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Issue 193

Wednesday, September 19th 2012

A breakthrough for breast cancer? Results from trials of a brand new drug have been hailed as “one of the biggest advances in years”..................... P2 NATIONAL NEWS - “SACRIFICES ABSOLUTELY UNAVOIDABLE”

‘Hot autumn’ starts a little early this year The trade unions couldn’t wait to start the “hot autumn” they had promised the government and jumped the gun by organising the first protest marches against the cuts on Saturday, September 15th – autumn does not begin officially September 22nd. The main demand of the hundreds of thousands of Spaniards from different parts of the country who converged in Madrid that day was for a referendum to determine whether the government should continue on its severe austerity programme. The protest was organised by a collective called Social Summit, consisting of about 200 professional organisations and the unions. It was just the first of many that are due to be called by the two main unions – the General Workers Union (UGT) and the Workers’ Commissions (CCOO), which could culminate in a general strike in the not-toodistant future. CCOO secretary general Ignacio Fernández Toxo told the protesters: “The prime minister has the key to stop this general strike,” and many began chanting: “Rajoy, resign, new elections now!” Cándido Méndez, secretary general of the UGT, added: “If the government doesn’t pay attention to us, we will come up with another answer or mobilisation.” But Rajoy has said that his government won’t give in. Economy Minister Luis de Guindos said that while he understood why people

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were unhappy with the cuts, the “sacrifices are absolutely unavoidable”. Overall, government officials appeared to be relieved on Saturday because they had expected the protest to be bigger than it actually was. CONTINUED ON PAGE 2


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WEDNESDAY, September 19th 2012

02 n General News


WORLD Up & running!

By Kym Wickham

At last we have back our emails and web connections. We have no idea what happened other than the server (who we have now dropped!) decided to change our IP address but only changed some of them and not others at their end. disaster reigned for the next two weeks until Russell from Mint Micro, who is an absolute gem, managed to sort it all out for us. So, if you have been trying to email us, or have done so and not got a reply, please try again and this time it should get through. The main email addresses to use are info, editorial, advertising and accounts. All are followed by A bit of sad news I got this week was from a great friend of mine who had to have her lovely dog, Muttley, put to sleep on Monday. He was one of the world’s great dogs, always good with people, other dogs and cats and was always overjoyed to see you. He will be very sadly missed but had a wonderful life with Harold and Jackie. Someone said that there was something in The news about not respecting horses and their riders recently. If that is so, and I haven’t managed to find the article, please remember to give horses a wide berth and drive slowly past. Also, I’ve been told that new cars are not fitted with ashtrays as it’s now illegal to smoke in cars. Whatever the law, people who want a cigarette will smoke and now throw it out the window so let’s target the motor companies to bring back the ashtrays.


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The first Costa del Sol Charity Cricket Match in aid of Cudeca and the development of cricket in local schools and colleges. Free admission and a mega raffle with fabulous prizes.

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Cartama Oval, 27/28/29 September. Book your place with Tim on 662233302 or email

the Anglican chaplaincy of St Andrews invites children of all ages and their parents to a fun-filled afternoon. The Cemetery Chapel, Alhaurin el Grande, 22nd September from 3.00pm to 5.00pm. For info telephone 617562530. See p15

Catalans are ‘Hot autumn’ starts a warned to little early this year back off

Continued from FRONT PAGE

The organising committees said there were about 500,000 people but the government’s delegate in Madrid put the figure as low as 65,000, which showed that “the majority of the citizens are supporting the reforms”. Later, the two union leaders explained that they are thinking of calling for a European-wide protest with other labour unions across the continent to protest against the policies of the bloc’s leaders. Méndez and Toxo have called their European counterparts to a meeting in Madrid on September 25th to discuss the matter. On Monday, there were massive traffic snarl-ups of up to 120 kilometres on roads into Madrid and Barcelona when striking

Metro workers staged a partial strike to support their colleagues at state railway operator Renfe, when they launched their second nationwide 24-hour stoppage to protest against the government’s liberalisation plans for the railway sector. For the Metro workers, however, their partial strike during peak hours was to protest against the government’s decision to take away the Christmas bonus payment for public

workers, to increase subway fares and close some exits at subway stations. Bus drivers joined the stoppage in Rajoy on set at La Primera Barcelona. The unions said 98 per cent of workers had heeded the call to strike. Further stoppages have been called for September 21st and 28th and October 1st. The 24-hour strike by Renfe and other state companies in the sector, Adif and Feve, caused the cancellation of 302 high speed medium-to-long-haul routes.

Socialist leader Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba said on Sunday that his party is ready to stand up to Catalan regional premier Artur Mas and his supporters if they have any intention of trying to break away from the rest of Spain and continue to stir up conflicts between Madrid and the other regions. Addressing the so-called Rose Festival, which is sponsored by the Catalan Socialist Party (PSC), Rubalcaba said: “Things are worse off now than they were before because there are people who want to create a lot of waves between Catalonia and Spain, and they are indeed in the process of brewing a

Socialist Rubalcaba

dark storm.” He also called on Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy and the Partido Popular (PP) “to back down from their anti-Catalan discourse”. Rubalcaba said that he respected the position of Catalan independence supporters but added that Catalonia “will emerge from this economic crisis with the rest of Spain and Europe or it will fail”.


