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MAKE YOUR MOVE - 2016 IS HERE! Summer is the most spectacular season in Cape Town and the Western Cape with perfect temperatures that provide an endless selection of things to do by day and night. It is also a time for cultural and sporting events, making it an ideal time to plan a trip to the Western Cape - as participant or even as a spectator.


The Western Cape's line-up of events for the summer season 2016 has increasingly become a major draw-card for both local and international visitors. Culture, nature and pleasure is what awaits you at Kirstenbosch Summer Concerts, the Taalmonument Picnic Series in Paarl and Elgin’s Hope@ Paulcluver Summer Concerts in Grabouw until April. The season is filled with Cycling events such as the Cape Town Cycle Tour, ABSA Cape Epic, while athletes flock to the Old Mutual Two Oceans Ultra and Half Marathon, carnivals, festivals and many more.


Cricket fans can enjoy the New Year’s Test between the Proteas and England at PPC Newlands from 2 - 6 January, Proteas v England ODI on 14 February and the T20 on 19 February, while the T20 match between the Proteas and Australia is scheduled for 3 March. Photo: J&B Met 2015 Winning Jockey Bernard Fayd’ Herbe

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Cape Town Hospital First in SA to Test Germ-zapping Robot

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A state-of-the-art robot that kills bacteria and viruses with ultraviolet light has entered the fight against the spread of germs and infections, especially ones that are resistant to antibiotics, for the first time in South Africa. The robot is currently being trialled at Netcare Blaauwberg Hospital in Cape Town. “In South Africa and around the world there is a growing problem with antibiotic resistance. It is essential for us to focus on preventative measures, instead of just throwing bigger and better antibiotics at the problem,” says Dr Ricky Dippenaar, head of the neonatal intensive care units (NICUs) at Netcare Blaauwberg and Netcare N1 City hospitals. The Xenex robot is about the size of a large vacuum cleaner. The technology was delivered to Netcare Blaauwberg Hospital recently and put through its paces. The floor plans of each room within the NICU where it will be used had already been programmed into the device.

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Cape Town Hospital First in SA to Test Germ-zapping Robot


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When switched on, a dome-shaped ‘head’ emerges from the robot. This sits on top of a ‘neck’ of lamps that emit pulses of high-intensity xenon ultraviolet (UV) light that destroys bacteria, viruses and mould.

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There are three spectrums of UV light: A, B, and C. We use suntan lotion to protect ourselves from the A and B spectrums. The earth’s ozone layer protects us from UV-C light, which is what the robot emits.


“Because bacteria have never been exposed to this frequency of light, it means they are facing a new environmental factor that they are not able to survive,” says Dr Dippenaar.

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“The light passes through the cell walls of bacteria, viruses and mould and destroys their DNA, preventing them from replicating.”

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“This sophisticated equipment is something completely new.

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We have used UV light in various medical applications before, but never with this amount of research behind it and with this degree of sophistication. This robot has proven so effective in the USA that it is deployed in some of the leading hospitals,” says Dr Dippenaar. This technology will be used in one of Netcare Blaauwberg Hospital’s most sensitive environments, the NICU, where premature and other compromised babies are being cared for.

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In that environment, the highest risk area is where the mothers’ breast milk is prepared.

The Newspaper subscribes to the South African Press code that prescribes news that is truthful accurate fair and well balanced.

The robot will be used in addition to the normal cleaning and disinfection protocols. No staff, babies, mothers, or milk will be exposed to it.

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Dr Dippenaar explains that resistance to antibiotics is developing in part due to the over-prescription of antibiotics to fight simple infections like coughs. This creates an environment in which these highly intelligent organisms are able to adapt and become resistant to antibiotics. These resistant organisms are often referred to as “superbugs”. Other countries around the world have the same problem. In some developing countries this is made worse by the fact that antibiotics are not regulated and can be purchased over the counter.

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Make Your Move - 2016 Is Here!

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L’Ormarins Queen’s Plate takes place on 9 January at Kenilworth Racecourse, where race-goers will look on as the country’s top thoroughbreds battle it out, while the J & B Met, South Africa’s oldest horserace is set for 30 January. The exciting open water swim, the Sanlam Cape Mile takes place at the pristine Eikenhof Dam at the Grabouw Country Club 7 February, where entrants can choose between an exhilarating mile (1.6km) and a refreshing 500m swim. 27 For Freedom Run/Walk will start and finish in front of the statue of Nelson Mandela on 13 February at Drakenstein Correctional Facility, formerly known as Victor Verster Prison in Paarl. The theme of the Run/Walk is – “My 27km for Madiba’s 27 years!” The Cape Peninsula Marathon starts in Green Point, while the half marathon starts at the Bergvliet Sports Club with both routes taking runners on a fast, flat course through to the finish at the Naval Sports Grounds in Simon’s Town on 21 February. The Cape Town Cycle Tour will take place on 9 March from Cape Town CBD and end in Green Point. One of the largest sporting events in the world and offers a 109km route that takes you along a spectacular scenic circle around Cape Town, displaying significant mountain and ocean views. Danie Marais, Photo Credit: Volume Photography


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The Cape Town Carnival will be held on 12 March on the Fanwalk in Greenpoint, an area that has become synonymous with big street parties. The street is flanked by hotels, restaurants, bars and is a stone’s throw from the popular V&A Waterfront. The Absa Cape Epic is an annual mountain bike stage race for elite professional mountain bikers covering more than 700 km and lasting eight days - a prologue and seven stages takes place from 13-20 March. For almost 20 years, the KKNK (Klein Karoo Nasionale Kunstefees) in Oudtshoorn has been rocking the country. The festival showcasing the arts, culture and heritage of South Africa will be held from 24-30 March. The Old Mutual Two Oceans Ultra and Half Marathon is the world’s most beautiful marathon and takes place on 26 March in Cape Town. This 21km and 56km road race follows a scenic route all along the ocean and mountains for which Cape Town is so famous. The Cape Town Jazz Festival will be held from 1-2 April at the Cape Town International Convention Centre. Affectionately referred to as “Africa’s Grandest Gathering,” it is the largest music event in sub-Saharan Africa. The Discovery World Triathlon Cape Town will take place on 23-24 April 2016 in the V&A Waterfront. It also has the largest and world’s best age-group events - for sprint and standard distance. For more information on events taking place in 2016, visit our website: for daily updates




Cape To Rio - A World First Atlantic Row The Cape-to-Rio Yacht Race, which takes place every 3 years, is known as one of the toughest yacht races in the world. In January 2017, two well-known professional adventurers and highly respected inspirational speakers, Peter Van Kets and Braam Malherbe, will be doing the seemingly impossible: rowing from Cape Town to Rio de Janeiro during the Cape to Rio Yacht Race. This will be a totally unassisted row covering a distance of 6,700kms. If they achieve their goal it will be a massive South African sporting accomplishment and a world first. Braam and Pete, both passionate conservationists, have a big purpose behind the row. They will be focussing on the vital importance of protecting our Earth and its biodiversity, including highlighting the plight of marine life and the oceans. Most significantly, they will be inviting all 7, 2 billion of us humans to participate. This will be via a free App to be launched next year, to 'DOT' (Do One Thing) to be an asset to the Earth. Their goal is to get an ambitious 1 billion people to show their asset value on the App...and become true Earth Citizens. "A mere 20 years ago you could not easily reach a million people in a few short months, let alone call them to action and have that actions available for all to see.

Intelligent Geyser System Could Change How We Use Energy, and Water Dr Thinus Booysen of Stellenbosch University and his team in the MTN Mobile Intelligence lab have developed GeyserSense, a device that, attached to a geyser, promises to not only save precious energy, but also to get consumers to think about how they use water. Described as an intelligent geyser monitoring system – intelligent as in computer jargon – by one of its inventors, Dr Thinus Booysen, its secret is the printed circuit board that sits in nondescript water-resistant housing alongside a few other electronics and some blinking lights. The device as a whole sits tucked next to a geyser, with four temperature sensors, a power switching relay, a water-flow meter and a water-supply control running from the casing to strategic points around the geyser. One of the sensors is located at the geyser’s outlet pipe, monitoring its temperature. Based on that reading, the system can track when warm water is being used. The system then generates a usage profile – how much hot water is being used – that is shared on a mobile phone app, also designed by Booysen and his team. This profile is then used to determine a customised heating schedule for the geyser. That schedule can be pre-programmed on the app, which can remotely switch the geyser on and off autonomously. (The best time, in fact, to switch on a geyser is about two and a half hours before a big ‘event’ – a bath or shower – while it’s best to switch it off before the event.

