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Photo: Beyond Expedition Series - Photo Credit: Jacques Marais

The fourth adventure in the Beyond Expeditions Series, Beyond Bicornis, (a four-country journey with a focus on Rhino Conservation in southern Africa) was originally scheduled for September 2020, but had to be shelved due to Covid-19 and the ban on any cross-border travel. However, the Beyond Expeditions team did not want to lose the essence of the Beyond Expeditions journey into the most remote corners of the African continent to showcase the most incredible landscapes, cultures and experiences offered by Mother Africa - the team wanted to continue doing this, while simultaneously assisting those in need. “We have therefore decided to completely re-imagine our 2020 expedition by changing the name to ‘Beyond Lockdown’. Firstly, we wanted to symbolise that there will be an eventual end to all the mental dissonance and financial hardship, and secondly, we felt we had to find ways of helping those who have been hardest hit by the lockdown,” says Jacques Marais, Expedition Coordinator and Photojournalist.

Jacques Marais will be accompanied by Peter Van Kets: Chief Adventurer and Expedition Spokesperson, Peter Kirk: Chief Expedition Videographer; and Zane Schmahl: Day-today Logistics & Social Media Coordination. “The economic sectors suffering most under the yoke of lockdown are indisputably the Hospitality and Tourism Industry, with especially local tourism buckling under the strain of nearly five months of not being able to operate.”


“Something needs to be done to help these small operators, especially those in the rural areas who have seen literally a 100% drop in income.” “We therefore plan to use Beyond Lockdown as a vehicle to travel to nine inspirational and off-the-grid destinations – one in each of South Africa’s nine provinces – and from our visit create an exhilarating story to draw people to these remote places,” Jacques explained.

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Innovative New Headquarters Sets A Precedent For Progressive Workplace Design In SA Capitec Bank, one of the largest and most progressive banks in Africa, has unveiled its innovative new headquarters, iKhaya, meaning ‘home’ in Xhosa. Designed by multidisciplinary studio, dhk Architects, the three-storey curvilinear building is defined by its dynamic interior architecture, which embodies the company’s progressive outlook and embraces the concept of agile working. Striking and other-worldly, dhk’s holistic architectural approach considers both the exterior and interior to optimise corporate expenditure, internal flow and sustainability - demonstrating that commercial offices can be innovative and costeffective while driving operational efficiencies.

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JULY 2020

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stories that are life changing




The article will provide some tactics, insights and strategies you could apply in your business. It doesn’t matter if you are running a small business or a big organization, this crisis triangle will work once you implement it. Forget about your 12-month growth plan, you need to adapt in order to survive and thrive. Get into the right mindset, this is not the time to panic or to get nervous. You need to stay calm, cool, and collected and you cannot make intelligent decisions in your business when you are in a panic. Your team demands leadership from you, now more than ever. This is a time where you should step up as a leader, as a CEO, or as an entrepreneur. What are some of the strategic moves that you need to make?

The Crisis Triangle There are 12 ways that you could grow your business during this global crisis: The first part of the crisis Triangle include: Suspend, Shut down and Sell off.

Shut down all cash-heavy projects you want to implement. Take a look at each project, and decide which projects will absorb basically all your cash.

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Internally, the design resonates with the company’s progressive outlook - ensuring guests and staff unequivocally feel the spirit of the brand throughout the building. The new headquarters by dhk fosters a company culture of creativity, innovation and collaboration with a large emphasis placed on optimising internal flow and departmental interaction. The first and second floors, containing the office’s open-plan work areas, are largely void of hierarchal structure and closedoff cubicles. On each level, a total of four ‘cores’, containing centralized amenities such as kitchenettes, meeting rooms, breakout areas, lockers, bathrooms and fire escapes, serve to augment the floorplates into departmental zones.

Capitec championed environmental sustainability and employee well-being throughout the building, particularly where it made sense and value could be demonstrated. To promote employee well-being, the building is purposefully limited to only two passenger lifts for its workforce of approximately 2,000. Furthermore, Capitec rehabilitated a neighbouring area of public open space to be used by staff and the broader community as a recreational area for activities such as walking and running. Fittingly, the building also provides cyclist facilities and purpose-designed showers.

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Suspend all non-essential spending, including personal spending. If you want to buy a new car, take a vacation, or make a major investment - forget about it. Your business needs to survive and needs as much cash as possible.

These projects might have potential, but they go with great uncertainty, since it requires more capital and cash; therefore it is better to eliminate these projects.

The building form optimises the shape and size of the site while referencing the brand’s distinctive curved logo. The three-storey superstructure wraps around itself, which creates a unique ‘doughnut’ shape and forms a central triple-volume atrium - an internal ‘social spine’ at the heart of the building.

Throughout the building’s ‘social spine’ there are a variety of breakaway areas - a large ground-floor lounge at reception, pause areas on bridges, and an internal landscaped courtyard. Furthermore, there is a full-service kitchen and canteen area, a small satellite café, and a grand multifunctional stadium staircase/seating area. Other useful facilities include a recording studio, Capitec Bank branch and an ATM lab facility.


If you are a business owner or an entrepreneur and your business has been affected by the Coronavirus, Dan Lok will share twelve ways how to grow your business during this global crisis.

Capitec’s success and growth over time meant that the company came to occupy numerous offices. These offices were geographically dispersed, resulting in departments becoming increasingly isolated from one another with the need to move between buildings to meet face-to-face. Consequently, Capitec opted to consolidate its staff and facilities into one operationally efficient headquarters. Located in the scenic Cape Winelands, a key driver of the design concept involved capturing panoramic vistas and drawing the landscape within.

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Spier's New Era Of Hybrid And Virtual Conferencing TNP0720.indd 1

2020/06/27 12:50:24

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On 9 July 2020, one of South Africa’s leading conferencing venues, Spier Wine Farm, launched its hybrid and virtual conferencing offerings with a glittering evening enjoyed both in-person and by members of the events sector in the comfort of their homes. Attendees were treated to a smorgasbord of treats showcasing the length and breadth of the virtual conferencing experience. These included live music streamed from Spier, a virtual Segway tour of Spier’s organic pastures, a tutorial by Chef PJ Vadas on how to make a mouth-watering Margherita pizza and an introduction to the art of mosaic. There were also bellyachingly funny acts by comedians Alan Committie and Nik Rabinowitz.

Digital Digital

Perhaps the favourite part of the evening for most was a virtual chocolate and wine tasting presented by Spier winemaker Anton Swarts. Each launch attendee had received a box featuring Spier’s new canned Sauvignon Blanc and Merlot along with two kinds of artisanal chocolates in advance so were able to enjoy the tasting firsthand.


Through hosting your event virtually with Spier - against the backdrop Spier’s gallery of stunning farm images - hosts are able to unleash unlimited online engagements and experiences. Spier has assembled a team of experienced event producers and technical experts and uses top-notch software to ensure full, seamless support for every aspect of the event. This includes handling nitty-gritty details like participant registration, ticketing and email campaigns. During the event, Spier oversees the virtual participation platform (including live Q&A polls and breakout rooms), live streaming of sessions and attendance analytics.

Notice Articles & Advertisements published in The Newspaper is not necessarily the opinion of The Newspaper, unless so stated.

