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The New School Board of Directors 2011-2012 Scott Hancock President Tracy Cude Vice President Scott Rogerson Treasurer Julie Walker Secretary Kristen Albertson Josh Allen Denise Anderson Mary Kathryn Brown Kim Davis Carrie Eggart Susan Gardner Jeff Gearhart Dorothy Hanby Bob Kohler Amy Merryman Wynn Saitta Casey Sarkin 2012 New Board Members Emily Hinton Jon Krauft Suguna Madaiah Nathaniel Marler Edward Prewitt

Every summer, I set myself some homework. As a life long educator who always wants to learn and grow, and as a passionate lover of books who constantly strives to read for pleasure a little every day, my homework usually takes the form of pickbe a better leader, one to help me be a better teacher, and one for sheer pleasure. fun” read would speak to me so profoundney through the 2011-2012 school year.

ship”) and took copious notes along the way. I admit that I was expecting my fun read to be like a reward for being so virtuous a student as to attack my summer homework with such diligence. My the Places You’ll Go!” I had picked it as an old favorite, a book I have practically memorized and one whose illustrations book, like so many others written by the beloved Dr. Seuss, is akin to an old friend: always welcome, always comforting, always fun, always loved. As I began to read the book aloud to my two sons in my backyard on the 4th of July, I realized that the well-known story was taking on a new meaning for me. It was telling the (to the back drop of the earliest of my

for New School at this critical and exciting time in its genesis. As many of you know (and if you have forgotten, please revisit this wonderful book and greet it as an old friend), this story tells the tale of a big decision to leave a town to travel to new and unknown places. In the story, the reader encounters a place called, simis waiting for something to happen. It’s an unusual place, a place where, if you linger, things won’t change and the waiting will continue. It’s safe, in a way, but it’s to explore and pushes through the Waitexcitement and potential of the places to be visited and the discoveries to be made. with no destination attained, but with the promise of a continued and exciting journey still to come. It ends with a famous Dr. Seuss line: “Will you succeed? Yes, you will indeed. 98¾% guaranteed.” cade and we greet the next phase of our future, I cannot think of a better message by which to live and learn. We will not places to go and adventures to uncover. We have mountains to climb and valleys to navigate. We do not want to stand still: we want to forge ahead and explore. We are excited by the places we will go. And, with all due respect to beloved and revered Dr. Seuss, we in-


As we recognize the creativity and generosity of our benefactors within the pages of this 2011-2012 Annual Report, I know you will find one underlying attribute continuing to surface: Quality. One might find it actually defined several ways, but we all will find the marks of quality throughout our school. In fact, I might suggest to each of you that you find these marks “guiding” the school. Just over 40 years ago, a team of talented and dedicated educators laid the quality foundation upon which our school stands today. Their mission was, as it continues to be, that The New School will educate our children to positively impact and lead the world around them, and beyond. We see that mission represented in a myriad of ways at our school every day. Our new Head of School, Sara Stephenson, continues

to build upon, and strengthen, this foundation as we ready for our next phase of achievements. Quality administration, quality teachers, quality staff, quality facilities, and quality students working through strong relationships provide a blueprint for The New School’s success during this school year and for years to come. On behalf of the Board of Directors, I want to thank the entire staff of The New School for their tireless hours and energy to ensure our students are inspired to reach high to find their potential, both inside and outside of the classroom. As friends of The New School, I thank YOU for your commitment to the success of our school, and I look forward to sharing our successes with you as we embark on great new endeavors together!

The New School welcomes to the Board of Directors five new Board members; Emily Hinton, Jon Krauft, Suguna Madaiah, Nathaniel Marler, and Edward Prewitt. As we prepare for the next chapter of our development as an educational institution, the skills and experience of these new Board members will be greatly beneficial for the school today and as we look toward our future. We welcome our new Board members and offer them thanks for their service to our school.

