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Issue 197 th

Wednesday, October 17 2012

Schoolchildren’s three-day strike in protest against government cuts secondary school pupils are staying at home this week....P5 WORLD NEWS - “A NATIONAL AWAKENING”

Hope and outrage surround Malala Doctors at the UK hospital where 14-year-old Malala Yousafzai is being treated after a Taliban gun attack said on Monday that they are hopeful she can recover. The Pakistani girl, who arrived in Birmingham on Monday, had a bullet removed from her skull last week. The Taliban's shooting of the 14-year-old schoolgirl has caused

She had spoken publicly about the Taliban's supression of female education, and was also an ambassador for an upcoming children's literature festival.




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WEDNESDAY, October 17th 2012

02 n General News


WORLD What a world!

By Kym Wickham

Once again the will of the terrorist has struck and this time it was against a girl of just 14 years old who was campaigning for better education for girls in Pakistan. The Taliban took exception to this line of protest and shot her in the head. On two levels this is wrong. Firstly because nobody has the right to shoot a young girl in the head for wanting to better herself in a legal manner and secondly, who do they think they are to impose their beliefs on others? While I am not a believer that the Western way is always the best way and countries should be allowed to have their own identities, surely this does not include this kind of behavour? I think that if protests of this kind are done in a manner that does not harm others i.e. you’re not going around with a bomb strapped to you, then that’s OK. Only by allowing people to have their say does the world move on – maybe not always in the right direction but, at least there is choice. Having been educated in the UK where it was everyone’s right to an education – and I had a very decent one – I cannot fathom what it must be like for girls who have a brain in their heads to be stuck in that kind of situation, where all they’re good for is looking after their men and breeding. Fine if that’s what they want but, where’s the choice? The British Government now has the girl in a UK nHS hospital so that she may receive the specialist care now necessary – and, no, the Brits aren’t paying for it, the Pakistani Government is.



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Hope and outrage surround Malala Ameena Saiyid, Managing Director of Oxford University Press Pakistan, said there "has been a national awakening surrounding her case".

Day of prayer Last Friday, school children dedicated prayers to her recovery in morning assemblies and she was also remembered during weekly prayers at mosques across the country. Many prayer leaders condemned the attack, including the chief cleric of Pakistan's largest mosque, Shahi Masjid, in Lahore. He called the young activist an "ambassador of peace and knowledge'". Schools in the Swat Valley closed last Wednesday – the day after the shooting – in protest at the attack. Rallies have also been held in Islamabad, Peshawar, Lahore and Multan as well

as in Malala's hometown of Mingora. The attack has also drawn strong widespread international condemnation. Prime Minister Raja Pervaz Ashraf visited Malala Yousafzai on Friday, the latest politician to do so, and has asked other political leaders to join him in showing solidarity. Army chief General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, who visited Malala in hospital in Peshawar earlier in the week, said it was time to "stand up to fight the propagators of such a barbaric mindset and their sympathisers". Surgeons in the northwestern city of Peshawar removed the bullet that had entered her skull from close to her spinal cord and she was then moved to a military hospital in Rawalpindi for more specialist treatment. A military statement said a

panel of doctors had recommended she should be "shifted abroad to a UK centre which has the capability to provide integrated care to children who have sustained severe injury". Malala was flown from Pakistan via the United Arab Emirates by air ambulance, almost a week after she and two other schoolgirls were attacked as they returned home from school in Mingora in the Swat Valley. She became widely known

as a campaigner for girls' education in Pakistan as a result of a diary she wrote for BBC Urdu about life under the Taliban, when they banned all girls from attending school. Hospital Medical Director Dr David Rosser said that specialists at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham were "in a good position to treat her" because they had 10 years of experience in treating UK military casualties – and her condition was much the

same as a "battle casualty from a physiological point of view". Once Malala recovers sufficiently, it is thought she will need neurological help as well as treatment to repair or replace damaged bones in her skull. The Taliban have threatened to target her again. She was given tight security for her journey to the UK and officials in Birmingham said they also took security very seriously.

Paparazzi could face prison A draft penal reform bill approved last week by the Cabinet includes jail terms of up to one year for distributing images of people without their permission even when prior consent has been given for the images to be taken. The most recent case of a violation of the right to privacy in Spain was the distribution of a sexually

explicit video taken of herself by Los Yébenes municipal councillor Olvido Hormigos. She made it for her husband, but it ended up on social networking sites. Justice Minister Alberto RuizGallardón told a news conference that the main objective of the Penal Code reform was to stiffen sentences for those found guilty of violent crimes. Other changes include a


reviewable permanent sentence, similar to perpetual imprisonment, with the difference that if a prisoner can show he or she has been rehabilitated, they can subsequently be released. The minimum period a prisoner must stay in jail before a permanent sentence can be reviewed has yet to be set, but is expected to be between 25

and 35 years. Such a sentence will be applicable in the case of murders by terrorists, genocide and lese humanity. Under the security custody section of the new criminal code, particularly dangerous prisoners may continue to be held in prison after their jail terms are up. This will be applicable to serious crimes such as murder, kidnapping, sexual



aggression, terrorism and drug trafficking. In response to this year’s record number of forest fires, arsonists now face terms of up to six years in serious cases, compared with five at present. Persistent petty theft such as pick-pocketing will now be considered as a crime instead of a misdemeanour and will carry a jail term of up to three years.









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WEDNESDAY, October 17th 2012

news Your outlook on the World

National News n 03


On This daTE in


National News Prestige oil spill disaster case in court The captain of the Prestige oil tanker which sank 10 years ago off the coast of Galicia, causing the country's worst ever environmental disaster, went to trial on Tuesday. Greek captain Apostolos Mangouras is accused of causing environmental damage and disregarding the law. The tanker's Greek chief engineer, Nikolaos Argyropoulos, is also accused, along with Filipino first mate Irineo Maloto, who is not in custody. The fourth defendant is Jose Luis Lopez-Sors, who was then head of the Spanish merchant navy. The tanker leaked 50,000 tonnes of oil into the Atlantic when it broke up off the north coast in November 2002, polluting thousands of miles of coastline. Lawyers took nearly eight years to

Purchasing power suffers worst fall Labour Ministry figures released Monday on revealed that salary increases as part of collective agreements in the year up to September were 1.3 per cent, compared with an inflation rate of 3.4 percent. Added


investigate into the disaster and the case took a further two years to reach trial. Investigators said it was complicated by the range of nationalities involved. The ship flew under the Bahamas flag, but was insured in the UK as part of a Swiss fleet with a largely

Greek crew. Prosecutors are calling for a 12-year prison sentence for Mr Mangouras, should he be found guilty. Fishermen and local authorities affected by the spill are also demanding around €2.2 billion in damages.

IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde last week called for financially strapped euro-zone countries such as Spain, Portugal and Greece to be given more slack to reduce their public deficits. All three countries are currently in recession, a situation that will continue into next year. Lagarde told a news conference in Tokyo, where the IMF was holding its annual meeting: "That is


what I have advocated for Portugal and Spain and this is what we are advocating for Greece, where I said repeatedly that an additional two years was necessary for the country to actually face the fiscal consolidation programme that is considered." The European Commission has given Spain and Portugal another year to bring their deficits back within the EU ceiling of 3 per cent of GDP.

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to the higher personal income taxes imposed under the government’s austerity drive, this means that spending power of workers suffered its biggest fall in 27 years, helping to drive the economy into recession once again.

IMF sides with Spain


Mother Teresa was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize


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WEDNESDAY, October 17th 2012

04 n National News

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British man drowns ousands support after yacht capsizes Spanish unity A British man drowned and two others are missing after their yacht capsized off the coast of Galicia. Police named the victim, who was dragged from the water on Sunday night by rescuers near the wreckage of a yacht, as Jan Antoni Krajewski, 72, a Polishborn Briton who lived in London. Local authorities said two others may be missing after witnesses who raised the alarm said they saw two other figures on the 30-foot sailing yacht which capsized and sank after hitting rocks near the port of Cedeira on Sunday evening. Police have video footage of the shipwreck taken by one of the eyewitnesses. Police divers spent Monday morning examining the wreckage of the damaged yacht, which was unnamed and carried no radio or navigation system, and was described as "barely seaworthy". A spokesman for the Civil

While King Juan Carlos, Queen Sofia, Crown Prince Felipe and Princess Letizia attended the military parade to celebrate Spain’s National Day last Friday in Madrid (right), thousands of people converged on Barcelona’s main Catalunya square to pledge their allegiance to Spain. Holding up Spanish and Catalan flags, many of the demonstrators said that there are more Catalans who want to remain in Spain than there are

Guard in La Coruña, which is taking part in the coastguard-coordinated search, said: "A major operation involving two coastguard vessels and a helicopter is ongoing." According to local reports the yacht had arrived in the Spanish port

ten days ago on route from Britain to Greece. It was also reported that Mr Krajewski had been rescued twice last week after experiencing difficulties trying to reach the shore in an inflatable dinghy equipped with an outboard motor.

separatists. Alicia SánchezCamacho, head of the Catalan Partido Popular, said: “We want Artur Mas and the rest of the separatists to take note.” She was referring to the Catalan regional premier who is challenging the central government’s

opposition to a referendum next year. Turnout figures differed greatly – organisers claimed 100,000 were present by the afternoon, the government’s delegate put the figure at around 65,000 while the Catalan police said there were only 6,000.

Police smash Chinese criminal gangs Police arrested 74 people – most of them Chinese nationals – in some 120 raids across the country on Monday in the so-called Emperor Operation. Warrants have been issued for 108 people,

including a Socialist councillor and a male porn star. Those arrested have been charged with money laundering, extortion, corrupting public officials, prostitution, illegal gaming, and people- and drug trafficking.

Police said one of the gangs alone had laundered an average of €4 to €5 million a month. In all, some 15 gangs operating mainly in Madrid and Barcelona are involved.

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WEDNESDAY, october 17th 2012

news Your outlook on the World

National News n 05


Mexico to help Spain


Mexico’s President-elect Enrique Peña Nieto on Monday offered his country’s support to help Spain overcome the economic crisis.


In Madrid for a series of meetings with Spanish businessmen and officials, the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) leader said that once he takes office on December 1st, he will introduce a series of economic strategies to help “development in my country, but which at the same time will help Spain emerge from the crisis”. On Monday, the Mexico City daily El Universal reported that the Partido Popular (PP) had

They will be joined by schoolchildren of all ages on Thursday when the


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Cuts leave students without books Figures show that some 500,000 school students across the country won't be eligible for state aid to purchase their textbooks because of the stringent cutbacks made in education at the ministerial, regional and local levels. There are 8.05 million students attending classes this year – 136,000 more than the last school year. But the government has implemented cuts of €1.12 billion, which will affect those who rely on aid to buy books. However, the education Ministry said that 15,000 more students will be given grants this year despite the cutback of €185 million for grants. a spokesman said the average amount of the grants will be smaller so that they can be spread out to more students. Madrid

confirmed a Petroleos de Mexico (Pemex) investment of €247 million in the construction of an industrial complex in Galicia for the storage, shipment and deliveries of

oil industry liquids. The project requires the construction of 14 boats in local shipyards and will generate more than 2,500 jobs. Some 7,000 people have lost their jobs in the

Mexican President Peña Nieto

Teenager ordered brother’s death

shipping industry in Galicia over the past two years. The agreement was hammered out during Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy’s April visit to Mexico.

a teenage girl has been arrested in Madrid on suspicion of ordering the death of her older brother after they allegedly fell out because he disapproved of her boyfriend. david Micaelo Guzman, 21, was shot in the head shortly before dawn on august 2nd as he slept in the home he shared with his two siblings. His 16-year-old sister raised the alarm and told police she had seen two masked gunmen running from the property. initially police thought it was a botched robbery but there was no sign of a break-in. They arrested the girl and accused her of persuading her 22–year-old boyfriend and a friend of his to carry out the murder. Both men are in jail.

ree-day school strike begins Secondary schoolchildren across the country started a three-day strike on Tuesday to protest against government cuts.


PTA Confederation (Ceapa) has asked parents not to take their youngest children to school. The Students Union said on Tuesday that 70 per cent of secondary school children had

joined the strike, with the highest percentage in Madrid. Since 2010, the education sector has suffered cuts of more than €5,000 million, with the resulting loss of hundreds of thousands of teachers.

University fees have also risen considerably. The students are asking for the resignation of Education Minister Jose Ignacio Wert who said on Monday that the strike has been organised by the “radical extreme Left”.






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WEDNESDAY, October 17th 2012

06 n World News

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World News


Tomas de Torquemada was appointed inquisitor-general in Spain

Skydiver sets YouTube N live view record


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Austrian skydiver Felix Baumgartner smashed a number of records with his "edge of space" stunt - including for live streaming. More than eight million people flocked to their devices to watch the 43year-old break the speed of sound live on Google's YouTube site. Google UK confirmed that it is the largest number of concurrent live streams in the website's history. Mr Baumgartner broke the record for the highest freefall, jumping from a capsule taken to 24 miles above New Mexico in the US by a giant helium balloon. It took nine minutes for him to reach the ground. The adventurer plummeted at an estimated 833.9mph, hitting Mach 1.24. Mr Baumgartner's body was monitored during the

The country's first publicly accessible register of child sex offenders has been published online in the state of western Australia. The details available include photographs, names and physical descriptions of nine sex offenders the police have lost track of. Parents will be also able to enter their addresses to see if there are any convicted paedophiles living nearby. however, there are concerns about possible vigilantism and mistaken identity. The western Australia government describes the register as a balancing act between community safety and the ability of the police to manage convicted paedophiles, but legal groups have questioned how useful it will be and raised concerns about the potential for vigilante attacks. chile

Rugby match finally takes place jump using equipment from Equivital, a small UK company. A system strapped to the skydiver's chest wirelessly transmitted data about his heartbeat, respiration, skin

temperature and other vital signs. The scientists monitoring the stunt said it had provided invaluable data for the development of high-performance, high-

altitude parachute systems, and that the lessons learned would inform the development of new ideas for emergency evacuation from vehicles, such as spacecraft passing through the stratosphere.

Karadzic begins war crimes defence in e Hague Former Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic began his defence at a war crimes court in The Hague on Tuesday, defending himself against 10 charges of genocide, war crimes and crimes against

1st child sex offender register published

humanity during the war in the 1990s. He has denied the charges, including the one related to the massacre of more than 7,000 Bosniak (Bosnian Muslim) men and

boys by Bosnian Serb troops at Srebrenica in July 1995. He is also being prosecuted over the 44month siege of Sarajevo, in which more than 12,000 civilians died. He has claimed that he did not know

what was taking place on the ground. Police arrested Mr Karadzic in 2008 on a bus in Belgrade after he had been on the run for almost 13 years.

Survivors of a plane crash in the Andes who were kept alive by eating the bodies of the victims played a rugby match at the weekend to mark the 40th anniversary of the accident. The Uruguayan team was travelling from Montevideo to Santiago to play against a local team when their plane crashed on October 13th, 1972. They were located after two passengers took a chance and left on a 10-day trek. Sixteen of the 45 passengers survived in sub-zero temperatures for 72 days. Twelve members of the Uruguayan team travelled to chile to play the match. The farmer who first spotted them and called the emergency services also attended the match. BOTSwAnA

Women allowed to inherit The Botswana high court has overturned a customary law which prevented women from inheriting the family home. The judge ruled that the law contravened the constitution, which guarantees equality for men and women. edith Mmusi and her sisters have fought a five-year legal battle after their nephew Molefi Ramantele said he was the rightful owner of their house. The sisters first contested their nephew's claim in a customary court in 2007 but lost the case and a subsequent appeal before turning to the civil courts. The Attorney General had reportedly agreed that the customary law was discriminatory but argued Botswana was not ready to change it.

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WEDNESDAY, October 17th 2012

news Your outlook on the World

World News n 07


Cuba to end travel permits The government has announced that as of January 14th next year, its citizens will no longer have to obtain exit permits to travel abroad. Cubans currently have to go through a lengthy and expensive process to obtain a permit and dissidents are often denied them. Now all they will need to travel is a valid passport. Under the new regulation, people who have

permanent residency on the island will be allowed to stay abroad for up to 24 months, instead of the current 11, without having to return to renew paperwork. Cubans attempting to leave the country are usually branded as traitors or enemies of the revolution but the government now recognises that many people want to leave for

economic reasons. For nearly half a century, almost all economic activity has been controlled by the state. But President Raul Castro, who took over from his brother Fidel in 2008, has gradually eased restrictions in many areas of politics, business and society.

Google told to rethink privacy policy The European Union told Google in a letter on Tuesday it must change the way it gathers personal information if it is to avoid "high risks to the privacy of users". The letter, which outlined 12 recommendations, was signed by 24 of the EU's 27

data regulators. It follows a nine-month investigation into the company's data collection practices.

sites into a single policy for all of its services. Google has maintained the policy complies with EU law.

