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VOL. 61, No. 48

November 29 - December 5, 2012

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Airing out Aerotropolis Master Plan Special to The New Tri-State Defender

by Wiley Henry

Aerotropolis: A city or an economic hub that extends out from a large airport into a surrounding area that consists mostly of distribution centers, office buildings, light manufacturing firms, convention centers, and hotels, all linked to the airport via roads, expressways, and rail lines. – Greater Memphis Chamber


November is designated as National Caregivers Month and The Caregivers Organization, founded by Janice Williams, recently held its second annual Caregiver of the Year ceremony at the Church Health Center. Ann Williams (left) – no relation to the Caregivers founder – emerged as the winner from 10 nominees. (Photo by Stroudmark Photography)

World AIDS Day in Memphis

Saturday – officially speaking – is World Aids Day, with local observances scheduled before, on and after the Dec. 1 designation. World AIDS Day quite simply is a recognized time for individual and collective reflection on the impact of HIV in the United States and around the world. In “Vital Signs: HIV Infection, Testing, and Risk Behaviors Among Youths-United States,” The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention includes sobering information amplifying the need for African Americans to be fully committed to spreading awareness on HIV/AIDS. For example: About 50,000 people get HIV each year and young people between the ages of 13 and 24 represent about a quarter of the new HIV infections (26 percent). The majority of youth living with HIV are unaware they are infected. Young gay and bisexual men and African Americans are the most affected.

Nearly 60 percent of new infections among youth occur in African Americans, about 20 percent in Hispanics/Latinos and about 20 percent in whites. World AIDS Day events in the Memphis area include: Thursday, Nov. 29

Memphis Ambassadors Mayor A C Wharton Jr. and the City of Memphis Office of Youth Services will host the 2nd Annual World AIDS Day event at 4 p.m. at 1141 S. Barksdale at the Glenview Community Center. Speakers and local organizations will address topics to raise awareness, commemorate those who have died, and celebrate victories such as increased access to treatment and prevention services. Nicole Becton of Nicole Becton Ministries is the scheduled speaker. Participating local organizations include the Shelby County Health


Department, Caritas Village, Church Health Center, Friends for Life, Mid-South AIDS Fund, Planned Parenthood, South Memphis Alliance and UT Health Sciences Uni-

versity Clinic. According to the Shelby County SEE AIDS ON PAGE 5

Memphis boxing trainer Pete Mitchell has a rooting interest in the “MMA invades Boxing” event that will feature a guest appearance by Floyd Mayweather Sr. (father of boxing great Floyd Mayweather Jr.) and his rising female sensation, Yolanda “Mz. Knockout” Ezell. (Photo by Chris Hope)

Next up: TSD Digital Daily Dear Readers:

The New Tri-State Defender (TSD) is thrilled to announce another first – a new product that will enable us to bring you timely news and information on a daily basis! We invite you to be a part of this exciting TSD development by visiting www. to sign up today for the TSD Digital Bernal E. Daily. Our new daily e-newsletter Smith II launches on Monday, Dec. 3. The TSD Digital Daily will route summarized news and information right to your computer, tablet or smart phone (or all three for many of us). We will aggregate what’s hot and trending in Politics, Business, Education, Sports, Technology and Entertainment at the local and national levels and deliver it to you every afternoon. The news and information cycle today moves at almost blinding speed. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Cable TV, radio, and national and local print sources are pumping out information at a tremendous pace. If you blink, you might miss it. We at the TSD aren’t blinking. In fact, we’ve got our eyes and ears wide open to keep you connected, and to deliver news, information, inspiration and elevation where you live, work, and play…every day! “We are the longest continuously published blackowned newspaper in Memphis and the Mid-South and have been committed to providing the entire community with timely information on the issues each week,” said President/ Publisher Bernal E. Smith II. “Under my leadership we have embarked on a journey of transformation, renewal and growth. “Now, we’re taking the next step to be one of the first publications in the Mid-South to provide a digital daily,” said Smith. “Of course, we will continue to provide our award-winning, weekly print newspaper as we have since 1951. Thanks for staying with us and, more importantly, growing with us. The best is yet to come.”

Arvin W. Glass has lived in Whitehaven since the ’70s and has seen businesses come and go. There once was a thriving Red Lobster restaurant, but the doors closed, he used as an example. Other businesses would follow, including the box stores. “It’s still a good community,” said Glass, a proud resident of Bluebird Estates. “But I never understood why Red Lobster moved. It wasn’t that they weren’t making money. It’s just hard to believe it was an economic move.” Whitehaven has had its share of business closings and other travails. It’s a pre-dominantly African-American community nestled inside a 50 squaremile perimeter around the Memphis International Airport that’s part of a Master Plan and Real Estate Market Analysis that will be useful in the redevelopment of Memphis Aerotropolis. Glass wants to see Whitehaven prosper. After attending the groundbreaking of the community’s new Welcome Center on Nov. 15, he invited former state Sen. Roscoe Dixon to an Aerotropolis meeting that evening at the Airways Professional Center, which he manages. Dixon arrived 30 minutes early. He wasted no time quick-studying the project, pointing to historic neighborhoods and communities that interested him on an aerial map of the Aerotropolis. Soon, nearly two dozen people had gathered to hear about Memphis Aerotropolis. It was the last of three public meetings during the second phase of a listening tour that began in August. “We’re hosting listening tours to get your response, opinions and thoughts,” Chad Bowman, the Memphis Aerotropolis manager, explained to the group. “We want you to be enthusiastic about the process.”

‘Down goes skepticism’ Friday night is fight night! Special to The New Tri-State Defender

by Kelvin Cowans

When George Foreman put Joe Frazier on his back in the first round of their epic 1973 World Heavyweight Championship boxing match, legendary sports commentator Howard Cosell knew he was watching history in the making and welcomed it with a now-classic spin. “Down goes Frazier!” – a three-word sentence that Cosell yelled at least six times – is a sound bite for the ages. Down went the champ, along with all the doubters who thought that Foreman couldn’t defeat the tough-as nails Frazier. After speaking with Memphis boxing trainer Pete Mitchell, I had the same feeling about anyone who doubts that Friday night boxing in Memphis couldn’t live again and become as strong as it was back in the days.

Mitchell, a former amateur fighter himself, has two fighters on Friday night’s (Nov. 30), 7-bout card at The Eclipse Convention Center at 4532 Getwell Rd. Dubbed “MMA invades Boxing,” the event is being promoted by Monyette Flowers of Flowers Power Boxing, along with Cliff Dates and CDA Promotions. Fans will have an opportunity to see two of MMA’s elite fighters, Brian “The Law” Hall and Brandon Harder, as they test their boxing skills. Hall and Harder are both Memphis Police Department officers whose definition of civic duty includes working with local youth boxers.

Tri-State Defender: What is your vision for boxing in Memphis? What do you believe can be accomplished here with this type of event? Pete Mitchell: Well, there are a lot of promoters around town that are doing boxing now. I’m telling you that somebody is going to rise to the top. We have more boxers training SEE BOXING ON PAGE 5


• It’s coming: TSDmemphis. com Downtown Holiday Parade. See page 3. • ‘Lincoln,’ the movie: ‘We’ are what’s missing. See Opinion, page 4. • ‘Fiscal cliff’ and market changes bear watching. See Business, page 5. • Even church folk get confused about money. See Religion, page 8. • ‘Who Is Black in America?’ See Entertainment, page 10. • Back-to-back-to-back wins for the Grizz. See Sports, page 12.





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