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Celebrrate More Joyful o Moments M This Holiday Season. Comfort Keepers® is here to o offer a helping hand with in-home assistance that gives you more quality time together all season long. In addition to the everryday things we do year-round to elevate seniors’ quality of liffe.

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NEIGHBORS NAME: Stephanie Bosch FAMILY: One sister BORN: Johnson City, TN OCCUPATION: Coordinator of Orientation and Admissions Events HOBBIES OR SPECIAL INTERESTS: Reading and traveling WHAT DO YOU LIKE ABOUT FLORENCE: “I love the growing downtown area and the sense of community that is felt in Florence. It always seems that you find a friendly face downtown, especially at Florence after 5! “ WHO OR WHAT HAS MOST INFLUENCED YOU? Travel has had a great influence in my life. Interacting with different people from varying backgrounds, countries, and cultures has broadened my view of the world and my own life. I believe that travel has made me a better human being and citizen of the world.

DECEMBER 19, 2018

VOL. 37, NO. 13

Pepsi Carolina Classic comes to Florence Center BY PHILIP MAENZA Editor of The News Journal Florence, S.C.

On December 12, a press conference was held at the Florence Boys and Girls Club in order to announce the teams that will compete in the 2018 Pepsi Carolina Classic. This year the Pepsi Carolina Classic will be held at the Florence Center. It is the first time in several years that it has been held at the Florence Center. Futhermore, this year’s Pepsi Carolina Classic will also host all three Florence School District One high schools. Wilson, West Florence, and South Florence will all compete in the tournament this year. Other teams that will be competing are Carvers Bay High School, Darlington High School, Hartsville High School, Hemingway High School, and Marion High School. During the press conference, the coaches of each team were able to speak about their team, the Classic, and what they’re looking forward to the most. The coaches of each team are as follows: Coach Jeff Mezzatesta of Carvers Bay High School, Coach Anthony Heilbronn of Darlington High School, Coach Yusuf English of Hartsville High School, Coach Emmanuel DeWalt of Hemingway High School, Coach Andre Weathers of Marion High School, Coach John Schweitz of South Florence High School, Coach Daryl Jarvis of West Florence High School, and Coach Derrick McQueen of Wilson High School. Michael Hughes, marketing coordinator for the Florence Center, discussed his excitement regarding the Florence Center being able to host the Classic this year. The Pepsi Carolina Classic will take place from December

27 until December 29. It will be located at the Florence Center. This is the 33rd annual Pepsi Carolina Classic. It is sponsored by McDonald’s local owner, Wanda James, and other operators of the Pee Dee area. The event is also sponsored by Pepsi. Jebailey Law Firm is the Sponsor’s Table. Jeff Steven of Pepsi spoke at the press conference. He welcomed the guests and thanked them for coming. Wanda James of McDonald’s also was in attendance at the event. She spoke of her excitement of bringing fans together to celebrate the teams. DeCar Brown, Director of Operations at Boys & Girls Clubs of the Pee Dee Area, spoke about the impact of the Pepsi Carolina Classic. He said that it is really about the kids. “When a kid comes through that door, there’s a caring individual waiting for them”, said Brown. He says that the event


is not only about basketball, but about being able to serve more kids through the Boys & Girls Club. The line up for the event is as follows: Thursday, December 27 1. Hartsville vs. South Florence at 2:30 p.m. 2. Darlington vs. Marion at 4:15 p.m. 3. Carvers Bay vs. Hemingway at 6 p.m. 4. West Florence vs. Wilson at 7:45 p.m. Friday, December 28 5. Loser Game 1 vs. Loser Game 2 at 2:30 p.m. 6. Loser Game 3 vs. Loser Game 4 at 4:15 p.m. 7. Winner Game 1 vs. Winner Game 2 at 6 p.m. 8. Winner Game 3 vs. Winner Game 4 at 7:45 p.m. Saturday, December 29 9. Loser Game 5 vs. Loser

Game 6 at 2:30 p.m. 10. Winner Game 5 vs. Winner Game 6 at 4:15 p.m. (consolation winner) 11. Loser Game 7 vs. Loser Game 8 at 6 p.m. (3rd place game) 12. Winner Game 7 vs. Winner Game 8 at 7:45 p.m. (Championship game) Note: first team listed for each game is the home team

News Journal closes for holidays The News Journal will close at noon on December 24, and will be closed all day December 25. We will resume normal business hours on Wednesday, December 26 at 8 a.m.

Reporting Our Thanks at Christmastime

o all of our valued readers, we’d like to say thanks for making us your local news source. We’re so proud to be a part of this wonderful community, and we’ve really enjoyed sharing with you the people, places and events that make it so special. We hope this Christmas season and the New Year deliver much joy and good fortune to you and yours. We wish you all the best! Merry Christmas!

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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

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Kwanzaa traces its origins to Africa and is celebrated across North America and other nations that have large populations that trace their heritage to Africa. The holiday begins on December 26 and continues until January 1. The main components of the celebration include family, community and culture. Kwanzaa was not designed to replace Christmas. In fact, many Kwanzaa celebrants also celebrate Christmas. The word “kwanzaa” is from the Swahili phrase “Matunda ya kwanza,” which means “first fruits.” Maulana Karenga, the professor who

created the holiday in 1966, chose Swahili as the language associated with the holiday because it isn’t affiliated with a particular African region or tribe. At the heart of the holiday are seven principles that celebrants embrace and follow: unity, self-determination, collective responsibility, cooperative economics, purpose, creativity, and faith. Even though the holiday was created for African Americans, many other ethnic groups are inspired by the foundations of Kwanzaa and choose to join in the festivities.

Deaths Bell, Betty Jean Galloway, age 82, died December 10, Belk Funeral Home

Jesson, David William, age 71, died December 14, Cain-Calcutt Funeral Home

Blackburn, Carroll Eugene ‘Speedy’, age 65, died December 9, Stoudenmire Dowling Funeral Home

Lamb, Ethel Janelle, age 74, died December 10, Layton Anderson Funeral Home

Broach, Marion George, Sr., age 91, died December 14, Layton Anderson Funeral Home


Bullard, Elsie Garner, age 86, died December 15, Belk Funeral Home

The doctors are in at FMU - First doctoral grads bring real-world research focus to regional health care issues

Carraway, Gwendolyn ‘Gwen’ Amerson, age 74, died December 15, Belk Funeral Home

Francis Marion University graduated its first class of doctoral students at its fall commencement ceremony. It was a big day for the University. A big day for the community and the region, too. Seven students received their Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree. FMU launched the program as part of a strategic mission to help improve health care access in the Pee Dee and beyond, and to provide meaningful career paths for students. The DNPs will help by serving as both frontline practitioners and in faculty roles at colleges and universities. That latter role will include research as well as teaching. The potential of the research

role was on display when the DNPs presented their doctoral research projects a few weeks prior to graduation. The seven projects covered topics ranging from diabetic foot risk and better standards for lung cancer screening to lifestyle intervention in young children and better treatment for sinusitis. All dealt with real-world problems that practitioners face — and struggle with — daily. All offered research-based ideas for improving care in those areas. Newly minted DNP Dr. Australia Greene of Miami, Fla., says “Being able to put time into this level of research, into topics that we’d see every day in a practice or a hospital, can make a real difference. I’m looking

Call for information about our 6 week classes.

Open studiO Oil drawing Children’s art Classes

Lynda English Studio-Gallery 403 second loop road 843.673.9144

Conner, Evelyn Hall, age 9, died December 11, Cain-Calcutt Funeral Home Craig, Kerry Lee, age 58, died December 11, Stoudenmire Dowling Funeral Home Floyd, Helen ‘Jan’ Janette Smith, age 59, died December 11, Stoudenmire Dowling Funeral Home Grainger, Barbara Evans, age 68, died December 13, KistlerHardee Funeral Home

GROUP OF STUDENTS RECEIVING THEIR DOCTOR OF NURSING PRACTICE. forward to doing more of this in the years ahead.” Adds Dr. Margaret Croffie-Nelson, a Californian who has since moved to Columbia, S.C., “Being able to immerse myself in this research (into sinusitis) made me feel like an expert in this area. That, in turn, will make me a better practitioner and a better resource for my patients. I feel like this will be my life for awhile, something I’m going to – pardon the pun – live and breath. I couldn’t have done that if Francis Marion hadn’t created this program.” Dr. Ruth WittmannPrice, dean of FMU’s School of Health Sciences, says the DNP was a natural and needed extension of the University’s growing programs in health care education.

