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Photo: Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden, Summer Concerts - Photo Credit: Craig Howes / Cape Town Tourism

Although tourism is the major attraction of the Western Cape, the annual calendar is filled with some most iconic events. The Western Cape’s peak events period continues during the months of March and April, with a range of events taking place across the province. Cape Town and the Western Cape becomes the meeting spot for cultural enthusiast with events such as the Cape Town Carnival and the International Jazz Festival. Chicago The Musical, the award-winning Broadway and West End musical with multi-talented all-South African touring cast returns to the stage in Cape Town in March.

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SA’s Wolfgat Named

World’s Restaurant of The Year


The inaugural World Restaurant Awards took place in Paris on 18 February 2019 where some of the world’s best chefs and game-changing restaurants were awarded and celebrated for their role in the global restaurant industry. The new international restaurant awards comprises a more progressive list of categories – which are judged by a panel of of experts from across the globe including Eat Out’s chief judge Margot Janse – in an attempt to reflect the range of diversity in the global restaurant scene. South Africa’s very own Wolfgat was shortlisted and announced as the winner in the Off-Map Destination category and, in a spectacular ending to the ceremony, took home the awards’ highest honours as Restaurant of the Year.

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Tourism Safety Ambassadors Notch Up Notable Successes The Tourism Safety Ambassadors are appointed by Cape Town Tourism (CTT) and serve as extra pairs of eyes and ears on the ground in the CBD and the Bo-Kaap tourism hotspots. They guide locals and visitors around the city, offer advice, share safety tips and keep a keen eye out for any suspicious behaviour. Within a short space of time, the city’s Tourism Safety Ambassadors have notched up some notable successes. The City of Cape Town on 4 February 2019 acknowledged the sterling work being done by the group and commended the ambassadors for the crucial part they play in bringing perpetrators to book.

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Photo: New Urban Battery Park located at V&A Waterfront - Photo Credit: dhk Architects

Cruise tourism brings wave

Developed as the nucleus of a larger urban vision for the district, the site includes a park and piazza that effectively conceal a 1,206-bay parking facility as well as new pedestrian routes to invigorate the precinct with activity.

The MS Queen Elizabeth and the MSC Musica luxury cruise liners docked at the Cape Town harbour during the month of January 2019. In recent years Cape town welcomed numerous cruise ships to its shores. The Queen Elizabeth cruise liner is no stranger to the city’s shores and carries 2,068 passengers and 996 crew members. The MSC Musica has 1,268 passenger cabins which can accommodate 2,550 passengers in double occupancy and is served by about 990 crew members.

The site is of archaeological importance as it contains the remnants of one of the city’s oldest structures, coastal fortification the Amsterdam Battery.

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of economic opportunities to our shores

The cruise industry has experienced significant growth from just 6 050 passengers in 2012, to 29,269 passengers in 2016, and 31,035 passengers in 2017. During the 2016/17 cruise season, approximately 19 vessels visited the Cape Town harbour. There is also a significant increase in local cruising along the South African coastline.

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R43, Bot River Lagoon, Hermanus

TNP0219.indd 1

The ambassadors keep in touch with each other via a WhatsApp group. The group has notched up some notable successes: they were instrumental in the bust and arrest of a gang of 10 ATM credit card scammers who were targeting mainly tourists, they prevented several attempted muggings of tourists, they prevented a tourist from being scammed at an ATM in a well-known hot spot, assisted lost tourists by walking with them to the attractions they were looking for, and accompanying them back to the CTT offices and assisted SAPS by identifying and calling in suspicious cars in the area .

Two of the group of 15 ambassadors were keen to share their stories with us. Munifa Canterbury is a 4th dan black belt martial arts instructor and competitor. Not only does she have her South African colours, but is the All Africa champion in kata. Munifa lives in the Bo-Kaap and making a difference in her community has always been a passion. Being a tourism safety officer has given her the platform to put some of her skills into action while earning an income that has in turn benefitted her household. Cleo Moses, who lives in Elsies River, was extremely grateful to be chosen to be a part of this ambassador programme. Being jobless after completing her tertiary studies brought a sense of discouragement and low self-esteem to her for about two years, as it did to a number of other young people in her area. She was especially eager to be productive and possibly learn new skills in the workplace.


Battery Park is a new 12,000 sqm urban park situated at a key entranceway to one of Africa’s most visited tourist destinations, the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town.

The Bo-Kaap neighbourhood watch keeps an eagle eye on the area via their CCTV camera network and informs the ambassadors about potential safety risks.

The Tourism Safety Ambassadors have become a familiar sight on the streets at tourist hotspots and they have earned the trust of many local business owners as well as residents who know them by name. In some instances, community members come to their assistance when they detain a perpetrator while waiting for SAPS to arrive and make the arrest.

THE NEWSPAPER February 2019

The ambassadors work closely with their partners in crime prevention such as the Bo-Kaap neighbourhood watch, the Central City Improvement District (CCID) and the South African Police Service (SAPS). They are appreciative of the intelligence provided by the SAPS on hotspots, criminal trends and other safety issues. SAPS also provides vehicle support and back-up when needed.

2019/01/27 12:16:10

“The programme has challenged me to escape from my comfort zone and interact with strangers, many of them tourists who depend on me to provide information and guidance on their safety. I have become conscious about my approach to a stranger, how I engage with them and share information that I need to convey about their safety. I have learned to speak slowly and clearly, as I tend to become nervous when I have to approach a group of people. This has really helped to boost my confidence in public speaking. The ability to develop my listening and speaking skills and broaden my knowledge about Cape Town as a tourist destination has also had a positive impact on my group work skills. To be able to work in a group requires communication and trust,” added Cleo.

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World-Class Events Hosted In The Western Cape

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Ed Sheeran will undertake his first-ever tour in South Africa, performing in the Cape Town Stadium in March. Ed continues his rise as one of the world’s most successful and talented musical talents - selling-out stadiums across the globe. One of the world’s biggest classical stars Andrea Bocelli will have his first ever concert in the Winelands in April. Andrea has recorded 15 solo studio albums of both pop and classical music, three greatest hits albums and nine complete opera. For his latest release ‘Si’, Andrea Bocelli has teamed up with some of the hottest musical stars on the planet – reuniting with his friend Ed Sheeran. Andrea will be performing with the Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra and Choir. Matteo Bocelli will also be joining his father to perform the duet ‘Fall On Me’. For the sports enthusiast, March is Cycling Month in the Western Cape. 35 000 cyclists will line up for the Cape Town Cycle tour, the biggest road cycling event on the South Photo: Absa Cape Epic 2018, Winners Howard Grotts and Jaroslav Kulhavy - Photo Credit: Michal Cerveny African calendar and the world’s largest timed cycle race. Cyclists will set off on the iconic route that includes highlights and challenges like Wynberg Hill, Smitswinkel, Misty Cliffs, Chapman’s Peak and Suikerbossie. Passing by two oceans, fynbos-sloped mountains and a modern cityscape, the 109km course is arguably the most beautiful of any mass-participation race route in the world. The Absa Cape Epic is the world’s premier mountain bike stage race that will take place in March from the iconic slopes of Table Mountain’s National Park – to the craggy shoreline of the Southern Coast. And on; traversing the famous Winelands and beyond into the high mountains of the Western Cape. The economic spin-offs from events in the Western Cape generate a ripple effect of job creation during and after events, and increase the spend at our world-famous attractions. It also enriches knowledge in hosting and creates opportunities for some of the people working on the events to initiate, and grow their own businesses. For more events in the Western Cape - View Page 15

SA’s Wolfgat Named World’s Restaurant Of The Year (Continue from page 1) Wolfgat‘s head chef Kobus van der Merwe - Eat Out’s reigning S.Pellegrino & Acqua Panna Chef of the Year - was in attendance at the Paris event to receive the awards, one of which was presented to him by the always-glam television host, celeb chef and fellow South African, Lorna Maseko. The restaurant, which is housed in a converted 130-year-old fisherman’s beach cottage in Paternoster offers one of the best, most untouched views in the country and is praised for a menu that is built on freshness and locality. “If mother nature erected a sign saying, ‘build restaurant here’, it would surely point to Wolfgat. Chosen from all the inspected big plates, the inaugural Restaurant of the Year is a small, remote haven of purity and good taste in every sense,” reads the World Restaurant Awards website. Wolfgat is very much driven by its chef-owner and catering college dropout Kobus van der Merwe. “I didn’t complete my course [because I was] determined not to end up cooking in an industrial hotel kitchen,” he explains. “I dropped out and went travelling.” He eventually came home and ended up working as an online journalist for South African publication Eat Out, but in 2010 he left that job and Cape Town behind to run his parents’ country store in Paternoster.

Photo: Wolfgat Restaurant, Paternoster

He also helped out with their restaurant, Oep ve Koep, which at the time had a short menu of mostly fish and chips. Kobus gradually changed the menu and wrote on the blackboard outside: “Hyper-local, considered, heritage, slow, seasonal Strandveld food served here.”

In early 2017 he stepped back from Oep ve Koep to open Wolfgat and pursue his vision. A collaboration with the botanist Rupert Koopman on the cookbook Strandveld Food helped increase his knowledge of the veld, its wild plants and the coastal bounty of seaweed, which today inform his style of cooking. That style is seasonal, inspired by the weather, with a naturalist approach and minimum intervention, so that the ingredients – especially the wild and the foraged – come into their own. It feels like a restaurant that’s giving back to the community. All of its team are locals, many of them from fishing families, have never worked in a restaurant before and have trained on the job. Kobus is a believer in doing away with the traditional hierarchy of kitchen and front of house. The restaurant is very much a team effort and there is only one team. He also comes across as someone who understands the importance of work-life balance and says of Wolfgat, “By keeping it small, we keep it sustainable.”Don’t expect the 20 or so diners they take each sitting to increase any time soon. “I’m really proud to bring something like this back to our continent and beautiful country. I’m very proud to be working in a team of mostly women,” says Kobus.

