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Vol. XCIV Issue 13 Week of December 5, 2017

With Magnitude & Direction

Third-year architecture students speak out against recent studio culture and ask administration to make changes that benefit students’ physical and mental well-being. By Prasanna Tati | Editor-in-Chief


Photo Credit: Matt Casaverde | Cassidy Lavine

36% 18 $108 The Tuesday before Thanksgiving this year, dozens of architecture, or “archie” for short, students lined up outside of the laser cut room in hopes of being able to print portions of their final project one at a time. Over the long weekend, they turned to social media to express their discontent about having to camp out in hallways during Thanksgiving break for a chance to use machinery:


to express her disapproval of what she believes is “outdated” and unhealthy studio culture that has been elucidated by the third-year architecture studio’s recent project:

In response to the discontent, Interim Dean of the College of Architecture and Design (CoAD), Tony Schuman, asked for feedback and promised changes in studio culture at NJIT. The changes include online queues for using the laser cut room and electing spokespeople from each class to collaborate with professors, known as studio critics, to ensure studio work is assigned in a reasonable manner. The third year architecture studio’s soft deadline for a physical model was last Wednesday, November 29th; the hard deadline was Sunday, December 3rd at 6pm. According to a study by the University of Texas, architecture majors work the hardest out of all college majors in the United States. Alicia Fernandez, a thirdyear architecture student at NJIT says, “Staying up late in studio, sacrificing sleep, social events, and other classwork is almost like a rite of passage for archie students. It’s something you hate in the moment, but you’re proud of afterwards when you get through it with your peers.” Vice President of NJIT’s chapter of American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS), Elaine Gamolo, took to Twitter

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The laser cut room in Weston Hall has four laser cut machines available to students that can cost about $20-30 per hour. Add in the cost of fifty chipboard sheets and that amount almost triples by the hour. 86% of students laser cut their project, waited an average of almost 18 total hours in line, and spent an average of almost $108 on laser cutting alone, without the cost of chipboard included. About 36% of students decided to hand cut their project after having spent an average of 8 hours in line for a chance to laser cut for one hour. As a result, only 14% of students project they will finish their projects in time for the Sunday,

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of students finished by the soft deadline of students chose to hand cut their projects to avoid laser cut lines hours spent in line total, on average, to laser cut spent, on average, on laser cutting alone (excluding materials)

December 3rd, 6pm deadline. Students like Sebastian Faciolince, another third-year architecture student, who researched laser cut services outside of NJIT found that prices are even higher at nonNJIT laser cut service providers. Choosing to stick with NJIT’s services, Faciolince still paid over $500 to laser cut his model after standing in line multiple times. A great deal of the expenses come from how detailed and complex the models themselves are. A student in the same studio, Joanna Khater, disclosed that she has $30 left in her bank account after spending several hundred on her project. “I don’t even know if I can buy food if I’m hungry, because I still need to buy more supplies for my project,” she says. Keith Scheideler, yet another a third-year architecture student, chose to hand cut parts of his model to avoid laser cut costs and lines. However, this process is time consuming, too. “You’re not going to get the same quality if you hand cut, but you still have to take your time. I had to have my friend help me out in order to be less behind,” says Scheideler. Professors who are grading projects tend to be understanding when it comes to the crossroads of project quality and finances. “If you communicate with your crit about your situation and that maybe you don’t have the budget for a higher quality project, they’re not going to dock your grade. It’s about your ideas, not how expensive your model is,” continued Schneider. As students struggled to

complete their projects on Wednesday, Interim Dean Schuman sent a memo stressing that recognizing the importance of physical and mental well-being of students is a top priority. A few of the crucial changes include: • Students will no longer have to camp out in hallways; the laser cut machinery queue will be entirely online. • Each student will be allowed to cut for a maximum of one hour. If they need to cut any more, they have to enter the online queue once again to gain another hour of cutting time. • Each studio will elect a spokesperson who will communicate with studio professors about what a reasonable amount of work to assign within a deadline that does not conflict with the week of final exams and/or papers is. • Studio professors are not to treat studio work as more important than other coursework. Note: To view Interim Dean Schuman’s full memo, please visit In response to Interim Dean Schuman’s memo, most students are hopeful that the new administration will ensure these changes are effective and followed through with. “In the past, we’ve heard about changes that would be made that never actually ended up happening. I have a good feeling that the new administration will actually implement these important changes though,” says Matteo Ferraro, another student in the third-year architecture studio.

