

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NJIT Vector Summary 10/20/2017 For 10/13/17 through 10/19/17

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Memory of Dr. Herman A. Estrin and Roger Hernande z

10/13/17 12:40AM Officer issued a summons to a Montclair State Student at 295 MLK Blvd. for an Open Container. 1:07AM Officers arrested a student at 281 MLK Blvd. for being disorderly while in attendance at a party. He was processed and released with a court date. 7:48AM Student reported his vehicle was broken into while parked overnight on James and Boyden Streets. The drivers side front window was smashed with a rock. Nothing reported missing from the vehicle.

4:48PM Non-affiliate reported his vehicle was broken into while parked on James and Boyden Streets. The stereo valued at approximately $400.00 was stolen from the vehicle. 5:53PM Officer escorted a disorderly non-affiliate male from the Village Market on Warren Street. He Initially refused to pay. EMS was notified to evaluate the individual and he refused any medical assistance. No charges were filed and he was cleared and told not to return to the area.

10/17/17 2:26PM Officers conducted a motor vehicle stop on Nesbitt Street and the driver fled after a brief encounter. The non-affiliate, female, was again pulled over a few blocks away and arrested for an Open Warrant. She was subsequently transported to UMDNJ by EMS for further evaluation.

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Week of October 24, 2017


NJ Gubernatorial Debate Coverage CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1

and a $15 minimum wage phased in. Guadagno believes that law abiding citizens should not be further restricted from purchasing firearms, believes that marijuana should only be decriminalized, and feels that a $15 minimum wage would reduce the number of jobs available to the people for whom the minimum wage increase would help and would also raise prices for everybody else. On the recent controversy over DACA and uncertainty of the status of citizens born to illegal alien parents, Phil Murphy wants to fight back and turn New Jersey into a “sanctuary state,” while Kim Guadagno says that she will uphold the laws as they are written and will not endanger the people of New Jersey. As evidenced in the debate and the posters around Newark displaying the words “Stop Trump” by voting for Phil Murphy, Murphy seems to be utilizing the unpopularity of President Trump and Governor Christie in his campaign for Governor. The latest polls have Christie’s popularity at a New Jersey all-time low of 15%, and as Lieutenant Governor for the last eight years Guadagno has become closely associated with him. On Guadagno’s proposal to

reduce government spending and alleviate property tax burdens from the middle class, Phil Murphy responded by saying, “You have been alongside Governor Christie every step of the way for 2,821 days - if it's such a good idea where have you been?” In rebuttal to Murphy’s consistent comparison of Guadagno to her Republican associates, the Lieutenant Governor said, “The inconvenient truth for Phil is that Chris Christie is not on the ballot in November, I am.” Murphy’s criticisms, though, come in his lack of real experience in dictating policy for U.S. citizens, as well as his lack of detail in his plans to implement the social program investments he has proposed. When asked how he plans to fund the nearly bankrupt pension program for state employees, Murphy replied, “We have a very credible plan to . . . fully fund the pensions over the next several years as rapidly as possible, at least as fast, I hope a lot faster than this administration has been funding them.” Around the NJIT campus, the most common responses to the question, “What opinions do you have on the upcoming gubernatorial election?” include a lack of understanding of the word “gubernatorial” and the race

Phil Murphy in general. Freshman Resident Representative and Industrial Engineering major, Jeremy Bedient, said, “Kim seems like more of the same, and I don’t really want the same. On the other hand, Phil seems like an establishment candidate without any plans to back what he’s saying.” It seems that, like in last

Kim Guadagno

November’s election, those who are informed are often voting based off of a dislike of an opposing candidate rather than a strong connection with the candidate they are voting for.

Amazon Places Newark in it's Sights for New HQ By Prem Naik | Contributing Writer Amazon, the billion-dollar online shopping site, has been looking for a new place for a headquarters, and Newark is one of the many cities clamoring for the chance to house one of the biggest online companies. Now a household (and college) name, the online shopping company has worked its ways into the hearts of roughly 65 million Amazon Prime customers. Providing an array of services, from streaming music to movies, Amazon is a convenient and trustworthy online shopping site. At an estimated cost of $5 billion, the project of building a new headquarters for the company is reported to bring 50,000 jobs and any city that is lucky to be chosen, will certainly benefit; at least that’s how it is being advertised to the cities vying for the opportunity. If Amazon were to build its headquarters here, it is to be believed that the effects on Newark would be overwhelmingly positive. Newark is a city that has certainly

