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Wednesday, September 18th 2013 Issue 244

Costa Concordia finally set upright

Engineers have succeeded in raising the cruise ship Costa Concordia from the rocks, 20 months after it ran aground off the island of Giglio. They said that the unprecedented salvage effort had "reached degree zero [vertical], which was our target". In the operation, that took all of Monday and most of the night, they used cables and metal boxes filled with water to roll the ship onto a platform. The Costa Concordia capsized in January 2012, killing 32 people.

The bodies of two of the victims of the disaster

have never been found, and there are hopes that they may be located inside the ship.

The ship was declared completely upright shortly after 04:00 local time on Tuesday.

Franco Gabrielli, the head of Italy's Civil Protection Authority, said the vessel was now sitting on a platform built on the sea bed. "A perfect operation, I must say,"



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said Franco Porcellacchia, leader of the technical team for Costa Cruise, the owner of the ship.

He added that no environmental spill was detected so far. Booms and nets were put in place before the operation started – to combat any pollution threat in what is a marine national park. The 114,000-gross tonnage

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ANTHONYS DIAMONDS ship – twice as heavy as the Titanic – was raised from the rocks on which it had been lying and rolled up onto her keel. More than 50 enormous chains and winches were used to break the ship away from the reef in a process known as parbuckling.

During the marathon operation, the ship could be seen gradually emerging from the water. The engineers had originally planned to complete the operation by Monday evening, but it had to be delayed by three hours because of a storm. CONTINUED ON PAGE 2



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02 N General News

WEDNESDAY, September 18th 2013


Paella for the pooches

Araby in Andalucia

PAD (Proteccion de Animales Domesticos) is holding an open day on Sunday at their Mijas Costa shelter where visitors can see the current dogs and cats for adoption while enjoying food and live music.

The annual Festival Arabe Andalusi takes place this weekend in Salares, a Moorish village in the Axarquia See or telephone 952 50 89 05 for information.

Admission 10 euros per person (all proceeds to PAD). See page 17.

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Concordia ORLD set upright

By Kym Wickham

When I was delivering the papers last week I met some people who asked me how long my round took. Well, on that particular week it was seventeen-anda-half hours. They looked at me as if I was absolutely bonkers, with a little bit of disbelief thrown in but, depending on how long I spend chatting as I go round – and let’s face it, if you didn’t you’d have to be bonkers to do it – the round can take anything from sixteen hours upwards. Now, some would agree that I am a bit off the wall and possibly even totally bonkers as they said but, once a week, I get out of the office and I meet our readers. It’s great and although utterly exhausting by the end of the day, I know exactly where our papers are going, which places need more or less and can instantly adjust it so that all our papers are in the right places. I find out what people do and don’t like about the paper and living in or visiting Spain, and all manner about themselves, their friends, their families, where they’ve been and


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Hours in a day

where they’re going, and sometimes even what their dreams are. I make friends with our regulars and look forward to seeing them every week – yes, even you Dennis! I would say that I have one of the best jobs in the world! The rellies have arrived from the land of Oz with just a onehour delay on the flight. They were off to Jerez for the day on Monday to sample some of the great sherries on offer there but Satnav couldn’t find the particular Bodega they wanted. Would any of the others give them directions? Not likely!

The procedure was carried out very slowly to prevent further damage to the hull, which spent months partially submerged in 15m of water and fully exposed to the elements.

Officials now plan to make a full inspection of the vessel and begin to prepare the next stage – to repair and refloat it and eventually tow it away to be destroyed. It is the first time engineers have tried to lift such a huge ship – over 951 feet long. Giglio mayor Sergio Ortelli earlier said the Costa Concordia's removal would bring an end to "a


huge problem that we have in our port and that we want to solve as soon as we can. Islanders can't wait to see the back of it," The small island's economy depends largely on tourism and the presence of the wreck has discouraged visitors.

The salvage project has so far cost more than €600 million and is expected to cost much more before the operation is complete. Five people have been convicted of manslaughter over the disaster. The captain, Francesco Schettino, is currently on trial accused of manslaughter and abandoning ship.



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National News N 03

WEDNESDAY, September 18th 2013

News Zpvs!pvumppl!po!uif!Xpsme


National News



the New York Times began publishing

Catalonia would Spending cuts approved lose EU status

The European Commission vice president responsible for competition, Spaniard Joaquín Almunia, said on Monday that if Catalonia chooses to secede from Spain, it would automatically also cease to belong to the European Union.

accepted Rajoy’s offer to hold talks on the issue, but insisted that Catalans will vote next year on the issue.

Meanwhile, without referring specifically to Catalonia, a European Commission spokesman also reiterated that if a territory of a member state of the EU declares its independence, it becomes a “third country” according to EU treaties.

“The party that separates is not a member of the European Union,” Almunia told a seminar on Europe held in Barcelona.

He urged Catalan regional premier Artur Mas and Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy to sit down “face to face and with cool heads” and work out a solution to Catalonia’s insistence on holding a vote to decide the region’s future within Spain. Mas said on Sunday that he

The spokesman said that in order for the Commission to rule formally on the issue of EU membership, a member state, in this case Spain, would have to request this. He also said any new or existing state is free to seek admission to the EU.

The government's reforms of the state pension system, which were approved by the Cabinet last Friday, are aimed at saving €32.9 billion in the period 2014-2024, according to notes accompanying the draft bill sent to the government’s Economic and Social Council (CES) consultative body.

According to El Pais newspaper, which has had access to the figures included in the notes and the draft bill, pensioners will lose purchasing power


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The government has proposed an amendment to the way pensions are re-valued annually. Currently, this revaluation is linked to the consumer price index and compensates retirees for the loss of purchasing power as a result of the actual inflation rate exceeding the government’s target rate.


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maximum of inflation plus 0.25 percent, with the new system to take effect at the beginning of next year. It also plans to introduce a new parameter that takes into consideration factors such as the official retirement age, the number of years of Social Security contributions and the number of years on which pension entitlements are calculated, as well as life expectancy rates, to determine levels of benefits that ensure the sustainability of the pension system. This is due to take effect in 2019.

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04 N National News

WEDNESDAY, September 18th 2013

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Parliament vacated Bid for 2024 Games ruled out for Madrid after roof leak Parliament got off to a damp start last week when MPs were forced to vacate the chamber because of a leaking roof.

During a thunderstorm over the capital, water began to pour in through the roof over the parliamentary chamber just as politicians were taking their seats for the first time after the summer break.

Work to overhaul the building began during the summer at an estimated cost of €4.4 million and repairs to the roof are still ongoing. Rain collected in tarpaulins covering sections of the chamber and when the weight became too much it gushed on to the heads of those below. Speaker Jesus Maria Posada Moreno was forced to order everyone to leave and delayed the session by two hours. He warned that the electrical system might be affected and there could be "a risk of electrocution until the problem was solved". Thousands of Spaniards joked on social networks that it "was a sign from the heavens". The incident brought to light the fact that the five bullet holes in the roof of Parliament – put there by

Guardia Civil officers during the February 1981 coup attempt – have been covered over. They were supposed to be left there for eternity – a reminder of how a fragile democracy once came under threat and left an entire country on edge. But now they are gone, MPs want to know who ordered them to be sealed up.

Parliamentary sources believe that the main culprit could have been a lack of supervision when workers began reforming the interior of the Parliament building earlier this year, despite standing orders for workers carrying out refurbishment inside the building not to touch the bullet holes. "We are going to investigate what happened," said Posada. "If anyone wants those holes to be there forever, it is me." Posada was the

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civil governor in Huelva at the time of the coup attempt when Guardia Civil Colonel Antonio Tejero and a group of officers barged into Parliament and began shooting their weapons in the air. After a tense night, they surrendered the following morning.

After three consecutive failed bids to host the Olympic Games, Madrid Mayor Ana Botella told a press conference last Thursday that she had informed King Juan Carlos and Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy that the city should not seek to host the 2024 Games.

At her first press conference following Madrid’s defeat to Tokyo in Buenos Aires the previous Saturday, Botella said the 2020 bid had been a good try: “We had a great dream, not a random dream but one that was based on reason. We shouldn’t feel guilty about it. There seemed to be serious options that the

Skeleton identified

On July 2nd this year, people on board a yacht called Yaiza discovered a skeleton, still in a neoprene suit, complete with diving mask and fins, floating in the sea some 40 miles of the coast of Calpe in Alicante province. The body was carrying a backpack containing a mobile phone, €540 in cash, and a passport in the name of Abdelaziz Elfayafi, born on January 8th, 1989 in Imzouren, a Moroccan city in the Rif region. But the

body was so decomposed that it was impossible to know whether the diver was the owner of the passport or not. Two months of police work and a DNA test have solved the mystery. The Guardia Civil confirmed that it was in fact Abdelaziz. The reason for his death is not clear. At first the Guardia Civil thought he might have been an immigrant trying to reach Spanish shores by sea, but now they believe it was from natural causes.

goal would finally be reached.” Then she added: “Perhaps in the last weeks we took our excitement a little too far. Politicians did it, the media did it, the athletes did it but I don’t think it’s something we should feel too mortified about.” The mayor admitted she had no clue as to the reasons for Madrid’s shock elimination in the first round of voting. She said she had “the impression that in just a few hours too many analyses, theories and retrospective opinions began circulating” adding that “some people even attempted to raise ghosts of our past history associated with national

disasters and failures. They probably did that because it’s the easiest thing to do, even if the comparison barely holds together for an instant.”

She ended the press conference on a more positive note: “What happened deserves some reflection, but not dejection. A country that punishes those who try is a country without any initiative.”

"Humiliating" hazing rituals under fire Making freshmen drink abusively without their consent is the example of student initiation rites most often mentioned by directors of college residences and university administrators.

Others include using the freshman's cupped hands, or mouth, as an ashtray; being made to swallow coins, earth, birdseed or dog food; removing clothes, followed by depilation; and cold showers amid wet-towel slaps and jeers. But this year 125 student residences – out of the 160 in the country – have joined in saying this has gone too far, promising to fight the practice on and off their premises. For the last year the residences have been preparing a text, promoted mainly from Madrid, and now being released as the academic year begins, in an attempt to put an end to the "pact of silence" among students about a practice "that often involves unjustifiable situations of mistreatment, harassment and humiliation". It has already been signed by some university

administrations, with more expected to sign.

For some years now, many campuses have expressly prohibited these practices. Some residences even make students sign a document promising not to take part in hazing when they enrol. But residences and university administrations admit these actions exceed their scope of control, and have asked parents and other institutions to cooperate. The anti-hazing association No mas novatadas (No more hazings) was formed two years ago. Its president, Loreto González, notes that the association has already contacted some politicians, and wants a meeting with the Education Ministry and political parties to prepare a specific law against hazing.

"In France, hazing is expressly included in the Penal Code," she said . "Do we have to wait until something really serious happens here?"


News Zpvs!pvumppl!po!uif!Xpsme

Time runs out for lottery winner Someone is walking around La Coruña, totally unaware that he or she has won €4.7 million in the Primitiva lottery. According to the Galician newspaper La Voz, the ticket was bought nearly three months ago in a Carrefour shopping centre, but ended up on the counter of a different lottery shop. Rather than try to claim it, lottery ticket seller Manuel Reija González

reported it to the lottery administrators. He told TVE1 on Tuesday that he decided to run the ticket through his machine and was amazed to find that it had won €4.7 million.

A nationwide hunt is underway on TV, radio and in the newspapers to find the lucky winner. If he or she doesn't turn up before the end of this week, the prize will go to Reija González. Selling

tickets runs in his family, Reija González's brother works for the lottery, as did his father and grandfather. The mayor of La Coruña, Carlos Negreira, said on Monday: "For the first time we're looking for a millionaire, not because we want money from them, but because we want to give it to them." Some important details have been kept back, to

make sure the right person claims their winnings, including the exact time the ticket was bought. According to the law, "the prize can only be paid out if sufficient information is provided that proves without doubt that the claimant is the rightful" winner. One man has already tried to claim the prize, but has been rejected.

Cannabis store blast injures four An explosion last Thursday in the Madrid district of Carabanchel was caused by an accumulation of gas used in the extraction of cannabis oil and resin in a cannabis paraphernalia store in the basement of an apartment block, seriously injuring four young men. The explosion occurred while the men were harvesting dried marijuana plants for

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) – its principal psychoactive component – a process that requires the use of highly inflammable Blau gas, which is sold in pressurized canisters.

Investigators said there were indications that during the extraction process, which should be carried out in a ventilated space, a naked flame was lit causing the gases to ignite. They said that the basement measured just

45 square metres and was poorly ventilated.

However, the exact source of the heat that triggered the explosion is still unknown. Six people in the ground floor apartment when the explosion occurred were unharmed. According to an eye witness, three of the men in the basement ran from the store in flames. The fourth was rescued from the interior of the building. A young

girl who was outside the store was treated at the scene for light cuts to her arms caused by the glass from the store window, while a police officer who assisted the injured men was treated for smoke inhalation. After inspecting the building the fire services chose not to evacuate residents as no structural damage resulted from the blast.



National News N 05

WEDNESDAY, September 18th 2013



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Socialists refuse to back Transparency Law

Parliament has approved one of the government's star pieces of legislation – the Transparency Law – without the support of the main opposition group, the Socialist Party (PSOE), which withheld its votes mostly because of the Bárcenas corruption scandal, which involves an alleged Partido Popular slush fund that was run by the party's disgraced former treasurer, Luis Bárcenas. The legislation, which is aimed at shining more light on to the notoriously opaque workings of all levels of government, was supported by the PP, the Catalan nationalist bloc CiU, the Basque nationalists PNV and the Canaries Coalition (CC). The main sponsor of the legislation, deputy Prime minister Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría, said she "would not rest" until more parties signed up to the law.


Government wants new forum re Gibraltar

To defuse the diplomatic row that flared up last month over Gibraltar, Foreign minister José manuel García-margallo has written to his British counterpart, William Hague, proposing a new framework for discussing issues concerning the territory. The government rejects the tripartite forum set up under Socialist Prime minister José Luis rodríguez Zapatero, which gave equal status to Gibraltar, Spain and the UK. García-margallo said he had proposed to Hague a "method of working" that would set an "agenda and the composition of ad-hoc groups to resolve conflict". Hague proposed something along those lines in april of last year, with all the relevant authorities concerned to be involved in resolving issues such as fishing rights and environmental protection measures.


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WEDNESDAY, September 18th 2013

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World News Islamist leader gets death penalty

Bangladesh's top court has rejected the appeal of an Islamist leader against his war crimes conviction, increasing his life sentence to the death penalty.

In February Abdul Kader Mullah, of the Jamaat-eIslami party, was convicted by a special tribunal of crimes during the 1971 war of independence with Pakistan.

The life sentence imposed at the time unleashed a wave of unrest on the streets pitting supporters of Jamaat, who accuse the government of pursuing a

political vendetta, against pro-government groups, who said the sentence was too lenient. Thousands staged vigils in Dhaka demanding the death penalty for Abdul Kader Mullah, who had been convicted of charges which included overseeing massacres during the bloody struggle for independence. The massacres earned him the nickname of

Call to end child marriage

Yemen's human rights minister Hooria Mashhour has asked parliament to pass a law setting a minimum age for marriage. Her request comes amid an international outcry over reports that an eight-yearold girl died of internal bleeding on the night she wed a 40-year-old man.

Poor families marrying underage girls off for money is common in Yemen, but pressure to ban the practice has intensified after a Yemeni human rights campaigner

said the girl, identified only as Rawan, died last week after being married to a man five times her age in Meedi, a town in the north west of the country. The campaigner told reporters she was taken to a clinic but the medics couldn't save her, adding that no action had been taken against the man. A security official denied the incident had taken place, but two Meedi residents told reporters that it had and tribal chiefs had tried to prevent it being reported.

"koshai" or butcher of Mirpur, and made him one of the more feared Jamaat leaders. More than 100 people have been killed since January in the violent protests.

The special court was set up in 2010 by the current Bangladeshi government to deal with those accused of collaborating with Pakistani forces who attempted to stop East

Pakistan (as Bangladesh was then) from becoming an independent country. But human rights groups have said the tribunal falls short of international standards. Figures from the Bangladesh government estimate more than three million people were killed during the independence war. Other researchers put the figure at between 300,000 and 500,000.

Danone 'shocked' by China bribery claims Dumex, a baby food brand owned by France's Danone said it is investigating claims the company gave "sponsorship fees" or payments of up to 10,000 yuan ($1,632) to hospital staff to use its baby formula products, according to China Central Television. The report, which cited an unidentified former sales manager, comes amid an anti-corruption drive by Beijing. Dumex said it was "extremely shocked" by the allegations. "Dumex Baby Food Co strictly adheres to Chinese laws and regulations," a company spokeswoman said. The

latest allegations come amid a government-led crackdown on corruption in its £220 billion healthcare market. Some inquiries have targeted foreign firms, including British pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline, which is being investigated for allegedly using inducements to promote the sale of its medicines. China is an important market for companies such as Danone, which is the country's third-largest baby formula provider. Danone's baby nutrition unit also makes more than 20% of its overall sales from China.

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the Royal opera House opened in London



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the country's last functioning nuclear reactor has been shut down, with no timetable for a restart. Reactor 4 at ohi in western Japan stopped generating electricity in the early hours of Monday. Analysts have said Japan will be without nuclear power until December at the earliest, the longest shut-down since the 1960s. the Japanese public turned against nuclear power after the meltdowns at the Fukushima plant in 2011. Before the accident, which was caused by a massive earthquake and tsunami, nuclear plants supplied about 30% of Japan's power. But since then the plants have been closed, either for scheduled maintenance or because of safety fears, and have not been restarted. So far, power companies have applied to restart about a dozen of Japan's 50 reactors. EtHIoPIA

Child mortality rate more than halves

New UN statistics show that Ethiopia has more than halved its mortality rates for children under the age of five years during the last two decades. the government attributed the improved figures to its growing economy. Despite the reduction, the UN Children's Fund said Ethiopia needed to do much more to improve health facilities for pregnant women. Ethiopia is one of Africa's poorest states, although it has experienced rapid economic growth in recent years and is one of the continent's leading coffee producers. the country was once a byword for malnutrition in Africa, but the latest Unicef figures show it is one of the few African countries on the path to realising the millennium development goal of reducing child mortality rates. FINLAND

Passengers ignore unlucky omens

Superstitious travellers might think boarding flight 666 to HEL(sinki) on Friday the 13th might be tempting fate. But Finnair passengers on AY666 to Helsinki apparently were not too bothered. Last Friday's flight was almost full. "It has been quite a joke among the pilots," said Juha-Pekka Keidasto, who will flew the Airbus A320 from Copenhagen to Helsinki. "I'm not a superstitious man. It's only a coincidence for me." Friday the 13th is considered bad luck in many countries and the number 666 also has strong negative biblical associations. Some airlines take such fears seriously and do not have a row 13 on board. However, the negative connotations are a relatively new phenomenon for northern Europeans, and Finnair and other regional carriers such as Norwegian and Estonian Air keep row 13.

