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City of Cape Town

The City of Cape Town remains committed to greater resource efficiency in its operations and to increased green procurement in its goods and services. “Given Eskom’s continued electricity supply problems, we need to continue to construct our green procurement systems as part of our broader public sector and domestic user energy efficiency efforts,” said the City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Energy, Environmental and Spatial Planning, Councillor Johan van der Merwe. The City’s concerted efforts to increase investment in energy efficient technology, especially in its IT operations, are yielding results. The implementation of desktop power savings across the City’s operations has resulted in savings of more than 900 MWh. Replacing the City’s fleet of approximately 15 500 computer monitors with energy-efficient technology has led to an 84% saving in power used compared with the old CRT monitors.


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NATURE’S BEST PHOTOGRAPHY AT IZIKO Nature and photography lovers should not miss the Nature’s Best Photography Africa exhibition that is currently running at the Iziko South African Museum in Cape Town. The competition features 60 incredible photographs selected from over 6000 entries in 10 different categories. Global photographers were invited to submit their photographs taken in Africa for judging by an expert panel.

The winning, runners up and honoured images will be displayed at Iziko until the 26th September 2015. A beautiful hard cover catalogue has been created and a selection of the images will be exhibited as part of the prestigious Nature’s Best Photography exhibition that runs annually at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in October 2015.

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Nature’s Best Photography at Iziko


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Canyon aloes by Mark Dumbleton

A Mother’s love by Carole Deschuymere

“It is important for Africa to take a leading role in terms of how our continent is represented internationally and Nature’s Best Photography Africa provides us with this valuable platform”, says director Craig Mark. Nature’s Best Photography Africa has launched in proud association with Iziko Museums of South Africa and looks to occupy the space as the premier annual African nature focused photographic competition in the world.

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Lanner falcons fighting for a Sandgrouse by Christophe Jobic

Efficient Energy Saving!

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The implementation of desktop power savings across the City has resulted in savings of 905 MWh electricity and R490 000 per year with no capital expenditure. This includes the City’s use of Lenovo Tiny Form Factor computers. These are very small computers that use less than one-third of the power of a conventional PC (65 W vs 240 W). The City’s drive to increase energy efficiency through technology is part of its wider internal energy efficiency programme. This includes upgrading City buildings to increase energy efficiency and replacing traffic lights with low-energy light-emitting diode (LED) lights as well as retrofitting more than 17% of the City’s street lights to replace high wattage high-pressure sodium (HPS) and some mercury vapour (MV) with a more efficient HPS. “For instance, green procurement around power-saving printers is an area that still has huge potential. Given the significant purchasing power of the public sector, it is our intent to increasingly include green procurement criteria into our bid specifications and evaluation for key products and services,” says Councillor Johan van der Merwe.

Some other energy efficiency highlights include: - The retrofitting of all traffic lights in the city with LED lights. - The retrofitting of more than 17% of the City’s street lights to replace high-wattage HPS and some mercury vapour MV with a more efficient HPS. The investment of R58 million will result in a saving of 5 193 MWh of electricity, 5 141 tons of carbon, and R7,6 million per annum, with a payback period of seven years. - The retrofitting of 18 large administrative City buildings with energy efficient technology. The investment of R45 million will result in a saving of 1 373 MWh of electricity, 1 259 tons of carbon, and R2,4 million per annum. - The promotion of green procurement in other organisations and homes through, for example, the Solar Water Heater Accreditation. Programme and Energy Efficiency Forum for the commercial sector . - The rolling out of smart meters in City facilities. The City has dedicated a further 140 smart meters to be rolled out within the 2015/2016 financial year. “The City’s Information Systems and Technology Department started implementing power saving measures a few years ago.” “Ensuring that laptops and desktops go into the deepest state of sleep when they are not being used, without inconveniencing the user too much, is one of the key ways of saving energy.” “We can see that switching off 15 500 computers in City operations, for a couple of minutes every hour, can contribute to significant savings,” said the City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Corporate Services, Councillor Xanthea Limberg.


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“This forms part of the City’s total savings of approximately R120 million expected by 2018 through our current internal energy efficiency programme, which is a massive inter-departmental initiative.” “While our focus on energy efficiency remains key, we are also embarking on unlocking the potential that green procurement holds.” “A review of our big spend areas to assess where the greatest environmental impact can be achieved and to assess the market readiness for the greening of these products or services is expected to be completed before the end of the year.” “We will continue to do everything in our power to put in place measures that will help to ensure that we become a more environmentally and financially sustainable city while, at the same time, diversifying our energy supply,” said Councillor Van der Merwe.




Leeu Collection Acquires

First Glimpse of Future Africa

World-Class Le Quartier Français

University Rankings

A new and exciting time will be introduced at one of the world’s most romantic places to stay, Le Quartier Français in Franschhoek, when Analjit Singh of Leeu Collection and his family take this boutique hotel situated in Cape Winelands, South Africa, over as new owners from Susan Huxter and her family on September 1.

Respected global higher education experts, Times Higher Education (THE), have exclusively revealed a snapshot of what the first ever ranking devoted to African universities might look like.

“With Analjit’s introduction of new offerings and exciting luxury lifestyle contributions to Franschhoek, I feel confident and happy that he and his family are the right people to take Le Quartier Français to the next level," said previous iconic owner Susan Huxter. Huxter has offered to work closely and hand in hand with the new owners to achieve a smooth transfer. “Le Quartier Français has always been about family. It is a very special place full of soul, happiness and above all else wonderful people,” she said. “Between us all we have 924 years of service with two generations working here. It is the people that make Le Quartier Français the special place it is. I feel it is the right time to pass on this sanctuary to a new family who will love it and treasure it. I also believe there lies an exciting time ahead for the Le Quartier Français team, a wonderful opportunity for them to grow and spread their wings and I will be watching from around the corner.”

University of Cape Town

Award winning Executive Chef Margot Janse will also see to it that the magic continues at The Tasting Room with her cutting edge cuisine. She, along with the rest of the Le Quartier Français team, will ensure that the exceptional service and experiences continue to charm guests from around the world.

The university rankings provider has revealed the top 15 universities in the region, based solely on their scores for research influence – in other words, how much African universities’ research papers are referred to and cited by other academics across the globe. To be included in this future-gazing table, an institution must have published a minimum of 500 research papers in the five year period assessed with at least 50 papers per year. The full table, which contains the top 30 universities in the region, will be revealed at the inaugural Times Higher Education Africa Universities Summit at the University of Johannesburg. As the first major public consultation on the future THE Africa University Rankings, academic leaders and opinion formers will discuss plans for a full and comprehensive ranking for the region. This new ranking will be based on Times Higher Education’s respected World University Rankings, but shaped following this initial meeting by bespoke metrics designed to meet the region’s specific challenges. The ‘snapshot’ table, based on just one of THE’s five respected World University Rankings criteria - research influence, gives a good indication of what a full university ranking might look like for Africa and sees two South African institutions – the University of Cape Town and the University of Witwatersrand - take first and second place respectively.

This latest acquisition forms part of Leeu Collection, the manifestation of owner Analjit Singh’s (aka BAS) vision for sophisticated escapes and unique wineland experiences, which comprises in the first phase, Leeu Estates, a 21 room, five-star luxurious boutique hotel and winery in the Franschhoek valley, and Leeu House, an exclusive and private five-star 12-room boutique hotel in the heart of the Franschhoek village, set for a phased opening from the last quarter of 2015. According to BAS, the respected Le Quartier Français brand will be kept as is and for now only changes such as soft refurbishments and landscaping developments will take place. Further additions and alterations will be considered in 2016. “I am passionate about South Africa, its energy and sense of place,” says Singh. Leeu means lion in Afrikaans as does Singh in Sanskrit. “This latest acquisition makes me excited because I love to be part of creating something special. The team involved in the Leeu Collection portfolio, headed by Hector de Galard, shares this excitement and is determined to create world-class experiences in a luxurious environment of which Le Quartier Français will form a part. This opportunity is a natural for us,” he said.

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A lone Ugandan university - Makerere University – bridges South Africa’s domination of the top five, taking third place. This is followed by the University of Stellenbosch in fourth and the University of KwaZulu-Natal in fifth.




Multi-Million Investment Into Cape Cruise Liner Terminal The V&A Waterfront’s multi-million rand investment into the development of a dedicated cruise-liner terminal is a major boost for the Western Cape’s tourism sector. Alan Winde, Minister of Economic Opportunities, has welcomed the news that Transnet National Ports Authority (TNPA) has awarded the V&A Waterfront the status of Preferred Bidder for the cruise liner terminal. The V&A Waterfront will invest R179 million into the project, and will operate the facility for 20 years. After this period, the facility will be transferred back to TNPA.

