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WEDNESDAY, September 30th 2009

n 02 - General News ICKHAM’S

WORLD No time to rest!





Cabaret Musical blockbuster


Robert Mapplethorpe

Pasion Warhol, Anish Kapoor, Basquiat feature in the Carmen Riera collection CAC Malaga

Exhibition of iconic photographer´s work at CAC Malaga until November 15th

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until November 15th

Controversial abortion law approved by government

By Kym Wickham

The rellies are on their way back to Australia now, having a stop-over in Singapore as I write this, but will be back for 2012 London the Olympics so at least we'll see them again inside the usual ten year gap. They're really nice people so it'll be good to see them again. We've now swopped rellies for our bank managers. Each year two of them come out to play golf and stay at their time-shares in Nueva Andalucia. They stop off at our place for a week's relaxation before all the golfing exercise. Alan likes good food and we tend towards going out to eat so, yet again, by the weekend I shall be fit to pop! So, the diet has totally gone out the window but I think I'll have another little go at it after they've gone and before Alan's sister and dad arrive for the Christmas break. That'll give me a couple of months to get off at least one of my spare tyres (maybe) but it's soooo difficult with all those delicious choccy bikkies in the world. I even brought back a tub of “Extremely M&S Chocolatey Biscuit Rings” from the UK. I think the tub lasted two days but, I swear, I didn't eat the lot on my own. Majority, of them, yep......all absolutely not!!

The Cabinet has approved the government's draft Law on Sexual and Reproductive Health and the Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancy, known as the abortion law for short. And Deputy Prime Minister Maria Teresa Fernandez de la Vega said the proposed law was “more in line with our social reality”. The new law, if passed, will make abortion available on demand for the first and its most time controversial clause would allow girls as young as 16 to seek an abortion without parental consent. Deputy Prime The Minister told a press

conference on Saturday that the law was about "rights and respect" for women but critics fear it may encourage young people to use abortion as a form of contraception. The current law – which was passed in 1985 - allows a pregnancy to be terminated in the

aftermath of a rape, when a foetus shows genetic defects, and when the health of the pregnant woman is at risk. It seems strict on paper but thousands of women have obtained abortions arguing that pregnancy was affecting their mental health.

I hear on the grapevine that someone's been going around saying that we only print 10,000 copies a week and they mostly get distributed around Coin. Naughty, naughty, that's rubbish!! We print 24,500 every week and we go from Malaga to Sabinillas and inland as far as Antequerra.

Libyan leader Muamar Gaddafi has cancelled a private visit he was due to make to Seville on his way back to Tripoli from Venezuela where he had attended the II South American-African Summit. A Foreign Ministry spokesman said they had no information about the visit to Seville,

said that the solution to the future of Opel must be one that works across Europe - and not just for one nation. According to details leaked to the German media, Magna is planning to cut about 11,000 jobs from around 45,000 in Europe.



announced last Thursday, and that no meetings had been planned with with the Prime Minister or King Juan Carlos. “As far as we are concerned, it's all a bit a mystery,” the of spokesman said. The Libyan leader visited Seville before his last official visit to Spain in December 2007.








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THE NEWS MEDIA GROUP Executive Editor Kym Wickham Calle Manuel Garcia nº25B, 29100 Coin Malaga

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WEDNESDAY, October 14th 2009

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National - 03 n

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The News is a free and independent newspaper distributed weekly and edited by The Coin News Group S.L. The News is independent of political parties, private interests and/or government. Our policy is to provide readers with a news and information service that is fair, accurate and balanced. The Coin News Group S.L. accepts no responsibility for the claims or content of any letter, editorial, article, advertorial or advertisement. No part of this newspaper may be reproduced in part or whole without written permission from the publishers. The News Media Group

National News


Winnie The Pooh by AA Milne was published.

Pirates demand release of their own

Spanish workers clock up days off

The Somali pirates who captured a Spanish fishing boat and its crew last week have said they will only negotiate their release if two of their own colleagues are freed.

According to Mercer’s 2009 World Guide to and Benefits Employment, Spain occupies the fifth position when it comes to the most days off work – 36 in all. Brazilians and Lithuanians enjoy 41, while Finns and the French enjoy 40.

Maria Teresa Fernandez de la Vega.

Gaddafi cancels visit

Industry minister Miguel Sebastian has called on European regulators to ensure the planned takeover of Opel by Canadian auto parts group Magna does not favour German workers. disadvantage compared with Germany. Germany has offered Magna loans worth €4.5bn but the other with Opel countries factories have argued there should be no link between aid and saved jobs. In a letter to the European Commission, Sr Sebastian

Two Somalis suspected of involvement in seizing the boat arrived in Madrid on Monday to face piracy charges. The “Alakrana” was seized in the Indian Ocean and taken to the Somali port town of Harardere, the hub of piracy in the region.