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News Zpvs!pvumppl!po!uif!Xpsme

Washington Navy Yard gunman named

World News

N 07

France, US and UK want 'strong' UN resolution

A gunman who died after killing 12 people at a naval installation in Washington France, Britain and the US are to seek a "strong" UN resolution with "serious consequences" if DC has been identified as a former Navy serviceman. Aaron Alexis, 34, of Fort Worth, Texas, died in a gun battle with police during the rampage at Washington Navy Yard. Eight others were injured in the attack, which began at around 8:20 local time on Monday.

No motive is known for the attack, whose dozen victims ranged in age from 46 to 73, said the authorities. Police initially responded to reports of two other armed suspects, but after exhaustive searches Washington Police Chief Cathy Lanier said on Monday night they were all but certain that Alexis was the only gunman.

Witnesses said the suspect sprayed bullets in a hallway and fired from a balcony down on to workers in an atrium at the heavily secured

Syria fails to hand over its chemical weapons.

installation in the US capital. He was reportedly armed with an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle, a shotgun and a handgun that he took from a police officer at the scene.

But Russia has warned that threatening Syria may "wreck" the peace talks. Under a deal brokered by Russia and the US, Syria has agreed to disclose its full chemical arms arsenal within a week and eliminate it by mid-2014.

Chief Lanier told reporters that if he had not been shot down "there is no question he would have kept shooting". Valerie Parlave of the FBI said that the suspect, who was employed by a subcontractor that was working on a US Navy intranet network, had a valid pass to enter Washington Navy Yard. Alexis was formerly a petty officer 3rd class who served full-time in the naval reserve from 200711. It was not immediately clear why he left the military, but unnamed

Al-Qaeda 'releases foreign hostage video'

military officers told US media there had been a series of misconduct issues during his service. According



World's oldest man dies The world's oldest man, a one-time sugarcane worker born in Spain, has died in New York state, aged 112.

A video released by the North African arm of alQaeda shows seven Western hostages are still alive. Mauritanian news agency ANI, which received the footage, says it shows four Frenchmen – Daniel Larribe, Pierre Legrand, Thierry Dol and Marc Feret – kidnapped from a uranium compound in Niger three years ago.

Dutch hostage Sjaak Rijke, Swedish hostage Johan Gustafsson, and South African hostage Stephen Malcolm were kidnapped nearly two years ago from a hostel in Timbuktu in an attack that left a German man dead. All the captives

seemed in good health, ANI said. The French foreign ministry said it believed the video was credible.

The video was apparently sent to ANI by the al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM). It was not clear when the video was made, but ANI said the messages recorded by the French hostages were made in June.

This is the first video said to show the men since France sent troops to Mali in January, after alQaeda-linked militants threatened to overrun the capital Bamako.

reports, Alexis was a Buddhist convert who had had two previous gunrelated brushes with the law.

The MJ Colucci & Son Funeral Chapels said on its website that Salustiano "Shorty" Sanchez, recognised by Guinness World Records as the world's oldest man, died on Friday at a nursing home in Grand Island, New York. Guinness said in June that Sanchez, who also had been a construction worker, was the oldest man following the death of 116-year-old Jiroemon Kimura of Japan. Sanchez told Guinness his longevity was due to eating one banana per day and taking Anacin daily. He said living so long was

not a special accomplishment. With his death, the world's oldest man is Arturo Licata of Italy at 111. The oldest woman is Misao Okawa of Japan at 115, according to the Gerontology Research Group, which tracks people 110 and older and validates ages for Guinness. The greatest authenticated age for any human is 122 years, 164 days by Jeanne Louise Calment of France.

UN investigators have said they are probing 14 alleged chemical attacks in Syria since September 2011. The US had threatened military action against the Syrian government over a chemical attack in Damascus on August 21st which is reported to have killed hundreds of people. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad denied allegations his government was behind the attack, accusing the rebels of carrying it out.

UN weapons inspectors who visited the scene of the attack released their findings on Monday, but their remit does not involve assigning blame. The report confirmed chemical weapons had been used "between the parties in the Syrian Arab


Republic". It went on:

"The environmental, chemical and medical samples we have collected provide clear and convincing evidence that surface-to-surface rockets containing the nerve agent sarin were used in the Ghouta area of Damascus. Meanwhile, Paulo Pinheiro, the chairman of the UN Commission of Inquiry on Syria, said it had been investigating 14 alleged chemical attacks since it began monitoring Syrian human rights abuses in September 2011. Mr Pinheiro said investigators had not so far been able to assign blame and believed both President Assad's government and the rebels were responsible for war crimes, but that the regime alone had perpetrated crimes against humanity. He said war crimes, including mass executions, rape and torture, were continuing.

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08 N UK News

WEDNESDAY, September 18th 2013

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:H : H HOFRP OFRPHWR :HOFRPHWR &HQW & HQWUR) )LLQODQ )LQOD QGLD GLD &HQWUR)LQODQGLD W speak your your llanguage a ng ua g e Wee speak mon-fri 10am- 8pm, sat 10am- 2pm Av/ de Los Boliches 4, Fuengir Fuengirrola, o Malaga

Keep up with the news from home while living or taking a holiday here in Spain

CPS and DWP turn up the heat at home and abroad The British Crown Prosecution Service announced this week heavier sentences for convicted fraudsters, indicating that the sentence should fit the crime, with sentences of up to 10 years being handed down. The UK Department of Work and Pensions has also announced a new campaign. Their campaign, starting this autumn, will remind claimants to report any changes to their circumstances at the time that they happen and not wait until DWP investigate. Examples of changes in circumstances include: moving or buying property abroad, moving in with a partner or starting work.

While benefit fraud continues to be a very serious matter, costing tax payers everywhere countless millions every year, here are some of the more amusing excuses and explanations offered by suspected British fraudsters when questioned: •A claimant in West Lothian, who tried to explain her reasons for


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falsely claiming: “I needed the money to pay for TV in each of the five bedrooms, as the kids have ADHT, and I have to keep them in.” She failed to mention the children no longer lived with her. •A Glasgow claimant trying to explain excessive income: "Any wages under £200 are mine but any over £200 must belong to someone else." •A Bilston claimant when questioned about a ‘living together’ fraud: “I don’t know why you’re interviewing me, I’m bisexual!” •In Liverpool a claimant insisted that she didn’t have a relationship with a man who stayed most nights of the week. When it was pointed out that they had three children together in a 5year period, she said: "We're all entitled to a one night stand aren't we?” She was again reminded that there were three children. Her answer: "Well, a three-night stand then". •A claimant from Worcester tried to say: “She's not my partner, she's my sister.” When the investigator held up their wedding certificate, he replied: “That was a drunken mistake.” •A man interviewed in Folkestone regarding a failure to declare his night-watchman job said: "I only claim benefits during the day; what I do at night is my own business" •Another claimant from Folkestone was interviewed regarding failing to declare her partner: "He doesn't live here, he just comes every morning to collect his sandwiches and kiss me good morning before going to work". •A woman when asked why her husband’s belongings were in a wardrobe in her Highgate

Gezocht advertensie verkuper m/v. Bell Geoff 622 05 04 09 Nederlands / Engels sp.

bedroom, after failing to mention a partner in her benefit claim, said: “It’s a spare wardrobe. I never look in a spare wardrobe.” She pleaded guilty in court and was given a community work order for 12 months. •Gloucester job-seeker filled in his application form and said he didn’t have a partner living with him: His excuse: “It's her property so she doesn't live with me, I live with her.” •In an identity fraud trial, an alleged fraudster from London claimed she was a white female depicted in photos even though her skin colour was black and suggested her face had changed shape following a car crash. •Said a claimant from Glasgow: “You have me confused with my evil twin brother. He lives in Pakistan and visits the UK regularly.” The man had two Pakistani passports, one in his own name and the other in the identity of his ‘twin’. Both passports listed all his own children. The excuse? “My brother has children born on the same dates with the same names.” •Another said, "I didn't tell you about my private pension because it’s private.” •A North East DLA claimant asked why she claimed she was incapable of cleaning her own house when she was working as a full-time bus cleaner explained, "By the time I come in from work, I’m that knackered." •And finally: "It's Christmas so I should be able to keep the extra money.”

Besides handing out the humour, the DWP have announced that they are seriously interested in potential fraudsters living on the Costa del Sol and are actively encouraging people to confidentially share their suspicions of benefit fraudsters either via the free Benefit Fraud Hotline 900 554 440 or online at:

Pete Woodall Woody's Los Boliches

theNews Zpvs!pvumppl!po!uif!Xpsme

Paedophile jailed 35-year-old Robert Hunter from Middlesborough has been jailed for twelve years by Teeside Crown Court after being found guilty of using the internet to lure young girls.

He had been arrested in December 2012 and around 800 pornographic videos were found on his computer. Even after his arrest the paedophile continued using social media sites to target the girls, some aged as young

as nine, from all over the world including Europe, Asia, Canada and America. It has been reported that he sometimes used the name of Justin Bieber to convince girls to commit lewd acts for him on a webcam. However, he had managed to disguise his age and identity by convincing the girls that his own webcam wasn’t working and blackmailed some of them into continuing to do what he asked by saying that he

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UK News N 09

WEDNESDAY, September 18th 2013

would make the videos he already had go viral on the internet. The court heard that his “sadistic exploitation” of the youngsters had sparked an Interpol search from him and he was caught when a girl from Tasmania contacted police and they managed to trace him to his home.

Defending Hunter, Tamara Pawson said he was remorseful for his actions and the distress he had caused. Hunter pleaded guilty to 30 offences, which included 15 charges of causing or inciting a child to engage in sexual activity and 14 of making indecent photos of children.

Sergeant Paul Higgins, from Cleveland Police, said: "Robert Hunter was a calculating and malicious predator who set out to coerce and bully young girls into exposing themselves over the Internet. This investigation highlights the dangers that children face when conversing with people over the Internet."

Briton dies in fall from mountain British man Robert Buckley has been killed while climbing with three others on Mount Sefton in the Aoraki-Mt Cook National Park in New Zealand on Saturday.

attempt the climb. A Foreign Office spokeswoman said: "We are aware of the death of a

British man in New Zealand. We are providing consular assistance at this time."

The area is best known for it’s scenery that was used in the Lord Of The Rings films in recent years.

Mr Buckley, 32, fell about 2,000 feet and, although he was wearing crampons and had climbing gear, it has been reported that he was an inexperienced climber. The three other climbers were rescued after spending the night on the mountain and Mr Buckley’s body was recovered on Sunday afternoon. Local police inspector Dave Gaskin confirmed that there was a lot of snow and ice in very steep conditions and that the climbers were neither experienced enough or had the right kind of equipment with them to

951 120 046

10 N Local News

WEDNESDAY, September 18th 2013

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Local News Top cop visits Gibraltar border



Blackpool’s illuminations were switched on for the first time

Ronda hosts the wedding of the year

The Director General of Spain's National Police, Ignacio Cosidó, was in La Linea on Monday for the swearing in of its new police commissioner, Adolfo Castaño. In a statement, he reflected on the border situation. He said Spain would “boost the investigation of economic crime and money laundering related to Gibraltar,” and also sent a message of support to his officers who, he said, were simply obeying orders: “We will not tolerate any aggression, threats and any action to discredit police officers who are carrying out their duties in an exemplary manner.” Sr Cosidó's visit coincided with queues of over two hours to enter Gibraltar in the morning which by evening had been reversed, and vehicles were waiting three hours. There were also significant delays for pedestrians.

Meanwhile, over the weekend, Spain's Agriculture Minister, Miguel Arias Cañete, said his government was ready to file a legal case against Britain if the EU did not press ahead with infringement proceedings against Gibraltar over the artificial reef.

He said the case would focus on three alleged violations of environmental law, including the dropping of

Ignacio Cosidó

the concrete blocks, the extension of breakwaters and the use of permanentlyanchored floating storage tankers in bunkering operations. He said "Brussels is obliged to ensure that EU law is fulfilled. They should start infringement proceedings against the United Kingdom and if Spain has to go to the Court of Justice of the European Union, it will.”

Illegal migrants keep coming A total of 1,749 illegal migrants have reached Andalusian shores aboard 176 unseaworthy craft

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known as pateras and larger more seaworthy boats since the beginning of this year. Cadiz was the main destination for 1,096 of them on 148 pateras. Between August 10th and 16th alone, 329 illegal migrants reached Cadiz's shores, mainly around Tarifa. A total of 390 reached Almeria on 19 boats, with 59 Africans – including four women and three children – being rescued on Monday five miles off Adra. At least 262 illegal migrants have arrived on Granada's coast, the last batch being 27 on a patera which was intercepted on Monday five miles off the coast of Almuñécar.

Former bullfighter and former son-in-law of the Duchess de Alba, Fran Rivera, married Lourdes Montes, "the love of his life", in Ronda on Saturday. Perhaps because photographers and mobile phones had been banned inside the finca where the ceremony took place,

TVE1 showed Rivera's society wedding to Eugenia Martinez de Irujo – whom he also described as the love of his life – in Seville cathedral in October 1998 instead. They divorced in 2002 but the Duchess of Alba continued to look upon him as a son-in-law, until he applied for sole custody

of his daughter with Eugenia. Now she almost spits when asked about him. Celebrity magazine '¡Hola!' was supposed to have the exclusive coverage of the wedding but someone sneaked a mobile phone in and posted photos on the internet.

ABBA and Polly Perkins support the animals Animals in Distress's first big do this autumn is a Dinner Dance featuring ABBA songs with a special Cabaret guest appearance by Polly Perkins, plus the D.J. Lee Jay Road Show to help you dance the night away.

The entrance charge of €15 includes a small donation for A.I.D. The event starts at 7.30 pm for an 8pm dinner at the Hiedra Restaurant which is just inside the entrance to the Poligano Rosa on the A404 Alhaurin el Grande to Coin road. It has plenty of parking space. Tickets are available in advance only,

at the A.I.D. charity shop in Alhaurin el Grande, just a few shops down on the opposite side of the road from Mercadona. For further information, call Joe on 626 942 427. A.I.D.

is a registered charity No. 7974.

For full details go to its website


News Zpvs!pvumppl!po!uif!Xpsme

Judge names ex-premiers in the ERE fraud case Judge Mercedes Alaya took the first steps last week to indict two former Junta de Andalucia premiers, Jose Antonio Griñan and Manuel Chaves, in connection with the so-called ERE case, in which alleged fraud was committed in the allocation of public funds destined for labour-adjustment plans (known as EREs).

She also moved to formally target former Andalusian government commissioners Carmen Martínez Aguayo, Francisco Vallejo, José Antonio Viera, Manuel Recio and Antonio Ávila. Griñán stepped down as premier earlier this month to avoid what he described as the further “erosion” of the ruling Socialist Party in Andalusia, claiming he was never informed of possible wrongdoing in the ERE fund, which was used to help companies cover the severance payments of workers they laid off over the course of a decade.

A number of people who received payments from the fund were not entitled to any of the money handed out. Griñán had stepped in as premier after Chaves left to join the government of Socialist Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero. In a ruling, Judge Alaya said there are “precise elements” that point to “subsidies being granted outside of legally established procedures”. She said her investigation had reached a point that raised the issue of the immunity afforded the politicians identified in the case, in connection “with the facts being investigated”. Making it clear that her

arguments did not constitute a formal indictment, Alaya called on those she named to appear before her for questioning, “in order to allow them to defend themselves”. The judge also said her decision was open to appeal.

The judicial sources said the anti-corruption prosecutor has decided to question the writ because the arguments it uses are not well founded and could leave those affected defenceless. The anti-corruption prosecutor’s office also said Judge Ayala needed to explain her motives for issuing the writ and detail the offenses that she believes might have been committed.

Judge Ayala’s investigation estimates the extent of the alleged fraud committed over the

The runs will take place when the chestnut trees have turned to copper,

known as the "Copper Spring", which attracts large numbers of tourists.

The Genal Valley is one of the country’s main producers of chestnuts and the winners of the runs will received their weight in the nut. Runners will face a 95kilometre run through Jubrique, Genalguacil,



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Bus station to be relocated

The town council has announced that the bus station, currently located in the old town, is to be relocated to a plot of land near the Palacio de Congresos, on the eastern edge of the town. The CTSaPortillo bus company has agreed to build the new station.

a council spokesman said the new location was more convenient both for locals and tourists. He said the old station would make way for a park with trees to provide ample shade and a sculpture and murals to please the eye. He did not say when he expected the new station to be completed.

Covered sports facilities criticised

The spokeswoman for the United left party, Begoña romero, has asked mayor Pedro Fernández montes, to annul two motions approved in last month's plenary council meeting relating to padel rinks and tennis courts. She said the estimated cost of €298,733 of building the covered rinks and courts was a waste of money. She said spending so much money on covering sports areas in a town like Torremolinos, where it does not rain 80 per cent of the year, was not only a waste of money but also an insult to the thousands of families in the town who could not make it to the end of the month.


Council approves IBI reduction

Griñán and Chaves having a quiet word

course of a decade at €136 million euros. Griñán and his predecessor Chaves were in office when the alleged fraud took place.

Meanwhile, new Junta de Andalucia premier Susana Díaz told El Pais newspaper in her first interview with a national newspaper since taking office that “the layoff fraud scandal not only pains me, but it is embarrassing”. She has therefore vowed to wage a ruthless war against public corruption as she begins her term. She reminded the paper that two years ago, when she was secretary of the Socialist Party in Andalusia, she had apologised for the ERE

More than 350 athletes in Genal Valley run More than 350 athletes will participate in the Great Run in the Genal Valley, to be held from October 25th to 27th. They all come from the 15 municipalities in that corner of the province in the Serrania de Ronda.



