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Wednesday, October 9th 2013 Issue 247

EU proposes migrant rescue mission

The European Commission has proposed that the EU launch a Mediterranean-wide search and rescue mission to intercept migrant boats. The move by Home Affairs Commissioner Cecilia Malmstroem was prompted by the Lampedusa migrant boat tragedy last Thursday, in which more than 235 people were drowned, with over 100 still missing.

The Commission's plan calls for an operation by the EU's Frontex border agency "from Cyprus to Spain", Ms Malmstroem's spokesman told reporters. The search and rescue

operation would "help better tracking, identification and rescue of boats, especially migrants' boats", spokesman Michele Cercone said, adding that "It could help prevent tragedies like the one in Lampedusa." He said Ms Malmstroem will seek political support for the planned EU mission and the necessary resources, because to implement it, "Frontex will need additional resources". "We


will see how they [member states] react", Mr Cercone added.

Frontex is currently helping Italy to intercept migrant boats, but the two EU operations in the southern Mediterranean have limited resources – a total of four ships, two helicopters and two planes. The alleged skipper of the Lampedusa boat, a Tunisian Khaled

ANTHONYS DIAMONDS TOP LONDON PRICES PAID FOR GOLD & SILVER. ESTABLISHED 1983 Bensalam, 35, is in custody in Agrigento, Sicily. Investigators suspect him of being responsible for the sinking and he could face multiple counts of manslaughter, though no

charges have been laid yet.

Tens of thousands of migrants attempt the perilous crossing from North Africa to Sicily and other Italian islands each year. CONTINUED ON PAGE 2

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02 N General News

Fuengirola feria The Feria de Nuestra Senora la Virgen del Rosario continues this week until Saturday which is also a national holiday, el Dia de la Hispanidad . And this year the weather is staying fine!


Aren’t the early mornings lovely now? Walking the dogs at 8am after having breakfasted this morning, I very nearly had to put on a cardie but, as the sun came up over the hill, the warmth from it before it gets too hot was brilliant. And that’s not to mention the air clarity at the moment. Living up in the campo as we do, we are surrounded by olive and orange groves in front of a backdrop of covered and craggy mountains. At this time of the year there’s no heat haze, mists or fog and you can see for miles. Then, as we come down off the hill there’s the little river and all its wildlife, wild flowers and bubbling miniwaterfalls to see. We are so lucky to be able to enjoy these kinds of surroundings.

Also, for those of you who live on the coast, this is the perfect time of year for having a stroll along the prom. Not too cold and not too hot. Stop for a cup of tea or coffee or a spot of lunch and just people watch for a while. Someone asked me the

FAMA (Foundation for Abandoned and Mistreated Animals) is holding a fundraising lunch at the beautiful El Jinete Restaurante in La Cala de Mijas. There will also be a clothes sale. 17th October, 12 noon for 1pm. Price 24 euros. For info ring 620 354 885 or see

Cars and costumes The Malaga car museum has expanded its collection of designer fashions covering the eras of the vehicles on display, recalling the glamour of bygone days. www.museoautomovilmalaga. com

EU proposes rescue mission

Just great!

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Accidents are common, but last week's shipwreck was among the deadliest on record. There were 155 survivors of the Lampedusa accident, which happened about half a mile offshore.

The wreck is lying about 47m (155ft) below the surface, which means the recovery divers can only stay on the bottom for a short time. Divers "unpacked a wall of people", a navy officer said, adding that corpses were "so entwined one with the other" they were difficult to pull out. Italy has again called for more assistance from the EU for the member


states in the Mediterranean which bear the brunt of mass immigration. Malta and Greece have made similar appeals previously. EU states have for years been unable to reach agreement on a common migration and asylum policy.

An island overwhelmed

The migrant boat disaster off Lampedusa has highlighted Europe's struggle to deal with boatloads of migrants many with legitimate asylum claims – heading across the Mediterranean from North Africa.

For years the tiny Italian island – closer to North Africa than Italy

itself – has been the destination for many African migrants fleeing



poverty, conflict persecution.




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WEDNESDAY, October 9th 2013

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National News



Elvis and Priscilla Presley divorced six years after marrying

Continued from PAGE TWO

EU proposes migrant rescue mission Between January 1st and September 30th this year, 30,100 migrants reached Italy on boats from North Africa, the UN's refugee agency UNHCR says. The biggest groups were from Syria (7,500 in total), Eritrea (7,500) and Somalia (3,000).

Both Syria and Somalia have been ripped apart by war, while in Eritrea thousands are either imprisoned on political grounds or face conscription into the army.

Under international law refugees fleeing persecution have a right to asylum, but when hundreds of migrants come ashore the authorities have the difficult task of identifying the genuine asylum seekers. Often they lack papers to prove their nationality or place of origin.

more. Equally, member states differ very much in the way they assess asylum requests. In fact, the situation is extremely arbitrary. The recognition rates differ seriously: for Sudanese asylum seekers the rate is 2% in Spain, whereas it is 68% in Italy.

Lampedusa is overburdened with migrants – the island's normal population is just 6,000 and its migrant reception centre has a capacity of just 250. The capacity was reduced after a fire there in 2011.

Reception centres in Sicily and mainland Italy are better equipped, but "there is always a need to enlarge the centres because the system is under a lot of pressure now", Federico Fossi of the UNHCR in Rome said.

He said the Lampedusa centre provides basic help for migrants – food, clothes and medical attention, including psychological care. Many of those who arrive there have survived ordeals at sea, or at the hands of ruthless peopletraffickers, and are traumatised by that and the abuses they have fled

in Africa or the Middle East.

The UNHCR has urged Italy to transfer Lampedusa migrants from the centre there to others in Italy after 48 hours maximum. It has welcomed an Italian plan to expand those centres to a capacity of 16,000, from the current 3,000.

Spain at bottom of basic skills class

Spain and Italy are at the bottom of a new ranking of basic literacy and numeracy skills, in a survey 166,000 adults in 24 countries to assess their reading, numeracy and problem-solving abilities. The survey by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), released on Tuesday showed that more than one in four Spaniards and Italians performed at or below the most basic level of reading. On numeracy, almost one in three adults in Spain and Italy performed at or below the most basic level.

Andreas Schleicher, coordinator of the study and the OECD's deputy director for education and skills, told a news conference: "Overall, these two countries are quite severely challenged. Those skills are the foundation

on which everything else is built."

He said the survey was the first of its kind to measure people's actual skills and how they are used at work instead of estimating them based on their educational backgrounds. He added that the survey confirmed earlier OECD research that high-quality initial schooling is an important predictor of success in adult life.

It found that millions of adults – between 7 per cent and 27 per cent in

participating countries – were unable to master even simple computer skills such as using a mouse. Mr Schleicher said "developing and harnessing skills improves employment and job prospects, boosts economic growth and improves the quality of life." In addition to Spain and Italy, the OECD report said Canada, England, Ireland and the United States need to do more to make adult learning more accessible, especially in the workplace.


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The EU's Home Affairs Commissioner Cecilia Malmstroem believes "there is a strong need for a common European asylum policy", as 90% of asylum seekers are taken in by just 10 EU countries.

"That means that 17 countries could do much

"Such disparities are not acceptable in an EU where we have signed the same international conventions and unite around the same values," she said.

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04 N National News

WEDNESDAY, October 9t9h 2013

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Big drop in passengers Girl died from sedatives overdose at Madrid airport

Toxicology tests on the body of Asunta Basterra Porto, the 12-year-old girl found dead on a forest trail outside Santiago de Compostela on September 22nd, have revealed a lethal quantity of the sedative lorazepam in her blood. Forensic psychiatrist José Cabrera Forneiro said: “In forensic terms, the amount of lorazepam signifies three irrefutable things. “First is that the equivalent of several boxes of the medication would have had to be consumed; secondly, is that whoever forced Asunta to ingest it did so with the intention of killing her; and third, that

the time between ingesting the drug and death would have been very short.”

A witness interviewed by police this week related that Asunta once said she was given “white powders” at home. Teachers at the music school she attended told investigators that in July she arrived for class one day in a very confused state and barely able to speak. “My mother wants to kill me. She’s a psychopath,” Asunta told her instructors, adding that she had given her pills, but the teachers failed to report the incident. Asunta's adoptive parents, Rosario

Porto and Alfonso Basterra, are the main suspects in the murder investigation. Judge José Antonio Vázquez Taín said last Friday said that “everything points to Asunta’s mother being with the child when she died”.

Both Porto and her husband, Alfonso Basterra, were asked to participate in a reconstruction on Friday but refused on the advice of their lawyers. Both Porto and Basterra deny having anything to do with Asunta's death. Asunta was 10 days short of her 13th birthday when she died.

Madrid-Barajas airport registered the biggest fall in the number of passengers it handled among airports of a comparable size (over 25 million visits a year) in August ,with a drop of 11.7 per cent over the same month last year, according to a report this week by the European delegation of Airports International Council.

Barajas has accumulated a drop in the number of passengers of 20.4 percent over the past two years and has now fallen to ninth place in the traffic-based ranking of European airports. Prat Barcelona–El displaced Madrid as the

country’s busiest airport in August after increasing its passenger numbers by 7.8 per cent over the past 24 months.

According to figures from the Industry, Energy and Tourism Ministry, the number of overseas visitors to Madrid fell 22.2 per cent in August compared to the same month last year, and was down 7.7 per cent in the first eight months of the year at 2.7 million. Industry sources said the main reason was a drop in the number of visitors from Italy and Latin America. Spain’s airports as a whole suffered a 2.1 per

cent fall in traffic volumes in August, the fifth-biggest drop in the EU after Estonia, Cyprus, Slovakia and Hungary. Passenger numbers at Seville, Bilbao and Valencia airports fell but increased at Malaga and Palma de Mallorca.

EU airports as a whole saw traffic volumes rise by 2.4 per cent on average, with the biggest increases in Poland, Britain, Ireland, the Nordic countries, Portugal, Slovenia, Lithuania, Croatia and Malta. Airports International Council said this was probably due to people feeling more optimistic about their countries' economic recovery.

Driving schools can charge Animal rights groups condemn bullfighting bill women learners more A decision by a parliamentary commission to protect bullfighting by giving it special cultural status has been condemned by animal rights groups which have criticised the use of public funds for "unacceptable animal cruelty". The governing Partido Popular rejected most of the amendments to the proposal put forward by the smaller opposition parties, who reject the proposal, while the Socialist Party abstained, because it did not want to "ban or promote" bullfighting. The bill now goes to a vote in the Upper House, expected later this month.

A coalition of international animal protection organisations said: "This move is a cynical attempt by a desperate bullfighting industry to secure the future of this dying industry. Bullfighting is cruel and outdated and has no place in a modern society; culture stops where cruelty starts."

The organisations include the Humane Society International, World Society for the Protection of Animals, CAS International, League Against Cruel Sports, Peta and Torture is not Culture.

The Partido Popular vowed to protect bullfighting after the Catalan regional government banned it two years ago. It was banned in the Canary Islands more than a decade ago. Culture Ministry figures show that bullfighting attendance is at an alltime low, and an Ipsos Mori poll earlier this year showed that that 76 per cent of Spaniards oppose the use of public funds to support bullfighting.

A Zaragoza judge has ruled that a driving school was within its rights to charge female learners more because “men were better drivers”. Judge Javier Albar had been asked to decide whether the Gasque driving school was discriminatory for offering male learners a cheaper deal.

In November 2011, the school offered male learners aged between 1822 as many classes as necessary to pass their driving test for €665. The

price for women of the same age was €850, with the argument that on average they needed five lessons more than men to get their licence.

A consumer rights group fined the driving school €4,000 for sexual discrimination and demanded they drop the offer. The driving school appealed to the court presenting research that backed up their claims that women needed more lessons than men to achieve the same

standard. In his ruling, the judge cited official data from the Traffic Authority that proved “every single year, men displayed greater dexterity and better open road skills” in their driving tests than women, so it was perfectly acceptable to offer men a discount. The Women’s Institute said the offer was a clear case of sexual discrimination and they would petition for the matter to be taken to the Constitutional Court.

Spaniards sending Unemployment more money home up again

Remittances from Spaniards living abroad have surpassed those sent out of the country by immigrants living in Spain for the first time in a decade, as the economic crisis sends more Spaniards abroad to work and forces increasing numbers of foreign workers to go home. Bank of Spain figures show remittances received by Spain in the second quarter of this year totalled a record €1.591 billion, while remittances by foreign workers amounted to €1.563

billion, leaving a positive balance in Spain's favour of €28 million – the first time this has been the case since 2003.

Almost 60,000 Spaniards emigrated last year, while only 32,380 returned. At the same time, 135,045 foreign workers residing in Spain left the country.

According to the National Statistics Institute, 1.9 million Spaniards are living abroad, six percent more than in 2011.

The number of registered jobless has risen for the first time in seven months as the tourist sector laid off workers after the summer season. Unemployment in September rose by 0.5 per cent, or 25,572, to 4.7 million, with the service sector shedding 52,000 jobs, according to Labour Ministry data. Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy noted that the figures were the "the best jobless data for September in many years". In July, data from the

National Statistics Institute (NSI), considered a more comprehensive survey of the employment market, showed that unemployment in the second quarter fell for the first time in two years.

The jobless rate stood at 26.3 per cent in the second quarter, down from a record 27.2 per cent in the first quarter. The figure was boosted by the start of the tourist season.

Tourism accounts for about 10% of Spain's GDP.

P sp

Locals demand closure N of gas-storage plant the

News Zpvs!pvumppl!po!uif!Xpsme


National News N 05

WEDNESDAY, October 9th 2013



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PP would still win elections

Thousands of people marched on Sunday to demand the “definitive shutdown” of the Castor offshore gas-storage facility, located 22 kilometres from the coastal town of Vinaròs in Castellón province, which is suspected of causing more than 400 earth tremors along the north east coast in recent weeks.

Some 6,000 protesters filled the streets of Les Cases d’Alcanar (Tarragona) under the slogan “We don’t want it”. A spokesman for the Platform in Defence of the Lands of the Sénia, which organised the march, told reporters: “The anguish we are suffering in this territory and the great danger we are running demands urgent action from authorities.” On Thursday last week, the Industry Ministry and the Valencia regional government announced

that work on Castor would be halted indefinitely until the cause of the earthquakes affecting towns around the mouth of the Ebro river was determined. Industry, Energy and Tourism Minister José Manuel Soria said there “appears to be” a “direct relation” between the injection of gas into the Castor plant and the tremors. But the minister added that there was still no “scientific evidence” to prove it. The following day, a Guardia Civil helicopter on Friday landed on the platform of the offshore gas-storage plant to inspect the installations and confirm that work there had been halted after the prosecutor’s office in Castellón opened an investigation into the plant. The prosecutor's move came a day after it was revealed that the former Socialist government of José Luis

Rodríguez Zapatero had failed to investigate the possible seismic impact that the plant’s operations could have, despite a request to do so from a number of parties, including the Catalan regional government. Tarragona province is part of Catalonia and borders Castellón.

The central government’s representative in Castellón province, Javier Molina, said he would take action against former ministers in the Zapatero government over responsibility for sanctioning the plant’s activities if it is demonstrated that there was “negligence” involved in the administrative approval for operations.

Scientists from the National Geographic Institute and the Geological Mining Institute are investigating

With the Partido Popular's approval rating at an all-time low, the PP would still win the general elections if they were held now, according to a new poll carried out for the El Pais newspaper. despite the corruption allegations facing the PP, the Socialists at this stage would not be able to win back the voters' confidence, according to the poll. The poll found that the PP has a nearly 5 per cent lead over the Socialists – 34.1 per cent of the votes to the Socialists' 29 per cent. Just a month ago, the Socialists found their approval rating less than a decimal point above the PP. But that poll was taken in the midst of news stories about a corruption case involving former treasurer Luis Bárcenas, who claims to have made bonus payments to PP leaders, including Prime minister mariano rajoy, over a period of around 20 years.

madrid the causes of the tremors to gauge if they have been sparked by the giant storage plant, where gas is being injected into a depleted oilfield 1,800 metres below the seabed.

According to the Institute's data, a total of 23 tremors were detected last Wednesday and Thursday in Vinaròs alone, three of which registered 3.9, 3.8 and 4.2 on the Richter scale. Since work stopped at the plant, there have been fewer tremors, none of them higher than 2.0 on the Richter scale.

Di Stéfano’s children win custody

The children of real madrid soccer legend alfredo di Stéfano have won legal custody over their father and his assets, months after finding out he was planning to marry his secretary, who is 50 years younger than he is. His children filed a suit with a madrid court on april 26th to have their father declared incapacitated shortly after finding out that he was preparing to marry the 36-year-old Costa rican Gina González, his secretary, representative and companion for the past few years. González went home to Costa rica and has since returned to madrid where she has tried unsuccessfully to re-establish contact with the ailing 86-year-old, wheelchair-bound soccer legend. di Stefano is real madrid’s second highest ever goal scorer, with 216 goals in 282 appearances for the team between 1953 and 1965. The club won a record five European Cup medals in successive years and eight Spanish league medals during that time.


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06 N World News

WEDNESDAY, October 9th 2013

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World News

Sarkozy secret cash N case 'dropped' AUSTrALIA

A criminal investigation into former French President Nicolas Sarkozy, for allegedly soliciting secret campaign financing from France's richest woman, has been dropped, judicial sources said on Monday. They said he has been left off a list of those to appear for trial over the so-called Bettencourt affair. Mr Sarkozy had denied visiting L'Oreal heiress Liliane Bettencourt –

alleged to be mentally frail – to solicit cash. Mrs Bettencourt's accountant, Claire Thibout, has said she withdrew €150,000 in cash that was passed to Mr Sarkozy's conservative UMP party in the run-up to his presidential election victory in 2007. Individual campaign contributions in France are limited to €4,600 annually. Mrs Bettencourt's butler testified that Mr Sarkozy was a regular

visitor to her home during his 2007 campaign. But Mr Sarkozy insisted that he only saw Mrs Bettencourt once in that year. The argument came to a dramatic head in March, when a judge summoned both Mr Sarkozy and the butler for a face-to-face encounter, after which the former president was charged with taking advantage of Mrs Bettencourt, by accepting

cash from her when she was too frail to know what she was doing. The decision to drop the charge could leave Mr Sarkozy, 58, clear to contest the 2017 election. Although unpopular when he lost his attempt to be re-elected in 2012, opinion polls now suggest he would beat President Francois Hollande in a rerun. It had never been alleged that Mr Sarkozy personally received money.

Saudi jailed for 'More than 50' African billionaires daughter's death

Africa has 55 billionaires, far more than previously thought, according to the Nigeria-based Ventures financial magazine. They include three women – the mother of Kenya's president, a daughter of Angola's president and a Nigerian oil tycoon and fashion designer.

The richest man is Nigeria's Aliko Dangote, with a fortune of £12.5 billion, Ventures said. The list is likely to reignite debate about inequality between rich and poor people in Africa. In April, the World Bank said the number of

people living in extreme poverty in Africa had risen in the past three decades from 205 million to 414 million.

