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April 2018

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In 2017, Wesgro, in partnership with Explore Sideways, conducted the second annual Wine & Food Tourism Study in the Western Cape. The study surveyed more than 40 South African tour operators, accounting for over 19,000 itineraries booked over the year.

City Digs In Smartly To Install Fibre-Optic Cabling

Key findings from the respondent’s answers show that wine tourism in the Western Cape has grown by 16% between 2016 and 2017. This is further evidenced by tour operators indicating that 99% of Cape Town-based itineraries include a trip to the Winelands.

The City of Cape Town is making use of novel technology known as microtrenching to install fibre-optic cable ducts in the Cape Town central business district (CBD). These high-tech machines, being used as part of a pilot project within a four block radius in the CBD, are a faster and cheaper way of installing fibre-optic cables with minimal disruptions. The advantage of micro-trenching is that a considerably longer distance can be cut and reinstated in a single day than most other invasive technologies. Instead of hand-digging up the road or pavement surface, the micro trencher saws through the asphalt or concrete creating a trench of typically 50mm in width and about 500mm deep. The City’s requirement is for a trench depth of 300mm. This novel, high-tech cable duct laying technology is being used as part of a pilot project within the four block radius in the CBD along Wale, Loop, Berg and Longmarket Streets. “At some stage most of us have experienced the disruptions caused by large trenches being dug to lay fibre-optic cables.”

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The study aims to determine sector trends and identify changing market conditions in the wine tourism industry in South Africa.

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Make a booking: 087 357 0637 | R43, Bot River Lagoon, Hermanus | Open 7 days a week

Moody Lagoon Restaurant

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Major Hominin Tracksite Discovery Could Help Put The Western Cape On The Map A discovery of Late Pleistocene Hominin tracks along the Cape South Coast by an international team of researchers led by Dr Charles Helm could help put the province on the map for visitors interested in our country’s rich heritage.

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stories that are life changing

March 2018

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Photo: Proposed Foreshore Freeway Precinct Development

The City of Cape Town announced the qualifying bidder for Foreshore Freeway Precinct development last month. The outcome of this innovative and ground-breaking approach to partner with the private sector to achieve public infrastructure is enormously exciting and has the potential to radically transform Cape Town’s spatial reality within the next decade or so. The appointed Bid Evaluation Committee having completed the Stage 1 of the bid evaluation process, announced that Mitchell Du Plessis Projects (Pty) Ltd, trading as Mitchell Du Plessis Associates (MDA) is the qualifying bidder. With this announcement the City of Cape Town is undertaking the momentous task of reshaping an iconic but underutilised precinct - approximately 6ha in size, located under and between the existing Foreshore Freeway viaducts and between the northern edge of the central business district (CBD) and the Cape Town Harbour. MDA’s proposal entails, among others, the completion of the unfinished sections of the freeways – these are the connections to and from Helen Suzman Boulevard; and the connections to and from the N1 and N2 freeways. Furthermore, the development proposes a combination of approximately 3 200 market-related residential units and a minimum of 450 affordable residential units.

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FOR 18 HOLES OF PIRATE ADVENTURE GOLF Opening in March, 7 days a week. 10am - 6pm (last play at 5pm).

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Visit: Benguela Cove Lagoon Wine Estate, R43, Bot River Lagoon


According to the research, published in Scientific Reports last month, up to forty hominin tracks are evident in the form of natural casts on the ceiling and walls of a ten-metre long cave. Dr Charles Helm explained that a number of individuals – most likely Homo sapiens – made those tracks some 90,000 years ago, when the shoreline would have been about 2km further out. “This discovery adds to the sparse global record of early hominin tracks, and represents the largest and best preserved archive of Late Pleistocene hominin tracks found to date.” Wesgro CEO, Tim Harris, viewed this discovery as a major opportunity to tell the story of the Cape’s fascinating history, and rich cultural heritage. “Like the Cradle of Humankind has demonstrated in Gauteng, our country is able to position itself as a must-see destination for those interested in major fossil discoveries. This particular revelation in the Cape can allow us to position ourselves as part of this story, which is of keen interest to both South Africans and foreign travellers. We will be looking at ways, through our Destination Marketing Organisation at Wesgro, to do just this and help put the Western Cape on the global heritage map.” Western Cape Minister of Cultural Affairs and Sport, Anroux Marais said, “The latest fossil discovery once again places the spotlight on the Western Cape as region of human cognitive development. The research conducted by Dr Helm and other scholars will indeed contribute to our departmental objective of building a socially inclusive province and justifies the need to establish a Cultural Heritage and Tourism Route that promotes the Western Cape’s archaeological and paleontological heritage. The Department will continue to collaborate with scholars in order to promote the discovery of new scientific knowledge about our ancestry and history.” Western Cape Minister of Economic Opportunities, Alan Winde, added: “South Africa is regarded around the globe as a place of great heritage significance. This find, on the Western Cape South Coast, is set to draw travellers to our region who are eager to go back in time to discover the history of our species. As part of our Project Khulisa economic strategy, we have set ourselves the goal of boosting jobs and growth through heritage tourism. This new site will no doubt become one of the treasures in our heritage chest.”

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LUXURY APARTMENT LIVING FOR THE OVER 50’S Experience luxury apartment living with the newest addition to The Somerset Lifestyle & Retirement Village. • 1 & 2 Bedroom units • Assisted living option through Care Packages • Access to all estate facilities & amenities



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LIMITED LAUNCH SPECIAL Take advantage of our incredible launch offering, available for a limited time only. Purchase a unit in Brampton House by 31st May 2018 and pay no levy for the first 12 months, and receive 3 months complimentary storage at a self storage facility! Ts & Cs apply.




Student Accommodation Has Never Been This Accessible And Affordable At the forefront of the South African property industry, the forward-thinking developers of 106 Adderley have transformed the space into affordable living for students (StudentAtHome) and young professionals (ExecAtHome), in the most iconic street and in the heart of the Mother City. “Comfort is important for all tenants and we pride ourselves on a level of comfort to suit all the guests’ needs, hence bridging the gap between being at home and the big wide world,” explains Emily Whitefield CEO of StudentAtHome and ExecAtHome. From studio apartments to single rooms or even sharing a space, StudentAtHome offers the ideal home away from home, fully-stocked with all amenities perfect for student living. Micro-apartments is the new international trend to hit South Africa, making living in the CBD accessible for students. “Private student accommodation is a growing property opportunity in SA, with over 30 000 students currently living in the city centre,” explains Emily. More and more students choose to live away from campus as they want to live in the city where everything is nearby and close enough to university. An interior designer’s dreams, ExecAtHome are New York style urban chic apartments in Cape Town’s city centre. Adderley Street is the most famous street in Cape Town, located near all main public transport terminals, Each room modern and balanced, inspired by past and shopping malls and universities and colleges. “Our ethos is about giving back and providing affordable present icons such as Oprah Winfrey, Obama, Dalai Lama accommodation for students and young adults within the city center,” says Emily. and more – with beautifully painted murals by well-known For more information local artist, Brian Rolfe.

City Digs In Smartly To Install Fibre-Optic Cabling ( Continue from Page 1) The only drawback is that the trench must be in a relatively straight line and it is important to ensure that there is no existing underground infrastructure which could be damaged. “Residents can rest assured that careful planning is done before the micro-trenching blade is put to work. An underground radar is used to determine the existence of existing services on the planned route of the micro-trencher. In most instances the underground services can be identified, but sometimes not all services can be identified with the necessary precision, which necessitates pilot holes being dug to clarify what is underground,” said Councillor Arendse. This pilot project within the four block radius in the city centre is part of the City’s roll-out of broadband infrastructure. To date, more than 920 km of fibre-optic cabling has been laid across the city. Over 30 City-owned buildings in the CBD have already been connected to the fibre network. The intention is to eventually also have the more than 1 000 commercial buildings in the city centre connected to the City’s fibre network, which is a strategic asset owned by the City and used by both City departments and commercial operators. “The wide open trenches on the pavements leave many individuals hot under the collar as they try to carefully pick their way through the obstacle course created. The micro-trenching method is a safer option especially for pedestrians. Technology is evolving quite quickly and we need to keep abreast of the latest and the best methods to deliver infrastructure,” said the City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Corporate Services, Councillor Raelene Arendse. Using micro-trenching has the advantage that considerably longer distances can be cut and reinstated in a single day than most other invasive technologies.

“This pilot project spanning the four blocks in the city centre is a first for Cape Town, and also the first to be conducted by a municipality in Africa for connecting all of the buildings within a CBD. Our aim is to make Cape Town the most digitally connected city on the continent,” added Councillor Arendse. This is the first time that the City of Cape Town is using micro-trenching machines to lay cable ducts, though this method has been used in Gauteng for some time. It is only practical to use the micro-trenching machine on solid surfaces. It is not practical to use it directly in soil, unless over short distances.

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Open Call for Artists

City Commences With Dualling

Forward Forward! Forward

of Kommetjie Road & Ou Kaapse Weg, Noordhoek Preparations are underway for the construction of additional lanes along Kommetjie Road from the intersection with Ou Kaapse Weg to Capri Drive; and for the construction of additional lanes along Ou Kaapse Weg from the intersection with Noordhoek Main Road to the Glencairn Expressway. The existing lanes along Kommetjie Road and Ou Kaapse Weg will be temporarily narrowed to create additional space on the shoulders of the roads where the new lanes will be built. “The capacity of Kommetjie Road and Ou Kaapse Weg will remain the same while we are constructing the new lanes. Road users will still have the same number of lanes available for commuting. However, these lanes will be narrower and as a result the traffic will move slower along these sections. Similarly, commuters should expect longer waiting times at the intersections of Ou Kaapse Weg and Buller Louw Boulevard, at Kommetjie Road and Ou Kaapse Weg, and at Kommetjie Road and Capri Drive,” said the City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Transport and Urban Development, Councillor Brett Herron. The construction of the additional lanes will take approximately 20 months, pending any unforeseen challenges or delays.