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Week of December 5, 2017


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Net Neutrality

Operational Advisor Anthony LaViscount Faculty Advisor Miriam Ascarelli EXECUTIVE BOARD Editor-in-Chief Prasanna Tati Executive Editor Steve Arciniega Castro Managing Editor Babatunde Ojo Business Manager Shravanthi Budhi business-manager@njitvector. com Web and Multimedia Editor Cassidy Lavine multimedia-editor@njitvector. com Photography Editor Regee Lozada photography-editor@njitvector. com SENIOR STAFF Copy Editors Akinlolu Aguda Karen Ayoub Colin Bayne Shuhrah Chowdhury Katrina David Nanditha Lakshmanan Amisha Naik Scott Rogust Layout Assistant Kaylin Wittmeyer Photography Assistant Yagiz Balkay

What It Is, Why It's In Danger, And How You Can Help By Jonpierre Grajales | Senior Staff Writer Net Neutrality is yet again being targeted by Congress and the Federal Communications Commission. While this war on internet freedom has been going on since the 1980s (the birth of the commercial internet), many Americans still do not know what the debate is about. In 2015, the Open Internet Order was enacted, which classified internet services providers as common carriers and made the internet neutral. These net neutrality rules protected consumers and required broadband providers (like AT&T and T-Mobile) to provide customers with equal access to all content on the internet. The FCC has announced that they will vote on whether to reclassify broadband internet as a Title I Information Service or a Title II Common Carrier. Title II services are regulated more and held to standards like gas, electricity, and telephone providers. Title I services are regulated less and do not have to report statistics, like packet loss, location disclosures, and performance at peak usage times, and more. Ajit Pai, the chairman of the FCC, supports the change, claiming

that net neutrality puts a great burden on the companies and deters investment in broadband networks and their infrastructure. He also believes that prior to the 2015 bill, the companies did not do any throttling, blocking, or prioritization of content, and that instead of having the net neutrality regulations, ISPs could just agree not to do these things (essentially a pinky promise). It is important to note that Ajit Pai was a lawyer for Verizon, an ISP who supports the removal of net neutrality. Historically, internet service providers have been treading a fine line with net neutrality regulations and have been shown to cross them. In 2011, Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint blocked Google Wallet to prevent competition with their mobile-payment app, Isis. In 2012, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings accused Comcast of restricting access to the entertainment company’s site to protect their own service. Incidents like these were rampant and made customers lives more difficult. These incidents unfairly distributed information, in many cases in favor of the ISP.

These past few weeks, many Americans took to the web and protested online, in both peaceful and aggressive ways. Many created petitions and linked them to various social media websites to garner attention. Others urged users to call their congressman in order to show that the people want net neutrality, and to form groups in their local community to ensure that this problem doesn't occur again (and if it does, to fight against it once more). These methods and more are civil compared to some of the death threats that fringe extremists are using to protect net neutrality. A recent news report showed that a New York man was arrested when he called Representative John Katko (who supports the change) and made threats against him and his family. In New Jersey, the representatives who are currently against net neutrality are Albio Sires and Leonard Lance. Senators Booker, Watson Coleman, Pallone, and Payne have announced that they are for net neutrality. The rest are still undecided. To see a realtime stance checker, you can go to

Here at NJIT, although there is no protest or mass hysteria going on, students are still informed and disgruntled by the FCC. In an interview with Raihan Suifan, a first year Mechanical Engineering major, he stated that he believes if the FCC does get the regulation passed “it would go against the First Amendment because, for instance, Comcast can charge more for one source of information that goes against their agenda, which can warp the people’s sense of reality”. Suifan said that he is following the news and urges others to “protest, petition, and phone [your congressman]”. In another interview, Yash Rana, a second year Applied Physics and Computer Science major, passionately talked about the topic. He worries that the FCC will cause prices to use the internet to skyrocket and that the American people will “complain about slow internet speeds”. He also believes that it will lead to more congressman having more dirty money lining their pockets and a rise in corruption.

On December 14, 2017, the commission will vote on the destiny of net neutrality.

Sports Editor Scott Rogust Senior Staff Spencer Asral Jonpierre Grajales Shanee Halevi Yasmine Ibrahim Daniil Ivanov David Korty Victoria Nguyen Ujjwala Rai Beshoy Shokralla Siri Uppuluri Adrian Wong

POLICE BLOTTER NJIT Vector Summary 12/1/2017 For 11/20/17 through 11/30/17

Times Shown are Times Reported Memory of Dr. Herman A. Estrin and Roger Hernande z



11:00PM NJIT Employee reported the theft of a row of seats from a University Van. The seats were removed and left outside Weston Hall when they were taken.

7:17PM Officers extinguished a trashcan fire in front of Redwood Hall.



3:59PM A non-affiliate was arrested for Open warrants subsequent to a Motor Vehicle Stop on MLK Blvd and Orange Street.

2:45PM Officers were dispatched to Nuttman and New Street due to fight in progress. A non-affiliate was subsequently arrested for being Disorderly and Resisting Arrest. He was processed and released with a court date.




