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Cape Town is set for a bumper tourism season with estimates for the number of travellers to our shores indicating a significant increase. One of the key drivers of economic growth is the ‘Blue Economy’ which encompasses both the aviation and ocean economies. “I am very excited to confirm the impressive increases in visitor arrival numbers based on the amount of forward bookings. These numbers, based on actual flight reservations, are according to data company ForwardKeys. We are expecting almost 50 000 travellers to arrive from the UK until the March 2020 period, demonstrating an increase of 30% when compared to the same period last year.”

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Photo: Jeff Ayliffe - Photo Credit: Jacques Marais




Cape Town media executive Jeff Ayliffe, dressed in a Spider-Man T-shirt and a pair of wraparound shades, realised a lifelong dream when he did a handstand on top of one of the Table Mountain Aerial Cableway cars recently. The handstand was performed around 06:30 on a narrow beam of the cable car, halfway between the ground station and the mountaintop. “I’m super stoked that I finally bagged the cable car. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time,” Jeff said. This was handstand number 332 for Ayliffe, who has documented each of his handstands and says he made the 365-handstand goal to challenge himself. He started on 3 January 2019, where he did a handstand every day of the year in various locations.

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Adding ‘Girl Power’ To Academic Inspiration With SA’s Queen Of Mathematics Mathematically gifted, Danielle Kleyn’s future is burning bright. She’s looking forward to her 2020 Matric year, having just completed her Grade 11 studies at Parel Vallei High School in Somerset West. But her enthusiasm for the year ahead comes as no surprise: Her passion and talent for maths has already seen her crowned as ‘Queen of Mathematics’ twice at the Pan African Mathematics Olympiad (PAMO) and she’s been first in her grade academically for the past four years. Kleyn shares some actionable advice that parents and learners can use to foster their love and talent for maths. ‘Girl power’ comes to mind when speaking to Danielle. She’s a humble, yet quietly powerful, force who has already proven herself as the only 2019 South African female national medallist of the South African Mathematics Olympiad (SAMO), placing in the top 10 of the senior division of the biggest Olympiad in South Africa.

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Danielle did so well in her first year of participation that she was chosen for the Boland Junior A-team in 2016. She went on to become one of the top 20 juniors in SAMO that year, claiming overall third spot in the Western Cape based on her SAMO second round results.


Travel from the dynamic city of Cape Town to the 5 diverse regions of the Western Cape. Discover the quiet roads of the Karoo and Klein Karoo, wine farms in the Cape Winelands, fishing villages on the West Coast, markets in the Overberg and blue seas and white sandy beaches of the Garden Route.


By then, her Olympiad appetite was well-fed and she was hungry for more. And so it’s no surprise that the following year she was re-selected for the Boland Junior A-team and ended up seventh overall in the third round for juniors at SAMO, while also claiming top spot in the Western Cape after achieving full marks. In Grade 10, she placed 15th and was the top girl for seniors in the third round, while she placed fourth overall for seniors in the third round in Grade 11. She also received a silver runner-up medal for her SAMO success at the 2019 SAMF awards.


The V&A Waterfront’s R59-million redevelopment of the Cruise Terminal in 2015 has stimulated growth in this lucrative tourism industry, as ever-larger vessels and more cruise line operators opt to stop over in the Port of Cape Town. For the upcoming cruise season beginning in October 2019 and ending in April 2020, 21 different ships from 11 cruise liner companies will dock at the Cruise Terminal’s E Berth. One of the ships, the Aidamira, will return as many as 17 times, while the MSC Orchestra will return six times, the Azamara Quest four times, the Nautica three times and the MS Bremen and the Albatross will each make two visits. This culminates in 57 ship visits for the season. These are confirmed bookings. Conservatively, the Cruise Terminal will welcome roughly 100 000 passengers and 30 000 crew.

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Danielle’s name is also known in wider circles, as she represented SA at the 2018 and 2019 Pan African Mathematics Olympiad (PAMO). Her excellent results at PAMO saw her further recognised as one of only three girls in the country to receive South African colours for her international maths Olympiad participation in 2018. Danielle also went on to win the title ‘Queen of Mathematics’ for the second consecutive time in 2019, confirmation of the hard work she’s put in to come this far. Explaining her path to success, the keen mathematician says she loves to solve tricky problems by working with data, quantity, structure and variables. She started participating in olympiads in primary school, where she excelled at what she saw as a fun activity. On starting high school, she realised she could compete more competitively and started preparing more diligently.

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The festive season is upon us and the Western Cape looks forward to see visitors out and about in our beautiful region in celebration of this much anticipated time of the year. As South Africa’s premier tourist attraction the area offers visitors to experience the Cape’s historical significance, natural beauty, beaches, mountains, food, wine, and many other tourist attractions.

This because SAMF aims to advance the mathematics development and education of South African youth through improved quality teaching and learning of mathematics, as well as through public awareness activities. Danielle has always excelled in maths. She has competed in the third and final round for the top 100 juniors and top 100 seniors, and has won the University of Pretoria Maths Competition for her grade group since grade 8. She has also been in the top 10 of her grade group for the University of Cape Town’s Maths Competition since grade 9, and received its ‘top girl award’ in grades 9 and 11.


Organised by the non-profit South African Mathematics Foundation (SAMF), the SAMO makes a positive contribution to the critical skills development the country desperately needs to achieve its socio-economic goals.

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Danielle too has a heart for society as she works towards helping meet the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) of ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education and promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all by helping her fellow students succeed, giving freely of her time to help them prepare for Maths Olympiads and offering extra Maths lessons. TNP1219.indd 1

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This giving-back spirit is crucial for the future of the country, as studies show that in one out of four countries, more than half the children fail to meet minimum mathematics proficiency standards at the end of primary school, with more than half of those female. It’s only when quality education is offered that we can break away from the cycle of poverty and reach gender equality. Speaking about why it’s important to her to help her fellow students succeed, Danielle acknowledges that she’s been fortunate to have attended extra maths classes and has very supportive mentors. Clearly wise beyond her years, Danielle’s mathematical aptitude means she’s planning to study Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and/or Computer Science at Stellenbosch University after matric. While she doesn’t plan on becoming a CA (SA) at this stage, she says any profession would greatly benefit if future candidates weren’t held back by inequality, and allowed to be in an environment where they can reach their full academic potential.

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Danielle is certainly proof of that, and we look forward to hearing of her future successes.


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Award Winning Cape Town International Airport Set To Take Off To New Heights To grow the aviation economy, the City provides funding to the Air Access initiative which is mandated to expand current flight routes and to secure new routes to boost tourism and trade. Since its launch in 2015, this initiative contributed to the success of securing 16 new routes, 22 route expansions and increased the international seat capacity to 1,5 million two-way seats. The next exciting step is to grow Cape Town’s cargo footprint for export. Air cargo at CTIA is a growing sector that holds huge benefit for the residents of Cape Town and for the locally produced goods market. This is evident from the most recent statistics which show that international cargo freight has grown by 52%. “We are in the process of collaborating with key stakeholders to develop a Cargo Strategy. This will leverage the successes of increased global connections from CTIA to allow our products to compete on the world stage.” Reliable and efficient airport infrastructure is the backbone of the travel and trade sector. The expansion of the CTIA, costing R7 billion over the next five years, will see the construction of a new realigned runway, the refurbishment of the domestic arrivals terminal and the expansion of the international terminal. Photo: United Airlines - Photo Credit: Justin de Reuck - Aviation Photographer

According to recent statistics, the Cape Town International Airport (CTIA) has contributed R4,7 billion to the South African economy. Of this, R2 billion went towards the income of South African workers, supporting 43 608 direct and indirect jobs. “At the annual Feather Awards Ceremony, I had the opportunity to pay tribute to the incredible team who make the airport a success. Our globally competitive airport is often recognised for service excellence and has been awarded the most accolades in Africa,” says Mayoral Committee Member for Economic Opportunities and Asset Management, Alderman James Vos. “It is a pleasure to partner with CTIA to help deliver on this consistent world-class performance. My priority, for the past year, has been to position my portfolio as the City’s growth directorate. This means that we focus our energy on attracting investment, which in turn creates jobs and leads to economic growth.” “A key driver of growth through tourism and trade is what I have termed the ‘Blue Economy’ that encompasses both the aviation and ocean economies.”

This expansion will also make a meaningful contribution to the local economy. The City’s Enterprise and Investment Department is working with the airport to maximise the benefits of this expansion for local contractors and communities. The City has also invested in extensive Place Marketing branding to position Cape Town as a destination of choice for both business and leisure travel. Beautiful branding in airports gives travellers a glimpse of the wonderful sites and attractions Cape Town has on offer. “Other important aspects of the ‘Blue Economy’ that are poised for increased growth are boat building and cruise tourism. We are working with these key catalytic sectors to implement proven strategies so they reach their full potential and create jobs.” “Without the dedication and passion of the ACSA team as well as my own team, the successes we have achieved would not be possible.” “I look forward to working even harder in 2020 to deliver the growth we need in the Blue Economy to generate more economic growth and jobs for the residents of Cape Town,” Alderman James Vos concludes.

