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Wednesday, March 20th 2013 Issue 218

Pope Francis pleads for the poor and weak

Pope Francis inaugurated his papacy at a Mass in Rome on Tuesday morning, calling on global leaders and all the people of the world to defend the poor and the weak.

His homily focused on protection – of the environment, children, the elderly and those in need, who, he said, were "often the last we think about".

Pope Francis, formerly Argentine Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio and now the first pontiff from the Americas, has since his election called for a "Church for the poor" and has struck an informal and spontaneous tone. His chosen name, Francis, honours St Francis of Assisi, the 13th century son of an aristocrat who spurned a life of luxury to live with and for the poor.

Pope Francis's homily at the Mass began by focusing on Joseph and his role as protector – of Mary, Jesus and the Church.

Pope Francis, 76, expanded the image, referring to Francis of Assisi and saying that the role of protector was not just a Christian one. He said: "It means protecting all creation, the beauty of the created world. It means respecting each of God's creatures and respecting the environment in which we live.� CONTINUED ON PAGE 2




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02 N General News

WEDNESDAY, March 20th 2013

Get on the gladrags A charity ball is taking place tomorrow evening at the Tamisa Golf Hotel with the proceeds going to CUDECA Cancer charity. Tickets are €25 each.

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Musical at e Salon

Directed by Peter Mitchell, this very popular musical, winner of many awards, is at The Salon Varietes, Fuengirola until Sunday 24th March.

SprinG ball




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WORLD Pope Francis pleads for Continued from FRONT PAGE


the poor and weak

By Kym Wickham

Cats and Dogs As I am writing this on Tuesday afternoon it is tipping it down with rain up here in Coin. It is also a local bank holiday. The reason I am telling you this is because I heard a weird noise coming from above my head and, guess what? the rain was pouring in through the roof and, of course as it’s a bank holiday nobody but us mugginses are working! The landlord is going to try and get a temporary fix but it means that as soon as I’ve finished my column I’m going to have to move all my computer, printer, desk and everything else in case the ceiling comes in overnight. Maybe being a bit dramatic but, one has to be careful! Those of you who get bored with my tales of mine and others’ animals, stop reading now! I was pleased to hear that a local company that do pet transport, dog E Transport, have offered to re-unite the little cat with his mum on the Isle of Wight free of charge and Cat and dog World in Alhaurin el Grande together with CHAIn animal charity are getting all his jabs up to date for the journey. I think that makes them definitely worth a mention and you can read the letter from denise on page 27 telling us all about it. On another note, my little white cat, Grubby, went out for the first time yesterday after hurting his back paw and ending up in the vet’s and on antibiotics. Yep, this morning he was limping again – this time on his front paw! looks like this one is going to be trouble!

"It means protecting people, showing loving concern for each and every person, especially children, the elderly, those in need, who are often the last we think about."

Pope Francis called on "all those who have positions of responsibility in economic, political and social life" to be protectors of creation: "To protect creation, to protect every man and every woman, to look upon them with tenderness and love, is to open up a horizon of hope."

priests throughout the crowd of some 200,000.

The list of attendees also included the spiritual head of the Orthodox Church, Patriarch Bartholomew. He is the first Orthodox patriarch to attend a papal inauguration Mass since the two branches of Christianity split nearly 1,000 years ago.

The Pope later greeted the assembled dignitaries individually in St Peter's Basilica.

On Monday Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner became the first foreign head of state to be received by Pope Francis. She said she had asked for his intervention in the Falklands dispute

between her country and the UK. Thousands of people held overnight vigils across Argentina in preparation for Tuesday's Mass and hundreds of people also gathered in the early hours of Tuesday in Plaza de Mayor, the main square in Buenos Aires, to watch the Mass broadcast on giant screens set up outside the cathedral. They erupted in joy as a

He said: "My dear children, I know you're in the plaza. I know that you're making prayers. I need them very much."



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Without care for the environment and fellow humans, "the way is opened to destruction and hearts are hardened", he said. The Pope had begun the day by touring St Peter's Square in an opentopped Popemobile.

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At one point he stepped down from the vehicle and approached the barriers to bless a disabled man. Pope Francis spent 20 minutes touring the square, waving to the pilgrims who flew flags and shouted: "Long live the Pope!"

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As the Mass began, he was presented with his papal pallium made of lambs' wool – symbolising his role as shepherd of his flock – and the fisherman's ring bearing the image of St Peter holding two keys. With this, Francis officially began his office as the 266th pope.

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Communion was distributed by some 500


call from the Pope, made an hour before his Mass, was played via loudspeakers.

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National News N 03

WEDNESDAY, March 20th2013

News Zpvs!pvumppl!po!uif!Xpsme


National News Spanish mortgage law is 'abusive' The European Court of Justice ruled last week that Spain’s mortgage law is incompatible with European Union’s 1993 Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts (93/13EEC) directive on abusive practices in consumer contracts, which will give more legal protection for families facing eviction from their homes.

The ruling arose from a question posed by a Barcelona court in connection with the eviction of Moroccan immigrant Mohammed Aziz from his home in January 2011, after he failed to meet mortgage payments on a €138,000euro loan granted to him by savings bank CatalunyaCaixa in July 2007. The court asked if

the eviction breached Aziz’s rights and the European Court ruled that it did.

The ruling will now apply to all eviction cases being processed throughout the EU but cannot be applied retroactively, as pressure groups have been calling for. Parliament is now in the process of amending the mortgage law, which is more than a century old, and it seemed the government was waiting for the Luxembourg-based court’s judgment before drafting the law. The court’s decision allows judges to stop eviction procedures until a ruling is given on claims of abusive clauses in mortgage contracts, and some have already done

so. The consumer protection group FACUA welcomed the ruling: ““This is an historic ruling that will set a 'before' and 'after' in the relation of mortgage holders with their banks.” There have been some 400,000 mortgage foreclosures in Spain since 2008, of which about half have ended in evictions. Anti-eviction groups have grown even stronger in recent months as the number of suicides among people facing eviction has increased.

The next general election is not due before November 2015. Montoro told Parliament: “In the rest of the legislature, and there is a long way to go, there is no intention on the


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Home / Business

Finance Minister Cristóbal Montoro said last week that the government has ruled out any further increases in “main taxes” in what is left of its mandate, and has pledged “selective” cuts in some taxes.

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John Lennon married Yoko Ono in Gibraltar

No new major hikes in taxation planned


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part of the government to raise any of the main taxes in the Spanish economy, quite the opposite.”

Despite the ruling Partido Popular’s pledge during its 2011 campaign not to raise taxes, it introduced a series of hikes in corporate and personal income tax, as well as value-added tax. Montoro said the increases were the “least of all evils” given the need to reduce the deficit.

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04 N National News

WEDNESDAY, March 20th 2013

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Bankia ordered to return money

Video shows troops beating detainees The Defence Ministry has opened an investigation to determine the authenticity of a video that shows what appears to be a group of Spanish soldiers in Iraq kicking two detainees in a jail cell.

The video, which was published by the El Pais newspaper on Sunday, was allegedly recorded in 2004 – before then PM José Luis Rodriguez Zapatero pulled Spain's troops out of Iraq – and showed five soldiers entering a cell and ordering two men covered with blankets to get up off the floor.

When the men refused to move, three soldiers started to kick and insult them while two others watched from the door. A sixth soldier recorded the incident with a video camera. Defence Ministry sources described the incident as “deplorable,” and said that “those who took part will be held responsible”.

José Bono, who was Zapatero's defence minister at the time, said that he had never received any information about the alleged incident.

Spanish troops were deployed in Iraq in August 2003 as part of a coalition force agreed upon by Prime Minister José María Aznar, British Prime Minister Tony Blair and US President George W. Bush. Their mission was primarily a peacekeeping one with reconstruction and humanitarian duties. After the Socialists won the March 2004 general election, Zapatero ordered the troops back home. His decision annoyed Washington, and relations between the United States and Spain cooled until Bush left office in 2009.

A Barcelona court has declared null and void a contract signed by a woman client of Bankia by which the bank purchased subordinated debt it had previously sold to her in exchange for shares in the lender – which subsequently fell sharply.

The court ruled that she had not been sufficiently informed of the risks involved in the operation. The court also ordered Bankia to return her investment of €33,000 with interest and take back the shares in the bank she had accepted as

the only way to recover her investment. The ruling sets a precedent for some 6,000 who signed similar contracts with Bankia and are trying to get their money back.

Bankia was nationalised in May 2012, less than a year after listing in the Spanish exchange at €3.75 per share. They have since lost well over 90 per cent of their value. The ombudsman in Catalonia, Rafael Ribó, has asked the prosecutor’s office to investigate whether possible fraud had been committed in the

exchange of Bankia’s debt for shares in the bank. “There were more than sufficient elements to indicate what would happen to the shares in what was a genuine leap in the dark with a huge risk of failure,” Ribó said in his letter to the prosecutor.

Private eye spying scandal spreads Método 3, the now-defunct private detective agency, first hit the headlines when it was revealed that it had recorded a lunch conversation in 2010 between Alicia SanchezCamacho, the head of the Partido Popular in Catalonia (PPC) and Victoria Alvarez, the former girlfriend of one of the sons of former regional premier Jordi Pujol, during which Alvarez spoke about alleged money-laundering activities by her ex-

boyfriend. The ensuing investigation has revealed that Método 3 spied on dozens of government agencies, political parties, politicians, businessmen, media outlets and lawyers over the past 10 years.

Its detectives used various methods to collect information for their clients, including newspaper clippings, data searches for work records and telephone numbers – even tailing people when necessary. Francisco

Marco, the former owner of Método 3, is under investigation for possibly breaking the law on the revelation of secrets.

Sanchez-Camacho pressed charges against him last month and both she and Alvarez appeared in court on Monday to identify their voices on the tape being used as evidence. Court records show that Método 3 also spied on Socialist leaders José María Barreda, José Bono and José Montilla.

Leader of Las Palmas paedophilia ring jailed A Canary Island court sentenced Fernando Torres Baena, the main defendant in the country’s biggest-ever paedophilia case, to 302 years in prison last Friday after finding him guilty of 35 counts of sexual abuse and 13 more of corruption of minors at his martial arts centre in Las Palmas.

However, under Spanish law he can only serve a maximum of 20 years. Describing him as a “sexual predator”, the judge said Torres Baena used his sports centre and beach house to organise

sexual orgies over a period of 15 years.

The court also convicted two women who worked as monitors at the centre. Torres Baena’s wife María José González and Ivonne González were sentenced to 148 and 126 years respectively. A fourth defendant, the monitor Juan Luis Benítez, was acquitted. The court said Torres Baena had used the two women as a sexual lure to attract students who were sometimes under 13 years old.

The trial of the so-called “Karate case” began on May 3rd, 2012. Numerous witnesses testified they were the victims of sexual abuse by the defendants while still under age.

The prosecutor’s final statement underlined Torres Baena’s manipulation of minors, saying; “We need to take into account that he did not modify the children’s behaviour, but rather created behaviours of a sexual nature at an age when they lacked education on this matter.”


News Zpvs!pvumppl!po!uif!Xpsme

Plight of Urdangarin's ex-partner ignored In the scandal surrounding the King's son-in-law, Iñaki Urdangarin, the media tend to present his former partner, Diego Torres, as a vengeful man bent on bringing down the royal family by presenting hundreds of damning private e-mails in his own defence. What the papers don't report is that the former marketing guru is living like a prisoner in the €2 million dream home he built outside Barcelona. Torres’s lawyer has told the authorities that his office has been broken into three times. Other people related to the case have complained in private

about visits from men who they believe belong to the country's secret services, the CNI. One of the prosecutors opened an investigation to determine whether an intimidation campaign exists but the royal palace and security officials have denied that they are behind any surveillance.

Torres, 47, and Urdangarin, 45 – a former Olympic handball athlete who married the King's youngest daughter, the Infanta Cristina, in 1997 – have been accused of exploiting Urdangarin's royal connections to obtain

juicy regional government contracts, padding their bills through the non-profit sports foundation, Instituto Nóos, and then diverting money to offshore companies. Torres has presented more than 200 e-mails he received from Urdangarin to the court, in an attempt to prove that the palace and its advisers followed Urdangarin and the foundation’s dealings closely and offered advice on everything – even on minor matters such as the purchase of an office printer. Torres's defiance has a steep price attached to it. In 2011 after his name first cropped up in

the investigation into the Instituto Noos, he was dismissed from a university teaching post at an elite Barcelona business school. His lawyer said he lost all his jobs immediately because “ the royal palace thought that converting my client into an outcast would prevent him from getting a good lawyer, but they don’t know me”. The battle between the two former partners threatens to drag on for several years, with the next step probably being the confiscation of all their possessions to pay the €8 million bail demanded by the court.

New targets for taxmen After tax inspectors made surprise visits last week to the associations in charge of the Fallas – Valencia's popular yearly fiesta in which huge papier-mâché figures are burnt on March 19th – the Tax

Office announced that they would also be making surprise inspections during Sevilla's April Fair, and to chiringuitos on the country's beaches, small town ferias, and rural inns.

Last week in Valencia, the tax inspectors asked for invoices for the 20122013 expenses for lighting, flowers, cranes and fireworks to find out whether some ancillary services were not being

declared. Valencia mayor Rita Barberá accused the tax office of being "insensitive" for making such a move in the middle of one of Spain's most famous fiestas.


National News N 05

WEDNESDAY, March 20th2013



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Number of marriages dropped by half

The number of people getting married has halved in the past 35 years, down from 14 every 1,000 inhabitants in 1976 to 7 in 2011, when 163,338 weddings were held. Figures in the statistics bulletin "women in Figures", published by the women's institute, show that Spaniards are waiting longer to get married. in 1976, the average age of men when they married was 27, and 24 for women. in 2011, the figures had risen to 36 for men and 33 for women. Just over 76 per cent of marriages in 1976 were held in church and 23 per cent were civil ceremonies. Those figures were reversed in 2011 – 39 per cent were church weddings while 60 per cent were civil ceremonies. Madrid

The Iberia pilots not wanted

The online newspaper El Confidencial digital (ECd) reported on Monday that iberia pilots who are applying for jobs at other companies are being turned down because of their participation in a series of strikes in the past few months. The strikes were held to protest against a proposed cutback of more than 4,000 jobs in the Spanish airline. The figure was reduced to just over 3,100 over the weekend when iberia and the unions representing ground crews reached an agreement, which the pilots' union Sepla reluctantly accepted on Monday. according to ECd, several iberia pilots have applied for jobs in the United arab Emirates company, but were rejected because "they were permanently on strike".

06 N World News

WEDNESDAY, March 20th 2013

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World News Cyprus urged to shield small savers

Eurozone finance ministers have asked Cyprus to reduce the burden on small investors from a proposed levy on savings, linked to a bailout. Plans for a one-off tax of 6.75% on savings up to €100,000 have outraged Cypriots who have been withdrawing the maximum amount permitted every day from ATMs across the country. The banks are closed until Thursday to avoid a more drastic run on them.

The €10bn bailout agreed with the EU and IMF demands that all bank customers pay a oneoff levy. The government's efforts to shift more of the burden on to wealthier depositors has enraged Russians, who form the bulk of overseas investors and have deposits worth billions of dollars in

Cypriot banks. Russian President Vladimir Putin called the proposed levy "unfair, unprofessional and dangerous".

Under the currently agreed terms of the levy, depositors with less than €100,000 would pay a oneoff tax of 6.75%, while those with sums over that threshold would pay 9.9%. Eurogroup president Jeroen Dijsselbloem said in a statement on Monday that the group "continues to be of the view that small depositors should be treated differently from large depositors and reaffirms the importance of fully guaranteeing deposits below €100,000".