A report earlier this month by research group Afrobarometer suggested that economic growth in Africa was primarily benefiting a small elite. Ventures editor Oozo Eewala said its estimate of 50 billionaires was probably conservative.

"There is this culture of you don't necessarily want to show your wealth, considering the gap between rich and poor," he said.

Saudi preacher Fayhan al-Ghamdi, accused of torturing his five-year-old daughter and beating her to death, has been sentenced to eight years in prison and 600 lashes.

The case made headlines around the world earlier this year when it was suggested that a Saudi court might let him walk free. Medical records from the hospital where Lama al-Ghamdi was treated for 10 months before she died show that her ribs were broken, a fingernail was torn off and her skull crushed. She had been beaten with a cane and electric cables.

She had also suffered burns. The case has thrown light on child abuse in Saudi Arabia where rights activists say strict codes of family privacy and a patriarchal tradition make it a serious problem.

International pressure brought to bear on the authorities was instrumental in leading to the recent introduction of an unprecedented new Saudi law against domestic violence. However, activists have reservations over how effectively it will be enforced in practice.

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Teens held for kiss on Facebook

A 15-year-old boy and a 14-year-old girl have been arrested for posting a photograph of themselves kissing online. The couple had their picture taken outside their school by a 15-year-old friend and posted it on the social networking site Facebook. They were held for violating public decency after a local newspaper printed the photo, causing a public outcry. A complaint lodged with the police resulted in an investigation. The three are due to appear before a juvenile court next week. Ibtissame Lachgar, co-founder of the Alternative Movement for Individual Liberties (MALI) has launched a campaign to post one million copycat photos online in support of the teenagers. She has posted online a photo of herself kissing a male fellow activist. BOLIvIA

Senior official accused in coca case

The head of Bolivia's coca control and industrialisation agency has been arrested over accusations of illegally selling seized coca and other crimes. Prosecutors say Luis Cutipa diverted 45 tonnes of coca leaves and passed them on through his relatives to drug lords.

Mr Cutipa is also accused of falsifying documents to get his job and benefitting from an increase in the price of coca sellers' licences. Mr Cutipa has said he was forced to raise the price of licences after his agency lost funding following President Evo Morales' decision to expel the US Agency for International Development (USAID) from the country. He said the funding cuts caused by the decision left him struggling to cover expenses. A separate investigation is looking into the alleged fraud over documents he presented to obtain his job.

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Less than a month after taking office, Prime Minister Tony Abbott is embroiled in a row over expenses claims. Last week Mr Abbott paid back funds claimed to attend the weddings of two colleagues, and this week he defended claims relating to two sporting events, saying both represented community engagement work. He said he checked his claims after two of his frontbenchers came under fire for expenses related to the wedding of a radio host. Both lawmakers have since repaid the funds. The opposition Labour party has called for the system to be tightened up. Tony Abbott, who heads a conservative coalition, ousted Labour's Kevin rudd as prime minister in the September 7th election.

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World News

News Zpvs!pvumppl!po!uif!Xpsme

Kerry defends al-Liby capture US Secretary of State John Kerry has defended the capture of an alleged alQaeda leader, Anas al-Liby, telling reporters on the sidelines of an Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation (Apec) summit in Indonesia that he is "a key al-Qaeda figure, and he is a legal and an appropriate target for the US military". He is a suspected mastermind of the 1998 US embassy attacks in Africa.

Mr Kerry's comments come after Libya called on the US to explain the raid on its territory, one of two by US commandos in Africa on Saturday. Mr Kerry said Anas al-Liby, who has been on the FBI's most wanted list for more than a decade with a $5 million bounty on

his head, would face justice in a court of law. Mr Liby's son, Abdullah al-Raghie, said his father was seized in Tripoli early on Saturday by masked gunmen armed with pistols, as he was parking outside his house. He said that those he could see taking his father looked Libyan and spoke a Libyan dialect. He claims the Libyan government was implicated in his father's disappearance – a claim Tripoli denies.

Mr Liby's brother, Nabih, on Sunday told reporters his brother was innocent, describing the US operation as an "act of piracy". Anas al-Liby is believed to have been one of the masterminds behind the 1998 US embassy

attacks, which killed more than 220 people in Kenya and Tanzania.

Mr Karzai has just six months remaining in office until a successor is elected.

During one of his last major interviews before stepping down, he said his priority now is to bring peace and security to Afghanistan, including a power-sharing deal with the Taliban. He said that his government was actively engaged in talks with the hard-line Islamic group with this aim in mind.

He dismissed concerns that bringing the Taliban back into government would sacrifice the tenuous gains on the status of women made in Afghanistan. As for criticisms of the Afghan government's failure to deal with corruption, Mr Karzai

said: "The big corruption, the hundreds of millions of dollars of corruption, it was not Afghan. It was foreign. The contracts, the subcontracts, the blind contracts given to people, money thrown around to


Opening Hours Mon - Fri 8.00 - 17.30 Saturday 9.00 - 13.00

On Saturday, US commandos also carried out a raid in southern Somalia, but failed to capture their target. Pentagon spokesman George Little confirmed on Monday that they were chasing Abdukadir Mohamed Abdukadir, a Kenyan alShabab commander also known as Ikrima.

He is alleged to have been involved in plotting a number of attacks in Kenya. Al-Shabab has said it carried out last month's attack on the Westgate shopping centre in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi.

Afghanistan’s Karzai criticises Nato President Hamid Karzai has criticised Nato for failing to bring stability to Afghanistan in more than a decade there. He said Nato had incorrectly focused the fight on Afghan villages rather than Taliban safe havens in Pakistan.

N 07

WEDNESDAY, October 9th 2013

buy loyalties, money thrown around to buy submissiveness of Afghan government officials, to policies and designs that the Afghans would not agree to. That was the major part of corruption."

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08 N UK News

WEDNESDAY, October 9th 2013

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UK News

Some of the companies involved have welcomed the move to clean up their industry saying that unscrupulous companies would struggle to comply leaving the more reputable companies to carry on. Companies will not be able in the future to extend or “rollover” the loans more than twice which is where, generally the customer gets charged huge interest rates and then struggle to keep up with the payments, and companies will only be able to take the money out of their banks automatically twice. Customers who wish to extend their loans because

they cannot afford the repayments should also be told about free debt advice available to them.One in five customers questioned during a survey said they had not been asked about their financial situation before being granted the loan.

Martin Wheatley, the FCA's chief executive, said: "Today I'm putting payday lenders on notice: tougher regulation is coming and I expect them all to make changes so that consumers get a fair outcome. The clock is ticking." However, the FCA said it did not want to stop people using payday lenders, as they might turn to illegal loan sharks instead. "We believe that payday lending has a place; many people make use of these loans and pay off their debt without a hitch, so we don't want to stop that happening," said Mr Wheatley.

Business Minister Jo Swinson said the new rules would "call time on unscrupulous payday lenders". She said the industry had "failed to self-regulate effectively".

work 12 hours, seven days a week David Cameron has confirmed that there are plans afoot for a £50 million trial to keep local doctors surgeries open from 8am until 8pm – much like they were a few years ago – but this time he wants them to open 7 days a week. The scheme was unveiled at the recent Conservative Party Conference in Manchester and, according to a recent NHS survey one in five patients complained that appointments were inconvenient to those who worked and 70% backed the weekend opening hours idea. The scheme also sees video conference calls, email and phone calls with patients. It is also envisaged that people could attend different surgeries within their areas if they so choose, with their notes being shared electronically throughout the surgeries to make sure patients receive the appropriate treatments. Already stretched-to-the-limit Accident and Emergency departments should feel

pressure being released on their services.

Mr Cameron told Sky: "Sometimes people using Accident & Emergency really just need to see a GP but for hard-working people it is often too difficult because you are at work, you can't get an appointment at the time that fits. We are starting with pilot schemes in nine regions of England. We are spending the money to help GPs achieve this. We will be able to see how it works." He added: "I believe that will work well and then our ambition is to roll that out across the country. That is good for hard-working people but I also think it is right for our health service. If you look at A&E, since 2004 when the GP contract changed we see four million more people a year going to Accident & Emergency so I think we are not getting the balance right at the moment." The first pilot projects


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are due to be operating by April 2014.

Similar initiatives are already being trialled in some parts of the country, including parts of Manchester, where some surgeries will move to seven-day opening. Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt, who will talk about the initiative in his speech to the conference, said: "We live in a 24/7 society and we need GPs to find new ways of working so they can offer appointments at times that suit hardworking people. Cutting-edge GP practices here in Manchester are leading the way, and we want many more patients across the country to benefit." Professor Steve Field, Chief Inspector for General Practice, said: "This move towards seven day services is great news for patients and should be embraced by GPs. I want to see brilliant access to GP services for patients across the country and will be assessing this in each practice I inspect." Whatever happens, if the GP’s agree to turning back the clock and giving a proper service to their patient, the people of the UK can only benefit from it.

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Payday lenders Proposal for GP’s to The UK’s payday lenders that can charge thousands of percent interest are facing a Government crackdown including new regulations with the Financial Conduct Authority proposing that all borrowers should be screened to make sure they will be able to repay the loans before such loans being granted. The FCA want to put warning notices, like those now used on cartons of cigarettes on all future advertising and marketing materials and will demand all misleading advertising be withdrawn.

Prince Harry won the respect of diners as he tried his hand at speaking Arabic at a dinner in Dubai that was being held for his charity Sentebale. At the end of his speech, the popular Prince said: "Thank you for your attendance. I wish Dubai 2020 success," in Arabic. The Dubai visit follows a two-day trip to Australia where the prince joined in the celebrations to mark the centenary of the Royal Australian Navy .




No downstairs loo

Paralympic wheelchair racing star David Weir has been refused a house with a downstairs loo – which is essential for him as going upstairs exacerbated a recurrent shoulder injury according to his fiancé – by the people who allocate housing on the Roundshaw Estate in Wallington. They say that they cannot give him such a house as it would show “favouritism” to the multi gold winning hero. At the moment, it has been reported that he has to drag himself upstairs by his arms if he wants to use the loo. His mother Jacqueline told the newspaper: "He's a national hero but he can't find a decent house and the council aren't helping."


Baby P mother to be released

Tracey Connelly, the mother of Baby P who was jailed for 5 years in May 2009 for “causing or allowing” her son Peter’s death is to be freed following a second review of her case by the Parole Board. A statement from the board said: "We can confirm that a three-member panel of the board has directed the release of Tracey Connelly. Tracey Connelly first became eligible for parole in August 2012, and at that time a Parole Board panel made no recommendation to release. This is the second parole review for Tracey Connelly. The decision to release is a matter for the board, which is independent.

Arrangements and the date of the release are a matter for the Secretary of State.”

UK News N 09

WEDNESDAY, October 9th 2013

theNews Zpvs!pvumppl!po!uif!Xpsme

“Help to buy” scheme Paedophile given 2 years phase two launched A government scheme to help people to buy their own properties with loans of up to 95% on homes of up to £600,000 has been revealed and has been described by lenders as “fair and competitive”. The scheme has been brought forward three months from its expected New Year launch. It will offer £12bn in mortgage guarantees over three years and some estimates suggest 180,000 loans could be taken out under the initiative and loans will be government guaranteed from next January. Critics of the scheme are worried that it may encourage a further rise in housing prices, which are already on the rise, as more people will be able to purchase a dwindling stock of properties for sale. The new so-called “Help To Buy” scheme aims at getting people who have been struggling to raise a deposit get onto the housing ladder. The scheme was originally linked to new builds only but has now been extended

to include older homes as well. 15% of the value of the property will be guaranteed by tax payers in return for a fee from the lenders. Natwest and RBS have announced they will be offering “no fee” 4.99% and 5.49% five year fixed rate mortgages plus 740 of their branches will be working extended opening hours to cope for the envisaged rush of customers. However, their head of mortgages, Lloyd Cochrane has said that there will be no reckless lending and checks on customers affordability will be tough. He said: "We ensure based on what they earn and what they spend that they can afford the mortgage now but really importantly we ensure they can afford the mortgage at a rate of 7% so that gives us and our customers the confidence that they can afford the mortgage into the long term." Halifax confirmed customers would be able to apply for two year fixed at 5.15% mortgages – with a £995 fee from Friday. And HSBC said they will be

starting to take part in the scheme later this year but with no taxpayer support necessary for customers to sign up. Virgin Money and the start-up Aldermore Bank will join from January while Barclays and Santander UK are still considering whether to participate. Prime Minister David Cameron said: "Help to Buy is going to make the dream of home ownership a reality for many who would otherwise have been shut out." Chancellor George Osborne said: "Too many people are still being denied the dream of owning their own home, which is why we have brought forward the launch of this scheme, so as of today borrowers can start applying for a mortgage with a 5% deposit." An earlier phase of the scheme, offering 20% loans on new-build properties, has already helped more than 15,000 people buy a new home since it was launched six months ago.

Just got back from the UK and your Villa or apartment has that “tired” look about it?

Convicted paedophile Neil Wilson, 40, who escaped jail in August this year when his 13-year-old victim was described as predatory was handed down a two-year jail term on Tuesday after the Court of Appeal in London decided the original sentence of a non-custodial term of 12 months, suspended for two years, was “plainly and undeniably unduly lenient” in this case. Wilson admitted the offence of engaging in sexual activity with a child, as well as offences of making indecent images of a child and offences of possession of an extreme pornographic image. Imposing the two-year immediate prison term, Lord Thomas said: "To reduce punishment on the basis that a person who needed protection was encouraging the commission of an offence is simply wrong. We agree with the submission of the attorney general that an under-age person who is encouraging sexual relations needs more protection, not less. The fact that the offender took

advantage of what he asserted the victim did aggravated the offence. Therefore the attorney general is right to say that her vulnerability was an aggravating, rather than a mitigating feature."

Wilson, formerly of Romford, Essex, and now living in York, was not present for the ruling but was ordered to surrender to police at York.

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WEDNESDAY, October 9th 2013

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Phantom of the Opera premiered in London

Marbella battles to First A-400M rolls off production line pay off its debts After 15 years of having its municipal coffers plundered by corrupt officials, who were driven by real estate interests, Marbella suffered more than any other town along the Costa del Sol from the bursting of the housing bubble.

At the same time, the resort's image as an international jet-set destination had sunk into a steady decline. Juan Antonio Roca, former Mayor Julián Muñóz, and the rest, left behind around 16,000 illegal construction projects, an oversized municipal staff, and dozens of court cases that are still working their way at a snail's pace through the judicial system. But the legacy that most hampers Marbella's development are its exorbitant debt levels, which, seven years after Operation Malaya was launched, continue to strangle the city. Diego Martín Reyes, the head of the receivers that

Conceived 31 years ago, the A-400M project finally took off last month when Airbus Military delivered the first of the newgeneration transport aircraft to France.

managed the municipality after Marbella's City Hall was officially dissolved, recalled that in 2006 the town council had approximate revenues of €300,000 a month, but expenses of €13 million. When the Partido Popular (PP) won the local election in 2007, Mayor Ángeles Muñoz began grappling with €600 million of debt, which not only included social security payments and taxes, but also what was owed to banks and suppliers. And now the

Junta de Andalucia, which helped in a bailout with the advance payment of €100 million, will have the final say as to how much trouble the municipality is still in. Marbella's total debt is currently around €480 million – with a budget for 2013 budget of €203 million.

The Junta has agreed to collect what it is owed within 40 years and some of that money, in some cases, can be paid with assets recovered in the courts.

Treatment of transsexual pupils probed

Public prosecutors have opened an investigation into three schools in Malaga province that have been unwilling to respond to the parents' requests to respect their children's gender identity.

The parents of the youngsters – aged six, eight and nine – have

asked that they be called by the name with which they identify, be permitted to wear boys' or girls' uniform and be allowed to choose which bathroom to use. Two of the three schools – two state-subsidized private religious institutions and a public centre – have already said they will accept the parents' demands, but the third centre, a religious school run by Malaga's archbishopric, has refused to allow the six-year-old to appear in the register with a female name, wear a skirt or to be treated as a girl in school activities.

The Junta de Andalucia hopes the impasse can be resolved: "We want to be part of the solution and contribute to the defence of the rights and wellbeing of boys and girls in our schools." The Andalusia Association of Transsexuals backs the parents' petition and has called on schools to guarantee the free development of the children's personalities.

The association has formulated a proposal for the regional government to standardise the treatment transsexual children should receive in Andalusian schools.

Now rolling off the production line in Seville, the A-400M can carry up to 30 tons of material, a mobile hospital with 66 beds or 166 personnel from Madrid to distant locations such as Nigeria or Greenland without refuelling. There are 173 more aircraft to assemble for delivery to countries within the Organisation for Joint Armament Cooperation (OCCAR), which comprises Germany, Belgium, Spain, France, Luxembourg, Turkey, the UK and Malaysia. Airbus Military employs 2,700 people between Seville's San Pablo aerodrome and a plant in Tablada, a city suburb. Work at San Pablo is guaranteed for the next

two decades. "We are working at full speed and will achieve the maximum rate of 2.5 aircraft a month in 2015," says Juan Silva, the chief manager of the final production line (FAL). "There are currently eight planes in different phases." The A-400M project was initiated in 1982 to compete with the Hercules C-130 transport aircraft, but was not finally signed off until 2003. The assembly line was completed in 2007 and the first part to arrive through the giant doors was a wing, for testing. Since then, five prototypes have been finished that have

readied the assembly line to meet Airbus's order book. "

The A-400M is an extremely versatile aircraft that can reach 555.6km/h and has great range and capacity. Another significant achievement is that the A-400M has a civil as well as a military license, which allows it to land at any airport in the world. According to the Spanish Association of Defence, Aeronautic and Airspace Technology Companies, the sector will generate 53,000 jobs, €6.9 billion in annual revenues, and account for one per cent of national GDP.

Agricultural exports at a record high Sales by companies in the sector in the first seven months of this year amounted to €316.7 million, 8.3 per cent more than for the same period in 2012.

The figures were released on Monday in Cologne where the ANUGA-2013 Food and Drink Fair is being held. The twelve companies representing Malaga at the Fair were singled out for special attention from Crown Prince Felipe and Princess Letizia, who visited all the Malaga stands. France is the main recipient of Malaga's agricultural products, followed by Portugal,

Germany, Russia.



The director of the Foreign Trade Commission of Malaga's Chamber of Commerce, Mari Paz Hurtado, in Cologne for the Fair, exhorted the province's

companies to go for "internationalisation and the diversification of the market in order to grow and continue expanding". She added: "You can't just be in one market, because if it fails it takes the company down with it."


News Zpvs!pvumppl!po!uif!Xpsme

Malaya corruption case sentences disappoint

The sentences handed down in the Malaya corruption scandal case last Friday came as a disappointment to many.

