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Vol. XCIV Issue 7 Week of October 17 , 2017

With Magnitude & Direction

NJIT's Parking Issue By Donna Sunny | Contributing Writer

At NJIT, commuter students who drive to school typically utilize the parking deck service offered to them. There are two parking decks available to students; the older deck is located on Summit Street and the newer deck is located on Wilsey Street. Each semester, students have the option of purchasing a parking permit. Full-time students pay $325, part-time students pay $182, and resident students pay $490 for a parking permit. NJIT students have varying opinions regarding the quality of the parking deck. On one hand, some students see the parking deck as an inadequate service that could use renovation and expansion. Mahenoor Shaikh, a Biomedical Engineering major, ardently expressed, “In the beginning of the school year my car was hit!" She went on to describe the numerous scrapes and dents that her forest green 2006 Honda Odyssey has collected since the beginning of the 2017 fall semester. She warned her fellow commuters by stating, “Choose the safest spot.� To add to

her list of grievances, she conveyed how, in September, she was stuck in the Summit Street parking deck for over half an hour waiting for the vehicles to clear out. Shaikh is dissatisfied but will continue to be a parking deck user. Facility Systems representatives cautioned that although more parking permits have been issued than spaces available, there is normal daily turnover in the parking lots. David Liu, an Engineering Science freshman, is in agreeance with the NJIT Facility Systems representatives. A satisfied customer, Liu said, “The parking overall at NJIT is pretty good since they have several parking areas that have a sufficient amount of parking spaces.� He is a user of the newer parking deck on Wilsey street. As a newly licensed driver, Liu finds it easier to drive in optimal conditions. He conveyed, “The new parking deck feels much safer than the old one since the lighting is much better, while the old one has very dim lighting.� Furthermore, other students

including Asma Elgouz, a Chemical Engineering major, are content with the current parking resources available to NJIT students. Elgouz, a commuter from Northern Jersey stated, “I really don’t think parking is a huge problem here because you are always bound to find a spot. People are always coming in and leaving and there are so many spots so it’s not that hard, to be honest.� She chuckled and went on to state, “Rutgers has it way harder.�

3,698 Student Permits Issued

2,968 Parking

Spaces Available

Photo Credit: Yagiz Balkay

NJIT Snap Stories Foster MillennialEra Camaraderie On-Campus

By Victoria Nguyen | Staff Writer

By Prasanna Tati | Editor-in-Chief Custom, NJIT-specific Snapchat stories began to appear on campus almost two weeks ago. Snapchat is a free and popular mobile app that allows users to send and receive photos and videos that self-destruct in a selected frame of time. Custom stories are geographically based and can be viewed and added to by anyone within the geographic area of the story. A few of the specific stories that were created are NJITtgfdg NJITtfđ&#x;”šâ™Śď¸?, NJIT Excellence, and Greek Village. Many are confused as to why there are two NJIT stories since they feature a great deal of “double-postingâ€?, which is when a user uploads the same post to two different stories. In regards to the multiple stories present, third-year biology major, Manogna Guduru, says, “I feel like it’s [the multiple stories] excessive and repetitive, because there are three of them. It’d be nice if there was only one permanent one.â€? Although the original creators of the various geographically based stories are unrecorded, many have contributed to the story in the past week to record and share various on-campus events, classroom struggles, and common exam stress.


By keeping these stories alive, because each post expires 24 hours after it is posted, students have shown they are on-board with the millennial-era camaraderie that has come from sharing their experiences in one area. Matteo Ferraro, a third-year Architecture and Civil Engineering double major and brother living in the Tau Delta Phi house in Greek Village, believes the Greek Village Snapchat is “nice and a great way to support Greek unity.� Any user who posts to the geographically based stories will have their account name displayed in tandem with their post. A situation that has arisen as a result of this is that users have been adding other users, despite the fact that they may not know one another. For many students, this turn-off has kept them from contributing to the NJIT Snapchat stories. For others, this is a reason to contribute to the Snapchat stories and keep them alive. Users who typically add strangers are looking to network, start streaks, or simply increase the number of people who view their personal stories. A Snapchat streak is the count of the number of

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Trump Admin. Rolls Back on Obama-era Mandate

days in a row that two users have Snapchatted each other. A personal story can only be viewed by users who follow another user rather than users in one geographic area. Student organizations such as Student Activities Council (SAC), The Vector Newspaper, Association of Indian Students (AIS), Student Senate, others have benefitted greatly from the free advertising that a crowd-based image and video sharing platform has provided. Users post at events they enjoy, inviting and enticing other users to visit the event. Zohaeb Atiq, the current President of SAC, is happy to see people advertising his organization’s events. “We welcome everyone displaying our events on the new snap stories and we enjoy seeing everyone have a good time,� he said. The feedback about the new NJIT Snapchat stories have largely been positive due their role in helping unite users all over campus who otherwise might not have interacted with one another. Only time will tell how the new Snapchat stories will evolve and how long they will be kept alive by users in the area.

The Trump Administration lifted the Obama-era healthcare mandate on October 6. The mandate required employers to provide their female workers insurance coverage for contraceptives. During the Obama Administration, this policy further polarized both pro- and anti-abortion movements, for conservative-based organizations/ companies and employers say that the mandated pushed them to reject their personal religious beliefs, and ultimately their religious freedom. “We will not allow people of faith to be targeted, bullied, or silenced anymore,� President Trump stated, and since then has upheld his promise in protecting companies from sacrificing their religious liberty while suppressing birth control accessibility for women. Little Sisters of the Poor, a religious organization that had previously challenged Obama’s mandate in the Supreme Court, has consequently praised Trump’s recent move in respect of their religious stances. According to Planned Parenthood and other women’s rights groups, birth control may be considered


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Week of October 17, 2017

THE VECTOR As the official student newspaper of the New Jersey Institute of Technology, our mission is to infom and entertain our readers, cultivate awareness of issues concerning the NJIT community, and provide a forum for purposeful, constructive discussion among its members. Deadlines for Articles or Letters to the Editor are due on Thursdays prior to publication at 10 P.M. Submissions should not exceed 750 words. For more information on submissions, e-mail: m a n a g i n g - e d i t o r @ n j i t v e c t o r. com. Advertisement Reservations are due two weeks prior to publication and should be sent to: ADVISORS Operational Advisor Anthony LaViscount Faculty Advisor Miriam Ascarelli EXECUTIVE BOARD Editor-in-Chief Prasanna Tati Executive Editor Steve Arciniega Castro Managing Editor Babatunde Ojo Business Manager Joshua Rincon business-manager@njitvector. com Multimedia and Web Editor Cassidy Lavine multimedia-editor@njitvector. com Photography Editor Regee Lozada photography-editor@njitvector. com SENIOR STAFF Copy Editors Colin Bayne Shuhrah Chowdhury Karen Ayoub Katrina David Nanditha Lakshmanan Scott Rogust Marzia Rahman

