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Photo: Pioneer Trail at Gondwana Game Reserve - Photo Credit: Gondwana Game Reserve

“According to the latest data provided by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), which tracks global travel regulations in real-time, while some countries ease border closures, travelling from South Africa is still highly restricted. Alongside the 120 restrictions into other countries, South Africans also face 97 moderate restrictions which include testing and quarantine protocols.


Can’t travel abroad? Why not be a domestic tourist? Many people who would normally travel abroad, but couldn’t because of the shutdown on international travel have now become domestic leisure tourists. Some tourism businesses have stepped up and shown remarkable resilience by catering for locals, providing great offers for those who are eager to get out of their homes after being cooped up for months. Whether you stay in a hotel, guest house, self-catering accommodation, camp site a hour or two away from your home - a new environment will do wonders for your overall well-being. There are only a few places on earth that can match the scenic diversity of the Western Cape. Beyond Cape Town is the greater Western Cape regions of the West Coast, the Karoo, the Garden Route and Klein Karoo, the Winelands and the Overberg. Each area is worth exploring and has its own charm, you’ll uncover diverse culinary delights, award-winning wine estates, game reserves, nature reserves, adventure activities, wide open spaces and deserts, white sandy beaches, and animal encounters that will make your journey truly unforgettable - you will soon realize that the list of tourist attractions in the Western Cape extend far beyond the usual sun, sea and surf.





Carina Bruwer Completes Momentous 21km Open Water Swim In Aid Of The Arts & The Tribuo Fund Carina Bruwer has become the first person to swim across Walker Bay, in a time of 6:36 in aid of the Tribuo Fund and the performing arts sector of South Africa. She did so according to English Channel swimming rules, wearing only a costume, cap and goggles, and starting and finishing on dry land, without any contact with the support boat throughout the swim.

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The route was from Hermanus Old Harbour to Stanford Cove in De Kelders, where she was welcomed by a local crowd of supporters. The official distance of the swim is just shy of 21km, swimming against a strong head current for most of the distance, and water temperature varied between 17.5 and 19 degrees. It was a beautiful day on the water, with minimal wind and plenty of sea life.

Photo: Carina Bruwer - Photo Credit: Carel Kuschke

She embarked on this challenge in aid of the Tribuo fund, a non-profit organisation that was created due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the performing arts sector. The Ocean did play her part giving us pristine conditions otherwise, and she sent all her magnificent creatures along for the swim”, says Bjorn von During from South African Shark Conservancy, who piloted the support boat from Blade Charters. The crossing was coordinated by Walker Bay Adventures, and owner Herman de Vries joined Carina in the water for some sections of the swim. “It was wonderful to have company in the water; Herman is a fantastic swimmer and helped keep me motivated to swim at a strong pace, and it was nice to have a friendly energy next to me, especially when at one point, there was huge commotion about 1,5m underneath us and all we could see was bubbles which was a bit startling.”




MARCH 2021

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“He was the first to regain composure and to realise it was just an adventurous seal!” said Carina.


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stories that are life changing





The easing of the latest alcohol ban to beat the spread of Coronavirus coincided to the day with the South African wine industry’s 362nd anniversary. The start date for the local wine industry was recorded on 2nd February 1659 as a diary entry by Jan van Riebeeck, an official of the Dutch East India Company and First Commander of the Cape: ‘Today, praise be to God, wine was made for the first time from Cape grapes.’ Jan van Riebeeck was the first governor of the Cape.


He planted a vineyard in 1655, and on 2 February 1659, the first wine was made from Cape grapes. Vines were then planted at Roschheuvel, now known as Bishopscourt, Wynberg. Following this start, the South African wine industry grew and flourished, to become the second biggest contributor to agricultural exports after citrus, employing 290,000 people. Then the Coronavirus lockdown happened in 2020, and with it the ban on both domestic wine sales and exports. Wine tourism is a major income earner for the wine industry in South Africa, representing as much as half of all sales for many wine farms. Wineries were closed to visitors for nearly five months - they were allowed to open and then again in the latest lockdown banned from selling wine both onsite as well as online. The impact on the wine tourism sector has been massive. Until 2020, some 10 million tourists visited South Africa annually, most of them in the spring and summer when Cape Winelands would receive an influx of northern hemisphere visitors escaping winter back home. Penny Streeter OBE, owner of Benguela Cove Lagoon Wine Estate, says: “Times are tough today for the South African wine industry. But our hard work and investment over many years in creating superb, award-winning wines and a powerful international brand put us in a great position to recover and thrive once again when the lockdowns around the world are lifted. We would just ask all our wonderful supporters, here and in other countries, to please continue to visit wine farms and enjoy South African wine.”



Photo: Carina Bruwer - Photo Credit: Rudolph De Girardier

Visit Today! Walker Bay, Hermanus | | +27 (0) 87 357 0637 |

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“Every swim is special but I have to say, this is one I will never forget. It is always wonderful to pioneer a new swim, and this one is certainly epic in terms of its geography and the incredible sea life that one encounters! My wish is that we can raise enough money to make a meaningful difference for as many as possible of the thousands of artists who are truly broken – financially and mentally. And that artists would feel that someone sees them, and that more and more of society would see them, now that they have become invisible and silent due to the decimation of live entertainment.”

The public and supporters donated money on the Tribuo website, the Backabuddy crowd sourcing platform and Overstrand locals had a collection drive while Carina completed her 6 hour swim. The swim was also livestreamed, with live footage from the water being alternated by video messages from musicians like Zolani Mahola, Dr Victor, and many other artist friends and colleagues of Carina’s who added their voice to the cause and the plight of the industry. Gillian Mitchell from the Tribuo fund was one of the supporters that welcomed Carina on the beach. In a recent Instagram post, Carina wrote: “When artists are unable to perform their craft, it is not only their livelihood that is affected – it is also their sense of purpose and their vehicle of expression. In most cases their art is their main language and very often it is their whole universe. It is not possible to separate emotion from art, as the very nature of it is spiritual.This struggle is exactly what inspired me to embark on this challenge. I need to feel I’m doing something to help, and I want artists who are in a very dark place to know that someone sees them, someone feels their pain.”

Digital Digital

This sentiment is echoed by the Tribuo Fund. “Artists were one of the groups instantly affected by lockdown and Covid-19 restrictions,” says Tribuo founding member and CEO of NATi, Cornelia Faasen. “Artists seldom have safety nets of savings, insurance or pensions. They work from one production or event to the next. For many of them, the major arts festivals are their primary and most consistent source of income.”


Notice Articles & Advertisements published in The Newspaper is not necessarily the opinion of The Newspaper, unless so stated.