Jeff Ayliffe Doing Handstand On Cable Car (Continue from page 1) “What an incredible natural high it was to be a part of this #HandStand365 stunt by Jeff Ayliffe. What happened on top of Table Mountain this morning - way before most of Cape Town woke up – rated as once-in-a-lifetime adrenaline experience,” said photographer Jacques Marais. “Much of the stoke came from sharing it with Jeff Ayliffe, an adventure-mate of note, who bagged an epic Handstand #332 as #Handstand365 Project, with the Red Cross Children’s’ Hospital as his charity beneficiary. His feat of incredible balance and core strength took place on top of the Table Mountain Aerial Cableway cable car, and I was lucky enough to have a grandstand view of the action from the adjacent gondola roof. This means I got to ‘surf’ a cable car up Table Mountain – not many people get to do that, and in the process I got to witness what must surely go down as one of the most daring handstands in history, Jacques concluded. Ayliffe has done handstands on the walls of the Castle of Good Hope and Chapmans Peak Drive, on top of the Cape Town Stadium, buildings in the CBD as well as on water features, a cannon, a food truck, a tractor, a bicycle - pretty much wherever he happens to find himself at any given time. Ayliffe began to love performing handstands and doing gymnastics at the age of 6, training at the YMCA Gymnastics Club in Pietermaritzburg. “I have a passion for this act of balancing on one’s hands that is, even to me, hard to understand. I see places, and just know - There is a handstand here. And I’m drawn by a strange force.” “For the past 40 plus years, this has been with me, and I have continued to do handstands, Jeff concluded.”

Photo: Jeff Ayliffe - Photo Credit: Jacques Marais




Cape Town Air Access Lands Overall Winner Award At Routes Africa Cape Town Air Access received the prestigious Overall Winner Award for the second consecutive year at the annual Routes Africa 2019 Awards ceremony in Mombasa, Kenya on 9 December 2019. Cape Town won three awards during the ceremony, including: Cape Town International Airport - Best Airport in Africa in the 4-20 million passenger category; Cape Town Air Access - Destination Marketing award; as well as Overall Routes Africa award. Cape Town Air Access is a partnership between the City of Cape Town, the Western Cape Government, Airports Company South Africa, Cape Town Tourism, Wesgro and South African Tourism, and is supported by Naspers, Tsogo Sun, Investec, Oasis Holdings, and the Leeu Collection. This unique public-private collaboration’s key objective is to land more direct routes into Cape Town International Airport.

The African passenger market grew by 4% during the first eight months of 2019, with business class passengers showing exceptional growth of 16% during the same period. “We are proud of Cape Town Air Access. What Cape Town Air Access has shown is that expanding air connectivity can expand opportunity for people, and expanding opportunity for people, can give hope to people by creating jobs in the Western Cape. Through their efforts to land more routes to Cape Town, they have provided a major boost to the Cape economy,” said David Maynier, Minister of Finance and Economic Opportunities Western Cape. Routes Africa is the longest standing aviation forum, bringing together airlines, airports and tourism authorities. Nominated and judged by airline network planners, the annual Routes Africa Awards are highly regarded in the aviation industry for recognising excellence in the route development. “The City of Cape Town is proud to be involved in an initiative that showcases the tremendous value of public-private partnerships, which is why we recently allocated additional funding towards this project.” “Given the significance of landing more flights that will ultimately translate into more economic opportunities for our city, and in turn more jobs for locals. This project unlocks the full potential of our aviation economy, and more importantly connects the city to the rest of the African continent and beyond. I am very proud of what this collective initiative has achieved,” said Mayoral Committee Member for Economic Opportunities and Asset Management, Alderman James Vos. The contenders for the airport and destination awards were as follows: Airport 4-20 Million Passengers, Algiers - Houari Boumedienne Airport, Cairo Airport; Cape Town International Airport; Casablanca Mohammed V Airport and Tunis-Carthage Airport. Destination Marketing: Cape Town Air Access, Durban Tourism, Mauritius Ministry of Tourism, Moroccan National Tourist Office and Rwanda Tourism Board.

“Underpinning Cape Town International Airport’s exceptional growth has been the Cape Town Air Access (CTAA) collaboration, which is increasingly being recognised as a success formula to be replicated by other regions. We consider the initiative to be a blueprint, not only for SA, but for the African continent. As the industry moves closer toward Open Skies, this type of collaboration is the future for any airport, and country, wanting to be competitive,” says Airport Manager, Deon Cloete. There has been a key focus on the African market for the Cape Town Air Access, with the initiative assisting in bringing five new African airlines and eleven new African destinations into the network, resulting in a capacity increase of 450 000 African seats.

“The Cape Town Air Access team has made big strides into achieving its mandate and since its inception in 2015, the unit has succeeded in landing 16 new routes, and 22 route expansions, adding over 750,000 one-way seats into the airport. It is estimated that the additional routes have helped contribute an additional R6 billion in tourism spend to the Cape’s economy,” concluded Tim Harris, CEO of Wesgro.

Double Digit Tourism Growth On The Cards For Cape Town (Continue from page 1) Meanwhile Germany shows a 20% increase and the USA 11%,” says Mayoral Committee Member for Economic Opportunities and Asset Management, Alderman James Vos. These stellar increases in tourists from some of our key source markets show that by implementing successful strategies, we can increase the numbers of tourists to our city and ultimately benefit our residents and businesses. Clearly the investments in destination marketing and tourism development are paying off. Tourism accounts for thousands of jobs in our city and has great growth potential. The City, in partnership with Cape Town Tourism, will continue investing in programmes and initiatives to drive demand that make business sense.

Photo: V&A Waterfront - Photo Credit: Hillary Fox / Cape Town Tourism

“I am driven by the overarching objective to make my portfolio the ‘Growth Directorate’ of the City. This means that we focus our energy on attracting investment and tourism, which creates jobs and leads to economic growth. A key driver of growth, through travel and trade, is what I have termed the ‘Blue Economy’ and encompasses both the aviation and ocean economies,” Alderman James Vos continues. To grow the aviation economy, the City provides funding to the Air Access initiative which is mandated to expand current flight routes and to secure new routes to boost tourism and trade. This initiative has contributed to the success of securing 16 new routes, 22 route expansions and has increased the international seat capacity to 1,5 million two-way seats. “Other important aspects of the ‘Blue Economy’ that are poised for high growth are boat building and cruise tourism. We are working with these key catalytic sectors to implement proven strategies so they reach their full potential. I look forward to making further announcements about the various programmes that will be considered and implemented to unlock the economic potential of these sectors in the new year,” Alderman James Vos concludes.




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LETTING OUT YOUR HOLIDAY HOME OR FLAT, DON’T FORGET TO UPDATE YOUR INSURANCE The global short-term renting boom means that more people than ever are earning money by letting out spare accommodation. But there are risks involved, and property owners would do well to consider these before going ahead.

She explains that different insurers may exclude certain risks, so it’s important to inform your insurer that you intend letting out a property. Also, discuss what risks are covered and whether you can extend your cover. As the largest short-term letting platform, Airbnb has a $1 million Host Protection Insurance in place automatically with every instance of letting out your property. This will cover you against personal liability and damage to your property caused by the tenant. “You are also not limited to Airbnb’s platform as there are many other accommodation bookings sites you could list with. If you are using a different website to let out your property, carefully read the terms and conditions to find out what kind of cover they offer you,” says Nagtegaal. In addition to insurance concerns, you should make sure that you have adequate security measures in place – as much for the protection of your property as for the safety of the visitor. If the visitor is sharing your property, be sure to educate them properly in terms of safety precautions. Burglar bars, electric fences, garden beams and alarms are all useful security features.

If you have a holiday home or city apartment, you have the potential to rent it out to earn a bit of extra income. According to Airbnb’s 2018 report, hosts in South Africa have earned over $260 million, supporting over 22,000 jobs. Renting out your home over the holiday is a time-honoured way to boost your income and, in the past, this would normally be on a long-lease basis. However, with internet sites such as Airbnb, and LekkeSlaap, it has never been easier to find holiday visitors for short-term rentals. ”While the extra money in your bank account every month is a definite plus, it’s important to consider that things can go wrong and that you should have insurance to protect you financially from any eventuality,” says Vera Nagtegaal, executive head of online comparison website There are at least three types of risks that you need to consider insuring against if you are letting a property in the short-term. The first is your liability for your lessee – if something happens to them on your property, you would potentially need to cover medical costs.