However, the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office has announced plans to question the writ. As elected holders of public office, Griñán and Chaves both enjoy parliamentary immunity and it would be up to the Supreme Court to initiate proceedings against them if they declined to forego that immunity.


Inland & Coastal News N 11

WEDNESDAY, September 18th 2013

Pujerra, Igualeja, Parauta, Cartajima, Júzcar, Faraján, Alpandeire, Atajate, Benadalid, Benalauría, Algatocín, Gaucín and Benarrabá, starting and ending in Jubrique. Snacks and refreshments will be available in each town, where physiotherapists and podiatrists will be on hand if needed.

case and said "the vast majority of people who are in public service in my party and outside of my party are honest".

The council has approved a plan to reduce the IBI over the next two years, which will benefit around 40 per cent of taxpayers. mayor Ángeles muñoz said the council would allocate €200,000 to subsidise the reduction. In order to create employment, the mayor said the council would reduce the Constructions Tax (ICIO) by 20 per cent for companies that employed between five and ten people, by 30 per cent for companies employed between 11 and 50 workers and by 50 per cent for hotels which remained open all year round.

12 N Political Update

WEDNESDAY, September 18th 2013

Just go away


've been saying for years that Spain should let Catalonia go. Former Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero opened the Pandora's box of Catalan independence when he rashly promised during the campaign for the March 2004 election that the Catalans could draw up a reformed version of their Autonomous Statute and he would give it his backing if elected. He was elected, and the Catalans lost no time in slapping a text on his desk that was independence in everything but name. Zapatero did one of his famous U-turns and toned the whole thing down, but the damage was done.


he so-called "independentista" movement was unleashed and has been mercilessly working the media at every opportunity ever since. Their tactics include burning the Spanish flag and portraits of the Royal Family, and whistling and booing at the latter whenever Barcelona reaches the final of the King's Cup. If you don't like the King you shouldn't compete for his Cup.


ut worse was to come after the current Catalan premier, Artur Mas, won the last but one regional election without a majority. His party, CiU, which used to be a relatively moderate nationalist party, won 62 seats, five short of a majority, but he could rely on smaller nationalist parties for support in the Catalan Parliament. However, piqued when Mariano Rajoy refused to let him take over taxation in the region, he called a snap election for November 2012 – and lost 12 seats!


nfortunately, the ultra-left wing Republican party called ERC won 21, up from 10 the previous year. So he formed an unholy alliance with the ERC, and Catalonia has never been out of the headlines since.

ince the human chain formed by independentistas on September 11th, Catalonia's national day called La Diada, Catalan independence has hogged the

The Local Memo from Voice Madrid

Muriel Pilkington

ow I envy people who don't have enough Spanish to watch television or read the papers here, who can believe that Barcelona is just the most fascinating city in Spain – or so they say. Unfortunately it's full of Catalans who are currently mounting a huge national and international campaign to get support for their independence from Spain – and I am fed up to the back teeth with it all.


Read your favourite news, plus a whole lot more in

Martin Delfín

Secession, the euro and Miss World Writes for the English language version of

headlines in most of the major dailies and TV news broadcasts. For most of us, that date is inextricably associated with the downing of the World Trade Centre's Twin Towers in New York and the attack on the Pentagon. But for Catalans, it commemorates the final fall of Barcelona in 1714 following a siege by Castilian and French forces that had lasted over a year.


nd there's no denying the Catalans may have good reasons for wanting to secede from Spain. Within two years of the city's surrender, the victorious Spanish king, Philip V, punished the territories of Aragon by issuing the Nueva Planta decrees. Catalonia had joined Aragon in the 12th century but had always maintained its own parliament. Philip V abolished Barcelona's Cortes and imposed Castilian law on all parts of Aragon's crown, including the Catalans. That quashing of autonomous Catalan institutions that had existed for many centuries has provided much fuel for the fire of Catalan nationalism over the next 300 years.


he current independence fever is fuelled by what happened after the Civil War. Franco, who never forgave the Catalans their resistance during the Civil War, ordered the abolition of the autonomous institutions granted during the Second Republic (1931-36), and systematically neglected the region, especially its economic infrastructure.


owever, after his death, one of the cornerstones of the transition from dictatorship to democracy was the decision to grant a fair degree of decentralisation to Spain's 17 regions, with the Basque Country and Catalonia getting the biggest slice of the cake.


ow the Catalans want a referendum about the right to decide their own future. In response, some members of the ruling Partido Popular have said the whole country should participate in such a referendum, because they believe a majority would want Catalonia to remain a part of Spain.


f such a referendum were to take place, I think they might get a shock. I dare bet that at least 70 per cent of Spaniards want to see the back of the Catalans so that the government in Madrid can concentrate on solving problems that affect us all.


he Catalan problem won’t go away regardless of what Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy and other people in his Partido Popular (PP) believe. In fact, it has gotten out of control and, unfortunately, has sidetracked the PP administration to deal with the nationalists’ demand for a referendum instead of tackling more pressing issues of the day, such as job creation and shoring up the economy. There are two options that Rajoy must explore: one is opening a frank dialogue with regional premier Artur Mas to discuss possibly giving more autonomy to the region and the other is to embark on a hard-hitting informational campaign so that Catalans, as well as Spaniards, know what is the solid truth about secession.


ajoy has agreed to hold highlevel but discreet talks with Mas to try to defuse this explosive issue, which has gained momentum in the international press after last week’s large turnout at national day celebrations where thousands of citizens joined hands to form a 485-kilometre human chain from the French border to south of Tarragona in support of holding a status referendum. But his best bet – and I am sure this option has been put on the table – would be to explain to Catalans why independence would not be such a great idea.


oaquin Almunia, the EC vice president, already fired the first volley of warnings when he reiterated on Monday that an independent Catalonia would not be able to continue in the European Union, shattering a dream for Mas and his supporters who believe that their region will soon become a full member of the continental club. Almunia didn’t say anything about the euro but bets are that a Republic of Catalonia will for the meantime have to come up with its own currency – a worrisome possibility for big business in the northeast region, not to mention the effect this could have on trade and commerce between its nearest neighbourhoods: Spain, France and Italy.


care tactics, some would say, but I beg to differ. Throughout the 1990s I lived on the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico, a US commonwealth where the political divisions concerning status are so palpable that you don’t need to see a party membership card to measure where one islander stands against the other. The debate on the island’s current status quo and its future is a long and exhausting one

that takes pages after pages of explanation. But diverting the economics behind secession, there are trivial but still very important arguments to all those with nationalist passions on either side of the block.


he independence movement among the 3.5 million residents in the US territory has lost much of its lacquer since the 1960s when far-left philosophy was more abundant on the Caribbean island. During the last referendum held in November 2012, independence garnered just over 5 per cent of the vote pitting the real battle between statehood and the current territorial status. The statehood movement has been growing but there are many in Washington – thanks to a nurtured lobbying effort on behalf of those against Puerto Rico becoming the 51st state – who are putting stumbling blocks in Congress so that lawmakers won’t approve a federally sponsored referendum or plebiscite.


ne of the arguments against statehood, as insignificant as it may seem, is that Puerto Rico would lose all rights to send its own sports delegations to the Olympic Games and other international competitions. There would no longer be a separate Miss World or Miss Universe candidate, and the island’s professional basketball team would be absorbed by the NBA. Frivolous issues, indeed, but they do touch the hearts of – citizens with national pride regardless if they are state-hooders or independence supporters – in a painful way.


hat “silent majority” – the people who Rajoy and his PP officials refer to who did not come out for the Diada – are also concerned about losing EU backing. Catalonia may gets its own beauty queen and sports delegation but it could lose out on the euro – something that neither the nationalists nor the antisecessionists are willing to give up. There is common ground for discussions and the Rajoy administration must snatch this opportunity to discuss issues that are secondary in this wide debate to help break the silence of those who refused to form that human chain.


ollow me on @martingdelfin



N 13

WEDNESDAY, September 18th 2013


News Zpvs!pvumppl!po!uif!Xpsme

The Jukebox rules in Spain... Is yours legal? Generally speaking, public places world-wide, like bars, restaurants and clubs have a legal obligation to pay “economic compensation” for the use of the music they play. Musical content – unless given away freely – belongs to someone, be it Paul McCartney, Warner/Chapple (Warner Brothers) or the deceased Michael Jackson. Even “Happy Birthday” belongs to someone and – by rights – if you want to play it or even sing it in public then you should pay a small amount to the owners to do so. It is as simple as that. It's about copyright and when all added up, it comes to very big bucks.

Theft of intellectual property and counterfeit is taken equally seriously in Spain – from the elusive “looky-looky” man with his arm full of CD's, sunglasses and knock-off Gucci handbags to the dangerous trade in fake medicines. Music is just the same, musical content is

protected by “intellectual property rights”, and the management of these rights falls to one or more of eight management entities approved by the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport.

One of them is the Association of Intellectual Rights Management (AGEDI). They are the ones responsible for granting authorisation to operators who want to load musical content – audio tracks or music video – on to any jukebox that is be operated in public. AGEDI who in turn work with the AIE (for performers), are also responsible for the collection of the fees, the inspection of jukebox installations and more importantly instigating fines to any operators, found to be operating unregulated jukeboxes with therefore illegal content. AGEDI agents inspect ad hoc or if they receive a report of an unregulated

jukebox. Their penalties are punitive and can be harsh, 2000 Euros per machine per month, and as this is considered to be a criminal offence, the possibility of prison (1 to 4 years) tacked on for good measure. Heavy, but that is how it is.

Econ is an AGEDI contracted supplier

Registered digital jukeboxes operators like Econ are contracted to both AGEDI and the owners of the bars or restaurants where a jukebox is sited and ensures the above obligations are met correctly. Econ install their “pay to play” jukeboxes free of charge. Customers just drop a coin in the slot, the machines are user friendly and there are thousands of music tracks to choose from. If their favourite tune isn't there, they can request to have it installed by pressing the appropriate button. All very clever stuff. The



compact, measuring 55 x 70 x 28 cm and are securely fixed to a wall. They come with two loudspeakers as standard and a separate volume control. Each jukebox has a unique registered serial number and is fully AGEDI regulated and therefore legal. They are all on a profit share basis. The money taken by the machine is shared by the venue owner and Econ. Econ then assume responsibility for the paper work to the relevant authorities through the government approved management entities. When an AGEDI inspector walks through the door to inspect the jukebox, smile – if it’s an Econ it’s covered.

As well as locating profit share jukeboxes and pool tables, Econ also sell Wurlitzer and similar jukeboxes for personal home use, from the classic full size nostalgic model to mini retro jukeboxes – none of which need to be registered. To see the full

range of all Econ products including, pool and jukebox accessories have a look at To have profit share “registered” Econ jukebox

installed your bar or restaurant call Mike Brackenridge on 609 504 427. Advertising feature by Pete Woodall, Woody's, Los Boliches.


SHOULD I MAKE A SPANISH WILL? WHAT ARE THE ADVANTAGES? Those foreigners who own properties, or those who have assets in this country, may well have asked themselves if it is necessary to make a will here in Spain.

Our advice would be that whenever a person has properties or assets in other countries it is advisable to make a will in each country, designating your assets according to your wishes to avoid conflicts and excessive expense for your inheritors.

To clarify, it is not obligatory to make a will in Spain, as the Spanish authorities recognise the validity of foreign wills. However, it is true that a will must be translated legally, with an Apostil, (this is an essential requirement for documents to be considered as public documents in Spain), but acts of voluntary

jurisdiction are not subject to Exequatur. That is to say that in the case of a person dying intestate in Spain, the assets are not automatically claimed by the government, the canons of inheritance are applied, whereby the law dictates which family members inherit and the proportion that is due to each member depending upon their relationship with the deceased. This process takes time and expense for the inheritors which could be avoided by making a Spanish will now.

A will in Spain must be signed in front of a Public Notary, who will confirm your identity, your capability to sign, and will testify to their conformity to your last will and testament in a written document, signed by both parties and then registered with the General Wills Register in Madrid, where ALL wills

signed in registered.



After a death the inheritors would be required to obtain a Certificate of the Last Will and Testament of the deceased, where all of the wills signed by the deceased in Spain will appear, including the one signed last, which in Spain is the only one that is valid. The Notary would be responsible to notify the General Wills Register in Madrid of the granting of the will.

In Spain a will must conform to the Spanish Law but the content should respect the provisions of the National Law of the testator, therefore allowing free choice of inheritors in the same way as the law dictates in the testator’s country of origin. The process of making a will in Spain is relatively

simple, especially if you use a lawyer to advise you and to prepare said document. The best way is to prepare the document is with two columns, one in Spanish and one in English, this way the testator can see clearly exactly what he is signing.

Another issue that causes doubt when contemplating making a will is the price. In reality making a will in Spain is very reasonable compared to other countries. In our case the cost to make a will is only 150 euro, all inclusive, per person. This includes: the meeting with the testator; the

recompilation of all the necessary information; the preparation of the document; assistance at the Notary office; the Notary’s fees; our fees; and VAT. Therefore, there’s no excuse for not making a will now.

If you require further information regarding this subject or would like to arrange a free

appointment to discuss your personal circumstances please do not hesitate to contact us either by mobile phone on 669 428998, by email on or by our centralised number 952 901 225. Jose M. Lopez-Avalos Tel. (00 34) 952 901 225 Fax.(00 34) 952 901 226

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WEDNESDAY, September 18th 2013

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Legends raise cash for charities

Eddie Barnet

Ted aka Eddie Barnett died suddenly at home on Sunday 15th September. Eddie had been suffering from advanced emphysema over the last few months but, even so, his death was very unexpected .

Ted was a regular singer/entertainer on the coast and in Thailand for many years, latterly performing in the Salon Varietes productions and most recently directing some young vibrant musical reviews. Ted/Eddie was a supportive and big hearted man who would encourage the young singers and dancers - he was an inspiration to many. He will be a great loss to many people from various walks of life. Music was his passion which he readily shared. Born in Lambeth, London, he lived in Putney, was educated the London Oratory school in Knightsbridge and from there he entered the Army. He saw active service in the 2nd Parachute and SAS regiments serving in Aden, Singapore, Ireland and Borneo.

After leaving the services he returned to university and qualified in Environment Health then held the post Assistant Director of Environmental Services at the Royal Borough of Greenwich and retired after 26 years service due to ill heath. Ted / Eddie met Linda when she was 14. They were due to be celebrating their Ruby Wedding Anniversary. He was a loving father to Richard, bother to Sally and uncle to Gary, Sallyann, Claire, Dean and Karen.

Ted / Eddie most famously played Pharaoh in the Salon’s version of Joseph and his Amazing Technicolor dreamcoat many years ago. His voice and his wonderful personality will be remembered by all who knew him long after his passing.

A Music Legends event was held in the grounds of the T.O.P.S. President's house on 7th September and raised €500 each for two local charities – the 'Gift of Life' Rescue Centre which rescues cats from the killing stations and re-homes them (mainly in the UK), and the 'Asociacion Prohuerfanos de la Guardia Civil' which is a benevolent fund for the families of officers who have been killed or

maimed during the course of their duties.

The evening was sold out and was a great success, with a large and varied selection of artists being portrayed, from Lady Ga Ga, Dusty Springfield, and Dolly Parton, to Status Quo, Kylie Minogue, and Madonna.

Thanks to everyone who came along and gave so generously.

Pets of the week

Some comments already on Facebook :

A special man who lit the room up when he walked in, kind and considerate, helpful and inspirational, music was his passion, he will be missed so much .

Yesterday as a few may know I lost my best friend of many years. This man Ted was a great proud soldier of the British army, an amazing husband to Lyn and father to Richard, a man that as soon as he walked into the room you knew he was there, someone with special qualities not many of us ever get. I am going to miss you so much you left a great impression on me and now there is a big hole but, I can fill it with great wonderful memories of our times together. Sleep my buddy.

To the most wonderful, talented and caring man I have ever had in my life... You believed in me and helped me become the dancer I am today. The opportunities to dance the most beautiful and brilliant dances I have ever performed, most importantly 'Mr Bo-Jangles'. I watched it this afternoon and cried many tears ... I owe it all to you Eddie Barnett, it's been MORE than a pleasure not only to call you my fantastic director of many fabulous shows but an amazing man who I looked up to and most importantly a friend,a true friend who will always still be there for me. I will take our memories and your brilliance with me in my heart wherever I go, around the world, in every performance I do, every show I take on. To call you legendary would be an understatement, I love you with all my heart and too your gorgeous, amazing wife Linda Diane Barnett ... All my love forever xx With you gone it’s like losing a member of the family. You were a great friend for me and I learned a hell of a lot from you. Put on a show in the stars my friend and rock their socks off. Forever rocking dude xx To the big man in the sky, much love xx


They are two girls and have a lovely temperament. We are currently fostering them in La Cala where they were abandoned whilst we

look for a home for them.

My phone number – if you or anyone else you know is interested – is 622731752.

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WEDNESDAY, September 18th 2013


Theatre group FAMA Ball raises more seeks new than money blood The International Theatre Studio is casting its next production and is keen to attract newcomers to amateur dramatics on the Costa del Sol.

The play – ‘Opposite Sex’ by David Tristram – is a comedy based around four people with only one thing in common. The hilarity starts when the

precise nature of that common bond emerges.

‘Opposite Sex’ will be performed at the Atalaya Park Hotel, San Pedro, from Friday November 15th to Sunday 17th.

Anyone interested in being involved is invited to contact the director, Diana King, on 952 896 739 or 690 108 852.

Thank you to all who attended the FAMA Summer Ball. It really was a wonderful evening.

The evening raised a fantastic €2,400 and without the support you gave, obviously this could not happen. Please check out our facebook for photos of the evening soon to be showing. A huge thank you, and look forward to seeing

you at our Christmas Diner on the 13th December, at the wonderful venue of Valparaiso. This event raised more than money, it raised hope too!

