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The easing of the latest alcohol ban to beat the spread of Coronavirus coincided to the day with the South African wine industry’s 362nd anniversary. The start date for the local wine industry was recorded on 2nd February 1659 as a diary entry by Jan van Riebeeck, an official of the Dutch East India Company and First Commander of the Cape: ‘Today, praise be to God, wine was made for the first time from Cape grapes.’ Jan van Riebeeck was the first governor of the Cape.


He planted a vineyard in 1655, and on 2 February 1659, the first wine was made from Cape grapes. Vines were then planted at Roschheuvel, now known as Bishopscourt, Wynberg. Following this start, the South African wine industry grew and flourished, to become the second biggest contributor to agricultural exports after citrus, employing 290,000 people. Then the Coronavirus lockdown happened in 2020, and with it the ban on both domestic wine sales and exports. Wine tourism is a major income earner for the wine industry in South Africa, representing as much as half of all sales for many wine farms. Wineries were closed to visitors for nearly five months - they were allowed to open and then again in the latest lockdown banned from selling wine both onsite as well as online. The impact on the wine tourism sector has been massive. Until 2020, some 10 million tourists visited South Africa annually, most of them in the spring and summer when Cape Winelands would receive an influx of northern hemisphere visitors escaping winter back home. Penny Streeter OBE, owner of Benguela Cove Lagoon Wine Estate, says: “Times are tough today for the South African wine industry. But our hard work and investment over many years in creating superb, award-winning wines and a powerful international brand put us in a great position to recover and thrive once again when the lockdowns around the world are lifted. We would just ask all our wonderful supporters, here and in other countries, to please continue to visit wine farms and enjoy South African wine.”



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South African Invention Will Bring More Astronauts Safely Home From Space Pele Collins, a young South African engineer has successfully found a way to safely bring home astronauts and recycle their spacecraft at the same time. Pele Collins spent two years to create a parachute system design which fully qualified for human spaceflight. It culminated this year in the safe return of two NASA astronauts from the International Space Station. Pele was part of the SpaceX team working on Dragon 2, a class of reusable spacecraft.

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“This was the first time astronauts launched from American soil since 2011 and the first return under parachutes (what I specifically work on) since Apollo (more than 50 years ago).”

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stories that are life changing




BUSINESS Page 10 Photo: The Release of Luis, Annie & Olaf - Photo Credit: Jacques Marais

The release included 21 loggerheads (Luis, Annie & 19 hatchlings), 1 hawksbill turtle (Olaf) and 1 green turtle called Roo. These turtles were rescued and have been in the care of the Two Oceans Aquarium Education Foundation for the past year or so, after being rescued on beaches from around the Western Cape.

Most of the turtles that are rescued are loggerhead hatchlings that hatched on the northern beaches of KwaZulu-Natal and then caught the warm Agulhas current down the South African coastline. Once they reach the south coast and the current slows, the turtles can end up in the colder surrounding waters, which can cause the turtles to suffer from cold shock, injury and dehydration. When the turtles become compromised, strong winds and currents expel them on our beaches, between March and July every year. Continue Reading Page 3

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“Seeing them descend slowly under my redesigned parachutes will always be one of the highlights of my life, especially knowing that in the design of these parachutes we encountered a lot of real issues and, in some cases, catastrophic failure,” Pele says.”

“It’s pretty surreal thinking about what I have done and where I have gone in my life because when I was younger, there was absolutely no way I could imagine getting to where I am today. A large part of this was that I applied to things – even when I thought they were clearly far beyond me (a good college in America, a job at SpaceX). To my surprise, I managed to get these in the end, mainly because of a combination of luck (which can definitely roll either way) and the fact that we always tend to underestimate how others see and value our abilities, Pele concluded. Pele believes it is important always to reach higher you think you can achieve.

Exciting, Contemporary Addition


The story of rescue, rehabilitation and release is one that the Two Oceans Aquarium Education Foundation and the NSRI are incredibly proud of. On Thursday, 14 January 2021 they released some of their shelly friends back into the ocean so that they can begin their journey home in warmer waters.

Photo: Pele Collins

“But in overcoming these hurdles, I had to discover some things that made our parachutes quantitatively safer than any other aerospace parachute in history. We have shared this information with the rest of the industry, so all other parachutes of its kind will also be safer as a result.”


After Pele matriculated from St John’s in 2012, he studied at the Ivy League University of Pennsylvania, achieving his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and a Masters in Robotics. After graduating, he moved to Los Angeles to work for Space Explorations Technologies, better known as SpaceX. As a Structures Engineer Pele is responsible for the design, analysis, development, testing, production and integration of the parachute system on the Crew Dragon Space Vehicle. Pele has much to be proud of. Bringing the NASA astronauts safely home was a golden moment in his life.

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To Cape Town’s Skyline An elegant 86-metre glass-clad office tower, 35 Lower Long, has recently been completed which will invigorate Cape Town’s emerging financial and hospitality district. The building, developed by Abland Property Developers and designed by dhk Architects, is characterised by a singular sculpted massing which is transformed via dynamic glazed planes that extend seamlessly over the office and parking levels. The two main corners of the building are chamfered towards the roofline and soar upwards, forming a striking wing-like effect – resulting in a distinctive, non-orthogonal addition to Cape Town’s skyline. The site is located in Roggebaai and was previously occupied by an eight-storey 1980s office building which prior to that was part of the now-demolished Long Street Power Station site. While the peninsula site has three street frontages and the public domain experiences high levels of pedestrian traffic, it previously suffered from extremely limited street activation.


This was compounded by the last remaining portion of the demolished power station (Site B), hostile frontages of both the 80-metre office building to the south and dilapidated office building to the east. A fundamental component of the design concept involved maximising the activation of the street edge with retail to improve the quality and safety of the public realm, as well as to take advantage of the high levels of pedestrian traffic passing the building. The initial brief to remodel and extend the existing 1980s building were discarded due to impractical core design, the limitations of adding floors, the need to replace an outdated façade and challenges with long-term viability. The revised brief, by the co-owners Ellerine Bros and Abland, was to offer a more positive medium- to long-term viability, as well as to enhance Cape Town’s skyline with a decidedly taller, inspirational tower building. However, the challenge was to maximise the quality multi-tenant commercial space while accommodating core components such as lifts and stairs along with structured basement parking - all within a relatively small floor plate.

Notice Articles & Advertisements published in The Newspaper is not necessarily the opinion of The Newspaper, unless so stated.