Week of December 5, 2017

AROUND THE WORLD The World This Week


By Ujjwala Rai | Senior Staff Writer

North Korea


North Korea’s Kim Jong Un ordered a 3 a.m. launch of the Hwasong-15 missile, on the morning of Wednesday, 29th November and the missile reached the highest altitude ever recorded by a North Korean missile. The country’s state media called the new missile “the most powerful ICBM” and has declared that it “meets the goal of the completion of the rocket weaponry system development” The media also claimed that the newly successfully tested intercontinental ballistic missile is topped with a “super-large heavy warhead”, which is capable of striking the US mainland. The Hwasong-15 covered 4,475 kilometers (2,800 miles) in the sky in 53 minutes, before splashing down in waters off the coast of Japan, North Korea said. This launch was the first in two months, since September and North Korea went through with the launch despite the repeated warnings from President Donald Trump who told reporters at the White House after the launch that US “will handle” the situation.

Bollywood movie Padmavati has been a cause of protests and distress lately in the country and the Supreme Court has now rejected a petition to ban the International release of the movie. The movie is a period drama, set in the 14th Century and is the story of the life of queen Padmavati, who was a Hindu Queen and the crazed obsession of a Muslim ruler over her. The protests have been caused by Hindu groups and Rajput organizations who allege that the movie showcases a romantic scene between the queen and the Muslim ruler, Alauddin Khilji among others. This goes against history as well as the honor of the community which is why people have become so aggressive. The filmmakers have denied all allegations. Some of the organizations have put out a bounty on the lead actress- Deepika Padukone and the director Sanjay Leela Bhansali. The lawyer who filed the petition for the banning of the international release of the movie had also filed a petition of the banning of the release of the film in India which also got rejected. The film was originally slated for release on the 1st of December but now has been infinitely delayed.







The royal family has officially announced the engagement of Prince Harry and American actress Meghan Markle. The announcement statement included that Meghan intends on becoming a UK citizen after marriage and the marriage will take place in the Windsor Castle in May next year. A spokesperson has said that Meghan intends to keep her US citizenship through the process of transitioning as the process is known to take several years but it is too early to say if she wants dual citizenship.

As the Church of England allows divorcees to remarry, the church wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will take place without any obstacles at the St, George’s Church in Windsor. Markel was previously married to film producer Trevor Engelson from 2011 to 2013. The couple will live in the Nottingham Cottage on the grounds of the Kensington Palace, the official residence of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Markle, who is currently working in the legal drama Suits as Rachel Zane, will leave the show after season 7.

Libya Migrants in Libya will be evacuated and sent back to their home countries after a video footage emerged showing Libyan migrants being sold as slaves. Hundreds of thousands of people cross the Sahara to reach Europe and only a few thousand make it. Those who survive it, arrive virtually penniless to Libya, which makes them vulnerable for slave trade. A formal investigation was launched by Libya and they found out that migrants are sold as farm laborers for as little as $400. The migrants trapped in Libyan detention centers have described it as “hell-like” Nigeria has repatriated its citizens and 240 of them were voluntarily flown out on Tuesday. Ghana repatriated more than 100 of its citizens.

Tech Talk

Too many streaming subscriptions!

Netflix v. Hulu v. Amazon Prime Video By Quratulain Malik | Staff Writer

ENG 352- SL2 ESL Section


6 pm to 9:05

This course satisfies the "Open Elective" requirement in Humanities and Social Sciences in the General University Requirements (GUR). 3 credits. Instructor-- Mr. John Egan

For more information--or if the section is closed--contact ESL Program Director: Dr. Jerry Paris 973-596-3282 Cullimore 422 / 416

Video streaming subscriptions have become so popular in our society that there are plenty of very good subscriptions to choose from. As we know, Netflix, perhaps the most popular video streaming subscription, has become prevalent in pop culture. In 2015, the phrase “Netflix and chill” – a suggestive phrase that actually does not imply people innocently watching videos together – became popular among internet users. This was a massive and inadvertent promotion of the streaming website/application, and in turn became a social media staple. No one can deny the impact of Netflix on our generation, but many consider it to have a lousy and limited selection of options. Other streaming subscriptions, like the most recent Hulu and Amazon Prime Video, are

preferred websites/applications for consumers. Hulu, which was created in 2007, is the newest of the three streaming subscriptions. Hulu was made primarily for television show lovers who prefer a more convenient way to watch their favorite shows. The demand for more options has increased, causing Hulu to be advertised frequently making it a popular website competing with Netflix in the consumer pool. Amazon Prime Video is in competition for being the most cost-effective streaming subscription out there. Firstly, the company Amazon itself offers students (like you) a free six-month trial to their Prime membership. The membership includes faster shipping speeds, access to specific Prime deals and products, and full access to every movie and show in the Amazon Video library. Amazon Prime

encompasses so many different needs apart from providing its streaming services, making it an ideal service for those looking to save money. Every streaming subscription is different from the other, and each offers different advantages and disadvantages. For example, Hulu only offers one-screen only streaming, while Amazon Video offers two, and Netflix offers up to four. Amazon Video is the most expensive standalone subscription, while Netflix and Hulu are tied with their prices. With choices, we can often become overwhelmed, but understanding the nuances of each subscription can help us make more informed decisions. However, Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Video are all great, and relatively inexpensive, options for the average college student and/ or economical consumer.