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Opening Of The First Solar Powered Desalination Plant In SA

The first solar powered desalination plant in South Africa was officially launched on Monday, 11 February 2019 at Witsand, Hessequa Municipality, in the Western Cape. Ambassador of France to South Africa, Christophe Farnaud, and MEC for Finance in the Western Cape, Dr Ivan Meyer, attended the event. This plant has been cofunded by the Western Cape Government through the drought relief fund, and by the French Treasury through a fund dedicated to the implementation of innovative green technologies.

In this municipality, 250km east of Cape Town, several coastal villages, including Witsand, are suffering from a structural water deficit, even outside of drought periods. Due to these critical water shortages, this area was selected for the implementation of the first solar powered desalination unit in South Africa. The project not only constitutes a highly innovative model in terms of FrenchSouth African cooperation, but its sustainable and decentralized production of drinkable water could be replicated in a highly cost-effective manner for communities along the South African coastline, as well as inland, anywhere with sufficient brackish water available. The plant produces 100kl of fresh water per day powered by the solar energy only, to address the normal local water requirement. The plant offers the possibility to supply drinking water besides sunlight hours through the connection to the local electricity grid. The unit has been in full production since 20 December 2018. It is designed to address the December holiday peak period with a daily production capacity increased to 300kl. The technology, OSMOSUN®, developed by the French Company Mascara Renewable Water and brought to South Africa by their local partner TWS-Turnkey Water Solutions, is the world’s first reverse osmosis desalination technology coupled with photovoltaic solar energy without batteries, designed to supply coastal or borehole-dependent communities, with drinking water at a competitive price and without CO2 emissions.

New Automated Shark Detection Project Launched After 15 years of using trained observers (spotters) to successfully reduce the risk of shark bites in Cape Town, the Shark Spotters programme is launching a new research project aimed at creating an automated shark spotting system that will enhance their pioneering sustainable shark safety service. The Shark Spotters, the Institute for Communities and Wildlife in Africa at the University of Cape Town, and PatternLab SaRL, a research and development company specialising in data science and computer-aided vision from Switzerland, have launched a project aimed at developing a low-cost computer-aided vision automatic shark detection algorithm to be used on fixed cameras above Cape Town’s beaches. The Shark Spotters programme, funded by the City of Cape Town and the Save Our Seas Foundation, has significantly improved water user safety at its operating beaches in Cape Town, recording over 2 500 shark sightings since its inception in 2004. Photo Credit - S Andreotti -

The development of the automated shark spotting system will build upon this strong foundation and help to overcome some of the limitations the programme currently experiences including the need for natural elevation (mountains) and the potential for human fatigue and error. Field work for the project has begun on Fish Hoek beach and involves collecting footage of sharks for analysis and development of the cutting-edge detection algorithm software. While footage of live sharks is collected where possible, a decoy shark is also being used due to the sporadic and unreliable nature of shark sightings. Environmental and experimental variables are recorded during the data collection in order to assess their impact on the ability of the software to detect sharks, and to compare results to the effectiveness of the current human-based spotting system in place. The automated system will not replace the spotters employed in Cape Town, but rather assist them with more reliable and accurate shark detection. The research project will run for a total of 18 months after which it is anticipated an effective automated shark spotting system will have been developed for use in Cape Town and beyond.

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The meaning of the word ‘Mymering’ is to reminisce on only what is fabulous! The Mymering team can’t wait to share everything they love about their home with you. It’s flawless landscapes, unique attractions, 6 dogs, and the fantastic opportunity to simply relax and recharge on fresh air, pure water, awe-inspiring views, and wholesome food.

You can expect fresh fruit salad picked from the area, muesli and yoghurt, homemade muffins served with our jams, health smoothies, eggs benedict, full farmhouse, omelets, brown and white toast, tea, coffee and fresh juice for breakfast.

Mymering is a working farm exporting table grapes and producing boutique Hillock Wines. Varietals include, Chenin blanc, Sauvignon blanc, lightly wooded Chardonnay, Shiraz, Merlot and Andy’s Mile High blend of Pinotage, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Shiraz. A special MCC made from Chardonnay Grapes for Penny called Penelope Anne and his favorite dog, a Yorkie, Princess Fergie also has an MCC dedicated to her made from Shiraz grapes named Fergalicous. The Hillock restaurant uses only the best local produce to deliver a fresh country cuisine. Favorite dishes include snoek pate with 5 seed bread, Marinated trout served with crusty bread, baked cheese soufflé, classic avo/prawn with homemade mayo to start. Slow roasted Karoo Lamb, Beef fillet stack with basil cream, Stuffed chicken breast fillet with creamy samp, Rich Oxtail rague served with pasta rice as a main. Chocolate fondant, Rooibos cheesecake, Mixed berry Pannacotta, Crème Carmel to end. Vegetarians welcome! Choose to sit at our large table with all the other guests or dine privately on your own.

Escape into nature. Indulge in good food and wine. Stargaze. Work out in an outdoor gym. Jump into a heated pool. Take a walk with Andy and his six dogs. Enjoy the unique fauna and flora of the Klein Karoo. For the more energetic hike Stanley’s liggie, mountain bike up the seweweekspoort, one of the most spectacular of all the mountain ravines in the country. For those not so energetic, do the drive…it’s amazing, it’s a must! Get married, have your milestone birthday celebration, family reunion…do it all here at Mymering. The Lodge accommodates 18 guests with 7 chalets, and a 2 bedroom period cottage. All uniquely decorated with luxury furnishings, percale linens, bespoke towels and artisan toiletries made on the farm with essential oils. Choose from self-catering or allow us to spoil you a little by cooking for you. YOUR HOSTS: ANDY AND PENNY HILLOCK Visit our website for more info and specials Dwarsrivier Valley, Ladismith, South Africa



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Cape Town Ranked

Billions of Rands Invested

A Top Tech City In Global Report

In Leading Higher Education Research Facilities Cape Town & Western Cape is quickly establishing itself as the intellectual hub for Africa. The province has a strong pipeline of skills through four top universities including: The University of Cape Town, Stellenbosch University, Cape Peninsula University of Technology and the University of the Western Cape. In addition to this, the University of Cape Town is hailed as Africa’s top university with Stellenbosch University following closely behind in 3rd place. Due to these top performing institutions, billions of Rands are being invested into the Province for further facilitation of research into these fields, with huge commitments being made by these leading institutions to position themselves on the continent, and globally, as world-class research hubs. The establishment of the new Biomedical Research Institute (BMRI), a billion Rand investment announced by the University of Stellenbosch, confirms the investor confidence in the region for producing world-class research facilities.

Photo: Adderley Street - Photo Credit: Craig Howes / Cape Town Tourism

Cape Town has made its way back onto global property firm Savills Top Tech cities report, “Tech Cities in Motion”. Measuring 30 cities from around the world against 100 individual metrics, Savills Tech Cities Index evaluates which cities offer the most successful home for tech and start-up companies. Individual metrics range from the volume of inward venture capital investment to the cost of a flat white coffee. Cape Town ranked in 30th place and was the only city on the continent to make the list, with the Mother City faring exceptionally well in the real estate and the cost of living sub-category under ‘buzz and wellness’.

MHS Dean Professor Jimmy Volmink confirmed that the BMRI is set to significantly advance the universities capacity to undertake world-class research on the leading health problems affecting African citizens. It will also contribute considerably to building research capability in the African region. Similarly UCT’s Neuroscience Institute is geared to become one of the leading Neurological research centres globally. The Neuroscience Institute broke ground on its new building last year, the Neuroscience Centre is in partnership with Groote Schuur Hospital. The building is designed to hold a state-of-the-art Neurosurgical Innovation laboratory, clinical and training spaces, and an innovation space where research groups can connect. The Institute will serve as a hub for neuroscience in all its forms, across various research groups and clinical sites around Cape Town, South Africa, and Africa.

Acknowledging that co-working has gone hand in hand with the growth of the global tech sector, Cape Town ranked 6th on the list with residential rent and co-working costs being noticeably lower than other major cities around the world. Overtaking San Francisco from last year’s rankings is New York City, who takes the lead in 1st place as the premier global Tech City. Factors attributing to the win includes New York’s expansive talent pool and the city’s reputation as a global centre of commerce. As noted by the researchers: a Tech City possesses five key characteristics: an important centre of tech within its region; major recipient of VC investment; on the shopping list for expanding global tech companies, a vibrant city in which to live and work; and a generator of, and a magnet for talent. Mayoral Committee Member for Economic Opportunities and Asset Management, Alderman James Vos, stated: “I am excited to be officially opening the Africa Tech Week conference on Monday, 4 March, which is a unique platform which facilitates dialogue and cooperation between companies, government, civil society and the fresh talent of the tech industry.” “The Savills ranking demonstrates that we are on the right track and how the City of Cape Town is successfully creating an enabling environment for start-up’s and tech talent.” Vos added: “In response to this growing industry the City of Cape Town is continuing to invest in IT infrastructure and to date the City has installed 848km of fibre-optic cable. Towards 2021 the City will spend R1.98bn on fibre infrastructure.” “As we move further into the 4th Industrial Revolution, all businesses will evolve, in some form, into tech businesses, no matter what sector. With these shifts, the Cape Town tech start-up ecosystem will continue to grow and become more complex.” “It will become increasingly essential that the City remains focused on how we can facilitate conditions and sustain a supporting environment.”