“The trajectory of our profession is towards greater education, not less,” says Wittmann-Price. “Adding the DNP made sense and our focus on research will add a new dimension to health care in this region, which faces critical shortages in so many areas. We’re proud of our first class and look forward to all they’re going to accomplish.” The DNP program at FMU is currently for students who are already Nurse Practitioners. Eventually, the program will include a direct track from (four-year) nursing degrees to the DNP. The program generally requires three semesters of study. More information is available at


Harllee, Mary Beth, age 72, died December 11, Stoudenmire Dowling Funeral Home

Meggs, James Albert ‘Buddy’, age 79, died December 15, Stoudenmire Dowling Funeral Home Niles, Norma Joan, age 83, died December 9, Cain-Calcutt Funeral Home Rose, Helen Edwards, age 86, died December 14, Kistler-Hardee Funeral Home Spears, Josephine T., age 85, died December 10, Belk Funeral Home Smith, Barbara McKay, age 85, died December 10, Layton Anderson Funeral Home Turner, Shirley Reddick, age 73, died December 18, Waters-Powell Funeral Home Walker, Jesse Theodore ‘Ted’, Jr., age 83, died December 9, Waters-Powell Funeral Home Wise, John C., age 56, died December 9, Layton Anderson Funeral Home

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Wednesday, December 19, 2018


GOD’S WORD The Birth of Jesus - Luke 2: 13-18 - Part 3 Suddenly a great company of the heavenly host appeared with the angel, praising God and saying, “Glory to God in the highest heaven, and on earth peace to those on whom his favor rests.” When the angels had left them and gone into heaven, the shepherds said to one another, “Let’s go to Bethlehem and see this thing that has happened, which the Lord has told us about.”So they hurried off and found Mary and Joseph, and the baby, who was lying in the manger. When they had seen him, they spread the word concerning what had been told them about this child, and all who heard it were amazed at what the shepherds said to them.


The gift that is both need and want By Rev. Will Malambri I’ve been informed that extravagant, impractical gifts are not as appreciated as practical ones. That’s why flowers, which are beautiful, but only temporarily so, are more common than, say, an iron for Valentine’s Day. My practical (and economical) side is often torn between using Christmases and birthdays to give utilitarian gifts (things my family needs), rather than the unnecessary things that make life a little more comfortable or fun or in keeping with the fleeting trends of the day (our wants). I try to remember that gifts are expressions of love and that love is neither practical, nor economical, but, as God has demonstrated, extravagantly generous, sometimes dangerously so. The most meaningful gifts are the rare ones that fill both our wants and needs. O.Henry’s short story, The Gift of the Magi, helps us reflect on this. In the story, without the other one knowing, Jim sold the gold watch that had been in his family for generations and Della sold the long hair that was admired by many, so each would have enough money to buy something special for the other. The sale of Della’s hair funded the purchase of a watch chain for Jim. The sale of Jim’s watch bought the combs meant to compliment Della’s beautiful hair. Like the original gifts of the magi, the value of Della’s and Jim’s gifts, though with practicality in mind, was not in what they ended up doing, but in what they ended up showing. Jim’s and Della’s gifts showed their love was so extravagant that they’d sacrifice anything to demonstrate it. The gifts of the Biblical magi (Matthew 2:1-12), which were completely impractical for a child, showed who the child was: a king who would both bring healing and who would need salve because of the sacrificial death he would die. Jesus’ birth was to meet the needs of a world increasingly separated from God and each other and unable to bridge the divide on our own. In Jesus we have the ultimate gift that meets both need and want. We need him, the gift of God’s presence with us, the perfect example of a life of merciful love and faithful obedience, the sacrifice that takes away the sin of the world. In return, we find ourselves wanting to love, follow, and serve him because in doing so we find meaning and joy and peace in ways that we cannot otherwise. God’s gift in coming to the world was both risky (a baby born in those conditions, including Herod’s deadly insecurity (Matthew 2:13-18)) and generous (he brought salvation through his sacrifice). And it worked – billions have been drawn to him and received salvation through him and are having their needs and wants met in him, the most practical, impractical, extravagant gift there has ever been.

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A Christmas poem As I was thinking of the upcoming holiday, I remembered this poem by Robert Frost. It is called “Christmas Trees”. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. - Philip Maenza, Editor (A Christmas Circular Letter) The city had withdrawn into itself And left at last the country to the country; When between whirls of snow not come to lie And whirls of foliage not yet laid, there drove A stranger to our yard, who looked the city, Yet did in country fashion in that there He sat and waited till he drew us out A-buttoning coats to ask him who he was. He proved to be the city come again To look for something it had left behind And could not do without and keep its Christmas. He asked if I would sell my Christmas trees; My woods—the young fir balsams like a place Where houses all are churches and have spires. I hadn’t thought of them as Christmas Trees. I doubt if I was tempted for a moment To sell them off their feet to go in cars And leave the slope behind the house all bare,

Where the sun shines now no warmer than the moon. I’d hate to have them know it if I was. Yet more I’d hate to hold my trees except As others hold theirs or refuse for them, Beyond the time of profitable growth, The trial by market everything must come to. I dallied so much with the thought of selling. Then whether from mistaken courtesy And fear of seeming short of speech, or whether From hope of hearing good of what was mine, I said, “There aren’t enough to be worth while.” “I could soon tell how many they would cut, You let me look them over.” “You could look. But don’t expect I’m going to let you have them.” Pasture they spring in, some in clumps too close That lop each other of boughs, but not a few Quite solitary and having equal boughs All round and round. The latter he nodded “Yes” to, Or paused to say beneath some lovelier one, With a buyer’s moderation, “That would do.” I thought so too, but wasn’t there to say so.

We climbed the pasture on the south, crossed over, And came down on the north. He said, “ A thousand.” “A thousand Christmas trees!—at what apiece?” He felt some need of softening that to me: “A thousand trees would come to thirty dollars.” Then I was certain I had never meant To let him have them. Never show surprise! But thirty dollars seemed so small beside The extent of pasture I should strip, three cents (For that was all they figured out apiece), Three cents so small beside the dollar friends I should be writing to within the hour Would pay in cities for good trees like those, Regular vestry-trees whole Sunday Schools Could hang enough on to pick off enough. A thousand Christmas trees I didn’t know I had! Worth three cents more to give away than sell, As may be shown by a simple calculation. Too bad I couldn’t lay one in a letter. I can’t help wishing I could send you one, In wishing you herewith a Merry Christmas.


Ice cream fell from the sky By Tom Poland Growing up before weather satellites was great when I was a kid. Come winter, I’d go to bed unaware that rain was washing in from the west and cold air descending from the north. A colossal winter collision was in the making and the next morning a blanket of snow softened the world, glorifying all that it touched. Forget school. What great times those were, and something else made them even greater. Snow ice cream. Other than a few heavy snows, we never got enough snow to make a really good snowman. You know, one like Frosty with a top hat and all that, but a thin layer of snow was enough for Mom to make magic. She’d head outside with a big bowl, and we knew we were in for a treat. How well I remember the first time I tasted snow ice cream. Cold, sweet, and airy. Mom went straight to Dad’s 1956, two-tone (aqua and white) Plymouth, and from its roof she carefully scraped the uppermost veneer of crystals into a glass bowl. Mind you, now, each crystal was unique. (Can we say that about commercial ice cream?) We’d hustle inside and she’d add vanilla extract, sugar, and milk into the bowl and mix up snow ice cream. We’d watch with great anticipation. It was winter’s equivalent to watching Dad churn up some peach ice cream, only snow ice cream was quick and pure magic, whereas Dad’s peach ice cream was a labor of love that took planning, a drive to Edgefield, South Carolina, for tree-ripe peaches, and time to crank a handle until it would not move. Summer and winter, we couldn’t get enough homemade ice cream. By summer it was peach, and by winter it was a frozen delight courtesy of an Arctic blast. If you’ve had snow ice