Since March, Google has combined data from sites like YouTube and Gmail to better target its advertising, merging 60 individual privacy policies for individual Google-owned

The letter stopped short of declaring Google's data gathering practices illegal, but made clear 12 measures the company must put in place to satisfy the concerns.


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WEDNESDAY, October 17th 2012

08 n UK News

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UK News

this page written by Vic Gardner

People of Scotland to vote on their future British Prime Minister David Cameron has reached an agreement with Scotland’s First Minister granting Holyrood the power to hold an historic referendum on independence for Scotland. Mr Cameron has had months of negotiations

with Alex Salmond about the ballot, which is likely to be held in two years and will provide for a simple ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ vote. Mr Cameron has pledged that keeping the United Kingdom together is his number one priority, but he says it is up to the people of Scotland and the

Britain to opt out of Euro legislation? Evidence is emerging that Britain is hardening its attitude to European legislation and could opt out of a number of cross border agreements with the European Union, including the European arrest warrant. Home Secretary Theresa May is to tell MPs about the move, which would please Conservative back bench members but would not be so popular with their Liberal Democrat coalition partners. Agreement on the issue is some way off. Prime Minister David Cameron has already

hinted that Britain plans to seize back powers and is to exercise the opt out, although Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has said national security and public safety needs to be safeguarded before any agreement can be reached. Some MPs have expressed the view that a number of British citizens have faced unfair trials abroad and it was reported recently that a number of senior ministers have said Britain should threaten to pull out of the EU altogether unless important powers are returned to the UK.

very future of Scotland depends on their verdict. Mr Salmond says he has a mandate to hold the referendum and will be working positively for a ‘Yes’ vote, although early indications are that Scottish voters would elect to remain part of the United Kingdom.

Virgin carries on Virgin, the rail operator, is to be asked to continue to run the West Coast Main Line in Britain following a Department of Transport U-turn over the award of a new franchise. The current franchise was due to end on December 9th, but Virgin chief Richard Branson challenged the award of a new franchise to another operator, putting the whole thing on hold.

Malaria kills penguins The extremely wet summer in Britain has led to an increase in the numbers of mosquitoes being found in homes, although they are more of a nuisance than a

threat to humans. But all is not so well at London Zoo where six penguins have died from an avian strain of malaria

in spite of preventative measures. The disease is not harmful to humans and cannot spread from bird to bird.




A moral duty There are fears that many elderly patients are dying in Britain because they are being denied treatment based on their age. Now the Royal College of surgeons is saying that doctors have a moral duty to properly care for older patients who are living longer. Overall health rather than age should be taken into consideration when considering treatment as legislation now demands.


Pushing Penny I had to smile when I read how evergreen rock star Rod stewart proposed to the slightly younger love of his life Penny Lancaster in a restaurant on the second platform of the eiffel Tower. Rod got down on one knee, asked the question, and waited, and waited, while Penny composed herself, then he said: “Please say something Penny, my knee is killing me!” Vic Gardner WaLes

At the top Cardiff are currently top of the Championship on 22 points and Leicester are second on 21. Demoted Wolves are third and on 19 points ahead of Crystal Palace on goal difference. Brighton are on 18 and Huddersfield and Leeds have 17 points.

WEDNESDAY, October 17th 2012

news Your outlook on the World

UK News n 09


Savile McKinnon gets reprieve inquiry Asperger’s sufferer and computer hacker Gary McKinnon, 46, from North London has won his 10year battle against extradition to the US after Home Secretary Theresa May stepped in to halt proceedings due to fears that he may try to commit suicide if the extradition went ahead. He admitted hacking into US military computers but said he was looking for evidence UFO’s. He would face a sentence of up to 60 years if convicted in the US. She also announced a shake-up of existing extradition arrangements, introducing a forum bar which will allow a UK court to decide if a trial should be brought here instead. She told MPs: "Mr McKinnon is accused of serious crimes but there is also no doubt that he is seriously ill. He has Asperger's syndrome, and suffers from depressive illness. The legal question before me is now whether the extent of that illness is sufficient to preclude extradition. After careful consideration of all of the

relevant material, I have concluded that Mr McKinnon's extradition would give rise to such a high risk of him ending his life that a decision to extradite would be incompatible with Mr McKinnon's human rights. I have therefore withdrawn the extradition order against Mr McKinnon. It will now be for the Director of Public Prosecutions to decide whether Mr McKinnon has a case to answer in a UK court." Following the announcement, Mr McKinnon's mother Janis Sharp said: "Thank you Theresa May from the bottom of my heart – I always knew you had the strength and courage to do the right thing." London mayor Boris Johnson added: "At last, justice and the well-being of Mr McKinnon have prevailed. To extradite a man diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome to America for trial would have been extraordinarily cruel and inhumane. I applaud the Government's stance."

David Cameron could order a public inquiry into the Jimmy Savile scandal once BBC and police investigations are concluded, Downing Street has indicated. Number 10 insisted it was still an option after Labour-led calls for the Government to set up an independent inquiry into the sex abuse allegations. A spokesman said: "Nothing has been ruled out, but our view is it would be premature to prejudge the outcome of the two BBC inquiries and the police investigation." Labour leader Ed Miliband is insisting that the BBC's internal investigations are not enough and the victims deserve more. "We need a broad look at all the public institutions involved – the BBC, parts of the NHS and Broadmoor. This has got to be independent." Police believe the DJ and television presenter's alleged catalogue of child sex abuse could have spanned six decades and included around 60 victims.


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10 n Local News

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Local News

Al Capone was jailed for 11 years for tax evasion

Portugal to reduce toll Seprona chief allegedly organised illegal hunt

The EU has forced the Portuguese government to extend the 15 per cent toll reduction given to companies and those individuals living within a 20 kilometre radius of the

bridge connecting the south of Spain with the Algarve to all users.

The ruling arose from formal complaints made by the Spanish Federation

of Haulage Companies.

The toll charge will be reduced by up to 40 per cent on Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays.

Autumn has arrived The cold wind from the west, known as the poniente, has dropped night temperatures to around 15 degrees C while day temperatures will not rise much above 24 degrees,

although there will be the odd day when temperatures rise slightly above the seasonal average. By the end of the week, rains will be sweeping down

from the British Isles, according to the State Meteorological Office, but will only last for a day or two and not all of the province will be affected.

New shop opening hours Malaga City Council is to allow retailers in the city centre to open on Sundays and national holidays and to set their own opening times. A council spokesman said the objective was to fill


the streets on those days, “when they are more like a morgue than a flourishing city centre”. He said the move was inevitable, given the growing numbers of large cruise ships which put into

Malaga port. “These people should be able to buy souvenirs no matter what the day of the week it is,” he said, adding that other areas of the city will gradually be incorporated.



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All eight are accused of fraud, forgery and crimes against public health, while the Seprona chief faces additional charges of not investigating a crime and being involved in negotiations forbidden to public sector workers. It was some of the hunters who participated in the illegal hunt who tipped off the authorities about it. The charge of fraud

arises from the fact that the hunters who took part, for a fee of €80, thought the hunt was legal only to discover later that the money

had gone into the organisers’ pockets and not to the authorities who own the hunting ground.

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Eight people are under investigation in connection with an illegal boar hunt near Alhaurin el Grande in January – allegedly organised by the head of the Guardia Civil’s Nature Protection Agency (Seprona) in Coin.



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‘Today...’ The harsh reality now is that there are many retirees who feel trapped, embarrassed, and unable to talk to their family about this situation – feeling ashamed, having fallen foul of the aggressive marketing techniques often used to secure this type of business. At Speed Financial Solutions, we take the care of our expat community very seriously and are already working for people who have approached us, unable to sleep at night in fear of losing everything they have spent their lives working for. ‘What can be done ...?’ We have teamed up with a prominent lawyer in Marbella and are working together to put our expats back into a mortgage free position on the following basis: Civil court action with a view to obtaining a ruling that declares both the mortgage loan agreement and the investment contract, null and void. The claim is to be based on the allegation that the contracts entered into were tainted with so many defects that,

by applying Spanish laws on the matter (financial, banking and consumer laws), would render them void from the very beginning. This includes two false concepts used to sell the products: 1. That by registering a mortgage loan against the property, it would reduce its value for Inheritance Tax purposes. 2. That by investing the proceeds of the loan in a certain way, they would perform well enough to support the cost of the loan (interest, commissions) and leave extra money, for personal use. Do you find yourself in this position, not knowing which way to turn? If you would like a free private consultation please contact us for an appointment. Alternatively, every Friday we run a surgery in our office in Coin from 10am until 1pm when our Financial Advisers will be available to discuss your own situation. Please see www.speedfinancialsolutio or contact us on 951 315 271/951 318 529 email admin@speedfinancialsolu .

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Inland & Coastal News n 11


Green shoots already emerging 2 Showrooms with over 30 kitchens, just to inspire

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Like the Phoenix, the areas destroyed by fire at the end of August are already beginning to emerge from the ashes. Encouraged by the recent rains, oaks, pines and palmettos are already putting out fragile new shorts, as witnessed by a reporter from a local newspaper on one of the fincas affected by the worst blazes the Costa del Sol has suffered in a decade. Gamekeeper Francisco Cuevas showed the reporter how a 150-yearold tree had survived a partial burning and was already putting out shoots. This week, Infoca

Body of flood victim found The body of a man who was swept away in the September 28th flood in Pizarra was recovered from the sea last week, 20 kilometres away from the town. Fishermen spotted the body floating some 800 metres offshore. The Guardia Civil recovered it and took it to Fuengirola, where it was identified as the 60-year-old forest ranger who had disappeared in the flash floods. He was the last of the seven victims who went missing in Andalucia to be found. Another four were drowned in Murcia. Agricultural experts are still assessing the damage done to crops and livestock to work out the compensation for farmers, many of whom have seen their life’s work destroyed.

firefighting agents will begin to prepare the scorched earth and remove the burnt parts of surviving trees so that the autumn rains will be able to act more effectively for their regeneration. Several municipalities have begun to clear the paths used by hikers while barriers are being



constructed on slopes to stop heavy rain from washing away the topsoil. Gamekeepers are distributing feed for deer, boars, goats and partridges and report increasing numbers every week. However, it will be years before the devastated areas return to the way they were before the blazes.

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Border delays unacceptable The UK government has condemned Spanish police for causing delays of up to six hours at the border with Gibraltar. Foreign Office minister David lidington called the hold-ups at the weekend "unacceptable", saying representations had been made at "a very high level". He said the Spanish government had told him the delays had been caused by an anti-tobacco smuggling operation, but there had been no forewarning. He added: "This current disruption comes at a time when there are tensions between Spain and Gibraltar as to fishing rights in Gibraltar's territorial waters." in the House of Commons on monday, mr lidington reassured mPs that waiting times had since been reduced to 20 minutes for people in cars and 10 minutes for those on bicycles. TOrremOlinOS

Skates and skateboards to be banned mayor Pedro Fernández montes has announced that skates and skateboards are to be banned in public areas and can only be used on the courts in the Villa Deportiva. He said that the council had received many complaints from residents and visitors and that the move was in line with article 6.1 of the ordinance on the protection and defence of peaceful coexistence. The mayor said the local Police would only warn skaters until October 31st but as of november 1st skates and skateboards would be confiscated. Their owners can reclaim them on payment of fines ranging from €600 to €15,000. marbella

Residents don’t like new map residents have complained that in the proposed new map of the town some barrios are shown as belonging to different districts. They also object to the division of San Pedro alcántara into two parts. The map, which divides the town into nine districts, was approved in July this year and residents had until Tuesday this week to lodge their objections with the local council. a council spokesman said the map was drawn up following population geographical and historical guidelines after marbella was recognised officially as a large town.

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12 n Political Update

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The Local

Memo from

Voice Madrid Muriel Pilkington

Martin Delfín Writes for the English language version of

Catalan week

Questionable comeback


Artur Mas, Prince Felipe of Spain and Jose Manuel Lara Bosch at the 60th Planeta Awards


bservers both foreign and national can be forgiven if they are under the impression that there is only one upcoming regional election – that of Catalonia on November 25th. However, there are in fact two more – in Galicia and the Basque Country this coming Sunday, but Catalan regional premier Artur Mas is making sure they get little media coverage. This man is even more of an expert than crusading judge Baltasar Garzon at grabbing the headlines, although admittedly the government and others are doing their best to help him. Minister José Ignacio Wert caused an uproar last Thursday when he said the government wants to “hispanicize Catalan students.” What he meant was that Catalan students should be educated in both Spanish and Catalan to help them feel proud of being both Spanish and Catalan. Mas immediately accused the central government of trying to turn the clock back to the Franco dictatorship. “They think we should explain the history of Spain the way they would like to explain it themselves,” Mas said, “but Catalan schools teach the history of Spain as a multinational state, not like the 'one, great and free' of Franco’s time." By Monday, the whole thing was turning into a farce. As regional premier, Mas had to attend the gala dinner held every year to name the winner of one of Spain’s most prestigious literary awards, the Planeta. Education Minister Wert also attended as did the owner of the Planeta publishing group, José Manuel Lara.


o there you had Mas, the Messiah who will lead Catalonia out of Spain, Lara, who has said he will lead his publishing group out of Catalonia if it ever becomes independent, and poor old Wert who still seems to be recovering from the shock of having caused such a fuss.


arlier in the day, Mas had threatened to take the demand for a referendum on the issue of Catalan independence to Europe if Madrid insists

on rejecting it: “If they won’t let us consult the people, what we will have to do is explain this to Brussels; we will have to internationalize the conflict.” The almost immediate reply from Brussels was that the question of EU membership for an independent Catalan state would only be considered if Spain requested it. I think it was just a polite way of saying – no way Artur.


he Catalans have been irritating me for years with their insistence on speaking Catalan on national television. This means that the TV stations have to take the time and trouble to translate their spoutings into the country’s official language, Spanish, which everybody but a handful of old people in the remotest areas of the Basque Country, Galicia, the Balearic Islands and Catalonia speak. These translations are usually run across the bottom of the TV screen without a voice-over in Spanish to help the slow readers.


n recent weeks, it seems that every Catalan from Artur Mas down has forgotten every word of Spanish they ever knew. Don’t they realise it’s not the best way to get their message across? I’m a quick reader in both English and Spanish and I have a hard time keeping up with the subtitles, even with my glasses on and sitting close to the screen. From reports in the media, it seems Spaniards are generally very slow readers. A fair percentage of them have to wear glasses and another smaller percentage can’t even read. They can’t blame us non-Catalan speakers if we just switch off mentally until the news gets back to a language we can understand. The Basques, being much more intelligent, don’t speak Basque when on national television and I suspect that many of the politicians there don’t speak it in private either. Current regional premier Patxi Lopez only started perfecting his grasp of Basque when he ran in the last regional election.

ith voters geared to go to the polls in two regions on Sunday, the elections in Galicia will be a bellwether of sorts for an up-and-coming political formation that has been organised by a convicted former banker who served a jail sentence for what was Spain’s biggest banking scandal of the 1990s. Mario Conde, the disgraced former president of Banco Español de Credito, better known as Banesto, is running for a spot in the Galician parliament on behalf of his group Civil Society and Democracy (SCD), a conservative party organised earlier this month that is calling for radical changes in Spain’s political and judicial structures. Conde is a bright man with bright ideas, even though he is plagued by a sordid past. The 67-year-old Galician has been making the late night talk show circuit explaining his ideas on why Spain needs to dismantle the dominance of the two-party system and set up a fairer arrangement that allows voters to directly select their own representatives. According to the SCD bylaws, supporters are proposing to eliminate public financing of parties and guarantee the independence of the judiciary by de-politicizing the court system.


he Conde movement has raised concerns in the Partido Popular (PP) in Galicia which sees it as a threat to the ruling party’s hold on conservative values there. It also fears that the SCD proposals – especially those calling for the breaking up of political monopolies in state institutions – could turn out to be heavy-handed electoral weapons at a time when Spaniards are profoundly frustrated with the system at hand. Conde has his own bone to pick with the PP and the Socialists. While he continues to maintain his innocence for the Banesto embezzlement, he blames the judges who convicted him for working alongside the two major parties to get him out of the way. This isn’t the first time this lawyer has tried to push for political reforms. In the middle of the banking scandal he had been proactive in trying to get his ideas across to Spanish society; even his close friendship with King Juan Carlos was seen as a threat.


n late 1993, the Bank of Spain took over Banesto after discovering a €5 billion hole in its books. Conde, who at 39 became one of the youngest bank presidents in Spain just six years earlier, was fired. Prosecutors later accused him of diverting some of the money to offshore accounts and using false

documents to make the transfers look legal. He was also accused in another money transfer scheme known as the Argentia Trust case and served 16 months before being released and again sent to prison for 20 years for the Banesto scandal following his convictions by the Supreme Court in 2002. He was finally released in 2007 for good behaviour. Now many are wondering if a convicted felon can make it in politics. But in Spain, almost anything is possible.


aintaining that he has proof that he was railroaded, Conde has written a few books where he pleads his innocence and lays out his ground rules for pluralism and institutional reforms. He has always been somewhat of a flamboyant character ever since he came on the scene as the dashing banker in the late 1980s, when he successfully headed off a hostile takeover of Banesto by BBV – the first of its kind in Spain. Known as “the shark,” Conde became the epitome of the excesses and jet-set lifestyle of the 1980s as Spain was just awakening from a nearly 40-year Franco dictatorship and discovering what a new life had to offer. Conde says he made a lot of his money in the pharmaceutical industry before arriving at Banesto, when he and his partner sold a company they owned in Galicia to an Italian conglomerate. It was said to be the biggest financial transaction to have taken place in Spain at that time.


f he should win Sunday’s race Conde hopes to use the Galician parliament as a springboard to the national arena, in which he hopes in the next two general elections the SCD will win seats in Parliament. But in the meantime the legal problems just won’t go away. The High Court earlier this month announced that it had embargoed four properties in Majorca on suspicion that Conde owns them through a ghost company in Luxembourg. The court’s reasoning for the embargo is that Conde has not finished paying his share of the fine and compensation he and other Banesto directors owe stockholders. He has denied this and has challenged the High Court to send a judicial commission to Luxembourg to find out who really owns the property. “Why now? What has happened? Haven’t they had time in the past 12 years? What is new?” he asks in a statement. “Legally, nothing new has happened. What is new is that I have decided to run in the Galician parliamentary elections.” It is all up in the air whether Conde will get his comeback.