New cancer drug 'biggest advance in years' A new breast cancer drug with the potential of extending the lives of 8,000 women a year has been hailed as “one of the biggest advances in years”. The drug is so new that trial results, comparing 485 women given the drug and 239 given a dummy pill, are still coming out. But after 18 months the differences are already marked. Among women taking the dummy pill and Exemestane, which helps prevent oestrogen uptake, researchers found that tumour growth was

stalled by 3.2 months on average, but among those given new drug Everolimus and Exemestane, it was 7.8 months. Specialists have said the impact was so large that it was "changing the natural history of the disease", adding that it was potentially the most significant breakthrough for advanced breast cancer since the discovery of drugs that lower oestrogen levels, in the mid 1990s. Everolimus, marketed by Novartis under


the brand name Afinitor, is intended for postmenopausal women whose cancers have developed resistance to hormonal treatments. A spokeswoman for the charity Breakthrough Breast Cancer said that while the drug was no means a cure, “it could give patients several extra months of good quality of life with their families”. She added that Everolimus needs to be assessed by Nice but “we are strongly backing it to be made available for those who need it”.











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weDneSDaY, September 19th 2012

news Your outlook on the World

National News n 03




National News

Charles Darwin visits Guardia del Monte, Argentina

Madrid premier stands down in shock move Madrid regional premier Esperanza Aguirre announced her resignation at a hastily-called press conference on Monday. She told reporters: "I have called you here to announce my decision to resign from my posts as MP in the regional assembly and as regional premier." Visibly moved, one of the Partido Popular’s most flamboyant politicians said she had reached the conclusion that it was an appropriate moment to step down. She said she had informed Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy of her decision earlier on Monday. She then thanked all those who had voted for her and all those who hadn’t.

Aguirre, who had a mastectomy last year, admitted that her health was one of the factors that influenced her decision, despite the fact that she is "apparently cured". But she said she was tired, and “politics is a job that requires a lot of dedication and effort”, and she now wants to spend more time with her family. Aguirre, 60, has been on the political front line for the past 30 years. She was elected Madrid regional premier in 2003 and prior to that she had held various posts, including speaker of the Upper House and education and culture

minister during the government of José María Aznar. Observers say that given her strong character and her passion for politics, her reasons for quitting must be more powerful ones than health and tiredness. They say her resignation soon after meeting with Rajoy suggests political motives.

office, she had serious clashes with former mayor Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón, now Justice Minister, and aired her differences with party chief Mariano Rajoy on many occasions.

Internet Service Provider Tipped to take over from Rajoy, his election victory last year and his consolidation of the party’s national leadership put an end to her aspirations. Her deputy and right-hand man, Ignacio González, will



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WEDNESDAY, September 19th 2012

04 n National News

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Letizia turns 40 A bad weekend for airline Ryanair The pilots’ union Sepla said on Monday that Ryanair has taken the low-cost concept too far. The statement followed another two incidents involving the Irish airline. On Saturday a Ryanair flight from Bristol to Reus in Tarragona had to make an emergency landing at Barcelona’s El Prat airport because of technical problems. In an effort to distract from the recent scandals involving members of the Royal Family, Princess Letizia’s 40th birthday on September 15th was marked widely in the media with the release of several photos showing her, her husband Crown Prince Felipe and their two children, Leonor and Sofia, relaxing at their home in the Royal Palace in Madrid. Earlier in the week, the main photograph on the new Royal Household website portrayed the current monarch, as well as his heir with the future

On Sunday, another Ryanair flight to Tenerife had to make an emergency

landing at Madrid’s Barajas airport for the same reason. It was the eighth such incident involving the airline in the past two months. Last Thursday, a Ryanair flight made an emergency landing in Palma de Mallorca after two crew members and a passenger were slightly injured during bouts of turbulence. A week earlier 16 passengers on a flight to Tenerife were injured when pressure in the cabin

dropped suddenly, forcing the plane to make an emergency landing at Barajas. At the end of last month and the beginning of this month, three Ryanair flights made emergency landings at Alicante and Valencia airports on different days because of dangerously low fuel levels. Ryanair president Michael O’Leary has accused Public Works Minister Ana Pastor of spreading “false” information about the airline.

Government increases control over education

queen and the Infanta Leonor – to remind the

nation that the monarchy is here to stay.

With the regional governments up in arms about spending cuts forced on them from Madrid, the government is about to give them something else to complain about. It is drafting a law by which Madrid will decide up to 75 per cent of what

schoolchildren learn. Currently the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport decides 65 per cent of the curriculum in most regions, and from 55 to 65 percent in Catalonia, Galicia and the Basque Country that have a second official language.

