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NEIGHBORS NAME: Austin Boehmke FAMILY: wife, Reghan and son, Hunter BORN: Greenville LIVES: Florence OCCUPATION: Account developer for Coca-Cola Bottling Company Consolidated HOBBIES OR SPECIAL INTERESTS: Playing golf, hunting, and spending time with his family. WHAT DO YOU LIKE ABOUT FLORENCE? The small town feel. WHO OR WHAT HAS INSPIRED YOU THE MOST? “The desire to provide for my family is what inspires me the most.”

JULY 11, 2018

VOL. 38, NO. 29

The Manna House in need of help from the Florence community The Manna House has been serving meals to the community for over 31 years. The first meal was served on July 4, 1987. The Manna House, located on Jarrott Street, provides a breakfast and lunch, Monday through Friday, to anyone who is hungry and in need. The Manna House not only is known for serving nutritious food but also for the staff and volunteers making it a priority to respond to diners with acceptance, respect and dignity. The Manna House was founded in 1986 when several area churches decided that Florence needed a centralized, coordinated way to help feed the poor in this community. The current facility was designed by the late Architect John A. Fisher, who not only donated his design services, but also his time to oversee the construction of the building. Food is graciously donated by individuals, churches and civic groups, some of which organize food drives or fund raisers to support this cause. Daphine Tedder, executive director, says The Manna House is blessed with faithful volunteers from churches and civic groups, as well as individuals who donate their time and talents to help prepare and serve food, work in the food pantry or help with


donation pickups. One of the greatest needs that The Manna House is currently in need of is monetary donations. Tedder mentions that the building itself has bills that need to be paid in order to keep everything operating smoothing.

Another need is for more volunteers and food donations as well. The further growth of the homelessness population in Florence combined with school being out for the summer has resulted in an increase in diners at the Manna House.

Monetary contributions and donations may be mailed to P.O. Box 13541, Florence 29504. Daphine may be contacted at 843-667-6077 for volunteer services or food donations.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Addiction help available


With the opiate crisis running rampant, families are looking for ways to help those they love who need treatment. Getting them into treatment becomes even harder if their loved one is not willing. This is when intervention can become key. To learn more about

successful interventions, please visit, https://www. blog/intervention-101.html Narconon can help you take steps to overcome addiction in your family. Call today for free screenings or referrals 1- 800-431-1754.

Deaths Broach, Herman Borey, age 83, died July 4, Stoudenmire Dowling Funeral Home

Norton, Charles Townsend, age 79, died July 4, Belk Funeral Home

Bryant, Dorthea Evelyn Fore, age 99, died July 3, Stoudenmire Dowling Funeral Home

Odom, Amanda Kay Eller, age 48, died July 2, Kistler-Hardee Funeral Home

Cantey, Emory Davis, age 85, died July 3, Waters-Powell Funeral Home

Patel, Naginbhai, age 75, died July 3, Stoudenmire Dowling Funeral Home

Edwards, Reverend Leroy Thomas, age 72, died July 2, Ideal Funeral Parlor Ellis, Nancy Vinesett, age 77, died July 2, Stoudenmire Dowling Funeral Home

James "March of Dimes" Jones right, other not identified circa 1955. Courtesy David Hewitt.

Florence DMV extends hours for REAL IDs Beginning in July, the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles’ (SCDMV) six Saturday offices will transition from opening every Saturday to two Saturdays a month until further notice. The agency’s six Saturday offices followed this operating schedule prior to January 2018 when they started opening every Saturday to prepare for and issue REAL ID driver’s licenses and identification cards. “We made the decision to transition back to our normal Saturday hours since there has been no measurable increase in the

number of customers served in Saturday branches due to the availability of REAL ID,” said SCDMV Executive Director Kevin Shwedo. Starting July 14, Florence SCDMV offices will open from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. two Saturdays a month: Most typically, the above offices will open on the second and fourth Saturdays of the month. This may change depending on the month’s holiday schedule. If state offices close for a Monday holiday, such as Labor Day, the SCDMV’s Saturday offices will not open on the Saturday before.

“While we’re glad we’ve not yet seen longer lines and increased wait times due to REAL ID, we still want to remind South Carolinians that lines will grow as we move closer to 2020,” said Deputy Director of Field Services Courtney White. “The time to switch to a REAL ID with a short wait and a quick visit is now.” To date, more than 254,000 South Carolinians have purchased or switched to a REAL ID since the SCDMV started issuing them on February 20. As of July 1, there were more than 3.8 million licensed drivers in the state

and more than 550,000 ID card holders. On and after October 1, 2020, your license or ID must be a REAL ID with a gold star to use it to board a domestic, commercial flight, enter a secure federal building, or visit a military installation. For the most accurate Saturday schedule and times, visit You can also see if you are eligible for purchasing your REAL ID license online while there. For more information, follow the agency on Facebook and Twitter.

House of Hope needs volunteers for cooling station It’s another hot summer in Florence and the homeless need a place to cool off. Can you help? In the past couple of weeks, the police and others in the community, have witnessed homeless men, women and children passing out from the heat. The

House of Hope realized that they needed to open a “cooling station” for their guests and anyone in the community, to be able to come in from the heat. So they opened one! Now they need volunteers to man the station. Volunteers can work in

two hour (or longer) shifts from 10-4 Monday through Saturday, in July and August. Volunteer duties are simple. Just welcome the guests, offer water and point out the bathrooms. Please get in touch with the volunteer coordinator Karen Miele at kmiele@ to lend a hand or check their volunteer page on Facebook at House of Hope PD Volunteers. The House of Hope “cooling station” is located at 535 South Church Street in Florence.


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Floyd, Alma Faye Williams, age 81, died July 4, Stoudenmire Dowling Funeral Home Gainey, John ‘Johnny’, Jr., age 56, died July 6, Cain Calcutt Funeral Home Greene, Shirley Jeanette Windham, age 80, died July 8, Layton-Anderson Funeral Home Hammond, Margaret Rose Taylor, age 80, died July 2, Stoudenmire Dowling Funeral Home Hicks, Dewey William, age 81, died July 2, Cain Calcutt Funeral Home Leviner, Johnny Ray, age 67, died July 3, LaytonAnderson Funeral Home

Phillips, Debra J., age 64, died July 3, Cain Calcutt Funeral Home Ralph, MSGT Donald Leo, USAF, age 96, died July 5, Cain Calcutt Funeral Home Stevens, Marshall ‘Bozo’ A., age 65, died July 4, Belk Funeral Home Tarte, Raleigh David, age 74, died July 7, Stoudenmire Dowling Funeral Home Wheeler, Kathryn Birchmore, age 62, died July 4, Waters-Powell Funeral Home Wilkes, Margaret Lawhon, age 61, died July 5, Stoudenmire Dowling Funeral Home Wilmont, Donald Wayne, age 66, died July 3, Stoudenmire Dowling Funeral Home Woods, Lillie Mae Thompson, age 88, died July 2, Ideal Funeral Parlor