“Safety features usually have the added bonus of bringing down your insurance premiums, so be sure to list them with your insurer too,” says Nagtegaal. As with any other source of income, there are risks involved in letting out a property, says Nagtegaal.

The second is damage to your property by the tenant. And the third is theft of your property, either by the tenant or by another party, who perhaps gained entry because, for example, the visitor didn’t set the alarm properly.

“But don’t let this deter you from going down this path – you just need to be prepared so that you don’t find yourself out of pocket instead of banking the extra cash.”




Blue Waters Seafood & Sushi Restaurant Taking your love for quality seafood to new heights

Photo Credit: Amanda van der Merwe

Since opening our doors in 1998, the reputation of Blue Waters has soared far as an excellent Seafood and Sushi restaurant in the heart of Somerset West. The restaurant has a bar area, indoor and outdoor garden dining area. Blue Waters specializes in the finest and freshest seafood from coastal regions of southern Africa, a superb sushi menu and as well as a renowned wine-list with some of the top proudly-local wine selections. The restaurant has earned its reputation as the place to indulge in the best seafood platter in Somerset West. Chef Sam Chen Sam has dedicated years of experience on sourcing and refining fresh, seasonal produce to Blue Waters’ menu. Chen’s growth as a chef began in Hong Kong where he worked at a contemporary seafood restaurant, Silver Temple, in 2008. Sushi Chef Gee Huang Gee is a Chinese Sushi chef considered by many to be one of the best sushi chefs in Cape Town. With over 10 years of experience working at Cape Town famous 1890 house sushi and grill, his established techniques will bring you a top quality plate of sushi in all of Somerset West. “We at Blue Waters work to take your love for quality seafood to new heights.”

What you can expect at Blue Waters - Customers are welcome to bring their own wine - Seafood and Sushi cuisine - Specialities is the seafood platter consisting of fresh prawns, local fish and crayfish - Seats 60 indoor and 30 - 40 outdoor - Average spend per person is R220 - Free secure parking area - Wheelchair accessible - Fully licensed. Open for lunch and dinner daily as well as catering and functions venue. Restaurant Trading hours: Monday - Sunday 11h30 - 22h00 For more information and bookings contact 021 852 8012 email: or visit 5 Lourensford road, Stuart’s Hill, Somerset West




Few things you need to add to your 2020 wine bucket list Here we are in 2020. Another vintage is underway and wine teams are anticipating the fruit of their labour. Here are a few things you need to add to your 2020 wine bucket list. Taste wine from different regions - Diversity is the biggest calling card for South Africa. While some vineyards are nestled between mountains or braving the Karoo heat, others are poised at the ocean’s edge. With more than 90 000 hectares under vine, one can imagine the magnitude of styles produced. Apart from the five growing regions in the Western Cape, five more geographical units include the likes of KZN, 28 districts and 87 smaller wards. Make a note of the Wine of Origin indicated on the label and keep a logbook of its characteristics. Soon you will build a vocabulary to distinguish one from the other. Discover new grape cultivars - Never say never. Many consumers have a favourite grape varietal that ticks all the boxes but it is time to step outside that comfort zone. Many are pleasantly surprised by the character of Gewürztraminer or Nebbiolo, contrary to the usual suspects like Sauvignon Blanc or Merlot. Familiarise yourself with appropriate stemware - Washing a glass worth R300 versus a glass worth R30 might stir an unprecedented fear of breakage, but it opens a new world. There are educational tastings with Riedel glasses where the properties of the various shapes are demonstrated. Once the penny drops, this can elevate the wine drinking experience and do the wine more justice. Taste wine styles from different countries - Not all South Africans understand the quality of local wines until they’ve made a concerted effort to compare it to their foreign counterparts. Off course there are spectacular wines in legendary wine-growing countries but once you’ve compared a Methode Cap Classique to an Italian Prosecco, French Champagne or Spanish Cave, you can make informed decisions about their intrinsic value and the price you pay. Article by Samarie Smith, a certified taster and currently the brand manager for Benguela Cove. Follow her all the way until harvest in 2020 for musings from the vineyards.

Sip, Savour, Snip & Squash At Nederburg’s Harvest At Dusk Festival It’s almost that time of the year again when Nederburg’s team of viticulture and winemaking experts face the 2020 wine grape harvest head-on. The most special time of the year in the wine industry, the annual harvest is a celebration of thanksgiving for nature’s incredible bounty. As always, Nederburg will be inviting guests to come and experience the harvest first-hand, providing the opportunity to sip, savour, snip and squash during the Paarl winery’s 2020 Harvest at Dusk Festival, scheduled to take place on Saturday, 8 February 2020. And what’s more, for the very first time, KFM presenter Carl Wastie will be there as MC! Learn from their winemakers how the harvest is progressing, and taste newly harvested grapes and fresh grape must before it becomes wine. Then get yourself dirty by participating in the fun of picking and stomping fully ripened grapes. After freshening up, guests will be treated to a bountiful harvest feast on the lawn in front of Nederburg’s historic manor house, with upbeat music entertainment provided by popular South African music group, Kaleidoskoop. Johnny Hamman and Marius Uys of Slippery Spoon Kitchen will be serving up a harvest feast with creative flair, like never before. Much of it’s still a secret, but one could expect family-style table platters, laden with delicious fresh food including bountiful mezze, meats, salads and vegetables, as well as delectable desserts.

A wide selection of Nederburg wines, soft drinks, mineral waters, coffees and teas will be available to purchase. For more information visit

Platter’s Wine Guide is celebrating its 40th anniversary The Platter’s Wine Guide is celebrating its 40th anniversary, introducing South Africa’s top wine performers to enter 2020 in the best vinous spirits. This wine guide has become a house hold institution, mapping the journey to find new wines, discover gems that punch above their “price” weight or to simply follow the trajectory of wines you’ve come to love. Platter’s is as the name says, a guide, and serves as a complete manual of different wine styles in South Africa, the latest industry data, bite size information about different wine regions and detailed information on farms that is a must-visit for oenophiles. The vintage and wine-style guide in the book is particularly useful to consumers who want to make more informed decisions before purchasing a wine they have little or no knowledge of. Not everyone can receive five stars and no panel is flawless but this is a darn good platform to advocate the vast offering of the South African winelands. As far as the producers go, this guide serves as a yardstick to measure their own progress. And as Gary Player said: “The more you practice, the luckier you get.” Wines that received 5 stars had to score 95 points or more on the internationally recognised 100-point scale. A total of 125 wines and one brandy achieved the coveted 5-star rating. The Top Performing Winery of the Year award went to Mullineux, giving this Swartland-based powerhouse a record-breaking fourth title as Platter’s Winery of the Year. No stone is left unturned when Chris and Andrea Mullineux set their aim on producing wines true to its origin and, true to themselves. Mullineux achieved five 5-star ratings plus two Wines of the Year – their Granite Syrah 2017 and Straw Wine 2018. Albeit no stranger in the wine world, the honourable award of Newcomer Winery of the Year (recognising the cellar that records the best results as a first-time participant) went to specialist sparkling-wine producer Pieter Ferreira Cap Classique. Fondly known as “Bubbles Ferreira” the brand-new wine label scored a staggering 97-points for his debut Blanc de Blancs 2012 méthode cap classique. While it is an honour to receive five stars, the 4 ½ stars, good value wines and the hidden gems guarantees bang for your buck and mustn’t be overlooked. Few can afford a five star wine every day and keep in mind there will always be wines with gravitas that don’t perform every year. Apart from the consistent performers, my advice would be to also look out for the more unusual wines. Lighter reds like Cinsaut and Grenache Noir is ideal so celebrate a summer Christmas with a slightly chilled yet powerful wine. Erika Obermeyer Erika O Syrah-Grenache Noir-Cinsault 2018 already has this charming ring to it – wait until you sink your nose into this wine. The Foundry is back with the 2018 Grenache Blanc and the Trizanne Sondagkloof Blanc Fumé 2018 gives Sauvignon Blanc the pizzazz is deserves. The Pieter Ferreira Blanc de Blancs 2012 tells the quintessential SA MCC story; Mullineux Straw Wine 2018 conveys the magic of a sweet elixir and the KWV Centenary Brandy shows why South Africa don’t have to stand back for the finest cognac. Article by Samarie Smith

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Our Sossusvlei Lodge is a luxurious retreat situated at the entrance gate to the Namib Naukluft Park. The individual accommodation units each feature a spacious air-conditioned bedroom, en-suite bathroom and a patio from where you can admire the views over the Desert landscapes. Relax with ice-cold drinks at the indoor bar area, at the beer garden, on the sundowner deck or next to the refreshing pool. The restaurant is well known for their delectable buffet and variety of dishes served on our al fresco terrace with views towards a floodlit waterhole that’s frequently visited by passing wildlife. The on-site Adventure Centre provides loads of exciting activities to explore the area including guided excursions, sundowner trips and flights. A fantastic alternative for those that prefer a bit more independence is our two self-catering establishments situated only 4km from the Lodge where you can experience being close to nature without compromising on the comfort!