We shall also be having a ladies lunch with a sale of clothes on the 17th October at The Horseman Restaurant in La Cala de Mijas, details to follow. Pat Coleman, FAMA

Coin RBL Treasure Hunt Around 30 intrepid treasure hunters from the Coin branch of the Royal British Legion gathered in front of Lainey’s at Sierra Gorda for the annual Car Treasure Hunt earlier this month. Organiser Jim Cross came up with a beautifully scenic 60 km route around El Choro and the lakes near Ardales. As usual there were several

Original Finnish Steam bath


erson 8 €/ pperson In Includes: nclu udes: ess: Steambath Ste tea ea amba ath Towe Towels o owels wells Shampoo S ham h mpoo eetc etc. tc. c W Women omen M Men en W Women omen M Men en sauna@c ttel. el. 646 111 203 Centro Centro FFinlandia, inlandia, A Av/ v/ de LLos os B Boliches oliches 4


Avda. Jesus Cautivo

Avda. Los Boliches

Witi Pedro C Calvo

W Wed ed 3pm- 6pm 6pm- 9pm SSat at 3pm- 6pm 6pm- 9pm

tricky clues to solve along the way and at the end Jim was relieved to announce that no team had got 100% of the answers right. However, some did better than others and Alan and Marion Ellis took the first prize with an amazing 98%. The hunt finished at El Punto cafeteria and bar in Carratraca where the hungry group enjoyed a tasty meal and a few drinks. Jim thanked everyone for taking part and offered special thanks to Rosey Mahoney for her help.

Hotel Angela

Passeo Ma aritimo o

International Club of Estepona’s clubhouse has just been refurbished and they now offer the following regular events: music, dancing, social supper and quiz evenings, film nights, bridge, whist, day and holiday trips, golf, rambling, Spanish lessons, drama/theatre group, needle crafts, gardening, art, songs of praise, computer instruction, free 8Mb WiFi & computers available, large screen TV for major events, monthly magazine, free book and jigsaw libraries, DVD’s and much more. The bar is open Sunday and Tuesday lunch times for drinks and tapas and every Thursday from 10.30am to 2.30pm with the weekly meeting and lunch is available. Come and see what you are missing, new members are always welcome. Call 952 802 549 for info.

Liz St Clair at Tamisa golf Conservatives Abroad commence their autumn events at the Tamisa Golf Hotel with Liz St Clair as their after dinner speaker on Friday 27th September.

Liz is not an MP and therefore not subject to the constraints of the Whip’s office, is a political consultant and special adviser to Parliament who has a vast knowledge of politics and speaks on a wide range of subjects. She has many amusing and anecdotal stories which no doubt will result in an interesting and revealing evening. Tickets include canapés and drinks on arrival, a Ground floor La Trocha C.C. Coin

Key cutting, photocopying, fax, printing, business cards, greeting cards etc., all in one place!



Spanish Courses at Centro de Idiomas in Coin Conversation based to help you get by in day to day situations Sign up now Small groups Limited places

Contact Valerie at or leave a message on 952 45 07 47 and I will get back to you.


three-course dinner with wine, soft drinks and water included and are available from 952 590 867.

Mascota La Trocha & Scooby Doo Do’s Pet accessories & supplies Dog grooming Veterinary consultant

SFS 634 395 445 La Trocha Shopping Centre, Coin

$P€€ D £INANCIAL $OLUTIONS General Insurance

Car Insurance, Buildings, Contents,Travel, Holiday Home, Pet, Health Just call into our office near La Trocha,Coin for a quote on any service you require. Or call

951 315 271 or email

Petit Paris

For all your mobility needs Cheapest on the Costa Free delivery & pick up

951 392 382 / 679 508 849



16 N Out & About

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WEDNESDAY, September 18th 2013


Animal rescue centre open days - for PAD and Triple A. April in Paris - first play of THESPA’s new season. We’ll Meet Again - musical at Los Arcos next month.

Freddie alive & well in Coin PONDEROSA Freddie Mercury was one of those people that just made you want to sing along and dance. We have all, well almost all, done the Bohemian Rhapsody head banging bit, we’ve all wanted “to be free” and

Porky Pies Eat in or take-away.

Freshly baked sweet and savoury pies.

Pork pies, steak & stilton pies and lots more Breakfast, main meals, daily specials, baguettes, pizza, fish & chips, wraps, burgers, pie, mash & liquor and a lot more. Located in Gamonal, Arroyo de la Miel

951 211 727

had a “final breakthrough” and we’ve all wanted to “Rock you”. So, tomorrow you can do the whole thing again at The Olive Tree in Coin where they are having a Freddie Mercury tribute act (who, I am told

is quite excellent) and entrance is entirely free. He is waiting to “rock you” with all the favourites so be one of “the champions”, “don’t stop” now because “the show must go on”! The show

starts at 9:30pm. On Saturday, if you think you know your partner, go to their Mr & Mrs Quiz and on Saturday enjoy Mama Paula’s Blues Band (entrance to that gig is €5). Info on 952 452 554.

The Olive Tree

Avda Maria Zambrano 17, Coin David, Tina & Family welcome you to The Olive Tree

rOAD HOUSE Happy Hour 6 - 8pm Pint €2, Cider €2.50

Pool, wi-fi & Juke Box

Full Rack & Fries Open from 6pm

Open every day. Next to the Fuengirola camping ground on the corner of Calle Vencejo

952 470 336

Calle Ponderosa 7, Mijas Costa

Thursday 19th: Freddie Mercury Tribute DON’T MISS IT! - Free entrance Friday 20th: Mr & Mrs Quiz for charity. Sat 21st: Mama Paula Blues Band - €5 cover Friday 27th: Lotta Love - Spanish rock band Sat 28th: RAFA Charity Auction LAST DRINKS ORDERS 1:30AM - BAR CLOSES 2AM

All Day Breakfast starting from €3.50 - €5 meal deals. House Fish & Chips every day PLUS now also offering an extra choice of Haddock, Cod or Swordfish as well! Free Wifi & Sky Sports

665 340 306 / 952 452 554

“Fish Alley” Calle Moncayo,29 Fuengirola

Burritos, fajitas, quesadillas plus our famous huge rack of ribs. Frozen strawberry margaritas Open every

952 582 761 day from 6pm


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Pop along to PAD Open Day

New season starts for THESPA

THESPA’s first play of the new season is a warmhearted and amusing play about Bet and Al entitled “April in Paris” by John Godber.

Crtra Cerros del Aguila, Km 1, (next to Canes Vets), Mijas Costa

Bookings Advisable: 605 663 335

Bet wins a “Romantic Break” competition in a magazine. The prize is a holiday for two in Paris. They sort out French cuisine, wrestle with their phrase book and fend off would be muggers on the Metro in this very amusing depiction of the English abroad.

As usual the performance will be at the Masonic Centre, Los Boliches, Fuengirola. Please arrive at 7.00 pm for a prompt 7.30 pm start. The entrance charge remains the same at 16 €

for members and 18 € for guests. Please make your reservations in good time – ideally before Monday 23rd September, in order that Terry can organise the catering. For this month only you should make your reservations by telephoning Peter Cadman on 95 246 1145 (you can leave a message on his answering machine) or email him at As THESPA are starting a new season, you will be able to renew your membership and collect your membership cards on the night or, indeed become new members of this group. Membership remains at 10€ per annum.

Edif. Iris, Avda. Gamonal, Benalmádena - Costa

Free E Ent nttry on Sundays & Karaoke Nights 5 euro Show Charge on Show Nights Smart Casua al Drre ess Plle ease (Child dren en by arrang gem men nt)

C o m i n g S o o n :- *C.J. Lewis* - ex Drifter *Joe West* - Direct from the West End *Laura Carter* - Direct from a World Cruise

F O O D - BA S K E T M E A L D E A L only

15 euro

F o l l o w u s o n FA A C E B O O K :Ro b S t e v e n s M a n h at t a n S h o w B a r

Variety Shows, Drag, Comedy, Karaoke, Stag & Hen Parties

FADS Knit & Natter big coffee morning Fuengirola & District Society (FADS) in conjunction with the Knit & Natter on the Costa Del Sol Group are hosting a Coffee & Cake Morning on Thursday, 26th September from 11.0 a.m. until 1.0 p.m. at St. Andrew’s Church, Los Boliches in support of the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning Appeal organised by MacMillan Nursing Services. Coffee or tea and cake will be €2.00.

Thre will be loads of stalls including a book stall, handmade cards, hand-knitted toys, handmade baby comfort blankets, other knitted/crochet items, plus guess how many coffee beans in a jar, guess the name of Teddy, guess the weight of the cake, raffles with lots of prizes and loads, loads more. As this year is the 25th anniversary of FADS, they want to be able to beat their donation of over €600 last year, so please come along and support this worthwhile fund raising day. Everyone knows someone who has had cancer!


Entrance + Meal + 1st Drink

N 17

WEDNESDAY, September18 th 2013

Open Day AAA Dance

Triple A Animal Shelter are holding an open day on Sunday, September 22nd at their shelter on the road from La Cañada in Marbella up to Coin. The shelter is about 1.5km up the hill in the direction of Ojen. Entrance is free. There will be songs, dance and live music with Rondallas Huertas Viejas and other live acts. Enjoy the music, culture and food of wonderful Andalusia plus great tapas, cakes, bar service and their famous flea

market with stalls of clothing, books, bric-a-brac etc as well as food and drink to enjoy. Plus you will be able to see the animals in their care that are looking for new homes. For more information about this event please call 952 771 586 or 952 823 851 also their web page www. All the proceeds from the day will go to the cost of caring for the 600 animals at the shelter. Please go along and take some friends

and learn

The Irish Cultural Association invite you to take part in the weekly Irish Dancing practice group.

They also hold Irish language classes. No charge or donations. Phone Enda 952 374 127 for more details.

18 N Out & About


WEDNESDAY, September 18th 2013

Plaza de Remo La Carihuela Torremolinos

952 057 062

Food Served all day 11am to 9pm Monday Explosion! - vocal duo the soulful sound of Motown Tuesday Tommy Tucker comedian & vocalist, fun for all Wednesday 60s Night - a night of nostalgia & fun Thursday New to Mojito - Rob & Dave - comedy, vocals, impressions and Karaoke Friday Siobhan - female vocalist from Dublin - Country Irish 60s, 70s & 80s Fun for all ages Saturday Nightlife - comedy vocal duo Sunday Jordana - Female vocalist with tributes to Cher, Amy Winehouse etc *FREE ENTRY* Shows start at 9.30pm. Open all day.

Free Entry!


Breakfast Baby Jeeves €4 Mrs Jeeves €5 Daddy Jeeves €6 Food served all day MONTEMAR

Tom´s Irish Bar A warm Irish welcome All Premier League Football on 5 large screens

600 060 563 C/ Salvador Rueda 65, Los Boliches

Gulzar Indian Restaurant Fine Indian dining in our delightful restaurant Camino Jose Cella in front of Hotel Skol, Marbella

Restaurant El Brujo

Urb. El Coto, Calle Cordonices, Avda de Mijas

English family owned bar & restaurant for 21 years. Specialising in modern & classical English food with a flavour of Spain plus BBQ steaks.

À la carte & set menus available Tuesday to Saturday from 6.30pm Choice of 3 course menus €12 includes chicken, pork, fish, pasta and curry dishes. €16 includes fillet steak, calves liver & swordfish dishes Special Sunday Lunch €9.50 available all day from 1 until 10pm

952 479 746

Ford Garage

Marbella N340

Supermercado El Coto 100 mts

El Brujo Restaurant Bar & Gardens

Martin y Perez


El Corte Ingles

Malaga N340


Spritualist Medium Are you in need of some guidance that you have had difficulty in getting elsewhere? Do you need some reassurance that your loved ones who have passed away are happy and at peace? Do you have some spiritually related problems to which you have not yet found an answer?

Johnathan Brown, Spiritualist Medium, will be appearing at Buzby’s from 8 until 10pm on Friday to try and give you the answers to your questions. He says that, as a medium he is clairsentient, clairvoyant and clairaudient which means he is able to communicate with people’s loved ones who have passed away to the world of spirit, giving them messages of comfort and reassurance that they are OK. “ I have devoted my life to helping and assisting others being a Lightworker and gave up my old life so I could assist others along through their

pathways forward through life.”

He adds that he knew from an early age that he was different and was aware of things that others were not and is able to communicate with the Spirit World, Angels and people’s spirit guides as well as doing concentrated healing, cleansing of Auras and negative energies as well as removing some spiritual entities. Johnathan tours the UK and is here in Spain at Buzby’s in Benalmadena for one night only so, if you would like to see what Johnathan has to offer, book your table on 645 404 911 or 628 617 658 now as this is likely to be a popular event. Also at Buzby’s this Sunday is a “Comedy Extravaganza” with the return by popular demand of Jack Daniels and regular K T Peters.




erry @ Buzby ad T


Wednesday 18th Just James - singer guitarist Thursday 19th Danny Stone - Mr Blue eyed soul Friday 20th Spiritualist Medium Jonathan Brown 8-10pm then Rob & Dave Saturday 21st Central FM’s very own Tony Keys - live n’ kicking Sunday 22nd Comedy extravaganza Jack Daniels & KT Peters Monday 23rd Alexandra Avery Totally talented female Tuesday 24th Ian Jacks - DJ by day, superstar by night

Every night from 12am until late Karaoke, fun and


Now Open from 8.30pm Av Antonio Machado Benalmadena 645404911 / 628617658 madterry@buzbys

Your Weekly Entertainment Guide

Avenida de Mijas


Read your favourite news, plus a whole lot more in

Family Bar & Restaurant Good food served all day

Los Cipreses, Calahonda

Charity shops sales

Both Cudeca charity shops in Arroyo de la Miel (Calle Sierramar and Av. García Lorca) will hold their autumn sale from Monday 23rd to Saturday 28th September. All adult clothing and shoes will be on sale for 1 euro and children’s clothes at half price! These bargains will only last a week, so get down to your nearest shop and support your local Hospice. Funds raised from their charity shops help them to continue offering the costfree “Special Kind of Caring” to people suffering from cancer and other advanced and non-curable illnesses and support to their families. For more information on shop addresses and telephone numbers, please visit their website or call the Cudeca Centre on tel: 952 564 910.

Lillie Langtry Bar & Restaurant

Sunday Self Service Carvery resumes after the summer break on Sunday 22nd September Standard €6.95 20% discount when you pre-book for Sunday 22nd with this advert Upstairs, next to the Nahar Mahal restaurant, opposite the Hotel Riviera, Benalmadena Costa, on the main road.

951 253 986

Evening & entertainment rep required must have experience Call for more details:

952 454 491 or 622 05 04 09

Out & About N 19

News Zpvs!pvumppl!po!uif!Xpsme

Those were the days To most people the 1940’s conjure up an image of hardship, uncertainty and danger.

Despite the hardship the British found ways to look to the future and try to forget all that was going on around them. One of

TAPAS is celebrating the 1940’s with a musical show, “We’ll Meet Again” at Los Arcos on the 18th, 19th and 20th October. The show directed by Jane Busby features the music of the decade and promises to be another memorable event.

For more details call the Box Office on 635 293 714, Email info@tapassociety. com or have a look at their website at

Want to shine? This is a reminder following last week’s article that theatre group TAPAS would like to give you the chance to try your hand at acting. The company that has gained

John the Fish at LA PARRA GOLD

an excellent reputation for their shows and plays have a great backstage support group so, if you’ve ever fancied treading the boards, now’s your chance.

Every day is Fryday!

678 292 792

Los Boliches (behind the Confort Hotel) Soon find us on

MUMTAZ MAHAL Indian Restaurante

Come and enjoy the best of Indian cuisine in our newly refurbished airconditioned restaurant or dine on our fabulous terrace

Menu del Dia 3 courses €9,95 4 courses €11,95

Take-away service s Priceed by c u d re - 15% 10

Free home delivery with orders over €25.00 OPEN 7 DAYS Lunch 1.30 - 4.00pm Dinner 7.00 - 12.00pm

Urb. El Rodeo, Coin

952 455 599 626 977 224

CUNARD BAR & APARTMENTS Holiday lets right on the beach

Good home-cooked food “Best breakfast in town”, afternoon teas, tasty snacks, burgers, full meals...

La Carihuela, Torremolinos 952 384 973

CASA KON-TIKI The Home of Fish and Chips Open 7 days a week, 12 ‘til 11pm


3 course Lunchtime Special €5.50 Mon - Sat 12 - 4pm

Early Bird Special 4 - 7pm Fish, chips & mushy peas, Bread & butter, tea or coffee. €4.95

Range of Tapas all at €1 each

Lunchtime Menu of the Day -

Fully licenced for take-aways. Smart Dress please


2 Car veries €20 including a bottle of house wine! Only €7.95 pp 12 noon until 11pm every Sunday.

The original home of Fish & Chips with the original chef NOW OPEN! Open Mon - Sat 1pm ‘til late (Closed Sundays)

Monday to Saturday 1pm - 7pm 3 courses €5.95 includes all your favourites. Fully Lunch Time Special - Fish, chips, mushy air peas, bread and a drink €5.95 conditioned Full menu available all day

open 10am every day

The world was in the grip of the Second World War for the first half of the decade and austerity for the second half. Despite the uncertainty the British spirit was in many ways defined by the events of the 40’s. The British stiff upper lip; the steely resolve not to be beaten and the atmosphere of pulling together for the common good.

the positives to come from those dark days was music. Such iconic figures as Vera Lynn, The Andrews Sisters and Glen Miller made their names during the 40’s.


WEDNESDAY, September 18th 2013

€5 main meals with a choice of 14 different dishes including Chris’s famous Fish, Chips & Mushy Peas (12 noon ‘til 6pm) (Find “The Fish”, the same as the one on the left, in The News and get another 10% off your bill!)


THE NEWS The paper that works for you Call Geoff on 622 05 04 09

MUFFINS Cafe Bar and Restaurant

9:30am to 4:30pm Breakfasts, Lunches, Dinners Eat in or take-away Daily Specials Free wi-fi Special offers on drinks Home made cakes Sunny terrace

697 355 563 Next to Sunshine Golf, La Cala

Call Glyn on 634 081 264 or Chris The Fish on 664 028 310 to reserve your table

2nd street behind Yaramar Hotel, Los Boliches Visit us at

La Risa Ladies Lunch

Thursday Sept 26th, 1.30pm We have an extensive Menu plus changing daily Specials, including Curry on a Monday and Beer Battered Cod and Chips Wednesdays and Fridays. Sunday we serve traditional Sunday Roast: Beef, Pork, Lamb or Chicken with all the trimmings, various fresh Salads & homemade Beef Burgers are also available. Kitchen opens all day Monday to Saturday between 11am - 9pm, Sunday 1pm - 5pm

Advance bookings are advisable For details of special events call us on 653 010 208 or pop into the bar. On the road between Alhaurin el Grande & Alhaurin de la Torre at Lauro Golf Across from the Clubhouse

N Magazine

wEDnEsDaY, September 18th 2013


Read your favourite news, plus a whole lot more in




Release date: September 17th

Director: Henry Alex Rubin Starring: Jason Bateman, Hope Davis, Frank Grillo

A hard-working lawyer, attached to his cell phone, can't find the time to communicate with his family. A couple is drawn into a dangerous situation when their secrets are exposed online. A widowed ex-cop struggles to raise a mischievous son who cyber-bullies a classmate. An ambitious journalist sees a career-making story in a teen that performs on an adult-only site.


