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From Historic Landmark to World-Class Hotel

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The Silo is a magical space towering above the V&A Waterfront surrounded by the natural wonder of South Africa’s Mother City. The Silo is being built in the grain elevator portion of the historic grain silo complex occupying six floors above what will become the Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa (MOCAA). Zeitz MOCAA will be a contemporary art museum to rival the likes of the Tate Modern in London, MoMA in New York and Museo Nacional del Prado in Madrid. Zeitz MOCAA is a not-for-profit partnership between the V&A Waterfront and Jochen Zeitz, whose collection forms the Museum’s founding collection.

Photo: The Silo, Rendering by Thomas Heatherwick / Photo Credit: The Royal Portfolio

Wesgro Helps WC Soar Despite Economic Headwinds

Wesgro is funded by the City of Cape Town and the Provincial Government of the Western Cape to deliver on the two’s tourism, trade and investment economic mandates, and the latest statistics bear this out.


For many years economic growth in the Western Cape has helped to raise South Africa’s growth rate, while the unemployment rate helps to lower the national average. Last year national economic growth slumped and unemployment rose to a 12-year high, but the Western Cape still managed to secure a 143% (capex) Greenfield foreign direct investment increase, versus 32% for South Africa. Wesgro is also proud to announce that the Agency received a clean audit report for the 2015/16 financial year and our various units have achieved remarkable targets.

The building has been designed by Thomas Heatherwick, Founder and Principal of the London-based Heatherwick Studio.

The Wesgro Research Unit produced a total of 115 economic publications to support the Agency and their clients.

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It also collated over 30 000 visitor information surveys with the assistance of the local tourism offices which inform various tourism strategies and marketing plans.


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From Historic Landmark to World-Class Hotel (Continue from page 1) Heatherwick Studio was tasked with the transformation of the elevator house and the adjacent storage annex of six rows of seven silos, while carefully retaining its cultural significance and creating a building that will be as synonymous with the Cape Town skyline as the Eiffel Tower is to Paris.

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The Silo will have 28 rooms, including a spectacular penthouse.

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September 2016

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Photo: CTICC East, Netcare Christiaan Barnard Memorial Hospital & KPMG Place under construction

After hosting a successful Cape Construction Expo 2016 recently, the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC) is proud to announce that it is on track to open its CTICC East expansion in 2017. Construction to CTICC East, which started in 2014, 11 years after CTICC West officially opened its doors, compliments other construction developments taking place on Cape Town’s Foreshore including the Netcare Christiaan Barnard Memorial Hospital and KPMG Place.


A nanosatellite developed by Stellenbosch University (SU) and CubeSpace, an Innovus incubation company in the Nedbank SU LaunchLab business incubator, is to be launched with 49 other nanosatellites from the International Space Station (ISS) in January 2017. The South African nanosatellite, ZA-AeroSat, weighing in at only 2 kg, is the only satellite from Africa forming part of an international project, the QB50 project, to launch 50 nanosatellites known as “CubeSats” – each about 10 cm x 10 cm x 20 cm (smaller than a shoebox) − from the ISS to gather measurements from the lower thermosphere between 200 km and 400 km above Earth.

A key milestone in the construction of the building has started with the glazing of the Western façade. The next steps will be to commence the roof sheeting scheduled to start in September and the fitting of the cold rooms and kitchens due to start at the end of October.

ZA-AeroSat will be taken to Delft in the Netherlands, where it will be packed with the other satellites before being shipped to the USA and transported to the ISS in December of this year.

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From the outside, the greatest visible change to the building’s original structure will be the addition of pillowed glazing panels, inserted into the geometry of the hotel floors, which will bulge outward as if gently inflated. By night, this will transform the building into a glowing lantern or beacon in the harbour.

The Electronic Systems Laboratory (ESL) in SU’s Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering and CubeSpace, which arose from the ESL, have been working on this local nanosatellite for some time.

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Photo: Interior Rendering of a Deluxe Superior Suite - Photo Credit: The Royal Portfolio

Each room will be individually designed and decorated by the stylish wand of Liz Biden. Colourful and eclectic pieces will juxtapose the modern, industrial architecture. The 7 room categories are based on the room size and the views. The rooms are more spacious vertically than horizontally due to the unique architecture of The Silo and in particular the ingenious design of the pillowed window bays which are one of the key architectural features. An Iconic Past of the Grain Silo The grain silo was the tallest building in Sub-Saharan Africa at 57m when it was opened in August 1924 after 3 years of construction. It closed in August 2001 after nearly 80 years at the heart of South Africa’s industrial and agricultural development. The grain silo played an integral role in terms of international trade as an export facility, but it also provided vital infrastructure to South Africa’s regional agricultural economies supporting local farming communities while also making a major contribution to the economic activities of Table Bay harbour. The building has two parts – the elevator tower, where The Silo hotel is located, which facilitated the mechanical bulk handling of grain, and the actual storage silos themselves. The elevator tower was known as the working house and it served numerous functions. It received grain from the track shed, lifted it to the top of the building by the use of elevators and provided facilities for the grain to be weighed, cleaned, bagged, stored and distributed. Grain from the smaller, inland ‘country elevators’ around South Africa was delivered to Cape Town. The first load of maize was received into the grain elevator in Cape Town on the 8 September 1924, and this was followed two months later by the first export from the new elevator – 6,245 tons of maize aboard the SS Willaston destined for Europe, on the 12 November 1924. The Silo Hotel is scheduled to open on 1 March 2017, while the Zeitz MOCAA will open in September 2017.

Photo: Grain Silo Building in 1955 Photo Credit: Willie Werth


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Have all of your questions regarding your retirement answered by a panel of experts! Notice Articles & Advertisements published in The Newspaper is not necessarily the opinion of The Newspaper, unless so stated.

02 December 2016, 9am - 12h30pm CPOA Fernbridge Alnwick Road, Diep River Please RSVP by 25 November 2016 rsvp.

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Cape Point Launches Free Audio Tour Cape Point has launched a free audio tour for those wanting an even more memorable experience at the iconic attraction. For a fun, information-rich and easy-to-use way of enhancing your exploration, simply download the tour, plug in your earphones and push play. Starting from the main parking area, the audio tour shares fascinating information about the national park’s maritime history, fauna, flora, Cape Point legends and the funicular. It is geared for guests on a tight schedule, as well as those who would prefer a more leisurely stroll. There are two tours: Riding the Flying Dutchman Funicular up, the Quick Tour leads you around the various top lookout points and up the steps to the old lighthouse, before heading back down the funicular; while the Full Tour meanders along the path to the top viewing points, up to the old lighthouse, down the lighthouse keeper’s walk and returns to the parking lot via the funicular. If you’re more than 500m from the starting point, you can choose to “Get Directions” to the location or “Play Anyway” - which enables you to listen to the tour even when you are not on site.

“We are delighted at how the new audio tour enhances our visitors’ experience at Cape Point,” says Judiet Barnes, Marketing Manager of Cape Point Partnership. “The audio tour is mainly targeted at our self-drive visitors who aren’t accompanied by a tour guide, however it has been crafted to enhance all visits, even for those traveling in large tour groups.” A highly accessible platform created by VoiceMaps, the audio tour is available for free download via the Apple and Google Play App stores. It’s advised that you complete all downloads prior to visiting Cape Point, as the cellular signal in the park fluctuates.

Panasonic Powers Solar Race Team

1140 Extra Police Officers in WC

One team competing in The Sasol Solar Car Race is being given a distinct advantage. The Tokai University Solar Team is being powered by the Panasonic-trademarked HIT™ solar battery system, which minimises power loss. The 2016 Sasol Solar Car Race aims to set new records in distance and energy consumption with the ultimate team being the one that scores best in terms of average distance, time, lowest consumption and strategic use of battery power. The Panasonic solar system will aid the drivers to set these new records with its advanced technology that helps conserve power.

Western Cape welcomes the 1140 new police officers deployed by South African Police Services (SAPS) across the province, as announced by Provincial Police Commissioner General Jula. The crime stats show that although the murder rate in the Western Cape remains stubbornly high, the increase is slowing down. The Province now has the 4th lowest murder rate in the country. Crime in the Western Cape is highly concentrated, and the fact that 790 of the new police officers will be sent to the top 30 stations in terms of crime levels is a positive development. The DA has long advocated for additional police officers for to be allocated to the Western Cape which is severely under-resourced in terms of manpower. “For too long we have seen that police stations in crime hotspots have the worst police-to-population ratios, making the job nearly impossible for hard working police officers.”

Fourteen teams took part in The Sasol Solar Challenge, which started in Pretoria and finished in Cape Town. The 8-day race took teams through Kroonstad, Bloemfontein, Gariep Dam, Graaff-Reinet, Port Elizabeth, Sedgefield and Swellendam. The race occurred on public roads, which meant that teams had to comply with normal road traffic rules and conditions. Panasonic’s high efficiency HIT™ Solar Modules and Lithium-ion batteries, were utilised in the Tokai University Solar Team’s car competing in this year’s Sasol Solar Challenge. One of the longest races in solar car racing, the Sasol Solar Car Race’s main route was approximately 2000km long, and while this would equate to an average of 250km per day, the teams had the option to expand their daily distance by driving loops, varying from 23km up to 74km - It is expected that the top teams will reach up to a total of 6000km, covering at least 700km a day on average if it is sunny, at around 90 – 100km/h. Panasonic is committed to the development of sustainable technology for a better tomorrow, by designing cutting-edge products that not only consume energy but also supply energy as well.

The national police-to-population ratio is 1 officer for every 358 citizens (in 2014/15) yet many of our worst crime-affected precincts have ratios of only half this, for example Harare has a ratio of 1 officer to 826 citizens, Nyanga 1:754 and Delft 1:706 according to the latest available numbers. “We therefore want to commend SAPS for the deployment of personnel to police stations suffering under severe pressure. We are confident that additional resources will have a positive longer-term impact on crime.” “We urge the public to play their role and help create safer communities by cooperating with the local safety authorities, and we will continue to do our part by ensuring that communities get the assistance need for safer areas.”




City Saving

Wesgro Helps WC Soar

By Spending on Green

Despite Economic Headwinds (Continue from page 1)

The City of Cape Town’s investment in energy efficiency has led to almost 45 000 street lights being fitted with energy-saving light-emitting diode (LED) lights thus far. This includes the recent successful retrofitting of 1 100 street lights as part of a R3,8 million LED street lighting pilot in Burgundy Estate, Summer Greens, Eversdal, Bothasig and Aurora. This has already lead to a 32% reduction in the electricity load usage. The City’s energy efficiency programme has resulted in savings of more than R110 million over the past five years. Since 2010, the City has saved almost 80 000 MWh of electricity and 79 000 tons of carbon through its municipal operations energy efficiency programme. This is the equivalent of the power needed to operate all of Cape Town’s street lights for a whole year. Energy efficiency is central to the City’s Energy2040 goals which aim for the overall reduction of 37% in carbon emissions. Some 21% can be achieved through energy efficiency alone. “We are saving our residents money over the long-term by investing in a more sustainable way of performing our core functions. At the same time, through our emphasis on procuring more ‘green goods’, we are enabling job creation in the local economy.”

The Investment Promotion Unit secured a total of ten investment projects to the value of more than R2 billion in the past year which helped to create 681 new jobs in the Cape, and comfortably exceeded our R1.7 billion target. The Agribusiness Investment Unit realised three investment projects, to the value of R315 million, against a target of R230 million. This has assisted in the creation of 218 jobs and grown the Western Cape’s industrial base. During 2015, the Cape Town and Western Cape Convention Bureau, a division of Wesgro’s Destination Marketing department, supported 48 events and secured 17 conference bids with an estimated value of R185 million. Approximately 28 280 delegates attended these and in total contributed R374.1 million to the Cape’s economy. Wesgro continues to be an important ‘connections catalyst’ behind the growth of the Film and Media industry. Wesgro’s Film and Media Division assisted a total of 188 businesses with export opportunities and generated R8.8 million in media coverage for Cape Town’s film sector. Wesgro’s Marketing Unit, launched a new website that features real-time tourism and air access dashboards that simplify and provide exporters and investors information at unprecedented speeds.