With Spier’s fast internet and latest generation audio-visual tech, combining virtual conferencing with Spier’s classic farm hospitality in person is a breeze. This is particularly ideal given that the size of gatherings are currently limited by government regulation. For delegates who do attend in person, Spier’s abundance of outdoor spaces and spacious venues, physical distancing is easy during meetings, breakouts and meals. The farm has developed special conferencing seat plans to accommodate physical distancing protocols. For more information visit




First Attraction In SA To Receive WTTC Safe Travels Stamp The V&A Waterfront joins Stellenbosch, as well as an international list of 80 top travel destinations and 1 200 companies around the world to be awarded the specially designed Safe Travels stamp, which is awarded once all health and hygiene protocols have been implemented. The stamp will allow travellers and other travel and tourism stakeholders to recognise destination authorities and companies around the world that have implemented health and hygiene protocols aligned with the WTTC’s Safe Travels Protocols. By implementing best practice safety measures, we can get back to business. The City of Cape Town has written to national government to request the resumption of leisure travel to safeguard thousands of jobs. The unfettered reopening of travel and tourism sectors is crucial to saving this vital employment sector.

Photo: V&A Waterfront - Photo Credit: Cape Town Tourism

“The V&A Waterfront remains a key tourism hub for Cape Town as it is often one of the first places that visitors go when arriving in the city. “I want to congratulate the CEO, David Green, and his team for taking proactive steps to continue offering a safe experience for visitors and adhering to the strictest hygiene regulations. We hope that leisure travel will be able to resume as soon as possible as the industry is the backbone of our local economy, having contributed more than R18bn in 2018. Cape Town is clearly taking the necessary safety steps to welcome the return of local and international travellers once the worst of this pandemic is over,” said Executive Mayor Dan Plato.

“Our local economy is facing its biggest threat in recent decades with the tourism industry especially hard hit. We must be allowed to get back to work, particularly in the tourism, hospitality and related sectors. Hundreds of thousands of jobs are on the line and we cannot afford to wait any longer. I believe that we can get on the road to readiness and recovery, but only if we reopen all sectors and implement the protocols to keep ourselves and others safe,” said Alderman James Vos, Mayoral Committee Member for Economic Opportunities and Asset Management. As soon as the borders open, after the worst of the pandemic is over, Cape Town will be ready to safely welcome international visitors to our shores again and remind visitors of our reputation as Africa’s Leading Events and Festival Destination.

Beyond Lockdown Expedition

Incredible Landscapes, Cultures & Experiences Offered By Mother Africa (Continue from page 1) Their focus will capture everything from Road Tripping, Conservation and Adventure, to the unique Characters found within these ‘Moer-And-Gone’ communities in faraway places, and they believe the way to regenerate jobs and opportunities will be through creating crackerjack media exposure for these off-the-beaten-track destinations. Along the way, the team will engage with colourful local characters to assist in creating engaging and unique content, and thus convince the general South African public to pack their vehicle and visit them as soon as travel restrictions are lifted. “Spending your Rands in South Africa is what will make a difference to these communities, and we want people to know that you can have world-class, unique and globally relevant travel experiences right here in Mzansi! Our expeditions always include some inspirational feats of human endurance, and this time around we want to take these adventures and weave them into the local folklore of the area … maybe it will be an endurance river swim in search of a mythical water serpent, or a darkzone trek on the trail of a desert djinn, maybe an ascent up a snowy peak to confront your own inner guru ...,” Jacques continues. The Beyond Lockdown Expedition is scheduled to leave Cape Town in the beginning of August 2020 and follow a clockwise route throughout the nine provinces (Western Cape, Northern Cape, Free State, North-West Province, Gauteng, Limpopo, Mpumalanga,Kwa-Zulu Natal, and Eastern Cape) of South Africa. Some of the activities they are planning include: spearfishing & kreef diving, tracking pangolins in the desert, SUPing the Gariep Dam and sleeping on a remote island, scuba diving, hot air ballooning, trail running, mountain biking, whale/shark snorkeling, and abseiling - to name just a few. The key deliverable from the Beyond Lockdown Expedition will be professionally produced and widely distributed media exposure. This will be disseminated through the extensive #SocialMedia Networks of both Peter Van Kets and Jacques Marais,

Photo: Beyond Expedition Series - Photo Credit: Jacques Marais

as well as through the wide-reaching networks of various sponsors and partners. “Once our special brand of road-trip stories have been packaged, these riveting tales will be shared across not only the afore-mentioned electronic channels, in a range of newspaper and magazine print publications, on podcast, and as short, festival-style adventure films. In the end, it will be this heady blend - created by the Adventure, The Characters, and the Destination – that makes these nine stories worth telling, and worth hearing. Our sponsors, Isuzu SA and Dunlop SA and SA Tourism will add huge depth to the media reach,” Jacques concludes.




Beautiful Beaches And Parks Stars Of The Silver Screen Once Again Previously access to parks and beaches was prohibited by national government regulations to curb the spread of Covid-19. The City of Cape Town, through the Film Office and Film Cape Town is continuing to provide support to the industry through permits, promoting the city as a premier film destination and unlocking more locations to ensure its sustainability. Cape Town competed against Australia as a location for this commercial and the combination of our favourable exchange rate, beautiful and varied beach locations as well as experienced crew and talent helped clinch the deal. This industry is vitally important to Cape Town not only for its glitz and glam, but also because it showcases the beauty and the talent of this city. It is also a catalyst for economic growth, contributes about R3,5 billion a year to the local economy and employs thousands of people. In addition, the City of Cape Town, working with the industry, developed a 36-page Standard Operating Procedure document which serves as a guideline for the film industry in dealing with Covid-19. It outlines the basic technical measures companies have to put in place to contain the spread of Covid-19 in the workplace and to protect their employees.

Photo: Dolphin Beach in Table View - Photo Credit: afristay

Cape Town’s pristine beaches and stunning parks will again feature in films and commercials currently being shot in the Mother City. This after the City’s Film Office was given the go ahead to issue permits for filming along the coastline under stringent conditions, including that the workplace is Covid-19 health and safety compliant. It is important to note that beaches are still closed to the general public and that production companies are permitted to film on the beach under strict compliance measures. Production companies are required to employ specialised environmental officers to ensure the integrity of our coastline is protected during film shoots. The office is also issuing permits for filming at City parks on a similar basis.

The industry is very resilient and seamlessly adapted to the new normal very quickly. They are following the current strict health and safety protocols to the letter at base camp, make-up and wardrobe, catering and on set location. Some of the recent highlights for the City’s Film Office include: The City of Cape Town’s Film Office issued 5 245 permits during the 2019/20 financial year; The Film Office received more than 11 000 film bookings during that period’s reporting year; Since 1 May 2020, 127 permits, which comprises stills photography, documentaries, commercials and feature films permits, and The Film Office is currently monitoring four productions permitted to film at beaches.

Tech-Enabled Private High School Campuses To Open Their Doors Valenture Institute, a global private online high school has allocated key properties stretching from Constantia to Sandton for the launch of South Africa’s first tech-enabled, boutique campuses to open their doors in January 2021. These campuses will be offering students a learning environment of the future in location-based hubs.

This extends the Valenture experience as students (and parents) will have access to vital support and services aimed at easing the educational process holistically. Valenture campuses offer: A combination of virtual learning and in-person support and experiences; An internationally-recognised curriculum; Weekly lectures presented by global experts from the likes of Oxford, NASA, Harvard, Google, Deloitte, Stanford, & Y Combinator; and Exclusive access to services and amenities like transfers, a grocery delivery service for households, a yoga studio, a gym and a production and recording space. Valenture Institute Constantia is a boutique, tech-enabled campus, set in the heart of Cape Town’s Southern Suburbs, that blends virtual learning with in-person support and experiences. Every consideration has been given to enhancing our students’ social and learning environment while providing them with an internationally-recognised curriculum. The campus can accommodate a maximum of 80 students between Grades 8 and 12. Adding to the Cape Town offering, Valenture Institute’s Josephine Mill campus is a slice of history in the heart of the green, leafy suburb of Newlands. The campus can accommodate a maximum of 60 students between Grades 8 and 12. Every consideration has been given to enhancing students’ social and learning environment while providing them with an internationally-recognised education that affords learners more opportunities to thrive in a global context.