The Stellenbosch University Museum is pleased to invite emerging and established artists to participate in an upcoming exhibition, Forward. The Forward exhibition aims to bring together a collection of 100 artworks, which re-imagines the future of Stellenbosch University and higher education in Africa. An open call is made for artists to submit proposals for artworks that engage with ideas around the future of higher education in the next 100 years (2018 – 2118). This is a forward looking exhibition. “We are looking for compelling, innovative and thought provoking works that will serve as catalysts for debate and engagement on the future of the university. The exhibition will form part of the Stellenbosch University Centenary and is to open on 5 December 2018.”

“We are well aware of the impact that this project has on road users and local residents. We are trying our best to limit the effect, but roadworks are disruptive by nature. At this stage we are exploring a number of solutions such as the possibility of appointing points men at the busiest intersections during the peak hour traffic periods to assist with traffic control; as well as the possibility to create temporary bypasses in the adjacent neighbourhood of Sunnydale so that commuters will have alternative routes to and from Noordhoek and Kommetjie.” The current work entails the building of approximately 3km of new roads, as well as new sidewalks for pedestrians.

Prospective participants are encouraged to submit their proposals to be considered by a selection panel. All selected works will be displayed at the University Museum for the duration of the exhibition. All creative expressions are welcome: visual artworks, video, installation, 3D, performance, interventions, music, poetry and other. Proposal to be submitted with short artist bio, short description of proposed artworks, does the work exist or does it need to be created, delivery cost to and back from Stellenbosch. The museum will fund the delivery of works and installation. There will not be funding for materials. Submissions are now open and will close on 16 July 2018

“Apart from the road construction, we will also relocate and upgrade the underground services such as water mains, electric cabling, and stormwater infrastructure. Some of the work will be done at night to reduce the impact on the flow of traffic where these services cross roadways. The first crossing of a roadway that will be done at night will take place in April,” said Councillor Herron. The contractor has already installed signage informing road users about the lane changes in the Noordhoek area, inclusive of Sunnydale and Sun Valley. Road users are urged to please adhere to the traffic accommodation signage when using the affected roads to ensure the safety of fellow road users and construction workers.

Growth Of Wine Tourism In The WC ( Continue from Page 1) Positive media coverage and internationally recognized wine awards have generated interest and investment in the evolving local wine industry. Specialist wine tour companies have done much in the way of showcasing boutique, off-the-beatentrack wine producers and properties, further enhancing the perception of quality and promoting the Winelands as an essential stop on itineraries. Spending patterns of wine tourists, in particular, indicate higher than average expenditure than general tourists while visiting the Western Cape. This illustrates another important aspect of wine tourism as a means of enhancing economic growth through tourism in the Western Cape. Respondents indicated that offering tailor-made tours was the most important aspect of selecting a wine tour, allowing tourists to immerse themselves in authentic experiences rather than scheduled or packaged tours. This is further supported by the growing interest in unique activities like food and wine pairings (68%), cellar tours (54%), meeting the winemaker (51%) and food and wine tasting events (49%). Wine destinations like Stellenbosch, Franschhoek, and Constantia remain the most popular with visitors, there was a 43% increase in requests for the Hermanus wine route between 2016 and 2017, thereby surpassing Paarl as the 4th most popular wine route. Other wine routes like the Swartland, Helderberg, and Robertson Valley also experienced significant increases.” Sustainability plays a growing role in the wine industry, evidenced by the fact that 85% of wine tourists feel that sustainability is important when making bookings. Practices like organic farming, social equality, carbon neutrality as well as biodynamic winemaking and farming practices are important considerations for wine tourists when booking their trip. A report on this annual study is available for use by members of the food, wine, hospitality and tourism industries and for members of the general public. The report goes a long way to enhancing the understanding of the relevant industries and aims to enhance and improve the quality of experience that tourists receive when visiting South Africa.




COLIBRI TOWELLING - A BUSINESS OF DISTINCTION! Our Story Colibri Towelling was born in Uitenhage in the Eastern Cape in 1951. It soon became one of the two leading towel brands in South Africa specialising in both patterned and beach towels. In 2001 Colibri and the Strand based Belgotex Towels amalgamated into one entity. Over the next few years thirteen factory outlets were opened in both the Eastern and Western Cape - offering branded products at competitive prices. During the first ten years of the new millennia the local Textile Industry was severely challenged due to global trends resulting in the closure in March 2011 of Colibri’s plant. In August 2011 Colibri entered business rescue. The Eastern Cape Plant was closed down with 194 people being retrenched, never to be reopened. Colibri Western Cape commenced a Training lay-off scheme in February 2012 which lasted through to August 2012. Part of the business rescue plan saw the Industrial Development Corporation taking full ownership. Colibri was recapitalised and 5 years later finds itself on a path of full economic recovery with direct employment almost doubling to the current 320 people. Colibri has developed into the single largest local supplier of towelling products. We specialise in servicing the South African retail chains. The overruns and slight imperfects are sold through our single factory outlet located at the factory in the Strand. As one of the largest employers in the Helderberg area Colibri mainly makes use of local industry and services in support of its manufacturing processes. Our raw materials are predominately drawn from South African sources further stimulating local employment. Due to the demise of the local Textile industry and the subsequent critical skill shortage, Colibri has applied for and recently received accreditation as a training provider. We are in the process of developing specific technical Programs. These training programs all qualify for nationally recognised certificates. In terms of social responsibility Colibri has partnered with, amongst others, the South African Police Services in Saldana in the support of the elderly. In addition the Hartlands Baby Sanctuary in Somerset West receives sponsorship of a carer as well as donations of product. Together with all stakeholders Colibri looks forward to a bright future in supplying our loyal customers with proudly made South African products.

A few words from our loyal employees! “I started working as a cleaner at Colbri and worked up to Supervisor of weaving and am very happy. There is respect amongst one another. As the supervisor I now train the new guys that start here.” - Dennis Josephs “This is my first job and I still enjoy working here.” - Ruth Josephs “I have enjoyed working here over the past 40 years. My motivation to the new comers is not only to cling on the job you have but to grab the opportunity to learn the utmost you can in the textile industry. The Textile Industry is not a sunset industry.” - Denver Josephs “Over the past 40 years I’ve worked in different departments from weaving to packing. I have learnt a lot and continue to learn everyday.” - Wilma Geswindt For more information contact 021 853 5970 or visit Colibri Factory Shop at Cnr of Primrose & Clarendon Street, Strand

Photo Left to Right: Dennis Josephs, Ruth Josephs, Wilma Geswindt & Denver Josephs




SECURE YOUR WEBSITE - PROTECT YOUR BUSINESS AGAINST HACKING! We live in a day and age where technology is used every day to perform tasks. Ultimately technology is there to make our lives easier, but with that being said, it is an invitation for hacking and cyber crimes that are committed on a daily basis. More often these days you will hear about someone’s website that was hacked. There are a numerous of ways in which websites are hacked, but regardless of the cause, it is advised to secure your website from the start. If you currently manage your own website, you can follow these steps below to limit hacking by eliminating common security vulnerabilities. Here are some tips to help secure your website! 1. Don’t use admin as a username - This is the most common username in Wordpress websites. By changing the username you’re at least making it a bit harder for the hacker to guess the username. 2. Create and Editor account - When you write/edit your blog posts, your “author name” shows up in the site. If your author name is the same as your admin name, you’ve just given hackers half of what they need for a successful hack attempt. 3. Use a less common passwords. It is a simple choice to make when it comes to your business. “It is your baby,” protect it at all costs. Example of a strong password - password must be 8 characters or longer, use a combination of upper and lower case letters, and include at least one numeric and/or special character (&, ?, @, etc.).

What services do we offer? Designing - Web Rage uses the latest software in the design industry - with an eye on new trends and a passion for creativity. We can provide you with designing solutions from logos, business cards, brochures, catalogues, adverts, and books. Printing - When designing digital artwork it is important to know your limitations, especially when designing artwork in an digital format for printing purposes. What you see on screen is not always the same as what you see on paper. We offer various printing solutions to fit you requirements. Web Design - We make use of content management system (CMS) such as WordPress for the majority of our projects and offer dynamic website solutions. Our approach is to equip our customers with success by providing a full functional website that is viewable on devices such as desktops, tablets and mobile phones. From one page websites to online shopping websites, we can design it. We can custom build your website to use features such as: registrations, login’s, bookings, and memberships. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - Web Rage will submit your website to all major search engines. Customers cannot find you on the web via search engines if your SEO structure is not setup properly. It all originates from the name of your business, the way your site is designed, how your content is set out and how the keywords are used. Social Media - Website and branding on social media is essential to any business! Having your social media platforms connected to your websites, makes it easier for customers to navigate to your business from platforms of their choosing.

Photo: Two-Factor Authentication Example

4. Add Two-Factor Authentication - your website should be Fort Knox. Twoform of authentication is the standard today for enhanced security at access points - this is key to help reduce the risk of attacks. An example of two Two-Factor Authentication can easily recognised in online banking. Before you can process transaction, you need to enter an OTP (one time pin). 5. Stay up-to-date - Updates within WordPress should be performed regularly. Studies show that a very large percentage website hacks come from out-of-date, vulnerable, versions of WordPress plugins and scripts. You need to perform maintenance regularly to minimize the risk of outdated code. We recommend that if you have a website and you are unsure of how to implement these changes, to get in touch with us and we will gladly consult to secure your website. Businesses should choose the platform that best fits their market and promote it via social media. Having a social media campaign plan is always useful as you are engaging with your customers as well as creating awareness for potential new customers. It is our goal at Web Rage to provide you with professionally designed modern websites and professional branding solutions. For more information contact: 082 628 5028 email: or visit

b ra n d i n g s o l u t i o n e x p e r t s

b ra




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Managed by CPOA, The Somerset Lifestyle and Retirement Village is a premium residential estate offering retirees an enriching environment in which to enjoy their Golden Years. A blend of Cape Lifestyle and refined English charm, this picturesque estate in Somerset West is nestled between mountain and sea and meets all practical and lifestyle requirements.