“The City will do whatever it can today to create a more financially and environmentally sustainable tomorrow,” said the City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Energy, Environmental and Spatial Planning, Councillor Johan van der Merwe. Given the public sector’s significant purchasing power, the City now has integrated energy efficiency requirements into its procurement and is using greener technologies for certain projects, such as for the lighting of buildings. The City’s LED building lighting retrofits have supported the growth of a local LED manufacturer, which has increased its permanent employees from 18 to 80 over the past three years.

Cape Town Air Access, a division of Wesgro, has already secured five new international routes and four expansions since its establishment in 2015, and played a pivotal role in Cape Town International Airport’s recent Routes 2016 Marketing Award win. Wesgro CEO Tim Harris closed the Review with the following remarks, “The logic for an economic promotion agency for the Cape is as strong today as it was when Wesgro was founded more than three decades ago.” “Wesgro is optimally positioned to be the champion for economic opportunities in the Cape, and to facilitate conversion of these opportunities to help drive growth and create jobs. The results of the past financial year are testament to this. We are already working with the province’s various stakeholders to ensure 2016/17 is an even greater success.”

N2 Rehabilitation Project Update The Department of Transport and Public Works is making good progress with a R186 million project to rehabilitate a 7 km portion of the N2 between Borcherds Quarry Rd and the R300, and to add a third lane in both directions. This project began in January 2016, and is expected to have been completed in mid-2017.


So far, the project is 30% complete. Phase 1 of the work on the third lane is nearing completion, and the widening of the Borcherds Quarry Bridge is complete. Current work in progress includes the rehabilitation of the existing middle and left lanes, as well as piling and earthworks to prepare for the future construction of a bridge and interchange from Eisleben Rd onto the N2. About 82 000 vehicles travel on the affected stretch of road every day. The upgrade will improve the carrying capacity of the road, especially for buses and taxis during peak periods.









who will treat you like guests in their own home. You can also enjoy a drink on our patio or at our stylish wine bar.


The ride quality of the road will be improved and better street lighting will be installed. Every attempt will be made to facilitate the flow of traffic and minimise delays. The contractor has redirected traffic on the outbound lanes onto the new right hand lane and middle lanes between the Borcherds Quarry Bridge and the R300. A local subcontractor is supplying and installing all new subsurface drainage infrastructure on both the inbound and outbound sides of the road. A proportion of the contract amount will be spent on employing and training locally sourced contract labour, and a proportion on procuring goods and services from targeted Western Cape enterprises. Contract expenditure to date is R7 million for targeted enterprises. A total of 4 676 person-days of work have been created so far for 86 people from the City of Cape Town municipal area.




Registrations Open

Top Schools Give Back

For Senior Certificate Examinations 2017

MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet Fundraising Programme

Over the last couple of months Western Cape Minister of Education, Debbie Schäfer’s office has been inundated with queries from adult learners wishing to complete their Senior Certificate qualification.

Seven South African schools across the economic spectrum are sharing in a R450,000 windfall courtesy of Woolworths and the MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet fundraising programme.

There are a number of learners in the Western Cape, who for very different reasons were not able to write their matric examinations or complete their high school careers. Many of these learners are now adults and wish to complete their school leaving certificate to further their education. In 2016, 16 442 candidates registered to write the 2016 Senior Certificate for adult candidates in May/June. This is remarkable. It is also encouraging that so many adults now wish to obtain their school leaving certificate. Registration for the 2017 Senior Certificate, which will be written in May/June 2017, opens on 1st October 2016 and candidates have until the 30th November 2016 to complete their registration. Adult learners will find information on how register, among other details, on the WCED web site at (see “Adult Matric”). This year it was also brought to Schäfer’s attention that some independent centres had failed to register their candidates in the allocated timeframe, and they were therefore unable to write the examination. The Minister urges ALL candidates to confirm that they are registered. Candidates can confirm their registration status on the SC registration webpage in March prior to the examination. Only candidates in possession of a valid Admission Letter will be allowed to write the exam.

St Stithians and St Peter’s Prep, both in Johannesburg, and Valley Pre-Primary School in Cape Town were the winners of R100 000 each for topping their categories in a special national competition launched by Woolworths and MySchool in May this year. And those three top schools could nominate under-resourced schools to receive an additional R50,000 each. Nehemiah Education Ministry’s Primary School in Ivory Park was chosen by St Stithians; Sefikeng Primary School at Leeukop & Diepsloot Combined School were the joint beneficiaries from St Peter’s; and Hangberg’s Sentinel Primary School was Valley Pre-Primary’s nominee. For Sentinel Primary School the prize money will translate into the development of a playground for the Gr R’s. This playground will also benefit another pre-school, which is presently being built on the Sentinel school’s premises by The Hangberg Trust and which will be known as Hangberg Pre-Primary. St Stithians College have been involved in partnering with the Nehemiah Education Ministry in Ivory Park since 2000 and have developed 5 Early Childhood Development Centers in and around Ivory and Ebony Park that currently accommodate 500 children. Last year they began a Primary School and the prize money will be used to grow this new school.

In 2014, the Department of Basic Education revised requirements for the Senior Certificate (matric) qualification for adults to bring it in line with the CAPS curriculum. Candidates writing the amended Senior Certificate are exempt from School Based Assessment, and this implies that the examination in the subject will constitute 100% of the final mark.

WC Agriculture Advisory Programme To Be Showcased At UN Conference In October, the Western Cape Department of Agriculture’s extension advisory services system will be featured at the Committee on World Food Security at the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations. This conference will take place in Italy from the 17 – 21 October 2016. Speaking in the Western Cape Legislature recently, Alan Winde, Minister of Economic Opportunities, said the FAO visited the Western Cape earlier this year. In April, one of the FAO’s most senior officials travelled to the Western Cape to learn more about the agriculture department’s extension programme. The programme falls under Farmer Support and Development. “We are embracing innovation in agriculture and the FAO were particularly interested in our use of the smart-pen technology. Our extension officers are highly skilled and we provide regular training to make sure that our staff meet industry demands. In this way, they are able to offer quality advice to our clients. We know that farmers, especially emerging farmers in rural areas, need the right support to ensure their enterprises are successful.” Minister Winde said the province’s extension service was setting the bar for how governments should deliver support to farmers. “The FAO have recognised our extension system as one of the best in the world, and believe other countries could benefit from our model. Featuring on this global platform is proof that we are setting the standard for excellence and I would like to commend the officials for their hard work in making this happen.” Minister Winde said the department’s extension officers supported over 2000 smallholder farmers with advice in the previous financial year. The Farmer Support and Development programme’s targets for this financial year include: 4140 site visits to subsistence, smallholder and commercial farmers to deliver extension and advisory services; 1620 smallholder producers supported with agricultural advice; and, 192 farm assessments and farm plans completed for smallholder and commercial farmers.

At St Peter’s Prep School half of their prize money will be used for the “Isematholeni Intern Programme”, an Accelerated Teacher Intern Learning Programme for teacher interns, with a special focus on Foundation Phase teachers. The school is also an active outreach partner to Sefikeng Primary and Diepsloot Combined school, which is why they have nominated these schools to share in the prize. The MySchool programme, in which card swipes directly raise funds for nominated schools, is one of the country’s biggest private contributors to education and their goal is to generate a total of R100m for education by the end of 2016. Pieter Twine, General Manager from MySchool says, “Thanks in part to this competition, which generated a tremendous response, we are well on track to reach that huge stretch goal”. He adds that an important part of the campaign was to create opportunities for us to acknowledge and thank our top schools and also give back to schools in need. Each of our winning schools are genuinely invested in helping those partner schools to prosper and we’re really pleased to be part of that.


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Chicken Crosses Road! Café Frank Opens a New Restaurant @ Century City Café Frank opens at 7am and the breakfast menu ranges from fresh fruit, handmade pastries and Bircher muesli to soft, creamy omelettes and scrambled eggs with a range of optional fillings and sides. The lunch menu at Café Frank retains some staples throughout the week (food crazes may come and go, but a fresh green salad, a juicy rotisserie chicken and a perfect dark chocolate brownie will never go out of style), but the collective offering changes daily.

Café Frank, the well-loved Bree Street purveyor of succulent roast chickens and delicious, unusual salads has taken their ‘Slow Food Fast’ philosophy to a second store, located in the new Urban Square at Century City. The shop is sleek, light and feels a bit Scandinavian - the perfect place to eat is right outside, in the small sunny amphitheatre next to the rushing canal. If you can’t face the day without at least one dose of serious, smooth caffeine; then Café Frank will delight – there’s a full coffee menu, but also a surprisingly beautiful range of teas.

Select your main item, add any number of salads, pay at the counter, and by the time you choose a seat, your food is served - Slow Food, Fast! Other options from the kitchen change daily , and one day you might tuck into a Ras-el-hanout spiced chicken salad with chickpeas, nectarines and herbs, and seared salmon with a dill dressing. The shop is licenced, and Debbie, Café Frank’s founder and proprietor has an enthusiasm for wine which shows through in her hand-picked selection. She trained at the Cordon Bleu school in London and cooked on superyachts for years. Both of the Café Frank shops are well positioned on highly visible street corners in urban areas. The Urban Square in Century City is the first of its kind in the area and is a welcoming, lush, open space with canals, an amphitheatre, restaurants and plenty of public seating areas. The shop is open seven days a week. For more information visit

SA’s First Blind Museum/Coffee Shop Opens in Worcester Kaleidoscope has officially opened SA’s first blind museum/ coffee shop, called the Blindiana Barista, in Worcester.

Matheatau, SA’s first blind barista, who has been working at the museum since 2014,” Botha explains.

According to Freddie Botha, executive head at Kaleidoscope, a non-profit organisation (previously known as The Institute for the Blind) that has been catering for the all-inclusive needs of the blind since 1881, the project started two years ago.

“It is part of our strategic plan to train some of our persons with low vision and intellectual disabilities to do waitressing,” he explains.

Botha says that patrons visiting the new restaurant/museum, will be served by visually impaired waiters, and that some of the chefs preparing the food at the gnocchi bar are also blind, or partially sighted. Visitors will get the opportunity to taste Kaleidoscope’s new Blindiana custom roast coffee blend, a Kaleidoscope & Beans for Africa Roasters initiative, which was created from Central and South American coffees, blended with African beans. “The coffee, which has a great aroma and lingering finish, is extra special in that it is blended, tasted, packed and distributed by the blind and prepared by blind baristas, including Joseph

“The shop will also display different products and furniture made by our people with visual impairments and will provide the opportunity for us to train our disabled as waiters, baristas, and in food manufacturing, as well as tour guides.” Proceeds from the shop will go towards further extension of services to persons with visual impairments at Kaleidoscope. “We are planning other initiatives to ensure they are trained in skills that enhance their employability,” Botha adds. The Blindiana custom roast blend and other merchandise including metal products, beds, talking watches, cane, wood and weaving products, all made by the blind, can be ordered online. For more information visit

Franschhoek Station Pub Hosting Their 1st Annual Station Pub Bierfest Franschhoek Station Pub is hosting its first annual STATION PUB BIERFEST on the weekend of 29-30 October. Leading craft beer providers, such as Cape Brewing Co., Berg River Brewery, Boston Breweries, Saggy Stone, Devil's Peak Brewing Company, Flare Beverages, Stickman Brews, Drifter Brewing Company, and Darling Brew will form part of the STATION PUB BIERFEST. Six live bands will entertain the crowd during the festivities. The line-up for Saturday will include Ozone, Bootleggers, and The Professors, while Ivan van der Merwe, The Good Life, Newton and Co. will perform on Sunday. Smokey Deli and Bavarian Pretzel are some of the food vendors that will provide many food bites to enjoy! Kids will have their own outdoor play area. “We look forward to sharing this FUN BierFest with you all - see you then!”