Sossusvlei Lodge

Desert Camp and Desert Quiver Camp both offer modern self-catering options surrounded by inspiring scenery and roaming wildlife. The uniquely designed units have a spacious air-conditioned bedroom featuring a sleeper couch for small children, en-suite bathroom with shower and a patio with a fitted kitchenette, fridge, wooden bench for seating and braai. The main areas at both facilities comprise of a fully stocked bar, two communal boma areas for groups or families traveling together and a refreshing pool which is essential after a day of exploring the Dunes. Fresh food supplies can be ordered daily at both establishments’ reception areas or one can enjoy dinners and breakfasts at the nearby Sossusvlei Lodge. Campers are spoiled with an exclusive Sossus Oasis Camp Site at the entrance gate to the Namib Naukluft Park. Each campsite has a paved patch with a wooden canopy, its own toilet and shower facilities, kitchen wash-up basin, braai and electricity points. There is a pool in the middle of the campsite and within walking distance a fully stocked shop offering drinks, ice, groceries, wood, curios and clothing as well as a fuel station and tyre workshop. From Sossusvlei the road will lead you to the historic coastal town Swakopmund. Close to the famous jetty and pristine beaches you will find the charming Hotel Zum Kaiser at the end of Sam Nujoma Drive.

Desert Camp Units

This exclusive hotel houses only 21 fully air-conditioned rooms, each with a full en-suite bathroom, television, coffee and tea making facilities, bar fridge and complimentary WiFi to catch up with your friends. At the on-site Bistro Zum Kaiser steaming cups of coffee and a breakfast feast will set you up for the day. Loads of activities to explore the surrounds can be booked with our reception staff. At the idyllic Roof Terrace one can enjoy the most beautiful sunsets over the Atlantic whilst sipping sun-downers. From here the animal kingdom of Etosha awaits where the unique wildlife viewings never cease to amaze. On your journey towards the National Park you will notice a new welcoming oasis at Etosha Trading Post only 6,5km from the Okaukuejo entrance. Here one can fill up at the fuel station, repair any tyre issues, stock up on grocery supplies and browse for the ideal gift at our huge curio deck. The nearby campsites each with private bathroom facilities are the ideal place from where you can explore the abundance of wildlife in the Park. Etosha Trading Post Campsite

Further down the road towards the Andersson Gate to Etosha, you will find our unique Etosha Village. Blending in with the Mopani forest, the accommodation units each offer a spacious air-conditioned bedroom with a sleeper couch suitable for young children, an en-suite bathroom, small patio as well as an outside seating area to enjoy the beauty that surrounds you. Here you can enjoy exciting activities including guided game drives to the Park, walks, sundowner drives and magical stargazing sessions. Relax at the poolside or around the fire pit at our bar area after a day of exploring Etosha. Indulge in the exquisite cuisine on offer at our buffet feast including various starter options, salads, stir-fries, freshly grilled meats and delicious desserts. Stumbling back into the hustle and bustle of your daily routine, you will catch yourself reminiscing about the inspiring sunsets and lasting impressions that will soon have you yearning to return to build even more memories. Taleni Africa Tel: 021 930 4654

Etosha Village Units

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Welcome to Cape Town, United Airlines

Photo Credit: The Newspaper

Cape Town Air Access warmly welcomes the inaugural non-stop flight between New York/Newark and Cape Town, operated by United Airlines. The flight touched down at Cape Town International on Monday, 16 December 2019. The securing of this non-stop flight, connecting the Western Cape to North America, demonstrates the power of public-private sector partnership and cooperation. “We are proud of this achievement and are grateful to those organisations that participated in making this new route possible. Five years ago, when we started the Cape Town Air Access project, we identified the United States route as a priority and have worked since then to land it. The USA is in the top three most important markets for the Cape across investment, exports and tourism,” says Tim Harris, CEO of Wesgro. Since its inception in 2015, Cape Town Air Access has succeeded in landing 16 new routes, and 22 route expansions, adding over 750,000 one-way seats into Cape Town International Airport. It is estimated that the additional routes have helped contribute an additional R6 billion in tourism spend to the Cape’s economy. David Maynier, Minister of Western Cape Minister of Finance and Economic Opportunities, said: “The new United Airlines service will open up the U.S. and North American markets to opportunities in the Western Cape and significantly contribute towards growing our tourism sector and stimulating economic growth in the Western Cape. What Cape Town Air Access has shown is that expanding air connectivity, can expand opportunity for people, and expanding opportunity for people, can give hope to people, especially young people, who do not have jobs, or who have given up looking for jobs, in the Western Cape. We welcome United Airlines to Cape Town and the Western Cape, and we look forward to working together to land your vision of ’Connecting People, Uniting the World.”

Photo's: The First inaugural non-stop flight between New York/Newark and Cape Town - Photo Credit's: Justin de Reuck – Aviation Photographer

Cape Town Air Access is an award-winning partnership between Wesgro, the City of Cape Town, the Western Cape Government, Airports Company South Africa, Cape Town Tourism and South African Tourism, and is supported by Naspers, Tsogo Sun, Investec, Oasis Holdings, the V&A Waterfront, and the Leeu Collection. Alderman James Vos, Mayoral Committee Member for Economic Opportunities and Asset Management within the City of Cape Town added: “The direct flight from New York to Cape Town, secured by Air Access, will allow us to leverage our partnerships with New York and United Airlines to grow the US market. A direct year-round flight between Cape Town and New York would bring in 24 000 inbound passengers, growing travellers from the USA by 20%. Looking solely at the current direct route, in its four months of operation, it’s expected to see a R153 million boost in tourism spend by 2021.” Cape Town Air Access is a unique public-private collaboration, with the key objective of landing and supporting direct routes into Cape Town International Airport. Deon Cloete, General Manage of Cape Town airport said, “ The flight is a culmination of hard work over time. We are happy that our efforts within the broader collaboration has paid off. Cape Town has previously had links to American city’s but the New York connection is the first of its kind. With the type of technological advancements and aircraft advancement there truly are no two cities in the word that cannot connect - this flight is testament to that. We welcomed the flight in true Cape Town style!” “I think this direct flight that’s going from Cape Town to Newark, New York is all about connecting people. We have a great opportunity to connect businesses, trade and cargo, but when you get down to it, it’s about connecting people,” says Virginia Blaser, Consul General for the US in Cape Town. “It provides a platform for Americans and South Africans to enjoy each other’s culture, and to also grow businesses.” “The launch of the United Airlines New York to Cape Town direct flight is a very exciting development. This will help in enhancing South Africa’s goal to continue to grow our arrivals out of North America. Cape Town is an iconic city and consistently ranks high in various global studies as a highly sought-after destination. It is South Africa’s pride city. This route benefits travellers by significantly cutting their journey by at least eight hours on their return trip. In addition, travellers can expand their itinerary via airline code-share agreements so they can visit the many attractions in the various other parts of South Africa. So they can get to experience our unique cosmopolitan cities, wildlife, incredible scenery, welcoming people, delicious food and wine,” says Sthembiso Dlamini, acting CEO of South African Tourism.

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Set sail WITH THE

CRUISING SPECIALISTS We can assist you with your holiday itinerary







Our Cruise specialists have travelled the globe, so they understand the importance of booking the perfect holiday and can offer advice on everything from finding a cruise line that suits your needs to the highlights on board each ship. Plus, they have access to all of the latest cruise deals, discounts and savings in the travel industry, which guarantees you’re getting the best price available.

0877 40 50 66 Cruiseabout Waterstone Shop 42, close to Clicks Page 4




YOU’RE BETTER OFF BOOKING WITH CRUISEABOUT We make it our mission to test every cruise ship so we can confidently recommend it to our customers - that’s why we love cruising. Our knowledge and experience will ensure you find the perfect cruise holiday.

We know that your cruise will be a big part of your holiday, and whether you need to add flights, hotels or tours; our consultants have the expertise to plan your complete itinerary. It’s that easy.

For total peace of mind our 24/7 assist team are available any time you are overseas. With more ways to contact us - either by phone, email or in person at one of 79 stores across South Africa – we are always here to help with all your cruise needs.

Our Price Match Promise~ means you’ll never pay more for your cruise holiday. Plus you’ll enjoy a range of exclusive offers and deals. We also give you the option to add Cruiseabout Cover*, so if the price of your cruise drops we will refund you the difference.


When you pay for an international cruise in full, you automatically receive our rate of exchange guarantee. If your rate of exchange drops by the time final payment would have been due, we will refund you the difference.

