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Produced by the National Film Board of Canada. Created by Stan Douglas and the award-winning NFB Digital Studio in Vancouver.

A guidebook for the immersive app

History Will Not Be Silent

R E V U O C VAN he

wn, t o t f o e entr

At the c


sed o p r u p e me r a d d ing n n a r r u g t t e i r for l e t le a decrep s g o n h i y m r s a r r po die l o s x e as a tem es, re, e i k H o . o n b e m g tin a r e service p o aph r g s, e r l e e t t f i h l t p i w sho g n i d e n. e f e m t k o s r e r d a p ont r f g n i m and sche

is “It looks as though th was once nice hotel.”

.” “It’s seen better days

“Haven’t we all.”

“I look forward to reading about your gruesome demise in the newspaper.�

“Don’t forget the arsenic.”

“A girl can’t make much use of two wedding rings.”

“Just looki ng for a bit of inf ormation.”

.” s s e l r o f d e i d e “People hav

“Forget about the guests. We’ve got bigger battles now.”

“Our greatest tradition seems to be war.”

“It’s a quack device. Zaps ya with sparks and violet rays. 'Sposed to cure anything.”

“I know lots of guys like that.” “Take the best and leave the rest.”

“That’s right, she ’s being stripped bare. Next time I call y ou it’ll be on a ti n can and string.”

“Don’t put it on your wife. She’s got a better constitution than you do.”

“Reminds me of something, you know when that happens. A smell and you’re suddenly you know, at your grandma’s or something.”

“I’m just letting you know she’s resourceful -- you’d likely appreciate that in her.”

y card r e v e n girl o a joker.� t n e r fe f them “A dif o e n o and n

“Our farm dried up and blew away when I was 15. My family were terrible farmers. So nuts to your nuts.�

gy? Bet against “That’s your strate feated. You’ve the team that’s unde derdog complex.” got a pronounced un

“Geez thanks doll. Now, Blow it out yer ass.”

“New mayor vows to clean up east side.” “Of course he does. Always sounds good. Never mind that it’ll never happ en; too much money to be made down th ere.”

“If you want a suicide m you’ll have ission then to tell the soldier to h is face.”

“If my wife asks if you’ve seen me, you haven’t. See?”

, d n e t s a e l a i r t s u d n i e r In the mo

Y E L L A S ’ N A G HO

t n a r g i m m i y r o t a s i v o r p m an equally i r e e b s t i r o f d e n w o n e r d o neighbourho . n e d g n i l b m a g d n a , e s u o h garden, bawdy

“I’m just an old fashioned capitalist at heart. Work hard, hustle, provide something people want and you do just fine.”

“He smells your fear.”

man, “You dress like a wants you.” no wonder no one

“Arrest her for murder before someone dies.�

“Everybody’s got the right to do what they need to do to survive.”

“I heard he’s got fast hands and not just for sword fighting.”

“And I heard he’s got a pretty big sword.”

“I got a tip that you’re selling gage outta here.”

“You better get a new rat,‘cause your sources have gone sour. I got nothin’ going on here.”

“I don’t like it when you spend the money I pay you at the competition’s.”

“I have no money for you.” “Then we'll shut you down.” “Sounds like extortion.” “That sounds like a threat.”

aying “What are we p

the cops for?”

“Chief of pol ice? That’s ri ch. He’s down her e near more t han I am.”

know “Money is a river; you just got to .� where to stand to catch the flow

“This neighbourhood has been designated the symbolic der.� battleground for law and or

A guidebook for the immersive app

History Will Not Be Silent

Circa 1948  

Enjoy a helpful guidebook for the immersive app, Circa 1948. Enter the shadows of Vancouver, BC, circa 1948, through this immersive interac...

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