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THEN EWS “In the practice of tolerance, one’s enemy is the best teacher.� Dalai Lama



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FBI under fire for letting Boston bomber go

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The FBI has come under fire for having let one of the Boston Marathon bombers go two years ago, when the Russian government told the agency that Tamerlan Tsarnaev “was a follower of radical Islam�. FBI agents defended their actions on Monday, saying that after investigators closed the background on Tsarnaev, check concluding that he posed no terrorist threat, they had no legal basis to monitor him in the months leading up to the attack. A senior FBI agent said it would have been a violation of federal

guidelines to keep investigating him without additional information. Senior FBI and intelligence officials had to explain to the Senate Intelligence Committee in a classified briefing on Tuesday the steps they took – and did not take – before and after Tsarnaev returned last July from a six-month trip to Chechnya and Dagestan, predominantly Muslim republics in the North Caucasus region of Russia.

In a statement on Monday, Senator Mark Udall, a Colorado Democrat on the panel, said: “There are many

Wednesday, April 24th 2013 Issue 223

questions I want answered, such as how and when the suspects became radicalized, details of the FBI’s initial into investigation Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s activities, the nature of the terrorist threat in southern Russia, and more information on our counterterrorism cooperation with Moscow.�

Meanwhile, in the intensive care ward of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Centre, the surviving suspect – Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 19 – admitted on Sunday to playing a role in the attacks. He is being



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Tamerlan Tsarnaev (deceased) - Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

treated for what court papers described as possible gunshot wounds to the “head, neck, legs and hand�. One law

enforcement officer said the wound to the neck appeared to be the result of a self-inflicted gunshot. CONTINUED ON PAGE 2


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I don’t know about you but, sometimes as I’m driving along a thought or a conundrum will just pop into my head! Last week while I was delivering the papers and going past the El Faro lighthouse it started me wondering, when it’s dark and/or foggy and a sailor who is lost sees a lighthouse, how does he tell how far it is away and, therefore, how far away are the rocks or land? Are they all at the same height above sea level and that’s why the ones you see on rocky outcrops seem so much taller than the ones perched on top of a cliff, or is it something to do with candle power as well as their height or, is it something completely different?! There must be some sort of mathematical equasion or, as Father Ted would have said: “Is it small, or is it far away?” I could, of course, look it up on Google but, it’s much better to ask other people and get them thinking about it as well. Cruel, but there you have it! I will let you know when someone tells me

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Blooming into action This weekend the Homes, Gardens and Lifestyle Show is on in Torremolinos. Get some inspiration to brighten your surroundings and life here in Spain and meet BBC celebrity Tommy Walsh (right). Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th April, Palacio de Congresos. See Page 16 for more details.

FBI under fire Thursday 9th May, 12 noon. Contact Pat on 620 354 885 or

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By Kym Wickham

He was charged on Monday with using a weapon of mass destruction that resulted in three deaths and more than 170 injuries. The charges against Tsarnaev were made public about the same time that Boston, like many cities across the country, held a moment of silence at 2:50 p.m. on Monday – the time of the explosions a week before. If convicted, he faces the death penalty or life behind bars.


the answer and, who knows, one of us may be out on a lost boat and it could save our lives. Unlikely but it is possible that you would be the one to say: “Aha, I know the answer to that.” As for the weather, one day hot, one day cold and last Wednesday at 5am we had thick fog up here in Coin as we left home to do the deliveries. On a last note, I was very pleased to see that everyone was civil at Mrs Thatcher’s funeral and there was no silliness – well done everybody for keeping the peace and well done CLC for flying British & American flags at half mast in respect.

Saying the word “no” once, when asked if he could afford a lawyer, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 19, nodded to answer the questions put to him by specially trained FBI agents who invoked a special Justice Department public safety


Thursday. The lawyer declined to elaborate on whether his client had seen changes in her husband recently, but did

exception that allowed them to interrogate him without telling him he had the right to remain silent. He admitted that he had been involved in laying the bombs that killed three people at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. He said that he knew of no other plots and that he and his brother had acted alone.




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As the legal process was playing out, investigators were still working feverishly to determine the motives for the attacks. A lawyer for Katherine Russell, who married Tamerlan Tsarnaev in 2010, said that Ms. Russell found out that her husband was a suspect in the bombings only after the authorities released the photos on

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National News

National News N 03

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Protesters reject Parliament action Most of the groups belonging to the M-15 youth protest movement have decided not to take part in the encircling of Parliament on Thursday which has been organised by the violence-prone group Plataforma ¡En Pie! The group plans to "take" the Parliament building indefinitely until the Government resigns. A spokesman for one of the protest groups – Acampada Sol – that camped out in the centre of Madrid in the summer of 2010 said it did not agree with the methods being used by the Platform to organise the protest nor with the way it would be carried out. He said the

organisers were practically "calling for violence" and "this is not the time for that". The Legal Commission that advises Acampada Sol which usually attends protests to help people detained by the police said it would not be present at the Parliament protest. In a statement, the Commission said it could not participate in an action where the decisions were made by a handful and not by a majority, as was the norm in the M-15 protest two years ago. Another group – the Association for Real Democracy Now! – said that it did not have a position one way or the

WEDNESDAY, April 24th2013



the Spanish-American war began after Spain defied US ultimatum to withdraw from Cuba

other, adding that the protest's objectives "were not very realistic".

Even the Mortgage Victims Platform which routinely indulges in verbal violence has decided not to participate in Thursday's protest. The Coordinadora 25S group, which organised a similar taking of Parliament last September, has decided to

put in an appearance, stressing that it wanted to express its rejection of the current government in a peaceful way.

Meanwhile, hundreds


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of riot police will be on hand to protect MPs, most of whom seem to have decided to take a day off to avoid being forced to sit out a protest that could last for several days.

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Catholics divided on abortion issue the

News Zpvs!pvumppl!po!uif!Xpsme

With Justice Minister Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón under pressure from prolife groups for failing on his election promise to change the existing abortion law “in the first quarter of 2013”, rifts are beginning to appear in the Catholic Church's position on the issue. It bitterly opposed the 1985 legislation and, with the tacit support of the PP, organised huge marches in the streets of Madrid and other cities in the weeks before the Socialist government passed its abortion law in 2010, which gave women the right to abortion on demand for up to 14 weeks of pregnancy.

Last week the General Synod of Bishops launched a new campaign aimed at pressuring the government to push ahead with repealing the 2010 law and restricting access to abortion yet further.

Before then, abortion was only legal on three conditions: to preserve the physical and mental health of the mother; if the pregnancy was a result of rape or incest; or if the foetus was likely to suffer mental or physical abnormalities at birth. There were also time limits and the need for doctors’ agreement, and young women under the age of 18 required parental permission.

While there are groups within the Catholic Church that take a much more radical position on abortion, demanding a total ban, there are significant numbers of clergy and parishioners who see the daily reality of women struggling to deal with an unwanted pregnancy. The Christian Network, which represents hundreds of grassroots Catholic associations and

groups throughout Spain, has accused the justice minister of playing politics with the abortion rights issue, saying that everything was fairly calm, "then along comes Gallardón and with him, for ideological reasons, the minority voice of Catholic nationalism demands to be heard, trying to shout down the peaceful passage of a law on sexual health and voluntary termination of pregnancy". It said that it is both dangerous and stupid to create a social problem, with polls showing that more than 80 per cent of voters are against the proposed reforms.

According to the Platform for the Defence of Reproductive and Sexual Rights, the government must guarantee that "something that for some people is a sin should not become a crime for the rest

of us". It said restrictive legislation will never succeed in avoiding abortion but simply increase deaths among women. It warned that the new law will mean women with money will have abortions clandestinely, while the less fortunate will likely turn to dangerous homemade remedies. The Association for Interreligious Dialogue has said that abortion rights must be approached “from the perspective of human rights, as a public health matter because sexual and reproductive health is part of our overall welfare and goes beyond the simple right of having access to contraception or family planning services".

Justice Minister RuizGallardón has already said that some of his planned reforms to the abortion law "will not please the Church hierarchy".


National News N 05

WEDNESDAY, April 24th 2013



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Population shrinks

Spain's population fell last year for the first time since the regular census began in 1992, by almost 206,000 to 47.1 million – the decline entirely accounted for by foreigners. the national Statistic institute (nSi) figures released on monday show that immigrants from Ecuador and Colombia showed the biggest fall. the figures do not take into account many Spaniards who have left in search of work but are still on the census. the figures show that the ongoing economic crisis has reversed the country's rapid population growth in the decade before the financial crisis erupted in 2008. the bursting of the property bubble and high unemployment levels compounded the situation, forcing many economic migrants from South America and Eastern Europe to leave the country. mAdrid

Call to suppress €500 notes

Socialist Party general secretary Pérez rubalcaba has put forward a proposal to suppress €500 notes to help fight organised crime and tax evasion. He said that 25 per cent of the €500 notes circulating in the EU are to be found in Spain, mainly in the possession of drug traffickers and people hiding the true extent of their wealth. "i've never seen one", he said.

He said Spain should take the initiative in suppressing the notes, which would be exchanged for lower denomination ones, thus forcing people to reveal just how much "black money" they were not paying taxes on.

World News 06 N World News

WEDNESDAY, April 24th 2013

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Italian President scolds politicians

President Giorgio Napolitano chided the politicians who re-elected him on Sunday, saying he only agreed to it because of a deep political crisis. Mr Napolitano, 87, was speaking on Monday as he became the first Italian president to be sworn in for a second term, after parties failed to find a replacement.

President Napolitano said that deadlock must not continue, urging political parties to reach a deal on a new government "without delay". He thanked MPs for their backing, but went on to accuse them of being "deaf" to Italians' call for change. And he implied that he might step down if the parties did not implement much-needed

reforms. He accused them of allowing progress that had been achieved under the technocratic government of Mario Monti to wither, and was particularly critical of the "unforgivable" failure to enact changes to an electoral law which is widely seen as flawed.

Mr Napolitano called on the party leaders to reach agreement on a broad coalition, saying that was the only option open in the current circumstances. Italy still has no government, eight weeks after an exceptionally tight election resulted in a

suspects Chiheb Esseghaier, 30, and Raed Jaser, 35, were arrested in Montreal and Toronto on Monday. They allegedly planned to derail a VIA passenger train in the greater Toronto area, but it is not clear when. The RCMP said the two men

hung parliament.

The election left three parties nearly evenly balanced, but animosity between them has made attempts to build a coalition futile. Centre-left leader, Pier Luigi Bersani, who has a majority in the lower house but not in the

Senate, which it also needs in order to govern, has rejected any suggestion of a coalition with the centreright of his ideological enemy Silvio Berlusconi, while his overtures to the Five-Star protest movement led by popular comedian Beppe Grillo have been firmly rebuffed.

were not Canadian citizens and were supported by "al-Qaeda elements in Iran" but there was no evidence of state sponsorship. The RCMP also said that FBI agents from the US were involved in the operation to foil the attack.

A US justice department official has said there was no connection between the plot and last week's Boston Marathon bombings, according to the Associated Press news agency.

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Opponents hold last-ditch rally

Around 45,000 people attended the last big rally against samesex marriage and adoption in Paris on Sunday before the bill finally became law. At least 3,500 people joined a rival march in support of the bill which is likely to be passed on Tuesday. Opinion polls show that around 55-60 per cent of French people support gay marriage but only about 50 per cent approve of gay adoption. The anti-gay marriage lobby, backed by the Catholic Church and conservative opposition, has warned that it will do everything possible to get the law repealed.

US 'child porn' teacher arrested

A former Washington DC primary school teacher accused of producing child pornography has been arrested in Nicaragua, the FBI confirmed on Monday.

Eric Justin Toth, 31, replaced Osama Bin Laden on the FBI's top 10 most wanted list in April 2012. He had been on the run since 2008, when another teacher found child pornography on a camera he had used at the school. The head of Nicaragua's national detective force said he was arrested on Saturday near the Honduran border. GHANA

Faulty Chinese condoms seized More than 110 million Chinese-made condoms have been seized after laboratory tests revealed they had holes in them and burst easily, Ghanaian officials have said. The condoms were being distributed free as part of an HIV/Aids prevention campaign by the Ghana Health Service.

About 200 million of the faulty condoms are believed to have been imported into the country. A publicity campaign was underway to ensure that all the other unsafe condoms were found, the officials said. According to UN figures, an estimated 230,000 people in Ghana, which has a population of 25 million, are living with HIV.

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War-time premier Winston Churchill was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II



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Al-Qaeda linked terror attack foiled in Canada The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) on Monday arrested two foreign men who have been charged with plotting a terrorist attack on a passenger train, with support from al-Qaeda elements in Iran. The authorities said the



952 830 503



News Zpvs!pvumppl!po!uif!Xpsme

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WEDNESDAY, April 24th 2013

UK News 08 N UK News

WEDNESDAY, April 24th 2013

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Army cuts opposed Hospital deaths make headlines by former officer

A former Army officer who is now a Conservative MP has attacked plans to increase the size of Britain’s reserve forces while reducing the number of regular troops.

Colonel Bob Stewart is concerned by plans to give the Territorial Army a bigger role with the doubling of numbers to 30,000, while

the regular army is cut from 102,000 to 82,000. The Ministry of Defence is expected to spend £1.8 billion on the reorganisation, to include training, equipment and support for the reserves. Colonel Stewart is concerned that only a fraction of reservists would be able to serve on the front line and said the MOD

had refused to give estimates of the number who would be able to deploy at a given time.

“Colonel Bob” was a guest speaker recently at the Conservatives Abroad dinner at the Tamisa Golf Hotel here on the Costa del Sol.

Businesses seek better Europe deal

A large group of British business leaders have launched a campaign calling on Westminster to negotiate a better deal for the UK in Europe. They are supporting Prime Minister David

Cameron’s plan to claw back powers and then hold a referendum on whether to stay in Europe after the next General Election. The business leaders agree with this policy and want see a flexible, to competitive Europe with

more powers from Brussels.


The Business for Britain Campaign is urging all political parties to get behind moves to renegotiate the terms of Britain’s membership.



Keep up with the news from home while living or taking a holiday here in Spain

This page written by Vic Gardner

Basildon Hospital in Essex is the latest hospital to be the subject of investigation in Britain following suggestions that 500 people have died needlessly in just two years.

It is feared there may have been 2,500 avoidable deaths over the past ten years. While many hospital units operate well throughout Britain, it is yet a further damning indictment of the medical profession in the country as it follows the Stafford Hospital scandal. Last November the Care Quality Commission inspected Basildon and Thurrock University Hospitals following the death of a girl and the medical overdose of a baby

and reported that “rapid and sustainable improvement” was required.