Photo L- R: Peter Van Kets and Braam Malherbe

But today, through the many social media platforms, we can indeed reach a billion people. This means, in our planets stressful time, we, the perpetrators of the stress, can turn things around more rapidly than we ever believed possible", says Malherbe. The expeditions main theme will be ‘Out of Sight, Out of Mind’. “It is only when we understand what is going on, that we can contribute to being part of the solution", says Van Kets. “Oceans play a major role in climate changes effecting Earth’s connected eco systems. From ocean acidification, 'dead zones' and sea water rise,” continues Van Kets. Another important expedition focus is that of ‘zero carbon emissions’ and what each one of us can do to contribute to a sustainable future. Sun International have proudly sponsored the rowing boat which will be delivered in Cape Town. In the mean time, Braam and Pete start to train for this epic world first. 'How?' one might well ask! “We did the race to the South Pole together in 2011, and since then we are best friends. We are both very excited to be doing this mission together as we both share the same values and passion to be assets of mother Nature,” concludes Malherbe. “The training for this king of missions is critical and very important. It is not Braam and me that will make this expedition a success, it is the participation of everyone that will ensure a sustainable future,” said Van Ketz.

A geyser takes about two hours to heat up water, but will take more than 24 hours to cool down. Oh yes, around 55 °C is the optimal setting for a geyser.) But if done right, the savings could be enormous, calculates Booysen. There are some 5.4 million geysers in use in South Africa, consuming around R30 billion in energy. GeyserSense could potentially cut down that consumption by 16-20%, as they’ve seen in a pilot study with 10 houses in the Western Cape. The next step for GeyserSense is SABS approval. A research contract with the Water Research Commission (WRC) also means that the device can get some large-scale field testing; it will deploy some 300 devices in Mpumalanga’s Mkhondo and Chief Albert Luthuli Photo: Dr Thinus Booysen municipalities. But Booysen has some bigger plans up his sleeve for GeyserSense, which has already generated two patents and is now in the third round of design. The system will serve as the launch pad for BridgIoT – or ‘Bridge Internet of Things’.

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The company’s raison d’être would be to produce things for the Internet of Things (IoT), Booysen explains. This in reference to the network of physical objects or ‘things’ that come armed with electronics, software, sensors and network connectivity. “There’s a lot of stuff in the house and the world that can be accessed and controlled remotely from the cloud, and we want to be part of that,” he says. Among the devices BridgIoT will be looking to design and produce are intelligent pool pumps, a vehicle tracking system to monitor the behaviour of drivers, an e-health tool to help patients adhere to treatments, a tool to monitor leakages in municipal water pipes, and automated water metering.

w w w. p e a c o c k b l u e . c o. z a




New Airport Office Park

Ifix Now Sells Pre-Loved

at Cape Town International Airport

Iphones Online

Cape Town International Airport is investing R56 million in the renovation of the current Airport Oval office building and adding a new wing increasing the building’s footprint from 1,603m² to 3,890m². The project commenced in November 2015 and will consist of four distinct phases and the future expansion of phase two to phase four will be triggered by demand. “With the airport fast approaching the 10 million passenger mark it is appropriate to trigger the expansion of the office park at the airport. The airport has been experiencing exceptional growth. Air Traffic Movements and also Passenger numbers have been growing by nearly 9% year on year and 60% of our passengers are business travellers – office parks become all the more relevant.

iFix, the recommended cell phone and device repair specialist, is excited to announce the launch of their new brand called i2, which will be selling pre-loved iPhones online to the public from December 2015. At i2, their mission is to find good homes for pre-loved iPhones - the ones that aren't ready to give up the ghost, but deserve a chance to start over. iFix will take care of the trusty ones, the stashed-in-the-cupboard dusty ones and even the slightly busted ones. “We are very excited to launch this new brand in the South African market. All our pre-loved iPhones spend time in our device clinic, where their bumps and scrapes are soothed, keys are cleaned and screens are polished until they emerge beautifully reconditioned and ready to begin the next chapter,” comments founder and iFix CEO, Alex Fourie. Pre-loved iPhone 5 (16G) cell phones are available in black and retails for R2,999.00. A gently-used and reconditioned iPhone 5S (64G) will also be sold after given a clean bill of health - offered in silver and retails for R4,999.00. All devices come with a full one year warranty. iFix, renowned for their express service, also offers a wide variety of trendy accessories as well as offer quality device protection at affordable prices. For more information visit

Old Vergenoegd Wine Estate Breathes New Life as Ownership Changes Hands Probably best known for its famous flock of Indian Runner Ducks, Vergenoegd has been quietly making wine for hundreds of years, but this sleeping beauty has often been side-lined for the bigger and bolder farms on the Stellenbosch Wine Routes.

“We have seen new airline start-ups at the airport and also airlines with direct flights and increased frequencies of flights all of which signals growth. With the aviation growth is a need for increased and improved commercial facilities,” said Deidre Davids, Communications Manager: Cape Town International Airport.

New German owner, Prof. Dr. Dr. Peter Loew, through his family office called LIVIA, is about to change that with an exciting contemporary vision for the farm that aims to give visitors a hand in the making of food and wine products, whilst also soaking up the historic surrounds and abundant bird life. Managing Director, Peter Stuart, says the evolution of Vergenoegd will be a gradual one, “It has taken centuries to ‘grow’ this estate and we are sensitive to the heritage that comes with it. The buildings (including the Manor House dating back to 1773) needed restoration and we have set about doing that now, but visitors will already start enjoying some exciting new concepts.”

“The Airport Office Park is an exciting new commercial development situated conveniently on the doorstep of Cape Town’s airport precinct, offering potential tenants exquisite views, a secure environment and premium facilities,” continued Davids. The first phase will be completed by the end of 2016 and available to tenants as of October 2016. The office park is perfectly positioned near all major road networks and is just a stone’s throw from the N2 freeway. The direct access to the City’s major routes provide tenants with a convenient and trouble-free commute to all of Cape Town’s key business and economic centres.

“Over time we will also be making improvements to the cellar and hope to take our farming to brave new places, using natural methods, solar power and careful water management. By 2017, the farm will also boast a farm-to-fork style restaurant.” Sure to be a popular visit for those curious about food origins and creation, here’s what else to expect on a visit to Vergenoegd: Artisanal Picnics, Duck Parade, Interactive Wine Blending, Olive Oil Blending, Tea Blending and Coffee Blending and Vintage Wine Tasting.

Largest Consignment of Western Cape Horses to United Arab Emirates and Europe The largest consignment of horses ever exported from the Western Cape left for the United Arab Emirates and Europe. Alan Winde, Minister of Economic Opportunities, said the export of the 58 horses, which left Cape Town International Airport last month, was a major boost for the province’s horse export industry.


The process was arranged and managed by export agents, Hobday Equestrian Enterprises, with the assistance of Western Cape Government vets. Minister Winde explained that the horses had served out the required quarantine period at Kenilworth and another facility in Wellington prior to departure. “They’ll travel to Mauritius, where they’ll serve out a further quarantine period. From there, 48 of the horses will travel to Dubai and 10 to France.

It’s quite a variety of horses, including endurance horses and personal horses.” Eight vets accompanied the horses, who were fed and watered regularly during the journey to ensure their comfort. A Boeing 777 was chartered for the journey, and flew directly to Mauritius. The development comes after Minister Winde led a Western Cape delegation to Dubai earlier this year. Increasing the trade of horses between the two regions was a key priority of the official visit. Our horses are known to be excellent performers and are sought-after internationally. The horse export industry is worth over R200 million to our economy. There is potential to grow it to R1 billion if we put the right measures in place,” added Minister Winde.




Your key to living in beautiful Cyprus! In the current economic climate many South Africans are showing greater interest in buying property overseas for investment purposes while still resident in South Africa, whereas others are leaving for permanent residency abroad.

EU RESIDENCY Permanent residency in another country, especially Europe, has become a sought-after status - as you have the legal right to reside indefinitely in that country, and enjoy equal treatment with their nationals, even obtain free access to the entire territory of the EU country concerned, but one of the features is securing a Schengen travel visa. The application procedure takes 4 – 6 weeks to be concluded and the permanent residency option in Cyprus is for life - it automatically renews! To maintain permanent residency property owners must be present in Cyprus for a minimum of one day every second year. An added benefit to South Africans is that Cyprus allows you to rent out your property on the permanent residency scheme.