The Valenture Institute also understands that, due to the global crisis, parents are in a difficult place with loss of incomes, school closures, and children that need to keep up with their education nonetheless. The Institute has created a payment concession to alleviate school fee penalties in the transition to online learning and enrolling at the institute. After successful admission, Valenture will offer a fee discount to allow for their current school fee penalties to alleviate the financial burden in these uncertain times. The fee discount will be applied on a case by case basis and dependent on the payment agreement with their current education provider. For more information visit




Celebrating life’s moments with

Bona Dea, a venue for all occasions

Bona Dea Private Estate in the breathtaking Hemel-en-Aarde Valley in Hermanus is hailed as one of the most dramatic and romantic locations in South Africa. With a range of both indoor and outdoor spaces on offer there’s no shortage of ceremony, canapés and reception areas. Your perfect year-round, all-weather venue.

The Venue Best Wedding Reception Venue 2015, Best Wedding View 2017, Best Ceremony Finalist 2019. The remarkable Venue Complex incorporates traditional elements of the original Cape Dutch style manor house combined with a bold modern renovation. Natural water features and pristine garden terraces make this luxurious venue perfect for a romantic ceremony. This banquet facility features a completely column free ballroom which is suitable for up to 200 guests, with a generous dance floor. Other features include an adjacent modern bar area, two cocktail lounges with large fireplaces for those cooler seasons, modern crisp white restroom facilities and a fully equipped commercial kitchen. While most ceremonies are held on the treed terrace adorned with 20,000 fairy lights, there is an indoor chapel available on the lower ground level. Everything a discerning wedding couple could wish for. On behalf of all of us at Bona Dea we would like to express our sincere commiserations on the possible disruption of your wedding plans due to the effects of Covid-19 restrictions. The Good News. Our dedicated team at Bona Dea want to provide at least some measure of help, by offering our 2021 Low Season rates for all January to August 2021 dates. We hope that you will be inspired and still be able to have the wedding of your dreams! First prize would be an on-site consultation (All Covid-19 Health & Safety Regulations in place). Yet, don’t let lockdown put your planning on hold! You can even book a Virtual appointment with one of our expert event planners to identify your requirements, discuss budget options and explore our list of professional service providers.

Accommodation All accommodation options are conveniently located, exceedingly elegant, and yet, remarkably comfortable (sleeps 22 pax sharing). Dendrobium House, upstairs in the Venue Complex itself has 3 bedrooms and 2 beautifully appointed bathrooms, convenient for the bride and her bridesmaids. Olive Cottage can accommodate 6 guests in 3 bedrooms. Featuring two levels, that can be booked separately or as one. The lower level opens onto a covered patio with built in braai, perfect for the groom and his men. Mountain Villa a luxurious and contemporary villa, offers five luxurious and modern suites. An idyllic space in which to relax and unwind with your family or an intimate group of friends, before and after the celebrations.

"All that’s left do is say YES, quote THE NEWSPAPER for this Early Bird Promo The Bona Dea Private Estate in the Hemel-en-Aarde Valley is just ninety minutes’ drive from Cape Town International Airport (via N2) and 4km from the seaside town of Hermanus (via R43). Turn off on Camphill Road (via R320) at the start of the Hemel-en-Aarde Valley, Hermanus. The GPS co-ordinates are: 34°23’34.51” S, 19°13’14.88” E For more information contact (028) 050 0370 or visit









Magnesium café, founded in 2017 with the core purpose built on foundational principles related to the education and exposure of the benefits of such an essential mineral.

The Miss South Africa Organisation, in conjunction with the pageant’s sponsor Brand South Africa, took part on Mandela Day recently with the 15 semi-finalists making a difference in their provinces and communities around the country. Cape Town’s Jordan van der Vyver (24) helped out at Ladles of Love in the morning making sandwiches and at the Woodstock Brewery in the afternoon peeling vegetables for a soup kitchen.

Magnesium café currently operates as an E-commerce business and the business continues to grow with the need to explore a wider reach through business to business relationships.

Says van der Vyver: “I was amazed to learn that Woodstock Brewery, which has converted their beer-brewing barrels into soup making equipment, normally uses two tons of veggies a day for their soup kitchen, but we managed to peel one ton in just 67 minutes.” “They have fed 1,3 million people since April and usually feed between 16,000 and 21,000 people every day. But they need volunteers as they are busy making soup six days a week and distributing it every day. It is amazing what they’re doing so please get in touch with them if you are keen to help.”

The company is ready to expand its market reach through distribution models for market penetration and to scale up the product to market fit in pharmacy outlets. “Through Brand affiliation and positioning we will be able to realize one of our core objectives to make the product more accessible through retail outlets.”

More about Jordan Jordan van der Vyver, 24-year old from Greenpoint is a very successful international model, but she is also one of the top 15 semi-finalists in the Miss SA 2020 competition. She started modelling part time in 2010 and have been a full-time model since 2014 and prefers campaign modeling. “They’re usually shot in amazing locations which makes it seem like an all expenses paid holiday to a place you might never have visited in your lifetime.” Photo: Mari Niemann, Brand and Marketing Manager Magnesium café

“At Magnesium Café we want to equip the public on the importance of this mineral and also create accessibility for the product irrespective of where they live.” “For that reason we offer our online e-commerce shop and door to door service. This way we can assist and support in ensuring you get to enjoy and continue with your quest to get your Health Back,” says Benita Nieman, owner of Magnesium café. The benefits of Magnesium Magnesium is Involved in more than 600 Biochemical reactions in our body, including: Energy creation, Protein formation, Gene maintenance, Muscle movements and Nervous system regulation. It may also boost exercise performance, fights depression, Type 2 Diabetes, can lower blood pressure, has anti-Inflammatory benefits, can help prevent migraines, reduces insulin resistance, improves PMS Symptoms and is safe and widely available. For more information contact Benita Niemann on +27 62 652 5692 email or visit


A HEALTHY OUTSIDE STARTS ON THE INSIDE! It all starts in our gut and digestive system, a healthy outside starts on the inside! A healthy immune system protects your body from infection by fighting off viruses and bacteria in your body, free radicals and protects your skin from the outside world. Youthful Living Immune Pro + helps to boost your immune system from 6 angles. It has 1000mg of Vitamin C per serving which is an essential nutrient that boosts immunity. Immune Pro + promotes the natural growth of antibodies in the body to help fight off infection and boost immunity with 500 Million CFU probiotics – Lactobacillus. L-lysine is an essential amino acid that helps treat and prevent cold sores, fever blisters, HSV-1, reduce stress levels and the effect stress has on your immune system. It also contains L-Glutamine, a critical fuel source for Immune cells, including white blood cells and certain intestinal cells.

