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Please come visit our BRAND NEW SHOW HOME located in the community of Strathmore Lakes.

What’s In Your Back Yard?

ng i v Li e e id Th s s ke rom 00 a L F $4

50 to 60 foot Walk-Out Lots With Lake View Still Available Ovation Homes believes that your home should be as unique as you are. Choose from one of our 70+ floorplans or let us design a custom plan just for you.

Showhome: 5 Lakes Estates Circle. Strathmore, AB. Phone: Teresa @ 587-365-0107 Hours: Monday - Thursday from 2pm to 8pm. Saturday, Sunday & Holidays from 12pm to 5pm.

ESTATE HOMES FROM THE $500s Walking trails guide you lakeside, and nearby shopping and recreational amenities make daily routines a breeze.

LUXURY HOMES FROM THE $800s Discover true luxury living in Kinniburgh Estates. With 75 ft wide lots and an architecturally inspired portfolio of homes, curb appeal is guaranteed.

(403) 474-0664

(403) 460-3606

HOMEBUILDING TO THE NEXT LEVEL Lifestyle Homes is a proud builder partner of the Holmes Approved Homes program. Visit a showhome today for additional details!

w w w. l i f e s t y l e h o m e s . c a

$20 gets you 20 miles past Maple Creek in Saskatchewan! $20 gets you 20 miles north of Edmonton!

Can your car do that?



Average 55 miles per gallon 2.0-litre four-cylinder diesel engine delivers 148 horsepower

The all-new


2014 Cruze Diesel

% 84 For Up To


Purchase Financing

Complimentary Oil Changes Bumper - To - Bumper Warranty Powertrain Warranty Roadside Assistance OnStar*

Visit for more incredible information on the All-New 2014 Cruze Diesel!


Design should never say, “look at me.” It should always say, “look at this!”

Custom Websites Having your website reach top spots on major search engines is key for your business. SEO optimization makes this happen! Included in the cost of your website.

Aleesha Gosling Design

Custom Website Design – Creative, Affordable, Professional. ONE flat fee. Complete certified and secured HTML & Mobile sites with management (keeping it up to date) included.

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Corporate sponsorships allow companies to obtain name and/or product recognition by supporting and aligning themselves with specific causes or organizations.


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BAY 12B 4101 19 ST NE CALGARY, AB T2E6X8


Since the late seventies TACOTIME CANADA has been rolling great taste, value and quality ingredients into all of our tacos, burritos and other menu offerings.

Suite 110-800 Pine Rd Strathmore, AB T1P 0A2

(403) 934-3439

! The I Am A... Series ! E L B A L I AVA NOW Fruits & Vegetables



includi ng g & s/h st

A Light-Hearted Guide to the Health Benefits of Fruits & Vegetables. Includes Dozens of Easy-to-Prepare Recipes! From the publishers of

The Newsy Neighbour Magazine

Did you know...?

Vikings believed apples were the key to eternal youth? That asparagus is an anti-inflammatory, and avocados grow on evergreens that can reach 65 feet in height. I Am A... Fruits & Vegetables is a delightful mixture of fun (and often fascinating) facts about the health benefits of fruits and vegetables we all know we should be eating more of, paired with easy-to-follow recipes that are as good for your heart & soul as they are tasty! A must for any cook who wants to eat healthier, feel better – and have a few laughs in the process!

How do you get a copy??

There are 5 ways to order the book!! 1) Fruits & Vegetables can be ordered from our website 2) By calling us at (403) 561-0888 with your credit card number 4) By filling in the order form below and send us a cheque. 5) By visiting Curves in Strathmore or Neverending Stories in Langdon and buying a copy from them.

I Am A...Fruits & Vegetables Includes Dozens of Easy-to-Prepare Recipes.


We accept Cheque, Money Order, Visa and MasterCard.

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211, 355 Centre Street Langdon, Alberta


Dragonfly Day Spa & Wellness Center

Mind Body Gift Certificates Available Soul

403-936-0006 212 Center Street. Langdon, AB


Full line of buffet Catering Party Platters Full Deli & Full Bakery Ice Cream Wedding Cakes & B-Day Cakes Gluten Free Products 103 355 Centre St. Langdon

Phone: 403-936-7691

You smile! We smile!

langdon dental Your complete stop for cosmetic and family dentistry & proud sponsors of the Langdon Community Phone:


Offering Family Chiropractic Care, Holistic Nutritional Consulting, Massage Therapy, Decompression, Custom Orthotics, Nutritional Products.

Prairie Pharmacy IDA "Ask about our HUGE range of Pharmacy Services that we provide daily." (403)936-5006

Langdon, AB

Langdon Chiropractic & Wellness Centre #117, 355 Center Street 403-936-2450

Dr. Chris Jensen Dr. Nicole Stordy Alicia Flint, Holistic Nutritionist Lynette Rudd, RMT 355 Centr e Str eet. Langdon, Alber ta


t h g i l e h t n i Let he heat! block t



POUR LOVE, ad libitum, into the whole and mix with vim and vigor. Cook thoroughly in a fervent heart. Garnish with a few smiles and a sprig of joy. Then be sure to serve with quietness, unselfishness and cheerfulness — and a HAPPY YEAR is a certainty.



INTO EACH DAY, put twelve parts of faith, eleven of patience, ten of courage nine of work (some people omit this ingredient and so spoil the flavour of the rest), eight of hope, seven of fidelity, six of liberality, five of kindness, four of rest (leaving this out is like leaving the oil out of the salad—don’t do it), three of prayer, two of meditation and one part only of well-selected resolution. For spice and bewitching, according to our scruples, add about a teaspoonful of good spirits, and dash of fun, a pinch of folly, a sprinkling of play and a heaping cup of good humour.

Give us a call!


905.643.3050 403.829.2552




Recipe For A Happy Year TAKE TWELVE FINE FULL GROWN MONTHS. Select only those which are thoroughly free from all old memories of bitterness, rancor, hate and jealousy. Clean them completely free from every clinging spite. Pick off all specks of pettiness and littleness. In short, see that each of these months is freed from all the past so that they are as fresh and clean as when they first came from the great storehouse of time. NEXT, cut these months into thirty “one equal parts”. They will keep for only one year, so do not attempt to make up the whole batch at one time. Far too many people spoil the entire lot in this way. Rather, prepare but one day at a

REMEMBER—with a smile and a prayer—twelve new and wonderfully glorious months have been issued in your name to do with as you wish. Father Time has signed your note, so that you have been issued a “credit card” for the entire year! IF YOU MAKE A MISTAKE, be sure you don’t make the same one over again. Laugh at difficulties, and they will soon vanish. Attempt heavier responsibilities and you will find them growing lighter. Face a bad situation and it will clear up. Tell the truth and find an easier way out. Do an honestto-goodness day’s work every day and reap the rewards. Believe people are honest, and you will find them living up to your expectations. Trust in God each day and He will surprise you with His goodness. Author Unknown

Love Potions Enhance Romantic Celebrations Whether you’re in a brand new relationship or a marriage that has lasted for decades, you can use aromatherapy to enhance the romance. Whatever the special occasion, save the expense of a dozen roses, and present your beloved with a selection of fragrant essential oils that can help create a passionate connection between you and your partner. It’s a gift that can be used over and over, lasting long after any roses have withered away. How do the aromas of essential oils impact romance? Through the olfactory lobe -- the part of the brain that processes scent, which is part of the limbic system that’s associated with emotion and the formation of memory Essential oils have the potential to elicit romance on four different levels. Some oils offer calming effects that reduce anxiety and self-consciousness, thereby opening the path to intimacy. Other oils are known for their stimulating and inspiring properties, and some can impact the hormonal system directly, increasing sexual desire. And there are oils that have been used throughout history as sexual attractants. It’s said that Cleopatra, one of the most well-known seductresses in history, used a variety of scents and essential oils to create an atmosphere of passion for her relationship with Marc Antony. Here are the most popular essential oils in each of these romantic categories: * Calming: geranium, clary sage, lavender, sweet marjoram. * Stimulating: cardamom, nutmeg. * Arousing: neroli, rose, ylang ylang. * Attracting: sandalwood, patchouli, jasmine, cedarwood. Whichever essential oils you choose, they will work best if you create an environment where emotional and sensual closeness can thrive. If you have children, for example, make arrangements with friends or grandparents to take them for the evening, so that you’ll have uninterrupted time to focus on one another. Draw a hot bath for your partner, adding a few drops of essential oil to the water and light some candles around the tub. Or create a romantic ambiance in any room by diffusing the aromatic essential oils into the air. A good candidate for the “ultimate love oil” is vanilla essential oil -- especially in combination with cocoa butter. The vanilla and cocoa combination has a tradition as an irresistibly arousing scent that goes back at least to the Aztecs. Here’s an essential oil recipe for romance. Just add the following essential oils to an ounce of jojoba oil and use as a massage: 20 drops vanilla precious essential oil 2 drops sweet orange essential oil 1 drop cardamom essential oil 2 drops rose otto precious essential oil Because essential oils are very concentrated, it takes only a few drops per tablespoon of carrier oil to derive their benefits. However you should dilute them first in water or a carrier oil such as almond, grapeseed, or jojoba.

What do you want out of 2014? At Orion LLP we are here to help you grow your business. We believe in the value of relationships. We view every client relationship like a partnership, and truly believe that our success is a result of your success. Our team of business advisors, consultants and tax professionals are here to assist you with any of your business and accounting needs.

Accounting & Tax Services

Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Bookkeeping Financial Statement Preparation Personal and Corporate Tax Returns Estate and Trust Returns Family Farm Corporations and Partnerships Agri-Stability and Agi-Invest Claims

Consulting Services

Business Acquisitions and Divestitures Business Valuations Succession and Estate Planning Business Start-up and Expansions Asset Protection Cash Flow Forecasting

225C Wheatland Trail Strathmore, AB. T1P 1T5

Ph: (403) 901 0260

Fax: (403) 901 0270

I’m not clumsy. It’s just the floor hates me, the tables and chairs are bullies, and the wall gets in the way! What I don’t understand is how women can pour hot wax on their bodies, let it dry, then rip out every single hair by its root and still be scared of spiders! ~ Jerry Seinfeld


Thank You For Supporting Chris Wenner Strathmore & AREA Your Local Businesses!

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From the Publishers

What is in our future? On page 17 you might want to see the 10 things “they” think will disappear in our lives in the not too distant future. Interesting!

I read a Valentine’s quote the other day on some site somewhere as I was doing research for article ideas for our February Issue, “You really shouldn’t say I love you unless you mean it. But if you mean it, you should say it a lot. People forget”, I think it was anonymous. But it made me think that in life there are times when we don’t always say nice things to people when we have the opportunity to do so. I attended my uncle’s funeral last week and saw all my relatives some of whom I have not seen since the last family funeral I attended and I found something nice to say to each and every one of them. So, my advice for February would be to live in the moment and be nice to everyone. Having said that, you really must read “Recipes for a Happy Year” on page 10, it’s a good guideline as to how to guide your way through life and as Michael J. Fox says “Family is not an important thing. It’s everything”.

Make sure you see what we have planned for our upcoming issues, so you can plan ahead with your advertising dollars. Happy Valentine’s Day!

We printed a lovely story of “When God created Mother’s” on page 14 which would be a very nice story to share with your mother on Valentine’s day, it might even make her cry and if she does you can cheer her up by making her one of the fabulous chocolate recipes you will find on page 36. Both Jack and Marcy have shared their ideas on the upcoming Winter Olympics which start on February 7th. Let’s all cheer on Canada’s hard working Olympians and be proud to be a Canadian – the best country in the world.

The Newsy Neighbour

Altogether Different


If I had a single flower for every time I think about you, I could walk forever in my garden. - Claudia Ghandi

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Valentine’s Day

GIFTS, TOYS, Party ..and a little bit of everything else!

Find us... Like us... Follow us... ChestermereGeneralStore Phone: 403-207-2006 Monday - Friday 9am-8pm Saturday 9:30am-6pm Sunday and holidays 10am-5pm

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“When God Created Mothers” When the Good Lord was creating mothers, He was into His sixth day of “overtime” when the angel appeared and said. “You’re doing a lot of fiddling around on this one.”

“I can’t,” said God, “I’m so close to creating something so close to myself. Already I have one who heals herself when she is sick, can feed a family of six on one pound of hamburger, and can get a nine year old to stand under a shower.” The angel circled the model of the mother very slowly. “It’s so soft,” she sighed. “But tough!” said God excitedly. “You can imagine what this mother can do or endure.” “Can it think?” “Not only can it think, but it can reason and compromise,” said the Creator. Finally, the angel bent over and ran her finger across the cheek. “There’s a leak,” she pronounced. “I told you that you were trying to put too much into this model.”

And God said, “Have you read the specs on this order? She has to be completely washable, but not plastic. Have 180 moveable parts, all replaceable. Run on black coffee and leftovers. Have a lap that doesn’t disappear when she stands up. A kiss that can cure anything from a broken leg to a disappointed love affair. And six pairs of hands.”

“It’s not a leak,” said the Lord. “It’s a tear.”

The angel shook her head slowly and said, “Six pairs of hands... no way.”

“You are a genius,” said the angel.

“It’s not the hands that are causing me problems,” God remarked. “It’s the three pairs of eyes that mothers have to have.”

“What’s it for?” “It’s for joy, sadness, disappointment, pain, loneliness, and pride.”

Somberly, God said, “I didn’t put it there.” ― Erma Bombeck, When God Created Mothers

“That’s on the standard model?” asked the angel. God nodded. “One pair that sees through closed doors when she asks, ‘What are you kids doing in there?’ when she already knows. Another here in the back of her head that sees what she shouldn’t but what she has to know, and of course the ones here in front that can look at a child when he goofs up that say, ‘I understand and I love you’ without so much as uttering a word.” “God,” said the angel touching his sleeve gently. “Get some rest....” Page 14

The Newsy Neighbour

February is Heart Month

Strauss Heart Drops 100ml $64.99 E:

132-2nd Ave Strathmore AB T1P 1K3

403-934-3122 ph 403-934-6474 fax

Valentine’s Day

Phil, Harold & Dale


GENERAL REPAIRS - SPECIALIZING IN TRANSMISSIONS For All Your Car & Truck Maintenance & Repair Needs We also do Vehicle Inspections

Happy Valentine's Day! Ph: 403-934-5774


As the relationship changes, so do the Valentine’s Day gifts Do red roses mean more than you’re willing to admit? Does the jewelry you’re giving your loved one send the correct message? What is the appropriate gift to show your mother that you love her on Valentine’s Day? As the holiday of love quickly approaches, many of us are trying to find the right gifts for our loved ones. For new couples, maybe a gift of red roses in full bloom, which means “I love you,” isn’t what the man is ready to give, or the woman is ready to receive. For couples who have been together for a long time, a lasting gift like a living plant might convey your love better than cut flowers, which wilt quickly and then are thrown away. Here are some tips to determine what gifts might work well for your relationship. A new relationship * Spending time together and discovering new talents is what makes a new relationship so exciting. Consider cooking a special meal for the two of you to enjoy together, or make a favourite food item for your sweetheart, like brownies or a cake. * Flowers work for any relationship. If you aren’t ready to go the red roses route, consider an arrangement of her favourite type of flower, or roses in her favourite colour. Still in the honeymoon stage After you’ve known each other for a while, and enjoy spending every waking minute together, you start to pick up on your partner’s personal tastes. An extra level of thoughtfulness is conveyed through the giving of a creative and specialized gift. * Jewelry gifts provide a beautiful way to show how much you care. Diamonds are a traditional favourite for expressing a long-lasting message of love, but other gemstones may be a better fit for the current phase of your relationship. For example, if you want to promote your faithfulness, weaving sapphires into your gift would be a brilliant idea. * Cologne and perfume also make excellent Valentine’s Day gifts.