had its ups and downs, and has come a long way from its simple Puritan roots. The story of Newark mirrors that of other big cities, as new commercial ventures brought in more people, and promoted a city focused on production. Ever since the time of Moses Combs and Seth Boyden, some of the earliest tinkerers and starters of manufacturing in Newark, Newark has been a growing community. New inventions led to the creation of companies and factories, which led to the creation of jobs, requiring a move to the city. However, throughout time, Newark’s commercial ventures have not always worked. Many of the factories of yesteryear have been torn down, leaving spaces open to revitalize Newark. Already housing the headquarters of Audible, an online e-book and audiobook website, Newark has the potential to become a commercial city once again. Insurance, education, and banking are what build up the city today, so the effects of

an online company should be considered. The construction of the headquarters will certainly take a long time, but it will generate many jobs in the process. Once built, it will potentially have a positive impact on the town. Any money invested in Amazon will eventually make its way into the city, as seen with Seattle, the first Amazon headquarters. Amazon is reported to have asked for greater tax breaks and free land, which would help the company start with low costs. However, this could come at the cost of higher taxes for the people of Newark, and create a situation similar to what happened in Seattle. With higher taxes, many families were driven out to the edges of the city, and some even out of the city. The main appeal behind it all is that if Newark could attract Amazon, then others would follow suit. But at what cost? Would the city really tax its people more just for the satisfaction of being home to a large company?


Days Left Until the New Jersey Gubernatorial Election

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Week of October 24, 2017





Week of October 24, 2017

Preventative Health: Exercise By Marzia Rahman | Copy Editor & By Siri Uppuluri | Staff Writer

It is widely known that exercising for at least 30 minutes per day, when coupled with a nutritious diet, can help you be healthier and fitter. Exercising confers several benefits to your physical health by increasing your blood flow, thereby reducing your risk for stroke, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes. In addition, exercise can help prevent excess weight gain and help you maintain a healthy body weight. Furthermore, exercising can also have positive effects on your mental health. Norepinephrine, an organic chemical made by the body, has an increased production rate during exercise. The chemical can help moderate feelings of stress by enhancing the brain’s ability to cope with stressful stimuli. Moreover, exercise also releases endorphins, which are responsible for reducing a person’s perception of pain, resulting in a feeling of euphoria. In addition, exercise has been linked to improved memory and increased productivity. While there are numerous activities one can pursue that can be categorized as exercise, with each one serving a different purpose such as strength training or cardiovascular exercise, some popular forms of exercise include walking and running, weightlifting, and yoga. Walking and running can offer a great many number of health benefits over a person’s lifetime. Walking enables the heart to get stronger, lowers high blood pressure, lessens stress, improve the quality of sleep and perhaps even benefit one’s mental health. Walking helps to tone and strengthen major leg muscles, especially the glutes if walking uphill. And the fact that no equipment is required except for sneakers is an added bonus. Anything is better than spending large amounts of time sitting. In an article published in “Time” by Alice Park in Feb 2015, titled “When Exercise Does More Harm than Good”, there may be dangers associated with over exercising. The writer cites a research article published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology which asserted that people who engage in extreme amounts of exercise may actually be “undoing the [health] benefit[s] of the exercise”. For instance, people who ran “four hours a week for more than three days a week” had the same chances of dying as people who had a sedentary

lifestyle and barely exercised. This association held true even when the factors such as age, sex, health history were taken into account. The best results was for people who ran “less than three times a week for one to 2.4 hours, at a slow to moderate pace.” These people had the lowest risk of dying during the period of study, suggesting that one need not go to extreme lengths to improve one’s health. Yoga is another form of exercise that is growing in popularity, with variations on traditional yoga practices, such as hot yoga and rage yoga, gaining a strong following among millennials. Considering the myriad of yoga styles, studios, and classes available, it can be daunting for a beginner to try starting yoga for the first time. However, even if you cannot join a studio or take formal classes, it is also possible to start doing yoga at home. As a beginner, one should not attempt advanced stretches or poses immediately. Instead, a beginner can start with any of a variety of basic poses, including the mountain pose, the downward facing dog pose, the warrior pose, and the bridge pose. Detailed instructions regarding each pose can be found in numerous instructional videos and websites online. However, before doing any yoga poses, regardless of how basic, it is important to begin with a full body stretch to avoid injury. Incorrect practicing of yoga can have severe health consequences, including ankle sprain, backache, muscle pulls, and sprain in the neck. When done correctly, practicing yoga can provide several physical health benefits such as improved flexibility, muscle increased strength and tone, and improved respiration. Furthermore, an integral component of yoga, in addition to the physical stretches and poses, is the intermittent periods of meditation and structured breathing exercises. For this reason, yoga can both help improve physical health and serve as a therapeutic tool to improve mental health by relieving stress and sharpening concentration.