Jenny Ellinas, the Managing Director of Cypriot Realty has a relatively affordable solution where South Africans can feel at home. Therefore, investing in property on the Mediterranean, particularly in Cyprus has become an attractive option for South Africans, and also increasingly viable. WHY CYPRUS? Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea with a total population of 880 000 people. Cyprus is not part of Greece, but a full member of the European Union as of 2004, and the Euro is its currency since 2008. It is currently one of the safest destinations in Europe where English is widely spoken. Cyprus has an idyllic climate with almost 320 days of sunshine annually – with relatively short, yet mild winters, and crystal clear waters with magnificent beaches. The infrastructure of the marinas, golf courses, and airports are constantly being upgraded. The well diversified economy is structured on income generated from 2,4 million tourists per year, real estate, agriculture, offshore and international banking, trade, consulting and manufacturing businesses. The Economy in Cyprus is very solid with a low unemployment rate and a high per capita income. An average price for a 3 bedroom house is about €389,031, and a 3 bedroom apartment about €128,484, while the monthly rental for a 2 bedroom apartment is about €315. Cyprus offers a fabulous lifestyle with low cost of living, excellent medical facilities, easy and cost effective accessibility to Europe, low company taxation rates, high standard of education from pre-school to University, various outdoor areas as well as favourite South African products including the likes of biltong, boerewors and food brands such as Ocean Basket and Nando’s. JENNY ELLINAS Jenny Ellinas is the founder and Managing Director of Cypriot Realty - South Africa’s only marketing company that exclusively promotes Cyprus as an ideal destination for permanent residency/citizenship, property investment, retirement and starting a European-based business to South Africans. As mother and businesswoman, Jenny was always concerned with the reality that South Africa has enormous challenges regarding crime, economic and social challenges and limited LOGO employment opportunities. Jenny decided to become proactive and researched all the overseas permanent residential schemes available to South Africans and she decided to market Cyprus as a destination, as their scheme was affordable and their lifestyle quite similar to South Africa.

Many clients purchased property in the well-established tourist residential areas and rented it out, generating a monthly euro income stream. There are currently three ways for South African passport holders to secure EU citizenship and therefore obtain an EU passport: Marriage to an EU citizen; through naturalisation (living in that country every year for a specified time); or through Investment (personal or business). On Cyprus’ “Citizenship through investment” programme your EU passports will be issued in 3 months; and your dependent children aged up to 28 qualify! HOW CAN CYPRIOT REALTY ASSIST YOU IN YOUR APPLICATION?

Cypriot Realty is a recognised and respected Southern African authoritative investment specialist, promoting Cyprus as an ideal destination and understands investor’s needs. Being in operation for more than 7 years, Cypriot Realty has an impressive track record of assisting many South Africans in finding their perfect home, assisting in facilitating the permanent residency application process as well as in the physical relocation to Cyprus. Cypriot Realty also arranges personalised property inspection trips to Cyprus to view properties opportunities, set up meetings with attorneys, the bank, and also offer a full turnkey service to make any purchaser’s experience pleasant and memorable. 5-DAY TOURS TO CYPRUS The best way to make a decision about buying a property in Cyprus is by taking the time to view the property yourself. Join Jenny on one of her customised South African group inspection tours in 2015, and investigate the property opportunities on offer in Cyprus. In Cyprus you will be welcomed with the warm hospitality from a Leptos Estates representative where you can explore Cyprus, and choose from Suburbia, Hillside, Sea Front, and City Living Properties for investment, retirement, holiday or emigration purposes. Looking for EU residency options in Cyprus, Greece, Malta, Portugal and Spain?

With a well-established background in blue chip corporate sales and marketing, it was relatively easy for Jenny to conceptualise and implement sales policies and marketing strategies. Her burning desire to succeed and her passion for Cyprus as her preferred market, set the business in motion. Today, Cape Town based Jenny Ellinas reveals that close on 2 000 South Africans have purchased property in Cyprus from the time she started Cypriot Realty in 2008. South Africans tend to favour the Paphos side of the island, as it is a great agricultural belt with wine estates resembling the Western Cape.

cy priot ypriot



For more information contact Jenny Ellinas on 083 448 8734 or email visit




Far More to Table Mountain Than Meets The Eye It is time to brush up on fun facts about the Mother City’s 260-million year old iconic landmark. Did you know that Table Mountain is the only mountain in the world to have a constellation (“Mensa”) named after it? Other wonderful things to know about our beloved giant: - Table Mountain is one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature. - At 260-million years old Table Mountain is 6 times older than the Himalayas and 5 times older than the Rocky Mountains. - The white mist that often drapes over the flat top of Table Mountain is referred to as the “tablecloth” - one tells of the San Mantis god smothering a blaze on the slope with a huge white karos, while another says the cloud comes from a smoking contest between the Devil and a local pirate called Van Hunks. - Reduced by massive erosion, Table Mountain and Lions Head once connected the Peninsula to the Hottentots Holland Mountains and are the last remaining remnants of a massive range that stood thousands of metres high 220 to 280 million years ago. - Table Mountain is referred to as Hoerikwaggo meaning “Mountain of the Sea” by the Khoikhoi. - Like ghost stories? The Heleophryne Rosei is a critically endangered ghost frog endemic to the eastern and southern slopes of Table Mountain - The five most venomous snakes found on the mountain are the Cape Cobra, Puff Adder, Boomslang, Rinkhals and Berg Adder. - The animal most commonly found on the mountain is the Dassie (Rock Hyrax). - Table Mountain features several rare sandstone cave systems, the largest of which are the Wynberg Caves. - Table Mountain is made up of three rock formations Malmesbury Shale, Cape Granite and Table Mountain Group within which you can find mudstone, white feldspar, black mica, grey quartz and several types of sandstone. - The richest single floristic area on the planet lies within the Table Mountain National Park. - It is 1 085m tall at its highest point (Maclear’s Beacon). - There are more than 350 trails to the top of Table Mountain. So dig a little deeper and you will find that there is far more to Table Mountain’s makeup than meets the eye.

The Greening of the Castle

Aquarium Returns Rehabilitated Sea Turtles to The Ocean

The Two Oceans Aquarium released 53 juvenile loggerhead sea turtles, two green turtles and two hawksbill turtles into the ocean off Cape Point last month. The release took place around the 300m contour, 30 nautical sea miles offshore in 21 degrees Celsius water. One hawksbill was fitted with a satellite tag (with a two-year battery life), which will transmit data every time the turtle surfaces for air. Although sea turtles do not normally live in the cold water surrounding Cape Town, the Aquarium was able to release these turtles off Cape Point due to the fact that at certain times of the year the warm Agulhas Current pushes closer inshore. The turtles were all released within the warmer water range and will use magnetic navigation to determine their path back to their natural habitat. The turtles were all found stranded on Cape and Western Cape beaches during the past year and a half, brought to the Aquarium and rehabilitated. The released turtles included Otto, a hawksbill turtle that was rescued off the rocks at Yzerfontein on 8 June 2014 by Koos Otto, a fisherman and brought to the Aquarium by the NSRI. The turtle was dehydrated and suffering from hypothermia as well as sunburn and lesions. Otto recovered very well during rehabilitation and gained 10 kilograms during her stay at the Aquarium. Hawksbill turtles are normally found in tropical waters with populations on both the east and the west coast of Africa. The small loggerhead turtles that were released are part of the group of 215 juveniles that washed up on Western Cape beaches between March and May 2015. Many came from the Cape Agulhas region and were dropped off at the NSRI station in Struisbaai where, through basic training and equipment supplied by the Aquarium, NSRI staff oversaw their stay until they were collected by the Aquarium. The turtles all underwent rehabilitation that included veterinary care, x-rays and hand-feeding. When they arrived at the Aquarium, their average weight was 66g. Upon release, this average had increased to 668g. Seventy-four hatchlings had already been sent to uShaka Sea World for release in May. The hatchlings spend the first three to five years of their lives drifting in the Agulhas Current, but very little is known about their behaviour during this time.