Week of December 5, 2017


Preventative Health Tips What Supplements (if any) Should I Be Taking? By Marzia Rahman | Copy Editor & By Siri Uppuluri | Senior Staff Writer

A quick stroll through any health food store involves a sensory overload: aisles upon aisles of similarly packaged containers filled with different nutritional supplements, each promising to aid in maintaining your overall health and wellbeing in its own unique way. Does fish oil come from actual fish? Isn’t melatonin already produced naturally by the body? Don’t magnesium and zinc only belong on the Periodic Table? Who is Saint John, and what is his Wort? For the average layperson, nutritional supplements are a gray area of health. The phrase “vitamins and nutrients” is as vague as it is overused, and while nutritional supplements sound promising with their self-proclaimed ability to improve an individual’s health or aid in addressing a particular nutritional deficiency, their actual effectiveness is dubious. According to the FDA, a “dietary supplement” is a product intended for consumption which contains a “dietary ingredient” to add further nutritional value to help supplement the diet. Examples of dietary supplements includes vitamins and minerals.

Vitamins are organic compounds that are required for proper growth and development; there are both water soluble and fat soluble vitamins. Minerals are inorganic compounds that are also needed for proper growth and development; minerals include things like potassium, sodium and iron. While it is easy to be overwhelmed by the seemingly endless list of supplements available in any health food store, it is important to remember the recommended dietary guidelines for those vitamins and nutrients that supplements claim to provide before rushing to purchase and take any of them. The recommended nutrient intake varies by age and gender, however, the National Institutes of Health's Office of Dietary Supplements identifies three different measurements to help describe the daily recommended intake of nutrients: Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDA), Adequate Intake (AI), and Daily Value (DV). The NIH has published a full, comprehensive list of DV information for different macronutrients, vitamins, and elements on the NIH website.

However, for your quick reference, below is an abbreviated list of DV values for some of those nutrients, vitamins, and elements for which nutritional supplements are most popular, in addition to the supposed supplement dosages: It is important to note that while these values may appear to indicate that taking the associated supplement for a particular vitamin or element would take care of your nutritional need for that vitamin or element for several days, there is no conclusive scientific evidence that supplements have measurable health benefits. A closer look at any supplement container reveals the disclaimer that is mandated by the FDA: that the product is not intended to “diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease”. This disclaimer is necessary because supplements cannot be legally considered as drugs. In addition, the vast majority of vitamins, macronutrients, and elements that humans need can be obtained through diet alone, without the need for supplements. Results from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey reveals trends in common nutrient and vitamin deficiencies

in the American population. According to the report, of the nutrients listed in the survey, “the most people had vitamin B6, iron, and vitamin D deficiencies, and the fewest people had vitamin A, vitamin E, and folate deficiencies.” Furthermore, it is important to highlight that even for the vitamin with the highest rate of deficiency, vitamin B6, only about 10.5% of the survey sample were deficient in it. Overall, the report found that “less than 10% of the U.S. population had nutritional deficiencies for selected indicators.” However, most nutritional deficiencies varied by age, gender, or race/ ethnicity. Specifically, the report found that vitamin D deficiency is closely related to race/ethnicity, as rates of deficiency for the particular vitamin were found to be significantly higher in nonHispanic black and MexicanAmerican individuals when compared to non-Hispanic white people. Though dietary supplements are sold in almost all stores, it best to research which brands and from which store to buy to make sure you are getting authentic and verified ingredients. In 2015, an article published in CNN Money,

by Gregory Wallace asserted that stores like Walmart, Walgreens, and Target were selling “herbal supplements” which didn’t actually contain any of the ingredients of the purported herb at all. Supplements like ginseng and echinacea were tested. Tests also revealed that manufacturers failed to list allergens such as wheat in the supplement and were using some kind of fillers and “contaminants” as substitutes. It is important to note that the FDA does not regulate herbal supplements as food and drugs but as “dietary supplements”. And under these rules, makers of dietary supplements do not have to ask the FDA for approval prior to selling the product. Conclusive scientific evidence that supplements are actually effective remains to be found. While it is true that certain vitamin and nutrient deficiencies can be identified in the American Diet, the CDC advises that these deficiencies should be addressed through diet and incorporation of foods rich in those nutrients the individual is lacking.


Daily Value

Average Dosage per 1 Supplement Tablet

Vitamin C


90 Miligrams

1000 Milligrams

Vitamin B12


2.4 Micrograms

1000 Micrograms



1300 Milligrams

600 Milligrams

Vitamin D


20 Micrograms

25 Micrograms



18 Milligrams

65 Milligrams

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Week of December 5, 2017

On-Campus Opinion Not quite “Humans of NJIT.”

What was your favorite part of this semester? By Marwa Moustafa | Senior Staff Writer

2 1

3 3

Kuwait Wheagar

1 Catherine Yong

Interior Design Major | Freshman "The club I'm a part of, the Chinese Students Association, held a Halloween event in Weston Hall. We had karaoke, candy pong, and ring toss. It was really fun since I've never had a karaoke party. There were about 20-30 people. It was my favorite part of the semester."

