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Vol. XCIV Issue 14 Week of December 12, 2017

With Magnitude & Direction

Student Opinions Mixed About WEC

The WEC has been open exclusively to athletes this fall, except while hosting games and special events. How much does the new venue benefit the rest of the NJIT community? By Victoria Nguyen | Senior Staff Writer

The construction and opening of the Wellness and Events Center (WEC) has been met with mixed reviews that range from optimism to disappointment; students are appreciative of the new facility, but also weary of certain features that do not live up to its promises. Last month, a ribbon-cutting ceremony welcomed the WEC, an investment worth $110 million and a commitment to enhance NJIT campus. The WEC provides opportunities to upgrade Division 1 athletic program reputations, overall fitness for the student body, and overall aesthetics of NJIT. The 220,000 square-foot facility is accessible only to student athletes this Fall semester, while other students and faculty alike will be able to use the building and its resources by the Spring 2018 semester. Besides housing a new basketball stadium, the WEC will also provide a new eight-lane pool, a 5,710-square foot fitness center, and a conference center among other features. In the initial construction plans, the center was supposed to have a sleeker and more spacious design. Furthermore, the women’s and men’s fencing teams have a combined locker room and are currently facing issues in accessing it. In addition, due to the abundance of glass, the WEC gym will not offer any free weights. Many students are disappointed about the renovation of the Warren Street gym into the campus' primary free weights center. “We’re going to have old equipment to use. If I’m paying

to use the gym, I should have the proper equipment at my disposal,” stated Javier Santiago, a third year Mechanical Engineering major. Even some athletes have been disappointed by the WEC—first year Information Technology student and fencer Olivia Adams stated, “I’m really excited for my team to move [into the WEC] and start using our new space. I wish it was finished sooner so that we could have been using the new space. Having our own space will make teams take us more seriously and help us grow as a Division 1 team...I know they have a lot of work to do on the WEC and I hope it gets done soon so we can all use it as a school.” On the other hand, many students have felt the WEC has exceeded their expectations. “Since I’ve started school here in 2015, [it is nice] to know that there has been such a huge change to the campus,” said Manogna Guduru, a fourth-year Biology major and Senior Class President. “The WEC certainly offers the campus the opportunity for new programming and creates a better sense of school spirit for athletics.” Renee Collins, a fourth-year Industrial Design major, expressed her disappointment in the WEC’s ability to fulfill the needs of nonathlete individuals. She argues that in lieu of including “wellness” in the title of a building, the facilities offered within it should promote holistic wellness. Many believe the WEC should include CCAPS and other health services to encourage both physical and mental wellness in one place.

“In its current standing the WEC is an athletic center with the ability to host a concert. While it may be too late to reverse the tragedy of no on-campus doctor, CCAPS should be relocated to the WEC. Mental and physical health go hand in hand, so their presence should be tied to the building. The WEC has the potential to be a health hub at the heart of our stressful campus, but it will not achieve that until it renders itself capable to support the needs of its entire student body,” says Collins. To address aesthetic concerns regarding the WEC and Tiernan Alley, Student Senate and the Student Activities Fund Review Board (SAFRB) are open to draft any proposals that will improve the facility’s conditions. SAFRB is a fund that consists of leftover student activity money, and contributes to investments if the proposal being considered is: 1) for a one-time purpose; 2) a benefit for all undergraduate students; and 3) a project the school is not willing to purchase. “Think of SAFRB as change that you just received from a purchase that you didn’t put in your pocket,” explained fourth year, Michael Tadros, a Law, Technology, and Culture major. Part of this saved change is being arranged by the Student Affairs Committee of the Student Senate to add more seating outside of the WEC as well as putting up flags or monuments that represent each NJIT college, according to the Student Affairs Chairwoman Yasmine Elfarra, a senior Biology major.

“In its current standing the WEC is an athletic center with the ability to host a concert. Mental and physical health go hand in hand, so their presence should be tied to the building. The WEC has the potential to be a health hub at the heart of our stressful campus, but it will not achieve that until it renders itself capable to support the needs of its student body.” -Renee Collins, fourth-year ID “The stadium felt like an actual collegiate stadium as opposed to a large high school gym. It was fun to be in the student section because we were all extremely hyped up.” -John Town, first-year CE

STUDENT VOICES “The gym is made for spaghetti-armed children. Regarding the Honors gym, I’m fine with having access to free weights, but I don’t want to be excluded from those whose fitness routines are being tailored to by the WEC.” -Lyndon Laxina, fourth-year EE “The WEC is a facility that NJIT should most definitely be proud of, since it is a visual representation of our strong athletics program and strong school culture.” -Zenit Winfield, first-year Biophysics