Juan Antonio Roca (pictured right), the mastermind behind the web of real estate-related corruption in Marbella, was sentenced to 11 years in prison and fined €240 million after being found guilty on charges of money laundering, receiving bribes, fraud and other offenses. Prosecutors had asked the Malaga provincial court for a 30-year sentence to be handed down to the man who was in charge of urban planning under the town’s late mayor, Jesús Gil. In the 5,000-page sentence which it took the judge more than 40 minutes to read, Pedro Román, Gil's former righthand man before his death in 2004, was sentenced to four years’ imprisonment and fined €2.5 million. Former mayor Julián Muñoz was sentenced to two years in jail and a fiveyear ban from public office. Former mayor Marisol Yagüe, who ousted Muñoz, was sentenced to six years in jail and a fine of more than €2 million. Muñoz will be in jail for some time, however, because he has already been convicted of 52 offenses, and sentenced to 45 years in prison in relation to real estate crimes alone. In response to the sentence, Yagüe said: “This has been a hard and unfair blow.” A third of the charges Yagüe was convicted of relate to dealings with businessman Ismael Pérez Peña, who provided

vehicles to the municipal government and who admitted paying Roca a bribe of €180,000. Yagüe's lawyer said she would be appealing the sentence before the Supreme Court.

In all, nearly 100 people were charged in the Malaya investigation but of the 95 defendants at the start of the trial in September 2010, nine saw their charges dropped and a further two died before the trial ended 22 months later. Almost one third of the 95 defendants were acquitted.

Roca was arrested on March 29th, 2006, along with the then-Marbella Mayor Yagüe and a host of other town officials. The probe began in late 2005. “The court has reached the firm conviction of the reality of a generalised system of corruption that had been installed in Marbella City Hall on the part of those brought to trial under the power of Mr Roca,” the sentence read.

The sentence also speaks of the “absolute dereliction of duties of the councillors that were put on trial, bowing themselves to the shady dealings of Mr Roca.” It concludes that the building permits that were granted in exchange for bribes were authorised in prior meetings with the heads of the tripartite municipal government who received envelopes with money to be handed to other councillors.

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alHaurín el grande

Seron's sentence confirmed

The Supreme Court has confirmed the sentence passed down to Mayor juan Martín Serón of one year's suspension for bribery in connection with several urban planning irregularities in the so-called Troya corruption case. Serón appealed the sentenced, which was handed down in january 2012 and refused to resign at the time because it would be a cowardly thing to do. Serón and the urban planning counsellor gregorio guerra (who was also suspended for a year) were also fined €200,000 for asking a builder to pay €122,000 in exchange for a building licence.


Earthquake study demanded

The Citizens against Prospecting for oil on the Costa del Sol have demanded that the industry, energy and Tourism Ministry carry out a seismological study as a precautionary measure before going ahead with the project of exploring for oil and gas off the coast of Mijas.

The demand comes in response to the earthquakes and tremors experienced last week that could be related to the Castor offshore gas-storage facility, located 22 kilometres from the coastal town of Vinaròs in Castellón province, Catalonia. The group pointed out that Mijas is in a seismic area which made the study absolutely necessary.

The court also rejected Roca’s argument that the sums obtained were meant to finance the parties that made up the government. The payments received “were not intended to finance a non-existent electoral campaign, but simply to buy the will of politicians to guarantee administrative decisions in the interest of those who made the payments,” the sentence reads. The sentence was based on secret accounts of the bribes paid on a computer in Roca’s office and the evidence of his accountant, Salvador Gardoqui. Proof of a corruption ring was also gathered through the tapping of telephone conversations between those involved. Roca initially denied any wrongdoing but eventually confessed after the prosecutor reached an agreement with Pérez Peña, who admitted to bribing both Roca and Yagüe. The court took that confession into consideration

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Inland & Coastal News N 11

WEDNESDAY, october 9th 2013

gang. For further information, call Chris on 628 239 174 or Joe on 626 942 427. A.I.D. is a registered charity No. 7974.

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in formulating its sentence against him. The prosecutor had originally asked the court to fine Roca €810 million. Roca had estimated that his empire of 71 ghost companies had a value of €210 million.


Primark brings jobs

The new Primark shop to be opened on october 17th will give much needed jobs to 126 people. it is the second Primark shop in the province, the other one being in Malaga city.

The first 50 people to enter the shop, located in the Parque Miramar shopping centre, will be given purchasing cards worth €25. There are now 35 Primark stores in Spain and the number will soon rise to 40, with two of the five new ones opening Huelva and almeria.

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Tenerife Tenerife

12 N Political Update

WEDNESDAY, October 9th 2013

Told you so!

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The Local Memo from Voice Madrid

Muriel Pilkington



ut the most damning criticism has come from new Junta de Andalucia premier Susana Diaz who, just a few weeks after saying Zapatero was her role model, turned round the other day and said he'd given too many promises to the Catalans.


uring the 2004 election campaign, Zapatero told the Catalans that they could have carte blanche to write their Autonomous Statute if he won. When they took him at his word and presented a new version of the Statute – which was a declaration of independence in all but name – he did a U-turn and watered it down considerably.


ut the damage was done. He'd given the Catalans what they thought was a glimpse of independence heaven and they haven't stopped bitching on about it since. Zapatero unleashed the Catalan's capacity for hogging the headlines and foreigners who did not know Spain before 2004 can be forgiven for thinking that Catalonia is the main country and Spain just a province.


eanwhile, the economic crisis that Zapatero could have started solving simply got worse and worse until Mariano Rajoy ended up with the unenviable job of

Losing out on Catalonia



e failed to take action back in mid-2007 when the current economic crisis surfaced across the world because he didn't want to lose the March 2008 election. Now, they're beginning to admit that – even current Socialist leader Adolfo Perez Rubalcaba muttered something along those lines the other day.

Martin Delfín

Writes for the English language version of

hose are three words I have always tried to avoid throwing in other people's faces, and I've always avoided situations where other people can turn round and throw them at me. owever, for seven and a half years I loathed Jose Luis Rodriguez and put up with a lot of good-natured joshing and not-sogood natured criticism about it – but in the end I turned out to be right about that horrible little man. The Socialists once worshipped the ground he walked on but since November 2011, when the Partido Popular almost wiped them off the electoral map, by and large they've tried to avoid talking about him. Of course, he was the main reason they got such a battering.

Ex Prime Minister Zapatero

trying to solve it – in the face of totally unfair opposition from the Socialists and the Communist-dominated United Left (Izquierda Unida, IU).


or some reason, the Spanish Left loathes the Right and is willing to sink the country rather than let "conservative", "rightwing" Mariano Rajoy turn the situation around. (The pro-Socialist El Pais newspaper and The Guardian always use those adjectives when writing about Rajoy – they still haven't gone as far as calling him a neo-Nazi or a Fascist, although I suspect they do in private.)


he Socialists and the IU used the corruption scandal involving former PP treasurer Luis Barcenas mercilessly to try to bring the government down, to no avail. They can't get much more by flogging that dead horse, as I predicted, and now the Rajoy government is beginning to climb the popularity stakes, albeit from rock bottom.


o what's the next ploy? It would seem to be abolishing the monarchy and installing the Third Republic, if Cayo Lara of the United Left has anything to do with it. However, the King's ongoing hip problem has opened up the issue of whether he should abdicate or not, with the top military hierarchy backing Juan Carlos to the hilt – although younger officers are said to look kindly on Crown Prince Felipe taking over.


nd there you have it. If the military, and I suspect most of the Guardia Civil and the police forces back the monarchy, you don't stand a snowflake's chance in hell of abolishing it – especially if you don't have the guns they have.


o paraphrase old Joe Stalin (how many battalions does the Pope have?), how many battalions do you have, Cayo Lara?

t was an embarrassing slap in the face that came from her own grouping. The Partido Popular (PP) leader in Catalonia, Alicia Sánchez-Camacho, was trying to do some good by attempting to diffuse the explosive independence drive engulfing her region. She and a group of close advisors came up with their own proposal for changes to the regional financing law LOFCA, suggesting that Catalonia get a fairer share of the central government’s revenue disbursements based on the current amount of taxes residents and industry pay into the national treasury.


t was to be her stellar moment on Monday when she was invited to take part for the first time at the top-level meeting of PP officials who get together weekly to discuss strategy issues. But her debut crumbled when outraged regional leaders – the PP barons, as they are called – demanded that the sauce for the goose should also be sauce for the gander.


o PP premier is going to accept that Catalonia will get preferential treatment over the rest of the autonomous communities. And the leading voice in that protest – although she was speaking on behalf of the party hierarchy in an effort to head off a rebellion – was María Dolores de Cospedal, the Castilla-La Mancha regional premier who is also the party’s secretary general. She said that proposed changes to certain components of LOFCA “were still under review” and that while the party receives “well-intended suggestions every day,” solidarity among the PP premiers was of the utmost priority. “There will be suggestions and opinions from all regional representatives; this is something we must count on when it comes to changing the financial model,” De Cospedal said.


his, of course, left SánchezCamacho out in the cold. Even back home, opposition groups in Catalonia, including those who are against the independence drive, were citing shortcomings in her proposal. But there is more to it besides an outright adamant rejection. The party barons are already looking ahead to the next race in which some may be running for re-election in 2015. A reformed LOFCA, where their regions stand to benefit from more funding or, alternatively, greater powers, is no doubt campaign fodder. Not one of these premiers is going to stand with his or her hands

in their hip pocket while Catalonia successfully brokers a sweet deal with the Rajoy government. The prime minister is also aware of this, knowing that any substantial reforms to LOFCA that will benefit all the regions would yield a fat windfall at the ballot box for him.


nd then there is the matter of a good old catty rivalry. It wasn’t clear who invited Sánchez-Camacho to take part in the exclusive club meeting, but it was evident that someone wanted to give her a greater role in trying to help douse the pro-independence movements in her region by bestowing high-profile duties. But there were some who didn’t like it. De Cospedal is a regional premier who throws a lot of weight inside her party.


esides Deputy Prime Minister Soraya Saenz de Santamaría, whose job title is that of a government administrator, De Cospedal as secretary general controls the wheels inside the PP. While many party barons side with her, there are others who feel intimidated by De Cospedal because of, some sources claim, her takecontrol-of-everything approach. De Cospedal wasn’t about to let Sánchez-Camacho upstage her, especially with a proposal that would bring nothing to Castilla-La Mancha.


he irony of this entire blow-up on Monday is that it has exposed the continued deep rifts that still do exist inside the PP despite the recent pleas by Rajoy calling for party unity as the conservative grouping grapples with even broader issues such as corruption, high unemployment and a very weak economy. The PP doesn’t know how to control Catalonia’s fiery separatists, including stubborn premier Artur Mas. The only point where PP members do stand firmly undivided is on Catalan independence. The Rajoy government may do all it can to stop Mas from trying to hold his referendum next year but it may have also lost its chance for a graceful exit from this political crisis, which has inflamed both Madrid and Barcelona, by outwardly rejecting Sánchez-Camacho’s proposals without any hardy internal debate.


ollow me on @martingdelfin



News Zpvs!pvumppl!po!uif!Xpsme

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What are Glass Curtains? The question most often asked of us is "What are Glass Curtains?" The simple answer is that they are exactly what their name implies – they are panes of glass (curtains) that fit together without intrusive framework

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WEDNESDAY, October 9th 2013

providing undisturbed views of the world around your home. Elite's Glass Curtains are mounted on powder coated aluminum roller tracks top and bottom and have the additional benefit over conventional framed windows in that they can be fully closed, fully open or opened on a panel by panel basis.

The Benefits of Elite Glass Curtains Apart from the aesthetics and obviously the undisturbed views, Elite’s Glass Curtains offer a whole host of benefits over conventional framed windows, including (but not limited) to: Glass Curtains give you the ability to use your balcony, patio or terrace all year round. Glass Curtains shelter you from wind and rain. Glass Curtains help reduce the need for cleaning. Glass Curtains reduce noise levels ... No more noisy neighbours! Glass Curtains add valuable space to your living area. Glass Curtains are easy to clean...from the inside! Glass Curtains are tailor made for your property and your requirements. Glass Curtains add value to your property.

The Features of Elite Glass Curtains First and foremost, it must be pointed out that Elite Glass Curtains actually manufacture and install our own high specification, custom designed Glass Curtains.

We don't rely on outside manufacturing, subcontractors or fitters. When you deal with Elite Glass Curtains you only deal with Elite Glass Curtains! From our initial visit and survey all the way through to custom design, precision fabrication, expert installation and after sales service you will only ever be dealing with Elite Glass Curtains' highly trained and motivated team of professionals. 10mm toughened glass panels. Glass panel heights up to 3m. Weather seals between panels. Powder coated aluminium profiles. Tinted or frosted glass available.

Elite Glass Curtains SL can come up with the perfect solution Our Glass Curtains can be designed to fit almost all terraces, balconies and partions. In fact, we have solutions for almost any application. We also specialise in trade and commercial enquires. We are also holders of full public liability insurance. Visit our showroom at Poligono Industrial Elviria, nave 27, near Marbella to view our bespoke design or for a free no obligation quotation, please contact Elite on 952 830 503 – 630625085 or email or visit our newly designed web page at

These letters are being sent en-masse to nonresident property owners in Spain. The correspondence requests that all those nonresidents that owned property in Spanish territory in 2010 and /or 2011 present a tax declaration for that period within 10 days from the date of receipt of the letter. This campaign has been devised so that the high number of nonresidents who do not make a tax declaration in Spain, even though they own a property, are made aware of their tax obligations.

Many property owners, who live in Spain for less than 183 days, and therefore do not have the obligation to become fiscal residents, do not realise that they are still obliged by law to make a declaration for deemed income as an owner of a property.

year. The period for the presentation of this declaration is from 1st January to 31st December each year.

If you have received one of these letters or wish to make any queries regarding your personal tax obligations in Spain do not hesitate to consult a Lawyer or a Tax Advisor.

Marbella Solicitors has a dedicated team of Lawyers and Tax experts with over 12 years experience in this field, and would be happy to assist you. Please contact us to arrange a FREE NO OBLIGATION appointment in any of our five offices in Marbella, Manilva, Mijas Costa, Málaga, or Nerja, by email mail@marbellasolicitors.c om or by phone 952 901 225.

José Miguel López Ávalos Senior Partner Marbella Office

Therefore, if you own a property and are not filing your annual income tax in Spain, (in May and June each year), you should be aware that you must file a Tax Declaration on the form “Modelo 210” every

S K Estates Rare Opportunity!

Central Coin

Ground floor apartment with patio in need of refurbishment. 3 bedrooms, bathroom, lounge, dining room, kitchen. Approx 125m2. A bargain at only €50,000. This apartment is ideal for investment or for first time buyers. To view call

661 114 070

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WEDNESDAY, October 9th 2013

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Community News

New exhibition Help Teas, cakes Masked centre to open needed and nattering Ball not on in Coin raises nearly

The Ayuntamiento of Mijas inaugurated their new Contemporary Art Centre (El Centro de Arte Contemporaneo de Mijas), located in the La Baraka area of Mijas Pueblo, which is due to open in November displaying works by internationally renowned artists. The Contemporary Art Centre of Mijas will feature more than 400 works by leading artists such as Pablo Ruiz Picasso, Salvador Dalí, Georges Braque, Fujita Tsuguharu, etc., which Spanish Art Brokers – the company that manages this collection – have made available to the Centre through an agreement with the town of Mijas. A major part of this collection are works by Pablo Ruiz Picasso in different techniques: lithographs, linocuts, prints, sculptures, etc., with a total of 130 works . These include the superb ceramics, that can be admired in the halls of the Art Centre. Another important part of the collection are 125 works by Salvador Dali, also in different

techniques, and made in different periods of his creative life. The rest comprise an important collection of works in different techniques by nineteenth -century artists , teachers and painters who influenced painters such as Degrain Antonio Muñoz, José Moreno Carbonero, Joaquin Martinez de la Vega ,and Jose Denis Belgranos, among others. Part of this collection has been exhibited on numerous occasions, both in Spain and abroad. The last exhibition was held from March to May 2012, at the University of San Antonio, Texas, USA, under the title: "Picasso, friends and contemporaries in San Antonio.” This exhibition featured 97 works, 70 of them by Pablo Ruiz Picasso and Salvador Dali and five from the remaining teachers and contemporaries of Picasso. This exhibition was a great success in terms of numbers of visitors, and an even greater success in terms of the media coverage of it.

Two volunteers are wanted for the CHAIN animal charity shop in La Trocha Commercial Centre in Coin.

The volunteers are needed for the Thursday evening shift from 6pm until 10pm. The shop sells clothes of all sorts, many books and bric-a-brac that are donated to the charity and the job would give you the chance to practise your Spanish and help the many needy animals in the area.

For more information call Denise on 672 399 320

€1000 FADS and Knit N Natter raised £964 for the MacMillan Nursing Service in the UK at their coffee morning held on the 24th September at St. Andrew's Church.

The groups would like to thank everyone who donated cakes, scones, etc, and who took part, either by volunteering, or by coming along to the coffee morning itself.

Pet of the week

Free sheep

Triple A animal refuge outside Marbella has been presented by police with a woolly re-homing problem. They turned up with two starving sheep – believed to be mother and daughter, and the eldest is aged about 2. The skinny twosome are starting to put on weight but are surrounded by barking dogs and the charity is trying desperately to rehome them with new owners who have suitable land. The sheep were

abandoned in the patio of an empty house. If anyone can offer them a new home they are FREE, but the owners would need to have the appropriate paperwork – the codigo para ganado bovino.

So if there is anyone with a small holding who keeps livestock who can give the girls a new life please contact Triple A on 952 771 586 or


This is Panda.

He was found whimpering down a very deep water deposit and would have died there had he not been rescued by a very brave man on a double extension ladder – yes, he was that deep in the hole! Panda is a young, male dog who is fine with other dogs and loves

The CHAIN Masked Ball that was to be held this Saturday, 12th October has been cancelled.

people. He will be microchipped and neutered at no cost to the new owner. Panda would make a fabulous pet for someone willing to give him a chance. Could that person be you? Call Nigel on 647 647 637 for more information.

Not enough tickets were sold to make this a viable event which is unfortunate because it was very well received last year and was to be made an annual event. It was a great success, and thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended.

If you have already purchased your tickets, please contact the seller for a refund.

the News

Community News N 15

WEDNESDAY, October 9th 2013


Sun and Fun for Tomas Leighton

The fund-raiser at El Potro Restaurant for the Tomas Leighton Charity was a big hit last Saturday afternoon. After the usual behind the scenes hard work, the well attended event turned out to be a lot of fun, with plenty of sunshine, good food, live entertainment and events. One of the most popular being the Stocks and Soggy Sponges, as seen in this photograph. Tomas Leighton was born blind and with Cerebral Palsy, within

six months he had developed severe epilepsy, consequently he needs constant medical and therapeutic treatment, care and attention.