Hottest Lifestyle Destination - Shimmy Beach Club Cape Town’s hottest lifestyle destination, Shimmy Beach Club, is thrilled to announce a new resident DJ for Friday nights throughout the 2016 summer season. Multi-award winning DJ and Producer, Black Coffee, will be hitting the decks live at Shimmy Beach Club, starting on Friday, 9 December 2016. Voted as Cape Town’s hottest Club by Zomato, Shimmy Beach Club is headed by Group CEO Nicky van der Walt. This premier party venue balances the style of international party life and the laidback atmosphere of Cape Town, making it a stylish venue to rival Ibiza’s beach club scenes. Arguably the most prominent house music producer in Africa, Durban born Nkosinathi Maphumulo known as Black Coffee, has released five albums under his record label, Soulistic Music. He was awarded a BET award for Best International Act: In Africa this year.



WANTS TO SAVE AFRICAN RHINO Ten year old entrepreneur from Cape Town, Jenna Bischoff has decided to add her “light weight” to help the fight to save our African Rhinos from extinction.

In 2007 he became a household name in the SA DJ scene. He recently won 4 awards at the SA Music Awards (SAMA) including Album of the Year, Best Dance Album, Best Engineered Album and the International Achievement Award. The global superstar believes that the use of live instruments in a song is very important, as it brings the track to life. His fifth album, “Pieces Of Me” and the debut single “We Dance Again” (featuring vocalist Nakhane Toure) triumphantly hit the number 1 spot on iTunes and the album went on to reach double platinum status within 3 months of release. Black Coffee will make his first appearance as a Shimmy Beach Club resident on Friday, 9 December 2016, and will be joined by a fresh line-up of local DJ’s.

The search is on for the Face of MUD 2017! MUD (Make-Up Designory) is an internationally renowned professional make-up brand that began in The United States of America.

The group has 2 MUD Studios and 10 MUD showrooms and distributors operating in the country with numerous large beauty salons and individual professional outlets stocking the range and offering quality makeup services with MUD Products.

She collaborated with her father, a manufacturer of toiletries and cosmetics, to produce a liquid soap and hand lotion, called Jenna B from which 100% of the profit made will be donated to the organisation of her choice, Unite Against Poaching, to help fund their anti-poaching efforts. “Unite Against Poaching is delighted to endorse the Jenna B range of products in support of saving our precious rhinos from the ravages of poaching. We commend this initiative by a concerned young lady.” “Our youth are taking a stand to secure our rhinos for future generations and we wish Jenna great success with this exciting project.” “Thank you for caring and for making a difference.” said Linda Joyce, Marketing Officer at UAP.

THE MUD MAVEN Competition launched during September, where the group hopes to have hundreds of entries from across the country. The Top 20 will then be carefully selected and announced on 18 November 2016. These contestants will participate in interviews, a photoshoot and week bootcamp where the group will select one fine lady to be the MUD Maven and face of MUD South Africa in 2017 by Saturday, 3 December 2016. This 17 year old brand has proudly monopolised the professional make-up industry with its world class training facilities and high performance products and is making waves around South Africa. From September to December 2016 MUD will be running a MUD MAVEN Competition where the group is in search of the Face of MUD for 2017. The group of professional makeup artists, professional outlets and salons that stock the product has significantly increased and the demand for MUD is higher than ever before in the 4 years of its launch in the country.

The MUD Maven will be involved in many exciting activities in 2017 with the brand nationally. She will attend store openings, launches, dual promotions, fashion shows, TV and movie premiers the brand is potentially involved in. She will provide step by step guides to the latest makeup looks, and generally promote the brand via social media and the local bloggers and press. For more information visit

Saddened by the fact that poachers are killing the African Rhino, Jenna said, “I am concerned about what would happen to the Big Five if rhinos no longer exist. It is cruel what they are doing to these animals and I want my money to help the game rangers to stop the poaching.” “Tourists are not going to want to visit South Africa if they cannot see the beautiful African Rhino.” Intimately involved in the process, the product carries Jenna’s stamp throughout. It does not only carry her initials, but also her design in the form of a detailed picture that she drew of a rhino and used for the label.

She also picked out the packaging and sniffed her way through a host of perfume samples, before deciding on a Rooibos fragrance as her favourite. Her compassion for people and animals has stimulated conversation around the possibility of expanding the range, in order to make room for a variety of products and organizations that consumers can choose from and support. For more information visit





Visit us: Spier Wine Farm @spierwinefarm #spiermemories t: 021 809 1100





Spier Arts Wine collection pays homage to four era-defining South African artists.

Our hotel and conference venue have been freshened up in time for summer.

From Malay feasts to African drumming, make your festive season a memorable one at Spier.

THE HEART OF OUR FARM With a rich history of more than 300 years, the Spier Werf is one of the oldest farmyards in the country. It’s also the heart of our farm. Here is what that means to us.

Decima Pieterse - Chef, Eight to Go

Mariota Enthoven - Spier family owner “A new chapter in the story of this historic space has begun. We recently restored the Werf with great love and meticulous care. Today, it’s once more a hub of creativity and growth. The artisanal experiences we offer visitors here will evolve as we reconnect with our roots, inspired by how things were done in the past – but in a way that is relevant to contemporary life. Whatever we do here, we want it to be underscored by integrity and love – and accessible to all.”

“It’s beautiful at the best of times – but once our wedding expert Hannes is done decorating it – well, it becomes simply magical. I love the ginormous oak tree near the rocks the most: it looks so old and knowledgeable – like it’s seen lots of history and people. Who knows what it may tell you when you sit down beneath it with one of our picnics!”

“The Werf was a communal space on farms where animals congregated and the inhabitants grew food. We continue this tradition in our food garden, supplying Spier’s restaurants with more than 75 different species of herbs, fruit trees and vegetables that we grow without using pesticides or artificial fertiliser. With each person who passes through the garden’s walls we hope to plant a seed – inspiring them to grow their own food at home, and helping out with any questions they may have about doing so.” Eight to Go: Pick up the picnic you booked online (at, or stock up on delicious deli treats and seasonal jams and preserves to take home.

Vernon Myburgh - Maintenance supervisor “For me, the Werf is the centre of everything for Spier. It is a beautiful space where people can enjoy the fresh air. It really comes alive when we host markets here – they’re a wonderful opportunity for families to spend quality time together.” PJ Vadas - Chef, Hoghouse BBQ & Bakery “Back in the day, the Werf was where people used to be busy making and baking. 300 years later, it is again. Our team is up at the crack of dawn kneading the dough that is transformed by our wood-fired oven into flaky, fresh croissants and preparing the meat that we roast for 18 long hours in our smoker. We believe in doing things properly. Slowly. Just like the old days. Come enjoy the fruit of our labours —with a glass of wine on our terrace, while the little ones run riot. We’ve got a few regulars that come with their children — and every time those rascals make a beeline for the Werf’s granite boulders where they spend most of lunch clambering. Now that’s what I call good old-fashioned fun.”

John Turner - Farmer

Chef Tiaan Studio: Join Chef Tiaan for cooking demonstrations and classes: a fun activity for team-building, and the perfect gift for foodie friends and family. Hoghouse BBQ & Bakery: In addition to the bread and pastries it’s renowned for, Hoghouse now serves up Afro-Texan barbequed meats. The Food Garden: Our gardeners don’t only supply our restaurants with fresh fruit and veg – they’re also happy to advise visitors on how to grow their own food at home. Spier Werf Market: Our market is back for summer! Stock up on gifts and enjoy tasty treats and wine. Check the festive calendar on page 7 for dates.

Wiseman Wanana - Guest relations ambassador

Gables audio tour: Download VoiceMap onto your smartphone, and set off from the Tasting Room on a tour of the historic buildings overlooking the Werf.

“The old, historical buildings surrounding the Werf reminds me of the estate’s rich heritage.”

/ PA G E 1



Collect your wine orders here.

Spier’s Old Wine Cellar is South Africa’s oldest dated cellar building (1767).

Get up close and personal with birds of prey at this raptor rehabilitation centre, and find out how these magnificent animals keep the Spier farm healthy and balanced.


CRAFT MARKET From fridge magnets to masterpieces, the Spier Craft Market, right next to our Tasting Room, offers a wide range of art and crafts, made using a diverse range of materials, including mosaic, beads, textiles and ceramics.

EIGHT Tuck into a delicious hearty lunch or evening tapas – all made lovingly with fresh ingredients sourced from the Spier farm or nearby suppliers who share our passion for ethical farming.

SEGWAY TOURS Departing from outside the Tasting Room, Segway PT (Personal Transporter) tours offer a beautiful glide through the farm to the vineyards with some interesting facts about Spier’s farming practices and wastewater treatment plant on the way.

WINE TASTING Overlooking the Spier dam, our Tasting Room pairs award-winning wine with delicious snacks. Relax in the airy lounge area, or take your glass outside onto the patio which has stunning views of the Helderberg mountains. PA G E 2 /


Our conference facilities include an auditorium that seats 430 people and three breakaway rooms, which can be used separately, or combined, to seat 250 people. Conference rooms are adjacent to the Eerste River and have views of the Helderberg mountains.

AMPHITHEATRE Spier has an open air venue hosting artistic and corporate events with a capacity of 1100 people.

THE SPIER HOTEL THE WERF Spier’s historic farmyard – the Werf – has been meticulously restored. Wander through the food garden or relax on the lawn under ancient oak trees. The Werf is surrounded by beautiful Cape Dutch buildings: the Jonkershuis is home to Hoghouse BBQ & Bakery; Chef Tiaan Studio is housed in the Old Cow Shed. The Spier Werf Market runs here during the summer months.

MANOR HOUSE The 1822 historic Manor House has recently gone through an extensive restoration and three different meeting rooms are available. The building features artworks from the Spier Collection – one of the largest collections of contemporary South African art in the country.

The rooms in our 4-star hotel are situated in village- style buildings grouped around six private courtyards. Enjoy a glass of wine on the terrace with bar snacks, or a meal made lovingly with farm-fresh ingredients at the Spier Hotel restaurant. Have a pampering facial or stress-relieving massage at the Spier Spa, before browsing the selection of locally made clothing, homeware and body products at the Spier Shop adjoining the foyer.

THE DYING SLAVE When seen from a specific vantage point, the nine columns making up this large mosaic work line up revealing the complete image of The Dying Slave. Designed by Marco Cianfanelli, the image was inspired by Michelangelo’s well-known artwork featuring a male slave in the ecstatic throes of dying.

WINE THE SPIER ARTS WINE COLLECTION CELEBRATES ERA-DEFINING SOUTH AFRICAN ARTISTS The Spier Arts collection, a range of eight wines celebrating the era-defining work of four South African artists of our time, is now exclusively available from the wine shop at Spier wine farm.

Developed to commemorate the 150th birthday of Spier’s largest Danish customer, COOP, the wines showcase the work of Sam Nhlengethwa, Mohau Modisakeng, Alex Emsley and Michael Taylor.

“At Spier, we believe in the potential of art to transform society, and we invest significantly in South African artists and arts initiatives,” Frans Smit, Spier’s cellar master, says . “Spier is proud of these artists and what they’ve achieved and want to celebrate their work and success.”