COMPANION’S RESTING PLACE at FLORENCE MEMORIAL GARDENS Treat your best friends with respect Offering ‘End of Life’ services for your precious pets Pet Caskets • Grave Markers Cremation Urns Cremation Jewelry Memory Blankets

Florence Memorial Gardens & Mausoleum 3320 South Cashua Drive • Florence, SC 29501 (843) 662-9712

Wednesday, July 11, 2018


GOD’S WORD In that day you will say: Give praise to the Lord, proclaim his name; make known among the nations what he has done, and proclaim that his name is exalted. Isaiah 12:4



Dealing with loved ones can be difficult sometimes and that only gets harder when they have a problem with drugs and alcohol. A big part of dealing with a loved one’s addiction is getting them into treatment. But what if they are unwilling to go? Intervention is the next logical step, however what is an intervention and how you pull one off? Contrary to popular belief, successful interventions usually aren’t like the ones you see on TV or in the movie Hangover 3 with the family sitting around and reading off of notecards. Interventions that are successful usually consist of several different techniques. I hope they help you and your family to have the best chance of saving your loved ones. The first thing is to do your research on a treatment facility. Before an intervention takes place, you need to know where they are going. Once you get someone willing to go to treatment it is imperative that they go straight in. When someone is struggling with substance abuse they can waffle on the idea of treatment, so you have to have the facility already picked out so there are no slows or stops on which facility. Adding time inbetween when your loved one becomes willing to go and them getting into treatment is deadly. Number two is building your team. An intervention can either be done by the family or by a professional interventionist. A family can choose the family or friends of the addict that the addict will most likely listen to so it is important those persons are at the intervention. On the other hand, an intervention done by an interventionist is usually conducted on a one-on-one basis, where the interventionist works with the addict alone to get their agreement to go to treatment. Since a lot of interventionists are ex-addicts themselves, they will have a point of reality with the addict which may facilitate the reach for treatment. In some cases, the interventionist may decide to call in family members but that will be decided by the interventionist. Once you have decided on your team, get them together and go over all the details so everyone is prepared to pull off the intervention. Make sure any family or friends who are involved are all on the same page and have the same goal; getting the addict into treatment. With everyone on the same page, you would then bring in the addict. Approach them kindly and at first try to get them to see how treatment will benefit them. Show them the website or brochure of where they are going. It is also a good idea to have someone ready to talk to them from the center to answer any questions they may have. If this doesn’t work, you should be prepared to bottom line them (give them an ultimatum). An example of a bottom line is, “If you don't go to treatment you aren't staying here anymore.” If they run off and refuse to listen, do not give in. You must hold strong or they won’t take it seriously. Even if they do run, most of the time they will come back and listen and then agree to go to treatment. If you have more questions or want to find out more about getting someone into treatment, read here: or call 1 800-431-1754 to get help for your loved ones. Written by Luke Nichols (225) 243 5047 35059 Bend Rd Denham Springs, LA 70706

First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.


Everybody makes mistakes


What you need to know about interventions

Last week was a hectic week at The News Journal. It was also my first major holiday as editor. Fellow employees were off on vacation for the holiday and others were out for personal reasons. A few good friends of The News Journal came in to help us make sure that the paper got out to you, our readers, on time and for that we are very thankful. Some of our more dedicated readers may have noticed some spelling errors, incorrect grammar, and some strange syntax in last week’s paper. As editor I would like to first apologize for those errors. We here at The News Journal take great pride in what we do and the news that we bring to the community. We have a set of checks to assure problems like this

Philip Maenza Editor

do not happened, but due to being short-staffed, holiday deadlines, and overall chaos caused us to not exactly put our best work out there. As stated by Robert Burns, “the best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry” and unfortunately that is what happened with last week’s edition of The News Journal. I think it is important to acknowledge our mistakes and move forward with determination to do better. I feel like the same can be said in all aspects of life. Just as a child who is

learning to ride their bike gets up after falling off, we too as adults can respond in a similar way with whatever life may throw our direction. If we make a mistake we must acknowledge it and then move forward with a desire to not make that mistake again. These ‘mistakes’ in our lives do not have to be huge and life altering. For instance, these ‘mistakes’ could be more like undesirable habits. Maybe you are trying to stop drinking so much coffee or maybe you want to lose some weight. But, one day you had an extra ‘cup of Joe’ or ate that donut you promised yourself that you wouldn’t. Well, it is going to be okay. We all make mistakes. We all do stuff that we don’t like. Life happens. The important thing is to under-

stand that we are, in fact, human beings. So admit to yourself that what happened was not ideal. That’s always the first step. Then move forward with determination to do better than you did the day before. It won’t always be easy. It certainly won’t be quick, but it will be worth it. So from us here at The News Journal, we made a few mistakes last week. It’s okay though because The News Journal is written by human beings, some pretty awesome human beings if I do say so myself, but ultimately still human beings. As editor I’m going to make sure that we do better because that’s what you as our loyal, caring, and, of course, awesome readers deserve.


More civility is needed for peace in America Dear Editor, The recent public discourse on political disagreements among both parties, the Trump administration, and the media has gotten completely out of hand, is self defeating, and putting future bipartisan compromises on life support. Regardless of the controversy at hand, whether it’s immigration politics or FBI/DOJ corruption, opposing sides are reverting to nasty personal attacks on each other. The political left and the media are supporting strategies of “hitting the streets” with emotional protests that will lead to violence. In the United States political disagreements are resolved at the ballot box, not in the streets. The left once always demanded tolerance regarding free expression of thought, but now shows its hypocrisy by aggressively advocating intolerance with harassing protests against anyone

who disagrees with them. The public bullying by profane protestors of Pam Bondi, Florida’s attorney general, when she was attending a movie, and a Virginia restaurant’s kicking out Sarah Sanders due to her political beliefs are deplorable. What is happening to us as Americans? Obviously, President Trump’s exaggerated hyperbole through his selfabsorption and vindictive tweets also do nothing but add to the disunity and flames even more reactions from the left. Most of Trump’s successful administration policies are commendable. However, his narcissistic habit of personally insulting people and the legislative leaders whom he needs the most to obtain Congressional approval of other policies will only exacerbate the separation between the Democrats and Republicans. Trump has become the poster child for the Democrats’ strategy for unprecedented fund raising and voter turnout.

Suppose that Carolina upset undefeated Clemson in the final game by the 2016 red/blue differential of 30-21, and for the next year the USC coach daily bragged about his victory as well as bashing the Clemson coaches and fans. How long would Tiger fans tolerate that abusive treatment? The head coach’s behavior overshadowed the win and generated deep animosity among former friends. Interesting that the media has spent a disproportionate amount of air time creating public protests on the separation of illegal immigrant children but does not cover the hundreds of American children who are being separated per day from their parents under our country’s criminal justice system. Many U.S. citizen criminal defendants constantly bring children to court to gain sympathy for probation revocation and lighter sentences, but the courts still separate these children as their parents go to jail. They

What’s your hot button? Has something pushed your “Hot Button” lately? Do you want the opportunity to share what really ticks you off? If so, send us an email concerning your gripes or complaints. However, this is not the place to attack, but to share a problem or concern with the hope of a practical solution. We will not publish complaints geared at individuals.