The Institute will also create and curate a first of its kind biobank to house brain and blood samples from clinics across the continent. This centralised resource will provide laboratories with critical modern-day research materials, allowing for cutting-edge research with immediate clinical relevance. With large sums of money and time being made into the medical sciences sector, the natural sciences is also putting the province on the map. The Nature International Journal of Science dubbed Cape Town Africa’s leading science city last year, when measured on its contribution to articles in the 82 high-quality science journals in the Nature Index over the past six years. UCT contributed the most to the Nature Index with a 2012–2017 fractional count of 33.96, followed by the University of the Western Cape (UWC) at 5.08. Stellenbosch ranked the third highest performing science city in Africa with a sixyear fractional count of 86.84 - contributing to the Cape’s research appeal. Feeding into bourgeoning local knowledge economy, the Cape is the number one association congress for meetings in Africa. Congresses are a key driver for investment and stimulate research exposure into the continent. Cape Town and the Western Cape Convention Bureau, a division of Wesgro, has secured top international conferences, with 20 conferences secured for the 2018/19 Financial Year so far, with an estimated economic impact of over R750 million in the next five years. Through the help of local academic institutions the bureau has managed to secure a few top medical conferences including the International Society of Animal Genetics (ISAG) and the International Health Economies Association taking place in July 2021, and the World Congress on Paediatric Critical Care (WFPICCS) scheduled for June 2022, to mention but a few. “Bringing top industry specialists from around the globe to our shores significantly boosts our local knowledge economy,” said Corne Koch. Koch continued, “Leaving a legacy has become paramount in hosting successful meetings. These legacy programmes facilitate access for emerging students, businesses and researchers to global platforms and thought leaders.” Wesgro CEO Tim Harris added: “There have been two research projects realised for the Cape in the last six years amounting to over R54 million. This, combined with the billions being realised by leading local universities into the construction of research facilities, assists expanding our research footprint, putting the Cape on the map as a leading learning destination and knowledge hub. It also does much to strengthen our business tourism proposition which sees global Industry experts from around the world coming to our shores to discuss key topics around pressing issues.”

THE NEWSPAPER No one denies that having children is one of the greatest gifts life can bring us. But I’ve seen firsthand how the physical changes brought on by pregnancy and breastfeeding can take a toll on the physical appearance of mothers – and most importantly, on how they feel about themselves. Many women have great difficulty improving these issues with diet and exercise alone, and so they come to me for a solution.



MOMMY MAKEOVERS: All you need to know By Dr Rory Dower

Depending on the procedures involved, they can be done together in one operation, or over a series of sessions. 2. How soon after having their children do you recommend someone has a Mommy Makeover? I recommend waiting a minimum of six months after giving birth and a minimum of three months after finishing breastfeeding. Hormones affect the elasticity and tone of your skin, so to get the most benefits out of the procedure, you should ideally allow your body to reach equilibrium before having surgery, and be as close to your ideal weight as possible.

On average, the healing time would need to be 4-6 weeks, but it will depend on how much is done, and your child on the couch, or with them on your lap (as long as they are calm). It also helps if you go down to your child’s level (i.e bending down to speak to them), so that you feel less of a need to bring them up to yours. I usually recommend that you start practicing this new way of interacting with your child a week or two before surgery, so that it’s less of a shock for your child when the time comes.

3. Is it a good idea to have a tummy tuck at the same time as a C-section? No, it’s a bad idea for these reasons:

A “mommy makeover” is a combination of surgical and/or non-surgical cosmetic enhancement procedures designed to get mothers closer to their pre-pregnancy figure. Here are all the questions you may have had about the procedure: 1. What does a Mommy Makeover include? It can include body contouring procedures, facial rejuvenation, breast enhancement, and other options. My patients are ultimately aiming for a slimmer silhouette, a more contoured body shape, firmer breasts, and a rejuvenated appearance. The combination of treatments is completely customisable and depends on the needs of the individual. Contouring procedures could include:

i) Disappointing results The skin and muscles are stretched during pregnancy – over the next few months as the hormones in your body change, some of this stretching will retract. If you’re doing a tummy tuck at the same time of your C-section, it’s difficult for your surgeon to judge how much skin to cut out in order to achieve a good result. ii) Difficult recovery Recovering from a tummy tuck or C-section is difficult. Recovering from both surgeries at the same time, on top of caring for a newborn baby, is complicated and exhausting! iii) Complications Both procedures have risks, and combining them can increase the potential for complications. Around the time of pregnancy, women are also at increased risk of blood clots and fluid retention, plus there’s a greater risk of infection.

Tummy Tuck: Pregnancy changes can cause stretched muscles and excess skin that are resistant to standard weight loss methods. A tummy tuck improves the dynamics of the abdominal core and smoothens its contour. Breast enhancement: Depending on the patient, they may want to have a breast lift alone, a breast augmentation with fat grafting, breast augmentation with implants, or a breast reduction. Liposuction: This reduces stubborn fatty deposits which are often resistant to exercise or diet − this technique can be used in many areas of the body.

4. How soon after a Mommy Makeover can I lift my child?

Non-invasive procedures: These include anti-wrinkle injections and dermal filler, as well as medical skin treatments for facial rejuvenation.

A Mommy Makeover is a significant procedure, so there needs to be enough recovery time to prevent wound healing problems.


Why do you like performing Mommy Makeovers?

I always take post-op pictures and good physical results bring me great satisfaction. However, the biggest reward I get from doing this procedure is seeing the change in the way patients look when they walk through the door for follow-up appointments. They seem to wear their clothes differently, I notice a change in their posture, and they seem more comfortable and confident. Giving a woman back her confidence is one of the best things about what I do.

“Having a mommy makeover wasn't something I had planned or even considered before children, but I had my third child at 38 and really struggled to tone my tummy. I was frustrated with the roll over my jeans and the way my breasts sagged. I will never regret the decision to have this surgery with Dr Dower. He always made me feel comfortable and it's restored a confidence in myself that I had lost for some time.”

At my surgery, we’re passionate about helping mothers feel their best selves. SPECIALIST MEDICAL SPA




A journey to a Career in the Performing Arts with Nine Academy The Nine’ Academy of film, stage and dance was established in 2016 and offers a four year, internationally recognised, Trinity College of London Diploma in either performing arts, film and stage, or musical theatre. Matric level qualifications and auditions are required for entry. The diploma courses comprise training in all aspects of the professional industry, including film and stage performance, film and stage production and teaching qualifications. Students attend the academy full time to study singing, dancing, writing, directing, producing, industry business, and teaching. Also included are the support skills such as management, coordination, camera, lighting and sound, make-up, props and choreography, historical development of the performing arts, dancing and the visual arts, the styles, methods and resources which aids students to become fully rounded artists successful in the careers they choose. To achieve success, academy training standards must be maintained at the highest level, and to this end, assessments and exams are regularly conducted by external national and international examiners. The goal of the curriculum is to ensure students graduate, and are able to develop and sustain their careers and further promote the arts. Unlike large colleges, the academy environment allows every individual to receive the personal attention and guidance needed. The Academy regularly enlists external industry professionals to conduct workshops or outings with the students, sharing their insight and skills. Nine’ Academy of Film, Stage and Dance is a boutique training institution for film and stage. Past students are being recognized and respected in the industry as professionals of calibre and achieving sustainable careers.

- The academy guarantees one-on-one interaction with all their students. Focus is completely on the individual, developing natural talent and ensuring the relevant skills and professional standards are acquired. Most importantly, mentors guide the students in the direction that is right for them - be it performance, technical skills and/or teaching. In the Academy, one size does not fit all. - The diplomas are internationally recognized, which means our graduate students can apply for work nationally and internationally. - Students learn not only how to work in the industry, but are also given the tools to be creative and the confidence to become industry leaders. - To date the academy has achieved a 100% pass rate, of which the majority are distinctions.



- Experience lies at the core of the Academy’s success. Many years of work both in film and stage, have developed a deep understanding of what is required and how it can be achieved. This knowledge is the foundation.

There are a multitude of options. The performing arts are not limited to stage, but include film, television and radio. Furthermore these careers are not confined to performance but include technical support.

- The governing bodies’ requirements are maintained by means of examinations and regular assessments that monitor each student’s development and identify areas that require attention.

Principal Janine Holthuysen quotes, “Let me ask this question. Can you imagine a world without films, television, radio, theatre and music? What kind of world would that be? The performing arts are the reflection of our society and skilled artists are needed to present it. It is informative, recreational, healing, a therapeutic tool, instrument for conflict resolution, exposes lies and tells truths, allows escapism, tells peoples stories, gives insights into other cultures, communities, people’s lives and situations, and in so doing help create an understanding of each other’s history, beliefs and cultures in order to move positively into the future. We want to be a part of this.”

- Students are exposed to a multitude of options in the foundation phase. This allows them to define their focus so that tutors and management can guide them towards the appropriate study paths. - The space at the academy is a creative area, allowing students the freedom to explore their options as performers, directors, teachers and technicians. - The syllabus is designed to improve life skills, instil positive behaviour and develop confidence as young leaders in South Africa. - The academy prides itself on the high standard of productions and work outcomes.