Happily ever after * Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity for established couples to reconnect, and giving your loved one a gift that inspires a memory from happy times in your relationship works well. For example, consider finding a bottle of the wine or champagne you drank on your first date, or at your wedding. * Being comfortable with each other is what works for happilyever-after couples. Consider booking a couple’s massage, so you can both enjoy the gift of time spent together in blissful relaxation. Best friends forever * Finding a non-romantic gift for your best friend doesn’t have to be difficult. Just pay attention to their special interests and cater to them. For example, browse the bookstore for a copy of their favourite book. Or if they’re into sporting events, think about getting tickets to an upcoming home game or a jersey as a gift. * Family members will appreciate gifts that bring back memories of time spent together. If you’re creative, a scrapbook of time spent with your mom would make a wonderful gift. Or a digital photo frame preloaded with family photos will put a smile on your dad’s face. Of course, it’s easy to show how much you care this Valentine’s Day. A simple hug will go a long way.


403-813-8294 Now offering relaxation massage classes. Learn how you and your sweetie can treat each other with relaxation massage.

A thoughtful present this


Limited number of spots. Call before yours is gone.

Visit us online at The Newsy Neighbour

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Valentine’s Day

Life Lines

This monthly column by Joanne (Jody) Brown, MSW, RSW, is designed to help you make better connections, and live happier lives. Sometimes we just need to ask the question. You can learn more about her practice at www. or contact her at 403-983-2230 or to book a free 30 minute consultation today.

Dear Lifelines, This Valentine’s Day I don’t have anyone special in my life and I’m feeling sad about that. This is going to be a terrible year unless I figure something out. Please help! Waiting for Cupid Dear Waiting for Cupid, Sometimes it helps to look outside of your situation to put things into perspective. On Valentine’s Day, not everyone has a partner and certainly even those that do are not all in ideal relationships. Maybe you can consider yourself lucky to be able to broaden your search and meet others who you might be equally or even more compatible with than those in your past. Perhaps you can envision yourself moving along an arrowed timeline towards a fulfilling relationship, instead of focusing on those relationships that are now a part of history. Sometimes it’s worth getting a realistic perspective from others on past relationships. Ask a friend what they thought about you and your ex’s relationship – it might offer you a different perspective and some other things to consider. It is easy to romanticize your feelings about someone in your past and build him or her up to be someone that no Page 16

The Newsy Neighbour

one can compare to – someone who realistically never existed. Perfection in a mate should not necessarily be the goal, but odds are good that there is someone out there that you might be fairly compatible with since there are over 35 million people in Canada alone. If you are willing to travel outside Canada, the odds increase considerably with over 7 billion people worldwide to sort through for a compatible partner. Even after you sort through the population to your ideal partner’s gender and age, that should still leave you with a couple billion to choose from. However sad you might be as you reflect on your situation, just remember that oftentimes we grieve past relationships for what we had hoped they would become, not what they necessarily were. So instead of grieving or feeling sorry about your situation, you can take action and head out and spend time with others that could use your support. There are many lonely people who cannot get out, who live in confined settings, who have been alone for decades and who would appreciate seeing you coming in with a rose or two to share your Valentine’s spirit. Why not consider spending your time and caring nature with others who could also really use some companionship and love? It just might be your best Valentine’s Day yet. Best of luck. Happy Valentine’s Day! Lifelines “If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.” Lao Tzu

Emily Green Massage Therapy Massage with Effective Results!

20 Years Experience in sports, lymph and relaxation massage

$10 OFF Emily Green, CMT

Ph: 587-216-4869

Langdon, AB

One hour Valentine certificate When you mention this ad Book online

Ten Things That Will Disappear In Our Lifetime This is USA oriented, but Canada and the rest will not be far behind. Whether these changes are good or bad depends in part on how we adapt to them. But, ready or not, here they come. 1. The Post Office Get ready to imagine a world without the post office. They are so deeply in financial trouble that there is probably no way to sustain it long term. Email, Fed Ex, and UPS have just about wiped out the minimum revenue needed to keep the post office alive. Most of your mail every day is junk mail and bills.


Warning: So good you will never buy chicken from a store again

Antibiotic Free & No Animal Byproducts

934-2755 CHECK WEBSITE FOR NEXT DELIVERY DATE (403) Order online or by phone! Locally Produced Year Round

2. The Cheque Britain is already laying the groundwork to do away with cheques by 2018. It costs the financial system billions of dollars a year to process checks. Plastic cards and online transactions will lead to the eventual demise of the cheque. This plays right into the death of the post office. If you never paid your bills by mail and never received them by mail, the post office would absolutely go out of business. 3. The Book You say you will never give up the physical book that you hold in your hand and turn the literal pages? I said the same thing about downloading music from iTunes. I wanted my hard copy CD. But I quickly changed my mind when I discovered that I could get albums for half the price without ever leaving home to get the latest music. The same thing will happen with books. You can

Lar-Don Rentals Ltd. Bus: 403.934.3727

Sales & Service t en

Light Construction & Garden Equipment Trenching 15 Spruce Lane, Strathmore Since 1976

browse a bookstore online and even read a preview chapter before you buy. And the price is less than half that of a real book. And think of the convenience! Once you start flicking your fingers on the screen instead of the book, you find that you are lost in the story, can’t wait to see what happens next, and you forget that you’re holding a gadget instead of a book. 4. The Land Line Telephone Unless you have a large family and make a lot of long distance calls, you don’t need it anymore. Most people keep it simply because they’ve always had it. But you are paying double charges for that extra service. All the cell phone companies will let you call customers using the same cell provider for no charge against your minutes. 5. Music This is one of the saddest parts of the change story. The music industry is dying a slow death. Not just because of illegal downloading; it’s the lack of innovative new music being given a chance to get to the people who would like to hear it. Greed and corruption is the problem. The record labels and the radio conglomerates are simply self-destructing. Over 40% of the music purchased today is “catalogue items,” meaning traditional music that the public is familiar with. Older established artists. This is also true on the live concert circuit. To explore this fascinating and disturbing topic further, check out the book, “Appetite for Self-Destruction” by Steve Knopper, and the video documentary, “Before the Music Dies.” 6. Television Revenues The Newsy Neighbour

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IT'S A NEW STORE EVERY DAY! NEW HOURS: 10-6 Monday - Saturday 12-5 Sundays

Consign or drop off at any time!

Voted Calgary’s Best Consignment Shop! CHESTERMERE STATION WAY • Unit 213, 175 Chestermere Station Way Phone: 403-235-0352 Television revenues to the networks are down dramatically. Not just because of the economy. People are watching TV and movies streamed from their computers. And they’re playing games and doing lots of other things that take up the time that used to be spent watching TV. Prime time shows have degenerated down to lower than the lowest common denominator. Cable rates are skyrocketing and commercials run about every 4 minutes and 30 seconds. I say good riddance to most of it. It’s time for the cable companies to be put out of our misery. Let the people choose what they want to watch online and through Netflix. 7. The “Things” That You Own Many of the very possessions that we used to own are still in our lives, but we may not actually own them in the future. They may simply reside in “the cloud.” Today your computer has a hard drive and you store your pictures, music, movies, and documents. Your software is on a CD or DVD, and you can always reinstall it if need be. But all of that is changing. Apple, Microsoft, and Google are all finishing up their latest “cloud services.” That means that when you turn on a computer, the Internet will be built into the operating system. So, Windows, Google, and the Mac OS will be tied straight into the Internet. If you click an icon, it will open something in the Internet cloud. If you save something, it will be saved to the cloud. And you may pay a monthly subscription fee to the cloud provider. In this virtual world, you can access your music or your books, or your whatever from any laptop or handheld device. That’s the good news. But, will you actually own any of this “stuff” or will it all be able to disappear at any moment in a big “Poof?” Will most of the things in our lives be disposable and whimsical? It makes you want to run to the closet and pull out that photo album, grab a book from the shelf, or open up a Page 18

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CD case and pull out the insert. 8. Joined Handwriting (Cursive Writing) Already gone in some schools who no longer teach “joined handwriting” because nearly everything is done now on computers or keyboards of some type (pun not intended). 9. Privacy If there ever was a concept that we can look back on nostalgically, it would be privacy. That’s gone. It’s been gone for a long time anyway. There are cameras on the street, in most of the buildings, and even built into your computer and cell phone. But you can be sure that 24/7 “they” know who you are and where you are, right down to the GPS coordinates, and the Google Street View. If you buy something, your habit is put into a zillion profiles, and your ads will change to reflect those habits. “They” will try to get you to buy something else. Again and again. All we will have left that can’t be changed are “memories”.

Brain Teasers Here is a mix of brain teasers for you to solve. 1) At a boarding kennel and cattery the GREYHOUND is in pen number 4, the TORTOISESHELL is in pen number 12, the SIAMESE is in pen number 5, and the LABRADOR is in pen number 18. In which number pen is the POMERANIAN? 2) Which of these numbers is the odd one out? 188, 242, 263, 331, 393, 482, 594, 771 3) Rearrange the letters of ‘REAL SPICY READ’ to give two towns, one in northern England and the other in Scotland. What are the towns? 4) A 220 yard long train, travelling at 40 mph, enters a two mile long tunnel. How long will elapse between the moment the front of the train enters the tunnel and the moment the end of the train clears the tunnel? 5) Assume you are using a basic calculator and press the numbers in the order shown, replacing each question mark with a mathematical sign. Plus, minus, multiply and divide can each be used once only. In which order should they be used to score 24 ? 2 ? 8 ? 6 ? 9 ? 3 = 24

Q: What did the blonde say when she saw a box Cheerios? A: “Wow! Doughnut seeds!” Q: How does a blonde order a root beer? A: Extra large, hold the roots.

Eating Right


6) A recycling factory makes its own paper cups for canteen use. It can make one cup from nine used ones. If it has 961 used cups how many new ones can it possibly make?


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A man visits his doctor with celery stalks stuck in each ear and a carrot stick up each nostril.

• Laundry Drop Off (Wash & Fold) Everyday • 10% Senior Discount • Shirt Service • Horse Blankets • Leather Club Jackets • Wedding Gowns (Preservation Boxes) 316A 2nd Ave, Strathmore, AB Phone: 403-934-1807

He mumbles, “Doc, I’m just not feeling well.”

Brain teaser answers 1) 14. The alphabetical value of the last letter of the breed gives the pen number. 2) 594. In each group the first and third digits are multiplied to get the second digit. 3) Redcar and Paisley. 4) Three minutes and 11.25 seconds. 5) Minus, divide, plus and multiply. 6) 120.

The doctor replies, “Maybe you’re not eating right.”



Hope Community Preschool 245 Brent Blvd. Phone: 403-934-8586 Email:

Registration for 2014-2015 is Feb. 6th from 6pm to 7:30pm at the Preschool. Check out the website for additional information!

Children must be 3 years old as of December 31st, 2014 We are partners with I’m For Kids Team for screening for our speech /language and fine motor skills developmental program funded by Alberta Education. .

Classes Available: Mon/Wed am (9:00-11:30) 3 or 4 y.o. Mon/Wed pm (12:30-3:00) 3 or 4 y.o.

Tues/Thurs am (9:00-11:30) 3 or 4 y.o. Tues/Thurs pm (12:30-3:00) 3 or 4 y.o.

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Hope Community

Health & Beauty


(403) 934-2882

Gentle Dental Care Direct Billing to Insurance • Direct Billing to Insurance Hours •Extended Extended Hours • Gentle Dental Care

• Sedation Dentistry

New Patients & Emergencies Welcome

& (New ) 934-2882 403Patients

Emergencies Welcome

231 2nd Avenue, Strathmore 234 2nd Avenue, Strathmore

I Want to Change What can I do for fat loss? How many times a week should I work out? What should I eat? How many pounds should I lose a week? These are questions I hear multiple times a week. The answer isn’t as straight forward as you think. This depends on each individual person, their stress levels, gut health, injuries, their relationship with food, and genetics. I might tell one person to cut their caloric intake by 200 calories and have them on a strict interval training program 5 times a week. On the other end of the scale, someone else with the same fat loss goal comes in and I might tell them to slowly INCREASE their caloric intake and only do strength training 2-3 times a week. Each person responds differently to diet, exercise and, most importantly, CHANGE! Change is the most important thing needed to get you to your goals. Not just fitness goals, life, career, or health. You cannot get anywhere new by staying on the same path. For example, you want to lose 20 pounds, and let’s be honest; most weight gain does not happen overnight. The New Year comes along and you start a cleanse or some crazy diet. You’ve started Page 20

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to change but picked a dead end path. Change needs to happen at a slow-and-steady pace for lasting results. Most clients come to see me with a list of changes they wanted to happen yesterday. But we only pick one change to work on each week. Some clients work on that same thing for weeks (maybe several weeks). Have realistic expectations about change and your health. Remember, everyone’s lives, health, goals are different, even if they seem similar. NEVER judge your progress by someone else’s!

Personal Training Group Fitness Classes Yoga Fitness Biosignature Practitioner

“I will help you get the results you want!”

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587-433-7227 •

Yoga For Teens Can you remember what it feels like to be a teenager? Truly, that age must be about one of the most complicated experiences of our lives. A time of high emotions, body changes, and pressures of family, school and peers, and the hopes and desires and fears of the future... not many of us adults would choose to return to those days. We live in a day and age that has created an image for our children and teens to strive for. An image of a ‘normal’ body looks like, of what achieving ‘success’ means, of what life is ‘supposed’ to look, feel, and be like. An image. It is not, in reality, achievable - because it is not uniquely individual as we all are. Too often a teen may feel less than


Health & Beauty

Medical Weight Loss Protocol Make a plan for losing all your weight this winter!

Ideal Protein Works!