The facility will remain at E berth, Duncan Dock, in the Port of Cape Town. According to TNPA, there are plans for the development to include retail and hospitality services. Minister Winde said the development has the potential to extend the footprint of the V&A Waterfront into the Port, linking the two. “The V&A Waterfront is already a tourism landmark and can serve as the gateway to the rest of region. Cruise liner tourism presents a significant opportunity for economic growth and job creation. Annually, the industry brings more than 10 000 visitors to the province and international cruise tourists spend around R1 000 a day while docked. The niche industry generates more than R200 million for the local economy each year.” Minister Winde said the agreement was another excellent example of privatesector led development. “This is excellent news and the latest in a series of major investments into the economy of the Western Cape. Other investments include the expansion of the Cape Town International Convention Centre and Tsogo Sun’s planned R680 million hotel in the CBD. Also in the V&A Waterfront precinct, we are looking forward to the opening of the Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa. These investments show high confidence in our region as a leading tourism and business destination and are evidence that we are succeeding our mission to make the Western Cape a great place to invest.”

Update! Two Oceans Aquarium Exhibit Opening Delayed Last year saw much excitement about the opening of the brand new exhibit at the Two Oceans Aquarium in Cape Town. Unfortunately there were some delays which involve some critical elements in the construction process. It is important for the Aquarium to deal with these issues at this stage in the exhibit’s life span, rather than further down the line when it is filled with water and stocked with animals. The construction and fitting out of a large-scale aquarium exhibit requires considerable design and planning as well as expertise. A critical element in the aquarium is life-support and in a large exhibit this has to be thoroughly thought, and carefully planned as it involves extensive piping, much of which is laid down beneath the concrete floor of the exhibit.

There are three main loops – sand filtration, protein skimming and drum filtering. Heating is a side loop to the protein skimming system and pH control is a side loop of the sand filtration loop. Drum filters are mechanical filtration and deal with solid waste i.e. the particles that float around in the water. Life-support systems can be one of the main consumers of energy in aquariums. To reduce consumption variable speed drives on all of the large pumps and piping has been chosen to reduce friction, as friction reduces flow rates and increases pumping requirements. Waste heat from the chillers are also used to heat the new exhibit.

Several prerequisites must also be met to ensure the survival of marine animals and plants in an artificial environment. These include life support systems (LSS) to maintain the required water quality parameters which includes oxygen levels, constant pH levels and the removal of animal waste products which can become toxic. The LSS behind the scenes of the Aquarium comprise an assortment of filters, heat exchangers, pumps and skimmers which operate continuously amid a complex maze of pipes. The water quality of the exhibits is monitored daily to ensure excellent visibility at all times and to ensure that all the animals remain healthy. Water temperatures are also checked regularly, as fluctuations can be fatal for the animals. The LSS for the new exhibit was designed and installed by Aquarium staff which saved on specialist engineering fees, as well as also creating an opportunity to train technical staff. This system will be five times more effective than the current filtration on the I&J Predator Exhibit. The Aquarium also built and designed their own protein skimmers to save costs and to incorporate elements which through experience, would increase efficiency.

Ninety percent of the equipment for the new LSS was purchased from local suppliers, but the sand filters and instrumentation as large fibreglass sand filters had to be imported, to last in the environment. A new saltwater intake from the harbour had been installed to allow for the increased water requirement for the new exhibit (which will hold 1.5 million litres of seawater) and allow an increase of water flow to other exhibits too. Continuous water flow ensures that the entire contents of the system are currently replaced every ten days. Water is pumped at a rate of 40,000 litres (up to 60,000 when the new system is up and running) per hour from the harbour into the Aquarium and the water in all the exhibits is recycled completely every two hours. The Newspaper will keep you up to date with regard to the opening of the exhibit. For more information visit

Don’t Use A Cellphone While Driving The City of Cape Town’s enforcement agencies continue to disconnect motorists caught using their cellphones while driving, in accordance with the City’s Traffic By-law. The impoundment policy came into effect on 1 July 2012. In terms of the by-law, ‘no person shall drive a motor vehicle on a public road while holding a cellular or mobile telephone or any other communication device in one or both hands or with any other part of the body’.

This provision directly reflects the wording of the National Road Traffic Act. By the end of June 2015, a total of 9 465 cellphones had been impounded, which is an average of 3 155 per year. The numbers are staggering and an indication that many motorists still refuse to acknowledge the dangers of using cellular phones while driving. It is astonishing to consider that people will very easily persecute drunk drivers for reckless behaviour, but cannot see the recklessness in fiddling with a cellphone while navigating through traffic. “Research shows that distracted driving due to texting or operating a cellphone while driving is more dangerous than drunk driving and has become the leading cause of road death in many countries,’ said the City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Safety and Security, Alderman JP Smith. Where cellphones are impounded, the device is handed in at the relevant Traffic Services office in a sealed evidence bag or box with a copy of the impoundment receipt and placed into a suitable safe. Motorists can collect their phones 24 hours after the time of impoundment and on presentation of a receipt of full payment of the impoundment fee as per the set tariff determined by the City of Cape Town.




INSPIRED TO BECOME A PROFESSIONAL CYCLIST The Newspaper discovered this young talent during the Western Cape Road Cycle and Time Trial Championships held in Oudtshoorn at the end June. Miré Herbst (born on 29 June 1997) is currently a Grade 12 pupil at Durbanville High School. She is passionate about cycling and her dream is to become a professional cyclist.

Recently, Miré achieved two podium positions during the Western Cape Road and Time Trial Championships in Oudtshoorn – 40 km road race and 18km time trial in the Junior Ladies category. These achievements were followed by three podium positions during the Oudtshoorn Youth Festival – silver in the MTB XCO and MTB ½ marathon (40km) and bronze in the 1km hill climbing competition.

During her school career she made contributions on both a cultural and sport level - a member of the school orchestra and obtained Western Province colours for biathlon (running and swimming) and mountain biking. Her parents are her two biggest supporters. Her dad, Frikkie is a Professor of Marketing in the School of Business and Finance at the University of the Western Cape. Her mom, Marina is a qualified horticulturist and an artist. Miré’s cycling career started in 2011 and since then she participated in many races, both mountain and road bike. Her first official race was on 22 October 2011 and she participated in the Fair Cape Pointbreak 30km mountain bike event. She surprised everyone by finishing first in the Female U16 category. Since then she participated in more than 40 mountain and road bike races. At first, she only concentrated on mountain biking, but in the meanwhile she completed her first Cape Argus Pick ‘n Pay Cycle Tour (110km) in 2012. Without any assistance, she completed the race on her mountain bike in 05:31:34. In 2013 her parents bought her a road bike and she started to excel on the road as well. Her biggest achievement on her mountain bike was when she won the Resolution Health Ride-the-Rhino with the well-known ABSA Cape Epic rider Liesbet Kristafor. This duo won the 3 day White Rhino Open ladies category in 08:52:31 in 2013. Since 2014 she won her age group category during the following mountain bike races – 2015 Cape Town Cycle Tour MTB Challenge (38km), 2014 99er Cycle Race (35km) Ladismith Cheese Mountain Bike Challenge (40km), 2014 Swartland MTB (45km) and the 2014 Burger Mountain Bike Challenge. With her win in the Ladismith Cheese Mountain Bike Challenge she was crowned as the Western Cape MTB Marathon Champion in the Junior Women category. After her second position in the Female Junior category during the 2014 Cape Argus Pick ‘n Pay Momentum Cycle Tour (109km) she immediately decided to spend more time on her road bike. She completed the 2014 Argus in 3:45:17. Hereafter, and after consultation with the professional rider Johann Rabie, she joined Erica Green Groenewald (Daisy Coaching Systems) late last year. Since then she is following a very stringent training program and her achievements on the road improved dramatically. Shortly after receiving her new road bike, a present from her dad, she achieved 6th position during the SA National Road Championships (70km) held in Nelspruit on the 7th of February 2015.