4 4

Robert Mammon

IT Major | Sophomore

Business Major | Sophomore

"I'm a transfer student, so it's my first semester here. My favorite part has been meeting new people. NJIT has a really friendly successful environment. There's a lot of ambitious people willing to help you out. I made plenty of friends. NJIT is great! I love it here."

"I'd say my favorite part of this semester has been dance class. We do hip hop and jazz dance. It was something different from the regular college courses. Really fun!"


Jennifer Hlavac

Management Information Systems Junior "My favorite thing about this semester has been hanging out with my sorority, Sigma Psi Kappa. I recently became a sister last semester, so it's been really great bonding with all the other girls this semester. We made a whole bunch of events, a lot of bake sales. We hung out outside of classes, of course. Whether it'd be at intrinsic or just grabbing sushi, to even just sleeping over each other’s houses. It's honestly been a great experience."

The Beauty of Teamwork

By Carmel Rafalowsky | Staff Writer The word teamwork relates to cooperation and being in a group when working to accomplish a goal. Nowadays, all fields of study and work encourage teamwork because many examples show that teamwork saves time, effort and can lead to better results. Now you know why your professor made your final group project or presentation worth 20% of your final grade. This might be bad if the whole group is a part of the procrastinator club. But, the teamwork and effort made to finish the project will teach you something that will positively affect you.

In school, workplace, or life in general, people always think that the best group is the one which has the smartest people. However, through my personal experience and the anecdotes I hear from other people (of different age groups and even doing different things in life), I found that a good team in any field is the one whose people are the most committed and determined to do their work. The general rule is that committed people end up great. Aside from commitment, other characteristics are still important. A successful team has people with clear goals and

“Teamwork makes the dream work”

approaches. Members have to know the expected result of their work, and more clearly why they are doing this work. Also, each member should be assigned a role according to personal skills and capacity. This makes work a lot easier, as everyone will be responsible for doing something in his/her area of interest. Share positivity and optimism and never underestimate anyone’s work! Having a positive atmosphere is very important. Team members should never detract from each other's selfesteem. There should also be open communication between people who make up a team. Communication makes life easier, so it will make teamwork easier as well. It gives members the

opportunity to understand one another better and handle issues in a smoother way. For the most part, I enjoy working in a group rather than solo. Teamwork and cooperation allows for more socialization and makes it easier to get to know others. A Lifetime friendship’s first step can be your conversation with a partner regarding your group project presentation. Teamwork also teaches me a lot. I usually end up learning about something new whether it is about the topic we are working on or that SAC is giving free coffee and donuts! So enjoy your time and work with a group! You are guaranteed to learn something new.



Week of December 5, 2017

Left, Right & Middle Thoughts on Net Neutrality

By Adrian Wong |Senior Staff Writer

By Quratulain Malik | Staff Writer By Carmel Rafalowsky | Staff Writer



L The internet is an important source of data for almost every single person on this planet. Net neutrality, which has been a largely debated topic even within political parties, is becoming a prevalent problem again. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is proposing the elimination of net neutrality provisions, engaging Congress to make a decision soon. If you don’t already know, net neutrality prohibits any and all network providers from increasing/decreasing network due to bias towards different providers on the internet. For example, if net neutrality was eliminated, a certain news, music, or clothing site would be preferred more than another, giving one faster internet speed to reach one website while slowing down, or even completely eliminating access for others. Larger service providers will have the ability to use a greater portion of the internet broadband by buying it. Without net neutrality, these websites will be able to create regulations for themselves without the government regulating their actions. The nonexistence of net neutrality would create more capitalism as service providers increase prices and exercise bias while consumers have to “deal with it”. The opinion is bipartisan - whether you are a liberal or conservative - we all need the net to remain neutral!

Conservative C

N The Internet should absolutely be neutral. Just take a moment to think of the Internet you know and rely on—in the blink of an eye, you can find all the information you want on any topic, from basic first aid to hedge fund management, and more. Without safeguards for net neutrality, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) can freely force customers to pay extra to reach certain sites and/or make site owners pay extra fees for their site to remain reachable. This goes against the principle and establishment of the Internet—a nonpartisan platform to share ideas, information, knowledge, and communicate with our fellow man in real time, no matter the physical distance. I don’t believe this is a political issue. Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Anarcho-Capitalists— no one seeks to gain from erasure of net neutrality aside from the corporations already in power. And they seek to do this at the detriment to society at large.