Earlier in the year the hospital trust was issued with a warning ordering it to make improvements following inspections of the accident and emergency department and adult wards.

A hospital spokesman said they were refocusing every aspect of their work to improve care to patients.



Police officer charged

A police officer has been charged with conspiracy to manage a brothel, conspiracy to money launder and conspiracy to supply class A drugs with intent to supply. Osman Iqbal, 35, from Birmingham, a serving officer at one of the city’s police stations, faces trial with nine others.


Plant fire A fire at a nuclear plant in Hartlepool was extinguished without injury to anyone. Smoke billowing from the power station was not heading in a direction that would cause any “implications for members of the public,” police said.

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Women hit hardest theNews Zpvs!pvumppl!po!uif!Xpsme

The financial squeeze in Britain is having a more damaging effect on women because of the pressure on budgets, household according to consumer group Which?

Women are cutting back on food and other household commodities and are going out less. less also are They optimistic about future economic prospects.

A third of women said they ran out of money the previous month compared with less than a quarter of men and they were less likely to have savings.

The Government has said it is searching for ways to support women and the survey would suggest there is a good case for this.

by Vic Gardner

Homes House for evacuated a quid Bomb disposal experts evacuated people from their homes in the Welsh town of Denbigh for a second time following the arrest on Friday of a 46year-old man in connection with a series of incidents in which objects were ignited in the town. A rest centre was set up in the town hall. by Vic Gardner

Aviva want Co-op insurance

British insurance firm Aviva is considering a £650-million takeover of the Co-op’s insurance business after the Co-op put the division up for sale to raise cash. The Co-op is pursuing the takeover of 632 Lloyds Banking Group branches throughout Britain and needs a capital injection after its banking division posted annual losses of £662-million.

Dozens of houses in the Colbridge area of Stokeon-Trent – mainly two bed terraces but some three bedroomed properties too – have been put up for sale by the council for the grand sum of £1 each as part of a £3 million regeneration programme.

There are 124 houses in the scheme and the council is also offering loans of up to £30,000 at preferential rates to the successful purchasers for them to do them up as part of the deal. It is expected that a handful of flats will be added to the scheme. Already there have been over 600 applications to the council to buy the homes and interested parties have until May 21st to register. The council said it wants to “revitalise these areas, build a community spirit and turn these places into thriving neighbourhoods again”. The scheme follows in the steps of Liverpool council, which has also used a similar initiative to help regenerate parts of their city.

Fake bomb detectors sold by businessman James McCormick, 56, a millionaire businessman from Langport in Somerset was found guilty at the Old Bailey of three counts of fraud after jurors heard that fake bomb detectors he had sold for up to £27,000 each did not work. The fake detectors were sold to Iraq, Belgium and even to the United Nations. Luckily no-one was killed whilst using the detectors that were based on a £13 American golf ball finder. He was said to have made around £37 million in sales

British golfer dies in Spain Thomas Ross, 73, from Nairn in Scotland, drowned in a lake on a Spanish golf course while trying to recover his lost ball. He was dragged out alive but died moments later despite desperate attempts to resuscitate him. The retired electrician, who was on a golfing holiday with six friends, is believed to have lost his balance and toppled into the lake at the fifth hole. A postmortem was being held to determine whether heart problems may have contributed to his death at the Dunas de Donana Golf Club near Huelva in southwest Spain.

Mr Ross, a non-swimmer who has two sons in Australia, had been staying with the rest of the group at the four-star Carabela Beach & Golf Hotel near Donana National Park. A spokesman said: “The water in the lake is only around waist high but it gets deeper the further in

Tottenham on fire by Vic Gardner

The biting incident in which Liverpool striker Luis Suarez was involved took the gloss off what was an otherwise entertaining 2-2 draw with Chelsea in the English Barclays Premier League. Ironically Suarez scored an excellent late headed goal to bring the match level after biting an

astonished Branislav Ivanovic earlier in the match. The incident occurred off the ball and was not seen by the referee. But the win of the weekend must be Tottenham’s 3-1 demolition of star-studded Manchester City. Clint Dempsey, Jermain Defoe

to Iraq alone and an estimated £50 million overall. The devices were sold around the world using video featuring men dressed in military style clothing and were purported to be able to detect everything from bombs to drugs and from ivory to people. He was remanded on bail and will be sentenced on May 2nd. He shook his head when the verdict was handed down.

and Gareth Bale were on fire. All scored in a sevenminute blitz and they were good goals. City had taken an early lead through Samir Nasri. The result left Manchester United clear to lift the title and City to concentrate on securing second spot. by Vic Gardner

you go.” Mr Ross’s friends were making statements today to an investigating judge who has opened a routine inquiry into the tragedy, which happened at 11.30am on Sunday. A police source said: “It appears the dead man drowned after going into the lake to try to get his golf ball. We don’t know yet why he got into difficulties. We are trying to determine whether he lost his balance and tripped or maybe suffered some sort of panic attack while he was in the water.”

Yvonne Forgan, secretary at his local Nairn Dunbar Golf Club, said: “We only heard about it this morning. It’s an absolute tragedy.He had been a member here for 33 years. He was passionate about his golf and had a handicap of 17. He was a popular and well known figure at the club and will be sorely missed.”

Jobs lost

HSBC has announced further redundancies in Britain as part of the bank's three-year Revival plan to cut costs. It said 3,166 positions in the UK would be affected by the cost-cutting exercise – but that just over 2,000 would be redeployed, resulting in 1,149 job losses, mainly in wealth management positions.

UK News N 09

WEDNESDAY, April 24th 2013


This is Molly.

She is a 16-year-old Yorkie that was stolen by burglars when they got into her home in Atalaya earlier this week. Molly is very recognisable as she has only one eye and a rather large tumour on her tummy. She has a microchip and vets have been alerted that she has been stolen. It is bad enough getting burgled without this sort of heartless thing happening. This little dog is being badly missed by her owners so, keep your eyes peeled and if you see her anywhere, please give Jo a ring on 634 109 688 and make a happy ending for everyone.

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WEDNESDAY, April 24th 2013

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Two alleged terrorists detained The National Police detained two men on Tuesday in Zaragoza and Murcia who are allegedly linked to Al Qaeda, in an operation ordered by National Court judge Santiago Pedraz.

The two men are Nou Mediouni, an Algerian detained in Zaragoza, and Hassan El Jaaouani, a Moroccan who was detained in Murcia. They allegedly belong to a radical cell of the terrorist organisation AQMI (Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb), according to a statement by the National Police.


Interior Minister Jorge Fernández has not confirmed any relationship between the two men.

The investigators who were following their postings on the internet said the two men had become more radical in

Nou Mediouni

recent weeks and it was decided to arrest them even though they appeared to be "second file" terrorists, to stop them passing from words to deeds. The operation was carried out with the cooperation of the French and Moroccan police.



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Premium Bonds were launched in the UK

Three meals a day for poor schoolchildren The Junta de Andalucia is to offer children at public schools three meals a day to alleviate undernourishment in one of the country's poorest regions.

Six out of every 100 children in Andalusia live below the poverty threshold and schools provide the only square meal for many youngsters whose families are on the dole. Miguel Castejón, head teacher at the San José Obrero school, whose

pupils come from Seville's most disadvantaged neighbourhoods, told reporters: "Many parents tell us that school lunches have become essential." Of some 200,000 pupils who eat daily in Andalusia's school, 50 per cent use a coupon system – more than double the number in 2008 when the economic crisis began.

The Junta plans to increase the amount it spends on school meals from €7.5 million to €8.5 million, which will come from the €16 million

budgeted for 2013 for "food solidarity". The plan in Andalusia will operate Monday to Friday, but the Canary Islands regional government has announced it will open schools throughout the summer to prevent children from going hungry.

This school year, 16,000 students there have stopped eating at school because their families cannot meet the €25 monthly fee. The regional government will pick up the tab for these pupils.

Three hotels win gastronomy award The hotels Vincci Aleysa in Benalmádena Costa (Málaga), the AC Málaga Palacio in the capital and the National Parador in Ronda have won awards from the Gastronomic Academy of Malaga. The Vincci Aleysa has won an

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award for being the best on the coast, the Ronda Parador for being the best in the interior and the AC Málaga Palacio for being the best in the provincial capital.

They will receive the awards at 2 pm on May

Malaga’s foreign population grows Malaga is the province in Spain with the biggest

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31st at a ceremony to be held in Hotel Meliá Costa del Sol in Torremolinos. The awards are sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce, The Businessmen's Confederation (CEM), and the Association of Costa del Sol Hoteliers (Aehcos).

Tel. 952 588 731

population increase, according to National Statistics Institute figures released on Monday.

The figures show that there was an increase of 8,150 inhabitants from January 1st, 2012, to January 1st this year – more than 2,000 of whom were foreigners – bringing the total for the province to 1,649,608.

The reason for this increase, at a time when the number of foreign residents is dropping in the rest of the country, is the so-called residential tourism, which continues to rise.

Cordoba adopts halal for Moslem tourists the

News Zpvs!pvumppl!po!uif!Xpsme

Cordoba wants to be the city where civilisations meet, which is all very well in theory but not so good in practice.

rooms will indicate the eastern orientation towards Mecca as well as providing prayer mats. Carmen Romero, a spokesperson for the Halal Institute, said these were simple things but would help to make Moslem tourists feel they are appreciated by the city. She said she hoped the new Pope, Francis I,

would persuade the Church in Cordoba to allow Moslems to pray in the Mezquita. Meanwhile, the Partido PopularAndalucia is urging the Junta de Andalucia to allow Jewish weddings to be held in the Synagogue, the monument most visited after the Mezquita, which would encourage Jews to visit

the city. A spokesman said the request would be easy to grant because it needed no investment, just the Junta's permission. Cordoba is a living proof that Jews, Christians and Moslems once lived peacefully side by side for centuries during the Moorish occupation of AlAndalus.

Asset Declaration Deadline approaches In



Despite a recent in-depth article explaining the ins and outs of the the obligatory declaration of financial assets held outside of Spain, written by Consultant John McCann from the wealth management firm Blevins Franks (The News, issue 218*) the controversy continues. The facts are clear, there is definitely a legal obligation for all Spanish nationals to submit this declaration, and that includes all foreigners registered as living in Spain, although, it is fair to say they are not the primary target. This is not a “Guiri” witch hunt.

Basically, it is only assets that exceed 50,000 Euros in any one of three specific categories that need to be declared, that's all, declared. Yes there are conditions and rules, on

Oil cruets to be withdrawn Oil cruets are about to become a collectors' item, once their prohibition by Brussels comes into effect.

On January 1st next year, they will disappear from bars and restaurants as part of a plan – proposed by Spain – to prevent them being used to pass off ordinary olive oil for the extra virgin or virgin varieties, which should be used for salads and the Spaniards' favourite breakfast of bread and olive oil.

The city's pride and joy is the impressive Mezquita Catedral (Mosque Cathedral) a Unesco World Heritage Site which attracts Moslems from all over the world. But it is owned by the Catholic church, which has forbidden Moslems to pray there.

Now the city authorities are working on a plan together with the Islamic Junta of Spain's Halal Institute to win over Moslem visitors via their stomachs. Under the slogan "Cordoba, city of three cultures", hotels and restaurants are working together on a menu based on halal method of killing livestock, the only one accepted by Islam.

Inland & Coastal News N 11

WEDNESDAY, April 24th 2013

what, when and how but there is no tax to pay. The Modelo 720 declaration is a separate exercise to your annual tax return. Furthermore for most foreigners, especially Brits, as explained by the British Embassy in their press release (The News, issue 217*) there is a double taxation agreement which prevents the same tax being paid on the same asset, twice.

What's not clear to some, is the size of the brick that will fall on your head if you don't do it. This is a very big brick, a punitive brick, with lumps on it.

The Hacienda means business, that much is true. Is this also a fishing expedition, probably. Are you obliged to pay tax on your income, yes. Do you have to pay the same tax twice, no. Can you hide

your cash off-shore and not pay your taxes indefinitely, not since the excel spread sheet arrived. Are European governments whispering in each other ears, it seems so. Is this declaration form - Modelo 720 - a bit of a monster to fill in that has to be done online, yes. Will you need help doing it, almost certainly.

If I am an honest hard working citizen, who has no black money squirrelled away in some off-shore bank account and have always paid my taxes, do I have anything to worry about, no. And if I am not, well, this might be a golden opportunity to come clean. Could the situation change in some way in the future, probably, this is the government after all. Is this Cyprus 2, no. The principle motive is to


They will be replaced by small "one-dose" containers which cannot



be refilled or small unrefillable bottles of oil so that clients know they are getting the real thing. Portugal withdrew oil cruets from public eating places in 2006 and another country with a strong olive oil tradition is already replacing them.

Got a story? Got pictures?

Send your stories or pictures to The News


Drunk crashes to 'avoid cat'

A British woman who refused to allow police to breathalyse her when her car overturned told them she had swerved to avoid a cat crossing the road. She admitted to having had three beers but refused to repeat the test after the first turned out negative – only because she sucked instead of blowing. When the police insisted, she put the gadget in her mouth but made no attempt to blow into it. Before her car overturned, the woman had run into two parked cars. AnDAluSiA

Region with the most indebted town halls

combat tax fraud in Spain.

Bars and newspapers might not be the best places to get specific information. Some recent letters to newspapers have actually encouraged foreign residents to ignore this, those letters say, “na, no pasa nada” - well, pasa mucho, but that's all up to you. When in doubt seek good professional advice. The deadline is next Tuesday April 30th 2013 so sooner rather than later. Pete Woodall

According to figures released by the Finance Ministry, Andalusia is the region with the highest number of highly indebted local government administrations with a population of over 50,000. Jaén, with debt per capita of €2,553 and Jerez de la Frontera with €2,484 are near the top of the debt league headed by Ceuta. The case of Jerez de la Frontera is particularly noteworthy as its debt soared five times in the course of one year from €103 million in 2011 to €526 million last year. DoñAnA

Junta puts gas project on ice

The Junta de Andalucía has decided to suspend negotiations with Gas natural Fenosa for the extraction and storage of gas on the Doñana national Park because of doubts about its impact on the environment. The Agriculture and Environment Ministry in Madrid had already given the green light for the project but the Junta's environment department said the ministry's assessment of the impact on the natural park had been incomplete. The Junta has asked Agriculture and Environment minister Miguel Arias Cañete for a more complete, joint assessment.