Ideal Nutrition has two locations for your convenience Downtown Calgary or Langdon, AB #206, 355 Center Street Langdon, or #200, 404 6th Ave S.W Calgary. Email Estelle, RN and Lead Coach at

Learn more at worthy because they cannot live up to what this image portrays. Too often they can become overwhelmed from the mental pressures that are placed upon them by themselves, school, parents, and friends. Adolescence is characterized by many dramatic changes “physical stature and appearance, improvements in cognitive and executive function, increases is emotional activity and self-reflection and changes in self-concept and identity.” Yoga and Adolescence, Leah Hope Kokinasis. Many teens may move through this time relatively unaffected, but many have a hard time adjusting to so many changes at once. “Young people begin to question their identity, their feelings of self-worth and their relationships. Girls are particularly vulnerable to anxiety and to developing depression. Some adolescence experience a drop in self-competence beliefs, and academic motivation.” It becomes incredibly important to teach our young adults the ability to create their own empowered and healthy view of both themselves and life - and yoga can be an

amazing tool. Yoga can remind (or teach) them that their self-worth is intrinsic, that it relies not on how they look or what their grades are, or whether they ‘fit in’ or how many friends they have. Through the power of the breath and meditation, teens can learn to slow down, gain tools to relieve stress and listen to and trust their intuition. Yoga can empower them to define their priorities and make thoughtful value-based decisions. Through the yoga asanas, teens can learn to appreciate the beauty and abilities of their own body, mind and heart can help them to let go of the images of what it is ‘supposed’ to be. Yoga can teach many things to our teens, many of the same benefits we receive, but perhaps it is even more important to learn them at the age that bridges the naivety of childhood and the so-called wisdom of adulthood. Let’s do all we can to empower our teens with self-esteem and worth, self-awareness, and personal power to thrive in this time of life! Namaste, Rebecca Stone Pranava Yoga Strathmore


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Health & Beauty antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties, and rosemary is antiseptic and antimicrobial. It is high in cineole – a key ingredient in antiseptic drugs. Because Thieves is so effective in killing airborne microorganisms, it is a very beneficial oil to have diffusing in any environment where germs may be floating around. If you don’t have a diffuser, Thieves can be applied to cotton balls or pads and placed in the vents around the home and car. In our house, we also use Thieves as an immune booster and as a “shield” when we go out in public. Before we leave the house, the bottoms of our feet get a drop of oil to help our immune systems combat any viruses we may come into contact with. Thieves is definitely a staple in our house; I always have a spray bottle mixed up on hand to spray on surfaces such as countertops, doorknobs, toilets, sinks, or kids toys. My favourite part about using Thieves as a cleaning tool in our house is that not only is it effective in killing germs and viruses, but as my family handles the surfaces I have cleaned, they are absorbing that oil into their skin and, therefore, giving their immune system a boost! It feels so much better than absorbing harsh chemicals and fragrances that come with warning and caution signs into our bodies. Thieves may also help with the following: gingivitis/bleeding gums, bronchitis, cold sores or fever blisters, fungal skin and toe infections, strep throat and the cold and flu. This truly is one of my favourite blends for so many reasons and its benefits are exhaustive. I just recently received a wonderful testimonial that I will leave you with:


P: 403-934-7997

Amalia Zarokostas

Young Living ® Independent Distributor

Distributor ID: 1574872


Thieves Thieves is the most amazing blend of highly antiviral, antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-infectious essential oils. It was created from research based on legends about a group of 15th century thieves who rubbed oils on themselves to avoid contracting the plague while they robbed the bodies of the dead. When apprehended, the thieves were forced to tell what their secret was and disclosed the formula of the herbs, spices, and oils they used to protect themselves in exchange for a more lenient punishment. Studies conducted at Weber State University (Ogden, UT) during 1997 demonstrated the killing power of these amazing oils against airborne microorganisms. One analysis showed a 90 percent reduction in the number or gram positive Micrococcus luteus organisms after diffusing for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes of diffusing, the kill-rate jumped to 99.3 percent. The thieves blend is made of lemon, clove, cinnamon bark, eucalyptus and rosemary essential oils. Lemon has antiseptic-like properties and contains compounds that amplify immunity. It promotes circulation, leukocyte formation and lymphatic function. Clove is also known for its wonderful immune-enhancing properties and it holds the title for having the highest-scoring single ingredient ever tested for its antioxidant capacity on the ORAC (oxygen radical absorbance capacity) scale. Cinnamon bark is thought to promote healthy cardiovascular and immune function, and acts as an antiseptic. Eucalyptus is known for its anti-infectious, anti-bacterial, Page 22

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“A few days after Christmas I noticed a rash forming on my 5 year old daughter’s hands. Within 24 hours, it had spread like wild fire to her knees, legs, and feet, and became more blister-like. She said it wasn’t itchy at all, but was very painful! Not knowing what this could possibly be, I took her to emergency, where she was diagnosed with Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease. The doctor explained that it was extremely contagious amongst children, and was very likely my 8 year old son would get it too. She said the virus is very painful and, unfortunately, there was nothing to treat it. I immediately called my neighbour who sells Essential Oils for advice!! She gave me her bottle of Thieves and instructed me to use it on my daughter right away. I did, and within two days my daughter’s blisters were virtually non-existent! My son did catch the virus, but healed very quickly with regular Thieves applications as well. Just when my husband and I thought we were in the clear, he was diagnosed with Shingles!! He’d been complaining of soreness and a burning sensation in his armpits, back, and chest. At first there were no visible signs of anything wrong. After dealing with it for over two weeks, small burn-like sores appeared, so he decided he’d better see a doctor. As soon as he got home and told me what it was, I started the Thieves treatment once again!! Shingles are also extremely painful, can spread throughout the body, and can last a long time. Not for my husband, though! Within 3 days of regular applications, the sores started to disappear. Now, two weeks later, they’re almost completely gone, and don’t hurt anymore. He’s happy to say that the itching has set in, which is a sure sign of healing. :) I strongly believe that without this amazing oil blend, my children and husband would have suffered much longer!” Heather Evans ~ Stay at Home Mom

Up for next month: Peppermint **Source: Essential Oils Desk Reference, special fifth edition

Health & Beauty

Health & Beauty

New Year, New You,


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Bowtech Therapy What on earth is Bowtech Therapy? Never heard of it? My first reaction was that it must have something to do with the Bowflex exercise equipment. Well, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. The Bowen Technique, or Bowtech Therapy, is a holistic therapy that concentrates on the ability of our own body’s healing capabilities. We are all “one of a kind”, so conditions are different with each individual. There is one doctor who knows exactly what is wrong with us and the cause of our problems – THE INNER DOCTOR! By applying the very gentle, specific Bowen moves, on very precise locations on the body, we awaken the Inner Doctor, who takes over and starts the self healing process! This is what is known as the Bowen Technique. The Bowen Technique brings one of the most

Monday - Thursday 9:30 - 8:30, Friday 9:30 - 7:00, Saturday & Sunday 10:00 - 3:00 Holidays as posted

Strathmore, AB

found therapeutic concepts in the world today. It is based on the theory that once total relaxation of the body has been achieved, the inner ability to address any problems in the body and mind – by bringing them back to balance and harmony – is activated. The Bowen Technique is a unique form of neuromuscular re-patterning. It works not only through the nervous system, on both structural and muscular levels, but also through the lymphatic and circulatory system. It is also renowned for its effectiveness with internal conditions and rehabilitation time improvement. There are several theories on how the Bowen Technique works. One theory suggests that Bowen “moves” stimulate the proprioceptors, which are sensory fibres at the end of the peripheral nervous system. This encourages the body to realign and return itself to its natural state of health. Proprioceptors provide the perception of the body’s position

Health & Beauty

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Health & Beauty and movement situated within connective tissue, muscle, tendons, ligaments, and fascia. The patients lay on a bed or massage table, covered, in a comfortable position. The Bowen Treatment can be applied as well to a patient seated on a chair. The treatment consists of gentle moves performed with the thumbs and fingers over the muscles and connective tissue, either on bare skin or over the clothes. Those moves are sending messages deep into the body, retrieving cellular memory of a preferred, relaxed, balanced way of well being. Between each sets of moves, there is a necessary break of a few minutes, when the patient rests alone, while the body is taking the necessary time to process the messages and initiate the healing mechanisms. Results can be remarkable, even from the first session, as the body will continue to heal itself for the next few days. The treatments are done, generally, every seven days. Most of the times only a few sessions are needed, in

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case of acute conditions. The practitioner can target a specific problem or address the body as a whole. Conditions that respond very well to the Bowen Technique are: • Muscular – skeleton, and joints problems: frozen shoulders, RSI, knee and hip problems, ankles sprains, back pain, sciatica, scoliosis, kyphosis, neck restrictions (whiplash), all kinds of sporting injuries, repetitive strain injuries, etc. • Internal organs conditions or imbalances: infertility, ovarian cysts fibromas, polycystic ovaries’ endometriosis, reproductive organs. • Migraines and headaches, asthma and bronchial symptoms, hay fever, kidney problems, liver, gall bladder, stomach and intestine problems, bed wetting, digestive tract disorders. • Hormonal and emotional imbalances, stress and tension, depression, grief, and acute chronic fatigue syndrome. • Auto-immune system disorders, allergies. • Neurological disorders: Parkinson’s, strokes, shocks. • Detoxification – Support of the immune and lymphatic systems. And many more! The Bowen Technique is a “complementary” modality, in the sense that it enhances and complements, but does not interfere with traditional medical attention.

Please call 403-934-9681 to schedule your appointment


Dr. Elizabeth Robinson • Dr. Leanne Lesniak

Now Offering Full Denture Services!


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Product available at RIPPERZ. CARLEEN SORENSEN Seacret Agent


Skin Care Necessities and Advanced Age-Defying Products made from salts and minerals from the DEAD SEA. Incorporating therapeutic and beautifying properties essential for the beauty and health of your skin (Cleopatra and King Solomon knew this!). your skin deserves the best nature has to offer. Your skin deserves SEACRET. SEE RESULTS IN 15 MINUTES!

Health & Beauty

Health & Beauty

NATUROPATHIC CLINIC Dr. Keshia Kamphuis, ND Naturopathic Consultations - Acupuncture - IV Therapy - B12 Injections - Annual Physical Exam Breast Examination - Naturopathic Prenatal Care - Fertility Consultation - Food Allergy Testing Naturopathic & Conventional Lab Tests - Professional Dispensary - Respiratory Nebulizer Treatment Environmental/Heavy Metal Pollutant Testing - Hormone Testing #2 - 124 - 3rd Ave., Strathmore, AB. For appointments call 403-983-4000 or visit Natural Choices

By Cynthia Barnesky – Holistic Practitioner/Certified Professional Spiritual Life Coach and owner of SunRise Healing Center: Specializes in helping you with the natural ways of healing through her services of Inner Clarity Spiritual Life Coaching, Intuitive Massage, Reflexology, IonCleanse Detox Foot Bath, Intuitive Readings, Reconnective Healing, and many natural healing products. For more information visit her website: www. or give her a call: 403934-6416.

The Love Center: “The Heart” February is Heart Month, and it is the month of love. Did you also know that we all have an energy center which vibrates in our bodies call the “heart charka center”? This is our “love center” and pink is the colour associated with it. Every living thing has many energy centers inside and outside of their bodies, but most of us are only taught about the seven major centers. These centers are one part of your body that makes us how we are. Chakras are just another system helping connect your mind, body and soul in order for them to work together using light energy vibration. The seven major chakras run along your spine. The first chakra is located on the tail bone; the second just below your belly button; the third below the v of the diaphragm; the fourth – the heart chakra, just in the middle of your chest; the fifth in the middle of the throat; the sixth in the middle of your eye brows and last but not least, the seventh chakra is right in the top of your head – as we like to call it the soft spot. Chakras are energy wheels which let light energy in and out of each chakra and also allow the energy to come from the sides of each chakra. February is the ideal month to remember the heart chakra; it is also linked with our lungs, circulatory systems, shoulders,

upper back and chest. On an emotional level; it is the center of giving, receiving, relationships, compassion and being loved. There are many ways to help keep this center balanced; through mediation, forgiveness of oneself and others, selflove, receiving and sharing love, being grounded and present at all times. Living in a state of being grateful for everything around you, just knowing that you are never alone and that you have a purpose in your life. You can help your physical body be the best it can be through exercise, natural and healthy foods, and awareness that everything we do to yourselves affects the chakra centers. We need to take care of ourselves and be mindful of how we think and feel on a positive note; it helps these centers stay in balance. By not caring for our mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and financial levels these chakras become unbalanced and that is when we get a signs things are not right! Go do something important today and show yourself and others how much you genuinely love and care. If you strive to do this every month your heart chakra and all the others will be so grateful. Happy Valentines’ Day, now and always!

Inner Clarity Spiritual Life Coach Let Cynthia Barnesky help you connect to all levels of your Life!

>Health & Wellness >Emotional & Spiritual Forgiveness >Trust & Relationships >and So Much More Cynthia Barnesky, Holistic Practitioner & Certi�ied Processional Spiritual Life Coach. Cynthia will provide the supportive steps and help you tap into your inner-self; �inding con�idence, power and so much more.

Book 4 – One hour session NOW! Regular price $300for a limited time you will only pay $225. To experience your own Inner Clarity Transformation Call 403-934-6416 Email:

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Kids Pages


The #1 Equine-Assisted Learning Program in North America

Contact @ 403.560.1153 or

Skill Development Programs Using Horses. Prepare Your Children to Take On The Challenges That Life Throws at Them

Equine Assisted Learning programs are interactive youth programs, specifically designed to ensure the learning and retention of necessary life skills to aid in each youth’s personal recovery or growth. Research has proven that when you have an interactive, hands on experience you will retain what you are learning plus you throw in fun and, oh yeah, a horse, you now have skills to apply what you have learned in the real world. The more senses that are engaged, the greater the likelihood that new learning will be retained.

• be encouraged to be creative and innovative; • find opportunity in working together; • realize the benefits associated with effective communication; • and recognize the value of mutual trust, respect, and personal integrity. All while having a blast! The value of using horses as a teaching tool to learn new skills have been proven time and time again in the teaching of young people and especially teenagers. The use of an equine assisted learning program is a unique way to teach young people who are fortunate enough to participate in the Equine Connection Youth Interactive Development Programs. What does an EAL Change look like?? An example of true change – a little girl from one of our 12-week curriculum program has FAS, is at the principal’s office often and gets bullied on a regular basis. She doesn’t talk much, smiles a lot and is very eager to learn. She comes in on her first day with 7 other kids from her school. She sits alone and no one wants to sit beside her. We explain the EAL program and explain to all the youth that we are not their teachers today but that the horses are their teachers. Their eyes light right up and smiles and giggles start

The more we involve learners, the more senses are engaged, thereby increasing the probability that they will learn, retain, and apply what they have learned. Each exercise is custom designed to maximize learning potential and focus on developing individual skills as they work through each fun interactive group challenge. Teams will work to: • develop relationships; • accept responsibility and accountability; • overcome barriers to find change; Page 26

The Newsy Neighbour

Kids Pages happening, as they cannot comprehend how the horse will teach them. We assure them that we will help them to understand the silent language that horse use so that are able to make changes and hear what they are saying to them on their 12 week journey. Our one horse, Pass, usually does not like the stimulus from the younger kids but for some reason he chose to come in that day and thank goodness he did! We put the kids into teams of 2 and then they get to pick their 3rd teammate which is always the horse. Once we actually start putting them into teams and mixing it up, we always get immediate conflict (which we love to get as that is truly the best part of EAL and how to grow and change). So we put Gloria with another youth and by the time we go out to the arena the teammate of Gloria’s decides on their own that they will not be partners with her (in EAL, this is never an issue as it’s a growing pain of learning to work with people who we don’t always like). So Gloria goes out and accomplishes the “objective at hand” and starts to work on her own with the horse she picked, which was Pass. Well, I have never in the almost 5 years doing this program seen Pass so very content with such a young person. He was eyeball to eyeball with Gloria the whole time. Gloria got confused several times but that did not affect how Pass was reacting to her. He patiently waited for her to always make the next move. This happened several times over the 12-week period and as the other kids saw how amazing Pass was with her started asking Gloria to switch horse or sometimes they would just even take Pass without asking. This little girl has FAS, has been bullied or ignored by her peers and when she started the program was afraid to speak up or express herself. On their last day, she picked 8 words, instead of one and explained each word and why she picked it. As if that wasn’t amazing enough, her peers, who once bullied and ignored her, began to clap at her accomplishment. What an amazing moment. “What I witnessed when I accompanied one of the students group, was something extraordinary. The transformation of fear, hesitation, into trust and an overwhelming sense of love and peace is what I witnessed with these young students. It’s truly a memorable moment to see how well the leaders Kari and Carolyn can tap into that very disruptive spirit and walk them

Expressions The Dance Gallery Dance classes for anybody, with ANY BODY!