SNOW CREAM BY TOM POLAND cream, for sure you recall what a miracle it was, a wonderful blessing as ice cream literally fell from the sky. That was then and this is now and nothing good they say lasts forever, and I hear that’s true as snow ice cream goes. You could say its idyllic time has come and gone. Thanks to acid rain, pollution, fossil fuels, and a place called Chernobyl, folks today are afraid to mix up a bowl of snow ice cream. Well, in this case I’ll take the stand a lot of smokers do. “Hey, you got to die from something.” So, give me snow ice cream or give me death. Well, of course that is just writer’s talk, but for sure this winter, should it snow, I plan to make up a big bowl of snow ice cream. I hope you do, too. For some of you whippersnappers new

to snow ice cream, here’s a recipe. Pray that it snows. 1 gallon of snow Sugar 1 tablespoon of vanilla extract 2 cups of milk Stir in sugar and vanilla to taste, then add enough milk to get that ice cream look and feel. Now it won’t be perfect like a half gallon of Breyers vanilla, but it will be far more memorable. It fell from the sky just for you. And if some of you are too afraid to eat snow ice cream, throw caution to the wind, mix in some chocolate syrup and enjoy yourself a bowl of Chernobyl Chocolate. You’ll radiate sheer joy to the family. ‘Tis the season to be jolly. Don’t let airborne grinches and scrooges and Negative Nellies prevent you from enjoying a bowl or

First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

three of snow ice cream. Don’t let another magical tradition die. ‘Cause you know and I know, we have too few as it is.

“All about your family and friends”

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Wednesday, December 19, 2018


Two Florence One teachers earn National Board Certification Two Florence 1 teachers, Alexandra SirbuGreen and Wade Hicks, both of Savannah Grove Elementary School, have achieved National Board Certification status. Green and Hicks join seventynine educators in the state, representing 30 school districts who recently earned National Board Certification (NBC). Six Florence 1 teachers have renewed their national certificates. They are Debra Bryant, Carver Elementary; Casey Coker, Briggs Elementary; Michelle Hayes, Southside Middle; Catherine Sanderson, Child Development Center at Woods Road; Carla Summersett and Kimberly Cimney, West

understanding of subject material and examine their preparation techniques. In addition to preparing a portfolio with recordings of classroom teaching, lesson plans, student work samples and reflec-



Florence High. They join 513 NBCTs from 59 school districts who renewed their national certificates, bringing South Carolina’s total number of NBCTs to 9,125. According to the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, South Carolina remains one of the

nation’s leading states for the total number of National Board Certified Teachers (NBCTs). Teachers seeking NBC participate in a two-part process that takes from one to three years to complete. The process requires candidates to reflect on their classroom practices, assess their

tive essays, teachers must complete assessment center exercises to prove they have mastered the subjects they teach and also possess the skills to teach them.

Reading and Writing or 530 or higher on the Math portion of the PSAT. Trinity-Byrnes Collegiate School is extremely proud to announce that nine eighth grade students met eligibility requirements and will be recognized as

South Carolina Junior Scholars. Congratulations to Della Avent, Evan Cunningham, Kamile Cunningham, Drew Jeffords, Taylor Pierce, Jay Smith, Isabella Stomato, Hart Sterling, and Weaver Whitehead. Trinity-Byrnes Colle-

giate School is a coeducational, non-discriminatory, college-preparatory day school serving students in grades seven through twelve located in Darlington, South Carolina. Trinity-Byrnes fosters development of every student’s intellect and charact e r through strong academics, a wide variety of athletics and extra-curricular activities. For more information contact April Munn, Director of Admissions and Communications, at (843) 395-9124,

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Trinity-Byrnes students to be recognized as South Carolina Junior Scholars The South Carolina Junior Scholars Program was developed by the South Carolina Department of Education during the 1985-86 school year to identify eighth grade students with exceptional academic talent and to develop strategies for inclusion into spec i a l summer opportunities in collaboration with participating South Carolina colleges and universities. In order to be eligible, students must currently be enrolled in eighth grade in public, private, or home school in South Carolina and score 550 or higher on the Evidence-Based

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Christmas parade rescheduled Due to weather conditions, the Florence Police Department has recommended that we do a holiday parade after Christmas but before New Year’s. Many of the officers have taken vacations and many of the crossing guards are also unavailable. With the available officers, they want to do more patrolling in shopping areas and neighborhoods.On that note, we are following their suggestion and will do a holiday parade on Saturday, December 29th at 11 a.m. The same route will be followed. We are continuing to accept parade applications. Thank you for your understanding.



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Wednesday, December 19, 2018


INDEX 100 ...............................................LEGALS 200..........................................ADOPTION 210.............................ANNOUNCEMENTS 215...............................................EVENTS 250 ..........................................AUCTIONS 300........................FINANCIAL SERVICES 310 ..........................INTERNET SERVICES 320.....................................INSTRUCTION 350..........................................PERSONAL 375 ........................HEALTH & NUTRITION 400...........................................ANTIQUES 405 ...BEAUTY SALONS/BARBER SHOPS 410..............BOATS/JET SKI & SUPPLIES . 420 .............GARDEN/FARM EQUIPMENT 425......................GUNS & ACCESSORIES 435..................................FARM ANIMALS 440 .............................LOST AND FOUND 450 ...................................MERCHANDISE 452............................................PRODUCE 455 ...................MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS 460 ...............................PETS & SUPPLIES 470................................WANTED TO BUY 480.......................................YARD SALES 500 ....................................EMPLOYMENT 510 .................BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY 515 ....................................HELP WANTED . 520 ...........................................SERVICES 525........................................CHILD CARE 530 ..................................WORK WANTED



NOTICE OF APPLICATION Notice is hereby given that DSG INVESTMENT GROUP LLC, intends to apply to the South Carolina Department of Revenue for

600 ..................APARTMENTS FOR RENT 605 .................................BURIAL SPACES 610..................COMMERCIAL PROPERTY 612 .....................BUSINESSES FOR SALE 615.............................................CONDOS 618 ....................REAL ESTATE SERVICES 620 ..............................HOMES FOR RENT 625 ..............................HOMES FOR SALE 630.................................LAND FOR RENT 632 ...............................LAND FOR LEASE 635 .................................LAND FOR SALE 636 ...................................LAND WANTED 637 .............ACREAGE/FARMS FOR SALE 640 ................MOBILE HOMES FOR RENT 645 ................MOBILE HOMES FOR SALE 650....................................OFFICE SPACE 660............................RESORT PROPERTY 665............................VACATION/TRAVEL 670 .............................ROOMS FOR RENT 900 ...................................................ATVS 910 ...........................AUTO/BODY PARTS 920 ..................................................CARS 930 ..................................MOTORCYCLES 940.................CAMPER SALES/RENTALS 950...................................................SUVS 960............................................TRAILERS 970 ........... ..................................TRUCKS 980 ..................................................VANS 990 .........................................STATEWIDE

a license/permit that will allow the sale and ON premises consumption of BEER/WINE/LIQUOR at 1243 W. LUCAS ST. FLORENCE, SC 29501. To object to the issuance of this permit/license, written protest must be postmarked no later than DECEMBER 28, 2018. For

a protest to be valid, it must be in writing, and should include the following information: (1) the name, address, and telephone number of person filing the protest; (2) the specific reasons why the application should be denied; (3) that the person protest-

