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DREAM IT, SEE IT, BELIEVE IT & ACHIEVE IT! First Solo, SUP Transatlantic Crossing - Unsupported & Unassisted


ART DESIGN Page 7 Photo: Chris Bertish - Photo Credit: Maleen Hoekstra

World-renowned Big Wave Surfer, Guinness SUP World Dubbed, the greatest solo, open Ocean Adventure ever Record Holder, Speaker and adventurer, Chris Bertish, finally attempted, you can be sure that besides helping millions of announced the details surrounding his groundbreaking expe- kids in Africa this will clearly be a journey like no other. dition, #theSupCrossing at the Two Oceans Aquarium at the The Sup Crossing will surpass anything Chris has ever V&A Waterfront in Cape Town. attempted before and will see him paddle across 7500 km of The eagerly anticipated expedition will see him attempt the open ocean setting off from Morocco, in mid-December 2016 very first solo, SUP (stand up paddleboarding) transatlantic and then finally landing in northern Florida, doing the equivacrossing, unsupported and unassisted, on a custom-made six lent of a half-marathon a day for over 120 days straight. meter stand up paddle board/craft, for four straight months all in support of charity.

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FUTURE ACTION NEEDED FOR CONSERVATION OF GREAT WHITE SHARKS The magnificent great white shark (Carcharodon carcharias L.) is one of the oldest shark lineages with an evolutionary origin dating back about 14 million years. New research from Stellenbosch University (SU) shows that the South African white shark population is in double jeopardy. Not only do these sharks have the lowest genetic diversity of all white shark populations worldwide; there are also only between 353 to 522 individuals left. “The numbers in South Africa are extremely low. If the situation stays the same, South Africa’s great white sharks are heading for possible extinction,” says Dr Sara Andreotti of the Department of Botany and Zoology at SU and lead author of the study published in the journal Marine Ecology Progress Series. The findings are based on six years of fieldwork in South Africa’s shark mecca, Gansbaai, and along the South African coastline. It represents the largest field research study on South Africa’s great white sharks undertaken to date.

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Future Action Needed for Conservation


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Counting great whites - It is not that easy to find, let alone count, these mysterious animals. Andreotti had to rely on the expertise and logistical support of shark behaviour specialist Michael Rutzen of Shark Diving Unlimited to track down these elusive creatures. He had been operating a white shark cage diving operation at Gansbaai for the past 15 years.

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They had to make sure that the animals got close enough to the boat to take a clear picture of the dorsal fin and to collect a biopsy for genetic analysis. The field work kept Andreotti and Rutzen busy for six years, sometimes living at sea for up to two months at a time. Between 2009 and 2011 they collected nearly 5 000 photographs of the dorsal fins of white sharks frequenting Gansbaai.

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Photo Credit: S Andreotti

Notches in a great white’s dorsal fin are like a unique fingerprint with a specific number of notches on its trailing edge. Andreotti manually organised the photographs into a database, specifically documenting the date when an individual was resighted. Using mark-recapture techniques, the results from this part of the study indicate with 95% confidence a population estimate of between 353 and 522 individuals. Articles & Advertisements published in The Newspaper is not necessarily the opinion of The Newspaper unless so stated.

However, they needed to be sure that the white sharks that they identified and counted in Gansbaai were representative of the entire white shark population along the South African coastline and they spent another four years collecting biopsy samples and photographs of dorsal fins. The subsequent genetic analysis then proved that there is only one population and that the same sharks are roaming the coastline. The results from the genetic study show that the South African population of great whites is made up of an effective population size of only 333 individuals. Reasons for the sharp decline - Andreotti says that among the reasons for the sharp decline in white shark numbers are the impact of shark nets and baited hooks, poaching, habitat encroachment, pollution, depletion of their food sources and also the illegal poaching for trophies (jaw sets) and fins. Why are great whites so important? - Apart from the iconic status of these magnificent animals, they are apex predators and the loss of such an apex predator will have a cascade of detrimental effects on the ecological stability of the marine environment. Great whites are among the few shark species feeding on Cape fur seals. A decrease in white shark numbers will lead to an increase in the seal population, which in turn will have an impact on fish populations and thus on fisheries. Future action for the conservation of white sharks - Andreotti says that their study is the first of its kind on white sharks: “Our hope is that from now on white sharks will be monitored more closely and that better protection measures will be put in place. Lastly, we hope that delicate arguments such as the estimate of a vulnerable population will henceforth be based on extensive data collections and assessments,” she concludes.

Photo Credit: Götz Froeschke

Conservation Essential In Shark Tourism Shark cage diving - a bucket-list activity that has attracted visitors from across the globe is under threat: according to researchers from Stellenbosch University, the South African white shark population is reaching critical lows – if the situation stays the same, not only will cage diving become a thing of the past, SA’s great white sharks could vanish completely. This was announced at a press conference organised by the university. “While part of the thrill for visitors in seeing these apex predators up close is related to the wildly exaggerated legends, the knowledge shared during shark diving tours includes environmental awareness tips, and a broader perspective on



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responsible tourism, especially within our sensitive marine environment. It’s essential that tour operators subscribe to ethical practices aligned with conservation so that this incredible experience remains available to visitors, and, more importantly, so that all forms of the marine ecosystem are protected. “The great white shark is one of the oldest shark lineages with an evolutionary origin dating back about 14 million years – they won’t vanish overnight – but as tourism professionals we have a responsibility along with other stakeholders and citizens to act as custodians of our planet.” “Bear in mind that shark diving tours as well as trips to seal island provide an extensive contribution to the tourism economy and that this segment of the industry supports families and communities across Cape Town, especially those who live and work close to the sea.” - Enver Duminy, (CEO, Cape Town Tourism) Shark tourism professionals had this to say: "If better measure won't be put in place to protect white sharks, it is likely that the cage diving industry could collapse in the near future" - Michael Rutzen (Shark Diving Unlimited) “These latest findings certainly push home the fact that it is farce to call this animal protected when we have the world’s largest great white shark killing machine, The Natal Sharks board, killing between 11-60 Great whites annually, a staggering 10-15% of the population. Add to this, South Africa also issues permits to legally long line sharks and so it is little wonder that the species is in such a dire state. Over the course of the past 20 years we have noticed a steady decline in False Bay”. - Chris Fallows (Apex Shark Expeditions) “The national estimate for great white sharks is under way using data from each respective aggregation site from False Bay to Port Elizabeth. This will help form a collective from scientists and will provide a more precise dataset and not just a regional snapshot. The great white shark is migratory animal and collaboration is key to understanding its population dynamics. Our team continues to monitor and collect data on a daily basis which will be used in collaboration with other scientists.” - Biologist Alison Towner (Dyer Island Conservation Trust working in partnership with Marine Dynamics Tours)




Dream It, See It, Believe It & Achieve It! First Solo, SUP Transatlantic Crossing - Unsupported & Unassisted (Continue from page 1) The Sup Crossing is far more than just an adventure, it’s a multi-layered project that seeks to change the lives of millions in Africa and South Africa, leaving a lasting legacy and has taken Chris more than 5 years to bring to life. While one of the key objectives of the crossing is to redefine what’s possible by pushing the limits and boundaries of the human body, mind and spirit, the core goal is to create a positive impact and to leave a legacy that raises money for hot meals, life-changing surgeries, and building schools for young children in need throughout South Africa. Chris has selected two charites, each of which will benefit from the groundbreaking sustainable giving initiative linked to the campaign. Working with ‘Signature of Hope’ a trusted, verified and approved NPO and refunder, the initiative will provide long-term funding to help these charities achieve their goals by raising funds through two separate crowdsourcing initiatives, Thundafund and Indiegogo. The charities that will benefit from the Sup Crossing initiative are, The Lunchbox Fund, Operation Smile South Africa and ‘Signature of Hope’. Chris comments, “This project has been a huge undertaking to bring into reality and has definitely taken its toll on me personally, but I believe in it with every fibre in my being, that its going to have a monumental impact on the lives of millions of children in South Africa and generations to come and leave a legacy and that’s why I’m willing to do what ever it takes, sacrifice what ever is needed to go the distance.” “I have a great team behind me and with there backing and RSA and all the planning and preparation we’ve put in, add in courage, passion purpose and perseverance, and we can achieve anything!” Aside from supporting charity #TheSupCrossing will also give researchers in South Africa the opportunity to track Chris, his environment and his experiences. Chris, in his capacity as an official Two Oceans Aquarium Ambassador, will collect data throughout the crossing, which will be used in weekly classes to educate, engage, and inform kids at the Aquarium. Professor Tim Noakes and the Sports Science Institute of South Africa will also ensure that Chris receives the necessary nutrition and performance advice in the lead up and throughout the crossing. Data will be uploaded by Chris daily, which the Sport Science Institute will assess and review and in turn formulate a full case study which will be used for research by students at the UCT Sports Science department. Chris will embark on his groundbreaking journey towards the end of December 2016, proving that, Impossible isn’t a word, it’s just a challenge! To follow Chris’ journey visit

Investsa, Wesgro & Greencape Partnership Wins

Unctad Investment Promotion Award At The World Investment Forum In Nairobi, Kenya InvestSA, Wesgro and GreenCape received the UNCTAD Investment Promotion Award on Monday in recognition of their success in attracting investment into the green economy for South Africa. The partnership between the national (InvestSA) and provincial (Wesgro) agencies and the sector development agency, GreenCape, focuses on positioning South Africa as the green economy hub on the African continent. This partnership ensures an increasing share of sustainable FDI into the country. Five foreign investors have launched manufacturing facilities for components for the renewable energy industry since June 2014, as a direct result of this partnership. The most significant of these was the US$19 million investment by Spanish multinational, Gestamp Renewable Industries (GRI) into the establishment of a wind tower manufacturing facility, creating nearly 300 new jobs in the Western Cape. "The winning IPAs have used innovative and effective methods to persuade key domestic and international investors" said James Zhan, Director of the Division on Investment and Enterprise at UNCTAD during the awards ceremony. Zhan continued, "These IPAs offer real examples of how developing countries can benefit from the ability to attract investment, likely to make an increasingly important contribution to the socio-economic development." Tim Harris, CEO of Wesgro, Cape Town and the Western Cape's Tourism, Trade and Investment Promotion Agency, praised the partnership saying: "This type of partnership at various levels of government ensures proper and efficient co-ordination that will have a positive effect on the investment promotion programmes for the country."

Photo: Gestamp Renewable Industries produce wind tower masts for the renewable energy industry. The GRI investment of R475m signifies the successful partnership between the national IPA, provincial IPA and GreenCape.

Other winners included Invest India for targeting and securing large healthcare investment projects with private and public stakeholders; and Lesotho National Development Corporation for its instrumental role in forging effective collaboration with strategic partners.




Premier’s Entrepreneurship

Stellenbosch University Choir

Recognition Awards

Wins Big At Choir Games

The Western Cape’s top job creators are called to enter the Premier’s Entrepreneurship Recognition Awards (PERA). Premier Helen Zille and Alan Winde, Minister of Economic Opportunities, officially launched the 2016 leg of the PERA awards.

The University Choir of Stellenbosch under the baton of André van der Merwe, was the biggest winner at the eighth International Choir Games held in Russia. The Choir won first places and gold medals in three categories. In the category for sacred á Capella, it received a score of 92%; in the category for Spirituals 94%; and, in the category for contemporary music 98%. This is the highest score awarded in any of the 27 categories in which choirs competed in over ten days. With this achievement, the SU Choir keeps its first place on the Interkultur list as best international non-professional choir – a position the Choir has been holding since 2012.