The event raised €1503 for the charity, a very generous top up, from the new proprietors of El Potro, brother and sister Mark Nicholson and Donna Banks made it up to an even €2000, that will go a quite some way to help young Tomas. written by Pete Woodall

Fundraiser for Benin Since I was a sponsor for a Benin child 7 years ago through the organisation Child Fund, my interests in helping a developing country is focused on this small West African country. In 2011 I travelled for the first time through Benin, met my foster child and his family in their village, bought them appropriate gifts like cement, rice and a football. Then I visited a charity hospital where I personally delivered donations of material and money. There, in the “l´Hôpital St.Jean de Dieu” all needy persons get free treatment. This humanitarian hospital was been founded in 1970 by the Italian religious orden FATEBENEFRATELLI. I was very impressed by the dedication and the quality of the medical work there. Last winter I started preparations for a second trip in springtime. With generous donations from members of my most important social group here

Title no. 6 for Supergran!! Last week saw the first club championship of the season take place at Miraflores Bowls Club, namely the Ladies' & Gent's 2-wood competition. The exceptionally hot weather meant that many of the competitors struggled in the heat, but that did not impact in the quality of play on view. In the Ladies' semifinals, we had last year’s winner Pam Shemmings up against Brenda Collier and last year’s losing finalist Ann Rowley playing Esther Gatter. In the first match Pam got off to a strong start to lead 12-4 after 10 ends, but Brenda pulled back to get to 14-10 after 17 ends. Pam was not to be caught though and won the last 5 ends to finish a worthy 2110 winner. The second match was very evenly balanced with Ann keeping her nose in front to be leading 16-15 after 27 ends, Esther then raised her game to win a thrilling match 21-16. In the Men's semifinals, again we had last year’s winner Tony Gatter playing Bill McGurk and last year’s losing finalist Graham Rowley playing Fred Stevenson. The match between Tony &

Bill was close fought throughout with Bill looking to have the match won when he led 19-15 after 27 ends, however, Tony changed to a full length jack and one the next 3 ends to win 21-19 to echo wife Esther's last minute victory. In the second match Graham who had been bowling extremely consistently throughout the competition did so again winning comfortably against Fred 21-11. In the Ladies' final, Pam got off to a good start, but Esther pulled back and after 14 ends the score was 10-9. Pam continued to bowl consistently well, whilst Esther started to lose the control she had shown till now leaving Pam to finish winning comfortably 21-11. In the Men's final both Tony & Graham (pictured above) were bowling well and the match was evenly

balanced at 10-9 after 15 ends. This time however Graham had the bit between his teeth and raised the standard of bowling even higher which Tony while bowling well could not quite replicate, resulting in Graham also winning 21-11. A large group of spectators had gathered to witness some excellent bowling and to applaud all of the competitors, Derek when making the presentations congratulated all the finalists for the standard of play and said that perhaps they should change the name of the Ladies competition for the future to the Pam Shemmings 2-wood singles!

around, the “Collegium Musicum Costa del Sol“, and donations from abroad from German friends I could achieve more money and materials and supply, for example, the always desperately needed spinal anesthesia needles. Next year I´ll go again and hope for generous contributions. Benin is one of the poorest countries, although not destroyed by civil wars. But it is suffering from malnutrition, from lacking prevention of fatal diseases in the childhood, which will change and handicap the rest of life. You find there plenty of poliomyelitis victims, most serious cases of rachitism, very destroying and disabling osteomyelitis, because an infection was not treated with antibiotics, meningitis, typhus, malaria etc Another frequent problem is blindness acquired in the youth by infections. I got to know several Benin people who cared for disabled youngsters, either individually or in groups: they established institutions, schools, workshops, art craft villages and more. If I will take money or materials, everything will arrive and nothing will be abused commercially. Written by Carla Grauer –Vetter GeneralPractitioner, retired, Fuengirola NB: A charity event is to be held on Saturday 19th October at the Tamisa Golf Hotel, Fuengirola, arranged by Passion Studios that are based in the hotel, to raise money for this trip to help the children of Benin.



Cancer Sucks SSp pain started as a Facebook Group ffo or members to chat about th their eexxperiences, to o offfer advice, vent or even scream. It is also ffo or anyone who has been affe affected by Cancer. We started originally as a group of of people on Fa Facebook tr trying to help and support each other here in Spa Spain. W Wee are now starting twice monthl hlyy coffee mor orn nings for members to meet. This group invites ffeemales, males, tth he young and the old, Like Cancer cer,, we do not discriminate.

Ground floor La Trocha C.C. Coin

Key cutting, photocopying, fax, printing, business cards, greeting cards etc., all in one place!



Spanish Courses at Centro de Idiomas in Coin Conversation based to help you get by in day to day situations Sign up now Small groups Limited places

Contact Valerie at or leave a message on 952 45 07 47 and I will get back to you.

Mascota La Trocha & Scooby Doo Do’s Pet accessories & supplies Dog grooming Veterinary consultant

SFS 634 395 445 La Trocha Shopping Centre, Coin

$P€€ D £INANCIAL $OLUTIONS General Insurance

Car Insurance, Buildings, Contents,Travel, Holiday Home, Pet, Health Just call into our office near La Trocha,Coin for a quote on any service you require. Or call

951 315 271 or email

(downstairs, opposite TemptationsCafé, near Dunnes)

5 cards for €5 on all stock €2.50 & under including Xmas. Offex postal service.

Monday to Friday 10 - 4 Saturday 10 - 2

Call Ali 644 130 323


Petit Paris

For all your mobility needs Cheapest on the Costa Free delivery & pick up

951 392 382 / 679 508 849



16 N Out & About


WEDNESDAY, October 9TH 2013

Churchill’s Fun Pub

hurchill’s Los Fun pub Boliches

Los Boliches Tommy Tucker (Comedy Vocalist)

Dancing Tommy Tucker (Comedy vocalist) Karaoke Eyesdown Dancing Shows Karaoke Eyes Down

Shows 7:30 Til Late...Late...Late 7:30 Till Late..Late..Late Wednesday to Monday (closed Tuesday)

The best night you can have with your clothes on!!!

Happy 8 til 10 st night you can have withHour your clothes on !!!! Wednesday To Monday (closed Tuesday) ďĞĂĐŚ

ppy hour ill 10

Hotel Angela

we are here


One minute from Hotel Angela

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Your Weekly Entertainment Guide INSIDE THIS WEEK

Barcelona on a shoestring? - what you can do for free We’ll Meet Again - TAPAS at Los Arcos near Coin New NADFAS lectures - in Fuengirola and in Nerja

Trip to the Lux Mundi Andalucian Rock of night Gibraltar Why not join Lux Mundi and visit Gibraltar on Thursday October 17th, with a chance to take a Cable Car to the top of the Rock and see the unique Barbary Apes?

Visit the Upper Rock Nature Reserve, where you will find the Historic Tunnels dating from 1779 to 1783 and St. Michael´s Cave – both of which have guided tours.

In the town you can see the Gibraltar Museum, Government House and in the Southern area are key historical sites. An

excellent way of taking a tour is by hiring a taxi, whose drivers are very knowledgeable and will explain the interesting, historical life of the Rock. It is also an opportunity to purchase Duty Free items and typical English items of food, etc. from the Morrisons supermarket.

Departure times are from Algarrobo at 6.45am, Caleta at 6.50am and Torre Del Mar bus station at 7.00am, plus Fuengirola Feria Ground at 8.00am and the Bull Ring at 8.10am.

For further information and bookings contact the Centres, Torre del Mar on 952 543 334 e-mail: or call Fuengirola on 952 474 840, or you can e-mail the Fuengirola centre at

Lux Mundi are also having an “Andalucian Night so go along and join in the fun. There will be typical Andalucian food, drinks, music and a Quiz. And, ladies, why not dress for the occasion, with a Flamenco dress and a flower in your hair? Bookings are necessary,

and the ticket price for the evening is just €5.50 each. For further information and bookings contact the Centres, Torre del Mar on 952 543 334 E-mail: or call Fuengirola on 952 474 840, or you can e-mail the Fuengirola centre at

PONDEROSA rOAD HOUSE Happy Hour 6 - 8pm Pint €2, Cider €2.50

Pool, wi-fi & Juke Box

Full Rack & Fries Open from 6pm

Open every day. Next to the Fuengirola camping ground on the corner of Calle Vencejo

952 470 336

Calle Ponderosa 7, Mijas Costa

“Fish Alley” Calle Moncayo,29 Fuengirola

Burritos, fajitas, quesadillas plus our famous huge rack of ribs. Frozen strawberry margaritas Open every

952 582 761 day from 6pm

The Olive Tree

Avda Maria Zambrano 17, Coin David, Tina & Family welcome you to The Olive Tree

Due to a conflict of interest with the agent of the Thursday tribute acts we are currently seeking alternative music artistes and new dates will be announced in the near future. Friday 11th: Lotta Love - Spanish rock band Sat 19th: Return of our very successful Cheesy Disco! Friday NOV 1st: 1st birthday party - keep your diaries free! Anybody interested in joining a pool or darts team, contact David or Tina LAST DRINKS ORDERS 1:30AM - BAR CLOSES 2AM

All Day Breakfast starting from €3.50 - €5 meal deals. House Fish & Chips every day PLUS now also offering an extra choice of Haddock, Cod or Swordfish as well! Free Wifi & Sky Sports

665 340 306 / 952 452 554


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Out & About

Your Weekly Entertainment Guide

Street Markets: where Cancelled! and when on the Costa

Street markets here in Spain are known for their colours and vibrancy throughout the world. On every day of the week you will be able to enjoy the ambiance of one of these events, stroll through the aisles of goods, old and new, pick up a bargain or two and, when your feet have had enough, go and sit in one of the local bars or cafe’s and watch the world go by. Monday: Marbella – Recinto Ferial, Zona de Las Albarizas. Malaga – Barriada de La Luz & Barriada de las Campanillas. Tuesday Nerja –

the El Chaparil area on Calle Antonio Ferrandis. Malaga – Churriana in Puerto de la Torre. Fuengirola – the Recinto Ferial. Wednesday Estepona – Avenida Juan Carlos I next to the Recinto Ferial. Malaga – Huelin and the de la Paz districts. Mijas Costa in La Cala. Benalmadena Costa – Parque de la Paloma. Thursday: Torremolinos – Recinto Ferial. San Pedro de Alcantara – Recinto Ferial. Malaga – Parque Juan Jurado Lorca opposite the Guardia Civil. Friday: Arroyo de la Miel –

N 17

WEDNESDAY, October 9TH 2013

Tivoli World car park. Benalmadena Pueblo – Plaza del Alguail. Saturday: Mijas Costa – La Cala and Las Lagunas. Puerto Banus – the bullring in Nueva Andalucia opposite Puerto Banus. Fuengirola – Recinto Ferial. Sunday: Torremolinos – Recinto Ferrial. Estepona – port. Fuengirola – near the Mosque. Malaga – next to the Rosaleda Football Stadium. Nerja – between Urb Flamingo and Almizara II. Coin – La Trocha Commercial Centre includes farmers’ market.

Please note that the Masked Ball that was to take place at the Tamisa Hotel this coming Saturday, 12th October, has had to be cancelled due to not enough tickets being sold.

This is a great shame as it was to be an annual event following the success of last year’s inaugural ball. Anyone who has already bought tickets, please contact their vendor for further information.

Edif. Iris, Avda. Gamonal, Benalmádena - Costa

Yorkshire Fisheries Traditional Fish & Chips

Your local fish and chip shop in Fuengirola re-opening soon BASKET MEAL DEAL = Entrance + Meal + 1st Drink only 15 euros

Calle Juan Sebastian Cano, 10 Edif. El Rosal, BJ, Fuengirola (Near the carousel & Florida Hotel)

Barcelona for free

Following my recent trip to Barcelona for a long weekend, I was astounded at how pricey some of the sights are to get into. However, there are a lot of free things to see as well so you can save the pennies for the things you really want to pay for. If you’re lucky enough to turn up during a week of festivities, as we were, there’s plenty going on that’s free but, ordinarily entrance to such things as the Sagrada Familia at €14.50 a pop – even though it is actually well worth it once you get in and look round this unfinished church – stretches the budget so, while you save your pennies for such things as this one, here are some things to look at and do that are totally free. Also, get yourself a 10 ticket metro card that works on the buses, trains and trams. Well worth it. Park Guëll was designed by Gaudi as a private park but passed to the local authority some years ago so that it is now open to all. Given that most Gaudi sights are expensive, this free one with its mosaiced dragon at its entrance and several of his masterpieces on show is well worth the trek up the hill. La Rambla costs nothing to stroll along. This is the perfect place for people watching and has many stalls along its sides to poke around in. The Mercat de la Boqueria is a wonderful covered food market where you can buy everything from fresh fruit salad to bocadillos and crêpes to munch on while walking around the shops and stalls. Jean Miro sculptures abound around the city in parks and on the waterfront. Barri Gòtic is well worth a meander through its narrow sttreets having a look in the shops and the Cathedral is free to enter early mornings and late afternoons. Have a look for its resident white geese. All in all, although Barcelona can be expensive, if you do your research in advance, there’s plenty to see and do that won’t break the bank. written by Kym Wickham

18 N Out & About

Your Weekly Entertainment Guide OUT & ABOUT EL MOJITO Go along and enjoy a great 952 057 062 nostalgic night out with TAPAS

WEDNESDAY, October 9th 2013

Read your favourite news, plus a whole lot more in

Plaza de Remo La Carihuela Torremolinos

Tuesdays & Wednesdays Live Football on 7 big screens Thursday 7th October Rob & Dave Friday Siobhan - female vocalist from Dublin - Country Irish 60s, 70s & 80s Fun for all ages Saturday 5th October Explosion! - Vocal duo soulful sounds of Motown & more Sunday Jordana - Female vocalist with tributes to Cher, Amy Winehouse etc Monday Stelvis new to El Mojito’s - Elvis tribute *FREE ENTRY* Shows start at 9.30pm. Open all day.

In October T.A.P.A.S. (The Andalucia Performing Arts Society) is presenting an exciting musical and theatrical journey through the biggest hits of the war years with their new production 'We'll Meet Again'.

The audience will be taken down memory lane with evocative songs from the period made famous by artists such as Gracie Field, Vera Lynn, The Andrews Sisters and many more, plus some of those

MUFFINS Cafe Bar and Restaurant

9:30am to 4:30pm Breakfasts, Lunches, Dinners Eat in or take-away Daily Specials Free wi-fi Special offers on drinks Home made cakes Sunny terrace

697 355 563 Next to Sunshine Golf, La Cala

Free Entry!



ry @ Buzb d Ter y’ a M

Wednesday 9th K T Peters - multi change drag act Thursday 10th Suzie Q - all round entertainer - 1 night only Friday 11th Danny Stone - Mr Blue Eyed Soul Saturday 12th Central FM’s very own Tony Keys - live n’ kicking Sunday 13th KT Peters Monday 14th Alexandra Avery Totally talented female Tuesday 15th Ian Jacks - DJ by day, superstar by night

Every night from 12am until late Karaoke, fun and frolicks with Paul G

LIVEIC MUS Now Open from 8.30pm Av Antonio Machado Benalmadena 645404911 / 628617658 madterry@buzbys

famous big band numbers.

This will be an evening of sheer nostalgia and patriotism celebrating wartime entertainment with songs that inspired a Nation to Victory. Brought to you by an extremely talented team of

performers, the show is to be performed on Friday 18th and Saturday 19th October at 8pm, and on Sunday 20th October at 4pm at Los Arcos, near Coin – Km6 on the A7059.

Tickets are on sale now for €10 (€7 for Tapas members) and are

Meson del Pueblo

Happy Hour 6 - 7pm Fantastic barbecued meats and fish. Family friendly safe for kids! English and German spoken WWW.THEVILLAGEINN.ES



Pueblo Andaluz, Carib Playa Restaurant El Brujo

Urb. El Coto, Calle Cordonices, Avda de Mijas

Lillie Langtry Bar & Restaurant

Sunday Carvery from 1pm until 7pm Standard €6.95 Upstairs, next to the Nahar Mahal restaurant, opposite the Hotel Riviera, Benalmadena Costa, on the main road.

951 253 986

available from the Box Office 635 293 714 or from the usual TAPAS outlets.

€1 from every ticket sold will be donated to the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal.

Going Restaurante The Village Inn further

English family owned bar & restaurant for 21 years. Specialising in modern & classical English food with a flavour of Spain plus BBQ steaks.

À la carte & set menus available Tuesday to Saturday from 6.30pm Choice of 3 course menus €12 includes chicken, pork, fish, pasta and curry dishes. €16 includes fillet steak, calves liver & swordfish dishes Special Sunday Lunch €9.50 available all day from 1 until 10pm

952 479 746

Avenida de Mijas

Food Served all day 11am to 9pm

Ford Garage

Marbella N340

Supermercado El Coto 100 mts

El Brujo Restaurant Bar & Gardens

Martin y Perez


El Corte Ingles

Malaga N340


Evening & entertainment rep required must have experience Call for more details:

952 454 491 or 622 05 04 09

Corporate passengers and travel bookers looking for easy, one-step transactions will be pleased to learn that easyJet is making life easier as it targets the business travel market. A new inclusive fare, combining various options, has been introduced for the GDS (global distribution system) and other booking alternatives connected to the easyJet API (advanced passenger information) and is expected to help the airline gain a larger slice of the corporate travel market.

This move means that corporates and travel management companies will have a choice of products.

Standard Fares can be booked for those passengers wanting to only pay for the services they want and available to book either through the GDS or the airline’s web site. Inclusive Fares offer convenience and value for money says the carrier. The combined fare, which includes a 20kg hold bag, seat selection in the lowest priced band and credit card payment, is cheaper than purchasing these products separately. These are only available through the GDS and easyJet’s API partners.

Flexi Fares provide flexibility and include 1 x 20kg hold luggage, upfront seat selection, Speedy Boarding, fast track security (at selected airports), free credit card payment and unlimited free date changes in a four-week window.

These are available on all booking channels.


News Zpvs!pvumppl!po!uif!Xpsme

NADFAS lectures start again for October Following a lovely summer break NADFAS are now back in the swing of things with a couple of lectures planned in different venues to suit you for the month of October.

For the first lecture, entitled Treasures of the Prado, your lecturer will be Dr. Colin J. Bailey B.A., (Hons.) Phd. F.S.A., F.S.A. Scot. The lecture is to be held on Monday 14th October starting at 4.30pm, at the Salon Varietes Theatre, in c/Emancipación, Fuengirola.

For further information on this lecture, contact Yvonne Sjokvist on 664 160 652 or go online at

The lecture will be repeated the following day, Tuesday 15th October at 6pm in The Cultural Centre, Calle Granada, Nerja. For the Nerja lecture contact Christine Sinclair 952 52 34 57/687 602 057 or go online at

The lecture is free to DFAS members. Visitors

are welcome and pay 10€ at the door.

Regarded as one of the greatest European art collections, the Museo del Prado in Madrid is particularly rich in Spanish paintings with masterpieces by Velazquez, Titian and Goya. It also houses unrivalled treasures of Flemish and Italian art.