The Academy has limited space for the 2019 intake; and is especially excited about their Gap year course that is being offered. GAP YEAR COURSE This course gives potential artists an insight into the world of performing arts (singing, dancing and acting) and what the industry has to offer. Students are introduced to the different skills required to perform on stage and in film and to work on production projects. If school leavers/students are uncertain as to their future fields of study, this is the perfect course to learn more about the industry and decide whether it is for them. Students have the option to transfer to do the entry level for the diploma course midyear. Situated on a farm at the foot of the scenic winelands, it provides a healthy natural environment and space for the students to relax between classes in a safe environment. They are located in Somerset West, which makes the academy within easy reach of students in the Helderberg, Overberg and Stellenbosch areas. South Africa has a thriving film industry which services both national and international film productions and commercials, using local skills. We are a part of the initiative to develop and maintain this amazing industry and help grow the country’s economy and job development. Contact Nine’ Academy of film, stage and dance to arrange an interview for our 2019 courses. For more information contact 021 012 5218 or visit


Autumn 2019





Heritage Winemaking


SMOKEHOUSE & BAKERY For the whole family



Experience Nuy Valley



Buffalo Mozzarella

A proud heritage of authentic winemaking

Annandale Wines. Making wine the old fashioned way. Established as a wine farm in 1688, the historic wine farm of Annandale grew to the extent that it was planted with over 100 hectares of vines in the early 1900s. This rich wine-making heritage can still be seen at Annandale today, one of the most authentic working wine farms in the Stellenbosch region, and well worth a visit. | Annandale road | Stellenbosch

heritage WINEMAKING Annandale wines, since 1688 Annandale has always upheld a culture of winemaking, except over the time when the farm was a haven for abandoned and abused horses in the middle of the last century. Michiel Louw, owner of Annandale in the early 1900s, was already producing bulk red wine for export to the UK. Red wine was transported in 220 L barrels from the farm to Lynedoch station, then shipped from Cape Town to be bottled in the UK. When he purchase Annandale, then a horse shelter, in 1996, Hempies du Toit brought the farm back to its winemaking roots. The current working cellar is built on the foundation of the original cellar, completed in 1908, when it was upgraded to accommodate the bigger harvest coming off an expansive 100 hectares. The spirit and winemaking history of the farm lives on today in the authentic red wines that Hempies crafts by hand. The farm carries on the tradition of living in harmony with nature, respecting plants and animals alike, while producing wines that honour the previous generations of ethical winemaking. Hempies and his team invite you to visit the estate and experience this slice of living history first-hand. For more information contact the tasting room on 021 881 3560, mail, or find them on social media @annandalewines

Familiér Farm Grocer A wholesome shopping experience for you and your family With so many things drastically changing in our world these days, more and more people are looking for sustainable ways to do their grocery shopping and supporting ethical, local businesses. Imagine my delight when I recently discovered Familiér Farm Grocer on Annandale Wine Farm, just off the R44, between Stellenbosch and Somerset-West. A truly child-friendly shopping experience without the hassle of crowded parking lots and unhealthy sweets aisles! The entire Familiér experience is very authentic. At Familiér, they believe that good health and longevity starts with what you eat. That is why they source only pure, wholesome and organic produce, free from artificial preservatives, colourants, MSG and flavourants. Familiér specialises in ethically sourced, grass-fed meats and poultry, organically grown vegetables, cold-pressed oils, organic seeds and grains, grass-fed dairy and natural cleaning products. They have also dedicated an entire section of their store to zero-waste shopping where you can buy honey, oils, grains, and more on tap! All in all Familiér is an inspirational Organic Farm Grocer with a wide variety of produce you can trust, make sure to pay them a visit. For those living a little further away, they do weekly deliveries in and around the Cape Town area. Familiér is open Mon - Sat, 8am to 5pm (Saturdays until 3pm). They offer picnic platters and do weekly deliveries in and around the Cape Town area. They also cater for small functions. Contact or Tel 064 909 4207

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Smokehouse & Bakery

A local restaurant for the whole family

Vadas Smokehouse & Bakery is bringing the locals back to Spier Wine Farm in Stellenbosch. Recently Spier has meticulously restored The Werf, its historic farmyard, where Vadas Smokehouse & Bakery is housed in the Jonkershuis building; a structure from 1778. The Werf, once again acts as the bustling heart of the farm as it did in history. Head chef PJ Vadas has worked with Roger Vergé at Moulin de Mougins in France, with Angela Hartnett at The Connaught in London and for several years with Gordon Ramsay at his Michelin Star restaurants in London and New York City. Back in South Africa, PJ established The Roundhouse restaurant in Camps Bay which he ran for four years and then went on to work as Executive Chef at Camphors, Vergelegen. Both these positions earned him Eat Out Top Ten awards and more recently he established and ran The HogHouse BBQ, which won Eat Out’s Best Eatery. Vadas Smokehouse & Bakery is run by a group of long-time friends and colleagues with a shared passion for quality food and great service. The restaurant creates a place where families and friends can join together and eat food that is carefully, ethically and healthily sourced and prepared. Vadas believes in supporting local, quality-driven businesses and practices farm-to-plate dining where simple dishes embrace and showcase the quality of produce. The restaurant serves a variety of dishes, able to be shared at the table. Although smoking meats is a large focus at Vadas – think smoked brisket, bourbon BBQ juicy smoked pork or smoked pork belly with apple ketchup - there is a considered focus on ample, delicious vegetarian dishes, something chef PJ is becoming quite well-known for. While the ingredients are hyper-local, the inspiration for the dishes is worldwide. “Why should we have boundaries of what we can do?” Vadas asks, “Our menu might go from an English pork pie, to a taco, to a ramen-style broth. It is all super tasty.” The restaurant is built on a foundation of cooking with fire & smoke, focusing on sustainable meats and ethical farming practices. Organic vegetables are treated with care & respect showcasing delicious vegetarian meals. The bakery is a treasure trove of what PJ calls his ‘Sweet Surrender Pies’ – American-style sweet pies such as blueberry & nectarine pie, chocolate cream pie, pecan pie and strawberry pie. Don’t forget about PJ’s now famous Pastéis de Nata; the Portuguese custard tarts he shared with Cape Town whilst at The HogHouse. With a one-of-a-kind oven brought in from France, slow-fermented, fresh Sourdough and farm-loaf breads are on offer daily at Vadas, which guests are welcome to enjoy throughout the day at the restaurant or collect and take home. Vadas welcomes the entire family. Enjoy a lazy lunch under the trees while the children play on the werf lawns.

Reservations 021 809 1137 Kitchen is open 7 days a week: Monday to Saturday 12h00 - 15h00 & 18h00 - 21h00 and Sundays 12h00 - 15h00

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Nuy Winery's tasting room and restaurant Nuy on the hill

Nuy Winery opened their showcase venue and restaurant, Nuy on the hill, located on a slight elevation alongside the R60 between Worcester and Robertson, right next to the Nuy Valley turnoff in December 2015. Situated in the picturesque Nuy River Valley, Nuy Winery has built their legacy on masterfully crafted wines inspired by their exceptional terroir and fine winemaking skills. It is also this inheritance of fine wine excellence on which their new wine selection is based. Their selection of wines include the Inspiration, Mastery and Legacy ranges. The Inspiration range offers a wide choice of quality Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, and two popular bubblies – an off-dry Sauvignon Blanc and sweeter Muscadel. The Mastery range will treat your palate to the more complex pick of Chardonnay, Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinotage, and the recently added Nuy Mastery Craft Gin, while Nuy Winery’s flagship range, Legacy, will consist of a white and red blend, Nuy’s maiden MCC, their celebrated Muscadel, Limited edition Nuy Legacy Craft Gin, and a potstill Brandy. These wine ranges also feature a newly designed label combining the coats of arms of neighbouring Worcester and Robertson with a depiction of the new venue in the background. With the cellar being located slightly off the beaten track, Nuy Winery saw the need for a specialist venue closer to the popular R60 route and thus, Nuy on the hill was conceptualised. Their idea was not only to make their product more accessible to the general public and specifically the R60 passerby, but also to match the fine wine experience with a perfect balance of delicious food set in a relaxed atmosphere.

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EAT & DRINK Building began on 8 June 2015. Wood and stone elements were used in keeping with the natural surroundings complemented by a breathtaking view across the Nuy Valley vineyards. The venue features a newly designed wine tasting room, a top restaurant run by Danette Thompson and Wilna van der Westhuizen (chef) as well as a deli. A spacious patio surrounded by lush green lawn provides ample indoor and outdoor seating for patrons to treat themselves to a wide choice of restaurant dishes ranging from tapas, woodfired pizzas, hamburgers and steaks, to a selection of banting dishes. The deli is stocked with a variety of preserved products sourced from local and afar, homebrewed coffees, freshly baked breads and speciality pastries. Patrons are invited to enjoy their purchases either as takeaway, or in a picnic setup, while keeping an eye on the kids conquering the new jungle gym. A new mountain bike route is also on offer and cyclists are welcome to make use of the washing station located on the new premises. Opening hours for Nuy on the hill is Mondays to Fridays 09:00 – 17:00, Saturdays and Sundays 09:00 – 16:00. Join the conversation: Facebook Nuy Winery| Facebook Nuy on the hill | Twitter @NUYWINERY For more information on Nuy Wine Cellar, visit or contact AC Goodger at 023 347 0272 or email

Celebrate the annual Nuy Valley Festival on the 11th of May 2019 The Nuy valley festival celebrates the valley’s yearly harvest. The young, old, energetic and laidback are all invited to dig into traditional country food, tasting olives, listening to live music while sipping on fine wine. The hosting venues are Nuy Winery, Conradie Penhill Artisanal Wines, Willow Creek Olive Estate and Leipzig Country House and Winery which is situated on the R60 halfway between Worcester and Robertson. For the energetic the festivities kicks off with either a MTB or a Trail Run. For those who just want to soak up the warm sun and fresh air can relax listening to live performing artists, while the children are kept busy with a number of activities just for them. Tickets cost R95 for adults, R35 for teens and children under 12 are free. Price also includes traveling on the Nuy Valley Tractor Express giving you free access between venues.