ing is willing to attend a hearing (if one is requested by the applicant); (4) that the person protesting resides in the same county where the proposed place of business is located or within five miles of the business; and, (5) the name of the applicant and the address of the premises to be licensed. Protests must be mailed to: S.C. Department of Revenue, ATTN: ABL SECTION, P.O. Box 125, Columbia, SC 29214-0907; or faxed to: (803) 896-0110. (12/12,12/19,12/26/18) NOTICE OF SALE CIVIL ACTION NO.: 2017CP-21-02993 BY VIRTUE OF A DECREE of the Court of Common Pleas for Florence County, South Carolina, heretofore issued in the case of ArborOne ACA v. Roland V. Askins, Jr., Individually, and as trustee for the L-Shape Trust, The RVA Trust, The 180 Trust, the AKF Trust, the AGF Trust, The 3807 Trust, and The RVP Trust, the Special Referee for Florence and Williamsburg County, or his agent, will sell on January 8, 2019 at 11:00 a.m. at the Florence Judicial Center, 181 North Irby Street, Florence, South Carolina 29501 to the highest bidder: Florence County Parcels: All that certain piece, parcel or tract of land containing one hundred twenty four and one quarter (124.25) acres, more or less, situate, lying and being on the south side of Camden and Georgetown road, about five miles East of Town of Lake City, in Lake Township, County of Florence, State of South Carolina, having such shape, metes, courses and distances as will more fully appear by reference to a plat thereof made by E. J. Smith, Surveyor, October 2, 1917 and bounded on the Northwest by lands now or formerly of M. F. Gaskins; on the East by lands now or formerly of J. T. Gaskins and W. O. Thomas; on the South by lands of W. O. Thomas and lands of Mrs. W. M. Vauss; on the West by lands now or formerly of M. F. Gaskins, deceased. This being the same property conveyed to AKF Trust by deed of Gloria M. Fisher and Sara M. Dunn recorded May 2, 1996 in the office of the Clerk of Court for Florence County in Deed Book A464 at page 682.

TMS#00268 31 003 All that piece, parcel or lot of land situate and lying in the County of Florence, State of South Carolina, containing One Hundred One and 48/100 (101.48) acres, more or less, and fronting on South Carolina State Highway 892. This property is identified as Florence County Tax Parcel 00268-31-004 and is further shown on a plat made by David A. Nesbitt, RLS, dated June 29, 2005, which is recorded in Plat Book 87 at page 253 in the office of the Clerk of Court for Florence County, South Carolina, and which plat and the record thereof are, by reference, incorporated herein. TMS#00268-31-004 All that certain piece, parcel or tract of land situate, lying and being in School District Number 47 Outside, in the County of Florence and State of South Carolina, containing Twenty Four and 72/100 (24.72) acres, more or less, according to a plat made by Elbert E. Floyd, Surveyor, dated February 1, 1952 and being bounded as follows, to wit: On the North by lands formerly owned by C. B. Askins; on the East and South by other lands formerly owned by Essie Spann Gaskin; and on the West by the run of Long Branch, all as shown on the above mentioned plat recorded in the office of the Clerk of Court for Florence County, South Carolina, in Plat Book ______ at page _______ and which plat and the record thereof are, by reference, incorporated herein. Said lot has such shapes, courses, dimensions and distances as are shown on said plat. This property is identified as Florence County Tax Parcel 00232-31-004 and is further shown on a plat made by David A. Nesbitt, RLS, dated June 29, 2005, which is recorded in Plat Book 87 and page 253 in the office of the Clerk of Court for Florence County, South Carolina, and which plat and the record thereof are, by reference, incorporated herein. TMS#00232 31 012 This being the same property conveyed to AGF Trust by deed of Gaskin Farm LLC, Elizabeth Gaskin and Hugh C. Gaskin III recorded September 15, 2005 in the office of the Clerk of Court for Florence County in Deed Book A956 at page 99. All of that certain piece, parcel or tract of land with

the improvements thereon situate, lying and being in the Leo Community of Florence County, South Carolina containing 216.5 acres, more or less and bounded on the North by lands now or formerly of Barbara Nan N. Jones and by lands now or formerly of Tilton; on the East by lands now or formerly of Fenton Evans, D. E. Hanna and the Estate of Oliver Eaddy; on the South by S. C. Highway S-21-341, by lands now or formerly of Haseldon and by lands now or formerly of Douglas Brown; on the West by lands now or formerly of Barbara Nan N. Jones. Reference is had to a plat prepared by Ebert E. Floyd and James B. Floyd, Surveyors, dated January 24, 1967, recorded in the office of the Clerk of Court for Florence County in Plat Book X at Page 92. This being the same property conveyed to 3807 Trust by deed of Karen R. Love, Carol Ann Smith and T. C. Nettles, Jr. recorded September 10, 2003 in the office of the Clerk of Court for Florence County in Deed Book A779 at page 341. TMS#00358 31 007 & 013 NOTE: A 6.5 tract containing the dwelling on said property was separated for tax purposes and is designated as 00358-31-007. The remainder of the farm consisting of 210 acres, more or less, is designated as Tax Parcel 00358-31013. All that certain lot or parcel of land situate in the County of Florence, South Carolina, containing 143.39 acres, more or less, on a plat made by Precision Surveying, Inc., dated February 12, 1996, which plat was recorded on March 13, 1996 in the office of the Clerk of Court for Florence County, South Carolina, in Plat Book 60 at page 45, and which plat and the record thereof are, by reference, incorporated herein. Said lot has such shapes, courses, dimensions and distances as are shown on said plat. This being the same property conveyed to L-Shape Trust by deed of David Askins recorded March 20, 1998 in Deed Book A518 at page 1032; by deed of Robert Floyd recorded March 20, 1998 in Deed Book A518 at page 1035; by deed of Charles C. Askins recorded March 20, 1998 in Deed Book A518 at page 1038; by deed of Jimmy H. Askins recorded March 20, 1998 in

Deed Book A518 at page 1041; by deed of Doris Dove G. Arnold recorded March 20, 1998 in Deed Book A518 at page 1044; by deed of Harold W. Askins, Jr. recorded March 20, 1998 in Deed Book A518 at page 1047; by deed of Mary Elizabeth Gurney recorded March 20, 1998 in Deed Book A518 at page 1050; by deed of Philip Dewey Grimsley recorded March 20, 1998 in Deed Book A518 at page 1053; by deed of K. Gail Askins Cole recorded March 20, 1998 in Deed Book A518 at page 1056; by deed of Richard E. Askins recorded March 20, 1998 in Deed Book A518 at page 1059; by deed of Kimberly A. Payne recorded March 20, 1998 in Deed Book A518 at page 1062; by deed of John Preston Grimsley recorded April 16, 1998 in Deed Book A521 at page 232; by deed of Hannah Lancaster recorded May 13, 1998 in Deed Book A523 at page 1821; and by deed of Roland V. Askins, Jr. recorded June 8, 1998 in Deed Book A526 at page 746, all Florence County Records. TMS#00232 31 016 Williamsburg County Parcels: All that certain piece, parcel or tract of land situate in Ridge Township, County of Williamsburg, State of South Carolina, containing One hundred ninety-one and five-tenths (191.5) acres, more or less, more fully shown on a plat of the property of Ronald V. Askins made by J. D. Brown, Surveyor, dated October 24, 1949, recorded in the office of the Clerk of Court for Williamsburg County in Plat Book “5� at page 77, and bounded as follows: On the North by lands now or formerly of R. V. Askins, the run of Long Branch being the line; on the Southeast by lands formerly of Hanna, now Carsten Farms, Inc., the Jones Public Road being the dividing line and by lands now or formerly of the Estate of R. E. Hanna; on the Southwest by lands now or formerly of the Estate of R. E. Hanna and by lands formerly of M. D. Nesmith and now or formerly of the Estate of R. E. Hanna; and on the West by lands formerly of J. H. Carter and now or formerly of the Estate of Carol McAlister, all of which will more fully and in detail appear by reference to said plat. This being the same property