WEDNESDAY, October 17th 2012

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Special Feature n 13


“Taking the Leap!” It all started back on July 30th, after a restless night’s sleep. I woke up and dragged myself to the bathroom. I turned and caught a view of myself in the mirror. “Oh my God, what is this Hulk of fat looking back at me” I thought. Yes, I know that in the past I had been told to lose weight by the doctor but I was shocked! Here I was, 32-years-old, looking at nearly 25 stone of monster, I thought. “How did I get here? What had I done to myself?” I have never been the smallest person but it never bothered me what people thought but that day it sickened me. I took a shower then decided to visit a social networking site, to see if I could cheer myself up. Usually one of the comments makes me laugh. The first post to appear was from Sandie Ashing, someone I had known for about six years but hadn´t seen for at least two (the type of person on your friends’ list that you never see but as long as they are posting you know they are OK). She was publishing results that she had achieved in weight loss from a process she was taking part in, called a “Hypnotic Gastric Band”. At this point I’m thinking “I want those results, I need to know more.” Automatically I began to type a message to Sandie to ask for more information. I told her “It’s for a friend”, so she didn’t think I had an issue with my weight. Then I waited… A few hours later I received a message back saying to visit /pages/ Hypno-GastricBand and that the whole process had been started

by Stuart Ashing, Sandie´s husband and professional hypnotist/hypnotherapist. I was to call Stuart to discuss my “friend’s” situation. This was it, I was going to have to admit it was me with the problem, what was I going to do?.. I fought with myself to gather the courage to make that Leap, to make that call to Stuart, the step to telling someone how I was feeling, what I wanted….. no…. what I needed to help me. I dialled and the ringing started… why was I so nervous? I knew Stuart, we had talked loads of times, why was this any different? There was a buzz and then I heard Stuart’s relaxing voice. Why had I been worried? It was just Stuart … but this time it was Stuart the hypnotherapist not Stuart the man. During this conversation, which lasted around an hour, my confidence in Stuart grew until the point where I just blurted out “It’s me there is no “friend”. I was shocked when Stuart responded with, “I know, I’ve always known. You just needed that to help you make the first step”. After this revelation, the conversation got to the point that Stuart asked the all-important questions, “What would it mean to you to lose weight? And are you fully committed to the process?”. My answers were simple, it would mean a lot as I would be able to do what I wanted, and yes, I was ready to commit fully to the process! “This is what I need from you” said Stuart “a one week food diary (and it does need to be honest!), and I need you to come and see us so we can weigh and measure you before we start.” The




by Adrian Taylor

quickly. My diary was complete. I looked at the list in front of me and thought it didn´t look too bad. The shock was to come when Sandie took the diary and entered it into a computer program she has, to analyse the calorie content and nutritional values, such as protein, carbohydrates and fat. It calculates your recommended daily calorie intake, based on your height, weight and activity level, and informs you what is required to maintain your weight and how many calories are needed to lose or gain weight (obviously weight gain wasn´t needed in my case!) and the date that you are expected to reach your ideal weight That was it – the results were in. My body, based on my height (197 cm) and weight (162 kg), needed 3500 calories a day to maintain my weight. My honest food diary had highlighted the fact that my average daily intake was nearly double that… I wasn´t just maintaining weight I was actually adding to it. I needed help and I needed it NOW!

This is the science bit… Stuart took me to his office where we discussed possible reasons for my over-eating. Back in December 1999, I had a major car accident, and the doctor had said that if I had weighed less, I wouldn´t have survived the accident. Bingo!!! That was it! That was why I had been

embracing the weight. It had saved my life and was therefore a good thing. In reality, of course, based on information from Spanish doctors, it was the reason I couldn´t have the vital operation on my legs and was ultimately going to be the cause of my death. At lunch, Sandie started discussing my food diary in depth, commenting “It´s all the take-aways and fizzy pop that’s causing the problems.” She didn’t know that I’m a trained chef and those take-aways were all homemade. “If you’re a trained chef, why do you eat so much rubbish?” she said. Simple answer, I’m lazy, if there is only me at home, I just grab junk food rather than cook. After lunch, back to Stuart’s office, where the “magic” happened. All I can say is, one minute I was there, the next minute nearly an hour had passed and my stomach felt different. That was it! I was in the group, I was part of TEAM HGB, and I was ready to take on the world…. P.S. The date for my ideal weight is 13th December 2013, which also, quite spookily, is the 14th anniversary of the car accident. Destiny or something more sinister!? (Pictured above: Adrian’s first step on the scales) More from Adrian soon.

WEDNESDAY, October 17th 2012

14 n Community News

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e Battle of Fuengirola Play safe with Liberty anniversary this week

This week marks the anniversary of the Battle of Fuengirola which took place during the Napoleonic Peninsular Wars 202 years ago. The bloody incident fought on the beach at Fuengirola castle was between Major General Lord Blayney of Gibraltar and a small garrison of Polish troops and goes something like this: Lord Blaney's plan was to attack and occupy the then French-held port of Málaga but first he needed to capture the castle at Fuengirola. The castle was known to be thinly defended by just one hundred conscripted Polish troops in the service of Napoleon, sent there for rest and recuperation. Blaney's attitude was nothing short of arrogant. Presuming a swift victory he arrived on the 14th October around 2.00 pm with over 1,800 mixed nationality troops and demanded an immediate surrender. The Polish officer in charge, a Captain Franciszek Mlokosiewicz explained he and his men were in enough clubs already and they didn't want to join Blaney's. Then, after a few more choice

words he simply opened fire on Blaney’s much larger force, sending one of his ships, a gunboat, to the bottom and badly damaging another two. Somewhat put out by this unexpected turn of events Lord Blaney retreated – only to return later that night with heavy cannon. Poor old Blaney really wasn't getting the hang of this siege business and left his cannon under light guard on the beach in view of the castle. This presented too much of a temptation for the Polish troops. Sensing an opportunity, they seized the cannon and shelled the British forces and ships still at anchor. Understandably annoyed, Blaney counter attacked in force. The Poles retreated back inside the castle but not before they set fire to all of the remaining British gunpowder and ammunition. It was all going downhill badly for Lord Blaney with worse still to come . Unbeknown to him 60 more Polish troops stationed in Mijas had slipped unseen through the confused British line and joined their pals in the castle. Blaney re-stocked, re-organised and reattacked the Fuengirola

SPN offer to RBL members This year, IFP-Iberian Funeral Plans SL (incorporating SPN Funeral Plans SL) would like to make the following offer to RBL members in Spain: for each plan taken out between now until 11th November, Iberian Funeral

Plans will donate 50 Euros per plan to your branch Poppy Appeal fund. This will make a significant increase in the amounts raised this year. Contact David Knight on 952 595 691 625 410 735 advertising feature

castle with renewed determination – only to be out-flanked in a surprise attack by another 400 Polish reinforcements and 30 mounted light cavalry French Dragoons who had arrived in double quick time from another second French garrison town, Alhaurin El Grande. Along with the now inspired 160 or so men from inside the castle the battle of Fuengirola was really under way. The vicious hand-to-hand fighting on the the beach inflicted heavy casualties on both sides. The outnumbered but battle-hardened Poles slowly turned the tables, routing the British forces and putting them under fire once again from their own cannon. Major General Lord Blaney stood his ground bravely but was finally knocked down and taken prisoner. The Poles relieved him of his later-to-be-famous sword and sent it off to their museum in Krakow where it still hangs today as a testament to the brave but bloody Polish victory over the British at Fuengirola on 15th October 1810. written by Pete Woodall Woody’s Los Boliches

Zf!Pmf’! Cvudifsz Dbsojdfsjb

Refrigerated Home Delivery service now available Call Martin for telephone orders on 671 464 400 Avda Blas Infante, Alhaurin el Grande

Golf insurance from Liberty Seguros gives you the freedom to play without worry, anywhere in the world! Liberty Seguros has been protecting assets globally for more than 100 years and has over 150,000 expat clients alone. They are one of the largest insurance and financial services groups in the world and their Golf Insurance Policy guarantees you peace of mind whilst playing this magnificent sport which is fast becoming one of the most popular pastimes with people of all ages. Golfing is a hobby, a socialising tool and to many, a workout. With hundreds of golf courses to choose from in Spain, together with an ideal climate and stunning scenery, playing a couple of rounds could be the perfect stress reliever. Perhaps you wouldn’t feel so relaxed if you knew that each year thousands of golf injuries require hospital treatment, and millions of Euros worth of expensive

golfing equipment gets damaged or stolen. If you add to this the risk of having to pay out substantial damages if you are found liable for a shot that caused injury, no matter how slight the risk, you would be surprised to discover that 9 out of 10 golfers have insufficient specialist golf insurance! Don’t be fooled into thinking that your household insurance policy will cover you. Household policies are just that and have insufficient cover for sporting injuries and thefts. Liberty Seguros´ Golf Insurance gives you absolute peace of mind whilst playing at any officially recognized club anywhere in the world! •They cover equipment and clubs against fire and theft as a result of intimidation or violence whilst they are stored with the caddymaster, at the professional shop or whilst being transported by the insured. •Breakage and/or damage to equipment during the course of play.

Pet of the Week


•Personal Accidents; death, permanent disability and medical expenses resulting from accidental injury occurring in the Golf Club. •Third Party Liability up to 100,000€ when playing on the course of officially recognized clubs. This also covers accidents occurring abroad, provided that liability would have applied to the insured had the same accident occurred in Spain. •Extraordinary expenses as a result of achieving a Hole-inOne whilst playing in officially recognized competitions at any Golf Club throughout the world. Let no one put you off your shot and contact Liberty Seguros today. They represent experience, strength, resources and dedication; Liberty Seguros is committed to finding the very best means of providing its clients with piece of mind. For further information or to find a broker that speaks your language go to: or call: 902 255 258

Teach Your Dog To Eliminate On Command part 2 Teach him to poo when you want him to!

Griz This is little Griz she is such a sweetie, brought into FAMA just this week. She was born approximately on the 1st January 2012 and she weighs around 5 kilos. She came from El Paraiso from where she was rescued before being put to sleep. She has an excellent character, is a good girl and has no problems with other dogs with whom she eats and plays well. She has fitted into FAMA very quickly. We don’t think she will be with us for very long, she will hopefully find a forever home very quickly. For further information call Pat on 620 354 885 or visit our website at FAMA’s policy is never to have a healthy dog put down, they have a home with us for life, or until they are adopted.

The process of teaching your dog the command to eliminate is straightforward and simple – have him hear the command as he performs the behaviour. Then reward the behaviour. When you determine that he needs to eliminate, take him on his leash to the spot you want him to use as his bathroom. Tell him to go and “be busy”, continue to repeat “busy” until he does. As soon as he eliminates, praise him profusely and reward him with something that he wants.

Step one. Determine that he needs to go. Predicting when your dog needs to eliminate is fairly easy. He will need to go shortly after he eats or drinks. The younger he is, the shorter will be the time between ingestion and elimination.

He will need to urinate almost immediately after waking from a nap. If crated, he will need to eliminate after any length of time in the crate. In fact, putting your dog in his crate for an hour or so will almost ensure that he will eliminate quickly. A play session when Mum, Dad or the kids arrive home is sure to cause him to need to go. And with young puppies, you are safe in considering that he will need to be taken outside about once an hour during the day for each month of his age. More next week... David is on Talk Radio every Saturday from 10am - (Calahonda to Nerja) 88.9fm (Calahonda to Algeciras) 91.9fm

WEDNESDAY, October 17th 2012

news Your outlook on the World

Community News n 15


Friendship Day with Sweden There is a wall of nations in Mijas Pueblo that was inaugurated last year. Now the Swedish community in Mijas has been honoured with the first ceramic plaque. Yesterday, Tuesday 16th, there was the celebration of The Friendship Day with Sweden. It was, of course, attended by some celebrities, like the Swedish Consul from Malaga; Pedro Megias González, the mayor of Mijas; Ángel Nozal and Anette Skou, the coordinator from the Foreign Department in Mijas Town Hall. Entertainment was a group of musicians and folk dancers; Sundsvalls Folkdansgille, from Sundsvall a town 400 km (app. 248 miles) north of Stockholm. They were all dressed with typical folk-

HANDYMAN For all your jobs around the home and garden. Repairs Maintenance Building projects Architectural drawings Mini-digger hire. CALL SIMON

678 450 051

lore dresses from different villages in the northern part of Sweden. As well as The News, the Swedish press, Svenska Magasinet, Sydkusten, En Sueco and the Swedish radio; Kustradion 104,8 were also invited to cover the event. There will be another chance to see the folk dancers this Friday 19th at 7 pm, when they will be performing at Parque Miramar, Fuengirola and at the Swedish Days. Text and Photo by Anja Erixon Ground floor La Trocha C.C. Coin

Key cutting, photocopying, fax, printing, business cards, greeting cards etc., all in one place!

Tel: 951 315 240

Ball this weekend There is still just time to get your tickets for the Charity Masked Ball to be held at the Tamisa Golf Hotel this Saturday, 20th October. This is a long frock/ dinner suit ball so will give you a chance to dress up for the night. And the masks should be amazing! Sure to be one of the most important events of the year, and with fabulous entertainment throughout the evening, the fun starts at 7.30pm and tickets cost just €25 per person – including a welcome drink plus Grand Buffet meal. There will, of course, be raffles with fabulous prizes and a Grand Prize Draw. For more information and to book your tickets call Jo on 696 430 160 or The Tamisa Golf Hotel on 952 585 988.


$P€€ D £INANCIAL $OLUTIONS General Insurance

Car Insurance, Buildings, Contents,Travel,Holiday Home, Pet, Health Just call into our office near La Trocha,Coin for a quote on any service you require. Or call 951 315 271 or email

To advertise in The News Call Geoff on 622 05 04 09

Funeral Care Spain English Funeral Directors

24hr Service 654 056 653 Office 951 909 264

No worries, just memories



Custom Built Guitars


Alberto Martín Ramos

If you have lived here for years and never managed to get to grips with the language, why not go for it now? We will be learning stuff that you need to know to get along here.

Contact Valerie at or leave a message on 952 45 07 47 and I will get back to you.

Classes will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The initial five week course which runs till 25th October will cost 75€

- Professional concert Guitar making - Antique instruments making. - Adjusting and Repair of stringed instruments. - Studio guitars for sale.

Urb. Carib Playa Pueblo Andaluz Plaza Sta. Mónica local L. Marbella Málaga. Tlf. 620 147 751

Road exit Las Chapas. Km 194

Adele tribute show at Fuengirola’s Macarena Rodizio Macarena continues its tribute series tomorrow (Thursday 18th) with Adele. Conveying the look, personality and – most importantly – the voice of Adele, Rebecca Louise performs with amazing conviction, to a very high standard. She has already completed one sell-out tour of Spain and now she has returned, do not miss this opportunity to see this great show. The price of the ‘eat as much as you want’ dinner menu starts from as little as €12.50, so why not try the exciting rodizio menu of succulents meats carved directly on to your plate, and enjoy an evening to remember? Non diners are also welcome to watch the show, soak up the great atmosphere and enjoy drinks at the bar.

