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“New year—a new chapter, new verse, or just the same old story? Ultimately, we write it. The choice is ours,” - Alex Morritt. Many of us are looking forward to the fresh start that the new year brings. That also means many of us are hoping to move into the new year with big plans. Regardless of whether you’re a resolution-maker or a goal-setter - you need to set a goal and stick to it. One easy way to get started is to write out a few new smart goals for 2022 and decide what is actually achievable for you in these meaningful areas of your life: Spiritual Goals - Pick up a new devotional, or start a daily journal. Fitness Goals - Hit the gym more often.

Educational Goals - Finish your degree, or read an inspirational/motivational book every month. Family Goals: Plan one-on-one get-togethers with your kids, and have a standing date night with your spouse. Career Goals - Work toward a promotion or raise, learn something new about your line of work, discover what you’re passionate about, or send out resumés if you’re looking for a new career path. Social Goals - Look for new ways to connect with others. Financial Goals - Start saving for retirement, or get out of debt. Most people are apathetic about their goals and only write them down once a year. Continue Reading Page 4










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| Deaf student’s accomplishment a first for SU When Ilze Aäron, a Deaf student from Paarl, graduated with her BEd Foundation Phase degree at the December 2021 graduation, she was the first-ever Stellenbosch University (SU) student to have learned thanks to South African Sign Language (SASL).

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Aäron, 24, who is passionate about teaching and plans to teach at a Deaf school, described her achievement as “a dream come true” and hopes it will inspire fellow Deaf people to follow their dreams. Aäron, who was given the opportunity to complete the four-year degree in five years, voiced her heartfelt gratitude to the University’s Disability Unit as well as to the SU Language Centre, whose interpreting services include SASL interpreting, for the support they provided towards her achievement. Elaborating on the experience of learning in the unique way she did – through interpreters – Aäron said: “In class, I would sit right in front (sometimes as many as 200 fellow students attended the lectures) and the interpreter would sit in front of me and observe what the lecturer presented in the class. It’s hard to observe two people (the lecturer and the interpreter) at the same time. Even though I can hear a little and am able to partially follow what the lecturer says, I also had to observe the interpreter’s signs. But after class, we would sit down to make sure I understood the work and that I hadn’t missed anything.” Aäron continued: “Moving from a Deaf environment to a world where everyone else could hear certainly was a big adjustment for me.” Aäron attended Labori High School for a year before moving to De La Bat School for the Deaf in 2012. Initially, she had no knowledge of SASL. “For the first three months at my new school, I had to take extra classes after school to learn SASL so that I could communicate with my fellow learners.” Towards the end of her school career, she started helping as an interpreter between the teacher and the other learners in the class because the teacher could not use SASL fluently enough for them to understand her. After matric, she worked as a teacher’s assistant at Dominican School for the Deaf in Wittebome, Wynberg where she learned a great deal about being a teacher for Deaf learners. Aäron is interested in doing research on Deaf education and on how to improve teaching styles for Deaf learners. Asked about her plans for the future, Aäron said, besides her plan to teach at a Deaf school, she hopes to start a tutorial service for Deaf learners who struggle with their schoolwork.

| B l o u b e rg co m m u ni ty c reates

pension fund to reward humble 71-year-old Ice Cream man George Phontshe Peni (71) from Khayelitsha, has made an honest living selling ice creams, whilst capturing the hearts of Bloubergstrand residents and beachgoers for more than 4 decades. ‘Uncle George’, who is an icon in the community, is affectionately known for his kind-loving nature, warm heart, and patience. Come rain or shine, he can often be seen peddling his bike to support his family. Demonstrating random acts of kindness, George is known for giving out free ice creams to children who are short of change for a treat. Get a "Free" copy at selected The Newspaper stands in the Western Cape.



“Uncle George about a month ago gave my grandson, aged 2 an ice cream for free, as I did not have money on me, and he said a child should not go without ice cream. I could not believe the kindness and warmth of this man. Later on, we paid him back; however, his gesture had no price”, said one Instagram user. As George is getting older, business has become a bit slower than it was in his golden years. Due to financial struggles, George sometimes misses an opportunity to sell his ice cream on days when he can’t afford the travelling costs to and from his home. He also lacks the strength to ride his bike, and rather pushes it alongside Babalwa, a family friend determined to help keep George’s small business and dream alive. Having lived in Blouberg for over a decade, Michelle Nel (32), formed a special friendship with George, despite their different backgrounds, age gap, and a language barrier. Hearing his stories, she eagerly took notes, hoping for the opportunity to one day share his story with the world. But sadly, as it often happens, life and work took over, and the loosely translated tales of his life were misplaced. A few years later, the unexpected happened: In need of taxi fare to get home one day, George showed up on Michelle’s doorstep out of the blue, with no knowledge of where she stayed. Feeling a sense of divine intervention, and listening to her inner voice urging her to take on a cause greater than herself, Michelle knew it was the right time to tell George’s story and see if her community would help George get back on his feet. With a suggestion from her husband, Regardt Nel (38), Michelle decided to launch a crowdfunding campaign on BackaBuddy with a fundraising target of R50 000, hoping to surprise George with a pension fund to support him and his family in the long term.

NOTICE Articles and Advertisements published in The Newspaper is not necessarily the opinion of The Newspaper unless so stated.

Reaching out to neighbours, and posting on community groups, Michelle was blown away when the campaign soon reached over R23 000, with the support of 57 donors, each sharing heart-warming interactions with George over the last 43 years. Having helped set up a banking account for George, Michelle hopes that he will have an easier life, and have the means to fix his home and buy furniture. “Thank you to the Blouberg community, for all you have done to echo the impact George has had to you. While he didn’t ask for us to do this for him, I know, by seeing his face as he reads through your donation comments, that he is grateful beyond words. The commitment and love you have shown, proves that together we can make a genuine change in people’s lives,” - says Michelle.




| New green environmental centre for nature reserve The City of Cape Town’s Mayoral Committee Member for Spatial Planning and Environment, Alderman Eddie Andrews, visited Helderberg Nature Reserve in Somerset West to see the newly built Helderberg Environmental Centre (HEC). The setting of the reserve on the slopes of the Helderberg, overlooking False Bay, makes it an ideal location to teach communities in and around Somerset West about the Western Cape’s plant and animal kingdom and our impact. As such, staff at the reserve identified the need for an environmental education centre where school groups and visitors can be accommodated.

Construction of the centre commenced in June 2020 and the contractor is currently completing the final touches to the building.

The City’s aim with this facility was to ensure that alternative construction methods and sustainable design thinking was demonstrated in the building in order for it to function as extended environmental education tools in the centre once completed.