The Student Senate meets: Wednesdays from 2:30-4:00 in Ballroom B of the Campus Center


NJIT Senate Update Senate Meeting #5 10/11/17 By Rick "Daniel" Cruz | Staff Writer Two students are running for the vacant seat of Vice President of Student Affairs (VPSA). The role of a Student Affairs representative is to advocate and defend students' rights, work on proposals that benefit the Student Body, report on all actions taken by the state legislature and congress that affect NJIT Students and working with administration, faculty and the local community to satisfy the needs of NJIT. Yasmine Elfarra is a Senior Senator, Head of Campus Improvements, and Commuter Representative. She has served in the Senate for the past for 3 years, accomplished the renovations done to the Campus Center, and works on several sub-committees. Kellen Kadakia is Executive Secretary to the President, a second-year biology major, and has worked in various governing capacities. Both have strong connections with student administration, listing Andrew Christ, Albert Martinez, and Dean Marybeth Boger as a few of the people they have worked with. Elfarra expressed that if elected for VPSA, it would be a seamless transition, having been in Student affairs already for two years. She expressed her devotion to the work, championing the effective communication she has with her peers. "I can bring some creativity and I want you to do the same." Currently, Elfarra is working on the Newark Network with Dean Boger and has talked with Public Safety on how to improve safety on campus and parking. At her last feedback session, she received over 300 responses. "With my experience on

executive board and everything I learned in Student Affairs and Student at Large, these experiences comprised me to be a very efficient and dedicated leader for VPSA," said Kadakia. A few of his goals include representing NJIT students in local governments and working on lobbying for bills that directly affect NJIT students, such as tuition raises or financial aid. "It's a team effort in every committee I have worked on; all the goals we accomplished has been us bouncing off ideas." He highlighted his work on a food subsidy program which got restaurants or eateries in the area to offer discounts on food to students by showing their NJIT IDs. "In a position like VPSA, the most important thing to do is to listen. Whatever the student body wants I will do the best to try to make sure they get it,” continued Kadakia. In other business, the Senate approved the purchase of a $1296 robotics club Vex U tournament field. The Robotics Club is in need of the field to run their robots in preparation for tournament play. Senator Aditya Patwardhan requested the creation of an Engineering Technology subcommittee. With 10 majors under it, he suggested recruiting 10 students at large in the hopes of starting it by the first week of November. The following clubs were approved this week: a local chapter of Habitat for Humanity, Hebrew Culture club, Go Academy, and Sky Highlanders. Hebrew culture club involves students with the goal to improve

the NJIT campus community with traditional and non-traditional values and lifestyle ideals of the Hebrew culture. Go academy is a sports oriented youth development organization that works for under resourced communities to mentor, strengthen, and enrich the lives of middle school students through sports. Sky Highlanders is an

Roll Back...

organization which aims to foster a friendly environment for flying drones, helping people understand technology related to drones and to advocate and teach the safe operation of drones. Kimberly Prince beat Fatimi Masadeli for Science, Technology, and Society representative. Andrew Edmonson, Vice President of the Pre-Law Society, was appointed as History Senator.

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to be vital in women’s health besides the sole purpose of pregnancy prevention. Benefits of contraceptives include reducing iron deficiency, reducing period irregularity, as well as combating acne. With the Obama-era mandate previously in effect, women would have to pay little to none in copayments in order to maintain their reproductive health. Now with that mandate stripped, approximately 55 million women are at risk of losing accessible contraceptive coverage. Following this controversial policy change, Attorney Generals Bob Ferguson and Xavier Becerra of Washington and California, respectively, have publicly announced the states’ decision to pursue a lawsuit against the Trump administration for undoing the mandate. In his argument, Attorney General Ferguson claims Trump’s rollback infringes the Civil Rights Act: “The Civil Rights Act prohibits

discrimination against women based on sex or the capacity to be pregnant,” Ferguson cites. “The rules result in women having less access to reproductive health care, which is discrimination based on their gender.” In regards to how this new rule change will affect college and NJIT in particular, there are students on campus who are vocal about the Trump administration’s recent move in pushing back birth control coverage and accessibility. Granted, there are female students who are fully employed who will be directly affected by this newly instated rollback, but there are also female students who aren’t but are still opinionated about the matter. “I don’t agree on [Trump’s decision] because companies should be secular and should not impose their religious views on women’s reproductive rights,” says first-year Biophysics major Zenit Winfield.

Distribution Manager Nikhil Kanoor Sports Editor Scott Rogust


Senior Staff Shanee Halevi Beshoy Shokralla Ahmed Javed Yagiz Balkay Marwa Moustafa Ujjwala Rai

NJIT Vector Summary 10/17/2017 For 10/6/17 through 10/12/17

Times Shown are Times Reported

Memory of Dr. Herman A. Estrin and Roger Hernande z




5:37PM Officers conducted a Motor Vehicle Stop on MLK Blvd/New Street when the driver brandished a weapon, then fled. The vehicle, a Grey Kia, fled north then entered 280 Westbound.

10:25AM Officers brought two juveniles back to Public Safety after they were conducting themselves in a disorderly and disruptive manner. They were both released to their parents.

10:24PM Officers arrested a nonaffiliate for Panhandling and Open Warrants in front of Laurel Hall. 10:30PM A student reported to officers he was punched in the face by an unknown Hispanic male. The unknown subject was with a group of five other individuals at the time of the incident.

10/12/17 10:09AM A contractor reported a watch and $50.00 cash were taken from his vehicle. The vehicle was parked on Lock and Warren Streets with the passenger side window left opened. The incident reportedly occurred on 10/10/17.


9:57PM Officer issued a summons to a non-affiliate for an Open Container at 271 MLK Blvd.

4:57PM Officer arrested a non-affiliate for Driving While Intoxicated on Lock Street. The individual failed the field sobriety test and the vehicle was towed.

11:49PM Officer issued a summons to a Montclair State Student for an Open Container at 277 MLK Blvd.