For those of you who prefer to eat during the daytime, Rodizio Macarena is now open from midday, serving the same delicious menu at the same economical price.

Rodizio Macarena is situated underneath the Los Piramides Hotel on Calle Heroes de Beler in Fuengirola. Call 952 47 47 14 and make your reservation.


WEDNESDAY, October 17th 2012

16 n Out & About


Read your favourite news, plus a whole lot more in

Your Weekly Entertainment Guide INSIDE THIS WEEK Last Chance - Guys and Dolls finishes at Salon Varietes this weekend Modern and Crossover - Coming to Parka’s in Calahonda this Saturday Horsing around - Natural horsemanship Saturday workshops in Coin

Pògs Pub Rock Party Weekend Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st October Pògs live music bar in Fuengirola are celebrating their “it's already one year since we reopened anniversary” and doing it in style. The come-back and welcome-back to the winter party weekend features Monkey Tennis (pictured) on the Saturday night and The Steve Nelson Band on Sunday, for the relaunch of the popular 6pm Sunday Session.

A big welcome to all action Monkey Tennis who haven't played Pógs since before the summer so expect some great new tunes from them. Both these talented bands put on a real show and enjoy a good following here on the coast.

Ten days later, on Wednesday the 31st is the 2012 Pògs Halloween Party. Pógs is a recognised “party magnet” especially when it comes to Halloweeners so if “freaky costume” is your thing, and as the moon's still full come along. Ahouwl! This year the theme is loosely “Past Musicians”, as in, dead ringers for deceased singers.

bar has come up with a specially designed Halloween “Seven Deadly Sins Shot Slab”. For around €12 for the seven shots you get to blow out your cobwebs but no need to get spooked-out as November 1st is All Saints Day and a public holiday. No doubt as usual, best dressed Halloweeners will be recognised and rewarded for their costumes.

The new cocktail /shots

After that, it's great gigs

Great ambience Large, sunny terrace seats 120 Live sports 42” screens & 70” movie screen! Pool Table Happy hour every day, 3 - 7pm Cheap prices 7 days a week 11am - late

Jardines de Gamonal, Calle Sagitario Building 7, Arroyo de la Miel


FamilyBar Free Wii For Customers’ Use All Major Sports Shown Breakfast & Snacks 9-Late 10% Discount With This Advert (Valid On Food Purchases 9-2) Bonanza Sq. Benalmadena


The coast and inland branches of The Royal British Legion have launched their Poppy Appeals for this year. Various events and activities will be taking place and The News will let you know where and when they are as soon as we know. In the meantime, buy your poppies from the vendors and wear them with pride.





ADVERTISE IT IN THE NEWS The paper that everyone reads!

627 652 728 CALL GEOFF ON

written by Pete Woodall Woody's Los Boliches

Don’t forget to hunt through all your unwanted items this weekend to put them into the charity auction at JK’s on Saturday October 27th – in aid of a lady called Emma who was diagnosed with cancer during the school holidays. Because she was between contracts, she has lost her job so let’s all try to help her out.

this Watch what’s for space at JK’s on


Coming to this JK’s Month

Bingo & Quiz Wednesdays - start 8.30pm

Sunday 21st - Karaoke from 3 ‘til 6pm Saturday 27th - Charity Auction in aid of Emma Collins who has cancer

More info:620 37 41 91

Free Entry!

Terry @ Buzby ad ’


Wednesday 17th KT Peters Multi-change drag act Thursday18th Leslie Harrison - Rock chick Friday 19th Central FM’s very own Tony Keys live n’ kicking Saturday 20th Mad Terry- Man of many voices Sunday 21st KT Peters Multi-change drag act Monday 22nd Johnny Westwood country cowboy Tuesda 23rd Ian Jacks - DJ by day, superstar by night EVERY NIGHT from midnight Karaoke with Tommo



Pògs is Fuengirola's leading Irish-style live music venue, it is easy to find on Calle Lamo de Espinosa near the PYR hotel next to the Fuengirola port with live music every night from Wednesday to Sunday. Tel 662 594 111

Charity Auction



Our staff welcome you with a smile

and good nights out right through to Christmas and the Pógs big New Year's Eve party.


This is the same band we all know and love but with a new name. To mark Steve's recovery following his medical mishap earlier in the year they are now – the medically and musically magnificent – Steve Nelson and the Pacemakers. Suffice to say, Steve is fine, now he neverever misses a beat and brings a whole new meaning to “back in just a tick”.


Now Open from 8.30pm Av Antonio Machado Benalmadena 645404911 / 628617658

For more info call Tracey on 620 374 191

MR. JEEVES Evening kitchen under new management Great New Menu

Homemade fresh food served from 6pm MONTEMAR

EL MOJITO Plaza de Remo La Carihuela Torremolinos

952 057 062

Football is back - all matches shown inc. Saturday 4pm game Food Served all day 11am to 9pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday Robbie’s Roadshow plus Karaoke Friday Siobhan - female vocalist from Dublin - Country Irish 60s, 70s & 80s Fun for all ages Saturday Nightlife - Comedy vocal duo - not to be missed! tributes to Elvis, Tina Turner & Showaddywaddy Sunday Danny Stone Mr Blue Eyed Soul *FREE ENTRY* Shows start at 9.30pm. Open all day.

WEDNESDAY, October 17th 2012

OUT & ABOUT news Your outlook on the World

Out & About n 17


Your Weekly Entertainment Guide

Estepona Floral Art Club Fabulous opening night at e Cotton Club Established over 10 years ago, Estepona Floral Art Club is a very friendly club on the Costa del Sol, with members and visitors coming from Nerja to Gibraltar.

Once a month there is a flower arranging demonstration, where spectacular displays are created live on stage. There are also workshops for those who want to learn practical skills, coffee mornings and special events. Members and visitors are most

welcome to attend and do not need any prior knowledge of flowers or flower arranging to enjoy the Club’s events. Members are of various nationalities but all meetings are in English.

For more information and photographs, please see the Club’s Facebook page at onafloralartclub. If you are already a Facebook user, please click ‘Like’ to receive regular updates on the Club’s activities and events. Alternatively, please call Barbara on 951 17 05 73 or send an email to esteponafloralartclub@hot to join the mailing list for the monthly Newsletter.

V¶ Q H WHY 6  RE

Show Bar



The neeww home of . . . *BUNNY L LANE ANE*

Wednnesdayy Evveninngg the legendarryy Bunnyy Lane

w i t h G ue st Ar ti s te i s now a ppe ari ng e xcl usi ve ly in Benal má den a a t  “ Œ Š £ £ œ ဠ £   ’ œ ª  Š ¡ also s tarring Rob SSttevveens *The Man of Many Faces*. Sattuurrdayy Evveninngg we present **V V a r i e t y S h o w* w i t h

Rob SSttevveens *T he Man of Man y Imp ressions* and. . . Sccoottt C Crreasy s :  ¦¡ œ  Ž ဠ £   ၵ  ၹ  ၐ  “ š   Ž Š  Ž ¡ ၐ  Ŷ    Ž Œ “ Š —  ¦ Ž £ ¤ . Door s ope n at 8.30 pm. Se ats mu st be taken by 9 pm.

B o o k i n g A d v i s a b l e : T e l . 605 663 335

Last Friday night saw the inauguration of Fuengirola’s newest music bar, The Cotton Club.

5 euro Show Chargge

The Only Afternoon Entertainment Venue Afternoon sessions: Karaoke / Live Act

*Sunday & Monday* = 4 pm Kar Kar raoke with Hap appy Ho ou ur fr ro om 4 - 5 pm. m *Thursday* = Opeen at 7 pm. m fo o r B i ng go, Quiiz & Kar Kar ra ao ok ke *Friday* = Open e at 7 pm. m for Fun Ka ar raoke *Tuesday* = Closseed Bottled Beers from ¼1 - House Spirits ¼1 Branded Spirits ¼2 (Smirnoff, Bacardi etc.) Mixers ¼1 - House Wine ¼1 -'%DLOH\·V7LD0DULD¼2.50

Ask about our

FR RE EE Loyalty Card EE

Local 14, Plaza Ibensa, Benalmádena - Costa XQGHU(GXDUG UGR¶V5HVWDXUDQW

Te el. 605 663 335 (after mid d--day a please!)

sy Scott Crea  ž 1  V ¶ H S R (XU r e d a e Mi n d R

Situated in Las Rampas, the Cotton Club is run by French born Michel and is certain to be a sure fire success if Friday’s live music and ambiance was anything to go by. Mar, an electric acoustic duo from Malaga played an incredible set consisting of original and unique arrangements of the music of Prince, AC/DC, Lynard Skynard and many more. Hearing such well known rock numbers performed in a gentle folksy style was quite an experience. The Cotton Club has an amazing selection of beer on offer... over 40, from all over the world, Japan, Australia, the Czech Republic, Belgium,to name but a few of their countries of origin. If you are not a beer person, try one of the Cotton Club Cocktails with over 25 to choose from!

Michel intends The Cotton Club to be a venue that everyone can enjoy, so he will ‘mix it up a bit’ music wise, covering different genres every weekend ... Jazz, blues, soft rock, piano bar etc. The locale itself is very welcoming, from its subterranian fully stocked bar, leading down to the stage area, then further down to a comfortable lounge area with sofas and a grand piano … it is most definitely the place to be!

who are performing again this Friday (19th October), and on Saturday (20th) you can catch some blues and rock with the Mama Paul Blues Trio. The live music begins at 11p.m. and there is a small cover charge of €3. So for an evening of great music and atmosphere, visit the Cotton Club this weekend.

For those of you who missed this great evening, you have another chance to see Mar

Supper and quiz next Friday for local charity ARCH (The Andalucian Rescue Centre for Horses) invites you to an Autumn General Knowledge Quiz Night at Venta Miralmonte (Ctra A404 from Coin to Alhaurin el Grande) on Friday 26th October starting at 7.30pm. For the cost of €11 per person there will be a welcome glass of cava, a tasty quiz night supper

from the kitchens of Miralmonte and a raffle with some exciting prizes donated by local businesses. Why not go along and support your local rescue centre and enjoy a great evening? Tickets are available at Venta Miralmonte or you can call Claire on 635 798 219.


WEDNESDAY, October 17th 2012

18 n Out & About

5 PM Open 11 PM Live Music

Live music from 11pm Mama Paula Blues Trio

Admission €3

Las Rampas, Fuengirola

WELCOME! Open every day 6pm ‘til late

Spicy Stir-fried Vegetables

Kitchen Open 6pm - 1am Kitchen Open 6pm - 1am Established in 1994. Established inWhole 1994. Roasted Serving Great Steaks, Shoulder Lamb, Steak Pies, Serving GreatofSteaks, Whole Roasted Stroganoffs, Chicken, Fish, Pastas and Shoulder of Lamb, Steak Pies, Our Famous Pancakes. Stroganoffs, PastasBEEF and WE ONLYChicken, USE Fish, IRISH

Our Famous “Make it Pancakes. Special. WE ONLY USE IRISH BEEF Make it Moochers”

“Make it Special. Make it Moochers”

with this advert Calle Moncayo,29 Fuengirola

952 582 761

Restaurante The Village Inn

Meson del del Pueblo Pueblo Meson


ere’s still just time to see ...

MABS Cancer Support Group, Marbella’s October meeting is to be held on Tuesday October 23rd at the Miraflores Club restaurant on Miraflores, Mijas Costa starting at 11.30am.

The Salon Varietes Theatre, Fuengirola are currently presenting Frank Loesser's award winning musical Guys and Dolls, last performance this Sunday 21st October. Nathan Detroit, a professional gambler, uses his considerable charm to convince Sarah Brown that he is a reformed sinner, and that he will deliver a dozen sinners to her Mission if she will have dinner with him at his favourite restaurant. She reluctantly agrees – find out what happens next at the Salon Varietes. Call the box office 952 474 542 for tickets tickets.

Moochers is the best place for your Birthday, Anniversary, Office, The guest speaker will Golf Presentation, Leaving or be Jean Sampson speaking Homecoming party. Moochers is the best place forforyour Vegetarians catered about the effects of food on

Office,Moocherscancer. See our Birthday, websiteAnniversary, for everything Golf Presentation, Leaving or or Telephone: Homecoming952 party.477 154

Calle de la Cruz 17 Fuengirola (Fish Alley)

Vegetarians catered for

See our website for everything Moochers or Telephone: 952 477 154

Calle de la Cruz 17 Fuengirola (Fish Alley)



Call Geoff on 622 05 04 09

The aim of the Group is to help men and women affected by cancer, with deep understanding , providing confidential ‘one-to-one’ support for them and their families – helping them to look beyond the diagnosis, cope with the treatment and to live life comfortably. Their members know first-hand how it feels to be told you have cancer, or that someone close to you has been diagnosed with it. They understand the


Perfect for breakfast, and lunch serving a large selection of breakfasts, sandwiches, baguettes, speciality English muffins, salads and drinks Daily Specials €5 Winter Hours Mon - Thurs 9.30am - 4.30pm Saturday 9 ‘til 3pm

600 653 513 Next to Sunshine Golf, La Cala

Nellie´s DELI

Swedish Baker


Happy Hour 6 - 7 pm every day

MABS cancer support group meeting

Cafe Bar and Restaurant


952 835 731

Your Weekly Entertainment Guide

Live Live Music Music Every Night Every Night

Friday 19th Mar Saturday 20th

Ponderosa’s Famous Ribs Full Rack & Fries

Read your favourite news, plus a whole lot more in

Take Away Home Cooking and Catering Scandinavian and International Specialities

Tel: 951 319 439 Aloha Gardens, next to El Jardin. Avda Del Prado Nueva Andalucia Open Mon-Fri 9am - 7 pm Sat & Sun 11am - 4 pm

feeling of despair at not knowing where to turn for immediate and long-term support and practical help which can be found with the Group’s support. They provide information on all types of cancers with informative booklets. MABS also arrange interpreters and transport to medical appointments and have expanded in providing their services and support through calls to their branch, MABS CSG Helpline on 952 863 926 and by their many supportive members coming in to the monthly meetings. For any further details, please contact them on 952 863 926, on their mobile 627 031 204, e-mail them at or visit their website, www.mabscancersupport. org


Fish & Chips

Simply the best fish & chips you’ll ever eat!

951 276 728 NEXT TO  DUQUESA GOLF N.340 KM 142


Open 2pm ‘til late

Full Menu

(Closed Tuesdays) Available All Day Sunday Lunch 1 - 5pm Booking advisable Free wifi

Now showing Sky Sports

Sierra Gorda, Carretera Coin - Cartama, Coin 654 137 077

Tom´s Irish Bar A warm Irish welcome

All Premier League Football on 5 large screens

600 060 563 C/ Salvador Rueda 65, Los Boliches

WEDNESDAY, October 17th 2012

news Your outlook on the World

Out & About n 19


What’s on this week at Parka’s Scooter Bar

This Saturday, 20th October is a Mod and Crossover night. So, what is “Mod and Crossover”? Mod was the first true English R&B phenomenon. The most crucial Mod music was on what came to be known as "Tamla/Motown" (the label Motown singles were released on in the UK). The Mods, generally more middle-class folk who dressed in a collegiate style preferred the new R&B to traditional rock. The typical Mod song fused the harder,

earlier Motown R&B sound with traditional British pop virtues; as a result, the songs were slick, uptempo, yet soulful, featuring hard guitars and drums but also pop harmonies and, typically, sporting a cynical attitude about romance. Crossover music is when a song or album from one style of music –bluegrass, for instance – finds popularity in another genre of music sales, such as the pop music charts. This can happen when an artist who normally records in one genre "crosses over" to record in a different genre, or when a song in one style suddenly appeals to listeners of another style. So, if a band or singer would normally sing and play rock music, for

instance, they come out of the zone they’re known for and you may well hear something quite different. The largest figure to date for a crossover hit in the US has come from Grammy Award-winning country singer LeAnn Rimes, whose song "How Do I Live?" sold over three million copies and spent a world-record-breaking 69 weeks on the Hot 100 chart, more than any other song in history at the time, despite peaking only at number 2. It was also a massive hit in Europe. So this weeekend, to hear some truly great sounds that have never gone out of fashion, and probably never will, go along to Parka’s Scooter Bar for an evening to remember. Parka’s is at the bottom of The Strip’s hill in Calahonda and just a bit back from the road.