Campus Spotlight: NJIT Music Ensemble By Jay Kappraff | Contributing Writer

It may still be a big secret for some people that NJIT has three professionally led musical Ensembles which have been growing and improving in style and content. The program is housed in the Theatre Arts and Technology Program and offers course credit for students who participate. Each week over 100 student musicians rehearse to bring to students wonderful music at their end of the semester concerts. This semester the concert for the String Ensemble and the Wind Ensemble will take place in the Campus Center Atrium on Wednesday December 13 from 2:30 – 4 PM while the Jazz Ensemble will perform at noon on Dec 14 in the Jim Wise Theater where there will be a gift certificate raffle for $100 usable at . The String Ensemble, conducted


by Karen Pinoci, will feature music on the theme of fugues with the famous Pachalbel Canon, the Lady Gaga Fugue, and an Adagio and Fugue by Mozart. They will also be collaborating with the world class Rutgers Chorus to perform Pachalbel’s Magnificat and playing Percy Granger’s Irish Tune from County Derry, to the tune of Danny Boy. The Wind Ensemble is conducted by Nick Santoro who has often been referred to as “Mr. Music” for his extensive work with Highschool bands across New Jersey. Maestro Santoro has prepared an ambitious program including an arrangement of Leroy Anderson’s Sleigh ride, Psalm 46, and Credo by James Barnes and another Irish favorite by the American composer Percy Granger, Ye Banks and Braes of

News 2 Snapshots 3

Bonnie Dune. The Wind Ensemble now has 70 members. Don’t miss the music of Count Basie, Eddie Harris, Pitbull, James Brown among others performed by our NJIT Jazz Ensemble at their concert on Friday December 14 at noon. The band has grown to twenty members and is conducted by Dave Rimelis, a professional jazz violinist, composer, story teller, and band leader. These concerts are dedicated to Karen Pinoci who has put great energy into the work of the String Ensemble and promoting the Music Initiative for our students. Come out and support your fellow student-musicians! They provide our academic community with music that bonds us all with a great universal has 70 members.

Features 4

String Ensemble & Wind Ensemble Wed 12/13 2:30pm Jim Wise Theater

Jazz Ensemble Thu 12/14 Noon Jim Wise Theater

Opinon 8 Entertainment 10 Sports 14



Week of December 12, 2017

THE VECTOR As the official student newspaper of the New Jersey Institute of Technology, our mission is to infom and entertain our readers, cultivate awareness of issues concerning the NJIT community, and provide a forum for purposeful, constructive discussion among its members. Deadlines for Articles or Letters to the Editor are due on Thursdays prior to publication at 10 P.M. Submissions should not exceed 750 words. For more information on submissions, e-mail: m a n a g i n g - e d i to r @ n j i t v e c to r . com. Advertisement Reservations are due two weeks prior to publication and should be sent to: ADVISORS Operational Advisor Anthony LaViscount Faculty Advisor Miriam Ascarelli EXECUTIVE BOARD Editor-in-Chief Prasanna Tati Executive Editor Steve Arciniega Castro Managing Editor Babatunde Ojo Business Manager Shravanthi Budhi business-manager@njitvector. com


NJIT Senate Update By Rick "Daniel" Cruz | Senior Staff Writer This was the last week the Student Senate will meet for the Fall Semester of 2017. The Senate did an overview of what they had accomplished this semester "to see how far we've come this semester," said Mark Neubauer, President of the Senate. This year, Senate approved 12 SAFRB proposals, totaling $231,926.34 in campus improvements, endorsed 3 capital gains requests, and have a record low in Senate seat vacancies with only four positions that need to be filled. The Student Senate is represented at all faculty and university committees that are at the school and overall, the Senate has taken a much more active role in improving the student experience. The Senate approved 8 clubs this semester, with the new total of student clubs currently standing at 83. With respect to budget spending, the Senate's operating budget stands at $23,000 for the Spring semester and for programming events, there is around $100,000 left. They also passed a resolution this year to decrease class time by

5 minutes so that people who walk to Rutgers for class have ample time to get there. A resolution they will continue to work on, moving into the next semester, is the smoke free campus resolution. The Senate endorses enforcing the current laws, with over 80 percent of respondents out of 600 in a survey who support the idea of a smoke free campus. Any changes to the current policy would not take effect until the Fall 2018 in order for logistics, policy, and enforcement to be discussed amongst the Public Safety unit and other relevant faculty boards. In other news, the Greek Information Club was not approved. Greek Information Club is meant to "promote unified Greek life across campus, regardless of affiliation or non-affiliation." Anna Baronos was approved as the new PR Manager to replace Michael Tadros, Mary Kate Chorazak was appointed as Environmental Science Representative, and Melissa Quimis was appointed as Engineering Science Representative.

Web and Multimedia Editor Cassidy Lavine multimedia-editor@njitvector. com

Above: Mark Neubauer, Santa Claus and Student Senate President

Photography Editor Regee Lozada photography-editor@njitvector. com SENIOR STAFF Copy Editors Akinlolu Aguda Karen Ayoub Colin Bayne Shuhrah Chowdhury Katrina David Nanditha Lakshmanan Amisha Naik Scott Rogust Layout Assistant Kaylin Wittmeyer


Photography Assistant Yagiz Balkay Sports Editor Scott Rogust Senior Staff Spencer Asral Jonpierre Grajales Shanee Halevi Yasmine Ibrahim Daniil Ivanov David Korty Victoria Nguyen Ujjwala Rai Beshoy Shokralla Siri Uppuluri Adrian Wong



12:55PM Director of Gourmet Dining reported a theft from the Village Market on Warren Street. The suspect was described as a young male wearing a Grey Hoodie and a red and grey Flannel Jacket. He took cookies form the shelf and fled south towards Raymond Blvd.