He said Cyprus should shift the burden away from small savers towards bigger depositors – provided that the same amount of funds, €5.8bn, was raised.

President Anastasiades has been holding talks with ministers and MPs, insisting that without the bailout Cyprus could face bankruptcy and a possible exit from the eurozone. Speaker Yiannakis Omirou, of the EDEK party, said: "Parliament is called to legalise a decision to rob depositors blind, against every written and unwritten law. We refuse to subscribe to this." Protesters in Cyprus have

Mr Lew said that as the world's two largest economies, the US and China had "a special responsibility to maintain strong, stable and sustained growth in the world". He added: "We look forward to China contributing more and more to global demand."

The US wants China to move towards a more consumer-led economy, narrowing the trade gap between the two countries.

Mr Lew also raised North Korea's nuclear ambitions, regional security and cybercrime at the meeting. The meeting was held at a time of raised tensions between the two countries, amid allegations Chinese hackers – possibly linked to the military – were behind multiple attacks on US companies.

US cyber security firm Mandiant said in

ON t hIS dat E IN



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Prisoners in daring helicopter escape

Two inmates made a daring escape from St-Jerome prison, near Montreal, on Sunday by climbing up a rope into a hovering helicopter, setting off a massive manhunt. One of the prisoners and two other men were captured very quickly and the second escapee was detained several hours later. The helicopter – which was found some 85km away from the prison – was reportedly hijacked from a tour company.

President Anastasiades

held up banners blaming Germany for the controversial bailout deal, but Germany says it always favoured protecting bank accounts with up to €100,000, and insists it was the Cypriot government, European Commission and ECB that decided on the levy terms.

February that it had linked hundreds of data breaches since 2004 to a Chinese hacking team it had traced to the site of a military unit in Shanghai. China, which called the Mandiant report flawed, replied that it opposes hacking activities and is a victim of cyber attacks itself. US Secretary of State John Kerry is scheduled to visit China next month.

Ashraf government makes history

Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf has hailed as "a victory" for democracy the completion of a full term by an elected government for the first time in the country's history. Parliament was dissolved at midnight local time on Saturday and the interim administration will be installed until the next election, which is expected to be held in May. Since Pakistan was founded in 1947, governments have often been overthrown in coups, toppled by political infighting or ended in assassinations or murders. Mr Ashraf, who became prime minister after his predecessor was forced out amid a dispute with the judiciary, has been in the job for less than a year. UniTeD STATeS

BP appeal “absurd” oil spill payouts

BP is taking legal action in the US to limit payouts by a fund set up to compensate those affected by the 2010 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Last year BP set aside $7.8 billion (£5.2 billion) when it agreed to pay compensation to around 100,000 people and companies – including fishermen and restaurant owners – who claimed the oil spill had harmed their livelihoods or their health. A BP spokesman said last week that some of the claims being paid by the scheme's administrator were "fictitious" and "absurd".

The Deepwater Horizon disaster released an estimated four million barrels of oil into the Gulf, after an explosion on an offshore rig killed 11 workers and ruptured a deep-sea well head, which took 84 days to seal.

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the Uk government confirmed humans could catch cJD (mad cow disease)


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Both the two inmates – identified as Benjamin HudonBarbeau, 36, and Danny Provencal, 33 – were reportedly injured during the escape. Before Hudon-Barbeau was rearrested, he reportedly called local media outlets saying: "i don't want to hurt anyone. i just don't want to stay in prison, and i'm ready to die."

China and US hail 'shared interests' Xi Jinping on Monday called for strong ties with the US, in the first highlevel meeting between the two sides since he was confirmed as China's president last week. His comments came in talks with Jack Lew, who is in Beijing on his first overseas trip as US Treasury Secretary. Mr Xi said the two countries should approach the relationship "from a strategic and long-term perspective".

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Advertising N 07

WEDNESDAY, March 20th 2013

08 N UK News

WEDNESDAY, March 20th 2013

UK News Suspected pirates taken into custody The fight against piracy in the Indian Ocean continues and it has been revealed that an attack on a merchant vessel off the coast of Somalia was thwarted thanks to the involvement of a 12-strong Royal Navy helicopter team.

The Lynx helicopter, which had been deployed to fly off a French frigate, located two boats and provided air cover for a boarding team during an operation which apprehended 12 suspected pirates.

The four-month helicopter deployment for the men from the Royal Naval Air Station at Yeovilton was hailed as successful international co-operation in the operation to eradicate the scourge of piracy.

“Stressed” shark wrestler loses his job A British man on sick leave for stress was sacked from his job after being filmed wrestling with a shark in Australia.

tail on a beach near Brisbane. It had threatened children playing and there were shouts of “Help, shark!”

Paul Marshallsea, 62, who worked for a children’s charity, was hailed as a hero after grabbing the shark by the

happily paddling and wrestling with the shark.

However, his bosses had no idea he was actually on holiday in Australia until they saw him on the television news stations

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Tenerife Tenerife

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Keep up with the news from home while living or taking a holiday here in Spain this page written by Vic Gardner

David Cameron fights for freedom of British press A free press has always been the mark of a civilised society, but when you have an uncivilised press you have the problem that now faces British Prime Minister David Cameron.

He has been forced to negotiate new press regulations with his coalition partners the Liberal Democrats and the opposition Labour Party in an effort to find a way forward.

Mr Cameron doesn’t want to be the Prime Minister who ushered in statutory regulation of the press in a country that has always expounded the virtues of freedom of expression, but others want to see the recommendations of the Leveson Inquiry implemented in full.

It remains to be seen whether a Royal Charter can provide the victims of telephone hacking with the assurances they have demanded.

Ironically, Britain has always impressed on other nations the need for democracy and a free press, but the British press appears to have sunk the ship it was sailing on by demonstrating that it simply cannot be trusted.




Fixed fee operations for Bupa patients

British private health provider Bupa has been hit by the recession and has responded to a drop in profits by offering pay-as-you-go operations. An operation such as a hip replacement is now available for a fixed fee, to include consultations. STOKE CITY

Owen retiring

Michael Owen has announced that he will be retiring from football at the end of the season. The former Liverpool, Real Madrid, Manchester United and England striker, who also played for Newcastle United and currently plays for Stoke City, said that he feels "now it is the right time to bring the curtain down on my career".

REACH R EACH TH TTHE HE FINNS! FIN F NS! Every E vveeery r w week! eek! e Tel: TTel ell: 6 679 7 8 844 44 4 43 378 7 78

Special Feature N 09

WEDNESDAY, March 20th 2013

theNews Zpvs!pvumppl!po!uif!Xpsme

Spain’s new asset reporting obligation Recently there has been considerable talk, newspaper articles and a letter from the British Embassy about the forthcoming Modelo 720 asset declaration. The potentially severe consequences of not submitting the declaration or filing it wrongly are considerable. As such The News has invited John McCann from the wealth management firm Blevins Franks to write in his own words the following article. Blevins Franks will not make the declaration for you but the following is what should be to considered if you are a resident. Pete Woodall

Residents must submit the Declaration by 30th April The deadline for submitting your first declaration of offshore assets is fast approaching. If you are resident in Spain and own assets worth over 50,000 Euros in a single category, you cannot ignore this deadline. The consequences for failing to report are very high, and the authorities have an

increasing number of tools to find hidden assets and those not declaring themselves for tax.

If you were resident in Spain in 2012, whether or not you are resident in 2013, then you need to report the assets you owned outside Spain as at 31st December 2012.

The deadline this year is 30th April, though in future years it will be 31st March. The form you need to submit is Modelo 720, which must be completed online. It is not in standard format and has a series of drop down menus, many of which require you to select a particular code depending on what you are reporting. There is little room for descriptions or clarifications. It is recommended that you use an accountant to help you fill in the form, but you do first need to acquaint yourself with what needs to be reported. This is not actually a tax, but simply a requirement to report information on assets. You still need to submit your annual income tax and wealth tax returns under

the usual Spanish tax rules, and pay tax accordingly.

There are three reporting categories, and you have to report all assets in a particular category if the value of your total assets in that category amounts to over 50,000 Euros. This only applies to assets located outside Spain. You should not include Spanish property and bank accounts. 1. Accounts held with financial institutions (all cash and deposit accounts).

2. Shares, securities, life assurance policies, annuity income, income generated from loans, rights or other assets. 3. Immovable property and rights over such property.

You are obliged to report assets if you are the owner, a beneficiary, an authorised signatory, or if you have the authority to dispose of the asset. This includes assets held by a company, a trust or fiduciary.

You need to submit a

report even if your personal share of assets in a category is less than 50,000 Euros. In the case of joint assets, each account holder/owner needs to declare the full value (not pro-rated), and indicate the percentage they hold.

This is an annual declaration. However, once you have made a report, if you do not acquire any new assets or dispose of existing assets, and the existing ones increase in value by less than 20,000 Euros, you do not need to report in subsequent years.

In most cases the values to be declared are the same as those used on wealth tax returns. In other words, assets are valued using the wealth tax rules as at 31st December each year.

In the case of assets held within financial institutions, as well as acquiring the end of year value you will also need to report the average balance over the last three months of the year – the reporting figure will be the greater of the two values. You will need to provide full details of the bank account (bank, account number, sort code, date opened etc).

When it comes to property, you need to declare the acquisition cost and date, and the current value, plus the sale proceeds if you sold it during the year. You also need to provide the property’s full address and postcode, whether it is urban or rustic, and your ownership percentage.

When declaring shares, unit trusts etc, you need to use the value as at 31st December and provide details of the investment company, number of shares, ISIN number

where available, date of acquisition etc.

With regards to pension plans, there is no obligation to report overseas funds provided they do not give rise to a temporary or lifetime annuity which is taxed under the annuity treatment in Spain. Where there is an annuity, the capitalised value should be declared. If you sold an asset, be it a property, shares etc during 2012, or closed a bank account, you need to report the value at the date of disposal. The consequences of not reporting

Do not bury your head in the sand. The Spanish tax authorities mean business. If you are found to not have declared an asset, the fines and penalties could amount to more than the asset itself. Under Spain’s normal tax rules, the tax man can only go back four years from the date a tax return should have been submitted to review how much tax should have been paid. Under the new asset reporting law, if you do not make a report, the asset will be deemed to have been acquired with undeclared income, which is deemed to arise in the last tax year that is not statute barred, unless you can prove that the income arose when you were not Spanish resident or tax has been paid on such income accordingly. This effectively eliminates the application of the statute of limitations, so instead of just being able to go back four years to review unpaid tax on an asset, there is now no limit.

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When a Spanish resident is found to have an undeclared asset under this new obligation, they may have to pay all of the following: • Income tax on the undeclared income at the income tax scale rates, with a top rate of 52% (54% in Andalucía), rather than as savings income with a top rate of 27%.

• Late payment interest.

• Penalties, which can be as high as 150% of the total tax due on the asset.

• A fine of 5,000 Euros per each unreported asset, with a minimum fine of 10,000 Euros . The unpaid tax could give rise to the criminal offence of ‘tax fraud’ if it exceeds 120,000 Euros.

While you should use an accountant for help filling in your form, for peace of mind about your overall tax planning you should speak to a tax planning and wealth management firm. Blevins Franks are Spanish tax experts, with an in-depth understanding of Spanish taxation and law. Blevins Franks will advise you on what you need to include in the form and at the same time guide you through the opportunities to legitimately lower your tax liabilities in Spain on your offshore assets. We need to talk.

Freephone 900 460 174 southernspain@blevins

The tax rates, scope and reliefs may change. Any statements concerning taxation are based upon our understanding of current taxation laws and practices which are subject to change. Tax information has been summarised; an individual should take personalised advice. By John McCann, Senior Partner, Blevins Franks.

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10 N Local News

WEDNESDAY, March 20th 2013

Read your favourite news, plus a whole lot more in

Local News



Martha M Place was the first US woman to face the electric chair

Number of Internet NGO condemns illegal towing of boat addicts on the up The number of parents seeking help on how to deal with children addicted to social networks like Tuenti, Facebook or Twitter has shot up in recent months, according to the Malaga Association of Gamblers and Rehabilitation, Amalajer, which also includes computer addictions. The figures are backed by a European Union study which warns that just over 20 per cent of adolescents run the risk of becoming addicted to the internet. According to this report, 1.5 per cent of young people between the ages of 14 and 17 in Malaga province are already addicted. The report also places


The NGO Prodein has asked the ombudsman to investigate an incident in which the Guardia Civil allegedly illegally towed a boatload of immigrants back from Melilla to Moroccan waters.

Spain at the head of the "abusive" use of the internet in the EU.

According to a study by Protegeles (Protect them), young men aged 16 and 17 who come from a lower middle class background are the most likely to become addicted. They frequently become aggressive if not allowed to surf the internet.

Signs of the addiction include poor appetite, insomnia and an inability to gauge the passing of time. They also tend to do poorly at school. A Protegeles spokesman said the internet was more addictive than tobacco or alcohol.



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Guardia Civil agents in a rigid-inflatable boat then towed the migrants back


The NGO caught the incident on video and in photographs which show that the boat was at most 30 metres from the shore – well inside Spanish waters – with the beach at Melilla clearly visible. However, the Melilla regional government said the boat was never in

Young people fled the campo decades ago to join the construction boom but now the bubble has burst they are returning in increasing numbers.

However, this usually involves skills they once turned up their noses at. The local council in Pilas, Seville province, has come

up with a project to help them get back to the campo, especially to the olive groves which are the mainstay of the economy in the area. The project is aimed at people under 35 who are on the dole. So far, 80 people have been put on a waiting list because the project can only

The National Police have detained 18 people who

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In separate incidents, the Spanish Coastguard on Monday intercepted four boats in the Strait of Gibraltar containing 35 sub-Saharan immigrants.

In the same waters two people – a man and a woman – disappeared, presumed drowned, on Saturday when the inflatable craft they were travelling in capsized three miles off the coast of Tangier.

accommodate 20.

A similar scheme for goatherds and shepherds is taking off in the Grazalema Natural Park, while foreign workers are no longer required in the strawberry fields of Huelva because the locals are too eager to do a job they once despised.

Voodoo gang busted

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Spanish waters, having been intercepted “on the high sea”.

Re-learning old skills


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The boat, which had set out from Morocco and was carrying at least 10 subSaharan immigrants, approached the beach in the Spanish exclave of Melilla on the North African coast last Friday.

to Moroccan waters, and handed them over to the authorities there. Spanish law forbids returning immigrants already in the country unless the requisite legal procedures have been followed.

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used voodoo rites to force Nigerian women to work as prostitutes on Malaga's industrial estates until they had paid their travelling expenses, board and lodging, which usually amounted to around €60,000. Before leaving Nigeria, the women were forced to swear loyalty to the gang by eating the raw heart of cockerel. They were told if they went back on their vow they would wither, go mad or die. The operation began last October and led to the arrest on Tuesday of four Spaniards and 14 Nigerians, all of them resident in Spain, who organised the women's journeys here.


Inland & Coastal News N 11

WEDNESDAY, March 20th2013

News Zpvs!pvumppl!po!uif!Xpsme

Bullfighter denies consuming alcohol José Ortega Cano, the bullfighter accused of causing the accidental death of a man while driving under the influence, told a Seville court last week that he had not touched a drop of alcohol on the night of the incident.

He said he had been completely forbidden to touch alcohol by the doctors who treated him after the accident: "I only wet my lips with a glass. I drank no alcohol, only a Coca-Cola. For me, it's poison."