Eight NEW, Eight Week Programs:

*Brand New* Adult and Children’s Classes

- Happy Mommy, Healthy Baby - Tot Trot 1 and 2 - Jump, Hop, Skip - Kinder Kombo Dance Eclectic - Dance Fit - Adult Ballet

Starting January 27, 2014 Eight Weeks for as little as $80.00* 126 Canal Garden. Strathmore, AB Ph: 403-901-6392

*discounts available when registering for multiple programs

through this program with such ease. The students, some of whom are constantly in my office, came in with a real nonchalant attitude, an attitude of why am I here, left with such a sense of peace that you could feel. They were calm on the way back to the school, and discussed with me everything they felt or overcame with their particular horse. It is truly incredible to watch just how much of an impact these horses and coaches had on our students that day.” ~ Guy R Morin - Siksika Nation High School

Cleaning your house while your kids are still growing up is like shoveling the walk before it stops snowing. ~ Phyllis Diller No matter how calmly you try to referee, parenting will eventually produce bizarre behavior, and I’m not talking about the kids. Their behavior is always normal. ~ Bill Cosby The Newsy Neighbour

Page 27

Kids Pages Chestermere Regional Community Association - Programs / Special Events / 403-272-7170 Mind Body & Spirit EXPO Saturday, March 22 10 am - 4 pm Chestermere Rec Centre

Interested Exhibitors


Valentines Jellybean Dance Grades 4 - 8 Friday, Feb 14

7 - 9:30 pm Main Hall $5.00

Chestermere CRCA Outdoor Rec Soccer

Register online starting Jan 27th. In office registration starts Feb 17th. Registration Deadline - March 21st

Age as of Apr 30th 2014 MUNCHKIN SOCCER PROGRAM FOR 2 – 4 YR OLDS A partner program with SPORTBALL 2- 3 yrs Parent & Tot / $100.00 Mondays, 4:30 – 5:15 pm / April 28th - June 23rd /(no class May19) OR Thursdays, 4:30 – 5:15 pm / May 1st to June 19th 3 – 4 yrs / $100.00 Mondays 5:15 – 6:15 or 6:15 – 7:15 / Apr 28th - June 23 /(no class May 19) OR Thursdays 5:15 – 6:15 or 6:15 – 7:15 / May 1st to June 19th RECREATIONAL HOUSE LEAGUE for 5 – 8 yr olds 5 – 6 yrs / $60.00 / Mondays 6:15 - 7:45 pm April 28th - June 23rd /(no class May 19) 7 - 8 yrs / $60.00 / Wednesdays 6:15 – 7:45 pm Apr 30th to June 25th Chestermere Rec Centre North Soccer Fields CRCA Membership Required Late Registration Fee of $25.00 after March 21/14 For more information go to Or email:

You and Your Little Ones – Common Sense Safety Children are incredibly curious and active when it comes to exploring their world. As they should be; everything is new. Try to remember as far back as you can. Remember all the new feelings, smells and experiences. Once in a while, I have a “déjà vu” feeling and experience a twinge of that excitement and curiosity. The thing is, we must ensure they can explore in a safe and healthy environment. Pretend you are a toddler again (this will be easy for some people); get down on your hands and knees and see the world the way they see it. Chances are, you will see a lot of sharp corners, dangling cords and loose objects that could possibly pose a serious threat to your youngster. Start in the kitchen, as that seems to be the place you spend most of your time. It is perhaps the most hazardous room in the house. Parents are busy cooking and cleaning, but making a few changes to the environment can make the kitchen a safer place. Whenever possible, use the back-burners for cooking and make sure that the handles on pots and pans are facing the back of the stove. This way, kids won’t be able to pull hot Page 28

The Newsy Neighbour

Chestermere - Rocky View Little League Baseball 2014 Info For Boys & Girls ages 4 - 16

Register on line @ starting January 27th, 2014 Office registrations will be taken after February 17th REGISTRATION DEADLINE IS March 21st Late registrations will be taken if there is room on teams. Practices will begin in April depending on the weather.

T Ball 4 – 6 yrs $100.00 Coach Pitch 6 – 8 yrs $100.00 Minors 9 – 10 yrs $150.00 Majors 11 – 12 yrs $175.00 Juniors 13 – 14 yrs $200.00 Seniors 15 – 16 yrs $225.00

Late Registration Fee of $25.00 after March 21/14 Practices in Chestermere or Indus—away games for Minors and up in Calgary / CRCA Membership Required Late Registration Fee of $25.00 after March 21/14 For more information go to

Chestermere Walks Update

*Walk Indoors at the Chestermere Rec Centre Main Hall: Mon - Fri 8:30-9:30 am and Mon & Wed 1—2 pm *On line virtual walk around Japan starting Mon Jan 27th register at *Next meeting to set up spring programs and events: Thurs Feb 13th at Noon in the Lounge at the Rec Centre. Everyone welcome! *Families Helping Families: A 1/5 km Walk or Run to raise $$$ for Christmas with Dignity. Monday Feb 17th 1:00 pm. $5/person or $10/family Registration starts at 12:30. Join us in the MPP Rm at the Rec Centre after the walk/run for an “Unplugged” afternoon of fun and games with refreshments and a light lunch provided by the Chestermere Lions Club. *For info or to register for your free pedometer email:

food down on top of themselves. Unplug any counter-top appliances when they are not in use - this prevents your child from getting their fingers caught in moving blenders or mixers. Keep appliance cords short by wrapping them up or using cord shorteners. You don’t want children to chew on these dangling cords, or tug on them and accidentally pull heavy appliances down on themselves. You should also use outlet covers on electrical outlets that are not in use - to keep toddlers from plugging dangerous appliances in by themselves. Place safety covers over sharp edges and corners to keep toddlers from banging their heads. Don’t leave your step stool lying around; this is just an accident waiting to happen. All bedrooms and nurseries should have all bookshelves and tall dressers secured to the wall. Children will climb them; trust me – it is only a matter of time. I did have this terrifying experience with one of my children – you do not want this experience in your life! Beware of cribs that are “family heirlooms.” If a crib was built before the early 1970’s, chances are it doesn’t meet current safety standards. If the spacing between the crib bars is wider than 2 3/8 inches (6 cms), babies might injure themselves by getting their heads stuck between the bars, and if you have nightlight in the nursery, make sure there is no chance it will come into regular contact with blankets or curtains, as to pose a fire hazard. It’s also a good idea to use socket guards on all the wall outlets so

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Contact Barb Howes: 403-607-8647 toddlers don’t accidentally electrocute themselves. When it comes to the bathroom, please be so careful! Always keep the toilet lid down, or better yet, use a guard that locks the lid down. Never leave water in a tub when you aren’t using it. A small child can and drowns in only a few centimetres of water. You might want to consider a soft cover for the tub spout, protecting kids from bumps and bruises. Purchase tub-knob covers that can be placed over hot and cold knobs to prevent toddlers from turning on the tub or shower by mistake. Speaking of hot water, you might want to adjust the temperature on your hot water heater, bringing it down to about 120 degrees Fahrenheit (49 degrees Celsius). The water should be hot enough to clean dishes and clothes, but not hot enough to scald children. If you aren’t able to adjust your hot water heater at the source, you can check out your hardware store for anti-scald devices that fit over taps and stop scalding water from flowing through. Use the same kind of outlet covers in the bathroom that you use in the rest of the house. Don’t leave any electrical appliances (hair dryer, electric shaver, etc.) in the bathroom. These can pose a danger of electrocution if they come into contact with water. Or, installing a circuit interrupter which will shut the electricity off immediately. Keep shampoos, makeup, nail-polish and any other kinds of cosmetic products out of the reach of young children. Your scented shampoo might smell good enough to eat.

You can also pick up a copy at Quality Canine Centre 207- 5 Bayside Place. Strathmore, Alberta Just be smart for the rest of your home. Install safety gates on your stairwells – the ones secured to the wall are the best. Plants can be dangerous to your children, like mistletoe, philodendron and dieffenbachia; when you purchase a new plant, ask the question and keep them out of reach. Keep kids from walking into glass doors and windows by putting colourful decals on them. Remove any door stoppers that have rubber caps. These can be removed and ingested by small children. Keep drapery cords wrapped up and out of the reach of young children. These cords pose a strangulation hazard for young children. Paint produced before 1978 often contained dangerously high levels of lead and many children died from eating flaking chips of paint. If you live in an older home, there is a good chance that the undercoat on your walls contain lead-based paint. If the paint on your walls is starting to ‘flake off’, you should scrape everything off and repaint. Pretty much anything you can place on a coffee or end table can be a risk for your toddler, like lamps, dishes, pictures, table cloths and your hot coffee. The rule of thumb when it comes to your little ones is being aware all the time where they are and what they are doing. It only takes a second for something to happen. The Newsy Neighbour

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Men, Vehicles & Sports athletes to watch.

Sochi Gold Rush!

For Sochi 2014, Canada has one simple goal for the 22nd Olympic Winter Games: win the overall medal standings! “We are used to having ambitious goals,” boasts COC president Marcel Aubut. “Our philosophy is, let’s get the maximum we can with the athletes co-operation.” While Canada didn’t win the overall medal standings in Vancouver 2010, finishing behind the United States and Germany, we technically did win the day with a record haul 14 gold medals. Now the question is, can our athletes top the 26 medals won on home soil? While my gut says no, my heart says yes! It doesn’t hurt that these will be the largest Winter Games ever with 12 new events added to the agenda. Canada has world champions in freestyle and snowboard slopestyle and medal threats in women’s ski jumping, team luge and team figure skating. In total, there will be 98 events in 15 different sports. 294 total medals in play which is 36 more than was handed out in Vancouver 4 years ago. While Sochi is the warmest city to host an Olympic Winter Games and home to an elite tennis academy that produced Maria Sharapova, the 50 billion dollar price tag should produce some memorable moments for Canadian viewers. Here is my top 10 list of

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Long Track Speed Skating: Christine Nesbitt - It will be almost impossible for our long track skaters to match their 5 medals won in Vancouver, as this is a team in transition. The defending Olympic Champion in the 1000m has been struggling with her times and tech-

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Short Track Speed Skating: Charles Hamelin - A double gold medalist in Vancouver, Hamelin has dominated his sport leading up to Sochi. He was nominated by Speed Skating Canada to carry the flag in the opening ceremonies but the 29 year old from Quebec declined, wanting to focus on his events.



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Men’s Hockey: Rick Nash - The most controversial selection by Steve Yzerman and his management team. Team Canada is not counting on the 29 year old winger to be a top 6 forward, but they do see him as one of the best penalty killers in the world. While Canada has had great success on North American soil, the pressure will be on not to repeat the performance of Nagano and Torino. Women’s Hockey: Hayley Wickenheiser - The three time Olympic Gold Medalist is looking to make it four in a row. Still one of the best female players in the world, Wickenheiser has battled with injuries this season; she lost her captaincy and a month prior to the Games, head coach Dan Church didn’t like the direction the team was going and resigned. Former NHL head coach Kevin Dineen knows finishing second is not an option in a two horse race and he may be dealing with a dysfunctional room.





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“Because we

nique heading into the Games. It will be interesting to see if she can put it altogether in Sochi. Skeleton: Eric Neilson - Canada has won back-to-back gold medals in men’s skeleton. Duff Gibson is now the national team coach, while an equipment change cost 2010 hero Jon Montgomery a chance to defend his title. If Canada is going to make it three in a row, Neilson is going to have to produce the run of his life. The 32 year old Calgary mailman is facing tough odds on a track our Canadian athletes have had little time to train on. Luge: Alex Gough - Canada has never won an Olympic medal in the sport of luge. In her third Olympics, the 26 year old Calgarian has an excellent chance to win two. In a sport dominated by the Germans, Gough has consistently been on the podium in the world cup and will team up with Sam Edney and the double team of Tristan Walker and Justin Snith in the team relay event. Snowboard Slopestyle: Mark McMorris - Not sure how a 19 year from Regina, Saskatchewan can become a rock star in the sport of Snowboard, but move aside Sean White, as McMorris is the talk of the town. McMorris has won gold in back to back X-Games and he is favoured to do the same in Sochi. Bobsleigh: Kailie Humphries/Heather Moyse – While there are no guarantees in sport, this is as close to a slam dunk as there is for Canada when it comes to Gold! Humphries is the best driver in the world and now that she has her veteran brakeman back on the


team, it will be a shocker if they don’t repeat. Alpine: Erik Guay – Alpine Canada did not deliver the expected results in Vancouver and as a result, lost major funding from Own the Podium. The 32 year old from Quebec is healthy and has a chance to podium in the downhill and Super G. If Guay can’t get the job done, I am cheering for my pal Jan Hudec. Freestyle Moguls: Mikael Kingsbury – 2010 Olympic Champion Alex Bilodeau may have been the first Canadian to win gold on home soil, but the veteran will be tough to defend as Kingsbury has been virtually unbeatable since 2011. He has won back to back World Cup titles and he is the reigning World Champion. It is going to be an amazing battle. The Sochi Games officially begin on Feb 7 and run until Feb 23 and with so many Canadian athletes will medal potential, it’s going to be a wild ride! About Jock Wilson: Jock has been involved in the Calgary sport media scene for over 30 years. He hosts the Calgary Stampeder football broadcasts on News Talk 770 and is the co-host of Sportstalk with Mark Stephen from 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm.

On Twitter: @talkwithjock


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Shaken & Stirred

Marcy enjoys helping others experience the joy in life. She started Mountain Lion Leadership, in 2003. As a leadership & community advocate, she is actively involved with organizations & businesses working to aid growth and development. This is combined with a passion to see women grow both personally & professionally whatever their stage of life. Contact Marcy: Follow Marcy on Twitter @MarcyLField to my profile.

Cheering the Women at Sochi When the teams march into Fisht Olympic Stadium on February 7, 2014 for the Opening Ceremonies, the number of women representing their country, as Olympians, will have grown significantly from the first modern Winter Games in Chamonix, France, 90 years ago. At that time there were only two events allowing female athletes women’s figure skating and mixed pairs. Fast-forward to the XXII Olympic Winter Games where women compete in 38 events for women and 3 mixed events. That’s pretty good when there are 86 gold medals to be won and over 2500 athletes expected to compete. Amongst the many firsts that occur at Sochi, one of my favourites, is that female snow jumpers will get to fly at these games. They were prevented from competing in the 2010 Winter Games by the International Olympic Committee (IOC); however, they won their battle to become a recognized sport. Becoming an Olympian starts with a dream; however, a lot of hard work occurs before it is a reality. As on many other fronts, women face additional challenges. Men were the only ones allowed to compete at the Ancient Olympic Games and women were not included in the inaugural Modern Olympics in 1896. Quoting Baron Pierre de Coubertin, the visionary behind the founding of the IOC, women would not compete, as their inclusions would be “impractical, uninteresting, unaesthetic and incorrect.”

tributed to Canada’s success in the 2010 Winter Olympics. Great surges of national pride in our athletes were evident, and I remember cheering with my then-2-year-old-grandson, “Yeah, Canada!” Finances present an even greater challenge for female athletes in the developing world. Can you imagine being passionate and gifted but unable to follow through? A further deterrent may be a lack of equal rights. The 2012 Summer Olympics were the first time every participating nation had both male and female representation. Three Muslim countries, Qatar, Brunei and Saudi Arabia sent female athletes on the urging of the IOC. On a final note, a lack of media coverage for women’s team sports creates barriers to the popularization of these events. Personally I believe that when Canada’s Women’s Hockey Team is competing, it is some of the best hockey watching available (and I’m not much of a hockey fan). It will be interesting to see if historical fact changes with the Sochi games. It is important that girls are encouraged to do anything and become all they want to be. Teaching and instilling the power of a vision in our daughters, nieces, and other young women in our lives will change the world. Having goals changes things, especially when we get up each and every day to pursue them as our Olympians have. “Women must try to do things as men have. When they fail, their failure must be but a challenge to others.” Amelia Earhart I am grateful that those visionary women and men shaping the Olympic Games did not quit because things did not change quickly. Due to their efforts, I will be cheering for the Olympians at Sochi; perhaps just a little louder for the women there representing Canada. An added bonus: there is another 2 year old in my life that we’ll be teaching to pump his arm in the arm and cheer, “Yeah, Canada!”