The design of this holistic sustainable facility considered a number of components such as: Waste, Functionality, Ecology, Thermal impact, ground, waste and storm water impact, Light pollution and reducing carbon emissions.

Many of the conventional materials and methods used in the construction industry have a negative impact on the environment. They carry a high embodied energy, and water and waste footprint in their construction. The City decided to use this project as an opportunity to ensure that environmentally responsible material is used.

Some sustainability features of the new HEC includes the impressive tyre retaining wall; eco brick wall and the integrated water treatment system, which includes the four chamber underground Black Water Treatment System. To demonstrate alternative construction methods, the design showcased three approaches where waste was used in the wall construction. The concept for the enclosure is based on two curved walls, one fitting into the other. The three wall types showcase the principle of carbon burying. The integrated water treatment system is noteworthy as it serves the new facility and solves the burden of the waste water generated by the existing facilities. The treatment system makes use of bacteria and microorganisms to break down solids and treat the waste water, a process that mimics nature without releasing harmful nitrates into the atmosphere. This new facility is situated close to the parking and entrance of the reserve. It hosts a stage and has a clip-on bedouin tent, which expands the covered usable area of the facility to accommodate larger functions.

| City will open streets for safer, open-air dining Cape Town is announcing an important innovation aimed at helping diners feel safer and to help local restaurants through this summer. For some time, Our Future Cities and its partners have been advocating for ‘streateries’ – where restaurants and retailers are allowed to use city pavements and streets to spill-over and welcome more customers. Cape Town has now become the first city in South Africa to do so with an initiative that commenced on the 18th of December with street closures in effect in Bree Street between Hout and Wale. Cape Town closed certain streets to vehicles and opened them for pedestrians and diners only - allowing restaurants to use the street space for more safe, outdoor seating. In the weeks thereafter, this safer dining innovation will expand to other streets too, including Harrington and Long. Plan to revitalise the sidewalk economy in CBD continue to grow The City of Cape Town is offering to fast track applications by eateries to lease and expand onto neighbouring sidewalks. This initiative complements the evening street closure offering and aims to offer all establishments the opportunity to welcome more customers, as the increased space will offer more room due to social distancing. According to the Cape Town Central City Improvement District’s annual report, the CBD is 1,6 square kilometres and at the end of 2019, the CBD housed just over 3 300 businesses of which 151 are restaurants.

The option to rent the sidewalk was the first of many interventions aimed at assisting the revitalisation of the CBD. The Economic Growth Directorate’s initiative aligns nicely with the Mayor’s recent closing of streets for open air dining and events activities.






On Saturday 4th, December 2021, the first fully South African built Offshore Rescue Craft (ORC), launched by the National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI), made its way to Station 17 in Hermanus – the introduction of a new class of deepsea rescue vessels suited to South African waters.

To honour the late and great Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu, the City of Cape Town held an inter-faith tribute at City Hall on Wednesday, December 29. Cape Town Mayor Geordin Hill-Lewis delivered a speech at the interfaith service where he said:

Offshore search & rescue boat built in SA

A symbol of love over hate

“Ninety years, two months and 19 days ago, a little child was born who would go on to bend the arc of history for an entire people and country. Few people have had such profound personal impact on events, or will ever do so. We are here to pay tribute to this remarkable man, our Arch, whose entire life shouted a message of hope and faith. Hebrews tells us that the early prophets were 'still living in faith when they died'. So, it was with the Arch, a man of deep faith who received the Eucharist almost daily until his very final days, and who lived his whole life in faith for that which he hoped to see.

NSRI CEO, Dr Cleeve Robertson says the ORC is a self-righting and purpose-built rescue vessel which was designed for rescue operations in extreme conditions. “At 14.8 m long and 4.8 m wide, this vessel can be deployed on rescue missions as far as 40 nautical miles (74 km) from land. It has an expected lifespan of at least 40 years,” he states.

For decades, he faithfully worked for a country of justice and mutual respect, even though he could not see it. The large part of his ministry was spent under oppression, harried and harassed, as he persevered in his service, and in so doing kept faith and hope alive for South Africa’s future. He always believed that a better future was possible, even if not yet visible.

This is the NSRI’s third ORC, the first vessel Alick Rennie was built in France and the second one arrived as “hull, deck & bulkheads”. The organisation has plans to build another seven vessels in the next 5-8 years and is proud that they will all be built in South Africa, by South Africans, in the process creating new employment and re-igniting skills in what once was a booming boat building industry. Mark Delany, MD of Two Oceans Marine Manufacturing in Cape Town, expressed his pride in launching this Offshore Rescue Craft. He points out how they hope that the vessel will save many lives over the years ahead. “The work the NSRI does is important beyond measure for any water user in South Africa,” he highlights. The new ORC will settle in Hermanus and will service the entire coastline from Cape Hangklip to Witsand, a stretch of coastline well respected for its challenging maritime conditions – covering the southernmost tip of Africa. What makes the Hermanus, ORC so special is not just its status as the first fully locally built vessel of its kind. It also goes to sea bearing the names of over 800 commemorative names in the lettering of the boat, the legacy of the NSRI’s generous donors and supporters.

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Walking into Henri’s, you’ll be greeted by the owner, Pierre and his staff, who will treat you like guests in our own home. Henri’s combines an inspired menu with a casually sophisticated setting in a heritage house conveniently situated on Somerset West Main Road. We also welcome larger groups, our top floor has been renovated and can be used for private functions. Our inviting, comfortable dining room is the perfect place to enjoy a great meal.

And when it seemed in 1994 that his hope, his faith, his perseverance has been fulfilled, he did not waiver even then from his faith in things unseen. In the years when our fragile democracy took blow after institutional blow, he was there, never flinching from holding a mirror up to our nation and bringing sharp conviction and rebuke. He showed us what our future should be, and lived what our future could be. And he kept faith and hope in that future always. We take inspiration from his life that no matter how far we have come, we still have much work to do. As he did, we must keep the faith, keep working, and keep holding ourselves to a higher moral standard for a more just, more dignified, more loving future for our country. He loved Cape Town, and I know I speak for every single Capetonian when I say the feeling was entirely mutual. When other cities spurned him after he won the Nobel Prize in 1984, it was Cape Town who welcomed him home. His life showed that our politics can be big, not small. That our society can be all-encompassing, not exclusive. That most people are basically good, and worthy of respect. That the easiness with which we give way to hate is wrong, no matter the temptation. While faith, hope and love abide, the greatest of these is love. On Sunday, 26 December 2021, our Day of Goodwill, he took his rest. His life was a wonderful blessing to us all, whether we knew him or not. As for us in Cape Town, we thank him for his wonderful example, and we know – we know – that the future he worked for is still possible, it is still attainable, and that we will dedicate ourselves to hope for that brighter future.” – (Extract from the speech.)

| Start living the life you've always dreamed of Deli

Break fast

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A La Car te

Our menu can be described as comfort food with a modern global influence. We are well known for our aged grass-fed beef as well as the freshest local seafood. Alongside our à la carte menu, we offer a light lunch menu during the day and also have a kiddies menu. We also serve homemade, thin based pizza cooked in a wood-fired oven.