She is currently a member Kinetic Cycling Club. This Club was established in 2000 and is affiliated to Pedal Power Association who promotes recreational cycling and professional competition in South Africa. The Club takes part in cycling on an amateur basis and operates from various townships and our main base is in Bishop Lavis. Members come from areas such as Belhar, Elsies River, Bonteheuwel, Athlone, Eersteriver, Somerset West and Morning Star-Durbanville. She is also the kiddies coach at Team Meerendal Multisport and provides coaching to young mountain bike riders on a Friday afternoon. Next year she will study toward a Bachelor of Education Intermediate Phase through UNISA as she wants to combine her studies and love for children with her ambition to become a professional cyclist. Between school and her studies a typical weekly training program involves 10 hours on the bike, consisting of short 1 – 1½ hour intervals during the week and longer four hour rides over weekends. Miré’s dream is to represent South Africa at the World Championships, Olympics and Commonwealth Games. Her idol is Ashleigh Moolman Pasio, the current South African road cycling champion and member of the UCI Bigla Pro Cycling Team. To enable her to participate competitively, she wants to cycle abroad. She wishes to follow in Ashleigh’s footsteps, but to enable this passionate, hardworking and dedicated young female rider to reach her dream, she needs sponsorship. For more information call 083 441 7886 / 021 975 7261 or write to: Images supplied by Theo Bruwer



Design Your Tomorrow at Open Design 2015


SA Innovation Summit 2015

Imagine a future where a printer can print a pancake, children can design their own buildings, intelligent clothing adapts to your environment and fast food restaurants support local crafters. Some of these existing innovations along with a host of other designs that address everyday challenges will be showcased at Open Design Cape Town 2015, themed Design is for Tomorrow. The third annual Open Design Cape Town Festival is a 12-day citywide event of talks, workshops, tours and interactive experiences that explore how design and innovation can be used to add great value to our daily lives and create a more sustainable future. It will take place from 12- 23 August at venues across Cape Town, with event hubs at City Hall and the V&A Waterfront.

The 2015 SA Innovation Summit once again invites South African, African and global innovators to come together and showcase their exceptional talents, innovations and ideas, while at the same time enjoying a networking and learning experience par excellence. This conference will be taking place at the Cape Town Stadium from 26 – 29 August to showcases a pipeline of products and services from concept to implementation. The annual SA Innovation Summit promises to be an exciting, awe-inspiring event, jam-packed with debates, discussions, workshops, competitions, talks, presentations and demonstrations. The conference is a place that celebrates local ideas and innovations that are going into the market. With over 100 events on the programme, most with free access to the public, two main event hubs and collaborations with global and local brands, Open Design 2015 brings design and innovation to life. Its key features are the first Cape Town Maker Faire and Maker Conference, which will bring leaders in the maker movement as well as large organisations including Microsoft and DigitalGlobe together for discussions; Open Design Design for Tomorrow showcase and exhibition in collaboration with INDEX: Design to Improve Life®; Designing Careers programme, which explores the values and impact of design and as a viable career option for high school learners; TEDx Cape Town; Pecha Kucha and the popular Talk100 series, with international and local experts on design and innovation in health, technology, ‘urban hacktivism’, social development, education and other vital challenges that impact our future. Open Design is open to everyone, whether they are new to design or already see design as critical to designing our future world. While some events are ticketed, most events are free to attend. Official festival partners include the City of Cape Town and the V&A Waterfront.

The line-up of speakers includes Dion Chang, who will be discussing trends that cause disruptive innovation, and Gijs van Wulven, who will be presenting his Forth Innovation Methodology, a method that is said to double the effectiveness of the innovation process. The 2015 theme, ‘Innovation Intelligence’ looks at how new and convergent thinking helps to create a competitive edge in today’s saturated marketplace. This concept will be explored throughout the four-day conference, by various local and international speakers and participants. SA Innovation Summit Chairman, Dr Audrey Verhaeghe, says the 8th SA Innovation Summit will be bigger and better than ever before, with numerous opportunities to share, learn and network with fellow innovators and investors.

Other Open Design partners include the Royal Netherlands Embassy, the Danish Agency of Culture and the Cape Craft and Design Institute. For more information visit

enter for 2015 Premier’s Entrepreneurship Recognition Awards Premier Helen Zille and Economic Opportunities Minister, Alan Winde, officially opened entries for the Western Cape’s 2015 Entrepreneurship Recognition Awards. The official launch was held at the Khayelitsha Cookie Company in Ndabeni, which now employs 67 women from Khayelitsha, and won the Social Enterprise award in last year’s competition. The province’s top entrepreneurs are invited to enter the competition, which celebrates innovative people who are driving economic growth and creating opportunities for jobs. This year’s prize money totals just over R1.8 million, which includes a R100 000 cash prize and an international business trip. Speaking at the launch Premier Helen Zille said governments needed to be flexible in allowing space for entrepreneurs to innovate and enter the market. “We must do more to create the right environment for entrepreneurs. They are the engine, the wheels and the oil of our economy,” Premier Zille said. Minister Winde said small businesses were key job creators. “SMME’s create the most jobs in our economy. When residents are employed, they are able to send their children to schools, they are able to provide for their families. Entrepreneurs are the heroes of our economy and we must celebrate and showcase their successes,” said Minister Winde. He said the Western Cape’s most innovative entrepreneurs were putting the province on the map. “One of last year’s PERA finalists, the technology start-up IKubu, was recently bought by Garmin, a global GPS system.”

Innovators, entrepreneurs and inventors can expect a highly interactive event, which seeks to support them by providing inspiration, tools, know-how, contacts for funding or co-development and an in-depth matchmaking service, facilitated by industry professionals. Sponsors of the SA Innovation Summit include SABS, City of Cape Town, FNB, PwC, TIA, IDC, GCIP and SAB Foundation. For more information visit “The best thing about this deal is that the intellectual property remained in South Africa. We need to make sure talented entrepreneurs like those at IKubu have the support they need to grow their businesses and create jobs.” Since 2009, the Western Cape Department of Economic Development and Tourism has given 26 000 entrepreneurs the support they need to make the economy grow, through a range of programmes. This year, the number of award categories has been expanded from five to 12. The following categories are up for grabs: Best Emerging Business, Best Established Business, Best Social Enterprise, Best Green Business, Best Innovative Student Business, Most Innovative Business, Best Job-creating Business, Best Emerging Regional Business, Best Emerging Tourism Business, Best Emerging Agro-Processing Business, Best School Business Idea and Business with Global Reach. The closing date for entries is 14 September 2015. For more information on the qualifying criteria or to enter, visit



A Passion for Real Estate




Leigh Douglas and Vicky Turner have founded this business on the fundamental business practices of honesty, integrity, good faith, transparency and other ethical principles. Their collaboration is very complimentary, Leigh having expertise in the financial side of the business and Vicky having had many years of sales experience in the real estate industry, have now combined their respective skills to provide a one stop service to new homeowners, repeat homeowners and investors. These two ladies have known each other for just over 30 years and both have a passion for the real estate industry, they are a dynamic duo with their respective skills in Education, Finance and Sales and endeavour to provide a unique experience to their clients from the start of viewing properties to the vital negotiation process in order for the purchaser and seller to be satisfied.

Leigh Douglas

Vicky Turner


A quaint, compact 3 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom Family Home in a quiet suburb, ideal for entertaining, close to the Beach.


Leigh and Vicky reconnected again after many years having both been a Financial administrator and Sales Manager respectively for a small Real Estate Agency in Somerset West, due to unforeseen circumstances they both felt it was time to start a real estate business of their own where decisions could be made timeously. Vee Ó La Properties are aligning themselves with highly regarded and respected legal practices, and other related experienced industries to ensure the smooth transfer of your home, having been both owners of property, having sold and rented their own properties they resonate with new homeowners, repeat homeowners and investors that the purchasing of a home or for rental return properties can be a daunting experience - after all it will be the biggest and most expensive long term asset a person will purchase.



Modern Face brick Family Home, ideal for a growing family. 3 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom, Open Plan Kitchen with ample cupboard space, Single Garage and stunning views.



“Our clients are our business and service to our clients is fundamental to our success in this currently and constantly changing industry, we want to cut to the chase quickly by providing or matching our clients with the most suitable home with regard to their needs and most importantly their budget in the shortest time possible,” says Leigh. During a visit by The Newspaper it became clear that their company values are to offer a professional service and to give added value when prospective clients are buying a property – that being area knowledge and the surrounds to current property market trends. Vicky remarked, “We maintain to give and to deliver honest transparent business practices, by ensuring optimum integrity and passion to everything we do. We strive to exceed the expectation of our clients and to make their dream of owning property, a reality.”


A delightful two-level home in Anchorage Park. Open plan Living area and Kitchen, with 2 Bedrooms on ground floor, spacious loft upstairs, either another living area or work/study area. Enclosed parking, stunning views of the Mountains from the loft.




Face brick Family Home in Secure and Gated Complex. Open plan Living, Dining and Kitchen Area, 3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathroom, surrounded by breath taking views of the Mountains.