“The performing arts industry finds itself in devastatingly distressed times. Our artists need a helping hand to keep their heads above water. Therefore, our partnership with Carina makes perfect sense.” About: Carina is one of Africa’s most decorated female open water marathon swimmers, an internationally renowned contemporary flute player, owner of one of the busiest entertainment companies in South Africa, inspirational speaker and entrepreneur. Carina is also the founder of the multiple award-winning and internationally renowned instrumental group Sterling EQ, and is of the most recognisable instrumental musicians in South Africa. She has also made an indelible mark on the open water and marathon swimming record books through many daring and record-breaking swimming feats. For more information visit

Photo: Carina Bruwer playing the flute




Billionaire To Build ‘The Lanseria Airport Of Cape Town’

South African billionaire Rob Hersov has recently purchased Fisantekraal Airport and has plans to build a new world-class airport offering passengers additional choice when travelling to and from Cape Town and would be a boost to local tourism. Fisantekraal Airport is located 13km northeast of Durbanville and surrounded by wheat and wine farms - therefore perfectly situated to serve the Cape Town aviation sector. “We want to build the Lanseria Airport of Cape Town,” Hersov said. The airport was built on a 150-hectare site by the South African Air Force in 1943 to operate Lockheed Ventura bombers. The airfield was transferred to the local municipality in the sixties and was sold to a private owner in 1993. Hersov and business partner Nick Ferguson bought the Fisantekraal Airport in November 2020 and renamed it Cape Winelands Airport. Of the four original runways, two remain operational while there are numerous aircraft hangars on the property which are used for the storage and maintenance of private aircraft and helicopters. The location makes it a favourite for flight training, grow operations at the Cape Winelands Airport and provide an alternative to the Cape Town International Airport (CTIA) for some aviation services. About: After 31 years abroad Hersov has returned to South Africa where he is now focused on expanding investments opportunities in Africa. Hersov is the chairman and chief executive of Invest Africa – a leading pan-African business platform that promotes trade and investment in Africa with members in New York, Washington, London, Dubai, Geneva, and Johannesburg. He is also a successful international entrepreneur in his own right and has built a successful private jet business which he sold to Warren Buffett.

More Gauteng Residents Are Semigrating To The Western Cape Ex-Gauteng residents and semigrants from other South African provinces are buying more properties in the Western Cape than ever before, says Alexa Horne, managing director of Dogon Group Properties who adds that an increasing number of South Africans are relocating to Cape Town and snapping up properties close to good schools, amenities, and lifestyle offerings. “Semigration to the Cape is by no means a new trend, however it is one that is sharply on the rise due to Covid-19 which has birthed a new era of remote working – making it easier for professionals to live, work and play in their preferred province – no longer having to wait until they retire to live by the sea.” “The allure of the Cape has long been pulling professionals who in the past would commute to Gauteng in the week for work and return to their families in the Western Cape each weekend. The need to keep working away from the family and to commute was a draw-back and a reason that more people were not relocating to the Cape.” Now, remote working, online work login’s, Google Meet, and Zoom have made it so much easier for families to pursue their dream of moving to Cape Town, said Horne. The main reasons for this swell of relocations are people looking for a lifestyle change and wanting quality of life in beautiful surroundings, as well as good schooling for their children and increased safety and security in general. Cape Town boasts some of the best schools in the country as well as access to what are undoubtedly some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, as well as mountains, vineyards, open spaces – the list goes on.

“The western Seaboard area offers those wanting to relocate from Gauteng a fullhearted lifestyle, said Natalie Koch, Dogon Group sales agent for the area. “This widespread area has a large amount of possibilities with regards to housing – with new developments, existing free standing homes and apartments available.”

“We are seeing that many of those relocating are looking for larger homes – houses that are big enough to accommodate extended family – like grandparents – as well as provide space for a home office. Out of our sales in the Western Cape over the past 12 months, Gauteng buyers and people from other provinces within SA make up as a large percentage of our clients. We are seeing more and more buyers looking in the Southern Suburbs and this has given rise to several new developments being launched in this desirable area,” said Paul Upton, head of developments for Dogon.

Cape Town in particular, is a trend that does not look set to die out any time soon and that it has shaped, and will continue to shape, the real-estate landscape in the province as more developments and offerings are tailored to suite the wants and needs of these new residents.

And it is not just sales that are booming thanks to the influx of families relocating to Cape Town. According to Horne, one of the reasons that Cape Town’s rentals market is doing so well is that semigrants often rent initially while they ascertain which area they want to live in and search for the perfect home to buy.


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Cape Town & Western Cape Emerging As A Film & Tech Powerhouse Wesgro’s Film and Media Promotion unit hosted an interactive session at this year’s South By Southwest (SXSW) Festival, featuring local film industry specialists who unpacked the immersive technologies and innovations that make Cape Town and the Western Cape an emerging powerhouse in the film and tech sector on the African continent. Hosting the virtual event was actress, inspirational speaker and Sea Change Project Ambassador, Zolani Mahola who also concluded the event with a spectacular performance. The panel comprised of local and international film industry specialists including Gambit’s CEO and Executive Producer, Bradley Joshua, award-winning writer for stage and screen, Tertius Kapp, Head of International Acquisitions at XYZ Films, Todd Brown, film composer and winner of the “Best Music Score” at the IDA Documentary Awards for My Octopus Teacher, Kevin Smuts, as well as CEO and co-founder of Sea Monster, Glenn Gilles. Cape Town and the Western Cape boasts a variety of world-class locations, studios, facilitation companies and specialised crew, and over the years, it has seen both the South African film industry and international creators shooting award winning works of art, such as My Octopus Teacher, which has recently been nominated for an Academy Award in the Documentary Feature category. Other projects filmed in Cape Town and the Western Cape include GAIA, which was shot in the Garden Route and Klein Karoo, and premiered at the SXSW festival. Gambit Films’ Blood and Water is currently shooting its second season after a very successful first season, where it was positioned in top 10 place globally on Netflix. Speaking about the importance of celebrating local talent, Wesgro’s Film and Media Promotion Project Manager, Lisa Mini said: “I am thrilled to be part of the Wesgro team promoting the Western Cape’s talent in the Creative and Tech Industries at a festival like SXSW. It is the perfect platform to cross-sell what our province has got to offer the globe!”During the session, the Film unit also officially launched the very first and highly anticipated “Film in Cape Town and the Western Cape” AV, showcasing the dramatic locations, world-class animation, VFX and post-production facilities, as well as the talented and diverse sub-sectors of the Creative Industries sector of the Western Cape.

Stellenbosch Launches New Waste Material Recovery Facility As part of Stelllenbosch Munisipality’s commitment to become greener and more sustainable the brand new waste material recovery facility (MRF) was launched by Mayor Gesie van Deventer on 25 March 2021. This state of the art facility will serve as a place where recyclables are taken to, grouped, baled and provided to companies for use as raw material in the manufacturing of new products. The sorted recyclables have a much higher value than mixed recyclables and will be easily accepted into the booming recycling market. The facility also features a public drop-off area, which will allow residents to bring garage and recyclable waste to dispose of responsibly. Landfill sites across the country are filling up, including our own, which reached capacity in 2019. Building new landfill sites is not sustainable or environmentally feasible, as there simply isn’t enough land available to develop new landfills. The Municipality is currently investing in the expansion of our landfill site but we have also shifted our focus on minimising waste to landfill by reducing, reusing and recycling. “Our new facility is part of the process of taking the minimisation of waste

to the next level in conjunction with other waste minimisation initiatives. The MRF will allow for recyclables to be handled and processed in Stellenbosch, allowing for faster turnaround times by eliminating the need to travel to Cape Town. At the same time it will provide jobs to our residents registered on the unemployment database.” The activating of the MRF is a significant step in preserving our environment and maximising landfill airspace for future generations. Construction of the facility began in August 2019 and the total budget for the project was R29 million. The MRF has the capacity to process 450 tons of recyclable material per month and will employ up to 40 people once it becomes fully operational, from 1 April 2021.