Fortunately, the client championed environmental sustainability. To achieve a 4-Star GBCSA Design rating, a detailed environmental performance modelling study was undertaken. This required a high-performance double-glazed specification with increased internal cill height raised to desk height - to reduce both solar gain and radiant heat which significantly lowered HVAC requirements. Other environmental considerations included building efficiency, choice of materials, energy-efficient lighting and services, lower parking ratio encouraging the use of public transport, as well as showers and bicycle parking facilities. Overall, 35 Lower Long is a much-needed contemporary addition to Cape Town’s skyline which positively contributes to its surrounding cityscape.




Zirk Botha - Rowing For A Sustainable Future Rowing for a sustainable future Zirk Botha is set to establish a world record as the first person to row the Transatlantic crossing alone, unsupported by any safety craft, and for the fastest row from Cape Town to Rio de Janeiro - a total distance of 7200km or 4000 nautical miles (nm). Botha (59) started his transatlantic crossing on 19 December 2020 rowing for the planet and sustainable development. The extreme South African adventurer and ex-naval officer is days away from finishing his solo transatlantic ocean row. Botha is currently two weeks ahead of schedule and will finish his row in approximately 71 days, depending on the weather. The route was previously completed by duo Wayne Robertson and Braam Malherbe in 92 days in 2017. “I’ve completed 3750nm in 65 days and I have less than 240nm to go. I have been pushed by huge stern seas, which is like riding a wild horse. The sea has been quite rough and the winds have been strong. At least the sea is calmer now, but it’s been really tough and I’m looking forward to the end. While I have had near-perfect weather to facilitate a record-breaking crossing, the weather has been intense, with only two calm days over the whole crossing. The relentless nature of the weather has been mentally draining. I wasn’t prepared for that type of challenge,” said Botha. Botha says he’s looking forward to eating fresh unprocessed food after losing an estimated 10kg and is now struggling to consume enough food to match his energy requirements. As Botha nears the finish at Cabo Frio, outside Rio, Brazilian locals at the Rio de Janeiro Yacht Club in Cabo Frio are preparing for a hero’s welcome. None of Zirk’s South African friends and family can be at the finish as South Africans are currently blocked from entering Brazil due to Covid-19 related travel restrictions. “As a solo rower I am on my own and have to deal with all physical, mental and emotional challenges on my own, without support.”

Photo: Zirk Botha

“I have to navigate myself and there is no one to keep a visual lookout for ships or changes in weather conditions while I am sleeping, so my sleeping time is impaired. When I am not rowing I have to make water, clean the hull and do general maintenance, besides laundry, etc. again impacting on the time I have available to rest or sleep. I am waiting for verification, but I believe this is the longest distance rowed by a SA solo rower,” he said. Sponsored by juwi Renewable Energies, Zirk is rowing in support of sustainable development and promoting renewable energy as a solution to environmental issues and climate change. “During my entire row I have to be 100% self-sustaining. I am totally reliant on solar panels and solar-charged batteries as the source of electricity for my watermaker (desalinator), auto-pilot, safety equipment, radio and satellite communications equipment.”

Great White Shark, Mini Nemo, Fitted With An Acoustic Tag The Dyer Island Conservation Trust (DICT) in Gansbaai is thrilled to announce the successful deployment of an acoustic transmitter onto one of Gansbaai’s most iconic white sharks. The newly re-named “not so Mini” Nemo arrived back in the area on 13 February 2021 and has been catalogued by the crew of Marine Dynamics for the tenth consecutive year.

about attracting bronze whaler sharks to the boat as part of the PhD work of Toby Rogers, a collaborative project with Shark Spotters, Acoustic Tracking Array Platform (ATAP) and Save Our Seas Foundation aiming to quantify the shark species movement ecology and assess their population dynamics in Southern Africa. “The day started very well, with both a male and female bronze whaler successfully tagged by midday. Then, a large black shadow and dorsal fin appeared in the distance, heading straight towards the research boats. Much to everyone’s delight on board, it was the shark we had all hoped to see - Mini Nemo! He arrived and began to slowly circle our vessel, rolling on his side and eyeing out our excited crew while making approaches at the bait. An acoustic tag was attached to his left side, and as we put our hydrophone into the water, we were able to record his tag ID, demonstrating the method to Marine Dynamics Academy intern Maik, from Germany, ” - Alison Towner, Marine Biologist, PhD Candidate. “This incredible shark then proceeded to stay circling the vessels for another two hours – clearly the tag attachment did not faze him at all. At one point a Cape fur seal appeared off the bow and predated on a large octopus, thrashing, and throwing the mollusc around for over ten minutes. We were almost certain the white shark would try to predate on the seal, but to our surprise he showed zero interest! (lucky seal).”

Photo: Mini Nemo - Photo Credit: Kelly Baker / Marine Dynamics

The Dyer Island Conservation Trust first logged this shark as a young 2.5m male and it is simply incredible to see him grow over the years returning as a healthy 4.0m adult. Mini Nemo was named after the Disney character Nemo. Two vessels of Dyer Island Conservation Trust vessels launched early on the morning of 17 February from Kleinbaai harbour, and anchored on the inshore to set

It was a busy field day all round for the Dyer Island Conservation Trust, with their third vessel Lwazi, also out at sea with team Sea Search on board. They were retrieving acoustic loggers (the devices that recently recorded the first ever vocals of a killer whale in SA) and were spoiled to humpback and common dolphin sightings near Dyer Island. Much debate is currently ongoing regarding where white sharks have gone to from Gansbaai and False Bay, but one thing is for certain, the answers lie in the spatial movement data of this species. “We look forward to seeing, where Notso-mini-Nemo goes to from Gansbaai, via the national array of receivers through ATAP.”


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UCT - Only Financial Times

Empowerment Through Entrepreneurship

Ranked MBA School In Africa

Miss Universe South Africa 2020, Natasha Joubert, has launched #DestinyDesigned, a project to empower fashion designers through her own passion for entrepreneurship and design.

The University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business (UCT GSB) is the only business school in Africa to feature in the prestigious Financial Times (FT) rankings for its groundbreaking Executive MBA programme.