5:27PM The Assistant Manager of the NJIT Bookstore reported Beats Headphones, valued at approximately $150.00 were stolen. She described the same suspect that previously took merchandise two days prior.

4:34PM The suspect whole stole cookies form the Village Market was arrested by officers near Route 280 and First Street.


12/2/17 NJIT Vector Summary 12/8/2017 For 12/1/17 through 12/7/17

Times Shown are Times Reported Memory of Dr. Herman A. Estrin and Roger Hernande z


1:10PM The Assistant Manager of the NJIT Bookstore reported two I-89 Calculators, valued at $200.00 Each and two I-84 Calculators, valued at $140.00 each were stolen. The suspect was describedas A Hispanic Male in his mid 20’s with long Brown Hair and beard. He was wearing jeans with a blue Jacket with a White f Fur Collar, White Scarf and Black Sneakers. 2:50PM Officers arrested a nonaffiliate on Lock Street near Lot 12 for an Open Warrant out of the Essex County Sheriff’s Department.

4:42PM A Resident Student reported receiving harassing text messages from another student after Communication between both on a dating application. The victim also received threats regarding The possible posting of an explicit music video. A No Contact Order was served to the student. Investigation in progress. Dean of Students and Residence Life both notified.

12/6/17 11:34AM NJIT Student reported his Black, PSE&G Bag was missing from his vehicle. The vehicle was Parked on Wilsey Street and there were no signs of any forced entry.



Week of December 12, 2017



Visio Electri Collab Fanstasy Studio






Week of December 12, 2017


Dr. Doris Fleischer By Akinlolu Aguda | Copy Editor

Q: How is your fall semester so far? D: It’s been interesting and busy, I am teaching five classes, and uh-- so it’s a lot... but I

Q:How did you get involved with njit? Was it through your sister then?

think NJIT students are the best (laughs). I am just flattering you-- but I really think very

D: Oh at NJIT? How did I get Involved with NJIT; we came from entirely different

highly of them.

Q: Where did you go to school? And where did you have your graduate and undergraduate education? D: My undergrad... Well, I will tell you. My undergrad was Brooklyn college, graduate was New York University and Columbia.

paths. We ended from Brooklyn in the same school in New Jersey, but with no connection from each other. With my sister, it was because when she was in Courant Institute of Mathematics--so she got her PhD--at NYU, very prestigious school-- one of the teachers from NJIT in the math department, she-- there was a problem and she was the only one in the class who could solve it and she said, “come to NJIT, I will put in a good word for you.” With me it was entirely different. I just interviewed for the job; There was a job open-

Q: You grew up in New York also?

ing, I was teaching at a community college near my house, just because I was raising

D: In Brooklyn, straight from Brooklyn.

children, it was convenient. And it was like, I know my sister is at NJIT, I talked to her,

Q: What kind of student were you in college? D: Confused (laughs). It took me a while to figure out. I tried this and that until I figured

she says come here, it’s a good school, so I interviewed, and I got the job! It's a very long trip, but it is worth it. It's a good place to be. I am very happy to be here.

literature and history, and math and science, I liked it all! I still do. I found everything

Q: Do you have any student class that you would always remember as your favorite?

fascinating--you know, you have to get a career--I took a lot. I took every course they

D: You know, I always find something. I teach courses for example, literature and med-

out what was right for me. But you know, the thing is I liked everything. I liked--I like

let me take.

Q: What major did you start with? D: Well I decided that I just want to read a lot. I majored in literature, English and American literature, but I have a feeling that everything is connected. I am still interested in all the other things. I read Scientific American and my sister was a math major. In fact, she taught mathematics at NJIT--so she showed me that mathematics is very beautiful--but

icine. And by literature, I mean it very broadly. I mean I'll teach novels and plays and I'll also teach nonfiction... I enjoy all my classes! I like my freshman classes, I like to get them from the beginning, you know? They're just coming [from] high school, I like them to know, you know, this is what college is! (laughs) It is different.

Q: What is one piece of advice about life that you want to share with young students?

that was my degree. I got a PhD in English Literature, and then I started teaching Eng-

D: Uh, enjoy yourself.

lish. The book that I wrote, The Disability Rights Movement: From Charity to Confron-

I mean it in the best way. It is so much fun to live a good life. It's fun to be kind to people,

tation, published by Temple University Press, that is in cultural history. I mean, I really

it makes you feel good. It's fun to learn stuff. It makes you grow. It's so much, enjoy it!

think sometimes we think in terms of, “what is your field?” [but] what I think is anything

Sometimes it feels like a punishment, because you know, because you're studying for

that is out there interests me, and a lot of things are interconnected.

finals, but it really is a wonderful thing to have an opportunity to have an education. It's

Q: You mention your book on disability rights... how did you get into disability studies?

a wonder the things that we have today that make our lives easy. So enjoy, enjoy the fact that life is good.