conveyed to Roland V. Askins, Jr., as Trustee, by deed of Roland V. Askins recorded November 13, 1984 in the office of the Clerk of Court for Williamsburg County in Deed Book A170 at page 455. TMS#45-268-001 All that certain piece, parcel or tract of land situate in Ridge Township, County of Williamsburg, South Carolina, containing 178.05 acres, more or less, shown and designated on a plat made by J. B. Ellis Jr., dated August 18, 1977, which plat is recorded in the office of the Clerk of Court for Williamsburg County, South Carolina, in Plat Book S944 at page 4B, and which plat and the record thereof are, by reference incorporated herein. Said lot has such shapes, courses, dimensions and distanced as are shown on said plat. This being the same property conveyed to 180 Trust by deed of Richard D. McKenzie recorded September 3, 1997 in the office of the Clerk of Court for Williamsburg County in Deed Book A391 at page 40. Tract 6 and Tract 7 – 25.70 Acres – TMS#45-247-018 Tract 8 – 52.70 Acres – TMS#45247-054 Tract 9 – 44.50 Acres – TMS#45-247-028 Tract 3 – 57.00 Acres – TMS#45-247-029 TERMS OF SALE: FOR CASH. The Special Referee will require a deposit of 5% of the bid amount in cash or certified funds, which is to be applied on the purchase price upon compliance with the bid. Interest on the balance of the bid at the rate of 9.0% per annum shall be paid to the day of compliance. In case of noncompliance within twenty (20) days, after the sale, the deposit of 5% is to be forfeited and applied to Plaintiff’s judgment debt and the property re-advertised for sale upon the same terms at the risk of the former highest bidder. Purchaser to pay for deed recording fees and deed stamps. Deficiency judgment is being demanded, the bidding will remain open for thirty (30) days after the sale. The Plaintiff may withdraw its demand for the deficiency judgment any time prior to sale. Should Plaintiff, Plaintiff’s attorney or Plaintiff’s agent fail to appear on the day of sale, the property shall not be sold, but shall be re-advertised and sold at some con-

venient sales date thereafter when Plaintiff, Plaintiff’s attorney or Plaintiff’s agent is present. The sale shall be subject to taxes and assessments, existing easements and restrictions of record. Plaintiff does not warn its title search to purchases and foreclose sale or other third parties, who should have their own title search performed on the subject property. Florence, South Carolina W. HAIGH PORTER Special Referee 2018 KING, LOVE, HUPFER & NANCE, LLC Post Office Box 1764 Florence, SC 29503 (843) 407-5525 Attorneys for the Plaintiff (12/19,12/26,1/3/19)

NOTICE OF SALE BY VIRTUE of a decree heretofore granted in the case of First Reliance Bank vs Thomas E. Grimes and QHG of South Carolina d/b/a Carolinas Hospital System, CA# 2018-CP-212438, I, the undersigned, will sell on January 8, 2018 at 11 a.m., at the Florence County Judicial Center, 181 North Irby Street, Florence, South Carolina, to the highest bidder the following property: All that certain piece, parcel or lot of land situate, lying and being in the County of Florence, State of South Carolina, containing 0.43 acres located in Oakdale Golf Club and being designated as Lot No. Twenty-seven (27), Block “B�, as shown on a plat recorded in the office of the Clerk of Court for Florence County in Plat Book “Q� at page 55 and designated as Tax Parcel 75-1-01-027. Reference is also made to a plat made for John I. Maxwell and Eileen Maxwell by Nesbitt Surveying Company dated February 21, 1994 and recorded in the above mentioned office in Plat Book 52 at page 234. Said lot being bounded as follows, to-wit: On the Northeast by Oakdale Golf Club; on the Southeast by Lot No. 26 in Block B; on the Northwest by Lot No. 28 in Block B; and on the Southwest by the right of way for Pebbles Road. Reference is hereby made to said plats for true metes and bounds and for a more c complete and accurate description.This being the same property conveyed to Thomas E. Grimes by deed of Eileen M. Maxwell recorded July

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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

28, 2004 in the office of the Clerk of Court for Florence County in Deed Book A859 at page 243. TMS#: 00751-01-027 Property Address: 3829 Pebble Road, Florence, SC TERMS OF SALE: The successful bidder, other than the Plaintiff, will deposit, at the conclusion of the bidding, five percent (5%) of the bid, in cash or equivalent, as evidence of good faith, same to be applied to purchase price in case of compliance, but to be forfeited and applied first to costs and then to Plaintiff's debt in the case of noncompliance. Should the last and highest bidder fail or refuse to make the required deposit at time of bid or comply with the other terms of the bid within twenty (20) days, then the property will be resold on the same terms and conditions on some subsequent Sales Day at the risk of the said highest bidder. Personal or deficiency judgment having been waived, the bidding will not remain open but compliance with the bid may be made immediately. Purchaser to pay for preparation of the deed, documentary stamps on the deed, recording fees and interest on the amount of the bid from date of sale to date of compliance with the bid at the rate of 4.5%. SUBJECT TO FLORENCE COUNTY TAXES AND ASSESSMENTS, EASEMENTS, RESTRICTIONS, ANY OTHER MATTERS OF RECORD. Master in Equity for Florence County November 2018 Ray Coit Yarborough, Jr. Attorney for Plaintiff Printer: Please publish for three consecutive weeks. (12/19,12/26,1/3/19)

SUMMONS AND NOTICE STATE OF SOUTH CAROLINA COUNTY OF FLORENCE IN THE COURT OF COMMON PLEAS TWELFTH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT CASE NO.: 2018-DR-21-0180 Gloria Capers, PLAINTIFF, -VS- Vanessa Capers, John Doe, AND: Minor Child DOB: 05/04/2004 DEFENDANTS TO: THE DEFENDANT JOHN DOE: YOU ARE HEREBY SUMMONED and required to answer the Complaint in this action, the original of which has been filed in the Office of the Clerk of Court for Florence County, on the 2nd day of February, 2018, a copy of which will be delivered to you upon request; and to serve a copy of your Answer to the said Complaint upon the undersigned, Attorney for the Plaintiff, within thirty (30) days following the date of service upon you, exclusive of the day of such service; and if you fail to answer the said Complaint within the time stated, Plaintiff will apply for Judgment by Default against said Defendant for the relief demanded in the Complaint. The Final Hearing in this matter is scheduled for March 4, 2019 at 9:30 a.m. at 181 N. Irby Street, Florence, South Carolina 29501, Courtroom 2. PARKER E. HOWLE Attorney for Plaintiff S. C. Bar No. 77878 Howle Law Firm 88 Public Square Darlington, SC 29540 Telephone: 843-395-1519 Fax: 843-393-0342 Darlington, South Carolina 2018 (12/19,12/26,1/3/19)

NOTICE OF APPLICATION Notice is hereby given that DEUCES, INC DBA 4 DEUCES, intends to apply to the South Carolina Department of Revenue for a license/permit that will allow the sale and ON premises consumption of BEER/WINE/LIQUOR at 3502 ALLIGATOR RD. FLORENCE,SC 29501. To object to the issuance of this permit/license, written protest must be postmarked no later than DECEMBER 28, 2018. For a protest to be valid, it must be in writing, and should include the following information: (1) the name, address, and telephone number of person filing the protest; (2) the specific reasons why the application should be denied; (3) that the person protesting is willing to attend a hearing (if one is requested by the applicant); (4) that the person protesting resides in the same county where the proposed place of business is located or within five miles of the business; and, (5) the name of the applicant and the address of the premises to be licensed. Protests must be mailed to: S.C. Department of Revenue, ATTN: ABL SECTION, P.O. Box 125, Columbia, SC 29214-0907; or faxed to: (803) 896-0110. (12/19,12/26,1/3/19)

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tion based on race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin, or an intention to make such preference, limitation or discrimination .” This newspaper will not knowingly accept any advertising for real estate which is in violation of the law. Our readers are hereby informed that all dwellings advertised in this newspaper are available on an equal opportunity basis. • (TFN)

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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Florence-Darlington Technical College announces Fall 2018 President’s and Dean’s Lists Florence-Darlington Technical College (FDTC) Interim President Edward Bethea is pleased to announce the President’s and Dean’s Lists for the Fall Semester of 2018. To be named to the President’s List, a fulltime (12 credit hours or more) FDTC student, must achieve a 4.0 grade point average (GPA) and a Dean’s List student, who’s also fulltime, must carry a 3.5 GPA or higher. President’s List Aynor — Jennifer Canright; Bennettsville — Hollie Lackey; Coward — Stephanie Fajardo Hernan-

dez, Matthew Grimsley, Michael Grimsley, Felix Lazo; Darlington — Sarah Blue, Tamara Cooper, Thomas Gibson, Roger Hopkins, Kimberly Horne, Melissa Waiters; Effingham — Jesse James, Adahy Oropeza; Florence — Taylor Avin, Eric Bailey, Stefano Battafarano, Jack Belt, Fredrica Boatwright, Jennifer Boswell, Austin Bull, Sharron Burroughs, Diane Carlson, Stephanie Chapman, Justin Coward, Mykeha Davis, Clay Dougherty, Janet Gardner, Elliott Glover, Naomi Guzman, Taylor Hayes, Phillip Jones, Amy Kirby, Marie

