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letter from the editor: So here it is: The second one. It's now officially a trend. I'm sad to report that there really isn't much going on. This is traditionally one of the slowest times for fun stuffs, especially for music venues. There's free week, which is great, there are some awesome shows, but the whole “free� part of it doesn't apply to me and I think most of the people reading this. Plus it is just way too cold out right now. I'm sure thing will be picking up along with the temperature though and until then, here's a list of cool stuff to distract you and cool stuff to do. And don't forget to sign up to get The Newsletter via e-mail. Its not going to stay on facebook for too much longer. Plus, We're going to be giving away free stuff for people that sign up! Maybe free haircuts from birds, maybe free tickets to Transmission Entertainment shows, we're not quite sure yet, but its going to be good. Enjoy!


Caitlin's Knits: Caitlin Lee makes badass custom knitted stuff for super reasonable prices. Her specialty are small protective 'Purl Pockets' for your ipod or camera, or whatever you feel needs a little extra love while bouncing around in a backpack. Also she can make Harry Potter scarves in the colors of each house. What could possibly be cooler than that?!

///party people/// is a crazy sweet time lapse film made Frankie Marin. Made up of about a bazillion pictures taken over the course of one night. Interesting both aesthetically and intellectually, its more than worth watching and even re-watching (i've seen it maybe 4 times now? Its that cool). Party party party, people.

Hayden Zezula is a badass photographer. He makes your crappy facebook uploads look absolutely worthless. He specializes in portraits and music photography and does it very very well. His photographs are so badass they make me want to just throw away my little point-and-shoot. Carve out a little bit of time and just go through his flickr and marvel. Also he for some weird reason decided that the logo I made in MS paint wasn't adequate (what's wrong with paint!?) so he's in the process of making a new one. Expect that huge improvement to come soonish.

Mother Falcon by Hayden Zezula see his flickr for more (and higher quality) pics


===| January 9th @ Trailer Space |=== > Shapes Have Fangs >> The Spooks >>> Wild Harem >>>> Shells 1401 Rosewood | Free | 7pm

<-----------------------------------------------------------> ===| January 9th @ Birdhouse Art House |=== > Open reception for Nick Hennings work The Distancing Effect >> Work by the artist: >>> About the Gallery: (its an amazing place) 1304 E. Cesar Chavez | Free | 7-10pm

<-----------------------------------------------------------> ===| January 13th @ Emos |=== > Adam Franklin & Bolts of Melody (of Swervedriver) >> Ringo Deathstarr >>> My Education 603 Red River | $10 | 9pm

<-----------------------------------------------------------> ===| January 14th @ The Monarch |=== > Art opening party featuring: >> Christa Palazzolo ( \ >>> Ryan Davis ( >>>> Dustin Michael Pevey >> >> Music from: School Police and Pure Ecstasy 6404 IH-35 | Free | 7-11pm

===| January 14th -17th @ The Palmer Events Center |=== > Star of Texas Tattoo Art Revival >> Tattoo of the Day contests >>> Thrillshow + Pinup Bellydancing >>>> Tons of amazing artists and needles abound >>>>> 900 Barton Springs | $15 for day passes, $40 for weekend

<-----------------------------------------------------------> ===| January 16th @ The Mohawk |=== > American Mantra >> Diamonds (first show ever!!) >>> Thieves >>>> Geography 912 Red River | $6 | 6pm

<-----------------------------------------------------------> ===| February 6th @ Club 1808 |=== > White Stag >> The Bubbles >>> Mucho Gusto 1808 E. 12th | 8pm

***AUSTIN BLOG OF THE WEEK*** from z.c.s. Austin Evesdropper: This weeks blog is one of Austin's sassiest sistas, Austin Eavesdropper, otherwise known as That Austin Girl, or her given name, Tolly Moseley. Tolly co-writes the blog with her platonic sidekick Gary, and together the two of them highlight the best of Austin culture, from bands (That Austin Girl's husband is a local musician) to brands (she's friends with great local designers) and foods. Always up on the events and Austin gossip (hence the eavesdropper) and filled with Tolly and Gary's humorous insights into Austin life, this blog is a must read for your morning shot of sass and humor.

***WATCH OUT FOR*** > Upcoming Mother Falcon EP > Upcoming Stomping Grounds/Half-Mile Fox-Fur Split EP > New band Diamonds > New Band Burn These Bones, recording in January

**** In final note The Newsletter would like to officially note the loss of two bands this week. Both Mucho Gusto and Patches have left us, on breakup and hiatus respectively. R.I.P. ****

"Whoso would be a man must be a nonconformist" - Ralph Waldo Emerson

|||Thank you to the artists and the fans and those making things happen|||

The Newsletter authored by: Colin, Zoe

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The Newsletter #2  

eat it up!

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