Efforts to recognize the work and achievements of female athletes occur not only through training and competition, but also around boardroom tables worldwide. Concerted efforts by various delegations led the IOC to change the rules so that any new sport wanting inclusion in the Olympic program requires female and male equivalents. Own the Podium, a Canadian nonprofit agency, leads the development of Canadian sports to achieve sustainable podium performances at the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Their awareness and fund raising efforts conPage 32

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Do I Have Swine Flu? 10 Symptoms of H1N1 I think everyone would have to agree that we are having a real old-fashioned winter this year and the number of people with the flu this year has now exceeded over 1,300 in Alberta; 1,189 have been identified as H1N1, a strain that tends to affect younger and middle aged adults more harshly than seniors. To date, the H1N1 flu strain has killed nine people and hospitalized 354 Albertans as of Tuesday January 7th. 83 have received intensive care. H1N1 “swine flu” is contagious usually before an infected person even shows the slightest sign of symptoms, and they can remain contagious between seven to 10 days in length. Most people will treat and heal from flu before they even realize they have the illness. However, the most concerning factor about H1N1 is that, unlike seasonal flu, which mainly jeopardizes the lives of the young, senior, and those with compromised immune systems, a bout of swine flu puts the lives of young, healthy people at risk as well. The ten main symptoms of swine flu present themselves like a seasonal cold, and include: 1. Rising Fever A fever that starts out mild, similar to a regular cold, and rises quickly to a high fever over 38°C or 100.4°F will often indicate that you have a more serious illness than just seasonal influenza. Your rising temperature may cause night sweats, followed by bouts of cold chills. 2. Stubborn Cough One of the initial symptoms of H1N1 is typically a nagging cough that sets in the chest and keeps you hacking away at night and disrupting your sleep. If left untreated, H1N1 can quickly become pneumonia, and your cough may be accompanied by thick, yellow, brown, or green phlegm. It may also contain traces of blood. If you suspect pneumonia, go to the hospital immediately. 3. Painfully Swollen Glands H1N1 commonly causes lymph node swelling. You will feel the glands of the neck as well as those under the armpit become swollen and quite tender to the touch. It’s common with any

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immune infection for the glands to become swollen as they try to fight off foreign invaders. 4. Sore Throat Most sore throats are caused by a common cold virus or a more serious infection, such as H1N1. Your sore throat may also be exacerbated if you have nasal congestion and are breathing through your mouth. 5. Nasal Congestion Swine flu often causes severe nasal and chest congestion, similar to a sinus cold. In fact, to test for H1N1, your doctor will collect a swab sample of mucus from your nose or throat. 6. Cold Chills Chills are another symptom of H1N1 that may mislead you to believe you have regular seasonal influenza. Like the flu, with H1N1, you may experience bouts of over-heating (from fever) followed by cold, sweaty chills. 7. Muscle Aches Another symptom that mimics a seasonal flu may be felt in your muscles, which can become weak and achy. Oftentimes, muscle stiffness is felt in the limbs and joints—such as the arms, shoulders, legs, knees, and feet. 8. Nausea & Vomiting The nausea and vomiting associated with H1N1 can come about quite suddenly and within the first 12 to 24 hours of infection. If you do vomit frequently with H1N1, it’s important to stay as hydrated as possible to avoid further weakening your immune system. 9. Respiratory Issues Swine flu also can lead to more serious complications, including pneumonia and respiratory failure, and it can worsen the severity of chronic conditions like diabetes or asthma. Serious symptoms such as shortness of breath warrant an immediate call to your doctor or 911. 10. Severe Abdominal Pain It’s common with H1N1, particularly if you are vomiting repeatedly, to experience digestive upset and severe abdominal pain. The act of vomiting will cause your abdominal muscles to become strained and tender and you may have difficulty keeping even light food, such as soup broth or tea, down. reference:

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Family Page

Child Safety & Protection Measures “Teach your children to trust their own feelings, and assure them that they have the right to say NO to what they sense is wrong!”


worry about my children all the time. I worry about them driving, traveling and even when they go out with friends to entertain. There just seems to be more “crazies” out there and, well, let’s not even talk about how people drive these days. I absolutely only go into Calgary when I have to. But all my children are older, thank goodness; if I had small children I would be a mess. Younger children cannot look out for themselves; it is our responsibility to look out for them. Every home and school should establish a program that effectively teaches children about safety and protection measures. As a parent, you should take an active interest in your children and listen to them. Teach your children that they can be assertive in order to protect themselves against abduction and exploitation. And, most important, make your home a place of trust and support that fulfills your child’s needs—so that he or she won’t seek love and support from someone else. I found this article on on tips to help keep your children safe:

What You Can Do To Prevent Child Abduction and Exploitation Know where your children are at all times. Be familiar with their friends and daily activities. Be sensitive to changes in your children’s behaviour; they are a signal that you should sit down and talk to your children about what caused the changes.

Be alert to a teenager or adult who is paying an unusual amount of attention to your children or giving them inappropriate or expensive gifts. Teach your children to trust their own feelings, and assure them that they have the right to say NO to what they sense is wrong. Listen carefully to your children’s fears, and be supportive in all your discussions with them. Teach your children that no one should approach them or touch them in a way that makes them feel uncomfortable. If someone does, they should tell their parents immediately. Be careful about babysitters and any other individuals who have care of your children. There are lots of different sites on the internet for safety for your home and family. These 10 are pretty common sense but sometimes we get in a hurry or think ”that won’t happen to me.” Well, guess what? It can happen to you! Don’t make a silly mistake; always be aware and you will never have to say “if only I would have thought!” Remember, motor vehicle accidents, falls, accidental poisoning, drowning, and choking are the leading causes of unintentional death. Don't overlook some of the easiest ways to keep your family safe. These 10 tips can help.

Family Page 1. Buckle up. In the event of a car accident, this simple act can

mean the difference between life and death. Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for people ages 1 to 33. About every 12-1/2 minutes, someone is killed because of an auto accident. Every 14 seconds, someone suffers a disabling injury. Seat belts save the lives of thousands of people every year.

2. Use child safety seats. Using a child safety seat can reduce the risk for fatal injury by about 70 percent in children under age 1. Be sure to install the seat properly—close to 80 percent are not installed correctly. The safest place for a child safety seat is in the middle of the back seat. If a child must ride in the front passenger seat, the airbag should be turned off.

3. Don't drink and drive. Consider this: Approximately 40

percent of auto accident deaths involve alcohol. In drunk-driving deaths involving children, over 60 percent of the children are riding in the drunk driver's car. About three in every 10 people will be involved in an alcohol-related traffic accident at some point in their lives. If you will be drinking, designate a nondrinker to drive. Or call a cab.

your windows to make sure that they're not painted, nailed, or swollen shut.

7. Prevent poisoning. Poisoning is a leading cause of death in the home, the NSC says. The main substances that cause accidental death are medicines, poisonous houseplants, cleaning products, and pesticides. Keep your medications locked away from inquisitive young fingers and always tighten child-resistant caps properly. Move your cleaning products to cabinets with safety latches. Keep your local poison control center phone number close to the phone. 8. Be watchful near water. More than 3,000 people drown every year, and children up to age 4 are the most susceptible. Never leave your child alone at a pool or beach or in a bathtub. If you have a swimming pool, fence it in, install self-closing doors leading to it and put toys away from curious eyes when not in use. For added protection, install a cover that prevents access to the water. 9. Keep children from choking. Suffocation is a leading

4. Wear a helmet. Always use a helmet when biking or when playing sports, such as football, hockey, or baseball. About 800 bicyclists die each year in crashes involving motor vehicles. A head injury often results in irreversible damage to the brain. Wearing a helmet can cut the risk for head injury by about 85 percent. Enforce strict rules with your kids—no helmet, no playing the sport or biking. Set a good example by wearing your own helmet when biking.

cause of death in the home for children ages 4 and younger. Always put babies to sleep on their backs on a firm mattress, not on a soft cushion, pillow, or blanket. Make sure to keep toys with long cords and window-shade pull cords away from small children. Children under 4 can choke on firm, round foods such as hotdogs, popcorn, nuts, grapes, and hard candy, so introduce new foods carefully. Also keep small objects that a child could swallow—such as jewelry and tacks—safely out of reach.

5. Prevent falls. More than 50 percent of all falls occur in the

10. Be prepared for fire. Smoke detectors and fire extin-

home. The CDC reports that about 20,000 people age 65 and older die each year of falls. Children are almost as likely as seniors to be injured in a fall, but you can take steps to help keep both older adults and children safely upright. Keep your home clear of tripping hazards, such as electrical cords, throw rugs, and toys on the floor. Keep stairs free of clutter and place handrails on both sides of all stairs. Install light switches at the top and bottom of stairs. Use nonslip mats in the bathtub and shower. Install grab bars next to the toilet and in the tub or shower. Never leave a baby alone on a bed or changing table and use the safety straps on high chairs and strollers. Install gates to prevent access to stairways and balconies. And make sure spindles on staircases are four inches apart or less to prevent an infant's head from slipping through them.

6. Watch those windows. Screens are designed to keep

insects out, not children in. If you install guards that keep children from opening windows more than a few inches, make sure that the guards can be released easily in case of fire. Periodically check

guishers can help prevent injury and death if a fire breaks out in your home. Test smoke detectors monthly and change the batteries twice a year. Make sure that everyone knows where to meet outside the house and teach children their last name, address, and how to call 911 in case of an emergency. To help prevent fires at home, make sure all electrical appliances, electrical cords, and outlets are in good condition; keep children, pets, and combustible materials away from space heaters; if you smoke, don't smoke in bed or on upholstered furniture. Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day and be extra special nice to your sweetie and your family; they are the most important thing in your life – and don’t forget to be safe! Kathryn Hartwell



Did you know that chocolate is actually good for you? Well, not all chocolate and not too much, of course. But, cocoa contains a compound called pentameric procyanidin, or pentamer, which disrupts cancer cells’ ability to spread. When researchers from the Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center at Georgetown University treated cancer cells with pentamer back in 2005, the proteins necessary for cancer growth were suppressed and the cells stopped dividing. Also, if you eat one dark chocolate bar per week your risk of heart disease will decrease, a 2008 study found. About 6.7 grams of dark chocolate per day keeps the blood inflammation-inducing proteins away.

Since it is February, the month known for chocolate, it is Valentine’s Day after all, as promised, Supreme Cuisine will be sharing chocolate recipes. Throw off tradition this year and make your own chocolate Valentine’s gift for your sweetie. This is the perfect Valentines gift this year!!!

Chocolate Martini

1 ounce vanilla vodka 1 1/2 ounces dark chocolate liqueur 1 1/2 ounces plain soy or skim milk 1/2 ounce chocolate syrup Combine all ingredients in a shaker and shake vigorously. Pour mixture into a martini glass, and serve. Free your inner child with these ice cream sandwiches. Use fat-free ice cream or frozen yogurt to cut back on fat.

Ginger-chocolate Chunk Ice Cream Sandwiches

2 cups softened vanilla ice cream 1 ounce bittersweet chocolate, coarsely chopped 1 ounce chopped crystallized ginger 12 chocolate wafer cookies or chocolate graham crackers Combine 2 cups softened vanilla ice cream (to soften ice cream, transfer it to the refrigerator for about 30 minutes), 1 ounce bittersweet chocolate, coarsely chopped, and 1 ounce chopped crystallized ginger in a bowl. Stir together with a rubber spatula or wooden spoon. Arrange 6 chocolate wafer cookies or chocolate graham crackers (you'll need 12 total) on a baking sheet, and top each with about 1/4 cup of the ice cream mixture. Then lightly press on top cookie. Cover ice cream sandwiches with plastic wrap, and place in the freezer. Freeze sandwiches at least 2 hours before serving.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Crispies

You could probably substitute other nut butters, if peanut butter is off your list. Milk Chocolate, Semisweet, Butterscotch or Cappuccino. Try them all to decide which one is your favourite. Ingredients 1 package (12 oz.) Chocolate Chips of choice 1/3 cup peanut butter (creamy or crunchy) 3 cups crispy rice cereal 1 1/4 cups chopped roasted peanuts (reserve 1/2 cup for sprinkling over top of finished squares) Line the bottom and sides of an 8x8-inch pan with plastic wrap so it hangs over the edges and can easily be lifted out after being filled. Set aside. Combine chocolate chips and peanut butter in a large microwave safe bowl. Heat at medium power (50% or level 5) for 2-2 ½ minutes, stirring well after 1 minute initially, then at 30 second intervals until smooth and chips are completely melted. Stir in 3/4 cup chopped peanuts and gently stir in cereal so as not to crush cereal and until evenly covered with coating. Spread into prepared pan. Sprinkle with remaining chopped peanuts. Refrigerate for about 15-25 minutes or until chocolate has set firmly enough to lift contents out of pan. Cut into small squares. Store covered at cool room temperature or tightly covered in the fridge. All these recipes are quick and easy and perfect for your Valentine’s Day! Next month we will be sharing pork and bacon recipes because March is National PIG month – I’m not kidding! Send your favourite recipes to

Have a sweet Valentines!!! Kathryn Hartwell

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Tax Jokes Some people think that the tax department are thieves. This is nonsense. The tax department does not steal; it simply threatens you with dire consequences if you do not give them the money they want. This is not theft. It is extortion. -- Charles J. C. Lyall Inspector: As I can see, you don’t use the leaflets completely. What do you do with the remainders? Rabbi: We collect the remainders, send them to the state capital, they recycle and send us new printed matter. Inspector: As I can see, you don’t use the candles completely. What do you do with the remainders? Rabbi: We collect the remainders, send them to the state capital, they recycle and send us new candles. Inspector: As I can see, something remains after circumcision. What do you do with the remainders? Rabbi: We collect the remainders, send to the state capital, they recycle… and send us tax inspectors. A businessman on his deathbed called his friend and said, “Bill, I want you to promise me that when I die, you will have my remains cremated.” “And what,” his friend asked, “What do you want me to do with your ashes?” The businessman said, “Just put them in an envelope and mail them to the Internal Revenue Service. Write on the envelope, “Now, you have everything.”

A preacher’s wife goes to the butcher. The butcher asks if she’d like to try some damn ham. The preacher’s wife is shocked. The butcher explains that “Dam Ham” is the brand name of the meat and shows her the packaging with the beaver and dam logo. That night, the preacher asks, “What’s for dinner?” His wife says she bought some damn ham from the butcher. The preacher scolds his wife for using such language in their home. She explains the ‘Dam Ham’ brand name and their logo. At the dinner table, the preacher asks his 16-year-old son to pass him the “Dam Ham.” The son replies, “I’ll pass the damn ham if you pass me the damn mashed potatoes.”