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Lamparter, Genai Laws, Joseph Lutz, Lewis Lyerly, Tiffany McCants, Bridgette McKay, Elaine Ostrander, John Rardon, Glen Roberson, Nicky Robinson, Tierra Shaw, David Sinclair, Brett Smith, Meghan Smith, Miranda Sparks, Brittany Taylor, Christine Van Laarhoven, Jada Welch, Lena White, Erich Worn, Raymond Worthy, Steven Younginer; Galivants Ferry — Tristan Cox, Seals Johnson; Gresham — Justin Martinez; Hartsville — Kelsey Cassidy, Christopher Hayes, Adam Hubbard, John Huggins, Chase Johnson, Claire Kilgore, William O’neal, Maison Price, Rakeria Washington; Hemingway — Brandon Ray; Johnston — Lacey Black; Lake City — Nyasia Frierson, Amanda Leach, Clarissa Majors; Lamar — Timothy Dargan; Latta — Kitoria Kimbrew, Jonathan Ray; Marion — Jeremy Davis, Dawson Hunsucker; McBee — Andrew Wallace; Mullins — Taylor Hunter; Myrtle Beach — Klevis Pane; Pageland — Destiny Crawford, Katelyn Tomberlin; Pamplico — Heather Latham; Scranton — Alyssa Evans, Brianna Gunnells; Sumter — Marcus Goodman, Brittany Pack; Timmonsville — Tyler Adams, Joshua Amerson, Lauren Fox, Stacy Larymore; Turbeville — Layton Berry, Christopher Todd.

NC - Chapel Hill — Hans Valentin; Graham — John Wilson; Greensboro — Joshua Esch; Dean’s List Bennettsville — Cassandra Kowszik; Bishopville — Megha Patel, Megan Skinner, Reid Watkins; Camden — Sarah Vest, Sarah Williams; Catawba — Rodney Burt; Cheraw — Emeli Freeman; Clover — Michael Joyner; Conway — Samuel Santopietro; Coward — Brooke Townsend; Darlington — Zyria Collins, Thomas Flowers, Darien Gainey, Daniel Lamonds, Edwin Mills, Abbigail Rogers, Tiffani Wilson, Ebony Wingate; Dillon — Fred Barnhill, Paige Dimery, Daniel Hutto, Emilyn Lopez, Merari Paramo, Douglas Stubbs, Anthony Williams; Effingham — Eric Barlow, Maxie James, Tiffany Johnson, Tabitha Martin, Courtney Sanders; Florence — Henry Bao, Hannah Braddock, Tameka Cabbagestalk, Adrienne Carroll, Brock Chavis, Nathan Chelen, Calvin Collins, Corbin Crosby, Scott Dixon, Seir Fuller, Amber Glowe, Susan Hobson, Justin Horn, Tabbetha Hux, Bonet Hylton, Tyieshah Jones, Haylee Jordan, Kelsey Kirby, Taylor Lawson, Jacob Lee, Lorraine Lewis, Nicole McFadden, Meagan Moseley, River Norton, Guy Ostrander, Courtney

Rogers, Oyekanyinsol Sanderson, Maria Sierra Rico, Sally Snider, Claudia Stewart, Marriah Tate, Frederick Wheeler, Lesley Willard, Jacobi Williams, Wesley Wills, Bobby Winland, Chelsea Witt; Fort Mill — Alexander Stennett; Hartsville — Kolby Atkinson, Cheyene Bacon, Shelby Brigman, Helen Chisholm, Connor Herron, Brooke Huffer, Connor Hughes, Kelvin Jeffery, Brandon Jordan, Michael Lewis, Matthew McDonald, Reid Parrott, Edward Peterson, Larinda Prince, Brooke Rankin, Isaac Rowe, Britany Wheeler; Hemingway — Freddie Rowe; Johnsonville — Derric Bradford, Tricia McCracken, Kindall McDonald, Gary Racer; Lake City — Nyberia Gaskins, Tasharra McClam, Alisha Mickens, Harley Watford; Lamar — Ashley Kind, Tyler Smith; Latta — Fatima Elhuni; Longs — Elaine Johnson, Christopher Sliger; Loris — Trenton Bonnett; Lugoff — Thomas Galloway; Lynchburg — David Bellinger, Marion Scott; Manning — Alexia Johnson; Marion — Kaylee Berry, Dalton Buffkin, April Haselden, Alexis Lawson, Charles Powers, Leslie Rogers; Mt. Croghan — Catherine Phillips; Mullins — Kristen Baxley, Wendy Bueno, Summer Calhoun, Timothy Felder, Anna-grace

Ivester, Omega Martin; Nichols — Alfredo Vasquez; Pamplico — Emily Floyd, Kayla Hodge, Madison Miles; Patrick — Cameron Barefoot; Richburg — Austin McCall; Ridgeway — Justin Dorton; Saluda — Thomas Price; Scranton — Landon Dubridge, Haleigh Lambert, Zachary Lynch, Brandon Newell, Brent Poling, Kristal Sherman, Ruby Sherman, Teresa Yarborough; Sellers — Richard Ford Jr; Summerville — Justin Girard; Sumter — Antonio Brown, Ryan Moore, Savannah Perry, Haley Williams; Swansea — Cameron Wooten; Timmonsville — David Arroyo, Janelle McIver; Wallace — Selina Sanchez; NC - Cherryville — Ben Baxter; — Clarkton — Ethan Elkins; Fletcher — Brandon Whitaker; Holly Springs — Caleb Briley; Leland — Jesse Buettner; Plymouth — Brian Hubers; Rutherfordton — Kaleb Eubanks, Andrew Fier Jr, Trenton — Kristina Lee; Wake Forest — Ryan Lynn; Youngsville — Joshua Jones; Zebulon — Nathan Casper; CA - Angwin — Thacher Greene; MI - Northville — William Flohr; VA - Spencer — Zachary Hudson

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KJ’s Market IGA makes donation in honor of fallen officer On December 13, KJ’s Market IGA Store Manager, Stephen Legge, presented Florence County Sherriff Kenney Boone with a check for $10,000. The donation was made in response to the tragedy, the police shooting that took the life of Florence County Investigator Farrah Turner, in October of this year. The donation was made possible through three fundraisers that were held at KJ’s Market IGA. IGA worked with each KJ’s Market’s Florence location. KJ’s decided to match those funds and round the total amount of the donation up to $10,000. Legge commented on how the funeral procession

had driven by his Ebenezer store location. This, in part, was the inspiration for the fund rasing events that took place. Florence County Sherriff, Kenney Boone, discussed how amazing it is that all of Florence, and the state of South Carolina, have come together to help support the area. He discussed how the people of Florence take care of each other and those around us. He was proud of all the hard work that people are doing to help. The funds are to be split between the Terrance Carraway Memorial Fund, The Farrah Turner Memorial Fund and The Wounded Officers Florence Fund.

From left, April Godwin, sister of Farrah Turner; Arie Davis, wounded officer; Stephen Legge, Store Manager of KJ’s Market IGA on Ebenezer; Florence County Sheriff Kenney Boone, and Katie Godwin, mother of Farrah Turner.