Dear Highlander: an NJIT advice column

The three main points of net neutrality are that internet service providers (ISPs) should not be able to block certain law-abiding websites, should not be able to slow down (throttle) service to websites, and should not be able to accept money in exchange for faster service. I agree that ISPs shouldn’t block any legal use of the internet and should not throttle service, however ISPs should be able to charge more for faster download speeds or for more bandwidth. There is no reason why a major website like Netflix which uses massive bandwidth shouldn’t be paying for its high use. Websites should also be able to make exclusive partnerships with ISPs for exceptionally fast access speed, because the ban on throttling and blocking would still make these sites accessible to all users at a fair speed. Also, ISPs should be allowed to charge end users more for faster download speeds. If an individual wants to download things faster, they should be able to pay money to do so. All of this can only exist when there is ample competition between ISPs. The competition would drive down the price of access and the price of bandwidth. The biggest problem is that most Americans have two or fewer choices of highspeed ISPs. Since there is very little competition, net neutrality is necessary to ensure that one or two ISPs do not take advantage of their near monopolies by forcing users and websites to pay an unreasonably high price.

Dear Wanna-Make-a-Difference, There are plenty of places to go on campus if you want to volunteer! There are many serviceoriented groups on campus, and there are many stand-alone volunteer events on campus as well. We will go through some groups first, and then how to find stand-alone volunteer events. First off, since you were involved with Key Club in high school, I think the first group that you should try to join is Circle K. Circle K is the collegiate version of Key Club, and organizes many different types of service activities. For example, over the past month Circle K has organized a donation drive to the Family Assistance Resource Center to provide victims of natural disasters with clothes, toiletries, and other essentials. They also have regular events with Friends in Need and Newark foodbanks. You can find out more about Circle K volunteer opportunities and join the group by e-mailing for more information.

Dear Highlander, Hi there! When I was in high school, I was quite heavily involved with service organizations. I did a lot of work as part of my high school’s Key Club and I volunteered at a retirement home on the weekends. I would really like to keep volunteering in some capacity while in college, but I don’t really know where to look to find places that I can volunteer at. Do you have any suggestions? Sincerely,

Another group, Global Brigades, is a student organization whose goal is to bring healthcare to under-served populations. In previous years, the group has gone to Nicaragua and Panama to help with medical clinics and other humanitarian services, and this academic year, the group is going to Ghana during the spring break, 2018. Global Brigades will be assisting in vision screenings, educating children on dental hygiene, and much more on this trip. If you do not wish to go on the trip itself, you can always help with fundraising for the project. If you have more questions, you can direct them to You could consider tutoring at the 13th Avenue Elementary School (located at 359 13th Avenue, Newark, NJ), or becoming an after-school STEM mentor at the Camden Street School (located 281 Camden Street, Newark, NJ). You can also volunteer with JerseySTEM, a non-profit organization that promotes educational programs that NJIT students can teach in. Some of these include Minecraft Edu, Girls Who Code, Underwater Robotics, and many more. For questions about these and more group volunteer opportunities, you can direct your questions to Ms. Alicia Feghhi, Assistant Director of Leadership and Professional Development for the Albert Dorman Honors College at Secondly, as you may know, you do not need to join a volunteer group in order to do volunteer work. Oftentimes, you’ll find random events going on right here on campus. Keep your eyes peeled for food bank events; you will often see flyers posted for sandwich making events out on the campus green. If you have friends in fraternities or sororities, see if you can get involved with the volunteer events they might be doing. The Career Development Service center is also a great resource for civic engagement projects. Contact Ms. Deborah Sims of the Community & Public Service division at for some stand-alone volunteer events to sign up for. It is awesome that you want to help for the greater good, best of luck! Sincerely, A Fellow Highlander





Week of December 5, 2017

Co-Op: From Gaming on the Couch to Gaming on the Web Multiplayer has become a crucial aspect of many gamers’ lives. From playing GoldenEye 007 on the Nintendo 64 to playing Overwatch on the internet, multiplayer has evolved immensely and has changed the way gamers can communicate and share their love of video games. One of the most iconic genres of multiplayer is co-op. Co-op multiplayer is typically defined as a mode that allows two or more players to work together and go up against Artificial Intelligence or solve a problem. Most of the time when people mention co-op, they remember the old days, when they would invite their friends over and play video games on the couch, or in an arcade full of games like Contra. Contra, one of the first games to implement multiplayer system, focuses on the “run and gun” style. It is the most notable game to use the Konami Code (UP UP DOWN DOWN LEFT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT B A Start) and it gives the

player 30 lives. One player plays as Bill (blond, white tank top, blue bandanna) and the other as Lance (dark-haired, red bandanna). The gameplay stays the same with its side-scrolling following the player who is leading. The addition of a secondary player gives the game more bullets on the screen and makes it seem much more action-packed. While run and gun games are bombastic and entertaining, sometimes people like to take their time and go slowly through mysteries or riddles. Portal 2 is the second installment of the Portal franchise and is known best for its tricky puzzles and use of online and local coop. The ability of a puzzle game to use effective co-op is very difficult because it can lead to tension between the two players, but Portal 2 does it magnificently. The character models are distinct, but they fit the game and make multiplayer seem as though it were the main game mode. The controls being adjusted for each