Go natural, meet new friends and learn new techniques to hire one for the morning. Spectators are welcome and refreshments are available. Make new friends, discover new ideas, and try new techniques. Discover why so many more horse people are

getting interested in going “natural”. For more information or to book your place, telephone Dawn Mason on 622 763 663 or go to the website

The Natural Horsemanship Association of Coin are now holding regular Saturday workshops at Finca Hiedra. These will be run by Freddie Verleyen, the resident 2** Parelli instructor (pictured above) and are open to everyone. If you want to take part it will cost 5 euros if you bring your own horse and an extra 2 euros if you want

1st Saturday of the month: Northern Soul 2nd Saturday: Ska & Reggae night 3rd Saturday: Mod & Crossover night

The Strip, Calahonda w

ith M pra Fr o e bu n wn e ffe - S s t m at Huge choice of: Prawns, Salmon, Tuna en u Salad, Serrano Ham,

Meatballs, Soups, Lasagne, Chilli con carne, Grilled Chicken, Spare Ribs, Carvery Buffet, New Fish Buffet - with 10 varieties of fish!, Clams, Squid... NEW Ice Cream Buffet with 10 different flavours, chocolate mousse, crème caramel, home-made cakes, sweets and much, much more!



€8 +





Open 7 days a week 13:00 - 22:00 Restaurant Don Q, Paseo Maritimo, 40, Fuengirola

CASA KON-TIKI The Home of Fish and Chips

Open All day, 7 days a week 12 ‘til late It’s back! The Car very every Sunday from 12 noon. Roast beef, pork, turkey and ham. Yorkshire pudding + veg, roast and mashed potatoes. €7.95 pp 2 Jumbo Cod, chips and peas with a bottle of wine €20 2 Rump steaks, with a bottle of wine €25 Our famous meal deal now includes a drink (half draught lager, glass house wine, soft drink, tea or coffee) for only €5.95 mid-day to 5pm, 7 days a week

And, of course, our usual full menu Call Chris on

664 028 310

to reserve your table

2nd street behind Yaramar Hotel, Los Boliches Visit us at

La Risa@Lauro Golf

Ladies Lunch - Thursday 18 th October with guest speaker “Colour Me Beautiful”

Monday - 2 Course Menu - including a fabulous curry - just €7.50 Wednesday & Friday Beer battered Fish & Chips Saturday night Includes our Special Menu Sunday - Excellent Sunday Lunch Book early to avoid disappointment

Advance bookings are advisable For further details of all these events call us on 660 350 896 or pop into the bar. On the road between Alhaurin el Grande & Alhaurin de la Torre at Lauro Golf

Across from the Clubhouse


WEDNESDAY, October 17th 2012

20 n Magazine

Read your favourite news, plus a whole lot more in


Advertorial Feature

For all your Halloween supplies, Precious Moments have a frightening selection The One Stop Shop For All Your Halloween Needs! Halloween pumpkin n' party time! After the thrill of Fuengirola feria the buzz of the Halloween festivities is in the air folks! The Costa knows how to do Halloween in true style now!


TAKEN 2 Directed by Olivier Megaton Starring: Liam Neeson, Maggie Grace, Famke Janssen This follow-up to the hugely successful Taken, a slow burner at the box office which became a word-of-mouth megahit, may have had the critics howling that it's not much more than a simple rehash of the first movie's plot, but that hasn't stopped it topping the Box Office in the United States and picking up big audiences around the world. Liam Neeson reprises his role as retired CIA agent and freelance security expert Bryan Mills. He arranges to meet his ex-wife Lenore (Janssen) and daughter Kim (Grace) in Istanbul where he is working. But the father of one of the kidnappers Mills killed while rescuing his daughter in Paris – as seen in Taken – is out to avenge his son's death.

In the first movie Kim was snatched by sex traffickers and Mills wreaked a bloody revenge on the Albanian gang members in a brutally slick, snappily paced movie that had viewers on the edge of their seats. This is an equally pacy sequel and after Murad (Rade Serbedzija) swears revenge over his dead son's coffin the scene is set for another lively romp but this time Istanbul

provides the backdrop. Lenore is the one who is taken, and Bryan enlists the help of Kim as he sets off to prove that he may be 60 but hasn't lost his lethal 'skill set'. Liam Neeson handles the fist fights and gun battles with the aplomb he showed in the first movie and everything rattles along in entertaining fashion. So, not one for the critics, but a sure fire hit for audiences.

Precious Moments –The Party People situated in The Centro Comercial Las Rampas opposite Dunnes Store and actually inside The Second Hand Book Shop on the upper level– is packed with excellent Halloween goodies. There is a ramp or pop up the steps to reach this delightful and surprising local store!

wings, haloes, horns, fabulous witches’ hats, cloaks, brooms, wands, tridents etc. A full range of saucey over-theknee bowed stockings, fishnet and diamond net stockings and tights. Fabulous false eyelashes, tutus, pussy cat, bunny, angel and devil sets. Fabulous cloaks, wigs, masks etc. The list is endless!

Now in their 8th year of trading their Halloween stock has become a speciality. Here they offer a vast range of stunning fancy dress for both adults and kiddies at reasonable prices. In fact this year they have managed to keep prices down again!

Decorations can be picked up here as well, webbing, ceiling dec's, bats, cauldrons, rats, giant spiders with red flashing eyes, flashing eyeballs, banners, life size cut-outs of witches, haunted trees, gothic prince n' princess etc, trick or treat bags, piñatas, mist makers, voice change boxes – in fact loads of everything horrid. Hehe!

Choose from their Fairy Tale, Dead Dolly, Zombie, She Devil, Witch, Chucky, Vampire Manor, Mad surgeon n' nurse, Fat Costumes, Ventriloquist Dummy etc collections. All outfits are fully washable. They carry a full make-up range, fake blood, scars, tattoos, fangs etc. All accessories are here too,

Don't forget they always carry a fantastic selection of foil latex air n' helium filled balloons. This year starring a Giant Ceiling Spider with fringed garland legs, great for bars, clubs etc. Giant Frankenstein foil balloon, pumpkins, flying bats, witches, screamer etc all refillable for re-use next year! Latex balloon arches

etc in black, orange, purple, lime green etc! All balloons can be delivered. Birthday, anniversary, wedding, Christening etc table, floor helium balloon cascades. Arches and columns are made up to your specification and can be delivered 7 days a week. Bars, clubs, restaurants, societies, schools etc are always discounted. Christmas stock is arriving now – relative cards, boxed sets, diaries, calendars etc. Debbie and Trish are always on hand to help and advise you on any of your celebration enquiries – from cakes to decor. Precious Moments is well worth a browse around anytime folks.

WEDNESDAY, October 17th 2012

news Your outlook on the World

Magazine n 21



by Cathy Stronach

For your personal birth chart please contact ARIES

March 21st April 19th


April 20th May 20th


May 21st June 21st


June 22nd July 22nd


July 23rd August 22nd


August 23rd September 22nd

Pay attention to the details, check out all the facts and figures twice if need be as you are likely to miss important details as you check out the bigger picture. Base your actions and decisions upon proven facts even if that means questioning and challenging others to prove the claims or promises they are making. ‘A stitch in time saves nine’ is the key here, being strong and fastidious now can save you needless aggravation in the near future.

Kym’s Kitchen don’t have to be a chef!

This recipe makes the most of the autumn ‘fall’ of fruit. A warming dessert for the winter days ahead. Serves six with custard or cream.


This is your week for communicating clearly and with ease all that you have struggled to convey recently. Saturn has stepped in and is reminding you that your words carry with them chain reactions so you are likely to pay attention to what you are saying. You may be inspired to start a healthier regime – all it takes is commitment from yourself to set the ball rolling. Where things have become out of balance you will wish to re-address them. It is all about the element of surprise this week, the shock factor, whether it is a clever idea or coming in through the side entrance, you are determined to take something by storm. A battle will finally take a turn for the better and an impressive chain of events will lead to a certain breakthrough. Something of primary importance will be finalised, a victory will be won to enable you to move freely again. Regardless of what might be going on around you there is a place of safety that you can retreat to as you collect your thoughts and assemble your feelings – you are being given a space of ‘protection’ right now. It is this type of protection that will allow you to step to the front and assume command and control knowing that your actions are on track for long term happiness. A passionate weekend beckons as you feel an energetic lift within. Conversations that have been left unfinished with words left unsaid will now have the opportunity to be clarified. Once this has occurred you will start to feel far more open and carefree, well able to soar above any negativity that is around you. Problems or challenges are about to fade into the past and these are to be replaced with freedom and happiness. There is still lots of work to be getting on with though and you are the only one that can do it. Everything may feel far from perfect this week but you have the key to turning it all round. Belief in yourself enables you to be confident and inwardly prepared. Success is one thought away from failure so keep optimistic, remain focused and keep organised, the confidence will follow. Even if you have to fake it until you make it, it will be worth the concentration, soon you will be flying and others will have a time keeping up with you.

serves 6

• 6 apples, peeled & cored • Juice of 1 lemon • A knob of butter • 4 pears, cored & quartered & then sliced • A large pinch of ground cinnamon • 150 grams of caster sugar • 150 grams of walnut pieces • 200 grams of soft margarine, cut into pieces • 350 grams of plain flour • 150 grams of Demerara sugar Directions Cut the apple into pieces and place in a pan with the lemon juice, a knob of butter and four tablespoons of water. Heat gently for 4 minutes and then add the pear slices with the cinnamon and caster sugar. Cook for another 3-4 minutes until the fruit just begins to soften. Tip into a 6cm (2”) deep, 26cm (10”) oven-proof dish. Using a food processor, blitz half the walnuts to a fine consistency like ground almonds and pulse the other half to a course texture. In a large bowl, rub the soft margarine into the flour with your fingers and then stir in all of

the walnuts and the Demerara sugar until well combined. This mixture should resemble large breadcrumbs. Scatter the mixture over the softened fruit. Bake in a moderate to hot oven at 190˚C (170˚C fan)/Gas Mark 5 for 30 minutes until the crumble is golden brown. Allow to cool for a few minutes before serving. This weeks recipe was sent in by Ian Wooldridge, Head Chef at Kimbridge Farm, near Romsey


A shift or move of career direction could be on the cards, your working life could be set to change, new doors of opportunity are opening up for you, although you may have to bear in mind the effect it will have on another and it is quite likely you will have to weigh things up, before making a decision. September 23rd - Your home life becomes important and you will wish to spend more time with October 22nd loved ones and on improving your residence artistically.


October 23rd November 21st

A greater hope and a sense of promise is swelling within you and as Saturn secures itself in your sign and buckles down for the long haul, you too will be making a new commitment to yourself which will give you the nudge you need to ‘get on’ and the comforting feeling of steady support. Adjust your compass and evaluate the crew members on your ship, you can now see what is possible out into the distance; it will allow you to set your course accurately.

SAGITTARIUS It is the moment when you realise if something is going to happen on time a group effort is what is called for, it is likely to be you who assembles the team and chooses those that share a common goal. Finances and your personal assets will rise to the fore and you may be wise to start to save for a rainy day, November 22nd - or make provisions for that X factor that crops up when you least expect it. December 21st The weekend brings many social invitations and fun.

CAPRICORN Life does not always have to be about climbing a mountain, sometimes you can allow yourself to stop and revel in the beauty and admire the view. This is one of those moments, a time to consolidate, pause and accept where you are and how far you have come. This is a much needed space to recharge, reDecember 22nd - evaluate and reflect on all that you have achieved and all the changes and January 19th sacrifices you have made, before you begin your journey again to the peak.


January 20th February 18th


February 19th March 20th

Are we in a rebellious mood right now? It is like you have had the shackles taken off you this week and it is your time to ‘kick back’ pushing up against authority or the mainstream in some way. Crazy breakthroughs are indeed probable that will not only surprise others but also yourself. A domino effect of productive networking that spreads quickly and effectively will enhance your popularity. There is no stopping you this week.

Each passing day you will continue to gain and grow in strength and confidence, at the moment though you will probably feel a bit unsettled as a new and better life is calling out to you. Shortly you can expect the drain of the struggles to start to fade away and it will be much easier to accomplish what now take tremendous effort. You just have to roll with whatever happens and take the risks and chances that feel right for you.

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WEDNESDAY, October 17th 2012

22 n Magazine

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Health &beauty

News - Breakthroughs - Treatments - Trends

Sitting for long periods Mineral water slows can be bad for you Alzheimer's decline Remaining seated for a long time increases the risk of diabetes, heart disease and death, according to researchers at Leicester and Loughborough Universities. They said the opportunities for sedentary behaviour in modern society – such as watching TV, sitting in a car or using a computer are "ubiquitous". They added that although going to the gym or pool after work is better than heading straight for the sofa, spending a long time sitting down remains bad for you. They said: "People convince themselves they are living a healthy lifestyle, doing their 30 minutes of exercise a day, but they need to think about the other 23.5 hours.” The researchers arrived at their conclusion after analysing 18 existing studies involving almost 800,000 people. Each of the studies they assessed used different measures – for example more or less than 14 hours a week watching TV, or selfreported sitting time of less than three hours a day to more than eight. The researchers said this means it is not possible to give an absolute limit for how much sedentary time is bad for you. The strongest

associations in the analysis were between prolonged sitting and diabetes. There is evidence that being sedentary negatively affects glucose levels and increases insulin resistance – but scientists do not yet know how. The researchers said the study's message could help those at high risk of diabetes, such as obese people or those of South Asian ethnic origin, because it was an easy lifestyle change to make. They said there are many ways people can reduce sitting time, such as breaking up long periods at the computer at work by placing their laptop on a filing cabinet: "We can have standing meetings, we can walk during the lunch break, and we can look to reduce TV viewing in the evenings by seeking

out less behaviours."


A spokesman for Diabetes UK said: "Aside from any direct effect reducing the amount of time you spend sitting down may have, getting more physical activity is a great way of helping maintain a healthy weight, which is the best way of minimising your risk of Type 2 diabetes."

Drinking a litre of mineral water every day can prevent cognitive decline in Alzheimer's sufferers by removing aluminium from their bodies, according to a new study. British researchers found drinking silicon-rich mineral water "significantly reduced" the levels of neurotoxin aluminium in the body, potentially slowing decline in Alzheimer's patients. Aluminium has long been linked to the development of Alzheimer's but no scientific relationship has yet been proved. The patients who took part in the study and drank a litre of mineral water every day for 13 weeks saw a huge reduction in their aluminium levels, with a number showing drops of 50, 60 and 70 per cent.

The tests include memory questions and 'simple' tasks such as drawing a clock face – people with a deteriorating function may struggle to put the numbers in the right place. After 13 weeks, cognitive function in eight of the 15

Participants were also assessed using the ADASCog (Alzheimer Disease Assessment ScaleCognitive) method, which is a recognised 11-part test.

Alzheimer's sufferers had not deteriorated – and had actually improved "substantially" in three. The researchers said the "surprising" results gave hope to findings ways to combat this devastating disease.

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Contemporary lifestyle and celebrity gossip Naughty people say it just keeps the peace

New app for smartphones … will it protect you from jealous spouses or will it just keep them in the dark? CATE has arrived in the UK. So what, rather than who, is CATE?

will not show up, even if they call.

The new app for your smartphone hides calls and texts from contacts that you want to keep away from prying eyes and, if you happen to be caught red-handed you can just shake the phone and it will all disappear!

It was invented by Neal Desai, who received funding from Shark Tank, a U.S. TV show and, unlike other 'stealthy' apps, there's no evidence it's even there – there is no app icon. Instead, users dial 4444 as if phoning a normal number, and the app's menu pops up.

CATE - Call And Text Eraser – hides texts inside a secret “locker” in smartphones that you can only access when the app is open. While it is running, numbers set to 'secret'

The app is available now via Android market priced at £3.22 and the makers claim that 70% of customers have been women. Worryingly, it has been downloaded and installed

nearly 10,000 times. And they are working on a version for the iphone but it will only be available if Apple OK it for their phones. However, if 10,000 have already been downloaded it seems unlikely that they will block it.

DJ AJ Plenty of Coffee Schoolgirl Amber Jacobs has made a future career for herself earlier than most – after becoming the world's youngest DJ aged just six. The youngster, from Pershore, Worcs, has a 30-minute weekly slot on her dad's radio show on internet station TBFM Online, where listeners tune in from around the globe. Amber's favourite tunes come from Ozzy Osbourne and Rob Zombie.

Swedish designed

Since opening its first coffee shop in the UK in 1998, Starbucks has racked up over £3bn in sales but shelled out just £8.6m in income taxes, according to new research.In the latest example of tax avoidance by a multinational company, Reuters revealed that for the past three years the coffee chain reported a loss at its UK business. As a result it paid no income tax in Britain – but over the same period, its sales hit

£1.2bn. By comparison, McDonald's paid a tax bill of over £80m on £3.6bn of UK sales, and KFC incurred taxes of £36m on sales worth £1.1bn. There is no suggestion Starbucks has done anything illegal – according to accounts filed with Companies House, Starbucks has made no profit in the UK over the past 10 years. And the name of their accountant is .....