• Advanced 24-hour security • On-site CPOA Care Centre (in planning) • Emergency Call4Care assistance • Luxurious Club House with bar, lounge & restaurant • Library, conference room, gym and chapel


The Somerset Lifestyle & Retirement Village, Cnr Bizweni Avenue & Sir Lowry’s Pass Road, Somerset West, 7130

Catering to retirees varying needs, The Somerset offers a selection of 2 bedroom Life Right Cottages, 1 and 2 bedroom Life Right apartments in the newly launched Brampton House, as well as various Freehold Homes.




Adventure Pirate Golf Open At Benguela Cove Lagoon Wine Estate Our Adventure Pirate Golf course will allow for competitive fun that offers plenty of thrills and laughter for everyone. Visit Blackbeard’s Diner for a quick bite or to enjoy some time out in the sun this summer with chilled drinks to keep you refreshed. Various tailor made packages for parties; try the Jolly Roger party package which is priced at R220 per child, this package includes themed invitations, adventurous tea parties in a private party room, a party host, certificates and thank you letter for the little pirates. If you are looking for some adventurous fun, visit Pirate Adventure Golf at Benguela Cove Lagoon Wine Estate. Make it a family fun day with other experiences offered at the estate such as; wine tasting on the lagoon, variety of tasting platters, cellar tours or enjoy the ultimate Benguela experience. With Easter around the corner this would be ideal for the family during the holidays and long weekends ahead. The Adventure Pirate Golf facility will be open 7 days a week, Summer: 10am - 6pm Monday - Thursday and on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays until 8pm. Winter: Monday - Thursday 10am - 4pm and on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays until 6pm. For more information visit Benguela Cove launches pirate adventure golf at the wine estate in Hermanus. The adventure golf course is made up of 18 holes of fun, themed obstacles which include a huge pirate ship, streams, rafts and much more. The fun packed pirate golf course opened to the public on 23 March 2018 and will operate 7 days a week for kids, adults, pensioners and anyone that enjoys ambitious fun. Party packages for kids and corporate packages for company functions have been put together as well as discounted rates for schools to cater for all groups. Apart from launching the new adventure golf course, Benguela Cove has launched a South African inspired restaurant called Moody Lagoon, Black Beards Diner and a newly revamped Cellar Door for tastings. The estate is now a spectacular tourist attraction with its various offerings at one place - the perfect way to escape the city’s busy life. Penny Streeter OBE, owner of Benguela Cove says, “The idea behind adding more facilities and activities at the estate is to make the property attractive to everyone from kids to adults.”

SA's Youngest Indie-Pop Band, Skyscrapers Impresses with First Single Release “Just Kids.” Skyscrapers is South Africa’s youngest indie-pop band producing all original music. Singer/songwriter Mila Smith (13), keyboardist Leo Letschert (12) and drummer Dan Buchalter (12) met at school and formed the band in 2015. The Cape Town trio play infectious pop with soul influences – from the hopeful ballade “There’s A Light” to the smooth-sounding, harder-hitting “Politicians.” Their first official radio single, “Just Kids” has had a few spins on 5fm and is also playlisted on Jacaranda fm, Algoa fm and various community radio stations. Skyscrapers write and compose their own music. Mila writes the lyrics, while the composition of songs is a team effort. Mila says of the creative process: “I randomly think of melodies when I am in the shower or on my way to school. Words corresponding with the tune come naturally.” Then Leo adds the keys, and Dan adds the song’s backbone with drums. The band is assisted by musician Nathan Woodman who has worked with South African artists such as Jeremy Loops and GoodLuck, and vocal coach Sadé Ross. Part of their role in nurturing the band is keeping their love of music fresh and varied, and introducing them to a wide scope of different styles of music. Skyscrapers played for Freshlyground at De Waal Park on 18 March with The Rudimentals and Joe Emilio also on the line up. In 2017 Skyscrapers wowed thousands of people at Open Streets Bree, played at Littlegig Festival, De Waal Park, and had their first solo gig at Café Roux, which sold out in 2 days. They have been featured by Superbalist, performed on Expresso Morning Live SABC 3 and Hectic Nine9 SABC 2, and appeared in several campaigns for Woolworths brand and US. “Skyscrapers have towering talent and multiple stories to tell, so you better look up, because they may be small now but are surely destined for big things.” – The Superbalist.

| | Cell: 087 825 1120 |



A P R / M AY/J U N 2 0 1 8



1692 3

art The singing stones of Spier.

harvest Celebrating the season’s bounty.


wine Frans K. Smit: taste a legend.


EVENTS From Father’s Day to old vintage releases, discover what’s happening on the farm this season.

THE SPIER SPINE Discover heritage, art and nature on the newly restored walkway which now links the Spier Werf, our farm’s historic heart, with our Hotel and Tasting Room.

Visit us:

Spier Wine Farm

@spierwinefarm #spiermemories t: 021 809 1100 w: b:



Artist Jenna Burchell has transformed twelve ancient rocks into interactive sound sculptures, which have been installed along the dam at Spier’s wine tasting room. The collections in the three part series are named after three geographic locations where rare and significant prehistoric events occurred: The Cradle of Humankind, Vredefort Dome, and the Great Karoo.

From the Karoo to the Cape

Burchell collected beautifully fractured rocks at these locations and repaired these following a method inspired by Kintsukuroi. This Japanese art and philosophy typically involves repairing an object (normally pottery) with lacquer mixed with gold, silver or platinum dust. The result acknowledges both its brokenness and repair, celebrating this as a part of the object’s history, not as a flaw that should be concealed. Songsmith (The Great Karoo) represents the Permian-Triassic Extinction when almost all of Earth’s species – land and sea – were lost around 260 million years ago. This dramatic event’s catastrophic volcanic activity left behind a ghost-like mark on the earth: a distinctive white rock bed (bleached by the volcanic ash) running for kilometres, like a chalk line, across the mountains of the Great Karoo. In March 2017, Burchell began walking from a farm near Matjiesfontein towards Laingsburg, following the extinction line where possible, searching for rocks using four selection criteria: · A rock must be found on or nearby the extinction line. · A rock must be naturally fractured in two or more pieces. · The fractured parts must become a single whole. · A rock must be beautiful in form once made whole. Over 30 rocks were collected and shipped to Burchell’s studio in Pretoria. A narroweddown selection of 12 were restored, their fragments bound together with gold seams.

Sculptures and artworks from the Spier Art Collection – one of the largest contemporary art collections in the country – can be found throughout the farm. Works are rotated every year to give exposure to as many artists as possible.

The installation at the Spier dam proportionately represents the geographical locations of where each rock was found along the extinction line. Each rock’s unique sound were generated from the raw electro-magnetic readings captured from beneath the rock’s original resting place. Embodying a place in time, the resulting sound sculpture sings of its creation and of the land wherein it has existed for millennia – connecting the listener in the present with the rock’s ancient significance.

Spier was awarded the Business and Arts South Africa (BASA) Chairman’s Premier Award in 2014 in recognition of its sustained and extraordinary commitment to the arts in South Africa. This award is made at the discretion of the BASA Chairman, and only during years when nominees are deemed exceptional.




The story of our wines begin in the vineyard. In late summer, only the very best grapes were picked with the same dedication and passion that marks a Spier harvest year after year. Caring for our harvesters

Every year , at harvest time, our team expands to include roughly 120 nonpermanent members. They play a crucial role in making sure our grapes are picked carefully and timeously. Over the course of the harvest they receive the following benefits: · A hat and shirt to protect against the late summer sun · On our Nooitgedacht farm, free sandwiches and fruit at the start of each day · Access to Spier’s wellness programme, which offers complimentary monthly clinic assistance · There is post-harvest training available to empower them with skills to manage their finances and help build confidence to seek out permanent employment. PAGE 3



The wines bearing the name of our cellar master, Frans K. Smit, pay tribute to this man’s great love of wine, his winemaking skill and his dedication to the process. Crafted in limited quantities, the Frans K. Smit 2012 is a complex and nuanced red blend.

Frans K. Smit Tasting : Visit our Tasting Room to enjoy the Frans K. Smit Tasting. For just R90, you’ll sample our flagship blend, along with our two premium wine ranges — Creative Block and 21 Gables.

It’s the only the second Merlot-based Frans K. Smit vintage since 2004. “When a Merlot yield is good, it’s king: my personal default choice,” says Frans. “2012 was brilliant for the varietal: it sings through the layers of Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc.” 2012 is a monster of a wine from the tiniest vintage that Frans has ever worked with: the six-year-old gave him just 6500 bottles. But although big and structured, this wine has a gentle alter ego. The tannins aren’t hard – they leave a subtle, sweet sensation. The fruit hails from the Helderberg – by far the best South African terroir for this style of red blend. There’s discernable blackcurrant and dark fruit presence on the palate, with the barest traces of cigar box.





Pan-fried steak with creamy mushroom and green peppercorn sauce with the Frans K. Smit 2012 Red Blend With Father’s Day in June, it’s time to really spoil Dad. We’ve got the perfect combo: our magisterial flagship red blend, paired with steak. But don’t just buy any steak. Properly-aged pasture-reared beef tastes ten times better and you can be sure to get raving reviews without having to know too many tricks. With this mushroom and green peppercorn sauce, the steak becomes a dish fit for a king. This recipe serves four. Prep and cooking time takes 30 minutes. For the sauce:

· 60 ml butter · 15 ml olive oil · 400 g brown or portabellini or brown mushrooms, sliced · 30 ml green peppercorns (you should be able to find a jar of these in the pickled section of your supermarket) · 250ml fresh cream · Salt and pepper to taste For the steak:

· About 200 – 300g steak per person · 30ml olive oil · Salt and pepper to taste Method:

Make the sauce first: in a large, wide pan, heat the butter and olive oil over high heat. Fry the mushrooms until brown, then add the peppercorns and fry for another minute. Add the cream and let it bubble and reduce for about 3-5 minutes. Don’t let it reduce away completely. Season with salt and pepper and set aside, covered, until your steak is ready. For the steak: Heat an iron steak or griddle over high heat until smoking hot. While you’re waiting, brush the steaks on both sides with olive oil and season generously with salt and pepper. Place the steaks in the hot pan and fry for 3 and a half minutes on each side for medium-rare (or to your liking). Remove and let it rest in a plate for three minutes. Serve hot, topped with the sauce, with or without salad and other sides. Serve with the very best: a glass of Spier Frans K Smit red blend.