Now in its fourth year, the PERA awards seek to celebrate entrepreneurs who are contributing to job creation and growth. The launch was hosted at AgriProtein, the winner of the Best Innovative Business category last year. Employing over 100 people, the Philippi-based business diverts hundreds of tons of organic waste from landfill every week, using the nutrients from the waste to cultivate fly larvae, a high protein, natural animal feed. PERA is an initiative of the Department of Economic Development and Tourism and over 700 entrepreneurs have entered the awards since 2013. Officially opening the call for entries, Premier Helen Zille said it was encouraging to see that the numbers of entrepreneurs entering the competition increased from 94 in 2013 to over 300 last year. There are 11 categories: Emerging Business, Established Business, Social Enterprise, Innovative Student Business Idea, Most Innovative Business, Job-creating Business, Emerging Rural Business, Emerging Tourism Business, Emerging AgriProcessing Business, School Business Idea, and Business with Global Reach. The winner in each category will receive R100 000, Second place and third place R50 000 and R25 000. The overall winner will receive R100 000 prize money to grow the business and an overseas trip to a conference or trade fair. There will be 3 finalists per category; one winner will be selected per category from the 3 finalists, resulting in 11 winners. An overall winner will be selected from the 11 winners.

Photo Credit: INTERKULTUR / Studi43

A further bonus was the special CD contract for the coveted Choirs of the World series. The International Choir Games are held biannually and this year more than 300 choirs from 36 countries competed. This is the biggest choir competition in the world. Interkultur earlier announced that the ninth International Choir Games in 2018 will be in Tshwane, South Africa. The SU Choir consists of 120 students and André van der Merwe has led the choir for the last 12 years. The Choir arrived at Cape Town International Airport in two groups – on Tuesday 19 July and Friday 22 July.

Partnership Boosts Tech Skills for City Youth

The overall winner will be judged on the ability of the business to sustain/create jobs and to increase its turnover in the medium too long-term. For more information visit


A group of young people from the Western Cape have a bright future in the tech industry, after starting internships at some of the region’s biggest companies.

The interns are placed at the following host companies: Barclays Africa Group - Absa (Aliens), DVT CSG International OptiSolutions Old Mutual Finance Realm Digital

Alan Winde, Minister of Economic Opportunities, conducted a site visit to one of the host companies participating in the Java Schools Programme.

Alwyn van Wyk: Head of Development office (Aliens), said: "It’s an honour and privilege to form a part of the greater effort being spearheaded by government and industry to increase young people's chances of employment by giving them opportunities to prove themselves."

It is a joint initiative between the Western Cape Departments of Economic Development and Tourism, Education, IT software company, Oracle, Cape Innovation and Technology Initiative and training provider, On The Ball College. Minister Winde visited Absa Aliens, Absa’s development centre, where ten participants are obtaining workplace experience as intern software developers. “We partnered with Oracle in 2014 to train 160 Grade 11 and 12 learners in the Java programming language. This year, 40 of the top-performing matriculants were selected for further training in Advanced Java through Oracle University.

who will treat you like guests in their own home. You can also enjoy a drink on our patio or at our stylish wine bar.


They will also be completing a six-month programme through the Media, Information & Communication Technologies Sector Education & Training Authority (MICT SETA).” Minister Winde said skills development was an important focus area for the Western Cape Government. “Jobs and growth are our top priorities and we are making some good progress. In 2015, the Western Cape was the country’s fastest-growing job-creating region.” “Through our Project Khulisa growth strategy, we are seeking to build on this momentum. We have to make sure young people have the skills they need to take advantage of increased economic opportunities.” “I’d like to commend the participating host companies for playing such a key role in shaping the future leaders of our economy.”

Photo: Minister Winde watches on as Keanu Arendze & Rossouw Binedell demonstrate their innovations.

Ian Merrington CEO of the Cape Innovation & Technology Initiative (CiTi) said: “Technology and coding skills are the most important ingredient for the growth of the new economy. Cape Town is fast becoming the innovation and tech capital of Africa thanks to programmes such as CapaCiTi and the collaborative partnerships between local & regional government, business, academic institutions and cluster development enterprises such as CiTi.” After completing the programme, the participants will write the test for the Oracle Certified Professional qualification. The interns discussed with Minister Winde how the programme has impacted them.




Michelle van Zyl - A GP with the Passion for Geriatrics and Oncology Tell us more about yourself, Dr Michelle? I completed my studies at Stellenbosch University and thereafter I completed my “Hospital Years” in the Helderberg Hospital. I achieved a post graduate in Emergency Medicine and worked at Vergelegen Mediclinic, Somerset West in their Emergency Unit. I have spent all my “medical years” in Somerset West, and got to know and love the Community of Somerset West very well.

Photo: Dr Michelle van Zyl

My partner and I are currently settled in Somerset West, where I took over a very well-established practice located in James Street.

The Practice was established 43 years ago, and it is an amazing opportunity to engage into long-term relationships with my patients. Do you have any particular field of interest? Yes, Somerset West has a very diverse community. I developed a passion and heart for Oncology - the study and treatment of various tumours. My role is specifically to screen and identify certain malignancies (cancers); send my patients to the appropriate specialist if abnormalities are detected and to follow-up and follow through all the way with each patient.

Guidance and expert medical treatment must be offered, and that is reason why I work closely with Dr Deon Greyling, a Geriatrician. Changes in hearing - the nerves conducting our hearing of sound changes due to the aging and even changes in our ear structures – the small bones conducting hearing becoming less mobile, causes loss of hearing, especially high frequency sounds. We all know changes in vision occurs, but there is also a change in sleep patterns, bladder and bowel functions, skin changes, and that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Photo: Anton & Jane Ackerman with Dr Michelle van Zyl

Do you work with other doctors to ensure optimum health options for your patients? Yes, in the nearby future I will work closely with Oncology practices. As I mentioned I will do the screenings, referrals, and follow-ups, but I will also take a patient’s hand and work side-by-side with them through a very difficult and often confusing time. I also work with Geriatrician, Dr Deon Greyling; Rheumatologist, Dr Clive Pettister; Physician, Dr Pierre du Toit; Orthopaedic Oncologist; Dr Andre Olivier, and Orthopaedic Surgeons, Dr Jan Louis van den Berg and Dr Rob Ducts. Dr Ferdi Marais is my go-to-Urologist assisting me to screen, diagnose and refer possible prostate tumours. Dr Errol Visser is my amazing Emergency Medicine Consultant, managing my after hour emergencies, and treating my VIP patients with the same regard and passion as I feel for them. That is quite a mouth-full. Where do these doctors practice? The Doctors are all Specialists in their field practicing at Busamed Paardevlei Private Hospital in Strand. I am very proud to have their expert help available at all times. Dr Michelle, what is your vision as a young doctor in Somerset West? I look forward to meet the community of Somerset West and really having an in-depth relationship with them. I want to be involved with their children, their teenagers, as well as medical issues such as acne, hormones, embarrassing questions, chronic care, flu, fractures and many more. Everything that I can give and share with all of them. I am fully dedicated to provide the healthcare and personal relationship expected of a General Practitioner. Great News! Where are you based and do you provide any other services?

Photo L-R: Susan Crafford & Dr Michelle van Zyl

As we know: cancer is very real. It does not discriminate, and anyone can fall victim to the disease. I try to provide early screening in especially young women and create awareness about the importance of pap smears and offer ultraviolet imaging of breast tissue. This should by no means be seen as an alternative for routine mammography, but is a very helpful tool to pick up any suspicious lesions missed by normal breast examination. I am very committed to “Woman’s Health” and offer a package deal which include a pap smear, manual breast examination and ultra violet examination.

My practice is based at 15 James Street Somerset West. My lovely receptionist, Ammeret Herandien will greet you with a smile and Anita Graham, in charge of accounts, will always be up for a chat or coffee. We do have an amazing Physiotherapist Team: The Dukes, Darren and Ingrid Dukes – they are dynamic, vibrant, and full of passion. Caroline Lindes is my skin therapist (Dermapulse) and happy to assist with all skin related problems.

Do you have any other field of interest? I do have a soft spot for geriatrics. Geriatrics if defined, is as a branch of medicine that deals with the diagnosis and problems specific to the elderly. We are an aging population. People grow very old with the help of modern medicine. 80-years of age is definitely the new 60. And 60 is a “spring chicken.” However, our bodies do age and a wide spectrum of changes will occur as we age. These changes aren’t necessarily due to illness, but can still cause severe distress. Changes will take place in bone; joints and muscles. Bones loose density and strength and may actually shrink in size, thus making them more prone to fractures (breaks). Joints become easily inflamed and muscle mass decreases, making basic movement difficult. Our memory becomes impaired. This is a very distressing time for a patient and his/her family.

Photo L-R: Ammeret Herandien, Dr Michelle van Zyl and Anita Graham

Dr Michelle, in conclusion – What are your last thoughts? I love my job, my practice and my patients. I commit fully to each and every individual walking through my practice door. Drop in for a coffee or a quick screening – August is the time in which we offer our Woman’s Month Special – get to know us. "We sure would love to get to know you."

For more information, contact Dr Michelle van Zyl on 021 852 1742 or visit




Low-cost lifestyle

Latest Tea-Consumption

Intervention Could Help Halt March of Diabetes

Figures Tip Scale In Favour Of Rooibos

The incidence of Type 2 diabetes is rapidly increasing globally and in South Africa, with men and women of all ages being affected. The International Diabetes Federation estimates that in 2015 approximately 2 million South Africans had diabetes. With these numbers set to rise, efforts to curb diabetes are urgently needed.

Among SA’s 30.9 million-strong tea-drinking population, many already consider Rooibos to be the darling of the teas, but now new independent research confirms this. According to market research agency, Insight Survey’s latest South African Tea Industry Landscape Report 2016, SA tea-lovers are shifting to a preference for Rooibos rather than Black Tea. Insight Survey used AMPS to obtain an in-depth understanding of South Africa’s tea market where more than 25 000 adults (15 years and older) were interviewed in both rural and urban areas from January to June and July to December of last year. Ernest du Toit, spokesperson for the Rooibos Council says although Black Tea still has a higher overall consumption than Rooibos, it is experiencing a steady decline, whereas Rooibos tea is showing growth both locally and even more so globally.

One of the ways to achieve this is through professional and community-led lifestyle interventions, especially in poor or disadvantaged communities, says Dr Bradley Fryer, a biokineticist in Stellenbosch. Fryer recently completed his doctorate in Sport Science at Stellenbosch University looking at how a low-cost lifestyle intervention could help halt the march of diabetes in the community of Cloetesville. Fryer says his study, the first comprehensive lifestyle intervention (incorporating physical activity, dietary management and psychosocial support) in Stellenbosch indicated that a 10-week comprehensive lifestyle intervention is effective in improving physiological, psychological and health-related outcomes in adults with Type 2 diabetes living in poor or previously disadvantaged communities. “The study showed that a holistic and low-cost programme that targets every facet of the disease is more likely to be successful. It also reveals the opportunity for community-based interventions to assist the primary healthcare sector in the management and prevention of diabetes.” Forty-three men and women between the ages of 33 & 80 completed the programme, which included 30 exercise sessions with a registered biokineticist, 10 motivational interviewing sessions (once a week) with a qualified community psychologist, and 10 dietary counselling sessions with a registered dietician. Participants exercised for one hour three times a week, and consulted a dietician once a week to help them eat healthy. Almost all of the exercises were own-body weight based (stepping, wall push-ups, skipping) and focused on functional movements aimed at improving aerobic fitness, strength and flexibility. The motivational interviews focused on helping participants to cope with diabetes and to implement strategies to effectively manage their disease.