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Find us at the cnr main & lourensford rd, somerset west Open Mon - Sun from 9:00am till late. Closed Sunday evenings

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The things upon which your life depends most are based on the action you take daily – write your goals down every day and choose objectives that are just unreachable. Setting improbable goals might cause a person to become disappointed and loose interest. A good idea is to journal your goals as though you have already accomplished them. Remember, you are setting these goals for yourself, not anyone else; anything is possible; you have more potential than you realize. Success is your duty, obligation, and responsibility. There is no shortage of success. Regardless of the size of the goal, it will require work. After writing your goals, be willing to rewrite them every day until they are achieved. Today is the perfect day to start living your new life. Life’s too short to not be fulfilling your potential and following your heart’s desires. Recommended Reading: The 10x Rule – Author: Grant Cardone The Only Difference Between Success and Failure. Achieve “Massive Action” results and accomplish your business dreams! While most people operate with only three degrees of action-no action, retreat, or normal action-if you’re after big goals, you don’t want to settle for the ordinary.







Kanu Angelina Gold

A unique Cap Classique with a ‘touch of gold There may not be a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, but Kanu Wines on the outskirts of Stellenbosch has made it possible for everyone to enjoy “gold in a glass” with the introduction of their premium Angelina Gold Cap Classique. What makes this bubbly unique and exceptional is the fact that it contains 24 carats of edible gold flakes, the first for a sparkling wine in South Africa. “This Cap Classique also pays homage to the 50th anniversary of this exceptional wine style in South Africa,” says Johan Grimbeek, winemaker and cellar master at Kanu. The pinot noir grapes for this sparkling wine were sourced from the best Stellenbosch vineyard blocks and the fruit was bunch-pressed, then cold-fermented with neutral yeast before the juice spent six months on the fine lees. The wine spent 12 months in the bottle after the second fermentation before disgorgement. “The Angelina Gold Cap Classique is rich salmon in colour and gold-flecked with a very pale rim,” Johan explains. “It is fresh, refreshing and crisp, and displays red berry fruit, crunchy red apple and delicate candyfloss flavours. It enters the palate on a dry note with persistent red fruit, malted barley and wild strawberries, and has an extended finish with a toasty undertone.” This is not Johan’s first foray into sparkling wine production. He’s been making Cap Classique since 2012, but “this is the first time a bubbly gets the gold treatment”! “Extensive research and development has been undertaken regarding the insertion of gold flakes into wine,” he says. “These flakes are completely edible and harmless.”

Another feature that puts this Cap Classique in a different league is a light-emitting diode (LED) unit in the bottle’s punt which lights up the gold flakes when switched on. The Kanu Angelina Gold Cap Classique, which also comes in eye-catching packaging, sells for R1 200 per bottle. For more information visit

Cape Winemakers Guild

New Members, Protégés & Committee The Cape Winemakers Guild (CWG) concludes 2021 on a high note, welcoming Alex Starey, Erika Obermeyer and Richard Kershaw as new Guild Members and Shanice du Preez and Mosima Mabelebele to the Cape Winemakers Guild Protégé Programme. The admission of these highly accomplished winemakers to the Guild and dynamic young winemakers entering the Protégé Programme, underlines the Guild’s single-minded vision of winemaking excellence, credibility and meaningful transformation within the South African wine industry. The CWG is the global wine industry leader in this field.

Alex Starey has been the winemaker and viticulturist at Keermont Vineyards in Stellenbosch for the past 16 years. He is constantly striving for excellence and his wines are revered both locally and abroad for their outstanding quality. Erika Obermeyer is based in Stellenbosch where she makes award-winning wines of excellence under her own label, Erika Obermeyer Wines. Erika’s 20 years’ experience dedicated to making outstanding wines, most recently with her namesake brand, has resulted in her wines constantly receiving critical acclaim across the globe. Richard Kershaw is the only Master of Wine who is active as a winemaker in South Africa. His immense knowledge of international wines and wine styles is reflected in the exceptional wines he produces year on year. Both protégés were selected from dozens of graduates who applied to join the CWG Protégé Programme. Mosima Mabelebele is from Mokopane in Limpopo and has just completed her BSc Viticulture and Oenology at Stellenbosch University. She will spend the first year of her three-year internship at Hartenberg, with CWG Member Carl Schultz as her mentor. Shanice du Preez is from Bothasig in Cape Town and has just graduated from Stellenbosch University with a BSc Viticulture and Oenology. She will spend the first year of her three-year internship at Kanonkop under the mentorship of Abrie Beeslaar.

Photo L - R: Shanice du Preez, CWG Chair Gordon Newton Johnson, and Protege Mosima Mbelebele

Gordon Newton Johnson took over the reins as CWG Chair from Andrea Mullineux who served with great distinction, steering the CWG through extremely challenging times for the South African wine industry over the past two years.

Team SA triumphant in

Ubuntu Sommelier Trophy clash The 2021 Stellenbosch Wine Routes Ubuntu Sommelier Trophy, an epic clash between team South African Sommeliers Association (SASA) and team Sommeliers Association of Zimbabwe (SAZ), saw the former soaring to its first victory. This was the second time in Africa that some of South Africa’s best sommeliers attempted to prize the title of supreme champion from rival Zimbabwe in a live, online derby held recently at the renowned Lanzerac Hotel & Spa. Backed by South Africa’s first wine route as headline sponsor, the contest which was created by Sommeliers Academy manager Jean-Vincent Ridon, in 2020, saw three formidable local sommeliers pitted against a powerhouse Zimbabwean trio – with many having represented their countries in world championships too. Representing the winning South African team were Stefan Reinmuth of Oldenburg

(Stellenbosch); Roxan Waldeck (wine and hospitality educator, Cape Town), and Tayla Kirschner (Western Cape regional manager for SecretEats and co-owner of Bunch of Buddies). Stefan Reinmuth also came out tops as the Highest Scoring Sommelier on the day. Job Jovo clinched the coveted Best Sommelier of Zimbabwe 2021 title. 2021 marked the 50th anniversary of the Stellenbosch Wine Routes. With its establishment in 1971, Stellenbosch became the first region in South Africa to create an organised, visitorfriendly network of wineries. Sharing this legacy, Lanzerac has itself become an icon of the region, with its history dating to 1692. Its reputation for hospitality excellence made it the first choice for the Stellenbosch Wine Routes Ubuntu Sommelier Trophy in 2020, and it returns as a much-valued sponsor.