“It broadens one’s horizons! You get to know the crew more personally and usually everyone on these sets is happy and stress free which makes for an amazing experience,” she says. Q & A: When you are overseas, what 3 things do you miss about South Africa the most? “Woolworths (actually all our brands), the quality of our food and I dearly miss my loved ones.” Q & A: Apart from entering Miss SA and making it to the Top 15, what have you been up to in the last few months since travel has been restricted? “I have kept myself busy with work, exercise and cooking. This lockdown has given me time to invest in myself without any distractions and I’ve come out grateful for this time of reflection.” “I have also recently completed a course in calligraphy and I hope to get back into studying soon.” Q & A: What is your favourite destination: “Always Cape Town”


Kamers/Makers Space Pop-up Shop located in the V&A Waterfront is now open to the public until September 2020 to discover a beautiful curated shopping experience, featuring products from handpicked Makers: winter fashion, handcrafted decor, stationery, jewellery, accessories, post-lockdown specials and more in an unforgettable space - another vital step in rebuilding our SME economy. Local retail has been unchanged for decades - long-leases, fixed spaces and equally fixed ideas. Kamers/Makers SPACE is a fast and fluid collective of SA’s finest Makers – carefully curated to pop-up (and down!) in any empty retail space, in just a few days.

The mineral Zinc keeps the immune system strong and is often used to battle common cold and flu. Added vitamins and minerals also ensure that your body has all the necessary nutrients necessary in order to stay healthy and fight off common colds, flu or infections. Youthful Living Vitamin C in general is an essential nutrient and an antioxidant that supports overall immunity and cell functioning. It includes key minerals such as: Vit C (Ascorbic Acid) 1000mg, Zinc 10mg, and Rosehip 40mg. “One of my favourite benefits of supporting our immunities, is that it fights off free radicals, prevents colds, flu symptoms and viral infections,” says Balin Steenkamp, Regional Manager of Youthful Living Western Cape.

It offers shoppers a brave new hybrid of the convenience of an everyday, local outlet in the ‘old retail’ mode, but now combined with the vibrant, eclectic mix of amazing products that only Kamers/Makers can offer.

For more information visit

The first Kamers/Makers Space Pop-up Shop opened in Plein Street, Stellenbosch on 22 June and due to popular demand the shop will be open until 29 August.

Photo: Kamers/Makers - Photo Credit: Charl du Preez





Simply Bee Natural Beeswax Products is a family business, situated in the remote town of Hopefield, 140km’s from Cape Town - in the heart of the famous West Coast Fynbos area. It is not only Simply Bee’s mission to cultivate awareness of the health benefits of natural pure honey and beeswax products, but also to support bee conservation. History dates back to 1954 when Derick Hugo received his first beehive and became a passionate hobbyist beekeeper. When he retired in 1994, he and his wife Marie returned to Hopefield and transformed their hobby into a business. Today Derick Hugo’s first gloves, smoker and beehive displayed in the Bee Observation Centre is a reminder of the foundation he laid for Pierre and Helena van der Westhuizen who continued the family legacy of bee keeping since 2008. Pierre took over the beekeeping, while Helena, being allergic to most cosmetics with synthetic ingredients and harsh preservatives engaged in the research, trials and studying of the bees and their products. Their dedicated interest led to the beginning of Simply Bee, a range of natural, organic products for both the body and home. Helena believes that natural ingredients must come from a renewable and plentiful resource found in nature, yet with absolutely no petroleum compounds.

Propolis Balm - Simply Bee Propolis Balm can be used to repair sore and weak skin, prevent infections, heal open wounds and diminish acne. Positive feedback has been received from customers on applying Propolis balm to leg ulcers, shingles, warts and boils.

Equally important is how those ingredients are processed. Helena controls the manufacturing of Simply Bee products. Any processing, including distillation, condensation, extraction, steaming, and hydrolysis are kept to a minimum. Her goal is to maximise purity without negative effects on the ingredients, and to keep natural ingredients natural. This ensures full retention of their beneficial properties. Simply Bee is very fortunate to have their bee hives in Fynbos areas around Hopefield with no commercial farming within the immediate vicinity. Therefore, their honey, beeswax and propolis are all 100% organic.

Other Simply Bee Products - Simply Bee’s product range offers all natural handmade products, making it safe as well as environmentally friendly. The product range include Hand & Body Products, a Facial Skin care range, Baby Products, Men’s products, Hair products, Soaps & Candles, Medicinal ointments and Balms, Polishes and Gift Pack combinations.

Health benefits of Propolis Most powerful natural Antibiotic Helena spend years researching the properties of Propolis, the most effective and natural antibiotic that has no side effects. Propolis can be defined as the resinous material gathered by honeybees from tree bark and leaves. Combined with the nectar from plants the honeybees use it as disinfectant as well as to waterproof their hives. Propolis contains a variety of pharmacological and biological properties, including the likes of anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory elements. Numerous substances in Propolis have been identified which belong to the flavonoid family including organic acids, vitamin and mineral content. Propolis has been used in the past internally to combat Gastrointestinal Infections, Bacterial and Fungal, Sore Throats, Colds, Malaria, Cancer, HIV, Peptic Ulcers, Ulcers in the Mouth, Ulcerative Colitis, Parasitic, Tuberculosis, and Candidacies. At Simply Bee Helena only use the propolis harvested from their own bee hives to create the following 3 natural products: Propolis Serum - This richly repairing microemulsified serum contains a high concentration Propolis and combined with Neroli, calms, heals, and truly enriches your skin. Anti-bacterial and decongesting, this formulation alleviates micro-circulation problems and strengthens fragile skin. Propolis has been proved to be beneficial to human skin and is considered as luxurious, and with regard to the skin propolis promotes new cell growth and prevents skin aging and age spots. Propolis Liquid - Traditionally, Propolis is used as an antibiotic as well as a stimulant of the immune system, reducing the occurrence and severity of colds, flu and throat infections. Propolis increase resistance to infection and is widely recognized as a preventative supplement and also limits the growth of Protozoa and therefore an effective treatment for some intestinal parasites.

Simply Bee also offers 100% pure Fynbos Honey, collected from a protected Fynbos area far away from any commercial farming, thus ensuring no exposure to pesticides and a high quality of medicinal value in the honey. Honey is available in a variety of volumes. Simply Bee started off with only 5 products in the range and today, due to public demand, it has expanded to an over 50 productrange. Conservation and Observation Centre As creators and owners of Simply Bee the Van der Westhuizen’s mission is not only to cultivate awareness on the benefits of using natural beeswax products, but also to aid in bee conservation as bees are their passion. In conjunction with their show room at Simply Bee, they have recently opened a Simply Bee Observation Centre adjacent to the shop in Hopefield. Simply Bee Observation Centre boasts with the West Coast’s first glass bee-observation hives with two live bee colonies. The hives have glass panels which offer a safe opportunity to view a bee colony in their natural environment. The Observation Centre presents an informative, educational and interactive way of learning all there is to know about the incredible life-cycle of honey bees and therefore offer special educational packages for groups. Bookings are essential to ensure a full educational experience and demonstration. As much as the bee has an important role in ensuring the survival of humanity, even so is humanity responsible in securing the Bee’s survival. Honeybees are the pollinators of every third mouthful of food consumed. Ignoring the importance of a functional ecosystem with reference to the Bee, over a 100 different crops worldwide may be affected. According to statistics, bee populations around the world have plummeted by a staggering 30% globally over the last 30 years. Awards Simply Bee’s products received exceptional ratings at this year’s Free from Skin Care awards in the UK. The Propolis serum was a finalist with the Heal Balm and Anti-Ageing cream as nominees in the coveted Natural and Organic Awards in the UK for the best Natural Beauty & Spa Product. Simply Bee has 413 stockists in South Africa and also exports to Zimbabwe, Namibia, England, USA, Mauritius, Réunion Island, and Netherlands For more information call 022 723 0569, or visit




The Finest Flavours of the Western Cape in a Gift Box You’re Welcome Gift Design’s aim is to create an unforgettable experience for customers, but even more - to leave a memorable impression with each recipient of a You’re Welcome Gift box. Our relationship with our artisan partners is very important to us and we value the time and the effort that goes into creating their unique hand-crafted products. Our strategy is to supply the market with products which are different from the norm. We would like to direct our customers to an undervalued trading sector; therefore, we promote artisan-type products and concepts which is locally produced.