On May 20th, 2011, Ortego Cano was driving back to his home in Castilblanco de los Arroyos, Seville province, when he lost control of his vehicle and crashed head on into a car driven by Carlos Parra. The bullfighter was seriously injured and Parra was killed. According to the prosecutor, Ortega Cano had three times the legal limit of alcohol in his blood and was travelling at 125 kilometres an hour

on a 90km/h highway when the accident occurred. The prosecution is asking for a jail sentence of four years. Ortego Cano told the court he remembered nothing of what happened prior to the crash: " I don't have any knowledge of the impact of the accident, nor of what happened there." Several drivers told the investigating judge that the bullfighter's car had overtaken them in a dangerous manner on the night of the incident. One even called the emergency services to warn them about the alarming way he was driving. The case is riddled with contradictions. Ortego Cano had originally admitted to consuming "less than half a glass of cava" on the night of the accident. He had also admitted to suffering a bout of alcoholism after the death of his wife, the singer Rocío Jurado. Last





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week he told the court he wasn't planning on "taking the car ever again." A week earlier, he had been caught giving a lift to his current partner and their baby without using a regulation child seat. His lawyer has tried to discredit the evidence that he had been driving under the influence that night, saying the blood test was not legal as it had been carried out for medical purposes rather than to check for alcohol. Judge Sagrario Romero is expected to pronounce on the case later this week.

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Street Brit arrested in drug raid cleaners call The national Police ended an operation of international scope with the arrest last week of a briton and a Swede in Mijas and the seizure of more than €9,000 in cash, 100 ampoules of off strike After a seven-hour-long meeting on Monday, representatives of Malaga's street cleaners agreed to call off the strike announced for Easter week, when thousands of visitors flood the city to watch its famous Easter processions. Mayor Francisco de la Torre said it was good news for the tourism sector. Full-time street cleaners will no longer have to work on national holidays but will not lose money as their productivity bonuses have been partially consolidated. The council has agreed to hire 150 temporary workers to cover full-time workers' holidays and days off.

Neither side was totally satisfied with the agreement but agreed that it was better to keep the streets clean and workers rested without losing out too much financially.

testosterone and 5,500 steroid and anabolic pills. The operation began in july 2011 with the arrest of four Venezuelans and the seizure of 257 kilos of cocaine on a ship in dunkirk. This led to information about the leaders of the gang, the Swede arrested last week, and a Spaniard who fled to argentina, where he was arrested last year. The police did not say what role the briton played in the gang. Málaga

Armani donates 10,000 garments

armani has donated 10,000 garments to the Cesare Scariolo Foundation, which will be sold in Malaga city and Marbella to help children with cancer. The clothes, for men, women and children, will be sold at economical prices – jackets for €20 and shirts for €15 – at sales outlets that still have to be announced. The Foundation was founded in 2008 by Cesare Scariolo, a former basketball trainer for Unicaja and the national basketball team to help children being treated for cancer at the Hospital Materno-Infantil and the Carlos Haya Clinic in Malaga. benalMadena

Vandals targeted

Plain clothes policemen will be keeping a special eye open for vandals who have been defacing local council property in recent weeks, especially in certain areas such as the antonio andrade boulevard in arroyo de la Miel which was vandalised just days after being inaugurated. a council spokesman said the vandals not only damaged property but showed a lack of respect for all citizens. The plain clothes police reinforce the work being done by the traffic control cameras installed in the main streets and avenues. Those caught defacing buildings face fines of up to €750.

La Cala 952 587 759 Marbella 952 764 595



N340 Coast Road

La Cala de Mijas



Email: “spoken”


12 N Political Update

WEDNESDAY, March 20th 2013

Read your favourite news, plus a whole lot more in

The Local Memo from Voice Madrid

Muriel Pilkington

A feeling of dread


here are days when I just want to crawl away and hide from the world and today is one of them. It could be that I'm suffering from that winter sadness syndrome or whatever it's called. Where did sunny Spain go?


owever, I gather it's just a question of hanging on for a little while longer then the days will draw out and it will be warmer and in no time at all, we'll be complaining about the heat.

like the plague while Reich was there, even though it was the top one on my embassy beat at the newspaper in Caracas. He made my flesh crawl and his minions in the press department kept sending me what I could only describe as CIA propaganda for me to print. I became very adept at finding excuses for not doing so. You couldn't very well tell a US embassy official that everything they sent was a pack of lies – not if you wanted to keep your job.




s Capriles himself put it: "If I die, don't look for responsibility for my death in Washington. Nicolas Maduro is responsible for whatever happens to me".

o, the feeling of dread has other sources. One is the absolute impossibility of explaining a host of corruption cases to our readers. Unlike some columnists I know, I don't have an ideological line to guide me so what are simple cases of Virtuous Left against Dirty Right for them are confusing cases of plots within plots for me.

ight now, at least one new corruption case is popping out of the woodwork here in Spain every day and all the political parties are beginning to feel like so much shifting sand – no certainties, no simple facts or even simple motives to grasp at. Meanwhile, the new cases join the dozens of others that dance before my eyes and keep me awake at night, trying to work out what's really happening. As our American friends would say, I think we're all going to hell in a handbasket.


o in a way it should be refreshing to be confronted with one of the most brazen announcements of an assassination that I've heard in a long time. Nicolas Maduro, the acting president of Venezuela and presidential candidate in the April 14th election, has warned Barak Obama that officials of the Pentagon and the CIA are planning to kill opposition candidate Henrique Capriles in order to destabilise the country and lay the blame for the ensuing chaos at the Chavistas' door. I know I wondered if Capriles would make it alive to the election but this is ridiculous.


aduro even named names – Roger Noriego, a visiting fellow at the conservative think tank American Enterprise Institute (allegedly CIA-backed) who openly applauded the short-lived coup against Hugo Chavez in April 2002. The other person named is Otto Reich, a Cuban-American and former US ambassador to Venezuela (June 1986 to July 1989), who was one of Hugh Chavez's harshest critics. I never met Noriego but I remember avoiding the US embassy

o it's quite obvious why Maduro is naming these two. What's worrying is that, as US State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said on Monday, "these accusations are so far removed from reality that they could be a smokescreen behind which the Venezuelan government is planning to eliminate Capriles".


ince Day One of the election campaign, the Chavistas have been throwing every dirty trick in the book at Capriles. The day Maduro and Capriles had to register their candidacy, Maduro held a rally outside the National Electoral Council premises to stop Capriles from registering. He had to send a representative in through the back door to sign on in his stead which Chavistas like Diosdado Cabello, Maduro's campaign manager, called cowardly. Maduro goes on network whenever he feels like it, giving him an unfair advantage. The Chavistas are desperate because a survey by the state oil company PDVSA has shown that Capriles stands a good chance of beating Maduro. That's the good news, but will Capriles survive to get that far?


t all makes the political scene here in Spain look so dull, despite the proliferation of corruption scandals. think I'll try to forget it all by watching Spanish television's endless replays of Pope Francis's inauguration. This Pope could turn out to be very interesting – not because he's the first Latin American to be chosen but because he's a Jesuit. But that's another story.

Martin Delfín

The new arms race Writes for the English language version of


ith the faltering economies of many European countries, drastic cutbacks are being made in military budgets. The extravagance of a nation having a well-equipped armed force with the latest equipment is a past luxury that only a few governments can still afford. So all that fine hardware that was purchased during the boom years – and in many cases never put to good use – is now being put on the second-hand market. Unfortunately these arms exports can fall in the wrong hands and many times there are no guarantees to prevent them from being picked up by rogue states.


ccording to a report released on Monday by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPI), Spain is actively seeking buyers for its newly purchased Eurofighter Typhoons. These state-of-the-art multi-task jets were used by NATO forces during the 2011 operations in Libya. Replacing the Mirages, they are mainly used for air defence and interception, with squadrons operating them from bases in Morón and Albacete. Manufactured by a four-partner European consortium – Cassidian in Germany and Spain, BAE Systems in Britain and Alenia Aeronautica in Italy – 87 Eurofighters were purchased by the Spanish air force in early 2003. The first of these jets was received 10 years ago when the fighters took off on their first flights.


he Spanish Air Force has had a successful run with the Typhoons. Just last month, Commander Miguel Ángel Roqué de Santiago became the first Spanish pilot to fly 1,000 hours in one of these aircrafts during a defence training mission over the Alboran Sea. But now Spain’s prized jets are up for sale. “With the financial crisis in Europe, the withdrawal from Iraq and the drawdown in Afghanistan, we can expect to see Europe trying to export a considerable volume of surplus military equipment," said Mark Bromley, Senior Researcher

with the SIPRI Arms Transfers Programme, in a news release. It is unclear which nation might be interested in the transfer technology. The institute underscores that Venezuela continues to actively embark on a massive rearmament programme. According to SIPRI figures, Spain and China were the second largest exporters of military weapons systems to Venezuela, accounting for 12 per cent of all Venezuelan purchases last year. Russia made the most deliveries to the Venezuelan government, accounting for 66 per cent in 2012. Still a more amazing figure comes out of North Africa, where nations there increased their purchases from other countries by a whopping 350 per cent between 2008 and 2012. During this same period Arab states in the Gulf accounted for seven per cent of the entire global purchases.


n arms race is indeed growing in areas, which just 40 years ago were dismissed as lowrisk regions. And cash-strapped European nations, which are seeking ways to boost their defence budgets for purposes other than military purchases, could fall into the fray by becoming a behind-thescenes protagonist responsible for conflicts in growing volatile areas if arms transfers are not carefully regulated and controlled. In 2006, the United States and Spain were involved in a heated diplomatic altercation when Washington blocked the sale of 12 military aircraft to President Hugo Chávez’s government on the grounds that they contained US military technology that could not be transferred. It was a tough row between the Bush administration and the Zapatero government but it clearly demonstrated how a third country can indeed prevent weapons and equipment from falling into the hands of governments whose purposes are unclear.


ollow me on @martingdelfin



UK News Extra N 13

WEDNESDAY, March 20th 2013

News Zpvs!pvumppl!po!uif!Xpsme

Regeneration launched Bill Roache outburst London’s East End got another boost as plans to redevelop 15 acres of water into a floating village at the Royal Victoria Docks – which are to the east of London’s Canary Wharf financial district – were unveiled by Mayor Boris Johnson. The docks are one of three areas that are to be getting a major overhaul and will be linked to the rest of the city via the Crossrail rail network and

a cable car. The floating village will have houses, hotels, bars and restaurants and is in reaction to a chronic shortage of housing in the capital. Land procurement is to begin this summer and an international competition has been launched to find a designer for the site. "It has the potential to become one of the most sought after addresses in the capital while

breathing new life back into London's waterways," Johnson said in a statement. More than 200 hectares of contaminated and derelict land in London's East End were redeveloped for the Olympic Games to build stadiums and accommodation and part of the area is being turned into residential neighbourhoods and parkland.

Bill Roache, 80, who plays Ken Barlow in Coronation Street, has been criticised after suggesting that victims of paedophiles bring abuse upon themselves because of what they have done in previous lives. He said the public should be "totally forgiving" of people who have committed child sex crimes. Talking about the Jimmy Savile sex abuse revelations, he defended people "on the fringes", especially pop stars,

Woman leaps from balcony

A British woman in Agra, India jumped from her balcony, injuring a ligament in her leg, after the owner of the hotel knocked on her door at 4am offering her a massage and refused to leave. The woman in her 30s told police that she locked her door when he refused to go away and fled the hotel after she had asked for an early wake-up call and the owner turned up instead. The owner told police that he went to the woman’s room to wake her up after she had not answered hotel staff who

had been ringing her with her wake-up call. A spokesman for the British High Commission in India said UK consular officials in Delhi have spoken to the woman and to the local police. The hotel owner has been arrested and a consular team are on their way to Agra to provide assistance to the woman who has been moved to another hotel. The senior superintendent of police in Agra, Subhah Chandra Dubey, told the BBC the woman's injury to her leg ligament had been treated,

and she had been moved to another hotel. She also had two women constables with her for her security, he said. The Foreign Office recently updated its advice for women visiting India, saying they should use caution and avoid travelling alone on public transport, or in taxis or auto-rickshaws, especially at night. It added that reported cases of sexual assault against women and young girls were increasing and recent sexual attacks against female visitors in tourist areas and cities

show that foreign women were also at risk. Following an alleged gang rape of a Swiss tourist in Madhya Pradesh state last week, police arrested six people. The woman was attacked with her husband as they camped in woodland near a village in Datia district. The arrests came as India's politicians prepared to debate a new law against rape, after the outcry over the fatal assault on a female Delhi student last year.

who he said were "caught in this trap" by sexually active young female groupies. Roache discussed the exposure of Savile as one of the country's most prolific ever paedophiles in an interview with New Zealand's One News. Roache said: "If you accept that you are pure love, and if you know that you are pure love and therefore live that pure love, these things won't happen to you." Interviewer Garth

Into Gatwick on BA again

British Airways have started running their route from Malaga into Gatwick again. The flights, although not cheap, are at decent times of the day and at least you don’t have to get to the airport at 5 or 6 in the morning to check in.

Other airlines run better return times from Gatwick to Malaga from the middle to end of May. Some readers have reported finding bargains on the BA flights so they are probably worth looking into again.

Bray replied: "To some people that sounds perhaps like you're saying victims bring things on themselves – is that what you're saying?" Roache: "No, not quite, but and yet I am, because everything that happens to us has been a result of what we have been in previous lives or whatever." The Coronation Street actor also called for anonymity for all those accused of child sex offences saying: “There's a fringe of people, particularly pop singers, who have these groupies, these girls, who come, they're sexually active, sexually mature, they don't ask for their birth certificate, they don't know what age they may be. But they're certainly not grooming them and exploiting them, but they can be caught in this trap. These people are instantly stigmatised, some will be innocent, some will not, but until such time as it's proven there should be anonymity for both.” Dr Jon Bird, from NAPAC, condemned Roache's "hippy-dippy" spiritualist beliefs, saying child sex abuse left people with horrific physical and mental scars.



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14 N Community News

WEDNESDAY, March 20th 2013

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Community News Kids get more protection from British sex offenders The British Embassy in Madrid have issued a press release. It tells how British law enforcers officers can assist British schools in Spain to improve the safety of their pupils by weeding out people with a UK criminal record considered unsuitable to be working around children.

The help comes in the form of a International Child Protection Certificate which was launched in November 2012 by the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre. Recently some 200 delegates from 60 authorised British schools received the new certificate of approval in Seville at the 35th annual conference of the National Association of British Schools in Spain (NABSS) on 7th and 8th March.

This new certificate of suitability came about when it was realised that some schools, institutions and charities lacked access to the same level of police

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checks available to similar organisations in the UK, sometimes enabling convicted sex offenders to gain positions of trust with children. British Ambassador Giles Paxman who attended the conference said: “Schools have a critical role to play in guaranteeing the safety and wellbeing of children. The new International Child Protection Certificate is an effective

tool designed to reduce the chances of sex offenders gaining access to children. I encourage all schools in Spain to include it as part of their staff recruitment.” For more information on this subject visit the National Association of British Schools in Spain website or

collated by Pete Woodall, Woody’s, Los Boliches


Tel: 674349932

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demonstrations and food and drink tastings. Home products, outside services, computer and mobile 'phone experts will also be on hand and there will be a feel good and eat well sector with heath and beauty advice, as well as legal advice and advice on where to opt to have your UK pension paid. Creating your ideal dream home, garden and

lifestyle has never been so easy, or so much fun! We will be keeping you up to date on what promises to be the Costa’s best event in 2013 in The News. For further information see www.homesandgardens .es call 634 399 125 or email

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Gafas is 45 cm high with long legs which suggest he would love agility classes! He is very sociable, gets on well with other dogs and adores human company. If you would like to know more about this charming little dog you will find more photographs on or telephone 952 771 586.

the News

Community News N 15

WEDNESDAY, March 20th 2013


Local artists Soroptimists receive Mijas award exhibit in Mijas Pueblo Hotel Mijas is currently holding monthly art exhibitions by both local and international artists.