The venue for the Cape Town Flower Show 2016 is the Castle of Good Hope, which is the oldest and one of the most significant buildings in South Africa with strong historical links to gardens and growing food. The Castle is currently undergoing what must surely be one of the most sensitive restorations of any historic building in Cape Town to commemorate its 350th anniversary in 2016. The old pentagonal fortress of Cape Town (restored throughout 2015) will house the Cape Town Flower Show from 27-30 October 2016. The oldest surviving colonial building in South Africa, the Castle of Good Hope was built at the end of the 17th century to protect the Dutch East India Company’s replenishment station servicing the shipping route to the Far East. Today it’s the seat of the military in the Cape. In addition to its star-shaped design, it has three main points of architectural interest: a decorative gateway built of stone and Dutch face brick (1682); the baroque Kat “balcony” (1791) possibly by Anton Anreith; and the Governor’s House which houses the William Fehr Collection. Virtually devoid of greenery in the 21st century, there exists a collection of early 20th-century photographs that nonetheless shows a castle adorned with trees and gardens planted by the military. The Cape Town Flower Show’s choice of this historic monument as its venue in 2016 continues a tradition of greening at this historic monument.

The Two Oceans Aquarium is committed to sea turtle rehabilitation and conservation. From April through to the end of winter every year, the public is asked to keep an eye open for hatchling loggerhead sea turtles that wash up on beaches along the Eastern and Western Cape coasts as a result of rough sea conditions. For more information visit The Cape Town Flower show will feature 23 Show Gardens produced by top landscapers, 100 exhibitors retailing and demonstrating the best of horticultural and garden products, hospitality terraces for corporate partners and VIPs, night gardens and entertainment, Botanical Art and Design, Adderley street flower sellers, floristry theatre showcasing the floral industry, daily workshops in vertical gardens (including bee-keeping, garden design, container planting, herb & vegetable gardening, medicinal plants), biodiversity and biomimicry as well as workshops for children. Other features include a food court, cooking demonstrations and plant sales. Calvyn Gilfellan, CEO of the Castle of Good Hope is excited about the long awaited Castle renovations on the eve of the 350th anniversary of the laying of the first cornerstone. “We realise that the renovations will have an effect on the scheduled and unscheduled events set to take place here. Though it will at times be inconvenient, we are sure that once the refurbishment is done, it will add great value to the site and we will be able to offer our visitors a vastly improved Castle experience.




SOLVING TOMORROW’S WATER SHORTAGES TODAY Maskam Water is the importer of a wide range of water related products from the USA and Europe, providing customers with turn-key water solutions. The word ‘Maskam’ means, “Give me Water,” a Koi San expression identifying the highest tip of the Matzikama Mountains in Namaqualand. Maskam Water was founded by Gerhard Cronje in 2010 after certain requirements by specific customers in his irrigation business could not be fulfilled within the local irrigation industry.

Maskam Water presently provides a variety of water purification systems to purify anything from drinking water to borehole water. Solar Booster Pumps Maskam Water is the only South African Company that import surface solar booster pumps.

These included decentralized sewerage treatment systems which means, treating water not connected to a municipal grid, farms, developments, or even new infrastructure. Gerhard soon discovered that there were many more setbacks with the supply of pure water - which created many opportunities for Maskam Water in the local, as well as the African market. Maskam Water does not manufacture any product relative to customer demand, but rather focus on the import of fine quality products that is tested and carries the appropriate guarantee. Therefore, Maskam Water’s loyalty is toward the end user, and the company pride on satisfying the customer’s needs at all times. Gerhard, coming from an engineering background, has always engaged in finding alternative solutions to the nature of any enquiry, or even pin pointing solutions to resolve the problem caused by the demand. Waste water treatment has become a great concern in South Africa and the African continent. Fifty to sixty years ago discharging waste water underground was acceptable and the norm as there was more than enough virgin soil to absorb the waste water. Today this phenomenon has changed drastically, leaving soil unsuitable for filtration as the contaminated waste water filters through the soil into underground aquifers and trickle through to bore holes. Contaminated soil causes decease and illness among end users who drink contaminated water that could not be purified through nature’s natural filtration system. It is a heartbreaking revelation! The quality of potable water in almost all South Africa’s bore holes, rivers and catchment areas are all basically infiltrated with some form of contamination through the unsolicited behaviour of its inhabitants stationed alongside these catchment areas. Water affairs South Africa has a huge challenge in securing the availability of fresh water. Statistics published by the Department of Water Affairs and Sanitation reveals that all the dams within South Africa are far too small to accommodate its increasing water demands. Added to this, statistics also prove that the annual rainfall is limited. How to manage potable water? The consumer needs to examine how to maximize the usage of potable water, and once used, be advised how to recycle it for a second or even a third time. To Maskam Water, the introduction of the Clarus Fusion System became the answer in resolving challenges on the issue. Maskam Water is able to reduce pollution by offering the solution to extend the availability of water up to three times its normal usage. This they achieved by directing purified water into the building, treating the waste water from the building, and re-using the same water on the washbay, before treating it the third time for irrigation purposes. Maskam Water extended its research program by introducing Green Technology. The Blue Lagoon product is provided to treat swimming pool water, and once fitted, the traditional use of chlorine and salt is no longer required. From a health perspective the water is healthier, and from an environmental point of view there is no further pollution of water associated with salt or chlorine. Therefore, backwash water can now safely be used in the garden and no water is wasted.

There are many companies that supply submersible and borehole pumps which run off solar panels, while Maskam Water’s solar booster pumps run directly off PV or battery - with no controllers or electronics involved. Air Purifier versus Sinusitis Another product in the Maskam range is the Aetaire manufactured by Blue Lagoon. It is an air purifier that restricts respiratory allergies. 90% of the air is filtered; disinfected and ionized and therefore prevents post nasal drip. It also builds up body resistance and enhances productiveness. The Aetaire filters pollens and dust mites, and kills all forms of viruses and bacteria in the air – a must for corporate use as it reduces sick leave and enhances productivity within the corporate environment. Maskam Water selectively arranged its product range to supply the African Market at large, and continuously seeks the latest technology internationally. African Market at large How will Maskam Water service a market of this magnitude? Gerhard decided to invest in local business, creating local wealth. He established Maskam Water Dealerships all over the African Continent, United Arab Emirates, and Mauritius. Maskam Water has plants fitted with Zoeller pumps in more than ten countries in Africa. Maskam Water Dealers perform installations, and provide its customers with back-up service. The Maskam Water Dealer is an existing business man in the area identified by Maskam Water with vision to convey the Maskam Water product potential. These Dealers are all under contract and carry stock and parts to fulfill market demand.

The sale of products create local wealth, local jobs and reflects a business profile beneficial to all parties. Maskam Water has now replaced the corporate image by becoming a hands-on Dealership on the customer’s doorstep - able to provide both product and back-up support at all times. For more information contact 08612 WATER (92837) or +27 21 988 8807 or email: or visit









Summer fun for the whole family with Zip Zap Circus School


The Classic Car & Bike Show

There’s fun for the whole family at the V & A Waterfront this holiday where Zip Zap Circus School will be entertaining young and old with free performances from 13-16 January. Youngsters from the non-profit organisation will be showing off their incredible talent at the Waterfront’s amphitheatre in an action-packed show suitable for the whole family. Watch Zip Zappers juggling, jumping, climbing and high energy comedy acrobatics that will leave you amazed and inspired. Performances on trapeze, fabric, ring, mini trampoline and unicycle are just a taste of what spectators can look forward to. Zip Zap provides free circus training to children from all backgrounds. Cofounder and Director, Laurence Estève says, “Zip Zap offers a fun and rewarding alternative for youngsters. While the temptation exists for many youth to make wrong choices, we encourage Zip Zappers to dare to dream, and turn those dreams into a reality with hard work and determination. Our shows at the Waterfront are a true celebration of how Zip Zap has changed lives and impacted communities in greater Cape Town. We are proud to showcase our rainbow nation.” For more information visit

Darling Music Experience The Darling Music Experience, now in its 11th season, brings first class music to the Cape West Coast from 29 January – 14 February. "Our aim is to give pleasure and to entertain with highly rated South African and international musicians." says founder Alfred Legner. The concerts are informal, small and intimate and take place in rural venues full of ambience. People don't just come for a concert, many come for a day out in the country to experience West Coast hospitality, peace and tranquillity, less than an hour’s drive from Cape Town.