Co-Owners Vicky Turner and Leigh Douglas believe that training and communication are an essential part of their business. “We strive to maintain high standards in both internal and external relationships. Our agents will receive continuous training and receive ongoing imparting of property knowledge which will equip them to provide a quality service to our clients. If we don’t have the answers we will find them for you,” they said. Vee Ó La Properties believes that business should be administered with a sense of competitive urgency and they strive to do exactly that. “We look forward to working with you.” For more information contact Leigh Douglas on 082 463 9994 or Vicky Turner on 082 785 3929 or visit

Vee Ó La Properties “Our Mission is to Trust, Believe, Care & Reach Out”

Leigh Douglas 082 463 9994 | Vicky Turner 082 785 3929 | Telephone: 021 852 3353 Email: Website:




Win tickets to Cape HOMEMAKERS Expo The Cape HOMEMAKERS Expo, Cape Town’s leading home improvement, décor, design and lifestyle exhibition, celebrates 20 years in 2015 and will take place from 27-30 August at the CTICC. From modern bathroom fittings to the latest in kitchen design and appliances, beautiful new furnishings to the best in DIY - you'll find it all at this inspiring event! Incorporating a spectrum of South Africa's leading brands and industry professionals, exhibits range from essential home improvement products to dazzling décor accessories. Exciting feature areas will once again include the Kitchen Specialist Association, inVOGUE, d'VINE life, ARTISANaffair, Design Project 2015, alfresco living, tuis | home Kitchen and DIY workshops, as well as the Barista Showdown.

If The Shoe Fits, Wear It It is widely believed that Hollywood star Marilyn Monroe said, ‘Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.’ Every year, the best shoe designers of the fashion world blow our minds with their perfect high heel, ballerina, tekkie and moccasin designs. If Monroe’s quote rings true, we need people like Gordon Gassert, Product Developer at Jordan Shoes, and one of South Africa’s leading shoe designers. Born and raised in Cape Town, Gassert followed in his dad’s footsteps. “My father was one of the greats in his day. The shoe trade chooses you somehow! I believe it’s in my genes. The best way to learn is to spend time on the factory floor in all departments and absorb as much knowledge as you can,” says Gassert.

The Expo offers a vast array of products and services under one roof, giving you the opportunity to explore, compare and find solutions to your specific needs. The Cape HOMEMAKERS Expo is proudly presented by HOMEMAKERS, the biggest home enhancement exhibition group in South Africa, presenting five home lifestyle events in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria and Port Elizabeth reaching 125 000 visitors every year. Be one of the lucky twenty to win double-tickets to the show, valued at R140 for two. All you need to do is email to and use the Subject “The Newspaper – Cape Homemakers Expo” and tell them why you would love to visit the Expo! For more information visit

Triggerfish Launches The Story Lab

As designer for Olympic International, a range of active footwear for women, men and children, Gassert says, “As long as you know what the function of the shoe will be - casual wear or sport, you can apply the necessary detail to create the shoe you need. The components you choose to use will determine the comfort of the shoe.”

After the international success of its first two feature films, Triggerfish Animation Studios is establishing The Triggerfish Story Lab with the support of The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and The Walt Disney Company.

Gassert also enjoys designing rugged, street fashion men’s footwear. “I’ve also been working on the BRONX range for many years.”

Triggerfish is conducting a continent-wide search for storytellers. These storytellers will be carefully selected, based not only on the creative and commercial merits of their concept, but also on their track record.

Triggerfish will be investing up to $3.5m over the next three years in The Story Lab, which aims to give Africa’s most talented storytellers and filmmakers the opportunity to develop their ideas alongside Triggerfish’s international network of mentors. Selected storytellers will potentially have their concepts developed into episodic TV content or an animated feature film for the global market.

“Quality and comfort has been the foundation on which the BRONX brand has been built and we incorporate these features in all our shoes. Quality soles, padded collars and tongues, quality leathers and comfort socks all contribute to the making of a comfortable shoe.” Gassert has a keen eye to identify proportions, colour combinations and fashion trends. On how to predict which designs will be most in demand in the future, Gassert answers that good knowledge of the market is important and you need to know who you are catering for and listen to customer feedback. Gassert started his career in shoe designing by spending three years on the factory floor learning the art of shoe manufacture, then he spent one year on pattern cutting, followed by 20 years of designing which also includes selling, range building, sourcing leathers, soles and various other components, designing trims, labels and shaping lasts. “Your biggest challenge as a shoe designer is learning how to handle criticism of your designs. Everyone likes to be told that their designs are great, but I’ve learned so much by listening to the critics and seeing where I went wrong,” says Gassert. Gordon Gassert is inspired to always make better ranges.

The entries will be evaluated by a high-profile panel of both local and international experts, including British director and co-founder of Aardman Peter Lord (Chicken Run, The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists), Hollywood writer Jonathan Roberts (The Lion King) and script consultant Karl Iglesias (Writing For Emotional Impact), and a panel of development executives from The Walt Disney Company, as well as South African storyteller Gcina Mhlope, comedian David Kau and Triggerfish’s development team of Anthony Silverston, Wayne Thornley and Raffaella Delle Donne. Shortlisted storytellers will take part in workshops with leading Hollywood script consultant Pilar Alessandra, author of The Coffee Break Screenwriter. The selected Story Lab participants will also receive two weeks of mentoring with key studio and television executives at Disney’s headquarters in Burbank, California. The development process can take a number of years. For each phase of development, Triggerfish will provide financial support, workspace, and expert guidance by internal and international consultants and mentors, as well as a route to market through top-tier relationships with Hollywood agency William Morris Endeavor. Animation has proven to be a successful medium for South African films to travel internationally, with Triggerfish’s films Adventures in Zambezia and Khumba being distributed in over 150 countries and dubbed into over 27 languages. Applications are welcome from all writing and creative disciplines, not just experienced film and TV screenwriters. Applicants must be over 21 and either African citizens or permanent residents. Entries must be in English. Entries close 31 August 2015. Full guidelines and an online application form visit

/ PA G E 1

/ PA G E 2

/ PA G E 3

/ PA G E 4

/ PA G E 5

/ PA G E 6

/ PA G E 7




More Airlines Set To Increase Capacity to Cape Town Lufthansa has declared additional frequencies between Munich and Cape Town from five weekly flights to a daily non-stop schedule for the summer season ahead. This comes on the heels of a recent announcement by Qatar Airways of additional flights to Cape Town as of 1 October 2015. In addition, Edelweiss, Switzerland’s leading leisure carrier, will connect Cape Town with Zurich non-stop twice a week, operating flights from 26 October 2015 until 25 March 2016. This will be the fifth year running that Edelweiss increases its seasonal capacity to Cape Town. Dr. Andre Schulz, Lufthansa’s new General Manager for South Africa said: “The demand for Cape Town as a top leisure destination is the reason for adding two additional flights during South Africa’s summer season, effectively increasing the seat offer by almost 20%.”

“Flying Madiba” Tapestry Set for Cape Town International Airport

Plans to display a giant tapestry honouring the beloved statesman at Cape Town International Airport are on the table. Amnesty International announced that the “Flying Madiba” tapestry would be unveiled in the “meeters and greeters” area in the international arrivals hall at the Cape Town International Airport. The 6 x 3 metres tapestry was woven by Atelier Pinton in Aubusson, France. The Mandela tapestry project is a partnership between Art for Amnesty and the Cape Town International Airport and is endorsed by the Nelson Mandela Foundation.

Saving for a Perfect December Holiday DebtSafe, one of South Africa’s most respected debt review companies, advises consumers to refrain from paying holiday expenses with a credit card. “However, paying by credit only makes sense if people pay off their credit card bills quickly and in full - with cash already saved up.”

The project has been backed and funded by Bono & Edge of U2, John Legend, Peter Gabriel, Sting & Yoko Ono. “This is a fitting tribute to Madiba, displayed prominently so as to welcome international visitors to our country. The tapestry will be unveiled on 10 December 2015, which is International Human Rights day. Madiba is one of the world’s most celebrated human rights activists.”

Western Cape to Develop Madiba Heritage Tourism Route

“Otherwise, if credit card bills are not paid in full immediately after purchases were made, the consumer could be paying hundreds of rands extra in interest,” says Wikus Olivier, debt management expert at DebtSafe. Wikus advises that saving up for a holiday and paying cash, is the best option to establish and maintain healthy personal finances. Determine the cost and set up a budget - Olivier says people must start taking control of their holiday expenses by setting up a budget including all the expenditures such as fuel, clothes, car hire, travel tickets etc. and set money aside for daily expenditure and add it into the budget so that the budget is in control.

The Western Cape will seek to honour the legacy of former statesman, Nelson Mandela, through the development of a heritage tourism route which traces Madiba’s journey in our province. Alan Winde, Minister of Economic Opportunities, said as part of the province’s growth strategy, Project Khulisa, a series of initiatives are being mooted to boost our heritage tourism offering. Minister Winde said the proposal stemmed from South African Tourism’s mobile app, which is based on the “Madiba-inspired tourism attractions” map. “The map was launched in 2014 to encourage local and international tourists to walk in the footsteps of Madiba. We hope these initiatives will offer an authentic experience to visitors, allowing them to experience a piece of the Western Cape’s rich cultural heritage.” “It is our goal to develop clear signage for the Madiba route so tourists are able to easily navigate to the different sites. We will work with local and national tourism authorities to market the route. At this stage this is a proposal, and we will engage the relevant stakeholders. Collaboration with key roleplayers is key to ensure the project’s success,” said Minister Winde. Minister Winde explained there were five sites in the Western Cape that formed part of proposed Mandela journey, namely: Robben Island, Pollsmoor Prison, Drakenstein Correctional Services, City Hall and Parliament. The proposal will be included in the Project Khulisa action plan aimed at growing the tourism industry. It will be submitted to Cabinet for approval next month.