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24 n TV Listings


Sun, Oct 21st 12:10am

Drop Dead Gorgeous A film crew arrives in a small American town to make a documentary about the local teenage beauty pageant. Although a talented dancer seems a likely winner, the ruthlessly ambitious organiser is willing to go to any lengths to ensure her own daughter comes first, while a series of suspicious deaths begins to dominate proceedings.


Sat, Oct 20th 10:45pm

Kill Bill: Vol 1 A female assassin wakes from a four-year coma and promptly sets out on a campaign to wipe out her erstwhile colleagues, who tried to kill her at her own wedding - one of whom is now the kingpin of the Tokyo underworld. The first part of Quentin Tarantino's two-part martial arts thriller,starring Uma Thurman, Lucy Liu, Vivica A Fox, Daryl Hannah and David Carradine.


Sat, Oct 20th 11:35pm

Jarhead A fresh-faced Marine's boot-camp training turns into a real tour of duty when he is sent to fight in the first Gulf War. However, the desert action is not what the new recruit expected - the willing soldiers are forced to wait for hours in searing heat, while their day is punctuated by moments of terror. Drama, based on the book by veteran Anthony Swofford, starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Jamie Foxx.


Sun, Oct 21st 10:30pm

Ghost The spirit of a murdered executive tries to find a way to help his girlfriend bring his killer to justice and enlists the aid of a fraudulent medium - who is amazed and baffled when her psychic abilities turn out to be all too real. Romantic fantasy, starring Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore, Tom Goldwyn and an Oscar-winning Whoopi Goldberg.


Sun, Oct 21st 5:20pm

Dumbo Disney animated adventure following the fortunes of a plucky young elephant with oversized ears. Mocked by his fellow circus performers, Dumbo finally finds a friend in an enterprising mouse, who helps the poor animal overcome his inhibitions and find fame and fortune as the world's only flying elephant.


Fri, Oct 19th 7:10pm

Meet the Fockers

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Weds Oct 17th 8.00pm



October 18th

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6:55am Little Princess 7:10am Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom 7:20am The Mr Men Show 7:35am Thomas & Friends 7:45am Make Way for Noddy 8:00am Fifi and the Flowertots 8:15am Peppa Pig 8:25am Peppa Pig 8:30am Roary the Racing Car 8:45am Bananas in Pyjamas 8:55am Milkshake! Monkey 9:00am Abby's Flying Fairy School 9:15am The Wright Stuff 11:15am Shark 12:10pm 5 News Lunchtime 12:15pm CSI: NY

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10:30pm EastEnders 11:00pm Family Guy 11:45pm American Dad! 12:30am Russell Howard's Good News 1:00am Cuckoo 1:30am Wilfred 1:50am Don't Tell the Bride 2:50am Unzipped 3:35am Cuckoo

7:00pm Great Movie Mistakes 2011: Not in 3D 7:10pm Movie: Meet the Fockers 9:00pm Unzipped 9:45pm Russell Howard's Good News Extra 10:30pm EastEnders 11:00pm Cuckoo 11:30pm Family Guy

11:55pm Family Guy 12:15am American Dad! 12:40am American Dad! 1:00am Unzipped 1:45am Russell Howard's Good News Extra 2:30am Cuckoo 3:00am Be Your Own Boss

WEDNESDAY, October 17th 2012

news Your outlook on the World

TV Listings n 25


New Series:


Rolf’s Animal Clinic

My Tattoo Addiction

Tue, Oct 23rd 8:00pm

This documentary explores the world of tattoos; the artists, the reasons why people have them and what happens when they regret them. From a drunken dare to tattoo addictions, My Tattoo Addiction seeks to discover what people’s tattoos say about their lives and tells some of the compelling stories that lie beneath the surface of body art. There are over an estimated 20 million tattoos in Britain and full arm, leg, chest, back and even head tattoos are now more popular than ever.

Thursday Oct 18th 10:00pm

NOTE: Add 1 hour for Spanish viewing times.





October 20th

October 21st

October 22nd

October 23rd

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7:45am Make Way for Noddy 8:00am Fifi and the Flowertots 8:10am Milkshake! Show Songs 8:15am Peppa Pig 8:30am Roary the Racing Car 8:40am Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures 8:45am Bananas in Pyjamas 9:00am Abby's Flying Fairy School 9:15am The Wright Stuff 11:15am Shark 12:10pm 5 News Lunchtime 12:15pm Law & Order 1:15pm Home and Away 1:45pm Neighbours 2:15pm CSI: Crime Scene

Investigation 3:15pm Stealing Paradise 5:00pm 5 News at 5 5:30pm Neighbours 6:00pm Home and Away 6:30pm 5 News at 6.30 7:00pm Highland Emergency 7:30pm Highland Emergency 8:00pm Rolf's Animal Clinic 9:00pm Body of Proof 10:00pm CSI: NY 10:55pm CSI: NY 11:55pm CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 12:50am Forensic Files 1:15am SuperCasino 4:00am Great Artists 4:25am House Doctor

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12:25am American Dad! 12:45am Unzipped 1:30am Cuckoo 2:00am Be Your Own Boss 2:55am Russell Howard's Good News Extra

7:00pm Be Your Own Boss 8:00pm Gavin & Stacey 8:30pm Gavin & Stacey 9:00pm Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents 10:00pm American Dad! 10:25pm American Dad! 10:45pm Family Guy 11:05pm Family Guy 11:25pm Cuckoo

11:55pm Russell Howard's Good News 12:25am Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents 1:25am Gavin & Stacey 1:55am Gavin & Stacey 2:25am Cuckoo 2:55am UFOs: Conspiracy Road Trip

7:00pm Don't Tell the Bride 8:00pm Junior Doctors: Your Life in Their Hands 9:00pm Girls Behind Bars: Stacey Dooley in the US 10:00pm Russell Howard's Good News 10:30pm EastEnders 11:00pm Family Guy 11:25pm Family Guy

11:45pm American Dad! 12:10am American Dad! 12:30am Girls Behind Bars: Stacey Dooley in the USA 1:30am Russell Howard's Good News 2:00am Don't Tell the Bride 2:55am Be Your Own Boss

7:00pm Total Wipeout 8:00pm Girls Behind Bars: Stacey Dooley in the USA 9:00pm Don't Tell the Bride 10:00pm Cuckoo 10:30pm EastEnders 11:00pm Family Guy 11:25pm Family Guy 11:45pm American Dad! 12:10am American Dad!

12:30am Cuckoo 1:00am Don't Tell the Bride 2:00am Russell Howard's Good News 2:30am For the Win 3:00am Girls Behind Bars: Stacey Dooley in the USA

WEDNESDAY, October 17th 2012

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Take a break H t P s

SUDOKU Fill in the grid so that every row, every column and every 3 x 3 grid contains the digits 1 through 9. With no repeats, that means that no number is repeated in any row, column or box.

knowledge of Each letter is represented by a number (eg. A One letter is provided to Can decipher the rest? Fill you in the grid using all Gthe letters of the alphabet.


Some letters have been given to help you get started. 23

















2 4































23 15



3 12







26 6

















21 17






































17 11









15 26

9 10





5 22
























26 21





20 6


All rights reserved. P 9

















1. Rake's predicament (6) 4. 'eadlight caught liegeman going back inside - or not? (8) 9. Nurse is to inject into back shortly (6) 10. Remain to be put back into line when free, not to be put away (8) 11. Thief with priceless rocks in work of 5 (3,7,4) 13. Drink thus passed round vehicle for ship's officer (10) 14. Illness difficult to diagnose with head chopped off (4) 16. New kind of brake catches (4) 18. Wreck passed over in sound in drizzle (6,4) 21. Vacillate, as do sirocco and mistral (4,3,3,4) 23. Leaders in Brighton and Hove Albion alarm shambolic Palace (8) 24. Might one have money invested in Gulf state? (6) 25. Figure keeping quiet, right behind shark (8) 26. One sustaining what's squeezed from layer? (3,3)

1. Band of thieves, a shower (4) 2. Fruit increased with it (7) 3. Film director's no good absent at close of picture and its opening (8) 5. Writer is to provide, as 17 is to 9 (3,8) 6. Salad without western salad ingredient (6) 7. Is brought up on showy stuff, as 17 is to 9 (7) 8. Apply too much strain when English king seen in public (9) 12. Blair maintains Conservative leader in a hopeless situation where cuts promised (11) 13. Desert Storm to grind down through pressure (9) 15. Awful finding bit of horse in grass (8) 17. One in order runs into trouble (7) 19. One's priest not entirely in charge, though religious (7) 20. Joint in place up river (6) 22. Cut legs up (4)



1. Push around - deal dishonestly (6) 4. Loud cry (6) 8. Food - essayist - painter (5) 9. Diversity - type (of show) (7) 10. Noisy and harsh-sounding (7) 11. Complete (5) 12. Table game (9) 17. Book with blank pages (5) 19. Parvenu (7) 21. Prickly plant (7) 22. Sorrow (5) 23. (Long) pace (6) 24. Skip about (like a horse?) (6)

1. Australian city (6) 2. Give way (7) 3. Language (5) 5. Custodian (7) 6. Happening (5) 7. Short-lived insect (6) 9. Entrance hall (9) 13. Of small range (7) 14. Marine mammal (3,4) 15. Actually it preys rather than prays (6) 16. Smother (6) 18. Wild rose (5) 20. Sweet stuff (5)















15 16



18 20

21 22 23











I I T HNG L GA Target




15-17 Good 18-21 Excellent




Target 1-10 Poor 11-14 Average




See how many words of four or more letters you can make from the given nine letters. In making a word each letter may be used only once. The key letter must be used in each word.

The 9-letter word HAILSTONE 16




1-9 Poor 10-12 Average

13-14 Good 15-17 Excellent The 9-letter word ALIGHTING







19. X 20. R 21. I 22. U 23. C 24. V 25. Y 26. E


1. Hustle 4. Scream 8. Bacon 9. Variety 10. Raucous 11. Total 12. Billiards 1. Scrape 4. Alfresco 9. Sister 10. Inedible 11. The Ipcress File 13. Supercargo 14. Ague 16. Nabs

17. Album 19. Upstart 21. Thistle 22. Grief 23. Stride 24. Prance 18. Scotch Mist 21. Blow Hot and Cold 23. Alhambra 24. Oilman 25. Thresher 26. Egg Cup





10. H 11. M 12. W 13. K 14. J 15. N 16. Q 17. T 18. F



The following are not allowed: - Words beginning with a capital letter - Words with a hyphen or apostrophe - Plural words ending in “s”

1. D 2. A 3. Z 4. P 5. G 6. L 7. B 8. O 9. S







1. Hobart 2. Succumb 3. Lingo 5. Curator 6. Event 7. Mayfly 9. Vestibule 1. Sash 2. Rosehip 3. Premiere 5. Len Deighton 6. Radish 7. Sibling 8. Overexert

13. Limited 14. Sea Lion 15. Mantis 16. Stifle 18. Brier 20. Sugar 12. Charcuterie 13. Sandblast 15. Shocking 19. Islamic 20. Thames 22. Snip

WEDNESDAY, October 17th 2012

news Your outlook on the World

Opinion & Comment n 27


“THE NEWS”WANTS TO HEAR YOUR VIEWS Send letters to the editor as part of an e-mail text to

R G Waugh You recently published a letter from me in which I contested the Secretary of State for the Department of Work and Pensions, Ian Duncan-Smith’s decision that the UK Govt. would strongly contest the ruling passed by the European Court of Justice that ex-pat pensioners should receive the Winter Fuel Allowance. I wrote to Mr. Duncan-Smith expressing my views and I received the following reply on Friday, 5th October from the Head of his correspondence team. I would be grateful if you would publish the letter to update your readers on the view expressed by Mr. Duncan-Smith. 27th.September It reads :Dear Mr. Waugh, Thank you for your letter dated 8th September to the Secretary of State regarding the Winter Fuel Allowance. Government Ministers receive a large volume of correspondence and they are unable to reply personally to every occasion. I have been asked to respond. Winter Fuel Payments were introduced as one initiative in the Government’s commitment to tackle fuel poverty in Great Britain. To qualify, a person has to have reached women’s State Pension age during or before the qualifying week and be ordinarily resident in the U.K. By ordinarily resident we mean that the person must normally live here and not just be present for all or part of

Fuengirola the qualifying week. Under European Law some benefits paid in one Member State must also be paid to people who live outside that State but within the European Economic Area (EEA). In the past, to comply with European law, we only used to pay Winter Fuel Payments to former UK residents living elsewhere in the EEA and Switzerland if they qualified for payment in the UK before moving abroad. However, following a judgement in the European Court of Justice in 2011, this Department has changed its export rules. It is now possible for people to receive a Winter Fuel Payment in the EEA and Switzerland without having acquired it in this country first, as long as they have a genuine and sufficient link with the UK. I should mention though, that Winter Fuel Payments are designed to help pensioners keep warm in the cold British weather; not for those living in hot countries. Ministers intend to bring in a temperature criterion so that payments can only be made to British pensioners living in cold climates. There are a number of factors the Government will now need to consider before this legislation is brought before Parliament. Details of how the

scheme will work have not yet been decided. Yours sincerely, etc.

Stargazing By Ken Campbell

If you would like to be kept up to date or take part in any of the events then go to In my opinion it would appear the Govt. intend to ignore the ECJ ruling until they can bring in their own legislation to block it. Hopefully the ECJ will advise the UK Govt. that they must introduce the Winter Fuel Payments to ex-pats as of the date of the ruling. Any appeal or subsequent legislation should not have an effect on the payments being made immediately as per the ECJ ruling. And finally the people who think ex-pat pensioners living in Spain are not entitled to the allowance might like to compare the cost with how many millions of pounds Abu Hamzas Legal team have received in ta-payer-funded legal aid. Or the tens of thousands of immigrants receiving benefits yet having contributed nothing to the UK economy. Ex pats paid contributions during their working years, 44 in many cases, and still contribute through taxation of pensions. I will keep readers informed of any further correspondence I receive on this matter.

e Moon and Mars If you have a clear view of the western horizon tomorrow (18th October) just after sunset then you should be able to see a thin crescent Moon very close to the planet Mars.


s you look at the Moon you will be able to see the crescent shape that is being lit by the Sun but you should also be able to make out the rest of the Moon’s face, much fainter but still visible bathed in a ghostly ashen light. This is Earthshine.


f you have ever been in a very dark area at the time of the full Moon you will have noticed just how brightly it can shine, cast a shadow and even light your way. The Moon’s surface is made from really quite dark material and can still shine brightly in the night sky. The Earth on the other hand is covered in white clouds, it has white polar ice caps and reflective oceans and it is also much bigger than the Moon. So for anyone standing on the Moon the Earth appears as a very large, bright beacon in the sky, much brighter than a full Moon can ever appear from Earth. The bright Earth lights up the dark areas of the Moon so much that we can even see it from Earth.


ll of the Apollo astronauts who went to the Moon have mentioned how they were overwhelmed by just how big and bright the Earth appeared. And when they went to the Moon, it was obviously ‘daytime’ with the Sun in the sky too. Had they been there when the Sun was below the horizon then the Earth could have probably lit their way.


s the Moon keeps one face permanently turned toward the Earth then as seen from the Moon the Earth is constantly in the same place in the sky, it never rises or sets. It is only the changing continents as the Earth rotates and the phase of the Earth that changes as the Moon orbits us. When we see the Moon in its young phase – as it will be tomorrow night – then the Earth appears almost full from the Moon and shines at its brightest.


am always being asked if there is anything man-made on Earth that can be seen from the Moon? Well, I’ve never been to the Moon but the Apollo astronauts have all stated that ‘No, only the continents are visible’. From low Earth orbit city lights can be seen and The Palm Island near Dubai is visible

and although the Great Wall of China may be very long it is only a few metres wide and so it is not visible from space.


his will be your last chance to see Mars for a while as it gradually slips behind to the other side of the Sun. Because a Martian year lasts for about two Earth years then we are always playing catch-up with it. So in 12 months time when we return to this point in our orbit Mars will have travelled half way round in its orbit and so will still be on the far side of the Sun from us. We’ll have to wait until 2014 before it graces our skies again.


he NASA rover ‘Curiosity’ has been making tremendous discoveries since it touched down on Mars last August. This car-sized rover has been making its way across the Martian surface and has discovered clear evidence of ancient water erosion on the planet surface. Although there has been no discovery of liquid water currently flowing in streams, Curiosity came across what is clearly a dried up riverbed with rocks being eroded into rounded pebbles.


he Curiosity rover has the ability to fire a high-powered laser beam into any interesting rocks to disintegrate them and then closely examine the interior of the rock. It is like a self-contained remote laboratory that can analyse the soil and rocks. It can only be a matter of time before it finds pockets of subterranean water. I still doubt very much that any life will ever be found on Mars but the discovery of ancient water could suggest that Mars once had the capability and the right environmental conditions for microbial life to begin. Keep watching the skies! Enjoy your stargazing!