Whatever your gripes, email them, along with your name and phone number (phone number will not be published) to and put Hot Button in the subject line. Or, you may mail your complaint or problem to Hot Button, in care of The News Journal, 312 Railroad Ave., Florence, S.C. 29506.

are then placed in the care of state agencies. Why does an illegal, non-citizen parent deserve better treatment for their children than an American citizen parent? The public shaming of people with different opinions on both sides should come to a halt before there is a permanent division among our citizens. It’s time to tone everything down and listen to each other on a factual basis and not from an uninformed and emotional approach. Carroll Player, DDS

“All about your family and friends”

312 Railroad Avenue Florence, SC 29506 843-667-9656


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Wednesday, July 11, 2018


Florence Elks Lodge receives anniversary grant The Florence Elks Lodge #1020 applied for and received a $1,500 Anniversary Grant from the Grand Lodge. The grant was approved to help the Miracle League of Florence. The Miracle League recently celebrated opening day at the Greenwood Athletic Park with a new rubbersurface baseball field. The purpose is to allow children with physical disabilities to

enjoy participating in sporting activities such as a modified version of baseball. The rubber-surface field replaced a dirt field which was much harder on the wheelchairs and walkers. The games last for three innings and all participants have an on-field buddy and get an at bat in each inning. The monetary donation along with a little sweat equity from the Elks and

other local organizations will go towards building a concession stand for the Athletic Park. In addition, when the season resumes the Elks are planning a couple of games where they will participate as on-field buddies. If you would like to learn more about the Elks visit their website at or contact the Florence Lodge at (843) 665-8810.

10,000 SQUARE FEET BUILDING FOR SALE IN DOWNTOWN FLORENCE Heat and air conditioning throughout. 2,000 sq. ft. of office space. Past Exalted Ruler Eric Easler,Treasurer Vickie Elliot, participant Matthew Elliot and Exalted Ruler Steve Schulman.

HopeHealth hires new provider JOHN R. ETHERIDGE, III - BROKER Direct Office: 843.468.9069 RE/MAX Professionals: 843.667.0233 Mobile: 843.229.3903 | Email: TALLON R. TEMPLE REALTOR & CERTIFIED RESIDENTIAL APPRAISER Direct Office: 843.468.9044 RE/MAX Professionals: 843.667.0233 Mobile: 843.615.2537 | Email:

HopeHealth welcomes Stephanie Ferguson, FNP-C, to the pain management team at the HopeHealth Medical Plaza in Florence. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Biology and in Nursing from Francis Marion University, and her Master of Science in Nursing - Family Nurse Practitioner from Walden University, Minneapolis, MN. Ferguson is certified by the American Association of Nurse Practitioners and is a member of the Florence Alumnae Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. She has been in the field since 2005 and is

STEPHANIE FERGUSON, FNP-C. involved in various community projects through her affiliation with Delta Sigma

Theta. HopeHealth is one of 23 nonprofit, federally qualified health centers in South Carolina. We provide quality and affordable health care services to individuals in Florence, Clarendon, and Williamsburg Counties, and infectious diseases services in Aiken, Clarendon, Florence, Orangeburg and Williamsburg Counties. To become a patient, call 843667-9414 or visit For questions or more information, email tstraus@ or call 843245-2291.

Give your money a raise Make your money work harder by earning higher interest rates. Talk to a banker for more details. Offer expires August 31, 2018. Platinum Savings Account

1.60% 0.41%

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Interest rate for 3 months1


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Enjoy our highest savings interest rate of 1.60% for 3 months (0.41% APY) with new money deposits of at least $25,000.

Guaranteed fixed rate with new money deposits of at least $25,000 for a 11-month term.

Both accounts are FDIC-insured up to the maximum allowable limit. Platinum Savings offer available in MS, SC and NC. Fixed Rate CD offer available in MS, NC, SC, CA, and MT. Portfolio by Wells Fargo® customers are eligible to receive an additional interest rate bonus on these accounts.3 1. Special interest rate and Annual Percentage Yield (APY) of 0.41% is available for Platinum Savings accounts opened in MS, NC, and SC. Interest rates and APYs are available from 7/9/2018 to 8/31/2018; subject to change at any time without notice. Special Interest Rates require $25,000 deposited to the account from sources outside of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., or its affiliates. Wells Fargo may limit the amount you deposit to a Platinum Savings account to an aggregate of $1 million. Annual Percentage Yield (APY) is a blended APY which is based on the Special Interest Rate for the initial three (3) month promotional period and the Standard Interest Rate for the remaining nine (9) months. Minimum daily account balance of $25,000 must be maintained to earn the shown Special Interest Rate and blended APY. The account will revert to the Standard Interest Rate for any day the balance falls below the $25,000 minimum daily balance. Interest is compounded daily and paid monthly. The amount of interest earned is based on the daily collected balances in the account. As of 6/13/2018 the standard APYs for a Platinum Savings account in MS, NC and SC with $0.01 to $99,999.99 is 0.03% and with $100,000 and above is 0.05%. Each tier shown reflects the current minimum daily collected balance required to obtain the applicable APY. Minimum to open a Platinum Savings account is $25. Platinum Savings’ monthly service fee of $12 applies in any month the account falls below a $3,500 minimum daily balance. Fees may reduce earnings. Interest rates are variable and subject to change without notice. 2. Annual Percentage Yield (APY) is effective for accounts opened between 7/9/2018 to 8/31/2018 and is subject to change at any time without notice. The 11-month New Dollar CD special requires a minimum of $25,000 brought to Wells Fargo from sources outside of Wells Fargo Bank N.A., or its affiliates to earn the advertised APY. Public Funds and Wholesale accounts are not eligible for this offer. APY assumes interest remains on deposit until maturity. Interest is compounded daily. Payment of interest on CDs is based on term: For terms less than 12 months (365 days), interest may be paid monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or at maturity (the end of the term). For terms of 12 months or more, interest may be paid monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. A fee for early withdrawal will be imposed and could reduce earnings on this account. Special Rates are applicable to the initial term of the CD only. At maturity, the special rate CD will automatically renew for a term of 6 months, at the interest rate and APY in effect for CDs on renewal date not subject to a Special Rate, unless the Bank has notified you otherwise. APY shown offered at Wells Fargo Bank locations in CA, MS, MT, NC, and SC. Due to the new money requirement, accounts may only be opened at your local branch. Offer cannot be: • Combined with any other consumer deposit offer. • Minimum new money deposit requirement of at least $25,000 is for this offer only and cannot be transferred to another account to qualify for any other consumer deposit offer. • If you wish to take advantage of another consumer deposit offer requiring a minimum new money deposit, you will be required to do so with another new money deposit as stated in the offer requirements and qualifications. • Reproduced, purchased, sold, transferred, or traded. 3. The Portfolio by Wells Fargo program has a $30 monthly service fee, which can be avoided when you have one of the following qualifying balances: $25,000 or more in qualifying linked bank deposit accounts (checking, savings, CDs, FDIC-insured IRAs) or $50,000 or more in any combination of qualifying linked banking, brokerage (available through Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC) and credit balances (including 10% of mortgage balances, certain mortgages not eligible). If the Portfolio by Wells Fargo relationship is terminated, the bonus interest rate on all eligible savings accounts, and discounts or fee waivers on other products and services, will discontinue and revert to the Bank’s then-current applicable rate or fee. If the Portfolio by Wells Fargo relationship is terminated, the remaining unlinked Wells Fargo Portfolio Checking or Wells Fargo Prime Checking account will be converted to another checking product or closed. © 2018 Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. All rights reserved. Member FDIC. NMLSR ID 399801