“The proportion of Black Tea consumers had decreased between 2011 and 2015, from 58.6% to 51.5%. However, the percentage of South African Rooibos consumers increased from 29.4% in 2011 to 30.9% in 2015. Du Toit attributes this shift in consumption behaviour, primarily to the health benefits of Rooibos becoming more well-known. The majority of consumers are now looking for healthier alternatives to sugar-rich carbonated beverages, and Rooibos tea offers them that solution.” “Rooibos is especially high in antioxidants, which help to protect the body against various ailments such as allergies, stomach cramps, colds and flu, as well as more serious illnesses like heart disease and diabetes. It can also reduce one’s risk of contracting cancer. “Two polyphenols, called aspalathin and nothofagin, in particular, are found in high concentrations in Rooibos tea. These antioxidants help fight free radicals in the body that are responsible for many illnesses. Polyphenols not only have anti-inflammatory properties which safeguard the body from disease, but also has the ability to slow down the ageing process, which is an added bonus of drinking Rooibos. “Rooibos tea is absolutely free of caffeine and low in tannin, and helps to support iron levels in the body. Its naturally sweet and fruity taste means you also don’t need to sweeten it with sugar or artificial sweeteners. You can enjoy it as is, while reaping all of its health benefits,” says du Toit. The demand for Rooibos tea is also growing overseas and the recently signed EU-SADC Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA), not only extends the geographical indicator (GI) status or trademark protection of Rooibos, but will also widen economic trade between Europe and South Africa, and the five other SADC states.

“Through our intervention, participants’ dietary habits and lifestyle behaviour changed and were even maintained during the follow-up period. They used to consume a lot of sugar and refined carbohydrates, but started eating whole wheat bread instead of white bread. Their cardiovascular ability improved, body fat decreased and blood sugar levels and blood pressure dropped,” says Fryer. “We measured these at the beginning and the end of the 10-week program, as well as at the retention session 10 weeks after the end of the program.” “They were able to increase their total walking distance during a six-minute walk test. This test is widely regarded as an accurate measure of determining functional capacity and overall exercise ability in diabetics.” Fryer says the test was done once before the program, again after the program, and then for a third time at the retention testing session. “One of the most inspirational stories was that of an elderly woman who had a stroke a few years before, and still had some problems with one of her arms, was able to become completely functional through the exercises, while another was happy with her weight loss.” Fryer adds that data from questionnaires and motivational interviews showed that participants’ health perceptions, perceived quality of life, and self-worth and selfefficacy also improved significantly. He says the programme had such a positive impact that people who weren’t diabetics started to follow it. Fryer says they envision rolling out the intervention to other areas in Stellenbosch such as Kayamandi, the Boland and even the rest of South Africa at a later stage, in collaboration with other universities and corporates.

South Africa currently exports Rooibos tea to over 30 countries, including Germany, the Netherlands, Japan, UK and US. Germany by far still remains the biggest importer of Rooibos tea at 31%, with the Netherlands at 16% and Japan at 15%. According to du Toit about half (6 000 to 7 000 tonnes) of Rooibos is exported annually, while the balance is consumed locally. The report also highlights the growth potential of the iced tea market as the demand for the consumption of healthy tea increases.




Linda Wolf – Producing Floral Art and Design of distinction! Artist, Linda Wolf may be regarded as one of the most experienced in the field of floral art and design with a significant portfolio which include fine art, paintings, murals, charcoal and acrylics, oil on canvas, paint techniques and paint effects.

Background Born in Cape Town, Linda grew up on a smallholding in Constantia with her 3 sisters. As a young child she took part in competitive horse riding and learnt floristry in her grandmother’s business, "Forget-Me-Nots Floristry and School of Floral Design." Linda taught floristry with her mother from a young age and received numerous awards in floral design and horse riding. She has always had a great passion for art which talent she inherited from her father and grandmother. After Linda matriculated she studied Graphic Design. Her work lead her into Textile Designing where she mastered her technique in painting florals. Linda also lived in Australia where she designed a range of children's clothing with an original label, called Ozoo Designs. After she sold the brand to a manufacturing company in Perth, Australia, she moved back to South Africa where she developed her talent in Fine Art and Murals. Linda worked throughout South Africa doing commissioned and gallery work, which was sold on the National and International markets of Australia, England and America. Her work is well recognized as it has a strong Botanical understanding with an Impressionistic Flair. There always seems to be an element of Fantasy combined with Reality in her work. Colour and light are true as with movement and Life!

Portfolio of Work “I have done extensive work for hotels and restaurants and villas around South Africa. My work is always freehand as I believe it is more authentic and gives life. Out of my travels and time spent in Paris, where I had the privilege of standing in front of a Renoir, a Van Gogh, and many Impressionists’ work, I could see clearly that paintings do not need to be perfect, they need to be real - with passion and meaning.”

It is important for Linda to bring happiness and joy into people’s homes or work place. Linda says that the mural paint effects are far subtler and sophisticated nowadays, but strong colours work well if painted with soft movement on the walls - it brings a bold confidence and decorative atmosphere to any room. “Furniture should never be thrown away. If the quality of the wood is good, then there can be nothing better than a good French paint effect. Not to mention a red high gloss lacquer finish. With paint, anything can be achieved,” Linda adds. Linda takes on each new assignment with a new challenge. “Yes, painting does follow fashion trends, so I keep active on what is acceptable, and what is not. I do commissioned oil paintings; tell me what you desire, and I will work on the idea and make it happen,” Linda says. Linda is currently concluding a commission of 11 oil paintings for a hotel in Bloemfontein and recently completed a corporate gift pencil drawing for Sea Harvest. Linda has experienced discipline in all media. From pencil to charcoal, acrylics to oils; teaching floristry and demonstrating; and Bridal bouquets to table arrangements for functions! “I have talent in both. I have taught floristry and art to both adults and children,” she says. Linda who recently moved to Stellenbosch says, “Stellenbosch is beautiful, with great wines and beautiful mountains and vineyards, this is definitely my new home. I would like to get more connected in the community around me where I can colour consult in homes or offices and paint from children bedrooms to homes to businesses. I can quote on work and am not scared to travel.” "Paint effects has taken a new avenue in subtle natural tones. This modern and popular fashion is commonly recognized by soft cloudy effects, which can range from light to darker colours, it enhances a flat wall and gives life to any room. Be sure to contact Linda for colour consulting and effects." To Linda the sky still bears no limit when it comes to her art!

“My thoughts are: If you want it perfect, take a photograph, but I want to paint. I like to believe that my work shows movement and life, colour and passion,” Linda says. The sky does not limit Linda, as one can observe in a mural of the sky she painted in a Villa in Somerset West. Linda was so determined to paint the mural that she climb on scaffolding 8 meters high and 12 meters long. “Nature is my inspiration. I love what God has created. The beauty in the flowers, the fruits, the fields, and sunsets. I like to paint with an element of surprise – the unexpected; it is as applying my textile experience of design with nature. Not everything needs to be symmetrical,” Linda continues. Due to her textile background, Linda is able to paint floral with ease. She loves decorating children bedrooms with butterflies and bunnies, fish and teddy bears. Even fulfilling every young girl’s dream of having horses galloping across her bedroom wall.

For more information contact Linda Wolf on 072 152 6246, email or visit




Vergelegen Partners in Bird of Prey Rescue Staff at Vergelegen, the 316-year-old wine estate in Somerset West, were involved in an unexpected rescue operation during May when a concussed Jackal Buzzard was discovered in the pastures. The large bird of prey, estimated to be five to seven years old, was spotted by Vergelegen staff. They immediately alerted the environmental project manager, Jacques van Rensburg. Hank Chalmers, a director of Eagle Encounters (a wildlife rehabilitation and education organisation in Stellenbosch) then collected the Jackal Buzzard for treatment. “The bird was slightly thin, but nothing was broken,” said Chalmers. “We fed it, checked it could fly, and released it after about two weeks in the vicinity of the farm. It’s probably sitting in a tree there now.” The buzzard is just one of numerous feathered friends of the world-renowned estate, which has won awards not only for its superb wines, but also its pioneering conservation projects. Vergelegen is also the site of probably the largest private conservation project in South Africa. Some 2000 hectares of land, previously covered in dense alien vegetation, have been restored to their natural habitat. As alien vegetation uses up to 60% more water than fynbos, its clearing has boosted water flow. The farm’s environmental treasures now include 80 hectares of rehabilitated wetlands, a popular habitat for numerous bird species such as ducks and herons. Van Rensburg says the estate has recorded 145 bird species in total, with new discoveries still being added. Bird lovers have also noted more regular sightings of fynbos-loving species such as Cape Sugarbirds and Orange-breasted Sunbirds.A team of volunteers has been conducting a monthly count of the birds since 2000, when the estate’s former conservationist, Gerald Wright, introduced bird ringer Gordon Scholtz to the beautiful property. Scholtz’s widow Marilyn continues to coordinate recording activities on the farm. “We use an App to identify the GPS point where we see a bird, so we can record where they are spotted,” she said.

Latest Venture for Arccon Group Arccon Plumbing is the latest in a list of new ventures of the ever expanding Arccon Group: The reputable Electrical Contracting company Arccon cc being its flagship. Through Arccon’s unrivaled reputation for cost effective and service delivery, it’s phenomenal growth in the past thirteen years has resulted in the company expanding in numerous fields as demand has risen. Recent ventures include Building & Maintenance, Telecommunication (optic fibre) and industrial and commercial Lighting. Through superior workmanship by a dynamic team and ethical business practices, inherited from a long line of successful family businesses in the construction industry, Arccon Group has grown exponentially, and defied the present day norms of business growth.

Photo: Jaco Brand

The continued request for professional electrical services has made it evident that there is a serious demand for a skilled, qualified plumbing service within the construction industry. The latest

addition therefore, to their dedicated team, is their plumbing and solar installation specialist, who is PIRB licensed and Eskom accredited. With the combined resources of the Arccon Group, his energy and dynamic qualities offer an unsurpassed Plumbing Service that you can trust.

Photo: Jacques van Rensburg - Photo Credit: Maritza van Rensburg

The volunteers’ meticulous records shed light on the seasonal movement of birds in and out of the 3200 hectare estate. The total monthly counts vary from around 45 species in winter, up to 65 species during spring. The Grey-backed Cisticola, for example, has only been recorded on the estate in winter, says Marilyn Scholtz. Vagrant species (seldom seen, or unusual in the area) include Secretary Birds, Lesser Honeyguides and Bourchell’s Coucals. The records also reveal the arrival and departure of migratory birds such as the Yellow-billed Kite, Steppe (Common) Buzzard and African Paradise Flycatcher and cuckoos. Certain intra-African migrants such as the Black Saw-wing, winter in the area too. The counting team has also noted an increase in populations of certain species such as the Swee Waxbill and African Olive Pigeon. The latter fly in large flocks over the farm, but are not readily viewed elsewhere in the Helderberg, said Scholtz. Van Rensburg said the bird data, which spans 16 years, could provide interesting scientific research material. He noted that several pioneering scientific studies have already taken place on the farm, covering subjects as diverse as bontebok social interaction and water quality. Vergelegen MD Don Tooth said the estate works closely with conservation bodies and universities. Local and international scientific research is coordinated under Vergelegen’s Centre of Learning Excellence.