It’s autumn and you’re invited! Instead of hibernating at home, join us on the farm and discover what #SPIERFREETIME is all about. Here in Stellenbosch, farm time is quality time. Time to pause, reflect and indulge. Get a pampering spa treatment. Tuck into farm-fresh food matched with delicious award-winning wine. Catch up with quality chats by the log fire, or wrap up and head out for farm walks filled with crisp air and crunchy leaves. Escape with your family, your dearest girlfriends, or your special someone. We guarantee you’ll make memories you’ll carry with you. Always.




Seeing is believing. And so we invited our friends, colleagues and customers to discover why Spier’s conferencing is different. How it’s about more than hosting memorable meetings in a beautiful setting. What’s just as important? Having a positive impact on the environment and our communities in everything we do. At Spier, it’s conferencing with a difference. A difference that’s helping to make a change.




Feast on a picnic whilst watching the spy action comedy film, Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery (1997), on a big screen set against the backdrop of the majestic Stellenbosch Mountains. Time: Gates open at 18.00. Movie starts at 20.30 Place: The Spier Werf Cost: Movie ticket – R95/adult & R70/child

(includes pop-corn on arrival). Add a pre-booked picnic basket for R580 (serves 2 adults, and includes a bottle of Spier Signature wine. Does not include movie ticket). Regretfully no private picnics allowed. BOOK:




The Old vintage Release Evening sees our winemakers sharing a number of Spier wines that have now reached optimal maturation. Enjoy an extraordinary selection of complex, intriguing and highly covetable wines that are at their best to be enjoyed now. Space is limited so booking is essential. Our Wine Club members will get first option to book. Time: 15.00 Place: Old Wine Cellar BOOK: (booking essential;

Wine club members get preference)



Spoil mom with lunch at Eight, our acclaimed farm-to-table restaurant. Enjoy a complimentary glass of Spier Méthode Cap Classique on arrival. Our harvest table offers a range of dishes all prepared with fresh, home-grown, seasonal ingredients sourced from our farm and nearby, trusted suppliers. Each mother will receive a special gift. Time: 12.30 Place: Eight Restaurant Cost: 480 per person,

R240 for children under 12 years





Treat Dad to a farm-to-table feast at Eight restaurant. Enjoy a complimentary glass of Spier Méthode Cap Classique on arrival, then tuck into the bounty on our harvest table, which offers a range of hearty dishes all prepared with fresh, seasonal ingredients sourced from our farm or nearby. Each Father will receive a special gift. Time: 12.30 Place: Eight Restaurant Cost: 480 per person,

R240 for children under 12 years




Eagle Encounters

1 Songsmith (Great Karoo)




7 Artisan Studio


Werf Cellar


Eight Restaurant


Craft Market

Wine Tasting

6 Spier Mosaic Kraal

Wine Collection Point


13 Manor House Old Wine Cellar

15 16 17

Spier Hotel


Spier Hotel Restaurant & Wine Bar


Wastewater Treatment Plant


19 Spier Spa




Conference Centre

6. Mosaic kraal

Witness our winemaking team in action at the Spier Werf Cellar as they handcraft Spier’s first estate wine, made from organic vineyards that grow on the Spier farm.

Spier Shop



The country’s first permanent outdoor exhibition of mosaic features the works of 16 contemporary South African artists – all crafted by the Spier Arts Academy.


Hoghouse Bakery & Café

At the Eagle Encounters raptor rehabilitation centre, get up close and personal with birds of prey, and find out how these magnificent animals keep the Spier farm healthy and balanced.


Spier Farm Kitchen


2. Songsmith (Great Karoo)

The wood-fired oven and bakery kitchen, located in the historical Jonkershuis on the Werf, serves fresh bread, pastries and treats – which can also be pre-ordered 48 hours in advance. Chef PJ Vadas’s barbeque-focused lunch and dinner menu includes flavoursome grass-fed beef, pork, lamb and free-roaming chicken supplied by Spier’s Farmer Angus, perfectly paired with Spier wine or Hoghouse’s craft ales. Contact: +27 (21) 881 3174 or

Segway Tours

Artist Jenna Burchell has transformed 12 ancient rocks from the Great Karoo into interactive sound sculptures that “sing” when you place a hand on them.

Surrounded by beautiful Cape Dutch Buildings, Spier’s historic farmyard - the Werf - has been meticulously restored.

13. MANOR HOUSE The 1822 historic Manor House has been extensively restored and three different meeting rooms are available. The building features artworks from the Spier Collection - one of the largest collections of contemporary South African art in the country.

Spier has an open air venue hosting artistic and corporate events with a capacity of 1100 people.


Conferencing includes an auditorium that seats 430 people and three breakaway rooms, which can be used separately, or combined, to seat 250 people. Conference rooms are adjacent to the Eerste River and have views of the Helderberg mountains. Contact:


Spier’s Old Wine Cellar is South Africa’s oldest dated cellar building (1767), and is used for conferences & private functions.


From fridge magnets to masterpieces, the Spier Craft Market, right next to our Tasting Room, offers a wide range of art and crafts, made with a diverse range of materials, including mosaic, beads, textiles and ceramics.


8. ARTISAN STUDIO The Spier Artisan Studio welcomes guests to see mosaic and ceramic artisans at work as they create artworks in collaboration with South African fine artists.

9. EIGHT RESTAURANT Eight is a farm-to-table eating experience in a beautiful setting next to the Eerste River. Like its name, the restaurant is an expression of balance, cycles, harmony, infinity and abundance. The produce used at Eight is either grown on the farm or sourced from nearby farmers. Natural and organic ingredients are preferred and combined to create nourishing, healthy, and delicious food. Contact: +27 (21) 809 1188 or at


The Spier Farm Kitchen offers everything visitors need to make their own tasty farm picnics – as well as a delicious array of locally sourced and made produce to take home. Help yourself to nutritious, farm-inspired food and linger on the stoep overlooking the Werf with a glass of wine or relax nearby under one of the Werf’s giant oaks. The Spier Farm Kitchen is open 7 days a week, including public holidays, from 10.00 to 16.30 daily.

Our Tasting Room on the banks of the Spier dam pairs our award-winning wine with delicious snacks. Relax in the airy lounge area, or take your glass outside onto the patio which has stunning views of the Helderberg mountains. Contact: 021 09 1143/7

4. WINE COLLECTION POINT 5. SEGWAY TOURS The Segway PT (Personal Transporter) is a two-wheeled, self-balancing electric vehicle. The tour is a beautiful glide through the farm to the vineyards with some interesting facts about Spier’s farming practices and wastewater treatment plant on the way. Contact: 021 809 1157 or visit


Order your favourites from the comfort of your armchair – and get them delivered to your home. If you

buy two or more cases, you qualify to join our Wine Club which offers a 15% discount on cellar door prices,

free delivery and many more incredible benefits.

Sign up at or our Tasting Room. T&Cs apply.


In 2007, Spier installed a pioneering centralised wastewater treatment plant which is the embodiment of our approach to waste management. It recycles 100% of our wastewater, treats it using only environmentally friendly methodology and the clean water is then used to irrigate the garden and grounds.


Our spa offers an indulgent array of massages and facials that will ensure you leave rejuvenated and relieved of stress. Contact:


Enjoy a glass of wine or a cocktail on the terrace with bar snacks, or breakfast, lunch or dinner at the Spier Hotel restaurant. Both the restaurant and wine bar strive to source the freshest available produce for the menus from a range of local suppliers and our farm. Contact: +27 (21) 809 1100


A carefully curated selection of products both for the home and for the body is available in the shop adjoining Spier Hotel’s reception and at the Tasting Venue, allowing you to take home a piece of the Spier farm life.


The 4-star Spier Hotel is next to the calming waters of the Eerste River. The rooms are situated in village-style buildings grouped around six private courtyards, each with its own swimming pool in a design reminiscent of the Bo-Kaap or Mediterranean villages where pedestrians have right of way. Contact:

ART - The spaces of the Spier Hotel and conferencing rooms are adorned with art from the Spier Collection - one of the most extensive collections of contemporary South African art in the country. Spier believes that the visual arts can provide both guests and staff with new insights, and challenge us to take a fresh look at our world and environment.

WALKS AND TRAILS - Stroll around our peaceful water-wise gardens or visit the River Walk on the Eerste River’s south bank, which showcases our national flower. Download the VoiceMap app and listen to our two audio tours on your phone: Walk the Farm (which starts at the Hotel entrance) and the historic Gables tour (which begins at the Tasting Room). 5km and 10km running route maps are available from the Spier Hotel reception.




A Winter Getaway - Warmwaterberg Spa & Mineral Hot Spring Warmwaterberg Spa and Mineral Hot Spring offers visitors an authentic rustic experience away from the stylish, luxury, five-star service of state-of-theart Day Spa’s. The venue is rustic, close to earth, unspoilt, peaceful in a tranquil setting with healing elements in the water able to revitalize and rejuvenate the body and soul - meant for people who live close to nature and seek, “Water that Heals.” While relaxing at Warmwaterberg Spa guests can enjoy the beautiful panoramic view of the elevated Klein Karoo landscape with five mountain ranges including the Warmwaterberg, Langeberg and Swartberg Mountains and a horizon stretching 90km in the distance. The views are spectacular, not to mention the sunrise and sunset, Milky Way and stars at night. Warmwaterberg Spa and Mineral Hot Spring dates back to the early 19th century – with its setting in a farming community situated between Barrydale and Ladismith on Route 62 from Montagu to Oudtshoorn. The history of the farm Warmwaterberg and the hot spring, which is situated on 600ha of land, is closely interwoven with the history of the Le Grange family who today, five generations and 119 years later, still remain in control of the property.