This month’s artist is Maria Luisa Cortes who was born in Mijas and started to paint at a very young age. Maria Luisa is selftaught in the technique of oil on canvas and her quest is the capture of

light. She has exhibited her paintings at various galleries and part of her work is distributed in public and private collections both in Spain and abroad.

To commemorate Women’s International Day at the beginning of the month, the Mijas Department for Equality presented some very special awards to recognise the work of local women during a ceremony in the Las Lagunas Theatre. One award went to Jenny van de Mark, President of the Soroptimist International Club Costa del Sol on behalf of all the club members. “It is so motivating and gratifying to see our work recognised and valued by the local community”, said Jenny. “I am honoured to be able to collect this award on behalf of all our club members: a group of highly professional and

Mascota La Trocha & Scooby Doo Do’s Pet accessories & supplies Dog grooming Veterinary consultant

634 395 445

Church Services La Trocha Shopping Centre, Coin

Ground floor La Trocha C.C. Coin

With Easter coming up there will be lots of church services happening in the area to celebrate this major religious festival.

Key cutting, photocopying, fax, printing, business cards, greeting cards etc., all in one place!

Holy Week Services in St Andrew’s Chaplaincy this Easter are as follows:

Maundy Thursday 28th March: 10:30am for Holy Communion at Iglesia Cristo, Coin. And at 6pm for Eucharist to celebrate the last Supper, at St Andrew’s Church, Los Boliches. Good Friday 29th March: 12 noon to 3pm for 3 hours at the Cross, at St Andrew’s Church, Los Boliches, and at 2pm for a devotional hour at the Cross, in the Cemetery Chapel, Alhaurin el Grande. Easter Day 31st March: 9:30am for Holy Communion, at the Capilla de San José, Iglesia Virgen de Carmen, Bonanza Square, Benalmádena. Also at 9:30am for Holy Communion, at the Iglesia San Miguel, Calahonda. And at 10:30am for Holy Communion, at the Cemetery Chapel, Alhaurin el Grande. And at 11:30am for Holy Communion, at St Andrew’s Church Los Boliches For further information please contact the Chaplain, the Venerable David Sutch 617 577 391

hard working ladies who I am proud to count as my friends.” The SI Club Costa del Sol works on many different projects to promote equality and protect the rights of women and girls. Some recent projects include working with the Junta de Andalucia on the ongoing programme to eradicate violence against women; fund raising for the Banco de Alimentos; organising special gifts from the Lego Foundation for the Red Cross and currently they are working on a charity

Tel: 951 315 240



(Books, Bric-a-brac, Home Produce) at THE LOUNGE (Avd. Bonanza, Benalmádena Costa) on

MONDAY, 25th MARCH 2013 From 12.30 to 14.30 hours Refreshments available at the Bar Proceeds for the

POPPY APPEAL Everyone welcome Please come along.

dinner dance Friday 5th April to raise funds for AFESOL, a local association for people suffering from mental disease. For more information about the Soroptimist International Club Costa



Spanish Courses at Centro de Idiomas in Coin Conversation based to help you get by in day to day situations Sign up now Small groups Limited places

Contact Valerie at or leave a message on 952 45 07 47 and I will get back to you.



651 430 534

del Sol please go to or Facebook: Soroptimist International – Clubs de España.


Written by Pete Woodall.

$P€€ D £INANCIAL $OLUTIONS General Insurance

Car Insurance, Buildings, Contents,Travel, Holiday Home, Pet, Health Just call into our office near La Trocha,Coin for a quote on any service you require. Or call

951 315 271 or email


Petit Paris

For all your mobility needs Cheapest on the Costa

951 392 385 / 679 508 849


16 N Advertising & Feature

WEDNESDAY, March 20th 2013

Read your favourite news, plus a whole lot more in

Show off your Smile not your Braces

The Invisalign treatment is described as “the clear alternative to braces, the clinically accepted nearly invisible way to straighten your teeth and improve your smile”.

The Invisalign technique is a modern procedure that uses custom-made transparent plastic removable aligners or teeth straighteners that gently ease each tooth into the desired position. The term removable means the clear aligners can be actually taken out, to brush and floss, or for special occasions. Prior to this innovation, people unlucky enough to have crooked and irregular teeth were obliged to endure a permanent mouth full of shiny metal for many months while their teeth were pushed into line.

The clear Invisalign system does away with the metal mouth, leaving the patient, during treatment, free to show off their smile not their braces. Although both treatments do the


same job in the end, this new system, developed in America, using removable clear aligners is generally more comfortable and becoming increasingly more popular as an alternative to the more traditional treatment of fixed and permanent metal brackets.

Dr Salvador Gómez Recober (pictured right) is the specialist dentist at Clinica Dental Los Boliches for the Invisalign Treatment. This now modern clinic, started by his father Dr. Salvador Gómez Trujillo was the very first dental practice in Los Boliches and has been practising family dentistry since 1985. Today it enjoys a loyal client base of all nationalities and offers a full range of dental and whitening treatments.

Professionally trained in Madrid specifically for the application of Invisalign dental treatments, Dr Recober will assess if the Invisalign straightening technique is suitable for you or other members of your family who are uncomfortable with the appearance of their teeth and would appreciate a more confident smile. For more information

and a no obligation free consultation, Clinica Dental Los Boliches is easy to find on the first floor, at number 6 on Avenida Los Boliches, in Los Boliches (Fuengirola) close to the Hotel Angela. Call them on 952 464 055 or visit their new website www.clinicaden t a l l o s written by Pete Woodall for Clinica Dental Los Boliches

Commonwealth Day message

This year’s Commonwealth theme, ‘Opportunity through Enterprise’, is a celebration of our achievements, particularly those that may have seemed challenging, daunting or even impossible, which have helped to build strength, resilience and pride in our young people, in our communities and in our nations. Great achievements in human history have a number of common characteristics. From the highest climbing mountain, to winning a sporting competition, making a scientific breakthrough, building a successful business or discovering unique artistic talent – these outcomes all begin as a simple goal or idea in one person’s mind. We are all born with the desire to learn, to explore, to try new things. And each of us can think of occasions when we have been inspired to do something more efficiently, or to assist others in achieving their full potential. Yet it still takes courage to launch into the unknown. Ambition and curiosity open new avenues

of opportunity. That is what lies at the heart of our Commonwealth approach: individuals and communities finding ways to strive together to create a better future that is beneficial for all. Our shared values of peace, democracy, development, justice and human rights – which are found in our new ‘Commonwealth Charter’ – mean that we place special emphasis on including everyone in this goal, especially those who are vulnerable. I am reminded of the adage, ‘nothing ventured, nothing gained’. As we reflect on how the Commonwealth theme applies to us individually, let us think about what can be gained with a bold heart, dedication, and teamwork. And let us bear in mind the great opportunity that is offered by the Commonwealth – of joining with others, stronger together, for the common good.

Governor of Gibraltar, Sir Adrian Johns, March 11th, 2013

❚ Car ❚ Home ❚ Pet ❚ Life ❚ Accidents ❚ Leisure Leisure ❚ Commercial Commerrcial cial

Your Liberty for driving.

your new Car or Home Take T ake out o Insurance by 31st May 2013 and pay by Dir Direct ect Debit. Once the policy is validated 50 € Cashback ashback k will be rrefunded efunded dir ectly 50€ directly to your bank account. Click Click now now for fo r a an n instant instant quote quote and and the the name name of of your your nearest nearest broker broker w w

Benefits include: ◗ 24 hour Roadside Assistance ◗ Extensive Breakdown Cover ◗ Up to 65% No-Claims Discount ◗ 10% Named Driver Discount ◗ Tracker Device Discount ◗ Pick up and delivery of your spare keys

The Expats’ No.1 Choice

Only for for insurance insurance taken taken out out between bet ween 12 12 March March and and 31 31 May May 2013. 2 013. Premiums Premiums must must exceed exceed 450€ 4 5 0 € for for Car Car Insurance Insurance or or 275€ 275 € for for Home Home Insurance. Insurance. Not Not for for renewals renewals or or replacements. replacements. Conditions Conditions apply. apply. * Only


Out & About

N 17

Your Weekly Entertainment Guide


Read your favourite news, plus a whole lot more in

WEDNESDAY, March 20th 2013


SACAB - The great horse event is back in Coin next month. Annie - Sandy is a little star and you still have time to book tickets. Christmas - Yes, it’s early but what a bargain trip!

Don’t you know you’re riding.... ... on the Marrakesh Express? That’s how the song goes but now, here’s an opportunity to actually do it! Last year, Jo and Derek Rawnsley organised a trip by train through from Tangier to Marrakesh in Morocco and it was so successful that they have organised another . The trip costs just €375 per person sharing a twinbedded room and goes from local pick-up points along the coast and inland. You will travel by coach on Tuesday April 30th down to Algeciras where you will board the fast

ferry to Ceuta to pick up the coach again and then you’re off to the wonderful city of Tangier. This is a place where time seems to have stood still for centuries and you will

have free time to explore and have an evening meal until it’s time to get on board the Marrakesh Express (remember the song?). This is an overnight journey taking 11 hours where you will enjoy a night in your sleeper cabin. On the Wednesday morning, 1st May, you will

start the day with breakfast and booking into your hotel before being whisked off for your morning tour of the city. Your afternoon will be free for a siesta or a wander around on your own but night brings you a trip to the famous Jemaa el Fna Square (pictured left).

Thursday after breakfast sees a tour of the city with the afternoon free, then after dinner the evening is again free to explore or relax or you can go by coach to the famous Marrakesh Show for an extra €45.

coloured (pictured markets.

tanneries below) and

Then on Saturday there will be a guided tour of Fez followed by evening free time to explore or get ready to start your journey back from Fez via Chaquen to Ceuta and on home to Spain at around 9pm.

The price includes all of the above plus dinner bed and breakfast, a Moroccan courier who speaks English throughout, plus

three local guides in Tangier, Marrakesh and Fez and all entrance fees to the Medersa Bounarnia, the Menera Gardens, Palace Bahia, Saadian tombs etc., Only lunches and the optional trip to the Marrakesh Show are not included. For more information call Jo or Derek on 696 430 160.

On Friday you will transfer by coach from Marrakesh to Fez where you will have the evening to yourselves. Fez is famous for its multi-

MR. JEEVES Breakfast Baby Jeeves €4 Mrs Jeeves €5 Daddy Jeeves €6 Food served all day MONTEMAR

EL MOJITO Plaza de Remo La Carihuela Torremolinos

St Patrick's day at Pógs

952 057 062

Football is back - all matches shown inc. Saturday 4pm game Food Served all day 11am to 9pm Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday Robbie’s Roadshow plus Karaoke from 9.30pm Wednesday 60s Night - a night of nostalgia & fun Friday Siobhan - female vocalist from Dublin - Country Irish 60s, 70s & 80s Fun for all ages Saturday Nightlife - Comedy vocal duo - not to be missed! tributes to Elvis, Tina Turner & Showaddywaddy Sunday Danny Stone Mr Blue Eyed Soul *FREE ENTRY* Shows start at 9.30pm. Open all day.

The Pógs St Patrick’s day party last weekend was an unbelievable success. The Fuengirola live music bar was awash with revellers on both the Saturday night and all day Sunday. A healthy, happy and completely international gathering, coming together under the orange white and, of course, green of the Irish Flag. Despite the high numbers, careful door management meant the party passed off with the minimum disturbance to the neighbours – proving that you can do it if you want to.

The Draw prize for two flights and tickets to Dublin’s Guiness museum went to lucky winner Javi, manager of Burbujas on Calle Capitan, also in Fuengirola. Traditionally an ex-pat bar, this year's celebration at Pógs saw a large increase in the number of Spaniards equally keen to embrace a touch of the Irish, showing that once again, no matter who or where you are, come March 17th, most of us are Irish at heart. written by Pete Woodall, Woody’s Los Boliches

18 N Out & About

OUT & ABOUT SACAB returns to Coin WEDNESDAY, March 20th 2013

Horse lovers in particular will be delighted to know that SACAB (Salon Andaluz del Caballo de Pura Raza Española) is returning to Coin in April. This prestigious horse show – held over four days – celebrates the pure Spanish horse, that has formed part of the Spanish culture for centuries, with events ranging from showing classes to carriage driving. This year SACAB will run from the 11th to the 14th of April at its former venue on the Poligono Industrial de Cantarranas just off the Coin to Cartama road, not far from La Trocha commercial centre and, unsurprisingly, next to the impressive “horse roundabout” – a local landmark. The organisers are hoping to attract more than 50 top breeders and over 100 horses, not to mention some 15,000 visitors. At a time when so many breeders are finding it difficult to sustain breeding programmes and so many horses are being

sent to slaughter because of financial difficulties this may be on the optimistic side but, whatever the numbers, it will be an impressive event. Who can fail to be impressed by those high-stepping stallions with their flowing manes and tails (rather unfairly the females of the species have theirs shaved) ? And a particular delight is the typical Spanish “cobra” with three, five or even more mares linked together with their foals following behind.

The four days include many showing classes for horses of all ages as well as competitions in various disciplines such as Alta Escuela (ridden high school movements, including the distinctive Spanish walk) and Doma Vaquera (the particular art displayed by riders who accompany the bulls carrying the long garocha poles). In addition there is always an evening (and Sunday afternoon)

“espectaculo”. This year it is entitled “Diario de un Caballo” (Diary of a Horse) and will be performed by the Centro Ecuestre El Rocio (Pepe Rodriguez is pictured right) who will trace the life of the horse from birth through the various stages.

A further enjoyable part of SACAB is browsing the many and varied stalls which are set up in the largest of the warehouses (over 2.100 square metres with room for 1,300 people), with companies displaying a variety of horse-related articles, local produce, clothes (including flamenco outfits) and leatherwork (check out in particular those wonderful leather boots with the long leather tassles), as well as antiques and pictures. And, naturally, there is a wide choice of bars offering

Read your favourite news, plus a whole lot more in

Your Weekly Entertainment Guide

Kerry’s Kafe and Bar

drinks and tapas to keep you fortified between events. The location is particularly good in that on the other side of the main road are several restaurants offering anything from traditional Spanish cuisine to Chinese and Indian food.

The atmosphere is usually exciting, with teeming crowds and gleaming horses. Even if you are not particularly interested in things equine it is worth going to see how much the Spanish (and the foreigners) enjoy watching these beautiful creatures.

Kerry’s Kafe in Centro Commercial Los Cipreses Calahonda above the Chinese bazaar is pleased to announce that they will be opening in the evenings from Sunday the 24th of March and will be serving a selection of home cooked meals from their main and dessert menu. For example you will be able to enjoy Freshly battered fish and homemade chips with peas, Lamb shanks, Ribs, Breaded chicken, or Spaghetti Bolognese – to name but a few choices from the extensive menu. There will also be a daily specials board with a

The Olive Tree Avda Maria Zambrano 17, Coin


David, Tina & Family welcome you to The Olive Tree

Come and enjoy the best of Indian cuisine in our newly refurbished airconditioned restaurant or dine on our fabulous terrace

Every Thursday: Simply Slimming club with Gill 9:30 - 10:30am Friday 22nd Mar: Quiz in aid of SEARCH Sat 30th Mar: The Olive Tree Charity Auction register 11am, auction 2pm And in the evening on Sat 30th Mar 8pm: The ever popular FRANKIE B. In aid of SEARCH charity. Entry €5.