Highlanders Against Climate Change A Packaged Deal

By Shanee Halevi | Senior Staff Writer It is widely accepted that our generation bears the responsibility of tending to climate change, brought on by the wasteful practices of earlier generations. We have to start big, and we have to start yesterday. The health of our planet is deteriorating as we speak. According to the EPA, containers and packaging make up 23% of landfill material. Aside from large purchases that are bound to come in boxes and plastic, we can avoid packaging by reducing online purchases and eating mindfully. It is important to remember that while packaging exists in your life for only a fleeting moment (the shrink wrapped sandwiches and bulky takeout boxes) it continues to live out lifetimes in landfills, beaches, streets and wild food chains. If this doesn’t call you to action, consider that challenging yourself to avoid packaged goods can help you have a better quality of life. You will, by default, eat more nutritious foods and save money. Bananas, apples, oranges, etc. are

grown in their own packaging and won’t leave you feeling heavy, like a bag of cookies. Carrying a reusable water bottle may increase your water consumption since you won’t be deterred from the recurring costs of a plastic ones. Instead of buying lunch in the excessive packaging (styrofoam trays, plastic cutlery wrapped in plastic, all in a plastic bag), you could meal-prep in reusable containers. Climate change is bigger than all of us, and is certainly bigger than meals brought from home. Challenges like these start conversations that make unified action possible, which is the one and only way to keep Planet Earth safe and habitable. This week’s challenge: Use less packaging. Substitute at least 5 packaged meals/snacks with nonpackaged ones. Good luck on this week’s challenge! Send photos of your meal prep to to be featured in next week’s paper!

History of Newark By Yasmine Ibrahim| Staff Writer The city of Newark was founded in 1666 by Connecticut Puritans to avoid losing their political power. It is the third town of New Jersey and is the largest city in New Jersey. Newark experienced great expansions and change during the Industrial Revolution. The main reason behind Newark’s growth was the increase of manufacturing and production during the 19 century. The formation of the Morris canal made it a busier port as well, making Newark a frequent business site. However, the city was challenged for a long time during its growth. Economic trouble, social disparity, and other problems were controlling Newark as well as its people. Many Newark citizens began to resent their current way of living due to these problems. These problems mark the three main periods in Newark’s history. First was the "Rags to Riches" period when businesses started to grow and entrepreneurs started to increase. During that time, everyone lived a modest life and was enjoying the new technological innovations that presented itself every now and then. Shortly after was the fall period when the city began to decline. The number of crimes increased,

the city’s infrastructure conditions worsened – some roads went unpaved and littered with trash throughout the city – and civil unrest was on the rise resulting in the Newark Riots of 1967. In other words, municipal services almost did not exist. Fortunately, a rebirth period erupted not too long after. The rebirth period is almost continuing till today because what happened to the city during its fall was hard to recover from in just a few years. Police presence was more visible, municipal services were restored and reformed, and more funding started to be received. Many efforts were made to restore the city not only to its normal state but also to being one of the cities with the best art scenes. Newark started to prosper and improve, making it a safer place to explore the history preceding it through select locations.. Newark is such a great city that will always have good places to explore and visit. The city is rich with museums, historical buildings, and home to educational institutions known throughout the state. The city has experienced a great transformation from a city with the highest crime rates to one where people are finally safe to walk by themselves and enjoy its good views and art scenes.



Week of October 24, 2017

What makes Newark Special? What makes Newark stand out from place you grew up? By Donna Sunny | Contributing Writer Coming from the quaint, picturesque town of Elmwood Park, New Jersey to the booming urban jungle that is Newark, New Jersey was quite the transition. Elmwood Park is full of white picket fences and energetic soccer moms. Newark is full of blaring traffic lights and ten story buildings; bright graffiti adorns nearly every inch of concrete in the city. In spite of any flaws that Newark may have, it most certainly stands out from the mundane, yet pleasant cluster of suburbia that is New

Jersey. For instance, no city in the state can boast the plentiful street art and after school involvement in the arts that Newark can. Recently, I had the pleasure of attending the ‘Willie Cole exhibit’ at the Newark Open Doors Festival on the NJIT campus. The Newark Open Doors Festival is an event which takes place over a few days, allowing artists the opportunity to display their

see “asWhatthe Imost

significant part of Newark are the people that make up this city.