Industry minister calls for Opel review Concerned that Opel's plant in Zaragoza will take heavy cuts, he is insisting that any reorganisation by the new owners should "make best possible use of the company's assets". The UK, Belgium and Poland have also raised concerns that they will be at a

National News On this date in

The two Somalis were captured by the Spanish navy after they left the boat. The two men seized by the navy were interrogated by National Court Judge Garzon on Baltazar Tuesday. He had to go to the Gregorio Marañón to interview one of them who

was taken there on Monday night with a bullet wound in his hand. The authorities are trying to determine if the other pirate is a minor. The judge is accusing the pirates of illicit association, illegal detention of the 36man crew on the Alakrán, robbery with violence and the use of arms. Many pirates have escaped prosecution because of doubts about the borders of jurisdiction. In May, the National Court surrendered a group of Somali pirates to Kenya after trying to bring them to Spain. Defence Minister Carme Chacon said on


ETA’s Nº 2 military man captured Interior Minister Alfredo Rubalcaba Perez confirmed late on Sunday night that two members of the Basque terrorist group ETA had been detained in the south of France in a joint operation by the French police and the Guardia Civil. He said one of them, Iurgi Mendinueta Mintegi, is the No 2 man in ETA’s military apparatus. The other man, Joanes Larretxea Mendiola, is on the “most wanted” list for his participation in the bombings in Burgos and Majorca. The Guardia Civil had raided the latter’s in Hernani home (Guipúzcoa) early on Sunday morning and seized documents and bomb-making material. The men were arrested on their way to an ETA hideout containing arms, car registration plates and explosives which the police had detected the previous night. Another ETA suspect was arrested on Saturday.

that the Saturday government would allow ship owners to hire bodyguards to protect their crews, who would probably be ex-soldiers. The crew of

the Alakran - including men from Spain, Ghana, Indonesia, Madagascar, Senegal and the Seychelles - are reported to be in good health.

busy since 1985

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COHESA CONSULTING ASESORES We offer an integrated consultancy service for companies, self-employed and private individuals in the areas

Tax, Accounting & Payroll

Tl: 952 451 318 952 453 699

6/)+7 78'68/3- '8

President Barack Obama greeting Michaele and Tareq Salahi on November 24th.

Red faces in US Secret Service An internal US Secret Service report obtained by the Washington Post shows that there have been 91 security breaches since 1980, most of them involving the president. the White House from outside the perimeter fence before being apprehended. The same year, a pilot was killed when his small plane crashed in the White House grounds. In 1982, a family of four neared the Oval Office in their vehicle. They had gained access to the White House grounds by honking their horn. In another breach, a man being allowed access after

The latest one was two weeks ago when a couple gatecrashed a dinner given by President Barack Obama for Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. The Washington Post said the report had been used for training Secret Service officers who protect the president. The more serious security breaches include an incident in 1994 when a man fired 29 rifle rounds at

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All foreigners are fingerprinted when they arrive in Japan.

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‘Fake fingerprints' woman arrested


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Friday Oct 16th: Pasta Fiesta! 2 pastas with a selection of sauces - all you can eat for €7.95 Saturday Oct 24th: Quiz night - jackpot €240

LOW PRICE GUARANTEE: If you find any other company selling a similar product cheaper (it must be the same B.T.U. output and no maintenance) we will match the price on the spot and give you €50

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Eduardo Frei Montalva.

being mistaken for a delivery driver. Secret Service spokesman Edwin Donovan has pointed out that despite the publicity surrounding the recent gatecrashing, the officers had service's successfully protected 34 top US figures and 222 international dignitaries attending the UN general assembly.

The judge said the now had authorities evidence that Mr Frei, a vocal critic of military leader Augusto Pinochet, had been poisoned in hospital. The arrested men include four doctors - two who were involved in the operation and two in the subsequent post mortem. At the time, the authorities said the former leader had died of a bacterial infection. But Judge Alejandro Madrid said Mr Frei died as a result of the gradual introduction into his system of “unusual, toxic substances which broke down his immune system”. The arrests came

Tokyo police have arrested a Chinese woman who they claim managed to enter Japan illegally by having plastic surgery to alter her fingerprints to fool immigration controls. Lin Rong, 27, had been deported from the country for overstaying her visa and she was only discovered when she was arrested on separate charges. The police said Ms Lin had undergone surgery to swap the fingerprints from her right and left hands and

they had noticed the unnatural scars when she was arrested last month for allegedly faking a marriage to a Japanese man. They said she had paid $15,000 to have the surgery in China. It is Japan's first case of alleged biometric fraud, but police believe the practice may be widespread. They said countries which fingerprint visitors are all vulnerable given the illegal networks’ migration apparent ability to break through hi-tech controls.

The Indian industrial conglomerate Tata Group has launched a new lowcost water purifier for lower-income households rural areas. A in spokesman said it aimed so revolutionise providing clean water, which almost one billion people around the world lack. The 'Swach' purifier - the result of a decade of research and development - is less than one metre tall, and does not need running water or electricity to work. Named after the Hindi word for clean - it uses ash from rice milling to filter out bacteria, and tiny silver particles to kill harmful germs that can lead to diseases like diarrhoea, cholera and typhoid.