“Put a certain amount of money away every week or month towards a ‘holiday fund’. A good idea is to start by involving the rest of the family and put spare coins in a tin or bottle every week and see how much money have been saved at the end of each week or month. The next step is to put even more cash in the container. People will be surprised to see how much money they can save.“Deposit the cash into a saving account every month to earn interest,” Olivier continues. Reduce costs of the Holiday - “A holiday is a luxury - if you are staying home during the holidays, make a list of fun, free or cost-effective holiday activi-

Photo: Wikus Olivier

ties for the whole family, however, if there has to be travelling involved, book your flights and accommodation well in advance to make use of the large discounts when booking earlier,” says Olivier. Refrain from eating at restaurants, take-away food and purchasing new clothes for the next few months. For each take away or eating out session, rather make food at home, you will save enough money for one meal or more during your holiday. “Whether it takes a few weeks or a few years; when that dream holiday finally comes, it will be enjoyed far more when goals were set, a plan was followed, a budget is used and updated and consumers have worked very hard to stay out of debt,” Olivier concludes.

Travel + Leisure World’s Best Once Again Include Cape Town For 2015 Cape Town has once again made the list in the Travel + Leisure World’s Best Awards for 2015. This year the Mother City comes in at Ninth Best City in the World and Top City in Africa and the Middle East. Each year Travel + Leisure showcase the best islands, cities, hotels, cruise lines, airports and tour operators in their World’s Best Awards, as voted for by their readers.

In the category, “World’s Best City in Africa and the Middle East” Cape Town comes in ahead of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, also making it into their Hall of Fame in this category for being on the list ten years in row. In the category “World’s Best City”, Cape Town is the only African city to make the list and is joined by: Kyoto, Japan (1), Charleston, USA (2), Siem Reap, Cambodia (3), Florence, Italy (4), Rome, Italy (5), Bangkok, Thailand (6), Krakow, Poland (7), Barcelona, Spain (8), Cape Town, South Africa (9) and Jerusalem, Israel (10).



South Africa’s 1st


Big Bottle Festival

Rosé Wine Competition

South Africa’s first ever rosé wine competition has been launched, chaired by industry personality, Allan Mullins. Called ‘Rosé Rocks!’ - The competition seeks to recognise excellence in rosé wine making and to promote the South African rosé category. Nine top South African wine judges will pick the best rosé wines made in the country. Whether your taste is for a bone dry, pale pink rosé, or something a little sweeter with a bit more body, this increasingly popular style of wine has something for everyone. Rosé is the fastest growing category of wine in South Africa. Sales have trebled between 2007 and 2014.

Allan Mullins commented, “This is an exciting development for consumers and winemakers alike. There's no doubt about it, rosé wine has sex appeal! It’s also the most versatile of wines, great for sociable occasions and it really works well with a wide range of foods.” Judging will take place on the 9th September 2015. Results will be announced shortly afterwards. All wines being entered have to be produced in South Africa. Following the announcement of the winners there will be a wine tasting open to the public. For more information visit

Opulence, celebration and extravagance - all synonymous with the annual Big Bottle Festival, South Africa’s super-sized and grandest wine tasting extravaganza being held on 22 August 2015 at the Cape Town Club. This year’s Big Bottle Festival will kick off on Friday evening 21 August with a one of a kind Champagne tasting presented by Champagne and MCC specialist Paul Gerber of Le Lude in Franschhoek. This indulgent dining affair is set to pair culinary delights with some of the world’s finest wines. Ten champagnes (mostly vintage) from illustrious houses and famous growers will be explored. The tasting will be followed by a 4 course dinner accompanied by some of Italy’s finest wines. Seven classic and unusual Italian wines will be explored, extremely rare wine, a six-liter bottle of the majestic Sassicaia, and a six-liter bottle of 1997 Vasco Sassetti Brunello di Montalcino Riserva, will also be enjoyed. The popular big bottle walk-about on 22 August 2015 offers guests the chance to sip and swirl some of South Africa’s finest vintages. The festival brings together South Africa’s foremost winemakers and chefs’ de cuisine, creating a different approach to wine and culinary pairings. All wines are poured from big bottles during the walkabout tasting, whilst offering guests the opportunity to sample canapés and small dishes prepared by fervent chefs. Master classes presented by proprietors and winemakers include, Hamilton Russel Vineyards presented by Anthony Hamilton-Russell, Matured classic South African white wines presented by Eben Sadie and Champagnes presented by Le Lude winemaker Paul Gerber. The line-up of wines will include Hamilton Russell Vineyards, Raats Family, Boekenhoutskloof, Keermont and De Trafford, whilst the Chef lineup boasts names such as Rudi Liebenberg, Albert Venter, Shyam Longani, Chris Harbeck, Garth Almazan and Christina Semczyszyn. For more information visit

Rare Wines at Cape Winemakers Guild Auction Showcase Embark on a journey of discovery into rare, exceptionally crafted wines at the Nedbank Cape Winemakers Guild Auction Showcase to be held in Cape Town on 13 August 2015 at the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC). Crafted in small volumes exclusively for the annual Nedbank Cape Winemakers Guild Auction, these wines represent the pinnacle of wine mastery by the Guild’s 46 highly respected members. The Auction Showcases give wine enthusiasts the opportunity to engage with the winemakers and taste this year’s line-up of auction wines that will go under the hammer in Stellenbosch on 3 October. Spanning over 30 years of winemaking prowess, these auction wines are sought after for their creative edge and enduring quality. The Showcases allow wine lovers to experience these greatly diverse wines as well as other acclaimed flagship offerings by Guild members in an interactive, walk-around tasting hosted by the winemakers themselves. Showcase-goers will also have the opportunity to bid on rare signed bottles from previous Guild auctions during the Silent Auction in aid of the Nedbank Cape Winemakers Guild Development Trust. Founded in 1999, the Development Trust seeks to educate, train and empower young talent in the wine industry and includes the Guild Protégé Programme, a mentorship scheme for upcoming winemakers and viticulturists.

Photo Left - Right: Beyers Truter of Beyerskloof with Grant Solomons

The Nedbank Cape Winemakers Guild Auction will take place on 3 October 2015 at the Spier Conference Centre in the Stellenbosch and the auction is open to the public. For more information visit

Family Farmstall Hoofstraat 507, Noorder - Paarl | Tel 021 872 4854

Ons is Oop 7 Dae ‘n week

Kom loer gerus binne, u sal verras wees! * Biltong

* Droëwors

* Vetkoek

* Heuning

* Konfyt

* Geskenke

* Enamel

* Glasware

* Dekor

* Meubels

* Blomme




Agri-Homes - Solution to Farm Housing Agri-Homes SA®, with its subsidiary Farm-Homes®, brings to light the most significant, yet, affordable change in housing for Farm Labourers ever to be made available to the Agricultural industry within South Africa.

Thermal insulation can be specified to be up to 5 times more superior to conventional brick and mortar buildings. The Agri-Homes Steel Frame Modular building method lends itself to column foundations and suspended floors, reducing the cost of building on uneven sites. Services Plumbing and Electrical wiring are installed in wall cavities without chasing of walls. External services such as Photovoltaic Panels, and Solar Hot Water Panels, and sewerage systems are available on request.

Farm-Homes is an ever green product, and can provide a 100% green turnkey product. Its designs are architecturally attractive, cost effective, energy efficient, durable, and fire resistant. Farm-Homes are made in steel frame panels each to fit specific designed modules, and are historically less expensive than competing forms of construction. The Product Steel in the manufacturing of houses, granny flats, warehouses, shopping complexes, office blocks, and now even Farm houses for labourers have become an eminently sustainable material, through the modernization of production processes. The mass of a wall in a Steel Frame Building is less than 10% of a double skin plastered brick wall. Significant energy savings are achieved merely in the transport of the materials to the building site. Furthermore, wastage of materials on site is minimized, eliminating the need to remove truck loads of building rubble. The most significant energy saving is building with the Agri-Homes Steel Frame Modules which are optimally insulated suitable to every geographic region within Southern Africa, resulting in energy savings for heating and cooling. Construction Time saving in the construction of these Agri-Homes is estimated to be more than 40%, compared with conventional building. All frames are manufactured and assembled under stringent factory conditions, maximizing quality and efficiency. Therefore, cold or wet weather is not an issue when constructing Agri-Homes. The Agri-Homes Steel Frame Modules have a higher strength to weight ratio and are lighter than wood or masonry of comparable size. This has a positive impact on the building's seismic resistance, as it may allow economical spread footing foundations and it may also allow upward expansion in a building originally not designed for an extra floor. A great deal of time, money and effort is spent on the Thermal insulation of all Agri-Homes.