Philadelphia Learner Writes,


Narrates And Stars In An Animated Filmhouse Would it not be every Grade 4 learner’s dream to write, narrate and star in an animated film? Well, that’s exactly what happened to a talented Grade 4 learner from Philadelphia Primary School, Keschrie Booysen, who is the 2020 Story Stars essay competition winner. Story Stars is an animated film created by using stories that were written and narrated by Grade 4 learners from the Western Cape. The 2021 Grade 4 learners of the Western Cape can now write the next instalment of Felix and Felicity’s adventures. Grade 4 teachers are encouraged to allow their learners to read the story booklet which has been provided to schools, watch the animation film, and then finish the story by including themselves as a character using the learner booklets. Teachers have been provided a matrix to assist them with marking the creative story and must submit the winning entry from their class to the WCED by 23 April 2021. The idea behind the competition is to get learners excited about creative writing and the opportunities it can bring. In a survey of a class of Grade 4 learners in 2019, it was evident that their interests lay in watching cartoons and becoming YouTube stars! The WCED decided to create a competition which encouraged reading and creative writing, that could ultimately result in an animated film – written, narrated and starred in by the winner themselves. In addition to writing, starring in and narrating the video, which will be watched by thousands of learners across the Western Cape, the Story Stars winner, Keschrie Booysen also received a tablet, book bag and branded stationery. The winning school received a R10 000 transfer payment for learning and teaching support material and the teacher, a R2 000 gift voucher, book bag and stationery.

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Indulge in tasty treats made specially for you

If you love good food and special treats, you simply have to visit The Smiling Oven in Somerset West. This well-known and popular Helderberg home industry’s range of yummy foods and treats includes everything from their famous milk tarts and pies, to cakes, savouries and delicious old-fashioned home-cooked meals. At The Smiling Oven’s initiative the Kitchen Kafé, patrons also have the opportunity to sit back and relax in style while enjoying the wide variety of scrumptious dishes and light meals on the Kafé menu. The Kitchen Kafé can also be booked for special functions, meetings or parties; exceptions to normal business hours can be discussed and negotiated with management.

Starting work very early each morning (some team members specialise in cakes and others excel in making pastries) and an administrative team who all do their bit to ensure that the bakery and home industry’s shelves are loaded with treats and bakes. Some of these kitchen staff members have been working for more than 16 years, helping to make The Smiling Oven engines run like a well-oiled machine. The Smiling Oven not only sells cooked food, cakes, pies, savouries, sandwiches and other treats to the public, but also provides cakes and other baked goods to several other shops and home industries in and around the Helderberg.

Open Monday - Friday 8h00 - 17h00, and Saturdays 8h00 - 14h00. For more information contact (021) 853 4179 or visit




BOOST IMMUNITY AHEAD OF WINTER FLU SEASON As South Africans brace for the winter flu season during a pandemic, a clinical review recommends that healthy nutrition and supplementation with vitamins, minerals and probiotics may benefit immunity and prevent or ease viral infections. The review notes that due to the pandemic the immune system will need to adapt and that healthy, individualised nutrition -- including supplementing with vitamins C, E and D, microminerals such as zinc, iron and selenium, and probiotics - may help. It further states that many nutrients and nutraceuticals have beneficial effects on the immune response and may prevent or mitigate viral infections. The review and related studies suggest: - Countries with lower vitamin D levels are linked to higher mortality rates during the pandemic, backing research that vitamin D may help reduce the incidence of colds by 50 percent. Other studies show vitamin D may reduce the risk of Covid-19 by nine percent and that low levels of vitamin D are associated with a higher risk of Covid-19 hospitalization. - Vitamin E protects the integrity of cell membranes from free radicals and protects both innate and adaptive immunity. - Vitamin C boosts immune cells, helps increase the production of antibodies, protects against oxidative stress, reduces tissue damage and may help shorten the duration of colds. - Studies show that zinc may help shorten the duration of colds by up to 40 percent, and may reduce risk of pneumonia in the elderly. Studies show that increased zinc levels may enhance the antiviral effect against Covid-19.

- Research shows that omega 3 fatty acids promote the function of T- and B-cells, are anti-inflammatory, help boost immunity and help lower the risk of Covid-19 by 12 percent. - Studies show multivitamins may reduce the risk of Covid-19 by 13 percent.

- Research shows that selenium’s immune boosting properties may help fight Covid-19.

- Echinacea, has been found to help prevent colds, while research has found proanthocyanidin to be a powerful antioxidant, immune booster and blood stabiliser. Pelargonium (African geranium), meanwhile, has been shown to help the healing rate for acute bronchitis and colds.

- Probiotics may alter gut microbiota and generate antiviral metabolites that strengthen the immune system. Studies show that probiotics reduced the risk of Covid-19 by 14 percent.

HPA Chairperson, Maria Ascencao suggests the following: “Follow a diet of fruits and vegetables, take high quality supplements, exercise, get enough restorative sleep, manage stress and practice mindfulness. This will support immunity.”

EASY TO USE HERBAL SKINCARE PRODUCTS Skin has been in practice since ancient times, when herbal skin care was probably the only way to take care of skin. Herbal skin care routines have been replaced by chemical-based skin care routines. This transformation can probably be attributed to the fast pace of our lives and the commercialisation of skin care. Even herbal skin care products have been commercialised to increase their shelf-life. A natural starting point for Herbal Skincare is: - Aloe vera is one of the best examples of herbal skin care products. Freshly extracted it is a natural hydrant that helps in soothing skin and it can also help to heal sunburn. - Dandelion, chamomile, lime flowers and rosemary herbs, are a few examples of herbal cleansers. - Lavender, marigold, thyme and fennel are good examples of herbs that are known to possess antiseptic properties. Rose water is also an excellent toner. - Tea extracts and hydrosols can be used for treatment of skin that has been damaged by UV radiation. - Essential oils also form part of Natural Skincare: Tea tree oil, Lavender oil and primrose oil are some popular oils used in herbal skin care. Herbal skin care is good not only for the routine nourishing of skin but also for treatment of skin disorders like eczema and psoriasis. Most herbal skin care products don’t have any side effects and can be easily made at home. Herbal skin care can also be used without discarding the synthetic products and sometimes we should also accept the fact that some skin disorders might need usage of clinically proven non-herbal skin care products. For more information contact 076 466 0886 or visit







Le Pommier - The Perfect Venue


Cobus Kanu

The Angel Of Wine Cobus Germishuys of Kanu Wines is as synonymous with the Stellenbosch wine industry as pinotage is an iconic South African wine. Better known as Cobus Kanu, or even the angel of wine, Cobus has lived wine for the past 24 years as part of the Kanu team. And thanks to his passion for wine tourism, Stellenbosch and above all people, Cobus is Kanu. Combine his extensive knowledge of wine, his ability with storytelling and you will be mesmerised by his ability to convince you that Kanu Wines is the best wine farm in the universe – all in a fun and relaxed way.