This lecture will chronicle the history of the Prado, its origins in royal patronage and will highlight some of its many treasures such as the works of Titian for Charles V and Philip II, plus Flemish paintings from Van Eyck to van Dyck and Durer’s fascinating SelfPortrait of 1498. Magnificent paintings by Breughel, Bosch, Raphael, Rubens and others will also be looked at in detail. Dr. Colin J. Bailey has provided many lecture tours for NADFAS throughout Europe. He has also lectured for the National Galleries of London and Scotland and for Sotheby’s. From 1974-76 he was Assistant Keeper, Walker

Art Gallery, Liverpool; 1976-82 Librarian/ lecturer, Barber Institute, Birmingham; 1982-97 Head of Humanities, Edinburgh College of Art. He is also an Assessor for the Reviewing Committee on Export of Works of Art.

Extra lecture

For the month of October there will be an extra lecture on Tuesday 15th October at 10.30am at The Danish Club, Urb. Haza del Algorrobo, Ctra. de Mijas km 2.2.

Again the lecturer will be Dr. Colin J. Bailey B.A., (Hons.) Phd. F.S.A., F.S.A. Scot This time the lecture will be on “Winslow Homer America’s Finest 19th Century Painter”.

One of the most visually bewitching artists of his generation, Homer made his name recording episodes from the American civil war.

He continued his training in Paris and at Cullercoats on the northeast coast of England and settled finally in

John the Fish at LA PARRA GOLD

The original home of Fish & Chips with the original chef NOW OPEN! Open Mon - Sat 1pm ‘til late (Closed Sundays)

Lunchtime Menu of the Day -

Monday to Saturday 1pm - 7pm 3 courses €5.95

Lunch Time Special - Fish, chips, mushy peas, bread and a drink €5.95

Haddock in stock

Full menu available all day includes all your favourites poached salmon, grilled tuna steak, haddock & sea cod etc., Fully licenced for take-aways.Smart Dress please. Fully air-conditioned - Free wifi Venue available for private parties

Every day is Fryday!

Out & About N 19

WEDNESDAY, October 9th 2013

678 292 792

Los Boliches (behind the Confort Hotel) Soon find us on

Maine, where in oils and watercolours he evoked the awesome power of the sea.

This lecture traces his life and work from the exhibition in 1866 of his epic Prisoners from the Front paintings, through to his enchanting scenes of contemporary life and frank depictions of the American wilderness, to the dramatic seascapes and the contrastingly gentle watercolours painted on his annual visits to the Bahamas. For this lecture contact Maureen Davies 952 590 550 or go to

Cost to members for this extra lecture will be NADFAS/DFAS 8€, and for visitors 10€


Family Bar & Restaurant Good food served all day

Los Cipreses, Calahonda

MR. JEEVES Breakfast Baby Jeeves €3.50 Mrs Jeeves €4 Daddy Jeeves €5 Food served all day MONTEMAR

Tom´s Irish Bar A warm Irish welcome All Premier League Football on 5 large screens

600 060 563 C/ Salvador Rueda 65, Los Boliches

CASA KON-TIKI The Home of Fish and Chips Open 7 days a week, 12 ‘til 11pm


2 Car veries €20 including a bottle of house wine! Only €7.95 pp 12 noon until 11pm every Sunday.

3 course Lunchtime Special €5.50 Mon - Sat 12 - 4pm

Early Bird Special 4 - 7pm Fish, chips & mushy peas, Bread & butter, tea or coffee. €4.95

Range of Tapas all at €1 each €5 main meals with a choice of 14 different dishes including Chris’s famous Fish, Chips & Mushy Peas (12 noon ‘til 6pm) (Find “The Fish”, the same as the one on the left, in The News and get another 10% off your bill!)

Call Glyn on 634 081 264 or Chris The Fish on 664 028 310 to reserve your table

2nd street behind Yaramar Hotel, Los Boliches Visit us at

La Risa We have an extensive Menu plus changing daily Specials, including Curry on a Monday and Beer Battered Cod and Chips on Wednesdays and Fridays. Sunday we serve traditional Sunday Roast: Beef, Pork, Lamb or Chicken with all the trimmings, various fresh Salads & homemade Beef Burgers are also available. Kitchen opens all day Monday to Saturday between 11am - 9pm, Sunday 1pm - 5pm

Advance bookings are advisable For details of special events call us on 653 010 208 or pop into the bar. On the road between Alhaurin el Grande & Alhaurin de la Torre at Lauro Golf Across from the Clubhouse

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WEDNESDAY, October 9th 2013


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Stuck in Love

Release date: October 8th

Director: Josh Boone Starring: Greg Kinnear, Jennifer Connelly, Lily Collins Meet the Borgens. William Borgens is an acclaimed author who hasn't written a word since his ex-wife Erica left him three years ago for another man.

In between spying on Erica and casual romps with his married neighbour Tricia, Bill is dealing with the complexities of raising his teenage children Samantha and Rusty. Samantha is publishing her first novel and is determined to avoid love at all costs – after all she's seen what it has done to her parents.


Gravity Directed by Alfonso Cuarón Starring: George Clooney Sandra Bullock

This is Lost in Space but with a difference. Rarely have critics united almost unanimously to use words like ‘masterpiece’, ‘jaw dropping’ and ‘dazzling’.

Dr Ryan Stone (Bullock in what has been described as her best performance in years) and Matt Kowalsky (Clooney as a smooth charmer who could be wearing a tux under his space suit) are on a mission to repair the Hubble telescope. It’s Stone’s first mission into space and the silence offers her some solace

after the death of her young daughter. Kowalsky is a seasoned space walker who also has plenty to think about following the departure of his wife into the arms of another man during his previous mission although his ability as a raconteur and a flirt has not been surpressed by his distress.

The two seem an unlikely pairing for a life and death mission But this is not a scene setter for a rom-com. The two are outside their craft doing their job when they

receive an emergency message from NASA telling them they need to leave the area immediately as debris from a Russian satellite is hurtling in their direction. But the shrapnel is already upon them and their shuttle and the telescope are shredded.

As they spin wildly through space with oxygen levels already depleting they clutch for each other’s hand – the only thing

Much Ado About Nothing


Director: Joss Whedon Starring: Alexis Denisof, Amy Acker, Nathan Fillion Leonato, the governor of Messina, is visited by his friend Don Pedro who is returning from a victorious campaign against his rebellious brother Don John. Accompanying Don Pedro are two of his officers: Benedick and Claudio. While in Messina, Claudio falls for Leonato's daughter Hero,

while Benedick verbally spars with Beatrice, the governor's niece. The budding love between Claudio and Hero prompts Don Pedro to arrange with Leonato for a marriage. In the days leading up to the ceremony, Don Pedro, with the help of

keeping them from separately entering the black void as they hurtle into a cold sweat terror nightmare. With stunning visuals and fabulous cinematography this is the nearest the cinema audience will ever get to experiencing space in this edge-of-your-seat tense thriller. It’s been described as one of the best movies of the year and hit box office heights Stateside so a must-see.

Release date: October 8th

couple, using his own form of trickery to try to destroy the marriage before it begins.

A tale of family, love (lost and found), and how endings can make new beginnings. There are no rewrites in life, only second chances.


The Purge

Release date: October 9th

Director: James DeMonaco Starring: Ethan Hawke, Lena Headey, Max Burkholder In an America wracked by crime and overcrowded prisons, the government has sanctioned an annual 12hour period in which any and all criminal activity– including murder – becomes legal.

The police can't be called. Hospitals suspend help. It's one night when the citizenry regulates itself without thought of punishment.

Leonato, Claudio and Hero, attempts to sport with Benedick and Beatrice in an effort to trick the two into falling in love.

Meanwhile, the villainous Don John, with the help of his allies Conrade and Borachio, plots against the happy

In between hook ups, she meets "nice guy" Lou who will stop at nothing to win her over. Rusty, is an aspiring fantasy writer and Stephen King

aficionado, who is on a quest to gain 'life experiences'. He falls for the beautiful, but troubled Kate and gets his first taste of love and a broken heart.

On this night plagued by violence and an epidemic of crime, one family wrestles with the decision of who they will become when a stranger comes knocking.

When an intruder breaks into James

Sandin's gated community during the yearly lockdown, he begins a sequence of events that threatens to tear a family apart. Now, it is up to James, his wife, Mary, and their kids to make it through the night without turning into the monsters from whom they hide

theNews Zpvs!pvumppl!po!uif!Xpsme


By Cathy Stronach

For your personal birth chart please contact: ARIES

March 21st April 19th


April 20th May 20th


May 21st June 21st


June 22nd July 22nd


July 23rd August 22nd


August 23rd September 22nd

Even though it will seem easier to take the path of least resistance, it is vital that you stand tall and remain cool, calm and collected. Everything has a way of working out in your favour with a possible increase in social status. You will be highly motivated to get things moving and finish projects that have been lingering about. Romance and passion head your way and this could be quite a sensual week for you. Life changing circumstances are around this week that can make the impossible seem likely. Something may have taken a while to get started and once it takes hold then everything starts to happen at once. It is important to remain patient and do not try to do everything on your own, relationships are crucial, do not give up or turn away but be prepared to go the distance. Only take risks and chances when it feels right as new opportunities will lead you to higher positions of trust. The old ways are falling away and many of the structures that you leaned on in the past are tumbling down. This is to make way for the path ahead; it has to be clear so that you are able to embrace a new turning point in your life. Having said that there is still much day-to-day work that needs doing, it is not necessarily about speed but more about precision. Others could be looking at you to be a role model or take the lead in some way. It is all about rising above any negativity that comes your way this week. Your powers of concentration are extremely high and it will be easy to be totally focused on one area, however, this leaves you unaware of what is going on around you. Aim to strike a balance. There are rewards that will become available to you that will help secure your long term happiness. You just have to take the high road – no matter what. Make sure you have a long-term strategy in place where you can remain upfront and honest with those you care about. There could be some around you who are not happy with your decisions but once they realise it is for the greater good then they will come round. When you are functioning at your best you can become such a unifying force that you allow others to grow and succeed – others will thrive when you become that which you are so good at. If you put your skills and talents to work in ways that can really benefit and improve your life it will automatically improve the lives of others also. Do not be distracted but use this time to lay the ground-work for future plans and success. Listen extremely closely to what others are saying and pay close attention to the details, this will help when having to make difficult choices between two equally appealing options.


Major renovations could be discussed and plans might be made to get on with a project that you have pushed to one side. The things in your life that have grown stagnant will soon be swept away as you push to renew in those areas. The financial area of your life is in the forefront of your mind and because you are so in tune then it is a good time to make some well planned September 23rd - purchases. October 22nd


October 23rd November 21st


November 22nd December 21st


December 22nd January 19th


January 20th February 18th


February 19th March 20th

Magazine N 21

WEDNESDAY, October 9th 2013

Feelings of emotional intensity are high and you could struggle to maintain the balance between solid logic, reasoning and heartfelt emotion. Your head could be telling you one thing and your heart another. Do not allow negative feelings and emotions pull you down or others to try to rush or hurry you into making a decision. Chances and opportunities could appear so you need to be prepared to embrace change if you like what you see.

You know what you need and part of that need is having others around you who are solid and trustworthy and are not going to go back on their words, promises and actions. Dreams are supposed to come true and this is one of those times when you are very close to this happening. Keep busy and pay attention to details, even if you have to juggle for a while. Trust your gut instincts and use your powers of observation to keep on top of the game.

Remain open minded and as adaptable as you are able this week as things can suddenly change without warning. Others may show that they are envious of your progress but you must not pay any attention and let it distract you. You will probably find that situations occur that allow you to break free from any ruts or routines that you have found yourself in. Be alert and keep mentally sharp and you will be well able to capitalise on these moments. This is a point in time when others may need your help whether it is a listening ear, words of wisdom or practical help they will recognise your ability to be of comfort. You are the one that always seems to come up with the right answer to problems at hand and for that reason it is good to remain positive. An important communication will arrive shortly with the possibility of future travel. Your powers of awareness and observation are super charged right now and it could feel that time has slowed down in order that you can fine tune your actions. There are results that are waiting in the wings that will not instantly appear but offer wealth and prosperity. Later in the week you may see some sort of progress on this level. Your mind could be extremely active and you could be searching for solutions.

Kym’s Kitchen don’t have to be a chef!

Using cream and mozzarella to make a quick cheese sauce cuts down on cooking time in this easy, flavoursome recipe. The finished dish is freezable.

Turkey pesto lasagne Ingredients:

(Serves 6)

• 1 x 500g pack turkey mince • 3tbsp olive oil • 1 onion, chopped • zest 1 lemon • 1tsp dried oregano • 1 x 700g jar tomato passata • splash red wine vinegar • 1 x 300g pack fresh

• 250g (9oz) mozzarella, sliced • 6 to 8tbsp pesto • 60ml (2½fl oz) double cream

lasagne sheets

Directions 1. Heat the oven to 200 C, 180 C fan, 400 F, gas 6. Heat a deep, non-stick pan and stir-fry the mince for a few minutes, until lightly coloured. Remove to a plate. Add the oil, cook the onion for 5 minutes, then return the mince to the pan with the lemon zest, oregano, passata and vinegar. Season and cook for 10 minutes. 2. Soak the lasagne sheets in boiling water as directed on the pack. Layer the lasagne sheets in an ovenproof dish with the turkey sauce, half the mozzarella and half the pesto. Pour the cream over

the top, and cover with the remaining mozzarella slices and spoonfuls of pesto. 3. Bake for 15 to 20 minutes. Serve with a green salad. To freeze, complete dish up to step 2. Cool completely, then freeze in the dish covered with clingfilm and foil. Bake from frozen at 170 C, 150 C fan, 325 F, gas 3 for 30 minutes, then increase temperature to 200 C, 180 C fan, 400 F, gas 6 for another 30 minutes or until the centre of the dish has reached boiling point for 10 minutes.

ink HTC One Smartphone Geek Wins At T3 Gadget Awards

The HTC One has been crowned Phone of the Year at the T3 Gadget Awards 2013. The Android handset beat both Apple's iPhone 5 and Samsung's Galaxy S4 to win Phone of the Year - and also claimed Gadget of the Year and the T3 Design Award. The HTC One has a gorgeously thin, reassuringly rigid aluminium body bonded to the 4.7-inch screen by a technique that doesn’t leave a single gap. And speaking of the screen, it’s eyeball-piercingly sharp, with a 1080p full HD resolution and Retina displayspanking pixel density of 468ppi. It’s one of a handful of phones that can be mentioned in the same breath as the iPhone when it comes to looks and build quality. Performance is no less impressive, with the quadcore processor blazing through tasks with hardly a trace of lag and the 4MP Ultrapixel camera serving up

some of the finest snaps we’ve ever seen from a smartphone. However, the HTC One didn’t win because of weak competition. The phone held off the competition in a year when Apple launched the new, larger iPhone 5, Sony unveiled the amazing Xperia Z and Samsung pulled out all the stops with its Android super phone, the Galaxy S4. The Sky+HD 2TB set-top box won Entertainment Gadget of the Year. Apple won two awards – Tablet of the Year and Computer of the Year for the iPad Mini and the Mac Book Air 11 inch. Sony also got two prizes – for Digital Camera and TV of the Year. Google took home Innovation of the Year for

Google Glass, while Samsung was named Tech Brand of the Year. Tech Moment of the Year was awarded to Felix Baumgartner for his daring skydive from the edge of space a year ago. On any other year his fellow nominees would have had a very good chance: the Curiosity Rover reaching Mars, Gangnam Style hitting one billion YouTube views, goal line technology being introduced in football, the battle between the Xbox One and PS4 at E3 and the UK launch of 4G.

22 N Magazine

WEDNESDAY, October 9th 2013

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News - Breakthroughs - Treatments - Trends

Ask Calvin and Sue: Hair & Beauty Dear Sue,

My friend has regular reflexology treatments. What are the benefits of these and how does it work? Mary, Mijas Dear Mary,

Reflexology is an ancient holistic treatment designed to keep the body free from problems. If you draw an outline of your two feet side by side you will seem they form the shape of a torso. This shape provides the map that reflexologists use to see where each part of the body is represented. Running vertically through the body are channels and reflexology

allows these channels to stay open and keep us healthy. By working on specific points on the feet with a gentle pushing movement the aim is to disperse any blockages and let the body heal itself. Where a problem is detected the reflexologist and you will feel a small lump, which with gentle massage can be dispersed. It has been used for centuries, not only to help the body heal but also as a prevention of illness. Dear Sue,

Unlike the trend of square shaped nails today, I still prefer mine to be oval shaped, but they split when I file them and keep splitting

afterwards. How do I get an oval shape without this happening? Eileen, Benalmadena Dear Eileen,

The reason your nails are breaking is the way you are filing them to achieve the shape. To get an oval start by filing the nail straight across in one direction until you get to the desired length. Then file the sides, again only going in one direction. Never use anything metal on your nails, use an emery board and apply your nail oil daily. This will help keep the nails hydrated and less likely to break or split. If possible use gloves when using hot water and detergents.


offers the following activities: Boxing, Boxercise, Kickboxing, Yoga, Martial Arts, Personal Training, Sports physio, Massage, courses for Personal Trainers. Saturday evenings Open for snooker, darts & table tennis. Booking essential

679 185 078


Lois, Benalmadena Costa Dear Lois,

I have researched this drug for you and there is no indication that it causes hair loss. Normally the hair loss has occurred before you start taking the drug due to the imbalance of your thyroid gland. Hopefully once the thyroxin levels are sorted for you, your hair will recover. This is just my opinion but as a non medical


Minnamaija Mattila

Cidesco International Beauty Specialist

We wish to welcome all new customers to our newly opened Salon! Offer: Chocolate face treatment 55€ Mobile 685 511 350

951 508 549 - 626 502 803

The Wellington Centre

I have had to start taking thyroxin for a thyroid problem, could the drug be causing my hair loss?

Beauty Salon



Dear Calvin,

Centro Finlandia 2nd floor Avenida de Los Boliches4 Fuengirola



Your independent salon Now in its 20th year

Gift vouchers - Loyalty cards Always varied offers available Colour specialists and much more FREE CONSULTATIONS

Alternative hair service and design. Find out more for a more personal touch.

HAIR EXTENSIONS (Best techniques) WIGS - Pieces - Hair enhancements Also tailor made to client requirements Tel: 952

465 630 Mob: 637 188 073

Local 2 Pasaje San Rafael, Fuengirola

person I am not saying I am correct, please consult your doctor for a more accurate diagnosis Dear Calvin,

I would like to grow the layers out of my hair. What is the best way to go about it? Crystal, Calahonda Dear Crystal,

I suggest that you keep your hair regularly trimmed, bringing the length up slightly each time, so the layers will gradually come down. A

lot of people just don't have their hair cut, but this doesn't work as the ends get dry and split and then you have to have more off than you want. All in all it takes patience!! If you have any questions for Calvin or Sue, you can contact them on email – Calvin,

Sue’s email address is If you don’t have time to email you can phone on 633 733 374 (Calvin) or 952 473 681 (Sue).