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Mauritius Holiday | Travel CounSELLORS Travel & Tour Ad


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Perfecting Mauritius holidays for more than 65 years

Only an ocean away!

Two kids U12 fly free internationally plus business lounge access prior to international flights

Save 25% for couples or 20% when couples travel with kids

Kids U18 share and eat free during certain seasons

Save 30% when staying for 12 nights or more

Save an additional 5% should you qualify as our repeat guest

Big savings & treats too with our wedding party, wedding anniversary, honeymoon & familymoon specials

The Art of Beautiful For more information please contact Thea Coetsee • 082 415 5592 w w w. t r a v e l c o u n s e l l o r s . c o . z a / t h e a . c o e t s e e

Free international airfare for kids (airport taxes payable) and lounge access in SA subject to Air Mauritius Travel Smart Program Ts & Cs. Accommodation specials are valid for selected seasons. Kids share free special is subject to rooming rules and applies to certain seasons – enquire for details. Royal Palm and Villa specials differ, Ts & Cs apply.

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o & Rose Guesthouse is situated on perhaps the world’s longest wine route the R60/R62 just 10km outside of Robertson in scenic Klaasvoogds West. Nestled at the foot of the Langeberg mountains, enter a magical world – relax at this one of a kind garden inhabited by legions of succulent plants and trees silhouetted against the vast South African sky. At the center of this marvel reside the guesthouse and restaurant. The guesthouse is owned and run by a local couple, Francois and Jeanne van Wageningen since April 2017. Mo & Rose guesthouse has 8 luxury en-suite rooms, each equipped with fireplace and Nespresso coffee machines with patio‘s overlooking the garden/pool and large variety cacti, some dating back to 1910.

On 10 November 2018 the Bistro was relaunched as Restaurant Succulent by Chef Werner Snoek. The restaurant being the first of its kind in a fast developing wine valley offers a tranquil and exclusive experience with only 25 seats available per service period. Restaurant Succulent is excited to introduce Chef Werner Snoek and his management team with a combined 38-years’ experience within the Hospitality Industry. Having been trained and worked in the most luxurious 5-star properties, applying their expertise to ensure all guests receive only the best service. By combining their skills and knowledge of the industry, Restaurant Succulent is sure to exceed all expectations and satisfy every craving. The Managing Team is a dynamic trio who's eagerness and drive will push the culinary world to a new standard. Supporting Chef Werner, restauranteurs and marketers, Andrew and Melanie have teamed up to bring an entirely new experience to the Robertson Wine Valley with their sights set on continuous future development.

r e s e r v a t i o n s @ m o a n d r o s e . c o . z a | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 2 3 6 2 6 4 1 3 4 | w w w. m o a n d r o s e . c o . z a |

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Discover luxury living for the over 50’s Experience luxury resort-style living at The Somerset Lifestyle & Retirement Village. Nestled between mountain and sea, The Somerset offers a picturesque setting in which to enjoy your golden years. Advanced security, professional care and a variety of amenities and social activities. A central location to ensure comfortable living in which all of your practical and lifestyle requirements are met.

Life Right Apartments • Life Right Cottages • • • • •

Contact our sales agent Werner Burger on 082 259 0910 • The Somerset Lifestyle & Retirement Village, Cnr Bizweni Avenue & Sir Lowry’s Pass Road, Somerset West, 7130

Advanced 24-hour security Assisted living through Care Packages On-site Care Centre Emergency call-care assistance Luxurious Club House with bar, lounge restaurant, library & conference room, gym, and chapel




FOOD LOVER’S MARKET BANS PLASTIC BAGS IN STORES NATIONALLY Food Lover’s Market is the first SA retailer to implement paper bags and ban plastic bags nationally in corporate stores. Food Lover’s Market, South Africa’s leading fresh produce retailer, confirmed its continued commitment to a plastic-free shopping experience with the announcement that it has banned plastic bags in all national corporate stores as of 1 December 2019 and will only be offering paper bags, boxes and Food Lover’s Market canvas bags. This is after the successful implementation of paper straws in 2018 and the positive response to the implementation of a ban on plastic bags in Western Cape stores during 2019. This is a natural progression from the free farmers’ boxes that Food Lover’s Market has been offering consumers for more than 25 years and the branded Food Lover’s Market boxes that’s been available in stores for the past few years. Says Siglinda Losch, Sustainability Manager for the Food Lover’s Market Group, “As a retailer - firmly committed to living our values and embracing our responsibility to the environment and climate change - it was a no-brainer to implement a ban on plastic bags in our corporate stores nationally. The response from consumers has been overwhelmingly positive as the paper bag itself is very strong and can be used seven times on average, carrying weight of about 10kg.” Further to the ban on plastic bags, Food Lover’s Market is also introducing reduced plastics on some festive bakery range items. Cake rounds (of which there are four variants) and loaves (of which there are three variants) will not have plastic domes or bases and have been replaced with a board box. Additionally, the cakes are wrapped in cellophane to keep it fresh. Finally, as the retailer looks to 2020, the gourmet butchery counters of three Western Cape-based stores - Willowbridge, Brackenfell and Pinehurst - are all trialling biodegradable trays with fully recyclable cling film. Shoppers have been invited to give the retailer feedback of their experience with the new reduced plastic offer-

ing at these three gourmet butchery counters, with the expectation of rolling this out to other gourmet butchery counters next year. Says Losch, “In line with the group’s sustainability practices, Food Lover’s Market is committed to creating a positive environmental footprint. From energy to waste, packaging to water, the retailer understands and embraces the responsibility of running a business in the most sustainable way possible - introducing plastic-free options is part of this journey.” Food Lover’s Market has a reusable shopper that can be bought in store for the low price point of R19.99 - this can be reused with each shop and has exceptional longevity.




A VIABLE SOLUTION TO THE ENERGY CRISIS South Africa is in the early stage of this transition and the next five years are critical to demonstrate intention, ensure stability and gather international and local support in a rapidly transitioning energy environment. To alleviate the burden that a struggling Eskom places on the country’s economic growth, South Africa needs consistent regulatory frameworks that support and enable a fair, open and efficient energy market. Eskom’s inefficiencies are increased by the current lack of alternative cheaper energy sources that can supply power to the national grid in a relatively shorter time. Renewable energy technologies can offer rapid energy solutions due to shorter lead times.

The University of Cape Town’s annual Summer School programme, now celebrating its 70th year of existence, provides the single biggest opportunity for the public to enjoy the knowledge resources of the university. From 6 - 25 January 2020, the precinct of the university’s Middle Campus will be transformed into an open community space where an array of over 120 short courses and lectures on everything from popular science to climate change, music to current affairs, social issues and politics will challenge ingrained assumptions and provide enlightenment on key debates.

“Therefore, I fully support the City’s court application to buy renewable energy from Independent Power Producers. This is vital for improving the energy security of our city and I hope that the result will be positive for the residents and businesses of Cape Town. The green economy which employs thousands, has the potential for further growth and can provide a sustainable solution to the electricity generation problems,” says Mayoral Committee Member For Economic Opportunities and Asset Management, Alderman James Vos. “My department continues to work with other spheres of government and partners such as GreenCape to find sustainable green economy solutions. Since being established in 2010, GreenCape has helped to facilitate and support R17 billion of investment in renewable energy projects and manufacturing. From these investments, 10,000 local jobs were created.”

The UCT Summer School programme 2020 has developed a cluster of courses and lectures dedicated to the essential conversations that we need to be having around the environment and climate change, from a global perspective down to the realities of living in a water scarce Cape Town. Climate Change and South Africa: Impacts and Responses, a short course presented by climatologist Dr Peter Johnston, from 13-15 January will present the scientific basis of global warming and climate change with special attention given to the impact on South Africa. The course present the mitigating alternatives to coal energy and the implications in the short and long term, as well as the adaptations that will be required by all of us. Bringing the topic even closer to home will be Associate Professor Gina Ziervogel who will present, The Cape Town Drought: Lessons Learned, on 16 - 17 January. These two lectures will look back at the Cape Town drought and the build-up to “Day Zero”. Introduction to Green Building Design, presented by Songo Sokhululeka Didiza, CEO of Green Building Design Group is of interest not just to building professionals, but to anyone interested in the latest sustainable trends in the building space. From 7 January the course will highlight legislation pertaining to green building, user based incentives for carbon reduction, and the latest knowledge and experience in the development of world-class innovative and sustainable green building design solutions. Apart from these scientific approaches to climate change, UCT Summer School also challenges you to think differently with courses that approach the issue from atypical perspectives. Wilder Lives is a lecture presentation on 10 January by Professor Duncan Brown, while Professor John Higgins presents Catastrophe! Science Fiction and the Sustainable Development Goals from 6-10 January.