All Day Breakfast €5. €5 meal deals. House Fish & Chips every day PLUS now also offering an extra choice of Haddock, Cod or Swordfish as well! Free Wifi & Sky Sports

665 340 306 / 952 452 554

Lillie Langtry Bar & Restaurant

Sunday Self Service Carvery

Choice of 3 meats, selection of fresh veg and our home-made Yorkshire Puddings plus a selection of desserts Open from noon to 6pm Booking advisable.

1 Course €6.95 2 Courses €8.95

Upstairs, next to the Nahar Mahal restaurant, opposite the Hotel Riviera, Benalmadena Costa, on the main road.

671 118 228

Indian Restaurante

Menu del Dia 3 courses €9,95 4 courses €11,95

Take-away service s Priceed by c redu - 15% 10

Free home delivery with orders over €25.00 OPEN 7 DAYS Lunch 1.30 - 4.00pm Dinner 7.00 - 12.00pm

Urb. El Rodeo, Coin

952 455 599 626 977 224

selection of steaks and homemade burgers. Kerry’s will be open as usual from 9am for all your favourite breakfasts, sandwiches and snacks, then ‘til late for your evening enjoyment. Why not come along for a drink and just sit and enjoy the sunny terrace and sea views? So for a warm welcome and excellent food come along to Kerry’s Kafe and Bar, Los Cipresses, Calahonda above the Chinese Bazaar. See their advert on page 19 for details.


Out & About N 19

WEDNESDAY, March 20th 2013

News Zpvs!pvumppl!po!uif!Xpsme

Sandy is a little star All this week a small dog has been wowing them at the Salon Varietes, Fuengirola's great little theatre as one of the leads in 'Annie'.

A warm Irish welcome

Now opening for evening meals from Sunday 24th March

Strange, because only a few short months ago Sandy was just another stray with no thought of stepping on to the stage and into the limelight in this famous family musical.

Others go even further, staying as long as six months. They may have found the charity via the web or on their Facebook page. This doesn't mean that local volunteers aren't always needed. Sandy is found and rescued by Annie, in one of the most tear jerking moments in the show, and the pair even go on to meet the President of the USA.

Open every day

9am ‘til late

667 925 871 Los Cipreses C.C. 1st Floor, Calahonda (Above Chinese Bazaar)

Sandy may miss the spotlight next Sunday when the show ends but until then she is on stage every evening at 8pm, except Sunday when there is no afternoon nap as she has to be ready for the show to open at 7pm. She is really proving what a trouper she is by doing a matinee on Saturday at 3pm too! Once the lights fade Sandy has found a loving home with one of the cast and will start a new life as a much loved family pet. That is worth a round of applause. Happy endings are the best.

If you would like to know more about Sandy's rescuers they have a stall at La Trocha in Coin every Sunday selling a variety of donated goods. Helpers, dog walkers and fund raisers are always

welcome. And your own Sandy may be waiting in their kennels.

Annie is on at The Salon until this Sunday so call the Box Office on 952 474 542 to see her. written by Graham Cherry of The Salon Varietes, Fuengirola

Book early

Yes, we know it’s only March but, lots of people want to book way in advance for whatever they’re doing next Christmas and this is an opportunity not to be missed. A trip to Benidorm has been arranged for Christmas 2013. This trip includes five nights and six days stay in the 3-star Calypso Hotel, coach transfer, full board breakfast, lunch and dinner plus a Gala dinner on Christmas day including wine, as well as entertainment and night time activities. Also included in the price they have arranged for “2 for 1” drinks every evening, two coach excursions while you are there to see more of the area and there’ll be a picnic lunch for the journey home. All this costs just €355 per person sharing a twin bedded room. There is also an option for an extra excursion for a night out to the Benidorm Palace but it will be necessary to reserve your seats for this at the time of booking. A €100 deposit is required with the balance being due by November 10th. You can obtain more information about this trip from Jo on 696 430 160.

Free Entry!

ry @ Buzb d Ter y’ a M



She had been fostered by a scenic artist working at the Salon Varietes, after being found and rescued by SOS – Save Our Strays. Every year the centre rehomes 120 plus dogs, often in Sweden and the UK. In fact the connection with Sweden is particularly strong with some young Swedish volunteers giving up their holidays to spend two weeks looking after the dogs.

Tom´s Irish Bar

Wednesday 20th Mar Central FM’s very own Tony Keys - live n’ kicking Thursday 21st Mar Ian Jacks- DJ by day, superstar by night Friday 22nd Mar Mad Terry- man of many voices Saturday 23rd Mar Central FM’s very own Tony Keys - live n’ kicking Sunday 24th Mar Guest artiste Monday 26th Mar Alex Avery - Totally talented female Tuesday 27th Mar Ian Jacks - DJ by day, superstar by night

All Premier League Football on 5 large screens

600 060 563

Pizza, Pasta €9 menu

CC La Trocha, Coin 951 315 244


C/ Salvador Rueda 65, Los Boliches

The Home of Fish and Chips Open 7 days a week, 12 ‘til 11pm

Buy two meals of over €10 and get a free bottle of house wine e.g. Jumbo Fish and Chips, Rump Steak, Lamb Shanks or Poached Salmon. New Tapas Menu - over 30 choices all only €1 each €5 main meals with a choice of 14 different dishes including John’s famous Fish, Chips & Mushy Peas (12 noon ‘til 6pm)

(Find “The Fish”, the same as the one on the left, in The News and get another 10% off your bill!)

Call Chris on 664 028 310 or John on 678 292 792 to reserve your table

2nd street behind Yaramar Hotel, Los Boliches Visit us at

All followed by Karaoke with Mad Terry and Paul G sing-along

LIVEIC MUS Now Open from 8.30pm Av Antonio Machado Benalmadena 645404911 / 628617658


Fish & Chips

Simply the best fish & chips you’ll ever eat!

951 276 728 NEXT TO DUQUESA GOLF N.340 KM 142

La Risa at Lauro Golf Monday Special Menu including curry Wednesday & Friday Beer battered Fish & Chips Saturday night Includes our Special Menu Sunday - Excellent Sunday Lunch Advance bookings are advisable

For further details of all these events call us on 660 350 896 or pop into the bar. On the road between Alhaurin el Grande & Alhaurin de la Torre at Lauro Golf

Across from the Clubhouse

20 N Magazine

WEDNESDAY, March 20th 2013

Read your favourite news, plus a whole lot more in



By Amy Thomas

Any comments?



MOVIeS TO waTC h OuT fOr

Oz Th e Gr eaT an d POw er f ul Directed by Sam Raimi Starring: James Franco , Michelle Williams, Rachel Weisz , Mila Kunis

It's 1905 and we are in dusty Kansas where we meet flim flam magician Oz. He finds himself hurtling through time and space as a tornado whisks him to an enchanted world where he meets three witches, Theodora, Evanora and Glinda (Kunis, Weisz, Williams) who believe he will fulfil the prophecy to kill the wicked witch and become king. This is a

colourful and vibrant prequel to the much loved Judy Garland classic.

Like The Wizard of Oz it mixes black and white with rich colour and has some stunning special effects and great CGI . We meet an adorable monkey with wings and a China doll on the journey as Oz is put to the test – is he a mighty wizard or a charlatan who lets

everyone down and will he find the right path between good and evil?

The critics agree that this may not leave its mark on the history of movies like the Garland But it is vehicle. marvellous entertainment for the whole family and if it introduces a new generation to L Frank Baum 's classic tales that has to be a good thing !

Les Misérables

Directed by Tom Hooper Starring: Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, Anne Hathaway

William Nicholson's screenplay instantly begins with a big musical number as a large number of convicts are forced to pull ropes with a huge ship on the end. From this moment on, almost every word of dialogue is sung with lyrics written by Herbert Kretzmer. There's a

constant use of rhymes throughout the feature and they're actually quite clever. Those who don't very many watch musicals will find it may take a little while for your ears to get used to it. After one adjusts to it, the intelligent writing can be appreciated to its fullest extent. While the characters sing the dialogue to each other, viewers get to see them voice their inner-most

ell, to say I was disappointed is an understatement, I can barely recall the first Sherlock movie Ritchie made, but I thought this second one was downright dreadful.




reaction of intertwined stories that will change their lives forever.


obert Downy Jr. was acting more like Caractacus Potts (Dick Van Dyke – Chitty Chitty Bang Bang), he was irritating, immature and was more of a blithering idiot, than the smart, witty and arrogant Sherlock we all know and love. Moriarty is a fantastic character and Ritchie’s was boring. The plot was unclear, and the directing abysmal. “Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows” was painful to watch, it was too long – I want those two hours of my life back! The last time I felt this way was when Peter Jackson stole three hours of my life with his “King Kong”.

Release date: March 22nd 2013

In 19th century France, Jean Valjean is put on parole for life after being jailed for stealing some bread to keep his family alive. He decides to begin a new life, so he breaks his parole, which leads a ruthless policeman by the name of Javert to begin hunting for him. Valjean makes a promise to Fantine, a factory worker, to care for her daughter, Cosette. This fateful decision causes a chain

f you read my column last week you’d know that I’ve been in a Sherlockian mood recently – to wit, I rented the latest Sherlock movie, Guy Ritchie’s “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows”.

thoughts to the audience when they're on screen alone. Director Tom Hooper and writers William Nicholson and Herbert Kretzman apply elements from both live shows and the theatrical experience in order to tell the story in the best way possible.

ecently I have been far too nice, so now it’s time I spoke up and told the truth: “Guy Ritchie is a one trick pony!” There, I’ve said it. He made one decent film and all the rest are really bad reproductions. Let’s start off with the 2008 “RocknRolla”. This dreary, self indulgent, pointless and plotless film is almost two hours too long. It drags, very much like “Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows”, the only funny thing about “RocknRolla” is that Guy Ritchie actually thought he could make a sequel to it! Ha!!


n 2005 he released “Revolver”, which was critised as one of the worst films of the year. The film fell flat on its face, it was pretentious nonsense, filled with constant voice overs of the main characters. A simple breakdown would be: Plot: nonsensical. Acting: wretched (Jason Statham is to acting what hammer and chisel are to Direction: dentistry). appalling (the odd flash camera move does not make you Martin Scorsese, Guy. And putting animation in the film for no reason either, does not make you Quentin Tarantino).


never saw the 2002 “Swept Away”, however he was nominated for the Worst Screenplay and Won the Worst Director Razzie Awards, so, I think that pretty much sums it up!


orking my way down the list ends in basically, “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels”, the only decent film he ever made. It was witty, funny, violent (but tastefully done), smart with a great soundtrack. The problem is Ritchie is stuck, he is constantly remaking “Lock, Stock” over and over again.

Snatch” was the warning that he was on a slippery slope, using the exact same actors, in almost the exact same roles and copying scenes. It was bad – not as bad as “Revolver” and “RocknRolla” – but it was bad.


o, there you have it, Guy Ritchie did a Dan Brown. His first effort was a huge success, he shot himself in the foot and now he’s just reeling out rubbish because he has a name. Stop this nonsense Mr. Ritchie, I demand satisfaction!

theNews Zpvs!pvumppl!po!uif!Xpsme


By Cathy Stronach

For your personal birth chart please contact:


March 21st April 19th


This is not the time to make impulsive decisions based on how you are feeling emotionally, instead take the time to ensure your actions are based on solid reason and facts. All you need is a little extra patience this week and it will make all the difference. Remain as focused as you can and you will be on top of your game with your popularity soaring. Personal finances may need some scrutiny as you make some changes and adjustments. This is the time to dream new dreams and start re-evaluating what you want for the future. Be careful that others do not distract you or that their opinions cause you to become side-tracked. This is the time to get things moving to get things done. Change takes some time to get used to as a lack of familiarity can make you feel uneasy. Gradually you will settle into the benefits of what this change can bring you and it will start to sit right with you.

April 20th May 20th


There is still so much that you wish to experience and accomplish in life and you will be feeling unusually confident and optimistic enough to make a drastic change. It is time to let go of past judgements so that you can live more in the moment, perhaps some opinions or observations from the past are no longer valid and may have prevented you from seeing the whole. Step on to the pathway of the unknown and enjoy the adventure it will bring.

May 21st June 21st


There could be a bit of confusion about, caused by hurt, pain and insecurities from the past. You cannot allow that to slow you down or cause you to give up and turn away from your hopes, dreams and wishes. Although it is good to learn from previous mistakes you also need to realise that you do not need to be in total control all the time. If there are tasks that need to be done, get on it with optimism, as later in the week there are endless opportunities available to you.

June 22nd July 22nd

LEO July 23rd August 22nd


You may need to meet someone half way, just make sure it is fair and you do not give more than is just, for it is time to strike a balance. Respect yourself enough to go and get what you deserve, which is a lot more than what you have been getting up to now. It is easy at the moment to develop a tunnelvision attitude, take a step back from an issue if you feel yourself becoming intense; this will give you some space to see a greater picture.


Many elements of your life you could gladly leave behind comfortably right now. You may have been sweeping through your past with a fine tooth comb, returning to all those things that didn’t quite seem to work out. This is a time when you require your relationship with others to be on an equal basis and September 23rd - for them to carry their share of the load. Some deeply intimate moments are October 22nd ahead – as some things just cannot be expressed in a verbal manner.

SCORPIO October 23rd November 21st

There are things in your life that need to be fine-tuned and right now it is as if the light is shining down on these things for you to see exactly what is required. Lately you may have had a taste of success which has caused you to raise your bar. The other part of the puzzle is all about understanding timing. This is a terrific time for issues relating to love and romance and a great time to meet new people too.

SAGITTARIUS Remember your loved ones this week and take the time to show others how November 22nd December 21st

CAPRICORN December 22 January 19th nd

AQUARIUS January 20th February 18th

PISCES February 19th March 20th

you really feel about them, even simple reminders that you love and care will go down extremely well. So much uncertainty may have left you feeling lost out at sea recently and for some of you this may have caused your nervous system to suffer. Take the time to recuperate and recover and allow the fire of confidence and certainty to rise once again within.

It could feel as though you are walking a path of the unknown and this uncertainty can make you feel emotional and not in control. The reality is, however, that the changing scenery reflects a path of your creation, new territory that you are currently conquering. It is taking a lot of energy right now to hold your ground especially if it goes against the majority. You are not here to be a sheep and to follow the crowd – you were born to be the shepherd. Lately your dreams may be inspiring you to think bigger and reach beyond what seems possible. You have added courage this week to voice your desires and ideas. There are many changes coming from a result of letting go of some resentment and anger from the past. You are now ready to roll with whatever happens in an adaptable and intelligent way. This is a great time for networking but more importantly to listen very closely to what others are saying as you could hear some truths you have been searching for. You have filled so many different roles of selfless service and what always happens is that others see you in whatever role you may be involved in and do not make the connection that there is a multi-dimensional personality about you. You have so much creativity within and your levels of awareness and observations are outrageous. A money burden could soon be lifted but for now keep the long term in view and it will allow you to stay steady and focused.

Kym’s Kitchen don’t have to be a chef!

The distinctively sharp, slightly sour taste that the tamarind gives this slow-cooked casserole recipe is delicious. And, as it is STILL flippin’ freezing, this one pot dish will certainly warm you up.