EU targets e-cigarettes New proposals from the EU Commission aimed at discouraging young people from taking up smoking are being considered by MEPs. One proposal targets e-cigarettes, sales of which have boomed worldwide since bans on smoking in public places were introduced. However, campaigners say their growing popularity is dangerous, arguing that e-cigarettes undermine years of anti-smoking efforts and could be especially damaging to children and non-smokers.

The devices are designed to replicate smoking behaviour without the use of tobacco. They turn nicotine and other chemicals into a vapour that is inhaled. Manufacturers of ecigarettes say the products have the potential to save millions of lives and should not be restricted because they could dramatically reduce smoking-related diseases. The other proposals include: bigger health

warnings on cigarette packs sold, a ban on strong flavours such as menthol or vanilla that mask the bitter tobacco taste, a ban on words like "light", "mild" and "low tar" that are deemed to be misleading, a ban on packs of 10 cigarettes and slim cigarettes, mostly smoked by women, among others. The Commission says almost 700,000 Europeans die from smoking-related illnesses each year – equal to the population of Frankfurt or Palermo. The associated costs for healthcare in the EU are estimated to be at least €25.3 billion annually.

Tobacco companies, ecigarette manufacturers and anti-smoking organisations want the proposals to be watered down but supporters of the measures say that young people especially are being tricked into taking up smoking. If approved, the proposals would become law next year.


Magazine N 23

WEDNESDAY, October 9nd 2013

News Zpvs!pvumppl!po!uif!Xpsme

Contemporary lifestyle and celebrity gossip

Higgs boson particle prediction wins Nobel Prize for two scientists

Briton wins Nobel Prize for Physics … but he says there are still many unanswered questions Britain's Peter Higgs and Francois Englert of Belgium won the Nobel Prize for physics on Tuesday for predicting the existence of the Higgs boson particle that explains how elementary matter attained the mass to form stars and planets. The insight has been hailed as one of the most important in the understanding of the cosmos. Without the Higgs mechanism all particles would travel at the speed of light and atoms would not exist. Half a century after the scientists' original prediction, the new building block of nature was finally detected in 2012 at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) centre's giant, underground particle-smasher near Geneva. "I am overwhelmed to receive this award," said Higgs, who is known to shun the limelight and did not

appear in public on Tuesday despite winning the world's top science prize. "I hope this recognition of fundamental science will help raise awareness of the value of blue-sky research," he said in a statement via the University of Edinburgh where he works. The two scientists had been favourites to share the 8 million Swedish crown (775.67 thousand pounds) prize after their theoretical work was vindicated by the CERN experiments. To find the elusive particle, scientists at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) had to pore over data from the wreckage of trillions of sub-atomic proton collisions. The Higgs boson is the last piece of the Standard Model of physics that describes the fundamental make-up of the universe. Some commentators

– though not scientists – have called it the "God particle", for its role in turning the Big Bang into an ordered cosmos. Higgs' and Englert's work shows how elementary particles inside atoms gain mass by interacting with an invisible field pervading all of space – and the more they interact, the heavier they become. The particle associated with the field is the Higgs boson. The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences said the prize went to Higgs and Englert for work fundamental to describing how the universe is constructed. "According to the Standard Model, everything, from flowers and people to stars and planets, consists of just a few building blocks: matter particles."

Ringo’s car up for auction in London The Beatles drummer’s Facel Vega was bought at the 1964 Earls Court Motor Show as the group dominated the charts.

Ringo Starr, (born Richard Starkey in 1940) the Beatles drummer, once owned this 1964 Facel Vega Facel II – ‘the world’s fastest four-seater’ –which is estimated to sell for £300,000 - £350,000 at Bonhams sale on Sunday 1st December in New Bond Street, London. Powered by a 390bhp Chrysler Typhoon engine and with elegant bodywork by Jean Daninos it combined muscle and traditional looks with a whopping price tag of £5,570, a huge price for a car at the time.

The car was delivered to Ringo’s home in Weybridge, Surrey. This glamorous grand tourer was perfect for long motorway runs with its huge V8 engine making

light work of it. The car’s current owner has it ensured for £500,000.

Ringo owned the car for a total of four years after buying it directly from the stand at Earls Court Motor Show in 1964. Credited with singing lead vocals on ‘With a little help from my friends’ and ‘Yellow Submarine’, he was co-writer of ‘Don’t Pass Me By’ and Octopus’s Garden’. When the Beatles formed in 1960 he was a member of another group, joining the Beatles in 1962 replacing Pete Best. Within two years he was shopping for this French car, one of only two such cars produced.

Ringo Starr's car. Chassis HK2 B160, a Right Hand Drive Facel Vega Facel II, bought new by Ringo, was one of only two such cars with the larger 6.7 Litre engine and manual gearbox and the very last of only 26 RHD Facel II’s produced

In its relatively short life, the French firm of Facel produced approximately 2,900 cars, all of which were stylish, luxurious and fast. Hand built, they were necessarily very expensive – the Facel II was priced in Rolls-Royce territory – and bought by the rich and famous seeking something exclusive and distinctive.

The roll call of owners includes royalty, politicians, diplomats and entertainers: Tony Curtis, Danny Kaye, Ringo Starr, Joan Fontaine and Ava Gardner being counted among the latter. Confirming that there was high-performance substance behind Facel's unquestionable style, they were owned and driven by great motor racing figures such as Sir Stirling Moss, Maurice Trintignant and Rob Walker. If you’re interested, in an unusual Christmas present, this could be it!

Peter Higgs and Francois Englert

Mr Darcy is dead!

Mr Darcy's demise in the new Bridget book by Helen Fielding hasn't been welcomed by fans of the hapless singleton-with-a-happy-ending. Fans of the Bridget Jones franchise created by author Helen Fielding have reacted with devastation to the news that the handsome hero who (finally) whisked Bridget off her feet at the end of the second novel, and helped her become a smug married lady, is no more – for Mr Mark Darcy, who gave readers and moviegoers the happy ending they wanted so much for the hapless singleton, died five years ago. Reaction on Twitter was particularly fierce as the news spread that the new book will include only tragic flashbacks of Mr Darcy, who was played by Colin Firth in the movies, opposite Rene Zelweger's Bridget and baddie Daniel Cleaver, played by Hugh Grant. And just as unexpected, the philandering Daniel Cleaver is also the God Father of the pair's son. Which seems unlikely. Bridget, now 51, is also social mediamad and embroiled in an affair with a younger man (29-year-old Roxter). Emma Salkild tweeted, "I'm in denial about Mr Darcy's death #BridgetJones", and her thoughts were echoed by plenty in the Twitosphere.

Calvin’s Hair Studio Centro Nordico, Local 9, Crtra. de Mijas, Km 4.5

For an English hairdresser with 30 years experience who listens to what you want, call Calvin for an appointment on

633 733 374

Swedish designed

Ladies fashions Plaza Baltasar Gracián 1 Nueva Andalucía

Tel: 952 81 65 12 Fia Ensgård


24 N TV Listings

WEDNESDAY, October 9th 2013


This week’s films below add 1 hour for Spanish Viewing Times


Sat, Oct 12th 11:50pm

The Man Without a Face

Drama (1993). A reclusive and disfigured former teacher meets a lonely teenager, who hires his services as a tutor to get the grades he needs to enrol at the same military school as his father. In time they form a bond, learning to support each other through life's ups and downs – but the schoolteacher's troubled past is about to catch up with him.


Sun, Oct 13th 12:15am


Drama (2009). A bored and disaffected young man seeks an outlet for his pent-up aggression. He befriends a member of a local football hooligan group and falls in with the crowd, finding release in drink, drugs, football and fighting. Drama set in the 1980s, based on Kevin Sampson's novel, starring Nicky Bell, Stephen Graham, Liam Boyle and Oliver Lee.



Sun, Oct 13th 10:20pm

Premiere. Documentary about the life of Brazilian Formula One driver Ayrton Senna, examining his achievements on the track over a 10-year period that saw him crowned world champion three times, until his death in a crash during the 1994 San Marino Grand Prix. Featuring previously unseen footage from the F1 archives and contributions from fellow racing stars including Alain Prost and Jackie Stewart.


Sat, Oct 12th 9.00pm

The Adjustment Bureau

Science Fiction (2011). Premiere. A politician is attracted to a dancer he meets at a pivotal moment in his life, but finds his every effort to get to know her is thwarted by a group of mysterious men. He realises these shadowy figures are manipulating him and moving him toward a predetermined fate, which he resolves to fight. Sci-fi thriller, starring Matt Damon and Emily Blunt.


Sun, Oct 13th 8.00pm

Chicken Run

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Dogs: Their Secret Lives

Mon, Oct 14th 8.00pm

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6:00am Daybreak 8:30am Lorraine 9:25am The Jeremy Kyle Show 10:30am This Morning 12:30pm Loose Women 1:30pm ITV News and Weather 1:55pm ITV News London 2:00pm Dickinson's Real Deal 3:00pm The Alan Titchmarsh Show 3:59pm ITV London Weather 4:00pm Tipping Point 5:00pm The Chase 6:00pm ITV News London 6:30pm ITV News 7:00pm Emmerdale

7:30pm Courage in the Crossfire: Tonight 8:00pm Emmerdale 8:30pm Pat and Cabbage 9:00pm Breathless 10:00pm ITV News at Ten and Weather 10:30pm ITV News London 10:40pm Gone 12:15am Murder, She Wrote 1:05am Jackpot247 3:00am Courage in the Crossfire: Tonight 3:25am ITV Nightscreen 5:05am The Jeremy Kyle Show

7:00pm Free Speech: Zero Hours Contracts 8:00pm Don't Tell the Bride 9:00pm Unsafe Sex in the City 10:00pm Staying In with Greg and Russell 10:30pm Russell Howard's Good News 11:00pm Family Guy

11:25pm Family Guy 11:45pm American Dad! 12:10am American Dad! 12:30am Unsafe Sex in the City 1:30am Staying In with Greg and Russell 2:00am Free Speech: Zero Hours Contracts 3:00am Unsafe Sex in the City

7:00pm Top Gear 8:00pm Motorway Cops 9:00pm Hotel of Mum and Dad 10:00pm Russell Howard's Good News 10:30pm EastEnders 11:00pm Family Guy 11:25pm Family Guy 11:45pm American Dad! 12:10am American Dad!

12:30am Staying In with Greg and Russell 1:00am Russell Howard's Good News 1:30am Hotel of Mum and Dad 2:30am Staying In with Greg and Russell 3:00am Some Girls 3:30am Bad Education

6:10am The Hoobs 6:35am The Hoobs 7:00am According to Jim 7:25am Will & Grace 7:55am Frasier 8:25am Frasier 9:00am Everybody Loves Raymond 9:30am Everybody Loves Raymond 10:00am Four Rooms 11:00am A Place in the Sun: Home or Away 12:00pm Channel 4 News Summary 12:05pm River Cottage Veg 1:05pm Gambit 3:10pm Countdown 4:00pm Deal or No Deal 5:00pm Four in a Bed 5:30pm Come Dine with Me

6:00pm The Simpsons 6:30pm Hollyoaks 7:00pm Channel 4 News 7:55pm Sex Box 8:00pm The Three Day Nanny 9:00pm Grand Designs 10:00pm Gogglebox 10:50pm My Tattoo Addiction 11:50pm More Sex Please, We're British 12:45am Random Acts 12:50am Shameless USA 1:45am Aradhana 4:30am The Shanghai Gesture

6:35am The Hoobs 7:00am According to Jim 7:25am Will & Grace 7:55am Frasier 8:25am Frasier 8:55am Everybody Loves Raymond 9:30am Everybody Loves Raymond 10:00am Four Rooms 11:00am A Place in the Sun: Home or Away 12:00pm 4 News 12:05pm River Cottage Every Day 1:05pm Kirstie's Vintage Gems 1:15pm The Anderson Tapes 3:10pm Countdown 4:00pm Deal or No Deal 5:00pm Four in a Bed 5:30pm Come Dine

with Me 6:00pm The Simpsons 6:30pm Hollyoaks 7:00pm 4 News 7:55pm Sex Box 8:00pm Location, Location, Location 9:00pm Educating Yorkshire 10:00pm My Tattoo Addiction 10:55pm 999: What's Your Emergency? 11:55pm Random Acts 12:00am Sex Box 1:00am Embarrassing Bodies: Live Clinic 1:55am SuperScrimpers 2:10am Inside Nature's Giants: Kangaroo 3:05am Unreported World 3:30am SuperScrimpers New series. Medical journalist Michael Mosley and a team of doctors offer advice on health, using their expertise and the latest research to investigate the truth behind various claims being made in the media. Surgeon Gabriel Weston takes part in an experiment at the University of Surrey's Sleep Research Centre to discover whether an extra hour in bed could have major benefits.


October 11th

6:00am Breakfast 9:15am Fake Britain 10:00am Homes Under the Hammer 11:00am Real Rescues 11:45am Claimed and Shamed 12:15pm Bargain Hunt 1:00pm BBC News 1:30pm Regional News 1:45pm Doctors 2:15pm Keeping Up Appearances 2:45pm Keeping Up Appearances 3:15pm Perfection 4:00pm Escape to the Country 4:30pm Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is 5:15pm Pointless 6:00pm BBC News

6:30pm Regional News 7:00pm The One Show 7:30pm Ronnie's Animal Crackers 8:00pm EastEnders 8:30pm Miranda 9:00pm Have I Got News for You 9:30pm Citizen Khan 10:00pm BBC News 10:25pm Regional News 10:35pm The Graham Norton Show 11:20pm Bluestone 42 11:50pm Presumed Innocent 1:55am Weatherview 2:00am BBC News 5:00am Live Formula 1: Japanese Grand Prix Qualifying

7:35am The A to Z of TV Gardening 8:00am Meet the Monkeys: Natural World 9:00am Flog It! Trade Secrets 10:00am Question Time 11:00am BBC News 11:30am BBC World News 12:00pm Daily Politics 1:00pm Classic Mastermind 1:30pm Weakest Link 2:15pm Great British Menu 2:45pm Floyd on Food 3:15pm Are You Being Served? 3:45pm 'Allo 'Allo! 4:15pm Cagney & Lacey 5:00pm Flog It! 6:00pm Eggheads

6:30pm Strictly Come Dancing - It Takes Two 7:00pm Dig WW2 with Dan Snow 8:00pm Mastermind 8:30pm Gardeners' World 9:00pm Meerkats: Secrets of an Animal Superstar 10:00pm QI 10:30pm Newsnight 11:00pm Weather 11:05pm Later with Jools Holland 12:10am Close Up, Manic Street Preachers 1:00am Question Time 2:00am This Is BBC Two 2:55am Live Formula 1: Japanese Grand Prix Practice Three

6:10am The Hoobs 6:35am The Hoobs 7:00am According to Jim 7:25am Will & Grace 7:55am Frasier 8:25am Frasier 8:55am Everybody Loves Raymond 9:30am Everybody Loves Raymond 10:00am Four Rooms 11:00am A Place in the Sun: Home or Away 12:00pm 4 News 12:05pm River Cottage Every Day 1:05pm The Bedford Incident 3:10pm Countdown 4:00pm Deal or No Deal 5:00pm Four in a Bed 5:30pm Come Dine with Me

6:00pm The Simpsons 6:30pm Hollyoaks 7:00pm Channel 4 News 7:30pm Unreported World 7:55pm Sex Box 8:00pm Marvel's Agents of SHIELD 9:00pm 8 Out of 10 Cats 9:50pm Alan Carr: Chatty Man 10:50pm Was It Something I Said? 11:40pm London Irish 12:15am Away We Go 1:50am Random Acts 1:55am The Big C 2:20am The Ricky Gervais Show 2:50am 2 Broke Girls 3:10am 2 Broke Girls 3:35am SuperScrimpers

6:00am Daybreak 8:30am Lorraine 9:25am The Jeremy Kyle Show 10:30am This Morning 12:30pm Loose Women 1:30pm ITV News and Weather 1:55pm ITV News London 2:00pm Dickinson's Real Deal 3:00pm The Alan Titchmarsh Show 3:59pm ITV London Weather 4:00pm Tipping Point 5:00pm The Chase 6:00pm ITV News London

7:00pm Pop's Greatest Dance Crazes 7:15pm Atlantis 8:00pm Extreme OCD Camp 9:00pm Orphan Black 9:45pm Staying In with Greg and Russell XL 10:30pm EastEnders 11:00pm Family Guy 11:45pm Kerry

6:30pm ITV News and Weather 7:00pm Emmerdale 7:30pm World Cup Qualifying Live 10:10pm ITV News and Weather 10:40pm ITV News London 10:45pm World Cup Qualifier Highlights 11:45pm River Monsters 12:10am Jackpot247 3:00am Columbo: Now You See Him 5:00am ITV Nightscreen

12:00am American Dad! 12:25am American Dad! 12:45am Some Girls 1:15am Staying In with Greg and Russell XL 2:00am Bad Education 2:30am Kerry 2:45am Unsafe Sex in the City 3:45am Pop's Greatest Dance Crazes


News Zpvs!pvumppl!po!uif!Xpsme

New Series:

New Series:



Thur, Oct 10th 9.00pm

SATURDAY October 12th

TV Listings N 25

WEDNESDAY, October 9th 2013

New series. Drama about a haulage company in Nottingham, with each episode focusing on a different member of the team as he or she undergoes a life-changing journey. Malachi (Stephen Tompkinson) is struggling to accept his marriage is over - after all, he and his ex-wife still live together, even though she has a new fiance. But when he interrupts them having culinarythemed phone sex, it becomes clear he has to move on, so son and fellow trucker Glen sets about helping his desperate dad turn his life around.

Thur, Oct 10th 9.00pm


October 13th


October 14th

NOTE: Add 1 hour for Spanish viewing times.