Investment and Insurance Products: Are not Insured by FDIC or any Federal Government Agency

May Lose Value

Are not a Deposits of or Guaranteed by a Bank


Wednesday, July 11, 2018


INDEX 100 ...............................................LEGALS 200 ..........................................ADOPTION 210.............................ANNOUNCEMENTS 215 ...............................................EVENTS 250 ..........................................AUCTIONS 300 ........................FINANCIAL SERVICES 310 ..........................INTERNET SERVICES 320.....................................INSTRUCTION 350..........................................PERSONAL 375 ........................HEALTH & NUTRITION 400...........................................ANTIQUES 405 ...BEAUTY SALONS/BARBER SHOPS 410..............BOATS/JET SKI & SUPPLIES . 420 .............GARDEN/FARM EQUIPMENT 425 ......................GUNS & ACCESSORIES 435..................................FARM ANIMALS 440..............................LOST AND FOUND 450 ...................................MERCHANDISE 452............................................PRODUCE 455 ...................MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS 460 ...............................PETS & SUPPLIES 470 ................................WANTED TO BUY 480.......................................YARD SALES 500.....................................EMPLOYMENT 510 .................BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY 515 ....................................HELP WANTED . 520............................................SERVICES 525........................................CHILD CARE 530 ..................................WORK WANTED



NOTICE OF SALE Docket No. 2018-CP-21-00526 By virtue of a decree heretofore granted in the case of Branch Banking and Trust Company against William E. Campbell & Associates, LLC a/k/a William E Campbell and Associates, LLC, et al., I, the undersigned Master in Equity for Florence County, will sell on Tuesday, July 17, 2018, at 11:00 A.M., at the Florence County Judicial Center, 181 N. Irby Street, Florence, South Carolina, to the highest bidder: All that certain lot of land situate in the State of South Carolina, County of Florence, on the South side of West Evans Street, measuring fifty-seven and one-half (57 ½) feet front, extending back in depth one hundred fifty (150) feet, being bounded as follows to-wit: North by Evans Street; East by property of Janie Sue Sanders; South by property of E.J. Meekins; and on West by property of C.M. Campbell. Ferrell

600 ..................APARTMENTS FOR RENT 605 .................................BURIAL SPACES 610..................COMMERCIAL PROPERTY 612 .....................BUSINESSES FOR SALE 615 .............................................CONDOS 618.....................REAL ESTATE SERVICES 620 ..............................HOMES FOR RENT 625 ..............................HOMES FOR SALE 630 .................................LAND FOR RENT 632 ...............................LAND FOR LEASE 635 .................................LAND FOR SALE 636 ...................................LAND WANTED 637 .............ACREAGE/FARMS FOR SALE 640 ................MOBILE HOMES FOR RENT 645 ................MOBILE HOMES FOR SALE 650 ....................................OFFICE SPACE 660............................RESORT PROPERTY 665 ............................VACATION/TRAVEL 670..............................ROOMS FOR RENT 900 ...................................................ATVS 910 ...........................AUTO/BODY PARTS 920 ..................................................CARS 930 ..................................MOTORCYCLES 940 .................CAMPER SALES/RENTALS 950...................................................SUVS 960............................................TRAILERS 970 ........... ..................................TRUCKS 980...................................................VANS 990 .........................................STATEWIDE

Prosser prepared a survey for William E. Campbell & Associates, LLC on April 30, 2008 and it was recorded in the Florence County Clerk of Court in Plat Book 93 at Page 438. This being the same property conveyed to Campbell Financial, LLC by deed of Jerry L. Coker recorded in the Office of the Clerk of Court for Florence County in Deed Book B182 at Page 1075 on May 1, 2008. Said deed was re-recorded on April 4, 2014 in Book B516 at Page 784 to correct the name of Grantee which is Campbell Financial Services, LLC. TMS No. 9006113-010 ALSO All of Debtor's now owned and hereafter acquired and wherever located, Equipment, Accounts, general intangibles including all payment intangibles, copyrights, trademarks, patents, trade names, tax refunds, company records (paper and electronic). rights under equipment leases, warranties, software licenses, supporting obligations, and all proceeds (cash and non-cash) and products of the foregoing. Notice, pursuant to an

agreement between Debtor and secured party, debtor has agreed not to further encumber the collateral described herein, the further encumbering of which may constitute the tortious interference with secured party's rights by such encumbrancer. CURRENT ADDRESS OF PROPERTY IS: ¬¬¬¬¬704 W. Evans Street Florence, South Carolina SUBJECT TO ASSESSMENTS, FLORENCE COUNTY TAXES, EXISTING EASEMENTS, EASEMENTS AND RESTRICTIONS OF RECORD, AND OTHER SENIOR ENCUMBRANCES, IF ANY. TERMS OF SALE: The successful bidder, other than the Plaintiff, will deposit with the Master in Equity, at the conclusion of the bidding, Five per cent (5%) of the bid in cash or equivalent, as evidence of good faith, same to be applied to the purchase price in case of compliance, but to be forfeited and applied first to costs and then to Plaintiff's debt in the case of non-compliance. Should the last and highest bidder fail or refuse to make

the required deposit at time of bid or comply with the other terms of the bid within thirty (30) days, then the Master in Equity may resell the property on the same terms and conditions on some subsequent Sales Day (at the risk of the said highest bidder.) As a deficiency judgment is demanded, the bidding will remain open for a period of 30 days after the date of sale as provided by law in such cases Plaintiff may waive any of its rights, including its right to a personal or deficiency judgment, at any time prior to the foreclosure sale. Purchaser to pay for preparation of the Master in Equity's deed, documentary stamps on the deed, recording of the deed, and interest on the amount of the bid from date of sale to date of compliance with the bid at the rate of 7.50% per annum. s/ W. Haigh Porter W. Haigh Porter As Master in Equity for Florence County Plaintiff's Attorney: J. Kershaw Spong [SC Bar # 5289] SOWELL GRAY ROBINSON STEPP & LAFFITTE, LLC P.O. Box 11449 Columbia, SC 29211 (803) 929-1400 Email: (6/27,7/4,7/11/18) SUMMONS AND NOTICES (Non-Jury) FORECLOSU RE OF REAL ESTATE MORTGAGE STATE OF SOUTH CAROLINA COUNTY OF FLORENCE IN THE COURT OF COMMON PLEAS C/A NO.: 2018-CP-21-01380 Lakeview Loan Servicing, LLC, Plaintiff, v. Brian Granville Shirley, Defendant(s).TO THE DEFENDANT(S) ABOVE NAMED: YOU ARE HEREBY SUMMONED and required to appear and defend by answering the Complaint in this action, a copy of which is hereby served upon you, and to serve a copy of your Answer on the subscribers at their offices at 3800 Fernandina Road, Suite 110, Columbia, SC 29210, within thirty (30) days after the service hereof, exclusive of the day of such service; except that the United States of America, if named, shall have sixty (60) days to answer after the service hereof, exclusive of the day of such service; and if you fail to do so, judgment by default will be rendered against you for the relief demanded in the Complaint. TO MINOR(S) OVER FOURTEEN YEARS OF AGE, AND/OR TO MINOR(S) UNDER FOURTEEN YEARS OF AGE AND THE PERSON WITH WHOM THE MINOR(S) RESIDES, AND/OR TO PERSONS UNDER SOME LEGAL DISABILITY: YOU ARE FURTHER SUMMONED AND NOTIFIED to apply for the appointment of a guardian ad litem within thirty (30) days after the service of this Summons and Notice upon you. If you fail to do so, application for such appointment will be made by Attorney for Plaintiff. YOU WILL ALSO TAKE NOTICE that Plaintiff will move for an Order of Reference or the Court may issue a general Order of Reference of this action to a Master-in-Equity/Special