D: Well, my sister got polio when she was two and a half-- So she was a disability rights,

Dr. Fleischer loves to make valuable connections in her classes and have fun with

I would say, pioneer! She had a lot to do with the fact that NJIT became accessible be-

students. According to her, teachers and students alike become more enriched

fore the Americans with Disabilities Act and she got a lot of support from President Fen-

“where there is the human connection, [and] we can relate with each other.” She

ster, who was president at the time. He was very supportive and NJIT was accessible to

also loves art, traveling, listening to music, and singing and dancing; things she says

people with disabilities well before the Disability Act. And she had a lot to do with making

that “enhances one’s life!”

busses accessible in NYC, I mean, she was a fine mathematician. In fact, she is a professor emeritus from NJIT in mathematics. She also just really moved policy and attitude towards disability by her activism. She was very effective [and] she was an inspiration to me. She had all the documents, she had everything, and I said "Frieda," that was her name, "we've gotta write a book! we have all the information!”-- So we wrote a book. And there were publishers who wanted her to write the history of her life, and she said “I’m not interested in that! I want to write the history of the movement that means so much to me.” And that's what we did.”





Week of December 12, 2017

Preventative Health Tips Vaping: What are the side effects? By Marzia Rahman | Copy Editor & By Siri Uppuluri | Senior Staff Writer

Though smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes has declined over the years, electronic nicotine delivery systems, known more commonly as electronic cigarettes, have risen in popularity among teenagers, with about 3 million reportedly smoking them in 2015, according to a report by the Center for Disease Control. Coinciding with the rise in e-cigarette use, there have been increased concerns regarding the potential side effects and overall health impact of these devices. Electronic cigarettes or “vapes” are devices which are driven by battery power allowing users to inhale the vapor which may often contain nicotine and other flavorings. According to the National Institute of Drug Abuse website, e-cigarettes have the same structure: a mouthpiece for inhalation of the vapors, a source of power (the battery), a cartridge which stores the solution and an atomizer. The user has to puff into the e-cig to activate the heating

mechanism to vaporize the liquid and then would inhale the vapor, the website stated. The side effects of vaping have been difficult to definitively pinpoint given the variability of vaping devices, e-cigarette fluids, and delivery methods. However, most e-cigarette fluids include nicotine, whose health consequences have been well documented, including inflammation in lung tissue and reduced ability of lung tissue to act as a barrier against foreign substances. Researchers at Indiana University also found that e-cigarette fluids without nicotine disrupt the ability of lung cells to serve as barriers to foreign agents. Furthermore, e-cigarettes pose a unique side effect apart from traditional cigarettes. This is because although e-cigarette fluid components are approved by the FDA as “Generally Recognized As Safe,” their toxicity changes when heated. When e-cigarette fluid is heated, it produces compounds

Networking in Linked In By Jonpierre Grajales | Senior Staff Writer

Today, many prospective workers and students use the internet to find jobs and internships to utilize their skills and broaden their horizons. LinkedIn is a social media site that focuses on business, employment, and networking. In 2017, LinkedIn had 106 million monthly active users and is available in 24 languages, so users come from around the world and can form links that they would not have been able to make otherwise. The main feature of LinkedIn is its “connections”, which shows you other users and how far away they are from knowing you. For example, if your friend (a first connection) on LinkedIn is connected with someone with whom you are not, the unknown person is a second connection. This can be useful when trying to contact people in other industries since you can ask your first connection to become a liaison and introduce you to them. LinkedIn also provides a way to get your skills and experience “out there”. Skills can be endorsed by your connections, which can add a layer of validation to them, making you a better candidate for certain jobs. You can list your certifications, leadership positions, and past employment for proprietors to see as well. Other valuable features are groups and recommendations.

Recommendations are statements from past employers, professors, co-workers, et cetera and give potential employers insight about you that you yourself may not be able to display. Groups connect you with professionals in the same field or that have similar interests and are used to share information and amplify your voice by sending messages en masse. While LinkedIn may seem like a bastion for the unemployed, it can only give what you put in. So, if you do not put effort into your page or networking, you will not magically get a job at a Fortune 500 company. LinkedIn also has a major problem with scammers who prey on college students that are eager to find internships and jobs relevant to their field. LinkedIn also has a membership system that puts “free” users at a disadvantage since they do not have access to the various advanced features (reference searches, instant messaging system, etc.) that members do. LinkedIn, while having its downsides, is a good investment (even if you just put your basic information down) for anyone who wants to meet and network with new people in various fields of study. Its basic features are good enough to make using the site a no-brainer.

known as carbonyls, which include formaldehyde and acrolein. Acrolein is especially concerning because it has been linked to increased risk of cardiovascular disease among users. Based on a study done by the UK Department of Health, e-cigarettes are considered safer than the traditional tobacco cigarette because they do not involve combustion reaction. The study also mentioned that e-cigarettes have the potential to be an alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes. However, the American Heart Association also confirmed the sentiment because e-cigarettes do not contain as much less harmful ingredients than usual tobacco based items. The lack of combustion in e-cigarettes makes them safer because there is less risk of second hand smoking and because inhaling vapor is less consequential than inhaling smoke. This point of view is also shared by, which is the world’s largest pro-vaping

website. General consensus among public health officials is that the use of vaping devices would not be nearly as alarming if it were merely used as a substitute for traditional cigarettes. However, many e-cigarette users, especially adolescents, start with the product as a gateway to other potentially hazardous behaviors. Data from a study conducted by the National Institute on Drug Abuse provides evidence for this claim, reporting that nearly 31% of vaping device users started smoking traditional cigarettes within six months. As the FDA has strengthened regulations on e-cigarette manufacturers and more data is collected regarding the health consequences of vaping, researchers caution that while current data suggests e-cigarettes are less dangerous than traditional cigarettes, they are not objectively safe.