Joubert – who will be representing South Africa at the Miss Universe pageant later this year – is a fashion designer who started her own company Natalia Jefferys in 2016. It is an all-female business, which she runs with her mother, and which specialises in couture. #DestinyDesigned is Joubert’s Miss Universe social cause initiative, whereby South African designers were invited to submit more information on their design label and explain how their business has been affected by COVID-19. Ten entrants will be selected to make two garments each and have them modelled by former Miss South Africa title holders and finalists, as well as special guest models, in a virtual fundraiser fashion show that is scheduled to take place on Saturday, April 10. Joubert will also feature Natalia Jefferys’ garments in this spectacular online runway show. Viewers will pay a minimal subscription fee on to watch the show, with all funds donated to the 10 designers. After the show, the designers’ garments will be auctioned off online with the proceeds from each item sold going to the respective designers.

Photo: Natasha Joubert

#DestinyDesigned will also showcase these talented South African designers on a global platform, as viewers from around the world will be able to tune into the show and have the opportunity to purchase a limited-edition custom-designed t-shirt in aid of this project.

Miss Universe delegates from other countries will also be encouraged to participate. The Miss Universe pageant is scheduled to take place in the second half of 2021 but no dates have been confirmed due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Photo: UCT Graduate School of Business Turret Garden

The UCT GSB has retained its position as the number one business school in Africa in the 2020 Executive MBA (EMBA) Financial Times (FT) rankings, which were announced on 26 October 2020. Ranked 56th in the world, the UCT GSB is the only business school on the continent to make the top 100 this year. The UCT GSB MBA attracts senior professionals and executives from a spectrum of sectors and industries. According to Associate Professor Kosheek Sewchurran, the director of the EMBA, the programme is tailored for leaders who want to take their careers to the next level and who already have some experience in the field of business and leadership. The FT rankings are recognised as the most rigorous of the various global rankings of MBA programmes. Strict guidelines include: The programme must be accredited by either the United States’ Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business or the European Foundation for Management Development; it must be cohort-based, with students enrolling and graduating together; and it must have at least 30 graduates each year. The programme must also teach in the medium of English. Schools are assessed in 19 categories measuring career progress of graduates, the diversity of the school and its research and corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities. In 2020 the UCT GSB ranked 11th in the world for CSR and 11th for its percentage of international students. Associate Professor Sewchurran added that the school is managing to strike the right balance by meeting international quality standards on the one hand while also evolving a distinctive programme that is fit for purpose in an African context.

Smart Office Environment Handbook is now available


Many businesses and organisations want to implement sustainability programmes, but often are not sure where to start, or how much they are able to do. The Smart Office Handbook and Toolkit provides a comprehensive and user friendly package that enables businesses, as well as government and non-profit organisations, to implement effective sustainability programmes in the workplace. “We have prioritised the revision of our Smart Office Handbook so that we can advise businesses on the most relevant guidelines for greening their offices and workplaces. Aside from providing practical tips for creating healthier environments, our aim is to provide a guide that could spark ideas among residents on the positive impact sustainable practices will have on their business and the environments in which they operate,” said the City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Spatial Planning and Environment, Alderman Marian Nieuwoudt. Going ‘green’ is no longer a trend. It is the responsibility of every business, big or small, to apply the principles of sustainability, regardless of whether you are working from home or an office. Buildings are a priority area for addressing climate change, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and building city resilience. The new handbook covers eight key topics: the basics of greening your office; energy efficiency; waste reduction; water conservation; eco-procurement; transport; environmental and social impacts; and sustainable development in business and beyond the office, such as green buildings and greener events. Useful supporting resources have also been added to the toolkit, which offer scoping eco-audit sheets; educational posters and reminder decals for around the office.

Menu available at

The City will be running relevant training programmes for staff and the general public on how to implement the sustainability strategies outlined in the handbook. For more information visit





The Kleine Zalze Restaurant opened in October 2020 in the space previously home to Terroir restaurant. Over nearly 16 years of operation Terroir proved hugely successful, but the new tourism landscape and safety concerns and regulations prompted Kleine Zalze to rethink – and reboot – the farm’s food and wine offering. “At the heart of our thinking was to create and offer a holistic Kleine Zalze integrated food and wine experience for the future,” explains Kobus Basson, Managing Director and Owner of Kleine Zalze. “And, of course, across both the new restaurant and wine tasting center we continuously put enormous effort into staff training to ensure strict compliance with all of the latest Covid- 19 hygiene protocols.”

THE CHEF To assist with the reinvention, respected chef Nic van Wyk was brought in to lead and assist the team as culinary consultant. And Van Wyk is certainly no stranger to the estate. “In many ways Kleine Zalze is where everything started for me,” reminisces Van Wyk, who opened Terroir with chef Michael Broughton in 2004. “But over my years of cooking across the winelands I’ve always had a soft spot for Kleine Zalze, so I was thrilled when Kobus asked me to be involved and advise on this new chapter for the estate.” “The food I like to cook is quite timeless,” says Van Wyk. “My approach has always been about being honest, authentic and generous in my cooking. That is what we want to offer at the Kleine Zalze Restaurant. Not necessarily fine dining but certainly top-quality delicious food.”

THE MENU The menu at the Kleine Zalze Restaurant changes regularly and offers a compact selection of plats du jour; a collection of delicious dishes inspired by classic cuisine. This could mean a bowl of plump West Coast mussels, steamed in white wine and served with crisp baguettes freshly baked in- house. Perhaps beef fillet with a classic béarnaise or given a lift with truffle- infused jus. Triple-cooked chips come standard, of course. On another day, look out for fresh line fish from local suppliers, served with simple lemon butter sauce. Interesting, delectable dessert are always on offer. “For the plats du jour the focus is on timeless, classic dishes - their flavours never go out of fashion,” says Van Wyk. Alongside the plats du jour Van Wyk also created a small selection of tapas plates, perfectly pitched for a lighter meal at the restaurant or to complement a wine tasting. “These tapas plates are a chance for the chefs to get a little more creative, a bit more playful in contrast to the straightforward plats du jour,” adds van Wyk. The new culinary approach is also designed to ensure seamless integration of the food and wine experience on the estate.