Referee, pursuant to Rule 53 of the South Carolina Rules of Civil Procedure. YOU WILL ALSO TAKE NOTICE that under the provisions of S.C. Code Ann. § 29-3-100, effective June 16, 1993, any collateral assignment of rents contained in the referenced Mortgage is perfected and Attorney for Plaintiff hereby gives notice that all rents shall be payable directly to it by delivery to its undersigned attorneys from the date of default. In the alternative, Plaintiff will move before a judge of this Circuit on the 10th day after service hereof, or as soon thereafter as counsel may be heard, for an Order enforcing the assignment of rents, if any, and compelling payment of all rents covered by such assignment directly to the Plaintiff, which motion is to be based upon the original Note and Mortgage herein and the Complaint attached hereto. NOTICE OF FILING COMPLAINT TO THE DEFENDANTS ABOVE NAMED: YOU WILL PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that the original Complaint, Cover Sheet for Civil Actions and Certificate of Exemption from ADR in the above entitled action was filed in the Office of the Clerk of Court for Florence County on May 24, 2018. A Notice of Foreclosure Intervention was also filed in the Clerk of Court's Office. Brock & Scott, PLLC 3800 Fernandina Road, Suite 110 Columbia, SC 29210 Phone 844-856-6646 Fax 803-454-3451 Attorneys for Plaintiff (6/27,7/4,7/11/18) SUMMONS (CLAIM AND DELIVERY) (NON-JURY) STATE OF SOUTH CAROLINA COUNTY OF FLORENCE IN THE COURT OF COMMON PLEAS C/A No: 2018-CP-21-01377 The Bank of New York Melon Trust Company, N.A., as successor to BNY Midwest Trust Company, BNY Midwest Trust Company,.as successor Harris Trust and Savings Bank, as Trustee, of Bombardier Capital Mortgage Securitization Corporation, Senior/Subordinated Pass-Through Certificates, Series 2000-A Plaintiff, vs. Mary Purvis and any Unknown Occupants Being a Class Designated as John Doe Defendant. TO THE DEFENDANT NAMED ABOVE: YOU ARE HEREBY SUMMONED and required to answer the Complaint in this action, and to serve a copy of your answer on the subscribers at their offices, 1640 St. Julian Place, Columbia, South Carolina 29202, within thirty (30) days after the service hereof; exclusive of the day of such service; except that the United States of America, if named shall have sixty (60) days to answer after the service hereof; exclusive of the day of such service; and if you fail to answer the Complaint within the time aforesaid, the Plaintiff in this action will apply to the Court for a judgment by default granting the relief demanded in the Complaint. TO MINOR(S) OVER FOURTEEN YEARS OF AGE, AND OR TO MINOR(S) UNDER FOURTEEN YEARS OF AGE AND THE PERSON WITH WHOME THE MINOR(S) RESIDE(S), AND/OR TO PERSON UNDER SOME

LEGAL DISABILITY, INCOMPETENTS AND PERSONS CONFINED AND PERSON IN THE MILITARY: NOTICE OF FILING COMPLAINT YOU WILL PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that the Summons and Complaint in the above-captioned were filed on May 24, 2018, in the Office of the Clerk of Court for Florence County, South Carolina. CRAWFORD & VON KELLER, LLC Post Office Box 4216 1640 St. Julian Place (29204) Columbia, South Carolina 29240 Telephone: (803) 7902626 ATTORNEYS FOR PLAINTIFF (7/4,7/11,7/18/18) Notice of Sale: On July 28, 2018 at 10 am, Florence Mini Storage will sell the following units of personal property at a public sale to the highest bidder pursuant to the assertion of a lien for rent at its self-storage facility. Purchased takes the property subject to any liens or security interest which are perfected and recorded or liens which owner has knowledge. The sale will take place at 2217 2nd Loop Rd. Florence, SC. Units contain furniture appliances, and other household item. The following is a list of units and owners: E143 Phyllis Backus; E237 Douglas Sharon; E182 Castine & Michael Jones. (7/11,7/18/18)

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Wednesday, July 11, 2018


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CLUES ACROSS 1. Begetter 6. Arrived extinct 9. Lacking the power to hear 13. Epic 14. Aboriginal Japanese 15. Jar used for cooking 16. British nobleman 17. Smart 18. Israeli stateswoman 19. Outer space matter that reaches the ground 21. Instrument 22. Infections 23. Holiday (informal) 24. Spanish be 25. Not even 28. Chewie’s friend Solo 29. Garments 31. Geological times 33. Music City 36. Cubes

38. Important Chinese principle 39. Closes tightly 41. Forms a boundary 44. Knife 45. Plants of the lily family 46. A turn around the track 48. Midway between northeast and east 49. Type of degree 51. Midway between north and northwest 52. Profession 54. Musical note patterns 56. Deeply cuts 60. Muharraq Island town 61. Emaciation 62. Weaver bird 63. One point east of northeast 64. Scherzer and Kershaw are two 65.Rice dish 66.Nasdaq code 67.Danish krone 68.Enzyme

CLUES DOWN 1. Carpe __ 2. Wings 3. Loose soil 4. Earnhardt and Jarrett are two 5. 3 feet 6. Fasts 7. Erstwhile 8. Diving seabird 9. Houses 10. Ancient Greek City 11. Type of skirt 12. Greek village 14. Estranges 17. Scottish island 20. Express delight 21. Cosmopolitan city 23. Letter of Hebrew alphabet 25. Largest English dictionary (abbr.) 26. Flow 27. Shoal-forming fishes 29. Footwear parts