City Acts To Protect

Endangered African Penguins In Simon’s Town After a series of penguin fatalities has occurred in Simon’s Town, the City of Cape Town has identified the predator by installing trap cameras in the area. The City collaborated with their partners to protect the endangered African penguin and successfully captured and relocated the predator. The recent penguin fatalities occurred during four separate events in the area south of Links Crescent, close to Froggy Pond in Simon’s Town. The City of Cape Town, together with Table Mountain National Park (TMNP), has investigated the incidents to try and identify the predator/s. Initial evidence suggested the presence of one or more caracals in the area. Images of the predator were finally captured on camera, confirming the presence of a large caracal. Natural predation by an indigenous animal is considered part of the natural patterns and processes in the ecosystem and the prey is not favoured above the predator.

“Welcome on board Jaco Brand.”


Jaco - 082 613 4792 PIRB Licenced / Eskom Accredited Drain cleaning Maintenance & repairs Installations & Renovations Solar installations Plumbing certificates

However, when a particular predator starts changing normal predation behaviour and kills multiple individuals – that is more than what is required for feeding – there is cause for concern. More so if the prey species is listed as endangered and the number and frequency of the kills becomes unsustainable in the population. The management authorities are then placed in a difficult position and need to consider the most viable and best option for the ecosystem as a whole. The female caracal was successfully trapped at the south end of Froggy Pond. The animal was tranquilised in the cage and examined by a local veterinarian. It was found to be a healthy adult female and the veterinarian confirmed that the caracal was not lactating. The cat, which was fitted with a tracking collar, was transported back to her original roaming territory in the Table Mountain National Park and released. It has been confirmed that the cat has settled down and its movements will be monitored.



Swisatec Announces


Acorn Creek

New Addition To Blue Rock Village

Offers Exclusivity, Security, Energy-Efficient Living

Swisatec, architects and project managers of Blue Rock Village, Africa’s first green village announced a new multimillion-rand addition to the village, the Santa Luzia Lifestyle centre and the 5-star Blue Rock Hotel and Conferencing centre. Both new additions add more value to the village and bring more anticipation, an exclusive lifestyle and embrace the LIVE-WORK-PLAY Blue Rock Village ethos.

One of the largest and most active development nodes in the Western Cape currently is that set in the rural surrounds of the Helderberg basin, around 5 km from Somerset West, between the N2 and the R102. “Acorn Creek offers a pocket of exclusivity, security and energy-efficient living,” says Riaan Roos, CEO of MSP Developments, multiple award-winning developer of Acorn Creek.

“The Santa Luzia Lifestyle Centre will be a multi-functional centre boasting 14 000sqm floor space, 7 story building, 600 metres long, with 10 000sqm exhibition street designed for hosting conferences, exhibition, interactive events such as local produce markets, product launches, and concerts or music festivals. Situated in the heart of the Helderberg area, Cape Town, “The Santa Luzia Lifestyle centre will be a vibrant hub of Cape life where sophistication and chic collide with history and tradition. Its universal appeal makes it one of Cape Town's foremost attractions for both locals and international visitors. The centre will be home to boutique shops, doctors centre, clinics, professional office space, and gastronomies” said Reichmuth director of Swisatec and owner of Blue Rock Village. The various hubs located in the centre include The Dollar House which is the financial hub of the Lifestyle centre offering high-end office space to law firms, financial institutions such as banks, consultants, and other financial professions. There is a lot of activity on site with the upgrade of the river corridor that runs the entire length of the development having already commenced. Gabion walls and ponds along its length, called forebays, will collect sediment and filter the water, cleaning the creek as it goes. Any stormwater collected on site from the roads and gutters is cleaned first, according to Acorn Creek’s Stormwater Management Plan, before it goes back into the creek. Many trees, including fruit trees, water-wise plants and fynbos are to be planted throughout the development. With activity under way on the civils, building of the first house in phase one is set to commence in February 2017, with completion of the first homes around October 2017. There will be eight phases in all, phases one to six comprising 380 homes, and phases seven and eight offering 180 village apartments. A solar geyser system and panels are standard on every roof, with a hybrid power back-up solar system that will allow residents to live up to 95% off grid. Acorn Creek also offers fibre-optic internet.

Photo: Lukas Reichumuth

Staying true to the LIVE-WORK-PLAY Blue Rock Village ethos the Lifestyle is expected to have a Wellness, Spar and Sports centre; the “beauty farm” will offer an array of therapeutic centres, gym facilities, sauna’s, health bars/ shops, steam room, roman bath, thermal pool, medical spa, dance and yoga studios, spinning, Pilates classes and more. Linked to the Santa Luzia Lifestyle centre is the multimillion-rand 5-star Blue Rock Hotel and Conferencing centre. The Blue Rock Hotel will provide world class facilities in a calm and relaxed environment. The hotel and conferencing centre is envisioned to have -+150 luxury rooms, 30 condominiums, conference capacity for over 500 delegates, high-end restaurants, a bar and lounge areas, one situated near a pool deck and one on the ground floor overlooking the famous crystal clear Blue Rock Lake, the biggest outdoor pool in South Africa. The conferencing centre is expected to host similar events as Cape Town CTICC, and Sandton Convention Centre. The hotel will cater to both business and leisure travellers, being in close proximity to the Cape Town International Airport, a mere 30 minutes away to Cape Town CBD, the village is directly accessible through the N2. What makes Blue Rock Village more special is the ideal location, the village is surrounded by award winning wine farms, sandy beaches of Gordon's Bay, Strand, and False Bay with more than 20 famous golf ranges in close proximity to the village. Construction of the Santa Luzia Lifestyle centre is envisioned to begin in 2017 with phase one; Giovanni Luxury Terraced Apartments to be officially on sale at the end of July 2016. For more information visit

There are numerous public open spaces in conjunction with the creek, orchards and water features. The estate offers ample cycling and walking tracks with play areas for the kids. Combined with this modern country village lifestyle is top-end access control, including thermal imaging cameras, biometric identification, professional guards and state of the art perimeter securing by Fang, an industry leader. There is easy access to educational and commercial amenities in the immediate surrounding area, as Acorn Creek is situated adjacent to the new Curro Sitari Private School that opened its doors in January 2016. A brand new flagship Checkers will also be opening close by, while access to public transport and major traffic arterials is very easy. For more information visit

/ PA G E 1

PA G E 2 /

/ PA G E 3

1 Eagle Encounters

2 Craft Market

8 Eight Restaurant

3 11

he W Werf Market

Chef Tiaan Studio

Manor House


12 Hoghouse Bakery & CafĂŠ

Segway Tours

4 Wine Tasting

5 Wine Collection Point

7 Eight to Go erf

Old Wine Cellar

13 Conference Centre

14 15 Amphitheatre

Spier Hot


Spier Hotel Restaurant & Wine Bar


Wastewater Treatment Plant


17 Spier Spa

Spier Shop





Beyond Museum Walls - V&A Waterfront Visitors to the V&A Waterfront may have noticed a subtle change in the iconic landmark’s surroundings over the past two years, as a number of sizable outdoor artworks and sculptures have found homes nestled in public plazas and open spaces around the property. The artworks form part of the V&A Waterfront Art in Public Places Programme, which has seen works by talented artists from around the African continent and beyond such as Noria Mabasa, Mohau Modisakeng, Cameron Platter, Carl Frederik Reuterswärd, Claudette Schreuders, and Gavin Young, make their way to the Waterfront as permanent installations in public spaces. During the V&A Waterfront’s inaugural Museum Night on 14 July, a sculpture by Kyle Morland, Falsework IV was added to the growing collection at the water’s edge, further bolstering the already impressive collection of quality outdoor artworks. The monumental sculpture is on long loan to the V&A Waterfront from Cape Town’s The New Church Museum. Already one of the most iconic cultural hubs in the country, and soon to be the home of the state-of-theart Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa (Zeitz MOCAA) when it opens in September 2017, the V&A Waterfront has made a substantial commitment to raising the public profile of art in South Africa.

Photo: Springbok Experience Rugby Museum

Included in this is the idea that the artistry of those exhibiting in Zeitz MOCAA should not be confined within the museum’s walls; instead, the museum’s artistry should spill out onto the rest of the property, with the outdoor areas becoming something of an open air art gallery the public could appreciate. Sculptures included in the V&A Waterfront Art in Public Places Programme are on view, free of charge, year round, 24 hours a day. Museum Night is a cultural experience that sees multiple museums within a walkable area keeping their doors open late and offering free admission for the public. After two editions in Cape Town's central city, Museum Night is going to the V&A Waterfront. An exciting programme of museums, performances and walkabouts awaits.

Photo: Golf Hall of Fame

Other Museums at the V&A Waterfront Chavonnes Battery Museum - Built in 1724, the Chavonnes Battery was part of a range of coastal defence sites to deter sea-borne aggressors. It was partially demolished in 1860, its stone reused for the Alfred Basin, with the Clock Tower built as its new sentinel. In 1999, the Chavonnes Battery was rediscovered, excavated and conserved in a spectacular example of architectural ingenuity. Springbok Experience Rugby Museum - The Springbok Experience Rugby Museum takes visitors on an interactive journey through the history of South African rugby with more than 60 audio visual displays - set among cases displaying historic objects such as famous trophies, jerseys, boots and other memorabilia. Children and adults can also test their kicking, passing, fitness and reaction skills in the interactive ‘Springbok Trials’ games zone.

Photo: Two Oceans Aquarium

Iziko Maritime Centre - The Iziko Maritime Centre features an overview of shipping in Cape Town, and the earliest existing model of Table Bay harbour. There is a collection of ship models, images, and objects associated with shipping in Cape Town, with the emphasis on the Union-Castle Line. Zeitz MOCAA Scheryn Pavilion - Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa (Zeitz MOCAA) is to be the first major museum in Africa dedicated to contemporary art. Two Oceans Aquarium - The Two Oceans Aquarium showcases the incredible diversity of marine life found in these two oceans, with over 3000 living sea animals, including sharks, fish, turtles and penguins can be seen in this spectacular underwater nature reserve. Golf Hall of Fame - The Golf Hall of Fame documents the history of golf in South Africa. It houses photographs dating from the late 1800s and a large display of golf memorabilia. Robben Island Jetty Museum - The Robben Island Jetty Museum is housed in the embarkation building for prisoners sent to Robben Island. The museum tells the story of the prisoners and warders who passed through this site

Photo: Creative Exchange Market at the Watershed

Creative Exchange Market at the Watershed - The Watershed houses over 150 tenants representing over 365 brands.

Waterkloof Estate Excursions Celebrate The Circle of Life As Nature prepares to burst from its winter slumber, Waterkloof biodynamic wine estate set in fynbos-covered hills overlooking False Bay invites nature-lovers who seek an exceptional experience to visit the farm and celebrate the full circle of life. “Circle of Life” is a central motif to Waterkloof’s farming and winemaking philosophy, on display once again as winter recedes. Waterkloof offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty of the farm and its mountainous surroundings through a diverse program of superlative activities. More than just a typical ‘organic vine to organic wine’ experience, the two-hour Circle of Life Biodynamic Tour takes eco-enthusiasts and lovers of pure, untamed wines in particular behind the scenes of Waterkloof’s green way of life on the crest of the Schapenberg in the Helderberg. Personally conducted by the estate’s farm manager Christiaan Loots these insightful edu-eco tours show how biodynamic and organic farming is really done. It took Christiaan and his “green brigade” ten years to transform the once depleted, conventionally farmed land covered in alien tree species, infected vines and eroded roads, into the healthy, sustainable life-force it is today. With groups limited to 12 people, you’ll learn more about amongst others, its beautiful Percheron horses that are used instead of tractors, to plough, compost, spray and harvest. “On our Circle of Life Tour you will get to meet our new brood of compost-making chicks; the inside scoop on our biodynamic preparations; to stick your hands into our earthworm farm; the dirty on how we produce our own 100% natural fertiliser; and, not to mention the clean air and scenic splendour,” says Christiaan. The estate’s new Tour With Us experience offers a more exclusive and all-round glimpse of Waterkloof by including the bio-dynamic tour with a visit to the cellar; an informative wine tasting; and, a two-course lunch at the estate’s Restaurant.