WINE TASTING The wine tasting center introduced a new selection of tasting options to showcase the wines of the estate. Guests can now enjoy a Cap Classique tasting, a tasting of the wines from the Cellar Selection range or a tasting of the award-winning Vineyard Selection range. For the first time guests can enjoy sampling the full range of exclusive Family Reserve wines. There is also a summer offering where a selection from the different ranges can be tasted. Kleine Zalze Wines and Restaurant are situated on Strand Road (R44), Stellenbosch, South Africa. For reservation call us on 021 880 8167 or send an e-mail to +27 (21) 880 8167




PROMOTING SKIN HEALTH AND REJUVENATION SINCE 2004 Lasermed is the initiative of a group of dermatologists to provide a personally tailored service to solve skin problems in both men and women. Lasermed has positioned itself as a leader in laser technology and is a first port of call for the treatment of fine lines and wrinkles, deep scarring, acne, warts, sun damage, pigmentation, age spots and visible broken vessels. Lasermed offers two different lasers to remove hair, enabling the safe and effective treatment of all skin types. A Q-Switched laser offers excellent results to remove tattoos. For skin rejuvenation and treatment of acne scarring Fraxel an fractional CO2 lasers are available. To treat vascular problems or sun damage a V-Beam laser or IPL will be used. If skin tightening is your main concern, we offer the Utims laser which is ideal to tighten jawline, chin and neckline. Qualified laser operators and skin therapists work under supervision and expertise of dermatologists. Certain laser procedures and wrinkle-reducing injections are performed by doctors only. Other treatments for rejuvenation and skin conditions are peels, advanced Dermapen 4 and microdermabrasion. Lasermed offer free consultations with a therapist or dermatologist on site at dermatologist’s .

SA NURSES VICTOR SONG – THE #WEWILLRISE DANCE COMPETITION The Nurses of South Africa have a VICTORY SONG to boost morale and infuse courage as they serve tirelessly on the Covid Frontline. The awardwinning Ndlovu Youth Choir from rural Limpopo, dedicated a beautiful song – “We Will Rise” - to all the exceptional nurses of our nation. The words: “Be strong, be brave, keep the faith, after the darkness comes the light, together WE WILL RISE!” have certainly struck a beautiful chord motivating one and all. “Music and dance brings joy and builds team spirit” says Sr. Teresa Basson, the Director of The Exceptional Nurse Campaign - TEN Campaign. “We wanted to give our hospital heroes something to take their minds off the stress and strain of the challenges at work.” We partnered with the Ndlovu Youth Choir to launch the #WeWillRise Dance Competition for Hospital Heroes and invited all to enter. Healthcare workers got together after shifts, practiced the dance, took videos and entered from all over South Africa, even as far as Shongwe Hospital near the Zimbabwe/ South African border. Joy and hope began to rise as hospital staff started singing and dancing to this vibrant, inspirational song. The Crazy Store, Food Lovers Market, Run/ Walk for Life and Bramley Cosmetics joined in the excitement by sponsoring fabulous prizes for the 3 top teams. After careful audition and dance video assessments, our panel of judges chose the following hospitals as the winners: First place: Jubilee District Hospital, Themba Rural, Gauteng. Second place: Worcester Provincial Hospital, Western Cape. Third place: New Somerset Hospital, Greenpoint, Cape Town.

Photo's Top Left: Jubilee District Hospital, Photo Bottom: New Somerset Hospital, Photo Right : Worcester Provincial Hospital

You may view these wonderful videos on The Exceptional Nurse Facebook page, under videos. On behalf of The Exceptional Nurse Campaign, the Ndlovu Youth Choir and the grateful citizens of South Africa, we want to thank our courageous nurses and healthcare workers for their selfless dedication to the sick and suffering. THANK YOU! YOU ARE OUR HEROES!! At the same time, we want to CONGRATULATE the winners of the #WeWillRise Dance Competition! WELL, WELL DONE EVERYONE!!! After the darkness comes the light…..we will rise South Africa, WE WILL RISE!! Article by Sr. Teresa Basson - Director of The Exceptional Nurse Campaign







Experience the wonderful


South Africa welcomes

world of chocolate with Winston & Julia

new hospitality and service management school

“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt,” - Charles M. Schulz. Acclaimed South African artisanal chocolate company Winston & Julia recently launched its very own outlet at Agri-Park in Stellenbosch. Says owner Nini Jerman: “It’s a really beautiful setting based in an old farm house, which faces the Eerste Rivier.”

In response to the growing market demand, paired with a rapid global shift to a service-focused and experience economy, The Independent Institute of Education (The IIE), Africa’s leading provider of private higher education, has launched The IIE School of Hospitality and Service Management.

In addition to the shop – which sells an array of Winston & Julia chocolates and chocolate products, the space also incorporates a chocolate workshop in which visitors can experience relaxed, fun-filled classes where they can create their own chocolate treats. Says Nini: “We kick off the chocolate workshop by getting everyone to sample raw cocoa nibs as well try the different kinds of chocolate from smooth milk chocolate to luxuriously rich, dark chocolate. “After a quick demo, everyone then gets the opportunity to play with thick melted chocolate and get creative with different moulds as well as various toppings to decorate their own chocolate treats. This is followed by a chocolate fondue around which visitors can indulge in weird and wonderful pairings such as chocolate and fruit, chocolate and nuts or even chocolate and biltong!”

The school, with campuses in Rosebank (Johannesburg) and Stellenbosch, will serve as a centre of service education excellence, representing the embodiment of a new gold standard in industry-aligned service and hospitality-focused qualifications, each underpinned by a strong commercial learning foundation. Says the school’s MD Renee Hill: “The IIE qualifications offered at the school will serve to equip future graduates with both the requisite commercial and operational acumen necessary to successfully navigate the private and public sectors.” “In addition, the school will afford students the opportunity to participate in an immersive service and/or hospitality-centric academic programme that delivers a rich experiential and applied learning pathway.” “Through the school, The IIE seeks to specifically address the rapidly expanding need for service, hospitality and customer-centric education, spanning entry-level through to management level qualifications and signals a commitment to remodelling, reconceptualising and reimagining the provision of service-centred, industry-aligned professional qualifications.”

Those with a more discerning palate can also indulge in a fresh truffle making workshop and learn how to make tasty fresh cream truffles, piping, cutting and decorating a variety of chocolate truffles. Once sated, guests get to take home their chocolate creations to show off and share with friends and family. For more information visit

Drawing on considerable experience as both educationalists and education sector thought leaders, combined with a commitment to good governance as well as a dedication to delivering relevance and excellence in teaching and learning, the school commenced with its inaugural intake in February 2021. Courses offered include the IIE Higher Certificate in Hospitality Management, and the IIE Bachelor of Hospitality Management. For more information visit

Mandrè Campher On his way to the top

Find the freshest from the sea

So where and when did his love for food and cooking begin? “When my parents started Hagar’s Choice, my three sisters and I pitched in to help, and I very soon realised there was an opportunity to take up the responsibility of preparing meals for everyone. That soon developed into an appreciation for good food that not only looked great but was nutritious too.” After graduating from high school, Campher - who hails from Bellville in Cape Town - chose Capsicum as his culinary school of choice because “I found it to not only be affordable, but also sophisticated in that they offer the option of an international City and Guilds qualification.” Campher’s Reaching for Young Stars highly praised dishes was a starter called Six Mushroom Delights. “I was fortunate enough to win some fantastic prizes, including some amazing kitchen equipment, utensils and a food carving set.”