Tickets available on the day or book online via webtickets

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Buffalo Ridge authentic Buffalo Mozzarella made in South Africa Situated among the vineyards and wheat fields of the Cape Winelands, Buffalo Ridge produces authentic buffalo milk mozzarella and other buffalo milk products. In 2006 Wayne and Michelle Rademeyer, imported 24 water buffalo to form the nucleus of what remains the only water buffalo dairy in South Africa. The herd now exceeds 200 animals. The buffalo were specifically imported to locally produce authentic buffalo mozzarella as developed in the Campania region of Italy. Many a visitor to Italy has returned to regale their friends with tales of the sumptuous food experienced on their travels. A common favourite is the simple Insalata Caprese named after the island of Capri, just off the coast of Naples. The key ingredient of caprese salad is buffalo mozzarella (mozzarella di bufala), which is combined with fresh, ripe tomatoes and basil, seasoned with virgin olive oil, salt and pepper, to provide a balanced, colourful treat bursting with flavour. But why buffalo mozzarella? Wayne explains that the milk of domesticated water buffalo has a substantially higher nutritive value than cows’ milk. It has higher levels of butterfat, protein, calcium and antioxidants, while still having much lower levels of cholesterol. The higher nutritive value of buffalo milk enables one to make buffalo mozzarella without the use of additives and preservatives. Buffalo Ridge is vegetarian friendly as microbial rennet is used, with the only other ingredients being buffalo milk and starter culture, with salt and water being the brine the product is packaged in. Buffalo mozzarella is the original mozzarella and easily distinguished from mozzarella made in a similar manner from cows’ milk, known as fior di latte, and the hard, block mozzarella, often referred to as pizza cheese. Buffalo mozzarella has a unique freshness, flavour and texture unmatched by the other products. It is for this reason that Buffalo Ridge supplies the top dining restaurants in the country. Many celebrity chefs advise in their cook books that it pays to source authentic buffalo mozzarella if one is able. Apart from well-known local chefs, internationally renowned chefs such as Michel Roux Senior and Brian Turner have visited Buffalo Ridge to view the buffalo and production methods and to sample the products. Buffalo Ridge buffalo mozzarella is available for purchase through Woolworths and fine delicatessens. For more information contact or visit

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A Passion for Wood-Fired Hand Roasted Coffee Nel’s memory of coffee was burnt into his mind by the strong, dark, wood-fired coffee his grandfather Tommie de Villiers drank – sweet and black from a cup and saucer as he fed Nel sips of coffee, while he sat at his grandfather’s chair listening to stories. Once tasted, the mind stores pleasant tastes in the “Neverforgetme” lobe, continually yearning for such tastes, and the memories of his Grandfather’s coffee – remains never forgotten. Twenty years ago, Nel discovered his Grandfathers coffee roasting cauldron (a large metal pot with a lid and handle, used for cooking over an open fire), and started his quest toward an illusive taste. His mother Nora, roasted coffee for his grandfather when he became too old, guiding Nel in perfecting the art of roasting true wood-fired, hand-roasted coffee. PaterTomCoffee was born in honour of his Grandfather Reverend Tommie De Villiers, a Dutch Reformed Missionary Minister from Oudtshoorn. Wood-fired Hand-roasted Coffee contains the unique true nature of the bean roasted, unencumbered by a scientific clinical sterile machine roasting approach.

The development of the bean as it heats up, the change of colour as the temperature rises, and the formation of different smells develop as the magic of the heat and smoke and energy transform the beans into a wonderous flavour gem of nature – where not a single cup of coffee is ever the same. A worldwide journey of countries and tastes start to unfold and grow as we drink our way along the coffee corridor of the world - from Java to Colombia to Africa and Asia. PaterTomCoffee produce four different styles and cater for a wide spectrum of coffee drinkers. The Traditional Dark, PaterTomCoffee’s signature roast consists of a Brazilian, African, and Asian green coffee bean which is roasted dark separately, and blended in equal measures to produce a dark, sweet aromatic true coffee flavour that will stay for hours. A blend of coffee which takes you back to the old days of true coffee. This coffee is ideal for the use in Plungers, Mocha pots and Espresso machines. PaterTomCoffee Medium/Medium Dark blend is named The Divine Cup. A blend of four different beans, two from Africa, one from Asia, and one from South America, is roasted separately Medium or Medium Dark to bring out its own unique flavour blended very specifically to produce a soft, yet strong and flavourful profile, from a hint of apple to a lingering honey aftertaste. This blend is ideal for Cappuccinos and milk beverages, or an afternoon coffee full of flavour and florals. PaterTomCoffee’s Ethiopian Sidamo Nr 4 Single Origin Roast must be one of the true unique beans which contain most of the qualities with a lot of the flavours desired in coffee. These beans, roasted Medium Dark marries the more acidic medium floral and fruity flavours with the sweeter more aromatic, leathery, smoky, and darker roasting flavours. As described by the Coffee Collaborative Company’s Worldwide Sourcer of Coffee beans, “One of the best, if not the best Cappuccino I’ve ever had,” - it takes some doing. The PaterTomCoffee Devils Brew blend consists of three different continent’s classic beans roasted Dark Medium Dark and blended to produce a sweet strong full-bodied coffee. This coffee is ideal for Espressos, Mocha Pots, Plungers, Americanos and Percolators. Roasted Coffee beans can be ordered from PaterTomCoffee and will be delivered to your destination of choice. PaterTomCoffee specializes in small businesses and offices that require good coffee roasted with care and quality for the discerning employee and employer. For more information contact Nel De Villiers at 073 262 4785 or visit

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Where excellence in hospitality & nature become one

5 Star Accommodation IN THE VALLEY OF WINE & ROSES

WHAT TO EXPECT optional deluxe breakfast & dinner baskets delivered to your cottage optional spa treatments in the comfort of your cottage nature drives hiking the clearly marked hiking trails mountain biking bird watching

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Is Anti-Pollution Skincare Products a trend or a necessity? One of the top 5 beauty trends in the world, is anti-pollution skincare products. Is this only a fad or should you be concerned about the effect of pollution on your skin? Surely as a South African, you don’t have to be too worried about air pollution? Especially living in the Western Cape… According to the WHO (World Health Organization), 1 out of 10 people dies yearly from pollution. In South Africa, 7.4% of deaths are caused by pollution. That is about 21,000 South Africans. The World Health Organization defines air pollution as “contamination of both indoor and outdoor environments by any chemical, physical, or biological agent.” You may think to stay away from the smog, and dirty exhaust fumes safeguard you, but it doesn’t. Why Your Skin Needs Protection Against Air Pollution It’s not always what you can see that kills or damages your skin. The culprit, PM 2.5, is 40 times smaller than a grain of sand. PM stands for particulate matter and 2.5 is the size of the particle. As the largest organ in your body, your skin is daily exposed to PM 2.5 in the environment—indoors (fires, cooking, smoking) and outdoors (on sunny and cloudy days). The main function of the skin is to be the barrier that protects the body from harmful environmental elements like viruses, bacteria, sunlight, allergens and particular matter. There are four ways the skin barrier can be penetrated and cause you harm: · Scrapes, scratches, and cuts (mechanical) · Moving through hair follicles (trans-follicular) · Moving through skin cells (trans-cellular) · Moving in between the spaces of the skin cells (intracellular)

Essential Micellar Water: Anti-Pollution Face Cleanser As a face cleanser, Essential Micellar Water, cleanses and removes make-up traces and air pollution impurities. Pollution suffocates your skin cells. By eliminating pollution, the cleanser allows your skin to breathe. This gentle cleanser can be used around your eye contour areas as well. MatiSCity: 24 Hour Treatment Cream - MatiSCity is a moisturizer and anti-pollution cream that limits and works against skin issues caused by pollution: · Dull complexion, · Dry skin, · Inflammation, and · Oxidative stress. MatiSCity hydrates the skin and calms the inflamed skin. The moisturizer heals the oxygen-deprived skin giving you a bright, healthy complexion.

Hair follicles cover 10% of the skin area that is exposed to the environment. The follicles are large enough for particulate matter to enter the body. The moment your skin detects this foreign matter, the skin’s immune system reacts to isolate and remove the danger. This process causes inflammation and leads to various skin issues and diseases: · Acne · Age Spots · Eczema · Psoriasis · Skin Ageing · Skin Cancer Is it possible to contain and prevent the damage caused by PM and other air pollution substances? Yes, it is. How? Help your skin do its job by protecting your skin so it can protect your body. How To Protect Your Skin Against Air Pollution When you use an anti-pollution face cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen, you help your skin fight air pollution. Some beauty products may contain ingredients against air pollution, but it isn’t necessarily the shield that actively protects the skin. Matis Essential Micellar Water face cleanser, MatisCity moisturizer, and City Protect 50 sunscreen contain active ingredients that create the shields pollution can’t penetrate. The first time you use these products, you’ll be shocked to see how dirty the “clean” air was. Then the gratefulness sinks in when you realize this triple shield protected your skin against all that filth.

City Protect 50: Anti-Pollution Sunscreen - City Protect 50 is a fluid sunscreen you can daily apply under or over your make-up. The triple action shield protects your face against pollution, ultraviolet rays, infrared light, and blue light emitted from computer screens, smartphones, and tablets. Why use Matis Anti-pollution cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen? How do these products work? Essential Micellar Water, MatiSCity, and City Protect 50’s active ingredients limit and combat the negative effect of pollution by: · Double antipollution action with Matisystem PMO3. Strengthens the skin barrier and protects the skin against PM 2.5 penetration. Free radicals are trapped and neutralized. Repair of cellular metabolism reduces inflammation and restores the energy levels. · Aquaregul Complex. Limits dehydration by strengthening the barrier and optimizing skin water reserves. · Cranberry Extract. The antioxidant properties help fight premature aging of the skin caused by pollution. · Roses’ Floral Water. Soothes and calms the inflamed and irritated skin. Help protect your skin so that your skin can protect your body. To find the closest Matis Salon, phone Makarios Distribution. If your beauty salon doesn’t stock Matis product, then ask your skincare therapist to give us a call. If you’ve never experienced Matis, why don’t you book your free skin analysis? Contact Makarios Distribution to direct you to the closest Matis Salon. Your Matis beauty expert will guide you in how to care for your skin with the right products and treatments. Makarios Distribution Call Mari on 082 546 3454 or email us





3D printing helps surgeons plan and practice for procedures “It is a relatively novel way for surgeons to visualise and assess a patient’s anatomy and can help them to plan and perform procedures with a greater measure of safety and efficiency,” says Dr Rudolph Venter, an orthopaedic surgeon with the FMHS. Doctors can “recreate” any anatomical structure by importing a 3D image – obtained from 3D medical scans such as CT or MRI – into a software programme, which then enables them to print a plastic 3D model of the image. 3D printing is not a new technology, but has been considered too costly for everyday use until recently. In recent years, however, 3D printers have become much more affordable and the required software is now freely and widely available. This has enabled surgeons to comprehensively explore the potential benefits of using 3D models in medical practice. Orthopaedic surgery is a good place to start this journey of discovery, as the work of the orthopaedic surgeon is very tactile by nature. According to Dr Venter, orthopaedic procedures require a great deal of pre-operative planning. Historically orthopaedic surgeons used X-rays and paper templates to plan procedures, but now X-rays, CT scans or MRI images are electronically manipulated to help plan for operations. Until recently orthopaedic surgeons have had to rely on two dimensional imaging modalities, for example X-rays, computer tomography (CT) or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), to assess ailments such as tumours, fractures or deformities affecting their patients’ musculoskeletal system. With the support of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences (FMHS), doctors at Stellenbosch University (SU) and Tygerberg Hospital’s Division of Orthopaedics have created a 3D printing laboratory and are now employing three dimensional (3D) printing techniques to create models of patients’ anatomy. This process assists them in planning, practicing and executing complex and challenging surgical procedures.