YOU’RE WELCOME gift design

We hand pick products and partners to ensure a high standard of quality is met. We test the items which we present to the market, and from time to time add new discoveries.


We may not be food connoisseurs, but the products we have seen, smelt, heard, tasted and touched, have been magnificent. With confidence we place this merchandise into our gift boxes, knowing that the recipient will be opening something unique, something different and definitely something special.


Food inspired gifts are highly popular as it is made in the heart of the home – the kitchen. Hearty meals are created in the kitchen to fuel our bodies, minds and souls and those of our friends and families. In “For the Kitchen” section, shoppers will find various gift boxes packed with surprises that originated in the kitchen. From delectable biscuits and rusks, to mouth-watering jam, relish, tapenade, pickles, pâté, and sauces. Items such as infused olive oil, balsamic dressing, salt, pepper, and spices with a twist, not to mention the beer and biscuit baking mix which can be found in our gift boxes. Don’t miss out on the sweet treats that includes chocolates, nuts, toffees, nougat, gourmet popcorn and specialized coffee and tea that is also added to our gift boxes. There are plenty of gifts to choose from to treat those you love. Why not fill up your own kitchen cupboards and spoil yourself with unique products from the Western Cape. Browse through our online store to find the perfect gift that will leave a memorable impression on everyone on your list – it may be your client, your friend or family member. OUR PANTRY


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Our gift boxes are perfectly packed and delivered anywhere in South Africa - waiting to be send on your behalf.



"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift, that’s why they call it the present."










Why should people seek an alternative approach to health?

Registered homeopath, Dr Jana Wurz has recently relocated to the Western Cape after completing her studies in Johannesburg. She is looking forward to providing holistic healthcare to adults and children. She is working from her practice and also remotely, via online platforms such as Skype, Zoom and MSTeams.

Background Dr Wurz grew up in Somerset West and studied Human Physiology at Stellenbosch University, where she completed a Master’s degree investigating the molecular effects of ketone bodies on neuronal cells, research relevant to Alzheimer’s disease. Then she made the decision to change direction and moved to Johannesburg to study homeopathy at the University of Johannesburg. ‘I felt the need to follow a more holistic path and homeopathy was ideal’, says Wurz.

What is Homeopathy? Homeopathy is a health system developed in Germany over 200 years ago and is based on the principle of ‘like cures like’, meaning that a substance which produces symptoms in a healthy person cures those same symptoms in disease. Homeopathy forms part of an integrated health approach which means that it works well combined with other healing modalities such as ‘mainstream’ allopathic medicine or other ‘alternative’ paths of healing. It is known as a gentle healing approach, safe to be used by children and during pregnancy under the supervision of a homeopath. Homeopaths are given the title ‘doctor’ due to their skills as diagnosticians. To become a homeopath, a five- to seven-year rigorous training course has to be completed. Dr Wurz’s Masters dissertation in homeopathy involved an experimental approach to test homeopathic remedies, alone and combined with low level laser treatment, in the context of diabetic wound healing, which had promising results. Her approach is based on individualised treatment, and patients are viewed as a multifaceted whole. ‘I really enjoy getting to know patients as everyone has a unique life story,’ says Wurz. She is passionate about Homeopathy and holistic health and wants to improve health and well-being, taking into account people’s unique life experiences, circumstances and challenges. No two people are alike, which is why personalised treatment is so valuable, in her opinion.

Homeopathy - an alternative approach to health People that visit homeopaths or other holistic practitioners often feel that they have tried everything and begin to despair of recovering. Contemporary homeopathy is based on age-old principles combined with modern functional medicine, a systemsbiology approach which works with the root cause of illness which is usually multifactorial. What also may be missing in their treatment regime is someone really listening to them as a person and spending the time to puzzle out where their illness is originating from, not neglecting the very important emotional and psychological aspect of their being. In addition, holistic healthcare empowers a person to work alongside their doctor in a partnership, which empowers them to take control of their own health. Indeed, a client or patient is the expert on their bodies and of their own experience which places them in the ideal position to actively participate in their own healing. This could include implementing lifestyle changes which is vital in not only preventing disease but in achieving optimum health and well-being.

Services Holistic treatment

(acute and chronic conditions)

General health check Bio-puncture

(subcutaneous injections of homeopathic medicine)

Lifestyle advice Disease prevention Remote Consultations Many might be wondering how remote consultations work. After booking an appointment at a convenient time, Dr Wurz will connect with her client via her/his chosen online platform e.g. Skype. Then she will take a full case history, as would be done in the practice, finding out the client’s health concerns, as well as their general well-being and advising them where there might be uncertainty or a desire to change their lifestyle. After that Dr Wurz will select the indicated remedy/remedies and courier it to the client’s location, or arrange for them to collect it from the practice. Payment will be via EFT or another platform. During the Covid-19 pandemic the Allied Health Professions Council (AHPCSA) advised its members to practice telemedicine (as explained above) as this reduces close contact and decreases the risk of infection for all involved. It is also quite convenient as the consultation can be done from your own home where you feel comfortable. Dr Wurz is someone that is devoted to helping the people that come to her for help, and is willing to go the extra mile to research their condition to aim to really understand their illness or difficulty. “It is a privilege to work with people and to devise a treatment plan that is unique to them,” Wurz said. “I am here to help.” For more information contact Dr Wurz on 072 285 1230, email: or visit




Middelvlei’s Boerebraai – proudly South African yet so unique Situated in the heart of the Stellenbosch Winelands is where you’ll find Middelvlei Wines, which has been owned and run by the Momberg family since 1919. This is where you will also get to indulge in the popular Boerebraai lunch, a unique outdoor barbecue experience. An integral part of our South African heritage, the team at Middelvlei have taken this social event to the next level. Their resident braai expert prepares your chops, boerewors and chicken kebabs to perfection, as you sit back and relax. The enticing aromas of the homemade potbrood and braaibroodjies give you a sneak peek of what lies ahead for your foodie experience, whilst Ben Momberg’s homemade pâté and Ouma Annie’s pumpkin fritters have placed the Middelvlei Boerebraai experience in a league of their own. Make the most of the perfect Cape weather and sit outside on the sprawling verandah whilst admiring the views. On colder days the cozy fireplace inside will add extra warmth. The ample space makes for a safe visit for the entire family with Covid-19 health regulations in place, to ensure a memorable experience.

The Boerebraai experience includes a starter and main course and is available to enjoy on Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays between 12pm and 3pm. A low carb and vegetarian option are also available.

Tintswalo Atlantic

Nedbank CWG Auction

Tintswalo Atlantic opened a new restaurant on 29 July 2020. The Tintswalo Kitchen will welcomes both resident guests, as well as casual diners with bookings taken for lunch and dinner from Tuesday to Saturday, as well as Sunday family lunch.

The Nedbank Cape Winemakers Guild Auction goes live and online this year, offering wine enthusiasts and collectors the opportunity to bid on current CWG Auction Wines and exceedingly rare previous CWG Auction gems from members’ personal vinotheques. There will be two separate and distinct auctions in 2020 and both will be hosted by international auction house Bonhams.

to open new Restaurant

goes online – with a unique twist

The CWG Vinotheque Auction hosted by Bonhams will feature small collections of past CWG Auction wines perfectly stored in the Guild members’ private cellars. All funds raised will be placed in a trust to help winemakers keep their businesses afloat in the aftermath of Covid-19 in order to continue employing those who depend on an income from the wine industry. Bidders will be able to place their bids on the Bonham’s website over a two-week period from Friday, 18 September 2020 until 16:00 (London time) on Saturday, 3 October 2020.