On 17-18 January 2015, the International Police Association will celebrate the 15th Annual Classic Car & Bike Show at Timour Hall Villa in Plumstead. Established as a fundraiser, this event is not only one of the highlights of the International Police Association (IPA) calendar, but it has become an institution in the Cape amongst nostalgia fans. With this proud heritage, it is important for the Western Cape Region of IPA to make a difference in the local community. The Classic Car & Bike Show features some of the rarest and most beautiful cars and bikes in the Cape and is one of only a handful of exhibits on this scale with tremendous growth over the past 14 years, in numbers of both exhibitors and attendees, therefore making it a two day event. On Saturday 17 January the exhibition will consist of vehicles which can be defined as ‘Modern Classics,’ including Hot Rods, Street Rods, souped up vehicles,racing cars and bikes, custom vehicles and motorcycles and a few new cars and bikes. On 18 January, the second day of the exhibition vehicles dating from as far back as the late 1890’s, to more recent times will be showcased. These are the classics that invoke an era of elegance, a more relaxed way of life and a time when craftsmanship was an important element of vehicle design and manufacture. The Classic Car & Bike Show strive to make this event enjoyable to the whole family – young and old with plenty of refreshments available, a number of food stalls and the ever popular, well shaded beer garden. For more information

L’Ormarins Queen’s Plate 2016 L’OrmarinsQueen’s Plate (LQP) is a sporting and social calendar event that embodies the spirit of elegance, tradition and fun, and returns to Kenilworth Racecourse on 9 January, 2016 for its 155th running with television personality Bonang Matheba the official spokeswoman for the race. “LQP is one of the biggest sporting events of the year and I always look forward to it. Yet, the entertainment goes far beyond the track as it’s also a day of music and fashion and absolutely the best way to kick off 2016. I’m excited to be part of such a magnificent event,” said Bonang Matheba. In addition to being LQP’s spokeswoman, Bonang will act as a judge for the blue and white Best Dressed and Best Hat competitions, adding her eye for elegance to some of the day’s most treasured traditions. As part of Glorious Goodwood’s partnership with the L’Ormarins Queen’s Plate, the Best Dressed Lady and a partner will be flown to the UK to attend the Glorious Goodwood in August 2016.

Some highlights selected from more than 15 events include: On 30 January a firework of CLASSICAL MUSIC, FINE DINING AND DARLING WINES at !Khwa ttu, San heritage centre with the Cavatina Trio - Bridget Rennie Salonen (flute), Petri Salonen (violin) and Tertia Visser-Downie (piano) perform works by.Bach, Bizet, Mozart, Piazolla and others. THE PIANO BATTLE will take place at the Darling Brewery on 31 January where two international piano champions Andreas Kern and Paul Cibis will go head to head wooing the audience's favour with music by Chopin, Liszt and Debussy. In February 2016 visitors will be able to enjoy a bouquet of opera, chamber music, crossover and jazz. OPERA IN DARLING is scheduled for 6-7 February with Mozart's Abduction from the Seraglio - another groundbreaking alla breve production with an outstanding cast of UCT Opera students. The Darling Music Experience returns to the Darling Brewery 7 February with an INTERNATIONAL MATINEE with pianist Philippe Raskin from Belgium (piano) and Austrian violinist Johannes Fleischmann presenting sonatas by Mozart, Beethoven and Richard Strauss. The Darling Music Experience comes to an end on 14 February at the Strandkombuis in Yzerfontein featuring A JAZZ MATINEE ON THE BEACH with the Dixie Swingers. For more information visit

Photo L-R: Bonang Matheba and Jo-Ann Strauss

Music and entertainment on the day will include a line-up of local DJs and artists guaranteed to complement the energy generated by the horse racing action. The signature LQP after-party will, as always, keep spirits high long after sunset. The Style Lounge option provides access to Style Lounge Village where guests can mingle as they enjoy the on-track action as well as the after-party, tote facilities and parking. The popular Stud Club option includes access to an exclusive private area along the track rail including a complimentary light lunch, snacks, selected beverages and a private cash bar as well as access to the Style Lounge Village, after-party and the Franschhoek Motor Museum and BMW car displays. The Paddock Sites is set in a private shaded section next to the Winner’s Circle – and the Chef’s located on the rail, in the hub of the Style Lounge Village, providing guests with a unique LQP experience. Both of these options also include access to the after-party as well as the Franschhoek Motor Museum and BMW displays.



Cape Cobras, Woolworths Brighten Lives at Red Cross Children’s Hospital


Love Giving Back... The Newspaper first met up with Nicci Venter in 2014 on her third Christmas experience to bless underprivileged children with her Christmas Shoebox Charity project. Four years earlier Nicci started her Christmas Shoebox project at a crèche in Phisantekraal in support of underprivileged children as part of her contribution toward the 16 Days of Activism campaign against Woman and Child abuse, while working as the Marketing Coordinator at a shopping village. Nicci’s heart has always been with the Drie Beertjies Crèche. At her first Christmas Shoebox event she provided gifts to 19 children and to date it has grown to a total of 35 children. This year Nicci also extended the Christmas Shoebox project to 30 children at the JC Meiring Crèche in Morning Star.

The Woolworths Long Beach and Colosseum Management Teams and staff, the Cobras, FOCHA Staff, and a young patient

The Cape Cobras, in conjunction with Woolworths Long Beach Mall and Colosseum stores, visited the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital on 14 December 2015 to spend some time with the patients. The patients, their families and the staff all enjoyed the visit which created an opportunity for them to interact and mingle with the players. They also handed out more than 120 goodie bags, sponsored by Woolworths, to the patients. David Stephens, Executive Director of the Friends of the Children’s Hospital Association (FOCHA), said: “The Cape Cobras are a source of great joy and excitement in the corridors and wards of the hospital with their encouragement, support and infectious spirits. We salute them for taking time out of their busy schedules and visiting the patients; investing time to make a difference.” Visits to the hospital have been part of an annual tradition since the early 2000’s when Paul Adams, the current coach of the Cape Cobras, was still a Cape Cobras and South African stalwart himself.

“Filled with great excitement, even before I could hand out Christmas presents to the children, I was overwhelmed with joy with the news that Drie Beertjies Crèche will be moving to their new premises in January 2016, which will accommodate as many as 140 children,” Nicci said. “I have no idea how I will manage this project of increasing Christmas boxes from 35 children to 140, but my faith is strong,” she said. “I will do it! No matter what. I won't be able to do this alone, but I trust that everything will work out. "Nicci’s ultimate goal is to walk a path with these children for the rest of their lives. “I have to mention what amazing work Monica, the owner of the Crèche and her dynamic team is doing for these kids. These children are probably the most mannered and lovable kids that I have ever come across - from saying thank you, to sitting still with their shoeboxes until they are told they may open it, to giving hugs and singing Christmas carols – what a joy,” she said. Turning to the poor conditions of these children, and the bad situations at home having no parents, or even parents who are not fit to set an example, Nicci elaborated, “I am amazed how Monica and her caretakers touch the lives of these children.”

A young patient, Pleun Schepens a volunteer worker from The Netherlands, and the Cobra's Coach, Paul Adams.

FOCHA is a Non-profit Organisation (NPO), based at the hospital, that provides non-medical support to the patients and their families. This support involves using Volunteers to edu-tain the patients while in hospital, helping to ease their anxiety and improve their hospital experience. FOCHA also provides family members with material and psych-social support for the duration of a child’s stay in hospital, which includes three meals per day, clothing, toiletries, support groups, outings and events.

The 2015 shoebox project was a major success and Nicci can't thank everyone enough - those who pledged to take on a child, everyone who donated money and everyone who gave their support. For more information, contact Nicci on 076 883 3809 or visit

Leeu Collection Transforms Education Landscape in Franschhoek International investor Analjit Singh (known as BAS) and chairman of the Leeu Collection has pledged a donation towards The Kusasa Project, hereby transforming the education landscape in Franschhoek. The Kusasa Project is a Winelands charity founded in South Africa to encourage a brighter future for underprivileged children by facilitating academic, sporting and life skills development. The Kusasa Project provides a variety of programmes and activities and has developed over the years. They now have their own school delivering the highest level of education to Foundation Phase children from the surrounding areas. They impact the disadvantaged children of the region by delivering programs via volunteers and small teams, plus a significant Bursary Scholarship supporting over 50 children in higher education and tertiary studies. For BAS, education is an investment and in the current economic climate, a valuable currency by which nations maintain economic competitiveness and global prosperity. “In the words of the well-loved late Madiba, ‘Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world’.” BAS has furthermore committed to contribute to any shortfall towards the monthly cost of the Isabelo feeding scheme, an initiative started by Margot Janse, executive chef at Le Quartier Français in 2009, in order to continue feeding the 1 300 children it feeds daily in the Franschhoek valley. “Our sponsorships and charitable focus is within our immediate area of influence and we continue to drive awareness and raise funds for our own local nominated charities such as the Isabelo Feeding Scheme and The Kusasa Project.”