Local News Escaped lioness shocks motorists

WEDNESDAY, December 16th 2009

Unlike the lion that was allegedly sighted in the north east of the country a few weeks back and turned out to be a large dog, this one was for real. Motorists driving along the A-92 in Loja, Granada province, were amazed to spot a lioness crossing the road around 9.30 on Sunday morning. Several rang 112 and the emergency service warned the Local Police, the Guardia Civil, and the Junta de Andalucia's Environment Department. The Local Police closed the road while a team of vets tracked down the lioness, who was resting under an

olive tree, and knocked her out with anaesthetic darts. She was taken to the nearby Species Endangered Recovery Centre (CREA) at Pinos Genil to await her owners, who were tracked down to Cadiz province. According to one report, she belonged to a circus which was on its way to Italy and she somehow managed to escape from the truck carrying her as it drove through Granada province.


Po itica Comments WEDNESDAY, December 9th 2009

n 10 - Political Update

The Local Voice

Memo from Madrid


Muriel Pilkington




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Lioness after being caught in Granada.

& & ! ! # " "!


An elusive man


$ !%%

Writes for the English language version of El Pais

Martin Delfín

Royal Mail Post service now available

Bath oils, soaps, ‘bombs’ Cakes made to order







/-+ ,- ). ,. $*(

Piecing together the puzzle


ormer Defence Minister and current Speaker of the House, José Bono, seems to have been all over television and the press in recent days, perhaps because as Speaker he delivered the commemorative speech on the 31st anniversary of the Constitution on December 6th.


owever, I’m sure I’m not alone in hoping that this new high profile means much more than that.

ono, a pr

the former president's death as an open wound on the national soul. Gen Pinochet headed a coup against then President Salvador Allende in 1973 and ruled until 1990. More than 3,000 of his opponents were killed or disappeared during that time.

less than a week before presidential Chile's election, in which Mr Frei's son, Eduardo Frei RuizTagle, is a leading candidate. The former president's family always claimed he was murdered. Mr Frei's main opponent, Sebastian Pinera, described


Become a VIP Club Member and enjoy a 15% discount

Longest serving Street prisoner caught person axed to death

longest The country's serving prisoner, Miguel Francisco Montes Neiro, decided to make a break for freedom last week when he was allowed out of jail to visit his mother, who is seriously ill in Las Gavias, Granada province.

Neiro was Montes to life sentenced imprisonment 33 years ago when he was 26, having shorter accumulated sentences for a series of robberies and other petty crimes. He is due to be

released in 2012. However, tired of a situation which his lawyer has been unable or unwilling to solve, he escaped out of a window at

his mother's home, but was recaptured within hours. His

family have been trying for years to get him classified as a third level prisoner, that is only sleeping in jail Monday through Thursday, and hope that his unsuccessful escape attempt will highlight the hopelessness of his situation. They said the lawyer they had hired to sort out his case seems to have disappeared.

REPRESENTATIVES REQUIRED Self-motivated Proven sales ability Must speak English Spanish preferred but not essential Car owner essential


D a nsk Bi l udl e jni ng C A R PA R K M A L A G A . C O M

CALL US 952 23 22 22

Parking from € 3.50 www .need2r

· Rent a car · Book your parking · Yearly Yearly and daily rates · Indoor & outdoor secur secure e parking · Pick-up and delivery at the airport · Re-r Re-register egister your car into Spanish plates · Full legal license and insurance epairs and ITV · Servicing rrepairs Málaga Airport Avenida A venida Gar García cía Morato 38 29004 Málaga T el. +34 + 952 23 22 22 Tel. Fax +34 952 23 89 64 www

In all areas of the Costa del Sol and inland. Previous applicants need not apply. Send your C.V. to



CARPARKMALAGA.COM CARP ARKMALAGA.COM www ww .nee .need2rentacar ntacar Malaga Airport. t. A Avda. vda. Gracia Morato 38. 29004 Malaga Tel.: el.: .com T e (+34) 952 23 22 22 - Email: info@need2rentacar



Scandinavian and German speakers welcome

Scandinavian service you can trust


'!$"!' # (( '%)&

The Local Police in Fuengirola discovered the body of a street person in a private car park (pictured above) last week with an axe embedded in his head. They gave no further details except that he was known in the area where his body was found and went frequently to the local health centre.


Low-cost water filter aids poor

&+! ,21 *,/" 1 ;;; .'60/8+0 )42

&"("'! ! &$ # %"(

Lech Walesa won the Polish Presidential election.

A Chilean judge has ordered the arrest of six people over the death of the country's ex-President, Eduardo Frei Montalva, in 1982.

advertising agents for THE

Te l 9 5 2 4 7 1 8 7 7


Former Chilean president's death probed

Traditional Greetings Cards for your Friends and Family

C/ Poeta Salvador Rueda 93 Just off the Plaza San Rafael Right behind Confort Hotel

On this date in

World News

Mail and Courier

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€ € €

Did you know?

Letters - Parcels - Registered Worldwide Service

Harkitek "# "# "#

n 06 - International

Los Boliches

In Spain, as in several countries, other companies are obliged by law to give days off for marriage, deaths in the family or maternity, among others. A Mercer said this spokesman a “legislative creates swamp” for international companies. The countries with the least number of days off are China with 21,


WEDNESDAY, December 9th 2009

WO O D Y ’ S

Easy parking on the Paseo

Somali pirate under arrest.