Week of October 17, 2017

AROUND THE WORLD The World This Week 10/17

By Ujjwala Rai | Senior Staff Writer





New Zealand


The Pakistani army was successful in rescuing a North American couple with their three children that had been held captive by the Afghan Taliban since 2012. The soldiers said that they received a tip-off from the US during an operation near the Afghan border. The couple Canadian Joshua Boyle and his American wife Caitlan Coleman, had been captured when they went backpacking in Afghanistan in 2012. They were with all of their children while in captivity. Trump said that this was a “positive moment” for the American-Pakistani ties and that "The Pakistani government's co-operation is a sign that it is honouring America's wishes for it to do more to provide security in the region." The US intelligence agencies were tracking the couple’s movement in Afghanistan and on October 11th, they saw that the family had been moved across the AfghanistanPakistan border into the Pakistani district of Kurram. That is when the Pakistan army was contacted. The couple offers their thanks to the soldiers who risked their lives to save them and are eager for their children to meet their grandparents for the first time.

For anyone who is scared of wasps and sees them as the “bad guys”, there is now a funnier way of being petrified of them. Tom Saunders, a biologist with the University of Auckland, has found a new species of non-stinging wasps and has decided to name it after a Harry Potter villain- Lucius Malfoy. The new species- Lusius malfoyi is one of the estimated 3000 insect species existing in New Zealand. Saunders wants to draw attention to the declining insect population and species in New Zealand with the support of the Centre for Biodiversity and Biosecurity. “I was inspired to name this species in a way that would hopefully spark a larger conversation about the relationship that humans have with the millions of species that share the planet with us." Lucius Malfoy, father of Draco Malfoy, is depicted by JK Rowling as an evil figure and a strict father, who is responsible for the opening of the Chamber of Secrets in the second book.

A tanker blew up in Accra, Ghana on Saturday resulting in the death of 7 people. Presidential spokesperson Eugene Arhin said that the number of people who got injured due to the blast is high, but still undetermined. The blast rocked the capital and people fled as the fire spread to a nearby gas station. Pictures from the scene show charred cars and deserted streets. The President has issued his condolences and said that the government will work towards making sure that such an incident doesn’t happen again.

Photo Credit: Prasanna Tati | Cassidy Lavine | Liem Ho | Fahim Chowdhury | Rachel Deahl | Prince




Week of October 17, 2017 4



Week of October 17, 2017




Week of October 17, 2017

The College of Science and Liberal Arts Celebrates National Hispanic Heritage Month and would like to congratulate Dr. Tara Alvarez, Professor of Biomedical Engineering on being awarded the NJIT Board of Overseers Excellence in Research Prize and Medal College of Science and Liberal Arts University Heights Newark, New Jersey 07102

Biological Sciences Chemistry and Environmental Sciences History Humanities Mathematical Sciences Physics Theater Arts and Technology Air Force ROTC


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Week of October 17, 2017


Preventative Health Tips: Personal Hygiene By Marzia Rahman | Copy Editor Siri Uppuluri | Staff Writer

Good personal hygiene is a proactive measure which helps to prevent many health and bodily issues from happening in the first place. This may sound like common sense, but washing one’s hands right after coming into contact with potential sources of bacteria, such as after throwing away garbage, using the bathroom, spending the day touching door knobs, and being in close contact with people, will help prevent bacteria from invading the own body. It is also important to clean under the fingernails because bacteria can collect there too. Not only is handwashing beneficial individually, but also to the community, especially those who have a weakened immune system, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Brushing one's teeth twice a day, flossing and using mouthwash, are commonly recommended dental hygiene practices, but few realize just how important these habits are. For instance, the bacteria in the mouth are liable to travel to the other parts of the body and can infect systems such as the kidneys, eyes, and the heart. Flossing can also strengthen one’s gums, and when combined with brushing, improve the smell of one’s breath.

In regards to menstrual hygiene, it is important to use products such as tampons, menstrual cups or pads for the recommended amount of time. Pads should be changed every three to four hours. Tampons should be changed every four to eight hours; if kept longer, toxic shock syndrome may develop due to a bacterial infection, and it can cause symptoms such as headache, fever, confusion and muscle aches. For those who wear contact lenses, the CDC recommends always washing hands before touching the lenses. Unless directed to do so by a physician, sleeping in contacts is not recommended and neither are showering or swimming with them. Furthermore, the proper contact lens disinfecting solution should be used to clean or rinse the lenses as well as the contact lens case. Contact lens cases should also be rinsed with disinfecting solution regularly, and depending on amount of use, changed every three to four months. Personal hygiene also extends to living and work spaces. It is important to clean up and throw away old and uneaten food, as the food could develop botulism or bacteria, in addition to attracting unwanted pests.

COLLECTIONS voices from around campus

By Prasanna Tati | Editor-in-Chief

THIS WEEK: A Collection of Our University’s

Strengths and Weaknesses

Each week, students send anonymous text, email, and phone responses to our weekly ‘Collections’ prompt. Send us your response for next week’s prompt: What do you think the Student Senate budget should be focused on this year? If you’d like to send a submission, please email me at with the subject line ‘Collections’. Note: All responses are posted exactly as they were received. Understand there is an unwritten [sic] after every possibly erroneous (or not) response. Forward slashes are inserted to indicate line breaks.

“Proximity to NYC [strength] and I guess school size [weakness]. If we were bigger there would hopefully be more people involved on campus” “Strength: GDS breakfast” “Strength is affordability | Weakness is a lack of mental health support

Other key areas where germs can accumulate are on laptop keyboards and cell phone screens. Considering how frequently a laptop or phone, there can be large deposits of germs accumulated throughout the day on these devices. Therefore, cleaning and disinfecting them regularly is good practice, in addition to sanitizing your hands before use if possible. Moreover, try to identify other areas that are used frequently and come into contact with hands daily. These include dorm room door knobs, closet doorknobs,

and cooking appliances like microwave or refrigerator handles. It is a good idea to clean these areas regularly to avoid depositing germs on these surfaces. Also, in addition to doing laundry for clothing regularly, it is important to periodically change bed sheets and pillow covers to avoid bed mites, which can cause allergies and rashes depending on the size of the infestation. Taking these simple steps to maintaining personal hygiene can help to avoid harmful and preventable health complications.

“Strength: diversity | Weakness: I genuinely feel apathy from 90% of faculty/staff “Strength: diversity, unity, and resource available for women, people of color, and other minorities on campus | Weakness: ima have to write you a dissertation” “Strength: Al from geeds, someone give that man a raise | Weakness: parking fees!” “Strength: campus life and innovations | Weakness: apathy” “Strength: Diversity- you are exposed to many different types of cultures and I think that makes all of us better people | Weakness: Campus spirit is always lacking and it’s hard to cultivate it no matter what student organizations do when the students on campus don’t care”

(Formally Warren St. Pizza and Cafe)

coming soon Located on the corner of Warren St. and Summit St.