Replace the habits that are not serving you There’s a mix of motion and emotion as we move into the new year. Some of us are filled with excitement and others with dread. But mostly it is my opinion that we experience a feeling of relief to various degrees. Relief and gratitude that the year has come to an end! Finally. As if everything on the 1st of January will magically blossom into new beginnings. But our habits remain… What is that famous Albert Einstein line? “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” One trick is to act before your brain has a chance to object! For example, when you wake up, get up! Don’t think about it and push that pause button on the alarm. And this applies to all areas of your life you wish to change. Here are six habits to replace the ones that are not serving you: Make time for yourself - How do successful people manage to get so much done and still have time to spend with their families? They plan their day. Plan me-time and family-time into your schedule. If you don’t take charge of your life, it will take on its own momentum and drag you along. Move forward - I’m a great fan of the ‘work hard and win’ theme of the Rocky movies, and love Stallone’s message in one of the more recent films. It goes something like this: ‘It is not that when you fall down, you get up. You need to make a choice that when you get up, you will keep moving forward.’

Give back - There are many charities that really need volunteers, and if you’re feeling like you’ve not made much of a difference – now is your chance. Get your children involved as well and teach them the importance of giving back. You will receive more than you can ever imagine. Empty those cupboards - Getting rid of old, unused items will make you feel so much lighter. When I need to declutter my mind, I start emptying cupboards. But it works for me. I feel so much lighter and regret that I have not allowed that feeling of creating space, sooner. Breathe - There is nothing more fulfilling and destressing than taking deep breaths of fresh air. Leave the electronics behind, get a life and enjoy the feeling of fresh air in your lungs. Let your body experience the earth; sand under your feet and water on your skin. Focus on the good things in life - Create a gratitude journal. Many people have written about this, and if you apply it daily, you will find how liberating it truly is. Taking the time to celebrate the small things (and the big things) will help you realise how precious your life is and how much there is to be grateful for. Wise words come to mind from Dr John Demartini: ‘The more grateful you are, the more you will receive to be grateful for.’ Article by Daleen Totten, Healthy Living

How short course skill stacking can change your career trajectory in 2022

Further education options have expanded dramatically over the past year, responding to changed demands in the workplace. The good news is that employers now are heavily focused on hiring candidates with specific Information Technology-related skillsets, and that many of these skillsets can be developed in a relatively short period of time, even without a previous IT background, an education expert says. “Many people are currently evaluating their careers, realising that they need to invest in the development of their skills to ensure their continued employability,” says Elbie Liebenberg, MD at MindSharp, a brand of SA’s largest private education provider, ADvTECH. Liebenberg says those who seek to build on their existing skillset in the new year, do not need to make radical changes in their life to be able to do so, as there are great new options available to those who want to learn new skills - or a new combination of skills - in a relatively short period of time while continuing in their current career. RELATED FIELDS OF STUDY WHICH WILL FORTIFY YOUR CV: Web Developer - In 2020, more businesses and companies went online and remote than any time in human history. Brick and mortar stores became online shops; boardroom meetings became online syncs; and even things as simple as buying groceries increasingly moved online. Behind all of this digital activity are full stack web developers. Courses to consider: HTML & CSS, JavaScript, HTML5 Application Development. Data Security Specialist - As data becomes the world’s most valuable resource, the demand for data security is ever-increasing.

Qualifying as a data security specialist will enable you to understand the tools, techniques and knowledge required to also start thinking like a data scientist, a skill every modern-day working professional should have. Courses to consider: Python, Data Security Management, Databases. Software Engineer - Software engineering is a creative career that allows you to work with software, hardware, and other computer systems in a wide variety of industries and jobs. This career places you at the heart of the digital economy, with endless scope for growth. Courses to consider: Java, Python, HTML5 Application Development. Web Designer - A web designer is an IT professional who uses various computer software applications and programming languages to create and maintain web content. This usually involves designing the layout, visual appearance and usability of a website to ensure the user has a pleasant browsing experience. Courses to consider: HTML & CSS, JavaScript, Adobe Illustrator CC 2020. Graphic Designer - Graphic designers use their creativity to create visual concepts that communicate certain ideas and messages. These visual concepts are created manually or by using computer software, and include a variety of media. Courses to consider: Adobe Photoshop CC 2020, Adobe InDesign CC 2020, Adobe Illustrator CC 2020.





The Trusted Name in Waterproofing™ “At RubberRoofs™ we have created a company culture based on trust in one another and in our product. Establishing a trustworthy relationship between RubberRoofs™ and its clients is essential in providing them with peace of mind and a pleasant experience. Thorough preparation RubberRoofs™ understands the application of waterproofing and ensures RubberRoofs™ applicators adhere to impressive standards of preparation and application. Thorough preparation can include rust treatment and sanitising of algae, moss, fungi and similar organisms, with effective prohibitive measures that inhibit future organism growth. RubberTech™ Liquid Rubber Paint™ and its processes are designed and formulated for long life expectancy that exceed expectations. Colour to suit every style With a wide variety of colours to suit every style, RubberRoofs™ does not only waterproof your roof, but also increase the value of your home with stylish colours to suit every individual’s needs. Why would you just paint your roof if you can waterproof it? RubberRoofs™ Liquid Rubber Paint™ does two jobs in one. Making your roof look brand new with the colour of your choice, but also increasing value to your home and longevity to your roof’s surface by waterproofing it.”

Nature is calling!

Plascon’s Colour Combination of the year for 2022 Plascon welcomes freshness and rejuvenation as we edge closer to a postpandemic world. For South Africa’s foremost coatings brand, 2022 symbolises more than just a new beginning, but a newfound appreciation for our wellbeing and an opportunity to create positive transformation. What better way to feel restored and reset than by looking to the healing properties of nature? Just as in nature, colours come to life in harmony. This is why for 2022, Plascon has brought together three beautiful hues in a combination to capture the mood of the year. These colours pay homage to the natural African landscape outside our homes, while bringing the simple pleasures of nature inside.