World News







Deposito Legal: GR 2794-2008

Harold Rice

Coin I don’t believe it ! Needing some new glasses I went to a well known chain of opticians, had the eye tests etc and decided to purchase all singing, dancing, reactolites with titanium frames, at a cost of 495 for two pairs. Wanting a bit of a change I ordered one pair of half frame glasses with lenses to go brown and one pair with a full frame with lenses to go black. After a 3 weeks wait we got a call informing us the glasses had arrived so off to the shop we went.

and the Half-Blood Prince BY DAVID YATES Starring Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson

If you would like to be kept up to date or take part in any of the events then go to

How far can you see?

The aims of the event will be to agree how we can coordinate our work to maximise the benefits for all animals. For example: using our group purchasing power to secure best prices for animal food and services and lobbying local government. We also hope to have a guest speaker at the event and it will be very informal, with all ideas and suggestions encouraged.


Please contact Wendy at CHAIN to book a place or for more details call 672 399 320 or email

inevitable confrontation Voldemort is with drawing closer (roll on the Deathly Hallows) and Dumbledore wants the young magician to be prepared. The movie took a lot of liberties with the book but was still very satisfying.

" When you look up at the stars at night have you ever wondered what is the farthest that you can see? When we talk about the distances to the stars we can’t use miles or kilometres as a measurement, the numbers are just too big to comprehend. Instead astronomers use a measurement called light years. So what is a light year?You might need a calculator for this! If you switch a torch on and shine it at a wall, the light leaves the torch and travels the short distance and strikes the wall almost instantaneously. Now travel 186,000 miles away or about ¾ the way to the Moon and now switch the torch on and the light will take 1 second to hit the wall. The Moon is 1 ½ light seconds away. Now multiply 186,000 by 60 that’s the number of seconds in a minute (it comes to about 11 million miles) so if you stood 11 million miles away it would take 1 minute for the light to leave the torch and hit the wall. The Sun is about 8 minutes away, you are seeing the Sun as it was 8 minutes ago. Now multiply this number by another 60, the number of minutes in an hour. You are now standing near Saturn; the light you see from Saturn took 1 hour to reach you. Ok, now multiply that number by 24, that’s the number of hours in a day, you are now standing just outside the solar system near Pluto. It now takes 1 whole day for the light from the torch to reach

the wall. Now multiply that by 365, the number of days in a year. You are now standing 1 light year from the Earth. Or 5,865,696,000,000 miles that is almost 6 million, million miles! The closest star to the Sun is actually a group of three stars called Alpha Centauri and is 4.5 light years away. If you drew a circle around the Sun that was 10 light years wide then there are less than 10 stars in that circle. Go outside tonight and you will see 3 very bright stars directly overhead that make up the summer triangle and are all more or less the same brightness. The brightest of the three, Vega, is 25 light years away. Altair is 16 light years but slightly fainter is Deneb at over 1550 light years away it is one of the most remote stars visible to the naked eye. But if you know exactly where to look in the sky on a perfectly dark, clear night you may be able to spot the Andromeda galaxy, a collection of over 600 billion stars. The Andromeda Galaxy is over 2 ½ Million light years away. The light that you can see left the Andromeda galaxy before humans had inhabited the Earth! And ‘out there’ are an infinite number of galaxies all containing billions of other stars just like our Sun. Humbling isn’t it? For updated news on the Costa del Stars check out my webpage at


green alien. Or at least, he is to US astronaut Captain Chuck T Baker, who arrives on Lem’s planet hoping to plant a triumphal US flag and return home to a hero’s welcome. But astronauts, as everyone on Lem’s world knows from the media, are mad and bad and the search is on to track down the unwanted visitor. Lem finds himself

According to researchers at Temple University in Philadelphia, coffee may make you feel that you are coming to your senses - but it is only an illusion. In fact, it makes it harder for people to realise they are under the influence of alcohol.



ullfighting is not to everyone's taste but for Ronda it is an essential part of the fabric of the town's history. Its elegant bullring is one of the oldest in Spain - it opened in 1785 - and it has seen some of the most important events in bullfighting history. And it was here that the basics of modern bullfighting were founded during the 18th and 19th centuries by the Romero family. Legendary fighter Pedro Romero broke away from the 18th century Jerez "school" of horseback bullfighting to found the style known today in which matadors stand their ground against the bull on foot.

The bullring's famous museum is packed with memorabilia like blood spattered costumes worn by Pedro Romero, and photos


of famous fans like the inevitable Ernest Hemingway, and Orson Welles. The artist Goya drew sketches of life in the region, and fighters and some of the audience dress in the manner of the sketches as they turn back the clock at the corrida. So famous is the event that on the 50th anniversary royalty and movie stars arrived in helicopters to join the thronging thousands as they celebrated. So from today until Sunday the scene is set. A welcome parade throngs through the streets today and tonight the fair's opening ceremony is celebrated at the Firework Castle. The town fair opens tomorrow (Thursday) with activities on the go from12 noon until 7pm.