Other guided tours that provide insight into the farm and its eco-friendly approach include a full-circuit, two-hour Guided Walk. It highlights Waterkloof’s Champion status in the WWF Biodiversity and Wine Initiative and its location in the Cape Flower Kingdom - one of the world’s foremost biodiversity hotspots. After working up an appetite soaking up natural beauty on foot, walkers can end their experience with a two-course lunch or dinner. Visitors can also explore the Schapenberg’s dramatic surroundings on horseback. The Ride With Us adventure gets you into the saddle for a picturesque, 60-minute trail ride through the area and ends with a leisurely, two-course lunch at Waterkloof. Make your visit to Waterkloof even more spectacular by flying in by helicopter from the V&A Waterfront. The luxury Bird’s Eye View excursion includes a tutored wine tasting upon arrival; cellar tour; and, six-course degustation menu with wine pairings in the estate’s award-winning ‘restaurant in the sky’, perched high on the hill, before taking the flight back.




THE BEST RESIDENCY PROGRAMME IN EUROPE! Many South Africans want to diversify and invest in offshore property; but with many countries offering seemingly attractive residency benefits to us South Africans, the choice of where to invest can be daunting. The complexities of understanding the multitude of legal and tax implications coupled with language & cultural issues sometimes makes even thinking about a “Plan B” a non-starter.

PROPERTY INSPECTION TRIP INVITATION! Cypriot Realty is a proudly South African company, having an impressive 7,5 year track record of assisting many people in finding their perfect home, assisting in facilitating the permanent residency application process and also in the physical relocation to Cyprus. We arrange personalized property inspection trips across to Cyprus to view properties opportunities, set up meetings with attorneys, the bank, schools etc. in Cyprus; and offer a full turnkey service to make your experience pleasant and memorable. Why don’t you come on one of our 5-day property inspection trips to see what is available? We’ll personally meet & greet you on arrival in Cyprus; and we’ll host you at the beautiful 5-star Coral Beach Hotel for the duration of your trip. An experienced property specialist will accompany you throughout your stay to show you the delights of Cyprus (restaurants, the city, leisure activities, tourist sites etc.) whilst showcasing the properties. At the end of your trip, we’ll take you back to the airport for your return flight.

Cyprus – an ex-British colony and NOT part of Greece - represents an excellent investment & relocation destination and the property prices are affordable. The choice of where to buy is very personal and the type of property depends on your lifestyle requirements, budget and long term plans. With an impressive portfolio of over 325 completed projects on offer, every style and location of property is available from seafront and hillside villas to beachfront apartments and townhouse complexes.

CYPRIOT REALTY TOURS TO CYPRUS We are arranging TWO inspection tours in JUNE and THREE tours in SEPT. when we will be in Cyprus accompanying clients looking at properties.

THE RESIDENCY PROGRAMME The Cypriot government has just enhanced their residency programme to qualify the entire family for permanent residency status on the purchase of a single residential property – making this THE BEST residency programme in the EU!

Your property inspection trip itself is personalised & you will have your own representative host you in order to make your time both an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Your agent will be at your disposal to address any queries that you may have on a 1-to-1 basis, dealing with you in a professional, confidential manner.

Cyprus' FAST TRACK residency programme currently has the following 10 benefits and predominant differentiators to the EU residency programmes on offer in Greece, Malta, Portugal & Spain: 1. It is the most affordable residency programme in Europe - €300k investment in a new residential property secures permanent residency permits for the whole family; and

- only 2/3 of the purchase price needs to be paid upfront before the application process can begin, with the balance being financed (all other countries require full payment to be made).

2. Both the parents & parents-in-law qualify on the programme! 3. Dependent children up to the age of 25* qualify. 4. The residency permits are FOR LIFE - they automatically renew every year.

As my guests you will enjoy VIP treatment, I will show you some of our favourite places; and you'll get a real feeling of the investment opportunities there and of course the prospect to find your new home in Europe. There is plenty of time to take a few dips in The Med, enjoy the magnificent sunsets and to have some relaxation on the beautiful beaches.

5. It only takes 4 – 6 weeks for the residency permits to be processed and approved.

Buying a home overseas is not only a major financial and emotional commitment, but a decision that can be 6. You CAN rent out your property. made easier when you get advice from 7. No need to stay/live in Cyprus. professionals. It is recommended that 8. No minimum annual tax levied for your residency permit to remain valid; and you always check exactly what you are LOGO buying before signing any contracts Cyprus’ personal & corporate tax rates are the lowest in Europe. - the cost of the trip across to Cyprus 9. No inheritance tax: this is highly advantageous for legacy planning. initially to do the groundwork could save 10. The annual property-ownership costs (council taxes, levies, rates etc.) thousands in the long run. Jenny Ellinas Founder of Cypriot Realty are one of the cheapest in Europe. Contact us for a confidential meeting to discuss how Cyprus can fit in with your offshore plans – we will assist and guide you every step of the way to realise Your Plan B.

c ypriot y pr iot



For more information contact Jenny Ellinas on +27 83 448 8734 email Visit




RID YOUR BODY OF TOXINS! Regular readers know that we at SoundWaves Health Clinic had successfully treated a volunteer assigned by The Newspaper, diagnosed with Lymphoma (cancer). This was accomplished with Bio Resonance (Frequency) Therapy - a perfectly painless, non-invasive therapy with zero side-effects. A comprehensive detoxification of the volunteer’s entire system was essential before the cancer treatment could start. That ties in with our present topic, because SoundWaves Health Clinic believes that the public should be aware of alternative perspectives on health issues. For instance: A body invaded by toxins, pathogens and parasites can easily become susceptible to all kinds of diseases– including cancer! These harmful substances are in our very air and water; our man-made materials; cleaning products, cosmetics, etc. We can’t escape them!

even neuromuscular disorders. However: these are very often simply caused by a build-up of toxins, pathogens and parasites. Most Common Signs and Symptoms of Heavy Metal Poisoning or Parasite Infestation Allergies (environmental/food); Anxiety/irritability; Brain “fog”; Cannot shed weight; Chronic unexplained pain; Coated tongue; Cold hands/feet; Dark circles under eyes; Depression; Digestive problems; Extreme fatigue; Frequent colds/flu; Recurring rashes; Headaches; Insomnia; Forgetfulness; Low body temperature; Metallic taste in mouth; Muscle/joint pain; Muscle tics/twitches; Tremors; Night sweats; Mood swings; Sensitive teeth; Smell sensitive; Skin problems; Black spots on gums; Sore/receding gums; Tingling limbs; Shakiness; Vitamin/mineral deficiencies.

Innumerable people suffer from various symptoms and conditions, with no relief from conventional chemical remedies. They lose hope of ever “feeling better”, never realizing that the root of it all may simply be: an overload of toxic substances. So let’s take a look at the damage caused by heavy metals, pathogens – and even parasites! The following illnesses are often diagnosed as medical conditions: certain autoimmune diseases; liver/ kidney ailments; Crohn's Disease; Chronic Fatigue Syndrome; Colitis; Irritable Bowel Syndrome; Fibromyalgia; Leaky Gut Syndrome;

Collaborative Testing

Is there a solution? Yes! SoundWaves Health Clinic’s cutting-edge Non Linear Scanner simply performs a HAIR ANALYSIS. This exposes the toxins and pathogens present; measures the levels of each one, and pinpoints all parasites hiding in your body. It even reveals the mineral and nutritional deficiencies or imbalances caused by them. Then, utilizing SoundWaves Health Clinic’s popular Frequency Therapy, your body can be cleaned up from these harmful elements – no pain; no invasion of privacy; no need to ingest anything! Remember, there really is an alternative pathway to health!

Article by Annemarie de Villiers For more information contact 083 267 9745, or visit

SA’s Large Car Parc

of Old Diesels Continue to Fuel Allergic Conditions

Initiative Ahead of 2016 Rio Olympic The South African Institute for Drug-Free Sport (SAIDS), The Fédération Internationale de Natation (FINA), and 14 other leading National Anti-Doping Organisations (NADOs), announced the continued success of a global collaborative testing initiative in preparation for the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. The participating organisations worked together to develop a comprehensive, fair, and strategic testing distribution plan to be executed in the six months before the Rio Olympic Games. Between 1 January and 5 August 2016, FINA and the 15 NADOs conducted, on average, five to seven out-of-competition tests for each nation’s top ten worldranked male and female swimmers in every aquatic discipline held at the Olympic Games. During the process, FINA and the NADOs have formally connected on a regular basis, sharing relevant intelligence information, and engaging in cooperative analysis processes. The NADOs took the lead on testing athletes in their individual countries, while FINA coordinated testing for the top swimmers in nations outside of the partnership.

Both FINA and the partner NADOs, appreciated the concerns expressed by athletes about ensuring the integrity of competition, and the initiative was created to guarantee that serious action was taken to ensure that every athlete in an aquatic event will compete on a fair basis when they reach the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. The partner organisations and athletes recognise that the international scale of the Olympic Games demands that international sport federations, and NADOs adopt a collaborative and coordinated approach to testing. With improved communication and streamlined processes, the collaboration will advance clean and fair competition at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. As an innovative testing initiative in the anti-doping community, this pilot project will serve as a catalyst for future collaborations, more robust testing programs, and greater fairness across international sport.

Over the last decade, manufacturers of diesel engines have made giant steps forward in reducing tailpipe emissions, but according to scientists it’s not enough as diesel fumes remain a major source of atmospheric soot, which is spurring the rise in allergies and other respiratory conditions. According to one of SA’s leading pharmaceutical companies, specialising in allergy treatments, nasal allergies already affects close to 20 million people in the country. Wilmi Hudsonberg, spokesperson for Pharma Dynamics says while the introduction of new diesel engines, which now comes equipped with advanced filters and catalysts, are encouraging, SA’s car parc is relatively old. “The average age of a light passenger vehicle in SA is around 11 years, while most taxis and buses that typically use diesel are 14 years or older.” “Diesel pollutants can either exacerbate the symptoms of those already prone to allergies or trigger latent allergic reactions in those who were previously not allergic, causing the body to create more antibodies and thereby increasing the allergic immune response. “Diesel exhaust contains about 100 times more carbon particles than petrol and remain airborne for a long time. To make matters worse, when pollen particles bind to diesel particles, they go a lot deeper into the airways since diesel particles are much heavier and in turn, a chemical reaction takes place when the two combine, which make it more allergenic,” she says. In South Africa, diesel car sales are rising and show no signs of slowing down. Since 2008 overall sales of diesel-powered vehicles have almost doubled with diesel cars making up about 22% of our country’s car parc of which about 46% (1 042 510) are older, non-emission controlled diesels. Hudsonberg says the large number of older diesel vehicles on our roads and their continued use poses a serious health risk. Hudsonberg adds that commuting can also add to allergy sufferers’ misery. “When traveling to work – whether in a bus, taxi or car, rather close the windows and turn the air conditioner on. The air-con should filter out all the diesel particles to lessen your exposure and alleviate symptoms.” For more information visit




Nederburg Concert Series 2016

Slava’s Snowshow Storms

With a sparkling line-up of outstanding South African musicians, this year’s Nederburg Concert Series promises to be yet another highly memorable experience. All concerts take place in the intimate music room of the Nederburg manor house.

into Cape Town

From June to October, music lovers will be able to choose from an exemplary selection of music for solo piano, voice, piano duo, harp and flute duo, as well as guitar duo – all to be enjoyed in Nederburg’s Cape-Dutch manor house, a declared national monument near Paarl.