A true pioneer, Plascon is the first in its industry to give three colours - the noteworthy ‘Colour of the Year’ title, ensuring a more usable and design-friendly palette. The Colour Combination for 2022 works in a 60:30:10 ratio. This aligns with best design practices that the industry utilises, which suggests that 60% of a space should consist of a dominant colour, 30% a secondary colour, and 10% an accent colour. Suitable for both interior and exterior schemes, the three shades each explore various elements of nature. Plascon’s hero - or dominant - colour representing 60% of the ratio is Plascon Pear Fantasy (Y5-B2-1). This soft yellow-green makes for a modern, neutral shade while being comfortingly familiar. Capturing the soothing charm of a sandy shore at sunrise, this shade instantly puts our minds at ease and enlivens our spaces. Constituting 30% of the Colour Combination ratio is Plascon Desert Water (B5B2-2) - a calming and uplifting pale blue hue with an illuminating touch of purple. Inspired by the sunlit surface of tranquil water, this shade is subtle yet impactful, perfectly complementing the neutral Pear Fantasy. Lighter blue shades are associated with health, healing, tranquillity, and softness. Rounding off the ratio of impeccably matched shades that emulate the essence of nature, Plascon Zanzibar (70) constitutes the final 10% of Plascon’s Colour Combination for 2022. A soft yet grounded colour, there’s a quiet warmth to this gentle smoky brown that brings an anchoring balance to lighter, cleaner hues. Capturing the fresh soil and majestic tree trunks of an early morning trail, this colour brilliantly accentuates the Plascon Pear Fantasy and Plascon Desert Water. Notably, the combination has been chosen to reflect a specifically African context, from the actual colours themselves to their very names. Set the tone for the New Year by injecting fresh life into your space with this tranquil yet uplifting trio that speaks of home in so many ways!

T he Re t ir e me n t Destination of Choice!

A choice of Freehold homes, Life Right Cottages & Life Right Apartments. A state of the art Clubhouse with lounge & dining room, ladies bar, conference room, library, gym & chapel. Fully operational Care Centre & emergency Call4Care in every home. 24-Hour Security with state of the art security systems. Magnificent views of False Bay & Table Mountain.

021 810 3 5 0 0 | e n q u i r i e s @ t h e s o m e r s e t . c o . z a | w w w. t h e s o m e r s e t . c o . z a







La Paris Boutique Hotel

Experience Ultimate Luxury in the cape Winelands La Paris Boutique Hotel is here for you! This enviable setting, just outside the historic town of Franschhoek, offers something for everyone and is the ideal luxurious base to explore the Cape Winelands. Experience the tranquillity of the outdoors by enjoying the extensive, beautiful gardens and dam, playing a game of tennis, catching some sun and cooling down with a dip in the pool. Book a lawn picnic with exquisite views, or relax with pre-arranged in room massages and treatments. The area boasts some of the best wineries as well as activities including golf at Pearl Valley (among the top 5 golf courses in SA), horse riding, quad biking and more. If you like to get involved in the kitchen, or you simply want to learn something new, book a private interactive masterclass to refine your cooking and baking skills, or if you just want to sit back and relax, the High Tea is definitely an experience to write home about. La Paris Bakery and Deli bakes fresh breads, sweet treats and offers light bites that can be enjoyed in our deli or herb garden. La Paris Bistro serves a decadent breakfast and lunch under the huge oak trees or inside the gorgeous restaurant. For dinner, you can expect stylish table settings, white tablecloths, gold cutlery, fresh flowers and of course beautifully plated dishes followed by a nightcap in the Manor House. The La Paris Family are excited to welcome you to your home from home and to help you make memories. For more information contact 021 867 0171, email or visit


Hermanus - From Fishing Village to Zoom Town Hermanus used to be known as a fishing village where well-heeled South Africans would head for the summer holidays - away from work and business meetings. Christmas would see a major influx of visitors, many of whom owned holidays homes in the area, and then there would be the exodus back to Joburg at the close of the festivities. “Coronavirus and lockdowns have transformed the image of Hermanus, certainly from the new home enquiries we are getting at Benguela Cove. Until the Coronavirus and lockdown, Hermanus was seen as a great place for a holiday, but not a practical location for a main residence. Times have changed,” says Penny Streeter OBE, owner of the Benguela Cove Lagoon Wine Estate. Many CEOs and their employees are considering never returning to the office, certainly not on a full-time basis. Post-lockdown, the need to live in a metropolis such as Johannesburg - or London, Paris or Berlin - has diminished, maybe gone forever. As a result, the property market is seeing a surge in buyers choosing to live in their favourite holiday destinations; the main requirements are for a home office, great internet connectivity and a location as close to a holiday paradise as you can get.

Hermanus seems to tick every box for many seeking a new home, says Streeter. Added to its attractions, compared to other favoured seaside towns, it largely avoided the level of civil unrest seen in Durban for example during the lockdown, which was reported widely in international media. Hermanus is increasingly seen by the home and global audience as a perfect home base, zoom town for high-net-worth people and their families. It was recognised as the 2019 UNESCO City of Gastronomy, with great restaurants, blue flag beaches, three private schools, the Mediclinic private hospital, as well as the attractions of the whale coast, offering great hiking and biking routes. And Hermanus has the Benguela Cove luxury estate, which boasts its own winery, vineyards and is a producer of the finest wines. As a serial entrepreneur - with hospitality and wine estates in the UK as well as South Africa - it is Hermanus that Streeter calls home: “Of all the places I have visited and could choose from, for where to live, Benguela is the place to be. We have large erven where anyone can build their dream home; some of these plots sit side by side and many owners have bought two, and in some cases three, plots adjacent to each other.” “Whether your idea of bliss is a home within the Benguela Cove vineyards themselves or on the estate’s prestigious ridge with sweeping views of the lagoon and the ocean, a dream home is there for anyone, just waiting to be built. A new build project is a great opportunity; you can take all the features that you have loved from homes you have lived in or visited, and combine them in the house of your dreams. It’s easy too: as the developer, we can introduce homebuyers to excellent builders and architects, or we even build a home for you.” Waterfront views, vineyard walks, water sports, olive groves and outstanding fauna and flora: these are just some of the many attractions of Benguela Cove, says Streeter. Added to this, the estate has its own 24-hour on-site security as well as a winery, from which homeowners can enjoy an annual allocation of wines. For more information visit

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yenn Herbal HEalth

Muscle and joint pain is a common problem for many people, especially for the elderly. Almost all creams currently available are formulated with many undesirables such as parabens, petroleum derived synthetics, formaldehydes and PEGs. (Polyethylene glycol). Yenn Health has developed an effective range of Natural creams without these additives. The creams are light and non-greasy and spread easily over the affected area. Cayenne Cream - with capsicum extract, baobab, frankincense, rosemary, myrrh, ginger, cedarwood and clove. The warming effects of capsicum stimulate the flow of blood to the affected area, resulting in a decrease in inflammation. Ideal for arthritis or for use before exercise. Magnesium Cream – 20% magnesium with sweet almond oil, peppermint, lavender and camphor. Ideal for recovery after sport, heavy/restless legs and cramps. CBD (400mg) Cream – CBD combined with baobab, wintergreen, peppermint, rosemary and clove. Used for arthritis and pain relief.