Week of October 17, 2017

Acing the Interview By Yasmine Ibrahim | Staff Writer about the organization or company you are applying to - this will help you to seem prepared compared to other candidates. Revising your qualifications and standards to fit the desired job position may give you the courage to speak with conviction while being interviewed. Another thing to consider before walking into the interview room is to anticipate what questions you will be asked (as we all know, there are certain questions that will be asked no matter what job you are interviewed for) and prepare responses to them that will not only satisfy the interviewer but will also reinforce why you should get the job. There are usually online forums of people sharing interview questions they have been asked that you may be able to use to help get into the right mindset. Always prepare what you are going to wear to the interview at least two days before so that you can be sure that your outfit matches the event. The reason behind this is that the way you dress for an interview plays a key role in how successful

you are in your interview. Additionally, the NJIT Career Development Services office can be used as a resource for interview preparation, and they have offered a few tips for your big day. Make sure to include concrete data rather than general facts during the interview because this gives the interviewer more details about you. Also, try to repeat your strengths more than one time because this

will make the interviewer remember them. Make sure to support these strengths with the greatest amount of proof by mentioning experiences and stories. Last but not least, make sure to ask questions. This shows the interviewer how engaged you are in knowing everything about the job and how insistent you are to get it.

Revising your qualifications and standards to fit the desired job position may give you the courage to speak with conviction while being interviewed

Many people have goals of pursuing careers and getting a good job. However, just having a dream to get a job is not all that's necessary to guarantee that you get that job. Preparing for the interview requires an adequate amount of preparation. The success of an interview occupies 50% of the employer’s decision. Yes, your degree and academic qualifications are important, but there are other important standards that should be met and are unclear to the employer except when discovered through the interview. Therefore, it is really important to show up to your interview and be ready to show the employer that you also meet these other standards. Employers are looking for people who show passion towards the job, have good communication skills, are sociable and friendly with the other employees, and well organized, whether in their appearance or their manner of speaking. Make sure you do your research

Left, Right & Middle Thoughts on Gun Control By Quratulain Malik | Staff Writer

Liberals L Every year 33,880 people die from gun violence in the U.S. Everyday, 93 people die from gun violence. We all know too well about the number of lives lost when someone with a gun(s) decides to terrorize a group of people. We feel under attack. We feel afraid. And every time we step into an elementary school, a theater, a building, or even a country music concert, we remember the horrific events that took place at these places. Those tens of thousands of deaths a year can be prevented if we begin the process of reforming gun legislation now. Guns are the root cause of most fatal crimes and accidents. The right to bear arms was always for a noble purpose – to give Americans the ability to protect themselves from others, but what happens when the right to bear arms gives someone the ability to kill others for no reason? What happens when we keep silently praying for the families of the victims, for this to never happen to our loved ones, for this to never happen again. In all of that silent praying, we forget time and time again that this has happened, and will keep happening unless we stand up to prevent it. History will repeat itself until we remind ourselves what the Constitution of the United States of America is. It is an adaptable document that can be amended to fit modern-day needs. And for guns-well, we don’t need any more mass shootings.

By Beshoy Shokralla | Senior Staff Writer

By Adrian Wong | Staff Writer





Gun control has become a very polarizing topic in today’s society. The issue is always divided into a “Liberal vs Conservative” issue by the NRA, the media, and political parties themselves. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t realize that a majority of America agree on a lot of things when it comes to guns, and have far fewer differences on this issue than they believe. For example, I’m sure many people believe that the CDC should be allowed to conduct research on gun violence and gun-related crime so we can learn more about their actual impact on societies. Many Americans would also agree that people who are deemed too unsafe to allow on a plane should be allowed to purchase a gun. A majority could agree that anyone who sells a firearm should perform a background check on the person to whom they are selling a gun. But instead of focusing on these similarities and pushing for more research and simple legislation, people are distracted and forced to look at this issue in a partisan way thanks to lobbyist groups like the NRA, and thanks to how media sources polarize the issue.

The main points are that all too often people use mass shootings to influence their opinion on gun policy, despite the fact that they make up a miniscule proportion of all gun violence in the United States. People forget that the majority of gun crime is committed in the inner city using illegally owned handguns. Some of the world’s most famous statisticians, including Nate Silver and Leah Libresco, have argued that no form of gun control short of a blanket ban would have any noticeable effect on gun crime. In fact, since 1993, the gun homicide rate has dropped by nearly 50%, despite the fact that there has been a 56% increase in the number of privately owned firearms in the United States. Regardless what the media will often argue, gun crime in the United States is on a clear decline. Banning guns is both unconstitutional and ineffective. Since D.C. v. Heller, the court has ruled that citizens do not need any connection to a militia to own a firearm for traditional purposes such as self-defense. The specific law being contested in D.C. v. Heller was one banning handguns and forcing all firearms to be nonfunctional via a trigger lock or other mechanism. It is hard to image any effective legislation that would not blatantly violate either Heller, the Second Amendment, or both. In my opinion, it would be significantly more helpful to attack mental health issues and to work with inner city youth. Banning guns does not stop criminals from being able to cause damage. The Nice truck attack is just one example of criminals using other means to kill more than any one rifle has in the United States.




Week of October 17, 2017

It Is NOT a Gun Issue


By Jason Odoom | Contributing Writer It is another day in America, and the sun sets once again on a fatal mass shooting where a group of innocent people have lost their lives. This event specifically was the Las Vegas shooting, which took place on the evening of October 1, 2017; a pointless murder without motivation that we know of. And like all shootings preceding, more will follow, as well as a barrage of useless words and politics from the government and media. Despite the many dialogues that have been had concerning such events, it seems that we have done nothing to prevent them. The only response is filling the void with words and noise rather than working to prevent such horrific incidents from reoccurring. to not learn as long as we “maintain the blame” on the wrong issues. It has been commonly argued that the catalyst of gun violence in America is the failure to regulate guns. At the moment, gun laws

vary state-to-state which arguably contributes to the complications of this issue. I strongly agree that the problem is unrelated to the legal and illegal acquisition of firearms. Look to other nations beyond our own. See Europe, specifically United Kingdom where people are allowed to possess firearms. Statistically, there are more firearms in UK than people who shoot them! In fact, the gun laws in UK are very specific as to which type of firearms may be owned. Certain weapons need sufficient reasons for one to possess them. Failure to provide justification results in the inability to own that type of weapon. In most cases, personal protection and safety are not valid reasons. Yet, the UK learned its lesson after two tragic shootings. The first being 1996’s Dunblane school massacre and 1987’s Hungerford massacre. Both incidents were committed by people with licensed guns

that were legally obtained. Nevertheless, the only massacre to have followed thus far was the 2010 Cumbria shootings which was also executed with legally obtained guns. Britain’s handling of these events have served them well to greatly limit and prevent future mass shootings. Nevertheless, compared to the US, the number of gun massacres in the UK are few. So what’s wrong with America then? Has it made itself a womb for the birth of the mentally deranged? Not quite. Britain has proven this because obviously the laws they have in place have not prevented these incidents (although limited) from taking place. This is because the wrong approach has been taken in order to solve the issue. If it must be eradicated then the real problem has to be confronted. Mental health is the factor that allows these events to take place, purely because those who need