WEDNESDAY, October 17th 2012

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AIR CONDITIONING COOLFLOW The Air Conditioning Specialists. Installations, servicing and repairs to all makes and models. Special offers available. Call Ian 678491234, Established 9 (197)tnp years on the coast. ---------------------------------------------AIRFLOW Air conditioning, servicing and repairs, official Panasonic Centre. No obligation quotations and advice - all makes. Contact Lynne or Alison on 952443222, (0)tnf

BENTLEY year 2000, immaculate, full spec, Spanish plates. €48,000 (0)uvef Call 609709466 ---------------------------------------------CASH paid for your unwanted, car. Embargos, no problem. (0)atf 653477306 ---------------------------------------------CARS, Vans, UK or Spanish, bought for cash, same day collection. (0)ghf 678808837 ---------------------------------------------BMW 735i Year 1999. Full M Spec. Beautiful car. €6,950 Call (0)uve 609709466


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Air Conditioning: Installs, Repairs & Maintenance Pool Heating: Installs, Repairs, Pool Covers Multiservices BATHROOMS

BATHROOM cabinets - Made to measure under sink vanity cupboards. Any size, many styles to choose from. Stuart (206)tnp 635878116


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IF YOU need help with vehicle documentation, transfers, registration, etc. Call our friendly (tnf )f team on 654854896 ---------------------------------------------EMBARGOS or finance no (0)ghf problem. 678808837

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PORSCHE Carrera S. Perfect, year 2007. €55,000 Call (0)uv 609709466 ---------------------------------------------MERCEDES E220 CDi 2002 full / panoramic sunroof, black, nav, Spanish plates, €14,950. Call (0)uvef 609709466

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CARPENTERS CUSTOM made furniture and specialist carpentry services. Portfolio available. Stuart 635878116 or email (206)tnp

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Call 952 338 378 - Mob 650 966 374 BUSINESS OPPS BUSY Cafe Bar in Sol’y’Mar area Los Porches, Benalmadena. Two terraces, one enclosed. Genuine reason for sale. 952964753 (159)o

BUILDING SERVICES KITCHEN and built-in wardrobes with sliding or hinged doors. (188)tnp 609377252 ---------------------------------------------JON THE plasterer / tiler. Many damp problems resolved. Smooth finish on any cracked or uneven (2000)pwp surface. 607838613

CARS & VANS UNWANTED cars, vans. Wanted dead or alive. Removed free 616835799 (197)cntp 952932883 ---------------------------------------------RETURNING home? We buy any car, any plate, even non-runners. All papers legally transferred (202)gwtp 951047311 / 696321138 ---------------------------------------------WE BUY accident damaged cars and mechanical failures. (0)ascf 609709466

CASH, CASH, CASH we can turn your unwanted cars into cash. (0)atf 653477306 ---------------------------------------------HARLEY Davidson Rocker C, 2008, only 3.500km, hardly used, seat conversion for two seats and backrest, alternative exhaust, lots of new chrome, perfect. €18.750. (tnf ) 609461591 ---------------------------------------------CARS, Vans bought without papers, best prices. Please call (0)ghf 678808837 ---------------------------------------------HIRE Cars from €65 a week. Please (196)ghf call 691894103 ---------------------------------------------SEAT Ibiza, 2010, diesel, only 38,000 Kms, five door in silver. This car is like new. Only €9,995 Call (196)ghf 657302165 ---------------------------------------------DIESEL Smart car, 80 miles plus MPG comes on Smart trailer. Ready for motor home package, price (196)ghf €6.500 Call 657302168 ---------------------------------------------LAND Rover Discovery TD5, registered 2002 in metallic blue, five door, tow bar, fully loaded. Only (196)ghf €6,995 Call 657302165

CARS for cash regardless of history. (196)ghf Call 657302165 ---------------------------------------------NEED cash buy any car no papers, no problem. Call 656826711 (196)ghf ---------------------------------------------BIKE and quads for sale. Please call (196)ghf 691894103 ---------------------------------------------PORSCHE 911 Carrera 4 cabriolet, 1990, mint condition. Soon to be classic. €23,750. 609461591 (tnf ---------------------------------------------MAzDA MX5 cabriolet. Red. Excellent condition for year. 1996. 79,000 miles, RHD, UK reg. Real eye-catcher. Sell for €2000 or swap for 4WD plus cash either way. (198)tn 620726875

CLASSES SEMI INTENSIVE SPANISH courses for adults. Contact Valerie Mitchell of Centro de Idiomas, Coin. 952450747, Email: c s l @ c s l s p a i n . c o m (0)tnf ---------------------------------------------CHILDREN’S Spanish Courses. Contact Valerie Mitchell of Centro de Idiomas, Coin. 952450747,,

CAR KEYS lost or need spare? Keys cut and paired with car. Car opening, car keys specialist. Call (204)gh Ray 679831166



CAR TRANSFERS and imports, problems with embargos, road tax, same day collection 633271274

COIN Computer Services. All repairs, virus removal, upgrades, Broadband. Laptop repairs. (199)tnp 951047292, 676909418


CARAVANS 2009 Knaus Sport touring caravan. Spanish registered. Fixed double bed, microwave, 2 gas burners, fridge, toilet, shower, full awning, mover, many extras. €9.950 (198)tnp Tl:691183098


ELECTRICIAN 16th Edition BS7671 qualified, apprentice trained, 24 years experience. Rewires, extra sockets, lights, fault finding etc. Contact me by email at or (189tnp call Ian 650151569 MARBLE polishing, crystallizing, lasting, high shine. Regrinding, restoration of salty, dead floors. (198)pwp Cyril 645840199 ---------------------------------------------TONY’S Marble Restoration Service. Marble and Terrazzo floors professionally refurbished. Quotation without obligation. (200)tnf 620726875 ---------------------------------------------FLOOR Polishing Marble floor polishing €2.50 m2 - why pay more? We clean then crystalise and polish to a high gloss that’s non-slip. Professional, fast service covering all of the Costa. 14 years experience (191) 671 244 683 ---------------------------------------------MARBLE floors polished. Fast service. Reliable. Family run. Cleansol. 952930861 / 607610578 (194) 10am-10pm, 7 days. All day

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WENDY'S Sportmassage American w/12 years experience, fully mobile, experience working with pro athletes & musicians. 1/2 hour €25, 1 hour €35, 1 1/2 hour €50 (add €10 for massages at your location within 15 km) Marbella Hill View, Elviria exit (8 min up the hill) 952852330 / (197)tnp 634310821

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HOME INSURANCE - 100% cover for all eventualities. Our policies include: Subsidence, Landslip and Heave. Accidental damage to both buildings and contents. Worldwide All Risks on your personal possessions (including jewellery). Cash inside and outside your home and much more. We can also arrange insurance for: Motor - Travel - Health - Business - Liability. PRESTIGE INSURANCE CONSULTANTS Tel/Fax: 952453873 Mob. 667982418 (199)tnp



GILLIAN your friendly mobile hairdresser for the elderly. Specialist in perms, sets, colours and blowdrys. Good rates. All products supplied unless advised otherwise. (197)tnp 635261483

WWW.JOEBAYLEY.COM Kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms creatively designed and expertly fitted. Free quotations. Please phone Joe: 639727188 / (194)ghp 952377122

GENEALOGY LET ME trace your family tree, go back three generations. Learn about your family history, find missing relatives, UK and Europe. References available. Russell 665016374 (207)ghp

CLEANING SERVICES MR MULTI KLEAN - Professional Window Cleaning, marble floor polishing and carpet & upholstery cleaning. Best price and service. Call Andy on 606590728 (200)cntp ---------------------------------------------UPHOLSTERY and steam cleaning, sofas, carpets etc. J A Cleaning Services 626357955 204tnp ---------------------------------------------CARPET and upholstery cleaning, 20 years experience, latest equipment, honest reasonable service wet or dry, 12 years on the coast. Please call 952669701 / (0)ghf 678808837 ---------------------------------------------WINDOW CLEANERS Husband (0)tnf and wife team. 691140427 ---------------------------------------------CARPETS and sofas cleaned, reliable fast service. Family run. Cleansol. 952930861 / 607610578 10am - 10pm, 7 days. (194)ghp All day

WANTED Suzuki Samurai in good condition. Up to €2.500 (196)tnp Tl:616874324






Everything considered including non-runners, any registration, any age


PLACE AN AD! It’s quick, it’s easy and it works. Call 952454491 ---------------------------------------------HAIRDRESSING Mobile hairdresser, over 15 years experience, all aspects. Telephone (199)tnp Janet 645037335

WANT the best? Nº 1 on the coast for painting & decorating. Call Nick at Decor8. All aspects no problem. 678889933/ 952939561 (193)tnp

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COMPUTER Helpline. PCs upgraded, repaired, software installation including antivirus, email, internet access. Laptop repairs and refurbished units supplied. No callout charges and no fix - no fee. 952564274, (187)tnp 677702501

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LOCKSMITH Emergency / Appointment. Doors opened without damage, locks changed, patio doors and windows secured. 24 hour honest, fast and reliable service. Call Paul 657466803 (189)tnp Providing Mobility Solutions since 2001. Mobility scooters, Wheelchairs, Walking, Bathing, Mobility aids - Sale & Hire service. Delivered to you when you need it. (170)fgh Tel:952447764






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Toni’s is under new management with Alison and Jayne who will continue to offer a full range of quality card, gift & craft products at attractive prices All new stock arriving soon. Plus OFFEX world wide postal service

Mon - Fri 10.00 - 5.00 pm Sat 10.00 - 3.00 pm No siesta closing!

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PETS & ANIMALS METS DOG training club. Fuengirola Glyn 605121831, Ken 627851379, Jeff 692832250 (202pwp ---------------------------------------------LUXURY professional kennels, Cat and Dog World. Fully licensed. Cheap collection service. Viewing welcome. (192) 952112978 / 630197435 ---------------------------------------------EXPORT Specialists. Cat and Dog World Kennels. 952112978, (192)p 630197435 ---------------------------------------------LAGUNA Kennels and cosy cattery. Five star facilities, fully tiled quarters with airconditioning. Your pets lovingly cared for by English mother and daughter. Near Coin. 952112021 / (195)tnp 606838983 ---------------------------------------------BO JANGLES Luxury Cat Hotel, Alhaurin de la Torre. While you are away let your cat have a luxury holiday too. For more information (0sk call 952963793

PLUMBING SCOTT Forbes - The Plumber. All work guaranteed. 20 years British (f gas experience 652665410



www.GApp-propErTiEs.CoM HIPODROMO car boot every Sunday. Sell your unwanted items or grab a bargain. 651585862 / (208)atp 654144414 ---------------------------------------------BINGO books and raffle tickets. Woody’s Los Boliches Tel (tn-pw) 952471877

LonG LETs Studio Minerva top floor, pool, Sat Tv, WiFi possible 300€month Studio Jupiter, washing machine, pool, etc. 300€month 1 bed Minerva, pool, Sat Tv, washing machine 400€month 1 bed Arroyo centre, modern, no pool or parking, Sat TV, views 400€month 1 bed Benalmadena Costa, close to beach, no pool all incl. 400€month 2 bed 2 bath Paloma Park, pool, parking, private garden 600€month 2 bed 1 bath Arenal Golf, pool, parking Satellite free from450€month 3 bed Atic Arroyo, pool, parking, large aptartment pets 700€month Office for rent 70m2 centre Arroyo aircon 500€month MANY MORE PROPERTIES AVAILABLE, TOO MANY TO LIST WE ALSO DO HOLIDAY LETS, JUST ASK FOR PAT

Ground floor La Trocha C.C. Coin

Key cutting, photocopying, fax, printing, business cards, greeting cards etc., all in one place!

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Animal refuge

Having a clearout ? Please donate all your unwanted items to S.O.S We will collect

Avenida Gamonal, Local 9, Edificio Jupiter, 29631 Arroyo de la Miel, Malaga Tel: (0034) 952 57 40 51 (0034) 952 57 77 51 Fax: (0034) 952 44 26 51

952 960 202

Also if you need any items give us a call

RECORDS wanted, 50s, 60s, 70s, rock, jazz, blues. Dave (195)pwp 650509035

BENALMáDENA Bonanza Sq. 2 bed Apt, panoramical sea views, excellent location. Long Let. €500 (197)ghpPCM. 634820748 ---------------------------------------------BENALMáDENA Costa & Cala Mijas: studios, 1 & 2 bed apts for holiday lets. Fantastic complexes & (197)ghp locations. 634 820 748 ---------------------------------------------BENALMáDENA Palm Tree Av. Beautiful ground floor apt, 1 bed, 2 bath, large patio, private entrance. Communal pool. Near beach. €500 (197)ghp PCM. 634820748

BENALMáDENA Costa: Studio in Minerva for long let.Sea views. (197)g €300 PCM. 634820748

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BENALMáDENA Paloma Park: Beautiful renovated 1 bed. Large kitchen.Long let, few seconds to beach. €450 PCM. 634820748 (197)ghp ---------------------------------------------DETACHED villa to let, long let. One of two, only two villas with fabulous sea view in Torreblanca, Fuengirola. Short distance to the beach. One level, 2 double bedroom, recently refurbished to contemporary high standard with a modern, black, shiny kitchen and all new stainless steel appliances. SAT TV. Garden and large plot of private land to the side. Parking €650 per month. 608675081 (197)tnf ---------------------------------------------MIJAS Golf: Modern & beautiful 2 bed/ 2 bath. Private storeroom & parking. Excellent Urbanization. Long Let. €500 PCM. (197)tnp 634820748

FOR SALE BENALMáDENA. Iris Complex: Studio, Excellent location & urbanization. €48.000 (197)ghp 636829631 ---------------------------------------------BENALMáDENA. Jupiter Complex. Corner top floor 1 bed Apt. Need to sale quick. €72.000. (197ghp 636829631 ---------------------------------------------BENALMáDENA. Minerva Complex. 1 bed Corner Apt. Renovated. Afternoon sun, garden views. €77.000. 636829631 (197)ghp ---------------------------------------------MIJAS Golf: 2 Bed/ 2 Bath, modern & private. With its own entrance & garage.Good Urbanization with garden & pool, Close to Golf. For quick sale: €78.000. (197)ghp 636829631


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SERVICES CARPENTRY, kitchen, tiling, bathrooms, reforms, plastering, rendering, patios. 673126749 (160)p ---------------------------------------------HANDYMAN from putting up shelves to painting your house Adam´s your man. For a great quote call Adam (185)tnp today on 662441518

PROBLEMS? We will look after your problems if you are abroad. Houses, gardens, cleaning, painting, electrics, etc. (Spanish) 692 820 000 (English) 651 594 223 BILL’S Handyman Service. For all jobs around your property. Trustworthy and at a good rate. (200)pwp Phone Bill 617594488

REMOVALS & STORAGE VAN LEAVING for Cheshire monthly. Part loads required. (198)pwp 697671661 ---------------------------------------------€20 per hour. Reliable man and van. Also UK returns Graham (199)pwp 603122202


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SEWING SERVICES ALL STYLES curtains, upholstery, soft furnishings and bean bags made to measure. Sensible prices. Also repairs/alterations. All areas. Call 678910117 or email (184)tnp

TRANSLATION SERVICES Grilles, scissor gates, railings & metal ballustrading, doors, rejas Manufacture & Weather protection for all your metalwork

649 379 981 / 678 968 275 COIN WINDOWS We make aluminium windows, doors and mosquito screens, also supply and fit sun canopies, blinds, shower screens, etc. Spanish owned business. Call Lisa Marie (190)tnp 646066351

BOARDS, MOLDING AND Avda. de Andalucia 49, Reform Trades AlhaurinAll el Grande Tel / Fax: 952 595 288 651 Mobile:599 677 910173 021

NEED HELP with visits to town hall, police station, etc.? Then call me for assistance. Cheap. Cheerful. (0) Adam 662441518 ---------------------------------------------ARE YOU are having problems with your property taxation or legalisation? Perhaps we can help, 952454491 or email us at (f ) ---------------------------------------------FOR ALL translation needs, call 654854896

TV, VIDEO & DVD SKY DIGIBOXES FREE VIEW AND SKY + HD, TESTED AND NEW BOXES INCLUDING WARRANTY (198)tnp FROM €40. 653061472 ---------------------------------------------DIGIBOXES guaranteed from €30 HD available, honest, reliable. (199)pwp Fuengirola 695270010


SITUATIONS VACANT NEED a licence and don´t know how to go about it? From driving licences, building licences to opening licences. 952454491 (tn)p

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Usain Bolt“goes for gold”with Nissan

Usain Bolt is extending his partnership with Nissan – and the world’s fastest man has already helped produce a special one-off gold GT-R for charity. The unique GT-R, which is embossed with Bolt’s signature and features interior fittings finished in real gold, will be auctioned on eBay later this month to benefit the Usain Bolt Foundation ( Proceeds will help the foundation’s work creating opportunities for children and young people in the Champion’s home of Jamaica.