Investing in Bitcoin By Ralph Legge | Staff Writer With the recent surge in prices it seems like everyone wants to know how they can invest in Bitcoin. The issue is there are not many people who understand Bitcoin let alone the best options for the everyday person. As a U.S. customer it is important to understand that only U.S. companies must abide by regulatory U.S. laws, so when looking to purchase Bitcoin the best way is from a U.S. based company. Two such companies, Coinbase and Gemini, dominate the market and have very easy layouts. These companies are the two most successful and easyto-use  eBay also provide alternatives to these sites but come with a high level of risk. Coinbase and Gemini have similar requirements for set-up. An email address, a photo ID such as a driver’s license, and a credit or debit card. These items are

needed by compliance standards set by the U.S. government and are part of a system of security in place to protect the site and you from fraud. Once you’ve signed up with one of these sites and purchase Bitcoin it is important to know that if you wish to have pure control of your Bitcoin, in case the site is down, or you wish to sell or trade on other exchange websites one should keep their Bitcoin on a hardware or software wallet, such as Ledger Nano or Exodus software wallet. However, this is suggested as an extra precaution and not necessary. Investing in Bitcoin is as simple as buying something on Amazon for the first time. With recent shifts in the market prices it looks like Bitcoin is really showing how wonderful of an investment tool it can be. Be safe, and invest in Bitcoin!



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Week of December 12, 2017

On-Campus Opinion Not quite “Humans of NJIT.”

What are you looking forward to in Winter Break?


By Marwa Moustafa | Senior Staff Writer


Ayisha Chowdhury

Computer Science Major | First-Year "A break from all the schoolwork and doing all the things I actually like to do, like making art pieces for my room. And sleeping."

4 5


David Liptsyn

3 3

Biology Major, Business Minor | Third-Year


Austin Mee

Tomiwa Kolawole

Computer Science Major | Second-Year

Computer Science Major | First-Year

"Spending time away from school to recharge. I also gonna do some volunteering that I do every year at a YMCA Camp Ockanickon. It's a children's camp."

"Time to relax. Just to get away from the stress by hanging out with family and friends at home."

"Looking forward to having more free time to work for my career and setting up a solid internship for the summer. It'll be lots of networking, lots of research about the industry, lots of learning. I want to do management consulting. I've been super busy with class, studying for exams, so it's really great to have more time to work on my career. But if you want a fun answer: snowboarding."

Left, Right & Middle Thoughts on Trump's First Year

By Quratulain Malik | Senior Staff Writer

By Akinlolu Aguda | Copy Editor

By Adrian Wong |Senior Staff Writer







President Trump has done well this first year of his presidency to the best of his ability, especially in his opinion, I believe. And although he may be progressing positively with his campaign propositions like reversing President Obama’s Greenhouse gasses release restrictions, repealing and replacing the affordable care act with a presumably more comprehensive and economically-sound plan, creating stricter international trade policies, and reforming the tax system in the country, I do not think that a lot of the decisions he has been making concerning these issues reflect the actual needs and desires of the majority of the population. His various attempts to adjust the insurance health systems have been met with quite articulate public bipartisan opposition. His rhetoric against respectable citizens of the country has often met similarly with uniform criticism, and his lack of proper attention to environmental issues as well as the quite uneconomic tax plan he proposes has also met with major opposition. With a term average approval rating currently trailing at 39%, he is twenty five points below the US average for elected presidents' 4th quarter. This does not reflect the ratings of a president who is performing well and is trusted by his people. If one compares President Trump’s campaign promises to his ongoing activities as president, I think President Trump is doing well working towards his goals. However, as president of a democratic people, I do not think President Trump has done enough for the good of United States citizens which after all, is the promise following his presidential campaign slogan, “America First.” For this lack of regard for the welfare of the American population, his presidency so far has not been a remarkable success in my view.

The first year under Trump has gone better than many have expected. The stock market has consistently hit record highs, and those who said they would leave the country have realized that America is still the best place to be. However, Trump still has many key promises that have yet to be completed. The major one is any form of immigration reform. Sanctuary cities are still receiving federal money, the border wall has not begun construction, and the travel ban has not been what he had promised. A District Judge recently undermined his ability to withhold federal money from sanctuary cities in a decision which allows cities like San Francisco to blatantly ignore federal law without any consequence. The border wall seems less and less likely as the weeks go by. There are still questions about how the wall will be paid for if it actually does end up existing. Finally, the travel ban is probably either too strict, or not strict enough depending on your views. Some will argue that the ban should restrict other majority-Muslim countries. It is worth noting that campaign promises are far from a guarantee. Trump’s first year has almost certainly been better than expected although he has yet to show his strong anti-immigrant stance that he used as the foundation of his campaign. Many Trump supporters would welcome new immigration policy with open arms in the upcoming year.