12 N Political Update

WEDNESDAY, April 24th 2013

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The Local Memo from Voice Madrid

Muriel Pilkington

Martin Delfín

An unseen trickle-down effect Bad banking


ith terrorist attacks in the Western hemisphere once again making headlines, I couldn't help but notice an article in the online newspaper El Confidencial Digital about another article which appeared recently in an Al Qaeda publication, written by Mustafa Setmarian, a radical Islamist with Spanish nationality. In it, he explains the reasons behind what he calls the "deterrence" attacks on trains in Madrid on March 11th, 2004, three days before the general election. Setmarian says the polls showed a majority of Spaniards planned to vote for the Partido Popular government, which had led Spain into the Iraq war.


e says the objective of the attacks was to change Spanish public opinion, and in this they were successful. The bombings galvanised the anti-war crowd, with a little bit of help from the Socialist Party, which organised anti-war protests on the day before the general election which was supposed to be a day of reflection. As a result, what Setmarian calls a "hostile" government was toppled and victory went to Zapatero who had promised to bring the Spanish troops home, which he duly did. The other desired result was that "America lost a major ally by a single deterrence operation alone, at the cost of several martyrs". However, in reality it was Spain that lost a major ally, as George W. Bush's studious ignoring of Zapatero for the next four years showed.


etmarian seems to believe that the bombings drove a wedge between the US and its European allies, when in fact they deepened the abhorrence most Western countries felt for the Islamist terrorists. He then goes on to unsuspectingly explain why decent people loathe the Islamists' total disregard for human life, listing the good targets for terrorist actions as "places where Muslims should not be such as places of sin, night clubs as in Bali, Mardi Gras, financial centres as in the Twin Towers, political parties or organisations that persecute Muslims and sports events that attract huge crowds" – such as the Boston Marathon.


hile the communities affected by such hideous terrorist acts have rallied round with a deeper defiance of threats from the outside – which defeats the objective of cowing them into submission – there are other side effects that are not so easy to

evaluate at first sight. Take the Madrid bombings. They brought to power a man who simply was not mentally, emotionally or intellectually equipped to govern a country, a man whose only objective was to keep himself and his party in power. As a result, he resorted to demagoguery – baby cheques, rent subsidies for young people, legalising illegal immigrants who could then vote for him in regional and local elections, among many other things.


is obstinacy in refusing to recognise the economic crisis in mid-2007 – too close to the March 2008 general election and not a vote winner – led to all the privations millions of people are suffering today, however much the Left tries to deny this. His desire to be all things to all men – especially the nationalists in Catalonia and the Basque Country – has led to the strong independence movements in both regions which threaten to tear Spain apart. His desire to be the man who brought the Basque terrorist group ETA in from the cold and his tolerance of parties and groups that sympathised with it has led to the political situation in the Basque Country today – where a proETA bloc that nearly won the last regional election is pushing for all ETA prisoners to be released and perverting the meaning of the word victim – these are not just the people killed by ETA but include their executioners, the ETA prisoners who are being kept in jail by a "vengeful Spanish government".


hat man's misgovernment of a country has led to what may turn out to be the death of a party that was founded in 1879. Thanks to Zapatero and his divisive ideas, the Socialist Party is about to go down the drain, split into several "branches" in the regions that are currently defying the "mother" party in Madrid. Even worse, the only two candidates tipped to challenge its current general secretary, Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba, for the party leadership are Zapateristas to the marrow of their bones.


he people behind the Madrid bombings killed 191 people and injured nearly 2,000 more. But by bringing the Socialists to power, they have ruined the lives of millions of people who were just beginning to enjoy a certain level of prosperity and freedom after decades of poverty and repression under Franco.

Writes for the English language version of


y the time the government completes its restructuring of the financial system, the banking industry in Spain will end up a very slight image of what it is today. How these changes will affect customers are far too evident. Higher surcharges and account maintenance fees are already being introduced as financial institutions prepare to fork over money that will go to pay investors who lost their savings by taking out preference shares at banks, such as Bankia, in what many say was an unscrupulous move by bankers to dupe their clients.


he Rajoy administration wants the nation’s banks – those institutions that have not received a government handout – to set aside a percentage based on the amount of their deposits to go to the Orderly Bank Restructuring Fund (FROB). This money will be used to help some estimated 300,000 preference share investors recover their losses after they were cleaned out when bank stocks suddenly – but not surprisingly – dropped to record low levels. For example, Bankia, the bad boy of the preference share scandal, debuted on the blue chip Ibex 35 market in July 2011 at €7 per share, but its stock quickly fell. Today, those shares are worth just a few cents.


rdered bad bank mergers are also becoming questionable. At Banco Valencia, one of the regional banks Banco de España had to intervene last year, some 795 employees across the nation will lose their jobs next month as the entity is absorbed by Caixabank. The FROB has accused some 15 businessmen, most of them from the construction industry as well as a group of bank directors, of directly ransacking the bank with the issuing of bad loans and questionable credits. Two employees at Banco de Valencia told me that trade union officials dealt the workers a rotten hand when they negotiated the terms of the massive layoff plan, known in Spanish as “ERE.” Caixabank decided to take in just a handful of Banco de Valencia employees – the privileged who will still have jobs are the bank managers and union representatives; the rest will be made redundant.


he trade union came out smelling like a rose on this one. According to the two Banco de Valencia workers the union, as mediator, received €600 for each employee for whom it negotiated the terms of the layoff plan. The unemployment crisis appears to be very profitable for not only big

business but the labour leaders themselves. In the coming months, troubled Banesto will also undergo an ERE that could put as many as 300,000 employees out on the streets.


s Spanish banks struggle to deal with the financial crisis, they are also coming under intense pressure from the special interest group, the Mortgage Victims Platform (PAH), to stop kicking families who can’t meet their payments out of their homes. The regional governments of Andalusia and Catalonia are biting back. Both the Socialist and Catalan nationalist CiU bloc, which govern these two regions, have announced that they will begin taxing banks and real estate firms that foreclose and hold on to empty homes. The Andalusian government also announced a measure embargoing these foreclosures for three years if a repossession means putting a needy family out on the streets. The probusiness Rajoy administration doesn’t like these moves and has begun to study legal remedies to keep these stalwart regions from going after the banks.


ver the years, the banks haven’t been good to anyone except the home builders and construction and real estate magnates who got fat on generous credits with dubious terms that put the entire country in this unprecedented crisis. And the Rajoy government is not doing much to punish these institutions for their bad management. Instead, it is using the FROB government fund, which was set up to help in the rescue plan, to help pay for the sins of Bankia and other savings banks that sold preference shares. Some might argue that the move is a necessary remedy that goes to help clients who lost their entire savings by investing in these speculative instruments. But the FROB was set up not to deal with the micro aspects of bad banking but to shore up troubled institutions.


russels has not commented publicly about Rajoy’s plans to use the FROB to resolve problematic private transactions. But within the coming months the European Union reps will once again take Spain to task and stop the Partido Popular Party (PP) from trying to cure the banking ills with its own mixed up remedies.


ollow me on @martingdelfin


National News & Advertising

Online adultery agency apologises to the Queen the

News Zpvs!pvumppl!po!uif!Xpsme

Queen Sofia has won an apology from the US-based Ashley Madison online dating agency for adulterers for using her image in an advertising campaign hinting at the King's rumoured indiscretions. She took legal action against the agency for "damage to her honour and dignity" after it used a photograph of her in a series of adverts last year. The company, which specialises in connecting people looking for extramarital affairs, issued a personal apology to Queen Sofia and promised never to use her image in its marketing campaigns. The offending advertisements contained a doctored image of the smiling Queen draped around the bare shoulders of a much younger man, beneath the words: "You no longer have to spend the night alone". It

apparently referred to widespread rumours that King Juan Carlos had conducted numerous affairs during their 50year marriage. A biography of Queen Sofia, written by Pilar Eyre, entitled "The Solitude of the Queen", published in January 2012, detailed the King's numerous indiscretions, including an alleged pass at Princess Diana, and claimed the pair had not shared a bed since the mid-1970s. Last year, the "close friendship" between Princess Corinna zu saynWittgenstein, 48, and King Juan Carlos made headlines after it became known that she had accompanied him on an elephant hunting trip to Botswana in April 2012, during which he broke his hip. However, no legal complaint was made when Ashley Madison used the

King's image in the aftermath of his ill-fated safari, showing him flanked by two scantilyclad models with the slogan: "The best place to hunt for an adventure". The agency had also used his image alongside that of Prince Charles and Bill Clinton on billboards in Madrid the year before with the words: "What do these 'royals' have in common? – They should have used Ashley Madison".

private lawyer to sue Ashley Madison to ensure no public funds were used in the case. She asked for no monetary compensation only a public apology and a guarantee that it wouldn't happen again.

Ashley Madison, which uses the motto "Life is short, Have an affair", was launched in the US in 2001 and now has portals in 26 countries. It claims to have more than 18 million members around the world.

N 13

WEDNESDAY, April 24th 2013

'Vibrator' bombs sent to Catholics The anticlerical Pro Sex Toys anarchist group has sent several explosive devices hidden inside packages containing vibrators to prominent Roman Catholics, according to the Stateowned news agency EFE. One device exploded at a postal sorting office, slightly injuring the woman who was handling the package.

The group apparently apologised in an email sent to an anarchist website at the beginning of last month, in which it promised – "Next time we won't fail." Similar devices were sent to the Archbishop of Pamplona, Francisco Pérez, and the head teacher of a private school belonging to the ultra-conservative Legionnaires of Christ movement in Madrid. The archbishop told EFE that he vaguely recalled police taking away a suspicious package

containing powder. "We didn't give it much importance, but later we were told it was a bomb," he said. The news agency said police believe the same group is behind a bomb packed inside a pressure cooker that was left near the public prosecutor's office in Madrid, but failed to explode.

The same group is also believed to be responsible for another rudimentary bomb found in Madrid's Almudena Cathedral, consisting of shrapnel, explosive powder and a camping gas canister.

The group, which uses other names such as the Artisans Club for New Uses for Coffee, claimed to have made a bomb out of an espresso coffee machine packed with gunpowder and shrapnel that was planted at a bank branch.


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WEDNESDAY, April 24th 2013

Deepest Sympathy to the family of

“Youngie” He was “Nice 2B Nice” From Tina & Family at The Olive Tree in Coin

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With deepest sympathy to Uncle Doug and all the family on the passing of

Auntie Brenda

From Geoff & Kym Stuart & Robin Stephen & Melinda Edward & Callum

Steve Jones’ new appointment Steve Jones, British Consul for the Canary Islands and Málaga, is to take up a new role as global contact centre manager for the Foreign Office’s flagship contact centre programme. After two terms as consul for the Canaries and four years as consul in Málaga, Mr Jones has been appointed to manage the expansion of the highly successful Malága contact centre – which will soon handle consular enquires from across the whole of Europe and Africa – and the creation of three more centres in Hong Kong, Dubai and Ottawa. Once all four centres are established,

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Mr Jones will oversee the day-to-day performance of the global contact centre operation. Meanwhile the search for a new consul for southern Spain begins, the handover is expected in May. Pete Woodall

Asset Declaration deadline As this year’s deadline fast approaches (30th April 2013), many of you will have recently read various views and interpretations of the new ‘information’ return for overseas assets held by residents of Spain.

I detail below some of the questions posed to Speed Financial Solutions and our view on how to deal with this new requirement. But first, I want to reassure our expat community that there are tax breaks available to you as residents of Spain, just as there are in the UK. For example, in the UK we have ISAs which grow tax free. However, we need to remember that what is tax efficient in one country isn’t necessarily tax efficient in another. Taking the ISA example further, as a Spanish tax resident, any growth added to your ISAs in the UK each year should be declared and is taxable here in Spain, whether you choose to take that growth or not! But just because ISAs are not tax efficient in Spain, it doesn’t mean that there is no equivalent available to you. It’s merely a case of familiarising yourself with what you CAN do as a


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Spanish resident. The biggest fear for many of our clients is not only tax efficiency whilst alive, but tax efficiency on death. As you know, in the UK assets (including savings) pass from spouse to spouse on death free from Inheritance Tax. Unfortunately, the same is not the case in Spain. However, by making simple adjustments to the way that your savings are held it is extremely easy to take advantage of tax breaks available to you here, ensuring that your savings are not ‘frozen’ or liable for a hefty tax bill on your death before your surviving partner can make use of them. To clarify, to be ‘Spanish Compliant’ and ‘Tax Efficient in Spain’ does not mean bringing your savings into Spain – please ask us for further information. Now, back to the Questions and Answers: Q - I have a property in the UK – do I need to declare this?

A – Yes, the full value of the property should be declared, irrespective of any mortgage outstanding.

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Q – I have a QROPS – do I need to declare the full value of my QROPS?

A – No, QROPS fall under UK Pension legislation, and as such you have no ‘outright’ entitlement to the full value of your pension. However, any entitlement to your pension commencement lump sum (previously referred to as 25% tax free cash) should be reported, unless you have already taken it or are below age 55 and so unable to take it. Q – I have an Offshore Life Assurance Bond – do I need to declare the value of this?

A – This depends on the Bond Provider and how the Bond is set up – some offshore bonds (or wrappers as they are often referred to) are not Spanish Compliant. Some are Spanish Compliant but as always the devil is in the detail. The chances are that it is only going to be 'compliant' if it is from a recognised EU jurisdiction, and only if there is a Fiscal Rep involved. For example, Wrappers/Life Assurance Bonds held in the Isle of Man, Jersey, Luxembourg or the UK do not avoid Spanish Inheritance Tax on first death, and the surrender values also need to be added to the new Information Return. It’s important to ascertain how the new reporting requirement affects your particular bond. Q – I have annuity income – do I need to declare this?

A – Let’s remember here that the word ‘annuity’ means different things in different countries. In the UK, when you buy an annuity you are giving away a lump sum in return for a guaranteed income for life. In Spain, this is not necessarily the case. The question here is whether you have a right to take the fund itself – Usually, for our UK expats, annuity income is being taken from UK tax relieved pension funds, because they are tax relieved, pension legislation dictates that

most of the ‘fund’ must be used to provide an income in retirement. On this basis, the only outright entitlement to the fund itself is the ability to take the 25% pension commencement lump sum, not the full pension fund value. Q – I have a discretionary trust – do I need to declare this?