“For instance, we would print a patient’s thigh bone with a deformity and rehearse the procedure, or physically experiment with implants in the model as if we were performing the exact procedure on the patient. This enables the surgeon to enter the operating room with confidence, knowing what size implant to use and where to make all the bone cuts,” explains Venter. 3D printed models can also assist surgeons in visualising their patient’s anatomical structures as they are operating. The use of 3D models in medicine is not unique to orthopaedic surgery and can be used in other disciplines as well, including cardiothoracic surgery and neurosurgery. Venter is currently undertaking research to determine and quantify the advantages of using 3D printed models in day to day orthopaedic practice.

Start your day with a healthy Breakfast Shake How often do you skip breakfast or grab a coffee and pastry on-the-go to stop the hunger pains mid-morning? Once a week? Twice? Everyday? ‘Breakfast’ literally means to ‘break the fast’ that occurs overnight. After approximately 12 hours without fuel, it’s easy to see why it’s called the most important meal of the day – providing the energy your body needs to get you going in the morning. 7 Steps to start your day with a nutritious breakfast Step 1: Fuel your body with essential nutrients - Kick-start your day with much needed nutrients! As well as providing energy (calories), a healthy breakfast can give you the nutritional boost your body needs, including fibre, vitamins and minerals. Step 2: Take control of your weight - Skipping or eating a breakfast that lacks essential nutrients can make you more likely to reach for unhealthy, high-calorie foods later on. *In fact, research shows that individuals who consume a good quality breakfast tend to have a healthier daily food pattern than those who don’t. Step 3: Build and maintain muscle - Protein contributes to the maintenance and growth in muscle mass, and our body relies on the protein in our diet to help us do this.

Step 7: Energy lift - Breakfast literally means to ‘break the fast’ and helps to top up the energy stores that your body has used overnight to repair and renew. Vitamins and minerals also contribute to the reduction of fatigue. The F1 shake is available in 9 delicious flavours: Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry Tropical, Banana Cream, Cookies & Cream, Cappuccino, Raspberry & Blueberry, Toffee Apple & Cinnamon, Mint Chocolate Crunch and Formula 1 Free From Vanilla. Enjoy them alone or get creative and blend with fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices. F1 is a delicious shake mix that provides protein and key nutrients. A convenient choice for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Great-tasting and kilojoule-controlled with on average 924 kilojoules per serving plus fibre, vitamins and minerals. High in protein from soy and dairy, around 18 g of protein when prepared with semi-skimmed milk.

Step 4: Healthy skin - Beautiful skin starts with nourishment from within. Drinking water and enjoying a healthy breakfast will feed your skin with essential nutrients.

Underpinned by science and developed by experts in nutrition.

Step 5: Boost your metabolism - Eating a healthy morning meal and smaller portions more often throughout the day will help to balance your energy and enable your body to perform at its best.

Formula 1 Raspberry & Blueberry is suitable for vegetarians, artificial sweetener and colourant free, and contains 23 essential vitamins and minerals.

Step 6: Power your brain - Improved mental performance, concentration and mood – three more reasons to enjoy a morning meal! Without breakfast, you may struggle to focus and are more likely to be irritable and tired.

Formula 1 is free from lactose, soy and gluten when made according to directions.




7 reasons to get an EU passport Having dual citizenship is something that many South Africans want to acquire. The primary reason is to assure their and their family’s future offshore, by protecting against political risk and economical instability. An EU passport is the most sought after travel document because it gives that individual the unique opportunity to enjoy unlimited access to the whole of the EU & the UK – meaning you have the right to live, work and travel to all European countries. Cyprus, an ex-British colony, full EU member and not part of Greece, currently has the most attractive 2nd passport plan on offer: citizenship is granted in 6 month’s via Cyprus’ ‘Citizenship through Investment’ programme. The programme is an investment in real estate; and with Cyprus’ positive property growth, demand for long and short-term tenants, this offers a very attractive investment for the short, medium and long term.

Here are the 7 reasons why South Africans desire Cypriot citizenship: 1. Visa-free travel to more than 169 countries. 2. The programme includes all dependent children up to age 28. Your adult children will have the ultimate access-key to travel, live and work anywhere in the world’s largest economy: in Europe. 3. You are investing – not donating – your wealth! After 3 years you can sell the entire property investment as long as you retain a single property valued at min €500,000. 4. Citizenship is passed on by descent offering a real and valuable legacy to future generations. 5. You can rent the property out to earn an attractive Euro-based income. Some properties are zero-VAT rated and some come with a rental guarantee for long-term leases.

An astute offshore property investment that works for you in the short, medium and long term is the achievement of a lifetime.

6. No need to ever live / stay in Cyprus.

In Cyprus investing in the “Citizenship through Investment” programme not only makes financial sense, but it will tangibly benefit your family for generations to come. Can you afford not to take advantage of this while the programme is still open?

7. No inheritance tax: on your death you can dispose of your assets to your loved ones without having to pay the Cypriot government any death duty This is very advantageous for legacy planning.

Cypriot Realty is a pioneer in actively and consistently promoting property opportunities primarily in Cyprus. They have successful been doing this from their Cape Town and Sandton offices since 2008.

Protect yourself, your family and your assets from unpredicted events by taking advantage of the opportunity to secure Cypriot citizenship before the programme closes: it is open for a very limited time. Think of getting dual citizenship as guaranteeing your family’s future.

As a result, the company is recognised and respected as Southern Africa’s authoritative investment specialist for promoting Cyprus as an ideal destination for acquiring permanent residency/citizenship, property investment, immigration/ retirement and starting a European-based business.

c ypriot



10 Years 2008 - 2018


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TREASURE BENGUELA - FANCY A WINE TREASURE HUNT? Benguela Cove Lagoon Wine Estate is ready to unpack its cool climate treasure trove. If anybody wants to taste what cellar master Johann Fourie has been up to since the state of the art cellar was completed in 2017, then this is your chance. Treasure Benguela sees the inaugural event where Benguela Cove will share its latest releases, as well as brand new cellar gems. Known for being ambitious, conquering the can’t-do’s with a serious dollop of creativity, visitors are in for a treat. Fourie will unveil a special range of wines that celebrate the relationship between winemaker and nature: Vinography. With only 370 to 600 bottles made of each wine in this range, it will be the first or maybe the last time that the public will have the opportunity to taste them. Wine Club member will receive preference to buy limited releases at the event. Another gem to be discovered with only 1500 bottles made, is the long awaited SA Platter’s Five star winner – Benguela Cove Catalina Semillon 2017. This wine commemorates the Catalina flying boats that used the adjacent lagoon as a landing base during WW2. This wine will only be sold on allocation of three bottles presented in a wooded case. Only 100 sets will be made available to the public on the 6th April. To share this ongoing discovery, visitors will be enticed to a wine treasure hunt at their own leisure while having a fun day with family and friends. Wine treasure hunters will receive a glass and a treasure map to guide them along the way. There will be 20 wines to taste at different locations within the parameters of the facilities. It is up to you to collect all the gems and stand the chance to win a treasure. While the adults make their wine discoveries, kids (under parent supervision) are encouraged to come dressed in pirate costumes and play Pirate Adventure Golf. Entrance of R35 – R90 applied depending on age and all grants them access to the Benguela Splash. Fast foods and tasting room platters will be for sale, The Tea Terrace will be open for afternoon tea or guests can book a table for lunch or dinner at the Moody Lagoon Restaurant. When: Saturday 6 April 2019, 12pm – 5pm Where: Benguela Cove Lagoon Wine Estate, R43, 18km before Hermanus Price: Tickets are available from Computicket at R200 per person. This includes entrance to the event, live music and a treasure map and wine glass to taste and collect the gems. | +27 (0) 87 357 063 |

@THEWINESAMARIE – MUSINGS FROM THE WINE WORLD Cork trees are to Portugal what Amarula trees are to Africa. They both grow wild, create numerous job opportunities and one can hardly imagine the world without them. I have journeyed to Portugal for various reasons. The first attraction being their characterful wines, followed by a getaway with friends and family and then to meet the Cork King – Amorim. After nearly 150 years Amorim is still the leading producer, selling close to 4 billion corks annually all over the world. Approximately 175 million corks are recycled every year and about a 100 000 jobs are created during harvest time. Cork is harvested from the Quercus Suber tree that covers approximately 2,7 million hectares worldwide, most commonly found in the south of Portugal. Unlike other trees that would’ve died in this process, the cork tree has two protective cambiums, making it possible to harvest the outer layer without damaging the tree. These trees are the livelihood of many families and therefore treated with the utmost respect. It is illegal to cut down a cork tree. It takes 25 years for a cork tree to fully develop its second cambium and it needs to be removed with great skill. It then needs to rest for nine years before the tree’s bark can be harvested again. A single tree can be harvested 400 times in its lifetime and more than 5 generations will make a living off the same tree.