For the first time ever, the multi-award winning critically acclaimed international sensation, Slava’s Snowshow storms into Cape Town This show brilliantly creates a universal world in a timeless theatrical spectacle while enchanting and empowering the imagination of audiences across the globe. The gradual transformation of the spectator during the show is one of the greatest feats Slava’s Snowshow has to offer. Over the past 20 years, this unmistakably unique, yet constantly evolving comedy masterpiece has played to millions of people across the globe in more than 120 cities – now coming to Artscape Opera House, Cape Town from 17- 28 August 2016. Slava’s Snowshow transports you into dream-like places – a bed becomes a boat in a storm-tossed sea; a woman is wrapped in cellophane and becomes flowers in a vase; a child walks in amazement inside a bubble; Slava boards a train and then becomes the train, his chimney-pot hat billowing smoke and a web of unspun cotton envelopes the audiences. The stunning not-to-be missed finale sees a letter turn into snowflakes, and the flakes turn into a snowstorm that whirls around the auditorium leaving the audience ankle-deep in snow.

Two Blondes-One Piano, on Sunday 28 August, features pianists Zorada Temmingh and Elna van der Merwe. Audiences familiar with their concerts know them as a two-piano duo. However, for the Nederburg concert, they will perform together on one piano.

A wordless show that leaves you speechless – laughter through tears – the most heart warming show on earth – rare theatrical beauty – blissful – theatrical brilliance – an unforgettable miracle – a pure form of human kindness.

The programme includes charming duets as well as special arrangements displaying their signature Two Blondes touch. On Sunday, 25 September, the return of Spring will be celebrated with the enchanting sounds of Music for Harp and Flute. Taking their first bow on the Nederburg stage, the acclaimed South African harpist Kobie du Plessis and flautist Louisa Theart will take the audience on a musical journey around the world. The final concert will be on Sunday, 30 October. Presented under the title Andalusian Nights, it will feature the SAMA Award-winning classical guitarist James Grace and flamenco guitarist, Saudiq Kahn. This thrilling programme includes original flamenco guitar music, arrangements of flamencoinspired classical music, as well as a contemporary mix of Spanish music arranged for two guitars. Concertgoers will enjoy melodies composed by Albeniz, Turina, De Lucia, Di Meola and the Gypsy Kings. For more information visit

Flowers, Food and Fashion at Protea Hotel Durbanville Ladies are invited to a fun filled day dressed in 100 shades of pink. The best dressed lady of the day will be presented with a beautiful bouquet of flowers from Interflora. On arrival, ladies will be treated to bubbly and canapes, followed by a flower and fashion show by Interflora. There will be an auction with fabulous prizes which include a cooking class by Jenny Morris. Dr Darren Green will provide charming entertainment and Jenny Morris will deliver an engaging cooking demonstration. A decadent lunch will be served. The Sunflower Fund is the chosen charity and will benefit from this event. The Sunflower Fund, a National Non-Profit Company (NPC), is an organisation in South Africa dedicated to creating awareness, educating the public and handling the registration process for people to join the South African Bone Marrow Registry (SABMR). For more information contact Janine le Roux on 021 701 0661 or book tickets at Quicket

La Primavera - A Spring festival with Antonio Vivaldi and the SCO The Stellenbosch City Orchestra will usher the new season in with their brand new show: LA Primavera: A Spring festival with Antonio Vivaldi at the Somerset College Chapel, Somerset West. The programme will feature the Cape Soloists Choir as well as instrumental soloists from the orchestra and will include amongst others the Spring Concerto (La Primavera) from the Four Seasons (Ie Quattro Stagione), the Double Trumpet Concerto as well as the magnificent GLORIA. Please join SCO on Friday the 16th of September at 7:30 pm for a wonderful evening in the company of one of the most famous Italian musical maestros, the "Red Priest", Antonio Lucio Vivaldi. Tickets are available from Computicket with special concessions for Groups, Pensioners, Students and Primary School Children

After the show ends, nobody wants to leave the theatre – the joy is remembered forever – each person sees his or her own story in the show, your own world comes to life. Tickets are available at Computicket




Bot River Hosts Blooming Spring Weekend The close-knit winemaking community of the small town of Bot River, is set for its annual Spring Weekend which promises an authentic bouquet of all things exceptional and exclusive to this unsung Overberg gem from 2 to 4 September 2016. Home to eminent wine mavericks, Bot River features 11 wine farms – most of them family-owned and run – and during the Spring Weekend each of them will share something unique to their ‘farm cupboard’. Albeit olive oils, fresh produce, deli offerings, honest wines, farm fare, indigenous greenery or local talent, it will be a sumptuous showcase of Bot River’s brimming ‘pantry of delights’. The Bot River Spring Weekend kicks off in high spirits with a sommelier lead Bot River Magnum Magnificence at Beaumont Wine Estate. Local producers will haul out their ‘big boys’ from the cupboards, for some of South Africa’s top sommeliers to match them with delectable pairings. On Saturday and Sunday, 3 & 4 September the farms dotted along this 10 km will entice visitors with their true talents and tastes. This includes a sausage making course at Luddite. Here Genevieve MCC will also treat enthusiasts to Oysters & Bubbles all weekend long and have magnums of its newly released 2012 vintage on sale. Early birds can rise to a hearty breakfast at Goedvertrouw and avid outdoors fans can lace up for a guided fynbos hike amongst the Nguni Stud at Paardenkloof Estate where family picnics prevail.

Nedbank Cape Winemakers Guild Auction Showcase of rare, individual wines

Taste rare, individually crafted wines with creative flair and great diversity at the Nedbank Cape Winemakers Guild Auction Showcase to be held in Cape Town on 18 August at Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC) Cape Town. This public tasting gives wine enthusiasts the opportunity to taste these unique collectors’ wines crafted exclusively in small volumes for the 2016 Nedbank Cape Winemakers Guild Auction by the Guild’s 47 members.

Nature lovers will also have a blast at the Ecology Lifestyle Farm, with specials on fynbos plants at their nursery and Paardenkloof wine tastings and pairings to coax the senses. Other delicious lunch destinations en route include Forage Restaurant at Wildekrans and Gabriëlskloof, while child-friendly hosts for the weekend include Beaumont Estate and Barton Estate, all decked out with a jumping castle and tractor rides. A highlight event of the Spring Weekend will take place at Maramanna Polo Estate on the Saturday evening where a Pink Gin and Bubble Polo affair will end off the day’s entertainment with fun-loving action, locally made gin and a bubbly bar. Tickets are available at

Date Set for 2016 Eat Out Mercedes-Benz Restaurant Awards

The date and venue have been set for the 2016 Eat Out Mercedes-Benz Restaurant Awards. This much-anticipated annual celebration of the best of the South African restaurant industry will take place at the Grand Arena at Grand West in Cape Town on 20 November 2016. After the success of last year’s awards format, the event will once again be a gastronomic, multi-sensory Sunday lunch. These awards recognise the top ten restaurants in South Africa as well as the Eat Out S.Pellegrino Acqua Panna Chef of the Year, and the winners of the Eat Out Boschendal Style Award, the Eat Out Nederburg Rising Star, the Eat Out Lannice Snyman Lifetime Achievement Award, the Eat Out Nespresso Service Excellence Award, and the Eat Out Wine Service Award.

In addition to tasting this year’s CWG auction line-up that will go under the hammer in Stellenbosch on 1 October, the Showcase is a great interactive platform to engage with the winemakers.

Photo: Miles Mossop (Chairman of the Nedbank Cape Winemakers Guild)

In addition to the sought after 2016 auction wines, the members of the Guild will also be presenting some of their acclaimed flagship offerings sold under their own labels.

Individuality, creativity and expression of place set the CWG auction wines apart from the winemakers’ more readily available ranges. Showcase-goers will have the opportunity of contributing towards the Nedbank Cape Winemakers Guild Development Trust by bidding on rare signed bottles from previous Guild auctions during the Silent Auction. Founded in 1999, the Development Trust seeks to transform the wine industry by educating, training and empowering young talent through initiatives such as the Protégé Programme, a highly acclaimed mentorship scheme for upcoming winemakers and viticulturists.

There are also two new awards this year: The Eat Out Retail Capital New Restaurant of the Year and the Eat Out Woolworths Sustainability Award. “Guests can expect an unforgettable experience at this year’s Eat Out MercedesBenz Restaurant Awards, which promise to be a feast for the senses. There will be a six-course menu designed by some of the country’s top chefs, in collaboration with Pete Goffe-Wood, paired with excellent wines, top-class entertainment and displays, and a venue filled with the stars of the restaurant industry,” says Aileen Lamb, general manager of Eat Out. Media personality Elana Afrika-Bredenkamp will once again perform the duties of MC. For the third consecutive year, Mercedes-Benz South Africa (MBSA) will be the title sponsor of the event.

Authentic Eats Get the Spotlight at Third Annual Street Food Festival A country is what it eats, and with that in mind, the third annual Street Food Festival will pay homage to our food culture by dishing up authentic South African street foods pavement-style. The festival features a food market of local talent and a conference and takes place 28 August at Side Street Studios, Woodstock. Launched in 2014, the first Street Food Festival was a huge success, attracting over 2000 people with 40 vendors. Over 100 attended the day-long conference with a panel of street food entrepreneurs, experts, and speakers. This year's festival takes the same format with markets serving authentic street fare made with quality ingredients. Food like askoek, smileys, walkie talkies, samoosas, shisa nyama, bunny chows, gatsbys, fish and chips, rotis and vetkoek, will be prepared by some of South Africa's best street food vendors. A Cape Town highlight will be a special Pig’s Head Lunch, cooked by Bertus Basson, while the conference will feature talks and workshops geared to inspire all those who are passionate about food, sharing the secrets of their success. Preceding the market and conference will be special Indian-themed Street Food dinners designed by Studio H and created by Food Jammer Chef Jade de Waal. For more information visit




What’s happening at the Winelands Chocolate Festival

The second Winelands Chocolate Festival takes place at Blaauwklippen Wine Estate in Stellenbosch on 20 -21 August 2016. This year the festival offers a bigger and better line-up, activities for the whole family and, of course, even more chocolate. The festival has many treats in store for its visitors, including: CHOCOLATE THEATRE - The chocolate theatre will host a series of chocolate demonstrations from master chocolatiers and food artists, a live performance by sculptor Harry Johnson who will attempt to transform 300kg of chocolate into a life size statue of a human and also keep an eye out for Dot de Klerck’s chocolate statue.