Le Pommier is located on Helshoogte Pass, the main route between Stellenbosch and Franschhoek. It is ideally situated to explore this unique and most breathtaking region of the Cape Winelands. Le Pommier meaning ‘The Apple Tree’ in French, was once an apple orchard; it was a part of the 300-year-old Zorgvliet farm before. Today you will still find a couple of these apple trees scattered on Le Pommier. The history of Le Pommier includes a lengthy list of owners since the 1600s. The restaurant was even an animal shed in 1916, used for storing animal feed. Current owners bought Le Pommier at the end of 2014. Various upgrades have been done, including the planting of additional Malbec & Cabernet Franc vineyards. Le Pommier is a working wine farm where all of the grapes used in the Le Pommier Wine range are grown. Le Pommier has five wines available, Sauvignon Blanc, Rosé, MAC Cabernet Franc and Malbec blend. Both Le Pommier Angle Peur Cabernet Franc and Jonathan’s Malbec are limited release wines. Wine tastings and wine pairings are available at the farm. Le Pommier offers a country styled restaurant, which is open seven days a week. The restaurant has a rustic, comfortable bistro type atmosphere and is child friendly. A venue perfect for parties, weddings, or conferences is also available. Packages can be tailor-made according to each individual’s needs. Le Pommier Lodge consists of six suites, seven country rooms and two self-catering units, with two pools on the farm. For more information visit or email

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A visit to Stellenbosch will not be complete if it does not include a visit to Kanu Wines, and a close encounter with Cobus Kanu Germishuys. With a wine knowledge almost as big as his personality, he’s the friendly face you’ll see either at the wine-tasting or the Curio shop. He’s been part of the team for 24 years and his favourite Kanu wines are the KCB Barrel fermented Chenin Blanc and the Bordeaux Blend Keystone. “Thanks for your hard work, Cobus - we are grateful to have you as part of the team.” Article by Danie Keet

Photo: Cobus Germishuys has hosted wine tastings for Magaret Thatcher, Boris Johnson, President Arab Moy and Hussein bin Abdullah Crown Prince of Jordan, to name just a few. Cobus has received recognition from Perskor for promoting tourism, BBC named him as the best host in the Winelands, Decanter magazine also named him the best host of Stellenbosch Winelands. - Photo Credit: Janka Lötter

Looks Like Beer, Tastes Like Coffee & Is Served On Tap A few months ago Daneska Rohrmüller opened Carbon Coffee for the cyclist and runner who goes for a quick ride or run before work and ends with a good cuppa coffee to start their day. The coffee shop is located at Helderberg Cycle World in Somerset West with outside sitting area for anyone who wants to catch a breath of fresh air. “For me, good coffee is the most important part,” Daneska says. She is using Terbodore beans, which are roasted in Franschhoek, thus supporting local business. They also have a brand new, very special addition on their menu, Kool Beans Nitro Cold Brew Coffee.

Sushi *offer excludes eel, sashimi and sushi salads Kool Beans Nitro Cold Brew Coffee is a healthy, delicious drink that looks like beer, tastes like coffee and is served on tap – who could resist?

mains and combos *offer excludes salmon and is available all day

Blue Waters Seafood and Sushi Restaurant

� Lourensford Road, Somerset West

021 852 8012

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As the name suggests, Kool Beans coffee is brewed with cold water instead of hot, resulting in a less bitter and acidic, yet full-bodied flavour and served cold for a refreshing experience on a hot summer’s day or after a strenuous cycle. The nitro brew is 100% natural, with zero additives, almost zero calories and a natural creamy taste. Do not be fooled by its creamy consistency, this product is vegan friendly and does not contain any milk – the creaminess and velvety mouthfeel is created by infusing the coffee with fine nitrogen bubbles. Kool Beans Nitro Coffee is kept in kegs and served on tap, in compostable ecocups that allow you to see the magical dispersion of nitrogen. If you associate nitro with speed, you are correct – it can be tapped in under 5 seconds and is loadshedding resistant (and did we mention the extra speed in your step?) A healthy, delicious drink with a kick that looks like beer, tastes like coffee and is served on tap – who could resist? And what is coffee without a little treat on the side? Carbon Coffee offer a variety of homemade treats ranging from delicious banana bread, carrot cake and date balls to something savory, mainly ‘Belegte Brötchen’, which are German rolls with special toppings. Opening times are from 07:00 – 15:00, Monday to Friday and till 14:00 on Saturdays. For more Information contact 072 454 3248 or visit 7 The Hub, Urtel Cres, Somerset Mall


s m o om o R fr /m d e p ti e abl 00 m ail 0 i L v 27 AR



The Somerset Care Centre 163 Bizweni Ave, Somerset West,7130

ExcEptional carE closE



Our caring team of nursing staff and care workers are committed to providing loving, quality care. We provide 24-hour care to those who need Frail care • Palliative Care • Convalescent Care • Memory care For more information & to book an appointment contact Nursing Manager, Sr. Erika Janutsch 021 812 6890 • • • 163 Bizweni Ave, Somerset West, 7130




TOP SA WILDLIFE ESTATES ATTRACTING BUYERS The lifestyle enjoyed on a wildlife estate is now more popular than ever for new homebuyers in the wake of Coronavirus and lockdown. With travel restrictions and concerns about the pandemic confining many people to their local areas, the attractions of a luxury home in unspoilt countryside, with abundant wildlife and beautiful views to wake up to, is a major attraction, says Penny Streeter OBE of Benguela Cove Lagoon Estate. Many people living in towns and cities during the pandemic now want to relocate or find a second home in a place where they and their families can enjoy a healthier lifestyle in a natural setting.

“Imagine relaxing at the end of a day of homeworking with a glass of lovely wine from the estate’s own vineyard. From your balcony, you might spot a buck wandering by at the water’s edge or a Peregrine Falcon soaring across the blue lagoon towards the distant Kogelberg Mountains. “Living on the estate, instead of the daily commute you have nothing more taxing after work finishes than to plan tomorrow’s early morning kayak trip or a cycle ride on the 11km track before you settle down to calls and web meetings for the day,” says Penny Streeter. The estate represents a popular investment choice too for foreign buyers. With Cape Town International Airport just 80 minutes journey by car, residents can conveniently fly to Johannesburg and other national and international city destinations for meetings and conferences. Hermanus is 20 minutes drive time from Benguela Cove, offering the further attractions of its shopping and nightlife, when Coronavirus restrictions are lifted. The town is an international destination for whale watching, with tourists drawn to the coast between July and November as it becomes the breeding grounds of the Southern Right Whale. The Benguela Cove Lagoon Estate estate offers properties with waterfront views and an annual wine allocation from the 70-hectare vineyard. Its vintages are attracting a lot of attention and winning a string of recent awards, including 4.5 stars for seven of its wines and a further 4 stars for seven others by Platter’s, the leading South Africa Wine Guide. Orders from Europe and the USA have grown in 2020 and 2021, even during the decline of sales by the South African wine sector overall.