Menthol Cream – 3.5% menthol extracted from the peppermint plant, combined with wintergreen, eucalyptus, camphor and clove. Cooling sensation for immediate relief from muscle pain. Yenn products are available at: Organic Living (Constantia), The Circle Pharmacy (Somerset West), Klein Joostenberg (Muldersvlei), Ride In Café (Stellenbosch), Bicycle Garage (Paarl), The Village Hub (Scarborough), Adventure Cycles (Wellington); Dot Health Coach (Val de Vie), and Eternity (Wellington). Shop online

Instagram: @yennhealth

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Plan Your Escape To The Med! “If you don’t like where you are, move. You are not a tree” ………. Jim Rohn. Cyprus is quickly becoming one of Europe’s most sought-after and desirable destinations to ex-pats both for permanent relocation as well as property investment. Being English-speaking is a huge advantage and this aspect makes the transition to your new life very easy. Not only is the warm climate a factor (there are 320 days of sunshine), but the crystal blue Mediterranean Sea, 66 blue-flag beaches, majestic sunsets and picturesque natural surroundings offer a fantastic outdoor environment.

of where to buy is very personal and the type of property depends on your lifestyle requirements, your budget and also your plans. The lush & beautiful city of Paphos on the Western side of the island is very similar to the Western Cape and year-onyear continues to enjoy the most demand from investors. Protect yourself, your family and your assets from unpredicted events by taking advantage of the opportunity to secure permanent residency in Cyprus. Think of getting residency as guaranteeing your and your family’s future. An astute offshore property investment that works for you in the short, medium and long term is the achievement of a lifetime. Investing in Cyprus’ residency programme not only makes financial sense, but it will tangibly benefit your immediate family. Can you afford not to take advantage of this while the programme is still open? A new home in a new country is the achievement of a lifetime and an investment in the future for the next generation. In Cyprus the investment options really are the best. Living is laid back and you set your own pace.

The Mediterranean lifestyle in Cyprus is about scrumptious cuisine & enjoying life to the full. There are 7 world golf courses (4 are world-class), an abundance of fine dining venues, numerous wine routes and a plethora of outdoor activities. Cyprus is first world; and the infrastructure is extremely well developed: there are 10,600km of freeways, 2 international airports, 5 ports and 5 fully equipped marinas. The state handles most of Cyprus’ power and communication needs; and the service on offer is efficient and reliable. Load-shedding is not a reality in Cyprus! Cyprus is very centrally located being at the centre of where the East meets the West; and it is very easy to get to mainland Europe, the UK, Russia, China and Africa. Being a full member of the EU has its advantages: there is free movement of goods and services across all 28 countries; and you have access to 450 Million consumers! Europe could well become your new fishing pond. Cyprus is recognised throughout Europe for its excellent healthcare system that provides highly skilled medical practitioners, excellent hospitals and value for money. Despite being a country with enviably high standards generally, it’s the access to state of the art medical centres, being able to be treated by highly trained doctors and specialists and the high level of care & treatment that play very much in Cyprus’ favour. A huge benefit for permanent residents is that they are entitled to become part of Cyprus’ National Health scheme (GESY). No more heavy medical aid premiums! Properties in Cyprus offer exceptional value for money when compared to other European countries – especially homes right on or near to The Med. The choice

And what better place to do this than where the blue skies meet the Mediterranean Sea: on the beautiful island of Cyprus.

Your trusted partners Cypriot Realty – a proudly South African company in operation for more than 14 years with offices in Sandton, Cape Town and Cyprus – is your trusted partner to realise your Plan B in Europe. We are recognised and respected as Southern Africa’s authoritative investment specialists, promoting Cyprus as an ideal destination for acquiring EU citizenship or permanent residency, for property investment, for immigration or retirement and starting an EU-based business. We understand investor’s needs, and we have an impressive track record showcasing our success.

Property inspection trips LOGO

We organise personalized property inspection trips for you to come to Cyprus to look at the property options and to experience for yourself the lifestyle on offer. From arranging meetings with taxation and legal specialists, to opening up your offshore bank account – we hold your hand every step of the way.

Contact us for a confidential meeting to discuss how Cyprus can fit in with your offshore plans – we will assist and guide you every step of the way to realise Your Plan B. Contact Jenny Ellinas Founder & Managing Director Tel : +27 83 448 8734 Email: Visit:

c ypriot y pr iot






Cango Wildlife Ranch

Nothing brings joy like the pitter-patter of new life Nothing brings joy like the pitter-patter (and purrs) of new life, which is exactly what the Cango Wildlife Ranch family in Oudtshoorn has been spoilt with! On 7 November, first-time mom, Sansa (cheetah) gave birth to 4 perfect little bundles of fur at the facility’s private reserve. As described by their carers, the three little boys and one girl already have vastly different personalities. Walker, the largest of the 4, is busy and boisterous whilst Wyatt, the smallest of the litter, thinks of nothing other than food! Wandile, uniquely dark in his colouring, is as friendly as can be. Ironically, though, he isn’t a big fan of play-time and would much rather observe his siblings rough-housing from a distance. Willa, the doe-eyed princess of the litter, is the second largest of the cubbies, and is proving herself to be feisty and fearless. The cubs stay with their mom for the first two weeks when they consume enough colostrum to ensure healthy cubs with strong antibodies. The cubs then move to a handraising centre, where an experienced team of carers work around the clock to ensure optimal care for the young’uns. In the wild, the mortality rate for cheetah cubs is a shocking 70%. With 30 years of experience in cheetah conservation, our developed and proven methods, have resulted in a survival rate of more than 90% over the last decade, thus effectively contributing to the population management and preservation of their species in ex situ populations. Since the inception of the Cheetah Preservation Foundation (non-profit company in 1988) the Cango Wildlife Ranch cheetahs have provided abundant data to the global pool of healthy cheetah management practices, research and education of these species.

Cheetahs have a low reproductive success rate and as a species they cannot always successfully reproduce. The result is that the few remaining individuals end up mating with relatives; which, in any species, is referred to as inbreeding. This reduces the size of the gene pool and leads to problems such as decreased genetic variability and the persistence of potentially harmful mutations.

Classified as vulnerable, and with estimated wild population numbers dwindling below 7100, this species is running a gruelling race for survival.