LINDT AFTERNOON TEA - This exclusive event on the Manor House verandah, will give guests a complimentary, welcome glass of MCC and a generous selection of Lindt’s finest chocolate truffles and patisseries. THE CHOCOLATE ROOMS - All seven rooms in the main building will be filled with the heady aromas of chocolate from chocolatiers, confectioners and will also include an exact replica of a Victorian Kitchen. Walk through a life-like Cacao Plantation and enjoy brandy and chocolate tastings in the Spirit Room. METHODE CAP CLASSIQUE (MCC) COURTYARD - Adults can relish some of the best MCCs, oysters and snacks and be entertained by the Lindt “Pop up shop”. PRALINE AND PATISSERIE GARDEN - This decadent area will offer ample seating, classical music as well as a screening of the movie, Chocolat. THE FOOD FORECOURT UNDER THE OAKS - Food trucks, stands selling gourmet eats, an array of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages as well as a kiddies play area with a jumping castle and organised games will be offered in this area. Other kiddies activities include Face and Finger Painting, Hand Prints, Chocolate Word Puzzles, Chocolate Maze Games, Educational Videos about Chocolate and Screenings of the ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ movie. THE GRANDE MARQUEE - Featuring live music, this area will host the daily fashion shows and will showcases pecial-occasion wear by STEPHANO; the latest range of clothing from the Durbanville-based fashion house, FOUND; and jewellery by local jeweller Zuyda van Dyk. For more information visit

Stellenbosch’s Fun Food & Wine Pairings Gain Foodie Attentions

Restaurants Invited

to Enter for New Sustainability Award

Foodies all over the world are taking notice of South African restaurants are invited to enter the inaugural Eat Out Woolthe exceptional food and wine pairings offered worths Sustainability Award, the winner of which will be announced at 2016 across the Stellenbosch winelands. From pairing Eat Out Mercedes-Benz Restaurant Awards in November. sparkling wines with sweet treats, to matching This new award is aimed at recognisdelectable red wine with salts from all over the ing restaurants that are implementing world, Stellenbosch has it all on offer for visitors practices that are environmentally and and locals alike. Visitors heading to Stellenbosch socially responsible in an effort to be in the coming months can expect the following: more sustainable as well as being Pancake & wine pairings at Uitkyk Wine cognisant of the importance of higher Estate - A scrumptious selection of 5 pancakes, animal welfare. prepared with various fillings on a wooden platter “We recognise that achieving sustainwith five wines. ability is an ongoing process, but we Creative Block pairings at Spier - Created want to showcase restaurants that are by Chef Charl Coetzee and sommelier Welma making great strides to promote good Beukes, this gourmet food pairing features Crepractices,” says Eat Out editor Abigail ative Block 2, 3 and 5 as well as Spier’s Late Donnelly. Bottled Vintage 2007. The Eat Out Woolworths Sustainability Award judging panel is independent Lourensford chocolate and wine pairing - Four handmade chocolate batons, crafted to from that of the Eat Out Mercedes-Benz perfectly complement the wines, are paired with a fabulous Viognier, two reds, and ended Restaurant Awards. off with a sweet note in the form of a very unique Honey Liqueur. Bubbly & sweets pairing at JC le Roux - Pairing its Méthode Cap Classique and sparkling wines with a selection of tempting sweet treats from nougat to marshmallows and meringues. Oude Werf Hotel soul food evenings - Steaming thick soups, slow-simmered bredies and curries, sticky steamed puddings. Each of these comfort food pleasures is served every Thursday until the end of September at the Oude Werf Hotel. Sweets & brandy pairing at Van Ryn’s Distillery - Van Ryn’s offers unique pairings such as Belgian chocolate, Florentine biscuits and a choice of charcuterie and cheese platters with their award-winning, hand-crafted potstill brandies.

Says Justin Smith, group head of sustainability, Woolworths Holdings: “The aim of the Eat Out Woolworths Sustainability Award is to inspire readers and members of the food industry to reduce their impact, to create greater awareness about responsible sourcing and eating, and to reward a restaurant that has shown true commitment in this regard.” To enter, restaurants are invited to complete an entry form, which lists the criteria against which they will be judged. All criteria need to have been met for six months or longer in order for a restaurant to qualify. The closing date for entries is 15 August 2016.

Family Farmstall Hoofstraat 507, Noorder - Paarl | Tel 021 872 4854

Ons is Oop 7 Dae ‘n week

Kom loer gerus binne, u sal verras wees! * Biltong

* Droëwors

* Vetkoek

* Heuning

* Konfyt

* Geskenke

* Enamel

* Glasware

* Dekor

* Meubels

* Blomme



Greyton Creative Arts Festival

The quirky village of Greyton is hosting the second Creative Arts Festival from 26 – 28 August. To add variety and unconventionality, organisers have cast their net beyond Greyton to include over 40 artists from the Overberg region.


Genadendal, Catherine Paynter, Marina Aguiar, Warrick Kemp, Gretha Quinlan and Monique Fagan from Greyton, Catherine Brennon from Hermanus, and Gareth and Ginny Hinkling, Gustav Bester, Margaret Epstein, Louis Stroh van der Walt from Villiersdorp. Also exhibiting are Anthony Shapiro, Jo Pentz and Karin Abedian, three well known ceramicists from Cape Town, as well as Victor Harley from Pringle Bay. Aside from the DRC hall and Anglican Church hall, works are being exhibited at shops, restaurants, studios, private homes and accommodation establishments throughout the village. The festival programme line-up Includes an outing to a working dairy farm, a guided hike to the Genadendal bushman paintings, close encounters with farm animals, informative talks, an introduction to clay pigeon shooting, an architectural heritage walk of the village, beer tasting at Greyton’s very own brewery, gluhwein by candlelight and a late night movie evening.

Photo: Catherine Paynter

Discerning art lovers and connoisseurs can expect a broad spectrum of mediums promising to stimulate the senses. Known artists from the region include Kali van der Merwe, Philip John and Jan Vingerhoets from Baardskeerdersbos, Carol Mangiagalli, Johno du Plessis and Gert Naudé from Caledon, Heinrich Joemath and mouth artist Martin Sodoms from

A further highlight is self- proclaimed Xhosa-speaking Jewish comedian-leg-spinner Nik Rabinowitz’s show “Midwife Crisis”, his first state of the planet address since becoming a father of three. Youngsters are encouraged to attend “Goosie’s Story” the tale of a rescued battery chick focusing on the humane treatment of animals. Workshops suitable for young and old include fun-filled drama sessions with Ryan Johnson, explore nature’s healing remedies with local fynbos guru Marshall Rinquest, create candle castles with chandler Grabbie, experiment with cake decorating techniques or join Erna Moolman for a fabric hand printing session. For more information visit

Join Cape Town Mini Maker Faire

After a successful inaugural edition in 2015, the Cape Town Mini Maker Faire is back with an even bigger and better event this year. Placing a spotlight on DIY and technology, this year’s Mini Maker Faire will bring techies, tinkerers, hackers, hobbyists, crafters, artists, tech gurus, authors and inventors together to engage with the public and exchange ideas at the Cape Town Science Centre in Observatory from 26 -28 August 2016.

Described as the “Greatest Show (and Tell) on Earth”, the Mini Maker Faire is a space where people with a passion for learning, collaboration and creativity can connect. Part science fair, part trade fair, and part something entirely new, the event offers a great day out for people of all ages to interact with amazing creations and experience the exciting world of the Makers. More than 60 exciting local Makers will be on show, as well as installations by the Faire’s knowledge partners: PriceWaterhouseCoopers Western Cape, Stellenbosch University’s Launch Lab, the Cape Innovation and Technology Institute and the University of the Western Cape. Exhibits will range from home-grown drones to robotics and Arduino projects, space projects and kit makers to 3D printers, rockets and RC toys, radios to gaming and electric vehicles, as well as a host of handmade craft and fashion projects and some exciting installations of “art cars” straight from the Afrika Burn festival. In addition, an enclosed drone zone will let visitors test their flying skills, while the PPC Imaginarium, South Africa’s most supportive art and design competition for emerging creatives, will showcase industrial design, fashion, film, jewellery and sculpture all made from concrete. PPC Imaginarium will also host an interactive workshop, together with Cemcrete, where members of the public can learn how to make their own objects from quick-drying cement.

PAWN STARS WANTED! Cash Converters FOR SALE in Claremont. Become part of an international franchise with over 31 years’ experience, represented in 20 countries. We offer multiple revenue streams through our retailing, secured and unsecured money lending products. Intensive ongoing training and support is offered both at the beginning of the relationship and ongoing. Follow the business model and you could achieve double-digit growth. This is an amazing opportunity to secure your future and the future of your family. Call Jean-Pierre Seger on 071 155 5733.

A popular attraction with both kids and their “kidults” at the 2015 Mini Maker Faire was the participative Maker Station, run by Felix Holm and his team at the Cape Town Maker Station based in Woodstock. Designed especially with children in mind, this feature returns again this year with another mountain of defunct appliances that can be upcycled into innovative creations. Another highlight of this year’s event is a specially curated session presented by renowned style icon and fashion editor, Jackie Burger, now of Salon 58 fame. “Jackie & the Makers” will see Burger introduce and interact with leading fashion designers and artisans who will share their creative journeys and how they bring their uniquely crafted apparel to life. For more information, visit

Open Design Festival Cape Town Design is the mighty thread that binds solutions to a better future world. Woven into the building blocks of innovation, education and community, it’s essential to build a society that is sustainable, inclusive and prosperous. One of Cape Town’s most dynamic design events, the Open Design Cape Town Festival, brings these concepts to life in a 12-day programme, taking place from 10-21 August 2016 at Cape Town City Hall and various venues across the city. The Open Design Cape Town Festival is an inclusive festival of ideas that showcases the role of design and innovation in solving problems and improving lives. It features events that are relevant for people from all communities and all walks of life, from design professionals in all disciplines; to students, learners, educators and parents; and those who are simply curious about design and want to see how it can be used to mobilise social change and transformation. Events include talks about design in various sectors; conferences that explore innovation in business; exhibitions that showcase design and innovation as a career choice; and open studio tours that reveal how designers actually work. Now in its fourth year, the Open Design Cape Town Festival features a core events programme at Cape Town City Hall, from 10-16 August and a broader citywide programme from 17-21 August. Programme highlights include the opening and closing parties on 10 and 20 August respectively; the Designing Careers Education Programme and exhibition for high school learners on every week day; Designing Careers Tertiary Open Day on 13 August; a morning of Talk100 sessions on 11 August; Pecha Kucha on 16 August; and Architecture Open Studios visits on 17 and 18 August. For more information visit







TEAM SA GOING TO OLYMPIC GAMES IN RIO A squad of 137 will be part of Team South Africa that will carry the nation’s flag at the 2016 Olympic Games to be held from 5-­21 August in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Initially SASCOC announced 24 names in May 2016 and during July additional names were added to the squad after the completion of the final qualifying deadlines in the various sporting codes, bringing the final number of competitors for Rio to 137. Joining Team SA in Rio will be 39 athletes from the athletics code who have all met the set standards to compete at the Olympic Games. Some athletes such as Caster Semenya, Wenda Nel, Wayde van Niekerk and Stephen Mokoka have also qualified for more than one event, but will only concentrate on disciplines of their specialty. In addition to athletics, athletes from other sports include: aquatics, badminton, canoeing, cycling, equestrian, football, golf, gymnastics, judo, rowing, rugby sevens, sailing, and triathlon. Managing and coaching additions to the squad are also hugely experienced personnel who have occupied these positions previously in different sporting events. Team SA will be assisted by a Medical Team including a Chief Medical Officer, 3 Doctors, a Chief Physiotherapist an 9 Physiotherapists. An incentive programme has been designed to incentivise the athletes representing the country in at least 14 sporting codes. All medalists at the Olympic Games will receive incentives: Individual medal winner who wins Gold will be paid out R400 000, while the coach will receive R100 000. Silver medallists will receive R200 000, while the Coach will receive R50 000. Lastly an athlete who wins Bronze will receive R80 000 with the Coach earning R20 000. According to SASCOC’s president Gideon Sam the SA Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee has set a target of winning 10 medals at the Olympic Games in Rio 2016. Chad le Clos, Cameron van der Burgh, Wayde Van Niekerk and Caster Semenya are among the athletes that the country hopes will be able to bring medals home.