The Bath Houses have been retained as close as possible to its original 1886 mud and stone design. The three-roomed building consist of two bedrooms, fully equipped kitchen with a fireplace, private toilet and outdoor “braai-facility.” The main bedroom has a double bed and private bath, while the second bedroom has two single beds and private bath. The new Whittingdale Studio Bath Houses completed in 2015 are modern day tributes to the Historic Bath Houses. The studio units are fitted with a King size bed, custom built luxurious bath and indoor braai/fireplace and is suitable for couples looking for rest and relaxation. The fully bi-folding front doors provide an incredible indoor-outdoor flow - a perfect place to enjoy the Karoo environment. The Victorian styled ten roomed Main House or Sanatorium built in 1907 with Oregon pine floors, ceilings, doors, and windows illustrates the architecture of a typical Karoo Victorian “ostrich” house of the early 20th century. Each of these rooms include its own private walk-in 2000 litre Roman Bath where guests can luxuriate.

Artesian Spring The Artesian Spring is the main attraction at Warmwaterberg Spa. This spring is believed to be 4-6 km deep with a temperature at the source of 43.5° Celsius. The source of the water is almost a thousand years old and saturated with iron and manganese, but without any traces of Sulphur, which makes it unique. The water is untreated, has a high Iron content and therefore, extremely healthy and sweettasting. The water also contains traces of Lithium which has a soothing and calming impact on the human body. Regular visitors to Warmwaterberg Spa believe they have experienced healing from arthritis and various other ailments. In addition to the two hot swimming pools, there is a cold pool and a number of roman baths on the property. The water is untreated and comes out of the earth as it is, and is piped to the pools without any additives. The cold pool is favourably received in the summer months. Accommodation Warmwaterberg Spa offers only Self-catering accommodation. The 1890’s mud and stone buildings (“badhuisies” or “Bath Houses”) were originally constructed as bathrooms for travellers. The Main House constructed in 1907 became the Historic Sanatorium. Wooden Timber Chalets were later built, and camping sites made available to facilitate the demand.

All baths in the units are supplied with spring water at 43.5°Celsius. Three styles of Timber Chalets are available: one, two or three-bedroom units, each with its own kitchenette, shower and outdoor braai facility. Furthermore, the 20 Campsites are serviced with power and a braai-facilities, while the ablution block offers natural hot water and contains two walk-in roman baths. Other Services Another typical example of Karoo vernacular is the Old School built in 1914 for the children of the area. This building has been kept in the same state it was built, and today caters for a group of 30 people. The original cement dam was reconstructed as a Lapa and serves as a focal point to the Restaurant and Bar, and Kiosk, and is ideal for weddings and social gatherings, providing seating for as many as 130 guests. Warmwaterberg Spa also facilitates a full-service licensed Restaurant and Bar, open every day of the year (excluding New Year’s Day), an off-sales as well as a small kiosk offering basic necessities to guests. The Restaurant specializes in traditional à la carte “Boerekos” with favourites such as Lamb pie, Karoo chops, and Bobotie.

Nature Barren and desolate as the area may seem to be the Succulent Plant Kingdom, unrivalled in specie numbers, diversity and beauty gives meaning to the peaceful and tranquil environment of Warmwaterberg Spa. The Spa provides its own spectacular 6km walking trail on the edge of the mountain taking you behind the spring eye where over 2000 different endemic species can be identified, and where the Springbok, Duiker and Steenbok ponder. The Hiking Trail also has its season of extra ordinary beauty which could be viewed shortly after good rains and in Spring. The long Hiking Trail is probably the finest publicly available walk through the succulent Karoo. For more information contact 028 572 1609 or visit




Stop Shopping At Bottle Stores Says FindWine South Africa

Shiraz & Charcuterie Festival Anthonij Rupert Wyne

It’s 2018. There’s WiFi everywhere. We don’t call, we WhatsApp. We don’t do meetings, we Skype. If we can buy it on Takealot, we’ll shop online. But when it comes to buying great wine, we’re still heading to the bottle store. And that needs to stop, says FindWine South Africa. “FindWine was created to help make shopping for wine more enjoyable,” says FindWine South Africa founder Lucien Rawden. “Too often we’re stuck at the bottle store staring at labels, wondering what’s good and debating prices. Why waste your time when we’ve done all that for you?” FindWine is a new online wine service that takes the pain out of finding and buying award-winning wine in South Africa. Its sleek desktop and mobile design makes it easy to search for wine by price and connects you to online merchants who deliver to your door.

Save the date for this year’s Shiraz & Charcuterie Festival, which takes place at the picturesque Anthonij Rupert Wyne on Saturday, 26 May 2018 - an highlight on the annual Franschhoek Wine Valley calendar makes for the ideal late Autumn outing. This is the perfect opportunity to taste Anthonij Rupert Wyne’s range of Shiraz wines, which include the limited release Anthonij Rupert Syrah, the site-specific Cape of Good Hope Riebeeksrivier Shiraz and Protea Shiraz. Anthonij Rupert Wyne will be joined by 18 of the country’s top Shiraz producing estates.

FindWine works much like search sites used for finding well-priced flights – except its focus is on wine. All of the bottles listed on FindWine South Africa are awardwinning vintages. Each wine comes with a list of available retailers and prices, so you can select the price that suits your budget best. FindWine also applies a handy smart rating to each wine that helps make sense of all those gold stickers you see on great bottles. Calculated using a unique algorithm, the smart ratings rank wines based on the awards given by local and international bodies like Platter’s and Decanter. All of the bottles listed on FindWine are available in South Africa, so you never find a great wine at a great price that’s out of stock. With red, white, bubbly, rosé and dessert wine available with price comparisons, FindWine South Africa caters to everyone’s taste and budget. So there really is no excuse to spend your time at the bottle store. For more information visit

Join the Steenberg

Wine Club and savour memorable experiences

As you sip and savour your way through the wines - with their alluring notes of spice and dark fruits - pair them with the wide range of tantalising local and international charcuterie on offer - featuring everything from salamis and cured hams to flavoured chorizos. Nibble on the samples, choose your favourites and purchase them to enjoy at the festival or to take home. A bountiful Anthonij Rupert Wyne Harvest Table, adorned with fresh seasonal salads, homemade exotic mushroom and fontina arancini and olives, pickles and chillies - will complement the tasty lineup. The Macaroon Bar, featuring decadent sensations such as Salted Caramel, Chocolate Cherry and Milk Tart guarantees a perfectly sweet finish. For more information visit

Don’t Miss The Rooibos Experience With April’s “Rooibos Experience” in the spotlight, visitors to the festival will be able to taste and experiment with the widest range of gourmet rooibos flavours in food, drink and so much more while being treated to traditions and dances exclusive to only the rooibos culture. The well-established Root 44 Market, located at Audacia Wine Estate, on the R44 between Stellenbosch and Somerset West will play host to the “Rooibos Experience” from 22-23 April 2018. A large marquee will house the more than 40 specially selected rooibos traders who will be showcasing only the best that rooibos has to offer. Traders will wow visitors with an indoor rooibos spa where guests can enjoy super-indulgent massages and the like by trained therapists, along with all kinds of scrumptious savoury and sweet rooibos delicacies that one can imagine. Visitors will also be introduced to a host of new and exciting product offerings, including a range of top-quality designer rooibos teas – an absolute must for teaconnoisseurs to savour, while those looking for something slightly stronger can indulge in KWV’s premium boutique gin or Audacia’s wooded wines, which is sure to hit the right notes. They both contain rooibos and honeybush, and incidentally also count among the healthiest and most flavourful liquors in the world. There will also be a wide selection of delectable rooibos-infused cocktails and mocktails which will tantalise every taste bud. The Nuwe Graskoue Trappers, who belong to a group of “Riel” dancers from Wupperthal, will perform various dances that aptly reflect the culture and traditions of the people who come from the Cederberg region – the home of rooibos.

Be the first to taste new vintages and take advantage of a host of special offers, exclusive events and personal interactions with the winemaker like a true VIP by joining the Steenberg Wine Club, established in 2011. In addition to excellent value with a 15% discount on all wine purchases, Wine Club members can enjoy the full Steenberg experience at preferential rates at the two popular restaurants, Bistro Sixteen82 and Catharina’s, spa treatments, and accommodation at the luxury boutique hotel. Over and above all these savings, exciting monthly events are the real attraction of club membership. From tank and terroir tastings to food and wine pairing dinners, and benchmarking Steenberg wines and bubblies against overseas equivalents. Regular tapas and movie nights in May, June and July are a wonderful winter Wine Club offering. Committed to environmentally sound farming practices and dedicated winemaking, Steenberg Vineyards produces a range of much-loved wines from almost 60ha under vine. Steenberg wines are primed to produce an experience that evokes the unique terroir of the estate. Guided by Cellarmaster JD Pretorius, the range includes exceptional Méthode Cap Classique and cool climate Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon and the signature Magna Carta blend. An elegant Nebbiolo as well as the Catharina blend, Merlot and Syrah, stand out amongst the reds. For more information visit

Ernest du Toit, director of the SA Rooibos Council says this is the first time that rooibos will be showcased in this manner and the Rooibos Experience will literally bring the industry under one roof to promote the best of rooibos’ growing food, drink and beauty sectors. Du Toit points out that rooibos has been proven to reduce one’s risk of various life-threatening diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer. Entrepreneurs, academics or those interested in the science behind rooibos, can join the special Science Café where researchers from across South Africa will share their findings and reveal the exciting new research that will be conducted on rooibos in the next few years. The Rooibos Science Café will be held at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology’s SA Renewable Energy Technology Centre on 26 April. For families with young children, the Root 44 Market provides a play area to keep young ones entertained. Popular music bands will also be there to provide engaging entertainment for the duration of the festival. All in all, the Rooibos Experience promises to make for a delightful outing where young and old can expect to be amazed by this natural wonder and its many uses in food, wine, cosmetics and more. For more information visit