Photo L-R: Analjit Singh, Margot Janse & Doug Gurr




Protecting Your Family And Possessions The “Old School” Way Vetus Schola Boland was established in 2010 due to a concern at the rising crime levels in the Helderberg area and the conviction that the situation demanded a security provider that would be equipped to offer a service that was more effective than those that were currently available. “Vetus Schola” means “Old School” in Latin - this is how they refer to their group of elite soldiers who strive to get things done the tried and tested way. Although personal safety and security is one of the human rights engrained in the constitution of RSA, it is unfortunately not something which can be taken for granted. Vetus Schola's objective is to take whatever steps are necessary to ensure that the assets and lives of their clients are protected and guaranteed as far as humanly possible. Helderberg Crime Watch is a registered NPO and has been operating in the Helderberg since 2000. Since 2010 they were granted the tender to be their preferred service provider. The partnership has proved to be an exceptionally productive one resulting in over 600 arrest during the past 5 years. Each of our vehicles is equipped with state of the art equipment and personnel as well as trained Response K9 - giving them the edge when it comes to protecting your loved ones or recovering stolen goods that are important to you. Backed up by a 24/7 staffed, state of the art, SAIDSA and PSIRA approved and registered Control Room as well as a highly efficient technical department, Vetus Schola is your ultimate one stop shop when it comes to providing for your security needs. For more information on their vast array of services contact or sales manager, Lee Marshall at 0741630485

Eliminate Back to Work Stress by Making Holidays Work for You As South African workers, students and learners start to feel the happy vibes of holidays, they forget that holidays can actually be a very stressful time. To make the most of this holiday season, and relax and unwind sufficiently to get back in the saddle with renewed energy in January 2016, there are a few small things that can be done to prevent anxieties about returning to work or school, rather than having to spoil a chunk of the holiday, an expert says. “While thoughts of returning to duty are effectively banished from one’s mind during the initial stages of leave or recess, many people’s minds will be jolted back to the looming reality which can detract from what should be a happy, carefree time,” says Dr Felicity Coughlan, Director, The Independent Institute of Education.

“Knowing that once your break is over you will be returning to another year of more of the same – and even more of the same – can be a real downer. For human beings to grow and become more self-actualised, each year must allow new opportunity for growth. During your time off, take stock of your direction. Are you doing what you love? Is there something else you would like to explore? Perhaps you can start exploring that by joining a short course or signing up for a programme? Taking a step in the direction you want to be going, however small, will put a new spring in your step.”

“Thoughts of returning to the office can cause feelings of anxiety, dread and even depression, but by taking a few small empowering actions during the holidays, going back can be considerably less stressful,” she says. In recent years, a UK survey among 2500 people conducted by the Institute of Leadership and Management, showed that for many people, going on holiday actually increased their stress. Coughlan says that many South Africans would be in the same boat, but that positively making the transition between the old year and new relied on two steps: closing the door on what belongs in 2015, and determining what sits behind the new door. She says to make the most of one’s holidays, one should tie up loose ends before you leave for the holidays. “Ensure that people know where to reach you in case of an emergency, but resolve to stay away from ‘just quickly checking in’ at work, or spending most of your days on social media. Give your brain a real chance to shut off and rest. You will find that when you give your mind this kind of space, all kinds of new ideas and visions for the future will find their way into the space which used to be filled with status updates and online rage.”

Start doing new things during your break, whether it be starting to train for your first 5K run, starting a blog, or learning a new language, doing something fun and constructive will immediately get you energised and inspired,” Coughlan continues. “The trick is to not while away your precious days with eating, partying and sleeping day after day. While there is certainly space for that, a confidence-building activity and a vision for the future will do much more to restore your mind and body, and help you start 2016 in the way you would like it to end – on a high note,” she says.

Family Farmstall Hoofstraat 507, Noorder - Paarl | Tel 021 872 4854

Ons is Oop 7 Dae ‘n week

Kom loer gerus binne, u sal verras wees! * Biltong

* Droëwors

* Vetkoek

* Heuning

* Konfyt

* Geskenke

* Enamel

* Glasware

* Dekor

* Meubels

* Blomme



Production Skyrockets


SA-first Totalsports

at Hisense' Cape Plant

Women Store Opens in Cape Town

The Western Cape has emerged as a leading business destination for major Chinese firms, with a major electronics manufacturer reporting increased productivity and sales at its plant in the province. Hisense, which set up its manufacturing plant in Atlantis in 2013, is one of the world’s biggest manufacturers of white goods and electronics. Around 700 people are employed at the plant. Alan Winde, Minister of Economic Opportunities, said new figures from Hisense showed that productivity at its Western Cape plant was sky-rocketing. “Hisense built their initial investment on the daily production of 350 refrigerators and 750 fridges. The daily output of Hisense in the province now stands at 1 700 televisions and 1200 refrigerators. Through innovation and continued training, they have been able to drive this phenomenal growth.” “Hisense has production facilities across the world and the Western Cape is on par with the best of these. In terms of market share, Hisense is now ranked second in South Africa on sales of televisions and refrigerators. Last year, the value of their exports to our neighbouring countries was worth over US $10 million. The message to Chinese companies is clear: invest in the Western Cape and your productivity and revenue will increase.”

Totalsports Women, a South African-first retail experience for women, opened in Cavendish Square, Claremont last month. As the only multi-branded store ofits-kind in Africa, women now have premium international active wear brands to choose from, while making use of expert running services in-store. Totalsports’ latest offering provides personalised services such as bra fittings, gait and foot analysis and running tights alterations by representatives with excellent product knowledge and experience in wellness and fitness. Charmaine Claasens, Totalsports’ Head of Marketing, says, “Wellness is now a major global trend among women and South Africa is no different. We are thrilled to open what promises to be a world-class retail experience configured for women. The store aspires to create an experience to help Cape Town’s women make the right choices. And to look and feel good doing it.”

“The Hisense investment is delivering a massive job creation and skills development boost to Atlantis. Wesgro CEO, Tim Harris said: “We are working to enhance flight connections to the rest of the continent. This, combined with our world class infrastructure, strong skills base, and quality of lifestyle, means we are able to offer Chinese companies like Hisense the ideal location to roll out their Africa-wide strategies.

Western Cape Teacher Warren Sparrow, listed one of World’s Top 50 Teachers A Cape Town teacher, Warren Sparrow, Head of Information and Communication Technology of Rondebosch Boys' Preparatory School is one of 50 finalists in the running for a Global Teacher of the Year Award 2016. Mr Sparrow, who specialises in eLearning support, won a Western Cape Teaching Award in 2012 for Excellence in Information and Communication Technology Enhanced Teaching.

After extensive research the store design has been modelled on global trends by following a minimalist approach, allowing for a smooth journey with the primary focus on an engaging and interactive experience. “The store itself is a standalone store that offers women shoppers a different experience from the existing Cavendish Totalsports store. Much of our research findings pointed to the fact that there is a need for an holistic, multi-brand shopping experience that women feel comfortable in,” continues Claasens. Totalsports Women aims to create a community for women focused on wellness and fitness, and in partnership with our brand partners will have running and fitness programmes on a frequent basis. The first Nike Training Club (NTC) also kicked off at the exclusive launch of the Totalsports Women store. The new store caters to running, training and lifestyle needs through a unique premium multi-brand experience, stocking Nike, adidas, Asics, New Balance, Puma and technical brands like Tom Tom, FitBit and Garmin. This is just one of the many exciting new store offerings in addition to the recent successful launch of the Totalsports online store. MAANDWERK ? BTW? INKOMSTE BELASTING? ADMINISTRASIE? SALARISSE? ALTYD AGTERSTALLIGE BOEKHOUDING? ONS HET JOU ANTWOORD!!