October 15th

7:30am Breakfast 10:00am Saturday Kitchen Live 11:30am Paul Hollywood's Bread 12:00pm Football Focus 12:45pm Saturday Sportsday 1:00pm BBC News; Regional News and Weather 1:20pm Formula 1: Japanese Grand Prix Qualifying 2:35pm MotoGP 3:35pm Ronnie's Animal Crackers 4:05pm Ronnie's Animal Crackers 4:35pm Escape to the Country 5:20pm BBC News;

Regional News and Weather 5:40pm Pointless Celebrities 6:30pm Strictly Come Dancing 8:30pm Atlantis 9:15pm The National Lottery Live 9:25pm Casualty 10:15pm BBC News; Weather 10:35pm The Rolling Stones Return to Hyde Park: Sweet Summer Sunday 11:50pm MOVIE: The Man Without a Face 1:40am Weatherview 1:45am BBC News

6:00am Live Formula 1: Japanese Grand Prix 9:15am The Andrew Marr Show 10:15am Sunday Morning Live 2013 11:15am Sunday Politics 12:30pm Escape to the Country 1:00pm BBC News 1:15pm Bargain Hunt 2:00pm Formula 1: Japanese Grand Prix Replay 4:00pm Points of View 4:15pm Songs of Praise 4:50pm The Great British Year 5:50pm BBC News; Regional News and Weather 6:20pm Countryfile

7:20pm Strictly Come Dancing: The Results 8:00pm Antiques Roadshow 9:00pm By Any Means 10:00pm BBC News; Regional News and Weather 10:25pm Armageddon 12:45am Weatherview 12:50am BBC News

6:00am Breakfast 9:15am Fake Britain 10:00am Homes Under the Hammer 11:00am Real Rescues 11:45am Britain's Empty Homes 12:15pm Bargain Hunt 1:00pm BBC News 1:30pm Regional News and Weather 1:45pm Doctors 2:15pm Keeping Up Appearances 2:45pm Keeping Up Appearances 3:15pm Perfection 4:00pm Escape to the Country 4:30pm Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is 5:15pm Pointless

6:00pm BBC News 6:30pm Regional News 7:00pm The One Show 7:30pm Inside Out 8:00pm EastEnders 8:30pm Britain's New Banking Scandal Panorama 9:00pm Crimewatch 10:00pm BBC News 10:25pm Regional News and Weather 10:35pm Crimewatch Update 10:45pm Have I Got a Bit More News for You 11:30pm Citizen Khan 12:00am The Graham Norton Show 12:45am Weatherview 12:50am BBC News

6:00am Breakfast 9:15am Fake Britain 10:00am Homes Under the Hammer 11:00am Real Rescues 11:45am Britain's Empty Homes 12:15pm Bargain Hunt 1:00pm BBC News; Weather 1:30pm Regional News and Weather 1:45pm Doctors 2:15pm Keeping Up Appearances 2:45pm Keeping Up Appearances 3:15pm Perfection 4:00pm Escape to the Country 4:30pm Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

5:15pm Pointless 6:00pm BBC News 6:30pm Regional News Programmes 7:00pm The One Show 7:30pm EastEnders 8:00pm Holby City 9:00pm DIY SOS: The Big Build 10:00pm BBC News 10:25pm Regional News and Weather 10:35pm The Prison Restaurant 11:25pm The Girl in the Park 1:10am Weatherview 1:15am BBC News

6:00am This Is BBC Two 6:55am Lady of Deceit 8:25am Two-Way Stretch 9:50am The Sky at Night 10:10am Reel History of Britain 10:40am The Life of Birds 11:30am Fred Dibnah's Industrial Age 12:00pm The A to Z of TV Cooking 12:45pm Talking Pictures 1:35pm Astaire and Rogers Sing the Great American Songbook 2:05pm Carefree 3:30pm South Pacific 4:30pm Urban Jungle 5:00pm Flog It! 6:00pm Robert Peston Goes Shopping 7:00pm Count Arthur Strong

7:30pm Meerkats: Secrets of an Animal Superstar - Natural World 8:30pm Dad's Army 9:00pm The 70s 10:00pm The Sarah Millican Slightly Longer Television Programme 10:40pm Glorious 39 12:45am X The Unknown 2:00am This Is BBC Two

6:05am Great Day 7:25am Gardeners' World 7:55am The Beechgrove Garden 8:25am Live MotoGP 10:00am Saturday Kitchen Best Bites 11:30am What to Eat Now 12:00pm What to Eat Now 12:30pm MotoGP 2:05pm EastEnders 4:00pm The House That £100K Built 5:00pm Flog It! 6:00pm Great British Railway Journeys 6:30pm The Great British Bake Off 7:30pm The Ginge, the Geordie and the Geek

8:00pm How to Build: A Super Car 9:00pm The Ottomans: Europe's Muslim Emperors 10:00pm The Wrong Mans 10:30pm QI XL 11:15pm Never Mind the Buzzcocks 11:45pm Mock the Week 12:15am MOVIE: Awaydays 1:55am Countryfile 2:50am Holby City 3:50am This Is BBC Two

6:05am Homes Under the Hammer 7:05am Real Rescues 7:50am Claimed and Shamed 8:20am Wanted Down Under 9:05am Watchdog 10:05am James Martin's Food Map of Britain 10:35am Click 11:00am BBC News 11:30am World News 12:00pm Daily Politics 1:00pm Classic Mastermind 1:30pm Weakest Link 2:15pm Great British Menu 2:45pm Floyd on Food 3:15pm Are You Being Served? 3:45pm 'Allo 'Allo!

4:15pm Cagney & Lacey 5:00pm Flog It! 6:00pm Eggheads 6:30pm Strictly Come Dancing - It Takes Two 7:00pm Rick Stein's India 8:00pm University Challenge 8:30pm Tom Kerridge's Proper Pub Food 9:00pm Stephen Fry: Out There 10:00pm Never Mind the Buzzcocks 10:30pm Newsnight 11:20pm The Ottomans: Muslim Emperors 12:20am The Culture Show at Edinburgh: Leonardo da Vinci - The Anatomist 12:50am The Story of the Jews

6:05am Homes Under the Hammer 7:05am Real Rescues 7:50am Britain's Empty Homes 8:20am Wanted Down Under 9:05am Ultimate Swarms 10:05am James Martin's Food Map of Britain 10:35am HARDtalk 11:00am BBC News 11:30am World News 12:00pm Daily Politics 1:00pm Classic Mastermind 1:30pm Weakest Link 2:15pm Great British Menu 2:45pm Floyd on Fish 3:15pm Are You Being Served?

3:45pm 'Allo 'Allo! 4:15pm Cagney & Lacey 5:00pm Flog It! 6:00pm Eggheads 6:30pm Strictly Come Dancing - It Takes Two 7:00pm Rick Stein's India 8:00pm The Great British Bake Off 9:00pm The Wrong Mans 9:30pm The Sarah Millican Programme 10:00pm Later Live with Jools Holland 10:30pm Newsnight 11:20pm Stephen Fry: Out There 12:20am Mum and Dad Are Splitting Up 1:20am This Is BBC Two 3:50am Schools Growing Up Poor:

Street 8:00pm Countrywise 8:30pm Coronation Street 9:00pm Doc Martin 10:00pm ITV News at Ten and Weather 10:30pm ITV News London 10:35pm The Agenda 11:05pm Piers Morgan's Life Stories: Gordon Brown Special 12:05am Jackpot247 3:00am Champions League Weekly 3:25am ITV Nightscreen 5:05am The Jeremy Kyle Show

Man Made Home 9:00pm Homeland 10:00pm Was It Something I Said? 10:35pm Alan Carr: Chatty Man 11:40pm Gogglebox 12:25am Paddy's TV Guide 1:10am American Football Live 4:45am British GT 5:15am Countdown 5:55am River Cottage Bites

6:00am Daybreak 8:30am Lorraine 9:25am The Jeremy Kyle Show 10:30am This Morning 12:30pm Loose Women 1:30pm ITV News and Weather 1:55pm ITV News London 2:00pm Dickinson's Real Deal 3:00pm The Alan Titchmarsh Show 3:59pm ITV London Weather 4:00pm Tipping Point 5:00pm The Chase 6:00pm ITV News London

6:30pm ITV News and Weather 7:00pm Emmerdale 7:30pm Live International Football 10:25pm ITV News and Weather 10:50pm ITV News London 11:00pm International Football Highlights 12:00am Jackpot247 3:00am Loose Women 3:45am ITV Nightscreen 5:05am The Jeremy Kyle Show

6:00am The Treacle People 6:10am The Hoobs 6:35am The American Football Show 7:30am The Hever Castle Triathlon 8:30am Everybody Loves Raymond 9:00am Frasier 9:30am Sunday Brunch 12:30pm The Big Bang Theory 1:00pm The Big Bang Theory 1:30pm The Simpsons 2:00pm The Simpsons 2:30pm Mighty Joe Young 4:40pm Furry Vengeance 6:30pm Channel 4 News 7:00pm World's Weirdest Weather 8:00pm Kevin McCloud's

6:00am Daybreak 8:30am Lorraine 9:25am The Jeremy Kyle Show 10:30am This Morning 12:30pm Loose Women 1:30pm ITV News 1:55pm ITV News London 2:00pm Dickinson's Real Deal 3:00pm The Alan Titchmarsh Show 3:59pm ITV London Weather 4:00pm Tipping Point 5:00pm The Chase 6:00pm ITV News London 6:30pm ITV News 7:00pm Emmerdale 7:30pm Coronation

7:00pm Top Gear 8:00pm Gavin & Stacey 8:30pm Gavin & Stacey 9:00pm Don't Tell the Bride 10:00pm Sweat the Small Stuff 10:30pm EastEnders 11:00pm Family Guy 11:25pm Family Guy 11:45pm American Dad!

12:10am American Dad! 12:30am Sweat the Small Stuff 1:00am Don't Tell the Bride 2:00am Some Girls 2:30am Staying In with Greg and Russell 3:00am Don't Tell the Bride

7:00am Canimals 7:10am Canimals 7:15am Canimals 7:25am Sooty 7:35am Horrid Henry 7:50am Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 8:15am Bottom Knocker Street 8:30am Munch Box 9:25am Saturday Cookbook 10:25am Murder, She Wrote 11:25am ITV News 11:30am Surprise Surprise 12:35pm The Dales 1:00pm Doc Martin 2:00pm The X Factor

3:50pm Horrid Henry: The Movie 5:35pm ITV News London 5:45pm ITV News 6:00pm New You've Been Framed! 6:30pm Fool Britannia 7:00pm The Chase: Celebrity Special 8:00pm The X Factor 10:15pm The Jonathan Ross Show 11:20pm ITV News 11:35pm MOVIE: The Eiger Sanction 1:45am Jackpot247 3:00am The Jeremy Kyle Show USA 3:45am ITV Nightscreen

7:00pm Great Movie Mistakes 2: The Sequel 7:15pm Doctor Who 8:00pm Top Gear 9:00pm Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End 11:40pm Family Guy 12:05am Family Guy 12:25am American Dad! 12:50am American Dad!

1:10am Sex, Stags & Prague: Stacey Dooley Investigates 2:05am Bad Education 2:35am Some Girls 3:05am Staying In with Greg and Russell 3:35am Kerry

6:10am British GT 6:35am FIM Superbike World Championship 7:05am XTERRA England 8:00am The Morning Line 9:00am The American Football Show 10:00am Frasier 10:30am Everybody Loves Raymond 11:00am The Big Bang Theory 11:30am The Big Bang Theory 12:00pm The Simpsons 12:30pm Undercover Boss USA 1:30pm Channel 4 Racing 4:10pm Come Dine with Me 4:40pm Come Dine with Me 5:10pm Come Dine

with Me 5:40pm Come Dine with Me 6:10pm Come Dine with Me 6:40pm Channel 4 News 7:00pm Marvel's Agents of SHIELD 8:00pm Grand Designs 9:00pm MOVIE: The Adjustment Bureau 11:05pm The Hole 12:55am 13 Assassins 3:00am Hollyoaks 5:05am Deal or No Deal

7:00am Canimals 7:10am Canimals 7:15am Canimals 7:25am Sooty 7:35am Horrid Henry 7:45am Horrid Henry 8:00am Almost Naked Animals 8:15am Bottom Knocker Street 8:30am Fish Hooks 9:00am Big Time Rush 9:25am ITV News 9:30am Ade in Britain 10:30am Columbo: Negative Reaction 12:30pm ITV News 12:40pm Inside the National Trust 1:45pm The X Factor

4:00pm Fool Britannia 4:25pm Big Star's Little Star 5:30pm Downton Abbey 6:35pm ITV News London 6:45pm ITV News 7:00pm Coronation Street 8:00pm The X Factor Results 9:00pm Downton Abbey 10:05pm ITV News 10:20pm MOVIE: Senna 12:20am The Store 2:25am British Superbike Championship Highlights 3:15am Motorsport UK 4:05am ITV Nightscreen 5:05am The Jeremy Kyle Show

7:00pm Formula 1: Japanese Grand Prix Highlights 8:00pm MOVIE: Chicken Run 9:20pm Great TV Mistakes 9:30pm Russell Howard's Good News 10:00pm Family Guy 10:25pm Family Guy 10:45pm Some Girls

11:15pm American Dad! 11:40pm American Dad! 12:00am Bad Education 12:30am Russell Howard's Good News 1:00am Staying In with Greg and Russell 1:30am Unsafe Sex in the City 2:30am Some Girls 3:00am Him & Her 3:30am Him & Her

6:10am The Hoobs 6:35am The Hoobs 7:05am According to Jim 7:30am Will & Grace 7:55am Frasier 8:25am Frasier 8:55am Everybody Loves Raymond 9:30am Everybody Loves Raymond 10:00am Four Rooms 11:00am A Place in the Sun: Home or Away 12:00pm 4 News 12:05pm Gordon Ramsay's Home Cooking 12:35pm River Cottage Bites 12:50pm Shane 3:10pm Countdown 4:00pm Deal or No Deal 5:00pm Four in a Bed 5:30pm Come Dine

7:00pm Don't Tell the Bride 8:00pm Hotel of Mum and Dad 9:00pm Crime, Carnage & Cancun: Stacey Dooley Investigates 10:00pm Some Girls 10:30pm EastEnders 11:00pm Family Guy 11:25pm Family Guy 11:45pm American Dad!

with Me 6:00pm The Simpsons 6:30pm Hollyoaks 7:00pm Channel 4 News 7:55pm Sex Box 8:00pm Dogs: Their Secret Lives 9:00pm 999: What's Your Emergency? 10:00pm Diary of a Teenage Virgin 11:05pm Educating Yorkshire 12:05am First Time Farmers 1:00am Random Acts 1:05am Diamond Queen 3:25am Nashville 4:05am Deal or No Deal 5:00am Countdown 5:45am Baking Mad with Eric Lanlard 12:10am American Dad! 12:30am Some Girls 1:00am Crime, Carnage & Cancun: Stacey Dooley Investigates 2:00am Sex, Stags & Prague: Stacey Dooley Investigates 3:00am Crime, Carnage & Cancun: Stacey Dooley Investigates

6:10am The Hoobs 6:35am The Hoobs 7:00am According to Jim 7:30am Will & Grace 7:55am Frasier 8:25am Frasier 9:00am Everybody Loves Raymond 9:30am Everybody Loves Raymond 10:00am Four Rooms 11:00am A Place in the Sun: Home or Away 12:00pm 4 News 12:05pm Gordon Ramsay's Home Cooking 12:35pm River Cottage Bites 12:50pm Earthquake 3:10pm Countdown 4:00pm Deal or No Deal 5:00pm Four in a Bed 5:30pm Come Dine

with Me 6:00pm The Simpsons 6:30pm Hollyoaks 7:00pm Channel 4 News 7:55pm Sex Box 8:00pm Double Your House for Half the Money 9:00pm Masters of Sex 10:10pm London Irish 10:40pm 8 Out of 10 Cats 11:30pm The Simpsons 11:55pm The Simpsons 12:25am Random Acts 12:30am Poker 1:30am KOTV Boxing Weekly 1:55am Beach Volleyball 2:50am FIM Superbike World Championship 3:20am XTERRA England

26 N Magazine

WEDNESDAY, October 9th 2013

Read your favourite news, plus a whole lot more in

Take a break SuDoKu


Fill in the grid using all the letters of the alphabet. Some letters have been given to help you get started.

Fill in the grid so that every row, every column and every 3 x 3 grid contains the digits 1 through 9. With no repeats, that means that no number is repeated in any row, column or box. Level:























L 14








Cryptic Quick


1-8 Poor 9-10 Average

1. Gasping (10) 2. Start (8) 3. Sorry (10) 4. Speech disorder (4) 5. Reasonable (4) 6. Ennui (6) 7. City in Peru (4) 14. Locale (5) 15. Never-ceasing (10) 16. Nutritious (10) 19. Remarkable (8) 21. Paradise (6) 24. Among (4) 25. Coloured part of an eye (4) 26. Biblical kingdom (4)


1-11 Poor 12-14 Average

15-17 Good 18-20 Excellent

The following are not allowed: - Words beginning with a capital letter - Words with a hyphen or apostrophe - Plural words ending in “s”

Please note that the Quick crossword may contain American spelling


11-13 Good 14-16 Excellent



SoluTIoN FoR SuDoKu





1. New Zealand 8. Felon 9. Abstain 10. Replace 11. Alley 12. Trench

19. Shut 20. Escutcheon 22. Nail 23. Parodise 27. Laughs 28. Libidinous 29. Acne

14. Teacup 17. Libya 19. Harpist 21. Spartan 22. Weedy 23. Lucky Break


8. Bran 9. Philatelic 10. Pastel 11. Partisan 12. Whoa 13. Government 17. Sere 18. Tonal



19. V 20. Z 21. C 22. X 23. W 24. J 25. G 26. B

8. Fiber source (4) 9. Relating to postage stamps (10) 10. Soft shade (6) 11. Zealot (8) 12. Stop for a horse (4) 13. Legislature (10) 17. Arid (4) 18. Relating to tone (5) 19. Close (4) 20. Shield (10) 22. Found on a finger (4) 23. Imitate (8) 27. Chuckles (6) 28. Driven by lust (10) 29. Skin disease (4)


10. H 11. K 12. T 13. D 14. N 15. O 16. A 17. Q 18. F


2. It puts us in the shade, naturally (7) 3. Hope saved its captive after all (5) 4. In the publicity the labyrinth caused a shock (6) 5. Still a variety of sausage (7) 6. Give a protracted speech (5) 7. Concerned in making my tap shiny (2,8) 8. Excellent start at school? (5-5) 13. Quite out of order (7) 15. Fancy me being found in a broken chair (7) 16. Retiring worker seen in a humble dwelling (6) 18. There's rising hostility in this quarrel (5) 20. Quarrelsome oarsman (5)

1. E 2. S 3. U 4. I 5. M 6. Y 7. L 8. R 9. P

1. Fresh enthusiasm and a source of dairy produce (3,7) 8. Some lifelong criminal (5) 9. It's a ban put out - so keep away (7) 10. Restore two kinds of fabric (7) 11. Large marble passage (5) 12. Slit at the front (6) 14. Domestic storm centre (6) 17. The land transformed by Ali (5) 19. His part is arranged for one in the orchestra (7) 21. Fight and thrash a tough character (7) 22. Lanky, like unwanted plants (5) 23. A chance one is fortunate to get (5,5)

See how many words of four or more letters you can make from the given nine letters. In making a word each letter may be used only once. The key letter must be used in each word.


The 9-letter word WITHDRAWN



The 9-letter word SHIMMERED



1. Breathless 2. Initiate 3. Apologetic 4. Lisp 5. Fair 6. Tedium 7. Lima 14. Venue

2. Eclipse 3. Zenda 4. Amazed 5. Assuage 6. Drawl 7. In Sympathy

15. Relentless 16. Nourishing 19. Singular 21. Utopia 24. Amid 25. Iris 26. Edom 8. First Class 13. Chaotic 15. Chimera 16. Shanty 18. Brawl 20. Rower

the N ews Zpvs!pvumppl!po!uif!Xpsme

“THE NEWS” WANTS TO HEAR YOUR VIEWS Send letters to the editor as part of an e-mail text to

Opinion Calahonda

Jean Bagnall Why is the Costa del Sol trying to ruin the tourist trade?