A – Depends who you ask! We have completed considerable research into the tax efficiency of discretionary trusts held by Spanish residents. In fact, my own qualifications include additional studies around taxation and trusts in particular. One could argue that Spain DOES recognise trusts, the use of an Uso fructo (the right to live in a property owned by someone else) is a trust used frequently in Spain. However, every legal expert we have approached has come back with only their ‘view’. The consensus seems to be that a trust may work, provided the authorities do not investigate and strip it further on death. The description of the legal owner here is ‘in relation to which he holds a power of disposition, ie; IS THE ACTUAL BUT CONCEALED HOLDER’. The reality is that if your main concern is to have the ability to use your savings as your wish, and pass them onto your surviving spouse free of tax, why have the additional cost and hassle of a discretionary trust? There are alternatives available to you that will satisfy this objective for you. If you wish to discuss your own situation further please contact us on Tel 951 315 271/951 318 529 or email us at admin@speedfinancialsolu Also, have a look at our website: www.speedfinancialsolutions. com to see what our existing clients say about us. written by Andrea J Speed Principal, Speed Financial Solutions 10th April 2013

the News

Let in the sun keep out the heat! Zpvs!pvumppl!po!uif!Xpsme


Community News N 15

Fun and frolics at Casa Kon Tiki

WEDNESDAY, April 24th 2013


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As a company we have over 25 years of experience in the Financial Services Industry and have been doing pension transfers and early pension releases since inception in April 2006. We are now in a position to offer Expats our services due to a new product launch. We understand that times are tough for ex-pats and that people need cash NOW to sort out their personal lives. We are told every time we speak clients “I would rather have my money now rather than wait until I retire.” We completely sympathize and understand your feelings.

We now have several options to help our clients release money NOW from the pension fund. It is a very simple process and takes only a short time to release your cash. No matter how small or large your pension fund is even the smallest amount of money now could help in these difficult times.

To find out if you qualify to release money now call 951 206 138 or email or visit and complete the free assessment form.

16 N Advertising & Feature

WEDNESDAY, April 24th 2013

It’s this weekend! Following on from its success in Estepona last year, the Homes, Gardens and Lifestyle show is back, bigger and even better than before. This weekend, Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th of April, is a must for your diary. The event is at the Palacio de Congresos in Torremolinos, right off the A7, you can’t miss it. With plenty of free parking, what's stopping you?

At this show you can get the chance to have tea and cake with the fabulous Tommy Walsh, sponsored by Cambridge 800. For more information go to The last show really

was a success in Estepona and this year’s is taking things to another level. You can enjoy two fantastic days out, packed with local gardening experts, a showcase garden, watch local artists at work, see the Art Competition and Gallery. Temptation also awaits with food and wine tasting. Listen to the talks

and presentations on how to improve your lifestyle here in Spain ... With many experts in their fields offering advice and services fundamental for living here. Or simply see, taste, try or buy hundreds of products, and enjoy the atmosphere of the show. Creating your dream home, garden and lifestyle has never been so easy or so much FUN!

Following the storming success of the Moroccan style garden at the HG&L Show in Estepona, this time they are thinking summer. Long, languid, lazy days and just the look you lust for. Come and see the “Denim Dream Garden” – soft hazy blues to delight, drift, and doze – the dreams that summers are made of. Come and be inspired, discuss all your gardening and landscaping problems with Lorraine Cavanagh, owner of Viveros Florena, and author of Mediterranean Garden Plants and regular gardening columnist in newspapers here on the Costa. With 27 years in Spain, she knows her stuff! Lorraine will also – at last! – be launching her

new book at the Show – Citrus, The Zest of Life. It tells you everything you want to know about citrus – their history, how to buy, plant and look after them, best varieties, rootstocks, diseases, insect plagues and how to tackle them, irrigation, fertilisation, propagation and pruning – it’s all in there. Come and get a signed copy of this fruity little gem!

Also, at time of going to press the show has received 51 entries in to the Art Gallery by local artists, and all available to buy from €25.00 to €1,500 each! There is a competition being held for the best picture submitted from one of these lucky local artists to win a fabulous prize. Contact the GM Events team by email at call 634 399 125 or 966 761 050 or visit for more info. Kym Wickham and Geoff Heading from The News will be attending the show on Saturday to “Take Tea With Tommy” and have a jolly good look round. See you there!

Read your favourite news, plus a whole lot more in


Out & About


Read your favourite news, plus a whole lot more in

N 17

WEDNESDAY, April 24th 2013

Your Weekly Entertainment Guide INSIDE THIS WEEK

Fuengirola Feria de Los Pueblos - Starts Wednesday 1st May at 2pm One Night Only - Top Reggae sounds from Sativa Spirit Band at Buzby’s Save a life - Learn CPR at The Olive Tree in Coin, Thurday May 2nd

TIMS “Potpourri Concert” for Lux Mundi Come and join Lux Mundi on Thursday 2nd May at their Fuengirola Centre, where there will be “A Choral PotpourriConcert”, hosted by The International Music Society Choir, under the musical direction of Sylvia Griffiths. This will be the first celebration of the 40th Anniversary of the Foundation of Lux Mundi, which was formed in December 1973. The choir was founded in 1988, are well known all along the Costa and inland for their charity performances and have even performed in Malaga Cathedral.

TIMS choir is very dear to everyone associated with Lux Mundi since they have supported them for

Rob Steven’s “The Voice” makes many guest appearances advanced booking is advisable

many years with regular Spring and Christmas concerts, giving everyone the joy of their music. In fact the Centre is almost a second home to them as they hold regular rehearsals there.

Join in the festivities – one drink and cake

included in the price of 5 Euros – the time for the concert is 6.30pm for 7.00pm. For further information and bookings please contact the Centre, Fuengirola 952 474 840/952 476 267, e-mail:


Scandinavian & International Kitchen

A LA CARTE Tue-Sun 19>late LUNCH Tue-Fri 13-16 DAILY SPECIAL incl drink, coffee, dessert

! 9.50

MONDAYS closed

Centro Marbella Ave del Mar Close to Alameda Park Next to Buddha Bar

18 N Out & About


WEDNESDAY, April 24th 2013

Read your favourite news, plus a whole lot more in

Fuengirola Feria de Los Pueblos Norwegian traditional folk group pictured here from last year. Most noticeable are the numerous south American stalls with their huge smoking meat Parrillas (grills), out on the street cooking vast slabs of beef and sausage. Spanish Moraga style Espetos de Sardinas and Paellas, Scandinavian barbecue roasted Salmon, Indian curries, Polish sausage, Hawaiian cocktails, German beers, Cuban Mojitos, Moroccan mint tea and sticky middle eastern sweet dishes, each one will proudly offer you a taste of their homeland as they good heartedly try to outdo all the others. The Fuengirola Feria de Los Pueblos is short of nothing when it comes to ambiance, food and drink, entertainment and fun, it really is excellent. Inside the Casetas (festival halls or club houses) is yet another colourful world of crafts and traditional wares and even more food, entertainment and dance.

Mexican Mariachi Bands, Egyptian belly dance, dashing Argentinian Tango dancers, Cuban and Brazilian salsa. Costumes and shows are everywhere. It's crowded too, the streets are full. It is estimated by some that last year there could have been close to if not over one million visitors – and one or two pick pockets. In the evening there is a party atmosphere, a carnival, the very popular Irish Caseta hosts some of the best rock and Celtic bands on the coast. You can expect equal enthusiasm and quality entertainment to the early hours from all the other countries throughout the whole event. In addition to those already mentioned usually present are Bolivia, Perú, Chile, Ecuador, Paraguay, Uruguay and Venezuela,

MONTEMAR Free Entry!

Nigeria, Scotland, Portugal, Bulgaria, Finland, Norway, Jordan, Palestine, Iran, Philippines, Thailand, Japan probably a few more too and for the first time in quite a while the English. A five day trip around the world not to be missed.

Pete Woodall – Woody's, Los Boliches

Huge Selection of Freshly Made Pizzas

Exciting Mexican Menu


EL MOJITO Plaza de Remo La Carihuela Torremolinos

Football is back - all matches shown inc. Saturday 4pm game Food Served all day 11am to 9pm

Offering great food at LOW prices

Free bottle of house wine per couple dining with this advert

ry @ Buzb d Ter y’ a M

952 057 062

Under new management

Menu of the Day €9.50

SOS Charity Night Saturday 18th May Burger & Chips €5 Raffles and fun. All food proceeds going to the charity.

Food served all day

TAJ MAHAL Authentic Indian Cuisine


Pizza, Pasta €9 menu

CC La Trocha, Coin 951 315 244

Monday, Tuesday & Thursday Robbie’s Roadshow plus Karaoke from 9.30pm Wednesday 60s Night - a night of nostalgia & fun Friday Siobhan - female vocalist from Dublin - Country Irish 60s, 70s & 80s Fun for all ages Saturday Nightlife - Comedy vocal duo - not to be missed! tributes to Elvis, Tina Turner & Showaddywaddy Sunday Danny Stone Mr Blue Eyed Soul

*FREE ENTRY* Shows start at 9.30pm. Open all day.


Since 1994 when the event began, every year thousands of visitors turn out to enjoy what is considered by many to be the best of the Fuengirola ferias, the Feria International de Los Pueblos. The Fuengirola feria ground – with its club houses, concert hall and fairground – which was specifically built for these festive events is easily found, halfway between Los Boliches and Fuengirola, on Avenida Jesus Santos Rein where the weekly markets are also held. This year the festival runs every day from next Wednesday 1st May (public holiday) through to Sunday the 5th May from 2.00 pm to around 4.00 in the morning. It is a spectacular event that displays the costumes, folklore and music of the many different nationalities that are now resident in the Fuengirola area. There are a lot, too many to mention in detail, over 30 nationalities will be represented, like this

Your Weekly Entertainment Guide

Wednesday 24th April KT Peters - Multi change comedy drag artiste Thursday 25th April Sativa Spirit Band Spain’s leading Reggae Band - One Night Only! Friday 26th April Rob & Dave - comedy, impressions - NEW! Saturday 27th April Central FM’s very own Tony Keys - live n’ kicking Sunday 28th April KT Peters Monday 29th April Alex Avery - Totally talented female Tuesday 30th April Ian Jacks - DJ by day, superstar by night! All followed by Karaoke with Mad Terry and Paul G sing-along


Now Open from 8.30pm Av Antonio Machado Benalmadena 645404911 / 628617658


Call the office 952 45 44 91


The Olive Tree

Avda Maria Zambrano 17, Coin David, Tina & Family welcome you to The Olive Tree

Wednesdays: Steak Meal Special for two - €18. Must book in advance.

Take away and delivery service available

Open every day from 1pm til midnight (Fridays from 5.30pm)

Avd. Reina Sofia, s/n. (In Front of Mercadona), Coin

952 453 620 - 640 319 209

Saturday 27th Apr: The Two Swedes: 60s, 70s & 80s from 9.30pm Thursday 2nd May: CPR Demo 10-12am - learn how to save a life Friday 3rd May: Southern Impact 9pm Saturday 4th May: The Dreamweaver - Comedy Hypnotist 9.30pm

Sunday 12th May: Open until 1pm for breakfast only then closed for private party

All Day Breakfast starting from €3.50 - €5 meal deals. House Fish & Chips every day PLUS now also offering an extra choice of Haddock, Cod or Swordfish as well! Free Wifi & Sky Sports

665 340 306 / 952 452 554

Out & About N 19

News Zpvs!pvumppl!po!uif!Xpsme

The Taj Mahal in Coin now has new owners the

If dining out was becoming a luxury you could no longer afford, here is some great news! The Taj Mahal restaurant in Coin has recently been taken over by new management, and is now offering exciting menus at very affordable prices. As you would expect from the name of the restaurant, a full authentic Indian menu is available, cooked to order with a price to delight. What you may not expect is also to find an exciting selection of Mexican dishes – starters

through to main courses. If that wasn´t enough, you can´t help but be tempted by the freshly made pizza with their signature delicious light crisp base. With a choice of 12 different pizzas, The Taj Mahal certainly offers something for everyone. It certainly solves the problem of where to eat when friends or family members don’t share the same tastes in food. The staff offer a warm welcome in this cosy restaurant, and whether you choose to eat inside, or on the airy covered patio, the service is

friendly and efficient. Their daily menu of the day is exceptional value at only 9.50 euros and offers a wide variety of choices.

The Taj Mahal restaurant also offers a take away, and delivery service for those who prefer a cosy night in. Situated near the Michelin garage, on Avda Reina Sofia, towards Mercadona, The Taj Mahal has plenty of offroad parking and is very

accessible. The Taj Mahal opens daily from 1pm until midnight, except Fridays when they open at 5.30.

At last, here is a place you can afford to visit regularly to try their varied cuisine and to start you off the management are offering a free bottle of house wine to accompany your meal to every couple on presentation of their advert, here in The News.

CASA KON-TIKI The Home of Fish and Chips Open 7 days a week, 12 ‘til 11pm

Buy two meals of over €10 and get a free bottle of house wine e.g. Jumbo Fish and Chips, Rump Steak, Lamb Shanks or Poached Salmon.

Restaurant El Brujo

Urb. El Coto, Calle Cordonices, Avda de Mijas

English family owned bar & restaurant for 21 years. Specialising in modern & classical English food with a flavour of Spain plus BBQ steaks. Special Sunday Lunch €9.50 With carved roast beef, lamb, pork, chicken, home-made steak pie, Sirloin steak, cod or haddock available all day from 1 until 10pm

952 479 746

Avenida de Mijas

À la carte & set menus available Tuesday to Saturday from 6.30pm

Supermercado El Coto 100 mts

El Brujo Restaurant Bar & Gardens

Martin y Perez Mercadona


Ford Garage

Marbella N340

El Corte Ingles

Malaga N340


Best quality artificial lawn Replace existing lawns

SAVE MONEY FROM €15 per SQ metre No maintenance - No watering - No cutting

New Tapas Menu - over 30 choices all only €1 each €5 main meals with a choice of 14 different dishes including John’s famous Fish, Chips & Mushy Peas (12 noon ‘til 6pm) (Find “The Fish”, the same as the one on the left, in The News and get another 10% off your bill!)

WEDNESDAY, April 24th 2013

Tom´s Irish Bar A warm Irish welcome

All Premier League Football on 5 large screens

600 060 563 C/ Salvador Rueda 65, Los Boliches

MARLOWS Restaurant & Take-away


Los Hidalgos

Next to La Duquesa Hotel & Golf Course 951 276 728


Nueva Andalucia Formerly “La Fishita” Behind the N10 Hotel

952 814 722

Simply great fish & chips!