SSA Accounting (Pty) Ltd is 'n maatskappy wat u 'n diens verskaf om u boekhouding op datum te hou indien u nie 'n voltydse boekhouer kan bekostig nie. Mej. Ilse Smidt wat geregistreer is by Die Suid Afrikaans Instituut van Profesionele Rekenmeesters wil u die funksie bied wat u betrokke is by u boekhouer se funksie en op hoogte bly van jou finansiële sake.

Photo: Warren Sparrow

He has also been the recipient of a number of ICT Awards, i.e. Microsoft Innovative Teacher for both South Africa and Africa, finalist for the Microsoft Innovative Teacher worldwide, and winner of the 21st Century Classroom Project of the Year for the most innovative use of technology for enhancing learning in schools. The Global Teacher Awards is in its second year and has been dubbed the ‘Nobel Prize’ for teaching. The $1 million teacher’s award is the largest prize of its kind. With over 8000 applicants from 148 countries around the world, being shortlisted in the top 50 finalists is a remarkable achievement. The Global Teacher Awards website, says that ‘the Prize was set up to recognize one exceptional teacher who has made an outstanding contribution to the profession as well as to shine a spotlight on the important role teachers play in society. By unearthing thousands of stories of heroes that have transformed young people’s lives, the prize hopes to bring to life the exceptional work of millions of teachers all over the world.’ The winner will be announced at the Global Education and Skills Forum in Dubai in March 2016.

SSA Accounting het 5 verskillende pakkette wat aangebied word om van te kies. Elke besigheid is uniek en benodig spefikie individuele aandag om te help dat u op hoogte bly met u finansiële situasie wat u sal help om die beste besluite te neem dat u maatskappy die hoogtes kan bereik wat u visualiseer. CLASSIC ACCOUNTING































Die volgende dienste word ook verskaf: - BTW Registrasies - PAYE Registrasies - Nuwe Maatskappy Registrasies - Sage One Adviseur en hêr verkoper

- Belasting Klarings (Tax Clearance Certificates) - Individuele Inkomste Belasting - CIPC Jaarlikse Opgawe - SARS Geregistreerde Belasting Praktiseerder

Kontak ons gerus om 'n afspraak te maak om u boekhouding te doen volgens wat u sak pas by: Tel: 021 976 1046 Sel: 076 425 0169 E-pos:




Barefoot Research Project

“SoundWaves Health Clinic”

Attracts Interest


In collaboration with the University of Hamburg, Stellenbosch University’s Department of Sport Science is currently involved in a research project on walking barefoot.

After an article in our November 2015 Edition “SoundWaves – The Pathway to Sound Health,” The Newspaper wanted to put this field of “alternative therapy” to the test. Charl de Villiers (Therapist at “SoundWaves Health Clinic”) readily agreed to accept this challenge.

The hypothesis of the project is that the feet of South African children who are habitual barefoot walkers are different from their European counterparts where it is not part of the culture to walk barefoot, says Dr Ranel Venter of the Department.

Venter explained that everything started in 2007. A group of students did a project on the impact of minimalistic shoes on athletes. Research was also done on the effect of barefoot training on the stability and agility of netball players. “It was found that the ankles of players who train barefoot are more stable and that they are more agile.” It is with this background that the possibility of a collaborative research project with the University of Hamburg was mentioned to Venter. "In Germany and Europe children never walk barefoot. This is in contrast with the culture of walking barefoot here in South Africa. Children even go to school barefoot." Venter explained that the research involves several tests. “We measure the length, width and height of the children’s feet and do the same with their school shoes and trainers. We let them run sprints with shoes and without.” Schools in the Western Cape have been contacted for participation and some 300 children (6-18 years of age) from Stellenbosch, Darling, Durbanville and Oudtshoorn form part of project. “My long-term dream is to change the negative perception of barefoot walking,” says Venter. “There is obviously a time and place for everything and we must wear shoes sometimes, but children must also go barefoot for foot development. Adults can also go barefoot at home. Although the effect of barefoot walking on the muscles of the foot has not been researched enough, it seems as if the muscles responsible for ankle stability are strengthened. This has possible implications for the prevention of ankle and foot injuries, as well as improved balance, which could prevent falls in the elderly.” Venter and her students are very excited to see what story the data collected will reveal about the benefits of going barefoot.

Support Early Childhood Development Ninety percent of a child’s brain development happens before they turn two. So, are we doing enough to provide our children with the correct nutrition, necessary mental stimulation, and support to ensure their optimal development that will ultimately make them active members of society that contribute towards improved social and economic development?

Tradition has trained man to accept chemically- produced medication as the only remedy for all types of illness, but this is not true. The fact is - bacteria and viruses within the human body become resistant to chemical medication - even to the chemical make-up of most antibiotic medication. Imagine yourself as an astronaut, orbiting in space. You suddenly develop some unknown medical condition. You cannot just step out the door and visit your doctor, nor collect the prescribed medication at the nearest pharmacy. You are stuck in space, waiting for your replacement. What could have prevented this from happening? A Bioresonance (soundwave) scan would in fact have warned you of this condition, giving you time to have it treated, before lift-off! “The Newspaper” decided to test various conditions common to our daily lifestyles making use of Bio-resonance (Frequency) technology, developed to detect unknown illnesses before they strike. And so a volunteer was despatched to consult Charl. It was a very simple procedure. Our volunteer made her way to the “SoundWaves” consulting rooms. She completed the same kind of questionnaire one would find at any conventional medical practice, after which the therapist (Charl de Villiers) fed the data into the system. The volunteer then laid down comfortably on her back, while a set off earphones was placed on her head covering both ears. No physical examination took place; the earphones were used to conduct extremely low-range soundwaves/frequencies. Then the procedure of scanning the body for any unknown medical conditions commenced. No sounds emitted from the earphones; there was absolute silence. About an hour later the BodyScan was concluded. Without realising it, our volunteer had undergone a range of examinations, including a mammogram, a “pap smear,” and a blood test - without any contact by the therapist. Everything happened via Bio-resonance (Soundwaves) Technology. The scan reflected organs, cells and tissue infected by a variety of bacteria, viruses, parasites etc. The first instruction to our volunteer was to cleanse her body of toxins and bacteria. Returning home, she meticulously followed the therapist’s instructions to cleanse her liver of toxins. These poisonous substances cause havoc in the human body. Then followed the second session of Bio-resonance Therapy: to rid infected organs, cells and body tissue of harmful bacteria and viruses - the root of ailments and diseases. Now the body is ready to start receiving Bio-resonance (frequency) treatment. Our volunteer will report back on this – after the next session at “SoundWaves Health Clinic.” Over the next few months we will be taking a closer look at several medical conditions, including various types of Cancer; High blood pressure; Cholesterol; Diabetes; Glaucoma; Osteoporosis; Brain conditions; Thyroid; Lungs; Heart; Intestinal conditions and Adrenal Fatigue. Watch this space! For more info, contact Annemarie de Villiers 083 267 9745 / 073 575 9001 Visit for online queries and bookings To tackle this problem, Rotary District 9350 has partnered with the Western Cape Department of Social Development (DSD) which already funds more than 1000 ECD centres.

The sad truth is that currently about 70% of South Africa’s youth don’t have access to effective Early Childhood Development (ECD) support. “There is a dire need for early childhood development support in our region,” says Governor of Rotary International’s District 9350, Geraldine Nicol. “One of the key focus areas for Rotary’s District 9350 (which covers the Western and Northern Cape, Namibia and Angola) is to look at strategic ways to make a meaningful difference in our communities by investing time and relevant resources into ECD initiatives.” Rotary believe that children from all walks of life, regardless of their background, deserve effective early childhood development opportunities to ensure they are school ready and to look after their overall well-being. “We need to invest in our youth and give them a solid foundation. Too many children aren’t getting the necessary, love, food, security, and stimulation they need. Only about a third of our children have access to effective ECD programmes.”

Western Cape MEC for Social Development, Albert Fritz, who is delighted with this exciting partnership, said that his department would provide Rotary with a range of data which includes geographic mapping, identifying where the ECD centers in need of most support are located. The centers which care for children up to the age of two-years are most critical. Fritz says that the first 1000 days of a child’s brain development are crucial and this is when interventions could have the biggest impact. Nicol adds that Rotary is looking forward to the partnership that will result in significant improvements in ECD throughout the Western Cape. She said Rotary clubs and Rotarians who committed their time, effort and knowledge would work together with DSD staff and pre-schools to ensure they establish strong foundations for the future of the youth of the country. For more information, contact




Rare Blend of Socialites, Fashion, Food & Horseracing Since the first J&B™ Met, the Met has attracted different South Africans who come together to celebrate the best of fashion, music, food and horseracing. That rare blend still exists today, and 39 years later, little has changed. The J&B™ Met remains the country’s top outdoor social party; one that celebrates the coming together of different people. South Africa’s longest running sport’s sponsorship and most prestigious horse race, the J&B™ Met returns to the Kenilworth Racecourse on Saturday 30 January 2016 to carry on making J&B™ history.