Bar owners – mainly British – who are willing to pay their taxes and whatever licencing fees are required are being persecuted by the police and forced to turn off any background music that cannot be heard outside their bars to turn off TV commentaries for football, golf, tennis or any other sport – no matter how quiet it is – take down bar signs that are not hanging over the road or footpath, and are No Danger to anyone. As for any other entertainment i.e. singers, karaoke, guitarist etc., forget it…. Tourists are constantly

asking: “Where is the entertainment” and have to be told: “Sorry there is none.” Some Spanish bars seem to be able to do what they please, while the English bars in the same street are forced to close. One particular case I know of is an English bar that had a plasma 22” TV on their terrace with no sound, and was ordered by the police to remove it while two doors down a Spanish bar has a giant screen on their terrace and are not bothered. The Costa del Sol is well known to be the main holiday resort in the world for British holiday makers but for the past five years it is rapidly worsening. WHY?

Ann Grogans The reason why older people walk on roads in Spain is because of the hazards of walking on pavements – they have obstacles such as trees, bollards, holes, uneven paving, cars partially parked and dog poo!

I just wanted to say a very big thank you to those few people that helped me out




authorities, because the bar owners – who are as I said, willing to pay to keep these bars and restaurants alive – their lawyers and solicitors cannot get any answers.

If something is not done soon, and honest working Brits are not allowed to run their business legally Spain will find itself in a much deeper recession than it already is.

I am aware that certain areas on the Costa have a reputation for being invaded by young drunken Brits causing trouble, but Family Bars that cater for people who just want to have a good time on their long-awaited hard-workedfor holidays are being totally disappointed.

by email

Also, most of the pavements are so narrow that you are constantly stepping off and on the pavements with sometimes very high kerbs so that others can pass. By comparison the road is

Mark Penn

& Stargazing

Opinion & Comment N 27

WEDNESDAY, October 9th 2013

by far the easiest option.

Also, if Mrs Sanderson is braking so fiercely at zebra crossings then she is going far too fast – they are supposed to be approached with caution!

Alhaurin el Grande

the other day (Tuesday).

I found myself needing to get back from Fuengirola after finishing work through a belt of repercussions of a hernia that had been caused over the weekend. Because of the complete lack of buses I found myself walking to the roundabout where the road split to La Cala or Fuengirola. I needed to get to Alhaurin el Grande.

I decide to “hitch”, my feet couldn’t take any more !

Thank You to the lady who pulled over but was only going to La Atalaya. Much Appreciated !! Thank you to the young Spaniard who took me as far as the BP garage at the top of the road. Muchas

Gracias Senor.

And then .... Thank you most of all to the gentleman that picked me up on the way to Alhaurin el Grande. When I opened the door of his car I smacked my head on the door frame, broke my glasses and began to bleed profusely. This man really didn’t need this but he gave me a lift to the centre of Alhaurin el Grande, (bleeding, distraught and VERY fed up) but all the same, I was home and THANK YOU TO ALL CONCERNED !! VERY VERY appreciated.


Random Acts of Kindness are a small thing for most people but HUGE to those involved.

Comment By Ken Campbell

See the International Space Station!


For anyone who hasn’t managed to spot the ISS yet then this week will be a perfect opportunity.

ust like a bus, you wait for ages then two turn up together, and this week there will be two very good sightings of the International Space Station (ISS).


he ISS is a giant orbiting space station; it is the largest object ever to be put into space. It is so big that it could not be built in one piece; instead it was pieced together over a 10 year period. It is 239 ft long, 356 ft wide and 66 ft high and weighs almost 450 tonnes; it’s bigger than a football field. It travels at 17,100 mph at an altitude of between 205 and 270 miles high.


t has no engines of its own, it is simply flying along because there is no air resistance to slow it down so it maintains the same speed. It does have tiny manoeuvring thrusters that are used to raise it back up into a higher orbit or to move it out of the way of any danger from other space objects. As it orbits the Earth every 90 minutes it is constantly falling back toward the Earth but the curvature of the Earth is such that the station remains in constant free fall around it.


stronauts are not technically ‘weightless’ on board the ISS, gravity from the Earth is still having an effect on them. They appear ‘weightless’ because they are floating around inside a vessel that is falling at the same speed that they are. If you were inside an elevator when the cable snapped you too would experience ‘weightlessness’ until you hit the bottom of the lift shaft that is!


onstruction of the ISS began in 1998 when two unmanned Russian modules were launched into space and then robotically docked together. From then on each separate module was delivered to the growing station on board a Space Shuttle and astronauts had to don their spacesuits and literally bolt the sections together. In all 159 separate components were attached to the ISS requiring over 1,000 hours and almost 160 spacewalks.


he first astronauts took up residency in November 2000 and since then the station has been constantly inhabited by up to six astronauts at a time occasionally peaking to 12 astronauts during hand over of crews.


n 2003 construction was held up following the destruction of the Space Shuttle Colombia as it returned to

Earth after delivering another module. Construction resumed again in 2005 when the Shuttle Atlantis delivered another set of solar panels. These huge ‘wings’ help to produce the electric supply for the station.


ver since the dissolution of the Space Shuttle fleet all astronauts are ferried up to the ISS and back down again courtesy of Russian Soyuz vehicles. Unmanned rockets now send any supplies that are needed.


he ISS has no external lights of its own so it can only be seen up to about an hour before sunrise or after sunset when the sky is dark enough but the sun is still reflecting off the body of the station. On a really good sighting it can shine brighter than any star and even outshine dazzling Venus. It looks like a really bright star when it first appears above the horizon and hardly seems to be moving but as it climbs higher in the sky and gets closer to you it gets much brighter and zooms along at speed.


o see it, go outside tonight (Wednesday 9th October) at 21.00 and look toward the Southwest and low down on the horizon you should be able to see Venus. Keep watching Venus and at 21.03 you will see the ISS appear just to the left of Venus. At 21.07 it will be almost directly overhead and disappear toward the Northeast at 21.09.


f you miss it then try again tomorrow night for an even better view this time at 20.14 coming from the same direction only this time it appears to ‘hit’ Venus when it first appears. When it is almost overhead at 20.19 it will be the brightest object in the night sky.


on’t forget to give the astronauts a big wave as they go past, the captain said he’s going to lean out of the window and wave back. appy Stargazing.

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WEDNESDAY, October 9th 2013


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661 114 070 LONG LET. BenalmĂĄdena Costa. Minerva Complex. Stunning fully renovated studio with sea views. (246)t â‚Ź330PCM. Elie: 634820748 -

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Nif: X-5640385-A




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Fully reformed. Lounge & terrace with beautiful views to the gardens. Afternoon sun. Communal pool, BBQ area, tennis court.



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WEDNESDAY, October 9th 2013

Read your favourite news, plus a whole lot more in

Vettel wins again but Greg Harlow and Potters tyres make the news at Miraflores Bowls Club Despite two safety car periods, Vettel managed to keep the gap to his rivals to claim his third straight win, at the Korea International Circuit, his fourth in a row this season and the 34th of his F1 career. Vettel's closest title rival Ferrari's Fernando Alonso could do no better than sixth, meaning there is now a 77-point gap between the 32 -year-old Spaniard and 26-year-old German. Should Vettel win again and Alonso finish no higher than ninth in the Japanese Grand Prix next Sunday, it means the German can once again crack open the titlewinning champagne.

Vettel finished ahead of Lotus duo Kimi Raikkonen and Romain Grosjean who were split by just 0.7secs, with Sauber's Nico Hulkenberg, who had a very sound race, fourth ahead of Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton, and then Alonso. Through the first round of early pit stops, from laps six to 10, the leading trio of Vettel, Grosjean and Hamilton were covered by around six seconds and it looked like we were in for an exciting race. But then on lap 24 Hamilton's mediumcompound rubber gave up the ghost, the Briton losing a staggering 16 seconds over six laps, dragging him back into the clutches of teammate Nico Rosberg. Just as Rosberg passed Hamilton though, his front wing failed, the nose dipping on to the track and sending showers of sparks up into the air for the remainder of the lap before the German pitted for a new part.

It resulted in a crazy period of the race as Paul Di Resta then spun off, sliding his Force India into a barrier. A lap later and heading down the long straight between turns one and two, Sergio Perez suffered a high-speed delamination of the frontright tyre on his McLaren, sending debris across the track and sparking a safety car. That led to many drivers diving into the pits for their second stops and bunching up the field, with Vettel

ahead of Grosjean, Raikkonen, Hamilton, Hulkenberg and Alonso at that stage. Whilst the debris was cleared (very slowly) and the lapped cars unlapped themselves as per the regulations, the safety car

stayed out for a total of five laps, leaving 19 to run to the chequered flag. Hulkenberg quickly passed Hamilton into turn two to claim fourth place. In the same corner, Adrian Sutil lost his Force India under braking, sliding into Mark Webber's Red Bull, with his car spewing

flames Webber was out of the car and retired from the race. With the marshals slow to react, and with plumes of black smoke swirling in the air, the safety car was again deployed. Nothing much

changed after this and it was yet another long bore of a race. Hopefully the changes to turbo engine’s next year will result in more even racing, as it is we rarely get to see Vettel actually battling with anybody during the race as he is usually so far ahead. How can one man’s car be so much better than every one else’s, even his own team-mates?

Autosalon Coin

Simply repairs & servicing to all makes and models at unbeatable prices


609 709 466

ENGLISH MECHANICS WORKSHOP & MOBILE Prompt Reliable Service City & Guilds Qualified


Optimise your car to save you money




952 917 353 687 727 460 - 687 727 516

at the end of the Coin road Mijas Costa

On Tuesday 1st October in glorious sunshine, Miraflores Bowls Club were delighted to welcome a visiting group from Potters Leisure led by former World Champion Greg Harlow. The group was unique in that they were part of a No Fly Cruising holiday organised by Potters Leisure on the 4* Fred Olsen cruise ship “Balmoral” which was calling at Malaga as one of only three ports of call where the bowlers would play against local opposition.

The party arrived at 10.00 a.m. and played against the club in timed games in both the morning and afternoon. As always after the match when presentations were made, no mention was made of the

All of the players, with Greg Harlow at the far Right

team scores, but Greg added in a special handicap to the Potters score to enable him to call the match a draw! This remark drew a great deal of laughter from both the participants and the multitude of spectators who came along to see Greg and his group in action!

After a full day at the club the visitors left to rejoin the ship to set sail for their next port of call proclaiming a good time had been had by all. Finally, an advance warning to all bowlers on the coast the posters and entry forms for the

Miraflores Open have been circulated to all clubs, entry is open to all whether a club member or not. As always there will be Mixed Triples, Mixed Pairs and Men’s & Ladies’ Singles competitions.

Entry fees remain at €8 per person per event and the value of prizes for the competition and the finals day draw exceeds €2000. Entries can be made either via a club or direct to or by phoning 610324587. Report by Grant Frost

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WEDNESDAY, October 9th 2013

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Gus Poyet named as Black Cats new boss L to R Ian Holden, Capt Joe King, Sav Ramayon & Ian Vaughan

C.O.G.S. Golf News

We made the short journey to Santa Maria to find the course in its normal very good condition. I only played three holes because my wife rang and said she had her handbag stolen from the house, which when I got home she had found! At least I didn’t come last again. The results were as follows. Longest drive on hole 9 Andy Macfarlane. Nearest the pin on hole 15 Ian Holden. Nearest the pin in two shots on hole 4 Ian Vaughan. Winning team with 112 points was Dave

Wrigglesworth, Ian Holden, Ian Vaughan and Gerry Owens. In the day’s main competition, third place went to Ian Holden with 35 points, in second place with 36 points was Sav Ramayon and in first place with 36 points on count back was Ian Vaughan. The members would like to thank Elaine at Laineys bar for the nibbles and Andy Macfarlane our Secretary and John Bamber our Treasurer for organising the event.

Former Brighton boss Gus Poyet has been named as new Sunderland head coach on a two-year deal. The Black Cats lie bottom of the Premier League and sacked Paolo Di Canio in September after only 13 games. Poyet, 45, who was dismissed by the Seagulls in June, will be joined at the Stadium of Light by his Brighton backroom staff of Mauricio Taricco and Charlie Oatway. He becomes Sunderland's sixth manager in the past five years.

by Nig Bowler

Wayne’s Weekly Poker Tips Using Obvious Plays to Your Benefit ( part 2 ) You need to be able to effectively calculate your risk and reward in these positions, but this is no different from almost any other situation in pre-flop poker. For the most part it will be better to obtain the “easier” value when and where you can, but this doesn’t mean that passive play can’t be used to confuse your opponents from time to time.

Post-Flop Benefits

Post-flop play is, without a doubt, the time where you are really going to be able to make the most out of some interesting situations. You are going to have a lot more room for creativity and manoeuvring when you are beyond the flop. Stack sizes become more relevant, there is more ability to mix things up and, most importantly, you will have a better idea of where you stand in the hand. Trying to trick your opponent into thinking you have a suited connector is a much better idea on a draw heavy board that missed than it is on one with all sorts of completed hands. The more information (cards and action) available to you, the better you can position yourself to confuse your opponent. Actual examples are usually the best way to illustrate any point. Let’s

say that you have a decent pocket pair, use pocket jacks for example. The flop is all low cards and you lead out. The turn is another low card so you fire another bet and your opponent calls again. The river delivers a king. Now the odds are that you are still ahead because it wouldn’t make much sense for your opponent to call you down with a king alone, however the king can potentially be one of the best cards in the deck for you. It is important to note that a queen or ace would be of roughly equal value in this scenario. Given how the hand has played out, it would make sense to your opponent that you had an over pair that is now beaten by a higher card on the board. If there were several draws in play, a missed draw coupled with an over card could create an optimal situation for a bluff. Since you know that your opponent might have been on a draw from the beginning, there is little to no reason to fire again on the river. If you are truly behind, you are going to get raised and will be forced to fold. If you are ahead, the scenarios are both positive: either your opponent checks back or your opponent bets out. If they bet out and you are confident that your hand is

best, you have earned an extra bet. If they check back, you have avoided risking any further money and have managed to take down the pot. If you play your hand as straightforwardly as possible, sometimes your opponents will do their best to get you to fold. Plus, your worst case scenario (calling a bet against a better hand) is much better than your worst case scenario if you bet out (being raised). There are virtually infinite situations where these ideas can be put into play, but a few definitely stand out the most: raising on boards with missed draws, raising/betting out on over cards when you actually have a much better hand than the pair you are representing, and inducing bets from aggressive players who aim to face folds. While these are hardly the only times where obvious plays can work to your advantage via deception, they are premier illustrations of how perception is everything in poker

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weDnesDAy, October 9th 2013

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Lotus prepared to gamble on Hulkenberg

Lotus team principal Eric Boullier is considering signing German Nico Hulkenberg despite the introduction of a minimum weight rule next season. There are concerns that taller drivers such as Hulkenberg could miss out. McLaren have ruled out the Sauber driver, who weighs 74kg, for next year because heavier engines mean teams are struggling to meet the weight limit. But Boullier said: "We know what he is capable of, which is why I have made clear he is a candidate for next year."

Osasuna shock Málaga Malaga 0 - 1 Osasuna

Málaga returned to La Roselada for their first Friday night game following last week´s draw away to Valladolid. They faced an Osasuna side which has only won once so far this season and were in the bottom three.

Osasuna had the first chance of the match after just two minutes. Oriol Riera´s left footed shot from outside the box was saved by Willy Caballero. Pedro Morales responded

just a few minutes later but his shot went wide of the post. Both sides went on to have a few half chances and Málaga keeper Caballero kept the home side in the game with a string of saves, but after 26 minutes it was the visitors who took the lead, and there was nothing Caballero could do when Riera smashed home the loose ball after his initial effort was saved. Three minutes later it was nearly two nil, but Marc Bertrán´s left-

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footed shot from the right side of the box was saved and then Sisi´s shot was blocked. Osasuna kept pushing for a second goal but Málaga would have felt relieved at going into the break just one nil down.

Málaga manager Bernt Schuster made two attacking substitutions at half time bringing on El Hamdaoui and Pawlowski but the hosts struggled to make any sort of impact on the game and the Málaga fans had to wait until the 66th minute for


Ashley cole out of montenegro qualifier

another chance on goal, but Roque Santa Cruz´s shot was saved by the Osasuna keeper. Tissone tried his luck with nothing more that a half chance and Osasuna finished the game claiming three much needed points.


The teams were locked at 9-9 going into the final day's singles. And the contest went down to the final match between Francesco

Molinari and England's Chris Wood, with the Italian winning 3&2 thanks to a birdie at 16. France's Gregory Bourdy beat Scotland's Scott Jamieson 4&3 to finish with five victories from his five matches.

England's Simon Khan withdrew from the singles

La Cala de Mijas

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Málaga will welcome the international break for a chance to regroup after this defeat. They face a trip to Real Madrid on Saturday 19th with a 4pm kick off. Report by Danielle Moss

Europe beat GB & Ireland for first time since 2000 Continental Europe won the Seve Trophy for the first time since 2000 with a 15-13 victory over Great Britain & Ireland at St-Nom-LaBreteche.



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because of a bad back, meaning Denmark's Thomas Bjorn had to step aside for Europe.

Spanish veteran Miguel Angel Jimenez was a 6&4 winner against David Lynn to put Europe within half a point of victory. Scotland's Paul Lawrie pulled one back with a 2&1 victory over Finn Mikko Ilonen but Molinari bagged the winning point for Jose Maria Olazabal's side with a long-range putt. Molinari also played the anchor role in last year's European victory in the Ryder Cup.

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England left-back Ashley Cole will miss Friday's World Cup qualifier against Montenegro because of a rib injury. The 32-year-old was hurt during Chelsea's 3-1 win at Norwich and has been replaced in manager Roy Hodgson's squad by Arsenal's Kieran Gibbs. Cole, who has won 105 caps for the national team, will remain with Chelsea for more treatment. It is not yet clear whether he will be able to feature in England's last group game against Poland on 15th October. England need to win both matches at Wembley to guarantee World Cup qualification.

winter OlymPics

Putin launches Olympic torch relay

Russian President Vladimir Putin has taken part in a ceremony in Moscow to launch the torch relay for next year's Winter Olympics in Sochi. The torch will go on a 123-day journey covering some 65,000km (40,000 miles) before the Games start in the Black Sea resort on 7th February. The torch's journey will include a trip into space. But the relay got off to a rocky start when the flame briefly went out during the loop through the Kremlin. A security guard had to re-light it with a cigarette lighter. Mr Putin said the Games would show Russia's "respect for equality and diversity".

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