Call Chris on 664 028 310 or John on 678 292 792 to reserve your table

2nd street behind Yaramar Hotel, Los Boliches Visit us at

Bar Restaurant Lillie Langtry opposite the Riviera Hotel

Tel: 671118228

All of our food is home made Try our secret recipe Roast Gammon & Ribs

La Risa at Lauro Golf €1.30 Pint

Looks like grass, feels like grass

Ideal for terraces, balconies, rooftops, pool surrounds or create your own ideas with our design team. Call now for a free quote with no obligation for the perfect landscaped garden.

Tel: 619 591 760

€1.50 Pint

Low price! €1.70 Pint

Ann & Wayne welcome customers old and new

Full menu all day

Restaurant Mon-Sat 11am - 9pm with sea views Sunday menu 1pm-9pm

Large sunny terrace

Lillie Langtry’s Best draught beer prices on the Costa! Food available 7 days a week

Monday Special Menu including curry Wednesday & Friday Beer battered Fish & Chips Saturday night Includes our Special Menu Advance bookings are advisable For details of special events call us on 660 350 896 or pop into the bar. On the road between Alhaurin el Grande & Alhaurin de la Torre at Lauro Golf

Across from the Clubhouse

20 N Magazine

WEDNESDAY, April 24th 2013

Read your favourite news, plus a whole lot more in


Tell Tale Raven


By Amy Thomas

Any comments?


Warm bodies moVies To WaTCH oUT For

Directed by Jonathan Levine Starring: Nicholas Hoult, Teresa Palmer, John Malkovich

Based on Isaac Marion’s book. Zombies love people, especially their brains. But R (Nicholas Hoult) is different. He’s alive inside, unlike the hundreds of other grunting, drooling undead – all victims of a recent plague that drove the remaining survivors into a heavily guarded city.

Now the Zombies roam about an airport terminal,

searching for human prey and living in fear of the vicious Boneys, the next undead incarnation.

One day, R and his best friend M lumber toward the city in search of food. There, R first sets his eyes on Julie (Teresa Palmer), a beautiful human. Determined to save her – first from the other Zombies and then from the

Boneys – R hides her in his home, a cluttered 747 aircraft. Julie is terrified, and R’s grunted assurances of “Not … eat” do little to calm her. But when R begins to act more human than Zombie, coming to her defense, refusing to eat human flesh, and even speaking in full sentences, Julie realizes that R is special.

After a few close calls with the Boneys, and with her father mounting an armed search for her, Julie realises she can’t hide forever. A genre-bending tale of love and transformation, WARM BODIES is a story about a boy who loves a girl … for more than just her body.



Release date: April 30th 2013

Release date: April 30th 2013

Silver Linings Playbook Broken City Directed by David O. Russell Starring: Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper

Against medical advice and without the knowledge of her husband Pat Solatano Sr., caring Dolores Solatano discharges her adult son, Pat Solatano Jr., from a Maryland mental health institution after his minimum eight month court ordered stint. The condition of the release includes Pat Jr. moving back in with his parents in their Philadelphia home. Although Pat Jr.'s

institutionalisation was due to him beating up the lover of his wife Nikki, he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

Directed by Allen Hughes Starring: Mark Wahlberg, Russell Crowe

Billy Taggart, a New York City private eye is struggling to get his deadbeat clients to pay when he gets a call from Mayor Hostetler. His Honor remembers Billy from seven years ago when, as a cop, the young man shot a rapist who had been exonerated on a technicality. Now the mayor needs someone he can trust to find out if his wife is having an affair – a fact that could cause him considerable trouble seeing as Election Day is just a week away. As

Billy digs for the truth, he uncovers layers of political corruption, and discovers he is a pawn in a much bigger game.


ast year I heard that John Cusack was going to be playing Edgar Allen Poe, in “The Raven”. I waited with bated breath and finally got round to seeing it just the other night.


y excitement was rapidly extinguished, as the black raven of boredom devoured my bitter brain with the flicker of each passing frame. This thriller, based upon his lurid tales of madness and death, has a lot of potential yet it misses the mark. I don’t understand how this screenplay managed to get so badly written, when it’s got the ingredients for a real nail biter.


t is set in the mid 1800s and involves poet Edgar Allan Poe. A killer is murdering people using Poe's descriptions from his published stories and poems. Poe teams up with Detective Fields, a Baltimore policeman, to try and catch the killer by using his knowledge of the descriptions. Even though the stories are fictional, they start to become reality and the killer seems one step ahead of them. Then it takes on a personal note as Poe's lover becomes a target.


get the impression the director was influenced by Pitof’s 2001 “Vidocq” 1830s Paris, where famous detective Vidocq, disappears while pursuing an assassin called The Alchemist. However, “The Raven” is no “Vidocq”. Even though Poe’s tasty tales are incorporated into the story, the actual film is boring and predictable. The acting is mediocre at best, even John Cusack has said, and I quote “I've made 10 good films” and from a guy who’s made over 60, personally, I think he’s overrating himself a tad, I’d say he’s done five good films.


ne of my biggest problems with this film is that it was too long. There was too much time spent on trying to make the characters likeable, which was pointless, as they are one dimensional, and boring. The dialogue was pretentious and overdone, yet lacking – there was no humour, nothing worth hearing, really. The kidnapped fiancée, whose acting is dismal, is kept captive in a “makeshift” coffin of some type. During one of the scenes you can see that there is no side to the coffin, so, I’m thinking, why doesn’t she just climb out the side of it?


he only character I cared for in the film was Poe’s pet raccoon Carl. However, it is unclear if Poe really did have a pet raccoon. Fictional or not, he was the only decent thing in the whole film worth seeing, even if he was a bit on the tubby side.


nother thing that didn’t work for me, was the final credits. It was like the beginning of “The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo”, it was really weird. Made you think you were watching a different movie.


o, there it is, don’t waste your time or your money on “The Raven”. My final verdict is: Too much flapping and not enough pecking!

theNews Zpvs!pvumppl!po!uif!Xpsme


By Cathy Stronach

For your personal birth chart please contact: ARIES

March 21st April 19th


April 20th May 20th


May 21st June 21st


June 22nd July 22nd


July 23rd August 22nd


August 23rd September 22nd

Magazine N 21

WEDNESDAY, April 24th 2013

This is like a final push to get a project or a passion in progress and on its way. Things may feel a bit all over the place and as though it is difficult to focus, but by the weekend you will probably be feeling like you have been plugged into the mains when a surge of energy will enable you to get on. Although it may feel like two steps forward and one step back you are still making measureable strides of progress. You may have been feeling quite disorientated during the past month and a bit uncertain of where you were heading like your head was in a fog and the future seemed unclear. Things are beginning to move and answers are starting to come in giving you a compass for you to set your ship’s navigation and proceed onward towards a better horizon. Someone may be circling back into your life to help you, embrace them with open arms. Capturing the attention of others this week comes naturally to you, it is as if all of a sudden everybody seems to want to know what you are doing, how you are doing it and whether your actions are successful or not. Basically others want you to be the leader and take mighty risks, probably because they do not want to do it themselves. Keep flexible and be adaptable to changing conditions, be ready for the unexpected. You are known for being a water sign and one that is sensitive and caring but there is another side of you less known about that surprises many, the fact that you never give up, you are a fighter, especially when it involves someone you love. There may have been something over time that has beaten you down or gotten the better of you but this week it is going to be different. It is time to rewrite the rules and take charge of the changes. This is the week to be ultra observant of all that is going on around you, there is a definite reason for everything that happens and the clue to this could be staring you in the face. Be careful not to take on more than you can handle, others will be looking up to you to show them the way. Perhaps it is time to put your whole heart into initiating something creative or inventive that will put your name on the map. This week it may seem as if fears are coming out of nowhere, a kind of energy that you cannot put your finger on. By the weekend you will feel a lot more grounded and will find that certain themes are resolved. When it comes to your personal relationships with others, some needed adjustments are now being made. This is an incredible time for love and romance where your passion index is sky high, enjoy these moments of intimacy.

Kym’s Kitchen don’t have to be a chef!

This week’s recipe is sent to us from Kate Buchan. Kate is the Sous Chef at Kimbridge Restaurant & Annie's Tearooms, Kimbridge on the Test Romsey, Hants. Some flavours are just natural matches, chicken and tarragon, cream and mushrooms, and the four combined are delicious.

Chicken breast with a wild mushroom and tarragon cream Ingredients:

(Serves 4)

• 300g wild mushrooms • 1 tablespoon olive oil • 2 cloves garlic, crushed • Sprig of thyme • 2 teaspoons butter • 4 chicken breasts • 250ml chicken stock • 300ml double cream • 1 tablespoon freshly chopped tarragon

Directions 1. Clean and chop the mushrooms and leave to one side. Put the olive oil, garlic and thyme into a pan with a teaspoon of butter.

the chicken breasts and leave to rest on a warm plate.

2. Season the chicken breasts and add them to the pan and cook both sides of the breasts until they start to colour nicely.

4. Reserve any liquid from the pan and sauté the mushrooms in a teaspoon of butter. Add the cream, simmer until it reduces by half, and then add the chicken and any remaining stock.

3. Add the chicken stock and simmer for 15 minutes until the chicken is cooked. Remove

Once all are combined place on a plate and garnish with the tarragon and serve.


Lately you have felt encouraged to demand better balance in all things, to make sure you are not giving all your energy away. You have within you the potential to rise above any kind of troubles or situations and when you feel the freedom inside you there is little that can hold you back or darken your days. No one will have the power to rush or hurry you into taking action that you are not September 23rd - ready for. October 22nd


October 23rd November 21st


November 22nd December 21st


December 22nd January 19th


January 20 February 18th th


February 19th March 20th

Some of those old pains and fears may have risen to the surface, bringing them up for full review again, igniting everything that does not feel right. You need life to spike with feeling and you need to know that your path is leading you somewhere significant, as you live off the charge, on the emotion of life, you are going to poke and probe until you find a reason. Maybe you are working too hard, or not having enough time for fun, something needs to find its equilibrium. There is a clear indication now that you need to focus on your health and your habits including the places you allow your mind to travel. Your overall drive is trying to create a deeper and more intensely satisfying personal relationship in your life. This energy is working to combine the physical, emotional and mental aspects of yourself together so that all areas of your life start to flow in synch. The things you say and do have a great impact on others right now.

Your feelings and emotions are taking centre stage lately and they are being ignited and fed by a significant other, for when you team up with equals your force is unstoppable. The pleasures in life will be increasing and your love life will aid to increasing harmony within the home. Make sure you attend to your own matters first before worrying about fixing others. This is a great time for creativity of all descriptions. You are in a cycle of expanded awareness, where your mind is locked in and can process facts, figures and data at amazing speed and accuracy, in fact you are more aware, but this doesn’t make you any better than others, so remain grateful for the gift of insight you are currently being given. Use those insights to create better life conditions for yourself and others as you are well able to prepare in advance for those future wants and desires. All of your baseline bottom line essential needs have been in focus and in order to get in touch with the depths of just what they are, your focus has been on navigating and strengthening that inner space. The focus has also been about your earthly needs and having the resources necessary to satisfy the essentials as well as having the financial freedom to support these wants and needs. There is more stability on the horizon, although initially you may feel uncertain as to a proposed route - it may just lead to breakthroughs.

Spanish and English Lawyers Business  Law Specialists Company  Start-Ups Debt  Recovery Due  Diligence, Litigation & More Multilingual  – English, Español, Deutsch, Nederlands, Dansk, Français & Italiano Coin Office

Mijas-Costa /Calahonda

951 315 161

952 931 781 Mijas Costa






Tenerife T enerife

22 N Magazine WEDNESDAY, April 24th 2013

Read your favourite news, plus a whole lot more in

News - Breakthroughs - Treatments - Trends

After leaving our centre at La Trocha, Coin, we are now delighted to announce that our new centre at Calle Maria Zambrano, Coin, is now open and offers the following activities: Boxing, Boxercise, Kickboxing, Salsa classes, Yoga, Martial Arts, Personal training, Sports physio, massage, courses for Personal trainers. Come and see what we have to offer. First class free for new members. Free health & fitness check for over 50s Manicure & Pedicure classes available.

Tone up - Shift weight - Shift flab

679 185 078





Wellness Oasis

Men’s Haircut €3 - Wash, Cut & Blowdry €10 Wash & Style €5 - Colour, Cut & Style €25

These offers are performed by supervised trainees.

Open weekdays 10.00-20.00 - Tel: 952 917 126 - Bernabé Tierno 3, Edif. Lindamar 2, Fuengirola. Street between Paseo Mercadona & Feria Ground

The never-ending battle over carbohydrates Robert Atkins died ten years ago, but his famous diet plan is still the source of unending controversy. Dr Robert Atkins has instilled one message into the mind of the weightconscious layman – "carbs make you fat" – and a decade after his death people are still attacking bread, pasta and potatoes as the root of all rotundity. Atkins said too many carbs raised sugar levels in the blood, which prompted the release of insulin, a hormone which increases the body's capacity for storing that sugar in the tissues as fat. He advocated starving the body of carbs so it was forced to burn its fat stores to get energy – a process known as ketosis. Instead, followers of his highprotein diet could eat unlimited meat, eggs, cheese, fish and shellfish.

Atkins's book was among the top 10 on The New York Times bestseller list for almost six years, selling in excess of 15m copies worldwide. There was a flurry of low-carb products such as low-carb beer and low-carb breads. In the US, sales of wheat and potatoes dropped, while meat consumption rose. His critics were strident. Negative

headlines claimed his diet damaged the kidneys, could "put you in a bad mood", or trigger diabetes. There were counter studies to the studies. Atkins's advice was controversial because it went against orthodox nutritionists who were recommending low-fat, high-carbohydrate diets. Now, 10 years on, lowcarb diets continue to divide. The NHS advice for healthy eating is that starchy foods – such as potatoes, cereals, pasta, rice and bread – should make up around one third of the food people eat, while US dietary advice splits a plate into five food groups – fruits, vegetables, grains, proteins and dairy.

Many nutritionists agree that Atkins only works in the short-term. "People tend to have a rapid response when it comes to weight loss, but Atkins is also known to have one of the greatest rebounds, so people pile the pounds on when they come off it," one nutritionist and dietician said. Many feel uneasy about a diet that, in the first stage at least, almost completely cuts out a food group (intake is limited to

less than 20g a day), while others argue the stance simply isn't practical in the long run. Another persistent criticism is that low-carb diets increase the risk of heart disease, although defenders argue that science doesn't support this. The Atkins diet isn't the only diet to have received mixed reviews. Ultimately, if there was a diet that really worked for everyone, the dieting industry wouldn't exist, let alone be a multibillion dollar one. A spokesman for the British Dietetic Association said: "Like all diets, when it comes to Atkins, there is some truth in the rumour – there is some underlying scientific evidence – but proof cutting out carbs is the best way to lose weight just isn't there." He said many people are looking for a magic bullet, but there is no one size fits all solution. "Diets are fads, but it's

about making permanent changes. Plus what you eat is only half the equation, the other half is physical activity."