Analyzing the Liberal Gun Control Argument By Adrian Wong | Staff Writer Every time there is a newsworthy mass shooting, liberals make a very simple argument: if we ban guns, we can stop these shootings. The extent to which people think we should ban guns varies, but the common theme of the liberal argument is that increasing gun regulations will decrease the 33,000 gun deaths that plague America each year. This argument is flawed in many ways. Perhaps the biggest problem with the liberal argument is that it is extraordinarily sensationalist. This debate occurs almost exclusively after a mass shooting despite the fact that mass shootings are a miniscule fraction of all gun deaths. In fact, about two thirds of the 33,000 gun deaths is a suicide and the overwhelming majority of the remaining one-third is individual homicide and accidents. When discussing gun crime, liberals love to talk about mass shootings, but they almost always neglect to mention the significantly higher amount of gun deaths that occur in the inner city. It draws a more emotional reaction to think about one person killing 30 than it does discussing the 4,000 individual shooting victims in Chicago just last year. Liberals love to ban the gun that looks the most deadly, not the one that is the most deadly. A great example of this is the fact that while handguns commit significantly more murders than rifles, the “military-style assault weapons” are the ones which

receive criticism. Another example of their sensationalism is anti-gun organizations like the Everytown for Gun Safety Support Fund. In their “Gun Violence by the Numbers” section, one of their most important facts is that “black men are 14 times more likely than white men to be shot and killed by guns.” This is clearly an attempt to bring a passionate issue like race into the gun debate. What they also conveniently chose to withhold is the fact that black men are about 6% of the US population yet they commit about 52% of all murder in the US according to the FBI. They also mention how women are shot about 50 times per month in domestic violence incidents to try and draw from another passionate topic. This is despite the fact that more than 85% of deaths from guns occur in men. Since 1993, the gun homicide rate has dropped by nearly 50% despite the fact that there has been a 56% increase in the number of privately owned firearms in the United States. Despite this fact, liberals will continue to believe that fewer guns will cause fewer murders. This is not to say that there is an inverse relationship, but rather no correlation between the two. The city of Chicago is a perfect example of how gun control fails. Despite having arguably the strictest gun laws in America, Chicago experienced a 61% increase in gun crime from 2015 to 2016. Last year, more than 4,000 people were shot in Chicago

help are ignored. Why? Because America has a laughable health care system that will not improve especially since we have toddler man as our leader who is working to destroy instead of improve a healthcare system that was a step in the right direction. I strongly believe that reckless regulation of guns in the US does not help to prevent these occurrences. If we were to focus only on mental health without reforming current gun laws statewide we would have a completely different situation where those with mental health issues would not be allowed to obtain firearms of any kind. This is because they would receive the proper care they need and I believe this would then provide the opportunity for safety laws that would, for example, bar people with “lived experiences” from being in close approximation of weapons that could initiate mass murder .

To contradict, the regulation of guns by states may seem to some as the wrong action and that this should have full control federally. However, state gun laws deter full government intervention and control of gun freedom. The mistake of removing gun regulation from states and allowing for a single federal control should not be made. There is state regulation for a reason. Guns are not the issue and the people need to, and will keep them without our government and media attempting to stifle their possession; for it is our right to bear arms, and these events will not be excuses to limit our Second Amendment freedom, regardless of the events that occur. No matter how terrible these incidents may be, we must begin to focus on the real issue before it is truly too late.

Requirements to Obtain a Gun in NJ By Daniil Ivanov | Contributing Writer 1. Go to the police station of your municipality: all paperwork can be provided by them and submitted to them. 2. Fill out the State of New Jersey Application for Firearms Purchaser Identification Card and/or Handgun Purchase Permit form (1 page).

without a single liberal tear being shed. As is the case with the rest of America, the majority of gun crime is committed by someone who does not legally own the gun. The United States cannot stop people and drugs from crossing the Mexican border, but for some reason liberals do not expect any form of illegal gun trade to occur. Another major hole in their argument is that more often than not, liberals have no idea what they are talking about when it comes to gun control. Take, for example, Hillary Clinton’s ridiculous tweet in which she criticized the NRA for trying to legalize silencers, arguing that a silencer would have prevented the victims of the Las Vegas shooting from figuring out where the shots came from. In reality a silencer makes an AR-15 sound about as loud as a jackhammer and allow someone to use their rifle outdoors without having to worry too much about ear protection. Perhaps the most comical liberal is Phil Murphy, the most likely winner of New Jersey’s upcoming gubernatorial election. Murphy has made it a point to ban the “dangerous .50 caliber rifle” despite, according to the Violence Policy Center, being illegally fired once since the start of 2014 throughout the entire United States. The .50 caliber rifle may look dangerous but the fact is that the .50 caliber is almost never used to commit a gun crime. Any minute spent debating banning it, is a minute wasted.

3. When filling out the form, you will need two personal references to vouch for your character when contacted by the police, so notify them beforehand that they will be contacted for this reason. 4. You will also need to fill out the New Jersey Consent for Mental Health Records Search form (1 page), permitting the state to conduct an investigation into your mental health history. 5. If applying for a handgun, and you want to have the license to carry it on your person, fill out the State of New Jersey Application for Permit to Carry a Handgun form (2 pages). a. This form asks for three personal references. b. The form also requires that you have a reason for carrying a handgun on your person, such as for your work or because of a specific incident that makes you feel that a handgun on your person is necessary. 6. When applying to purchase a handgun you must also prove that you are familiar with handguns, such as evidence of completion of a handgun safety course. You will also need to provide the exact details and serial number of the handgun you intend to purchase. 7. Next, the police department, after collecting a fee, will take your fingerprints and conduct a background check. 8. When handing in the form, a processing fee is collected (and an additional one if applying to carry a handgun) and personal government issued identification will need to be supplied to prove your identity, including driver’s license and social security card 9. After 30 days, the permit to purchase a gun, if all criteria have been passed, is given to you. 10. Next, you must go to a licensed firearms dealer with government issued identification, your newly received Firearms Purchaser Identification Card, and two copies of the State of New Jersey Certificate of Eligibility form (1 page) which must both be completed by the seller and receiver of the gun. One copy goes to the seller, one stays with you. Note: If bringing a rifle or shotgun bought in another state, New Jersey does not require you to register in this state, though there is a voluntary form for registering your guns in the state. Handgun permits, however, are not accepted from any other state in New Jersey and one must have a permit specifically from New Jersey in order to have the handgun.