Friday is Harvest Day - and time for the annual grape stomp. Everything leads to the world-famous Goyesque bullfight which takes place on Saturday. The fair finishes on the Sunday with a horse carriage parade along the Virgen de la Paz street and a dressage competition and show. To cap it off, there are fireworks at midnight to signal the end of the fair for another year. But Ronda is a place to visit at any time of year - it is not just a draw for the bullfighting afficionado. It is now one of the "Big 3" tourist attractions in has slipped in behind Seville and Granada after overtaking Cordoba. It is a fast growing town but it has retained its historic charm,

Julie and Julia BY NORA EPHRON Starring Meryl Streep, Amy Adams charismatic Streep s performance apparently perfectly captured TV chef Julia Childs - America s answer to Fanny Craddock. Based on two real-life stories the comedy explores the lives of two women separated by

The researchers tested how well adult mice were able to navigate their way

space and time. Modern day Julie (Adams) decides to cook every one of Julia s French recipes and writes a blog about the experience, and along the way captures the imagination of the nation...and Hollywood.

especially in the old town. It is world famous and much photographed for its dramatic views and the sheer 100metre El Tajo gorge which carries the rio Guadelevin through the centre. Everybody with a camera heads straight to the 18th century Puente Nuevo which straddles the dizzying chasm, for the staggering views over the Serrania de Ronda. Tall whitewashed houses cling to the precipitous edges. The old Moorish centre, the Ciudad, retains its Moorish plan and there are a number of fine Renaissance mansions. The streets are maze-like so the best approach is to wander at will. At the centre of the Ciudad stands the cathedral church of Santa Maria Mayor, originally the Arab mosque. Outside it's a graceful combination of

Malaga’s 1st International Air Festival this weekend

round a maze to avoid unpleasant stimuli, such as bright lights and loud noises. They were given doses of alcohol and caffeine in various combinations, and their performance in the maze was compared to others who were given a neutral saline solution. They found that alcohol made the animals more relaxed, but

less able to avoid the unpleasant shocks, while those given caffeine were little better at navigating around the maze, but were more alert. The combination of alcohol and caffeine appeared to produce relatively alert, relaxed animals that were still incompetent at

Moorish, Gothic and Renaissance styles with the belfry built on the top of the old minaret. Across the beautiful square is the Casa de Mondragon, possibly the real palace of the Moorish kings. Just wander the streets to discover the splendid architectural gems that are sprinkled liberally throughout the town. The town's gorge is famous for having been the scene of some of the worst atrocities in the civil war and Hemingway, in his For Whom The Bell Tolls, recorded how prisoners were thrown alive into the gorge. Ronda, one of the most beautiful of the white pueblos, just an hour from the Costa del Sol and a world away from the coastal scene.


s the temperature drops and the evenings draw in, there is something pleasantly indulgent about whiling away a couple of hours by the fire (or less commonly here, a radiator!) watching a good film that leaves you feeling all warm and cosy inside. Some films are definitely made to be watched on Sundays.


ne of my favourites is Fried Green Tomatoes At The Whistlestop Café (1991). I don’t know if it is the nostalgia, the storyline, the acting or the one-liners but something brings me back to watch this film over and over. The film flits between modern times and the years of the US depression and tells the story of one family, their trials and tribulations, through the narrative of an old lady in a nursing home.


athy Bates is superb in her role as a bored, middle-aged, conformist housewife who becomes

$!""! "( % * & inspired by the stories to change her lot, dragging her bemused hubby along with her. Fried Green Tomatoes manages to dally around issues such as poverty, homelessness, lesbianism, murder and racism without ever causing offence or too much discomfort – no mean feat in itself and while the film is definitely a grown up chick-flick, there is enough substance to keep everyone watching. The most satisfying scene is the car park crash where maturity and good insurance triumph over youthful speed and beauty!


f the same ilk is The Color Purple (1986). A little more serious in style and outlook, this film really showcased the talents of Whoopi Goldberg who went on to win a Golden Globe for her portrayal of a young black woman in the early 1900s. Goldberg’s character Celie suffers through poverty, abuse and the


! "/ " ! )))- " !

more macho take on the Sunday afternoon film is Legends of the Fall (1994). Anything with Brad Pitt is going to pull in the audience but this is not one of his most quoted works, although it did win an Oscar for cinematography. The story is set during the early years of the 20th century and revolves around the relationships between three brothers who all serve in a

-!" -!"

In its latest report on the "tobacco epidemic", the World Health Organisation said second-hand or passive smoking killed nearly 600,000 people each year. bloody trenches of WW1 and on the rolling plains of Montana.


aving put pen to paper, or to be more accurate, finger to keyboard, I’m surprised to see that my three favourite Sunday afternoon films all have timelines based around the early part of the last century

Giant Paella tomorrow

and particularly the years of depression and hardship. Maybe it’s a nostalgia thing, maybe it’s escapism. I wonder if in years to come people will be drawn to films about our current global economic crisis. Either way, I know it’s a great way to let a roast go down and honestly, the sofa was crying out for company.


)))- !&$

%- " !

. + *"$, 802 802 103 ' ! $" . $#' $ 842 187 500


See how many words of four or more letters you can make from the given nine letters. In making a word each letter may be used only once. The key letter must be used in each word.




sidestepping nasty shocks. The researchers believe that in humans the combination is likely to make people feel that they are not drunk, when in fact they still are. They said: "The bottom line is that, despite the appeal of being able to stay up all night and drink, all evidence points to serious risks associated with caffeinealcohol combinations."