   Directed by Roland Emmerich Starring: Channing Tatum, Jamie Foxx, Maggie Gyllenhaal

The Emmerich template is large scale action shots, lots of spectacle and noise plus great visual effects and the director sticks to his tried and tested formula in his latest outing.

So, think Emmerich’s box office blockbuster Independence Day without the aliens and that’s the territory inhabited by White House Down. Tatum plays John Cale, an Iraq ‘vet’ now serving on the security team for the Speaker of the House on Capitol Hill. His big ambition is to

make the grade in the Secret Service, and he is called to the White House for interview and gets a visitor pass for his excited 11-year-old daughter Emily (Joey King). But his chances of success don’t look rosy when he discovers his interviewer is special agent Carol Finnerty (Gyllenhaal), an ex-girlfriend from college days who has some prejudices about him she cannot shake off. As he is leaving Cale gets caught up in a full scale invasion of the White House by a paramilitary

group, and finds himself separated from Emily and caught up in the battle for survival. US President James Sawyer (Foxx) had only a few days earlier talked about the ‘pen being mightier then the sword’ but discovers that this cuts no ice with terrorists.

A group of innocent terrified tourists are held the Capitol hostage, state building is blown to smithereens, and Sawyer and Cale join forces as they bid to survive, to find Emily, and somehow overcome

Behind the Candelabra


Director: Steven Soderbergh Starring: Michael Douglas, Matt Damon, Debbie Reynolds

Scott Thorson, a young bisexual man raised in foster homes, is introduced to flamboyant entertainment giant Liberace and quickly finds himself in a romantic relationship with the legendary pianist. Swaddled in wealth and excess, Scott

and Liberace have a long affair, one that eventually Scott begins to find suffocating.

Kept away from the outside world by the flashily effeminate yet deeply closeted Liberace, and submitting to extreme makeovers and


World War Z

Release date: September 17th

Director: Marc Forster Starring: Brad Pitt, Mireille Enos, Peter Capaldi

the terrorist gang.

So, a plot line reminiscent of Air Force One or Die Hard, stuffed with one liners, and very slick and pacy. It’s not Independence Day, but it’s a lively action-packed ride.

Release date: September 17th

even plastic surgery at the behest of his lover, Scott eventually rebels.

When Liberace finds himself a new lover, Scott is tossed on the street. He then seeks legal redress for what he feels he has lost. But throughout, the bond between the young

They are strangers, neighbours and colleagues and their stories collide in this riveting dramatic thriller about ordinary people struggling to connect in today's wired world.

Through poignant turns that are both harrowing and touching, the stories intersect with surprising twists that expose a shocking reality into our daily use of technology that mediates and defines our relationships and ultimately our lives.

Based on Max Brook's novel of the same title, World War Z takes place during the beginning of an outbreak.

Life for former United Nations investigator Gerry Lane and his family seems content. Suddenly, the world is plagued by a mysterious infection turning whole human populations into rampaging mindless zombies. After barely escaping the chaos, Lane is persuaded to go on a mission to investigate this disease. What follows

CInEMas showInG FIlMs In EnGlIsh

is a perilous trek around the world where Lane must brave horrific dangers and long odds to find answers before human civilisation falls.

To find out the times and location online, go to, click on Malaga, go to Cine and on drop down list select “Cartelera V.O.” and click on film poster

man and the star never completely tears.

Malaga - Plaza Mayor: 902 902 103 Fuengirola - Parque Miramar: 952 198 600 Marbella - Gran Marbella: 952 810 077 Velez Malaga - C.C. El Ingenio: 902 221 622

*please check times with the cinema direct

theNews Zpvs!pvumppl!po!uif!Xpsme


By Cathy Stronach

For your personal birth chart please contact: ARIES

March 21st April 19th


April 20th May 20th


May 21st June 21st


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Problems and challenges that appear from nowhere seem to disappear with little or no real effort on your part this week. This is due to your ability to interact and function with others and your powers of attraction being sky high. Everybody seems to want to be around you and they all want something that only you can give. Your mind is locked into real value and you need to trust your instincts at this time especially when it comes to finances. Confusion and restrictions are all around you these days but as long as you do not get caught up in them or allow yourself to get erratic or desperate; you will be on the winning side of the fence. However, this is when new opportunities are most likely to appear, so it's a matter of remaining alert and maintaining your highest levels of personal honour and ethics. Get out there and let things happen, lighting can strike at any time. Your awareness levels are right off the chart this week, just by thinking about someone allows you to lock in and feel their feelings and perhaps even hear their thoughts. In some cases, this energy comes through so strong that you can confuse what you are picking up from others as your own thoughts and feelings. For that reason, do things with caution and moderation as time is on your side. You have so much personal experience working in your favour, you have been there and done it so therefore things are less likely to rattle you. Instead you have developed your skills to be fluid and adaptable and that is your current key to success. Roll with whatever happens this week as some unexpected events are likely to come your way. Your social skills and sense of humour will allow you to rise above any madness this week. Strong vibes of self confidence and competence are oozing out from every pore and although this is an excellent space for you to be in it can cause others who are insecure to feel somewhat threatened. Some may challenge your power, position or authority in some way, the key thing to remember is that you do not have to lower yourself or even have to try to defend yourself, it is all a matter moving forward towards your hopes, dreams and wishes. This is a time of beginnings whether it be long-term projects, goals or tasks or even pregnancies. Rewards take sustained work and time before they appear, therefore, you should not be looking for instant resolution or instant gratification. Instead, look down the road at your long-term hopes and dreams. Be calm even when most of what is happening is beyond your control.


There could be a natural fear that what is not real will somehow be removed or taken away from you. This can happen as everything appears to be finally going your way, what you have to do at this point is believe in yourself and in your talents and abilities. There is a renewed life force deep within yourself making this a very sensual time. Once you focus you can get just about September 23rd - anything done and completed. October 22nd


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The past is over and the future did not get here yet, so all you have is the present moment and the things you do today determine what your life will be like in the future. You have at the moment won an internal battle and succeeded in making you much more approachable and down to earth. Like minded people cross your path and your personal uniqueness and originality sets you apart and gives you power.

No fear seems to be your motto this week, when others are tense and fearful your energy comes in the room like a bolt filling others with optimism and hope. This is more the result of knowing that you can handle just about anything that comes your way as your awareness levels are especially strong right now and you naturally tend to steer yourself away from problem areas.

You have all the skills and abilities to be the power behind the throne this week, you can expect the unexpected too as life changing events can take place in the blink of an eye. Others will want to get up close and personal with you because your life force is so appealing and attractive. Love and romance is high on your agenda making this is a good time to start a relationship or deepen an existing one. Being in the right place at the right time has lots of benefits as at the moment you naturally seem to be in time with the universe. Life is flowing quite smoothly right now and there is a strong element of fate and destiny taking place. Have the courage just to be yourself and resist following the crowd or public opinion. Take care of the usual duties, responsibilities and chores whilst connecting with friends and family as their support is key to your personal success. You are in a social and light hearted mood this week when the inner child wants to come outside and play. Avoid any heavy conversations or getting in the middle of an argument as this type of conflict will drag you down. By the weekend home and family issues come to the fore and need some attention. Make the time to have some fun and enjoy meeting others of a like mind as this will create a feeling of being on top of the world.

Kym’s Kitchen don’t have to be a chef!

A creamy, pork casserole recipe that makes a refreshing change. Crème fraîche is a genuine Normandy product, and, whilst the half-fat version is not quite as delicious, it’s great for cooking with.

Normandy Pork with Cider Ingredients:

• • • • • • • •

1 x 180g jar apple sauce 1 teaspoon oil 1 teaspoon butter 1 medium onion, chopped 1 lb (450g) shoulder of pork 8 fl oz (225ml) dry cider 2 fl oz (55ml) cider vinegar salt and freshly milled black pepper

(Serves 2)

2 rounded tablespoons half-fat crème fraîche

Directions Pre-heat the oven to gas mark 3, 325º F (170ºC). First of all, cut the pork into one and a quarter inch (3 cm) cubes. Then, heat the oil and butter in a nine and a half inch (24 cm) shallow, ovenproof pan or casserole and cook the onion in it over a medium heat for 5 minutes, stirring now and then. Then increase the heat and add the cubes of pork and stir over the heat for a couple of minutes. The pork doesn’t need to be browned, just lightly coloured. Next, add the cider, cider vinegar and a

generous seasoning of salt and freshly milled black pepper. Bring everything up to simmering point and then transfer the pan or casserole to the oven and cook, without a lid, for an hour, by which time the liquid will have reduced considerably. Then, stir in contents of the jar of apple sauce and the crème fraîche and return to the oven, again without a lid, for a further 15 minutes. Try serving with new potatoes with butter and chives and some spinach, with a squeeze of lemon.



SPANISH By Valerie Mitchell


August 23rd September 22nd

Magazine N 21

WEDNESDAY, September 18th 2013

Pienso means I think Piensas is you think ¿Qué piensas? - What do you think? ¿Qué piensas de Rafa Nadal? - What do you think of Rafa Nada? Pienso que es estupendo - I think he's marvellous ¿Qué piensas de mi coche nuevo? - What do you think of my new car? Pienso que es rapidísimo - I think it is very fast. Another way of giving your opinion of something is to say Me parece which translates literally as it seems to me Me parece que va a llover - It seems to me that it's going to rain Me parece caro - It seems expensive to me ( I think it's expensive) Me parece guapo - I think he's handsome ¿Qué te parece? is another way of asking for someone's opinion. ¿Qué te parece el alcalde? - What do you think of the mayor? Me parece inteligente - I think he's intelligent. Creer can mean to think as in to have an opinion or to believe. Creo en Dios - I believe in God No creo lo que dice - I don't believe what he says. Learn the following useful expressions and see how often you can sprinkle them into your conversations Creo que sí - I think so Creo que no - I don't think so No lo creo - I don't believe it Ya está - That's it Hasta la próxima - Until next time. Valerie

Valerie runs the Centro Idiomas Language School in Coin.

Her books, “The First Twelve Shortcuts to Spanish” , “The Second Twelve Shortcuts to Spanish” , “The Third Twelve Shortcuts to Spanish” (€5 each) and “The Verb Book” (€7) are available from The News office in Coin, Woody’s Cards and Books in Los Boliches, David’s Books in Los Boliches or by email from Valerie's books can now be bought from her website – or call 952 450 747.

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WEDNESDAY, September 18th 2013

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Ask Calvin and Sue: Hair & Beauty Dear Sue,

Could you explain to me the difference between Botox and fillers for me. Are they both safe and how long do they last? Kelly, Coin Dear Kelly,

Botox is a very diluted form of botulism and is injected into the beginning and end of the muscle which then over a period of time freezes the muscle so it can't move

and the wrinkle vanishes. Botox is suitable for the upper part of the face to remove lines on the forehead, the crows feet around our eyes, and the frown lines. It is virtually painless and incredibly quick to do. Botox was approved by the F.D.A. in the U.S.A. several years ago. As with any cosmetic procedure there can be side effects, a small bruise may be visible for a few days and occasionally there can be a drooping of the eyelid. Although

many people offer this service I strongly recommend it is administered by a doctor – I have a G.P. who visits the salon on a monthly basis and has done so for 12 years.

Fillers are entirely different, they work by literally filling in the wrinkle so you get immediate results. Fillers come in a variety of thicknesses so the depth of the wrinkle determines the thickness of the filler. There are several different brands on the market. A doctor can advise you on what thickness and quantity of product that will suit you best.

Botox will generally last 3 to 4 months after the first session but if you have it done regularly the results last longer as you get out of the habit of making the wrinkle. Fillers can last anywhere from 3 months to 18 months depending on the brand.


The Wellington Centre

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Dear Sue,

I like to have a manicure and pedicure on a regular basis, and have seen on your list a manicure with paraffin wax treatment. What advantage would it be to me having this treatment? Geraldine, Mijas Costa. Dear Geraldine,

Paraffin wax treatments are ideal for people with arthritis. The warm wax is great at giving mobility to stiff joints and helps reduce inflammation. It is also beneficial to people with very dry skins as it is an excellent hydrating treatment and can also be used on the face. It is painted on to the skin and left for a few minutes until cool and then removed leaving the skin looking radiant. As we can't reuse the wax in the salon I always give it to the client so they remelt it at home and will still be beneficial for another five to six treatments.


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Dear Calvin,

My husband would like to grow a goatee. How does he go about starting to grow one? Betty, Benalmadena Pueblo Dear Betty,

When growing a goatee and moustache for the first time, I would advise that he lets the whole beard grow until there is enough definition to make the goatee stand out – obviously this is a different time scale for all of us. To shape I would first go for an oval shape as this is the easiest shape to start with. Dear Calvin,

I have been away in Denmark all summer and am desperate to get into see you as my hair is so long and out of condition. I wouldn't let anyone colour or cut it there. Can you suggest some products to help me get it back into tip-top shape and condition? Lise, Mijas Pueblo

Dear Lise

The summer brings a lot of elements that have dried your hair out. Exposure to sun, seawater, sand, wind and even a change of hardness of the water. A lot of advise is given out on how to protect our hair in the summer, but to be honest only a small percentage actually do it as we are too busy enjoying our holidays.

A good cut is essential to get the condition back to your hair, but also I would use a protein based treatment to help build your hair's strength and shine. If you have any questions for Calvin or Sue, you can contact them on email – Calvin, Sue’s email address is If you don’t have time to email you can phone on 633 733 374 (Calvin) or 952 473 681 (Sue).

Health kick 'reverses cell ageing' Going on a health kick reverses ageing at the cellular level, according to researchers at the University of California. In their study, they looked at just 35 men with prostate cancer, and found that 10 men in the group who had switched to a vegetarian diet and stuck to a recommended timetable of exercise and stressbusting meditation and yoga had demonstrably younger cells in genetic terms. The changes related to protective caps at the end of our chromosomes, called telomeres. Their role is to safeguard the end of the chromosome and to prevent the loss of genetic information during cell division. As we age and our cells divide, our telomeres get shorter – their structural integrity weakens, which can tell

cells to stop dividing and die. Researchers have been questioning whether this process might be inevitable or something that could be halted or even reversed. The researchers' study suggests telomeres can be lengthened, given the right encouragement. They measured telomere length at the beginning of their study and again after five years. Among the 10 men who made the lifestyle changes, telomere length increased by an average of 10%, and decreased by an average of 3% in the remaining 25 men. However, experts have said that telomere shortening is unlikely to be the sole explanation for human ageing, pointing out that humans have much shorter telomeres than primates and mice, yet live for far longer.


Magazine N 23

WEDNESDAY, September 18th 2013

News Zpvs!pvumppl!po!uif!Xpsme

Contemporary lifestyle and celebrity gossip

Probably one of the best known stand-up comics in the world...

The Big Yin undergoes prostate surgery … and also reveals he is suffering from Parkinson’s disease Actor and Comic Billy Connolly has announced that he has undergone surgery for the very early stages of prostate cancer. The operation was a total success according to his spokeswoman and he is now fully recovered.

The 70-year-old has also been diagnosed with the “initial stages” of Parkinson’s Disease and he is receiving the “appropriate treatment and will continue to work on TV and stage”, she added. He is said to be starting a TV series in the near future and an extensive theatrical tour of New Zealand in the New Year.

Glasgow-born Connolly, has been affectionately known as the Big Yin since adolescence to differentiate between him and his father who was a big, strong man. The pair were known as Big Billy and Wee Billy – until Wee Billy got bigger than Big Billy, thus The Big Yin (Big One). He did an apprenticeship to become a boilermaker and worked on oil rigs in Nigeria and in the Clyde shipyards in his youth. But the stage was to beckon to The Big Yin and he started singing folk songs and doing stand-up comedy, eventually being named as one of the best stand-ups in the world. He has also presented a series of documentaries and

has become in great demand for his character acting in recent years.

He married New Zealand comedienne and psychologist Pamela Stephenson in 1989 having been living with her since 1981. He says of his marriage: "Marriage to Pam didn't change me; it saved me," he later said. "I was going to die. I was on a downwards spiral and enjoying every second of it. Not only was I dying, but I was looking forward to it." Her biography of him, Billy, was a huge best seller. Connolly was made a CBE in the 2003 Queen's Birthday Honours and awarded the

freedom of his home city in 2010.

He is one of around 127,000 Britons with Parkinson's disease, which is caused by a loss of brain cells that produce a chemical messenger called dopamine. There is no known cure although symptoms can be alleviated somewhat in most cases. Earlier this year, Connolly admitted he had started to forget his lines during performances. He said at the time: "This is ******* terrifying. I feel like I'm going out of my mind."

Big Yin Billy Connolly

Poor old Mr Ed, again Beckham twins Ed Milliband that is. No sooner had he got himself in hot water with thoughts of dropping the Trade Unions than along comes someone who wants to take his Parliamentary seat that he won in the last election with a 10,909 majority. And that person is … none other than Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson! Mr Clarkson, 53, who is famous for opening his mouth and decidedly putting his foot in it tweeted over the weekend: "I'm thinking I might stand in the next election as an independent for Doncaster North, which is where I'm from. Thoughts?"

John Prescott, Labour’s former deputy Prime Minister replied to the presenter: "Why not stand in Chipping Norton, where

you live now? You've got lots of mates there."

Another Twitter user said: "I think you should. At least then there would be one politician who isn't afraid to speak his mind." Mr Clarkson has had to apologise a few times in the past for his “Foot in mouth disease”. One of his more famous remarks was when he referred to

Gordon Brown as the “oneeyed Scottish idiot”. He had to apologise for that one.