Week of October 17, 2017

Emotional Glasses By Rachel Deahl | Contributing Writer down right before a big day, and why your teacher tells you to think positively when you take the quiz; maybe you will not do as bad as you think. It is always good to start out the day doing something you love. For some, they enjoy working out at 5am, others might wake up at 6am to play a round or 2 of Overwatch, while others may enjoy sleeping in a little later and catching an episode of their favorite show before starting their day. It is the little things like this that change our outlook. These emotions will carry you throughout your day and night, even changing your decisions. Maybe you decide to hold the door open for the girl behind you, or you decide to let your lab partner slide on doing an equation wrong. Maybe, if your day went badly, you snap at your friend and tell him that he talks

too much. Perhaps in the moment, because of your emotion-reliant glasses, you do not see this as a problem, so you do not apologize. On the other end of the spectrum, maybe you are so proud of that A+ you got on your essay that you have one too many drinks as a reward. It is important to recognize when your emotions are affecting you and to not let them hinder your

sensible decision-making skills. There is nothing wrong with being happy, but if your good mood is going to lead you to overindulge, there is an issue. Extremes on both ends of the emotional spectrum tend to affect your choices in your life and make things go awry. The best thing you can do is think first, about how your emotions are your glasses, and what the world looks like with your glasses off.

Perhaps in the moment, because of your emotion-reliant glasses, you do not see this as a problem, so you not apologize.

The average amount of time it takes humans to react to a visual stimulus is 0.25 seconds; 0.15 seconds to a touch stimulus and 0.17 seconds to an audio stimulus. That means you might have enough time to position your hands to catch a football hurtling at you from the 3rdyard-line or that you might hear someone shout at you to get out of the way with enough time that you’re actually able to. But there is something else that governs human reactions -- our emotions. Our emotions are our glasses. Like the old saying about seeing the world through “rose-tinted glasses,” our perspective and outlook on the world around us changes based on our mood, both overall and in that moment. It is why people tell you to keep your chin up, the reason friends comfort you when you are feeling

On-Campus Opinion Not quite “Humans of NJIT.”

What is your favorite thing to do in the Fall? By Marwa Moustafa | Senior Staff Writer

Amira Feknous

Electrical Engineering | Junior


"Well, fall is my favorite season only because I like to dress up in fall clothes. My favorite thing is the attire that you can wear. It works well with me because I wear hijab and fall clothes make me feel more comfortable when I'm walking outside."

Blas Pena

Mech. Engineering, Minor | Freshman



"I like to escape summer and enjoy the breeze that comes with the fall. And wear hoodies!"

Stefanos Lappas

Chemical Engineering | Senior


"My favorite thing to do in the fall is eat pumpkin pie, which is in season. It's my favorite type of pie. I love eating it at home, with friends, anywhere."

Grant Miller

Mech. Engineering | Freshman


"My favorite thing to do in the fall is go apple picking with my wife and family. We haven't gone here in New Jersey before. But I was previously in the army, so when I was in Upstate NY, we went to a place right outside Syracuse. I love the quality time I spent with my family there."

Yahira Mendoza

Mathematics Major | Senior


"My favorite thing to do in the fall is go out with my girls to New York City and enjoy a girls' night out."




Week of October 17, 2017

Dear Highlander:

an NJIT advice column

Dear Highlander, I hate dorming, I really do. This is my first time living away from home, and at first I was so excited to feel independent and stuff, but now I want to put my head through a wall. I don’t know who the heck was living in my room before me but they left it like a pigsty. There are weird stains all over the place and some stuff is definitely broken. On top of all this, the room has the most bizarre smell. Actually-- correction-- make that two bizarre smells: one constantly, shifting smell that has been morphing every couple of days since I moved in, and a new weird smell that has popped up in the past week. Help me out here, I’m about ready to start commuting and I don’t even live in state. Sincerely, Done-With-Dorming Dear Done-With-Dorming, Sounds like your dorm has a lot of room for improvement! *ba dum tsk* Jokes aside, it sounds like you have been given a lot to handle. But not to worry! The majority of these things can be handled with some effort. Since you haven’t specified where the stains are exactly, I’ll just give you advice for stains of every sort. Bathroom stains are probably the easiest to deal with; invest in a powerful cleanser or one of those magic sponges to deal with the particularly tough ones. If the stains still aren’t going away, and they’re in your shower for example, you might just have to deal with this by wearing shower slippers (in all honesty, there’s no harm in wearing shower slippers, even if your dorm shower is clean). If the stains are in the carpet, you can try to apply carpet cleansers, or just get a cheap throw-rug to cover it up. If your mattress is dirty, the best thing to do would be to get a zip-up mattress cover to put around your mattress before you put your sheets on. Unless you are secretly a handyman, there probably isn’t much you can do about the broken items in your room. Whatever the issue is, either file a maintenance request online or call the maintenance office if it is more urgent to get it resolved. Since you said the first smell seems to be changing often, I suspect that the smell may be coming from the vents; in other words, you might be paying the price for whatever your neighbors are up to. I won’t lie to you, if your neighbors smoke in their rooms, you will definitely smell it. On the other hand, this applies for a lot of things; for example, if you live next to the trash room, you might be smelling that, or smelling something burnt if one of your neighbors burned something in their microwave. I would recommend politely asking your neighbors if they have noticed a scent as well so you can both try to pinpoint what the source is. Please, don’t just start accusing people of stinking up the place. About the new scent in your room, it would be really helpful if you could figure out what the source is. Sniff around a bit and see if you can figure out what part of the room it is coming from. Check your trash bins and make sure you have been cleaning them regularly. Also check to see if you have any food that’s been left out too long. If you have searched for all these things and still can’t find anything, I’m sorry to say you may just have an odd smelling room. I would recommend using something like air fresheners to reduce the smell over time. I wish you best of luck with your dorm! Don’t worry, just think about how much fun you’ll have when you live somewhere where you have to deal with a landlord! . Sincerely, A Fellow Highlander