Meanwhile, dieticians at Leeds Metropolitan University have said the Atkins diet and other lowcarb diets have also led to misunderstandings among the general public: "One has to differentiate between simple and complex carbohydrates. Also, people tend to use carbs when they mean white rice, pasta and bread, but fruit and vegetables are healthy, and they are absolutely carbs, so sometimes the terminology isn't appropriate in context." Whether a diet has scientific support or is just plain mumbo-jumbo, in the long run people will endorse whatever keeps them thin. And people will get their dietary tips from other ordinary people as much as they ever do from doctors and nutritionists.

Beetroot 'can lower blood pressure' Drinking a cup of beetroot juice can lower blood pressure, according to researchers at Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry.

Their study of 15 patients found that drinking 250ml (8oz) cut

high blood pressure readings by 10mm of mercury (mmHg), bringing some into the normal range. Most marked after three to six hours, the effect was detectable a day later.

The nitrate in beetroot

widens blood vessels to aid flow. And many people with angina use a nitrate drug to ease their symptoms. Nitrate is found naturally in soil, where it is taken in by vegetables through the roots to help them grow.

The researchers said they were surprised by how little nitrate was needed to see such a large effect. They said:

"Our hope is that increasing one's intake of vegetables with a high dietary nitrate content, such as green leafy vegetables or beetroot,

might be a lifestyle approach that one could easily employ to improve cardiovascular health. A spokesman for the British Heart Foundation, which funded the research, said: "It supports current advice that we should all be eating plenty of green veg. But we need larger studies in patients to determine if nitrate-rich vegetables are effective at lowering blood pressure over the long term."

There is one drawback, the researchers said: "Drinking beetroot juice can turn your urine pink."


Magazine N 23

WEDNESDAY, April 24th 2013

News Zpvs!pvumppl!po!uif!Xpsme

Contemporary lifestyle and celebrity gossip

Kate’s new triumph as she attends her latest official outing

She goes for one of her favourites, Mulberry,

… but adds high street shoes, though a very good make, and a hat she’s worn before.

The Duchess of Cambridge, just like her husband’s late mother, always turns heads when she steps out in public and this week was no exception.

Pregnant Kate, 31, looked cool and stunning as she attended the National Review of the Queen’s Scouts at Windsor despite her growing bump that is due to be born in July.

She sported one of her favourite brands, Mulberry, in the form of a mint cotton tweed Frayed Coat with gold flowered buttons and big pockets

showing that, pregnant or not, you can still be stylish and look good in classics with a modern twist.

Teamed with the coat, the Duchess wore a coffee coloured hat with twist appliqué (something that we have seen her wear before) and L K Bennet nude patent heeled court shoes and a matching slimline clutch bag that are in fashion at the moment showing once again that she is not shy of being seen in the same outfit twice and that high street brands can be mixed with designer wear to great effect.

She wore her brunette hair in loose waves. The coat, which retails for around £1,750 won’t be snapped up by everyone but a spokesperson for Mulberry’s said that it had now sold out due to the “Kate Effect”.

The Duchess turned heads in an emerald green dress from Mulberry last December, which was later named as the hue of 2013 by colour experts Pantone.

Hitched again Comedian stands Punt wars rage Kate with the Scouts at Windsor this week

down as MP

Comedienne Dawn French, 55, tied the knot with longtime boyfriend and charity worker Mark Bignell at the Scarlett Hotel, that describes itself as a “luxury eco venue overlooking the ocean”, near Newquay in Cornwall. Ms French is Cornish born and bred and is best known for her rôles as the Vicar of Dibley and alongside Jennifer Saunders in the long running comedy show French and Saunders. Ms French owns a home in Fowey, Cornwall. Mr Bignell is the Chief Executive of Hamoaze House which helps

recovering drug and alcohol abusers reintegrate into society. The couple have been seeing each other for about 18 months. Ms French had previously been married to comedian Lenny Henry for 25 years and the couple remain good friends. They have an adopted daughter, Billie. Last month she announced that she would be joining former Spice girl Melanie Brown (Mel B) on the judging panel of Australia’s Got Talent and she is also set to star in James Corden’s new BBC 2 comedy thriller “The Wrong Man” later this year.

TV comedian Lee Nelson has withdrawn his bid to become an MP because it would have broken BBC rules on impartiality, his spokeswoman has said. He had planned to stand in South Shields, the seat vacated by David Miliband when he quit British politics, as leader of the Lee Nelson's Well Good Party. There was no explanation when Nelson – the creation of comedian Simon Brodkin – did not appear on the official list of candidates on Friday but a spokeswoman has now explained: "As his TV show, Lee Nelson's Well Funny People, is currently broadcast on BBC Three, this causes an unforeseen conflict with the BBC's commitment to impartiality. As a result Lee Nelson has withdrawn his candidacy immediately." Lee Nelson said: "To all

International Medium Crystal Clear Anne Tarot card readings, Personal, online, Skype and video calls, Palmistry, Spiritualist, Healing, Phone readings. Personal readings by appointment.

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83,000 South Shields legends, I'm totally gutted but I have had to withdraw from standing as your MP. Thank you South Shields for the 82,743 messages of support. I will be back to run again and serve this well great country. In the meantime I'm going to drown my sorrows with Newkie Brown and pictures of Geordie Shore girls. Spread the love UK." Earlier this month Brodkin, who qualified as a doctor, escaped prosecution following his arrest in March for sneaking on to the pitch and training with the Manchester City team prior to a Premier League match. He had dressed as one of his characters, Jason Bent, for the stunt at Goodison Park and was given a six-month conditional caution at North Liverpool Community Justice Centre.

on river A battle for punt business on the River Cam between rival companies has shocked local residents after a punt was found sawn in half in an overnight attack. The attack has prompted calls for a limit on the number of punts on the river plying for custom in an industry that is thought to be worth millions catering for the four million visitors to Cambridge every year.

The panoply of weapons used in the punting wars is said to include stink



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bombs thrown from bridges to render a rival's boat inoperable, washing up liquid squirted to make it too slippery for the punter to stand, and boltcutters to snap mooring chains. But never, until now, an electric jig saw.

Swedish designed

Ladies fashions

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Box 24 N TV Listings

WEDNESDAY, April 24th 2013



This week’s films below add 1 hour for Spanish Viewing Times


Wed, Apr 24th 11:05pm


After the killing of 11 Israeli coaches and athletes at the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich, Israeli prime minister Golda Meir sanctions a team of assassins to slay the Palestinian terrorists responsible. But as the death toll rises and each elimination brings yet more reprisals, the hit squad's leader begins to question his orders. Steven Spielberg's thriller, with Eric Bana, Daniel Craig, Ciaran Hinds and Geoffrey Rush.


Sat, Apr 27th 2:05pm


An undercover agent falls for the socialite daughter of a convicted German spy and persuades her to feed him information about the activities of a group of Nazi collaborators in Brazil - a dangerous decision that threatens to cost the girl her life as the leader of the gang draws closer to uncovering her secret. Alfred Hitchcock's thriller, starring Cary Grant, Ingrid Bergman, Claude Rains and Louis Calhern.


Sat, Apr 27th 3:35pm

Uncle Buck

Comedy (1989). An unreliable but good-natured slob is called upon to look after his troublemaking nephew and nieces while their parents are away - and what starts as a disaster soon changes for the better as the unlikely babysitter gets to grips with the finer points of being a responsible adult. Family comedy, starring John Candy, Macaulay Culkin ...

Read your favourite news, plus a whole lot more in

Alex Polizzi - The Fixer Returns

Tue Apr 30th 8.00pm

WEDNESDAY April 24th

Blades of Glory

Wed & Thur, Apr 24/25th, 9.00pm

THURSDAY April 25th

FRIDAY April 26th

5:15pm Pointless 6:00pm BBC News 6:30pm Regional News Programmes 6:55pm Party Election Broadcast 7:00pm The One Show 8:00pm MasterChef 9:00pm Great Bear Stakeout 10:00pm BBC News 10:25pm Regional News and Weather 10:35pm A Question of Sport 11:05pm MOVIE: Munich 1:40am Weatherview 1:45am BBC News

6:00am Breakfast 9:15am Heir Hunters 10:00am Homes Under the Hammer 11:00am Don't Get Done, Get Dom 11:45am Crime Scene Rescue 12:15pm Bargain Hunt 1:00pm BBC News; Weather 1:30pm Regional News and Weather 1:45pm Doctors 2:15pm Escape to the Country 3:00pm Perfection 3:45pm Chefs: Put Your Menu Where Your Mouth Is 4:30pm Antiques Road Trip

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7:00pm Total Wipeout 8:00pm Free Speech: Rent Britain 9:00pm Licence to Kill 10:00pm Russell Howard: Right Here Right Now 11:00pm Family Guy 11:25pm Family Guy 11:45pm American Dad! 12:10am American Dad! 12:30am Licence to Kill

1:30am Snog, Marry, Avoid? 2:00am Barely Legal Drivers 3:00am Free Speech: Rent Britain

Love & Other Drugs

Sat, Apr 27th 9.00pm

Great Bear Stakeout

First in a two-part documentary following the grizzly bears of the Alaskan wilderness as they come out of hibernation and are thrust together in a frenzy of feeding, fighting and mating. The opening programme introduces first-time grizzly mum Parsnip and her young cub Pushki. Only half of bear cubs make it....

6:00am Breakfast 9:15am Heir Hunters 10:00am Homes Under the Hammer 11:00am Don't Get Done, Get Dom 11:45am Crime Scene Rescue 12:15pm Bargain Hunt 1:00pm BBC News; Weather 1:30pm Regional News and Weather 1:45pm Doctors 2:15pm Escape to the Country 3:00pm Perfection 3:45pm Chefs: Put Your Menu Where Your Mouth Is 4:30pm Antiques Road Trip

6:10am The Hoobs 6:35am The Hoobs 7:05am According to Jim 7:30am Everybody Loves Raymond 7:55am Everybody Loves Raymond 8:25am Frasier Sun, Apr 28th 9:00pm 8:55am Frasier FILM 9:30am Frasier 10:00am Undercover Boss USA Drama (2010). Premiere. A cynical sales rep for 11:00am Location, a pharmaceutical company puts the charm he Location, Location uses on his customers to the task of seducing a 12:00pm Channel 4 News Midday Summary succession of women. He starts a purely sexual 12:05pm Come Dine relationship with a waitress, who has with Me Parkinson's disease and is even less interested 12:35pm What's in commitment than he is, only to find himself Cooking? 1:45pm SuperScrimpers falling in love. Romantic comedy drama, with 2:45pm Countdown Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway. 3:30pm 1001 Things You



Should Know 4:00pm Deal or No Deal 5:00pm Five Minutes to a Fortune 6:00pm The Simpsons 6:30pm Hollyoaks 7:00pm Channel 4 News 7:55pm 8:00pm Phil Spencer: Secret Agent 9:00pm 24 Hours in A&E 10:00pm 10 O'Clock Live 10:55pm Random Acts 11:00pm 16 Kids and Counting 12:00am The Sex Clinic 12:55am Revenge 1:40am Margot at the Wedding 3:10am Come Dine with Me

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6:10pm Party Election Broadcast 6:15pm ITV News and Weather 6:45pm Emmerdale 7:45pm Live UEFA Europa League Football 10:10pm ITV News and Weather 10:40pm ITV News London 10:45pm The Jonathan Ross Show 11:50pm River Monsters 12:45am Jackpot247 3:00am River Monsters 3:50am ITV Nightscreen 5:05am The Jeremy Kyle Show

7:00pm Top Gear 8:00pm Barely Legal Drivers 9:00pm Abby & Brittany: Joined for Life 9:50pm Pop's Greatest Dance Crazes 10:00pm Russell Howard's Good News 10:30pm EastEnders 11:00pm Family Guy 11:25pm Family Guy

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7:00pm Great Movie Mistakes 7:15pm Doctor Who 8:00pm World's Craziest Fools 8:30pm Snog, Marry, Avoid? 9:00pm Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents 10:00pm Lee Nelson's Well Funny People - Best Bits

7:00pm Emmerdale 7:30pm Coronation Street 8:00pm The Martin Lewis Money Show 8:30pm Coronation Street 9:00pm The Ice Cream Girls 10:00pm ITV News at Ten and Weather 10:30pm ITV News London 10:35pm 2 Fast 2 Furious 12:30am Jackpot247 3:00am Dante's Peak 4:45am ITV Nightscreen

10:30pm EastEnders 11:00pm Family Guy 11:45pm American Dad! 12:30am Bluestone 42 1:00am Russell Howard's Good News 1:30am Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents 2:30am Lee Nelson's Well Funny People - Best Bits 3:00am World's Craziest Fools


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The Unforgettable Mike Reid

Sun Apr 28th 11.45pm

SATURDAY April 27th

TV Listings N 25

WEDNESDAY, April 24th 2013

Series: 24 Hours in A&E

Wed, Apr 25th 11.05pm

SUNDAY April 28th

A 39-year-old man is flown to King's College Hospital after being involved in a head-on collision while driving a friend's sports car, and doctors fear his injuries could leave him paralysed. Meanwhile, 21-year-old Thomassine requires treatment following a skateboarding accident and the staff see to Matias, 34, who has been dragged along a station platform by a moving train.

MONDAY April 29th

NOTE: Add 1 hour for Spanish viewing times.