Still, if he gets in it should make PM’s question time a lot more interesting – unless they can pass a law to gag him!

So, will it be Clarkson for PM or is it just another publicity stunt?

International Medium Crystal Clear Anne Tarot card readings, Personal, online, Skype and video calls, Palmistry, Spiritualist, Healing, Phone readings. Personal readings by appointment.

Need help? For guidance and support call Anne on 652 394 224 Available for ladies afternoons and group readings - please call or email for an appointment

It’s not the first time the Beckhams have stepped out in twin outfits – there was that episode with the biker gear, if you remember – but the Beckhams caused a storm at the London Fashion Week’s recent party by sporting black dinner suits. His was the traditional two piece with white shirt (no dickie bow though it was just a straight slimline black tie... shame, they look sooo good when they are undone!) and hers was slim-legged trousers with a satin shawl collar jacket under which she sported a black low V-necked top and, as usual, great shoes.

The Beckhams were recently named “Most Stylish Family” and Victoria has been restyling herself in a more

masculine wardrobe it would seem. She was recently spotted a couple of times wearing black, just below the knee trousers. Some have been calling them culottes but

they are, of course, quite a different style.

Nevertheless, the couple are stepping out in high, rather lovely, sophisticated style.

Happy Birthday

Fia From Anja, Jonny and all at The News

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24 N TV Listings

WEDNESDAY, September 18th 2013


This week’s films below add 1 hour for Spanish Viewing Times


Fri, Sept 20th 11:40pm

She’s Out of My League

Comedy (2010). Distinctly average and unimpressive Kirk cannot believe his luck when he lands a date with the clever and beautiful Molly. The pair embark on a relationship but Kirk's insecurities lead him to question whether they belong together. Romantic comedy, starring Jay Baruchel, Alice Eve, TJ Miller, Mike Vogel, Nate Torrence and Lindsay Sloane.


Sun, Sept 22nd 10:45pm

A Single Man

Drama (2009). A gay British academic living in 1960s Los Angeles is devastated by the death of his partner in a car crash, and his grief is compounded by his lover's family refusing to let him attend the funeral. He decides to commit suicide, and takes a day to put his affairs in order, but the people he meets change his hopeless outlook on life. Drama, starring Colin Firth and Julianne Moore.


Thur, Sept 19th 10:35pm

Burn After Reading

Comedy (2008). CIA analyst Osborne Cox resigns from his job and writes a tell-all book as revenge on his former bosses. However, a computer disc containing the manuscript falls into the hands of two gym employees, who make a disastrous attempt to sell it to the Russians. Coen brothers comedy, starring Brad Pitt, George Clooney, John Malkovich, Frances McDormand and Tilda Swinton.


Sat, Sept 21st 11.25pm

Man on Fire

Detective/Thriller (2004). A former US government operative battling with alcoholism is hired as a bodyguard to the daughter of a wealthy businessman in Mexico City – but when the girl is abducted, he swears to exact an explosive revenge on the kidnappers. Action thriller, starring Denzel Washington, Christopher Walken, Radha Mitchell and Dakota Fanning.


Sun, Sept 22nd 8.30pm

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

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Kevin McCloud's Man Made Home

Sun, Sept 22nd 8.00pm

WEDNESDAY September 18th


The Wonder of Dogs Thur, Sept 19th 8.00pm


September 19th

Kate Humble and Steve Leonard present an exploration of man's best friend, uncovering the secrets behind some breeds' most famous characteristics. Historian Ruth Goodman reveals the story of how the poodle got its perm and what makes greyhounds the fastest dogs on the planet, while Steve meets the hairiest kind of all and Kate traces the history of the animal back to the grey wolf.


September 20th

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7:00pm Snog, Marry, Avoid? 7:30pm Great Movie Mistakes 2011: Not in 3D 7:35pm Shrek 9:00pm Orphan Black 10:30pm EastEnders 11:00pm Family Guy 11:25pm Family Guy 11:45pm American Dad! 12:10am Sweat the

6:30pm ITV News 7:00pm Emmerdale 7:30pm Coronation Street 8:00pm Gino's Italian Escape 8:30pm Coronation Street 9:00pm Piers Morgan's Life Stories: Julie Goodyear 10:00pm ITV News at Ten and Weather 10:30pm ITV News London 10:35pm Miami Vice 12:55am Jackpot247 3:00am Columbo: Blueprint for Murder 4:15am ITV Nightscreen

Small Stuff 12:40am Bad Education 1:10am Boom Town 1:40am Don't Tell the Bride 2:40am Snog, Marry, Avoid? 3:10am Sweat the Small Stuff 3:40am Pop's Greatest Dance Crazes


News Zpvs!pvumppl!po!uif!Xpsme

New Series:

Downton Abbey

Sun, Sept 22nd 9.00pm


September 21st

TV Listings N 25

WEDNESDAY, September 18th 2013


An investigation into the clothing industry, to see whether things have changed since last April's collapse of Bangladesh's Rana Plaza, in which more than 1,000 garment workers died. Richard Bilton finds evidence of an industry in which profits are still being put before safety, discovering people working 19-hour days, security guards who lock in the staff and factory owners who hide the truth from western retailers.

Dying for a Bargain Panorama

Mon, Sept 23rd 9.00pm


September 22nd


September 23rd

NOTE: Add 1 hour for Spanish viewing times.


September 24th

6:00am Breakfast 10:00am Saturday Kitchen Live 11:30am Home Cooking Made Easy 12:00pm BBC News; Regional News and Weather 12:15pm Football Focus 12:50pm Match of the Day Live 3:00pm Inspire: The Olympic Journey 3:30pm Final Score 5:15pm Formula 1: Singapore Grand Prix Qualifying Highlights 6:30pm BBC News; Regional News and Weather 6:45pm I Love My Country

7:30pm When Miranda Met Bruce 8:40pm The National Lottery Saturday Night Draws 8:50pm Casualty 9:40pm Michael McIntyre's Comedy Roadshow 10:10pm BBC News; Weather 10:30pm Match of the Day 11:50pm The Football League Show 1:05am Weatherview 1:10am BBC News

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Weather 7:00pm Countryfile 8:00pm Antiques Roadshow 9:00pm By Any Means 10:00pm BBC News; Regional News and Weather 10:25pm Match of the Day 2 11:50pm Lone Star 2:00am Weatherview 2:05am BBC News

6:00am Breakfast 9:15am Rip Off Britain 10:00am Homes Under the Hammer 11:00am The Sheriffs Are Coming 11:45am Claimed and Shamed 12:15pm Bargain Hunt 1:00pm BBC News; Weather 1:30pm Regional News and Weather 1:45pm Doctors 2:15pm Perfection 3:00pm Escape to the Country 3:45pm Country Show Cook Off 4:15pm Flog It! 5:15pm Pointless 6:00pm BBC News

6:30pm Regional News Programmes 7:00pm The One Show 7:30pm Inside Out 8:00pm EastEnders 8:30pm Dying for a Bargain - Panorama 9:00pm Motorway Cops 10:00pm BBC News 10:25pm Regional News and Weather 10:35pm Room 101 11:05pm Who Do You Think You Are? 12:05am Weatherview 12:10am BBC News

6:00am Breakfast 9:15am Rip Off Britain 10:00am Homes Under the Hammer 11:00am The Sheriffs Are Coming 11:45am Claimed and Shamed 12:15pm Bargain Hunt 1:00pm BBC News; Weather 1:30pm Regional News and Weather 1:45pm Doctors 2:15pm Perfection 3:00pm Escape to the Country 3:45pm Country Show Cook Off 4:15pm Flog It! 5:15pm Pointless 6:00pm BBC News

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7:25am The Lost Squadron 8:40am Yellowstone Kelly 10:10am Reel History of Britain 10:40am The Private Life of Plants 11:30am University Challenge 12:00pm The A to Z of TV Cooking 12:45pm Coast 12:50pm EastEnders 2:45pm The House That £100K Built 3:45pm Urban Jungle 4:15pm Flog It! 5:00pm The Wonder of Dogs 6:00pm Dragons' Den 7:00pm Dad's Army 7:30pm Count Arthur Strong

8:00pm The Making of Merkel with Andrew Marr 9:00pm Mock the Week 9:30pm The Awakening 11:10pm The Ring 12:55am Quatermass 2 2:20am This Is BBC Two

6:05am Nocturne 7:30am Around the World in 80 Gardens 8:30am Gardeners' World 9:00am The Beechgrove Garden 9:30am Saturday Kitchen Best Bites 11:00am James Martin's Food Map of Britain 11:30am James Martin's Food Map of Britain 12:00pm James Martin's Food Map of Britain 12:30pm James Martin's Food Map of Britain 1:00pm James Martin's Food Map of Britain 1:30pm The Incredible Spice Men 2:00pm Hairy Bikers' Best of British

2:45pm Inspire: The Olympic Journey 3:15pm Sailing: America's Cup Highlights 4:00pm Canoeing: World Slalom Championships 5:00pm Rugby League: Super League Play-Offs 6:00pm The Great British Bake Off 7:00pm Hunt vs Lauda: F1's Greatest Racing Rivals 8:00pm The Crane Gang 9:00pm The Story of the Jews 10:00pm QI XL 10:45pm MOVIE: A Single Man 12:20am Countryfile 1:15am Holby City 2:15am This Is BBC Two

7:05am Street Patrol UK 7:50am Claimed and Shamed 8:20am The A to Z of TV Cooking 9:05am Watchdog 10:05am Robbed, Raided, Reunited 10:35am Click 11:00am BBC News 11:30am Daily Politics Conference Special 1:00pm Classic Mastermind 1:30pm Weakest Link 2:15pm Great British Menu 2:45pm Oceans 3:45pm Elephant Diaries 4:15pm Incredible Animal Journeys 5:15pm Cash in the Attic 6:00pm Eggheads

6:30pm James Martin's Food Map of Britain 7:00pm The Hairy Bikers: Everyday Gourmets 8:00pm University Challenge 8:30pm Tom Kerridge's Proper Pub Food 9:00pm The Midwives 10:00pm Never Mind the Buzzcocks 10:30pm Newsnight 11:20pm Today at Conference 11:50pm The Story of the Jews 12:50am The Hairy Bikers: Restoration Road Trip 1:50am This Is BBC Two 4:00am Fit to Rule: How Royal Illness Changed History

8:20am The A to Z of TV Cooking 9:05am Britain's Big Wildlife Revival 10:05am Robbed, Raided, Reunited 10:35am HARDtalk 11:00am BBC News 11:30am World News 12:00pm Daily Politics Conference Special 1:00pm Classic Mastermind 1:30pm Great British Menu 2:00pm Daily Politics Leader Speech 4:00pm Coast 4:15pm Incredible Animal Journeys 5:15pm Cash in the Attic 6:00pm Eggheads 6:30pm James Martin's

Food Map of Britain 7:00pm The Hairy Bikers: Everyday Gourmets 8:00pm The Great British Bake Off 9:00pm The Wrong Mans 9:30pm The Sarah Millican Television Programme 10:00pm Later Live with Jools Holland 10:30pm Newsnight 11:20pm Today at Conference 11:50pm The Crane Gang 12:50am The United States of Television: America in Primetime 1:50am This Is BBC Two 4:00am Schools:

Man Made Home 9:00pm Big Fat Quiz of the 80s 10:35pm Alan Carr: Chatty Man 11:35pm The Last Leg 12:25am Paddy's TV Guide 1:10am American Football Live 4:45am Ironman 2013 5:15am Countdown

Street 8:00pm Countrywise 8:30pm Coronation Street 9:00pm Doc Martin 10:00pm ITV News at Ten and Weather 10:30pm ITV News London 10:35pm Through the Keyhole 11:35pm Piers Morgan's Life Stories: Julie Goodyear 12:30am Jackpot247 3:00am Champions League Weekly 3:25am ITV Nightscreen 5:05am The Jeremy Kyle Show

6:00am Daybreak 8:30am Lorraine 9:25am The Jeremy Kyle Show 10:30am This Morning 12:30pm Loose Women 1:30pm ITV News 1:55pm ITV News London 2:00pm Dickinson's Real Deal 3:00pm The Alan Titchmarsh Show 3:59pm ITV London Weather 4:00pm Tipping Point 5:00pm The Chase 6:00pm ITV News London 6:30pm ITV News

7:00pm Emmerdale 7:30pm Aussie Animal Island 8:00pm Ade in Adland 9:00pm Being Paul Gascoigne 10:00pm ITV News at Ten and Weather 10:30pm ITV News London 10:35pm When Ali Came to Britain 11:35pm The Jeremy Kyle Show USA 12:20am Jackpot247 3:00am Loose Women 3:50am ITV Nightscreen 5:05am The Jeremy Kyle Show

6:15am Ironman 2013 6:40am The American Football Show 7:35am American Football: Hard Knocks 8:30am Everybody Loves Raymond 9:00am Frasier 9:30am Sunday Brunch 12:25pm The Big Bang Theory 12:50pm The Big Bang Theory 1:20pm The Simpsons 1:50pm The Simpsons 2:20pm Take the Lead 4:40pm Location, Location, Location 5:40pm The Spiderwick Chronicles 7:25pm Channel 4 News 7:55pm The Political Slot 8:00pm Kevin McCloud's

6:00am Daybreak 8:30am Lorraine 9:25am The Jeremy Kyle Show 10:30am This Morning 12:30pm Loose Women 1:30pm ITV News 1:55pm ITV News London 2:00pm Dickinson's Real Deal 3:00pm The Alan Titchmarsh Show 3:59pm ITV London Weather 4:00pm Tipping Point 5:00pm The Chase 6:00pm ITV News London 6:30pm ITV News 7:00pm Emmerdale 7:30pm Coronation

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1:00am Don't Tell the Bride 2:00am Fazer's Urban Takeover 3:00am Don't Tell the Bride

7:00am Canimals 7:25am Sooty 7:35am Horrid Henry 8:00am Bottom Knocker Street 8:15am Bottom Knocker Street 8:30am Fish Hooks 9:00am Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 9:25am ITV News 9:30am Saturday Cookbook 10:25am Murder, She Wrote 11:25am ITV News 11:35am Surprise Surprise 12:35pm All Star Family Fortunes

1:20pm Catchphrase 2:05pm Doc Martin 3:05pm The X Factor 4:05pm Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed 5:45pm ITV News London 5:55pm ITV News 6:10pm New You've Been Framed! 6:45pm Stepping Out 8:00pm The X Factor 9:00pm Through the Keyhole 10:00pm ITV News 10:15pm City Slickers 12:20am Jackpot247 3:00am The Jeremy Kyle Show USA 3:45am ITV Nightscreen

7:00pm Great Movie Mistakes 7:15pm Doctor Who 8:00pm Pop's Greatest Dance Crazes 9:00pm Streetdance 10:35pm Russell Howard's Good News 11:05pm Family Guy 11:30pm Family Guy 11:55pm Orphan Black

12:40am Orphan Black 1:25am Boom Town 1:55am Bad Education 2:25am Live at the Electric 2:55am Live at the Electric 3:25am Live at the Electric

6:10am The Hoobs 6:35am Caterham Motorsports 7:05am The Grid 7:30am FIM Superbike World Championship 8:00am The Morning Line 9:00am The American Football Show 10:00am Frasier 10:30am Everybody Loves Raymond 11:00am The Big Bang Theory 11:25am The Big Bang Theory 12:00pm The Simpsons 12:30pm Undercover Boss USA 1:30pm Channel 4 Racing 4:10pm Come Dine with Me 4:40pm Come Dine

with Me 5:10pm Come Dine with Me 5:40pm Come Dine with Me 6:10pm Come Dine with Me 6:40pm Channel 4 News 7:00pm Double Your House for Half the Money 8:00pm Grand Designs 9:00pm Iron Man 11:25pm MOVIE: Man on Fire 2:05am Hollyoaks 4:20am SuperScrimpers 5:15am Kirstie's Vintage Gems 5:20am Deal or No Deal

7:00am Canimals 7:10am Canimals 7:15am Canimals 7:25am Sooty 7:35am Horrid Henry 8:00am Bottom Knocker Street 8:15am Bottom Knocker Street 8:30am Fish Hooks 9:00am Big Time Rush 9:25am ITV News 9:30am Ade in Britain 10:25am Columbo: Sex and the Married Detective 12:25pm ITV News 12:30pm Murder, She Wrote 1:30pm Dinner Date

2:30pm The X Factor 3:30pm Big Star's Little Star 4:30pm E.T.: The ExtraTerrestrial 6:35pm ITV News London 6:45pm ITV News 7:00pm Surprise Surprise 8:00pm The X Factor 9:00pm Downton Abbey 10:30pm ITV News 10:45pm Perspectives: Sergeant on Spike 11:45pm Premiership Rugby Union 12:40am The Store 2:40am Motorsport UK 3:30am ITV Nightscreen 5:05am The Jeremy Kyle Show

7:00pm Robin Hood 7:45pm Great Movie Mistakes IV: May the Fourth Be with You 8:30pm Lara Croft: Tomb Raider 10:00pm Family Guy 10:25pm Family Guy 10:45pm Bad Education 11:20pm American Dad! 11:40pm American Dad!