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My Favourite, Fabulous, Fantastic & Fun Stuff Ok, fine… I will admit it… I am a Pinterest Junkie!! Oh, yes I am! For those of you who have not ventured across this site yet, it might be best to stay away unless you have an unlimited amount of free time on your hands. It all starts out innocently enough, an hour here and there, until you find yourself sitting in front of your computer at 1:00 in the morning on a Friday night and you just can't pull yourself away. Hey, what else are you going to do at 1am on a Friday?! It's better than sitting in front of the boob-tube! I'm really starting to dislike my television; there are too many reruns, and all the new shows have no appeal to me. The only shows I ever watch are Grimm and Boardwalk Empire. Thank goodness for Pinterest! Everything, and I mean absolutely every fabulous and fantastic thing can be found on this site. Here’s how it works: you start your own boards to collect all your favourite posts so you can go back and review them later. I'm not as bad as some; I only have 11 boards, all used for different categories of items, like Delicious Dinners, My Favourite-Fabulous-Fantastic and Fun Stuff, Luscious Joys, My Home is My Castle, Christmas in my Dreams, the Newsy Neighbour, Creative Ideas I Will Get to Someday, Veggie Heads, Vision Board, Breathtaking, Awe Inspiring, A Little Bit of Heaven and Snicky Snacks. By these titles, you should be able to see what is going on here, right? You start on the main page and start "Pinning" stuff to the boards you create - now you see what I'm getting at! It takes on a life of its own, BUT it is sooooo much FUN! If you have high speed internet, check it out and trust me – it's way better than the boob-tube; it's educational, interesting, fabulous, fantastic and fun! To give you an idea of some of the stuff you can find on Pinterest, I'm going to share just a few of my favourites. Amanda from writes: Please share. You will be hooked. These are not your everyday cracker. They are for a special occasion. Like a Tuesday.

Crack-tastic Crackers 1 – 1 1/4 cup canola oil (you decide how much you want to use) 1 packet Ranch dressing mix 2-3 tbsp red pepper flakes (I used close to 3…a little warm) 4 sleeves of Saltine crackers (give or take…however many you can fit in your mixing bowl) Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl for a good long while (5-10 minutes), to really get the crackers coated. Eat a few if you want. Lay them out on a cookie sheet and drizzle the yummy, ranchy, peppery oil that’s in the bottom of the bowl, over the top of the crackers. Bake at 250°F for 15-20 minutes, stirring them around about halfway through. You can cook them longer if you like them a little more crunchy. Let them cool and store in a big ol’ baggie. Or a few little baggies. My husband has his bag ready to take to work. That’s it! So very easy and a great snack for a game or party. Or a Tuesday. P.S. I did make a really nice harvest salad tonight to offset my cracker munchies. I’m not all bad. This fabulous Dip was shared by Lisa from New England she writes: Honestly, if you love dip, make this. If you love onions make this. If you have a family that’s as dippy as ours, make this.

Caramelized Maui Onion Dip Sunset Magazine – June 2009 Make this at least an hour ahead of time to allow the flavours to develop. 2 tablespoons olive oil 2 sweet onions, halved and thinly sliced (about 5 cups) 1 cup sour cream ½ cup buttermilk 1 teaspoon kosher salt Heat the oil in a large nonstick frying pan over medium heat. Add the onions and cook, stirring occasionally, until brown, sticky and caramelized (about 20 minutes). If the pan starts to burn, reduce the heat to medium-low and add 1 tablespoon of water, stirring well. Transfer the onions to a small bowl and chill until cold (about 1 hour). In a food processor, pulse the onions, sour cream, buttermilk and salt until just combined. Transfer to a serving dish, chill for at least an hour before serving. Now, this is just a couple of recipes I have found that I love, but Pinterest is much more than that. It is art, entertainment, books, tips, health, beauty, travel, photography, animals, cars, crafts, music, gardening, fashion and sports and that's just the tip of the iceberg. Check - it out, but BEWARE! I know what you will be doing at 1:00 in the morning on a Friday night. Kathryn Hartwell

Does Your Dog Have Bad Breath? Q: My dog has bad breath. He breathes on me all the time and it’s disgusting! What can I do about it?

Join us in February for

DENTAL MONTH Book An Appointment

A: This is a pretty common complaint that we get 403.901.1800 among our clients; great question! Halitosis, or “bad breath” is most commonly caused by plaque Because we care. build-up on the teeth. There can be other issues North of Trans Canada Hwy on RR 254, 2 km West of Strathmore. that contribute to a dog or cat’s bad breath (such as abscessed tooth roots, kidney disease, etc.) so a veterinary exam should always be considered first So True!! to rule out a major problem. Animals are just like us, in that they require regular dental cleanings to help My bed at night time is a magical place, because I sudkeep their teeth clean and free of disease. Just like denly remember everything I was supposed to do. the dental office, we have the capability of taking x-rays to assess an individual tooth, and we may also Chocolate comes from cocoa, which is a plant. Thereperform extractions on severely damaged teeth. fore, chocolate counts as a salad. THE END! When a tooth is badly diseased, it is very painful for the pet. They may chew on one side of the mouth to Whenever I have a problem, I sing. Then I realize that my voice is a lot worse than my problem! avoid that tooth, they may drool, their jaw may swell up, or they may just not feel as playful. Once that tooth is removed, you can only imagine how much Workplace Training Dollars better they feel! Dental cleanings are advised annually, or as recommended by your veterinarian depending on your pet’s individual requirements. The dental procedure at a clinic involves a general anesthetic, and a full cleaning, polish, and charting of the teeth. Once your pet has a clean mouth, we can start them on a special diet that keeps the teeth clean, and/or use special dental chews to aid in the reduction of tartar build-up. Brushing your pet’s teeth a minimum of three times per week will also greatly benefit your pet in the long run (just remember to use cat/dog toothpaste). Keep in mind that the toy breeds (i.e.: Yorkshire Terrier) and brachycephalic breeds (i.e.: Bichon x Shih-Tzu) are more prone to teeth and gum disease. Talk to your veterinarian for further information on how your pet’s teeth are doing. Join us for Dental Month in February and find out what we have to offer! Dr. Jodi Viste The Animal Care Centre of Strathmore

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This FREE Workplace Training Program Provides Employers: - Up to 70% of a new employee’s salary reimbursed

back to you for the initial training period, PLUS up to $1500 for courses - Assistance with seeking the appropriate candidate for your organization. - A training plan that is tailored to an individuals skills and your organizations goals. - Support from our team to ensure your new hire is Need helpintegrated to find work, update youryour resumeorganization. and write a cover successfully into letter? Would you like some new ideas on interviewing skills to help get that job? Call us today to see a Career Coach.

Need help to find work, update your resume and write

McBride Career Group

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callatus to discuss this option and see if you or your co Call 403.934.4305 or drop by to see us #103, 227-3rd would qualify. by: Avenue, across the street from the Co-op. Funded

Call 403.934.4305 or drop by to see us at #103, 227-3rd Avenue, across the street from the Co-op.

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Namaste, good day to you! My name is Balavan (which means powerful) in Hindi. Hindi is the national language spoken in India. Actually, Hindi and English are both national languages for India; bet you didn't know that! I am very, very old and have been grown in tropical Asia since ancient times. The ancient use of ginger pre-dates historical records. How do they know these things? My great ancestors began in India because my cousins who still live there show the most biological variability, so I guess that’s how the scientists figured that one out! We have done a lot of traveling since then and we were carried in pots on vessels traveling the maritime trade routes of the Indian Ocean and South China Sea in the 5th century AD and we stopped and stayed at many countries along the way. In the 16th century we even went to Africa and the Caribbean. Now we live everywhere throughout the humid tropics. We were highly important as an article of trade and we were exported from India to the Roman empire 2000 years ago where ginger was valued more for its medicinal properties than as an ingredient in cookery. We even continued as an article of trade to Europe even after the fall of the Roman Empire, with Arab merchants controlling the trade in ginger and other spices for centuries. Together with black pepper, we were one of the most commonly traded spices during the 13th and 14th centuries. Arabs carried us on their voyages to East Africa to plant at coastal settlements and on Zanzibar. During this time in England, ginger was very popular and one pound in weight of ginger was equivalent to the cost of a sheep. Not only that, but we are mentioned in ancient Chinese, Indian and Middle Eastern writings, and we have long been prized for our aromatic, culinary and medicinal properties. In an attempt to make us more available, Spanish explorers introduced ginger to the West Indies, Mexico and South America, and in the 16th century, these areas began exporting the precious herb back to Europe. Today, the top commercial producers of ginger include

Jamaica, India, Fiji, Indonesia and Australia. I am a very important plant in the traditional Indian system of Ayurvedic medicine (is one of the world’s oldest medical systems. It originated in India more than 3,000 years ago and remains one of the country’s traditional health care systems). That’s because we are a wonder spice and have time-tested digestion-friendly properties, in addition to numerous other health benefits. In India, we are used liberally in daily life. Ginger-infused chai is a household favourite, and it’s grandma’s antidote of choice for battling cold and flu. Haven’t been feeling hungry? Eat fresh ginger just before lunch to stoke a dull appetite and fire up the digestive juices. Ginger improves the absorption and assimilation of essential nutrients in the body. Ginger clears the ‘microcirculatory channels’ of the body, including the pesky sinuses that tend to flare up from time to time. Feeling airsick or nauseous? Chew on ginger, preferably tossed in a little honey. Can’t stop the toot-a-thon? Gas—oops!—guess what?! Ginger helps reduce flatulence! Tummy moaning and groaning under cramps? Munch on ginger. Reeling under joint pain? Ginger, with its anti-inflammatory properties, can bring relief. Float some ginger essential oil into your bath to help aching muscles and joints. Just had surgery? Chewing ginger post-operation can help overcome nausea. Stir up some ginger tea to get rid of throat and nose congestion. I’m even said to have aphrodisiac properties. On millions of dining tables in India, you’ll see matchsticks of fresh ginger that have turned a soft pink from being soaked in lemon juice and salt: a zingy accompaniment to any cooked meal. Add me to meat dishes and drinks by making a paste; you can put me in fruit juices, tea and buttermilk. Or grate me and put me in your juicer, along with carrots and apples and a little lemon juice. Totally yummy, and of course, so good for you! Or natural ginger ale made from soda water, lemon and ginger powder. There are a number of ways you can add me into your diet on a regular basis, such as in your curries, your pork roasts and holiday loaves. You can eat ginger root dried, fresh, pickled, preserved, ground, crystallized, or candied. When preparing me, be sure to wash and peel off the outer skin with a paring knife, then grate, slice or chop my inner flesh. You can then hydrate my body by soaking it in liquid, such as water, vegetable broth or chicken broth. Pairing pickled ginger with sushi is also a common way to enjoy my incredible flavour. If you have never eaten me, I really wish you would give me a chance. I have included a few different recipes for you to try. I won’t hurt you, but just like everything else, moderation is the key to being happy and healthy.

How about spicing up your life with


Ginger & Herb

This is really easy, too. Cook basmati rice. When you take the lid off the pan, quickly stir in finely chopped garlic, ginger, green chilies and fresh cilantro leaves—the burst of flavour and fragrance will drive your senses crazy with desire! Or, easy peezy


Scallion Ginger Dipping

to serve alongside grilled beef or chicken. 1/3 cup grated fresh ginger 12 scallions, very finely minced (almost pureed) 2 teaspoons kosher salt 1/3 cup canola oil Mix together ginger, scallions, salt and oil. Chill before serving, Enjoy!

This Hawaiian Ginger Chicken Stew

has a bold ginger-flavoured broth and provides a whole serving of dark leafy greens in each bowl. Use what you have on hand, like carrot, kale, swish chard or daikon radish. 1 tbsp. sesame or canola oil 1 pound chicken cut into 1-inch pieces 1 2-inch piece fresh ginger, peeled and minced 4 cloves garlic, thinly sliced 1/2 cup dry sherry 2 cups reduced-sodium chicken broth 1 1/2 cups water 2 tbsp. reduced-sodium soy sauce 1 tsp. Asian red Chile sauce, such as sriracha, or to taste 1 bunch mustard greens, or chard, stemmed and chopped (6-7 cups) Heat oil in a Dutch oven over medium-high heat. Add chicken and cook, stirring occasionally, until just cooked through, about 6 minutes. Transfer to a plate with tongs. Add ginger and garlic to the pot and cook until fragrant, about 10 seconds. Add sherry and cook until mostly evaporated, scraping up any browned bits, 1 1/2 to 3 minutes. Add broth and water, increase heat to high and bring to a boil. Boil for 5 minutes. Add soy sauce, Chile sauce and greens and cook until the greens are tender, about 3 minutes. Return the chicken and any accumulated

juices to the pot and cook until heated through, 1 to 2 minutes.

Carrot Sauté with Ginger & Orange. Spiked with fresh ginger

Healthy and delicious

and orange juice. 2 tsp. canola oil 3 cups grated carrots, (6 medium-large) 2 tsp. minced fresh ginger 1/2 cup orange juice 1/4 teaspoon salt, or to taste freshly ground pepper, to taste Heat oil in a large nonstick skillet over medium-high heat. Add carrots and ginger; cook, stirring often, until wilted, about 2 minutes. Stir in orange juice and salt; simmer, uncovered, until the carrots are tender and most of the liquid has evaporated, 1 to 2 minutes. Season with pepper and serve.

Spinach Salad Tossed with Ginger Dressing was inspired by the iceberg


salads served at Japanese steakhouses. Add shrimp for lunch or a light supper. 3 tbsp. minced onion 3 tbsp. peanut or canola oil 2 tbsp. distilled white vinegar 1 1/2 tbsp. finely grated fresh ginger 1 tbsp. ketchup 1 tbsp. reduced-sodium soy sauce 1/4 tsp. minced garlic 1/4 tsp. salt Freshly ground pepper, to taste 8 – 10 cups fresh spinach 1 large carrot, grated 1 medium red bell pepper, very thinly sliced Combine onion, oil, vinegar, ginger, ketchup, soy sauce, garlic, salt and pepper in a blender. Process until combined. Toss spinach, carrot and bell pepper with the dressing in a large bowl until evenly coated. Cover and refrigerate the dressing for up to 5 days. So there you have it! So many delicious recipes and different ways you can eat me. Don’t forget to throw a big piece of ginger in your shopping cart. Eat, drink and be healthy! Goodbye - नमस्ते (namastē) Your friend, Balavan

as it doesn’t disturb your sleep.”

Is it healthy to have your dog sleeping in your bed? I pretty much have always had a pet in my life and all of them have slept with me. I remember having the conversation when we brought Koby, my miniature dachshund, home. He would have his own pillow on the floor – that was the rule. Well, that lasted about 3 hours. He definitely had different ideas and the hollowing, crying and whimpering was too much to take. What’s the saying, “The road to Hell is paved with good intentions”? I got thinking about how healthy this really was. Not that it would make any difference after all these years, but maybe for those of you who have not started this habit yet, it might help you with your decision.

Which brings up another problem with sharing the bed with a pet -- they can disturb your sleep. A study released by the Mayo Clinic Sleep Disorders Center found that about half the patients in the study had a dog or cat, and 53% of those pet owners said their pets disturbed their sleep in some way nightly. “I’ve had patients that I’ve spent visit after visit going over their insomnia problems, trying to figure out what’s happening, then I find out they have a dog that’s scratching all night,” says Lisa Shives, MD. “There are all kinds of medical benefits to having a pet,” says Shives, who sleeps with her 45-pound dog. “And some people might feel safer or calmer with a dog in their bed.” And even when people finally make the hard decision to eject their pet from the bed, most find it’s not an easy task. Ingrid Johnson, a veterinary technician and consultant on feline behaviour says she advises clients to never let their cat in their bedroom if they don’t want to sleep with the cat. She says for cats it’s all or nothing, so the door must always be open to them, or never open to them. “If you suddenly shut a cat out of the bedroom, they can get very frustrated and start displaying destructive behavior. Cats don’t react well if you take away territory.”

An independent survey found that 62% of small dogs, 41% of medium-sized dogs and 32% of large dogs sleep with their owners. The survey also found that 62% of cats sleep with their adult owners, and another 13% of cats sleep with children.