work to a larger range of audience. It serves as a means for artists to support each other and depict their avant-garde creations to an open-minded audience. It was truly inspiring to see such meaningful art depicting racial prejudice being promoted and displayed in Newark. At the exhibit, I interviewed Terrance Grimsley, a Newark based artist, working on creating art to bridge the gap between the 1% and the 99%. He commended Newark’s afterschool arts program. Furthermore, Grimsley conveyed his pride in being a part of the blossoming city of Newark. When asked about the role he has played in Newark’s growth, Grimsley stated, “I spread culture you know? It’s unfair that kids grow up with no culture. They don’t grow with the knowledge of themselves. We in an identity

crisis. So like me, I spread culture. The name of my movement is “Poor Kings.” So, I let them know they kings and queens and are royal people. You know what I’m saying?” Grimsley was blunt and candid when expressing his thoughts, which I appreciated greatly. In addition, when asked if the city was moving in a positive direction, Grimsley stated, “There's a lot of things that has been unsettled. You know what I’m saying. You can’t just forget these things and the people that really make up the city! The people that were born and raised here.” The people of Newark take care of their own. What I see as the most significant part of Newark are the people that make up this city. The people of Newark come of all different

Brendan Cassagnol


Finance Major | Senior

On-Campus Not quite “Humans of NJIT.”

"Last year, me and my cousin and a couple of friends went to West Virginia. We went to a mansion party with over a thousand people. It was a joint party with three other frats. Everyone was dressed up. I dressed up in a German Lederhosen. My cousin was dressed as a homeless man. Our friends were dressed as Men in Black agents...."

Sara Bendaoud

What is your fondest Halloween Memory? By Marwa Moustafa | Senior Staff Writer

Biology Major | Sophomore


"I was probably ten or nine. My oldest sister helped me dress up as a boy. She used eyeliner to draw a mustache and really thick eyebrows. People were giving us weird looks because they're like 'this is not a costume'. It was a real costume!"

Moeez Janjua

IT Major | Junior


"Last year, I went to a Halloween festival in the streets of New York City. It was a pretty big party for dressing up. I went as Jared Leto's Joker. It was a lot of fun. The party went on the whole night. A lot of different people came, with different costumes."

Cole Becker


Mechanical Engineering | Soph.

"Last year, I went to Connecticut with my friend. And we were going up to see people at the college there, celebrating Halloween. I forgot my Halloween costume, so we went to the store there and all the costumes were $50 because we were close to Halloween. So I said, 'Alright. You know what? We'll just improvise.' So I took a white T-shirt and wrote 'College debt' and underneath it 'Spooky'. I had to explain it to so many people. And it cost me zero dollars."

Sally Condori


Biomedical Engineering | Senior

"Dressing up as Pocahontas and going Trick-or-Treating. All the kids mistook me for the actual Pocahontas. I got the costume online and I did the henna tattoo on my right shoulder. My hair was long and black. I was older, like twenty. So little kids came up to me, thinking I was the real deal. I took pictures with them. I was a Disney princess for a day."

(Formally Warren St. Pizza and Cafe)

coming soon Located on the corner of Warren St. and Summit St.




Week of October 24, 2017

Statement by the Faculty and Staff of the Federated History Department at NJIT and Rutgers University, Newark Regarding Dr. Jason Jorjani We, the faculty and staff of the Federated Department of History at New Jersey Institute of Technology, are writing to denounce NJIT University Lecturer Jason Jorjani’s views on race in his comments, writings, and interviews. A recent New York Times exposé, “Undercover with the Alt-Right,” highlighted his association with the alt-right, a white supremacist movement, and his apparent enthusiasm about the redemption of Adolf Hitler as a great world leader. (To view this article see “Undercover with the Alt-Right,” New York Times, September 19, 2017, also available online at: https://www.nytimes. com/2017/09/19/opinion/ a l t- r i g h t- w h i t e -s u p r e m a c y undercover.html?_r=0). Troubling as those comments are, they are consistent with his other public statements, which indicate that Dr. Jorjani is a proponent of racist ideologies. Dr. Jorjani’s online article, “Against Perennial Philosophy,” in which he identifies himself as an NJIT faculty member, expresses a view of race and intelligence harking back to eugenic beliefs and “scientific racism” long since debunked by scientists. In attempting to explain why non-Aryan peoples

have not produced thinkers like the German philosopher Hegel, Dr. Jorjani writes, “This mentality has a genetic basis. You do not find it in Asians, Arabs, Africans, and other non-Aryan peoples.” He continues later in the same paragraph to explain differences in IQ as resulting from a biological notion of race: “That Africans have an average IQ of around 75 whereas whites have an average IQ of around 100, and Africans who have mixed with whites (for example in North America or South Africa) have an average IQ of around 85 has to do not with education or social conditioning, but with different genetic inheritances from extinct Hominid species.” More frighteningly, Dr. Jorjani states, in regard to Iran specifically, but with obvious global implications, that “With the emerging technologies of embryo selection and genetic engineering, it would be possible, with the right leadership and government planning, to restore the pre-Arab and pre-Mongol genetic character of the majority of the Iranian population within only one or two generations. I’m sorry to have to suggest that this might be necessary in order to Make Iran Great Again.” (To