Living on an estate like Benguela Cove, residents can wake up to views across the tranquil lagoon to the Kogelberg Nature Reserve and Atlantic sea beyond, with a wide range of outdoor activities to look forward to during the day - hiking and running, boating and waterskiing, bird watching and other sports and pastimes. The estate is home to over 100 species of birds including owls, blue cranes, guinea fowl and flamingos, flourishing within its protected reserves and vast wetlands. Mountain leopards and wild horses also make appearances on the estate.

The estate also includes 10 hectares of olive groves, a working winery, swimming pool, tennis court, running and cycle track, clubhouse and jetty, and the Moody Lagoon Restaurant in the adjoining entertainments area. Close by too there is the 18 hole championship golf course and luxury spa at Arabella Country Estate. Benguela Cove is over 60 percent sold, with residences available to buy directly from the developer, with interest-free finance available For more information visit

STANFORD VALLEY GUEST HOUSE Stanford Valley Guest Farm nestles in the valley of the Klein River, 10km outside the quint village of Stanford, along the R326 to Napier, only two-hours’ drive from Cape Town and 34km from Hermanus. The guest farm is the perfect location for couples or families for a weekend getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life, a small wedding, a conference or a base to explore the beautiful surroundings. Two hundred-and-fifty of the 440ha farm are part of a Nature Conservancy and covered in a wide variety of fynbos, while the most attractive aspect of Stanford Valley Guest House is its serene country atmosphere. The guest farm offers comfortable accommodation in their charming, self-catering cottages and large en-suite rooms. The cottages are built around a central werf, giving it the feeling of a small village whilst allowing each guest unit the privacy of its own stoep and garden - surrounded by sweeping lawns, paddocks and incredible mountain views.

The cottages and rooms are decorated in warm colours with an old-fashioned touch, and boast with a fireplace for utmost comfort during winter. Enjoy contemporary country cooking prepared by the talented Manor House kitchen team at this popular Overberg restaurant where meals are served against a backdrop of mid-century modern décor, eclectic art and breath-taking views of the Akkedisberg Mountains. There are many activities at the Stanford Valley Guest Farm that might interest you. Take a walk up to the farm dam on the hill to catch some sun on the jetty; relax at one of the picnic tables under the trees; put on your walking boots and go hiking into the mountains to admire the fynbos and enjoy beautiful views of the surrounding farms, enjoy the mountain biking trails; admire the structural elements near the Manor House, from sculptures, stone walls and water features to the raised herb garden with its heady aromas; browse through the art gallery; relax on your porch with a glass of wine and a book, or listen to the chattering of the birds and the buzzing of bees.

Photo's: Stanford Valley Guest Farm - Photo Credit's: Hansie Oosthuizen

For more information contact 072 198 0862 or visit

SEND QUALITY GIFT BOXES TO YOUR LOVED ONES You’re Welcome Gift Design has curated the elements required to create an exceptional gift. The content within their gift boxes are sourced locally. “Our motivation draws from our desire to share the discovery of South African crafted remarkable masterpieces, which you would not normally find around every corner.” You’re Welcome Gift Design has many gift ideas as well as item combinations ready for you to select from. You can choose between different categories: For Her, For Him, For the Kitchen, For the Home, Beverages, and Social vibes. The gift boxes, all wrapped with a touch of flair, ensure your selection of gifts are extra special. Everyone is in search of something different, something to portray their feelings, a token to show love and appreciation. You’re Welcome Gift Design store is online, and ready to fast-track you to the front of the queue! The service is quick and easy and the online shop is safe and secure and ready for you to “add to cart. Make yourself comfortable, and, let You’re Welcome Gift Design’s creativity inspire you, all within the comfort of your own home. For more information visit




INTRɐ’D – “We” do the Introduction …“Premium Selection” This is why you have to apply… In the quant suburbs of Cape Town, a buzz has started about an exclusive introduction platform, a new and exciting way of meeting likeminded people with the same emotional standards and intellect. Finding your partner, friend, or person on a genuine, honest, and transparent platform now proves to take the singles club by storm. With a unique, criteria of premium selection, Intrɐ’D offers its applicants the special opportunity of meeting new, interesting people with the prospect of love lingering in the air.

So how does it work?

What makes Intrɐ’D unique?

Avoiding the drama of other introduction platforms, Intrɐ’D offers membership for a select clientele who is serious to invest in their future with that person they are looking for, and do so with flair.

Applicants are not only screened to ensure authenticity, a further in person interview is done to ensure all members of Intrɐ’D are quality people that we can introduce to other members. On registration, Intrɐ’D will start with the exciting process of introducing you to other members. Other classy value add services are included in the membership, which allows Intrɐ’D members with even more opportunities to meet “that person”.

Preceding an online application form, applicants are required to meet preliminary requirements. The minimum criteria to apply includes single people 25 years and older, Entrepreneurs, Professional or Executive personas. An elite platform that you want to be part of!

With lockdown at its knees, and romance taking flight again, a new way of connecting and meeting people has ensued and promises to offer its members a fresh, new way of interacting safely, honestly and with zest.

We take away the pain of internet dating. We save you precious time. We eliminate the evasive experience you have when you tried online dating sites.

Where are we located? Operating in the suburbs of Cape Town, existing members look forward to a range of new, exciting faces from Stellenbosch, Franschhoek, Durbanville, Paarl, Cape Town CBD, Bellville, Plattekloof, and surrounding areas, Worcester and George. Also catering for the Atlantic Seaboard and Southern Suburbs. Intrɐ’D promises a crisp outlook on how to meet your special someone, sticking to the old-fashioned way, but doing so in style.

“It’s not what you have in life, it is who you have in your life”

w w trad




Municipalities Participating Offshore Wind Energy Could

In The Municipal Energy Resilience Project

Help Solve SA’s Energy

In his Budget 2021 Address in the Provincial Parliament David Maynier, Western Cape Minister of Finance and Economic Opportunities announced: “We will spend R48.8 million over the medium term and provide a further R20 million in the provincial reserves for the Municipal Energy Resilience (MER) Project in the Western Cape.”

We still rely heavily on coal to generate electricity, but with an ageing fleet of coalfired power plants we should perhaps start to tap into our abundant offshore wind energy resources to help address future electricity shortages. “If we were to install wind turbines at different depths off the KwaZulu-Natal and Western Cape coast, they could potentially supply approximately 15% and 800% of South Africa’s annual electricity demand,” say Gordon Rae and Dr Gareth Erfort from the Department of Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering at Stellenbosch University. They used geographic information system methods to do the first comprehensive assessment of South Africa’s offshore wind energy resources and to identify the most suitable regions for the development of wind farms. Their assessment included marine protected areas sourced from the World Database of Protected Areas, which is the most comprehensive data-base on terrestrial and marine protected areas. The researchers say they included marine protected areas in the study to create what they call “no-go zones.” “It was important to include these no-go zones as they illustrated to us what portion of the exclusive economic zone would be inaccessible to offshore wind energy from an environmental perspective.”