For more information visit

Eagle Encounters

rehabilitation, release, conservation, education & eco-tourism Eagle Encounters is a non-profit wildlife rehabilitation, conservation, education and eco-tourism centre based at the historic Spier Wine Farm. Eagle Encounters was founded in 2001 by Hank and Tracy Chalmers. The land, generously donated by Spier Wine Farm, provides the perfect location for rehabilitation, release, conservation, education and eco-tourism programmes. Hank Chalmers met his first falcon when he was just five years old - his father was one of the first falconers in South Africa, trained by an American. By the time he was 8, Hank was in love with raptors (and a certain beautiful black eagle). Many years later, he and Tracy decided to become active players in the conservation arena and preserve South Africa’s raptors for their children and future generations. Hank is hands-on with the rescue; rehabilitation and the conservation programmes, and Tracy left the corporate world to administrate and market Eagle Encounters. Today Eagle Encounters is a much-loved centre, visited again and again by families, schools, tertiary institutions and visitors from around the world. For more information visit

Le Bonheur Reptiles and Adventures

get up close and personal with reptiles At Le Bonheur Reptiles and Adventures located in Simondium, you can get up close and personal with reptiles, while enjoying a relaxing day. Crocodile Pond Tours – An expert guide will show you around a captive-bred bask of more than 200 crocs, ranging from hatchlings to adults. You’ll walk on ramp ways spanning four large dams, all the while learning more about Africa’s largest reptile. Self-guided ‘Snakes in Transit’ snake exhibition features an impressive collection of local and foreign snakes. The snakes are housed in roomy enclosures fronted with safety glass. The clearly-signposted snake exhibition includes loads of information about scaled brethren. On Saturdays and Sundays and public holidays (at 12h10) an experienced snake handler puts on an interactive snake show where you’ll learn to appreciate these oft-misunderstood creatures. Crocodile Cage Diving - Take things to the next level with the crocodile cage diving experience by sharing a pond with Africa’s top apex predator, the Nile crocodile. “The crocodile cage diving experience is both underwater and at surface level. Capture this once-in-a-lifetime experience on our provided GoPro.” Le Bonheur also offers everything from serene waterside braai-places and not-soserene kids’ parties, educational school tours, gorgeous self-catering accommodation and a unique shopping experience in the Le Bonheur shop specialising in crocodile leather products and locally-crafted items. For more information visit






DESIG N From the start, we apply crucial design practices to create a distinctive brand identity for your business.

W EBSITE We use the latest technology in the industry to provide you with a modern website.

H OS TI N G Reliable world-class servers with over 99% uptime.

DEVELOPMENT Dynamic website solutions for you! Custom-built e-commerce and booking websites.

S OCIAL ME D I A Setup and linking to social media platforms. We can even run social media and advertising campaigns for you.

SEO We follow SEO practices to ensure your website is optimized.

P OP I A To comply with the POPIA Regulations, we can assist with our POPIA Compliance Template Kit.

Usi n g o u r c rea tiv e pa ssion to d eliver q u al i t y s e r vi ce s . Get in touch | t: +27 82 628 5028

e: w:




L’Ormarins Queen’s Plate

Racing Festival

Ultimate Beverage

premium experience Ultimate Beverage, South Africa’s premium boutique beverage experience, is a one-day trade exhibition followed by a two-day consumer exhibition, showcasing the finest local craft and small-batch producers. Ultimate Beverage will be hosted by Cape Town International Convention Centre from 28 - 29 January 2021.

The 161st running of the Gr1 R1,5-million L’Ormarins Queen’s Plate will take place at Kenilworth on Saturday, 8 January 2022 and forms the second leg of the Queen’s Plate Racing Festival. The opening day of the Festival on Friday, 7 January includes the Gr2 Cartier Sceptre Stakes for fillies and mares over 1200m and the Listed Jamaica Handicap for fillies and mares over 2000m. Racing purists will recall turf legends such as Sea Cottage, Politician, Wolf Power, Empress Club, Jet Master, Free My Heart, Pocket Power, Gimmethegreenlight and Variety Club, among other brilliant performers, as winners of the Queen’s Plate, contested at Weight for Age. The LQP Festival is an elegant affair. To maintain the spirit of the occasion, guests are required to be suitably attired, adhering to the smart dress code, wearing blue and white. Sneak a peek at ‘L’Ormarins Moments’ on the regularly updated lqp. website, to gain a visual sense of shifting fashions. Live coverage will start on Friday, 7th January at 12:30 and on Saturday, 8th January at 11:40 and all races will also be broadcast on TellyTrack (DSTV channel 249).

Chocolate Shop & Ceramic Café

Winston & Julia Nini Jerman – the entrepreneur behind the Winston & Julia chocolate brand – has opened an exciting new restaurant and activity hub located at Stellenbosch Vineyards. Called the Winston & Julia Chocolate Shop and Ceramic Café, the new establishment replaces the wine farm’s previous Bus Stop restaurant and is situated on an island on the Welmoed Farm’s duck pond. The refurbished venue has been divided into two sections: a pizza restaurant, complete with woodfired pizza oven, wicker lights and soft, relaxing décor and a chocolate workshop that offers chocolate slab-making and chocolate truffle-making parties as well as various pairings with rooibos tea, coffee, wine, pizza and chocolate. The old yellow Bedford bus, that has been an iconic feature of the island for many years, is still there and has been renovated and converted into the Splatter & Paint Bus, a fabulous venue for children’s parties. Pizza offerings have an artistic bent and diners can choose from the Pierneef (BBQ pulled pork, caramelised red wine onions, rocket and feta), the Tretchikoff (harissa chicken, parmesan, peppadews and mint yoghurt), the Sekoto (bacon, feta, avocado and sundried tomatoes) or the Battiss (bacon, fig, brie and rocket) among others. There are also various platters (cheese, charcuterie or pizza) to share and the aforementioned pairings which include a chocolate truffle and wine pairing, pizza and wine pairing, chocolate and rooibos tea pairing and an African coffee and chocolate pairing. The Winston & Julia Chocolate Shop and Ceramic Café looks set to become a firm favourite with locals and tourists, a place where families can enjoy a great meal and indulge in something a little extra. The perfect destination for those looking to do something a little different these holidays.

Visitors will have the opportunity to taste and purchase the wide selection of beverages on offer, as well as learn about the different techniques used in creating the ultimate flavour combinations in these small-batch products. Tickets available via Quicket


ROUTE 44 Emporium Following the conclusion of approval processes between the municipality and the developers of the Root 44 Wine Emporium in Stellenbosch, a partial Temporary Occupancy Certificate (TOC) has been granted. Root 44 offers wine-tasting, wine sales and all types of cuisine that is made to order at the premises as well as live music. Root 44 opened its doors to the public on 18 December and will trade every day until 9 January, thereafter every Friday afternoon, Saturday, Sunday and Public holidays from 10h00 - 18h00. “Join us in the heart of the winelands, our facility hosts a beautiful range of the Stellenbosch wines, pairing cuisine and more to come!” For more information visit

Walking Tour Visitor Experience

Robben Island Museum The Robben Island Museum (RIM) is pleased to announce a new Walking Tour, which will allow tourists to explore Robben Island’s rich history and biodiversity while walking in the footsteps of South African legends. In addition to the standard tours by bus around the Island, RIM intends to highlight more sites with the Walking Tour. During this tour, visitors will visit eight (8) historic sites, including the Murray’s Bay Harbour Exhibition, the Visitor Centre Complex, the Land of Banishment for Xhosa Chiefs, the Ou Tronk Exhibition, the Blue Stone Quarry, the World War II Precinct, the Agricultural Precinct, the Lime Stone Quarry, and the Maximum Security Prison. “The Walking Tours will offer tourists a new and exciting option, while also offering people who have already experienced standard tours a chance to learn more about RIM’s rich heritage,” explains Siphuxolo Mazwi, Marketing & Tourism Manager at RIM. “The tour will be divided into smaller groups and accompanied by an experienced tour guide that will ensure the visitors’ safety, provide informative commentary along the way, answer questions, and dispel myths,” adds Mazwi.