Photo Credit: Wessel Oosthuizen/SASPA

The first group of athletes left for Rio on 23 July to set up base camp at the SASCOC Olympic Village in the city.

Chester Williams Carries Olympic Torch On 14 July legendary South African rugby player Chester Williams, part of the famous World Cup-winning side of 1995 who won the World Cup in South Africa in 1995, carried the Olympic torch in the southern Brazilian city of Curitiba. With rugby returning to the Olympic Games for the first time since 1924, Williams is looking forward to South Africa repeating their World Cup success. Williams carried the Olympic torch with rugby on the verge of ending a 92-year wait and returning to the Olympic Games, in the sevens version of rugby. On 6 August, Rio will play host to the first Olympic rugby match since 1924, when the French and Spanish women's side face off in the Deodoro Stadium. Williams was coach of the first ever Springboks sevens team between 2001 - 2003. "It's amazing that rugby sevens is part of the Olympics." "It's an opportunity for rugby to show that we have all the Olympic values; respect, enjoyment and excellence, plus the balance between body, mind and spirit," says Chester. The Springboks Sevens will be among the top seeds in Rio and have been drawn in the pool with Australia, France and Spain. Photo Credit: Rio 2016 ( André Luiz Mello )

Brown Leads Experienced Group to Rugby 7s at Olympic Games The South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee (SASCOC) included an experienced and powerful squad of 12 players to compete at the Rugby Sevens as part of Team South Africa at the 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil. Kyle Brown will captain the squad that will compete as part of Team SA as rugby returns to the Olympics, 92 years since the 15-man format was last played at the Olympics, in 1924 in Paris. Current World Rugby Sevens Player of the Year, Werner Kok, was included in the team after he missed out in all of the 2015/16 HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series following a knee injury. He has been joined by Springbok midfielder, Juan de Jongh, who has played in 14 Test matches for South Africa. De Jongh’s regular DHL Stormers team mate in Vodacom Super Rugby, Cheslin Kolbe, was also included, but generally Springbok Sevens coach Neil Powell stuck to most of the regulars that helped the Blitzboks to second place in the overall World Series. This include forwards Tim Agaba, Philip Snyman and Kwagga Smith, who was named in World Rugby's Dream Team at the completion of the World Series along with speedster Seabelo Senatla. The winger will be joined by former World Sevens Player of the Year Cecil Afrika, Justin Geduld and Rosko Specman at the back. All-rounder Dylan Sage also secured a trip to Rio with strong performances in the last couple of tournaments.

Photo L-R - Werner Kok and Cheslin Kolbe - Photo Credit: Wessel Oosthuizen/SASPA

The Springbok Sevens team that will compete as part of Team SA is: Kyle Brown (captain), Tim Agaba, Philip Snyman, Werner Kok, Dylan Sage, Kwagga Smith, Rosko Specman, Cheslin Kolbe, Cecil Afrika, Justin Geduld, Juan de Jongh, Seabelo Senatla. Travelling reserves: Chris Dry, Francois Hougaard.

Follow Team SA at the 2016 Rio Olympics Exciting news for all South African sports supporters wanting to follow Team SA at the 2016 Rio Olympics is that the TeamSArise mobile application for android devices is up and running. Loads of Team SA info will be found on the app, such as results, competition schedule, athletes profiles, and more. Users can download the app and it is available globally. Visit and search: Team SA rise, Facebook: Team South Africa @sascoc Twitter: Team South Africa @teamsa16




Team REEDS set to Ride4Smiles at FNB Wines2Whales

“In addition to free surgeries, we also seek to build long-term sufficiency in resource poor environments,” says Sean Robson, Communications Coordinator of Operation Smile South Africa. “Operation Smile trains doctors and local medical professionals in its partner countries, empowering them to treat their local communities and help others around the world. Operation Smile also donates medical equipment and supplies and provides year-round medical treatment through its worldwide centers.” Team Reeds 1 Ride4Smiles will take part in the FNB W2W MTB Ride (07 – 09 November 2016) and will consist of Johan Louw and Shaun Peters. According to Louw, every child should have the right to smile. “I’m looking forward to sharing the experience with my good mate Shaun, in support of this worthy cause. FNB W2W is a must do event. I love the fantastic trails, food, race village and vibe.”

Photo: Erica Green 2015 FNB W2W MTB Adventure - Photo Credit: Jetline Action Photo

Reeds Motor Group will support Operation Smile South Africa at the 2016 FNB Wines2Whales (W2W) Mountain Bike (MTB) Events.

Team Reeds 2 Ride4Smiles will be gunning for a podium position at the FNB W2W MTB Adventure (04 – 06 November 2016) and will consist of multiple SA mountain bike champion, Erica Green and former SA Sub Vet XCO Champion Phelia Burger.

One in 700 children in South Africa is born with a cleft lip and/or palate. Operation Smile South Africa provides free surgeries to repair a cleft lip, a cleft palate and other facial deformities for children around the globe.

“We are really proud to support Operation Smile South Africa,” says Green. “Repairing a cleft lip and/or palate seems to be a relatively simple procedure, but the huge impact that it has on each beneficiary is life-changing. Our goal at the FNB W2W MTB Adventure will be to raise as much awareness as possible and hopefully draw people towards this beautiful charity.”

Fedhealth MTB Challenge

Rugby stars join hands

Nine development riders from the BMT Mountain Bike (MTB) Academy in Stellenbosch will be seen in action at the second annual Fedhealth MTB Challenge at the Meerendal Wine Estate in Durbanville on 4 September 2016. Started in 2015, the goal of the Academy was to encourage Kayamandi residents to participate in sport, get outdoors and challenge themselves. “We currently have ten members,” says Chris Norton of the BMT MTB Academy. “Our youngest member is fifteen, while our oldest member is thirty-two. Our members have always been great people, the Academy has just taught them teamwork and dedication, while giving them a goal. Each rider has the opportunity, through sport, to improve physically and mentally.”

on Mandela Day

Springboks Lood de Jager, Trevor Nyakane, Jan Serfontein joined Springbok Sevens stars Carel du Preez and Sandile Ngcobo and Springbok Women’s players Veroeshka Grain, Marithy Pienaar and Chané Stadler at two children’s homes in Cape Town as part of the SA Rugby activities to celebrate Mandela Day. The players as well as SA Rugby staff members visited the Leliebloem Child and Youth Care Centre and the Christine Revell Children’s Home, both situated in Athlone, Cape Town. At the youth care centre, the players participated in a number of fun games with the youngsters and they also made a donation of blankets. The kids, in turn, presented the players with some drawings.

Photo Credit: BMT MTB Academy

“We take part in at least ten races per year,” continues Norton. “Stillwater Sports does an amazing job in assisting us with race entries. We specifically entered the Fedhealth MTB Challenge because we thrive on challenges. We’re looking forward to testing our skills and learning a few new lessons out on route.” “I’ve been a member of the BMT Academy for two years,” says team captain, Thando Nthuthu. “I enjoy the sport of mountain biking because it keeps me fit and is always a challenge with technical terrain. After a good training session I always feel as if I can defeat all of life’s challenges. I enjoy being part of the BMT Academy because of the team spirit. I have the opportunity to train and race with friends. My goal at the Fedhealth MTB Challenge will be to podium in my age group.

They then moved to the Christine Revell Children’s Home, where they donated groceries – collected by the SA Rugby staff members – and sweets parcels to the young toddlers. Afterwards, the players joined in the fun, playing some Rugby Tots games, while others read storybooks to the youngsters. Jurie Roux, SA Rugby CEO, explained the visits and donations are part of a programme that SA Rugby initiated last year. “The players were all enthusiastic and are very supportive of these activities, and we are very proud and grateful to them for their involvement. It’s not only the players who contributed towards these efforts and I must complement our staff members too for their unselfish contributions, which I am sure will make a meaningful impact at these care facilities.”

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PSFA Blisters for Bread Charity Family Fun Walk Entries can be done online or download the entry form at Entry forms can also be collected at PSFA’s offices situated at 47 Trill Road, Observatory, Top Events offices situated at 7 Koeberg Road, Maitland or at selected Pick n Pay and Sportsmans Warehouse branches in the greater Cape Town area. The closing date for groups and manual entries is August 7 and online entries, August 17.

The Peninsula School Feeding Association (PSFA) is pleased to announce that entries are now open for their 48th popular annual fundraising event, the Blisters for Bread Charity Family Fun Walk which will be taking place at the Green Point Cricket Club on Sunday, 28 August 2016. This year there will be two routes along the Sea Point Promenade, a 10km walk that starts at 7:30am and a 5km walk that starts at 8am. PSFA calls everyone to join them in their battle against childhood hunger by entering this special family event at the cost of only R50 per person. Each entry fee will enable PSFA to provide 25 underprivileged hungry school children with a nutritious cooked breakfast and lunch for an entire day! Entries are limited to 12 000 people.

If you are unable to walk Blisters for Bread this year, then PSFA encourages both Cape Town locals and the rest of South Africa’s public, businesses and schools to consider making a monetary contribution. This can be done by logging onto their website 100% of all donations made to PSFA go towards school feeding and are tax-deductible. Blisters for Bread, which was started in 1968 by concerned staff and pupils at Savio College in Lansdowne and handed over to PSFA to manage, has grown from strength to strength and has become a highlight on the Cape Town events calendar. Last year, over 11 500 people entered Blisters for Bread and the event raised R579 700, enabling PSFA to provide 1 468 hungry children with meals for a period of one year. “I would like to take this opportunity to thank the many people and organisations that have consistently supported this important event year after year,” said Charles Grey, Fundraising Manager at PSFA. “We are truly grateful to everybody for coming together with a common goal in mind, and that is to ensure that hungry children at school will continue to receive daily meals that assist with reducing their short term hunger, increasing their attendance and performance and building their immune systems.” For enquiries, contact Karen or Andrea at Top Events on 021 511 7130 or email

Richard shows readiness for Rio despite drama

Richard Murray showed with his first triathlon race back after he broke his collarbone in April that he will be ready for the Olympic Games come August in Rio.

Once again the WTS Hamburg proved to be a less than happy race for Murray. Like last year he got a time penalty. This time the 10 seconds cost him, Mario Mola and the spectators a chance at an out and out foot race to the finish-line between the two best sprinters on the world triathlon stage. Murray had no idea about the penalty and when he realised he stopped for the 10 seconds and asked the official for an explanation, but none was given. The always emotional and passionate Murray showed his anger and frustration with the situation and in the end his second place was taken away and he was disqualified for unsportsmanlike behaviour. Murray’s penalty was because he by accident put his wetsuit in the wrong box at the transition point after the swim. “I was so angry because I did not know what the penalty was for at that stage. Not knowing why I had a penalty was very frustrating and having to miss out on a footrace with Mario was so disappointing,” said Murray. “I lost my cool as I ran towards the finish, but it was in the heat of the moment. I do realise that getting this angry will have repercussions, but I think it would be nice if the reason for the penalty were communicated to the athletes. Only fair I think. It was not nice seeing another athlete standing on the podium in my second place. I should have controlled the situation better.” Before all this drama the race was going kind of perfect for Murray. He had a great swim, controlled bike-leg and then he and Mola took the race away from everyone else by running like only they can. Their times over the 5km run leg were 14 minutes and 17 seconds. “I am really happy with how my body felt and how everything came together on the day. The swimming is almost there and I felt amazing during the race.” Murray only had two races before Rio after he crashed in Australia in April. He was included in Team South Africa for Rio and showed on in Hamburg that the crash did not ruin his medal chances.

Photo L-R - Mario Mola & Richard Murray - Photo Credit: Finisher Triatlón magazine / Red Bull Content Pool

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