Photo: Minister David Maynier (Western Cape Minister of Finance and Economic Opportunities)

The first phase of the MER Project in this financial year is: Drakenstein Municipality; Mossel Bay Municipality; Overstrand Municipality; Saldanha Bay Municipality; Stellenbosch Municipality; and Swartland Municipality. These six candidate municipalities in the province will move off of Eskom’s grid in favour of other power options as they are a municipality that has already done excellent work on developing energy resilience. The provincial government said that it will also be collaborating with the City of Cape Town on the project.

The findings of their study were published recently in the Journal of Energy in Southern Africa. The researchers say their assessment showed that the most suitable regions for the development of offshore wind energy are Richards Bay (within the 10km coastline buffer & approximately 15km offshore south of Richard Bay), Durban (within the 10km buffer & approximately 25km offshore of KwaDukuza) and Struisbaai (within the 10km buffer zone & approximately 15km offshore). “Our study revealed that South Africa has an annual offshore wind energy production potential of 44,52 terawatt hours (TWh) of electricity if wind turbines were to be installed in shallow waters (depths of less than 50m) and 2 387,08 TWh with wind turbines in deeper waters (depths less than 1 000m).

Load shedding costs the economy about R75 million per stage, per day in the Western Cape. “When it comes to the economy Covid-19 is a 'left hook', and load shedding is a 'right hook', which together often results in a knock-out blow that risks compromising economic recovery. “Which is why we launched the three-year MER Project last year to support municipalities to take advantage of the new energy regulations to generate, procure and sell their own power so that we can become more energy secure in the Western Cape,” Maynier said. “The MER Project is spearheaded by our Green Economy unit at the Department of Economic Development and Tourism, who are working in collaboration with the Department of Local Government and Provincial Treasury to enable the development of energy projects and engage with municipalities on multiple fronts. The procurement of energy at utility and municipal distribution scale, such as bulk energy purchases from Independent Power Producers (IPPs), under conditions of developing and evolving policies and regulations is a complex and challenging task. Municipalities may not have the policies, plans, resources, funding, or procurement expertise to procure wholesale electricity from sources other than Eskom, specifically IPPs. Neither have all municipalities’ electricity distribution systems been technically evaluated to clarify their readiness to support new electricity generation and energy trading. Any learnings from projects implemented with the candidate municipalities will be applied to future projects in other municipalities. While this project should enable municipalities to be able to buffer residents and businesses from the impacts of load shedding, they will still continue to be connected to the national grid as we won’t be able to meet 100 per cent of energy demand through renewable energy at this stage. “We will also work closely with national government to explore how the new energy regulations could lead to renewable energy generation projects within municipalities in the Western Cape.”

According to Eskom, a typical South African household uses about 30 kilowatt hours (KWh) per day or 10 950 KWh per year, which means that 44,52 TWh could technically power approximately four million average households annually. Similarly, 2 387,08 TWh could power roughly 218 million average households per year. The researchers mention that South Africa is still lagging behind in the development of offshore wind energy at a time when the industry is on the rise globally, with significant growth occurring in Europe and Asia. “Although the Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement Programme was launched in 2011 to procure renewal energy projects, it is yet to exploit or consider the abundance of offshore wind energy resources available.” By tapping into these resources, South Africa could also decrease its carbon emissions significantly, add the researchers.

Green Fingers Clear Invasive Species At Noordhoek Wetland Local non-profit organisation Project Noordhoeked, which has been run by local resident Karoline Hanks since 2017, has driven community based environmental projects within Noordhoek to create jobs, keep the neighbourhood safe and to create awareness about factors impacting the environment. The latest project was undertaken in partnership with the City’s Recreation and Parks Department, to clear the invasive Port Jackson (Acacia saligna). Previously, project Noordhoeked focused on clearing the streets of litter and collecting micro-plastics from the beach. The department stepped in to provide authorisation, training, equipment and the herbicides needed to successfully work through the dense area. With additional assistance from SANParks, the group has already cleared one hectare and will continue twice a week to maintain and manage regrowth. The department has regular maintenance schedules to maintain the sensitive wetland ecosystems, which play a crucial role in water purification, water storage, stabilising shorelines, filtering soil nutrients and which support the success of fauna and flora, protecting the habitat of animal species like the endangered Western Leopard Toad. However, seasonal changes such as growth spurts due to favourable weather conditions and the disruption of the national lockdown, have affected normal services. The community responded to this as an opportunity to get involved and lend a hand. Wetlands also provide recreational opportunities for the residents, who take to the outdoors for canoeing, wind surfing, environmental research, photography, and nature appreciation. The oversight provided by the Department in removing Port Jackson is important for sustainability, to ensure that the invasive species does not grow back. A herbicide with blue dye is only applied to thick plant stems that have been cut down. The dye indicates to park visitors that the stem is treated with herbicides, and reminds the team of where they have already worked to avoid reapplication. Cut plants are also disposed of by carefully being layered on site to decompose naturally. The work of the department’s horticulturists is ongoing and critical in monitoring and evaluating how vegetation grows and how these interventions are maintained in the long term.





With a very volatile South African Rand, there is nothing more expensive than a missed investment opportunity. Buying an overseas property is an achievement of a lifetime which can benefit you and future generations to come. If that property is located in The Med, then not only do you have a solid investment which can generate a very decent income, but you have access to a lifestyle that many people can only dream about. Securing permanent residency in another country is very desirable as it allows the bearer of that residency permit the legal right to live indefinitely in that country, despite not being a citizen. A residency permit is a sought-after Plan B because it is effectively an insurance policy to be able to relocate to that country at any time without a visa required; and without having to go through the normal onerous immigration processes and procedures. In Cyprus, an English-speaking, ex-British colony and full member of the EU, owning a property gives you the opportunity to secure permanent residency without you having to live there.

THERE ARE A NUMBER OF TANGIBLE BENEFITS OF HAVING PERMANENT RESIDENCY: - you can live in Cyprus indefinitely; - you are automatically part of Cyprus’ National Health programme; - you can enjoy a cost of living cheaper than South Africa; - you are very close to Europe, so can travel to the mainland very easily and very cheaply. Unlike in many countries, Cyprus has a residency programme to benefit individuals wishing to secure permanent residency without having to invest a specified amount. It is called the SLOW TRACK (Category F) residency programme; and is especially suited to investors with a limited budget. The Ministry of Cyprus allows siblings, non-related and multiple investors to buy a property together on this programme; and still each secure residency in their own right!


This is a unique benefit in Cyprus - as most other countries require that you either live in the country or have a prescribed minimum investment in property.

Protect yourself, your family and your assets from unpredicted events by taking advantage of the opportunity to secure permanent residency in Cyprus. Think of getting residency as guaranteeing your and your family’s future. An astute offshore property investment that works for you in the short, medium and long term is the achievement of a lifetime. Investing in Cyprus’ residency programme not only makes financial sense, but it will tangibly benefit your immediate family. Can you afford not to take advantage of this while the programme is still open? Cypriot Realty is a pioneer in actively and consistently promoting property opportunities primarily in Cyprus. They have successfully been doing this from their Cape Town and Sandton offices since 2008. As a result, the company is recognised and respected as Southern Africa’s authoritative investment specialist for promoting Cyprus as an ideal destination for acquiring permanent residency/citizenship, property investment, immigration/retirement and starting a European-based business.

cy priot ypr iot



Contact us for a confidential meeting to discuss how Cyprus can fit in with your offshore plans – we will assist and guide you every step of the way to realise Your Plan B.