Durability Agri-Homes finishes are secured with its high strength and protective coatings. The Steel Frame Modules used in Agri-Homes are impressively durable and these environmentally controlled buildings will perform well in excess of one hundred years. Architecturally Flexibility With Agri-Homes Steel Frame Modules, the designer has extensive choices of finishes to achieve the desired architectural vernacular. Some of the exterior wall finishes commonly combined with Steel Frame are, Single skin brick veneer; Fibre Cement Sheets; Vermont Plank (Ship Lapped); Brick, stone, ceramic tile and concrete veneers; Prefinished plywood; Exterior insulation and finish (EFIS) systems, and Cement plaster (stucco) on metal lath. Structural Flexibility These Agri-Homes are designed to accommodate horizontal and vertical additions which can be effected easily in stages – giving it that Almost Limitless Design Freedom. The Agri-Homes Steel Frame Modules can be used for almost any building construction – in ground floor exterior axial load bearing walls or even unsupported spans of up to 24 meters. Health and Reliability The Agri-Homes Steel Frame Modules are reliable products that will not shrink, warp, swell, creep or otherwise move, which enhances and maintains construction quality. Its Steel Frame Modules are non-organic and cannot rot or support unhealthy infestations of mold and fungus growth. These Steel Frame Modules are not hospitable to, nor will vermin such as termites and rodents damage it. Structural Engineer Certificate The use of sophisticated software has greatly benefited the design and engineering of the Agri-Homes Steel Frame Modules. Therefore, all Agri-Homes plans are approve by a registered consulting Structural Engineer controlled by the South African Steel Frame Association - SASFA. Finance, Costs, Delivery, and Occupation Various Financial Institutions have acknowledged their support in writing, and are willing to provide finance on projects designed and constructed by Agri-Homes. Entry level Farm-Homes can be supplied for as little as R65,000.00. Delivery of Agri- Homes Steel Frame Modules is approximately two weeks and occupation of a Farm-Home for Labourers is possible within 3 - 4 weeks from date of order. NHBRC Approved All Agri-Homes complies with the rational design requirements of the National Building Regulation, approved by National Home Builders Registration Council NHBRC. For more information contact Quintus on 073 865 1437 or email: visit




Grand Entrance to Sitari Country Estate Rapidly Takes Shape Sitari Country Estate just outside Somerset West is set to include many features of a size, scale and degree of sophistication – its main gatehouse complex, the gateway to Sitari Country Estate. Construction is now well under way on the main gatehouse complex, geared for completion in March 2016.

“The gatehouse at Sitari Country Estate will have six monolithic gable ends framing huge glazed facades, which is a fresh take on the Cape vernacular style. Each side of the gatehouse is essentially a colossal, modernistic Cape Dutch manor house,” says Gideon Schoonraad of Orbic Architects, who designed the gatehouse complex. Apart from top-notch security, Sitari Country Estate will include a Country Clubhouse with restaurant and meeting rooms, kids’ play zone, pool and proposed day spa and high-tech gymnasium, 22-hectare wetland, various play parks, a central park, gardens and water features, a 14 km cycle and running route and the private Curro school catering for children from creche through to Grade 9 initially and eventually up to matric. The estate will also include a shopping centre of 12 500 m², a retirement village and a medical centre. Sales in Sitari have exceeded all expectations, with phase one entirely sold out and phase two 30% sold out in less than 12 months. The first registrations are already expected at the end of July 2015 and the first homes are to be completed by December this year.

John Coetzee, one of the Executive Directors of Uvest Property Group, developers of the estate says, “Once complete the main gatehouse complex will be 1849 m2 in extent, and will house the security control room as well as the sales, letting and homeowner management of Sitari Country Estate. It will also provide first-class office space, which will be available to purchase on a sectional title basis, and a business centre equipped with wifi for those who would like to work from a site closer to home for a while.” “The on-site security centre will provide manned access control to the estate plus a control room with high-tech monitors providing permanent surveillance of the perimeters and key corridors. The entrance space for cars will allow for three lanes of cars entering and three lanes exiting simultaneously, while allowing the guards to have clear vision of who is entering and leaving the estate. There will be two gatehouses to Sitari Country Estate; the smaller one will be near the Curro Castle and Curro School and will also include office space.” “Both gatehouses will also feature biometric readers and number plate recognition as well as 24/7 guard monitoring.”

Contact Martin van Rooyen on 083 452 6909 or office 087 890 0033 or visit for more information

THE POWER TEAM Always on the lookout to save, and always seeking reliable companies who are able to meet your needs, provide excellent service, are punctual, and also guarantee back-up support for their services rendered – this is what these four companies have on offer. ENER-G specialises in green energy efficiency, power saving, advisory and implementation of solutions from Solar, Heat Pumps, LED Lighting, PV power generation, Inverter power back-up systems and water filtration and purification systems, in pursuit to conserve Energy Costs and our Environment across Domestic, Commercial and Industrial applications - one stop green energy solutions. REFCON AIR is an innovative company formed in 2006 that successfully combine theory and practical training with the servicing of the private and commercial sector in domestic and commercial Air-conditioning, Ventilation, commercial Refrigeration, Cold & Freezer Rooms, Chillers, Rat Coolers, V.A.V. Systems, D.X. Systems, and all types of Package Units, Evaporative Coolers, and Electronically controls. PAINT YOUR HOME supplies a variety of services which include the likes of Painting, Waterproofing, and General Maintenance, not to mention decorating Artwork to your satisfaction. AQUAPRO PLUMBERS are experienced, qualified and reliable plumbing services that specialize in heat pump installation, Certificates of Compliance (COC) Inspections, Burst geysers, Blocked drains, General maintenance and renovations.

The collaboration of services is what makes life a dream!

PAINT YOUR HOME Painting | Waterproofing | General Maintenance | Art Hanging Contact 021 838 2323 or visit

Contact 082 498 8866 or visit

REFCON AIR Air Conditioning | Refrigeration | Ventilation

Contact 022 723 1070 or visit

Contact 021 558 6792 or 081 020 9645

Experienced, qualified and reliable plumbing services.




Whitehouse Launches Flagship Concept Super Store After a much anticipated wait, Whitehouse opened their first flagship Concept Super Store at the end of June in Somerset West. The VIP launch event was attended by prominent members of the local community and businesses. The response has been resoundingly positive. Their breathtaking store offers a shopping experience that is uncomplicated and comfortable.

Whitehouse is the shopping destination of choice for something a little bit different. They’re the leading retailing platform for new design talent showcasing, exciting quaint and quirky furniture pieces from some of the most talented design teams including original art and sculptures. “All are locally sourced, standing by our ethos to support and promote local talent. Be a part of this vision!” These are exclusive pieces for lounges, bedrooms and dining rooms. The public’s response to their curtain range has been an overwhelming success. These gorgeous designs have been sourced to offer a collection that is inspirational for both cool contemporary living and elegant timelessness, at prices that won’t break the bank! Not to disappoint, their signature quality bed linen, towels, duvet and pillow inners will satisfy everyone’s expectations whether good, better, best or luxury!

The Concept Super Store is now home to the exclusive Whitehouse Couch Collection, designed with style, and crafted to last. Personalise your couch selection in the design center which offers a variety of quality fabrics in colours and textures at prices to suit everyone’s pockets! And how could you resist completing your look from the beautiful range of stylish wallpapers and blinds available?

Construction Conference & Trade Expo The Cape Construction Conference and Trade Expo is the only event that deals specifically with the opportunities and challenges of the Western Cape construction Industry. In its 3rd year this is a must attend event for industry stakeholders who are interested in learning about the latest trends and development in construction. The World Bank’s Doing Business in South Africa 2015 report recently named Cape Town as the most conducive city for the construction industry in South Africa. This undoubtedly has a ripple effect on the entire province, making the Western Cape the prime province for investment and growth. The Cape Construction Conference focuses on the strategic and technical elements of construction, with an audience that consists of architects, engineers, quantity surveyors, contractors, builders, property developers, procurement managers and government our content speakers directly to the construction industry. This year’s programme focuses on creating lasting synergies and collaborative opportunities for all stakeholders. Cape Construction Conference headlines industry heavy-weights such as MEC of Agriculture, Economic Development and Tourism Alan Winde, MEC of Human Settlements Bonginkosi Madikizela, and MEC of Transport and Public Works Donald Grant. The Cape Construction Trade Expo is the ultimate marketing experience for suppliers and solution providers to the construction industry. Boasting over 100 exhibitors, this trade expo plays host to suppliers and solution providers involved in pre-construction, construction and post construction phases of the construction cycle. Chemicals, tools, equipment, finishes, materials and contracting services suppliers will be on hand showcasing their latest technologies and solutions. The Cape Construction Conference provides a rare holistic look into the construction industry with a major focus on megatrends, solutions and opportunities. It shines a spotlight on all key areas of construction from procurement to energy efficiency and project cost efficiency. Together with the trade expo that showcases all industry solution providers through the entire project cycle, Cape Construction Conference and Trade Expo is truly a must attend for the construction industry.