view this essay see, Jason Jorjani, “Against Perennial Philosophy,”, October 21, 2016, available online at https:// As scholars of the past, we are well-prepared to provide historical context to the Aryan supremacism, eugenics, and theories of race put forth by Dr. Jorjani. In the 20th century alone, race theories and eugenic beliefs were used to support forced sterilization laws, Jim Crow legislation, restrictive immigration quotas, and the Holocaust. These ideas are not valid science but rather are reflective of prejudice and power. Just as slave owners in antebellum America utilized the nowdebunked science of phrenology to justify the bondage of AfricanAmericans, so Jorjani utilizes discredited scientific studies on intelligence and heredity in order to segregate people into racial and ethnic hierarchies on the basis of his unscientific assumptions about their fitness for participation in civilized society. How can we trust Dr. Jorjani to educate and evaluate our students? Are we to assume that his published views on the “innate capacities” of different

racial and ethnic groups will not influence his judgment about the diverse student body at NJIT? Dr. Jorjani’s published beliefs create a hostile learning environment for students of color in particular, and his presence on the instructional staff at NJIT appears to legitimize discredited race-based ideas about intelligence and citizenship that have no place in academia. It is our collective belief that Dr. Jorjani’s eventual termination as a University Lecturer would be justified and consistent with the principles of academic freedom and NJIT’s mission. NJIT Faculty and Staff Rosanna Dent Lisa Gill Louis Hamilton Scott Kent Alison Lefkovitz Neil Maher Deborah Morrison-Santana Maureen O’Rourke Stephen Pemberton Liz Petrick Svanur Petursson Kyle Riismandel Karl Schweizer Doris Sher (Emerita) Richard Sher (Emeritus)

Rutgers, Newark Faculty and Staff Daniel Asen Karen Caplan Kornel Chang Jon Cowans Steve Diner Gary Farney Ruth Feldstein Eva Giloi Marya Green-Mercado Mark Krasovic Lyra Monteiro Mary Rizzo Beryl Satter Timothy Stewart-Winter Nukhet Varlik

Left, Right & Middle

Thoughts on Chris Christie's Legacy as NJ Governor By Babatunde Ojo |Managing Editor

By Beshoy Shokralla | Senior Staff Writer

By Adrian Wong |Staff Writer







Governor Chris Christie's legecay will be remembered throughout New Jersey longer than any of his predecessors, but for all the wrong reasons. Christie will be remembered by teachers for his "supposed" disdain of them; by conspiracy theorists for his involvement in Bridge Gate; by his supporters who questioned his actions of closing down state institutions during July 4; by Sandy victims still recovering from the hurricane that struck in 2012 and many more. Unfortunately, due to his negative impact on New Jersey voters, Murphy appears to be able to sweep the current gubernatorial race. This may create an endless cycle of which candidate will be voted in as governor of NJ, and how they can mess it up like their predecessors. Corzine (D) was before Christie and everyone hated him. Christie (R) started off well, but ended up being a disappoint. I can only imagine what to expect from Murphy (or what not to expect considering how ambitious his plans are).

With the Governor race around the corner, it’s a good time to reflect on the previous governor and the legacy he has left behind. Chris Christie has been a controversial man throughout his tenure. He started off as a “tell em how it is” kind of guy, much like Trump, and thrusted himself into controversy by picking fights with the Teacher’s Union, and would continue to be controversial through events like BridgeGate, Hurricane Sandy handling, and joining Trump’s Transition team after previously calling him out. There’s a lot one can say about Chris Christie, but from a nonpartisan perspective, I’d describe his tenure as tragic. There are so many mishandled situations, even his response to Hurricane Sandy, which he was initially praised for, ended in a disaster when it came out that the administration poorly followed through with recovery. His “tough guy” attitude, picking fights with unions, and falling in line behind Trump after losing to him are all so stereotypically Republican that it’s just plain offensive. At the end of his career, Christie has accomplished nothing positive that I can remember, but has created a lot of memorable tragic moments. In the words of the man he follows: “Sad!”

