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• Strongly increase family provider networks’ capacities to provide training and other supports to the individual providers in those networks and make robust funding available to the other organizations that could offer training to non-ACS family child care providers

• Make it easier for eligible families to access the system by substantially raising the income-eligibility cut-off point, simplifying the application procedures, improving the information available regarding empty slots in real time, and reducing sliding-scale fees.


•E  xpand eligibility for the New York City Child Care Tax Credit to families making up to $65,000 a year. • Invest robustly into after-school programs for children in K-2 – and create after-school options for children in public school-based Pre-K so mothers can put in a full workday without having to compromise on the quality of care they can arrange for their children.

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Blueprint for Investing in Girls Age 0-8  
Blueprint for Investing in Girls Age 0-8  

Experts in the area of early childhood development explain that for little girls, the period between birth and age eight comprises a coheren...