“I visited several businesses to gain some insights on the real impact of the recent rolling blackouts on their operations. It is estimated that load-shedding could cost the country’s economy up to R4 billion in just one day. The impact on our local tourism economy cannot be understated, especially when the tourism sector is responsible for thousands of jobs in Cape Town,” concludes Alderman James Vos. Energy efficiency presents a significant opportunity for investors and businesses. The estimated annual total available market currently stands at R3 billion, and is expected to reach R21 billion by 2035.



No 2020 vision - It's not too late


What makes parents

to start the new decade strong

choose new schools – and leave old ones

The Matric Class of 2019 will prepare to start their first year at university and a new phase of life as a young adult, but what about the many Matriculants who were so busy with the business of their last year at school, that they either neglected to consider their post-school options, or simply couldn’t manage to get all the university application admin done in time? Or those who didn’t consider further study, but have now had a change of heart?

It’s that time of the year when many South African parents are making decisions about new schools for their children. And when it comes to choosing the ‘right’ school, three key factors stand out above the rest: affordability, safety and the quality of education.

“Many Matriculants are finding themselves in a situation where they have no real plan or focus for the coming year,” says Wonga Ntshinga, Senior Head of Programme: Faculty of ICT at The Independent Institute of Education.“

That’s according to market research by independent network of private schools-SPARK Schools, which suggests that some parents will pay up to 20% of their disposable income to secure the best possible schooling for their children.

This can be very unsettling - facing the blank canvas of the future while around you your peers are buzzing about going to study, campus life and their excitement about joining the world of work after graduation. But many may not realise that they still have options to put things in place, and that they don’t need to consider 2020 a write-off,” he says. “Your situation might even be a blessing in disguise, because prospective students are increasingly opting for studies at respected private institutions, because of their work-readiness approach and smaller class sizes. There is also a great focus on employability and guidance before, during and after studies,” he says. In addition, it should be kept in mind that South Africa has a single quality assurance system and one National Qualifications Framework, so any institution offering a registered and accredited qualification – whether public or private – is offering a qualification of comparable standards and equal standing. Ntshinga says those who are now keen to study, but haven’t yet enrolled, should do their research and then speak to a student advisor at a respected institution about the best course of action. In a nutshell, the options are the following:

Other factors influencing the choice of a school include proximity to home or work, the availability of extra-mural activities, and a positive culture and values. And while most parents care about academic achievement as part of a quality education, they also want an education that develops real-world skills – social, thinking and emotional skills - and prepares their children for a life beyond school. “There’s no one-size-fits-all descriptor for 21st century parents – but they have common priorities for their children’s education,” says SPARK Schools co-founder and CEO Stacey Brewer. “Once you cut through all the high-level reasons parents come up with for sending their kids to a certain school, though, it’s remarkably simple. They want to come home every day to smiley, happy kids who get a great education in a safe environment.” What are the hallmarks of a 21st century parent? They want to participate in their children’s education, with regular updates on their progress and the tools to help them stay involved. They want to collaborate with teachers to ensure their children’s cognitive, social and emotional wellbeing. They want their children to grow up to be good citizens. Increasingly, they are willing to challenge conventional thinking, and want their children to do the same.

Enrol for a Short Course - “You don’t have to commit to a 3-year degree if you are not yet sure what you want to do career-wise. But at the very least, commit to developing your skills and not stagnating. There is a wide range of courses on offer in a variety of fields, all of which will allow you to get your foot in the door in the world of work,” says Ntshinga. “Doing a short course will also allow you to both explore and refine your interests, and could lead to you identifying exactly what it is you want to do with your life if you haven’t been sure until now.” Enrol for a Higher Certificate - A one-year Higher Certificate provides an excellent foundation, and allows students to attain a full qualification, while at the same time mastering the essential skills needed for higher education success. “A higher certificate is also a good option for those Matrics who do not expect to achieve a Bachelor’s pass, as it gives access to degree study,” says Ntshinga. “With this qualification a student can enter the world of work after only a year of study, which is great news for those who may need to earn while they learn. Higher certificates are on offer across a wide range of disciplines and fields, so make sure that you opt for one which aligns with your career aspirations, and which will allow you to enrol for degree study later if you so choose.” Degree study - “If you have made up your mind that you want to pursue a degree next year, there is still a chance that you can gain access at a private higher education institution - if you move quickly,” says Ntshinga. He says good institutions will have a range of registered and accredited qualifications very much like those on offer at public universities, and some additional qualifications uniquely geared toward the future of work. “So have a look at the various faculties – of Commerce, Education, Humanities, ICT and Social Sciences on the institution’s website, and their degree offerings, and see what gets you excited.” “It is worth keeping in mind that a degree from a respected private institution is highly regarded among employers, particularly where the institution has a reputation for producing work-ready graduates who can make a positive contribution from day one, rather than having to struggle to translate the theory they learned at university into real-life application. After you have identified qualifications that look like a match for you, visit the institution, speak to a student advisor, and commit to a path that will set you up for a successful future.”

“Schools today are being challenged to facilitate the active involvement of parents in the development of their kids. This is something that parents clearly want. They’re also looking for ways that their kids can be ‘future-fitted’ with specific skills like life skills, entrepreneurship, independent thinking, financial management and leadership,” said Brewer. There are four key factors that make parents take their children out of a school – sometimes in the middle of a school year: Relocation, or emigration; extreme bullying or abuse; an unsafe environment; and any decline in educational standards. “Bullying is a major driver to make parents change schools. Other concerns we see include the perceived mismanagement of school fees, lax safety, inept or uncaring teachers, and teachers not being up to speed on the expected curriculum. ” “Parents are looking for environments where their children can come into their own and thrive,” said Brewer.




Coca-Cola Peninsula Beverages prioritises water supply to the Karoo Coca-Cola Peninsula Beverages (CCPB) in collaboration with the Western Cape Department of Local Government and the Mayoral Office of the Central Karoo District, have been actively working together over the last few weeks to provide water relief to the drought-stricken areas of the Central Karoo District. According to the Mayor of the Central Karoo District, Dr Annelie Rabie, the area is exceptionally dry due to low rainfall, especially in the towns of Laingsburg, Prince Albert and Beaufort West. The entire district which stretches from Matjiesfontein to Murraysburg is considered high risk, due to varying levels of water challenges relating to inconsistent delivery of water. “We are deeply concerned by the drought crisis facing communities in the district. In line with our values, we want to care for the communities we serve and help where possible during this time of water scarcity,” says Priscilla Urquhart, Public Affairs and Marketing Communication Manager at CCPB. “Partnership is one of five key areas that form part of our water stewardship strategy, hence our decision to reach out to the Western Cape Department of Local Government.” The Western Cape Department of Local Government, which oversees the municipalities in the district, was approached by CCPB with an offer to provide three 30,000 litre water tankers to transport water to the area. “We are extremely appreciative of CCPB’s support in our efforts to relieve the drought challenges experienced in these high-risk areas,” says Graham Paulse, Head of the Western Cape Department of Local Government. “Government cannot respond to the needs of our communities alone. We require strategic partnerships and collaboration with the private sector such as CCPB.”

To-date, the follow towns have received water in the drought stricken region: Lainsberg: 270 000 litres, Prince Albert: 90 000 litres, Ladismith, Kannaland Local Municipality: 60 000 litres, and Zoar, Garden Route District Municipality (a village and mission station 21km East of Ladismith): 30 000 litres. In addition, one truck load of 21 000 bottles of Bonaqua bottled water donated by CCPB was delivered to Laingsburg Municipality, where households received six packs of water through coordinated efforts by the municipality. There are discussions of how additional communities, including some in the Northern Cape, can be assisted.

In early December, CCPB’s tankers were used to initially transport a total of 180 000 litres of spring water from Mount Superior to Laingsburg, which was prioritised according to the town’s critically low water levels. The water was used to help to top up reservoirs in the area, as load shedding has prevented any water from being pumped into the reservoirs due to lack of pressure, leaving elevated areas without water completely.

“No single company or organisation can solve the world’s water issues alone, but through innovative partnerships such as this, this vital shared resource can be protected. We encourage other businesses to rise to the challenge in assisting the communities affected by the drought crisis. The most effective work happens when there is collaboration across the public and private sectors for the benefit of our local communities,” concludes Urquhart.

The Sport of Cooking

Le Parc Residential Estate

When 23-year-old Peter Duncan was growing up in the small town of Saron in the Western Cape, he had little interest in fine dining and no thought of cheffing as a career.

hits the spot as Paarl's finest family estate

“I was only really interested in sport,” he says. “I had a family and a community that supported and encouraged me in my sporting ambitions.” All that changed however when Duncan visited Franschhoek at the age of 15 and was offered a holiday job at Reuben’s Restaurant & Bar, working under Chef Maritz Jacobs. “To be honest, it was the worst experience of my life, but oddly enough I fell in love with the idea of food service being a sport and decided to pursue a career in food and hospitality.” “I researched a number of different chef schools while I was busy with my matric, and came across The Private Hotel School in Stellenbosch.”