It’s Vettel again in Korea Línea Directa With a third straight race victory, Sebastian Vettel is suddenly closing



The Red Bull driver won the Korean Grand Prix on Sunday to move ahead of Ferrari's Fernando Alonso in the F1 standings by six points with four races remaining, having erased what looked like a commanding lead for the Spanish driver just three weeks ago. Vettel started second on the grid behind Mark Webber but overtook his teammate on the first turn and never relinquished the lead, finishing 8.2 seconds ahead of Webber. Alonso was third, 13.9 seconds off the pace. "The foundation was there with a good start," Vettel said. "I wasn't sure because I was starting on the dirty side of the grid but I was able to get some good grip and get inside at the first turn."

Vettel, who also won the previous races in Singapore and Japan, now looks to be the favourite for a third straight championship title, something only previously achieved by Juan-Manuel Fangio and Michael Schumacher. Webber claimed his first second-place finish of the season but the Australian was disappointed with his start from pole. "The initial launch was not good," Webber said. "There was some wheel spin and from there I knew I would have issues. It was very mediocre." Ferrari's Felipe Massa was fourth, and reinforced his place for another season with the team with a strong drive. He was followed by Lotus driver Kimi Raikkonen and Force India's Nico Hulkenberg.

Red Bull’s Adrian Newey takes evasive action

Lewis Hamilton finished a disappointing 10th, despite starting third on the grid, but it turned out that he had been suffering with a rear suspension problem for most of the race. Hamilton, who is fourth in the standings 62 points behind Vettel, even got a piece of astroturf from the

edge of the track stuck under his car late in the race. Lotus driver Romain Grosjean avoided the firstlap incidents that he was involved in at the Belgian and Japanese GP's to finish seventh ahead of Toro Rosso drivers Jean EricVergne and Daniel Ricciardo.

Pedrosa closes gap on Lorenzo Honda's Dani Pedrosa kept his slim MotoGP title hopes alive by beating fellow Spaniard Jorge Lorenzo to win the Japanese Grand Prix for the second year in a row on Sunday. A fourth win in the last five races has pulled Pedrosa to within 28 points of the Yamaha rider but with just three races left, he still needs a slip-up from Lorenzo. Alvaro Bautista's third place for Honda made it a Spanish sweep of the podium at Motegi's Twin Ring circuit. Lorenzo, world champion in 2010, again failed to capitalise on his sixth pole of the season, leading in the early stages but never able to pull away from a dogged Pedrosa. It was the fifth time in succession that Lorenzo has failed to turn pole position into victory, the only time he went on to win the race was at the 2012 season-opener in Qatar. The Honda rider pounced 13 laps from the

finish and stretched his advantage to over a second within two laps of

overtaking Lorenzo. Bautista's third place came after a hair-raising fight with Briton’s Cal Crutchlow, whose Yamaha ran out of fuel on the final lap to

end the battle on a rather anti-climactic note. Australian Stoner finished a creditable fifth in his return after ankle surgery, although clearly not fully fit and still in some pain he struggled as the race wore on.






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Whenever we find ourselves in a difficult or dangerous situation when we are driving we only have a fraction of a second to take a decision and carry it out correctly. Consequently, when drivers take the wrong decision, the number of accidents resulting in death or injury is tripled, as figures show that 73% of accidents are caused by drivers making a bad decision, compared to 27% in which they acted correctly. This is the main conclusion of the study “Decision-making when driving” in which 174,000 accidents resulting in injury or death have been analysed. This means that in the last 4 years, nearly 130,000 accidents resulting in injury or death could have been avoided if the drivers involved had been able to assess the dangers on the road correctly. The most common errors are due to drivers being distracted, joining roads incorrectly, turning badly, illegally overtaking and not maintaining a safe distance between the

vehicle in front. As for types of road, Línea Directa’s report confirms that conventional roads are the most dangerous, due to the fact that 76% of accidents take place on them. On dual carriageways and motorways, the most common types of accident caused by driver error are rear-end collisions and vehicle crashes, mainly due to sudden braking and the switching of lanes.

Driver Profile Men aged between 18 and 24 who have held a driving licence for less than two years and the over 65s are those most likely to be involved in accidents due to driver error. The former because they have a lower perception of risk and the latter because they have lost certain skills. On the other hand, women aged between 35 and 64, who have held a driving licence for 15 years or more are those who take the best decisions.

Call Línea Directa now 902 123 104


in on a third straight Formula One title.

Luxury Limos available for hire with driver. Weddings, Parties, or just go out for the day in a beautiful car and feel special ALL MAKES CAR SERVICING





Part worn tyres from €25

Qualified English and German Mechanics, ITV Services available.Vehicle Transfers and Registration undertaken

Diagnostic fault reading and emissions

• • • Aircon re-gas and leak testing TEL: 952 45 45 27 All makes and models - Petrol / Diesel Fax: 952 453 144 Pol.Ind, Cantarranas. C/ Acero, 6. 29100Coin (Malaga)

WEDNESDAY, October 17th 2012

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News from the Fairways Justin Rose shot a flawless 66 to beat Lee Westwood by a shot and capture the $1.5m first prize cheque at the Turkish Airlines World Golf Final. Rose had beaten his Ryder Cup team-mate in the group phase of the eight-man tournament and was never headed in the final after sinking a 20 foot birdie putt at the opening hole to go one in front. In a match of high quality, neither player had a single bogey on his card but Westwood's inability to convert many good birdie chances eventually cost him. Rose, who won all of his five matches in the $5.2 million exhibition tournament, birdied the opening hole on the Sultan Course and led the rest of the way against his fourthranked opponent. The paycheque is Rose's highest in his 14-year pro career and $560,000 more than his prize in capturing the 2011 BMW

Championship. Westwood earned a check for $1 million for his efforts over the three days. To end the Exhibition all eight players participated in a Pro-Am where Turkish Golf President Ahmet Agaoglu was drawn to play alongside Tiger Woods. Agaoglu was at the center of controversy earlier in the week when he allegedly head-butted a journalist while trying to move him away from Woods on the opening tee. Agaoglu was asked if he was nervous playing with Woods. "I'm not nervous but what I want to do is make him nervous, as I will own him for the next four or five hours," he said with a smile. "I paid for him to be here in Turkey, so he's my property this afternoon." Woods was reportedly paid a $3 million appearance fee to compete in Turkey. He also earned

being disbanded in December due to Governmental Defence Cuts. The Army team went on to beat Club Rugby Loja 22-0 in the final match to finish second in the competition.

$600,000 as a semifinalist.

European Tour The first time Irishman Shane Lowry won on the European Tour he did not receive a penny for it, but last night he was celebrating a second victory worth more than £300,000. "Vilamoura will be rocking," Lowry said after beating stablemate Ross Fisher by one shot at the Portugal Masters to join Spaniard Pablo Martin as one of the only players to win on the circuit both as amateurs and professionals. The 25-year-old pulled off one of the biggest shocks ever in golf three years ago when he beat Robert Rock in a play-off at his home Irish Open. It was his first-ever appearance on the Tour, but because he was an amateur it was runner-up Rock who walked off with the £400,000 "first" prize.

Axarquia defeat the Army to win triangular rugby tournament On Saturday 13th October, Axarquia Rugby Club played host to a fantastic evening of rugby at the Fernando Hierro Stadium in Velez-Malaga followed by a social event at El Cruce Restaurant at El Trapiche. It was a triangular tournament involving the last rugby tour for the 19 Close Service Support Battalion of the British Army against the newly formed team Club Rugby Loja from Granada and the local Axarquia Rugby Club.


Wayne’s Poker Tips The big mistake most novice players make is wanting to be involved with weak hands in every pot, just limping into the pot, which means matching the forced bet of the Big Blind. Long term this is a losing play whether it be a cash or tournament game. If you can’t pump the hand, dump it! If you flat call with weak hands and then raise with a premium hand, this is a “tell”. You may as well let any player worth his salt see your hand. Of course there are times when you have value to flat call or for tactical reasons which we shall discuss at a later date. A good rule is: If you’re going to enter a pot and it’s

not been raised, then raise, otherwise if you can’t because it’s junk, throw it in the muck. Let’s say we have 7d 8d. I like these small suited connectors but I’m never going to limp with them, why? Well, if an A or K hit the flop we can bet out which is saying: “I have an A /K”, and the story adds up because we have raised. Now if a 7/8, straight or flush draw hits we can trap our opponents as they will be putting us on a premium hand believing we have missed the flop, don’t mind entering a pot as cheap as we can, the small or medium pocket pair such as 3 /3 or 9 / 9 – this is called set mining

which means we are hoping to catch a set (3-of-akind). This can pay well when calling a raise by a player with a premium hand especially if they have big AA / big KK / big QQ because the strength of your hand is disguised. As for big TT / big JJ 7 and big QQ, I would be looking to raise with these hands but don’t overplay them more so if a K or an A hits the flop. Remember to think: “What has he called my raise with?” Now with big KK / big AA, I am looking to get all my

Axarquia prevailed over their rivals 14-12 and 15-07 respectively to win the tournament in front of the biggest crowd ever seen at the Rugby Club. The event was supported fantastically by the Royal British Legion and the RBL Riders Branch who encouraged members to attend the event to support the boys from the Army who have spent the last two years on operations in Afghanistan, but who are

Before 09.00am or After 3.00pm


Per Person inc Buggy

Yearly Membership from €1.500 inc. buggy


951 170 194

Training for Axarquia Rugby Club is held at the Fernando Hierro Stadium in Velez-Malaga every Tuesday and Thursday from 19.00 for the Juniors and 20.30 for the seniors (all age groups welcome). By Nick Vallance

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chips in the pot, pre-flop is even better but don’t look to go all in unless you are 3-bet (a raise of your raise) as with these hands you want to win more than just the Blinds. Next week we will talk about “tells” which novice players need to learn to hide whether live or playing online poker. Poker Wayne

Rays Rascals 16 0 Fools Fillies VIP´s 2 14 Tonys Tornados Captains 3 13 Treasures Bella Blues 6 10 Jolly Rogers Jagerbombs 11 5 Sussex Wolves Heatseekers 4 12 Bunkers Rangers Ourbarbarians 9 7 The Clippers Gamberros 12 4 Zoco Zulus Dynamos 6 10 Studio Dártists Studio Dandidos 9 7 Rays Bobbys Teams of the week...Tony´s Tornados, unbeaten in all matches Rays Rascals, won every leg in match

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WEDNESDAY, October 17th 2012

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Hillsborough tragedy set for new inquest The Attorney General has paved the way for a fresh inquest to be held into the deaths of 96 Liverpool fans in the Hillsborough disaster 23 years ago. Dominic Grieve QC said he will apply to the High Court to have the verdicts of the original hearing quashed so a new one can be held.The move comes after a damning report into the disaster laid bare a cover-up which attempted to shift the blame for the tragedy on to its victims.

Lance Armstrong’s ‘drug runner’ talks Lance Armstrong's lawyer says he would accept the outcome if lie detector tests were taken by witnesses who have accused the 41-yearold of doping. A US Anti-Doping Agency report described Armstrong as a "serial cheat" and a "bully", citing 26 witnesses. "I wouldn't challenge a lie detector test, with good equipment, properly administered," said Tim Herman. Asked whether Armstrong would also be prepared to take a test, he said: "We might do that, you never know." He added: "I don't know if we would or we wouldn't. We might."

Lance Armstrong's former personal masseuse told BBC Radio 5 live that she was used by the cyclist as a "drugs runner" in the doping scandal. Emma O'Reilly was also team assistant for the US Postal team and alleges that she rented a car in France to take the cyclist a package of pills. She was speaking to 5 live for "Peddlers - Cycling's Dirty Truth" a special in depth 5 live sport investigation that aired on Monday evening which focused on drugs in cycling throughout the Armstrong era. She went on to add "Afterwards, oh my, I've never felt more hunted in my whole life. There were



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identifying several as "liars" – and he said he was "a proponent, personally" of lie-detector tests being used in the case. "Many witnesses have contradictory stories to tell," he said. "Lance had over 600 fellow riders, team members and trainers in his career racing in Europe. lawsuits that affected not just me but other people, like my boyfriend. Lance was calling me a prostitute. The libel laws protected him, the rich, while I was dragged through the courts. He was protected from me saying what has now turned out to be the truth.

"I knew Lance was bullying me and all I was trying to do was clean up the sport." Armstrong’s Lawyer Tim Herman maintains the information provided by some of the witnesses cannot be relied upon,

"Of those, 11 came forward. Many others would and have refuted many of the allegations. Other than Tyler Hamilton, Frankie Andreu, Floyd Landis and Jonathan Vaughters I'm not calling anyone a liar – but I am calling those four liars."

Heather Watson wins Japan Open Roger Federer Foundation Charity Day at Santa Maria Heather Watson has made it into the WTA top 50 for the first time following her victory at the Japan Open. The 20-year-old from Guernsey replaces fellow Brit Laura Robson, who is 52nd, as the British number one. Watson became the first Briton in 24 years to win a WTA Tour singles title by beating Chang Kai-chen of

The Roger Federer Foundation enhances a world where African children, living in poverty, are able to take control of their future and actively shape it thanks to early learning and education on a high level of quality. Its strategic priority is the support of existing, but poor support services, in early childhood care centres, pre-schools and primary schools for children 3 to 12 years old as well as the improvement of their efficiency and effectiveness. Santa Maria Bowls Club, in conjunction with its sponsors (Helicopteros Sanitarios and Mundomar Cruceros), has adopted the Roger Federer Foundation as its chosen charity and it hosted this triples challenge event to raise much needed funds. The event was extremely well supported and 24 quality teams, from within the Costa del Sol bowling community, were drawn into two groups with

Chinese Taipei on Sunday. Laura Robson's hopes of making the top 50 suffered a blow when she was knocked out at the quarter-final stage in Osaka. "Laura and I have come through the rankings together – juniors and seniors – and we're both very competitive, so when we see the other doing well, it pushes us," Watson added.

( From the left ) Chic Young, Pamela Hatton, Arthur Lees, Bryan Collier, Brenda Collier & Dennis Hanley

each team playing three games of eight ends. As always, in any roundrobin event, there were the usual twists and turns and many of the fancied triples fell by the wayside early on. Group A was won by Dennis Hanley, Bryan & Brenda Collier who, despite narrowly losing their opening game, amassed a total of 49 points thanks to convincing victories in their remaining games. Group B was much closer and two points separated the top three with Chic Young, Arthur Lees & Pamela Hatton securing a draw with Chic’s last bowl to edge out Don Smith, Frank & Pauline Ball.

The Group winners then had a two-end shoot-out to determine the overall winner with the teams playing a pairs and singles. Dennis and Arthur drew their game so it was the outcome of the pairs which was crucial. Chic & Pamela’s experience proved vital here and they won both ends played to win the event. However, as everyone present agreed, the ultimate winner was the Foundation and the children in Africa whose lives will improve so much thanks to the generous contribution of those who participated. Murray Johns (President: Santa Maria L.B.C. )


Gerrard responds to Patrick Vieira's England criticisms Steven Gerrard has hit back at Patrick Vieira's suggestion that England players do not love playing for the national team. The former France midfielder, 36, said he was surprised "so many young players" pulled out of the England team with injury stating "maybe it is a lack of love". "It surprised me to read that," responded England captain Gerrard. "I don't really care what Vieira says. The young players are hungry.” Meanwhile, Gerrard insists there is now "no excuse" for bad behaviour from players following the introduction of a new code of conduct. The 32-yearold Reds skipper wanted the focus on football ahead of last night’s crucial World Cup qualifier in Poland.


Red Bull deny Vettel will move to Ferrari Ferrari will retain Felipe Massa next season in what is planned to be a stop-gap deal before the arrival of Sebastian Vettel. Ferrari sources say they already have a deal in place with double world champion Vettel, with an option for the 25year-old to join them in 2014. But Red Bull team boss Christian Horner insists Vettel will not leave. He told BBC Sport: "Sebastian Vettel, without a shadow of doubt, will be part of the Red Bull Racing team in 2014."

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The News Newspaper - Issue 197  
The News Newspaper - Issue 197  

The News Newspaper - Issue 197