Mohau Modisakeng’s work responds to the history of the black body within the South African context. Born in Soweto in 1986, his films, sculptures and photographs critically engage with the legacy of injustice and violence in the pre- and post-apartheid era.

Alex Emsley, a Cape Town -based artist, explores the classic tradition of still life painting and portraiture, approaching these timeless genres with a contemporary eye. In his still life works, arrangements of the objects he paints are executed in meticulous detail.

• The Mission Sauvignon Blanc / Semillon 2015 • Untitled Cabernet Sauvignon / Merlot / Cabernet Franc / Malbec / Petit Verdot 2013

• Casablanca Chenin Blanc / Viognier 2015 • Winter of Discontent Pinotage / Malbec 2015



Michael Taylor explores narrative art and describes his approach as “ironic, illustrative and self-reflexive”. His works are often disarming and enchanting interpretations of simply being human.

Sam Nhlengethwa, a leading resistance artist during the struggle against apartheid, is intrigued by people and their spaces. By recreating the works of his role models then placing them in an imagined interior, he provides a new context for these iconic artists and their “mental space”.

• Mister Breezy Chardonnay / Chenin Blanc / Colombard 2016 • Early Bird Shiraz / Cinsaut / Carignan / Grenache 2015

• Tribute to Helen Sebidi Sauvignon Blanc / Semillon 2015 • Tribute to Henri Matisse Merlot / Cabernet Sauvignon / Cabernet Franc/ Shiraz 2012

/ PA G E 3



Just in time for summer, renovations to Spier Hotel’s rooms have been completed, providing an even greater level of farm-style comfort. “We wanted to achieve a significant enhancement to our guests’ comfort – but in a way that honoured Spier’s commitment to sustainability,” says interior decorator Barbara McGregor. “This involved reusing as many items as we could, and using local workshops rather than importing. We also used natural materials wherever possible.”

BRIGHT AND BOTANICAL The rooms received a fresh lick of paint, with each having one of three colour themes: chartreuse green, denim blue and rosy red. The hotel’s five suites, however, were each individually decorated to ensure a unique character. “Cotton throws dyed with vegetable dyes were added for colour at the end of each of the beds which all have lovely new white linen,” McGregor adds. “We also explored our floral theme with cotton scatter cushions featuring flower designs, including proteas.”

SUPPORTING LOCAL INDUSTRY Tall fabric headboards made and upholstered at Johanna’s Curtains (a small workshop in Observatory) were added for comfort. Swains Soft Furnishings in Woodstock made the new curtains using a linen

PA G E 4 /

cotton blend of fabric. New chairs were made or old ones reupholstered at the nearby Dexter Furniture, while existing furniture that could be reused was resized and refurbished by a team of mostly women at The Furniture Repair Centre in Claremont.

ART AND ANTIQUES Each room also now has a stylish new desk mirror and round table made by the renowned Allan Lutge ( using reclaimed antique yellowwood. Artwork from the Spier Collection – one of the largest collections of contemporary South African art in the country – were hung on the walls. These include pieces by Mandla Vanyaza and Cathy Layzell. Other changes include new showers and marble vanity tops in the bathrooms, new TVs (with an even wider range of channels) and energy-efficient minibar fridges.

MEETING AND GREETING The Hotel Reception now welcomes guests with a completely fresh look! Light-filled and airier, the space’s extensive renovations include a new parquet floor and higher ceilings supported by poplar beams. To minimise waste, existing furniture received a vibrant lease of life with fresh upholstery. Our farm heritage is celebrated with elements such as the vintage shop counter now serving as the reception desk. Art is in the limelight too with the installation of striking new pieces from the Spier Art Collection. Spier’s conference venue has also recently been refurbished with the installation of new sliding doors, sound-proof double doors, water-saving taps and various other upgrades to enhance the Spier conference experience. Come and experience the difference! Book your Spier Hotel stay. Call 021 809 1100 or email

SECRET THE SECRET’S OUT! On Sunday 6 November, the Spier Secret Festival moves to Johannesburg for its 2016 edition after four years of being hosted at Spier. The food and wine event – a day of workshops, talks, eating and drinking – focuses on ethical production, sustainable practices and trends. We chat to speaker Sietske Klooster, founder of de MelkSalon (The MilkSalon) on which she has been working full time since 2012. De MelkSalon is aimed at co-creating a novel dairy culture, where diversity and differentiation between farmers’ milks is the key value. What drew you to working with the dairy industry? In the Netherlands dairy lies at the basis of our culture: dairy has literally formed our cultural landscape and eating culture. Our wet lowlands produced vegetation we cannot live from. Cows could turn this into nutritious meat and milk. Being trade-oriented folk, we have expanded this production into a mass export product. Unfortunately, this expanded to such scale that it now happens at the cost of our cultural landscape. With the design project De MelkSalon I’m trying to revalue milk and dairy, shifting from quantitive growth towards qualitative cultural refinement. I’m working towards a valuable diversity in terroir of our milk and dairy so that they move into the future heritage of cultural landscape. My vision is that the Dutch should start to export knowledge and innovations on terroir dairy production, instead of exporting bulky white mainstream milk. Describe your food heritage.



I grew up in Limburg in the south of the Netherlands. It is almost literally in an appendix of our country “hanging” in between Germany and Belgium. It has a rich food cultural heritage, fusing German, Belgian and French taste for food, with the more Calvinistic Dutch food culture. Bread with cheese, for example, is sweetened with a bit of apple syrup. This is perceived as exotic by those living in the north of Holland, who keep to just bread and cheese. A food philosophy we should take to heart? Our cultural landscape reflects our eating culture. Cultural landscape and eating culture are interdependent values. Let’s savour the food that travels trough your body and the landscape around your body: the space where your food is harvested from.

Stay updated Follow #spiersecret on Twitter and Instagram for updates on Spier Secret speakers, or visit Tickets are available from


1. In 2014, Marcelo Conceição and SulSolSal served up a preserved food dining experience, Carne do Sol. 2. In 2015 Hoghouse Bakery & BBQ’s chef PJ Vadas cooked up a nose-to-tail lunch. 3. In 2013 eating-designer Marije Vogelzang shared her food philosophy. Inspired by the origin of food, the preparation, etiquette, history and the culture of food, Marije baked root vegetables in clay for our main dinner.

/ PA G E 5


FUN ON THE FARM NINE WAYS TO BEAT BOREDOM THIS SUMMER From exploring the farm by bike and Segway to sampling grape juice and chilling with bunnies, there are loads of things to keep the kids entertained and out of mischief at Spier.


5. TUCK INTO A PICNIC. We’ve got specially made picnics for kids (R140 per child), which includes favourites such as cheese and tomato on homemade rolls, yoghurt and root crisps. Order them at


While parents get up to more grown up activities (lunch or wine tasting, anyone?), our little hotel guests can spend time at the Kids’ Clubhouse which has a programme packed full of fun activities – including arts and crafts, stories, baking and farm walks. Visit for more details.

6. GO FOR A RIDE. Hop on a hardy yellow Qhubeka bike (available for free from outside the Spier Hotel reception) and head out to explore the farm. See if you can spot the Egg Mobiles (where our free-roaming chickens live), our cattle, or a quill left behind from our resident family of porcupines.

2. GLIDE AROUND THE FARM. Kids over 10 can explore the farm on one of our Segway PT tours, which take you past vineyards and pastures, our River Walk and more. Call 021 809 1157 or visit to book.

7. MEET BIRDS AND BUNNIES. Kids can get up close and personal with majestic raptors at Eagle Encounters, our bird of prey rehabilitation centre, where they can also become acquainted with goats and rabbits. Call 021 858 1826 or visit for more info.



Our farm-to-table restaurant Eight serves up a special children’s menu made with natural ingredients from our farm and nearby suppliers. The pastured-reared meat is hormone- and antibiotic-free and our veggies have been grown without pesticides or chemical fertilisers. Afterwards, the kids can play on the rolling lawns, giant swing, jungle gym – and best of all – our secret bamboo “forest”. Call 021 809 1188 or email to book a table.

4. HAVE A LUCKY TASTING. When Mom and Dad are sampling Spier’s acclaimed vintages at the Tasting Room, the kids get to have their very own grape juice tasting (R40) along with a lucky packet that contains wine gums, a 16-page puzzle book, stickers, a bag and a crayon.

PA G E 6 /

8. EXPLORE THE WERF. Clamber over boulders and up the trees on our historic farmyard. Then head to its Food Garden, where herbs, fruit and veggies are grown for our restaurants.

9. LISTEN AND LEARN. Download the VoiceMap app and listen to our two audio tours on your smart phone. Walk the farm, which starts at the Hotel entrance, is an hour-long tour that will introduce you to the farm’s many facets: from art and wines to hospitality and heritage. The historic Gables tour, which begins at the Tasting Room, takes you on a fictional journey inspired by 19th century Cape farm life.


















































the Hotel Kids Clubhouse Calendar

your Segway tour, spa treatment, picnic basket

your outdoor movie night tickets

S S SP SU PR U M R //M II M M N E N E G R G 2 0 1R6 2 0 1 6 your cellar for the festive season

Click on the calendar date to be directed to the event link on our website



BEAT A S & BBQ AT 7 pm F R IDAY 3 0 th S EP TEMB ER 20 1 6 7 pm F R IDAY 2 8 th OCTOB ER 2 0 1 6 7 pm F R IDAY 2 5 th N OV EMB ER 2 0 16




Pomegranate & lime sorbet cupped in a fresh strawberry.

Franschoek smoked trout canneloni and creamy trout paté, with hints of fresh lemon & fine herbs.

Rhone-style blend infused chicken liver paté inside a thyme dusted almond macaron.

Lightly smoked cherry filled bitter chocolate with a pistachio nut crust.

/ PA G E 7

1 Eagle Encounters

2 Craft Market



8 Eight Restaurant

Manor House


Eight to Go

3 6

12 Hoghouse Bakery & Café

Segway Tours

4 Chef Tiaan Studio

he W Werf Market


On the last Saturday of every month, this market showcases


Eight is a farm-to-table eating experience in a beautiful setting next to the Eerste River. Like its name, the restaurant is an expression of balance, cycles, harmony, infinity and abundance. The produce used at Eight is either grown on the farm or sourced from nearby farmers. Natural and organic ingredients are preferred and combined to create nourishing, healthy, and delicious food.


Next door to Spier’s acclaimed farm-to-table restaurant, Eight to Go offers ready-to-eat food, lovingly prepared according to the same principles as Eight. Local, natural and organic produce is used wherever possible, and food grown on the Spier farm is preferred. Wholesome picnics and sandwiches are available to be enjoyed with a bottle of award-winning Spier wine on the lawns of the farm.


Join Chef Tiaan for cooking demonstrations and classes.


Wine Collection Point


Wine Tasting

At Eagle Encounters raptor rehabilitation centre, get up close and personal with birds of prey, and find out how these magnificent animals keep the Spier farm healthy and balanced.

2. CRAFT MARKET From fridge magnets to masterpieces, the Spier Craft Market, right next to our Tasting Room, offers a wide range of art and crafts, made with a diverse range of materials, including mosaic, beads, textiles and ceramics.

3. SEGWAY TOURS The Segway PT (Personal Transporter) is a two-wheeled, self-balancing electric vehicle. The tour is a beautiful glide through the farm to the vineyards with some interesting facts about Spier’s farming practices and wastewater treatment plant on the way.

4. WINE TASTING Our Tasting Room on the banks of the Spier dam pairs our award-winning wine with delicious snacks. Relax in the airy lounge area, or take your glass outside onto the patio which has stunning views of the Helderberg mountains.