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021 852 8012

When Mandrè Campher was thirteen years old, his parents started a non-profit organisation (NPO) known as Hagar’s Choice. Its aim - to provide a safe haven for children at risk and babies awaiting adoption and a place where their immediate needs can be met. Seven years later Hagar’s Choice is still going strong and the 20-year old Campher is making a name for himself, having been placed in the top three Best Young Chef of 2020 category at the One&Only Reaching for Young Stars awards recently held in Cape Town.

Eat in or take out

Photo: Mandrè Campher

“The prize also included an overseas placement position at Winslow’s Tavern in Massachusetts in the US but, due to the Covid-19 travel restrictions, it was cancelled,” he says “I was devastated as it was something I was really looking forward to, but I have since received funding to continue studying and I am aiming to achieve merit awards for the patisserie course at Capsicum.” Proving his worth as one to watch, Campher was also a finalist in the reality series Sjef Huis which was broadcast on VIA on DStv last year. Presented by Bertus Basson and Crystal-Donna Roberts, the show saw talented young chefs competing for R50 000 and the chance to work in one of South Africa’s top restaurant kitchens under the mentorship of Basson. Even though he didn’t win, it afforded him invaluable experience and the confidence to work harder and get better and it seems to have paid off as since then he has had the opportunity to work as a private chef. “After I’m done with my studies, and once the restrictions around this pandemic eases, I would like to travel to as many places as possible to experience the preparation and delivery of different food in different countries,” he says.





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5. It only takes 8 – 10 weeks for the residency permits to be processed and approved.

We are a proudly South African company, having an impressive 13-year track record of assisting many people in finding their perfect home, assisting in facilitating the permanent residency application process and also in the physical relocation to Cyprus.

6. No need to stay/live in Cyprus: except to visit the country 1 day every 2 years - so you can continue to live & work in South Africa while retaining your EU residency status. 7. No minimum annual tax levied for your residency permit to remain valid; and Cyprus’ personal & corporate tax rates are the lowest in Europe. 8. No inheritance tax: this is highly advantageous for legacy planning. 9. The annual property-ownership costs (council taxes, levies, rates etc.) are one of the cheapest in Europe. With many countries offering seemingly attractive residency benefits, the choice of where to invest can be daunting. The complexities of understanding the multitude of legal and tax implications coupled with language & cultural issues sometimes makes even thinking about a “Plan B” a non-starter.

cy priot ypr iot



Contact us for a confidential meeting to discuss how Cyprus can fit in with your offshore plans – we will assist and guide you every step of the way to realise Your Plan B. Contact Jenny Ellinas Founder & Managing Director Tel : +27 83 448 8734 Email: Visit:




EDUCATE YOURSELF TO SPOT GET RICH QUICK SCHEMES Increasing financial pressure and economic hardship have left many of us wondering how we’re going to make ends meet. Unfortunately, this also tends to put us at greater risk of falling prey to financial predators. This is according to Danian du Plessis, Regional General Manager at Momentum, based in Cape town. “Scammers feed on current and pressing needs during times of economic hardship, claiming high returns, offering guarantees when there are higher levels of uncertainty and volatility, or promising too-good-to-be-true tax-efficient investments to attract investors,” he says. Using social engineering tactics, scammers draw would-be investors into schemes by appealing to their sense of trust or hope. “The most common investment scams are ponzi or pyramid schemes. Fraudsters infiltrate a community using a trusted financial adviser – who themselves have been lured in by the exuberant commission structures - to win over potential investors.”

“As the adage goes, if it’s too good to be true, it probably is,” says Danian. “The risk with investment schemes of this nature is that they cannot deliver on their promise of high returns.” Danian adds that “in most cases the money you ‘invest’ is used to generate returns for earlier investors, depending on your ranking in the scheme. Once the number of existing members outweighs the number of new members joining the scheme collapses, and all the money is lost.” Lack of transparency - Ensure that you have all the details in writing and that there is paperwork you can refer to. Find out how the investment actually generates returns. Terminology and time pressure - If you hear or see the words ‘act now’, warning bells should start to ring. You need to do your research and exercise due diligence with any investment – and any financial adviser worthy of the title will encourage you to do this. You cannot make a fully informed decision in a matter of minutes or even hours, and if you are pressed to respond immediately, rather do not opt in,” says Danian. Third party payments - Danian highlights that no reputable investment house will ever ask you to make a payment to a third party without explicit reference to the investor as the beneficial owner. He/she explains that if the investment product is not registered or offered by an authorised financial services provider, you can assume that it is not a trustworthy or genuine investment opportunity. “As a potential investor, the onus lies on you to do your homework. Request a reference, ask for a second opinion, and don’t ever feel that someone is rushing you to reach a decision”, says Danian. “When in doubt, consult a financial adviser from an accredited financial services provider.”

WHY RENTERS SHOULD BUY A HOME NOW If you rent a home but dream of owning your own, now is the ideal time to make the switch to becoming a homeowner. Many people who rent don’t realise they could actually qualify for a home loan. The current favourable lending environment is ideal for first-home buyers - read on to see why that could be you. It’s cheaper to buy than to rent a home in 2021 - The prime lending rate - which affects how much you repay on your monthly bond instalments - dropped five times in a row last year, to a record 7% - the lowest it’s been in 55 years. This historic low means it’s now cheaper to buy a property than it is to rent one of the same value, says Carl Coetzee, CEO of BetterBond, SA’s largest bond origination company. “The average monthly rental on a R1 million property is about R7 800. At a prime lending rate of 7%, the monthly bond repayment on the same property would be comparatively less at R7 753.” Of course, there are additional costs associated with owning a house, but there is also the benefit of having a fixed asset instead of paying off someone else’s bond each month. You can afford 30% more now than you could in January last year - Buyers can afford up to 30% more than if they had applied for a bond a year ago. The resultant aspirational purchasing has meant buyers can afford a home in a better street or suburb, or perhaps one with more bedrooms or a bigger garden. For firsthome buyers, the average approved bond amount increased by almost 10%, while the average deposit dropped by 13.5%. You’ll be in good company - Home ownership is a path to greater wealth, something that the many people flocking to make the most of the favourable lending environment understand. “When lockdown restrictions first eased in June 2020, we saw a massive spike in bond applications, specifically from first-home buyers,” said BetterBond CEO, Carl Coetzee. “Initially we thought it was just pent-up demand, but the sustained bond activity shows that the lower interest rate was driving the robust recovery.” It’s a buyer’s market - Property prices were already dropping before the start of the pandemic last year, and there is now an oversupply of stock. This means that the demand for homes is lower than supply and serious sellers need to ensure that properties are priced appropriately if they don’t want them to sit on the market.