∙ Trade Expo

Conference VISIT CAPE TOWN’S ∙ Trade Expo



HOW TO REGISTER Get your free ticket by visiting and use the VIP CODE TNP01 to redeem this voucher online


3000+ visitors


exhibiting brands


participating partners

12 – 13 August 2015

Cape Town International Convention Centre Conference Trade Expo

Conference Trade Expo


FREE workshops

Come experience the extraordinary at Whitehouse, located in the Somerset Décor Centre. For more information contact 021 851 0062 or visit




Teachers & Learners

A visit to Cape Academy

Attend SUNCEP Tuition in School Holidays

of Maths and Science Holiday Programme

After the success of its April tuition programmes, the Stellenbosch University (SU) Centre for Pedagogy in the Faculty of Education (SUNCEP) trained and supported teachers and learners in the Western and Northern Cape during the school holidays.

During the school holiday Premier Helen Zille and Minister Debbie Schäfer visited the Cape Academy of Maths and Science Holiday Programme, designed for learners in grades 10 and 11, covering exciting topics such as Robotics, Aviation and an Introduction to Pilot training.

As part of the programme and sponsored by SUNCEP, 180 teachers will also receive Windows tablets. 150 teachers from the Winelands, West Coast, Overberg and North Education Districts in the Western Cape attended these courses on SU’s Stellenbosch campus– offered in full support and assistance of the relevant Departments of Education and their respective districts. These e-learning practice-based professional learning programmes were offered in a blended-learning format. SU’s e-learning strategy is aimed at ensuring that these teachers are ready to implement these new and exciting strategies in their classrooms. This is also in line with the anticipated roll out to establish WiFi zones at various schools in the Western Cape. The aim is to improve teaching and learning in the classroom and to prepare teachers to become part of a global digital teaching environment. The idea of the tablets, loaded with the required modules containing interactive e-lessons, is to further strengthen teachers’ pedagogical content knowledge in Mathematics, Physical Science, Life Science and Natural Science. In addition to its teacher professional learning programmes, SUNCEP is also supporting learners. Its flagship project, Hope@Maties has now been running successfully for the past four years. This programme has already produced outstanding results in ensuring Grade 12 learners improve their marks in gateway subjects, such as Science and Mathematics. Over the past three years, 436 former Hope@Maties students have entered SU alone. Learners who qualify also receive financial support in the form of a Stellenbosch University recruitment bursary. More than 250 learners from all the districts in the Western Cape attended this first opportunity university preparation programme offered at SUNCEP in five different towns in the Western Cape.

Learners from schools in the Metro South Education District attended the programme in conjunction with the Sakhikamva Foundation and the Cape Academy for Maths, Science and Technology. The Sakhikamva Foundation believes that the future of South African aviation lies with the country’s highly talented youth, its mission being to identify and develop this talent in ensuring that a solid foundation is laid to feed the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics pipeline. Last month the Sakhikamva Foundation introduced the World’s first Science, Technology, Robotics, Engineering, Aerospace and Mathematics Laboratory (STREAM) in Tokai. It is set to create a culture of learning in these key subjects and will empower the youth and ultimately create leaders in the field of science and technology. Tommi the aeroplane features an advanced flight simulator with movable control surfaces, creating a realistic flight experience for learners and visitors to the laboratory. Tommi is surrounded by six interactive areas, including a twelve seater SPACE room which has a connection to the International Space Station and Hubble Telescope, an Experimental laboratory, a briefing room, a simulation room and scientific display areas. “It is wonderful to see so many young people actively interested in this holiday programme and what will be required for a career in aviation”, said Premier Zille

Photo Left to Right: Jan Sass (Anne Pienaar Primary School, Malmesbury), Joey Griesel (Natural Sciences (NS) Subject Advisor, Cape Winelands Education District), Michael Hager (NS) Subject Advisor, Metro South Education District), Stephanie Apollis (Laurie Hugo Primary School, Moorreesburg), Pinky Siko (Kayamandi Primary School, Stellenbosch)

In addition to Hope@Maties, Grade 7 - 11 learner support programmes have also been established at centres across all educational districts in the Western Cape. About 350 learners in the Western Cape registered to attend programmes to receive support in Mathematics and Science. These learner support programmes and teacher professional learning programmes are all possible with the support of various funders, the parents of participating learners and the expert tutors and facilitators.

“I was very pleased to see fun activities being enjoyed by learners which simultaneously teach them crucial concepts of maths and science which are vital to our economy”, said Minister Schäfer “The Western Cape government, is working hard to encourage learners to take mathematics and science, which are both gateway subjects for the economic development of our province and our country and of the personal career opportunities of our learners, and we have placed a lot of resources into these subject areas. We need to prepare our youth to be competitive citizens in the mathematical, scientific and technological world.” “This is another outstanding example of how partnerships between NGO’s and government can enable us to make things “Better Together” for the benefit of our learners and our country.”

Western Cape Wins the Minquiz™ 2015 Western Cape Grade 12 learners were crowned Minquiz™ winners on Wednesday, 15 July 2015 at the annual maths and science competition held at Mintek in Randburg. This marks the second victory in three years for the Western Cape Province after having won the competition in 2013 as well. They were awarded first position with 190 points. Kwazulu-Natal came second with 155 points, followed by Gauteng (125 points) Southern Free State (124 points) and North West (90 points). The national winning team comprised of Jethro Fredericks (19) Cape Academy for Maths, Science and Technology , Riccardo Ladu (17) Brackenfell High School, Tae Jun (18) Rondebosch Boys' High School and Jeremy John Henry Wilkinson (17) of Bishops. The Top Learner Platinum and Top Learner Gold prizes were awarded to Ulrik de Muellenaere (18) of Hoȅrskool Waterkloof and Abongile Booi (17) of Vaal Reefs Technical High respectively. “Winning the competition is a big deal. We came with the intention of winning and the fact that we have thrived has done our province well. We take pride in ourselves in maintaining this reputation,” said, Jethro Fredericks. “Having being part of this competition, we learned more about science, engineering and entrepreneurship through the various exhibitions and presentations. I am well developed for the future career choices when I leave school,” commented Fredericks.

Photo Left to Right: Jethro Fredericks, Tae Jun, Riccardo Ladu, and Jeremy John Henry Wilkinson Winners of Minquiz 2015

Addressing learners at the competition, Mintek’s President and CEO, Mr. Abiel Mngomezulu said, “Minquiz paves the way for learners to be the best future scientists and engineers.” He further added that all learners in the competition are champions as they have already won the provincial competitions held earlier in May 2015. Organised by Mintek-South Africa’s minerals and metallurgical research organisation, the aim of Minquiz™ is to promote excellence in Physical science and Mathematics, thereby fostering interest in careers in science, engineering and technology via studies at University.




Rhapsody Dance Centre - Born to Move The students of Rhapsody Dance Centre in Strand have had a very busy year to date, and even though these students are presently still attending school, they have not failed to succeed in maintaining the one passion they all share - which is to dance. They started off early in the year by competing at the WP championships to qualify for the WP team and to represent their province at the SA Championships. Before this student group left for the SA Championships they decided to enter another competition - the AIDT (Association of International Dance Teachers) Bursary where 4 of the 6 entries received two 1st places and 2 second places, with Tiana Smit and Jade Boyce also winning overall awards in their section. The students that made it to SA's competed with over 5000 contestants in Rustenburg for 2 weeks, and came back with mind blowing results. As a WP Team they won 97 Gold medals, 52 silver medals, and 17 bronze medals. They also received 3 overall awards and were selected to be part of the SA Team. After their return they went straight back to work and were invited by the Minster of Arts & Culture to perform at the annual Government Youth Day Celebration, held on 16th June. When they thought they had reached their peak for the 2015 calendar year, 6 of the RDC senior students were invited to audition for a major part in an Opera to be staged at the Artscape Opera House in September 2015. Tiffany Sissing, a senior RDC student received a dance contract to perform in the Opera, while 6 other senior RDC students were all invited to attend classes with the Contemporary Ballet Company until they are of age to dance full time. Antoinette De Villiers, principal of Rhapsody Dance Centre says, “I am greatly honoured and very privileged to be granted the opportunity to teach these students the skills in dancing. I will continue sharing the love of dance I have, and will support these students throughout their dancing career.”