UPCOMING L'Ormarins Queen's Plate

| Kenilworth Racecourse

| 7 - 8 Jan

The Story of Scrooge (Ballet)

| Artscape Theatre

| 19 - 22 Jan

Yoga and Wine

| Benguela Cove

| 9 Jan

Music by Andrew Young

| Benguela Cove

| 22 Jan

3 Test South Africa vs India

| Newlands

| 11- 15 Jan

3rd ODI South Africa vs India

| Newlands

| 23 Jan

The Little Mermaid

| The Playhouse Theatre

| 14 - 22 Jan

Ultimate Beverage Show


| 28 - 29 Jan

Music by Mischa Smith

| Benguela Cove

| 15 Jan

Solar Power Africa


| 16 - 18 Feb

Attakwas Extreme MTB

| Oudtshoorn

| 15 Jan

Cape Town Art Fair


| 18 - 20 Feb




Pirate Adventure Golf & Splash Park

| Benguela Cove, Hermanus

Root 44

| Stellenbosch

Hamley’s Express Train

| V&A Waterfront

Cape Karoo Ostrich Emporium

| Oudtshoorn

Cape Town Science Centre

| Observatory

Greyton Village Market

| Greyton

Iziko Planetarium

| Cape Town

Neighbourgoods Market

| Old Biscuit Mill, Woodstock

Cheetah Outreach

| Somerset West

Lourensford Market

| Somerset West

Butterfly World

| Klapmuts

Bay Harbour Market

| Hout Bay


Pitstops Houw Hoek Farmstall

| Elgin

Battlefield Live SA outdoor Laser Tag | Altydgedacht Wine Estate

Diesel & Cream

| Barrydale

The Cape Wheel

| V & A Waterfront

Nuy on the Hill

| Worcester

Highgate Ostrich Farm

| Oudtshoorn


| Swellendam

!Khwa ttu (San Village)

| Yzerfontein

Elvis Brew Padstal

| George Airport

Stony Point Nature Reserve

| Betty's Bay * events subject to change


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ANNOUNCES EXCITING ROUTE REFRESH Since the inaugural edition in 2013 the Momentum Medical Scheme Tankwa Trek, presented by Biogen, has forged a reputation for its superb route. Filled with singletracks, challenging climbs and thrilling descents, the four-day, UCI, stage race is a mountain bikers’ mountain bike race. An event which demands skill and fitness in equal measures. In 2022, the race will see the biggest revamp of the route since the addition of a fourth stage, in 2019. “Kaleo’s Ernst van Dyk has been very busy in recent years, building a vast network of trails on Malabar and the surrounding Koue Bokkeveld farms,” Dryland Event Management’s Henco Rademeyer praised. “This has made it possible for us to create entirely new routes for Stage 1 and 4, which I’m sure the entrants to next year’s race will really enjoy.” Stage 1 of the 2022 Tankwa Trek will take place on Thursday, 3 February. The route will head out of Kaleo in a northerly direction and features a fast jeep track and gravel road start. Once the course turns off the farm roads onto singletrack the trails are virtually uninterrupted for the remaining 20 kilometres of the day. The action-packed nature of Stage 1 will necessitate a good seeding for Tankwa Trek. Groups will set out at 10-minute intervals, but nonetheless, faster riders, targeting a good result overall, will want to start in one of the earlier batches. Dryland Event Management will be using the 2022 Momentum Medical Scheme Attakwas Extreme as the primary seeding event for the race.

Photo: Tankwa Trek - Photo Credit: Carli Smith/

Stage 2 will once again explore the Witzenberg Valley, but the route to the fabled trails which the Hanekom brothers have carved from the rugged sandstone terrain has been updated. The Merino Monster remains the stand-out feature of Stage 3. The final stage of the 2022 Tankwa Trek had a complete overall which consists of well-sculpted singletracks, challenging but rewarding new jeep track sections and exhilarating descents.


INAUGURAL NETWORK OF TRAILS SA Imagine for a moment that every town in South Africa was connected through a network of singletrack commuting links? If TRAILS SA has their way, this trail dream could become a reality for many a South African town in the next decade.

Photo Credit: Jacques Marais

initiated in the Western Cape, linking the towns of Franschhoek, Stellenbosch and Paarl. The project is now culminating in the completion of the flagship TRAILS SA route on Helshoogte Pass, with stunning roadside singletrack.

Just think how cool this would be; you’ve bombed the Banhoek Conservancy Trails, outside Stellenbosch at dawn, but there are loads of life left in your legs. Here’s the good news: thanks to the inaugural network of Trails SA singletracks, you can now crank all the way to Paarl, with your tyres hardly touching tarmac.

The original idea of linking the TRAILS SA networks dates back to 2015, when Natie Ferreira and Kim Lord (both trail builders and advocates) met with Alan Winde at Elsenburg. A concept was presented to a range of community forums, with a number of role players – including Johan Kriegler, Quintin Smith, Hendrico Burger and eventually Reghard Goussard - joining forces.

That’s correct, the initial sections of what is set to become an extensive web of trails throughout SA has already been

It is not just mountain bikers, trail runners, hikers and cycling tourists that will benefit from these linking trails.



7 The Hub, Urtel Cres, Somerset Mall 021 850 0082 |

“With 22 years experience, we pride ourselves on professional advice, friendly service, & availability”

South Africa has numerous commuters who ride from townships and outlying suburbs into urban areas every day, and the TRAILS SA singletracks will provide a safer, yet cost-effective, commuting alternative to cycling on the hard shoulder of a national road or using public transport. South Africa is an undeniably beautiful country, and tourism is a non-exploitative industry where we can continuously sell a sustainable product package, benefitting both locals and tourists. On-going synergy between Local and National Government and TRAILS SA will be further developed and coordinated with a view to expand the trail network across the whole of South Africa.

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