Forget-Me-Not Garden Club plants tree for Arbor Day Forget-Me-Not Garden Club members gathered on Dec. 13 for an Arbor Day celebration of the planting of a Little Gem Magnolia tree at the new home of Timothy Kyle. The club partnered with Taylor Garden and Gift Shop to plant the tree at his home at 333 Rosemount Drive. The home was dedicated a few months prior by the Greater Florence Habitat for Humanity. Arbor Day is a holiday in which individuals and groups are encouraged to plant and care for trees. Although it is usually observed in the spring, the date varies depending on the climate and suitable planting season. South Carolina observes Arbor Day on the first Friday of December, noted a member of the Forget-Me-Not Garden Club. The tree planted on Arbor Day shows a concern for


vide wood products, wildlife habitat, erosion control, shelter from the wind and sun, beauty and inspiration for

ourselves and our children. Mr. Kyle and his family of five completed a home with the Greater Florence Habitat

for Humanity in June of this year. Wanda Fields of Greater Florence Habitat for Humanity says that what the

Forget-Me-Not-Garden Club does is so helpful to each of the families involved.

The Future Entrepreneurs Scholars Foundation challenges students through use of Tyler Perry video Walter Finnigan is the executive director of the John Maxwell Team. The John Maxwell Team is a part of the YouthMax Plus program. This program is inspired by the leadership principles of John Maxwell. It works to inspire and equip young people to value themselves and others. Futhermore, it helps to share valuable life lessons such as developing and maintaining a positive self image, showing compassion to others, persevering in the midst of adversity, and creating a daily routine of succesful attitudes and behaviors. On December 12, three classes from the Florence Career Center attended an event by Walter Finnigan that was put on my The Future Entrepreneurs Scholars Foundation. During his speech, Finnigan commented on how lucky he felt getting the chance to work with young people. He then played a video by Tyler Perry. In the video, Perry discussed his life and hardships and

Students from the entrepreneurship class of Francis Daniels-Richardson, the cosmetology class of Patricia Byrd, and the Nail Technology class of Lanette Battle. how they got him to where they may be facing in their aged the students to do their he is today. The video served lives they are able to over- best in school and to work as an inspiration to students. come any obstacle if they hard in every area of life. It was intended to encourage put their mind to it. them that no matter what Finnigan further encour-

From left, Walter Finigan, executive director of the John Maxwell Team, Nanaefua Eshun, MSW, President/CEO Future Entrepreneurs


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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

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Wednesday Is Senior Citizen Day

2004 Second Loop Rd. • Florence, SC • 667-9291

Zilphy DuBard, Chapter Historian; Hazelwood; husband Dr. Bill Hazelwood and Ruth Barnett, Regent, NSDAR, Samuel Bacot Chapter

Beverly Hazelwood honored for community service by the Samuel Bacot Chapter, NSDAR Beverly Sanders Hazelwood was recently awarded the “Community Service Recognition Award” by the Samuel Bacot Chapter, National Society Daughters of the American Revolution (NSDAR), during their monthly meeting held at the Florence Country Club. The award recognizes individuals in the community for unpaid volunteering achievements in cultural, educational, humanitarian, patriotic, historical, citizenship and environmental endeavors. “Beverly Hazelwood has tirelessly worked as a community leader to improve the quality of life in Florence and the surrounding areas through her work with the arts and through medical and social programs,” said Ruth Barnett, Regent, NSDAR. “She is truly an asset to the many residents whose lives she has touched in the Pee Dee area, and we are better for her contributions.” Hazelwood, a native of Anderson, and now a Florence resident, served from 1978-1988 as a member of the Florence Junior Welfare

League. From there she was a driving force in establishing the Francis Marion Performing Arts Center. She served on the Coalition for Battered Women and Children, worked on renovating the DuRant Center for use by the Pee Dee Coalition, and has served on the Downtown Development Board for Florence Revitalization. The first woman to serve as chairperson of the McLeod Hospital Foundation Board, Hazelwood is the current chairperson of the McLeod Angels. She assisted with the development of the McLeod Guest House and was instrumental in opening the McLeod Hospice House. As a fundraiser, she has assisted projects including the McLeod Cancer Center, Hospice House, Mobile Mammography Unit and Emergency Department. Currently she is raising funds for the McLeod Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and serves on the McLeod Board of Trustees. Married to Dr. Bill Hazelwood, she enriches the community culturally by playing piano during the holidays at

ATTENTION READERS & ADVERTISERS Deadline for our December 26th paper will be WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 19TH AT 3 P.M. Deadline for our January 2nd paper will be WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 26TH AT 3 P.M.

McLeod Hospital and Tree Lighting, the Downtown Tree Lighting, Merry Marketplace and the Cancer Benefit at Florence Little Theater. She has accompanied the Masterworks choir for over twenty-five years and provided music programs throughout the area. In honor of her dedication to the community, she was awarded the Women of Distinction Award by the Girl Scouts and Francis Marion University honored her with a garden recognizing her contributions. Known as the largest women’s patriotic organization in the world, DAR has over 170,000 members with approximately 3,000 chapters in all 50 states and 11 foreign countries. The DAR has long promoted patriotism through commemorative celebrations, memorials, scholarships and activities for children and programs for new immigrants. For more information about DAR and the local Samuel Bacot Chapter, visit or el_Bacot.htm.

Dr. Franklin Mason of Mullins was awarded a Presidential citation by the South Carolina Dental Association on Friday at its general membership meeting in Columbia. SCDA President, Dr. Tom McDonald of Florence is making the presentation in honor of Dr. Mason’s retirement after an amazing 65 years in practice in the Pee Dee. Dr. Mason is well known for his volunteer activities in various civic, professional, and mission endeavors.

From Left: HA Barrow, Program Coordinator of Kiwanis Club Terrific Kids; Wendy Frazier, Principal at Dewey Carter; David Copeland, Principal at Savannah Grove; Michelle McBride, Principal at Timrod, and Buddy Dunklin, Golden K Kiwanis Club President.

Florence Golden K Kiwanis donates to Florence schools The Florence Golden K Kiwanis recently donated $2000 to be divided among four Florence elementary schools for discretionary use by the principals of the schools where the club sponsors Terrific Kids pro-

Sleigh Your Way

their school program that promotes good behavior. An additional $500 each was recently given to Briggs, Delmae and Greenwood elementary schools to purchase books for students to take home as part of the club's reading program. Ed Melton coordinates the reading program and HA Barrow coordinates the Terrific Kids programs for the Golden K Kiwanis club. Discover the world’s best walk-in bathtub from 5 Reasons American Standard Walk-In Tubs are Your Best Choice

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grams. Three principals attended the Florence Golden K Kiwanis December 11 breakfast meeting at the Venus restaurant to inform the group about students that needed financial help to attend field trips at Dewey Carter and other students at Timrod Elementary that needed funds for personal hygiene items. At Savannah Grove the funds are used to help fund

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Wednesday, December 19, 2018


Congratulations Realtor of the Week

This Week’s

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American Legion Post 1 restoration project by Home Depot On Tuesday, December 4th, “Team Depot’ arrived at Post 1 in Florence. This was an installation crew provided by the Home Depot Foundation and our local store. The Foundation awarded Post 1 an $11,000 grant to renovate the building. The local store plus some other stores provided volunteers to install new laminated floors, ceiling tiles, landscaping and repaired the front entrance. New interior doors are being replaced and additional work will be done. Post 1 members worked with the “Team Depot” crew. They swept floors, moved materials, remove trash, prepared ceiling tiles for placement and painted. The Home Depot crew was magnificent. They worked focused on completion, no matter what the obstacles. They went above and beyond every minute. The leader and one of the hardest workers was Assistant Sales Manager (ASM), Ron Holiman. From day one he moved heaven and earth to make this project happen and Post 1 will be forever indebted to him and his team for helping Post 1 start its rebuilding program. Post Commander Ken Curran was assisted by Legionnaires Buddy Hicks, John Struhar, Vic Phillips, David Johnson and Carroll Bonner. The team of volunteers from Home Depot were

Florence Lions Club makes season bright The Florence Evening Lions, South and West Florence High School Leos Clubs and other civic minded individuals made Christmas very special for 17 underprivileged and special needs children. Each child had breakfast provided by McDonald’s, a gift from Santa Claus, who arrived on a fire truck and a $100 shopping spree for items of clothing. The conducting of club service projects benefits the local community by providing much needed humanitarian service for our youth and personifies the Lions motto ‘We Serve’. According to project chairperson Lion Waylon Hilley, “This is the big one for our club. Throughout the year we are continually providing much needed service for deserving citizens of the community, but to help these children is priceless. Every child deserves the merriest Christmas possible. Money raised during fundraising activities, donations and grants allows the club to do this event and meet other pressing needs in our community. The festive season has officially begun for myself and members of the club.”