“I am also very excited with the opening of the second Dance Centre which opened on 29 July in Stellenbosch,” says Antoinette. For more information please contact RDC office at 0741219940 or email

Seventh Klassique Brings Top Classical Musicians to Oudtshoorn Klein Karoo Klassique, Oudtshoorn’s festival of classical music, food, art and wine brings top classical musicians to the Karoo town for the seventh time from 13-16 August with music for every classical taste, by international and local artists and composers.

The programme features music by two quartets, the Amici string quartet, and the Evolution of 4 string quartet, who will take the audience on a musical journey through contrasting worlds with music by Beethoven, Van Wyk and Schuber in Vanaf Wene na die Karoo en Terug.

Klassique begins with the ATKV Openingskonsert, a recital with Polina Burdukova (cello), the first foreigner to win an ATKV classical music competition, together with the most recent winners of the ATKV’s competitions for vocalists and instrumentalists, Johannes Slabbert (baritone) and Willem de Beer (piano), for an evening of light classical works from wellknown musicals.

South Africa’s foremost Steinway artist, Charl du Plessis, adapts Mozart’s masterful music in his unique style and takes the audience on an exciting jazz journey. In Romantiese Sonates Anmari van der Westhuizen (cello) and Ilse Schumann (piano) plays compelling music by Chopin, Grieg and Kreisler, while local pianist Sulayman Human performs at the festival twice and plans to raise funds to complete his doctorate in America.

The highlight of this year’s Klassique is the Mimi Coertse Galakonsert: Ons Gaan Groot with Magdalene Minnaar (soprano), Sipho Fubesi (tenor), the Vocal Ensemble of the Cape Town Opera Choir with musical direction by Marvin Kernelle and the US Symphonic Orchestra under the baton of Maestro Corvin Matei.

The South Cape Children’s Choir, accompanied by JanErik Swart and in conjunction with Jannie Moolman (tenor) and Loveline Madumo (soprano), ends Klassique 2015 with Suid-Afrika in Refrein. For more information visit

Photo: Magdalene Minnaar

Music from the Silver Screen

Montagu Music, Arts, Dance

Music from the Silver Screen features the exciting Stellenbosch City Orchestra performing famous movie sound tracks at the Lourensford Wine Cellar in Somerset West on 21-22 August.

and Drama Youth Arts Festival

The Stellenbosch City Orchestra will perform famous movie sound tracks by John Williams, Hans Zimmer, Alan Silvestri, Howard Shore, Klaus Badelt and James Horner. Featured movies include Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Titanic, Home Alone, Forest Gump, Crimson Tide, Indian Jones, Pirates of the Caribbean and The Prince of Egypt. Experts from the original films will be projected on overhead screens, while the Stellenbosch City Orchestra will be joined by the Stellenbosch High School senior choir. Following recent sold out performances by the Stellenbosch City Orchestra at The Oude Libertas Theatre in Stellenbosch, as well as The Laurent at Lourensford, this production will ensure a magical evening of movie entertainment as you have never seen before. Tickets are available at Computicket

The much anticipated annual Montagu Music, Art, Dance and Drama Festival (MMADD) is celebrating its 20th year. Hosted by the Rural Arts Development Foundation (RAD) from 12-22 August in Montagu on Route 62, MMADD provides an adjudicated performance platform for primary, high school and tertiary education institutions in Cape Town and the surrounding areas. The festival categories are music, art, craft, photography, dance, literature, poetry, drama and puppetry, with the Heritage theme. The festival event was started in 1995 by Montagu High teachers, the local tourism office and volunteers, and has grown in strength over the past 20 years. RAD engages rural youth in all forms of visual and performing arts and offers an excellent opportunity for talented youth to have a performance platform and gives developing talent the chance to network with artists and professionals from all over the province. Last year the festival attracted over 1,000 entries from 62 schools. Trophies will be awarded to individuals and groups in their respective sections. Other prizes include Master Classes with Emile Minnie, Brigitte Reeve-Taylor, Laresa Perlman, as well as tickets to performances at, High School Jam, Artscape by Cape Town Opera, Cape Philharmonic Orchestra and Cape Town City Ballet. The festival's opening event will be held at the Montagu Museum Gallery on 12 August, where guests can view an exhibition of art by all the entrants, meet the trophy winners and the art adjudicators. The music and dance programme will run from 12-15 August with choir performances, orchestra and ensembles, followed by the dance and music prize giving. The drama programme takes place from 19-22 August with the prize-giving event taking place on 22 August at the Montagu NG Church Hall. Daily tickets are available at the door or at Computicket

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Land Rover Announces SA RWC 2015 Mascot As part of Land Rover’s unique Rugby World Cup 2015 (RWC 2015) campaign, #WeDealInReal, the brand presented one lucky learner with a once in a lifetime opportunity - a trip to RWC 2015 as an official Land Rover Mascot. Jason Breda, a 12 year old pupil from Cape Town, will join Land Rover as an official Mascot at RWC 2015. Jason will be the official Mascot at South Africa’s first match on 19 September 2015 when South Africa and Japan face off at the Brighton Community Stadium, Brighton, England.

Photo Left - Right: Craig Joubert & John Smit

Land Rover is recruiting all 96 Mascots for the Tournament, including a lucky child from each participating nation, providing these once in a lifetime opportunities to children from across the globe. In June this year more than 85 children from various schools participated in a rugby clinic, hosted by Land Rover South Africa at the WP Rugby training grounds. The participants were put through their paces by volunteer Rugby Coaches from the WP Training Academy. With Land Rover Ambassador John Smit present, as well as WP Rugby stars, the children spent the morning receiving coaching and playing Rugby with their heroes, past and present. An event which meant the world to these children, at the end of the day, they each walked away with huge smiles on their faces, an official RWC 2015 ball, and incredible memories. There was also a special surprise in store for one of the coaches in attendance, who was chosen to join Land Rover at RWC 2015. Gert Kotze from Strand was enthusiastic, eager to talk about the game and learn during a training session for coaches facilitated by top rugby referee, Craig Joubert, also a Land Rover Ambassador. The announcement came as a complete surprise to Gert, who was very emotional at the revelation. Joubert and Pearce agree that it was one of the most enjoyable and sincere activations that they have ever been involved with, in any way.

Count Down to Sanlam Cape Town Marathon With just 60 days to go to one of Africa's most prestigious road races, the Sanlam Cape Town Marathon organisers have promised an even more impressive worldclass field and a faster course as they target top-flight international status. Last year, aiming for IAAF Bronze Label status, the organisers were delighted to become the only marathon on the continent to achieve Silver Label recognition after the first edition of the relaunched event. The new-look 42.2km race will be held for the second time on September 20 as part of another weekend running festival, which also includes the Sanlam Cape Town Marathon, the Sanlam Cape Town 10km PEACE Run, the Sanlam Cape Town Peace Trail Runs (11km & 22km) and the Sanlam Cape Town Community Fun Run, and this year the organisers are targeting IAAF Gold Label status. Last season's line-up included a host of world-class athletes, led by a quality East African field, as well as some of South Africa's fastest road runners. By improving the quality of the line-up and ensuring everything is in place to help produce faster times, they want to stretch the yardstick by modelling the race off major international city marathons around the globe and make it one of the most acclaimed road running events in the world, race ambassador Elana Meyer says. There will be significant changes to the route this year. By making adjustments, the race's executive committee is confident the new, flatter route will be conducive to fast times. The race, which already has a well-established charity drive, is also making strides in other areas. It is one of South Africa's first carbon neutral events, following the purchase of carbon credits traded on a JSE platform, as it paves new ground at the forefront of sustainable running and race organisation in Africa.

Stellenbosch, Bird Str 99 021 861 5000

Kuilsrivier, Van Riebeeck Str 122 021 900 3100

Photo Left - Right: Francois Pienaar, Elana Meyer, Carl Roothman (Sanlam Investments Chief Executive: Retail)

As the success of last year's event fuels interest from the public who aim to #Challengethemselves and #Challengetheirfriends to participate, entries are expected to reach 7 000 for the marathon. Pre-entries for the Marathon, the 10km PEACE RUN, the Trail Runs and the Fun Run close at midnight on Sunday 6th September 2015. With significant improvements being made across the board to showcase the race through the streets of the Mother City, this groundbreaking event, managed through a joint partnership between Western Province Athletics (WPA), ASEM Running and the City of Cape Town, promises to continue growing in size and popularity. Africa is our home, this is our race.

Tygervallei, Durban Str 282 021 910 8000

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