12:00am Seann Walsh's Late Night Comedy Spectacular 1:00am Live at the Electric 1:30am Live at the Electric 2:00am Bad Education 2:30am Boom Town 3:00am Fazer's Urban Takeover

6:10am The Hoobs 6:35am The Hoobs 7:00am According to Jim 7:25am Will & Grace 7:55am Frasier 8:30am Frasier 9:00am Everybody Loves Raymond 9:30am Everybody Loves Raymond 10:00am Four Rooms US 11:00am A Place in the Sun: Home or Away 12:00pm Channel 4 News Summary 12:05pm Jamie's 15 Minute Meals 12:35pm The Hunt for Red October 3:10pm Countdown 4:00pm Deal or No Deal 5:00pm Come Dine with Me

7:00pm Don't Tell the Bride 8:00pm Pop's Greatest Dance Crazes 9:00pm Fazer's Urban Takeover 10:00pm Russell Howard's Good News 10:30pm EastEnders 11:00pm Family Guy 11:25pm Family Guy

6:00pm The Simpsons 6:30pm Hollyoaks 7:00pm Channel 4 News 7:55pm 8:00pm Jamie's Money Saving Meals 8:30pm Gadget Man 9:00pm The Fried Chicken Shop 10:00pm Sex: My British Job 11:20pm Educating Yorkshire 12:25am Random Acts 12:30am Om Shanti Om 3:25am Nashville 4:10am Aquamarine

6:10am The Hoobs 7:00am According to Jim 7:25am Will & Grace 8:05am Frasier 8:35am Frasier 9:05am Everybody Loves Raymond 10:00am Four Rooms US 11:00am A Place in the Sun: Home or Away 12:00pm 4 News 12:05pm Jamie's 15 Minute Meals 12:35pm Kirstie's Vintage Gems 12:40pm The Devil at Four O'Clock 3:10pm Countdown 4:00pm Deal or No Deal 5:00pm Come Dine with Me 6:00pm The Simpsons 6:30pm Hollyoaks

7:00pm Channel 4 News 7:55pm 8:00pm Double Your House for Half the Money 9:00pm My Big Fat Gypsy Ladies' Day 10:00pm London Irish 10:30pm 80s: 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown 11:35pm Rewind the Tube 12:35am Random Acts 12:40am Poker 1:35am American Football: Hard Knocks 2:30am KOTV Boxing Weekly 3:00am Beach Volleyball 3:55am Caterham Motorsports 4:25am The Grid

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WEDNESDAY, September 18th 2013

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Take a break SuDoKu


Fill in the grid using all the letters of the alphabet. Some letters have been given to help you get started.

Fill in the grid so that every row, every column and every 3 x 3 grid contains the digits 1 through 9. With no repeats, that means that no number is repeated in any row, column or box. Level:





















A 14











Cryptic Quick


1-11 Poor 12-13 Average

2. Receiver (9) 3. Terror (5) 4. Burial chamber (9) 5. Snares (5) 6. Surgical procedure (9) 7. Clumsy (5) 8. Amasses (7) 9. Slackens (6) 15. Napkin (9) 17. Space traveller (9) 18. Do away with (9) 19. Levied (7) 21. Foot joints (6) 23. Abbreviated (5) 24. Cut into two equal parts (5) 26. Swelling under the skin (5)


1-10 Poor 11-13 Average

14-16 Good 17-19 Excellent

The following are not allowed: - Words beginning with a capital letter - Words with a hyphen or apostrophe - Plural words ending in “s”

Please note that the Quick crossword may contain American spelling


14-15 Good 16-17 Excellent



SoluTIoN FoR SuDoKu


1. Propositioning 10. Bacon 11. Placement 12. Typical 13. Seattle 14. Sheds 16. Heaviness



1. Broth 4. Discern 8. Ode 9. Deduction 10. Machete 11. Ernie 13. Remote

19. Interpret 20. Naira 22. Publish 25. Obelisk 27. Scintilla 28. Elate 29. Differentiated 15. Better 18. Taste 19. Take Out 21. Mainbrace 23. Bar 24. Dungeon 25. Leers





19. Q 20. Y 21. B 22. O 23. Z 24. V 25. J 26. M

1. Suggesting (14) 10. Pork strips (5) 11. Location (9) 12. Normal (7) 13. City in Washington state (7) 14. Outdoor storage buildings (5) 16. Weightiness (9) 19. Translate (9) 20. Nigerian monetary unit (5) 22. Issue (7) 25. Stone pillar (7) 27. Iota (9) 28. Exhilarate (5) 29. Contrasted (14)


The 9-letter word RESENTING


1. A mistake in the garden (7) 2. Succeeds in arranging some cover (9) 3. A row between neighbours? (5) 4. Artful Dickensian character (6) 5. Hide away or gradually let out (7) 6. Priest gives Delia heart (3) 7. Once led by a point for the time being (5) 12. Not having Russian money is not a problem (2,7) 14. Shudder when music starts in highest register (7) 16. Sends back the proceeds (7) 17. Remove liquid under pressure (6) 18. There's little about me that's subdued (5) 20. Lower oneself (5) 22. In a way a refreshing place (3)

10. H 11. R 12. C 13. S 14. P 15. G 16. W 17. F 18. U

1. Monk has no hesitation in providing soup (5) 4. See cinders scattered all over the place (7) 8. Poem due for recitation (3) 9. Notice dud replacement when taking off (9) 10. Teach me to twist the knife (7) 11. He goes out with Irene (5) 13. Distant meteor disintegrates (6) 15. Reformed gambler (6) 18. State rearrangement makes sense (5) 19. Withdraw escort (4,3) 21. Might the couple become attached to the yard? (9) 23. Where to buy a drink and some chocolate (3) 24. Prison for a debt-collector who has gone wrong (7) 25. Looks for spinning reels (5)

See how many words of four or more letters you can make from the given nine letters. In making a word each letter may be used only once. The key letter must be used in each word.


1. E 2. N 3. D 4. T 5. I 6. K 7. L 8. X 9. A



The 9-letter word MAGNIFIED


2. Recipient 3. Panic 4. Sepulcher 5. Traps 6. Operation 7. Inept 8. Gathers 9. Abates

1. Bloomer 2. Overcomes 3. Hedge 4. Dodger 5. Secrete 6. Eli 7. Nonce

15. Serviette 17. Astronaut 18. Eliminate 19. Imposed 21. Ankles 23. Brief 24. Halve 26. Edema

12. No Trouble 14. Tremble 16. Returns 17. Strain 18. Tamed 20. Kneel 22. Inn

the N ews Zpvs!pvumppl!po!uif!Xpsme

“THE NEWS” WANTS TO HEAR YOUR VIEWS Send letters to the editor as part of an e-mail text to


Sue Barnes President S.E.A.R.C.H We would like to thank THE NEWS for publicising our garden party on September 7th in aid of S.E.A.R.C.H. (Spanish Equine Association for Rescue Care and Homing). It was very well attended with people travelling from as far afield as Torre del Mar, Istan and Estapona who all said they had read about the event in the NEWS. The power of the press is amazing!

It has been said that there were too many fundraising events on that night. This is the fourth year that we have held a garden party on the same weekend. It is the last summer weekend considered to be "safe" to hold an outdoor event and even then on the day rain threatened. Fortunately it stayed dry and the party went ahead. It was so well attended that we were unable to take late entries and

Brian Johnston In reply to Kenneth Blythe, my first point is that our summer weather this year has lasted well over 10 weeks already, but did not hit the really high temperatures of last year.

The summer weather is in my opinion still with us with 28C day and 22C night temperatures which bodes well for September,

Obviously the company carrying out the work have assessed what they will get out of it and have gambled on getting a

apparently the other events were also well attended, so there are enough people to go around. A huge thank you to our volunteers, and all the people who came to make the evening a great success. We raised enough money to buy hay and feed for the horses for the next couple of months.


although the highly accurate “The News " forecast had a couple of rainy days threatening last weekend.

However I do agree with Kenneth inasmuch as we can now enjoy a stroll along the prom (Paseo Maritimo ) in the comfort of a cooling breeze, but the winter he yearns for is still a long way

Stephen Helier I have been watching on various news programmes the re-floating of the Costa Concordia which, they say, is the most expensive salvage operation ever.

& Stargazing

Opinion & Comment N 27

WEDNESDAY, September 18th 2013

rather large profit from all their efforts.

One newsreader came out with the inane comment when we saw the damaged side of the ship come out of the water: “What do you think they felt like when they knew their loved ones had been on that side of the boat?” One assumes that this person has had no training in compassion from anywhere. What does he think they felt like? Terrified of course! And for those who got out of there alive and have seen where

off, so long summer!



Editor says: It is a well known fact that, pretty much whatever the weather, we poms are going to moan about it. This week has, so far been ideal weather for me – a bit sunny, a bit overcast, a bit breezy and a bit cooler. The best time of the year!

Sotogrande they were and realised what could have happened, I think they are probably feeling a profound sense of relief that they got out in time.

It astounds me sometimes what newsreaders say, apparently just to fill in a bit of silence and wonder what on earth must be going through their heads when they make such comments. I strongly suspect that the answer would be absolutely nothing at all!

Ted Manager Elviria I read in last week’s copy of The News a comment from someone complaining that there were four different events to chose from on one night in Coin last weekend. Well, all I can say is: “Think yourselves lucky up there that you have so much choice!” I suppose you could say that us Costawallers have choices to make all the time but I remember a time

when Coin had one gas station, one supermarket and a scattering of notvery-good caffs. (No, I haven’t spelt it wrong – you couldn’t refer to them as anything else back then.) Now you have loads of entertainment, good restaurants to choose from, three gas stations and, OK, the Centro Comercial leaves something to be desired but at least there is one. Stop moaning!

Comment By Ken Campbell

The Andromeda Galaxy


Look up at the night sky and every star, planet, nebula and every object that you can see is a part of our galaxy, The Milky Way. hat is, nearly every object you can see. If your sky is really dark and you know where to look then there is one object that is not a part of our galaxy, this is the Andromeda Galaxy. The Andromeda Galaxy is a separate entity 2.5 million light years away and is the most distant object that can be seen with the naked eye. ntil the mid 1920’s the common belief was that the Universe consisted of everything that lay in The Milky Way. All of the ‘fuzzy blobs’ were thought to be nebulas or clouds of gas that were part of our galaxy, telescopes at that time were just not powerful enough to distinguish one ‘fuzzy blob’ from the other. It was not until 1925 that an astronomer named Edwin Hubble using the most powerful telescope in the world at the time and using the latest photographic techniques determined that some of these ‘fuzzy blobs’ were in fact galaxies in their own right separate from the Milky Way. ubble produced the first photographs of the Andromeda ‘Nebula’ that were clear enough to resolve individual stars within it thus proving that it was a whole galaxy and not a gaseous nebula within our galaxy. By studying the Andromeda Galaxy (as it was now called) Hubble was able to estimate the age and size of the Universe. Amazingly less than 90 years ago no one had realised just how big the Universe was and also that it was expanding. Conversely Hubble explained that if the Universe was expanding then surely we could ‘rewind’ time and cause the Universe to contract back to its origins and the beginning of time and space, more commonly known as ‘The Big Bang’. dwin Hubble died on September 28th 1953 and in recognition of his work it was decided to name the Hubble Space Telescope in his honour. The Hubble Telescope has produced the most wonderful images of deep space objects that Edwin Hubble could only have dreamed about; the image above is of the Andromeda Galaxy produced using the Hubble Telescope. he Andromeda Galaxy (also known as M31 or Messier 31) gets its name from being part of the constellation of Andromeda. It is not



the closest Galaxy to us but it is by far the largest in our neighbourhood. It is about 220,000 light years across and contains more than a trillion stars. It is spiral shaped with a condensed central bulge and several ‘arms’ that spiral away from the centre becoming less dense with stars as it nears the edges. Our galaxy is thought to look similar to this with our Solar System being located about three quarters of the way out from the centre in one of the spiral arms. 31 may be 2.5 million light years away now but it is moving and headed directly toward our galaxy at over 1 million miles an hour. It will collide with us in about 4.5 billion years time (I’ll set my alarm clock then). When it eventually collides with us both galaxies will merge to create one super sized galaxy dominating our local group. here is a simple way to find the Andromeda Galaxy (see pic below). You need a very dark, moonless sky away from streetlights. Allow about 15 minutes for your eyes to become dark adapted then look toward the northeast and you should be able to make out a distinctive W shape of stars, this is Cassiopeia. Use the right hand V of the W shape to form a point and follow the point a short distance to the galaxy. Use binoculars and you will easily spot it, and just think, the light you are seeing has spent 2.5 million years travelling to you!



appy Stargazing.

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BORN to be wild! Rocker Charley D, Perfect, chrome nearly everywhere, 4,000km from new. A super ride with conversion to rear seat with backrest. Be quick! 609461591. Not cheap but good (tnf) things aren’t!! ---------------------------------------------BMW 735i Year 1999. Full M Spec. Beautiful car. €6,950 Call (0)uve 609709466 ---------------------------------------------THE NEWS can help you with all your advertising needs, it may cost a lot less than you think. 952454491 ---------------------------------------------RED PORSCHE 911, 4s, Carrera, 1990 convertible. If you want to be seen then this is it! Perfect all round. Classic car in 2015! The ride of your life! 609461591. Serious calls only no boy racers, it ain’t (tnf cheap! ---------------------------------------------BENTLEY year 2000, immaculate, full spec, Spanish plates. €48,000 Call (0)uvef 609709466 ---------------------------------------------CARS, Vans, UK or Spanish, bought for cash, same day collection. (0)gh 678808837


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SEMI INTENSIVE SPANISH courses for adults. Contact Valerie Mitchell of Centro de Idiomas, Coin. 952450747,


UPHOLSTERY and steam cleaning, sofas, carpets etc. J A Cleaning 247tnp Services 626357955 ---------------------------------------------WINDOW CLEANERS Husband and (0)tnf wife team. 691140427 ---------------------------------------------CARPET and upholstery cleaning, 20 years experience, latest equipment, honest reasonable service wet or dry, 12 years on the coast. Please call 952669701 / (0)ghf 678808837


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GILLIAN your friendly mobile hairdresser for the elderly. Specialist in perms, sets, colours. Good rates. (252)tnp 635261483


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METS DOG training club. Fuengirola Glyn 605121831, Jeff (254)pwp 692832250

Mascota La Trocha & Scooby Doo Do’s Pet accessories & supplies Dog grooming Veterinary consultant

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Alhaurin el Grande - Los Boliches - Torremolinos Tel:952 596 991 - Tel:952 479 431 - Tel:951 088 961

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BAR / Restaurant furniture for sale. Tables, chairs, etc. All good quality. (246)gh 632263278 Ground floor La Trocha C.C. Coin

Key cutting, photocopying, fax, printing, business cards, greeting cards etc., all in one place!

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YOUNG domesticated cats rescued from the killing station need kind homes. Fully vaccinated, and neutered, free of charge. We will also deliver to England for a donation to the charity. Please give one of these beautiful cats a home so we can save more from death. Can be seen without obligation at Cat and Dog (0g World Kennels 630197435 ---------------------------------------------PET Transport by road. Cat and Dog World 952112978, (249)p 630197435 ---------------------------------------------LUXURY professional kennels, Cat and Dog World. Fully licensed. Cheap collection service. Viewing welcome. (249) 952112978 / 630197435 ---------------------------------------------LAGUNA Kennels and cosy cattery. Five star facilities, fully tiled quarters with airconditioning. Your pets lovingly cared for by English mother and daughter. Near Coin. 952112021 / 606838983 (249)tnp


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LONG TERM RENTALS. Super prices, no commissions. Apartments, townhouses, villas, fincas, shops, offices, warehouses, bars, restaurants. Coast and inland. (240)tnp 679111522

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WEDNESDAY, September 18th 2013


BENALMĂĄDENA Costa. Renovated studio with some garden views and morning sun. Ready to live in or to rent out. â‚Ź48.000. 636829631


---------------------------------------------BENALMåDENA Costa. Excellent location. Large, bright & beautiful. Near beach & Bonanza Sq. Beautiful 2 bed apartment in a small quiet complex. First & top oor. Garden & pool. ₏105.000. 636829631 (244)tnp ---------------------------------------------BENALMåDENA / Torremolinos, El Pinillo. Fantastic duplex /penthouse, 156m2 in total, 2 bed/ 2 bath, 3 terraces, private sauna. Sea views. Private parking plus a store room. ₏155.000 (242)tnp 636829631 ---------------------------------------------LONG LET properties Benalmådena Area: We are running out of stock of properties for long term rental. Please contact us if you wish us to oer your property. Elie: (242)tnp 634820748 ---------------------------------------------BENALMåDENA Costa. Minerva Complex. Beautiful renovated studio with panoramic views over the gardens and afternoon sun. (242)tnp ₏56.000 636829631

BENALMåDENA Costa. Luxury corner apartment with wrap round terrace straight over pool & garden. All day sun. ₏119.000 (242)tnp 636829631 ---------------------------------------------CALAHONDA. Stunning large 2 bed Villa, close to beach, shops & restaurants. Private outdoor heated pool. Finished to highest standard. ₏295.000 636829631 ---------------------------------------------BONANzA area. Modern 2 bed groundoor apt, Very large terrace. Private modern urbanization with pool.Sold with private parking and storeroom. ₏129.000. (244)tnp 636829631 ---------------------------------------------LONG LET properties Calahonda area: We are running out of stock of properties for long term rental. Please contact us if you wish us to oer your property. Steve: (241)tn 636829631 ---------------------------------------------BENALMåDENA Costa. 1 Bed corner apt. top oor in Jupiter Complex with wrap round terrace. Stunning views. ₏87.000 (242)tnp 636829631



We are a friendly team who enjoy our work, so if you are serious about your transport or removal needs, then please give us a call and speak to someone who has the knowledge, experience and enthusiasm to help you make the right choices. We look forward to hearing from you soon! LOCAL & EUROPEAN REMOVALS


VAN LEAVING for Cheshire monthly. Part loads required. (246)pwp 697671661 ---------------------------------------------HOUSE clearances, light removals, also rubbish of any type removed. (247)cntp We load. 632604689 ---------------------------------------------LARGE Luton van and man.â‚Ź20 per hour. Packing crates supplied. Kevin (247)pwp 628993995

Nif: X-5640385-A





Beautiful modern & renovated studio. Views of Minerva’s gardens entrance. Air con. Ready to live in.


Very nice house,with large living room. chimney, 2 large terraces, plus one glazed in, communal gardens, pools, parking.



Due to our current success, we need your property for sale or rent

Tel: 952 56 39 39 / 636 82 96 31

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SAFE secure transport available 632263278



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storage, areas. (246)tnf

THREE YOUNG willing workers. Gardening, strimming, own professional strimmer. Labouring. Own transport. English and Spanish (tn)p speaking. 662441518

SCOTT FORBES Property Care The name you can trust!

Established in the local business community for 10 years ‘Pop in’ checks on your property to ensure peace of mind in your absence. Discover leaks, electricity problems and breakages to prevent disasters before they strike! A great deterrent against break-ins.