Asian Style Beef Casserole

( Serves 4)


• 1tbsp oil • 1kg (2lb 4oz) stewing steak, diced • 1 large onion, chopped • 5cm (2in) piece root ginger, finely chopped

• 3 garlic cloves, crushed • 1tsp turmeric • 1tsp ground cumin • 300ml (½pt) coconut cream • 200ml (7fl oz) beef stock • 225g (8oz) shiitake mushrooms, halved • 6tbsp tamarind paste • 1tsp Thai fish sauce Directions Total time: 2 hrs 30 mins Calories 721 per serving Heat the oil in a heavy-based casserole, brown the meat in batches and set aside. Add the onion to the pan and cook for 5 minutes or until starting to brown. Turn the heat up slightly then add the ginger, garlic, turmeric and cumin, and sauté for another minute, stirring well.

Return the meat to the pan, add the coconut cream and stock, bring to the boil then leave to simmer gently for 2 hours or until the meat is tender. Add the mushrooms, tamarind and fish sauce to the pan after 1 hour. Season to taste. Serve with sticky rice and green beans.


SPANISH By Valerie Mitchell

Adding “eria” to the end of words (part 2)


August 23rd September 22nd

A Leo without love is a sad pussy cat as it is hard to shut down the passions and natural sensuality that oozes from you. Take the middle road this week and try not to be too one sided – in other words, compromising can get you more of what you want than forcing an issue. You have lived through enough to understand that certain people will do just about anything in the end if it serves them. Issues surrounding trust especially if you have turned a blind eye in the past could come to the fore.

Magazine N 21

WEDNESDAY, March 20th 2013

Two weeks ago we were looking at words ending in ería which are shops or places where you can buy things. We finished off with la libraría - the book shop where you can buy libros - books. Of course, libraría is a false friend as it sounds like library when in fact it isn't. The library in Spanish is la biblioteca. Those of you who do odd jobs and D.I.Y. will know that the best place for nails (clavos), screws (tornillos) and so on is la ferretería the hardware store. Férreo is something of iron so that is where that came from, in the same way as such shops used to be called ironmongers. La drogería doesn't sell drugs. It is more like the American-style drug store which sells cleaning products, paint, mops and brooms, sewing odds and ends and so on.

Then there is la farmacia - the chemist's which is pronounced with the stress on the third to last syllable while all the other shops ending in ería have the stress on the "i". If you need bread - pan, just go to the panadería. For a cake - un pastel, go to the pastelería. And for sweets - chuches, la chuchería. All very logical really. Happy shopping.

And if there are a lot of people standing around don't forget to ask "¿Quién es el último? "Who is the last in line?" so that you will know when it is your turn. Hasta la próxima, Valerie

Valerie runs the Centro Idiomas Language School in Coin.

Her books, “The First Twelve Shortcuts to Spanish” , “The Second Twelve Shortcuts to Spanish” , “The Third Twelve Shortcuts to Spanish” (€5 each) and “The Verb Book” (€7) are available from The News office in Coin, Woody’s Cards and Books in Los Boliches, David’s Books in Los Boliches or by email from Valerie's books can now be bought from her website – or call 952 450 747.

22 N Magazine

WEDNESDAY, March 20th 2013

Read your favourite news, plus a whole lot more in

News - Breakthroughs - Treatments - Trends

Obese heart patients 'do better' Obese cardiac patients are less likely to die early than their normal weight counterparts, according to researchers at University College London, despite the fact that they report worse health and are less likely to follow lifestyle advice. It is not the first time researchers have pointed out this paradox, that being overweight or obese – a risk factor for heart disease in itself – can actually lead to a better prognosis.

One theory has been that maybe such patients were fitter, despite their size – taking more exercise for example. To see if this was the case, researchers from University College London looked at data from 4,400 patients who took part in the Health Survey for England or Scottish Health Survey. They found that, as with other studies, patients with cardiovascular disease who were obese or overweight were less likely

to die over the next seven years than people of a normal weight who had the condition.

In all 31% of patients were obese – that is, with a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or more – and tended to be younger but reported worse health and had more heart risk factors such as raised cholesterol and blood pressure. However, they were less likely to smoke. The researchers found that those who took part in physical activity at least once a week and did not smoke had a lower risk of death whatever their weight. But obese patients who did not stick to these healthy lifestyle recommendations still had a lower risk of death than normal weight patients

who smoked or were inactive. The researchers said they were trying to explain why obese heart patients seemed to do better by looking at lifestyle factors, but they found that it was not the case that obese patients were healthier: "We don't yet understand this paradox and we would clearly not advise patients to put on weight. "One of the more sensible explanations may be that when obese patients present to their doctor, they are given more aggressive treatment because they are seen as very high risk." They added: "BMI is quite a poor marker of what's going on." A spokesman for the British Heart Foundation said: " When looking at

health risk it's not only BMI that matters, but where fat is stored. Carrying excess fat around the middle can produce toxic substances which can increase your health risk."

Yoga Evita

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951 508 549 - 626 502 803


Magazine N 23

WEDNESDAY, March 20th 2013

News Zpvs!pvumppl!po!uif!Xpsme

Contemporary lifestyle and celebrity gossip

When thousands of people work on something, sometimes it’s not right for one to be awarded

New autobiography reveals refusal of “Sir”

… and Danny said “it’s just not me.”

Danny Boyle has revealed in his authorised biography “Danny Boyle: Creating Wonder” that he turned down a knighthood in the New Year Honours list saying: "it's just not me". The 56-year-old Oscar winner who was the creative director behind the London Olympics’ opening ceremony last July – turning the main stadium in Stratford, east London, into a vision of the English countryside – said he was not comfortable about accepting the honour as the ceremony had, in fact, been the work of thousands of workers and volunteers and not just himself. He also persuaded the Queen to appear in an opening film clip along with James Bond’s Daniel Craig. Widely hailed as one of the

highlights of the Olympics the opening showed scenes from Britain’s industrial and cultural past. But he says in the book that he very nearly walked away from the job saying a decision to put missiles on the roofs of nearby flats made him reconsider his decision. But speaking of the proposed knighthood in a Radio Times interview, he said: "It's just not me. I also thought it was wrong, actually. You can make these speeches about 'this is everybody's work, blah blah blah'. And you've got to mean it, and I did mean it, and it is true, and it's the only way you can carry on something like that: through the efforts of all the people. I don't know whether I'll ever get invited back to the Palace," he added.

In 2009, he won an Oscar for Slumdog Millionaire and is now awaiting the release of his new film, Trance, – a thriller starring James McAvoy that sees a fine art dealer teaming up with a hypnotherapist to recover a lost painting. It is due for release later this month. He has also recently confirmed he is working on a follow-up to Trainspotting, one of the movies which made his name and an iconic UK film of the 1990s. "This has been a long time coming. There's always been this long-term plan for Trainspotting 2," Boyle told cinema site The Playlist. If John (Hodge) can produce a decent enough script, I don't think there will be any barriers to Ewan or any of the cast coming back."

Danny Boyle turned down a Knighthood

Maiden drummer dies Joss Stone’s open house Former Iron Maiden drummer Clive Burr, who played on the British heavy metal band's landmark first three albums, has died at the age of 56.

Burr, who had been suffering from multiple sclerosis, died peacefully in his sleep at home in London on Tuesday having been in poor health for several years, the band said in a statement. "He was a wonderful person and an amazing drummer who made a valuable contribution to Maiden in the early days when we were starting out," said Iron Maiden founder and bassist Steve Harris.

"This is a sad day for everyone in the band and those around him and our thoughts and condolences

The jury in the trial of Junior Bradshaw and Kevin Liverpool who are accused of plotting to behead the star and dump her in a river in June 2011 heard she had no door lock on her mid-Devon home and rarely set her alarm. The star said that she had lived in Devon a long time and “nobody really shuts their door”. However, she added that she has a lock on her door now!

are with his partner Mimi and family at this time." London-born Burr joined the band in 1979 and played on their selftitled 1980 debut album and its 1981 follow-up Killers.

His third and final album with the group was 1982's The Number Of The Beast, which topped the UK album chart.

Rolling Stone magazine called his drumming a "major ingredient" to the band's sound, which was noted for bringing the speed of punk rock to the heavy metal genre.

Burr left the band in 1982, a year before Iron Maiden began a string of big-selling albums in the US that turned the group into an international act.

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Need help? For guidance and support call Anne on 652 394 224 Available for ladies afternoons and group readings - please call or email for an appointment

25-year-old Ms Stone told Exeter Crown Court that she had no idea someone was trying to kill her until the police turned up at her door. She said: "Apart from someone (police) coming around to say someone is trying to kill me, it was a really nice day."

On Monday the jury was told a metre-long samurai sword, knives,

hammers, black bags and gaffer tape were discovered in the defendants' Fiat Punto when they were arrested. A crossbow and BB gun were found at their home in the Longsight area of Manchester.

had a gate. To get in, they (visitors) would just open the gate, drive in with their car, get up to another (wooden) gate, shut the gate hopefully so the dogs don't get out, then say hello."

Handwritten notes that were also discovered talked of Stone's presence at the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and referred to the singer and the Queen as "she devils".

Wearing a white blouse and a black skirt, the singer said: "At the time I



651 430 534

Calvin’s Hair Studio Centro Nordico, Local 9, Crtra. de Mijas, Km 4.5

For an English hairdresser with 30 years experience who listens to what you want, call Calvin for an appointment on

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Ladies fashions Plaza Baltasar Gracián 1 Nueva Andalucia

Tel: 952 81 65 12 Fia Ensgård

For all your advertising needs in a paper that works for you call :

The News

952 454 491 or Geoff on

622 050 409

Box 24 N TV Listings

WEDNESDAY, March 20th 2013



This week’s films below add 1 hour for Spanish Viewing Times


Sun, Mar 24th 11:25pm

The Great Raid

War film about the Raid at Cabanatuan, adapted from William Breuer's book of the same name. It tells the story of the January 1945 liberation of the Cabanatuan Prison Camp on the Philippine island of Luzon during World War II. American soldiers embark on a daring rescue mission to free the 500 American troops being held in a notorious Japanese PoW camp, but their target lies 30 miles behind enemy lines.



Sat, Mar 23rd 11:05pm

Detective/Thriller (2007). Fact-based crime thriller about the tortuous hunt for a mysterious serial killer who terrorised San Francisco in the late 1960s and early 1970s, and taunted the police and media with cryptic messages. Three men became obsessed with identifying the murderer after his reign of terror inexplicably stopped, but their fixation with the case took a heavy toll on their lives. Starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Robert Downey Jr, Mark Ruffalo and Brian Cox.


Sat, Mar 23rd 10:35pm

You, Me and Dupree

Thirtysomething slacker Dupree finds himself out of a job with nowhere to live, and turns to his newly married best friend Carl for a place to stay. But Carl comes to regret his act of hospitality as the layabout shows no sign of ever moving out – not to mention his annoyance when his new wife takes a liking to their laid-back guest. Comedy, starring Owen Wilson, Matt Dillon, Kate Hudson and Michael Douglas.


Fri, Mar 22nd 12:15am

Midnight Express

Drama (1978). An American student is arrested for drug smuggling while on holiday in Turkey, and thrown into a brutal prison ruled by a sadistic warder. His family and the US government plan an appeal, but he begins to realise that diplomatic efforts are fruitless, and his only hope is to plot a desperate escape. Alan Parker's factbased drama, starring Brad Davis, John Hurt and Randy Quaid.


Sun, Mar 24th 8.10pm

War of the Worlds

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The Great British Bake Off Easter Masterclass

Tue, Mar 26th 8.00pm

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March 22nd

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TV Listings N 25

WEDNESDAY, March 20th 2013


Documentary marking 10 years since the death of the war reporter, who was caught in the crossfire by US troops while covering the 2003 invasion of Iraq. Terry's daughter Chelsey, accompanied by ITV News presenter Mark Austin, retraces her father's steps to better understand what happened and come to terms with her loss. With contributions from the journalist's colleagues, including Trevor McDonald.

Who Killed My Dad? The Death of Terry Lloyd

Thurs, Mar 21st 10.35pm

SUNDAY March 24th

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Fill in the grid using all the letters of the alphabet. Some letters have been given to help you get started.

Fill in the grid so that every row, every column and every 3 x 3 grid contains the digits 1 through 9. With no repeats, that means that no number is repeated in any row, column or box.





















L 14













See how many words of four or more letters you can make from the given nine letters. In making a word each letter may be used only once. The key letter must be used in each word.

E I T T RN EGB Target

1-8 Poor 9-10 Average


11-12 Good 13-14 Excellent


1. A change in religion (10) 2. Not quite a queen (8) 3. Deviate (10) 4. Gorillas and chimps (4) 5. Threadbare (4) 6. Quantity (6) 7. Nameless (4) 14. Selected (5) 15. Not fruits (10) 16. Dominated (10) 19. Fated (8) 21. Hold as true (6) 24. Adjoin (4) 25. Be unsuccessful (4) 26. An escape of water (4)


1-17 Poor 18-21 Average



22-26 Good 27-32 Excellent

The following are not allowed: - Words beginning with a capital letter - Words with a hyphen or apostrophe - Plural words ending in “s” SOluTION FOR CODEWORD


8. Boor 9. Emploment 10. Avenge 11. Sanguine 12. Free 13. Excavation 17. Bibs 18. Along

1. Twilight 5. Alec 9. Mused 10. Leonine 11. Self Portrait 13. Nodded

19. Date 20. Engagement 22. Slew 23. Fanciful 27. Bridge 28. Supplicate 29. Ewer

1. Conversion 2. Princess 3. Degenerate 4. Apes 5. Worn 6. Amount 7. Anon 14. Chose

14. Chosen 17. Horse Thieves 20. Radical 21. Ratio 22. Dash 23. Nightcap






Cryptic Quick


19. G 20. J 21. D 22. Z 23. M 24. Q 25. C 26. P

8. Rude person (4) 9. Work (10) 10. Retaliate (6) 11. Confidently optimistic and cheerful (8) 12. No charge (4) 13. A hole in the ground (10) 17. Top part of aprons (4) 18. Beside (5) 19. A romantic meeting (4) 20. Betrothal (10) 22. Killed (4) 23. Imaginary (8) 27. It might cross a river (6) 28. Beg (10) 29. Pitcher (4)


10. L 11. H 12. R 13. T 14. N 15. U 16. B 17. O 18. V


1. Spell it out to me (4) 2. A change in dates offered as an alternative (7) 3. Apathy shown in a quarrel (12) 4. Like the laugh of a hungry man? (6) 6. All that is required for a girl’s name (5) 7. What a change it makes one’s winnings! (8) 8. Was dirt-cheap? Hardly! (4,3,5) 12. Secured a routine job and set about it (8) 15. They get what’s left (7) 16. It’s hot to the tongue and cold to the ear (6) 18. It takes aback? (5) 19. Course to be taken as indicated when out of bed (4)


1. E 2. K 3. A 4. F 5. Y 6. W 7. S 8. X 9. I

1. When darkening skies are tinged with gilt anew (8) 5. He’s something of a local eccentric (4) 9. Thought a great many were employed (5) 10. It’s beastly being a long time in one occupation (7) 11. Not how other people would picture you (4-8) 13. Inclined to agree (6) 14. Selected the Japanese name for Korea (6) 17. They may have been highly strung in the Wild West (5,7) 20. It’s essential to reform a cad and a liar (7) 21. A trio involved with proportional representation (5) 22. A little fly (4) 23. Roughly patching bedwear (8)


The 9-letter word BREAKDOWN



The 9-letter word BETTERING


1. Time 2. Instead 3. Indifference 4. Hollow 6. Leila 7. Cheating

15. Vegetables 16. Outweighed 19. Destined 21. Accept 24. Abut 25. Fail 26. Leak 8. Cost the Earth 12. Anchored 15. Sceptic 16. Chilli 18. Rides 19. Soup

theNews Zpvs!pvumppl!po!uif!Xpsme

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Denise, Cat & Dog World Alhaurin As I am writing this Minx (aka Rebus ) is sound asleep in our cattery in a nice snug bed with a full tummy of food he hasn´t had to scavenge the streets for. After a long time of living rough he is safe, very contented and totally oblivious to what has been happening on his behalf.