Week of October 17, 2017


By John Pierre Grajales | Staff Writer


Cuphead, for those who do not know, is a run and gun side scrolling video game with visuals akin to 1930s animation, also known as "rubber hose" animation. Cup head is a level-based game with bosses at the end of each level that the player must defeat in order to progress further into the game. When I was playing the game, I could not help but draw connections to similar games like Super Mario Bros. and Contra, both games with 2-D scrolling aspects and, in Contra’s case, shooting. Cuphead’s animation, although mimicking that of 1930s cartoon animation studios, makes it its own. The player models (Cuphead and Mugman) are memorable and aesthetically pleasing, and the enemies are extremely fluid and creative. The bosses in the game remind me of Metroid or even World of Warcraft bosses due to their intimidating appearance, multiple attack sequences, and phases (three) that change sequentially after enough damage is dealt during the previous phase. Many bosses took me at least two or three tries to beat, which some might find annoying, but I found that it made victory that much sweeter. The backgrounds retain the cartoony feel and the enemies are tailored to each stage of the game, which gives a sense of immersion. The sound design is good and flows well. For instance, before every boss battle, the announcer has their voice filtered in a way that it sounds as if it was recorded for an old arcade game and the music is bombastic and jazzy. Although many games attempt to use the “old cartoony drawing style” as a gimmick and fail to develop a good game, Cuphead uses the animation as a lure and uses its gameplay to keep players engaged. The game is difficult; that is no lie if you are unfamiliar to the genre. Even experts of the genre admit that Cuphead takes it up a notch in difficulty with respect to similar games. The game also has multiple weapons, abilities, and “supers” that a player can purchase and use/equip at their discretion. There is a glaring balancing issue in regard to this part of the game where some weapons/supers seem underwhelming and others are overpowered. I hope that the balancing issues will be corrected with a patch in the future since I find myself rarely using or never using certain weapons/supers. Overall, Cuphead is fun, but challenging game with great visuals and sound design that I would recommend to any side scrolling fan.


Music Review: Lo-Fi By Carmel Rafalowsky | Contributing Writer

To many, lo-fi already sounds like something a BedStuy hipster would come up with while waiting for their fair-trade matcha-latte. The word refers to “low fidelity”, a term used to describe audio recordings which contain technical flaws and often sound subpar when compared to the live sound being recorded. The discrepancy in quality may be attributed to anything from distortion to background noise, or even a limited frequency response of the recording devices themselves. The word—and genre—rose to popularity in the late 1980’s when William Berger, a DJ of New Jersey’s WFMU radio station, began dedicating a half-hour of his segment to play home-recorded music. According to Anthony Carew, Berger focused “the disparate strands of underground

cassette-culture into a movement with a singular identity”. He called the show Lo-Fi. Today, lo-fi most commonly refers to a gray area where chillhop, “glo”-fi and endless sampling converge and make magic. But what does it sound like? A quick YouTube search returns several options, including live streaming channels which boast “study” and “relax beats”— certainly making them attractive choices for the average NJIT student. The fifth hit, entitled Dozing off again… by user Axian plays as a sort-of digital tape, fading in and out, and bringing you lo-fi at its best: mellow tones, slow to moderate tempos, reverb, synthesizers, sampling (of dialogue, ambient noise, and other songs) and nostalgia galore. Some tracks feel sleepy, some feel dreamy, some feel hypnotic,

and all of them are perfect for multitasking—busy enough to remind you that you’re listening to music, but not to be distracting. And that’s the beauty of lo-fi: it’s a little weird, off-brand, niche, and in many ways, it feels strangely familiar. It’s like looking at an old photograph of yourself, where you only hazily remember the context of it being taken. Many artists and producers aim exactly for that, and take full advantage of our generation’s nostalgia-“fetish”, including animated scenes of an early-aughts bedroom as the background for their YouTube uploads, or choose album art that takes you straight back to the mid90s. Lo-fi has seen a rise in popularity over the last several years. Indeed, one of the top hits when searching for lo-fi is a playlist published by Chillhop music, a channel with

over 1 million subscribers. Unlike similar genres—chillwave, for example, which is said to have peaked in 2010 and died quickly thereafter—lo-fi is not dead, and the numbers prove it. In fact, the genre has seen a rise in popularity over the last several years. With such widespread dissemination of music, themes, playlists and samples, it is difficult to pinpoint the exact reason for lo-fi’s surge in popularity, but it wouldn’t be surprising if it were linked to the quiet revival of electronic music and the perseverance of vaporwave. In any case, it’s not the how or the why that matters, so much as the fact that it’s here. So kick back, crack open a textbook and turn on the beats.




Week of October 17, 2017

Movie Review

By Prem Naik | Contributing Writer "I didn't want it to end." These were the words heard throughout the crowd in a local AMC theater. Everyone was leaning forward on the creaky seats, waiting and hoping for more. Blade Runner 2049 is one the few movies that could elicit such a reaction. It may be too slow and moody for the casual viewer, but the pace and emotion sets this movie apart from other sci fi epics and sequels today. With spellbinding visuals, thoroughly enthralling sound design, and spectacular performances by its leads, Blade Runner 2049 works as a worthy successor to an already captivating art house film. Blade Runner 2049 tells the story of K, a replicant LAPD officer played by Ryan Gosling, who is, as the name implies, a Blade Runner. Tasked with hunting down others of his kind, he is able to mercilessly

kill if necessary. That is, until he discovers that a certain replicant (Rachael) was able to bear a child. The impact of this child would be tremendous on the world of humans and replicants, and so K must find and destroy all evidence of the child. However, his job is made more difficult when Niander Wallace's – portrayed by Jared Leto – replicant maker David Wallace tasks his replicant assistant Luv, played by Sylvia Hoeks, to find the child. From the opening shot, the dull lighting and unsettling score masterfully set the mood for the film. Dizzying, captivating, and at times revolting, the future presented in Blade Runner 2049 is not the ‘great big beautiful tomorrow’ that is often dreamed of. The obligatory flying car helps explore more of what the dystopian world of 2049 Los Angeles has to

offer. The film showcased the worst side of commercial capitalism: large ads using sex and objectification to sell products. With glimpses of companies that ceased to exist decades ago like Atari, Pan Am, and Peugeot (a French company that left the American Market decades ago), it is clear that not much has changed or progressed for the people of Los Angeles in 30 years. It’s not often that a film takes the time to immerse the audience in the world of its characters; and so with great cinematography, set design, and special effects, all of these elements seem to become normal in the world. When mentioning this movie, one must never neglect the impact that the sound has on the film. Dunkirk was one of the rare gems in which the music and sound helped add to the illusion of tension and fear in

the film. However, Blade Runner 2049 takes sound design to the next level, and is the reason movies are meant to be seen in theaters. Gunshots, flying car engines, and far off messages on speakers come from all directions, connecting the audience further to the film. To hear Hans Zimmer and Benjamin Wallfisch’s score blare on the speakers at pivotal moments is an incredibly satisfying feeling. The warm sound of the synthesizer gives greater emotional depth to an undisclosed final fight scene and ending scene. What does it mean to be alive? What does it mean to be human? Is it defined by your origin, or is it defined by how you choose to give meaning to the consciousness that you were given? These are the crucial questions Blade Runner 2049 asks its audience. K is a replicant, and the main character

of this film. For the entire film, he searches for something that he can hold onto. Excellently portrayed by Ryan Gosling, the titular character goes through much emotional strain as he goes on his journey to uncover the truth about a replicant born child. K feels human emotions of pain and loss. While never meant to be more than a simple replicant, he chooses to fight for a cause, thus giving his life a sense of meaning. Regardless of his origin, he defines his humanity by what he does, and that is what makes the ending so beautifully bittersweet. The fate of the replicant revolution remains a mystery, and what ultimately could come of the reunion between Deckard and someone special to him. And yet, the audience is given complete closure for the life of K, a Blade Runner in 2049.