Le Parc Residential Estate hits the spot as Paarl’s finest family estate – with only 10 homes from first three phases available Le Parc Residential Estate in Paarl has proved immensely popular, with over R130 million in sales to date and only 10 homes in its first three phases still available. Martin van Rooyen of Le Parc says the popularity of the estate can be attributed to the fact that it caters for families wanting to live in a safe and secure environment with a range of distinct lifestyle aspects, in addition to luxury, well-built homes at reasonable prices. The 10 turnkey, freestanding homes available in Le Parc range include 2, 3 or 4 bedrooms, 2 to 3 bathrooms, and a single or double garage. Le Parc’s seven different French-inspired home styles were designed by Malherbe Rust Architects. The superior spatial designs and finishing specifications created by Niche Bespoke Interiors include a 90cm Smeg gas stove/oven with integrated extractor fan, engineered stone countertops, and two different finishing moods: Modern Contemporary and French Modern. Construction is by Brick Art, who have an impressive portfolio of over 100 blue-chip projects.

“But I arrived a day late and I was told that my tardiness meant that I could not be accepted.” “I was bitterly disappointed and when asked what I should do for the next six months before the start of the new semester, The Private Hotel School arranged a work opportunity for that period under the mentorship of Chef Constantijn Hahndiek. When the six months was up and I eventually enrolled, I did an advanced certificate in hospitality management and culinary specialisation.” During his studies, Duncan - along with fellow student Carmen Eksteen - who went on to work with top US baker and cronut inventor Dominique Ansel in New York last year - represented the school at the One&Only Reaching for Young Stars Competition in 2015 and was placed second. (Another Private Hotel School student - Rutendo Ruth Marovatsanga - won the top award of Young Star Chef of the Year at the same competition last year and now works in Dubai.) Duncan landed his first post-graduation job at the acclaimed (but now closed) Tasting Room at Le Quartier Français in Franschhoek under chef Margot Janse. When The Tasting Room closed its doors in April 2017, Scott Kirton, executive chef at La Petite Colombe snapped up the rising young star and Duncan found himself part of the La Colombe family as chef de partie. In a short space of time Duncan worked his way up to the position of junior sous chef and then moved to the award-winning La Colombe in Constantia to take up the position of Junior Sous Chef. Recently, Duncan was promoted to Senior Sous Chef at La Colombe, proving that this young man is on the up and up in the culinary world!

Says Van Rooyen: “There is nothing else like Le Parc in the greater Paarl region. It has exceptional security that includes biometric access control through fingerprint recognition, and 24-hour manned patrolling. Electronic security systems and products are integrated on the Gallagher platform. Perimeter fencing surrounds the development, which features under-dig as well as thermal imaging CCTV cameras throughout the estate. However, it isn’t just a gated security estate, but a remarkable lifestyle estate where everything has been carefully planned down to the finest detail.” Examples of the exceptional lifestyle offerings are Le Parc’s own creche – Le Petit Ami – that will cater for 150 children, and is earmarked to set a new standard for Paarl. There is a central parkland area, Le Grande Park, with facilities including a large multisports grassed oval, a children’s skate park and pump track, an outdoor gym, tennis court, and children’s play equipment, as well as a 4km cycling and jogging track. Families can enjoy simple picnics under the trees, and in the smaller green pockets dotted around the estate. Neville White of Landscape Architects Uys & White, who is responsible for Val de Vie’s landscape design, has ensured that Le Parc’s landscaped areas are distinctive and on par with those of some of the best estates in the Western Cape.




Now is the time for a Plan B in Europe! Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity.

It is very tempting for many South Africans to secure a 2nd citizenship or permanent residency status in another country. The main reason is personal: to assure their family’s future by protecting against political risk and economical instability. Europe is the world’s largest single market & global trading block and is still the preferred investment destination for either a 2nd citizenship or permanent residency. Cyprus, an English-speaking, ex-British colony and full EU member currently has the most attractive 2nd citizenship and permanent residency programmes available. The Mediterranean lifestyle is about enjoying life to the full and Cyprus represents being a very popular investment, retirement & relocation destination for South Africans. Properties in Cyprus offer exceptional value for money when compared to other European countries – especially homes right on or near to The Med. The choice of where to buy is very personal and the type of property depends on your lifestyle requirements, your budget and also your short, medium & long term plans. The key benefit of buying a property in Cyprus to secure a Plan B and owning your slice of paradise, is that property investment automatically comes with either acquiring permanent residency or securing a 2nd citizenship, tangibly benefitting your family for generations to come:

Making the investment in Cyprus is simpler than you think; and the generous exemption of import duties, excise duties and VAT to bring your personal effects to Cyprus for your relocation makes it easy on the wallet too. More importantly both the residency and citizenship through investment programmes are tried, tested and trusted – they work! An astute offshore property investment that works for you in the short, medium and long term is the achievement of a lifetime. In Cyprus investing in the “Citizen-

Citizenship is granted in 6 months via Cyprus’ “Citizenship through investment” programme: - It’s the quickest process in Europe; - all dependent children up to age 28 and the parents of the investor qualify; - it’s mainly an investment – not a donation; - the property/ies CAN be rented out; and need to be retained for only 5 years; - citizenship is passed down through descent offering a legacy to future generations. Permanent residency is granted in 2 months on the “Fast Track” programme. - this is the only programme in Europe where 3 generations in the same family (including both the parents & in-laws) all acquire residency by buying one property! - dependent children up to 25 qualify; - the property can be rented out; - there is no requirement to live in Cyprus; nor be domiciled there for tax.

ship through Investment” or the Fast Track residency programme not only makes financial sense, but it will tangibly benefit your family for generations to come. Can you afford not to take advantage of this while the programmes are still open? Cypriot Realty – a proudly South African company in operation for more than 11 years – can assist you. We are recognised and respected as Southern Africa’s authoritative offshore investment specialists, promoting Cyprus as an ideal destination for acquiring EU citizenship or permanent residency, property investment, immigration or retirement and starting an EU-based business - we understand investor’s needs. Contact us for a confidential meeting to discuss how we can help you realise your and you family’s Plan B in Europe.




SECURE YOUR ‘PLAN B’ IN EUROPE Join us on an inspection trip to Cyprus to acquire your EU citizenship or permanent residency . Contact Jenny: 083 448 8734 / /




Cableway Sunset Special - Half price for locals after 6pm! An African sunset from the top of one of the world’s New7Wonders of Nature is a truly spectacular sight. Experience summer’s longer days and balmy evenings atop Table Mountain by taking a cable car to the summit – and bring your camera to capture that #sunsetspecial moment!

From 4 January until 29 February 2020 return tickets are half price after 6pm. “Please note that it is not advisable to use our free park-and-ride MyCiTi bus service for the Sunset Special as the service runs until 7pm only.” This special is available to South Africans with valid SA IDs only. Please note IDs must be brought along to the Cableway on the evening of your visit when purchasing tickets at the Ticket Office. “If you have purchased your Sunset Special tickets online, please bring along your ID to help our team verify you on the evening of your visit.” Tickets are available for purchase online and from the Ticket Office at the Lower Cableway Station all day but may only be used from 6pm on the day of your visit. When purchasing Sunset Special tickets online the buyer needs to enter his/her ID number and the ID numbers of the people that s/he is buying tickets for. Visitors must produce their valid South Africans IDs when purchasing their tickets at the Ticket Office on the evening of their visit. Sunset Special tickets for children require an ID number (this is the number that appears on birth certificate for children under 17). Adults pay half price at R150.00 per ticket, Children pay half price at R75.00 per ticket This special is available until 29 February 2020.

Photo: Table Mountain - Photo Credit: Craig Howes / Cape Town Tourism

For more information visit

Benguela Cove – a hub of adventure awaits! January is a wary start for all as we recuperate from all the festive (and overindulgent) celebrations. Despite our wounded wallets, Benguela Cove still offers a plethora of fun things to do without breaking the bank. One of the biggest drawing cards for this estate is the incredible views of the Bot River Lagoon with vistas of vineyards running down to the Atlantic Ocean. This alone will soothe the soul, but doing the free art walk might just trigger the creative juices you need to spark those 2020 initiatives. The monumental pieces created by Anton Smit can embody all your great plans for the year, so put it out there and try the millionaires pairing for a sweet beginning. This shortbread and caramel treat derived its name from the rich ingredients, complete with a sweet wine made from Viognier grapes. Try the Lighthouse Range that delivers on quality at affordable prices. The Moody Lagoon Red Blend received its “hidden gem” status in the 2020 Platter’s Wine Guide, adding the guarantee of extra bang for your buck. Wine tasting is free when you spend R150 or more and the cellar door platter is more than enough for three guests to nibble on. On 25 January, Andrew Young returns to the estate for another summer sunset performance. This internationally renowned saxophonist had guests on their feet at his 2019 show and promise another energetic performance. For those who prefer action to jazz, the Benguela Cove Adventure Day on 12 January will set the bar for all your new year’s resolutions. This swim-run event

Franschhoek Summer Wines

will be hosted in collaboration with Big Bay Events. And, as the month of love approaches, Benguela Cove has more fun up its sleeve with “Love is Blind” tastings that will put lovers to the test. For more information visit

Go Goo-Goo For The Galileo This Valentine’s Day Steer cupid’s arrow your way this Valentine’s Day by treating your sweetheart to a unique and unforgettable evening of movie magic under a canopy of stars at Nooitgedacht Wine Estate in Stellenbosch, brought to you by The Galileo Open Air Cinema.