Flat TV screens warning

Passive smoking is a global threat Canadian Battalion in WW1 and a woman that they all come to love. As the brothers nip in and out of the family ranch over the years, the attentions of the lovely Susannah, played by Julia Ormond, are drawn from one to another. The cast includes Aidan Quinn and Anthony Hopkins and the action takes place in the

Target Puzzle

Sudoku by Papocom Fill in the grid so that every row, every column and every 3 x 3 grid contains the digits 1 through 9. With no repeats, that means that no number is repeated in any row, column or box.

The best look to complement daring red lip-gloss is to leave the rest of your face neutral with just mascara and a sweep of blush. This dramatic but simple look will ensure that all the party eyes will be on you. Make sure your lips are prepped up for that special seasonal smooch by using a moisturising lip balm.

Nails To make the flirting look complete use the opportunity to paint your nails hot red, but make sure they are well manicured as bright nail polish can show up any flaws.







0-4 Dreadful 5-6 Poor 7-9 Average 10-13 Good 14-18 Excellent 19-21 Mastermind

0-4 Dreadful 5-6 Poor 7-9 Average 10-13 Good 14-18 Excellent 19-21 Mastermind

0-3 Dreadful 4-5 Poor 6-11 Average 12-19 Good 20-28 Excellent 29-33 Mastermind

The following are not allowed: - Words beginning with a capital letter - Words with a hyphen or apostrophe - Plural words ending in “s”

Cryptic Crossword by John Birch

forced removal of her children but ends up triumphant as a successful business woman. An Oscar nominated performance by Oprah Winfrey helps the story along and a believable Danny Glover plays Celie’s abusive husband who finally comes good and helps to reunite her with her children and sister. Then as the sun is going down on the final scene and lumps are forming in throats across the living room, the film fades out and another Sunday afternoon is over.


’Tis the season to be jolly and vibrantly glamorous. Christmas gives us girls the opportunity to shine and shimmer, from festive clothing adorned with sequins, to the bright red shiny lipstick that we can bountifully and shamelessly apply to our lips.

$ . ! % $ ! $ , 842 710 066 + . - - ! ! ", 802 221 522

It reported that in 2008, an additional 154 million people were newly covered by smoke-free laws enacted in seven countries Colombia, Djibouti, Guatemala, Mauritius, Panama, Turkey and Zambia. But, the report said, that still meant only 5.4% of the world's people

were protected. The agency urged governments to implement the 2005 WHO framework convention on tobacco control, signed by 170 nations, which exhorts countries to adopt measures to prevent smoking - by offering people help to quit, enforcing bans on tobacco

advertising and raising tobacco taxes - and to protect non-smokers from tobacco smoke. The WHO report warned that unless urgent action is taken to control the tobacco epidemic, the annual death toll could rise to eight million by 2030.


'Baby faces' live longer After studying 387 pairs of twins, Danish researchers concluded that the “babyfaced” are more likely to live to a ripe old age than

Pub Quiz of the week




Salon re-opening news

A beautiful Christmas


'! * !

caught up in saving Chuck and getting him back to his space ship and away to The movie safety. recreates the 1950s view of sci-fi and is a visual treat for the kiddies without too many dark moments. Luckily American 50s pop music is popular on Lem’s planet so adults can enjoy the cultural references to Elvis and co.

Beauty Tip

A US study suggests that drinking coffee may be the worst thing to do to try to sober up.

Voices by Dwayne Johnson, Jessica Biel, Justin Long Voices from Gary Oldman, and Gavin and Stacey’s Mathew Horne and James Corden also feature in this animated sci-fi invasion movie with a twist, beautifully animated in Spain. Lem (Long) is an ordinary teenager, hoping to get the girl and do well in his job at the planetarium. So far so simple. But Lem is a little


Coffee doesn't sober you up

those who look their age. They asked nurses, trainee teachers and peers to guess the age of the twins from mug shots and – over a

seven-year period – found that those younger-looking tended to outlive their older-looking sibling.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) has warned that the hi-tech models of TV screens pose a much higher risk of toppling over on children than older versions. A spokesman said US research of furniture tipover cases over an 18-year period showed that the number of such injuries had increased, and that televisions were the most commonly-involved item of furniture. Currently, about 7,500 children end up in hospital in the US each year as a result and the RoSPA fears that a spike in sales leading up to Christmas, the digital switchover and the Word Cup could produce similar results in Britain. The spokesman urged people to ensure that free-standing television sets cannot be easily pulled over by children and that wallmounted sets are securely fixed to walls which are strong enough to hold them. To avoid accidents, the RoSPA recommended placing flat-screen televisions on a wide, stable, manufacturers' base. In addition, tethering straps should run from the top of the back of the screen to a stable anchoring point, such as a wall-mounted bracket, the spokesman said.

Eyes Next invest in a tube of rich moisturising eye cream and chill in the fridge prior to use. The coolness of the cream will help to awaken and refresh tired eyes and help minimise the look of fine lines and puffiness. A super sparkly eye shadow that has limited colour will set you apart from the heavily made-up eyes, giving you a subtle beauty that is dazzling. Sweep it onto lids and under lower lashes and then apply black mascara.