Sounds like good advice to me! So remember, when you bring your very special, cute as a button fuzzy friend home, make a conscious decision right from the beginning, “To sleep or not to sleep” with your animal – that is the question!

So is it healthy to have your dog sleeping in your bed? Derek Damin, Md of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology, says people who suffer from pet allergies or asthma should not sleep with their dog or cat or even allow them in the bedroom. “Use a HEPA filter and keep them out of the bedroom to give your nose a few hours a day to recover,” says Damin, but he also says most pet lovers won’t kick Fido out of bed, even if they discover their pets are causing allergy problems. For those people, he recommends allergy shots to build up a tolerance to the pet dander that causes allergic reactions. “But if you’re not allergic, there’s really no big issue with having a dog in the bed. It’s fine as long

Kathryn Hartwell

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The Newsy Neighbour

Thermos At work, a blonde notices her that cubicle mate has a thermos. She asks him what it’s for, and he responds, “It keeps hot things hot, and cold things cold.” The blonde immediately buys one. The next day, she goes to work and proudly displays it. Her cube mate asks, “What do you have in it?” The blonde says, “Soup and ice cream.”

Empowering Women Together

Changing Women and Childrens’ lives..... One room at a time!

Almost certainly, a woman you know has been abused. You might not know about it. Across Alberta, women are living with men who insult, intimidate, manipulate and hurt them physically and degrade them sexually. They are trapped in a pattern of abuse. They live in turmoil and fear. These women have created new lives for themselves. They have been able to break free of abuse and move on. They have survived and they have healed. They are an inspiration. Join us in our effort to improve women’s shelters in Alberta. Our goal is to provide women and their children a safe place to finally escape the terror, and have a warm welcoming feeling where they can begin to start their new life. They need our help, this is never easy. We are looking for donations of gently used furniture, home accessories and money for families moving out of the C.A.W.E.S. Shelter and into their own homes. Smaller apartment sized furniture is preferred. If you or your company can help in anyway, please contact Michelle Weinberger @ 403-506-2769. Email:

50+ Shopping Bus Trips 2013 + Caregivers Mon. Feb 3/14 South Centre Mall Mon. Feb 24/14 Northland Mall

The fee will be $20 return This service is for the County of Wheatland To reserve a ride call before 9:00pm Thursday. For Strathmore call Carol 403-934-4106 or Ruth 403-934-3106 For Standard call Marie 403-644-2147 or Donna 403-644-3849 For Rockyford & Drumheller call Frances 403-677-2278 or Irene 403-677-2235 This is a perfect opportunity to leave your car at home and meet new people

ROC Charity Shop

The little charity shop within your reach - touching the lives with the tender love of Jesus! Are you looking for household items, Clothing or just some cool stuff? Lots of new and gently used items at rock bottom prices!! Store Hours: Tuesday – Friday 10am – 6pm, Saturday 10am – 7pm, Donation Hours: Tuesday – Wednesday 10am – 1pm. OPENING January 25, 2014 107A, 300 Merganser Drive W. Chestermere.

Proceeds to free children from Cambodia sex trade and ROC Generation. For info call 403-714-5644 or email

Hope Bridges Society Winter 2014 Weekly Workshops!

All adults welcome. Relax, Reduce stress or Relieve pain. Connect and have Fun!

This page is provided by encana natural gas for non-profit organizations and fundraising! The Newsy Neighbour The Newsy Neighbour

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Forget About It An elderly husband and wife visit their doctor when they begin forgetting little things. Their doctor tells them that many people find it useful to write themselves little notes. When they get home, the wife says, “Dear, will you please go to the kitchen and get me a dish of ice cream? And maybe write that down so you won’t forget?” “Nonsense,” says the husband. “I can remember a dish of ice cream.” “Well,” says the wife. “I’d also like some strawberries and whipped cream on it.” “My memory’s not all that bad,” says the husband. “No problem - a dish of ice cream with strawberries and whipped cream. I don’t need to write it down.” He goes into the kitchen; his wife hears pots and pans banging around. The husband finally emerges from the kitchen and presents his wife with a plate of bacon and eggs. She looks at the plate and asks, “Hey, where’s the toast I asked for?”

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The Newsy Neighbour

And that’s the truth! Really – is it really? You know what the truth is? Wow! It may be a little tongue-in-cheek, but it seems the most abused word in many languages is ‘true’. There are constant pronouncements from expert sources and authorities telling us the truth or facts as they really are and we should be eternally grateful for their efforts on our behalf. Some are reasonable and were presented thousands of years ago. These we can probably live with or by and be fairly confident; at least we are not doing any harm. Various ways they’re interpreted might be a real problem… the more extremist experts and authorities we could live without. On top of ‘that’s the truth’ – we have ‘I saw it with my own eyes!’ Written in stone, right? Carved in granite – you saw what you saw! Even better: ‘I remember it like it was yesterday!’ Are you sure you want to read further? This could be a good news/bad news type of read. First, the good news: we cling to our perceptions and thoughts for various and sometimes valid reasons. Many of the things we believe to be true probably are, if not 100% correct, at least based on an honest belief. Now the not so good news: credible, repeatable and reviewed studies have shown that what we see (our perceptions) and our memories are nowhere near carved in stone/granite or even frozen mud. We are easily swayed by our own preconceptions and outside influences. Frequently it’s the details we are sure of that turn out to be wrong even though in our minds they are carved in granite. There is an old classic saying: if you want seven different stories, ask seven different witnesses. Not that dishonesty is involved – we’re just not quite correct and our memories are different even with similar basics. A frequently used example is that in spite of various precautions in place, convictions based on eye witness testimony and memory have not uncommonly been found to be incorrect – sometimes years later. Yet the justice system still places great emphasis on

these in spite of many studies saying the opposite. Even further, we all know the ‘I can’t be wrong – my way or the highway’ types who believe that their perceptions must be our perceptions. Research is developing chemicals that can be deliberately used to delete or modify our memories (November 2013 Popular Science magazine/website). This may be a milestone from a mental health treatment standpoint but quickly name which government(s) or corporations you would trust with it? Is it still true if you can’t remember? Many supposed truths can only change at a glacial pace with much wailing and opposition from their legions of staunch upright supporters. So, as stalwart supporters of the Alberta Way – tolerance, respect and being open minded, we might want to stretch even a little more and look a little closer at that word ‘true’. There is a really interesting ‘fairy tale’ written by Eliezer Yudkowsky called ‘The Simple Truth’, kind of written with a large wink and some semi-hidden references. It’s free to download on the net and you will never look at a bucket of pebbles, sheep or government officialdom the same way again. You may even want others to read it…Scientific American Mind magazine has some great issues on illusions, perception and memory. Try the Special Edition – November 2013 ‘Illusions’ to make you blink and think.

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My First Turkey

An old guy living in a small town had been bugged for years to go hunting with his buddies and have some fun. Finally, he goes up to his attic and digs out an old shotgun. Later that day, his buddies hear from him: “I took your advice and went hunting! Shot my very first turkey today. Scared the crap out of everyone in the frozen food section. You’re right - getting old can be fun!”

“I’m in one of those moods where I just want to throw a book at someone’s face and be like... I facebooked you!” The Newsy Neighbour

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The REPs...guiding you thru the STEPS .....of Real Estate.

We are.... 3 REMAX horizon Real Estate Professionals ... DEDICATED to work together and licensed in Residential, Rural, Commercial, Condo. We are here to help our clients reach ALL their real estate goals. Contact us:

RE/MAX forecasts a “exceptionally healthy” Forecast for 2014 Canada can expect an “exceptionally healthy” housing market in 2014 thanks to improvements in the overall economy that helped produce a surge in the latter half of this year, a leading real estate group said Wednesday. At the same time, the value of an average Canadian home is forecast to escalate 3% to $390,000 in 2014, after rising 4% to $380,000 in 2013, according to a survey of the group’s independent brokers and affiliates. Re/Max says that nationally, home sales are expected to climb 2% to 475,000 units next year, after a 3% increase to well over 453,000 projected for 2013 when all the numbers are in. Meanwhile, the outlook is for the residential housing market to remain in “clear balanced territory” throughout 2014, although some pockets and price points may see continued shortages. Re/Max says its optimism is largely based on an improved outlook for Canada in 2014, which is expected to see the country enjoy economic growth second only to the 2.8% rate of the United States among Group of Seven countries. And it says that while Canada’s economic growth is currently forecast at 2.3%, it could move higher given the impact of strengthening global economies on the Canadian manufacturing sector. “Canadian housing markets are on solid ground after a somewhat harrowing first and second quarter of 2013,” said Gurinder Sandhu, executive vice-president and regional director, Re/Max Ontario-Atlantic Canada. Better than expected economic performance, relatively stable inventory levels and the threat of higher interest rates down the road “proved mid-year game changers, providing the stimulus necessary to jump-start home buying activity,” Sandhu said. As a result, the momentum that emerged in the latter half of the year is expected to spill over into 2014, setting the stage for continued growth and expansion in most residential markets, Re/ Max said. Overall, 23 of 25 markets surveyed, or 92%, are set to experience average price increases by year-end 2013, with Hamilton-Burlington the leader at 7.5%, followed by Barrie, Ont. and District at 7%, Calgary and St. John’s, NL, at 6%, and Greater Vancouver, Winnipeg and the Greater Toronto Area at 5%. The forecast for 2014 shows the upward trend continuing, with values expected to again climb in 92% of markets surveyed, led by Greater Toronto at 6%. Page 46

The Newsy Neighbour

Quebec and Atlantic Canada have been the exceptions to the rosy performance in 2013, with sales expected to fall below 2012 levels. But even there things should improve next year, Re/Max said. “Both regions should rebound in the new year, led by Halifax-Dartmouth (5%), Moncton (3%), Greater Montreal (2%) and Quebec City (2%).” Although there are several factors that are expected to contribute to rising housing prices on a national basis, one of the most pressing is build out, Re/Max said. “Nowhere is that more obvious than in Vancouver, where the mountains and the ocean have prevented further growth, and the Greater Toronto Area, where the greenbelt has stymied future development.” “As such, the availability of low-rise homes relative to the population is expected to contract, placing further pressure on prices,” it said. “We’re definitely seeing a greater commitment to higher density at a municipal level,” said Elton Ash, regional executive vice-president, RE/MAX of Western Canada. “In fact, the trend already underway in Vancouver and Toronto has gained serious momentum in smaller markets where cities are moving to infuse vibrancy into the urban core through mixed-use residential/commercial/retail development.” Article courtesy of RE/MAX & The Financial Post. Strathmore, specifically, has seen market sales down 7% overall, listings (inventory) down 22%, and days to sell were down 2% to 69 days. The average sales price was up 7% to $288,440, and 64% of listed homes sold, which is up 19%. This means the market was tipped slightly into the sellers advantage, and there were more buyers than properties available for sale. It was a good time to sell in Strathmore for home owners in 2013, with equity building at a consistent rate. We even saw some multiple offer situations on a few properties! 2014 is much the same so far, with not enough listings (inventory) and a surplus of buyers. Article courtesy of Calgary Real Estate Board MLS & The Real Estate REPs (see back page).

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Did You Know • Did you know that snails can sleep for three years? • Did you know that you burn more calories sleeping than you do watching TV? • Did you know that cutting down a cactus in Arizona may earn you a 25-year prison term? • Did you know that in Alabama, it is illegal to wear a fake mustache that causes laughter in church? • Did you know that baboons were once trained by the Egyptians to wait on tables? • Did you know that an average banana has more calories than a Kit Kat Bar? • Did you know that if you take any number, double it, add 10, divide it by 2 and subtract the original number from it, the answer is always 5? • Did you know that the first song sang in space was Happy Birthday? • Did you know that a chameleon’s tongue is longer than its body? • Did you know you see better when you are scared? • Did you know that the fastest growing nail is on the middle finger? The slowest – on the thumb? • Did you know that garden worms have 5 pairs of hearts? • Did you know that the condition of being unable to re-


lease a dart from one’s hand when throwing is known as dartitis? • Did you know that by the age of 5, children have acquired 85% of the language they will have as adults? • Did you know that “queueing” is the only word in English with five consecutive vowels? • Did you know that camels have three eyelids to protect themselves from the sand? • Did you know that even though hippos are herbivores, they are known to attack and kill humans? • Did you know that “lollipop” is the longest word typed with only the right hand? • Did you know that “stewardesses” is the longest word typed with only the left hand? • Did you know that celery has negative calories? It takes more calories to eat a piece of celery than the celery has in it to begin with. It’s the same with apples! • Did you know that Orcas (killer whales) kill sharks by torpedoing up into the stomach from underneath, causing the shark to explode? • Did you know that 315 entries in Webster’s 1996 Dictionary were misspelled? Did you know that Dr. Seuss pronounced his name “soyce”? Did you know that your stomach produces a new layer of mucus every two weeks so that it doesn’t digest itself?

Emily Hogan is an interior designer from new and local design company Blyss Interiors. Her strong experience in the window covering industry has inspired her to offer those services to Strathmore and area as well as her savvy & stylish design style. If you have any questions for her call her at 403-901-4467 or email to She would be happy to hear from you!

How to Mix His & Hers Design Style

ing the glam a woman craves. One thing to remember is that a perfect and cohesive home does not happen overnight; much like your relationship, it grows over time and is a work in progress. Your home is your nest, a place to love together and cherish one another and escape the outside world. Your home should be a reflection of your personalities, experiences and interests both together and individually. With these tips, it will help with the ease of transition and the beginning of a beautiful relationship with your new home together.

Everyone has different tastes and styles. When relationships come together for the first time in a newly shared house, it can be a challenge to combine both of your belongings and achieve a balanced and cohesive look. With these tips, you can ease the transition and create your home together. Colour Women often lean towards colours that are more trendy – light and airy, but we also take more risks with pops of colour and shades with a little more vibrancy. Men, on the other hand, take a more muted approach and lean towards tans and browns and overall darker colours. The best way to combine both of these styles is to mix and match. Selecting a darker wall colour combined with white or cream furniture can balance the man cave appeal. A soft grey is always a winner when combining styles and it works with numerous shades of ‘girly’ colours. Curves vs. Tailored Pieces When selecting key pieces of furniture such as your sofa, these are pieces that work well when they are more streamlined with nice clean lines and not a lot, if any, embellishment. These items need to be sturdy and practical, which every male appreciates. Pairing a more tailored sectional (let’s say) with a curvy wing back accent chair balances the masculine and feminine look. Rustic and Refined A balance of natural textures and stylised pieces go hand in hand with a cohesive and design-savvy look for yourself and your beau’s humble abode. Males are inclined to like the natural look of wood; too much can make a space look very heavy and condensed, but paired with more feminine styling, it can balance everything out. On a heavy item like a large wooden coffee table, a small floral arrangement and a stack of coffee table books softens the appeal and adds individual flare. A refined option would be to add a little sparkle – creating a little bling with a classic chandelier above a rustic harvest table gives a nod to the male need for something more raw in its appeal, while also giv-

Blyss Int eriors Emily Hogan Custom window coverings & Interior styling Free in home window covering consults!

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Dearest Wife

Mad Cow Concern

There was this couple from Langdon, Alberta, who decided to go to Hawaii for a week to thaw out during one particularly cold winter. The airlines have crazy frequent flyer rules, and the wife ended up on a flight the day after her husband. The husband made it to Hawaii and arrived at his hotel. Upon getting to his room, he decided to open his laptop and send his wife back in Langdon an email. Unfortunately, he didn’t notice he had misspelled his wife’s email address. In Calgary, a widow had just returned from the funeral of her husband, a Methodist pastor of many years, who had been called to glory just a few days earlier. She decided to check her email because she was expecting to hear from relatives and friends. Upon reading the first email, she let out a loud scream, fainted and fell to the floor. The woman’s son rushed into the room and found his mother on the floor. He glanced up at the computer screen and saw the following email message: To My Loving Wife, I’ve just been checked in. Everything has been prepared for your arrival here tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing you then. Sincerely, Your Devoted Husband. P.S. Sure is hot down here.