It’s the height of Summer and you’re looking for an excuse to dress up in your elegant (and stylish) white attire, but nowhere to go. Why not join the Franschhoek Vignerons at this year’s Franschhoek Summer Wines for a spectacular garden party. The date is set for Saturday, 1 February at the magnificent Leopard’s Leap Family Vineyards and you don’t want to miss out on this exclusive event. The winemakers will be showcasing their choices for Summer, which include white, rosé, Méthode Cap Classique and lighter styled red wines. These have been carefully selected to match the hot Summer days. Complement your wines with seasonal-inspired food freshly prepared by Chef Pieter de Jager and his team. Relax on the sprawling lawn or in the comfort of the enclosed patio area of the venue. Live music will add the final touches to what promises to be the perfect day out in the Franschhoek Wine Valley. Booking via

Doors open at 5pm for this extra special occasion, with the warm welcome of a complimentary drink and tasty Frey chocolate treat on arrival. Impress your crush with a romantic picnic and a bottle of Nooitgedacht wine on the perfectly manicured lawn adorned with themed décor, all while being serenaded by the talented Ezra Lingeveldt. Spark a dose of playfulness by taking part in the range of interactive games on offer or capture your look of love in the roaming photobooth before the start of the movie. Gracing the screen after a majestic winelands sunset is the romantic dramady, About Time, starring Rachel McAdams, Domhnall Gleeson and Bill Nighy. Tim (Gleeson) discovers he can travel in time and decides to create his own love destiny with Mary (McAdams), only to find that his unique gift presents many obstacles along the way. Tickets are limited, so avoid the dog box when February 14th sneaks up on you by booking your tickets for this showstopping experience. For more information visit




Events To Look Forward To January - February 2020

Photo: Cape Town 10s

Photo: Cricket: PPC Newlands Cricket Stadium




Cricket: 2nd Test South Africa vs England

3 - 7 January

PPC Newlands Cricket Stadium

Cape Town Minstrel Carnival

4 January

Cape Town

Cape 2 Rio Yacht Race Start 1

4 January

Cape Town

L’Ormarins Queen’s Plate

10 - 11 January

Kenilworth Racecourse

Cape 2 Rio Yacht Race Start 2

11 January

Cape Town

Big Bay Adventure Day: Swim & Run

12 January

Benguela Cove, Hermanus

Mi Casa

12 January

Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens

Trail Series Super League #1

14 January

Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens

Chenin Party 2020

15 January

Grand Africa Café and Beach

Peter Pan on Ice

15 January - 2 February

Artscape Opera House

The Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra

19 January

Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens

Stellenbosch Cycle Tour

19 January

Stellenbosch High School

Andrew Young - Summer sunset concert

25 January

Benguela Cove, Hermanus

Cape Town 10s

31 January - 1 February

Green Point Common Fields

The Bridge House Mile: Swim

1 February

Boschendal Estate, Franschhoek

Franschhoek Summer Wines

1 February

Leopard's Leap Wine, Franschhoek

Torpedo Swim Run

1 February

Val de Vie Estate, Paarl

Sun Met 2020

1 February

Kenilworth Racecourse

Federer vs Nadal: The Match in Africa

7 February

Cape Town Stadium, Greenpoint

Cricket: 1st ODI South Africa vs England

4 February

PPC Newlands Cricket Stadium

Yo-Yo Ma : The Bach Project

8 February

Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens

Investec Cape Town Art Fair

14 February

CTICC (Cape Town International Convention Centre)

The Cape Wine Auction 2020

14 - 15 February

Boschendal Estate, Franschhoek

Cape Peninsula Marathon

16 February

Simon’s Town Navy Sports Field

Cross Tri Challenge

22 February

Grabouw Country Club

Cricket: 3rd KFC T20I South Africa vs Australia

26 February

PPC Newlands Cricket Stadium

Design Indaba

26 - 28 February

Artscape Theatre Centre, Cape Town

Womens Lifestyle Expo

28 Feb - 1 March

The Lookout, V&A Waterfront

SA Cocktail Week

29 Feb - 7 March

Napier Street, Green Point

Table Mountain Cableway Sunset Special

Until 29 February

Table Mountain Cableway

Kirstenbosch Summer Sunset Concerts 2020

Until 5 April

Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens

Polkadraai & Popcorn Wine Pairing

Until 30 April

Stellenbosch Hills

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Prem baby Angel graduates cum laude in forestry When Aphelele Angel Goldsmith’s mother was pregnant with him, she was advised by doctors to terminate the pregnancy because of the chances that her child would be stillborn. She did not listen to their advice. Her son was born two months prematurely in 1994. On 12 December 2019 her miracle baby son graduated with a MSc in Forest Science cum laude from Stellenbosch University. The 25-year old Angel was born and raised in Marhewini, a small village in the Libode district in the Eastern Cape. He says people often ask where his name, Angel, comes from, and why he has a girl’s name. “When my mom, Vuyiswa Veronica Goldsmith, was pregnant she became so ill that on more than two occasions the doctors suggested she should terminate the pregnancy because the baby would be stillborn. She refused,” says Angel. He was eventually born prematurely while his mother was only seven months pregnant. Everyone was convinced that Angel wouldn’t make - that’s why she named me Angel,” he tells the story. Sadly, his mother passed on when Angel was five years old, and his aunt, Nondumiso Ntloko, raised him further. His mother remained part of him, as he was often inspired by the stories people told him about her passion for community development through quality education. His mother ran a creche, taught primary school classes and at night also ran a night school for adults wanting to further their schooling. Photo: Aphelele Angel Goldsmith - Photo Credit: Stefan Els

He again was given some teaching responsibilities and presented case studies as a guest lecturer in Conservation Ecology teaching third and fourth years about Wildfire Management, Fire Ecology and Sustainable Timber Harvesting. He was elected as postgraduate representative and community relations officer for the SU Forestry Students Association. Angel also became involved in The Small Things Fund network. It is a relational crowdfunding initiative on Stellenbosch University campus run by Dr Rhoda Malgas. It offers modest bursaries for “the small things” that help first generation students on their way to graduation. Through networks in the Fund, Angel managed to find accommodation and support with a fund partner who serves first generation African students in Stellenbosch.

His story fast forwards to 2012 and Angel’s Grade 11 year in St Patrick’s High School in the district of Libode. Tragedy struck when it was burnt down. For the better part of the year, they had to study under the trees on the school grounds.

As part of the Earth and Lux residence programme, Angel received mentoring and leadership training. This he could again plough back by offering tutoring and mentoring to learners who are part of the Kuyasa empowerment project in Kayamandi. It provides art and music programmes for learners, as well as tutoring services. He says the experience of teaching and helping others since his high school years has prepared him for such community service.

“The school was under-resourced and we didn’t have Life Science and Agricultural Science teachers,” Angel remembers. “I took it upon myself to teach my Grade 11 classmates for seven months, with supervision coming from the Grade 12 Life Science teacher.” In Grade 12 Angel led afternoon classes assisting his peers with Life Science and Agricultural Science.

During his studies in George, Angel was elected to represent Southern Africa in Russia at the 13th International Junior Forest Contest in 2016. There he was presented with a special prize in forest mechanization from the Russian Forestry Department. In 2017, he was elected as chairperson of the NMU Forestry Association and led the hosting of the International Forestry Student Symposium in South Africa in 2017.

After school Angel started his studies in Forest Management at the Nelson Mandela University (NMU) campus in George. There he also tutored Forest management and Fire Management in 2016 and 2017. He moved to Stellenbosch University in 2018 to pursue an MSc in Forest Science, and researched wildfire management in plantations in Mpumalanga.

Angel is currently the Southern Africa regional representative for the International Forestry Student Association (IFSA). In November 2019, he also represented South Africa as a junior expert at a joint global industry capacity development project. The Experts Workshop on forest sector employment, green jobs and forest education was held in Bonn in Germany.

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