An embarrassing first year for President Trump as he consistently, and negatively, broke social and political barriers. Just think about the first few days of his candidacy – the U.S. was humorous. A celebrity, a millionaire with money inherited from his father, and several failed businesses? That Donald Trump? We would learn that it was that Donald Trump indeed that would go on to win the election, but the reaction for that was not humor – it was fear. The once-Democratic man became a conservative puppet. The beginning of his candidacy started with marches across the U.S., citizens protesting his incompetency and ignorance. From his cabinet appointees and their scandals, to the approval to the Keystone Pipeline, the Wall and deportation of Mexican immigrants, the coined Muslim ban, the repeal of the Affordable Care Act and inability to denounce neo-Nazis, Trump has, in this year alone, created more chaos in this country.



Week of December 12, 2017



Reintroducing Thor: The God of wisecracks By Aishat Aminu | Staff Writer

Thor: Ragnarok is not a serious film and it does not pretend to be one. The third film in the franchise, Ragnarok took the God of Thunder in a direction many fans never expected with director Taika Waititi at the helm. The Thor franchise is usually known for its very serious and often dark portrayal of Thor and his adventures; however, with gags and wisecracks, Waititi was able to transport his audience into an adventurous epic like none before it. Imprisoned and forced to fight gladiator-style in Sakar–a planet in the farthest part of the universe– without his trusty hammer, Thor must find a way to escape and stop the witch Hela from wreaking havoc on Asgard and causing Ragnarok – a world ending event. Even though the subject matter is pretty heavy and stakes are higher than they have ever been, Thor treats the impending events

with such levity that it is almost too easy to forget that they are trying to stop an apocalypse from occurring. Despite being a comedy, Thor: Ragnarok deals with pretty serious themes throughout the entirety of the movie. A very prominent theme is brotherhood. In this movie, Thor again has to deal with his relationship with his brother Loki. However, as Loki is not the main antagonist in Ragnarok, we are able to see their relationship for what it is: dysfunctional and ever evolving, with Thor and Loki even getting to share some really tender moments and act like regular siblings. We also get to see a more tender side to Loki who lost his mother in Thor: The Dark World and is faced with losing his home in Ragnarok. Thor himself has undergone changes as he is no longer the spoiled child that he was in the first movie or the naïve hero he

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

By Jonpierre Grajales | Senior Staff Writer Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is the newest addition to the Animal Crossing franchise and has brought the charm and gameplay to mobile devices around the globe! The game centers around the player building up their campsite and camper with various furniture categorized under four branches: cute, cool, sporty, or natural. The same goes for the 40 different NPCs that the player can befriend by giving them gifts and talking to them. Gifts vary from bugs and fish to fruits and shells. Players can gather these items from four different areas that contain distinct resources. For example, one is focused on fishing and collecting shells and coconuts, while another gives players a chance to hunt for bugs. On the technical side, like many mobile games, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp can drain your battery quickly, which hinders gameplay. To get furniture, you can either craft or buy it from the shop using Bells (one type of currency in the game, which can be earned through completing quests and leveling up friendship levels). To craft furniture you must have the collected materials needed to generate it and enough bells to pay Cyrus and Reese (of the on-thego mobile craft workshop, “Retail on the Road”). The downside of crafting is that it takes real-world

time to build. Let’s say you want to craft a jungle gym, it can take three hours to build and the only way to speed it up is by using Leaf Tickets, which are obtainable by completing timed or stretch goals or purchasable through Tom Nook with real money. The multiplayer aspect of the game only involves players visiting each other’s campers and campsites and giving kudos. There’s no real interaction, which is a bit disappointing. While the game is fun for the first few days, it gets boring at an alarming rate. The constant fetch quests and time barriers to gather materials feed into this problem and make the game feel like a chore. While other Animal Crossing games may have fetch quests, they also have a lot more variety and freedom given to the player. Chopping trees, planting plants, and other features were removed in Pocket Camp and instead items like fishing nets and honey were added (which make gameplay a bit faster). Villagers, although more are being added, lack variety (getting categorized in cute, cool, sporty, or natural), but make up for it with their personality. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is a great addition to the franchise. If you enjoy fetch quests, I encourage you to play, but don’t expect a full Animal Crossing successor.

was in the second; Ragnarok sees him maturing and becoming very much like his father. The theme of brotherhood is once again present in Thor’s relationship with The Hulk. Hulk, who left Earth in Avengers 2, is now worshipped in Sakar as a champion. The arrival of Thor forces Hulk to confront the demons he left behind in Earth, his role in the Avengers, and his relationship with Thor. In Sakar, Thor and Hulk are able to bond and strengthen their relationship, making them closer than they were before. The movie gives us the closest thing we may ever get to a Planet Hulk movie. The movie also features The Grandmaster–an elder of the universe and brother to The Collector. Channeling comic creator, Jack Kirby, amongst others, Waititi gives us epic ‘80s visuals and an awesome ‘80s soundtrack to go with, not to

mention some truly colorful and stunning scenes and imagery. Ragnarok also ties in very well with the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s timeline. Thor: Ragnarok is a solid movie, a great addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), and the redemption that the Thor franchise so badly needed. A problem with the movie is that it has one too many gags. Even its emotional moments are undercut by jokes, reminding the audience not to get too involved in the story. Another lesser problem is that the film follows a formula–the Marvel formula. Although it is a formula that has been working for them, it does get a bit tiring seeing the same thing happen over and over again across the MCU. Regardless, Ragnarok is a great movie and definitely worth the watch.