NJIT’s first faculty-led program in

PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC March 10-18, 2018

Open to Business minor and majors Part of MKTN 485 (spring semester) For more info:



Week of October 17, 2017


Mask of the Week: PUMPKIN Cut out the mask outline and eye holes! Tweet @TheNJITVector a photo of you wearing it.



1. What children get at Halloween. 2. Flying animal found in haunted houses. 3. The kind of bullet you need to kill a werewolf. 4. A place with many tombstones. 5. Where you get goose bumps. 6. The weather around haunted houses. 8. The walking corpse. 9. The color of blood. 10. Dracula. 13. You can hear these in the hallways of a haunted house at night. 15. Little animals with long tails. 17. This wears a patch and has a sword. 19. This wears bright colorful clothing. 20. A big black pot that witches use to make potions. 23. The kind of light that vampires hate. 26. The monster __________ the stairs. 28. What vampires drink. 29. The time when werewolves come out. 30. What kids say on Halloween. 31. Something that haunts houses. 36. A monster that changes from human to wolf. 37. Makes me scared; gives me the ___________. 42. A monster from space. 43. The opposite of good. 44. Frighten. 47. A night bird.


1. These are found in the corners and ceilings of a haunted house. 7. A witch's pet. (5-3) 11. Bloody and gross. 12. A monster made from bones. 14. A monster from Egypt. 16. Another word for scary. 18. She wears black clothes and rides a broom. 21. It looks like a mouse but much bigger. 22. What kids wear on Halloween. 24. The creature that makes cobwebs. 25. Have a ghost inside. 27. The Cyclops has one. 31. What you get on your skin when you are scared. 32. These slam shut or creek open. 33. Witches ride this. 34. Vampires hate this. 35. Another word for strange. 38. October 31st. 39. What a ghost says. 40. A big black bird. 41. A monster with stitches on his face. 45. What children carve. 46. The month of Halloween. 48. Sharp teeth.




Week of October 17, 2017

Horoscopes PISCES




You may never jibe with some people as smoothly as you do your best friends. Yet don't let this stop you from trying to connect. There are still many pleasant interactions to be had if you give them a chance.

Hope is an essential ingredient in any good plan. If you find that you can't get behind the deal, that your attitude and heart just aren't in the right place, figure out what you have to do to put hope into the equation.

Though you can be social, a favorite friend, the consummate host and an excellent all-around entertainer, you can also be the world's most content hermit. In fact, you'll be that today for a time.

You worry about loved ones just as, in the past, people have worried for you. You didn't like being on the receiving end of it, and neither will they. Knowing when and what to keep to yourself will be key.





Talk to someone you don't know. The freshness of finding a communication rhythm with a stranger will bring its own kind of thrill. And it's not every day you get to make a first impression.

You're determined to finish the job, but it's more than that. This ultrafocused state of mind borders on obsession. Remember to take breaks. It will help you maintain a healthy perspective.

Romance is up one minute, down the next. Your remarks are taken out of context or misunderstood. Overall, communication is difficult. Helping others is important on Friday.

You're in charge of your own story. Cast yourself as the hero, and find a way to play out the action that highlights your many capabilities and your determination to overcome adversity.





You may find that the best thing you can do for a person is to back off and give plenty of room for that person to solve the problem independent of you. It will probably be harder than stepping in and fixing things, though.

You're just trying to solve a problem. It's not your fault that the fixing of it causes other problems. It's because the issue is at a deeper level than you thought. Instead of treating symptoms, go to the root.

You got to this place by answering a calling, following an inkling or obeying an intuition. But this is a crossroads in the journey in which research, logic and thoughtful argument will serve you very well. Take it to the committee.

The more responsibility you assume the more power you have. However, at some point, you have to ask how much power you really want. More is not always better.





OPEN NOW Campus Center Lobby 11AM-8PM Mon-Fri. 11AM-5PM Sat.

From zesty pizzas to succulent garlic knots, we offer great food for low prices.




Week of October 17, 2017 WOMEN'S BASKETBALL

Tatianna Torres Selected ASUN Preseason All-Conference Team and Fan-Voted Preseason Player of the Year

By NJIT Athletics


ASUN Conference announced its official preseason all-conference team and its preseason coaches and media polls and NJIT guard Tatianna Torres was selected to the Preseason all-Conference team and Fan-Voted Preseason Player of the Year Director of Media Relations Johannes Schneider announced Wednesday. The full lists of official honors included the Preseason Player of the Year, as voted by the eight ASUN head coaches; the coaches' Preseason Defensive Player of the Year; the fan-voted Preseason Player of the Year and the fanvoted Defensive Player of the Year; plus the predicted order of finish, one poll of the eight coaches and another poll of media who cover the conference, plus the ASUN Conference sports information directors.

Torres, the top returnee for the Highlanders after starting in 29 of 30 games last season, ranked tied for second on the team with 10.3 points per game, increasing that average to 12.1 in ASUN action. The redshirt junior from Arlington, Virginia, led the ASUN with 2.4 steals per game last season, including a NJIT Division I program record seven vs. Chicago State. Her 67 steals on the season is an NJIT D1 single-season record. Torres recorded 14 double-digit scoring games, including a careerhigh 23 points against Howard (Dec. 16th). After winning last year's ASUN Conference women's basketball championship title, FGCU was picked to repeat by the league's head coaches in the 2017-18. The Eagles garnered six first-place votes among the head coaches in the league, while also being

selected first in the media poll. FGCU totaled 62 points in the coaches' poll to lead the way, while Jacksonville earned the final two first-place votes and finished in second place. Last year's regular season champions Stetson came in just one point behind the Dolphins in the coaches poll. Kennesaw State and North Florida were picked fourth and fifth, respectively, while NJIT, USC Upstate, and Lipscomb rounded out the coaches poll selections. In the media poll, the results finished in similar fashion, with FGCU taking home the top spot. Stetson and Jacksonville swapped places, while all other spots mirrored the coaches' poll.


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