As you know I asked several people, yourself included, to try to help me reunite this lovely little cat with his owners in England. Within a few days info started to come in – luckily someone in England saw it on Facebook and contacted her friend in Alhaurin El Grande to ask if she knew Mr Wingrove. It turned out she not only knew him she was his exnext door neighbour and still had contact with them in England. So, I have now got his passport prepared for him to

go back to his owner, who dearly loves him, as we all do now. His transport is being arranged by Dog E Transport who read his story and are kindly taking him home for free – which is good as he doesn´t now have to wait for my next trip to the UK in May. This will be a lovely ending to this little cat’s adventure. I only wish I could do the same for all the poor little street cats who come into our kennels to be neutered under the CHAIN neutering programme. I am sure many of these cats have been someone’s pet in the past, but they were not as lucky as Minxie whose owner had a microchip put in. Sadly although it’s the law that animals are microchipped many people don´t bother and their pets get lost and end up in a living hell. A little forethought can save so much distress.

Afsheen Latif I was recently told that all funds collected here in Spain on behalf of the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal were sent back to the UK and none of the money was used here. So I wrote to them and this is what the people at the head office in the UK have to say:

& Stargazing

Opinion & Comment N 27

WEDNESDAY, March 20th 2013

By Ken Campbell

The Spring Equinox If you’re feeling a little light headed today it’s because the Earth is standing straight up on its end and it’s the Spring Equinox!


Thank you and The News for your kind help. Editor says: For an ending like this, it’s worth it every time to help!

RBL London

Thanks for your enquiry, just coming back to you on some of the queries you had. I can confirm that all money raised by the Poppy Appeal in Spain each year is retained by the two Districts (District Spain South and District Spain North) and used to fund our welfare work in Spain.

The Legion carries out a great deal of welfare work in Spain. We have two volunteer welfare coordinators (one in each district), as well as a Country Welfare Officer who oversee the delivery of welfare (including on the islands). Examples of the kind of welfare assistance we have provided to beneficiaries in the past 12 months include: paying for and supporting a beneficiary with the installation of a stair lift; the provision of mobility aids; travel costs associated with repatriation; help with funeral costs, provision of food vouchers and household essentials; and the payment of priority debt where the client has been under threat of


having their utilities cut. While 100 per cent of the money raised in Spain is retained, if there are any unused funds remaining at the end of the financial year, these are returned to the UK to support Service families.

I hope this clarifies the situation. The Legion is really proud to be looking after the Armed Forces community in Spain, and we’re very grateful for your continued support in helping to publicise our vital work. Kind regards, Afsheen Latif Public Relations Officer The Royal British Legion

he reason that we have seasons is because the Earth is tilted over by about 23 ½°. During the summer months the Northern Hemisphere is pointed toward the Sun and so we get long days and short nights. Then, when it is winter, the Northern Hemisphere is pointed away from the Sun and so the nights are long and the days short. (All dates and statements are reversed for the Southern Hemisphere.)


etween Winter and Summer it stands to reason that there must be a day when it is equal daytime and equal night time; that day is today. This morning the Sun rose in the due east at 6.00am, at exactly 12.00 noon the Sun will be directly overhead at the equator and will set tonight due west at 6.00pm. At both poles the Sun will be seen to travel in a complete circle skimming the horizon and taking 24 hours to complete one circle. Except for at the North and South Poles all points on the Earth will receive 12 hours of sunlight and 12 hours of darkness.


r nearly 12 hours. Observant readers will have noticed that this is not completely true. For Southern Spain the Sun rose this morning at 07.22 and will not set tonight until 19.30 so what’s going on?


irstly, Spain’s time is set one hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) to bring it into line with central European countries. But the bulk of the Spanish mainland is actually to the west of the GMT line that runs from the North Pole to the South Pole passing just to the right of London. Spain should in effect be either in line with GMT along the East Coast and about one hour behind GMT along the west coast. Here around the Malaga area it is about 30 minutes between the two points. Therefore if Spain was using GMT then the Sun would rise in Malaga at 06.22 and set at 18.30.

But there’s still eight minutes of night time missing!’ I hear you cry. The trouble with measuring sunrise to sunset is that the Sun is a disc and not a single point of light. It takes about three minutes for the Sun to rise from its very first appearance to its full disc being above the horizon, it also takes about three minutes to set from the time that

the first edge touches the horizon until it completely disappears below the horizon. Also our atmosphere refracts or bends the Sun’s rays a little so that the Sun can appear above the horizon even when it is still a few minutes below the horizon. So the time between apparent sunrise to sunset is approximately eight minutes longer than it should be.


he Spring Equinox is an important date in the religious calendar too. The date for Easter is calculated as being the first Sunday that follows the first full Moon that occurs after the Spring Equinox. This year’s Equinox is today 20th March, the next full Moon will occur on Wednesday 27th March so therefore Easter will be the following Sunday 31st March. If the Equinox was to fall on a Friday 20th March and then there was a full Moon on Saturday 21st then Easter could be the next day Sunday 22nd March as happened in 1818. In 2008 Easter did fall on Sunday 23rd March making it the earliest Easter in over 100 years. The next time Easter occurs on March 23rd will not be until 2160, and a March 22nd Easter will not happen until the year 2285. The latest date that Easter can fall is April 25th as happened in 1943, the next time it will happen will be in 2038.


he Spring Equinox is also responsible for the Calendar we use today. When Julius Caesar invented the Julian calendar in 45 BC he set the Equinox at 25th March but slight inaccuracies caused it to drift over time. By 1582 the calendar was 11 full days out, so Pope Gregory XIII decided to reform and standardise the calendar so he chopped 11 days away meaning that 4th October 1582 was followed the next day by 15th October 1582 and the Gregorian calendar was born.


appy Stargazing!

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GARDEN, garage, house cleared, man and van. Call 632263278(210)ghp


HOME INSURANCE - 100% cover for all eventualities. Our policies include: Subsidence, Landslip and Heave. Accidental damage to both buildings and contents. Worldwide All Risks on your personal possessions (including jewellery). Cash inside and outside your home and much more. We can also arrange insurance for: Motor - Travel - Health - Business - Liability. PRESTIGE INSURANCE CONSULTANTS Tel/Fax: 952453873 Mob. 667982418 www.prestige(217)tnp


LOCKSMITH Emergency / Appointment. Doors opened without damage, locks changed, patio doors and windows secured. 24 hour honest, fast and reliable service. Call Paul (258)tnp 657466803 ---------------------------------------------FOR ALL your advertising needs, call The News. We have prices to suit every pocket. Call today! 952454491 ---------------------------------------------LOCKSMITH 24 hours. Window grilles. New locks fitted. w w w. e n g l i s h l o c k s m i t h . c o m (231)tnp 664445396



Sundays 10.00am - 2.00pm

Only limited space available

647 647 637 OPEN 52 WEEKS OF THE YEAR

NEED a licence and don´t know how to go about it? From driving licences, building licences to opening licences. 952454491 (tn)p


Animal refuge

Having a clearout ? Please donate all your unwanted items to S.O.S We will collect

952 960 202

Also if you need any items give us a call

BINGO books and raffle tickets. Woody’s Los Boliches Tel (tn-pw) 952471877 Ground floor La Trocha C.C. Coin

Key cutting, photocopying, fax, printing, business cards, greeting cards etc., all in one place!

Tel: 951 315 240

NOEL concrete mixer electric, good working order €150. Scaffold tower 4m x 2m x 1m base with platforms €100 628030842 Fuengirola (218)pwp

MOBILITY Providing Mobility Solutions since 2001. Mobility scooters, Wheelchairs, Walking, Bathing, Mobility aids - Sale & Hire service. Delivered to you when you need it. (217)fgh Tel:952447764



l l

Service ITV


Brakes & Clutch Recovery Service

No gimmicks just a reliable professional service l

605 407 369

Pol. Los Perales Nave 88 (close to Butano) Mijas Costa PETS & ANIMALS

METS DOG training club. Fuengirola Glyn 605121831, Jeff (228)pwp 692832250 ---------------------------------------------LUXURY professional kennels, Cat and Dog World. Fully licensed. Cheap collection service. Viewing welcome. (201) 952112978 / 630197435 ---------------------------------------------BO JANGLES Luxury Cat Hotel, Alhaurin de la Torre. While you are away let your cat have a luxury (0sk holiday too. 952963793

the News

Classifieds N 29

WEDNESDAY, March 20th 2013


Veterinary Centre

You love your pet so do we!

C / Cuesta de Marzo, 79 Alhaurin el Grande (nr. the municipal market) Tel: 952 491 655 emergencies 608 109 810 LAGUNA Kennels and cosy cattery. Five star facilities, fully tiled quarters with airconditioning. Your pets lovingly cared for by English mother and daughter. Near Coin. 952112021 / 606838983 (195)tnp ---------------------------------------------YOUNG domesticated cats rescued from the killing station need kind homes. Fully vaccinated, and neutered, free of charge. We will also deliver to England for a donation to the charity. Please give one of these beautiful cats a home so we can save more from death. Can be seen without obligation at Cat and Dog (0ghf World Kennels 630197435

Pet Vet Kamu Susanne Kamu

C/ Maestra Aspiazu Puebla Lucia Fuengirola

952 66 73 33

PET Transport by road. Cat and Dog World 952112978, (201)p 630197435


SCOTT Forbes - The Plumber. All work guaranteed. 20 years British (f gas experience 652665410


BENALMáDENA Costa, Hercules Complex: Studio. Partly renovated. Some sea & mountains views. (218)ghp €39,000. 636829631 ---------------------------------------------BENALMáDENA Costa, Macarena residencial (Bonanza area). Beautiful modern 2 bed ground floor apartment. Sunny, very large wrap round terrace. Private parking and storeroom. €147,000. (218)ghp 636829631 ---------------------------------------------CALAHONDA Fantastic 4 bed / 3 bath townhouse with a studio apartment with own entrance. Few terraces, sea views, communal pool and gardens. Close to shops, bars and restaurants. Only €199.000!! (218)gh 636829631 ---------------------------------------------TORREMOLINOS La Carihuela: Front line beach. Next to Marina Port. 1 bed apt., totally renovated. Located in Aloha Playa 4 Stars Luxury Hotel. Unique opportunity! (218)ghp €139.000. 636829631 ---------------------------------------------BENALMáDENA Costa. Excellent location. Near beach & Bonanza Sq. Beautiful 2 bed apartment in small quiet complex. First & top floor. Garden & pool. €112,000 (218)ghp 636829631 ---------------------------------------------BENALMáDENA Urbanization Santangelo. 2 bed ground floor apartment with very large terrace. Beautiful & modern. 2 parking spaces. Garden & pool. €129,000 (218)ghp 636829631

MIRAFLORES Beautiful ground floor 1 bed apartment, with terrace and garden. Located in one of the best area & complex. Landscaped gardens, pool with private bar. Sea & mountains views 636829631218ghp ---------------------------------------------BENALMáDENA Costa. Macarena Residencial (Bonanza area). Overlooking church square. 2 bed, 11/2 bathrooms, 3rd floor apartment. Large corner terrace. Garage and store room. €157,000 ono (222)tnp 952575753

Studios Jupiter & Minerva, washing machine, pool, etc 300€month Studio Aguila good views, washing machine, pool, etc 300€month 1 bed Minerva beautiful apartment, pool, WiFi, Sat TV 320€month 1 bed Benalmadena Costa close to beach no pool all inc. 380€month 2 bed 2 bath near Station Arroyo no pool, SatTV, low floor 500€month 2 bed Just off Palm Tree Avenue, pool, parking, Sat TV 500€month 2 bed 1 bath Arenal Golf, pool, parking, 400€month Satellite TV 3 bed Bellavista, Pool, parking, good views 600€month Many More properties available, too Many to list we also do holiday lets, just ask for pat rental properties urGently reQuired in jupiter and Minerva also lonG terM and sales properties in the arroyo/benalMadena area

Avenida Gamonal, Local 9, Edificio Jupiter, 29631 Arroyo de la Miel, Malaga Tel: (0034) 952 57 40 51 (0034) 952 57 77 51 Fax: (0034) 952 44 26 51

LONG term rentals, super prices, no commissions, apartments, villas, townhouses, fincas, coast and (197)tnp inland. 679111522 ---------------------------------------------ROOM to let. Single €20, double €30. Torremuelle. 619591760 (224)atp ---------------------------------------------PARKING space to rent. Secure underground, by boat roundabout in Los Boliches. €60 month Tel: (229)pwp 952474087



952 441 566


Sell your unwanted household items in The

Only €3 per 10

952 45 44 91


VAN LEAVING for Cheshire monthly. Part loads required. (222)pwp 697671661 STUDIO IN MINERVA COMPLEX

Beautiful gardens, pool, sea views, afternoon sun.

RENTALS (ELIE: 634 820 748)



Due to a successful 2012, we need your property for sale or rent

Tel: 952 56 39 39 / 636 82 96 31


Transport - Removals

Transporte - Mundanzas

We are a friendly team who enjoy our work, so if you are serious about your transport or removal needs, then please give us a call and speak to someone who has the knowledge, experience and enthusiasm to help you make the right choices. We look forward to hearing from you soon! LOCAL & EUROPEAN REMOVALS


Tel: 952 816 582


Removals & Storage Local & International Moves ALL GOODS FULLY INSURED ● Weekly UK - Spain Service ● Storage available from £5 per month ● Pet & Car Transport ● Packing Materials Available ● Designated Vehicle Service Available Please Call for a Friendly No Obligation Quote

952 452 099 / 952 455 623 / 679 681 334 email:

COIN WINDOWS We make aluminium windows, doors and mosquito screens, also supply and fit sun canopies, blinds, shower screens, etc. Spanish owned business. Call Lisa Marie (190)tnp 646066351

ALL STYLES curtains, upholstery, soft furnishings and bean bags made to measure. Sensible prices. Also repairs/alterations. All areas. Call 678910117 or email (184)tnp



651 599 173


Beautiful,totally renovated. Next to beach & Marina Port

649 379 981 678 968 275

Reform All Trades



Grilles, scissor gates, railings & metal ballustrading doors, rejas

Kitchens, Bedrooms, Bathrooms.

word advert. Call



Manufacture & Weather Protection for all your metalwork

952590651 649696453








D.L.S. Fabrications Welding Engineers


NEED a lawyer? Contact Marbella Solicitor Group. There’s an office near you. Free no obligation consultations. Tel: (0)atf 952901225

Rated Removals


UK-Spain-UK People rate our removals service. Find out why!