As an Egyptian, As a Muslim By Quratulain Malik | Senior Staff Writer As you kneel in prayer you do not expect to be splayed with bullets and blown up. For the anti-Islam people out there – is this enough proof for you? Three hundred and five people are dead, and one hundred and twentyeight lie in a hospital recovering from wounds that are not only physical, but emotional as well. Every man, woman, child, and even terrorist were Muslims. To open fire on a group of people so vulnerable in a community space is truly a horrid act. Recently in Cairo, Egypt, three hundred and five people were killed, and one hundred and twenty-eight were injured in a mosque. Nothing has happened in Egypt on this scale before, with hundreds of lives lost. Men, women, and children of faith gathered at this mosque to pray the holy Friday prayer that is equivalent to Sunday services in Christian religions. ISIS militants infiltrated the mosque during prayer by throwing an explosive into the crowd of people. They then began to shoot random bullets into the crowd. This is not the only tragedy to have hit Egypt this past year. In January, gunmen drove a large truck into a police checkpoint in the Sinai Peninsula, killing nine people. As violence escalates in Egypt due to insurgencies and government, journalists and other media personnel have been targeted by insurgent groups.

More unrest was created in March when former dictator Hosni Mubarak was released from jail after being held there for the corruption and abuse that occurred during his reign. President Trump showed support for the current Egyptian president, Abdel Fatteh elSisi when he came to the U.S. visit in April of this year. Civil unrest in Egypt is partly due to the authoritarian “democratic” rule in Egypt. After the aforementioned attack, there came the largely publicized suicide bombings of two Coptic churches in Tanta on Palm Sunday. There were forty-four casualties, all lives taken by ISIS. Following this deadly attack, a three-month state of emergency was declared in Egypt by the President. Not only violence, but intolerance has afflicted Egypt this year. Seven people were arrested at a concert for waving LGBTQ+ flags. Conservatism is as prevalent in Egypt as it is in the U.S., and again brought to light the lack of social freedoms in Egypt. This contributes to Egypt’s ongoing history with limiting the rights of the LGBTQ+ community. Amongst violence, intolerance, and terrorism, 2017 has been a difficult year for Egypt. However, there are countless instances of Egyptians banding together to fight the growing divides in their country. A surge of nationalism, and humanitarianism has also rippled across Egypt. For now, we can hope for better times.



Week of December 12, 2017

A Year In Review

The Journey of One Year with President Trump By Akinlolu Aguda | Copy Editor President Trump has not been an impressive president, at least not in my view from this past year. For one, he is not the kind who has shown keenness to uphold peace amongst his people. Aside from certain cases where he has chosen to grab all attention for himself, or to hit back against individuals who have “betrayed” him, time and time again, he has chosen to take party sides in important policy discussions regardless of the possible outcomes of the issue. Throughout his campaign and his presidency, he has rarely shown awareness of the social implications that his false declarations have on the world and the wellbeing of others. Neither has he shown convincing concern for the religious or political ramifications of some of the actions he has taking. For example, Trump recently declared Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, pushed the United States to pull out of the Paris agreement, unreservedly supported conduct accused political candidate, Roy Moore, for a seat in senate, and promoted a new tax plan that evidently does not help the condition of middle class Americans - these are all actions that do not count well for a leader of a democratic and forwardthinking people. Trump has not done enough in favor of less privileged groups or done much to defend the socially

oppressed. He honestly has not been a president for all people. But then, there is not much I can say about him without being excessively crude. He is a crowd pleaser, after all. He has been a president for his people, and in all honesty, it is hard to contest the possibility that he actually believes in his goals and the policies he promotes. It is only unfortunate that he has not taken the worries and needs of the rest of his population into good consideration. On the international scene, he leads an “America against the world” approach to trading deals, the one policy that perhaps can be argued to benefit American citizens. Most of the other things he has done have only contributed to the larger image of confusion that is his presidency. He hates, then loves China. He opposes and then supports NATO. He promotes an “America First” policy and then hardly hesitates in authorizing bomb attacks in Syria and Afghanistan. With regards to trustworthiness, his questionable actions in relation to the Russia Investigations, his withholding of his tax-return documents and lack of financial transparency, his insistent promotion of unproven facts and inaccurate retelling of happenings do not count well on his presidency either! I wish I could say he is at least a great president for his political

party, but I have not seen any work done in the past year that perhaps has positively impacted the lives of any of his average supporters. Also, it is hard to say what proportion of his party colleagues actually think The one group that perhaps is most pleased with his presidency are the wealthy individuals who would gain sumptuously from his new tax plan and reduced regulations on environmentally demanding activities like mining and fracking and release of greenhouse gases. For these people, I believe he has done well! However, these group of people are only a fraction of the American population. Without all these negatives, I think President Trump could very much be a better president for the people of the United States. In sum, I do not think President Trump has done a terrific job with promoting a united nation so far in his presidency; neither do I think well of his minimum attempts to improve the welfare of the citizens of his country. These are aspects of a presidency that I think are important, and for President Trump, could be very much improved! Going into his second year, I hope he can become a better national leader by also improving his attitude towards opposing sides through enhanced receptiveness to criticism and debate and by engaging less in offensive rhetoric.