With an experienced, newly appointed kitchen team at the helm, the dining concept will feature fresh, seasonal cuisine, presented as Small Plates. The fixedprice menu of R650 per person offers diners their choice of 5 items selected from the menu that will list a variety of Small Plates, including seafood, vegetarian and vegan options, as well as desserts.

The 2020 Nedbank CWG Auction hosted by Bonhams will be held live and online on Saturday, 3 October 2020 from 12:00 (London time). Wines on offer will be the current year Auction wines and wine lovers will be able to bid as the auction progresses, either by watching and bidding live and online via the Bonhams website or by telephone; or by placing proxy or commission bids with Bonhams in advance. Registrations for both Auctions will open on the Bonham’s website ( from Friday, 14 August 2020.

The Tintswalo Kitchen experience can be enjoyed in a relaxed seaside environment with a choice of cosy fireside dining, or outdoor seating on the deck above the crashing waves. The menu will be complemented by an award-winning wine list - pending Covid-19 alcohol restrictions. Health and safety protocols will be of the highest standard and during the current Covid-19 restrictions, no more than 40 diners will be accommodated. The Tintswalo Atlantic boutique hotel is uniquely situated on a pebbled beach below Chapmans Peak Drive in Cape Town. It is renowned as one of the city’s most precious hidden gems and is lauded for its romantic setting and spectacular sunsets. The current hotel dining area will be more than doubled in size for the new restaurant, incorporating the generous space that is currently the hotel lounge and bar area. Two of the guest rooms are being converted into a private bar and lounge area for in-house guests only. Situated on the opposite side of the property, this exclusive relaxation area for resident guests will make the most of the breathtaking sea views, overlooking the hotel swimming pool, deck and private beach.

Photo: Cape Winemakers Guild Auction - Photo Credit: Samarie Smith

Following President Cyril Ramaphosa’s decision to declare a National State of Disaster, all indicators show that the regulations which prohibit all social gatherings will continue to remain in force for some time to come. As the health of those around us is our number one priority, the CWG has cancelled all local public events for the remainder of 2020. The Guild looks forward to hosting its public events in 2021.

| | Cell: 087 825 1120 |




Now is the time for a Plan B in Europe! Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity!

It is very tempting for many South Africans to secure a 2nd citizenship or permanent residency status in another country. The main reason is personal: to assure their family’s future by protecting against political risk and economical instability. Europe is the world’s largest single market & global trading block and is still the preferred investment destination for either a 2nd citizenship or permanent residency. Cyprus, an Englishspeaking, ex-British colony and full EU member currently has the most attractive 2nd citizenship and permanent residency programmes available. The Mediterranean lifestyle is about enjoying life to the full and Cyprus represents being a very popular investment, retirement & relocation destination for South Africans. Properties in Cyprus offer exceptional value for money when compared to other European countries – especially homes right on or near to The Med. The choice of where to buy is very personal and the type of property depends on your lifestyle requirements, your budget and also your short, medium & long term plans. The key benefit of buying a property in Cyprus to secure a Plan B and owning your slice of paradise, is that property investment automatically comes with either acquiring permanent residency or securing a 2nd citizenship, tangibly benefitting your family for generations to come:


- the property/ies CAN be rented out; and need to be retained for only 5 years;

- all dependent children up to age 28 and the parents of the investor qualify;

- citizenship is passed down through descent offering a legacy to future generations.

- it’s mainly an investment – not a donation;

PERMANENT RESIDENCY IS GRANTED IN 2 MONTHS ON THE “FAST TRACK” PROGRAMME - this is the only programme in Europe where 3 generations in the same family (including both the parents & in-laws) all acquire residency by buying one property! - dependent children up to 25 qualify; - the property can be rented out;


- there is no requirement to live in Cyprus; nor be domiciled there for tax. Making the investment in Cyprus is simpler than you think; and the generous exemption of import duties, excise duties and VAT to bring your personal effects to Cyprus for your relocation makes it easy on the wallet too. More importantly both the residency and citizenship through investment programmes are tried, tested and trusted – they work!

An astute offshore property investment that works for you in the short, medium and long term is the achievement of a lifetime. In Cyprus investing in the “Citizenship through Investment” or the Fast Track residency programme not only makes financial sense, but it will tangibly benefit your family for generations to come. Can you afford not to take advantage of this while the programmes are still open? Cypriot Realty – a proudly South African company in operation for 12 years – can assist you. We are recognised and respected as Southern Africa’s authoritative offshore investment specialists, promoting Cyprus as an ideal destination for acquiring EU citizenship or permanent residency, property investment, immigration or retirement and starting an EU-based business - we understand investor’s needs.

c ypr iot



Contact us for a confidential meeting to discuss how we can help you realise your and you family’s Plan B in Europe. Contact Jenny Ellinas Founder & Managing Director Tel : +27 83 448 8734 Email: Visit:




BUYER INTEREST IN BENGUELA COVE LUXURY PROPERTIES REVIVES DURING LOCKDOWN Benguela Cove Lagoon Wine Estate reports new enquiries from business people, affected by concerns about Covid-19, who want to live and work securely with their families in a well-spaced private residential estate, away from the major cities of South Africa and Europe, with good communications and travel links. The 200-hectare Benguela Cove has 124 plots, half of which are now developed as luxury waterside properties, all with fully managed security, water and other services and good wi-fi coverage. It is situated just an hour’s drive from Cape Town International Airport, close to the popular resort of Hermanus, on the Western Cape. There are plots available for development now priced from R3.2 million to R6 million, which buys a 2,000 m² site for new owners to create a home to their own design. For a limited period, the estate developers are offering three-year interestfree loans for ownership of the remaining plots. Prices for completed houses start at R17million, which buys a 747m² home in a contemporary design, with 579m² living space, which includes four en suite double bedrooms. Other features include a swimming pool, private balconies and sundecks. New owners are drawn to the estate by Benguela Cove’s beautiful location and outdoor lifestyle. It is located on the edge of a natural lagoon, with abundant wildlife and outstanding views of the lagoon and distant mountains, as well as the vineyards and olive trees of the estate’s working wine farm. Residents enjoy an annual allocation from its award-winning vintages. Protected by a sandbar separating the lagoon from the Atlantic Ocean, this is one of the only water sports developments in the Western Cape, with owners enjoying waterskiing, kitesurfing, kayaking and open water swimming.

There is a private jetty and slipway, boating garages, a clubhouse and boat storage, subject to availability. The estate also features a tennis court, basketball and boules courts and an 11km walking and biking track, all for residents’ exclusive use. For more information visit or contact Johann on 074 1947 927 or

FINE & COUNTRY SOUTH AFRICA APPOINTS A NEW CEO Following the announcement of Linda Erasmus’ appointment as Fine & Country’s International Brand Ambassador, the brand has appointed Stephen de Stadler as the new CEO of Fine & Country South Africa. With Linda Erasmus taking on a larger role in assisting to grow Fine & Country internationally, the need arose for the appointment of a new CEO in South Africa, with de Stadler being the ideal candidate to take on the role and keep the brand moving in the right direction. An accountant by profession, Stephen completed his Articles of Clerkship at KPMG Aiken & Peat and was employed as Financial Manager and then Financial Director for one of the major real estate companies in South Africa (Seeff Properties). This property experience led to his appointment in the Corporate Division of a major South African bank (Nedbank), where initially he was responsible for the credit aspects relating to a significant property portfolio, but ending his tenure there as head of credit for Sovereigns and Banks. Photo: Stephen de Stadler

This credit experience resulted in an appointment by an international rating agency (Fitch Ratings), firstly as Managing Director of their Sub-Saharan African operation, followed by his appointment as Managing Director and Regional Head for the Middle East, based in Dubai. Following Stephen’s return to South Africa from Dubai in 2011, he became directly involved in Public Sector Infrastructure Development and Financing, as an executive management consultant. In 2018, he decided to enter the property market in his own right. “Following an assessment of local market conditions, I decided that the Fine & Country brand was the one which delivered the level of professionalism and expertise that I would require to make a success of this new business venture. I was delighted to reunite with the Grande Dame of Fine & Country, Linda Erasmus, who I have known on a business and personal level for 28 years. Both Linda and I started our property careers at Seeff Properties back in the early 1990’s,” says Stephen. Erasmus is pleased with the appointment and said: “Stephen and I worked together at Seeff Property Services when he was the Financial Director, responsible for financial management, forecasting and scenario simulation.”