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D.L.S. Fabrications Welding Engineers

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FABULOUS VIEWS CAN BE ENJOYED FROM THIS ELEVATED VILLA of 104m2 With two bedrooms and two en-suite bathrooms this is a light and airy villa with a modern kitchen. The lounge opens out onto a patio to enjoy meals and drinks while taking in the views. Close to town. Priced for quick sale at â‚Ź165,000 Call now for an appointment to view



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Avenida Gamonal, Local 9, Edificio Jupiter, 29631 Arroyo de la Miel, Malaga Tel: (0034) 952 57 40 51 (0034) 952 57 77 51 Fax: (0034) 952 44 26 51

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www.GApp-propErTiEs.coM Studio Playamar sea front, modern, pool, inc. electricity 400â‚Ź Studio in Iris .. pool 340â‚Ź Studios in Minerva and Jupiter communal pool 300â‚Ź 1 bed in Aguila comm.. pool 390â‚Ź 1 bed in Aquario comm.. pool 390â‚Ź 1 bed 1 bath Ibenza, modern apt. TV, good kitchen, non smoker 400â‚Ź 2 bed 2 bath Reserva del Parque, satTV, communal. pool, parking 625â‚Ź 2 bed 2 bath Parque Playa, pool, sea views, parking 650â‚Ź 3 bed apt 1 bath San Cristobal no pool or parking, Sat dish 450â‚Ź 3 bed 1 bath apt top floor, Mirador in Arroyo, pool, parking, views 550â‚Ź RENTAL PROPERTIES URGENTLY REQUIRED IN JUPITER AND MINERVA ALSO LONG TERM AND SALES PROPERTIES IN THE ARROYO/BENALMADENA AREA


COIN WINDOWS We make aluminium windows, doors and mosquito screens, also supply and ďŹ t sun canopies, blinds, shower screens, etc. Spanish owned business. Call Lisa Marie (249)tnp 646066351


Grilles, scissor gates, railings & metal ballustrading, doors, rejas Manufacture & Weather protection for all your metalwork

649 379 981 / 678 968 275 MOSQUITO Screens. Call Mosquito Nick 647072861 (245)s

KITCHEN Bedrooms, MATERIAL. Kitchens, MADE TO MEASURE Bathrooms. FURNITURE AND DOORS. BOARDS, MOLDING AND Avda. de Andalucia 49, Reform All Trades Alhaurin el Grande Tel / Fax: 952 288 651 599595 173 Mobile: 677 910 021

REFRIGERATION, air conditioning, same day repair. Specialist. Fridges, (252)tnp displays, etc. 627769969 ---------------------------------------------MOBILE welder / handyman. Repairs / installation / fabrication. No job too small. 654851171 (268)ssp

Sco and his dedicated team of trustworthy people are at your disposal. Calls from only â‚Ź10


952 829 875 - 618 956 460 Spain - Abroad Total discretion Confidentiality assured All kinds of investigation

Avda. Ricardo Soriano 4-5Âş F. MARBELLA


ALL STYLE, curtains, upholstery, soft funishings and bean bags made to measure. Sensible prices. Also repairs / alterations. All areas. Call 678910117 or email (252)tn


HAIR Stylist required for busy salon in Bonanza Square, Arroyo. Call Paul (245)ghp 951246561 ---------------------------------------------(274)ae WWW.MEGAFON.NET


NEED a lawyer? Contact Marbella Solicitor Group. There’s an oďŹƒce near you. Free no obligation consultations. Tel: (0)at 952901225

DEADLINE Deadline time is 12 noon each Friday.

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AQUATILE Replace your pool tiles without draining your pool. Or have the hull of you boat cleaned.

Tel 697529677 TV, DVD & VIDEO



Installation within 24 hours 1.3m dish WE COVER ALL AREAS 275â‚Ź From the coast to the campo




Blinds you can see through! Ideal for large glazed areas reflecting heat / glare and to stop furniture fading, but still keep that important view! Decorative heat reflective material that reflects summer heat, but saves winter heat. Roller and vertical systems.




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WEDNESDAY, September 18th 2013

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Lorenzo closes on Leader with Misano win Jorge Lorenzo pulled back another five points off title leader Marc Marquez's World Championship lead with a commanding Italian victory. Lorenzo, starting from second place on the grid, blazed into the lead on the opening lap and quickly established an advantage of almost two seconds on the Factory Racing Yamaha M1 from Repsol Honda's Dani Pedrosa.

The defending world champion was flawless as he followed up his Silverstone triumph with a less frantic victory at the Misano MotoGP, taking the chequered flag with a margin of three seconds from championship leader Marc Marquez. Lorenzo is now level on 215 points

with Dani Pedrosa, 34 behind Marquez with five rounds remaining. Marquez and team-mate Pedrosa battled all the way to the line, exchanging places in the closing laps before the series rookie pulled away to make sure of the runner-up spot.

Marquez decided against pushing over the limit in an effort to reel in Lorenzo, settling instead for a solid haul of 20 points to bolster his lead in the MotoGP World Championship. Braking errors in the first half of the race cost him valuable

November 1st, Ford said. The moves are part of a series of management changes announced on Friday, most of them in the United States. Samardzich will be responsible for many of Ford of Europe's operations, including manufacturing, product development, purchasing and environment and

safety engineering. Samardzich will continue to report to Stephen Odell, president of Ford of Europe. Samardzich joined Ford in 1990 and was vice president of powertrain engineering from 2005 until 2011 when she moved to Europe. She also served as executive director of vehicle product

Ford promotes Samardzich to COO of Europe

Ford Motor Co.'s vice president of European product development, Barb Samardzich, has been named chief operating officer of Ford of Europe. Samardzich, 54, will assume the role on

Autosalon Coin

£900,000 for the car Rod Stewart bought for £8,000

The 68-year-old rocker bought the yellow, 186mph car for £8,000 in 1972 on the back of hit single Maggie May and No 1 album Every Picture Tells A Story.

The supercar sparked a bidding frenzy at the Bonhams’ Goodwood Revival sale in Chichester, West Sussex, before raising £919,900. The Lamborghini is one of only seven right-hand drive Miura SVs ever made. Stewart asked for the car to have a cassette player with a record function – so he could store tunes that came into his head.

Stewart parted with the car in 1985. It later passed to a private UK collector.

Simply repairs & servicing to all makes and models at unbeatable prices


609 709 466

ENGLISH MECHANICS WORKSHOP & MOBILE Prompt Reliable Service City & Guilds Qualified


Optimise your car to save you money




952 917 353 687 727 460 - 687 727 516

at the end of the Coin road Mijas Costa

time, and Marquez has vowed to learn from his mistakes. “Twenty points are so important. I know that in the beginning of the race is where I struggle a little bit more. Anyway I tried to do my best but I made two mistakes, completely my fault, inexperience,” he said.“I need to be a little more patient. I lost too much time when I went wide, but I recovered my feeling and then tried to close the gap to Dani (Pedrosa). I had a nice fight with Dani and when I overtook him I tried to go with Jorge, but it was too

much risk. It was right on the limit with ten laps to go and already I was a little bit tired,” added Marquez.Valentino Rossi, who started from third place on the front row, was unable to make it onto the rostrum at his home race as the nine-time world champion finished in a lonely fourth on the second of the Factory Yamahas. After being off the pace all weekend where he even had to take part in

qualifying 1 on Saturday, Tech 3 Racing's Cal Crutchlow fought out an entertaining duel for fifth place with Stefan Bradl on the LCR Honda, with Crutchlow holding the position for much of the race until Bradl made a decisive pass stick on the last lap of the race. Unlike factory Yamaha riders, Crutchlow and team-mate Bradley Smith do not have the new seamless shift gearbox.

AUTO CLINIC Workshop and mobile, repair & service of all makes, ITV, body repairs and insurance repairs. Scandinavian Service at Spanish prices! OFFER!! Change of oil (10w/40)

development from 2002 to 2005 and chief engineer for F-series Super Duty commercial trucks.

Now only €27

TEL: 952 474 059 MOB: 636 674 722

Martin Mark


For immediate cash settlement for your Left/Right hand vehicle Contact: webuycarsinspain +(34) 955 328 193 +(34) 603 486 710 +(44) 7973622577 Part of the Pentagon group U.K. LTD

the N ews

N 31

WEDNESDAY, September 18th 2013

Sports & Motors Page


Hamdaoui hat trick in Costa Del Sol Malaga five star show Charity Cricket Fest Malaga 5-0 Rayo Vallecano After the international break it was back to La Liga action for Malaga in a must-win game to kick start their season with 3 points.

Malaga started well creating three corners in the first 5 minutes, and ex Malaga keeper Rubén saved well from a Pedro Morales shot. Another corner was headed just wide by Angeleri as Malaga pushed hard for an opening goal. Rayo came into the game and created a great chance, Larrivey found space in the box to slide a pass across the 6 yard box but Trashorras failed to find the target. On 31 minutes Malaga were in front, a

great long ball found Antunes on the left wing and his inch perfect cross found El Hamdaoui in the box to volley home, a great start to the Moroccan’s debut game.

Nine minutes later Malaga doubled their lead. Another great move between Morales and El Hamdaoui found Portillo who could not miss from close range. Just after the break the game was made safe when Eliseau curled a shot into the back of the net from just outside the box. El Hamdaoui scored his second of the game when he slotted home a cross, and then on 67 minutes the on-loan Fiorentina forward

completed a great hat trick beating the Rayo defence and firing his effort past Rubén at the near post. With 23 minutes still on the clock more goals looked on the cards but the game petered out with just various half chances for both sides. El Hamdaoui was replaced on 83 mins by Samuel, and left the field to thunderous applause. A great first home win for Malaga and Bernd Schuster that moves Malaga to mid table in La Liga. Their next game is Saturday away at Real Sociedad, with kick off at 4pm. Report by Scott Forbes

Wayne’s Weekly Poker Tips Amir Lehavot, (pictured) who is second in chips heading into the 2013 World Series of Poker Main Event final table, tweeted on Monday that he is selling 30% of his action in the event. "I've generally been selling pieces for most live tourneys I play that are $5,000 or above in buy-in," Lehavot told PokerNews on Monday. "Selling pieces is something I'm very familiar with; I thought I would likely sell some pieces once we reached the final table."

Lehavot says that he currently has 80% of himself in the Main Event his parents have 10% and a "long time friend and investor" has the other 10%. The 2011 WSOP bracelet winner is selling

his Main Event shares at Independent Chip Model (ICM) value. Using ICM, you can calculate the dollar value of each players' stack, and after subtracting the ninth-place money that all of the players have received already, Lehavot's stack is worth $2,924,800. In order for his investors to profit, Lehavot will have to finish third or better. If he finishes in fourth place, they will essentially break even.

"I think my accomplishments speak for themselves," Lehavot said when asked if this was a good deal for potential investors. "I'm an



Before 09.00am or After 3.00pm

Per Person inc Buggy

Yearly Membership from €1.500 inc. buggy


951 170 194

On the Thursday 26th, Friday 27th & Saturday 28th September the Cartama Oval will be hosting the biggest cricket event in its history. This year there will be six teams taking part – four teams from the UK, one from Holland and one from New Delhi India.

The three-day event will have non-stop cricket from 10am until 6pm in the evening. There will be three exciting 20/20 games each day.

Schedule Of Play Thursday 26th September 10.00 Rampside CC (Cumbria UK) v Rugby CC (Warwickshire UK) 12.45 Chiswick & Latymer CC (Middlesex UK) v Turf India CC (New Delhi) 15.30 TCC Zamigos (Holland) v Ruislip Victoria CC (Surrey UK)

Friday 27th September

experienced accomplished MTT player and believe I have an edge over the table." In his marketplace thread, Lehavot compares this investment to buying pieces before a tournament begins. "I understand that investor ROI is quite limited here, i.e. the best case scenario is a 2.6x return. The downside is also significantly lower than when typically buying action, 84% of the time investors are going to get at least 30% back, etc. Basically because it’s the FT already the variance I’m transferring to investors per $1 is much smaller than when buying action at the beginning of a tourney.”

When asked about the importance of the title "Main Event champion," Lehavot told PokerNews, "It would be great obviously, but I'm really not focused at all in thinking about what if situations like this. In my experience that is not constructive or useful, I rather focus on preparing for the final table and then just playing one hand at a time."

10.00 Chiswick & Latymer CC v Ruislip Victoria CC 12.45 TCC Zamigos v Rampside CC 15:30 Turf India CC v Rugby CC

Saturday 28th September


10.00 5th v 6th Ranked Teams 12.45 4th v 3rd Ranked Teams 15.30 1st v 2nd Ranked Teams 18.00 Presentation of Trophies.

Spectators are very welcome and admission into the Cartama Oval is free, however we would appreciate a donation once again towards our chosen charity CUDECA .

It is very important that you register with us if you are intending to come along. To reserve your place contact Tim at or 66 22 33 302 .

Charity Cricket Fest Appeal.

To accommodate our extra guests over the threeday period we are in need of plastic chairs and tables. We are also in need of extra refrigeration for canned drinks etc. If there is anybody that can either donate or lend theses we would be very grateful. Shoaib Malik the current Pakistan International Cricketer pictured below will headline the event.

Oh what a difference a week makes! Second part of the west of the Tunnel competition. Both teams girded their loins for the battle ahead. Benavista feeling they had the advantage with a 34 shots lead, and Superbowl determined to do their best. The cup sparkled in the evening sun. Then, oh dear , how the mighty fell! Superbowl, it can only be said, whitewashed

Benavista and so won the cup from their opponents. Terry Groom, Superbowl's Captain graciously accepted the trophy from Chris Cooper, Benavista's captain. Who said “It's only a game!”

A good evening was had by all at Superbowl's refurbished Club. Terry Groom lifts the trophy

Thanks to all who worked hard to make the evening a success. Photos and text: Frances Farmer


WEDNESDaY, September 18th 2013

Sports & Motors

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Sports Flash


PFA, shocked and saddened at death of clinic co-founder Peter Kay

Peter Kay, co-founder of the Sporting Chance Clinic – which treats professional sports people dealing with drink, drug, gambling and other behavioural problems – has died. Kay set-up the centre with former Arsenal captain Tony Adams, who dealt with alcoholism during his career, in September 2000. In recent years, the Clinic has treated a host of sport stars including Paul Gascoigne, Joey Barton, Paul Merson, Adrian Mutu, Matthew Etherington and Kelly Smith.

Zach Johnson wins American Zach Johnson shot a final-round 65 to win the BMW Championship and climb into the top five in the race for the seasonending FedEx Cup. Johnson, on 16 under, finished two ahead of Nick Watney and three better than third-round leader Jim Furyk, with Tiger Woods seven adrift. Furyk, who became only the sixth player to card a sub-60 round when he fired a second-round 59, has now squandered his last six 54hole leads. Johnson, who was angered on Saturday

after a spectator near the 18th green hollered, "Zach, you suck!" saluted the crowd on Monday by applauding as he made a Zack Johnson applauds the crowds on the 18th 360-degree turn. "It just dawned on me that I "This is the Midwest, won." man. This is Chicago," he Woods and Johnson are said. "I've got brothers here, amongst the five who can cousins, uncles. This is the win the $10m (£6.3m) big city east of where I'm FedEx Cup with victory in from." He paused and said, Atlanta next weekend.

Vuelta winner's team angry at drug test 'mix-up' Vuelta a Espana winner Chris Horner has missed a random drugs test – but his Radioshack team have blamed testers for the mixup.

Horner, 41, became the oldest Grand Tour race winner on Sunday. The American was not at his team hotel when testers arrived on Monday, but Radioshack say he had

told authorities about his change of address. They even released an email from Horner to the testers which they say backs up their claims. "The management of Radioshack wants to clarify the situation about the alleged missed out of competition anti-doping test of Chris Horner," said a team statement.

Stephen Lee found guilty of Shane Watson century seals Aussie series win snooker match-fixing Stephen Lee has been found guilty of match-fixing charges in what officials have called "the worst case of snooker corruption we've seen".

His penalty will be announced on 24th September, with snooker's governing body expected to push for a life ban. Lee, 38, denied the allegations, which concerned seven games in 2008 and 2009,

Shane Watson hit a brutal century as Australia beat England by 49 runs in the final one-day international to win the series 2-1. His 107-ball 143, allied to Michael Clarke's 75, propelled Australia to 298 all out on a true Southampton surface.

including a World Championship match.

The World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association said more than £40,000 was paid to his wife's account.

Lee, the winner of five ranking titles, has been suspended since October 2012, when he was ranked eighth in the world.

The verdict followed an independent tribunal held in Bristol last week.

Ben Stokes took 5-61 and debutant Chris Jordan 3-51 for England. But the hosts managed only 249, with Ravi Bopara's 62 the

Saint Cars



La Cala de Mijas

UK Self Drive

£89 per week Fully inclusive

Rent-a-car Airport Delivery & Collection 952 494 283 610 750 076

No hidden extras Delivery & Collection Gatwick Airport only

Tel: 0044 1293 432155 Fax: 0044 1293 402600

Fully registered First for Quality First for Choice air Con dition ing Ser viCin g & rep airS oF FiCial pan aSon iC Centre top quality installations from €595 Coin meters to control electric consumption €300 no obligation quotations and advice - all makes Contact l ynne or alison in the airflow offices

t el: 952 443 222



Special Offer

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highest score as Mitchell Johnson claimed 2-21 from 10 overs and James Faulkner 3-38. While victory ensured Australia ended an otherwise miserable tour on a high note, England will point to the fact they won summer’s main event, the Ashes.

"I'm extremely happy to win the series," Australia captain Clarke told BBC Test Match Special. "To a lot of people this ODI series does not mean much, but to the Australia players it means a lot. "I don't know whether it will have much impact on the Ashes back home, but we get the flight back home a lot happier as a one-day side."

The Ashes series in Australia begins at The Gabba on November 21st.

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alistair brownlee says brother Jonathan is a 'tactical numpty' Olympic champion Alistair Brownlee says brother Jonathan threw away the world triathlon title by being a "complete tactical numpty" during his battle with Spain's Javier Gomez at the Grand Final in London. Alistair says the younger Brownlee got his tactics wrong by trying to outsprint the Spaniard from 200m out instead of sitting on his shoulder. Gomez won his third ITU World Triathlon title as he beat Johnny in a dramatic sprint finish in Hyde Park.


Mark Halsey fears an under-pressure official could take own life Former Premier League referee Mark Halsey fears an official may commit suicide if referees do not get more help to deal with the pressures of the job. Halsey, 52, retired at the end of last season, and made the claim in his book, serialised in the Sun. "It will not be long before a referee has a nervous breakdown," he said. "I also believe that if we do not do something to help referees with mental health and stress issues, then we could see a suicide."

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