Chris Christie’s time as governor of New Jersey will forever be seen as one of the least popular governors in United States history. His approval rating bottomed out at 15% according to a Quinnipiac University poll. According to FiveThirtyEight, this places Christie as the governor with the fourth lowest approval rating of all time, behind a pair of convicts (Taft and Blagojevich) and a man to nominated his own daughter to the United States senate (Murkowski). Christie sunk this low due to suspicion of him being implicated in the Bridge Gate scandal, and many smaller events such as his trip to Island Beach State Park which have also chipped away at his approval rating. More recently he’s done some comical acts like going on WFAN radio and calling “Mike from Montclair” a “communist.” Christie also became a laughingstock when pictures emerged of him appearing to confront a fan at a Milwaukee Brewers game. His involvement in the Trump campaign also caused some to quit supporting Christie. His reign as governor will still affect New Jersey after he is gone. Kim Guadagno is struggling to compete with Phil Murphy, largely due to her ties to Christie. Oftentimes, when a major politician from one party is so disliked, he or she will cause votes to shift away from their party, seemingly ignoring the quality of the candidates in the upcoming election. At the end of the day, Christie’s mistakes have not only hurt his reputation, but also hurt the Republican Party in New Jersey.



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There’s a Place Called the Library and It’s Quiet

By Cassidy Lavine | Web & Multimedia Editor There may not be as many quiet places to study on campus than you thought. Sitting in the Honors College open lounge in the evening only serves to disappoint when rowdy freshman decide wrestling and screaming is the perfect activity to end the day. You would think a late night study session on the upper floors of the library would be the perfect solution because libraries are supposed to be quiet, but the echo from the librarians gossiping below may be the only

information you end up taking in. These auditory distractions are coupled with visual hindrances as well. I was excited to have two quiet study lounges on each floor of my residence hall available to me coming in as a first year, but I was sadly disappointed when I realized the floor to ceiling windows (can we get some blinds, please) and drab lighting was not a suitable environment to study in. It should not be this hard to find a quiet area to study on a college campus.

Failure Upon

The are many types of learning, such as visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. Each type of learning type is best suited to different teaching practices. People who learn differently may need different environments to be able to learn effectively as well. According to the National Library of medicine, brighter lighting can lead the brain to produce more serotonin, making you happier and improve mood. The lighting in most of the study rooms I have been in is


By Yasmine Ibrahim | Staff Writer Many of us have heard the sentence “failure is a key to success”, but not many of us know why. Obviously, nobody likes failure. But the truth is that failure is inescapable. Nobody can really live a life with no failures, whether they are tragically life-ruining ones or a simple one like failing a quiz. Though not many people will find it logical, failure is really important in everyone’s life. Generally, it helps build strength to never give up and continue life, no matter how challenging it can get at some point. It reminds us that life will always continue to have its ups

and down and will never be the very smooth river we want to sail in. More specifically, failure allows a person to a develop their own characteristics. Failure prevents a person from being arrogant because the person will know that they are not perfect in everything and will therefore not brag much about themselves. It also allows people to get to know more about their strengths and weakness, making it easier on themselves to know what to improve and work on more. However, dealing with failure is not as easy as it sounds. It requires a lot of motivation, encouragement, and self-esteem. To handle failure, always tell yourself that no one is

“Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm”

-Winston Churchill

perfect and that you as a person may have failed this certain thing but are very successful in another thing. Let your own self know that it is fine to fail something. Just work hard to improve it next time. Also, a good way to fix your failure is to ask for help. People are there for one another, and there will always be someone who can help out. So, do not be shy to speak up and ask for it. Coping with failure is a concept. Yes, some people may sometimes give up, but for the most part, many go on with life. This can be greatly supported by the number of innovations and daily technological advancements we live in. Everyone, from inventors to philosophers, face failure, but they try again till they reach their goal. Other people may still face failures in different aspects of life. Again, some people give up and leave their jobs or drop out of school, but there is still a great number of people who work harder until they fulfill their goal.

uncomfortably low, or maintains an awkward lighting where you feel like you have been sucked into a horrible filtered Instagram photo. At a technology school, there should have been a bit more foresight into the lighting in places where students are going to study and what the most effective environment for studying is. NJIT should spends some of that tuition money on fixing the areas of the school that should be aiding students’ education. It would be beneficial to the student body to

reevaluate, or introduce new study spaces around campus where the noise level is maintained. Studies and work outside of the classroom is heavily emphasized here at NJIT, so shouldn’t the school be making it easy for students to get work done effectively?

Official NJIT Humanities Department Statement This statement was Moved and Approved by Faculty Senate, October 12, 2017.

“NJIT is a university that embraces diversity and sees that diversity as a source of strength. The NJIT Faculty Senate finds racist pronouncements made by University Lecturer Jason Reza Jorjani to be morally repugnant. Hate and bigotry have no place on the NJIT campus.”