Old Wine Cellar

13 14 Conference Centre

15 Amphitheatre

sustainable practices. There are locally grown fresh fruit and heirloom vegetables for sale. The market’s 50 traders also offer plenty of ways to incorporate sustainability at home – think beehives, worm tea and seeds.

10. THE WERF Spier’s historic farmyard – the Werf – has been meticulously restored. Visitors can wander through the food garden or relax on the lawn under ancient oak trees. The Werf is surrounded by beautiful Cape Dutch buildings which now host pop-up exhibitions and events.

11. MANOR HOUSE The 1822 historic Manor House has recently gone through an extensive restoration and three different meeting rooms are available. The building features artworks from the Spier Collection - one of the largest collections of contemporary South African art in the country.

12. THE HOGHOUSE BBQ & BAKERY Acclaimed chef PJ Vadas over tasty light meals and baked goodies fresh from the wood- red oven.



Wastewater Treatment Plant


17 Spier Spa


Spier Hot

Spier Hotel Restaurant & Wine Bar

Spier Shop


Spier’s Old Wine Cellar is South Africa’s oldest dated cellar building (1767).


Conferencing includes an auditorium that seats 430 people and three breakaway rooms, which can be used separately, or combined, to seat 250 people. Conference rooms are adjacent to the Eerste River and have views of the Helderberg mountains.


Spier has an open air venue hosting artistic and corporate events with a capacity of 1100 people.


In 2007, Spier installed a pioneering centralised wastewater treatment plant which is the embodiment of our approach to waste management. It recycles 100% of our wastewater, treats it using only environmentally friendly methodology and the clean water is then used to irrigate the garden and grounds.


Our newly revamped spa offers an indulgent array of massages and facials that will ensure you leave rejuvenated and relieved of stress.


Become a member of the Spier Wine Club and

enjoy a fantastic range of benefits – including

discounts on our wine, hotel and farm to table

exclusive access to special events.

restaurant, Eight. Membership also gives you

or at Wine Tasting.

Sign up by visiting


Enjoy a glass of wine or a cocktail on the terrace with bar snacks, or breakfast, lunch or dinner at the Spier Hotel restaurant. Both the restaurant and wine bar strive to source the freshest available produce for the menus from a range of local suppliers and our farm.


A carefully curated selection of products both for the home and for the body is available in the shop adjoining Spier Hotel’s reception and at the Tasting Venue, allowing you to take home a piece of the Spier farm life.


The 4-star Spier Hotel is next to the calming waters of the Eerste River. The rooms are situated in village-style buildings grouped around six private courtyards, each with its own swimming pool in a design reminiscent of the Bo-Kaap or Mediterranean villages where pedestrians have right of way.

ART - The spaces of the Spier Hotel and conferencing rooms are adorned with art from the Spier Collection - one of the most extensive collections of contemporary South African art in the country. Spier believes that the visual arts can provide both guests and staff with new insights, and challenge us to take a fresh look at our world and environment.

WALKS AND TRAILS - Stroll around our peaceful water -wise gardens or visit the River Walk on the Eerste River’s south bank, which showcases our national flower. Download the VoiceMap app and listen to our two audio tours on your phone: Walk the Farm (which starts at the Hotel entrance) and the historic Gables tour (which begins at the Tasting Room). 5km and 10km running route maps are available from the Spier Hotel reception.




HOW TO GET RESIDENCY IN THE EU? During September Jenny Ellinas, Managing Director & Founder of Cypriot Realty presented a Cyprus Property Seminar in Cape Town with special guests from Cyprus - George Leptos, Executive Director of the Leptos Group and Vice President of the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce; and Andros Kourounas, Overseas Business Development Director of Leptos Estates. The purpose of the seminar was to provide prospective buyers with the best EU Permanent Residency and Citizenship programmes available as well as why CYPRUS is a solid & secure investment in the EU. Many South Africans want to diversify and invest in offshore property; but with many countries offering seemingly attractive residency benefits to South Africans, the choice of where to invest can be daunting. Cyprus – an ex-British colony and NOT part of Greece – represents an excellent investment & relocation destination and the property prices are affordable. The choice of where to buy is very personal and the type of property depends on your lifestyle requirements, budget and long term plans. With an impressive portfolio of over 325 completed projects on offer, every style and location of property is available from seafront and hillside villas to beachfront apartments and townhouse complexes. The Cyprus government enhanced their residency programme to qualify the entire family for permanent residency status on the purchase of a single residential property – making this THE BEST residency programme in the EU! For more information contact Jenny Ellinas on +27 83 448 8734 email or visit

Photo L - R: Jenny Ellinas, Mr & Mrs Leptos

PLAN YOUR NEXT VACATION WITH IMAGINE HOLIDAYS! After the success of its first store in Willowbridge, Tyger Valley, Imagine Holidays is excited to announce its second store in Somerset West, The Sanctuary which will open on the 20th October 2016. The rapidly-growing travel company is going from strength to strength as it asserts its position in the travel retail market. Its flagship store is an inspirational retreat for everyone looking to book their next holiday, whether that’s a relaxing cruise around the Mediterranean or an all-inclusive holiday package to destinations like Mauritius and Dubai. Imagine’s holiday and cruise experts can design you the perfect holiday with exclusive offers and special extras, like free hotel stays in cities like Venice and Singapore and drinks packages to ensure you’re always refreshed.

The Sanctuary is a brand-new development on the corner of the R44 and De Beers Avenue, meaning it’s ideally located for shopping. With extended opening hours into the evening you could even head down after work to book your next holiday – there are plenty of restaurants on site to treat yourself afterwards.


H in TS clu & T de AX d ES

Book a cruise with Imagine and you could find yourself with a free balcony upgrade or book a holiday and enjoy an upgrade to all-inclusive. With multi-centre breaks at fantastic prices you’ll be able to visit destinations like France and Italy in one trip, offering excellent value for money.

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to The Sanctuary, Somerset West!

North American Explorer

Delights of Italy & Greece



Cruise Itinerary Venice, Bari, Corfu, Santorini, Athens (Piraeus), Dubrovnik, Venice





Explore the magnificent cities of the United States of America: with overnight stays in centrally-located hotels and included flights, all you need to worry about is the sights you’ll get to see!

Discover the Mediterranean on a nine-night holiday around Italy and Greece.

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Fly to Venice and enjoy two nights in a hotel, where you’ll be perfectly placed to explore the sights of Italy’s most romantic city. After your stay you’ll embark Costa Deliziosa for your cruise around the Mediterranean. Your first port of call will see you sailing south to Bari, the capital of sun-scorched Puglia. You’ll then head to Greece, visiting the ports of lush and leafy Corfu, barren and beautiful Santorini and ancient and atmospheric Athens, where you can visit the monumental Acropolis. After a stop in Dubrovnik to explore the redroofed city, one of Croatia’s greatest treasures, you’ll sail back to Venice where you’ll disembark for your flight home.

What’s included:



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Shop G45, Willowbridge Mall, 39 Carl Cronje Road, Tyger Valley

STORE OPENING HOURS: Mon to Sat: 9AM - 6PM Sun: 9AM - 5PM

Call us on:

021 915 6900





IS THEIR An alternative to Oncology Treatment? CANCER touched our lives, directly or indirectly. This article aims to help people make better informed choices when faced with this condition. This article is just a sample from just a few of those whose voices are constantly being shouted down by conventional Oncology treatment. Dr Tim O’Shea (‘The Doctor Within’) “A German epidemiologist from the Heidelberg/Mannheim Tumour Clinic, Dr. Ulrich Abel has done a comprehensive review and analysis of every major study and clinical trial of chemotherapy ever done. His conclusions should be read by anyone who is about to embark on the Chemo Express. To make sure he had reviewed everything ever published on chemotherapy, Abel sent letters to over 350 medical centres around the world asking them to send him anything they had published on the subject. Abel researched thousands of articles: it is unlikely that anyone in the world knows more about chemotherapy than he. The analysis took him several years, but the results are astounding: Abel found that the overall worldwide success rate of chemotherapy was “appalling” because there was simply no scientific evidence available anywhere that chemotherapy can “extend in any appreciable way the lives of patients suffering from the most common organic cancers.”

Dr Ralph Moss, author of ‘The Cancer Industry’ “…there is no proof that chemotherapy actually extends life in the vast majority of cases…the great lie about chemotherapy, that somehow there is a correlation between shrinking a tumour and extending the life of a patient.” Allen Levin, MD University of California, San Francisco Medical Center: ‘The Healing of Cancer’ “Most cancer patients …die of chemotherapy. Chemotherapy does not eliminate breast, colon, or lung cancers. This fact has been documented for over a decade, yet doctors still use chemotherapy for these tumours.” Phillip Day, author of ‘Cancer: Why We’re Still Dying to Know the Truth’ “Many people just gulp, enter the cancer tunnel and hope they come out the other end.” We encourage you to do your own research before making any life-changing decision about your condition. QUESTION: Are there any “alternative” therapies that cure cancer? ANSWER: Yes, Among the many, Frequency (Bio-resonance) Therapy is the frontrunner here. Harmless and non-invasive, it has a proven track record worldwide as THE number 1 Therapy for detecting and curing cancer. Frequency Therapy targets and kills cancer cells, including the microbes in the organs and bloodstream. Early detection is the secret. Numerous patients of SoundWaves Health Clinic are living proof of the success of their Non Linear Diagnostic System, in detecting and treating tumours and cancer.

Abel emphasizes that chemotherapy rarely can improve the quality of life. He describes chemotherapy as “a scientific wasteland” and states that at least 80 percent of chemotherapy administered throughout the world is worthless and ...there is no scientific evidence that it works! - Lancet 10 Aug 91.”

For more information contact Frequenciologist Charl de Villiers at 0832679745 or visit

October is Mental Health

New Psychiatric Unit

Awareness Month

First of Its Kind In Cape Winelands

Photo: Shark & Elephant - Photo Credit: Cathy Williams

Mental Health Awareness Month is celebrated annually in October, and this year Cape Mental Health (CMH), will be raising awareness around ‘Dignity in Mental Health’.

Article by: Annemarie de Villiers

The Cape Winelands District is now home to a fully functional Psychiatric Unit, which is the first of its kind for the region. The newly constructed unit, located at Paarl Hospital, was officially inaugurated by the Western Cape Minister of Health, Dr Nomafrench Mbombo. Valued at approximately R35 million, the modern Psychiatric Unit boasts 30 beds, 17 male and 13 female, with an Outpatient Department, four consulting rooms, 3 seclusion rooms and a number of service areas. “The Unit also makes provision to care for mental health clients with infectious diseases, living and rehabilitation areas as well as recreational divisions such as courtyards and verandas.” “The Unit will also have a staff compliment of 36, including 3 Specialists, 2 Medical Officers and 26 Nursing staff,” highlights Dr Breslau Kruger, Chief Executive Officer at Paarl Hospital. According to Kruger, psychiatric services at Paarl Hospital continue to remain under pressure, particularly as a result of the high rate of substance abuse, acuity of patient illness and other social factors. “Approximately 50% of mentally ill patients have a substance abuse problem, with the top three substances including cannabis, tik or methamphetamine and alcohol.”