Photo: Linda Erasmus

“In an ever-changing world and with the growth of the company where strategic planning and dealing with an International Board forms part of the CEO’s activities, Stephen will fill this position with ease.”









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Ryan Gibbons and Ashleigh Moolman-Pasio, both gold medallists with TeamSA at last year’s African Games in Morocco, closed off a memorable virtual Tour de France. Gibbons helped NTT Pro Cycling to the overall virtual title while MoolmanPasio won the women’s final stage. The inaugural virtual Tour de France proved to be a celebration for South Africa as the country’s UCI World Team held off the challenge from the other 22 professional teams. This was after the final stage of the race ended in an exciting sprint on the Zwift virtual Champs-Elysees course. South Africa’s Ashleigh Moolman-Pasio (CCC Team) won the queen stage of the Virtual Tour de France, riding away from Sarah Gigante (TIBCO-Silicon Valley Bank) in the final 2km of the Mont Ventoux-Chalet Reynard simulation on Zwift. Gibbons helps NTT Pro Cycling win virtual TdF A fully committed team performance over the three weekends of racing saw NTT Pro Cycling go into stage 6, the final stage, of the virtual Tour de France leading every classification in the race. Ryan Gibbons, Edvald Boasson Hagen, Max Walscheid and Rasmus Tiller were the four riders lined up for NTT Pro Cycling on the Champs-Elysees. While cheered on by the entire squad from the team’s base in Lucca, Italy, it looked like Gibbons was going to bookend the race with stage wins, but the South African road champion did not repeat his stage 1 victory and was narrowly beaten

to the line, finishing in third place on the stage. NTT Pro Cycling’s commanding performance saw the team ride away with the yellow general classification classification jersey, the green points jersey, the polka dot king of the mountain’s jersey and the white jersey for the best young rider. The team also secured the victory in the overall team classification.


“Having worked closely with the Department of Sport, Art and Culture, Cycling SA can now give an update on the progress to enable our members to return to the sport of cycling and in particular, the approval of events under Level 3 lockdown.”

Should you wish to host an event, it is imperative to register your event and share the necessary plans for approval. Please contact your provincial affiliate for further information.

“As a result of amended regulations released by government, we are currently working on a 6-8 week planning cycle, which we review on a monthly basis. We will continue to work to ensure that the sport can be opened up in the most responsible and efficient way possible and share information as we proceed,”- Cycling South Africa.

Should Cycling SA or the provinces be notified of unsanctioned events, event organisers will be in contravention of the regulations and will be held accountable by government.

Government has advised that time trial events may take place during Level 3 lockdown from 15 July 2020 whilst small-batch events (up to a maximum of 300 people, including staff and personnel) may commence from 1 September 2020. As a reminder, these events must meet standard SASREA regulations, SAPS permits and must be sanctioned by the relevant provincial or regional body. In addition, events are also subject to restrictions as outlined by the Covid-19 Risk Mitigation regulations incorporating the requirements of the Department of Sport, Art and Culture (DSAC).

LANGEBERG LINK MTB CYCLING SA SACTIONED EVENT Strict safety Covid-19 protocols in place to protect riders

WHEN 25-26-27 SEPTEMBER 2020

WHERE Oudewerf Farm On R60 And Just Outside The Historic Town Swellendam

ROUTE Day 1 Night Race - 2.4km lap route, and laps to be completed within one hour. Day 2 - 61km over farmland, jeep track, single track and gravel travel. Day 3 - 28km into the foothills of the Langeberg mountain range. Trail run: Sunday 27 Sept 2020 | 16km - R80 | 5km - R40

COST All 3 days – R1500 per cyclist and R550 single stages/day Timing by Great-Time

ENTRIES 2020 +27 74 457 6777

Virtual “Strava challenges” do not require sanctioning as long as they remain completely virtual and do not require participants to gather, but are rather held over an extended period of time (i.e full day or week).

LANGEBERG LINK MTB WILL CONTINUE AS PLANNED The good news is that Langeberg Link MTB 3-Day stage event scheduled for 25-27 September 2020, will go ahead as planned. The Government has advised Cycling South Africa that small-batch events for up to a maximum of 300 people, including staff and personnel, may commence from 1 September 2020. After the announcement, the organisers of Langeberg Link MTB has obtained all the relevant permits and confirmed sanctioning of the event by Cycling South Africa. The farm Oudewerf, Kliphoogte, 12km outside Swellendam on the R60 towards Ashton will once again host the event. This is the perfect time to get back in shape ahead of cycling races for the rest of the season. The event is open to all mountain bike enthusiasts. Riders can choose between a long route, or a short route and the event also offers solo entries in all three days, or single days only. Trail running adventurers can take part in 6km or a 15km trail run on Sunday, 27 September. The route will follow the start of day three, with a few shortcuts, whilst still giving runners a unique experience. The Langeberg Link MTB route will take riders mostly on private farm land - thus ensuring the uniqueness of the event. The track, where normal access is limited, is purposely designed that cyclists can enjoy the overwhelming beauty of fauna and flora in the area and experience some breath-taking views of the Langeberg Mountains. Night Race: The event will start with a night race on 25 September, covering a 2.4 kilometre lap route on the farm. Riders need to complete as many laps as possible within an hour and will have to enter and exit the barn on completion of each lap. Day 2: A 61km route that includes a combination of gravel travel, jeep track and single track will be followed. Day 3: The route takes riders into the Langeberg mountain range and although only about 24km, some hills are quite challenging. Your efforts will be rewarded by the scenery. The ‘famous Hill’ will once again await riders on route. “As organizers, we are extremely thankful to the local farmers, who not only allow riders to traverse their land, but also leave no stone unturned when it comes to preparing routes, build bridges, man waterpoints and act as marshals. To ensure that this beautiful part of the land is not exploited, and to make the ride exclusive, entries are limited,” said Riana Rosseau. It should be noted that accommodation is excluded from the entry fees. Tented accommodation with adequate ablution facilities at the venue will be made available at a reasonable rate for the weekend. Enter via or contact 074 457 6777 or visit