Naturally the Portuguese explorers lined their ships with this waterproof fabric and no space craft will leave the earth without using cork as the main insolation fabric. It has also been donned the title of vegan’s leather, gracing international catwalks with jackets and dresses made from cork. The monk Dom Perignon proclaimed this as the wine bottle closure of choice in the late 1600’s which launched a new era for cork in the agricultural sector. Pros and cons This impermeable material consists of millions of tightly packed sells. These cells are filled with gas, it is elastic and compressible. It can resist the penetration of fluids for decades and still remains its shape. Being a natural substance, it is also flawed by nature and therefor vulnerable to spoilage. When people refer to a corked wine it has nothing to do with little pieces of cork floating in the wine. Unfortunately, the cork world had to make peace with a chemical compound called 2,4,6-trichloroanisole, TCA for short, that is naturally present in the bark. TCA can strip a wine of all natural flavours and leave the best of wines with an unpleasant, musty aroma. This occur when chlorine phenols reacts with microscopic funguses. These funguses live in tiny openings that run through the bark and are noticeable in quantities as small as five parts per billion.

Photo: Samarie Smith

The value chain form production to distribution is so tightly governed that it seems almost impossible for this bugger to slip through. Intensive research has been done to eliminate TCA. I had the privilege to visit the Amorim factory with a guided tour of the facilities - from where the bark is sorted and seasoned, steamed, evaluated, scanned and graded. Every single cork is punched out by positioning the slab by hand and stepping on a food paddle to punch it through. It almost looks like Scrooge McDuck’s gold vault, only massive piles of cork being the gold of the wine world.

Modern preventative techniques include a controlled steam distilling process to remove TCA from the cork cells, laser scans are being utilised and the final product undergoes intensive sensory tests to remove any contaminated cork. Methods of late can now also guarantee a TCA free cork but this is a very costly exercise if you need to keep your wine at a consumer friendly price. Cork remains an excellent and sustainable choice as a wine closure, especially to the purists.

The next time you pop that cork on your favourite wine, do so with a little finesse, because there it so much than meets the eye. Every wine consumer needs to understand the journey that the cork had to travel from bark to bottle. In fact, this journey is so vast that the cork is granted a second life as a shoe, handbag, chair or even a surfboard.

Samarie Smith is a qualified taster and currently the Brand Business Manager at Benguela Cove. She remains an eternal wine student and an unashamed flag-bearer for South African wines. @TheWineSamarie

Albeit screwcaps has also gained a sturdy reputation as a reliable closure, premium wines included, there are simply no guarantees in life.




WILLOWBRIDGE SHOPPING CENTRE SET TO RELAUNCH “We would like to thank our loyal customers for their continued support and patience during the upgrade project. Months of planning have come to fruition as the revamp nears completion. The revamp is aimed at enhancing the overall Willowbridge Shopping Centre experience with the addition of a modern roof structure which will provide additional shelter during winter months. The design by KMH Architects, incorporates elements which will allow ample natural light to seep through, maintaining the much-loved open-air feeling. The project also includes a new Entrance Ramp into P1 Parking Level directly below @Home, which provides easier access and allow us to provide additional parking on Ground Level outside Woolworths. The new Regus office installation of 560m2 additional office space, will also be completed during the 1st quarter of 2019 and will have no impact on activities at the Centre. It is with great excitement that we invite shoppers to a brand-new look on Saturday 16 March 2019 from 10h00 - 15h00. Shoppers are invited to enjoy the ultimate Willowbridge lifestyle experience with complimentary entertainment for children by Bazinga Events, exciting performances by Jacqueline Tolken Music and The Boxer The Ring, Las Paletas artisan lollies and loads of amazing giveaways including R 10 000 in Gift Cards.”

SHOOTING A 13-PART TV SERIES FOCUSING ON DURBANVILLE The Durbanville Wine Valley in the Western Cape, was a hive of activity recently with 12 of the wine farms in the area playing host to Jack and Charlie Stein, sons of award-winning UK celebrity chef and restaurateur Rick Stein. The Stein brothers were in South Africa shooting scenes for a 13-part TV series called Wine, Dine & Stein. Produced by local outfit, Oxyg3n Media, the series has already been pre-sold to the UK, Denmark, Norway and Poland with more countries lining up to acquire the show once complete. It will also be seen in SA later this year on a yet-to-be announced channel on DStv. Created by JAG Communications’ Grant Bushby and Janine Walker, Wine, Dine & Stein finds the Stein siblings spending a day on each of the 12 wine farms that make up the Durbanville Wine Valley, tasting their wines, sampling (and helping cook) their food and embarking on a series of dares and challenges. Like his father Rick, Jack Stein (38), is an accomplished chef and author and, apart from presenting TV series, also oversees the kitchens of all 14 Rick Stein restaurants. Brother Charlie (34) works for The Vintner wine merchants in London and also helps taste and select all the wine for the family’s restaurants. Each 24-minute episode of Wine, Dine & Stein will feature one of the 12 wine farms in the Durbanville Wine Valley, with the 13th episode covering other activities of interest in the area including a visit to the Durbanville Distillery to see how rum is made, speeding down the tracks at Cool Runnings, Africa’s first downhill tobogganing track and ending with a final lunch, where the Steins meet up with all their newly made friends at Giggling Gourmet Jenny Morris’ local eatery, Yumcious.

Some of the more interesting activities the “boys” got up to – while not eating and drinking – included paragliding off Hamburger Hill at Meerendal, firing the Big Bertha cannon at Signal Gun, taking part in a wheelbarrow race at Klein Roosboom, rounding up cattle via quadbikes at Groot Phesantekraal and wakeboarding at the Hillcrest quarry. In addition to the above-mentioned, the other wine farms visited included Altydgedacht, Canto, D’Aria, De Grendel, Diemersdal, Durbanville Hills and Nitida.

Says Jack Stein of his time in the Western Cape, “I had the most fun I’ve had in ages filming this series and I can’t say enough about the warmth, hospitality and generosity of the people we met, not to mention the amazing food we ate and the brilliant wines we drank.” Adds Charlie: “What I loved most about filming the series was that each and every wine farm in the valley offers something different from the other. From the small boutique, but utterly charming Klein Roosboom, to the bigger estate that is Durbanville Hills - but which still manages to convey a feeling of family. “The Durbanville Wine Valley’s proximity to Cape Town and to the beautiful beaches of Bloubergstrand is also a big plus.” Wine, Dine & Stein is scheduled for broadcast in South Africa later this year.

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Join travel professionals from over the world at WTM Africa

exhibition that brings together both aspects of the travel industry. In 2019, there is the exciting addition of a dedicated Hosted Buyer Programme specifically for the outbound exhibitors. WTM Africa 2019 takes place in Cape Town in April. Through research conducted with stakeholders within the travel sector, this is the best time in the annual buying cycle for both buyers searching for new and exciting products to offer their clients. “Through our Buyer Insights Programme, we are able to assist exhibitors in both presenting and positioning their products to international and local buyers. A host of international speakers from across the globe will focus on pertinent topics and travel trends affecting the modern travel industry.”

WTM Africa is a vibrant, culturally diverse, must attend business-to-business travel and tourism event, with a range of destinations and industry sectors for African and International travel professionals. Join travel professionals from over 70 countries over three days in Cape Town, South Africa to connect with leading travel and tourism trade. WTM Africa is an international event that provides a platform to showcase your travel and tourism products to serious buyers. “We know that you don’t need too many reasons to spend a week in Cape Town, the hashtag #LoveCapeTown says it all, but just in case WTM Africa has put together their reasons why you absolutely must attend this extraordinary three-day show in Cape Town from 10-12 April 2019.” WTM Africa is the ultimate meeting place for the African travel industry, with US$365-million worth of business deals written in 2017 alone! They focus on both inbound and outbound travel within Africa, offering attendees a comprehensive

WTM Africa Festivals will once again give everyone the opportunity to socialise after the traditional working hours in a fun and vibrant atmosphere. Those attending will experience the culture, hospitality and cuisine from various exhibitors offering something unique. Attendees can pre-plan their three days by utilising the worldclass diary system offered by WTM Africa, with the functionality to request meetings with fellow exhibitors and the ability to block out times in the diary. Trending bolt-on events with international and local speakers: Sports and Events Tourism Exchange (SETE), Digital Tourism Summit by E-Tourism Frontiers, African Investment Summit and the Responsible Tourism Destinations’ Conference. Local and international digital influencers will be on hand to help you learn more about how to further your marketing objectives through online platforms and partnerships. Increased focus will be shone on niche tourism sectors at WTM Africa 2019 with dedicated areas on the show floor, namely spa and wellness tourism, film tourism, a pink travel pavilion, and adventure tourism pavilion and food and wine tourism. Travel Professionals in both the outbound and inbound tourism sectors are encouraged to join us at WTM Africa in Cape Town this year.