Dignity is our inherent value and worth as human beings; everyone is born with it. One in four persons in all communities worldwide has a mental health condition, and one in every four people has, at some point in their lives, experienced a loss of dignity because of their mental health condition. Cape Mental Health holds aloft its umbrella of care and advocacy to restore the dignity that lives within their service users and to address external factors that erode their dignity by offering comprehensive, proactive and enabling mental health services in the Western Cape. Although South Africa has legislation in place to ensure the protection of the rights of people with psychiatric and intellectual disabilities, it is our ongoing responsibility to ensure that this legislation is implemented so that all South Africans are treated with dignity and respect. BornToFly #BornToFly is the theme of the 22nd Cape Town International Kite Festival which will fill the sky with incredible kites on 29 - 30 October 2016 at Zandvlei Nature Reserve, Muizenberg. “We believe everyone is born with potential to fly beyond life’s circumstances,” says Ingrid Daniels, director of Cape Mental Health. “Our mission is to help people realise their potential and overcome mental health challenges they may encounter. Kites are one of the tools we use. Almost everyone feels lighter when they simply lift their heads and look up.” This is Africa’s biggest kite festival. Kiters from Canada, China, Germany, England, Netherlands, New Zealand, Singapore and all over South Africa are expected to attend. It is also South Africa’s biggest mental health awareness event, with 100% of the profit going to help provide vital mental health services to children and adults in Cape Town. The festival offers affordable, feel-good, family fun with free kite-making workshops daily, including specialist sessions with master kite-maker Ebrahim Sambo, showing how to create a traditional Cape Swaeltjie (Swallow) kite. For more information visit

Photo: Western Cape Minister of Health, Dr Nomafrench Mbombo

Individuals who abuse substances often have very high levels of co-occurring mental and physical health problems,” highlights Kruger. Charl Prinsloo, Head of Psychiatry at Paarl Hospital, says the new Psychiatric Unit will enable the psychiatric team to assist more patients, especially in the Outpatient Department. Mbombo acknowledged that the underlying success of the helping individuals with a mental illness is the community. “Over the past years, community involvement has emerged as a central focus within the public healthcare delivery system, especially as a fundamental medium of care for mental health clients.” “In order to make a valuable difference in the lives of mental health clients and reduce stigma associated with mental illness, we require the support from our communities,” concludes Mbombo.




CAPE LEOPARD FIRST TO EXPERIENCE NEW FNB W2W MTB ROUTES Recent images released by the Cape Leopard Trust (CLT) Boland Project reveal that the Cape Leopard continues to frequent both existing and new sections of the FNB Wines2Whales (W2W) Mountain Bike (MTB) routes.

Diego (Boland Male 27/BM27) has been photographed at Vergelegen and Paul Cluver. Scott (Boland Male 12/BM12) is an established, dominant male that holds a vast territory in the Kogelberg Biosphere.

“The FNB W2W MTB Events has been a supporter of the CLT Boland Project since 2011 when we first donated five digital camera traps to the project,” says Johan Kriegler, FNB W2W MTB Director. “The new steepest climb on Stage One at Vergelegen Wine Estate has recently been visited by both a Leopard and a Caracal. We are excited to see that these majestic felines are still enjoying the FNB W2W MTB routes.”

The FNB W2W camera traps act like ‘permanent fieldworkers’, recording animal movement day and night, rain or shine. Placing these cameras along the FNB W2W routes gives the Boland Project the opportunity to survey new locations within the study area.

Photo: Diego (Boland Male 27/BM27) Photographed at Paul Cluver Photo Credit: Cape Leopard Trust

“Camera traps on MTB routes are extremely useful,” says Jeannie Hayward of the CLT Boland Project. “Although leopards are adept at traversing rough terrain and dense vegetation, they do like 'the path of least resistance'”. “We are extremely grateful for the support received from FNB W2W. This year we have continued our research in the Boland area with specific focus on investigating and identifying threats to leopard survival.” Three leopards have recently been recorded frequenting the FNB W2W MTB Routes: Bacardi (Boland Male 26/BM26) has been photographed both at Lourensford Wine Estate and Vergelegen Wine Estate.

INCREASED SHARK ACTIVITY EXPECTED All beach and ocean users are reminded that the presence of great white sharks in in-shore areas increases at this time of the year.

About the Cape Leopard Leopards in the Cape inhabit the rugged slopes of the Cape Fold Mountains. In these mountain Fynbos habitats where prey species are few and far between, conditions dictating survival are tough. As a result, these top pedators are smaller and more sparsely distributed than their savanna cousins, and their territories are much larger. They are rarely spotted and camouflage easily against the backdrop of the fynbos landscapes, but occasionally show themselves to passing motorists or hikers to great excitement. The Cape Leopard Trust has two full-time researchers based in the Boland. Anita Wilkinson and Jeannie Hayward have been working in the area for the last six years monitoring the activities of these animals, and have discovered that a viable population of leopards exists in and around the Winelands. Remote field cameras activated by motion sensors provide an insight into the secret lives of these rare cats, as well as other wildlife that inhabit the area. It is a real privilege to have the iconic and charismatic big cat on our doorsteps, and by continuing its research projects The Cape Leopard Trust is there to make sure this doesn’t change. A collaboration between The Cape Leopard Trust and Jaguar Stellenbosch will be staging a number of exciting events in and around the Western Cape designed to engage public awareness about the close proximity of leopard habitat on the fringes of our urban spaces. The campaign kicks off with a leopard trail run in Paarl on Saturday, 22 October at Cascade Country Manor. Three trails of varying distances will traverse leopard territory and stunning orchard and vineyard landscapes. For more information visit


The City of Cape Town appeals to all beach and ocean users to be aware of the expected increase in in-shore shark activity over the spring and summer months. “Typically, shark sightings start in late August, and continue through to April, with most sightings being reported in mid-summer. We are also asking surfers to be especially vigilant in the areas between Sunrise and Macassar Beach as research has shown that the presence of sharks is extremely common at this time of year.” “Together with our partner, the Shark Spotters, we will do everything in our power to enhance the safety of beach goers and ocean users over this period. We also urge members of the public to play their part, to be proactive, and to act as their own “safety officers” first,” said the City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Energy, Environmental and Spatial Planning, Councillor Johan van der Merwe. The Shark Spotters Information Centre, which is situated at Muizenberg Surfer’s Corner, is open to members of the public from 08:00 to 18:00 seven days a week. The centre provides up-to-date information on sharks and marine ecology, basic first-aid, general public assistance and emergencies, storage of valuables, and lost property.

Photo L - R: Jurian van Sandten, Nina Moggee, Dan Fenton, Berenice Barker and Herman le Roux

During an International Rhino Day celebration on 22 September at Linton Park Estate near Wellington, a cheque of R 50 000 was handed to Dan Fenton of the Ngala Lodge at the Kruger National Park. Dan is a well-known champion of the ‘Rhinos Without Borders’ campaign. “Here at Linton Park we have a sensitive ecosystem which is commonly known as Renosterveld. This distinctive South African type of veld which is very much under threat, was the main reason for us looking at preservation on a wider scale.” “Consequently we decided to get involved with the preservation of the rhino which is very much part of South Africa’s unique cultural heritage,” explained Berenice Barker, Linton Park’s marketing and sales director. “It is unfortunate that the continued existence of the rhino on the African continent and in our country is in serious jeopardy. Linton Park makes this donation to contribute to the special cause for the preservation of the rhino.” “We want to show our support for the invaluable work that champions such as Dan Fenton and others do in this regard,” says Barker. Shark Spotters will also be present at the following beaches: St James/Kalk Bay, Fish Hoek, Caves, Kogel Bay, Noordhoek (The Hoek), Clovelly, Glencairn and Monwabisi. In addition, the Fish Hoek shark exclusion net will be in operation from October 2016 to April 2017. The net was deployed for the annual Fish Hoek Spring Splash on 4 September 2016. Members of the public are encouraged to report any sightings of white sharks to the Shark Spotters. For more information visit

Ms Barker also referred to the fact that it was a privilege for Linton Park to share in the fundraising drive by the local Hugo Rust Primary School on Wellington whose 600 pupils participated in a coin laying event also to raise funds for the ‘Rhinos Without Borders’ campaign. Game ranger Daniel Fenton from Ngala Private game reserve in the Kruger National Park completed his 922km walk from Phinda Private Nature Reserve in KwaZulu-Natal to Botswana’s Ramatlabama Border gate during May to raise awareness for his campaign “Hope for Horns” which was established to help ”Rhinos Without Boarders”.




City Parks Doing its Bit to Save Water Cape Town’s reduced water supply and the threat of even more stringent water restrictions has sent the City Parks Department back to the drawing board to rethink how they can conserve this scarce resource. Although all eyes are on mother nature for some much-needed rain, the Department is quite literally turning off the taps to save this valuable resource. In addition, water-wise trees were planted during September to celebrate Arbor Week. The City Parks Department has committed to conserving water and is implementing plans to become less dependent on potable (drinking) water. The Department has a tough time balancing the importance of sustaining the beauty of neighbourhoods and recreational places with the conservation of a scarce resource. Given the extent of the Department’s responsibility, it is going to be a huge challenge indeed. City Parks is tasked with the upkeep of the following green spaces: 3 526 community parks, 12 district parks, 1 996 hectares of road reserves and amenities, 10 biodiversity areas, 364 greenbelts, 40 cemeteries and a nursery. In the past, little or no thought was given to water conservation when soft landscaping projects were planned and undertaken. The selection of suitable plants was also not necessarily based on water-wise principles. This led to grass being the obvious choice for vast areas, with no thought given to an alternative means of surfacing. These vast tracts of grass require extensive watering, especially during the dry summer months, in order to maintain their greenness. But the very dry winter that we have experienced has led to water restrictions for the city and province. With even stricter water restrictions on the cards, the City Parks Department has had to rethink their water strategy. Water conservation can be more costly as it requires more management and is labour-intensive. The conservation of water is being addressed in the short- and long-term with each landscaping situation being assessed to ensure water savings. The City Parks amended water strategy is based, among others, on the following water-saving principles: The design of new developments must enhance water

conservation and alternative water resources must be investigated, such as local dams, rivers, streams, springs, grey water and treated effluent; Plant selection must be based on water-wise principles; Wherever possible, other water-retaining methods must be made use of, by adding compost and stable manure to sandy soil; Unplanted areas should be hardened with surfaces that would enhance the layout and not distract from or compromise it; Areas around shrubs and trees should be mulched to prevent evaporation; Grassed surfaces must be limited and species that are drought-resistant must be planted; and The replacement of existing plants with drought-resistant species will also be considered. The City Parks Department has also done an extensive education drive to raise awareness among its employees who are responsible for watering a municipal asset to raise further awareness of the current water restrictions. Staff responsible for watering should be armed with a basic knowledge of conserving water, water application, and the detection of water leaks.