30. Schedule of events 32. Songs to one’s sweetheart 34. Test for high schoolers 35. Enthusiasm 37. Streets have them 40. One point east of due south 42. Cut the grass 43. Rattling breaths 47. For each 49. Marketing term 50. One who challenges 52. Sword 53. Polio vaccine developer 55. Film version of “Waterloo Bridge” 56. Want 57. Rhythmic pattern in Indian music 58. Young hawk 59. Harmless 61. Small amount 65. Palladium Answers on Page 6A




Florence RedWolves season continues This past Tuesday the Florence RedWolves took on the Forest City Owls and won 6-1. Ben Peden led the offense at the plate going 2 for 4 on the night and driving in a run. Jonathan Hughes would go seven strong innings giving up 6 hits, one unearned run and walking none but did strike out 4 Owl batters. The RedWolves were back in action on Thursday July 5th and fell to the Macon Bacon 6-2 . Ben Peden would lead the offense again going 3 for 4 at the plate while driving in one run. Michael Kuypers would take the loss on the mound going 5.1 innings giving up 8 hits, 4 runs 3 of them earned, 1 walk and striking out 2 Bacon batters. The RedWolves would then break for the All Star Weekend which is in Lexington County this year. The next home games for the RedWolves are Wednesday July 11th against the Lexington County BlowFish, Thursday July 12th and Satur-

FLORENCE REDWOLVES BEFORE GAME ON JULY 3RD. PHOTO PROVIDED BY TEAM. day July 14th against the Savannah Bananas, and

Monday July 16th against the Wilmington Sharks.

Game times are all 7 pm and are played at Cor-

nell Field in the Griffin Athletic Complex on the cam-

pus of Francis Marion University.

Florence fall soccer registration

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The City of Florence announced registration for the Florence Soccer Association’s Recreation League fall soccer season from Monday, July 9th through Sunday, July 29th. Late registration will be held from July 30th and run through August 6th. Registration can be done online or at the City of Florence Recreation Administrative Offices located at 513 Barnes Street (open Monday-Friday from 8:30 a.m.5:30 p.m). The online registration link is: https:// recreation.cityofflorence.

com/ParksRec_Live/Home The registration fee is $46 during the registration period and $56 during late registration. This fee includes the cost of insurance, jersey, and socks. The cost for all out-ofcounty participants is $66. A birth certificate is required at the time of signup for anyone that has not played a sport with the City of Florence. Soccer age groups are as follows: U6 (4-5 year olds); U8 (6-7 year olds); U10 (8-9 year olds);

U12 (10-11 year olds); U14 (12-13 year olds); U16 (14-15 year olds) and U19 (16-18 year olds). Anyone interested in coaching should come by the City of Florence Recreation Administrative Offices and pick up a volunteer coaching application. For more information, please call Tim Wilson at (843) 665-3253. Also, make sure to visit the City of Florence Athletics website for additional information.

Chick-fil-A Junior Football League registration Registration for the Chick-fil-A Florence Junior Football League has begun. Registration for football players and cheerleaders will run through Friday, August 3rd. The cost is $46, which includes the cost of insurance and jersey. Registration can be done online or at the City of Florence Recreation Administrative Offices located at 513 Barnes Street (open Monday-Friday from 8:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m.). A birth certificate is required at the

time of signup for anyone that has not played a sport with the City of Florence. A parent or guardian can register their child online by visiting Football age groups are as follows: 5-6 year olds, 78 year olds, 9-10 year olds, and 11-12 year olds. Flag football is played in the 5-6 age group, and the rest are contact/tackle. The birthday cutoff is the age of the player as of September 1, 2018. Their age as of that date will be their playing

age. Cheerleading is for ages 5-14 years old. The birthday cutoff date is the same as the football players. Anyone interested in coaching should come by the City of Florence Recreation Administrative Offices and pick up a volunteer coaching application. For additional information concerning youth athletics, be sure to visit the City of Florence Athletics website at, or call Tim Wilson at (843) 665-3253.




RUSH hosts STEM summer bridge program for Florence students During the last week of June, Florence-Darlington Technical College’s RUSH (Removing Undeserved Student Hurdles) Program brought high school students to participate in an intensive four-day STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Summer Bridge week. RUSH, a federally funded program, brought 60 dual enrollment students from Lake City High School and Timmonsville High School for the Summer Bridge program. During the four days that the students were on FDTC's main campus, they gained the experience of solving common problems, simplifying processes and bringing ideas to life with Interactive Engineering. Coding for a Cause allowed students to learn coding and programming, and they developed a fully functional mobile app by the end of the bridge program. Personal health was addressed by RUSH’s very own physician as he demonstrated the effects a common teenage diet has on the heart. Students investigated genes and traits through high-tech, hands-on activities aboard the 41-foot Greenwood Genetic Mobile Lab.


“We serve students on our existing satellite campuses, but we also serve two schools, Lake City High School and Timmonsville High School, and we had them here for a summer bridge,” said Andre Boyd,

RUSH Program Coordinator. “We did everything from coding to monetizing an app for those proceeds to go towards a cause of their choice. We did food science kitchen chemistry. Everything from making edible

slime to cotton candy.” The last day of the Summer Bridge Program offered a STEM Carnival. Along with displaying hydraulic bridges, animation portfolios and STEM projects created with free open source soft-

Elks Lodge qualifies for gratitude grant By meeting certain donation goals the Florence Elks Lodge 1020 qualified for a $2,500 Gratitude Grant from the Grand Lodge to help improve our community and residents’ lives. The Florence Elks donated the money to the House of Hope to help them bring hope and change to the lives of the homeless in our community. In addition, the Florence Elks held a food drive for the House of Hope and collected 30 pounds of frozen food. In the future we will be donating sheets and comforters. If you would like to learn more about the Elks, please visit our website at or contact our lodge at (843) 6658810.

From left, Lodge President Steve Schulman, Director of the Men’s Home Samuel White, and Past Lodge President Eric Easle

ware, designated booths engaged students in food science and chemistry as they prepared cotton candy, rock candy, ice cream, edible slime and other concession items. RUSH serves about 250

students at FDTC during the fall and spring semesters. For more information on RUSH, please contact Dr. Andre Boyd at or by calling 843-661-8119.

FLT presents Disney’s Aladdin Jr. The Florence Little Theatre will present Disney’s Aladdin Jr. from July 13-15 and 20-22. This condensed 60minute family-friendly adaptation is based on the 1992 Academy-Award®-winning film and the 2014 hit Broadway show about the “diamond in the rough” street rat who learns that his true worth lies deep within. Aladdin and his three friends, Babkak, Omar, and Kassim, are down on their luck until Aladdin discovers a magic lamp and the Genie who has the power to grant three wishes. Wanting to earn the respect of the princess, Jasmine, Aladdin embarks on an

adventure that will test his will and his moral character. The play is performed by actors ages 6-18 and is recommended at a minimum age of 5 and older. The length of the production is one hour. Tickets can be purchased at Florence Little Theatre or online for $15 adult, $12 senior (62+), $10 student/child under 18. The play is underwritten by McLeod Health (https:// For more information on show times and tickets go to or call 843-662-3731. Florence Little Theatre is located at 417 South Dargan Street in Florence.