Cape Town Air Access punt direct routes to Cape Town at Routes Americas Cape Town Air Access (CTAA), a project housed within Wesgro, touched down in Canada for the 12th Routes Americas, that took place in Québec City from 12-14 February 2019. Meeting with senior decision makers from the region’s airlines, airports and destinations they discussed new market opportunities and the evolution of existing services, the engagement boasts 800 delegates from 80 airlines representing 300 airports from around the world. North America was identified as one of the largest unserved markets, with the USA ranked as the 3rd largest market for inbound passengers to Cape Town International Airport in 2017. OAG Data cited 119 817 inbound passengers between January to November 2018, this is an increase of 5% compared to that of the same period in 2017. Confirming the need for a direct connection between North America and the Mother City, the facilitation of a direct route remains a top priority for the Cape Town Air Access Project. Similarly, South America presents many untapped opportunities, with Brazil showing a marked increase of 51% for inbound passengers in 2017, compared to that of 2016. Between January to November 2018, 18 090 inbound passengers were recorded into Cape Town International Airport, showing an increase of 7% compared to that of the same period in 2017. “The event gives us the rare opportunity to meet with key aviation professionals in the market, as well as providing an additional platform to showcase our route development case for Cape Town and

the Western Cape,” said Air Access Project Manager, Paul van den Brink. While North America is earmarked as a priority market for the upcoming year, the Air Access Project will also be focusing on the facilitation of new routes to North and West Africa. Currently the largest unserved market in Africa is Lagos in Nigeria, with over 27 000 two-way passengers recorded between January and November 2018, showing an increase of 15% compared to that of 2017.

Pezula - World-renowned for its beautiful location and Championship golf course Pezula’s Suites and Villas are all designed with serene luxury in mind, and are designed to house guests of any kind. Couples looking for a perfect romantic retreat, families in search of a fun filled yet relaxing holiday, or even the lone traveller, exploring the beautiful Garden Route. The Championship golf course has been host to several high-profile golfers. PGA professionals and amateurs alike can all agree that Pezula’s golf course is one of (if not the) most beautiful and rewarding golf courses in the country. In addition to luxurious Suites, Villas and a seriously beautiful golf course, Pezula is also home to an award-winning spa. The spa, with its serene interiors and plush treatment rooms, is a welcome escape for any guest wanting to take full advantage of the relaxing, tranquil atmosphere that Pezula exudes. Zachary’s Bistro, Pezula’s in-house restaurant, is a one-stop-shop for exquisite cuisine. Zachary’s focuses on creating delectable dishes that are made with fresh, seasonal and local ingredients.

Tucked away on the Eastern Head of Knysna and surrounded by what can only be described as a natural, lush paradise of indigenous forests, mountains and flawless beaches, lies Pezula Hotel; one of the most beautiful and most luxurious hotels in the gorgeous Garden Route. World-renowned for its beautiful location and Championship golf course with views to die for, Pezula Hotel is truly the epitome of luxury and tranquility. A standout on the immensely popular Garden Route of South Africa, Pezula Hotel has a certain allure that is hard to come by.

Think hearty, crisp salads with only the freshest local ingredients, melt-in-yourmouth proteins and a selection of fresh seafood (including Knysna oysters!), all washed down with the impressive selection of local wines and international Champagne. Speaking of Champagne - Noah’s Champagne Lounge at Pezula is the perfect place to either start or wind down a night out. The beautifully decorated lounge offers everything from local, top tier wines, to French Champagne, to well-aged whiskeys and aperitifs. Coco Chanel famously said that “luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury,” and this saying does not ring more true than at Pezula Hotel.







Hands-on-Harvest Festival

1 - 3 March

Ashton, Bonnievale, McGregor and Robertson

Comedy in the Vines - Nik Rabinowitz

2 March

Spier Wine Estate, Stellenbosch

Paarl Harvest Celebration

2 March


Huawei Kday

2 March

Meerendal Wine Estate

Veuve Clicquot Masters Polo

2 March

Val de Vie Estate, Franschhoek

Italian Festival at Idiom

2 - 3 March

Idiom Wines, Sir Lowry’s Pass

The Cape Town Motor Show

2 - 3 March


Piekniek en Musiek

3 March

Zevenwacht Wine Estate

MATIES vs NWU-Pukke (Varsity Cup Rugby)

4 March

Danie Craven Stadium, Stellenbosch

UWC vs TUKS (Varsity Cup Rugby)

4 March

UWC Sports Grounds

Longridge Langtafel

7 March

Longridge Wine Estate, Somerset West

Cape Town Cycle Tour Expo

7 - 9 March

Cape Town Stadium

Knysna Literary Festival

8 - 10 March


Grand White Cape Town

9 March


Cape Town Cycle Tour

10 March

Grand Parade, Cape Town

UWC vs CUT (Varsity Cup Rugby)

11 March

UWC Sports Grounds

MATIES vs UJ (Varsity Cup Rugby)

11 March

Danie Craven Stadium, Stellenbosch

Chicago The Musical

15 March - 14 April

Artscape Theatre


16 - 19 March

Hoërskool Jan van Riebeeck, Cape Town

Cape Town Carnival

16 March

Green Point

UWC vs UJ (Varsity Cup Rugby)

18 March

UWC Sports Grounds

Stellenbosch Flying Club Airshow

23 March

Stellenbosch Flying Club, Stellenbosch

Klein Karoo Nasionale Kunstefees (KKNK)

21 - 27 March


Ed Sheeran - Cape Town

27 - 28 March

Cape Town Stadium

Cape Town International Jazz Festival

29 - 30 March

Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC)

MATIES vs UWC (Varsity Cup Rugby)

1 April

Danie Craven Stadium, Stellenbosch

IKEYS vs CUT (Varsity Cup Rugby)

1 April

UCT Rugby Fields

Cableway Charity Challenge

6 April

Table Mountain

Impi Challenge #1

6 April

Coetzenburg, Stellenbosch

World Travel Market (WTM) Africa

10 - 12 April

Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC)

Wilderness Festival

12 - 14 April

The Wilderness Hotel, Wilderness

Pinotage & Biltong Festival

13 - 14 April

Perdeberg Winery, Agter Paarl

Garden Route Walking Festival

19 - 22 April

Garden Route

Two Oceans Marathon

20 April

University of Cape Town

Andrea Bocelli

22 April

Val de Vie Estate, Franschhoek

SA Cheese Festival

26 - 28 April

Sandringham Estate, Stellenbosch

Walkerbay Xtreme

26 - 28 April


Elgin Cool Wine & Country Food Festival

27 - 28 April

Elgin Valley

Oysters, Bubbles and Blanc Festival

27 April

Hillcrest Quarry, Durbanville

Knysna Motor Show

28 April

Knysna High School Fields, Knysna

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STELLENBOSCH SET TO HOST FIRST IMPI CHALLENGE OF 2019 Stellenbosch will host the first IMPI Challenge of 2019, the IMPI Challenge #1 at Coetzenburg on Saturday, 6 April 2019. “We are excited to kick off the 2019 IMPI Challenge Season in Stellenbosch,” says Pieter du Plessis, IMPI Challenge Race Director. “IMPI Warriors can look forward to spectacular trail running combined with adrenaline pumping obstacles that will require crawling, swinging, climbing, jumping - just about everything fun. As a venue, Coetzenburg tends to throw its own curveballs. It’s not the IMPI Challenge if you’re not challenged at some point. We invite all adventure seekers to step outside of their comfort zones and take on the IMPI Challenge #1. This event is perfect for families, friends and even corporates.” IMPI Warrior, Armin Botha (Potchefstroom) made his IMPI Challenge debut at the IMPI Challenge #1 (Stellenbosch) in 2018. “I knew that I’d be going up against the top okes, and was just hoping to podium. The obstacles were hard especially the brick carry, while the scenery was beautiful. I was blessed with the win.” The women’s race was won by Dominique D’Oliveira (Bellville). “The route was tough. I took it in my stride. I was just grateful to finish, winning was a bonus. I really enjoyed the obstacles.” There are four categories to choose from when entering the IMPI Challenge: IMPI Mini: 1km with 8 smaller supervised obstacles (ages 6 - 10 years), IMPI Dash: 5km with 11 obstacles (ages 10+, all adults welcome), IMPI Challenge: 10km with 18 obstacles (age 18+ years), and IMPI Corporate: the 10km Challenge distance with extra benefits (age 16+ years). Photo: Dominique D'Oliveira and Hanneke Danhauser Photo Credit: Mark Sampson

CAPE TOWN CYCLE TOUR LIFECYCLE WEEK Whoever you are and whatever your ability, completing a Cape Town Cycle Tour is a definite tick against the bucket list and a source of enduring memories! There is an energy on the route you won’t feel at many other events. With the 41st running of its world-famous cycling tour as its crescendo, the Cape Town Cycle Tour Lifecycle Week is a nine-day celebration of all things cycling, Cape Town embraces human power and celebrates the healthy lifestyle and freedom of movement the humble bicycle offers all its inhabitants and visitors. The Lifecycle Week kicks off with the MTB Challenge on the Saturday, 2 March 2019, followed by the Cape Town Cycle Tour Junior on Sunday, 3 March 2019. The 29th annual Cape Town Cycle Tour Expo will be held from 7-9 March 2019 at the Cape Town Stadium and is once again chock-a-block with exhibitors from within the cycling industry, and beyond. This is also the venue for the registration process each entrant must follow to collect their race number for the main event, the Cape Town Cycle Tour, on 10 March 2019, before taking in South Africa’s biggest cycling exhibition.

Photo: Cape Town Cycle Tour - Photo Credit: Kevin Sawyer

The three hundred exhibitors will welcome more than 70 000 visitors over the three days. Visitors can view all the latest bike stuff, buy those last-minute spares, be tempted into exotic holidays, check your blood pressure – the opportunities are endless. On 10 March 2019 some 35 000 cyclists will line up for the biggest road cycling event on the South African calendar at the Grand Parade Precinct before setting off on the iconic route that includes highlights and challenges like Wynberg Hill, Smitswinkel, Misty Cliffs, Chapman’s Peak and Suikerbossie. Passing by two oceans, fynbos-sloped mountains and a modern cityscape, the 109km course is arguably the most beautiful of any massparticipation race route in the world.

Entrants are encouraged to let creativity reign in the best dressed competition! Competition winners will take home awesome prizes compliments of event sponsors. For more visit