A Tree-A-Thon Celebration Wraps Up Arbor Week in Stellensbosch Wildlands, a leading environmental non-profit organisation celebrated Arbor week with tree-a-thon events held nationwide with a planting goal of 100 000 trees. The Wildlands’ Stellenbosch project node, finished off the arbor week celebrations by planting 1000 trees with various local partners including, the Department of Environmental Affairs, the Stellenbosch Municipality, Spier, the Stellenbosch River Collaborative, as well as the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. “What makes the trees that were planted here - along the Eerste River, unique, is that they were grown and nurtured by Wildlands’ Tree-preneurs,” commented Wildlands’ Director of Marketing, Partnerships and Events, Louise Duys. “These are community members who grow indigenous trees which they then barter with Wildlands for livelihood support items such as health and wellness hampers, bicycles, water tanks and groceries.” Department of Environmental Affairs (Chief Director – National Resources Management Progammes) Christo Marais comments, “We cherish our partnership with Wildlands. Their spirit of innovation with original solutions that create livelihood and stimulate growth for our community.” Wildlands will continue with arbor month celebrations by planting additional trees at the over 2300 Wildlands’ schools in partnership with the Department of Education. For more information visit

Further Water Restrictions Likely For Cape Town As the rainy season draws to a close, dam levels remain low. As such, the City calls on residents to implement watersaving measures at home. Meanwhile, the City is continuing work to optimise Cape Town’s supply system and reduce wastage through leaks. The City of Cape Town is considering the implementation of more rigorous water restrictions and other water-saving and optimisation measures. This is due to the current low dam levels as well as the requirement for a 20% curtailment in water use imposed by the National Department of Water and Sanitation. Dam levels are currently almost 15% lower than for the same period last year, requiring them to manage their water resources in a careful and prudent manner. Should late winter rains be experienced, the City will review the situation. “‘During drought cycles such as the one being experienced, water restrictions and other water-saving and optimisation measures are necessary to ensure that water use does not exceed available water supply from the system of dams providing the city and the broader region with water. We have a collective responsibility to use water sparingly and ensure that the dams are not drawn down to very low levels over the coming summer period. While this may cause a certain amount of inconvenience and cost burden to our residents and businesses, it is important that we take a longer-term view and consider the possibility of the drought extending into the next winter rainfall period,” said the City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Utility Services, Alderman Ernest Sonnenberg. The City will continue to optimise abstraction of water from the various dams in consultation with the National Department and surrounding municipalities. This may entail periodic adjustment to the bulk water distribution system, which could lead to intermittent water clarity issues or changes in water taste for those with sensitive palates. Should Cape Town experience unusually hot and windy conditions during summer, this may promote algal growth in the dams, which could also give rise to an earthy taste and smell to the water. Activated carbon is utilised at the water treatment plants to remove most of the taste and smell. All water supplied will remain safe to drink. “We will also be lowering distribution system pressures where possible to reduce leakage from municipal and private water systems. This will mean that water may flow more slowly from taps and fittings. We thank residents for their understanding in this regard.” “It is likely that increased controls around designated times for watering gardens and similar will also be implemented. However, any further restrictions will be deliberated by Council before this occurs. Residents should watch this space for more information in this regard,” said Alderman Sonnenberg.




Is Social Media a Help Or Hindrance To Crime Prevention? The proliferation of social media platforms must be seen as an advantage when it comes to crime prevention, says District Manager (Cape Town North) for ADT Security, Verena Hulme. Their value, however, rests with the members of the group and the quality of information shared. “We’re living in an age in which ordinary citizens are invited to be active participants in the fight against crime. Knowledge is power when it comes to crime prevention and successes hinge on the sharing of intelligence, so harnessing the power of social media is imperative. These platforms are, however, not without their challenges. The most common being the posting of unverified information which spread like wildfire and often create unwarranted panic. Another challenge is that these groups can easily turn into general chat forums, which is a hindrance to the purpose of the group,” Hulme adds. Not only do members become annoyed by a constant flow of irrelevant chatter, many actually leave the group as a result of this. There is also the potential for those responsible for crime prevention to miss important information in and amongst reams of immaterial messages. Many people are hesitant to participate on crime prevention groups for fear of their personal details being visible. However, in communities with a strong residents’ association, Neighbourhood Watch or CPF, such

Samsung Enriching Lives Through Technology In keeping with Samsung’s aim to enrich lives through technology, the Masibambisane High School (MHS) in Delft, Cape Town has become the stage for an ambitious project intended to uplift the prospects of its scholars. The Samsung Employees Volunteering Programme (SEVP) is exciting not only because it is the first of its kind in South Africa, but also for the difference it can make to the school and its learners. “As we are living in a digital era, any school, especially in previously disadvantaged areas, will benefit from hands-on experience with technology,” notes Pitso Kekana, Head of Public Affairs and Corporate Citizenship: Africa Regional Headquarters (RHQ) from Samsung South Africa.

communication platforms are yielding very positive results. “I believe the biggest benefit is that personal security and related issues are kept top of mind. Successes are also shared and this fosters goodwill between communities and those who are there to protect them,” Hulme says. Don’ts in the fight against crime are: Don’t post any personal information; Don’t post irrelevant information (advertising, lost pets, road blocks, speed traps or any council issues); Don’t post “confirmed” or “thanks” or “received” once you’ve read a message; Don’t post unverified information, Crime warnings or tip-offs received from other sources must be sent to the group administrator for verification and Don’t engage in argumentative comments or use foul language on the group and Don’t try to be a hero. Members of the public should never get involved in a potentially dangerous situation. Contact SAPS or your security company to investigate should you see anything suspicious. “Social media definitely has a role to play. It’s important that the community actively participates in crime prevention. However, in order to get the results, members of such groups need to be responsible and respectful at all times. There are ramifications for members who consistently disobey the rules and these could even be legal depending on the seriousness of the case,” Hulme concludes.

iFix is evolving... to weFix "There are some i-words that have served us very well. We’ve built our business on words like innovation, integrity and insight. We’ve grown by being inspired, idealistic and intrepid. We’ve enabled interaction, celebrated ingenuity and achieved the almost-impossible. We really have nothing against i." “iFix was the obvious name when I started out in my dorm room a decade ago,” says Alex Fourie, founder and CEO of iFix. “I fixed things. Mostly i-things.” Since then the company has grown in every possible way, offering more options, selling more products and partnering with more companies. From a handful of stores in Cape Town a few years ago, there are now 28 outlets across the country and more in the pipeline. They have more than 300 employees and more than half-a-million happy customers. In addition to their Apple repair expertise, they are in-warranty repairers for Huawei and Samsung, and they’ve struck great distribution deals with South African legends like Musica, Dion Wired and Incredible Connection.

“Learners now need to apply for university enrolment online; they need to be able to download information that is not readily available at school and this will only be possible if the learners understand how they can use technology,” he stresses. Unfortunately, neither Masibambisane High School nor the township in which it is located have been able to fully benefit from living in a digital age and instead have to contend with serious challenges. While the school itself lacks resources with which to uplift the standard of learners’ performance and enhance the quality of teaching, the Delft region is also beset by a lack of jobs and opportunities. These factors prompted Samsung to choose the school as a deserving and relevant school for the SEVP.

"We developed new products, like the warm and woody range of Houdt mobile accessories and headphones, the result of a warm and fuzzy collaboration with local designers. We also welcomed a new addition to the fixing family: RiCharge did us proud by swiftly becoming Africa’s leading manufacturer and supplier of mobile charging solutions." "Because of our earth-loving ways, we believe in second chances. So we started a Lazarus project for smartphones called i2. We’ve now rescued a legion of preloved handsets from languishing in landfill, offering our customers a lower outlay of conscience and cash. And now, we’re even taking to the skies as a distributor for DJI, the market leader in drones and aerial photography systems."

Despite the difficulties with which it has to contend, the school still strives to offer academic excellence to its 1 256 students. During September, 30 volunteers came from Samsung South Korea to provide lessons in certain computer applications that are widely used and often critical in most modern businesses, including Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop. Additionally, students saw e-commerce in action and experienced first-hand how an online shopping portal can be established using The SEVP went a step further, enabling students to not only see the inner workings of a smartphone, but also how these are repaired. Considering the proliferation of smartphones across the continent and the world at large, technical expertise in how to fix a damaged or broken phone is certain to remain an in-demand skill for the foreseeable future. It may also hold the key to enabling students to bridge from their school studies to gainful employment. Kekana notes that gaining basic smartphone repair skills is an advantage, as it can be learned within a short space of time. While Masibambisane High School will undoubtedly benefit in the short term, the initiative is also intended as a pilot project, with its success serving as the basis for similar initiatives being launched in other areas. “Apart from helping Masibambisane High School and its learners by actively demonstrating the positive effect that technology can have on their lives, we believe the initiative will also contribute to the community as a whole. This is of paramount importance to Samsung,” concludes Kekana.

So the ‘i’ in iFix started to feel a bit small. “When there’s a lot of goodwill attached to a brand, you think long and hard before you change it,” says Alex. “But, like the technology we work on, we need to constantly evolve and reinvent ourselves. Our name should reflect that.” "weFix was the obvious choice. It reflects our inclusive company culture, and tips its hat to the skills and commitment of our team members. It gives us a unique identity, showing how far we’ve come since the days of repairing iPods in dorm rooms. And it still makes it quite clear what we’re all about. We fix things, and we love it. Because every time we fix a problem, the world gets a little bit better."




Experience authentic Oktoberfest without travelling to Germany! The countdown has begun for the traditional Oktoberfest 21 - 22 October in Cape Town. The event promises a perfect combination of great German food, games & activities, world-class entertainment and excellent Namibian beer, brewed according to the Reinheitsgebot, the 1516 Bavarian Purity Law. Oktoberfest is the world`s largest beer festival, celebrated annually in Munich, Germany. The first Oktoberfest was held in the year 1810 in honour of the Bavarian Crown Prince Ludwig's marriage to Princess Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen. Over the centuries it has grown to be one of the most important traditional festivities in the Bavarian culture. Other cities across the world also hold Oktoberfest celebrations that are modelled on the original Munich event. Here in South Africa, one of the most incredible venues in Cape Town, Hillcrest Quarry in Durbanville Winelands, will play host to the official Oktoberfest Cape Town brought to you by Namibian Breweries. The opening of the keg will take place with the exclamation, “O`zapft is!” (“It`s tapped!”), the first beer is handed to the mayor of the city who then declares the Oktoberfest officially open. The Reinheitsgebot was introduced and adopted in Bavaria in 1516, restricting and regulating the ingredients

that could be used in German beer production to ensure a purer, more perfect product. What makes the Oktoberfest Cape Town extra special is that all the beers on offer have been brewed according to this law, so their quality is unmatched. There will be a special “Festbier” available which is brewed specially for the Oktoberfest by braumeister Christian Mϋller. Also available will be the Stellenbrau Jonkers Weissbier. Highlights over the weekend, amongst others, include the 500 years celebration of the Reinheitsgebot and performances by the Kirchdorfer band. They have been the official band in the “Hacker-Festzelt” at the Oktoberfest in Munich since 1994 and will be flying in straight from there to perform at the Cape Town Oktoberfest. Typical to a traditional fair, there will also be lots of games of which the most prominent are “Stamm-sägen” (Log-Sawing); “Bierstemmen” (Beer-Lifting); “Hau den Lukas” (High Striker ); Nageln; Beer Pong and Catty shooting. Traditional German food on the menu will include Schweine Haxn (Pork Knuckle); Schweinebraten (Pork Roast), Bretzn (Pretzels), Weisswurst, Bratwurst, Obatzda and much more. Tickets available at Computicket


Season of Sauvignon

Celebrate Spring on the banks of the Breede River at the Robertson Wine Valley’s 11th annual Wine on the River festival taking place from 14-16 October 2016 on the picturesque riverside farm, Goudmyn, situated on the R317 between Robertson and Bonnievale.

The Season of Sauvignon Festival is back in the Durbanville Wine Valley over the weekend of 29-30 October. Festival goers and Sauvignon Blanc lovers can look forward to a host of Sauvignon Blanc activities in the Valley during the month of October in the buildup to the festival. October has been set aside as a month to delve deeper into the richness of Sauvignon Blanc and give visitors to the Valley intriguing experiences around this celebrated varietal. Altydgedacht, Bloemendal, D’Aria, Diemersdal, De Grendel, Durbanville Hills, Hillcrest, Klein Roosboom, Meerendal, Nitida, Groot Phizantekraal and Signal Gun will each be celebrating the start of white wine season in their own individual style. Visitors can look forward to Sauvignon Blanc inspired menus in the restaurants, Sauvignon Blanc tutored tastings in the Tasting Rooms, fashion and art events as well as the chance to taste the variety of styles of Sauvignon Blanc produced in this picture perfect Valley.

Enjoy country hospitality at its best with this fabulous family event. Soak up the sun, listen to sultry sounds of jazz and blues, explore art & craft stalls, sip on much loved local wines under shaded trees, savour country cuisine using local ingredients and enjoy a leisurely river cruise.

The month of Sauvignon Blanc festivities conclude with the social calendar highlight over the weekend of 29-30 of October, and includes the participation of the Valley’s 12 prestigious wine farms as well as offer visitors a wide selection of funfilled festivities.