Photo Credit: Cassidy Lavine

By Jonpierre Grajales | Senior Staff Writer

player to control one of the portals made the game much more fun and enjoyable, also leading to many exploits. Overall, the game provides an excellent medium for two friends to go solve spatial problems. But it's only a twoplayer co-op. What if you want to play with four people? Left4Dead is a co-op first-person shooter focusing on zombie and horror elements. The game allows up to four players to play as survivors (Francis, a biker. Bill, a Vietnam veteran. Zoey, a


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college student. Louis, a manager) who must reach the safe house and rescue zone by any means necessary. It has a variety of weapons and enemies (ranging from the bloated Boomer to the long-clawed Witch), health packs and other healing items, and game modes. The game has an interesting dynamic between players because they can choose whether they want to revive their teammates or go one without them. This game is incredibly enjoyable if you

like zombie survival games and spurred many mods to be created to add onto the game. Although some of these games were released on different platforms (and at different times), they all share the same goal. To bring together gamers and provide them with a fun and entertaining experience. These are video game legends, and I highly recommend you reach out to your closest friend to play one of them online or in the same room!


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Week of December 5, 2017

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Week of December 5, 2017

Horoscopes PISCES




Group activities or get-togethers with friends may not go as well as usual today. You're feeling more reserved and perhaps preoccupied about a friend or romantic partner with whom you might be on the outs.

A touch of melancholy and moodiness might have you feeling distanced from your entourage and so you could throw yourself into solitary activities.

News of illness or employment problems on the part of someone you care about can have you feeling a bit down in the dumps today. A warm, loving letter or call from someone far away might cheer you.

The illness of a relative or neighbor might have you feeling downhearted today. The news is likely secondhand, so it might not be as bad as reported.





Information regarding spiritual or philosophical matters that may not be all that trustworthy may come your way. Don't take what you hear today at face value.

You feel romantic and sexy today, but you won't have the opportunity to do anything about it. You may be temporarily separated from the special someone in your life, or a potential romantic partner might not be available.

Overspending on luxury items might have you feeling the need to tighten your belt a little. This could make you feel downhearted. Don't blame yourself too much. We all do this from time to time.

Friends or groups could make excessive demands on your time today. As a generous and serviceoriented person, you tend to go along with what others want.





A separation from the special someone in your life, perhaps because of a minor disagreement, could have you feeling melancholy today.

Today you may extend an invitation to someone close to visit you in your home, but don't count on the person being able to make it. Something may come up.

Minor family problems might make you gloomy today. Perhaps a family member is away, or there may have been some petty squabbles in your household.

Though you're usually outgoing, today you might feel more shy and reserved, perhaps because of melancholy thoughts about love or friendship.







Week of December 5, 2017

Highlanders Hold On Late to Edge LIU Brooklyn, 73-69 By NJIT Athletics NEWARK, N J — J u n i o r

forward Abdul Lewis hit a free throw with 14 seconds left to ice the game and the NJIT Highlanders (4-2) notched their third straight win for the first time in nearly a year with a 73-69 victory over the LIU-Brooklyn Blackbirds (2-6) on Tuesday night at the Wellness and Events Center (WEC) in Newark. This marks NJIT's first ever win over LIU-Brooklyn and the Highlanders have now won four straight at the WEC. Head coach Brian Kennedy's squad has won three straight contests for the first time since Dec. 22, 2016-Jan. 4, 2017. With the win, NJIT has matched the best six-game start in program history at 4-2 set in 2012-13 and tied in 2013-14. Lewis' free throw came on the heels of the Blackbirds having two chances to tie the game at 72 apiece, but Jashaun Agosto and Zach Coleman came up short on triples that would have evened things. The Highlanders led 72-66 with 1:32 to play before LIU-Brooklyn

cut it to a one-possession game on a trio of free throws and had their chances to tie the game in the final minute. The game was a back-and-forth affair during which neither team led by more than nine points. After the Blackbirds' Joel Hernandez hit a layup to give the visitors the lead at 48-47 with 15:42 to play, Anthony Tarke converted a layup of his own on the other end to give NJIT the lead for good and kickstart a 13-3 run. The Highlanders led 60-51 at the 11:25 mark, but LIU-Brooklyn wouldn't go away and a bucket from Raul Frias brought them within one at 67-66 with 3:51 remaining. Lewis recorded his ASUNleading third double-double of the season with a game-high 23 points and 18 rebounds -- one point shy of his career-high scoring output set at Florida Gulf Coast on Jan. 21, 2017, and one rebound short of his NJIT single-game record of 19 set Jan. 19, 2017 at Stetson. Fifteen of the Newark native's 23 tallies came in the second half.