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What Does Global Warming Taste Like? By Akinlolu Aguda | Staff Writer Climate change is real. Relatively speaking, industrial farming is half-a-disaster, although very much essential for feeding future generations, and our daily diet choices have an actual impact on the environment. All these statements have a high level of truth to them and are probably not new revelations to individuals generally conscious of environmental issues. Yet, most people are not fully aware of the effects of the choices they make concerning their diets. What is often understated (and more-so pushed under lobbying busses), is the amount of influence our food choices have on the environment. A climate central article reporting on a study done by the World Resources Institute (WRI) discusses that cutting down the rate of red-meat consumption in half will reduce our per capita food and land-use related greenhouse gas emissions by 35%. One might wonder how this is the case. The issue itself stems from the resource intensive meat production process, and the inherently inefficient nature of meat foods. Various studies conclude that about only 1% of the feed cattle consume end

up as calorie intake in the meat from eating beef, and 4% end up as protein. With poultry, the conversion is 11% and 20% respectively. The production of meat is costly and destructive to the environment. It requires large portions of land, water and fertilizers to grow feeds and to contain the animals. When reared in large numbers, the combined amount of methane released by the animals end up in the environment and contribute to higher climatic temperatures. Also, studies show that global food production accounts for about 80% of deforestation, a major driver of climate change, and constitutes up to 70% of our freshwater use. It is virtually preached everywhere; our bodies do not need meat, meat is bad food. It is common for meat sellers and propagandists to attempt to make meat desirable in efforts to influence people’s views on meat, and in fact, their arguments are not entirely misplaced. Meat is tasty – supposedly – and the US meat industry in 2013 employed more than 482 000 workers in meat packing and processing

alone. This is understandably a plus for the economy, however, these benefits are contestable. The meat industry is making more meat than people are able to eat, and food waste is increasingly a major global issue. The 2016 WRI report showed that people very often eat more meat than they actually need, ending up consuming unnecessary calories. Beef has large amounts of saturated fat, a compound that has been linked to cardiovascular diseases, and with antibiotics being commonly used on factory farm animals, eating meat increases the likelihood of consumers becoming resistant to antibiotic medication. It may be true that saturated fat is not sufficiently proven to be harmful; however, if one choses to consider, is eating meat really worth the potential risk of future cardiovascular distress? Do we go too far just for the experience of taste? Is it rational that we gather up tons of grains to fatten up cattle only to deliver 1% of the consumed food for human calorie intake? This is inefficiency and wastefulness at its most detestable and it is perhaps just as well ethically insensitive. We

end up continuously harming our environment for the sake of our palates; meanwhile, there are millions of hungry people around in need of affordable food supplies. If we cannot give up meat just for the sake of its savory delight, there are more alternatives to meat that are arguably more tasty, and exponentially healthier as a food option. Besides, this article really is not about abandoning meat for eternity; the sensible goal for us as consumers and as most environmentalists would agree with, is to cut down on meat consumption gradually, for the betterment and longevity of our health and invaluable home planet. For individuals interested in exploring vegetarian or reduced meat diets, the USDA in its most recent nutrition guide provides valid recommendations. Alternatively, there are hundreds of healthy meatless recipes online, and individuals with professional nutritionist may as well explore reduced meat options.

NJIT’s first faculty-led program in

PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC March 10-18, 2018

Open to Business minor and majors Part of MKTN 485 (spring semester) For more info:



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Mask of the Week:



Cut out the mask outline and eye holes! Tweet @TheNJITVector a photo of you wearing it.

Crossword DOWN

1. Protagonist of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow 2. The 1922 German vampire movie 4. The leader and eldest Sanderson sister from Hocus Pocus 5. The film in which the main character is a doll named 'Chucky' 6. The most famous vampire from Trannsylvania 8. He's a friendly ghost 11. Disney film starring Eddie Murphy and based on a ride at Disney World 13. Tim Burton's ______ Bride 15. The villian in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 19. Name of the clown from Stephen King's IT 22. You are not supposed to say his name three times 23. The killer in the Halloween movies 25. The director of the 2007 Halloween remake 26. The name of the little girl in The Ring


1. Halloween takes place primarily in this state 3. Name of the motel in Psycho 7. This is the name of the hotel in The Shining 9. 'Ghostface' is the villian in this 1996 film 10. This character wears a hockey mask that hides his disfigured face 11. Double Double ____ ___ _______ 12. The killer in Friday the 13th 14. Obsessed with Christmas in The Nightmare Before Christmas 16. It's the ______ _________, Charlie Brown! 17. Hotel ride at Disney World 18. The villlian in Nightmare on Elm Street 20. Disney channel movie with a character named Grandma Aggie 21. Who you gonna call? 24. Dr. Victor ____________ 27. Gomez and Morticia Addams' daughter 28. Something ______ this way comes




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Horoscopes PISCES




Someone that you don't really know well may corner you at a social occasion and try to talk you into something. Get all the facts before you commit to anything. Your persuasive powers are high.