1. Date with current elements awaiting no man? (4,3,4) 9. Conspicuously ostentatious display. (7) 10. Complete with nothing back in my crabbed condition. (5) 11. Clean up on the lottery, perhaps? (5) 12. Vehicle left in shelter. (7) 13. Shots fired by a tennis player possibly? (6) 15. Task that I am charged with by old BT to discover the correct time. (3,3) 18. Input that Alan had in influencing wedding plan. (7) 20. Plain, such as 9a finishing on time. (5) 22. Bobbin reel circles back. (5) 23. Sigh over the ordinal numbers. (7) 24. Request my recital performance may stop lake running. (3,2,2,4)

2. Infuriated at Irish consumption. (5) 3. Former capacious illustration. (7) 4. Observe mark of regard. (6) 5. Send back lap recording person. (5) 6. A reject to study might fall away. (7) 7. Saves snub that is insulting behaviour. (11) 8. Is my southern estate placed in methodical order. (11) 14. Small best friends comfortably sitting pretty. (7) 16. Check interval of a temporary substitute plan. (7) 17. Let fun language flow naturally. (6) 19. Mails out information on a world faith religion. (5) 21. Addition to former art critic. (5)

















3. Which word with no vowel means to kill illegally by mob action?








4. Which Irish town gives its name to a five line humourous verse?


Body Use a skin cream that you can apply to your face at night as your skin repairs itself while you sleep and could do with an extra boost in the winter months. The key is to use an effective exfoliant beforehand that contains salicylic acid, which helps speed up the surfacing of fresh, new skin while gently removing dead skin cells and relieving clogged pores. Now to make the body shimmer with a healthy glow – dust an iridescent all-over highlighter on your cheekbones, shoulders, cleavage and legs. This will make your skin appear radiant and fresh, and you will literally be glowing in the party photos. Keep for summer, when it can be used as a tan enhancer.

1. What term is used to describe a person who undertakes literary work for another, who takes the credit? 2. Name the only country in the United Nations whose name begins with "O"?




5. What name is given to a triangular or fan-like river mouth?


6. Belfast Child in 1988 was which supergroup’s first UK No. 1 hit?

Quick Crossword



1. Stage work (4) 3. Short engagement (8) 8. Stringed instrument (4) 9. Relating to relatively expensive products (2-6) 11. Accordion (7,3) 14. Purify (whisky, for example) (6) 15. Rich cake (6) 17. Middle of a writing implement (6,4) 20. 1773 Boston gathering (3,5) 21. Killer whale (4) 22. Allergy — Noël Coward comedy (3,5) 23. Used a gun (4)

1. Fence of stakes or iron railings (8) 2. Selflessness (8) 4. Smoked herring (6) 5. Fair — inexpensive (10) 6. Unpleasant (4) 7. Passionately dislike (4) 10. Consider — intentional (10) 12. Investigate (8) 13. Quarter of a circle (8) 16. Chesty (anag) (6) 18. Score (4) 19. Risqué (4)





7. With which country would you associate Bird's Nest Soup? 8


8. What do Americans call, what we call autumn?

10 11





9. According to the proverb, which animal should you not look in the mouth?


10. Which negro spiritual song do England supporters sing at Twickenham?



The Hotel Molino de Saydo based at 29532 Mollina, Malaga ( Junction 142 off the A92 to Seville) has very kindly donated the use of the room and CHAIN will supply the refreshments. The event is FREE to anyone involved in working with animals in the Andalucía region.

The Prisoner of Azkaban is still held by many to be the best in the series but the Half-Blood Prince is visually stunning, and beautifully shot and marries darkness with comedic romantic growing pains of the pupils at Hogwarts. Harry s

Planet 51

Magazine - 25 n

Take a break



You couldn’t make it up could you?!

Harry Potter

By Ken Campbell



Sitting at our lunch table I put the glasses on the table in bright sunlight and, sure enough, one lense had turned black and one was brown! Out of my pocket came the 2nd pair I had purchased and the same

4pm and I'm back at the shop. We never saw the original guy that served us but it must have been his twin brother in the shop as he didn’t know who I was. “Name, sir?” he said. “Victor bl**dy Meldrew ,what cretin could make 2 pairs of glasses with odd coloured lenses ? A trained baboon from London zoo could have done a better job” I replied. “Now, now sir” says the salesman, “I’m sure there’s been some silly mistake, but why don’t you take the glasses home with you and just see if you can get used to them” To which I replied, “If you think I am going to walk into my local bar with one black eye and one brown eye you must be crazy.” Aaaargh! at this point Victor went into expletive overdrive and threw the damn things back at him. We walked out of the shop in disgust. Two weeks later they had rectified the situation but offered no explanation as to what happened.


Your Weekly Entertainment Guide


BUT... what if ALL the animal charities and worthy causes came together and used their joint resources and numbers to influence local government and suppliers? Just think what we could achieve working together... Well that’s just what Nick and the team from Pepi’s and GPAR are trying to arrange with the support of CHAIN – Charity for Animals In Need. So on Tuesday November 24th, from 10am to 4pm, there will be the first ever event for the Andalucía Animal Network.