TUESDAY April 30th

6:00am Breakfast 10:00am Saturday Kitchen Live 11:30am Nigel Slater's Simple Suppers 12:00pm BBC News; Regional News and Weather 12:15pm Football Focus 1:00pm Triathlon 2:00pm Live Snooker: The World Championship 4:30pm Final Score 5:20pm Pointless Celebrities 6:10pm BBC News; Regional News and Weather 6:30pm Doctor Who 7:15pm The National Lottery: Who Dares Wins

8:05pm The Voice UK 9:25pm Casualty 10:15pm BBC News; Weather 10:30pm Match of the Day 12:05am The Football League Show 1:25am Weatherview 1:30am BBC News

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Weather 7:00pm Countryfile 8:00pm Antiques Roadshow 9:00pm The Village 10:00pm BBC News; Regional News and Weather 10:25pm Match of the Day 2 11:40pm Late Kick Off 12:10am Mother's Boys 1:40am Weatherview 1:45am BBC News

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6:00am Breakfast 9:15am Fake Britain 10:00am Homes Under the Hammer 11:00am Don't Get Done, Get Dom 11:45am Animal Frontline 12:15pm Bargain Hunt 1:00pm BBC News; Weather 1:30pm Regional News and Weather 1:45pm Doctors 2:15pm Escape to the Country 3:00pm Perfection 3:45pm The Hairy Bikers' Food Tour of Britain 4:30pm Antiques Road Trip 5:15pm Pointless

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8:00pm Dad's Army 8:30pm QI 9:00pm Young Margaret: Life, Love & Letters 10:30pm The United States of Television: America in Primetime 11:30pm Blackpool: Big Night Out 12:30am Snooker: The World Championship 1:20am Snooker: World Championships Extra 3:20am This Is BBC Two

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Jungle Hero 9:00pm Rupert Murdoch: Battle with Britain 10:00pm Mock the Week Looks Back at Britain 10:30pm It's Kevin 11:00pm Snooker: The World Championship 11:50pm Snooker: World Championships Extra 1:50am Countryfile 2:45am Holby City 3:45am This Is BBC Two

6:00am This Is BBC Two 6:05am Homes Under the Hammer 7:05am Don't Get Done, Get Dom 7:50am Crime Scene Rescue 8:20am Saints and Scroungers 9:05am Great British Menu 10:05am Great British Railway Journeys 10:35am Click 11:00am BBC News 11:30am BBC World News 12:00pm Daily Politics 1:00pm Live Snooker: The World Championship 5:55pm Party Election Broadcast 6:00pm Eggheads

6:30pm Flog It! 7:00pm Live Snooker: The World Championship 8:00pm University Challenge 8:30pm Only Connect 9:00pm Dave Allen: God's Own Comedian 10:00pm Never Mind the Buzzcocks 10:30pm Newsnight 11:20pm Snooker: The World Championship 12:10am Snooker: World Championships Extra 2:10am Keeping Britain Alive: The NHS in a Day 3:10am This Is BBC Two 4:00am Music Technology

6:00am Homes Under the Hammer 7:00am Don't Get Done, Get Dom 7:45am Animal Frontline 8:15am Saints and Scroungers 9:00am Great British Menu 10:00am Live Snooker: The World Championship 12:00pm Daily Politics 1:00pm Live Snooker: The World Championship 5:55pm Party Election Broadcast 6:00pm Eggheads 6:30pm Flog It! 7:00pm Live Snooker: The World Championship

8:00pm Alex Polizzi The Fixer Returns 9:00pm Keeping Britain Alive: The NHS in a Day 10:00pm Later Live with Jools Holland 10:30pm Newsnight 11:20pm Snooker: The World Championship 12:10am Snooker: World Championships Extra 2:10am The Super League Show 2:55am James May's Man Lab 3:55am This Is BBC Two 4:00am Schools - Body Matters

6:05am The Treacle People 6:15am The Hoobs 6:40am Blancpain Endurance Series 7:35am Everybody Loves Raymond 8:00am Everybody Loves Raymond 8:30am Frasier 9:00am Frasier 9:30am Sunday Brunch 12:00pm The Big Bang Theory 12:30pm The Big Bang Theory 12:55pm The Simpsons 1:20pm The Simpsons 1:50pm The Phantom 3:45pm Deal or No Deal 4:45pm Five Minutes to a Fortune 5:50pm Marmaduke

7:30pm Channel 4 News 8:00pm The Secret Millions 9:00pm MOVIE: Love & Other Drugs 11:10pm Dangerous Minds 1:00am How Hip Hop Changed the World 2:50am Inside Nature's Giants 4:05am Come Dine with Me

6:35am The Hoobs 7:05am According to Jim 7:30am Everybody Loves Raymond 8:25am Frasier 9:30am Frasier 10:00am The Secret Millionaire USA 11:00am Location, Location, Location 12:00pm 4 News 12:05pm Come Dine with Me 12:35pm What's Cooking? 1:45pm Four Rooms 2:45pm Countdown 3:30pm 1001 Things You Should Know 4:00pm Deal or No Deal 5:00pm Five Minutes to a Fortune 6:00pm The Simpsons

6:30pm Hollyoaks 7:00pm Channel 4 News 7:55pm 8:00pm Secrets of Your Missing Mail: Dispatches 8:30pm SuperScrimpers 9:00pm The Hoarder Next Door 10:00pm Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares USA 11:05pm Alan Carr: Chatty Man 12:05am Random Acts 12:10am Shameless 1:05am Black Mirror 1:55am Gok's Clothes Roadshow: Get the Look for Less 2:55am The Renovation Game 3:50am Come Dine with Me

7:05am Canimals 7:20am Almost Naked Animals 7:35am Ultimate SpiderMan 8:00am Jessie 8:25am Saturday Farm 9:25am The Jeremy Kyle Show USA 10:20am My Tasty Travels with Lynda Bellingham 11:20am Murder, She Wrote 12:20pm ITV News 12:35pm Midsomer Murders 2:35pm The Chase 3:35pm MOVIE: Uncle Buck

5:30pm ITV News London 5:45pm ITV News and Weather 6:00pm New You've Been Framed! Favourites 7:00pm Britain's Got Talent 8:20pm The Cube 9:20pm The Jonathan Ross Show 10:20pm ITV News and Weather 10:35pm Commando 12:20am River Monsters 12:50am Jackpot247 3:00am Ladette to Lady: Australia 3:45am ITV Nightscreen

7:00pm Great Movie Mistakes IV: May the Fourth Be with You 9:00pm MOVIE: Blades of Glory 10:25pm Russell Howard's Good News 10:55pm Family Guy 11:20pm Family Guy 11:40pm American Dad! 12:05am American Dad! 12:25am Edinburgh

Comedy Fest Live 2012 1:20am Lee Nelson's Well Funny People - Best Bits 1:50am Barely Legal Drivers 2:50am Russell Howard's Good News 3:20am Bluestone 42

6:05am Kirstie's Homemade Home 6:10am The Hoobs 7:05am British Rallycross 7:30am The Grid 8:00am The Morning Line 9:00am Everybody Loves Raymond 9:35am Everybody Loves Raymond 10:05am Frasier 10:35am Frasier 11:10am The Big Bang Theory 11:40am The Big Bang Theory 12:10pm The Simpsons 12:40pm Secret Millionaire Ireland 1:40pm Channel 4 Racing 4:10pm Come Dine with Me

4:40pm Come Dine with Me 5:10pm Come Dine with Me 5:40pm Come Dine with Me 6:15pm Come Dine with Me 6:40pm 4 News 7:00pm Sarah Beeny's Selling Houses 8:00pm Grand Designs 9:00pm Season of the Witch 10:45pm Derren Brown Investigates: The Man with X-Ray Eyes 11:50pm The Libertine 1:55am Hollyoaks 4:00am Deal or No Deal

7:20am Almost Naked Animals 7:30am Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 8:00am Sonny with a Chance 8:25am ITV News 8:30am Country House Sunday 9:25am The Jeremy Kyle Show USA 10:20am Dickinson's Real Deal 11:20am ITV News 11:35am Columbo: A Friend in Deed 1:35pm You've Been Framed! 2:05pm Britain's Got Talent

7:00pm Great TV Mistakes 7:10pm Snog, Marry, Avoid? 7:40pm The Voice UK 9:00pm Russell Howard's Good News Extra 9:45pm Barely Legal Drivers 10:45pm Family Guy 11:10pm Family Guy 11:30pm American Dad!

3:20pm Food Glorious Food 4:25pm Free Willy 2: The Adventure Home 6:15pm ITV News London 6:30pm ITV News 6:45pm Catchphrase 7:30pm Off Their Rockers 8:00pm Endeavour 10:00pm ITV News at Ten 10:15pm The Olivier Awards 2013 11:45pm The Unforgettable Mike Reid 12:40am The Store 2:40am Motorsport UK 3:30am ITV Nightscreen

11:55pm American Dad! 12:15am Russell Howard's Good News Extra 1:00am Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents 2:00am Abby & Brittany: Joined for Life 2:50am Great TV Mistakes 3:00am Licence to Kill

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7:00pm Britain's Youngest Head Chef 8:00pm Abby & Brittany: Joined for Life 8:50pm Pop's Greatest Dance Crazes 9:00pm Unsafe Sex in the City 10:00pm Snog, Marry, Avoid? 10:30pm EastEnders 11:00pm Family Guy

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Fill in the grid using all the letters of the alphabet. Some letters have been given to help you get started.

Fill in the grid so that every row, every column and every 3 x 3 grid contains the digits 1 through 9. With no repeats, that means that no number is repeated in any row, column or box.





























See how many words of four or more letters you can make from the given nine letters. in making a word each letter may be used only once. The key letter must be used in each word.


1. Fed up with hesitation and delay (5) 2. An officer's entitlement (3) 3. Freight unopened in Jason's ship (4) 4. if going overland you'll need a cab (6) 5. i acted in variety show (8) 6. The richer for not getting on? (6,3) 7. Top side possibly put down (7) 11. A marksman will use this sort of gift horse (9) 13. Be charming coming in (8) 14. A clot is perhaps not readily moved (7) 16. Smiled widely having support (6) 19. Sprays of flowers (5) 20. A good man rises to king and emperor (4) 23. deceive a child (3)



1-14 Poor 15-17 Average

18-21 Good 22-25 Excellent



1. Former currency of native Americans (6) 2. disseminate (6) 3. Satyr (4) 4. Haphazard (6) 5. Strove (8) 6. Showman (10) 7. Advancement (8) 8. insincere praise (8) 14. Chatty (10) 16. Brawny (8) 17. Contessa (8) 18. Hasten (8) 22. Keep busy with (6) 23. Slanted font (6) 24. Usual (6) 27. Back of the neck (4)


1-12 Poor 13-14 Average

15-17 Good 18-21 Excellent

The following are not allowed: - Words beginning with a capital letter - Words with a hyphen or apostrophe - Plural words ending in “s”




9. Amphora 10. Timbrel 11. Pleated 12. Alright 13. Middle Man 15. Stere 16. Macaque


1. distaff 5. in Bed 8. Fireguard 9. Tap 10. Rife 12. Proceeds 14. Sarong

19. daresay 20. Sauna 21. Promotion 25. Untried 26. Centaur 28. Assault 29. Paprika

15. Utmost 17. Observer 18. Afar 21. Cog 22. Namesakes 24. Lethe 25. derides








19. V 20. K 21. B 22. F 23. Z 24. H 25. C 26. X



10. S 11. O 12. M 13. T 14. R 15. G 16. J 17. L 18. Q

9. An ancient jar (7) 10. Small hand drum (7) 11. Ruffled (7) 12. Okay (7) 13. Jobber (9) 15. Cubic meter (5) 16. Short-tailed monkey (7) 19. Venture to say (7) 20. Steam bath (5) 21. Publicity (9) 25. Untested (7) 26. Half man and half horse (7) 28. Attack (7) 29. A mild powdered seasoning (7)


1. E 2. i 3. P 4. U 5. Y 6. d 7. N 8. W 9. A



The 9-letter word RAdiATiNG

1. i'd back employees on mother's side (7) 5. Where to spend the rest of your life (2,3) 8. Figure out a way to obtain protection in the home (9) 9. Either way it's a light touch (3) 10. How fire can become widespread (4) 12. Advances or returns (8) 14. Something lyrical about a redhead's garment (6) 15. One can't do more than this (6) 17. Watchman who sticks to the rules? (8) 18. A force retreats to a distance (4) 21. it is engaged in making a machine work (3) 22. Men of the same calling (9) 24. Flower making drinkers forget their past (5) 25. Laughs at what could be desired (7)


The 9-letter word CONSULTEd




1. Wampum 2. Spread 3. Goat 4. Random 5. Strained 6. impresario 7. Progress 8. Flattery

1. defer 2. Sir 3. Argo 4. Fiacre 5. indicate 6. Better Off 7. deposit

14. Loquacious 16. Muscular 17. Countess 18. Expedite 22. Occupy 23. italic 24. Normal 27. Nape

11. Foresight 13. Entrance 14. Stoical 16. Beamed 19. Roses 20. Tsar 23. Kid

the N ews Zpvs!pvumppl!po!uif!Xpsme

Christine Smith

I saw the letter in The News last week from Martin Abrahams about the tragic loss of life caused by bombers at the Boston Marathon. However, I failed to understand where he was coming from by painting all prisoners with the same brush as the bombers. Surely it is better to try and


rehabilitate prisoners so that, when they have served their sentence, they can properly integrate back into society by being able to get a job, pay their taxes and have a purpose in life. To say that we should bring back the noose is just ridiculous and would simply be turning the rest of society into “legalised”

Valerie Risling I read the letter from Beverley Campbell in your issue of the 17th April and took her up on her advice. For anyone who didn’t read the letter, she was saying that she had made new friends and aquaintances and gotten rid of any boredom and loneliness she had been suffering from by taking on voluntary work. I too lost my husband last year and had no idea how to pick myself up again. Friends had virtually given up on me I think, such a sad, old person had I become. So, I took her advice and, last Friday I spent my first day as a volunteer at one of the many charity shops along the coast. What a surprise I got. The people who worked there

& Stargazing


“THE NEWS” WANTS TO HEAR YOUR VIEWS Send letters to the editor as part of an e-mail text to

Opinion & Comment N 27

WEDNESDAY, April 24th 2013

murderers making us as bad as them. Whilst I sympathise with those who have lost loved ones to crime of any sort, killing the perpetrators of such crimes is, to my mind, not the answer, counselling, re-education and a sympathetic ear is.


took me under their wing and showed me the ropes then we all went out for a cup of tea, or a glass of wine for some, afterwards. Already I feel like I “belong” to something new and exciting and the friends I saw over the weekend said what a difference they noticed in me – chattering away with them about my new found interest instead of just sitting in the corner feeling sorry for myself. So to re-iterate what Mrs Campbell said last week and to put my own spin on it a bit, if you’re feeling down in the dumps, lonely or depressed, don’t put up with it. Get off your behind, get a volunteer job of any kind and find a whole new life out there just waiting to

welcome you with open arms. I did, and what a difference it has made already. Long may it last!

