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SOLVING TOMORROW’S WATER SHORTAGES TODAY Maskam Water is the importer of a wide range of water related products from the USA and Europe, providing customers with turn-key water solutions. The word ‘Maskam’ means, “Give me Water,” a Koi San expression identifying the highest tip of the Matzikama Mountains in Namaqualand. Maskam Water was founded by Gerhard Cronje in 2010 after certain requirements by specific customers in his irrigation business could not be fulfilled within the local irrigation industry.

Maskam Water presently provides a variety of water purification systems to purify anything from drinking water to borehole water. Solar Booster Pumps Maskam Water is the only South African Company that import surface solar booster pumps.

These included decentralized sewerage treatment systems which means, treating water not connected to a municipal grid, farms, developments, or even new infrastructure. Gerhard soon discovered that there were many more setbacks with the supply of pure water - which created many opportunities for Maskam Water in the local, as well as the African market. Maskam Water does not manufacture any product relative to customer demand, but rather focus on the import of fine quality products that is tested and carries the appropriate guarantee. Therefore, Maskam Water’s loyalty is toward the end user, and the company pride on satisfying the customer’s needs at all times. Gerhard, coming from an engineering background, has always engaged in finding alternative solutions to the nature of any enquiry, or even pin pointing solutions to resolve the problem caused by the demand. Waste water treatment has become a great concern in South Africa and the African continent. Fifty to sixty years ago discharging waste water underground was acceptable and the norm as there was more than enough virgin soil to absorb the waste water. Today this phenomenon has changed drastically, leaving soil unsuitable for filtration as the contaminated waste water filters through the soil into underground aquifers and trickle through to bore holes. Contaminated soil causes decease and illness among end users who drink contaminated water that could not be purified through nature’s natural filtration system. It is a heartbreaking revelation! The quality of potable water in almost all South Africa’s bore holes, rivers and catchment areas are all basically infiltrated with some form of contamination through the unsolicited behaviour of its inhabitants stationed alongside these catchment areas. Water affairs South Africa has a huge challenge in securing the availability of fresh water. Statistics published by the Department of Water Affairs and Sanitation reveals that all the dams within South Africa are far too small to accommodate its increasing water demands. Added to this, statistics also prove that the annual rainfall is limited. How to manage potable water? The consumer needs to examine how to maximize the usage of potable water, and once used, be advised how to recycle it for a second or even a third time. To Maskam Water, the introduction of the Clarus Fusion System became the answer in resolving challenges on the issue. Maskam Water is able to reduce pollution by offering the solution to extend the availability of water up to three times its normal usage. This they achieved by directing purified water into the building, treating the waste water from the building, and re-using the same water on the washbay, before treating it the third time for irrigation purposes. Maskam Water extended its research program by introducing Green Technology. The Blue Lagoon product is provided to treat swimming pool water, and once fitted, the traditional use of chlorine and salt is no longer required. From a health perspective the water is healthier, and from an environmental point of view there is no further pollution of water associated with salt or chlorine. Therefore, backwash water can now safely be used in the garden and no water is wasted.

There are many companies that supply submersible and borehole pumps which run off solar panels, while Maskam Water’s solar booster pumps run directly off PV or battery - with no controllers or electronics involved. Air Purifier versus Sinusitis Another product in the Maskam range is the Aetaire manufactured by Blue Lagoon. It is an air purifier that restricts respiratory allergies. 90% of the air is filtered; disinfected and ionized and therefore prevents post nasal drip. It also builds up body resistance and enhances productiveness. The Aetaire filters pollens and dust mites, and kills all forms of viruses and bacteria in the air – a must for corporate use as it reduces sick leave and enhances productivity within the corporate environment. Maskam Water selectively arranged its product range to supply the African Market at large, and continuously seeks the latest technology internationally. African Market at large How will Maskam Water service a market of this magnitude? Gerhard decided to invest in local business, creating local wealth. He established Maskam Water Dealerships all over the African Continent, United Arab Emirates, and Mauritius. Maskam Water has plants fitted with Zoeller pumps in more than ten countries in Africa. Maskam Water Dealers perform installations, and provide its customers with back-up service. The Maskam Water Dealer is an existing business man in the area identified by Maskam Water with vision to convey the Maskam Water product potential. These Dealers are all under contract and carry stock and parts to fulfill market demand.

The sale of products create local wealth, local jobs and reflects a business profile beneficial to all parties. Maskam Water has now replaced the corporate image by becoming a hands-on Dealership on the customer’s doorstep - able to provide both product and back-up support at all times. For more information contact 08612 WATER (92837) or +27 21 988 8807 or email: info@maskam.co.za or visit www.maskamwater.com

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