After starting Yuppiechef in a lounge in a middle-class Cape Town suburb, and waiting years for it to take off, the founders Andrew Smith, Shane Dryden, and Paul Galatis have finally hit a massive pay day with Mr Price buying 100% of Yuppiechef. The retailers market cap before the announcement was almost R47 billion, which means it will buy Yuppiechef for roughly R470 million in cash. Currently, wholesale represents 15% of Yuppiechef’s turnover, online retail operation brings 70% of its sales, while turnover from its 7 physical stores represents the remaining 15%. Andrew Smith matriculated from Hilton College in 1998, receiving the school’s highest academic marks in his year and become lead programmer at a Pietermaritzburg-based tech firm. After moving to Cape Town, he became friends with Shane Dryden, and they later started a web development agency.. On the side, they started to sell all kinds of products online – starting with an electrified racquet that killed flies, the first product they ever sold (bought by Smith’s mom). They moved on to sell flags and, eventually, started exploring the idea of selling kitchen tools from a single site. Yuppiechef started in Smith’s lounge in Plumstead in 2006. At first, they only offered 32 products, in the first 4 months made 11 sales (10 of the sales were to friends or family) - after a year they only had 200 customers. They didn’t have any capital to invest in the business, and could only buy stock from money they made selling products. They continued to package all products from Smith’s lounge for a number of years, until they opened a warehouse in Westlake. It took 5 years before they were able to get a salary from Yuppiechef, Financial Mail reported. Shane Dryden also went to school in KwaZulu-Natal, he went on to work at a software group in the UK, before returning to South Africa in 2006. After starting an agency with Smith he suggested that they start to retail kitchen tools.

He came up with the name Yuppiechef and unwittingly, established Yuppiechef’s greatest marketing trick: the hand-written note which accompanies every delivery. Together with a strong emphasis on client service, and word-of-mouth marketing, this proved to be key in its growth over the years. Paul Galatis, a classmate of Smith at Hilton College has a university degree in business science from the University of Cape Town. After graduating, he was chosen to become part of the Democratic Alliance’s Young Leaders Programme, and in 2001, won a South African Music Award for designing the best album cover (Just Jinger’s Strange World CD). In 2004, while with Standard Bank, he lead a project to launch the inaugural season of 20-over cricket in South Africa: the Standard Bank Pro20. He worked with cricket authorities and SuperSport to help draft the rules of the game and was responsible for marketing and branding the event. He then launched his own design and e-commerce agency in the UK, before joining Yuppiechef as a director in 2008 where he was in charge of marketing at the company. These days, Paul is based in Palo Alto, close to San Francisco after founding a new start-up called Names & Faces. His company has received funding from Y Combinator (YC), an American seed money start-up which has launched more than 2,000 companies. Yuppiechef’s management team, Andrew Smith, Shane Dryden, and Paul Galatis founders of Yuppiechef will continue to run the business.

MOBILE BUSINESS HUB TO DRIVE ENTREPRENEURSHIP be connected to the relevant officials and line departments.’); Investing in the City (‘My Business/I want to invest in a new business. What regulatory requirements will I be expected to adhere to?’); Enterprise & Supplier Development (‘I want to do business with the City/Government and don’t know where to start?); Regulatory Compliance (‘I want to do business in Cape Town and don’t know which business processes/registrations to comply with?’); and Other (‘There is an issue not listed above that I need assistance in and I would like to be connected with an official regarding this.’) While direct job creation is not a local government mandate, it is our responsibility to create the right conditions and environment for work opportunities. The Mobile Business Hub will be able to facilitate programmes that promote investment, trade and sector-specific training skills development. It is also a great example of how the City leverages strategic assets for the benefit of our residents. The City of Cape Town’s new mobile business help desk will be taking its services to where businesses need to support the growth and recovery of our vital Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises (SMMEs). The Mobile Business Hub managed by the City’s Enterprise and Investment Department, will visit communities and engage with visitors regarding the following services and questions they may have: Starting and growing a Business (‘I want to start a business or expand my business and need support’); Red Tape (‘I am struggling with a Red Tape issue, which is hampering my business.’); City Projects (‘I am interested in finding out more about specific City projects and would like to

“In a time when it felt like I was all on my own in trying to figure out how to operate, retain my workforce as well as to survive, the fantastic and speedy help I received from the City’s Business Hub showed that I was not on my own and that the City was hard at work to help businesses to survive and thrive. I am immensely happy with and thankful for the support I received,” said the owner of Custom Office, Gary Styles. Custom Office, is a Cape Town based office furniture manufacturer and wholesale supplier. To view a schedule of where the Mobile Business Hub will be and when residents can visit
















Marc Pritzen from Team Qhubeka ASSOS continental team, raced to victory at the South African road race championship that took place in Swellendam on 21 March 2021.

Celebrate the great outdoors in the Western Cape’s most popular sea-side town, Hermanus, this April. Join HI-TEC as they combine with the Walker Bay Outdoor to host a long weekend of mountain biking, trail running, triathlons, open water swims, cliff jumps and the exhilarating HI-TEC Dash4Cash. The weekend is set to become South Africa’s most eagerly anticipated outdoor festival, with the HI-TEC Walker Bay Xtreme combining 6 events for the serious athletes.


Pritzen took the win ahead of Willie Smit (Burgos-BH), with a well-timed attack in the final stretch of the 178km race. It was an impressive all-round team performance, with Nicholas Dlamini claiming the bronze medal for Team Qhubeka ASSOS. Pritzen’s road race title comes after he already claimed the u23 time trial title on Friday. With the elite and U23 categories being combined for the road race, the victory meant the 21-year-old from Benoni will proudly be able to show off the national jersey in all UCI events this year, as he joins Team Qhubeka in Europe for the remainder of the season. “It was a really awesome day today, we had quite a bit of wind, which played a big factor. The race didn’t go as planned, but we are very happy with how it panned out, with me claiming the win and Nicholas Dlamini also finishing on the podium. It was an unreal feeling crossing the finishing line today, and I would just like to thank Team Qhubeka ASSOS for all the support,” Marc said.


Off the trails and out of the ocean, the Walker Bay Festival will provide unique dining experiences, ranging from five-star meals to gourmet street foods. Not to mention showcase the region’s award-winning wines, provide excuses aplenty to sample the burgeoning local craft beer range and celebrate – in a Covid conscious way of course – with a number of South Africa’s most famous sporting icons. There is an activity for everyone at the HI-TEC Walker Bay Outdoor. So be sure to come experience the excitement, for a morning or all weekend, from 23 - 26 April. The action gets underway on Friday evening, 23 April, with the Ledlenser Twilight Run. It is a 7.5-kilometre trot, into the setting sun, from Grotto Beach to the historic Old Harbour. While some of the 200 expected entrants will race to beat the sun, most will take their time; showcasing the twin nature of the HI-TEC Walker Bay Outdoor. Following Friday’s Twilight Run the sporting events continue on Saturday, 24 April with the mountain bike races, trail runs, Sea and Sand Swim Run Jump and the Cliff Path runs. There are various distances in each of the events, barring the Swim Run Jump, and the option to take on the mountain bike event or the trail run as a two-day stage race. On Sunday, 25 April, the mountain biking and trail running events conclude in the morning; before the signature event of the 2021 HI-TEC Walker Bay Outdoor takes place. The, newly created, HI-TEC Dash4Cash will certainly be among the most exciting races on the 2021 South African sports calendar. Monday, 26 April brings the HI-TEC Walker Bay Outdoor to its conclusion with the triathlon and open water swim events. The Sprint and Junior Distance triathlons provide options for the young and young at heart triathletes in the field, while the open water swims offer 5- and 2.5-kilometre routes.