The Boston bombings of last week were a tragedy, and at such an occasion too. But now I hear on the news that others have been arrested in Canada that had been plotting an attack on the train line in Toronto. I have ridden the trains in that fair city and it’s just mind-numbing to try and understand how anybody in their right mind could even think of such a thing. But then, I suppose, there you have it. These people seem to be infiltrating civilised countries all over the world and are clearly not in their right minds. But, what to do with them? In most cases they have lived a great part of their lives in the very places they think it’s perfectly acceptable and right to bomb. They clearly think also that it is good to maim

and kill their fellow citizens. Can you imagine the horror of the bombers’ families, many of whom are peaceable people who are on good terms with neighbours and work colleagues, when they find out their son, brother, or cousin has been plotting, or in fact as in the case of Boston, has carried out such crimes? I hear many people saying: “If they don’t like it here, send them back where they came from” but some of them are already exactly where they were born and brought up. Do you send them to prison for the rest of their lives, or do you, as suggested last week by one reader, sentence them to death? I don’t have the answer but do despair sometimes of where the people of this world are going!

Jackie McCarthy

Editor says: It seems like it’s a week for getting replies to letters. Well done you on taking the bull by the horns and getting yourself a job, even if it is unpaid. Helping others is often a very good way of helping ourselves get back into the swing of things following an illness or death in the family and should never be put down as “just voluntary work” as I heard one person refer to it. There are plenty of incredibly good charities out there that are desperate for help so, off you go if you’re bored or lonely, Val knows it works!



Partial Lunar Eclipse By Ken Campbell

There will be a partial eclipse of the Moon tomorrow evening Thursday 25th April.


on’t blink though or you’ll miss it as this will be the shortest lunar eclipse this century. It will last for about 27 minutes and only a tiny amount of the Moon will be eclipsed.


n eclipse of the Sun happens when the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun and covers the face of Sun. Whereas an eclipse of the Moon occurs when the Sun, Earth and Moon are perfectly aligned with the Earth in the middle and the full Moon passes through the Earth’s shadow.


omorrow’s eclipse will begin at 21.54 (local Spanish time) and finish at 22.21. If you look very carefully you should be able to see a small slice of the Earth’s shadow as it clips the very top part of the Moon. I’m afraid it won’t be very spectacular as the Moon will be very low down near the horizon at the time.


unar eclipses visible from Spain are a bit thin on the ground for the next few years as they all seem to be occurring on the other side of the world. The next time there will be a total eclipse of the Moon visible from Spain will be in 2029. There will be a partial eclipse of the Sun on November 3rd this year and if you can wait long enough there will be a total eclipse of the Sun passing directly over the Costa del Sol on August 2nd 2027.


eople tend to think of an eclipse as being a very rare event but they are a lot more frequent than you would think. During the 21st Century there will be 224 Solar eclipses and 230 lunar eclipses with up to a maximum of six eclipses happening in the years 2011, 2029, 2047, 2065, 2076, and 2094. The reason that they seem to be rare is simply that the path of totality during a solar eclipse is usually very narrow indeed, sometimes only a few miles wide. It is only along this narrow band that a total solar eclipse can be viewed. A few miles either side of this line and only part of the Sun will be obscured. Often the eclipse passes over oceans and doesn’t touch land at all, or it passes over a sparsely populated area. A total solar eclipse on March 20th 2015 will pass between Iceland and the Shetland Islands off Northern Scotland – it then carries on to the North Pole!


’m hoping to go to Nashville USA on August 21st 2017 for a total solar eclipse that will sweep right across

America from Oregon on the Pacific coast to South Carolina on the Atlantic coast. But as big as the United States are the last time there was a total solar eclipse visible from the mainland was back in 1979. The last time a total solar eclipse was visible from the British Isles was in August 1999.


nlike a solar eclipse that is only visible from a tiny portion of the Earth, an eclipse of the Moon can be viewed by anyone who can see the Moon. During a total lunar eclipse the Moon doesn’t go completely dark, instead it tends to go a brick red in colour. This is because the Sun’s rays light up our atmosphere and as seen from the surface of the Moon a ring of red light surrounds the Earth which then shines onto the Moon.


The International Space Station

here will be a very good view of the giant ISS tonight (24th April) as it flies over Southern Spain. Look toward the Northwest horizon at 22.16 and you will see it looking like a bright star moving across the sky. As it gets closer to you and higher in the sky it will become steadily brighter until it will be the brightest object in the sky apart from the Moon. At its closest point it will be about 280 miles from you. Keep watching as it heads toward the Southeast and it will suddenly disappear into the Earth’s shadows five minutes later at 22.21.


he ISS is as big as a football field and travels around the world every 90 minutes at 17,000 mph. There are currently six astronauts on board so be sure to give them a big wave as they go past.


appy Stargazing!

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WEDNESDAY, April 24th 2013

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Marquez: youngest winner

Vettel dominant in Bahrain Grand Prix

Spain's Marc Marquez has become the youngest man to win a MotoGP race, by winning the Grand Prix of the Americas in Texas. The 20-year-old Catalonian, last year's Moto2 World Champion, triumphed over his Repsol Honda teammate Dani Pedrosa, with Yamaha's reigning world champion Jorge Lorenzo in third. Marquez was third in Qatar in his first MotoGP start and his qualifying performance on the new Circuit of The Americas

Formula One world champion Sebastian Vettel won the Bahrain Grand Prix for the second year in a row for Red Bull to extend his overall lead to 10 points after four races.

The 25-year-old German beat Lotus’s Kimi Raikkonen by 9.1 seconds to chalk up his second win of the season and 28th of his career. In a race without any major incidents, and untroubled by the antigovernment protests and civil unrest elsewhere in the tiny Gulf kingdom. France’s Romain Grosjean finished third for Lotus to complete the same top three as last year. Britain's Paul Di Resta equalled his careerbest finish, after leading for three laps, with a fine fourth place for Force India after losing third to Grosjean with six laps to go. There was a disappointing end for Mercedes's Nico Rosberg, who started on pole position but finished ninth, and for Ferrari's Fernando Alonso

Vettel takes the mickey out of his badminton playing partner, and if rumours are true new team mate for 2014 Kimi Raikkonen

who could have expected to be on the podium but for a mechanical failure. The Spaniard, who is now fourth overall with 47 points, finished eighth after having to make an unscheduled pit stop on lap seven – a lap after coming in for his regular stop – with his rearwing DRS system stuck open.

Britain's Lewis Hamilton moved up to third in the standings, on 50 points, after taking fifth place for Mercedes in a thrilling

battle with Red Bull's Mark Webber over the closing laps of the Australian's 200th race. Mexican Sergio Perez was sixth, after also passing Webber. But his McLaren team mate Jenson Button was less than happy with Perez after the Mexican banged wheels with the Briton at speeds in excess of 300kph. Button urged the team to 'calm him down' but Perez continued to push with Grosjean looming in his mirrors.

made him the series' youngest ever pole winner. At 20 years and 63 days, he is now also the youngest ever race winner, surpassing American Freddie Spencer's long-standing record of 20 years and 196 days set when he won the Belgian Grand Prix in 1982. Marquez will go into the next race at Jerez, Spain, in two weeks at the top of the world championship standings – level with Lorenzo on 41 points but



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This week lets look at heads up play. Playing Aggressively

Playing heads up poker aggressively is the number one way to win. Inexperienced players get bulldozed by more experienced and aggressive players. It is always important to make your opponents pay to see every flop. Don't let them limp in on small blind. If you let this happen, you will be letting your opponent catch cards, which will make you lose more hands. Many heads up poker experts will say that they hardly use their cards as a basis on what plays they make. If you can tell that your opponent is weak, you should be able to take advantage of it. Bluffing Your Opponents during heads up play

Bluffing is much easier when playing poker heads up. You can trick your opponent into thinking you have a good hand, and that his or her marginal hand is suddenly not worth playing. It is often necessary to read your opponent and know what draw they are on. If you suspect them of having trips, and there is a possible flush showing on the board, go ahead and try to bluff them out. Usually they won’t call because they think you have the flush. Just make sure to place the right sized bet. Remember that bluffing is dangerous, and you never know when your opponent is going to re-raise you all in and turn over the nuts. Ouch! Calculating Outs and Odds in Heads Up Poker

Getting your head wrapped around the concept of outs and odds is crucial for any heads up Texas holdem player. When going for a hand, the outs are the remaining cards in the deck that will complete your hand. If you are one card away from having a flush, meaning you have two (clubs) in your hand and there are two (clubs) on the board, then you have 9 outs. This is calculated by taking the total number of clubs, which is 13, and subtracting the number of clubs showing, which is 4. But what does all of this

mean? Take a look at any on line poker chart It will show that 9 outs has about 35% after the flop and 20% after the turn. This is about 3:1 and 5:1 respectively.


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Men’s Singles Gold Cup winners Wayne Dunn (Henry’s) + Martin Hollick (Ridgways) Women’s Singles Gold Cup winners Kara Gunter (Bunkers)+ Fiona Cairns (Tony’s) Gold Cup singles and doubles finals at Ridgways Bar presentation night on May 3rd. Start 7.30pm

Men’s Singles Silver Cup winners Ric Walker (Ridgways) + Keith Thorne (Tony’s) Women’s Singles Silver Cup winners Roz Tielus (Fools) + Mandy Lister (Retro) Silver Cup singles and doubles finals at Ourbar April 26th. Start 8.30pm Everybody welcome to come and support your darts finalists.

Players of the Week are Martin Hollick of Ridgways Rascals for knocking out 2 top players in the semi finals and hitting the top men’s checkout of the season of 146 and reaching his 2nd consecutive Gold Cup final. Simply superb darts. Also Kara Gunter from Bunkers Rangers for hitting her 3rd 180 of the season and beating a top player in the semi final. Brilliant darts from you both.

Memorial Cup finals results Gold Cup final Bunkers Rangers 7 - 8 Tonys Td´s Silver Cup final Ridgways Rascals 11 - 4 Zoco Zulus Team of the Week Zoco Zulus for playing in great spirits and the women for wearing very tasty Zulu skirts. Thank you Nina, June, Violet, Rosy, Bob and Frank. Great effort and spirit once more

All trophies awarded at Ridgways Bar on Friday May 3rd. Brilliant night of darts finals with video camera technology, belly busting bbq, massive trophy presentation and music party. Everybody welcome.... FREE ENTRY. Love Darts? Don’t miss it !!!

All Darts info on

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Before 09.00am or After 3.00pm

Per Person inc Buggy

Yearly Membership from €1.500 inc. buggy


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N 31

WEDNESDAY, April 24th 2013


WEDNESDAY, April 24th 2013

Sports & Motors

Read your favourite news, plus a whole lot more in

Sports Flash


Man Utd win 20th league title

Manchester United wrapped up a 20th league title in convincing style after Robin van Persie's first-half hat-trick sank Aston Villa. The Dutch striker has been United's stellar striker for much of the season before labouring of late after two goals in his previous seven Premier League appearances. But the £24m summer signing returned to form in spectacular fashion to secure the silverware with four games to spare.

C:O.G.S. play through the mist Dismal Málaga go down again Some twenty-eight members and guests travelled to Guadalhorce Golf Club to find the course in heavy low mist. The sun didn’t show itself until round about midday.

The members were informed by our Captain Joe King that it would be the last time one of our long standing members, Ian Brewer, would be playing with us. He is returning to the U.K. We will all miss you Ian and we hope you

are successful in any new ventures that you seek. I have lost count of how many of my friends have also returned back home. Signs of the times I suppose. Anyway the scores were as follows.

Longest drive on hole 8 Brian Robinson. Nearest the pin on hole 2 Geoff Heading. Nearest the pin in two shots on hole 14 John Slater. The hole in two shots was shared by Andy Macfarlane, Ian Vaughan,

Nick Carwood and Zack Sturgess. Team prize with 93 points was won by Geoff Heading, Bob Hytner, Nick Carwood and Phil Beardmore.

In the day’s main competition in third place with 28 points on count back was Gerry Owens. In second place with 29 points Geoff Heading. The winner with 30 points was Ian Brewer. In last place with 15 points on count back was myself, and the winner

of the wooden spoon, was Brian Robinson.

Thanks Brian, I owe you a pint. Our thanks as always to Elaine at Lainey’s Bar for the nibbles. Last but no means least thanks to Joe King our captain, Andy Macfarlane our secretary and John Bamber our treasurer for organising the event. Nig Bowler. Chairman.

Ice Hockey on the Costa del Sol For those readers that didn’t know (I certainly didn’t), the game of Ice Hockey is thriving here on the Costa del Sol with the games being played at the Benalmadena ice rink. The players are mainly from Northern European

countries but there are a couple of Brits namely Ian Cooper (ex Cardiff) and James (ex Bristol). Goalpoacher Cooper started out with the Durham Wasps when he was just 16, having moved up through the ranks of Durham's famed

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junior development system. Named the sport's 'Young Player of the Year' in the late 80’s secured him a prestigious place in the Calgary Flames training camp in the NHL.

James (left) and Ian on the ice


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As early as five minutes Valencia had their first shot, a great ball found Valencia´s Caneles but his shot went just wide. It was a strong start by Valencia and on 10 mins Banega fired over from the edge of the box. The first half was a scrappy affair with Valencia just on top and on 25 minutes they got a lucky goal. Parejo received the ball which came via Demichelis´s back and slotted it home. Three minutes later Sissoko rode two challenges to cross brillantly for Soldado to slot home. A minute later Demichelis clumsily fouled Banega in the box and Soldado duly converted the penalty to make it 3-0.

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Manuel Pellegrini sent out an unchanged team at the Mestilla in an important game for both teams.

Málaga imploded and from the re-start 11 seconds later, it was 4-0 as Caneles fired home from another good Valencia move. Four down after half an hour left Málaga with a mountain to climb, but on the stroke of half time Bapista curled in


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Valencia 5 - 1 Málaga

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a brilliant free kick to give Málaga a small amount of hope going into the break. In the 52nd minute Soldado got clear but this time Welligton just managed to get the ball clear. Some dreadful defending minutes later by Jesus Gamez let in Banega who hammered the ball home and dashed Málaga´s hopes of getting anything from the game.

Joaquin shot narrowly wide on 63 minutes. He then had a great chance on 75 minutes and Alaves deprived Sergio Sanchez a minute later as Málaga pressed. Baptista shot wide with 12 minutes to go as Málaga looked to restore a little pride. Málaga were slightly better as the match came to an end but all in all it was a gutless performance, with more rumours this week of unpaid staff at the club, which seemed to reflect in the display.

Next game is at home on Sunday at 5pm where Málaga entertain Getafe. Report by Scott Forbes


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The News Newspaper - Issue 223  

The News Newspaper - Issue 223

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