"This was a big game. Abdul [Lewis] played his heart out and led us to victory tonight," said Brian Kennedy, whose team outscored LIU, 42-36, in the paint. "I'm so proud of Abdul -- how far he's come and how well he's playing. I love to coach him every day. Junior guard Diandre Wilson added 16 points of his own on 6-of9 shooting for the Highlanders. NJIT shot an even 50.0% (2958) from the floor, while holding LIU-Brooklyn to 37.7% (20-53) shooting. Hernandez and sophomore guard Julian Batts led a quartet of Blackbirds in double figures with 13 points apiece, while junior guard/forward Raiquan Clark added 12 and Agosto contributed 11 of his own. With things tied at seven apiece in the early going, Lewis hit a layup to kick off a 10-2 spurt that opened up a 17-9 advantage for the Highlanders with 13:07 left in the opening stanza. LIU Brooklyn answered with a 27-15 run of their own that was

capped by two free throws from Clark to make it a 36-32 game at the 2:13 mark. Donovan Greer's triple on the other end brought NJIT back within one and started a 9-2 run in the final 90 seconds that gave the hosts a 41-38 lead heading into the locker room. "Tonight, I just wanted to come out and be aggressive," said Lewis, who leads the ASUN in rebounding at 11.3 boards per game. "My teammates instill confidence in me; coach 'BK' instills a lot of confidence in me. I've kind of been starting slow this season, but my teammates constantly tell me to be more aggressive and be more confident. So I wanted to come out and play well for them." Lewis also entered the game ranked 11th among all active Division-I players in career rebounding average (8.7). The Highlanders will play their second of three Power five foes on Thursday night when they head to Morgantown to battle the No.19 West Virginia Mountaineers (6-1). Opening tip from WVU Coliseum is set for 7 p.m. and the game can be seen on AT&T SportsNet.





Week of December 5, 2017

Devils Acquire Vatanen from Ducks December 2, 2017

By Scott Rogust | Sports Editor The New Jersey Devils acquired defenseman, Sami Vatanen, and a conditional third-round draft pick from the Anaheim Ducks on November 30 in exchange for forwards Adam Henrique and Joseph Blandisi, as well as a 2018 third-round draft pick. The Devils have had a need for a top-four defenseman with a righthanded shot. After missing out on Kevin Shattenkirk in free agency this summer, general manager Ray Shero gets his wish by acquiring the 26-year-old Vatanen. With the plethora of scoring and speed from its forwards, New Jersey now gets the one defenseman needed to make their team complete. Vatanen has four points (one goal, three assists), a minus-six rating, and an average ice time of 21:06 minutes through 15 games this season, after missing the first seven games of the season when recovering from offseason shoulder surgery. Fortunately, the Ducks have a multitude of options at the defenseman position, and were willing to send Vatanen.

What makes the deal even better for New Jersey? Vatanen is in the second-year of his four-year, $19.5 million contract of $4.875 million a year. “In acquiring Sami, we bring on a right shot, top-four defenseman who can play in all situations," said Shero through an official statement. "This move also gives us contract certainty on the back end for the next two-plus years." "I've never been part of this kind of thing, so it was something different," said Vatanen, in an interview with Sportsnet. "It all starts to settle down right now and it's part of the business and I'm very excited about the new challenge… I have to go in slowly and try to do my best to help the team to win." Henrique has become a fanfavorite amongst Devils fans ever since his call-up in the 20112012 season. In his rookie season, Henrique scored clutch goals for the Devils, most notably the double overtime goal in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference

Quarterfinals against the Florida Panthers and his overtime goal in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals against the New York Rangers, sending the Devils to the Stanley Cup Final. "I was shocked, obviously," said Henrique. "The initial shock has worn off and I'm excited to join the guys on the road and get the new chapter started." “Adam has been a key member of our organization for nearly 10 years since he was drafted,” said Shero. “His contributions both on and off the ice will always be appreciated by our organization and fans.” After his strong rookie campaign, Henrique has been one of the cornerstones of New Jersey, and is a proven center in the NHL. This season, Henrique has scored 14 points (four goals, 10 assists),

and an average ice time of 18:15 through 24 games this season. The Ducks have been plagued by injuries at the center-position, as they have lost Ryan Kelser (hip injury), Ryan Getzlaf (zygomatic bone fracture), and Rickard Rakell (upper-body injury) in the first two months of the season. Henrique brings stability to the position, and will provide the Ducks much depth when those who are injured return. "It's a winning organization," said Henrique. "When everyone returns from the injuries, it is going to be a scary team making a push this year." Blandisi is coming off a sophomore season where he posted just nine points (three goals, six assists) in 27 games with the Devils. This season, the 23-year-old winger reported to

New Jersey’s AHL affiliate, the Binghamton Devils, where he had 14 points (three goals, 11 assists) through 19 games. Following the trade, Anaheim general manager Bob Murray announced that Blandisi will report to the Ducks team and forgo the minors. In regard to the conditional draft pick that heads to the Devils, it is all dependent on if Henrique signs a new contract with Anaheim before he hits free agency following the 2018-2019 season and before the Ducks use the Devils third-round pick for the 2018 NHL Draft. If Henrique signs before the 2018 pick is used, the Devils receive Anaheim’s 2019 third-round pick. If Henrique signs after the 2018 pick is used, the Ducks send over their 2020 third-round pick.

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