Stronger currency

makes a Plan B in Europe cheaper! Acquiring a 2nd citizenship or permanent residency is very appealing to many South Africans. The main reason is to implement a Plan B to assure the family’s future by protecting against political risk and economical instability. Europe is still the preferred destination due to being the world’s largest single market & global trading block; as well as the lifestyle aspects and business / work opportunities on offer. But up until recently, the weak ZAR has made investing in Europe almost unattainable. The recent strengthening of the ZAR against the EURO has made securing a Plan B in Europe affordable. When comparing last year’s high of R16.98 to this year’s low of R14.40 – securing permanent residency in Cyprus is now R775,000 cheaper; and acquiring a 2nd citizenship is now a whopping R5,1Million cheaper! Having a 2nd citizenship in Europe gives unlimited access to the EU & the UK. Chief benefits include travelling, living, working & studying anywhere in the European Economic Area; plus visa-free travel to many countries. Permanent residency is also attractive because it gives the permit holders the legal right to live in that country without having to go through an onerous immigration process should they wish to make a permanent move. Cyprus, an English-speaking, ex-British colony and full EU member currently has the most attractive 2nd citizenship and permanent residency programmes available. Citizenship is granted in 3 months via Cyprus’ “Citizenship through investment” programme: - It’s the quickest process in Europe;

Permanent residency is granted in 4 – 6 weeks on the “Fast Track” programme. - this is the only programme in Europe where 3 generations in the same family (including both the parents & in-laws) all acquire residency by buying one property!

- all dependent children up to age 28 and the parents of the investor qualify; - it’s an investment – not a donation;

- dependent children up to 25 qualify;

- the property/ies CAN be rented out; and need to be retained for only 3 years; - citizenship is passed down through descent offering a legacy to future generations.

- the property can be rented out; - there is no requirement to live in Cyprus; nor be domiciled there for tax.

- minimum property investment is €2Million.

Some lifestyle attractions that Cyprus offers are: - Euro-accredited education gives your children an advantage when they enter the global job market; - low cost but high standard of living;

Can you afford not to take advantage of this while both programmes are still open; and also while the ZAR is still relatively strong? Cypriot Realty – a proudly South African company in operation since 2008 with offices in Cape Town, Sandton and Cyprus – can assist you.

We are recognised and respected as Southern Africa's authoritative offshore investment specialists, promoting Cyprus as an ideal destination for acquiring EU - 1st world medical facilities & affordable healthcare with highly qualified doctors citizenship or permanent residency, property investment, immigration or retirement & specialists. and starting an EU-based business - we understand investor's needs. - Europe on your doorstep;

An astute offshore property investment that works for the short, medium and long term is the achievement of a lifetime. In Cyprus investing in the “Citizenship through Investment” or the “Fast Track residency” programme not only makes financial sense, but it will tangibly benefit your family for generations to come.

c ypriot



Contact us for a confidential meeting to discuss how we can help you realise your Plan B in Europe.





Lufthansa A350 To Be Introduced On An African Route For The First Time


WTM Africa 2018 Set To Be

Bigger, Better & More Productive Than Ever! The WTM Africa 2018 will open its floor to over 600 exhibitors from 18-20 April 2018 at the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC) with quality influential buyers from key source markets around the globe looking for new and exciting product to sell within their market. WTM Africa 2018 will once again show growth across the number of exhibitors on its floor, the number of buyers in attendance, a large global media contingent and stakeholders from both the inbound and outbound travel trade. “Thus far, we are on track to exceed our 2017 buyer registration applications, including hosted buyers and Buyer’s Club members. We have seen a significant increase in exhibitors and have as such, opted to expand the floor space used for stands,” says Chardonnay Marchesi, South Africa Portfolio Director for Reed Exhibitions’ Travel, Tourism & Sports Portfolio.

Lufthansa has announced that it will be introducing the A350-900 to its Munich – Cape Town route, starting in December 2018. The aircraft is the world’s most modern and eco-friendly long haul aircraft. It uses 25 percent less kerosene, has 25 percent lower emissions and is significantly quieter during take-off than comparable aircraft models. “Cape Town has risen significantly in global rankings as a preferred destination for both leisure and business travellers. European passengers travel increasingly to South Africa, both for leisure and business; and at the same time we see an increasing demand from locals to travel to Europe.”

“We’re in for multiple new initiatives at WTM Africa 2018, including the ultimate opportunity, WTM Africa Festivals. “The Festivals will give everyone the opportunity to socialise after the traditional working hours in a fun and vibrant atmosphere. All attendees will experience the culture, hospitality and cuisine with each hosting exhibitor offering something unique.” Attendees at WTM Africa 2018 will get the opportunity to experience different food and drink from top international exhibitors, as well as technology and private sector companies. Festivities for WTM Africa Festivals will kick off from 4:30pm on Wednesday 18 April. All destinations or exhibiting companies should celebrate festivals during WTM Africa.

“We are excited about introducing this world-class aircraft to our Cape Town – Munich route, in order to ensure we continue to meet our customers expectations and build on our African service offering,” says Dr. Andre Schulz, general manager for Lufthansa Group Southern Africa. The A350-900 is the Lufthansa fleet’s state-of-the-art newcomer. Economy Class is particularly roomy and comfortable and features the most recent technology. On average, the new plane consumes only 2.9 litres of kerosene per passenger per hundred kilometres – roughly one quarter of that consumed by comparable aircraft. Rolls-Royce Trent XWB turbofan engines and optimised aerodynamics reduce its noise footprint by 30 percent, far below the regulation threshold. Further, because the passenger cabin can be assembled at the same time as the fuselage, wings and tail plane, the A350 takes one third less time to build than other Airbus models. Last year, Lufthansa placed orders for a total of 25 ultra-modern jet aircraft of this type. The first ten are to be based in Munich, flying to destinations like Delhi, Tokyo, Beijing, Hong Kong, Mumbai and Boston. Currently, seven of the ten aircraft are already operating out of Munich. Along with Cape Town, the latest routes to be added to the A350-900’s schedule include Seoul, New York, Chicago, Denver and Singapore. The aircraft can seat 293 passengers: 48 guests in Business Class, 21 in Premium Economy, and 224 in Economy Class. “Adding the A350-900 to our fleet has been a milestone for Lufthansa, and one that makes us exceptionally proud. We are looking forward to welcoming this aircraft to Africa, and are sure that our passengers will share in our excitement,” concludes Dr Schulz.

Photo: World Travel Market Africa 2017, Cape Town, South Africa

A wide range of prizes, valued at over R100 000, are also up for grabs during WTM Africa 2018 through various social media and exhibitor activations, including those from Legend Lodges, Aquila Private Game Reserve, Cape Sidecar Adventures, Marine Dynamics, and Zulu Nyala. Global media too have confirmed their attendance at WTM Africa 2018, including our valued media partners: Afrotourism, Cape Town Etc., Nomad Africa Magazine, BizCommunity, Travel Africa TV, Voyages Afrique, Explore Magazine, Travelscope, Travel & Leisure Zambia, and Intrepid Explorer. WTM Africa would further like to thank its generous sponsors, including AKTV, the Mauritius Tourism Board, MaMere, The Westin Cape Town, OmniTech Solutions, Mother City Hikers, City Sightseeing and Go Turkey Tourism. For more information visit

How to Approach Tourists 101 - ACTIONCOACH If we’re globally recognized as a friendly and beautiful destination then please make sure you’re friendly with everyone as well. Here are 8 tourism basics to ensure the absolute best tourist experience: - Be genuine, smile, and be courteous to the customer/guest. - Greet people well. Over the top is better. Even script it where possible. - Manners, manners, manners (remember your please and thank you’s, pardon and excuse me’s). - Place yourself in the shoes of those in front of you (no matter what) and react accordingly. - Your internal issues, or those of the company, are not their problem. Sort it out and don’t use them as an excuse - ever. - Be knowledgeable and helpful; even if that means you need to find out first and get back to the customer or guest. Please make sure you get back to them promptly, thank them for coming and importantly invite them back (whilst smiling off-course). April is probably one of the best months in the Western Cape and also one where tourism continues to boom. Between Easter weekend, the first term school holidays and the long weekend over Freedom and Worker’s Day there are a lot of tourists around; both local, national and international. Tourism is however not this arms length industry that only includes the typical tourist attractions, airlines and hotels. Every single one of us are in the tourism industry. It’s the whole eco-system that contributes to the tourist’s experience.

- Repeat 1 through 7 over and over again until it becomes a habit. On top of all - be a tourist yourself. With the perfect April weather get out there and plan to do things in your own ‘backyard’. Search out and explore new things regularly and take those couch sitting friends and family with you. Our economy desperately needs you. ActionCOACH. Real People. Real Results. For more information visit




Cape Town International Airport - Best Airport In Africa Cape Town International Airport was awarded first place in the category for Best Airport in Africa for the third consecutive year at the Skytrax, World Airport Awards, often referred to as the “Oscars of the aviation industry,” held in Stockholm, Sweden recently.

It evaluated traveller experiences across 39 key performance indicators from check-in, arrivals, transfers, shopping, security and immigration, through to departure at the gate. The Skytrax Awards were announced just a few weeks after two South African airports excelled in the annual Airport Service Quality (ASQ) awards of the Airports Council International. George Airport, in the Western Cape, one of the airports was honoured as Africa’s Best Airport by Region (under two million passengers per year). The successful work on customer service has also been reflected in strong performances in terms of passenger numbers. A highlight of the peak holiday season was the continued extraordinary growth in international passengers at Cape Town International Airport. International arrivals went up by 13.85% and international departures experienced a 15.69% growth in the fourth quarter compared to the same period in 2016.