CAROLINAS DERMATOLOGY GROUP is pleased to announce that DR. LONG QUAN will begin offering Mohs micrographic skin cancer surgery in Florence, South Carolina this June. He will be our area’s first surgeon providing this specialized skin cancer treatment and the only fellowship-trained Mohs surgeon operating in Florence, South Carolina. Dr. Quan received his undergraduate degree from Indiana University. He received his medical degree and simultaneous PhD from Duke University. He then completed his internship at Emory University before attending Baylor for his residency in dermatology. Dr. Quan did his fellowship at U.T. Southwestern, where he was equipped with advanced skills in cancer surgery and reconstruction. Outside of work, Dr. Quan enjoys spending time with his family. He also loves fishing, throwing pottery and woodworking.

Dr. Quan looks forward to seeing new patients and also welcomes referrals. Carolinas Dermatology Group is committed to providing all of your skin care needs. 1929-A MOUNTAIN LAUREL COURT | FLORENCE, SC | CALL 843.407.2030 FOR AN APPOINTMENT


Wednesday, July 11, 2018

McLeod Health Partners in Nursing Education Program contributes to FDTC and FMU

BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina An Independent Licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association

JERRY SHEALY AGENCY 657 S. Coit St., Florence, SC 29503

667-8551 Serving the Group Insurance Needs of the Pee Dee!

been a critical element as we’ve grown our graduatelevel programs. This is a substantial partnership and we look forward to

Call for information about our 6 week classes.


Lynda English Studio-Gallery 403 Second Loop Road 843.673.9144

seeing it continue in the years ahead.” “The relationship and financial support of nursing education is imperative to McLeod and our area,” added Derrick. “The


region and the state need these nurses. They are the lifeblood in the provision of top quality, competent health care in our community.”



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Hours: Tues.-Sat. 10am-6pm | HWY 52 S

 


 

 

Lower Costs, More Benefits

A donation is presented from McLeod Health to the FMU Nursing Program. Pictured (left to right) first row: Paige Pierce, McLeod Scholarship Coordinator; Tony Derrick, Chief Nursing Officer for McLeod Regional Medical Center; Dr. Ruth Wittmann-Price, Dean of Health Sciences at FMU; Debbie Locklair, McLeod Senior Vice President of Human Resources & Training; and Darryl Bridges, Vice President for Development at FMU.


Providing the Medicare Supplement Benefits You Need...

FDTC nursing students Erica Brown, Crystal Barr and Danielle Mccrea-Canty (center) present a donation from McLeod Health to the FDTC Nursing Program along with (left to right) Cary Pavnick-Dowdy, FDTC Nursing Dept. Co-Chair; Kelli Knotts, FDTC Nursing Instructor; Lauren Dorton, FDTC Educational Foundation Interim Executive Director; Tony Derrick, Chief Nursing Officer for McLeod Regional Medical Center; FDTC Interim President Edward Bethea; Debbie Locklair, McLeod Senior Vice President of Human Resources & Training; Paige Pierce, McLeod Scholarship Coordinator.

 

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students. Asia Kennedy is a McLeod nurse who was a McLeod scholarship recipient. She graduated from Francis Marion University in 2012 and now serves as a Clinical Nurse Manager on the Nephrology Unit. “The McLeod Scholarship Program gave me the means to be able to go back to school and the inspiration to finish,” said Kennedy. “I have known since I graduated from Florence-Darlington Technical College that I wanted to go back to get my BSN. Thanks to this scholarship, my dreams became a reality.” “We’re extremely grateful to our partners at McLeod Health,” said Edward Bethea, Interim President of Florence-Darlington Technical College. “I can’t say enough about the professionalism of their people and the willingness to help our nursing students goes above and beyond. We’re very fortunate to have McLeod as our educational partner and employer of our graduates.” Lauren Dorton, Interim Executive Director of the FDTC Educational Foundation said, “Since the inception of nursing programs at FDTC, McLeod Health has been a strong and dedicated partner. By once again making this gift to our current Associate Degree of Nursing program, McLeod shows their continued support of our students and the quality education that they receive here at FDTC” Dr. Fred Carter, president of FMU, called McLeod’s latest contribution an important part of a vital and ongoing partnership. “McLeod has been a loyal partner and staunch supporter of FMU, especially in the area of healthcare education,” said Carter. “McLeod’s generous support has made nursing degrees a reality for hundreds of students, and their willingness to share facilities and provide staff for clinical work has

378 BYPASS   

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rick. “Providing patient advocacy, promotion of a safe environment, participation in shaping health policies and patient education are also key nursing roles. It is a tough job but with competent nurses as part of the medical team, McLeod is capable of carrying out its mission of providing quality health care for patients in the region.” Because nurses are essential to health care and the region’s economy, this area is very fortunate to have nursing education programs in Florence at Florence-Darlington Technical College and Francis Marion University. “These two programs are the foundation for recruiting for McLeod,” said Debbie Locklair, Vice President of McLeod Human Resources & Training. “We are fortunate to have the support of two outstanding institutions. We rely on each graduating class for their welleducated qualified candidates.” Florence-Darlington Technical College offers an Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) that allows students to prepare for Registered Nurse (RN) boards in five semesters. FMU’s Department of Nursing offers a full range of nursing programs including BSN, RN to BSN, Nurse Educator and Family Nurse Practitioner. McLeod helps nursing students reach their educational goals through scholarships to the Florence-Darlington Technical College and Francis Marion University Nursing Programs. Since 2006, McLeod has awarded in excess of $360,000 in scholarship monies to Florence-Darlington Technical College nursing students. Since 2006, McLeod has awarded in excess of $1,730,000 in scholarship monies to FMU nursing


As a partner in nursing education for the region, McLeod Health has made continuing contributions to two area nursing schools. Support of these valuable educational offerings is again reflected in this year’s $75,000 gift to Florence-Darlington Technical College (FDTC) and Francis Marion University (FMU) to help maintain their nursing programs. Nursing represents the nation’s largest health care profession and the largest single component of hospital staff. By the year 2030, South Carolina will be one of four states with a nursing shortage of more than 10,000 according to an analysis by the US Department of Health and Human Services. Additional nurses will be needed to care for the aging population, who typically have more medical problems than younger people. “The need for healthcare services is increasing as the number of aging baby boomers continues to grow,” stated Tony Derrick, Chief Nursing Officer for McLeod Regional Medical Center. “As a result more nurses are needed to educate and care for patients. This is why it is vitally important to McLeod that FlorenceDarlington Technical College and Francis Marion University continue to educate nurses.” According to Derrick, nurses serve an important role in the delivery of quality health care. “McLeod recognizes the value of the nurses’ contribution in patient care,” said Der-

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Congratulations Realtors of the Week

This Week’s

WAYNE & MYRA BENNETT Together we SERVE you better 843-616-4421, 843-430-2284 CELL 843-667-1100 OFFICE 843-669-6965 FAX 419 South Coit Street Florence, SC 29501

WAYNE & MYRA BENNETT REALTORS®, Sales Associates, Each Office Is Independently Owned And Operated.