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15 CUBIC metre van. Returning to the UK 29th March. Space available. (227)ghp 639928090 ---------------------------------------------IKEA collections, small removals (209)gh and storage. 632263278 ---------------------------------------------SAFE secure storage. Benalmadena. (209)gh 632263278


SKY DIGIBOXES new, used, refurbished boxes with warranty from unbeatable. From €35. (214)tnp 653061472


BOArDS, MOLDInG AnD Avda. de Andalucia 49, Reform Trades AlhaurinAll el Grande Tel / Fax: 952 595 288 651 599910173 Mobile: 677 021




Reece Electronics Audio Video Solutions FOR YOUR HOME OR CAR Sky • Sky+ • HD • TDT Sim cards, calling cards & packages Satellite systems for all nationalities LNBs, viewing cards, cables & connectors Electronic repairs • digiboxes, plasma, LCD Dish alignments, TV/Video tuning & connect-ups Community satellite & TDT installation specialists Various digiboxes for sale • new & second hand


REFRIGERATION, air conditioning, same day repair. Specialist. Fridges, displays, bottle coolers, etc. (203)tnp 627769969

w w w. re e ce e l e c t ro n i cs.t v

i n fo @ re e ce e l e c t ro n i cs.t v

Contact 607 383 578

30 N Motors Page

WEDNESDAY, March 20th 2013

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Kimi Raikkonen wins season opener By opting for, and managing a two-stop tyre strategy Lotus's Kimi Raikkonen won the season-opening Australian Grand Prix at Albert Park Melbourne, beating Ferrari's Fernando Alonso in a thrilling race. Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel closed out the last podium place coming in just in front of Ferrari's Felipe Massa and Lewis Hamilton's Mercedes. Hamilton was also aiming for a two stopper but had to revert to plan B due to tyre degradation. After a poor start off the grid Red Bull's Mark Webber recovered to finish in sixth place with Force India's Adrian Sutil and Paul di Resta seventh and eighth respectively. McLaren's Jenson Button and Lotus' Romain Grosjean rounded out the top ten.

Raikkonen got off to a great start from seventh on the grid making some crucial early passes, eventually moving into the lead on lap 23 as the other front-runners Alonso, Massa and Vettel made their second of three stops. Alonso, set a series of fastest laps after passing the early leader Vettel and team-mate Massa with an earlier second stop, as he took the lead following Raikkonen's second and

"Thanks everybody, I told you that the car is good," Raikkonen said over his team radio as he returned to the pits.

Second-placed Alonso grumbled afterwards about being held up by backmarkers as he attempted to chase Raikkonen down but was unable to disguise his delight at his pace saying.. The Iceman crosses the line to win season opening race

final stop on lap 34. Raikkonen then re-took the lead when Alonso made his own final stop. He came out of the pit lane in third behind the flying Finn and Adrian Sutil, who was running second on his own two-stop strategy. Alonso managed to overtake Sutil, but then Raikkonen upped his pace and was easily able to keep the Ferrari at a distance and even pull away in the closing laps.

"Our plan was to do two stops," said the Finn. "It's

always difficult in the first races to know when to stop. We got it exactly right, the team worked extremely well, we had a plan and we followed the plan, and it worked out perfectly for us.

"I could save the tyres and I could go fast when I wanted. It was one of the easiest races to win. Hopefully we can have more races like this."

The win made the Finn the 15th man in F1 history to record 20 grand prix wins.

“We are very happy, we had a difficult start two years ago and again last year but this year it’s different,” said the twotime champion, who missed out on the final qualifying session in Australia last year. “We feel much more comfortable, the car is responding well ... We have a good season ahead. We only have five days to

AUTO CLINIC Fuengirola

TEL: 952 474 059 - Mob: 636 674 722

OFFER - Change of oil 10W/40 €27


Autosalon Coin

Simply repairs & servicing to all makes and models at unbeatable prices

609 709 466

prepare for the next race but we will be a tough opponent.”

By Mike Kerrigan



WORKSHOP & MOBILE Prompt Reliable Service City & Guilds Qualified


BEAT THE CREDIT CRUNCH Optimise your car to save you money




952 917 353 687 727 460 - 687 727 516

at the end of the Coin road


SALES DEPARTMENT • New Marbella showroom for new & second hand Mercedes Benz - Jahreswagen & other makes • Check out our fantastic offers • We buy your car

For friendly service in English please call 952 866 748

• Mercedes Benz reasonable priced servicing & repairs d • Most reputable workshop on the coast • ITV Pass service • Free pick-up and delivery service • We speak English, Spanish, French, Russian & Arabic

Poligono Industrial Incomar Nave 13 - 14 Marbella 29600

Free Mercedes Benz visual HEALTH CHECK ONLY THIS MONTH TRY US! CONTAINS: • Visual inspection of • Wheels & tyres • External • Lights/Electrics • Underbonnet • Brakes & Hubs • Underside




News Zpvs!pvumppl!po!uif!Xpsme

Málaga suffer Champions League hangover Málaga 0 - 2 Espanyol After the heroics of Wednesday night’s Champions league game in which Málaga played some outstanding attacking football and

qualified for the quarter finals having beaten Porto 2-0 it was back to the league on Sunday at midday.

Malaga’s Roque Santa Cruz bursts between two defenders

Málaga were in trouble as early as the third minute, Verdu forcing Caballero into a great save and a minute later Willy saved again to deny Mationi. Málaga had plenty of possession but really never created much with only Santa Cruz forcing a save from Espanyol keeper Casilla. On 49 minutes Caballero made a bad mistake, dropping the ball from a corner at the feet of Colotto who smashed the ball into the net. Málaga pressed hard for the equaliser but it was Espanyol who scored

again, Vakaso bursting down the left wing and delivering the perfect cross for Garcia to finish giving Caballero no chance. Santa Cruz shot wide late on but it was a very disappointing result which sees Málaga fall out of the top four. With an international break next week, The team get time to consolidate and to regroup for both the Champions League (against Borrusia Dortmund) and important La Liga games. Report by Scott Forbes

C.O.G.S. enjoy the March sun Sunny conditions were much appreciated for our third outing of the year. Although the scores reflected the difficulty on the day, the course as always was in superb condition. One of the members lost the score card for his team whilst returning back from the

eighteenth green to the clubhouse, this resulted in the three players being disqualified. Here is a list of the winners on the day. Longest drive on hole 13 was won by Nick Carwood. Nearest the pin on hole 2 was won by Ian Vaughan. In The hole in two shots

Sports & Motors N 31

WEDNESDAY, March 20th 2013

was also won by Ian Vaughan. Nearest the pin in two shots on hole 12 was won by Ian Holden. Well done Ian, it must have made up for losing the score card. A special prize was awarded to Del Allwood for the longest minus yardage off the tee. Team prize was won by Andy Macfarlane, Dave Haworth, Nick Carwood and Dave Wrigglesworth with the team’s average score of 21 points. In the day’s main competition, in third place was Brian Millwood with 25 points. And on count back in second place with

25 points Ian Vaughan. The winner with 27 points Dave Haworth. Well done Dave we hope you enjoy playing off your new handicap of 8 on our next outing. In last place and the winner of the wooden spoon was Barry Doran. Our thanks go to Elaine at Lainey’s bar for the nibbles. Also to Joe King our captain, Andy Macfarlane our secretary and John Bamber our Treasurer for all their assistance. Nig Bowler, Chairman.

The conditions that the racers faced

Milan-San Remo ravaged by snow German sprinter Gerald Ciolek won the Milan-San Remo classic one-day race, which was shortened because of snow. The weather deteriorated as the riders rolled out of Milan and teams were soon racing through extreme conditions as they travelled southwest toward the climb of Passo del Turchino. Snow, ice and rain had threatened to disrupt the race completely, with organisers taking the

If you are raised in front of you I don't mind a call here because again if we hit the flop hard we have a good chance of action and a nice pot. However, never ever call 3 and 4 bets with these hands unless you are pot committed or have very good pot odds to call. If you are playing with the short stack in a tournament these type of hands are better

than you would think than a rag A or K for a push all in looking to double up. The reason for this is if we are called in this spot chances are it will be with a bigger A/K and you are dominated with say 76 at least you have two live cards. You can also get paid well with hands like 79, J9, QT. With these hands you can hit a straight on what appears to be a dry board. A word of caution again, never play these hands to 3 and 4 bets and raise pre flop if uncontested and if you miss the flop don't get pot committed by over playing this rag hand.

Remember it is important to select the right game to play weak and rag hands so do not jump right into the first game or tournament that is available when you are

itching to play fast and loose. Sometimes there is only one game you can play in. But if you have a number of options, take a few moments to observe the

different games in progress and find the best for your style. One or two weak players at your table can make a huge difference in profits.



Before 09.00am or After 3.00pm

Per Person inc Buggy

Yearly Membership from €1.500 inc. buggy


951 170 194

Ciolek, riding for South African Team MTN, finished ahead of favourite Slovakian Peter Sagan and Swiss Fabian Cancellara in a sprint finish. Team Sky's Ian Stannard was the best-placed British rider in sixth, with Mark Cavendish ninth, 14 seconds behind in the chasing pack.

Rafa Nadal wins Indian Wells Rafael Nadal rallied from a set and 1-3 down in the second to beat Juan Martin del Potro 4-6, 6-3, 6-4 in the BNP Paribas Open final on Sunday, giving the Spaniard his third title in four tournaments since returning from a seven-

Wayne’s weekly Poker Tips

Playing connectors suited or not can be profitable if you hit the flop hard. I like 76 or 78 off suit or not because remember suited cards only increase your winning chances by about 4% and a dry board will pay better than a flushy board. If the pot is uncontested raise pre flop because if we miss and A/K hits the board we can represent this hand because we raised pre flop and the story adds up!

decision to halt the race after just 117km and move the restart to Finale Ligure, 126km from the finish line and bypassing the crucial La Manie climb.


month injury layoff. Nadal improved to a career-best 17-1 on the year, including 14 straight match wins. He's won three titles – two on clay while runner-up in another on his favourite surface – since returning from a left knee injury.

Sponsors of The Calahonda District Darts League

Supplying Beers, Wines, Spirits and now Kegs, 7 Days a Week Covering the Whole Coast. Results for Friday 15th March Division 1 H´s Jagerbombs 6 - 0 Tony’s Tornados La Gamberros 8 - 8 Dempsey’s Dynamos Vip´s 12 - 4 Ourbarbarians

Division 2 Captains 8 - 8 Clippers Fools Fillies 2 - 14 Retro Dartists Zoco Zulus 7 - 9 Heatseekers Ridgways Bobbys 5 - 11 Sussex Wolves Tony’s Treasures 3 - 13 Jolly Roger’s pirates

Teams of the Week are Sussex Wolves and Jolly Roger’s Pirates for continuing to play to their full potential in Division 2 and for wanting to stride forward in their hunt for promotion... exactly the right attitude and their teams continue to grow as they look for a spot in Division 1. Well done to you both, exactly what the dart league is about.....always do your best and play like real good sports.

All Darts info on

Order Line: 952 373 233 Calle Manuel Franco Cubeiro 28 Nave 4 Poligono Industrial El Pinillo, Torremolinos

32 N Sports & Motors

WEDNESDAY, March 20th 2013

Luke Donald comes up short in Miami Fla. VICTORIA

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Sports Flash

‘Racism’ charges against Inter

Inter Milan have been charged over the "racist behaviour" of their supporters in last week's Europa League tie against Tottenham Hotspur. European governing body Uefa also accused the Italians of "insufficient organisation" and "throwing of missiles and/or fireworks". The case will be heard on 19th April. Monkey chants were reported during last Thursday's tie in Milan, which Spurs won on away goals, and an inflatable banana was also seen in the crowd.

Luke Donald failed in his bid to retain the Tampa Bay Championship after a final round of 69. England's world number three finished on six under par, four shots behind the winner, American Kevin Streelman. Boo Weekley's final round of 63 moved him into contention but Streelman held his nerve for his first PGA Tour win.

Donald eventually tied for fourth place with Greg Chalmers and Justin


UK Self Drive

£89 per week Fully inclusive

No hidden extras Delivery & Collection Gatwick Airport only

Tel: 0044 1293 432155 Fax: 0044 1293 402600


Marble Restoration Service and Floor Polishing

Saint Cars La Cala de Mijas

Rent-a-car Airport Delivery TONY’S Ñçê ~ íêìäó éêçÑÉëëáçå~ä Ñçê=~=íêìäó=éêçÑÉëëáçå~ä & Collection ÜáÖÜ äçåÖ=ä~ëíáåÖ=ÜáÖÜ äçåÖ ä~ëíáåÖ Öäçëë ÑáåáëÜ Öäçëë=ÑáåáëÜ 952 494 283 ~í ~ êÉ~äáëíáÅ ~í=~=êÉ~äáëíáÅ 610 750 076 Call 620 726 875 éêáÅÉ

Your satisfaction is my motivation Ring for quotation without obligation

Fully registered First for Quality First for Choice air Con dition ing Ser viCin g & rep airS oFF iCial pan aSon iC Centre top quality installations from €595 Coin meters to control electric consumption €300 no obligation quotations and advice - all makes Contact l ynne or alison in the airflow offices

t el: 952 443 222


England’s Luke Donald



Leonard, having moved into contention by carding a 67 on day three. A 19foot birdie putt at the 17th was followed by par at the last to see Streelman, 34, to his first Tour win at the 153rd attempt. Streelman wore out three cars driving some 400,000 miles across the US playing the minitours. He used to clean clubs during the week and caddie on the weekends. His biggest claim on tour was winning $1 million

from a bonus competition called the Kodak Challenge. His last win was five years ago in the club championship at Whisper Rock.

First PGA Tour win for Kevin Streelman

"It wasn't too long ago I was driving around in a car dead broke," Streelman said after picking up the $990,000 winners cheque. "But it shows if you keep working hard and stay patient, you can accomplish something."

Clubs to get defibrillators More than 900 defibrillators are being made available to clubs in non-league football and the Women's Super League.

The FA and British Heart Foundation have joined up to launch the £1.2m fund, one year after


Fabrice Muamba's onpitch cardiac arrest. Muamba, 24, collapsed playing for Bolton during their FA Cup quarter-final with Tottenham on 17th March 2012.

The England Under-21 international midfielder was "in effect dead" for 78


600 926 888 / 951 120 184

Automotive Diesel and Air Conditioning Specialists for : Cars, Vans, Trucks, Buses, Coaches, Boats and Agriculturals. Servicing, Re-gas, Diagnostic, repairs, ITVs arranged, Hoses and pipes made to measure. 7 days a week 8:00 - 20:00 Mobile service. We except VISA and MASTERCARD


Special Offer

1 year unlimited golf: 1.760€ 6 months unlimited golf: 995€

minutes but survived the incident. The defibrillators, which give the heart a controlled electrical shock during cardiac arrest, will be made available to nonleague and grassroots football clubs, from the Blue Square Bet Premier to the county leagues at level six of non-league football, along with the WSL, the top tier of the women's game. The FA will provide £400,000, with the British Heart Foundation matching the donation and the remainder coming from club contributions.

GOLF HOMES Front-line golf properes for sale. Membership and golf included. LAURO LIVING

20 Green fees: 640€* Call 952 41 27 67 Tel: 952 41 27 67 *Valid for 1 year, Fax: 952 41 47 57 for a private viewing 1 or 2 people

tiger Woods and US skier Lindsey Vonn dating

Former world number one golfer Tiger Woods and US Olympic skiing champion Lindsey Vonn have announced that they are dating. The couple made the announcement on their Facebook pages, posting the first pictures of themselves together. It comes after several weeks of speculation about their relationship. Mr Woods was previously married to Swedish model Elin Nordegren, but they divorced in 2010 after he revealed a series of extramarital affairs. The 37-year-old has since begun to rebuild his golfing career, and is showing signs of returning to the form that allowed him to dominate world golf for a decade.


Umpire Nadir Shah banned for 10 years by Bangladesh

The Umpire Nadir Shah has been banned for 10 years by the Bangladesh Cricket Board on charges of corruption. The 49year-old, who stood in 40 one-day internationals, was one of six Asian officials mentioned in an exposé on Indian television last year. "The decision is totally wrong as there was no proof of my guilt," said Shah, who is taking legal advice and plans to appeal to the BCB against the decision. Another Bangladesh umpire, Sharfuddoula Saikat, was cleared of any misconduct.

The News Newspaper - Issue 218  

The News Newspaper - Issue 218

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