Buyers have more financial room to shop around, thanks to the lower prime lending rate, and they are able to apply for a bond on a home that may not have been able to afford at the beginning of 2020. A favourable outlook - Interest rates will remain in the single digits - and probably below 8% - throughout 2021, says Coetzee. The South African Reserve Bank has indicated that there will be no repo cuts in the short term, and potentially two increases of only 25 basis points in the third quarter of this year.

You can get an even lower interest rate - “Buying a new home is one of the most important and significant purchases a person will make. So, it’s important to start the home-buying process with a realistic understanding of the amount needed to secure the required bond. Buying a home for the first time can be stressful, and having a bond agent helping you is one of the most powerful tools you will use in your search and your ultimate acquisition of a home. It gives many first-home – and other – potential homeowners enormous peace of mind,” concludes Coetzee.

“We are committed to the grind. Every good barista will tell you that the grind of your beans is the most important part. Thus we are committed to grinding the beans to perfection to produce the best espresso possible.“


Shop 7 The Hub, Urtel Cres Somerset Mall, Somerset West Call 072 454 3248

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Simply Bee proudly brings you wholesome natural products as intended by Mother Nature. All our products are lovingly made by hand using only the best 100% beeswax, West Coast-fynbos honey, propolis and essential oils. Our products do not contain any parabens, petroleum compounds, synthetic fragrances or harmful chemicals. Simply Bee products are environmentally friendly and not tested on animals.

Showroom and Observation Centre 31A Church Street, Hopefield, 7355 Tel: 022-723 0569 | Email:






Penny Streeter OBE, says: “There is huge pent-up demand overseas - with people trapped at home in Europe and elsewhere during lockdown, desperate for some South African sun and a wine tour experience.” “The Bank of England chief economist recently said that Britain is a ‘coiled spring’ and he predicts a spending boom when Covid-19 restrictions are lifted with some 5,000 billion Rand saved during lockdowns and available to spend on goods and entertainment, including tourism. It is a similar position in Germany and other European countries. Western Cape can benefit from this, with tourism returning and new inward investment.” Property in the Western Cape has already experienced a surge in interest as people from all over the world reevaluate their work-life balance and choose to work from home,” she says. “Waterfront developments such as Benguela Cove will flourish, set in an idyllic location on the shores of the lagoon. It is the perfect place to become a homeowner in Hermanus, in the Western Cape. A gated and secure community combined with flawless architecture, awe-inspiring design and breathtaking landscapes.” “The estate offers waterfront views from every property, a protected nature reserve within an Unesco Kogelberg World Heritage site, 200 species of birds and wildlife, 70 hectares of vineyard, 10 hectares of olive groves, a working winery, swimming pool, tennis court, running and cycle track, clubhouse and jetty - as well as the adjoining Moody Lagoon Restaurant. Close by too there is the 18 hole championship golf course and luxury spa at Arabella Country Estate.” “Benguela Cove is over 60% sold, and you can buy residences directly from the developer, with interest-free finance and a free annual allocation of wine for all homeowners.” For more information visit

PLANT SAFARIS – THE MYSTERY & MAGIC OF THE PLANT KINGDOM The magic of the plant kingdom bursts into full technicolour life with the start of an all-new 8 x 24-minute South African series - Leon Kluge Plant Safaris - on PPLWX - People°sWeather (DStv-Ch 180) and Openview (DStv-Ch 115), from Monday, March 1 at 18:00. With the passion of an investigative detective determined to gather all the clues and answers, Leon Kluge, an award-winning landscape artist, designer and plantlover, takes us into the mysterious world of some uniquely South African plant species and the unbelievably clever tricks they have devised over the years, to survive.

Meet a rare plant that farms insects and the plant that provides us with the key ingredient for the Cape’s famous waterblommetjie bredie. Meet plants that are pollinated by rodents at night, learn why the globally famous Pin-cushion Protea is a vital link in the Cape wildlife ecosystem and discover much, much more in this fascinating show. Says Stephan Le Roux, CEO of PPLWX - People°sWeather: “We love Leon’s charm in this series; his unbridled enthusiasm and knowledge of plants draws us in leaving us eager to know more.”

In this first eight-part series, the world’s smallest but richest floral biome, “fynbos”, is exquisitely and meticulously explored by Kluge. Who would have thought that so much richness and colour lies in these seas of small-leafed plants of the Western Cape? “Our safari team goes in search for the most interesting plants in these various fynbos landscapes,” explains Kluge. “As experienced horticulturists and botanists, we are constantly surprised at what we discover. There is always something fascinating and new each time we foray into these ancient landscapes, and there is no doubt that we reveal some mindboggling plants in every episode.” “We also look into the various intriguing relationships these plants have with animals and humans, and the interesting folklore attached to certain species.” Highlighting the unique gift that “fynbos’ has given the world, Kluge opens our eyes to the fynbos in and around the forests, wetlands, mountains, waterfalls, rocks, beaches, deserts, and also in cities in the Western Cape. Expect to learn so much more about the beautiful and highly unusual flowers and plants we often take for granted. Pretty and ugly, tiny and huge, colourful and dull, simply ordinary and just plain weird.

Photo: Leon Kluge

“Sometimes in our pursuit for the big game and adrenaline-filled adventures, we miss what underpins our entire eco-system – the plants.” For more information visit

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COUCH CONCERTS FORGES A PATH BACK TO LIVE Couch Concerts is an online platform broadcasting pre-recorded and livestreamed musical performances. Born out of the desire to showcase local talent (and support local musicians during lockdown), the project, spearheaded by Jarryd and Jessica West, has successfully hosted 16 concerts and 40 musicians since its inception in August 2020. In February 2021, Couch Concerts partnered with Cassia Restaurant (Nitida Wine Farm) in order to host live music performances once more. There are two primary goals: to provide musicians with a performance space (both physically and online) and restaurant goers with access to varied, high-quality entertainment every week. This will also be made available online via Quicket in order to minimise the impact of lockdown regulations, which impose strict limitations on the number of audience members allowed. COVID-19 has changed the way we do things, not least of all how we consume media and entertainment. Thanks to the age of technology and all things webrelated, people from all over South Africa, and even the world, can now enjoy performances based in Cape Town. In this way, audiences can continue to support the Arts and her Artists without any physical boundaries.