The New School welcomes these new members to the Board of Directors, and thanks them for volunteering their time and expertise.

Among the many families who support The New School consistently through our annual fund, a few members of our community have also chosen to contribute to the school in creative ways to augment their annual donations. Their ingenious giving practices have allowed for directed and specific giving in the area of technology, allowing our students access to hardware that might not otherwise be accessible in this quantity and scope at this point in the school’s history. According to Head of School, Sara Stephenson, “These gifts allow The New School not just to be on the cutting edge of fully integrated technology in each classroom, but to lead the field with innovation in this sphere of education.” Ms. Sara’s appreciation was echoed by Head of Development, Peggy Boyles, who noted that “These gifts help strengthen the scholastic foundation laid by over 40 years of dedication and service from our faculty, and ensure that The New School continues to excel in preparing current students and future generations for life’s many challenges and opportunities.

The Allen Family - The iPad Trilogy For the third year in a row, Josh and Stacey Allen decided to honor The New School with the donation of a set of iPads for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grades in each respective year. In 2010, the Allens donated one set of iPads for a reading group in 1st grade. The following year, they donated a full set to the 2nd grade, and this year, the 3rd grade has received another full set. A wonderful charging cart was also included as part of this year’s gift, allowing the students to have their iPads charged and ready for use!

Amy Merryman - Paying it Forward On the night of La Fiesta this past spring, Amy Merryman found herself with the winning $5,000 raffle ticket. Her plan for the money? She decided, on the spot, to donate the money back to the school as a directed gift towards technology. Her generosity allowed the school to buy two SmartTables for the Kindergarten classrooms. The students have been spellbound by the new technology, and teachers were excited to embark on new training to better understand the multiple ways to use the new SmartTables for unending learning potential!

The Hunt Family - Taking Off in Middle School with MacBook Airs! Mandy and Bryan Hunt initiated their creative giving practices in 2011 when they decided to purchase a set of IPads for the 4th grade class, complete with cases, a charging cart and full AppleCare mitment to purchase enough MacBook Air laptops for every 5th grade student - again, complete by our 5th grade students through their middle school years, and our plan is to continue the proFrom here, the school has committed to making the ratio of Middle School students to computers 1:1!




Thanks to all who participated: 2011 Children’s Fun Run and 2012 La Fiesta Thanks to our Fun Run and La Fiesta planning committees, volunteers, contributors, sponsors, and attendees, The New School reached record attendance and fundraising at this year’s events. With the generous support and amazing involvement of our community, the 29th Annual Children’s Fun Run and La Fiesta 2012 raised a combined total of almost $133,000 for The New School.

2012 La Fiesta raised

Spring Fundraiser March 2, 2013

The 2011 Fun Run raised

The New School Annual Fund Tuition vs. Fundraising Fundrasing Covers 10% of Annual Operating Costs

Tuition Covers 90% The Annual Fund helps minimize tuition increases, while still providing funding to maintain the highest standards for excellence in education.

Pauline L. Whitaker Family Support mendous support from the Whitaker Family during the 2011-2012 school year. We received $105,500 in disbursements from the Pauline L. Whitaker Charitable Lead

Commemorative Bricks were purchased in 2011-2012 in honor of:

an eight-year term. Proceeds from the Trust have been used to attract, retain and support our high quality faculty, who are key to providing excellence in education. Amy Merryman, the granddaughter of Pauline Whitaker, contributed countless hours of volunteer service on our Board of Directors, and her husband, Ben Merryman of Hog City Choppers, donated a custom, rebuilt 2009 Harley-Davidson Motorcycle, which was a huge hit at our La Fiesta live tickets to the Arkansas Razorback home football games the past several years for our La Fiesta silent auction. We are deeply grateful for the Whitaker family’s ongoing commitment to our school.

Please contact Peggy Boyles, Director of Development, for more information at (479) 521-7037

2011-2012 Annual Report for The New School  

New School 2011-2012 Annual Report