The Business Traveller’s Guide To Sleeping Well

Photo: Cape Town International Airport - Photo Credit: Peter Hassall

The airport was also ranked number 21 in the top 100 airports in the awards, amidst excellent competition such as Sydney, Copenhagen, Brisbane and Dubai. A measurement of customer satisfaction at airports around the world, the Skytrax Awards set the benchmark for the industry. The awards are the outcome of the views of customers in the largest independent global airport customer satisfaction surve. The Skytrax Awards are based on more than 14-million airport survey questionnaires that were completed by air travellers of more than 100 nationalities during the survey period. The survey covered more than 550 airports worldwide.

Sustainability Work

Wins Support From Business Community Cape Town Tourism’s proactive stance in guiding the industry in the practices of Responsible Tourism has won the support of the business community, resulting in the donation of a series of videos from leading South African animation company Sea Monster Entertainment. The videos showcase sustainable tourism in practice in an approachable way that highlights how locals and visitors can engage with their spaces in beneficial ways. City of Cape Town and Cape Town Tourism spearheaded the creation of the Responsible Tourism Charter in 2009, encouraging business to become signatories to its principles: “Understanding the need to amend our practices and respecting our environment and communities with whom we engage.”

Dump the misconception that travelling for business is fun and glamourous; in fact, according to frequent travellers it’s the complete opposite. Switching between time zones messes with your routine, as well as your diet and more often than none proves to be a sleep deprivation nightmare. “Good quality sleep has finally taken its rightful place on the health throne as current evidence shows that this is one of the most powerful wellness interventions of the modern era. I find it quite ironic that sleep has become an intervention, rather than a habit, for so many of the chronic diseases we currently face.” “The role of sleep in the body’s maintenance and repair is priceless and while we look for miracle solutions and immune boosters in the form of medicines we must finally acknowledge - Sleep Is Medicine.” says Dr Darren Green, Multimedia medical doctor and Neurowellness Corporate speaker. Dr Green says getting enough sleep every night is crucial to operate optimally, whether travelling for business or not. He says on average, the body needs to get in about 7-9 hours of sleep a night in order to feel well-rested the next day. And since a proper sleep cycle is 90-minutes long; the body needs around 4-5 sleep cycles a night to make up that 7-9 hour sleep ratio. But how do business travellers maintain a routine while travelling, factoring in a good sleep programme, as well as a healthy diet and training schedule. In this snippet, Dr Green shares a few tips on how best to adapt while travelling and offers a few sleep solutions specific to the business traveller. If it makes life easy at home remember to pack those practical living elements for the trip: Chronic medication, Antihistamines, Nasal and throat spray and a Asthma pump.

This has been the guiding approach through the water crisis, with the organisation engaging with tourism and secondary tourism businesses, along with the public and private sector, to reiterate what has always been its guiding principle: promoting and demonstrating Responsible Tourism to ensure sustainability for the tourism industry. Glenn Gillis, CEO of Sea Monster Entertainment, explains: “Cape Town Tourism’s actions in partnering with corporates, agencies, organisations and smaller businesses inspired us, so we created this video series to contribute practically to their initiatives. Cape Town Tourism, amid a climate of fear and uncertainty, has kept the long-term vision alive of sustainability in tourism and maintained that the city is open for business.” “This accessible video series illustrates what we’re doing in practice, so it’s a handy addition to our sustainability toolkit. It’s our goal to bring more businesses on board to reach greater audiences with the essential messaging that our activities must be aligned with the principles of sustainable tourism. We are there to provide those connections that can uplift entire communities, and welcome all businesses, members of our organisation or not, to be part of a greater contribution to society.” – Enver Duminy, CEO, Cape Town Tourism. Cape Town Tourism also partnered with Sanlam in an effective “two-minute shower” campaign that enlisted many of SA’s top musicians performing twominute versions of their songs that locals and visitors could download and enjoy when taking a brief shower. The campaign has gained positive support across the country. “The welcome mat is out for all explorers and adventurers looking to experience a world-class destination with unique attractions and culture. Come and see for yourself and join us in practicing sustainable tourism so that Cape Town can be enjoyed for generations to come,” Duminy concludes. Sustainability video series:

Planning for bed is as important as planning a day at the office. Always ensure all sleep elements are in place before bed to ensure maximum comfort and ease; Eat a healthy, small, well-balanced meal three hours before bed; Set the alarm on the multiples of 1.5 hour segments; Make use of eye masks if outside light is the problem; and set the room air conditioner to a medium temperature. Sleep rituals go hand-in-hand with before-bed planning, but these are especially important. Dr Green says before-bed traditions are instrumental to help you relax and wind-down, which helps with a good night’s rest. He suggests a cup of chamomile tea and few drops of lavender oil on the pillow. The sleep utensils definitely contribute positively to a restful night’s sleep. Dr Green advises to never underestimate the power of: The pillow – it supports the neck and shoulder muscles; The bed – it ensures maximum comfort and allows for a peaceful night’s rest; and Pyjamas and bed linen – the materials matter, nylon irritates the skin, cotton is best. Leon Meyer, General Manager at the Westin Cape Town says his establishment is well-geared for the business traveller. He says good sleep is critical for both mental and physical health and that is why the Westin has created an assortment of products and programmes to ensure that every guest has a sound night’s sleep to prepare for the day ahead. With the hotel’s award-winning Heavenly® Bed, calming Sleep Well Lavender Balm Amenity, and a special menu packed with sleep-enhancing superfoods, “guests will get an incredible night’s rest, ensuring you don’t just get up, you rise!”




Simon’s Town Penguin Colony Home To Endangered African Penguin The Boulders Restricted Zone, adjacent to the penguin colony, is one of six ‘no-take MPA zones’ where no fishing is allowed and activities such as diving are regulated. The main purpose of the penguin management team is to ensure that the seabirds are protected and co-exist peacefully. The programme therefore includes the following: Monitors look for penguins breeding outside core breeding areas and move them to safety. Small microchips have been implanted under the penguins’ skins so that they can be identified using a hand-held or ground reader, which allows for the easy collection of data and reduces the stress for the penguins. African penguins usually breed and moult once a year. The monitors conduct regular nest checks and counts. This data is used to determine the long-term breeding success of the population. Photo Credit: Craig Howes / Cape Town Tourism

The Simon’s Town penguin colony is home to the endangered African penguin. In an effort to protect and conserve our endangered feathered friends, the City has teamed up with the South African National Parks (SANParks), the South African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds (SANCCOB) and the Cape Town Environmental Education Trust (CTEET) to implement a management and monitoring programme for the penguins. The Simon’s Town penguin colony is a top conservation priority and is home to at least 854 breeding pairs of African penguins. The African penguin, Spheniscus demersus, is listed as endangered on the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List of Threatened Species. The sections of the Simon’s Town penguin colony from Seaforth Beach to Water’s Edge Beach, and from Burghers’ Walk to Windmill Beach and Franks Bay, are free-access areas managed by the Transport and Urban Development Authority’s Environmental Management Department. The marine environment adjacent to the penguin colony is part of the Table Mountain National Park Marine Protected Area (MPA), which stretches from Muizenberg around Cape Point to Green Point.

WC Schools Celebrate Sustainability At Cape Town Eco-Schools Awards

During a moult, penguins replace all their feathers in order to retain their waterproofing properties and, as a result, they are land-bound and cannot go to sea to feed. When the moulting period coincides with the breeding period, the adult penguins are unable to feed their chicks. The penguin monitors then rescue the abandoned chicks and take them to SANCCOB for hand-rearing and release once they are old enough to go to sea. The monitors rescue injured penguins and other birds that they find on their daily sweeps or which are reported by members of the public. The monitors also rescue any oiled birds which are taken to SANCCOB for cleaning and rehabilitation. Historically, penguins used to breed on the offshore islands and were safely protected from land-based predators, but the destruction of the breeding habitat on the islands due to guano collection and egg collection reduced their ability to breed successfully there. However, the land-based penguin colonies that have established themselves in recent times are vulnerable to predators including mongoose, seals, caracal and even leopards in some areas. The monitors check the colony for any signs of predation on a daily basis. Camera traps are also used to monitor predator activity within the colony. The monitors play a critical role in communicating with visitors to the area, informing them of the rules and regulations and ensuring that disturbance to the penguins is kept to a minimum. All residents need to play their part in preventing pollution, on land or sea, to reduce the negative impacts on the marine environment.

Joint Efforts To Ensure

Rehabilitation And Release of Olive Ridley Turtle After four years of rehabilitation, Pemba, an adult Olive Ridley turtle that was found floating in Table Bay Harbour in December 2014, was released recently within the iSimangaliso Wetland Park. Pemba’s rehabilitation and release was made possible through the joint efforts of the Two Oceans Aquarium and uShaka Sea World in Durban.

Learners and teachers from the greater Cape Town area and WESSA staff gathered recently to celebrate the 2017 achievements of 65 local schools participating in the international Eco-Schools Programme. The event was hosted at Tygerberg Nature Reserve and included a walk in the reserve to view the endangered Renosterveld. Eco-Schools is a school-based environmental management, certification and sustainable development education programme of the international Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE). Eco-Schools aims to improve environmental management and environmental learning at schools by assisting them to grow and develop their environmental capacity. The awards presented at the ceremony were in acknowledgment of the participating schools meeting all the criteria for the Eco-Schools programme and for developing environmental action projects and learning programmes, which have improved their schools’ sustainability practices. From those that received recognition on the day included one school that received their “International Flag” for having successfully participated for five years in the programme, eight schools that received their “Decade Awards” indicating that they have been participating successfully in the programme for more than 10 years while 21 of the schools received their “Platinum Awards” indicating that they have been participating in the programme for six to nine years. Eight of the Cape Town schools that received awards are supported through funding from the Wrigley Company Foundation, while 40 schools that received awards are supported by the Cape Town Environmental Education Trust (CTEET). The event was also attended by Mr Haroon Mahomed, Chief Director: Curriculum and Teacher Development who gave perspectives from the Western Cape Education Department (WCED). He emphasized that nature is the best teacher, and greenness is very relevant to education. “The Eco-Schools programme is well placed to support and provide a platform for learners to develop tactical skills for the upliftment of themselves and their communities.”