Photo L - R: Robert Jeffery, Amy Campbell, Graham Strickland and Jarryd West

If you’d like to attend one of these concerts, or watch an online broadcast, you can follow Couch Concerts on Facebook and Instagram (@couchconcertssa). All tickets are available via Quicket, and all bookings for live events are to be done via Cassia Restaurant (021 976 0640). For more information visit

COVID-FRIENDLY MOVIE MAGIC AT THE GALILEO The Galileo is synonymous with summertime happiness in the Mother City, bringing movie magic to majestic venues, paired with delicious food and impeccable views.

Due to Covid and government regulations, their beloved Picnic screenings have been suspended until further notice, but fear not, The Galileo has safe and fun alternatives for you to still enjoy a unique movie experience. The Galileo Royale is the brand-new spin-off to the popular Galileo screenings and takes place every Wednesday until the end of April. Lap up luxury and the royal treatment with a one-hour live music performance, movie under the stars, backrest, blanket, welcome drink, appetiser and popcorn – all included in your ticket price. This intimate affair will only cater for a limited number of movie-goers so pre-booking is essential.

AFRICA TRAVEL WEEK 2021 Africa Travel Week (ATW) has unveiled an audacious plan for its 2021 suite of shows, which includes several value-add opportunities, in addition to WTM Africa, which will run as a 100% virtual exhibition from 7-9 April 2021. “The plan for WTM Africa has always been about offering value beyond the show floor. This year, we’re focussing heavily on that, with a robust plan that offers significant ROI across 365 days, instead of three,” says Megan Oberholzer, Portfolio Director: Travel, Tourism and Creative Industries at Reed Exhibitions Africa. In addition to the virtual show in April, which consists of 1-to-1 meetings, content sessions and speed networking, ATW has lined up a collection of additional events throughout the year, which include: Educational content webinars from May to August, a series of virtual masterclasses from September to November, and a Destination training sessions for Hosted Buyers. Africa Travel Week: Connect in the City Live from 1-3 September will include on-site experiences in the official Host City of Cape Town. The three-day Africa Travel Week Live will coincide with Tourism Month, and will comprise: Familiarisation tours.; A dedicated travel and tourism conference with a top-notch speaker programme of industry thought leaders and experts; Destination training sessions for Hosted Buyers; Speed networking sessions where buyers are split according to region and product interests; A networking evening for attendees to meet and reconnect with industry friends and peers face-to-face and The African Travel & Tourism Awards, honouring industry pioneers.

The spectacular string of venues includes The Cellars-Hohenort Hotel, Suikerbossie, Casa Labia and Radisson Blu Hotel Waterfront. If you were a fan of their Picnic screenings then this will certainly be your new go-to. The Galileo Drive In continues each week from Friday to Sunday with a range of blockbuster hits and family favourites. Park backwards and cuddle up with your loved ones and pillows and blankets in the boot. Pre-order a selection of goodies with your tickets or bring along your favourite snacks for a nostalgic night out. This retro movie experience takes place across the southern & northern suburbs and will be available throughout winter as well. For more information visit

FAB BRIDAL EXPO 2021 FAB, the Western Cape’s longest standing, most renowned, most reliable and glamorous bridal show, is happening every year at the beautiful and upmarket Venue D’Aria in Durbanville. FAB Bridal Expo offer those who are planning their wedding (or even a special or corporate event, or birthday party) access to everything they need for their special day. FAB brings together service providers and products from across the Cape all under one roof and puts visitors in touch with the various experts they need in order to plan their wedding or host a successful event. Attending the expo ultimately saves money, time and possible frustration as visitors will be able to gather advice and inspiration to cover almost every aspect of their planning. Where else can you pick a venue, book your honeymoon, meet a dress designer and discuss designs for your event stationery all in one location? Even those in need of a special garment or unique piece of jewellery will benefit.

Photo: WTM Africa 2019 - Photo Credit: WTM Africa

The blended format of WTM Africa throughout 2021 will also apply to its suite of sister shows including International Luxury Market Africa (ILTMA), International Business Tourism Market Africa (IBTMA), The Sports & Tourism Exchange (SETE), Africa Tourism Investment Summit (ATIS), Travel Forward and EQUAL Africa. Attendees and industry professionals may remain connected and informed throughout 2021 via, ATW’s dedicated resource hub jam-packed with free digital tools, industry news and updates.

Highly experienced and creative experts in their different fields will be available over the two-day period to answer questions, assist with queries, or to be of general assistance to visitors. Not only will visitors be able to see a wide selection of static displays of stunning gowns by most of Cape Town’s well known and up-and-coming designers, but FABgoers will also get the opportunity to see and experience different designs on the ramp during the three daily fashion shows from 13 - 14 March 2021. For more information visit









R13 500.00 PER PERSON



R6000.00 DEPOSIT

Group 1: 22kmp and up | Group 2: 18 - 22kmp | Group 3: 14 - 18kmp | e-Bike Group Stage 1: Klein Joostenberg to Worcester • Stage 2: Worcester to Montagu Stage 3: Montagu to Ladismith • Stage 4: Ladismith to Karoowater Calitzdorp Stage 5: Karoowater Calitzdorp to George • Stage 6: George to Knysna

Johan Steyn (JJ) Classic Cycles Cape Town 082 938 9886 • •




A GOOD TIME TO START A NEW BUSINESS VENTURE Considering that South Africa won’t see the full roll-out of a COVID-19 vaccine until later this year, and is still reeling from the first and second COVID-19 wave, one might assume that now is not an opportune time to consider starting a new business venture. However, the opposite may in fact be true, if history is anything to go by - according to Rene Botha, Stellenbosch Area Manager for Business Partners Limited. “In fact, past recessions have served as a launch pad for some of the world’s most successful businesses,” says Botha. “Among these have been General Electric, launched by Thomas Edison right as America was heading into the Panic of 1893; and Disney, which was incorporated by Walt and Roy Disney at the onset of the Great Depression in 1929. Who’s to say that South Africa’s next major business success story won’t follow suit?” Botha outlines some of the lesser-known incentives for starting a business amidst a recession for SMEs and aspiring entrepreneurs. You’ll face less competition When the economy is down, people are generally more cautious with their money, which means they are less likely to jump into a new business venture. The silver lining is that there is less competition for those who do take the plunge. Start-up costs will be lower

What have you got to lose?