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Week of December 12, 2017

Mask of the Week: GRINCH Cut out the mask outline and eye holes! Tweet @TheNJITVector a photo of you wearing it.

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Week of December 12, 2017

Horoscopes PISCES




The day is good for people with curiosity and imagination - including you! Since you're not exactly in tip-top emotional shape, you'll be especially grateful for the gifts today brings.

Your radiance and brilliance upstage everyone else today. You're a star! Your wish is anyone's command. The people around you may be counting on you to be their leader.

You'll be very charming today. Your seductive powers will be at their maximum, and be most intense in your professional life. If you have wishes or dreams or want a raise, this is the time to express those desires.

This is the kind of day that makes luck come your way, especially where relationships are concerned. Perhaps a friend will introduce you to an exceptional person who helps fulfill your professional fantasies.





Take advantage of today to spend quality time in the cozy little nest you and your family enjoy so much. It's a happy, home-sweet-home kind of day. A healthy, peaceful atmosphere reigns and dispels domestic tensions.

You feel romantic and sexy today, but you won't have the opportunity to do anything about it. You may be temporarily separated from the special someone in your life, or a potential romantic partner might not be available.

You're in the process of learning how to dream again. These last few months have been hard because your possibilities have felt limited. You've done a lot of work recently to try to align your fantasy life with reality.

If the atmosphere has been tense for the last few days, you may notice that things are significantly improved today. You may even succeed in exchanging pleasantries with people you've always had a hard time talking to before.





You may have been gloomy lately, but today should restore your good spirits. You can embark on your journey with full confidence in its astrological aspects.

Today you may extend an invitation to someone close to visit you in your home, but don't count on the person being able to make it. Something may come up.

Today you're likely to get a nice surprise in a relationship, especially in your private life. Your companions may show their appreciation through some surprising act. In any case, you have a very good chance of finding yourself at the center of things, bowing under the spotlight, and dressed to the nines.

Are you determined to win the affections of a special person? Have you devoted a great deal of energy to that goal lately? Are you interested in reenergizing your marriage? Today is extremely auspicious for love.







Photo Credit: Njit Athletics

Week of December 12, 2017

Late Jumper Pushes Iona Past NJIT, 74-70 By NJIT Athletics NEWARK, N J — J u n i o r guard Rickey McGill hit the goahead jumper with 0:41 left to give the Iona Gaels (4-4) the lead for good in a 74-70 win over the NJIT Highlanders (5-5) on Saturday afternoon at the brandnew Wellness and Events Center (WEC). NJIT had tied the game at 68 apiece on a layup from Anthony Tarke with 1:14 to go. The Highlanders cut the lead to two at 72-70 with 0:09 left, but Iona's Schadrac Casimir sank a pair of free throws on the other end to stretch the lead for the Gaels back to four and account for the final margin of victory. The win snapped a five-game home winning streak for head coach Brian Kennedy's squad. A layup from Highlanders' sophomore guard Shyquan Gibbs tied the game at 66 with 3:01 left before McGill hit a layup with 2:30 left to play to make it a 68-66 game in favor of the Gaels.

Tarke paced the Highlanders with a season-high 21 points, while Gibbs and junior guard Diandre Wilsonadded nine points apiece. Freshman guard Shawndale Jones contributed seven points of his own off the bench. Tarke has now led NJIT in scoring in each of the past four games and has averaged 17.8 points per game during that stretch. Sophomore guard/forward E.J. Crawford led the way for Iona with 19 points on 6-of-9 shooting and was joined in double figures by McGill (17 points) and senior guard Deyshonee Much (15 points). The Highlanders shot 36.7% (2260) from the field and 7-23 (30.4%) from beyond the arc, while the Gaels were 26-58 (44.8%) from the field and 10-20 (50.0%) from deep. Much hit a jumper with 18:27 left to make it a 45-33 game in favor of the Gaels before NJIT embarked on a 29-16 run over the next nine minutes that was capped by a

Wilson layup to give the hosts a 62-61 advantage with 8:09 to play. In the first half, Tarke hit a pair of free throws to tie the game at 12 apiece with 11:11 left in the opening stanza before a 19-11 run for Iona capped by a Jan Svandrlik three-pointer opened up a 31-23 lead with just over six minutes left in the first half. NJIT would not get closer than five the rest of the half and Crawford buried a jumper in the final minute of the first half to make it a 40-31 game in favor of the Gaels heading into the locker room. The Highlanders outrebounded Iona by a 38-34 margin, led by 15 rebounds from junior forward Abdul Lewis. Much had seven rebounds to pace head coach Tim Cluess' squad. NJIT is back in action on Tuesday night when they head to Colgate to take on the Raiders (3-6) of the Patriot League. Opening tip from Cotterell Court is set for 7 p.m.



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