Pemba was admitted to the Two Oceans Aquarium turtle rehabilitation and release programme after a boat-based tour operator found her floating in Table Bay Harbour. Initial examination revealed a fracture on the side of her carapace (shell), presumably from a boat propeller strike. Surgery was performed and the fracture was wired together. The fracture and suspected lung tear healed within a couple of months after it was treated with antibiotics. Numerous attempts at removing large volumes of air from her coelomic cavity proved unsuccessful. Treatment continued at the Two Oceans Aquarium until September 2016, when the decision was made to move Pemba to the Turtle Rehabilitation facility at uShaka Sea World in Durban for further treatment as Pemba was still unable to dive. The staff at uShaka Sea World spent the next 16 months working with Pemba who still had buoyancy and lung issues. After a few month she was getting stronger and the decision was made to start the slow process of encouraging her to dive. Pieces of food were placed on the bottom of her holding pool to encourage her to dip below the surface. Over the following months she was constantly motivated to remain longer and longer underwater until eventually she was diving effortlessly without motivation. Olive Ridley turtles feed mainly on crustaceans and she could therefore not be released until she could dive deep enough to find food. Once Pemba had regained her ability to dive, there was no looking back and the team began to plan her release. Pemba was fitted with a satellite tag which was attached to her carapace before being released. This satellite tag will allow scientists to track where she goes from GPS co-ordinates transmitted from the tag. Mbibi was chosen as the release site because of its location within the iSimangaliso Wetland Park. Pemba is the first Olive Ridley turtle to be satellite tagged and released off the South African coast. It is hoped that she will make her way up the east coast or across to Madagascar where other Olive Ridley turtles occur.




Peppa Pig Live in South Africa On First Stage Show Tour! More fun than a muddy puddle! Entertainment One’s phenomenally successful preschool TV show, Peppa Pig, will move from the small screen to the theatre stage in South Africa this year as “Peppa Pig Live in South Africa” in partnership with black - begins its much-anticipated tour and will visit Cape Town’s International Convention Centre from 6 - 8 April 2018. “Peppa Pig Live in South Africa” is an action-packed stage show, based on the award-winning television series (broadcast locally on E-TV and DSTV) especially designed to give young fans an unforgettable first live theatre experience. A fully immersive musical production featuring a dozen familiar and original songs, as well as an interactive sing-a-long, the live stage show will have fans laughing, cheering and dancing – just like Peppa! “Peppa Pig is one of the most loved characters by pre-schoolers and their families here in South Africa,” says Chad Findlay, the show’s Creative Director. “This one-of-a-kind stage show – with incredible life-sized puppets and beautifully costumed characters – brings Peppa Pig to life in a whole new way for South African audiences.” Come join Peppa, George, Mummy Pig, Daddy Pig and more in a fantastic adventure filled with buckets of surprises and plenty of muddy puddles! For more information visit

Pinotage and Biltong Fans Invited To Indulge In Their Favourites Take two of South Africa’s iconic products, mix in some live music and gourmet eats, place it in the scenic environment of a Boland wine farm - and you end up with the annual Pinotage and Biltong Festival. It takes place for the fourth time this year from 14-15 April 2018 at Perdeberg Cellar. Eighteen wineries offer nearly 50 Pinotage’s for tasting and for sale, some of which are paired with specific biltong flavours, chosen to highlight the best qualities of both. The wines range from the traditional red Pinotage right up to Rosé’s, sparkling wine, MCC, blends and even a white Pinotage! Participating wineries are: Badsberg Winery, Beyerskloof, Boland Cellar, Bonnievale Wines, Delheim Wines, Flagstone Winery, Grande Provence Heritage Wine Estate, Idiom Collection, Knorhoek Wines, Lanzerac Wines, Mellasat Vineyards, Overhex Wines International, Perdeberg Cellar , Rhebokskloof Wine Estate, Simonsvlei Winery, Stellenbosch Hills Wines, Van Loveren Vineyards, Wellington Wines. Food trucks, an Oyster & MCC bar, Perdeberg’s own craft beer range, a kiddies play area and music by the popular Guy Feldman and his band, offer the perfect day out for the whole family. The Dress code for the event is Purple and white. Tickets available via computicket

AfricanX Trailrun heads to Boschendal Wine Estate South Africa’s premier three day trail running stage race, the AfricanX Trailrun presented by ASICS will celebrate its 10th anniversary at the picturesque Boschendal Wine Estate the weekend of 27 - 29 April 2018. Firmly nestled in the Cape Floral Kingdom, Boschendal is renowned for its beauty. Its backdrop of sweeping mountain ranges, deep ravines and imposing peaks will guarantee a trail running experience like no other. AfricanX runners can look forward to new trails and new challenges, but the same awesome AfricanX vibe. Teams of two (male/female/mixed) will be seen putting teamwork and endurance to the test when they battle it out on a route that will vary in distance between 22km - 34km each day. The three routes have been planned in such a way that the runners will have the opportunity to tackle a different breath-taking scenic route each day. Photo Credit: Tobias Ginsberg

For more information visit

Bid for the rare and unusual at Bot River Barrels & Beards Nod, wink or wave your way to a slice of Bot River heaven at the annual 2018 Barrels & Beards Best of Bot Auction of the Overberg wine hamlet on 21 April 2018. Whatever your preferred style of bidding for the awesome lots on offer, every time you win you automatically make a contribution to a local charity. This year’s Bot River Barrels & Beards promises to top its predecessors with major Cape personalities scheduled to attend and increased sponsorship from premier wine closure company Amorim Cork. Barrels & Beards is an annual event that promotes the small region’s outstanding wine and maverick character, putting the stubble that accumulates on winemaker chins during harvest to good use. Activities centre around three highlights: the winemakers’ hilarious Harvest Beard Parade, which this year includes popular drive-time radio host John Maytham and former supermodel Josie Borain among the judges; the so-called Botriviera feast of fresh and fabulous local produce; and, the Barrels & Beards charity fundraiser Best of Bot auction. Of the three, the auction is the opportunity to experience Bot River and its gees (spirit) beyond the event itself. Lots assembled by the participating wine farms and organisers incorporate the zany and serious; the delicious and the unusual; the bountiful and the rare. On offer are wine tastings of a privileged kind: with owners and winemakers themselves. There are extravagant meals and idyllic sleep-overs. And, of course there are wines. Here’s the chance to bid for a Platter’s five-star wine and one of only six ever produced: a 5-litre bottle of Beaumont Wines Hope Marguerite 2016. The Barrels & Beards auction has taken place since 2015 and raised R100 000 for charity each year.

This year’s event will benefit the Bot River Education Foundation (BEF), which has since 2005 assisted promising high school students to gain entry to university. The 2018 Bot River Barrels & Beards will take place at Wildekrans Wine Estate on Saturday, 21 April. The participating farms are: Anysbos, Barton, Beaumont, Arcangeli, Eerste Hoop, Gabriëlskloof, Luddite, Genevieve, Goedvertrouw, Thorne & Daughters, Momento, Maremmana, Paardenkloof, Rivendell, and Wildekrans. Tickets available via



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Get Ready For The 17th South African Cheese Festival Visitors to the 17th South African Cheese Festival will not only taste cheese and see master chefs in action but can also create cheese masterpieces themselves. A ticket to this awardwinning festival, over the Freedom Day long weekend from 27-29 April at Sandringham outside Stellenbosch, promises a taste experience of local and international cheeses, artisan and gourmet products as well as selected wines. Interactive food theatres - Celebrity chefs galore will cook up a storm in the three food theatres at the SA Cheese Festival. Jenny Morris (The Giggling Gourmet), Kamini Pather (MasterChef SA winner), The Food Alchemist Pete Goffe-Wood (Master Chef and Ultimate Braai Master Judge), Carmen Niehaus and Leon the Milkman will entertain guests in the Agri-Expo Cooking Pot. Herman Lensing (Friday), Zola Nene (Saturday) and Johnny Hamman (Sunday) will oversee food demonstrations in the Cape Made Kitchen, in partnership with the Institute of Culinary Arts (ICA) and the Western Cape Department of Agriculture. In the Standard Bank Tasting Room specialist presenters will treat visitors to cheese pairings with unique combinations including South Africa’s Top Ten Chenin Blanc wines, craft beer and a variety of teas. #YourWheyWithCheese Cook-off - Would you like to show off your cooking flair? Amateur chefs are invited to enter their water-wise recipes with President cheese for the #YourWheyWithCheese Cook-off in partnership with Heart FM. Jenny Morris and co-judges Kamini Pather and Sihle Ngobese will choose the Top 15 on Saturday, 7 April. Four finalists will cook off at the SA Cheese Festival, two on Friday 27 April, two on Saturday 28 April, with the final Cook-off on Sunday 29 April. Cheese carving and live music - There will be great prizes and of course some delicious cheese to be won in the Ladismith Cheese-carving competition, that takes place daily at Blossom’s Gazebo. At the Stellenbosch Vineyards Music Gazebo, Cheese Festival goers will be treated to the sounds of popular artists Nic Stevens (Friday), Die Wildberries and Kurt Darren (Saturday), as well as old favourites by Absolutely Fabulous, Sincere Swing, Under Cover and Bev Scott Brown and SHIM SHAM. Connoisseur’s Experience Cheese aficionados, who crave a more intimate tryst with cheese and foodies, will do well to book for the exclusive Connoisseurs’ Experience. For more information visit




6-15 July, 2018 Tickets: R100—R500

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ARTSCAPE Opera House Book at COMPUTICKET or ARTSCAPE Dial-a-Seat on 021 421 7695

With Ksenia Ovsyanik of the BERLIN STATE BALLET on Sat 14th @ 19h30 and Sun 15th @15h00

Accompanied by the CAPE TOWN Philharmonic Orchestra