This event provides a great opportunity to personally interact with wine makers and enjoy pre booked themed tutored wine tastings. The popular Viljoensdrift boat cruise will offer leisurely river trips for the whole family in aid of the Breede River Hospice. Family friendly activities will be on offer including a kid’s play area with face painting, trampoline, a jungle gym, tractor- and horse rides. Proceeds from the kids play area will go to the Anna Foundation; a charity that strives to assist disadvantaged schools and communities. After last year’s success, the second annual Duck Derby will take place again this year. The proceeds from this initiative will go towards the Bonnie-People Project in Bonnievale which assists the inhabitants of the settlement in building and developing sustainable components within their community, focusing on the future of their children. This much loved, open-air spring festival is not to be missed. Expect to unwind, relax and enjoy fresh country air, beautiful scenery and warm spring sunshine with an array of fine wine, delightful treats and great music. Tickets available at

Each winery has its own charm with superb entertainment for adults and children alike. This truly unique and festive experience has led to the Season of Sauvignon festival winning a Klink award in 2015 in the ‘Crowd Pleaser’ category for Best Wine Route Event. For more information visit

The Franschhoek Craft Festival Get out of hand at the inaugural Franschhoek Craft Festival this summer. This one-of-a-kind festival takes place at Môreson—a blissful wine farm—on 5 November 2016 between 11am and 5pm. Experience the magic first-hand of a selection of specially curated, handcrafted food and drink as well as specialised and limited edition pieces, including art, jewelry and luxury leather goods. You’ll be in good hands with plenty of local wines, Cap Classique, craft brews and small batch spirits. Môreson’s farm restaurant, Bread & Wine will be on-hand with their famed, artisan charcuterie and breads, with many other craft and fine food producers taking matters into their own hands offering cheeses, pastries, chocolates and so much more. You’ll be happy to give a hand to the live musical entertainment; and bring the whole family, there’s something for everyone to get their hands on. GM of Môreson, Nikki Friedman says: “This will be hands-down the best showcase of all South Africa’s local craftproducers. I’m excited not because people are making craft goods, but rather, that they are doing it so fabulously. Come see for yourself.” Tickets available from Webtickets




Pole Dance Competition

Focus on youth at

Set To Stun Audiences

Agri-Expo Livestock The Pole Factor is an annual competition to be held on 22 October at the Nassau Centre at Groote Schuur High School in Newlands. The event celebrates the athleticism and artistry of pole dance with multiple showcases from four different genres of the sport including Pole Acrobat, Pole Artiste, Pole Provocateur and Pole Duets.

Entries opened earlier this year to amateur and professional levels, male and female, national and international contestants; and with our competitors now selected the event promises to be a night of fun and inspiration, at the end of which only eight contestants will take home winning titles.

Agri-Expo Livestock takes place from 13-15 October 2016 at Sandringham, Stellenbosch. This expo places a strong focus on the promotion and showcasing of the agricultural sector, especially the livestock industry and aim to create a platform where South Africa’s youth can participate and get involved in the various activities. On Saturday, 15 October, visitors can experience a thrilling display of skills when young, developing auctioneers compete against each other in the Toyota SA National Young Auctioneers’ Competition, presented by Veeplaas/Stockfarm. Participants as young as six years old will show their goats, sheep, cattle and poultry at the Mutual & Federal Agri Western Cape Regional Youth Show, also taking place on Saturday, 15 October, in the Biomin Show Arena. This event showcases the experience and showmanship of our agricultural youth. The school’s programme, where an expected 2000 learners will be educated on the dynamics of the industry as well as the large variety of career opportunities in the agricultural sector, offers inter-active programmes and engagement with live animals to increase learners’ participation and learning experience.

In 2015, the judging panel was made up of local pole dancers and international stars that were in Cape Town as part of the Madame Zingara crew. This year the judging panel continues along those same lines with local pole dance personalities on board, as well as internationals such as Shaina Cruea from the USA. Shaina Cruea has studied various forms of dance for over twenty-five years. In October 2012 Shaina took her first pole dance class and immediately fell in love with the combination of athleticism and grace of the sport. Today she shares her passion through the aerial dance company AERA. Shaina has several titles behind her name including Winner of the 2014 United Pole Artists Contemporary Category video challenge and 2014 United States National Pole Dance Champion. Organizer of The Pole Factor and owner of The Pole Project studio, Kathy Lee, says: “I’m really looking forward to seeing what our international judges have to say about the incredible talent here in South Africa and – as the theme of the event goes – who’s got that ‘je ne sais quoi’! Another highlight for me will be watching and supporting competing instructors and students from The Pole Project studio, as well as the male pole duet team showing off their moves in the Duets category.” Tickets are available at Computicket

Art Franschhoek

There is always a fun side to the school’s programme and learners can watch the animals being washed and prepared before they are paraded in the ring, see cows being milked or take advantage of rare photo opportunities with animals like Percherons and Alpacas. This programme takes place on Thursday and Friday and is made possible with the financial assistance of the Western Cape Department of Agriculture. For more information visit

Greyton Rose Fair

As with good food and outstanding wines, so too fine art needs to be experienced and appreciated. Regarded as South Africa’s premier food and wine destination, Franschhoek has added ‘art destination’ to its repertoire. Home to some of the country’s finest art collections and a growing number of local and international art enthusiasts, Art Franschhoek came into being, and was introduced to the public towards the end of last year. During the months of October and November visitors to the valley will be treated to a plethora of art as Franschhoek’s many galleries and resident artists showcase their finest works. As part of the Art in Clay section of the festival, be mesmerized by the beautiful ceramics created by renowned ceramicist David Walters and his daughter Sarah. Greyton Rose Fair celebrates its 25th anniversary this year on 29 - 30 October. This annual event is to highlight that most beautiful of flowers - the rose, and to share the beauty of the village of Greyton. Besides the wonderful display of cut roses, there is a Saturday morning market and a range of fabulous open gardens to visit. The Greyton Rose Fair is organised by the community, and all funds raised go into community projects. For more information visit

Cederberg Rooibos Arts Festival Photo: David Walters

Embark on a journey of art discovery as you admire one of South Africa’s greatest masters, Jacob Hendrik Pierneef, at the La Motte Museum. The Pierneef Heritage Collection consists of 44 artworks as well as personal memorabilia. Moór Gallery Franschhoek will play host to an exhibition entitled This Place – This Space. Curated by Candice Cruse and Julia Meintjes the exhibition sets about challenging and enchanting viewers whilst dealing with the artists’ responses to our complex country and society. For something out of the ordinary appreciate art at its most vulnerable with an evening sculpture walk at Grand Provence. Ebony, with its exquisite displays of fine arts, sculptures and ceramics, will host no less than five exhibitions in their gallery, and is guaranteed to be a highlight. Behold the beautiful works of art on display at Is Art gallery, which include ceramics, sculptures, jewellery and paintings in different mediums. A taster to tickle the art taste buds this is just a sneak peek of what you can expect during this time. For more information visit

The Cederberg Rooibos Arts Festival is back and will take place from 20-23 October 2016 in Clanwilliam. It is presented in conjunction with the ATKV and Artscape and is made possible by a contribution from the National Lotteries Commission. Visitors can expect an exciting line up of the arts, productions, book discussions, stories, stalls and many more. Come Riel along with the Riel dancers at the ATKV’s Riel dance Semi-finals competition, one of the highlights on this year’s festival programme. For more information visit

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Entries for the Hi-Tec Walkerbay Xtreme Open 1 November

Photo Credit: Walkerbay Xtreme

The Hi-Tec Walkerbay Xtreme (WBX), a unique adventure sports festival that comprises twelve disciplines, will return to Hermanus between 29 April and 1 May 2017. After successfully staging the inaugural WBX in 2015, the organisers used 2016 to plan a bigger and better event, and have secured Hi-Tec as the title sponsor for 2017. Adventure seekers looking for the ultimate thrill in a spectacular setting should diarise 1 November 2016, when online entries will officially open. Entries for each discipline will be limited, and it is expected that the entry limit will be reached quickly. Epic Test of Speed, Stamina, Strength & Skill - "The Walkerbay Xtreme is unlike any other event in South Africa," says Rick Oosthuyzen, organiser of the Hi-Tec Walkerbay Xtreme.

"It is an urban adventure and extreme challenge rolled into one that promises to test the speed, stamina and strength of every athlete participating. But what makes the WBX truly special is its inclusivity. Whether you are a seasoned trail runner looking for some gnarly technical terrain, the heaviest lifter in your CrossFit Box or a recreational outdoor enthusiast, there will be an event for you. It is all about finding your extreme." Athletes across several disciplines will congregate in Hermanus over the course of three days, and test their physical and mental limits on land, sea, and in the air: Old Harbour Xtreme: 8km & 16km surf-ski challenge; Hi-Tec Xtreme Fun Walk: 6km fun walk/run; Cliffpath Xtreme: 6km, 14km & 18km run; Blue Mountain Xtreme: 36km trail run; Tough Mother Xtreme: CrossFit competition; Urban Xtreme: Northshore / Urban MTB criterium; Walkerbay Xtreme: sprint triathlon; Open Water Xtreme: 2.5km open water swim; Blue Water Xtreme: SUP Challenge; Sea & Sand Xtreme: swim / run / jump open water adventure challenge; Musclemania Xtreme: strongman competition; and Seagull Xtreme: paragliding. The action is centred in the heart of the village between the old and new harbours, providing an equally thrilling experience for supporters and spectators. "The Walkerbay Xtreme was met with great enthusiasm in 2015, and participant feedback showed us that we have all the right ingredients to create an iconic, oneof-a-kind, world-class adventure festival", concluded Rick. Overstrand Mayor Rudolph Smith supported Rick Oosthuyzen’s enthusiasm and stated, “The Cape Whale Coast has all the elements required for an extreme sports festival. Online entries open 1 November 2016. For more information visit

ASG Acquires TransCape Mountain Bike Race ASG Events have acquired a controlling stake in the TransCape multistage mountain bike race. The seven-day event across the width of the Western Cape will be added to the company’s repertoire of partnership events, which include flagship races such as the Bestmed Tour of Good Hope, Liberty Encounter Series and Sanlam MTB Invitational. ASG Events chief executive Wynand de Villiers said they were looking forward to building on the success story of the 675km endurance event. “It fits in nicely with our current offering for high net worth individuals in the mountain bike stage race sphere. We believe strongly it will set the benchmark for seven-day stage races on the African continent,” says de Villiers. “With stages ranging between 70 and 130km, the event targets riders who have a measure of technical ability and who are looking to enjoy the experience.” De Villiers said the route took in some of the most scenic but notoriously rugged and challenging mountain biking terrain South Africa has to offer. “It really is an incredible journey that will test your limits.” He said the TransCape was a full-service tour, which meant participants’ on and off the bike needs would be met throughout. “This includes on-road nutritional, technical and medical support, three meals a day, hotel and guest house accommodation and transfers between stages.” Race founder Lenore Collett said she started dreaming of a mountain bike event that would capture the incredible journey through what she termed, “the most spectacular corner” of the country. “My vision was to create a premium event that delivers a stern challenge on the bike and a luxury experience off it.”

Photo Credit: Jacques Marais

“We are proud of what we have achieved with our first two events, but we realised that we needed to partner with likeminded businesses to take our vision to the next level. This is why I’m excited about the partnership with ASG. They have a wealth of knowledge and experience in event management and share our vision for the future. “I have no doubt that the TransCape is now well positioned.” The race, which starts in Knysna and finishes in Franschhoek, takes place in the Garden Route, Klein Karoo, Overberg and Winelands regions. For more information visit

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