Success in a creative field and possible public acknowledgment could come your way. Close friends and romantic partners will be very happy for you and might even throw a little celebration of some kind.

You're swamped with paperwork regarding financial affairs. Bills need to be paid and checks deposited. There may also be a legal paper of some kind to deal with. Basically, everything looks great regarding money, so this is certainly welcome.

A group with which you've been involved could receive recognition for good work that you may have spearheaded. Or a friend could receive some sort of public acknowledgment that reflects on you.





A letter or phone call concerning potential positive changes in your financial situation could have your mind buzzing over possibilities for the future. You might be a bit worried about being able to make the most of this break, but your practicality should enable you to face it objectively and efficiently.

Good news about career success may have your home in an uproar. Visitors, particularly men and young people, could be in and out all day, and warm and loving calls could come periodically.

Have you been thinking about working toward a career as a writer or teacher? If so, this is the day to start. Perhaps you need to sit down and start writing, or you want to take some courses to improve your skills.

The current aspects indicate success. This might relate to your romantic life or to a creative project that you've been working on for a long time. Whichever it is, it comes at just the perfect time when your enthusiasm and optimism are at a peak.





For now, the top of your priority list belongs to the ones you love -- but you'd never admit to it! They know how you feel, though, and that's really all that counts.

Celebrating coming milestones could have you running around paying visits, shopping, or consulting with others. You might have some interesting news to tell that others enjoy hearing.

Being around others should be especially gratifying for you today. Most people should be friendly, and you'll enjoy their company.

oday might mark a milestone for you in the form of public recognition. Your clear, quick thinking and powers of observation have impressed others, and you could reap the benefits of your hard work.





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Week of October 24, 2017 MENS SOCCER

NJIT and North Florida Draw 1-1 Play to a 1-1 Soccer Draw

By NJIT Athletics HILLSIDE, NJ—NJIT and North Florida played to a 1-1 double overtime draw in ASUN Conference men's soccer action Sunday afternoon. NJIT moves to 3-1-1 in the ASUN, 8-6-3 overall while visiting North Florida stands at 0-1-1 in the league and 1-9-2 overall. The Highlanders, currently tied for second in the ASUN Conference standings with FGCU, will conclude the regular season at the Eagles on Saturday, October 28 at 7pm. In order for the Highlanders to host the first round of the 2017 ASUN Conference Men's Soccer Tournament and earn the #2 seed, NJIT will need to either win or tie at FGCU. North Florida's Micah Smoak scored the first goal of the game at 15:10 and NJIT scored the equalizer at 65:27 on the 16th goal of the season by Mamadou Guirassy.

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Victor Pujades combined for three saves in 110:00 minutes while North Florida's Juane Fajardo stopped four Highlander shots in the double overtime draw. North Florida edged the Highlanders in overall shots 1513 as the Highlanders held a 5-4 advantage on shots on goals. The Ospreys got on the board in the 16th minute on a header by Smoak, off a corner kick by Adrian Nunez, which slipped past the Highlander keeper to the near post. Off a Highlander short corner kick in the 27th minute, Guirassy received the ball inside the box, turned quickly but his shot was deflected wide to the left. NJIT scored the equalizer in the 66th minute after the nation's leading scorer Guirassy netted his 16th goal of the season. The play began with Guirassy taking the initial shot, which was saved by Fajardo and collected by Pablo


Jimenez, who put a shot on frame and punched out by Fajardo. Guirassy rebounded the ball and tucked away the equalizer. In the 75th minute, NJIT freshman Carlos Garcia was taken down inside the box, resulting in a penalty kick. Guirassy's penalty shot was punched out by Farjado, keeping the match tied at 1-1. Senior Jonathan Onyeaka with an opportunity to put the Highlanders ahead in the 77th minute on a header that sailed high off a corner kick. Smoak nearly scored the gamewinner for the Ospreys in the 88th minute on a header that just missed the near post. Guirassy with a chance to score in the first overtime after receiving a pass from Garcia. The forward carried the ball down the left side and shot wide to the left. With 15 seconds left in the first overtime, Thomas Radon's shot inside the penalty box was


deflected by North Florida's Smoak. Seconds into the second overtime, Joshua Castellanos nearly chipped over the gamewinner but Pujades grabbed the save. Guirassy's left-footed shot on a tough angle in the 101st minute went high over the cross bar. In pregame ceremonies, NJIT recognized six graduating seniors—Mamadou Guirassy, Jonathan Onyeaka, Danny Cordeiro, Paulino Marques, Jack Flanagan and Phillip Costa.

Florida Gulf Coast


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