Miss Darlington Sarah Floyd wins a preliminary talent award and finishes in top 10 at the 2018 Miss South Carolina Pageant By Will Isgett Miss Darlington Sarah Floyd put a stamp on a wonderful year by winning a preliminary talent award and finishing as a top 10 finalist at the Miss South Carolina Pageant held in Columbia at the Township Auditorium from June 2530. Floyd wowed the audience with her powerful German aria “Menn Herr Marquis” from Die Fledermaus, wearing a flowing green gown and a necklace and earrings that complimented her attire. Floyd, a recent Coker College graduate, will attend the University of South Carolina in the fall to work towards her Master’s

Degree in Opera Theater. “I was very honored by being named a top 10 finalist and a preliminary talent winner,” Floyd said. “I went far beyond my expectations going into the pageant.” Floyd said the support she received pageant week was very uplifting. “I really felt great from all the support that I got pageant week,” Floyd said. “I am so glad I got to represent the city of Darlington this year and I hope I made them proud.” Miss Darlington Teen Saviah Miller also had a great week wowing the audience with her performance of “Don’t Rain on My Parade” from the musical “Funny Girl”. Miller, a rising junior at

Miss Darlington Local Executive Director Will Isgett, left and Miss Darlington Sarah Floyd, right after her preliminary talent win during Miss South Carolina week in Columbia.

Trinity-Byrnes Collegiate School and Florence

native, served the Darlington area well this year mak-

Miss Darlington Teen Saviah Miller, far left, along with Miss Darlington Local Executive Director Will Isgett and Miss Darlington Scholarship Pageant committee member Shannon Elliott.

ing over 50 appearances and participating in many

events throughout county and state.


Florence Little Theatre new hires executive director Jessica Coleman Larrimore was promoted to executive director of the Florence Little Theatre following the June 10 FLT board meeting. “It is indeed a privilege to announce the promotion of Jessica to this leadership role at Florence Little Theatre. She has served the organization in many capacities, as a volunteer, as a member of various production teams, committees, as an intern and in paid positions including Operations Coordinator. She has prepared for this new challenge and we are confident that her skills and relationships with the community will take us to a new level. Jessica continues to foster excellence in our artistic and educational work. She has a heart of

Francis Marion University with a degree in theater and professional writing. She is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Arts Administration at Southern Utah University. She is married to Paul Larrimore Jr.

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City Center Farmers Market

Come downtown Florence to the City Center’s rear entrance each Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. to shop the City Center Farmers Market along with Ovis Hill Farmers Market. The market features local farmers and artisans from the surrounding cities and counties. Local farmers will provide a variety of

“I am excited about the future of the organization and our close-knit team,” Larrimore commented. Jessica may be reached at 843-662-3731 ext. 2 or by email at jessica@

fresh produce, meat, dairy, and bread. There also will be some crafts vendors. For more information or to become a vendor at the market, please email: centerfarmersmarket Information provided by Florence Convention and Visitors Bureau.

on behalf of the Board of Trustees for Florence Little Theatre,” stated Jumana Swindler, President-elect; Florence Little Theatre Board. Larrimore, formerly

Operations Coordinator, joined the FLT staff in 2013 as administrative assistant to the executive director. Twice she served as interim executive director. She is a graduate of


ATTENTION: Medicare Policyholders Are your rates going up? Don’t pay too much! * You can change plans 12 months per year! Call us today, your Medicare Specialist, for a quote

Since 1958

(843) 669-8102 (800) 868-8102 1205 West Evans Street Florence, SC 29502 email: * subject to underwriting


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Shoppers Guide

Serving the Florence area for over 29 years!

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FAMILY COUPON Buy 3 Get 1 FREE Dine in or take out. Must present coupon. Limit 5 coupons per party.

HOURS: Wednesday 11am-3pm; Thursday, Friday & Saturday 11am-8pm; Sunday 11am-4pm

Wednesday Is Senior Citizen Day

2004 Second Loop Rd. • Florence, SC • 667-9291

Florence Chamber announces board changes The Greater Florence Chamber of Commerce would like to announce this year’s new members to the Board of Directors. Each member will serve a three-year term. The new board members are as follows: Starlee Alexander with State Farm Insurance, Kyle Baxter with Carolinas Hospital System, Annie Ham with McCall Farms, Brian Nunn with HealthSouth, Ray Reich with Florence Downtown Development Corporation, Marie Saleeby with McLeod Health and Mike Skarupa with PGBA. The incoming Chairman is Mindy Taylor from Duke

Energy and Reverend Merritt Graves, Pastor at Mount Zion AME Church, becomes Past-Chair. Chair-Elect is Ken Jackson with RE/MAX Professionals. Keith Buckhouse with NBSC, remains Treasurer. New 2018-2019 Executive Committee members include Chad Patterson with Raldex Hospitality Group as Co-Chair Member Services, Mark Buyck III with Willcox, Buyck & Williams, PA as Co-Chair Government Affairs, Bret Greer with Toledo Carolina as Co-Chair of Budget and Finance, Bailey Dabney with The Morning News as Chair of Communications & Marketing, Debbie Hyler

What would you rather be doing?

We’ll help you work toward your vision.

Marvin E. “Sonny” Slaughter, AAMS®, CFP® Senior Vice President/Investments Branch Manager

Frank J. “Buddy” Brand II Senior Vice President/Investments

Stephen N. Jones, CFP® Senior Vice President/Investments

George W. Stukes Associate Vice President/Investments

Michael P. “Perry” Grice

with The School Foundation as Co-Chair of Communications & Marketing and Teressa Tabor with The Manor as Co-Chair of Community & Business Development. Returning Executive Committee members are Jamie Carsten, T y r o n J o n e s , Robby Hill, Ed Hoffman, Paul Seward and Dr. Charlene KYLE Wages. BAXTER



Calling 811 before digging can prevent underground utility damage and keep communities safe. “Before you or someone you hire start digging for your next homeimprovement project, don’t forget to do the safe thing and call 811,”said Greg McGlohorn, General Manager of Construction, Operations and Maintenance for SCE&G's natural gas business. “By calling 811, homeowners and contractors are making an important decision that

1325 Cherokee Road Florence, South Carolina 29501 Stifel, Nicolaus & Company, Incorporated Member SIPC & NYSE |


can help keep them and their communities safe.” There are three easy ways to contact South Carolina 811 to have buried utility lines located: • Dial 811 or call (888) 721-7877. Both are toll free. • Visit to submit a utility marking request online. • Download the free South Carolina 811 app for Apple or Android mobile devices. The app has a complete set of tools to help with any dig-






ging project. When a request is received, South Carolina 811 notifies the appropriate utility companies. Professional locators will then mark the location of the utility lines with flags, paint or both, at no cost. Once all lines are marked, dig carefully with hand tools around the locate marks. To learn more about safe digging, visit www. and About SCE&G South Carolina Electric

& Gas Company is a regulated public utility engaged in the generation, transmission, distribution and sale of electricity to approximately 719,000 customers in 24 counties in the central, southern and southwestern portions of South Carolina. The company also provides natural gas service to approximately 368,000 customers in 35 counties in the state.


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Florence 7/11  
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