On arrival the nice salesman adjusted the frames a bit and everything looked OK until we walked out of the shop with me wearing one of the new pairs. Fifty metres down the road having walked into bright sunlight something serious seemed to be amiss. “Er... is it my imagination or are these lenses turning different colours?” Well we weren’t quite sure so decided to give them a bit longer in the sun to see what happened and by now it had gone 2pm and the shop was closed for siesta so we decided to lunch out and go back at 4pm.

thing happened with those. There was no way that the lenses had been swapped in the wrong frames as they are entirely different shapes so, by now I am extremely miffed to say the least and having to wait until 4pm to go back and complain was really getting me into Victor Meldrew mode.

There are numerous animal charities in the Malaga Province dealing with the appalling problem of our abused, abandoned and neglected animals. Some of the charities are well-funded and supported; others are often single individuals who have suddenly found they are acting as a refuge with little means of help and assistance.


WEDNESDAY, December 2nd 2009








I'm not sure where some columnists source their information but my GCSE students could probably enlighten them on these matters.


Take a break


Love your column.

The first ever Andalucía Animal Network is to take place on Tuesday November 24th and I thought your readers would be interested to know about it.

n 22 - Magazine

8. systematise 14. lapdogs 16. stopgap 17. fluent 19. Islam 21. extra


C.H.A.I.N. memorial ceremonies, some Polish citizens were reluctant to display their eternal and simpering gratitude to the 'The Russians' for 'liberating' them from the 'evil of Hitler's fascism'- no mention of Stalin having slaughtered more than 100,000 Poles.

WEDNESDAY, December 16th 2009

10. Deliberate 12. Research 13. Quadrant 16. Scythe 18. Etch 19. Racy



Thank heavens this newspaper employs intelligent, experienced and well-informed people to write about current affairs, unlike some other local English language papers. Recently, for instance, a contributor to one 'newspaper' was baffled as to why, during recent WW2


Health & Beauty

2. irate 3. example 4. notice 5. timer 6. dropout 7. abusiveness

R. Wilson

n 20 - Magazine

1. Palisade 2. Altruism 4. Kipper 5. Reasonable 6. Icky 7. Hate

Send letters to the editor as part of an e-mail text to

Re: Muriel's response to Steve Hilling in your Sept 23rd edition.

Magazine section +! WEDNESDAY, December 9th 2009


15. ask tim 18. nuptial 20. overt 22. spool 23. eighths 24. ask me to play

Out & About

15. Gateau 17. Pencil Lead 20. Tea Party 21. Orca 22. Hay fever 23. Shot

Opinion & Comment - 11 n


The News wants to hear your views

1. time and tide 9. blatant 10. moody 11. sweep 12. carport 13. volley

WEDNESDAY, September 30th 2009

1. Play 3. Skirmish 8. Lute 9. Up market 11. Squeeze box 14. Distil

Resident’s views

11. Which land measurement was originally the size that a yoke of oxen could pull in a day?

PUB QUIZ ANSWERS 1. Ghost Writer 2. Oman 3. Lynch 4. Limerick 5. Delta 6. Simple Minds 7. China 8. Fall 9. (Gift) Horse 10. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot 11. Acre

General News

GEOGRAPHICAL DIsTRIBuTION A truly wide reaching readership, The News is read in over 53 towns and villages on the Costa del Sol and inland, including: Alhaurin el Grande: 2,600 Alora: 780 Benalmadena Costa: 8,710 Benalmadena Pueblo: 910

Cartama: 1,950 Churriana / Alh. de la Torre: 1,950 Coin: 2,990 Estepona: 7,280

Fuengirola: 8,710 Malaga Airport: 1,560 Marbella: 5,720 Mijas Costa: 10,920

Mijas Pueblo: 1,950 Pizarra: 910 Torremolinos: 8,840 Gibraltar: 1,250


“ 4

25,250 COPIES & OVER 65,000 READERS

YOuR QuEsTIONs ANswERED Why are we so good?

Why does this matter?

What does this mean?

Content: The News employs a professional team of writers, designers, and advertising/accounts people with many years of experience.

From an advertisers’ point of view, putting an advert in a paper that doesn't grab the attention of the reader is a total waste of money.

We know from talking to our readers that our paper is the one that they find entertaining to read, and the one that they turn to to find what they want. That means your advert is remembered so you will get that call for your services or products, so it makes sense to advertise with us and reach more than 65.000 readers each week.

The aim is to bring you stories as they happen, from around the world and at home, features that inform and political comment that sparks debate. Distribution: We understand that one of the most important aspects of a publication is distribution. A well- planned distribution with enough papers to supply the demand in the area is the key; printing thousands of papers that get left in streets and bins is not our goal.

You want your clients to pick up a paper that they will want to read from cover to cover over the course of the week. A paper that they will pick up again and again, and seek out each week. A paper in which they will see your advert time and again, week after week, so that when they need your kind of service, it is your name that is at the forefront of their mind and they will have the paper on their coffee table or by the side of the sofa or bed.

Why take a chance with other publications that either get used for something else, get thrown away or don't get picked up in the first place? The News is the place for your business.

The News is that paper.


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The News Newspaper - Media Pack 2011  

The News Newspaper - Media Pack 2011

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