Photo: Marc Pritzen - Photo Credit: Cycling South Africa

Road Race Elite Women Results: Hayley Preen beat prerace favourite Carla Oberholzer to the finish to win the elite road race title. Time Trail Results: Ryan Gibbons (UAE Team Emirates) and Candice Lill ( claimed the men’s and women’s Elite National Time Trial titles.

Multisport athletes can choose to take part in any number of events across the entire HI-TEC Walker Bay Outdoor. There is however the HI-TEC Walker Bay Xtreme which combines the festival’s big 6 events. In order to be in the running for the HI-TEC Dash4Cash athletes will need to enter the Twilight Run, the MTB Adventure (Long), the See and Sand Swim Run Jump, the Trail Adventure, the Triathlon and the Open Water Swim (5km). The places after the Trail Adventure, on Sunday morning, will determine who qualifies for the HI-TEC Dash4Cash. While the overall HI-TEC Walker Bay Xtreme Champions will be crowned on Monday after the Open Water Swim. For more information visit


Fans of the Absa Cape Epic may be familiar with the sea of bright yellow t-shirts belonging to learners of the Anna Foundation, one of the event’s official charities. Year after year, the non-profit organisation which has 16 after school centres serving over 700 school-going children in rural and farm areas, brings small groups of school-goers to the race villages to support their charity team riders and help raise awareness and funds for rural and farm education. This year, in the face of a delayed Absa Cape Epic 2021 (postponed to October 2021) and following a cancelled event in 2020, the Anna Foundation has been proud to show its support and solidarity in a new way; by participating in the Virtual Cape Epic 2021 which took place in March on the online cycle training and racing platform Zwift. This has been a year of many firsts. Not only was this virtual event the first mountain bike stage race to be hosted on Zwift. It was also the first chance for Anna Foundation learners to ride on a smart trainer (a tool used to mount a bicycle that offers resistance, but also has an added benefit of allowing cycling apps like Zwift to control the resistance). It additionally gave learners their first opportunity to take part in an international timed cycling event and ride alongside cyclists from all over the world. Cyclists were selected from two Anna Foundation after school projects at Kanonkop and Neethlingshof Wine Estates, chosen according to their age, skill and fitness levels. Since becoming a partner of the Absa Cape Epic in 2015, cycling has become an important part of Anna Foundation’s weekly sports programme, with learners receiving regular bike skills training at various public community pump tracks in the greater Stellenbosch area. The Absa Cape Epic plays a significant role in raising funds to cover the Foundation’s annual operations budget.






R13 500.00 PER PERSON



R6000.00 DEPOSIT

Group 1: 22kmp and up | Group 2: 18 - 22kmp | Group 3: 14 - 18kmp | e-Bike Group Stage 1: Klein Joostenberg to Worcester • Stage 2: Worcester to Montagu Stage 3: Montagu to Ladismith • Stage 4: Ladismith to Karoowater Calitzdorp Stage 5: Karoowater Calitzdorp to George • Stage 6: George to Knysna

Johan Steyn (JJ) Classic Cycles Cape Town 082 938 9886 • •

APRIL 2021

GET IN TOUCH 021 852 6500






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EXCITING NEW PLANS UNVEILED FOR DECOREX CAPE TOWN Decorex Africa is pleased to announce its dynamic new plans for Decorex Cape Town 2021 and has been agilely re-strategised, with the entire month of June pegged for an unprecedented Design Takeover. Comprising a host of exciting activities geared towards stimulating the industry and bringing South Africa’s Creative Capital to vibrant life! Cape Town is the first city in Africa to be named a UNESCO City of Design and the Mother City can look forward to The Cape Town Design Trail, professional industry talks and networking events, and a variety of innovative online platforms that will contribute to the lifeblood of the city and its design community and benefit its global stature. The Cape Town Design Trail will include product launches, visits to concept stores, staged window displays, private art viewings, meet-and-greet sessions with designers, and exclusive networking functions and trend talks. The new trail gives participants one-on-one access to incredible showrooms and private maker spaces while flying the design banner for the industry and involving the city as a whole. The stimulating event extends over four weekends to help visitors discover exhibitions and installations located at 200 incredible participating sites. In keeping with Decorex Africa’s longstanding and ongoing commitment to bring the design community together, various showrooms will host exclusive networking functions during The Cape Town Design Trail timeframe. These functions are aimed at architects, interior designers, specifiers, hospitality buyers, corporate procurement, landscapers, online retailers, product designers, property developers, building contractors and media. Decorex Africa Online is a series of online resources, programmes and events from a host of Decorex Africa exhibitors and partners. This online offering is designed to virtually connect the design, décor, hospitality and retail community. The Decorex Digital Design Magazine will act as a detailed guide to the upcoming Design Takeover. It will feature a Route Map, guided tour information and design- and trend-focused content. Following Decorex Cape Town’s Design Takeover, and set to go live online in August 2021, is an innovative Trade-only Virtual Experience that will provide exhibitors and members of the trade with a unique online opportunity to engage and conduct 'business as unusual'.

ANNUAL SOUTH AFRICAN CAPE FINE & RARE WINE AUCTION Following a year that has impacted the South African wine industry like no other, the auction will celebrate the outstanding skill and tenacious spirit of the country’s wine makers. The wines selected for the auction represent the rarest and finest South African wines available today, including bottles meticulously preserved since the 1960s, wines produced under South Africa’s pioneering Old Vine Project, and the highest quality wines from the country’s most successful vintages – 2009 and 2015. Some of the rarest wines that will go on sale include Chateau Libertas 1970, Kanonkop Paul Sauer 2009, Le Lude Rosé Agrafé 2012, Nederburg Private Bin Eminence 1999, Uva Mira O.T.V 2015, Vilafonté Series C 2005, and Zonnebloem Cabernet Sauvignon 1970.

South Africa’s most prestigious wine event, the Cape Fine & Rare Wine Auction announced the line-up of outstanding wines that will be auctioned at the annual event on 22 May 2021.

The wines selected for the auction have been painstakingly curated by highlyrespected South African wine insiders. For the first time, collectors from all over the world will be able to attend and bid for wines, as the auction will be presented in a modern, hybrid virtual format. This will allow for live bidding online as well as in person, with in-room bidding taking place in Stellenbosch. Taking up the gavel once again will be lively Christie’s auctioneer Charlie Foley who has long championed the collectability of South African wine. For more information visit

Bring your life Somerset West Shop 6 The Hub, Somerset Triangle 021 8500 514 076 8783 832