A husband and wife go to a restaurant. The waiter approaches the table to take their order. “I’ll have your biggest, juiciest steak,” says the husband. “But sir, what about the mad cow?” asks the waiter. “Oh,” says the husband. “She’ll order for herself.”

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When you think of February, what is the one thing that comes into your mind? Protein? What are you talking about?! Chocolate, of course! What if I told you that chocolate and protein have something in common? Did you know that one milk chocolate bar has more protein than a banana? I know, it seems strange to me, too. Protein has a hand in every critical function of the body. Women should have 46 grams and men should have 56 grams per day.

In your soup pot, heat a drizzle of oil over medium heat. Squeeze the sausage out of its casing into the pot and cook it, breaking it up as you stir it around, until it’s no longer pink. Add the jalapeno pepper, then the sweet potato, beans, cumin, stock and tomato sauce. Bring to a simmer, reduce the heat and simmer for about half an hour, until the potatoes are tender and the broth has thickened a bit.

Now, I’m pushing it a bit when I ask you to think about protein foods as being luscious, but with a little imagination and a few great recipes, you can make just about anything luscious. Except for beans… I think I might be hard to make beans luscious; but on the other hand, beans and whole grains are some of the healthiest foods on the planet and they’re cheap, filling and easy to make. So, how about we go on this adventure together and transform the lowly bean into something spectacular? I’ve always liked a good challenge!

2 onions, peeled and chopped 2 red or yellow bell peppers, seeded and chopped 2 jalapeño peppers, seeded and minced 5-6 garlic cloves, crushed 1 19 oz (540 mL) can each black beans, red kidney beans and chickpeas, drained 1 19 oz (540 mL) can diced or whole tomatoes Half a small can of tomato paste 2 tbsp chili powder 1 tbsp cocoa 1-2 tsp chopped chipotle chili en adobo 1 tsp cumin In a medium pot, sauté the onions, peppers and garlic in a drizzle of oil over medium-high heat. Add the black beans, red kidney beans and chickpeas, the tomatoes and tomato paste, chili powder, cocoa, chipotle chili en adobo and cumin. Bring to a simmer, reduce heat and cook for an hour, or until thickened. Cool and refrigerate for up to a week or freeze for up to 6 months. Top with a blop of sour cream.

Half large eggplant 1/2 tsp salt 1 zucchini 2 carrots 1 each sweet red and yellow pepper 2 tbsp extra-virgin olive oil 1 large onion, chopped 1 tbsp paprika 1/4 tsp cayenne pepper 1 cup red lentils 1/2 cup bulgur 4 cups vegetable or beef broth 2 tbsp tomato paste 1 tbsp dried mint Juice of 1 lemon Cut eggplant into scant 1-inch slices. Sprinkle both sides with salt; let stand in bowl until beads of moisture appear on cut surfaces, about 30 minutes. Blot dry with paper towels. Cut eggplant, zucchini, carrots and red and yellow peppers into 1-inch chunks. In Dutch oven or large pot over medium-high, heat oil; add onion and fry until beginning to turn golden, about 4 minutes. Add eggplant, zucchini, carrots, peppers, paprika and cayenne. Sauté until eggplant is almost tender, about 10 minutes. Add lentils and bulgur and cook, stirring, for 2 minutes. Add broth, 3 cups water and tomato paste; bring to a boil. Reduce heat, cover and simmer until lentils are soft and almost dissolve into liquid, about 1 hour. Crumble mint and add to stew; stir in lemon juice. To serve, ladle stew into bowls; top with lemon slices and fresh mint. In small bowl, combine oil with paprika; drizzle over stew.

Sausage, Black Bean and Sweet Potato Soup

Well, there you have it! All these recipes sound luscious to me and incredibly healthy. See, anything is possible; even making beans taste good. Enjoy!

3 Bean & Chipotle Chili

A drizzle of canola or olive oil 1-2 mild or hot Italian sausages 1 jalapeno pepper, seeded and minced 1 medium sweet potato, peeled and diced 1 19 oz (540 mL) can black beans, drained 1 tsp cumin 1 L chicken or vegetable stock About a cup of tomato sauce or a big spoonful of tomato paste

Red Lentil and Vegetable Stew

Kathryn Hartwell

LANGDON COMMUNITY GARDEN Coming to our community Spring 2014! Food Bank Plots, Plots for personal use, Children & Teen Gardens Fruit Trees, Bush Fruit, Pathways, Pergolas, Benches & More!

“A community growing together”

A vision to develop, and nurture a growing space for Langdon’s citizens, and reduce barriers to healthier living. ·

Langdon Community Garden

Most common lies:

Medicine Cabinet February 2014

- I won’t laugh. I promise. - Your table will be ready in a few minutes. - I’m just kidding! - I never got your text. - I have read and agreed to the terms and conditions. - I’m fine. - You will need to know this later in life. - No, I’m okay. I’m just tired. - Okay, just one more episode. - I’m on my way!

What on earth is “kelp,” and what is it good for? I started taking kelp a few years back, as I was told it would help with my foot and leg cramps. Oh, my goodness they hurt – all of you who wake up in the middle of the night in agony know exactly what I’m talking about. If you crave pickles and salty things, it means you are deficient in iodine in your system. Ask anyone who knows me, I am a pickle freak. Pickle sandwiches, pickles in my egg salad and even in my beer! Trust me, once you try beer and a pickle you’re going to like it!

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Even when the snow is falling outside, Grasshopper gets the job done. Grasshopper True ZeroTurn™ FrontMount™ mowers give you the power and maneuverability to sweep, push and blow through snow with the greatest of ease. Our complete line of snowthrowers, rotary brooms and dozer blades install in minutes. With only one engine to maintain, you’ll save time and money, so your profit forecast is always sunny.

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So kelp, as I’m sure you all know, is seaweed and an excellent all-around mineral supplement. Kelp is well known as an excellent source of most of the important trace minerals. There are few such sources anywhere on earth. Besides the well-known trace elements such as copper, zinc, manganese, chromium and others, kelp supplies many of the ultra-trace minerals such as germanium, iridium, rubidium and others of which we know much less. Kelp is rich in iron, calcium, magnesium, with some zinc and selenium, but low in copper. In addition to its high trace mineral content, one hundred grams of kelp also contains 1.7 grams of protein, and vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and K. It is particularly rich in folic acid. It also contains many other phytonutrients found in plants, along with soluble fibre. It even contains some fatty acids, including a little of the omega-3 fatty acids and others. It provides plenty of iodine, a mineral that most people need more of today due to the presence everywhere of iodine antagonists – bromine, chlorine and fluorides. These interfere with our iodine uptake and utilization, causing widespread thyroid problems and many other health problems, as well. Biochemists Ira Bhatnagar and Se-Kwon Kim give kelp high marks for its rich content of nutrients that are beneficial for the human body. In an article in a 2011 issue of “Advances in Food and Nutrition Research,” they note that the human body and the ocean waters in which kelp grows share in common 56 nutrients, several of which are no longer available in the terrestrial soil in which most plant-based foods are grown. It is a natural diuretic and good for those troubled by water weight. Diuretics clean out the system and assist in shedding water and the toxins in the system. Kelp has other benefits as well. Kelp

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Your time is worth money!! If you don't have time to juggle all your paperwork, give us a call! We can help! has been used for decades for strengthening nails and supporting hair growth. Vegetarians, and especially vegans who are avoiding dairy and animal products should be taking kelp since, healthy as these diets are, they are lacking in certain minerals and nutrients necessary for a healthy lifestyle. Kelp comes in tablet form or can be made into a tea. It can also be found in seaweed products offered in health food stores for making salads, soups and other recipes calling for dark, leafy greens. In the article “The Many Unknown Benefits of Kelp,” author S. Wagner says kelp “is more important to our bodies than the average person knows.” Among the valuable minerals sea kelp supplies are iodine, salt, iron, potassium, phosphorus and calcium. The vitamins sea kelp supplies include vitamin A and niacin, along with a healthy dose of protein. As a highly alkaline substance, sea kelp can also help restore the optimum pH levels in the body. Adults can usually take at least three 600 mg kelp capsules daily, preferably with meals. When one is able to do this comfortably, most people can double this to six 600 mg capsules daily. Some people need to take even more, if they can do so comfortably for a few months, at least. That is how deficient many people are in iodine and the other minerals found in kelp. Children may take two or three 600 mg capsules of kelp capsules daily. Younger children and babies can take one kelp capsule daily. I have never had a problem with taking kelp, but I now realize the one pill a day really has not been nearly enough. I will slowly increase the amount I take. Regardless, the one pill a

day DID stop my leg cramps almost immediately. As with anything new you add to your diet, please make sure to check with your doctor first. PLEASE NOTE: People with thyroid problems should seek medical advice before consuming kelp because it is so high in iodine. And, if you are on blood thinning medications, do not add kelp to your diet without speaking to your physician, as kelp contains vitamin K, the clotting vitamin, which may affect the dosage of your medication.

Happy Valentine’s Day!! Kathryn Hartwell References:,


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including granite counters, maple & glass front cabinets & hardwood floors, Basement is fully developed with in floor heat & 9’ ceilings. $479,900. Call Raelene Nichol to view.

Raelene NicholNichol Ph: 403-921-6111 Raelene Spacious walk out bungalow in Speargrass. Open con403-921-6111

ceptwith with hardwood, granite counters & vaulted ceilings. Country Living amazing Real Estate Lower level is professionally developed with in Advocates floor heat, office independently owned and operated sunrisesEachand sunsets! rec room with gas fireplace & wet bar. Views of the bow

Country Living City Convenience. Close to Stoney Trail.

river, the prairies & golf course. $444,900.

Let me help you in your journey of buyingCall or selling you Nichol home! to view. Raelene

Exquisite custom bungalow backing onto Speargrass golf course. This home is loaded with custom upgrades including tiger wood & slate floors, cherry cabinets, quartz counters & ainstone fireplace. Fully finished walk out with Affordable & attractive 4 level split Carseland. Bright & freshly New floors, furnacefireplace, & hot water wet bar with dishwasher Actual Speargrass Sunset! room, & wine tank. 5 bedrooms & 3 baths. Spacious kitchen leads to room. $584,900. Raelene Nichol to view. back deck with a hot tub. Located on a pieCall shaped Langdon, Alberta Speargrass, large Alberta

lot with a detached garage & RV parking. $294,000. Langdon isFeatures located in Rocky County and highView ceilings, Charming home in Langdon. otherNichol community CallNo Raelene to view. within is known as the Good Town. such proximity tolarge Calgary windows, gourmet kitchen & a master retreatLuck with Over lookssuch the 9th green, ofanthe Speargrass Golf offers amenities: 403-921-61 A Charming homeProfessionally in Langdon: area &witha profesdoor to large back deck. Course. Nicely layout 3reading bedroom bunglow exceptional golf course, sionally dev basement. finished Beautiful landscaped yard with lower level has 2 windows, more bedrooms & a 3rd bathHigh ceilings, large Country Livin breathtaking natural beauty gourmet kitchen and quaint views of the mountains. room. Beautiful front veranda. $519,900. City Convenie the Nichol bankstoof the Bow sitting area. Professionally Callon Raelene view. Close to Ston Calland Raelene Nichol to view. River, large home sites a finished basement & beautiful slower pace of life. front veranda. Overlooks Speargrass Golfof Course. Spacious bungalow Peace Mind For Your$519,900. Real Estate Transaction

Raelene N

Let me help you in your jou 5 Beautiful Homes Speargrass: on aInlarge cornerWe lot. offer Vaultedyou ceilings, lots of windows & exclusive protection, called Tranquilli-T by Elite. a great wrapCourse. around deck. Large corner lot. $399,900. Carseland, Alberta Overlooks Speargrass Golf Call Raelene Nichol to view. Spacious bungalow on a large Carseland is a great, friendly community If your closing is delayed or the buyer dies, this We also provide this program for ourlittle clients corner lot. Vaulted ceilings, with aminities. program can save your financial security. If you who buy a home from us. Ask us about the lots of windows, a great wrap Affordable & Attractive 4 Level Split: 10th tee boxwith of Speargrass Golf Course. are buying anotherBacks homeonto todeck coincide the benefits of Buyer’s Brokerage. around and oversized Gorgeous 4 bdrm walkout bungalow with lots of upgrades Affor Freshly painted. New floors, heated garage. $399,900. closing of this oneincluding you will love the security granite counters, maple & glass front cabinets & Brigh Visit our website or ask us how this program furnace & hot water tank. 3 Tran-quilli-T provides. Extrafloors, Legal Fees may hardwood Basement is fullybe developed with in floor tank. Spacious walk out bungalow in Speargrass. bedrooms & 3 baths. Large heat & defects 9’ ceilings. $479,900. Raelenecan Nicholprotect to view. you whether you are buying or sellcovered for undisclosed for up to aCallyear large Open concept. Hardwood, back deck with a hot tub. ing a home. Details & virtual tours at www. granite, vaulted ceilings, in Detached garage. $294,000 lot wi after closing. Spacious walk out bungalow in Speargrass. Open floor heat, gas fireplace & wet Call R cept with hardwood, granite counters & vaulted ceilings. bar. Views of the bow river &to It is our gift to you. Our agents pay for you Lower level is professionally developed with in floor heat, Over golf course. $444,900. every sale have this security. Itrec won’t youfireplace a cent& more room cost with gas wet bar. Views ofWith the bow Cour river, the prairies & golf course. $444,900. Exquisite custom bungalow on golf course. we support the but it could save you thousands! siona

Call Raelene to view. Loads of Nichol custom upgrades. Tiger wood & slate floors, 2 onto Speargrass Exquisite custom bungalow backing fireplaces, quartz golf course. This home iscounters. loaded with custom upgrades Fully finished walk& out rec including tiger wood slatewith floors, cherry cabinets, quartz room &&3acar garage. $584,900. counters stone fireplace. Fully finished walk out with fireplace, wet bar with dishwasher & wine Backing onto 10th teefamily box room, of Golf Course. room. $584,900. Call Raelene Nichol to view. Great 4 bedroom bungalow Features high ceilings, Charming in Langdon. floorplan home with walkout. Baselarge gourmet kitchen mentwindows, is fully developed with&ina master retreat with reading back deck. Professionally floor area heat& a &door9’to large ceilings. finished lower level has 2 more bedrooms & a 3rd bath$479,900. room. Beautiful front veranda. $519,900. Over looks the 9th green, of theNichol Golfto Course. Call Raelene view. Nicely laid bedroom Peace of Mind Forout Your 3Real Estate Transaction bungalow with professionally We offer you exclusive protection, called Tranquilli-T by Elite. developed basement. Beautiyard withthis great If your closing is delayed or the buyer ful dies,landscaped this We also provide program for our clients views program can save your financial security. If you ofwho the buy a mountains. home from us. Ask us about the are buying another home to coincide $459,900 with the benefits of Buyer’s Brokerage. closing of this one you will love the security Visit our website or ask us how this program Tran-quilli-T provides. Extra Legal Fees may be can protect you whether you are buying or sellcovered for undisclosed defects for up to a year

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Valentine's Day

The newsy neighbour February issue 76  

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