E-BIKES A LEAP FORWARD IN WELLNESS Cycling, backed by technology and new inventions, arrived onto the South African scene during the late 80’s and early 90’s. Bicycles became lighter, more durable, and easier to ride. Technology, with Specialized at the forefront, started looking at human ergonomics on the bike in a properly researched, scientific way, and slowly but surely the sport (mainly road cycling) started to gain popularity. In a few years events like the Cape Argus Cycle Tour, The 94.7, The Tour D’Urban etc started setting records in the amount of entries. Road cycling continued to grow amidst fears of road safety, as more cyclists on the SA roads, notorious for aggressive drivers, started to appear, either as solo cyclists or in groups. Then the 1st primitive, 26” wheel mountain bikes started to appear in the late 90’s, and suddenly there was a new outlet for technology! Within 8 years the sport became so popular that it evolved into multi-day, marathon stage racing, and in 2004 The Cape Epic came into being. Tyre technology kept evolving too, and with the advent of the tubeless tyre (that has puncture-sealing liquid inside it), the sport just became an even bigger pleasure to take part in. In 2008, invention step to the fore again, and the mountain biking world was transformed by the introduction of the bigger, 29” wheel. More technology, headed by innovation-driven companies like Specialized, saw dual suspension bikes receiving reliable independent, intelligent hydro-mechanical/pneumatic suspension systems on the front wheel and the rear wheel, and with an expanding categorized trail system through many parts of the country, and especially the Western Cape, the table was laid for cycling in a safe and recreative environment, where the riders could choose the amount of risk they wanted to subject themselves to. Technology continued to creep forward in the equipment, which saw mountain bikes (as well as road bikes) continuously evolving, becoming better and better, and more and more a pleasure to ride. Then in 2014, lagging the rest of the world by a year or 2 in the introduction of e-bikes, Specialized introduced the game changer that set the e-bike market onto a new trajectory: the pedal-assist bike, in both road and mountain bike form.

WHAT IS A PEDAL ASSIST E-BIKE? - It is not throttle operated. It assists the rider only when the rider pedals it. The harder the rider pedals the bike, the more the bike assists the rider, and vice versa. - Riders can choose the amounts of assistance received by the bicycle through various (typically 3) power settings. - Through Specialized’s Mission Control App, riders are able to fine-tune the assistance they receive in each power setting. Under the Smart Control option, the bike can even be set to assist the rider to ride within a pre-set range of heart rate speeds!

- The bikes are factory pre-set to assist the rider up to a maximum speed of 32km/h. Once that speed is reached, the motor cuts out. The bike can, however go

faster if pedalled hard enough, typically on downhill terrain. New riders typically use more motor assistance than fit riders. Fitter riders typically down-tune their bikes, and some fit riders have recorded rides of up to 7 hours and 150km on a single battery charge. Recharge time is a short 3,5 - 4 hours. The e-mountain bike has introduced many newcomers to the sport of mountain biking. Newbies are now able to rapidly increase their quality of life as they are able to ride and keep up with their fitter friends, husbands and kids. The bikes, specifically The Specialized Levo, has won but all the international accolades year after year, and are super-capable in any terrain due to their balance of weight, centre of gravity, trail-specific geometry that enables easy handling, and software, battery and motor technology. The bikes are the definition of the ultimate adventure machine - no mountain is too steep or high, and no headwind is too strong! The Specialized Creo is the road counterpart of the Levo, and is capable on any road surface through wider, tubeless off-road tyres that have minimum rolling resistance on tar, a frame that distribute jarring forces in a better, more ergonomic way, and an adjustable handlebar steerer suspension system. The Creo has a standard range of about 120km, depending on the terrain and rider weight, and the range can be extended to almost 200km by way of a range extender battery, that can be mounted in a standard bottle cage and plugged into the bikes’s electrical system. All e-bikes’ software and electronic systems get updated when the customer visits a reputable and authorised Specialized dealer. Probably the most important question to ask before you buy is this: what are the warranties I get with the purchase, and what technical back-up is on offer? There are no DIY, fixed-it-myself solutions on these machines – choose a brand and an outlet with a reputable service record, and the smile you will get on your first ride will stay there!



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stories that are life changing


Photo: Whale sightings - Photo Credit: Dave Hurwitz

The Cape Whale Route is a 900-kilometre-long stretch of coastline that extends from Strandfontein near Muizenberg to Plettenberg Bay. Every year between June and December, southern right whales journey from the Antarctic to the Cape Whale coast during the winter to mate, calve, and rear their young, giving us the awe-inspiring opportunity to get up close with them, giving displays of raw power and elegant water acrobatics. Hermanus is considered to be the Whale Capital of the world and boasts with its own whale crier who keeps visitors informed as to where the whales can be seen. During the whale season he walks around Hermanus spotting whales and announcing their presence by blowing on his kelp horn. De Hoop Nature Reserve is probably most commonly known for its enormous Southern Right Whale migratory calving population and probably the place where you’ll be able to spot the largest numbers of whales. Although there are many great spots around the Western Cape we’ve listed a few of our favourites: Gansbaai, De Kelders, Cape Agulhas, Yzerfontein, Wilderness, Knysna, Mossel Bay, Plettenberg Bay, and along the False Bay Coast. Make sure you pack a pair of binoculars, a camera or a smartphone ready to capture these magnificent creatures when you visit.

WANDERING HIPPO FINDS A HOME IN MOSSEL BAY In November last year, the staff from the City’s False Bay Nature Reserve spotted a dispersing hippo in Rondevlei, in all probability pushed out of the main herd at the Rondevlei section of the reserve. Staff facilitated the moving of the animal to a pan at the Strandfontein Cape Flats Waste Water Treatment works and erected an electric fence to contain it. Upon initial inspection of the hippopotamus, the City’s biodiversity management staff at the reserve found that the animal did not appear well, nor did it respond to close human presence. The team arranged for a veterinarian to assess its condition after which it was decided that the Biodiversity Management team would monitor the hippopotamus on a daily basis with as little disturbance as possible to see if its condition improved. Hippos usually feed during their evening grazing periods and can go without food for a number of days, up to three weeks or even longer. Therefore, the team was encouraged to see it feeding and showing good signs of recovery after two weeks of monitoring. A capture plan was in place since December 2019, but was delayed to allow sufficient time for the hippopotamus to first fully recover its health. A timber boma was constructed allowing the animal to walk in of its own accord and to be trapped after tripping infrared beams which activate the closure of the door. Construction of the boma started mid-February this year and was operational at the beginning of March. Due to the dynamics of the main hippopotamus population, where the dominant male chases away and sometimes kills his offspring to limit breeding competition, it was not advisable for the team to reintroduce the hippo back into its pod. The hippo therefore, needed a new home. Finding a suitable new home for a hippopotamus can be a challenge as these animals have specific habitat requirements and a site would require adequate fencing due to the dangerous nature of these wild animals. Bergsig a game farm in Mossel Bay had made contact with the False Bay Nature Reserve in September 2018, enquiring about potentially sourcing a hippopotamus to complement the other hippo on site.

Having met all of the necessary requirements, Bergsig was approved as a receptor site. Once captured, the hippo would be on its way to Mossel Bay. To limit the disturbance of continuously monitoring the boma during the day and in the evenings, a remote monitoring system was developed using technology that would remotely notify the reserve manager and the reserve ranger control room when the hippo boma door closes. Hundred-and-eleven days since the start of the capture operation, the hippo was finally caught inside the boma where it was found to be in a calm state, occasionally grunting and snorting.

The City’s veterinarian was present to closely monitor the hippo. After months of preparation and anticipation of this capture, the loading took all of two minutes to complete. The truck left close to midnight and arrived in Mossel Bay on 22 June 2020. It is extremely difficult to tell the sexes apart, but upon arrival the Bergsig staff believed the animal, named ‘Bambi’, to be female. Two days after the new hippo’s arrival from the False Bay Nature Reserve, it was reported that the resident male, ‘Fatboy’ and ‘Bambi’ were seen together. Since then, they have been spotted together nearly every day – an unexpected happy ending for all concerned.

Bring your life Somerset West Shop 6 The Hub, Somerset Triangle 021 8500 514 076 8783 832