L’OrmarinsQueen’s social calendar event

From day one J&B™’s story has been about the different and the unexpected coming together and creating something rare. This is the basis of the theme for the 2016 event.

Photo: J&B™ Met - 2015 Best Dressed Contestants

Like when an eccentric Italian called Justerini crossed paths with an English gentleman called Brooks to form J&B™. How it broke with tradition and brought together 36 malt and 6 grain whiskies to create a truly rare blend of whisky, one that shattered the conventions of the day with its bright yellow label and green bottle. J&B™ Rare is the sum of all these parts. J&B™ Rare is A RARE BLEND and that is what the 2016 J&B™ Met will celebrate with the theme - A RARE BLEND. Those who attend the J&B™ Met will be called upon to bring A Rare Blend to life in how they dress. What two seemingly different styles, textures or ideas can you bring together to great effect?

Cape’s Boat Building Industry an International Heavy-Hitter South Africa is an acclaimed manufacturer of high-value luxury yachts, with the Western Cape as its hub. The Cape Town boat building sector is highly competitive in four niche markets namely; catamarans (power and sail), large custom boats, commercial craft and inflatable boats. In 2013 the province's boat-building industry was worth R1.2 billion according to the Western Cape Government.

J&B™ encourages you to think beyond the norm, to create something different and unexpected and wear an outfit that is itself a rare blend, made different just like J&B™. For more information visit

The Benefits of a Linen Shirt Peacock Blue Everyone loves the look of a cool and natural linen shirt on a man. At Peacock Blue they stock four types of linen shirts a regular fit in both long and short sleeved versions, a slim fit variation and one with a mandarin collar. They are all made in Cape Town exclusively in a range of the latest pantone shades including a variety of blues, pinks, greens and of course white. (Short Sleeve are R695, 2 for R1250; others R795, 2 for R1400) So why would you choose a linen shirt? It’s a versatile fabric. Although it is most commonly worn in warm weather, it can be worn at any time. The nature of linen makes it a great winter shirt layered between a tee shirt and a jersey. In warm weather, the fabric is light and fluid and wicks moisture away from the body. It feels comfortably soft against the skin and in fact improves with age and wear. It is hard wearing. Linen is 2 or 3 times stronger than cotton. So imagine how long lasting a linen shirt will be. It is claimed that in hot weather those dressed in linen are found to show a skin temperature 3 to 4 degrees below that of their cotton wearing friends. A person in linen typically perspires 1.5 times less than someone in cotton and twice less than viscose! They often look for hi-tech solutions to problems when in fact our grandparents had solved them long ago. Things that have been around for a while usually have been around for a good reason. So there you go – Linen in all its glory! For more information Contact Franschhoek 021 876 4691 Stellenbosch 021 882 9996 or visit

The Western Cape has firmly established an international reputation of building the finest luxury vessels. One of the region's niche advantages is its ability to manufacture custom built catamarans and catamarans over 60ft. The United States of America is the province's main trading partner, especially when it comes to recreational boats. This province’s boat building sector also has a strong African footprint and now exports to Nigeria, Botswana, Ghana and Malawi. Furthermore it also exports to Turkey, Spain, China, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and Dubai on a smaller scale. Robertson & Caine is one of the Cape-based luxury boat makers with 4 manufacturing facilities in Cape Town and over 1 300 staff in its employment, making it South Africa’s largest boat-builder and the second-largest manufacturer of blue water cruising catamarans globally. They produce catamarans – exclusively distributed by Leopard Catamarans, owned by the world’s leading marine leisure business, TUI Marine. The Leopard Catamarans range is the number one selling brand in North America. This award, and race winning range comprises of 4 sailing catamarans and 2 power catamarans. The partnership between Leopard Catamarans and Robertson & Caine has proven itself time and again as Leopard has won coveted marine industry awards going back over a decade, including Boat of the Year in 2005, 2007, 2010 and 2012. Leopard Catamarans are not only hugely popular with recreational fishermen but increasingly with commercial fisheries as well. The Western Cape’s fishing sector which this catamaran building industry also feeds vessels to, is a critical contributor to the South African economy. The Western Cape accounts for 71% of employment in the fishing industry alone. This impact is seen in areas such as the northern part of the Saldanha Bay Harbour, which is a regional hub of fishing activity. The Sea Harvest processing plant is the largest employer in Saldanha Bay and is directly and indirectly responsible for between 4 000 and 5 000 jobs.

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GKCA LAUNCHES HIGH PERFORMANCE TRAINING CENTRE Future cricketing legends relished the chance to hone their skills under the tutelage of World Cup winning coach, Gary Kirsten, at the launch of the Gary Kirsten Cricket Academy (GKCA) High Performance Training Centre in Century City.

“We felt there was a real need for facilities such as these in the northern suburbs,” explained Garreth von Hoesslin, manager to the recently opened training centre. “We have had several meetings with schools in the area and built up some good relationships. We truly believe that this centre will provide these budding cricketers with the best chance of success.” Gary Kirsten welcomed school representatives, parents and cricketers from Blouberg International School and Curro Century City at the launch. Thereafter, six teams participated in eight-a-side games and took to the nets for other fun cricketing activities and challenges, all under the guidance of Kirsten and his coaches. “We're very excited to be extending our offerings to the young cricketers in the northern suburbs of Cape Town. The location within Century City and our partnership with Fives Futbol also provides a great location for the GKCA. We've got multiple offerings available at this facility and our coaches are really motivated to work with the surrounding schools in the area," commented former World Cup winning cricket coach and Founder: GKCA, Gary Kirsten.

As part of its ongoing efforts to improve and develop the skills of upcoming cricketers, GKCA partnered with Fives Futbol to establish the multipurpose training centre, situated at the Fives Futbol venue opposite Canal Walk. This is the third High Performance Training Centre launched by the academy, with the other two successful centres based at Claremont Cricket Club and Rondebosch Boys’ High School.

There was high praise from all attendees for the High Performance Training Centre’s impressive facilities. These include two floodlit nets - allowing practice until late at night - with a top range Jugs bowling machine for high-level batting practice. Added to this, the academy’s fully qualified Level 3 coaches are always on hand for expert insights. The all-encompassing centre offers users a variety of services including private, one-on-one coaching sessions; group coaching sessions; club practice and corporate hire as well as providing the perfect venue for action-packed birthday parties. “Anyone visiting the centre is given the chance to use world-class facilities while receiving expert training from one of our highly skilled coaches,” said von Hoesslin.

SA mountain bikers encounter first ever multi-stage series South African mountain bikers can look forward to the country’s first ever multistage racing series, the 2016 Liberty Encounter Series, which was launched at Rhebokskloof Wine Estate near Paarl recently. The inaugural series, which is presented by ASG and MTB Adventures, will kick off with the existing three-day Winelands Encounter in the Western Cape from 15 April, followed by the newly added Waterberg Encounter in the Limpopo Province from 10 June. Speaking at the launch, series coordinator Wynand de Villiers said organisers were thrilled to introduce the concept to the national racing scene. “Multi-stage races have proliferated over the past five years, with almost 50 offerings countrywide today. Our objective with this series is to create a trusted franchise.” De Villiers said this would mean that riders could expect a certain level of offering when they entered an Encounter Series event. He said that Encounter events would afford mountain bikers with a passion for stage racing the experience of a lifetime with VIP treatment and five-star hospitality.

Photo Credit: Ewald Sadie

Rebecca Eliot, managing director of Liberty Value Added Services, said Liberty was proud to be involved as the presenting sponsor of the Encounter Series.

Club, which entitles members to access free and discounted race entries, discounts on products and services, and special invites to rides, tours and packages, and Italian-made cycling kit.”

“Our involvement provides us with a platform for financial advisers to build relationships with their customers as well as for us to promote our ProTouch Cycling

De Villiers said the series had originally started out as two separate ideas for races, with the title sponsor eventually providing the missing puzzle piece.

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