They may benefit from lower start-up costs, points out Botha. “Weak economic growth generally means that things cost less - from overheads such as office space, to once-off purchases like machinery and furniture,” she says. “Plus, vendors are more likely to discount prices to move stock quicker in a tough economy.” Borrowing has never been cheaper As the South African Reserve Bank’s Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) has kept the repo rate unchanged at 3.5%, borrowing rates continue to be at an all-time low - another perk to starting a business during a recession. “So, if you need to raise finance for a new venture, now would be the cheapest time to do it,” advises Botha. You’ll have your pick of quality employees SA’s unemployment rate, which was already looking dire, was only worsened by COVID-19 – and saw it rise to a staggering 30.8% in the third quarter. This has in turn left many highly skilled people without a job, and on the lookout for the next opportunity. “Make the most of talented employees who can be found and secured far easier now than during an economic boom. Highly-skilled employees usually prove critical to a start-up’s success.”

A lack of employment opportunities or dwindling job stability may also spur wouldbe entrepreneurs to take the leap and provide the much-needed drive required to make a business a success, where once the associated risks might have seemed overwhelming. Following a recession, there’s only one way to go… “The good news is, when a crisis precedes a recession, we have seen that as soon as the threat lifts and life begins to return to normal, there’s usually a spike in consumer spending,” says Botha. She recommends preparing for slow trade initially but priming the business for when things improve (such as reliable supply chain and digital readiness), so that it can accommodate a boom. Botha concludes: “There’s no doubt that times are tough right now, but if history has taught us anything, it’s that with any period of significant change and challenge, comes great opportunity. And who better to take advantage of this great opportunity than budding entrepreneurs?” Just make sure to do your homework and due diligence to ensure there is demand for your offering and follow all appropriate steps - such as a well-researched business plan and operating with valid appropriate licenses, where applicable - she adds.




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CYCLE IN MARCH WITH THE CAPE TOWN CYCLE TOUR There is absolutely no need for FOMO – why not join the Cape Town Cycle Tour to celebrate the traditional cycling month of March by entering the official Virtual Cape Town Cycle Tour, presented by Powerade and Wesgro, or the Cape Town Cycle Tour 109-for-109 Charity Challenge. Organisers of the Cape Town Cycle Tour announced, on 4 February, that despite the postponement of the March 2021 event, due to Covid restrictions, organisers would be offering two new initiatives - the Virtual Cape Town Cycle Tour via the online platform FulGaz Virtual Cycling, and the Cape Town Cycle Tour 109-for-109 Charity Challenge. Both events will focus around the traditional 109km of the Cape Town Cycle Tour and registered riders stand to win thousands of Rands in prizes from Garmin, Tacx, Powerade, Thule and Oakley, while also receiving acknowledgement for their efforts with a virtual medal and virtual certificate of completion and a listing on the event website. To be part of the action use the hashtag #cycletour109 on all your social media posts to stand a chance of winning weekly prizes. The Cape Town Cycle Tour 109-for-109 Charity Challenge To take part simply enter online at and ride 109km or more during the month of March anywhere anytime. We will use Strava to verify all qualifying rides completed. Each participant will get a virtual medal on completion of the challenge, while also and perhaps most importantly, helping raise funds for the Cape Town Cycle Tour Trust. You can get creative and set up fun ways to complete the distance. Like the most elevation in 109km, anyone? Or the greatest number of 109km rides in the month of March? Or simply set yourself the goal of riding the race distance. The official Virtual Cape Town Cycle Tour The Virtual Cape Town Cycle Tour, will utilize the FulGaz Virtual Cycling platform, and will take place between 8 - 14 March. The race will be divided into three stages to make up the traditional 109km route. Filmed on the actual route from a bicycle it is the ideal way to experience the beauty of the Cape Peninsula from the comfort of your own home!

Photo: Cape Town Cycle Tour - Photo Credit: Karin Schermbrucker

“While the pandemic continues to affect the lives of so many, we believe that staying healthy, having a goal and challenging yourself safely is more critical than ever,” said Cape Town Cycle Tour director, David Bellairs. “Both our Virtual event and the Charity Challenge offer an opportunity to stay motivated while also raising money for the Cape Town Cycle Tour Trust. It’s time to pay it forward!” For more information visit

ORIGIN OF TRAILS BACKS THE STELLENBOSCH TRAIL FUND The Stellenbosch Trail Fund (STF) is the proud beneficiary of two iconic Stellenbosch based off-road events, the Savanna Origin of Trails MTB Experience and the Savanna Origin of Trails Trail Run Experience that will shake up the City of Oaks on Saturday, 24 and Sunday, 25 April 2021.

A registered non-profit organisation (NPO), STF is entirely funded by donations from local trail users and corporate sponsors. Since 2011 STF’s aim has been to create, improve and maintain - hiking, biking and running trails in and around the greater Stellenbosch. “Stellenbosch truly is a mountain biker and trail runner’s dream destination,” says Michael Meyer, Managing Director of Stillwater Sports. “Stellenbosch boasts a myriad of world class trails. Whether mountain biking or trail running, we really are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a route to enjoy. This is largely thanks to the fantastic role fulfilled by STF. We have been proud supporters since the event’s inception in 2013, and we are even prouder to continue our support in 2021.” “STF truly values the support that we receive from Stillwater Sports and the Savanna Origin of Trails MTB and Trail Run Experience,” says Richard de Villiers, STF Founding Director. “Our trails are permit-free, which enables all to enjoy our trails free of charge. We are therefore entirely dependent on donations from the public to fund our trail-building and trail-maintenance teams and program.”

Photo: Origin of Trails MTB Experience - Photo Credit: Tobias Ginsberg

“The past year has reminded us just how privileged we are to have such fantastic events and trails on our doorstep,” continues de Villiers. “Our STF team (of six members) makes daily trips to maintain and upgrade the STF trail network. Due to COVID, we have not been able to have our full team working. Funding is scarce as money is tight. The funds received from the Savanna Origin of Trails MTB and Trail Run Experience will really make a difference. We cannot wait to be part of the event in April.”