Kyle Utt, Store Manager, Ron Holiman ASM, Chad Cooper, Anthony Forrest, Paige Royall, John Stricklin, Daisy Prosser, Jack Harrington, Josh Hart and two members from Fayetteville, NC. The American Legion will be forever grateful to

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the Foundation for helping Post 1 revitalize South Carolina’s oldest post for

future Legionnaires and the community to enjoy.

Lion’s members thank everyone who contributed and volunteered in making the project a success. Members are totally committed to helping our community become a better place to live, work and play for citizens of Florence County. The Florence Evening Lions Club meets on the first and third Thursday at 7 p.m. at Lizard Thicket, 1712 W. Palmetto Street. Lions clubs are a group of men and women who identify needs within the community and work together to fulfill those needs. For more information or to get involved with the Florence Evening Lions Club, please contact Lion Waylon Hilley at 843-260-3632 or email: florenceeveninglions@ If you would like to donate towards this and other worthy humanitarian service initiatives, please send to Lion Audrey Croshaw, 1907 Cypress Road, Florence, SC 29505. Make checks payable to Florence Evening Lions Club Foundation. Contributions made are truly helping Lions provide needed service to deserving citizens in our community


2004 Second Loop Rd. • Florence, SC • 667-9291

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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Inspirational Korner – God’s love letter to us For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16 (KJV) In today’s world of highend technology, it seems we do not receive handwritten letters anymore. With computers, smartphones, iPads, laptops, etc., we either get a text message or a typed email even from family members. If we are blessed enough, we will even get an emoji in the signature. Who actually writes handwritten letters to anyone in this day and age? To top it off, there

is an app for everything. This is all good if used properly and honestly. Technology is the way of the world and has been for a long time, so what happened to us? Did we get lost in the mix? Didn’t God create us in His own image or are we now a computer chip? And, don’t forget about phone photos, iCloud backup, and the list goes on. How many of us have sent out Christmas cards? Grant it, life as we’ve known it in years past is gone. Nevertheless, there is always hope. Maybe we all can be more personable in our everyday lives starting in 2019. It’s not a question of

taking time, it’s more like “making time” to sit down and hand write a letter to loved ones or a friend far away. It is something they will remember. Looking through some things this week while cleaning, I came upon a copy of an old letter I had handwritten to my parents in Dec. 1973 when I moved to another state. I usually keep copies of things I send in the mail for my records. It went like this. Dear Mom and Dad, I hope everyone is well and I miss you all so much! I will be visiting soon to see you and it probably will be next month. Dad, I’m looking

Charlotte Berger Advertising Consultant forward to us going fishing again soon. You know that Limburger cheese really stinks for that dough bait you use it for, lol. But, we always got it out of the fridge in time before Mom found it, lol! How are my brothers? I will send your Christmas presents in a couple of days, so watch for them to arrive. I wish I was there at Christ-

mas, but if you need me I will come up when the weather breaks. I love you all so much! We all love you more than you know. Write me back and I will call you tonight after work. The kids send their love. Love your daughter, Charlotte Finding this copy of my old letter is what prompted me to write this particular article. My parents and my older brother, Timmy, are now with the Lord. God’s only son, Jesus, died on the cross for our sins on Mount Calvary over 2000 years ago. Jesus’ death and resurrection was His love let-

ter to us written from God’s own hand of mercy everlasting. No pens or paper were needed, only salvation and His name written in our hearts. In conclusion, God’s greatest gift to us is Jesus Christ, our Savior. Unlike earthly letters, God’s Word is our love letter. and our roadmap to Heaven. Let’s keep Christ in Christmas and in our lives every day. Please make time to write that special someone a letter. You will be glad you did and they will cherish it. Technology is temporary, memories are forever! Merry Christmas!

Hartsville professor donates 1,000 books to school in Florida What does a school do when its media center receives a collection of 1000 hardback books by award-winning authors and illustrators? Add more bookshelves, of course. Dale R. Fair Babson Park Elementary School in Polk County, Florida, did just that when it recently acquired a large collection of fiction and nonfiction books for its media center. The gift by Dr. Richard Culyer, professor emeritus of education at Coker College, recognized the school for its long-term commitment to fostering the reading habit of its elementary students. The media center has an open schedule so students can visit at any time during the day, and each classroom teacher has hundreds of books at various reading levels and interests so students always have abundant materials to read between media center visits. The

school expects students to read 30 minutes at home each evening (parents of kindergarten students read to their children), and reading opportunities are planned throughout the school day as well. Moreover, students complete a RAH (Reading at Home) log daily for both fiction and nonfiction entries. Teachers use library books to provide background and follow-up for their reading lessons and also read stories to their classes, for enjoyment and literary development. Principal Elizabeth Tyler, who directs and oversees the effort, noted that “We are thankful for Dr. Culyer’s generosity and his dedication to ensure that our students develop a love of reading.” Media specialist Sally Mongeon added, “The students were very excited with the additional collection of award winning books, and research shows that the kids most profi-

From left: Principal Elizabeth Tyler, Assistant Principal Rebecca Thomas, Media Specialist Sally Mongeon, and Dr. Richard Culyer. cient in reading are those with an endless supply of reading material, so this contribution of classic books was most appreciated.” Culyer reads half a dozen children’s books

each week and offers recommendations for additional acquisition. He also serves as a regular reviewer of adult books for American History Magazine and for the past eight years has written a weekly news-

10,000 SQUARE FEET BUILDING FOR SALE IN DOWNTOWN FLORENCE Heat and air conditioning throughout. 2,000 sq. ft. of office space.

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paper column of education advice for parents. His comment about the gift, “I felt it was appropriate to recognize a remarkable school that has a long-term comprehensive commitment to reading, an effort

that involves all members of the faculty at all grade levels.” He and his wife Gail have resided in Hartsville for over 40 years.

Florence County First Steps held annual FY18 meeting Florence County First Steps (FCFS) held its annual FY18 meeting at the Florence County Library on December 11, at 10 a.m. FCFS is a non-profit that offers assistance to lowincome families and helps provide financial assistance to send children to experienced day cares. FCFS’s vision is that every child in Florence County will be prepared for success in school. Executive Director Spencer R. Scott started off the meeting with an overview of last year’s accomplishments. Last year, FCFS provided 42 children with scholarship assistance so their parents could work or attend school with the Child Care Scholarship Program. The Child Care Training Program provided 27 early childhood staff with high quality training, and 366 children across 17 programs had access to teachers that were trained through FCFS. The Quality Enhancement program provided $5,967 in materials grants to participating childcare providers. Finally, the Parenting Program served 45 children and 45 families. 1,450 hours were spent in homes with families. Scott then awarded a certificate to Katie Godwin, whose daughter, Officer Far-

rah Turner, was fatally wounded in the October 3rd ambush. The certificate stated that First Steps has created The Farrah Turner Scholarship Award, which will be given to a child from birth to three years of age who meets the First Steps requirements. The scholarship is valued at approximately $5,200 per child. First Steps also revealed their winners for the Terrific Toddlers Baby Contest. The king was Mr. Mark Keeson McClain Jr., son of Keyha Johnson and Mark E. McClain. The queen was Miss Karleigh N. Ray, daughter of Jasmine Scott and Karl Ray. The king and queen were both given a crown and will be on future promotional material for First Steps. Musical performances were given by Precious One Learning Center and Live Love Grow Learning Center. The meeting concluded with the Florence County Children’s Library reading several books to the children, including Pete the Cat Saves Christmas. The meeting concluded with a special guest, Mickey Mouse, for the children. For information related to Florence County First Steps, please contact Spencer R. Scott at 843-629-0202.

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Flo 12/19/18  

Flo 12/19/18