During a television interview, the Education Minister said it was “not acceptable” that the current system “ended up providing 17 different education systems”. A draft bill of the proposals is expected to be put before Parliament in October.

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WEDNESDAY, September 19th 2012

news Your outlook on the World

National News n 05


Justice Minister toughens up Penal Code

Gallardón admitted that

the proposals are a response to a series of crimes that have angered the general public, the most recent case being that of José Bretón, who is accused of murdering his two children and burning their bodies to cover up the crime. Another proposed reform is the introduction of “security custody” under which particularly dangerous prisoners will stay in prison after their terms are up.

This would be applied to ETA prisoners like convicted murderer and kidnapper Iosu Uribetxeberria Bolinaga whose early release from jail last week on humanitarian grounds because of the terminal cancer he is suffering from has angered victims of terrorism as well as leading members of the Partido Popular. Meanwhile, the government is also studying harsher

communiqués by the Basque terrorist group. Otegi, who was an ETA gunman before going into politics, said: “The abertzale Left has recognised and does recognise the pain that has been caused. And I want to go beyond that and, if in

my position as spokesman, I could add my two cents to help ease the pain, suffering and humiliation of the families of the victims of ETA’s armed actions, I want to offer my most sincere apologies, accompanied by an ‘I am sorry,’ from the bottom of my heart.”

45 ¼


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Justice Minister Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón

sentences for shoplifters at the request of small store owners who feel current sentences are too lenient and do not give them enough protection.


Smaller military parade this year The government's austerity drive will rob the traditional October 12th military parade to mark National day of much of its pomp and circumstance. The defence ministry announced last week that there will be no tanks or planes, and the overall cost of the procession will be scaled back by over 60 per cent from last year's level to €1 million. The most spectacular part of the parade is the traditional flyover which brings out crowds to see fighter planes and other military aircraft rip through the capital’s skies. The king, prime minister and senior members of the government and the opposition as well as diplomats attend the parade each year.

Ángeles Pedraza, president of the AVT (Victims of Terrorism Association) said Otegi’s statement was a ploy to favour Bildu, a conglomeration of pro-ETA groups and parties, in the Basque Country regional election to be held in October.





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The government has proposed a new tax on the production of energy to cover the so-called tariff deficit, the difference between the cost of generating power and the regulated price consumers pay for it. industry, Energy and Tourism minister José manuel Soria explained that the new across-the-board levy of 6 per cent on producers’ revenues replaces an earlier controversial proposal under which tax rates would have been higher for renewable energy generators. The new measure is expected to generate about €3 billion annually. The tariff deficit currently stands at around €24 billion.

Pro-ETA leader apologises Arnaldo Otegi, the jailed leader of ETA’s political wing the banned Batasuna Party, has asked ETA victims for forgiveness on behalf of the abertzale (the pro-ETA Basque radical Left) in an interview to be published later this month in the daily Gara, which regularly publishes


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New tax on energy producers

Justice Minister Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón has unveiled his proposed reform of the Penal Code, to make it one of the toughest in Europe. His main proposals include the new concept of revisable perpetual sentences for crimes other than those related to terrorism. These include cases of so-called aggravated murder, where the victim is under 16 or is particularly vulnerable due to disability or old age; cases of multiple murders; murders committed by members of criminal organisations and murders involving rape.




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06 n World News

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World News


paul Simon and art Garfunkel perform a reunion concert in Central park

Hezbollah rallies against N EWS anti-Muslim film IN BRIEF

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The leader of Lebanon's Shia movement Hezbollah has appeared in public for the first time since December 2011 to denounce the amateur anti-Islam film which has sparked worldwide protests. Speaking at a rally in Beirut, Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah said the US faces "very dangerous" repercussions if it allows the full video to be released. In contrast to other protests against the film held over the past week there was no violence at the Hezbollah rally.

Factory owners granted bail Three pakistani businessmen facing murder charges over the deaths of 264 people in a fire at their garment factory in karachi last week have been bailed. Workers were trapped inside as flames consumed the factory, in one of the worst fires in the country’s history. Their lawyer said the bail application was made at a court in a town 300 miles north of karachi, as they feared for their lives. he said his clients did not believe they were responsible for the tragedy. The case has revived the debate over regulation and safety standards in pakistan's factories. CzeCh RepubliC

Spirits ban after bootleg alcohol poisoning

New protests erupted around the Muslim world on Monday over the USmade video. More than a dozen people have died since last Tuesday in protests sparked by the appearance on Youtube of a trailer for the obscure, poorly made film, which is entitled Innocence of Muslims.

to the clip in countries where its content was illegal "such as India and Indonesia as well as in Libya and Egypt".

Nakoula, a convicted fraudster living in California has been questioned over his involvement.

Youtube has said it will not remove the trailer as it was within its guidelines but it had restricted access

The exact origins of the film are shrouded in mystery, although a man called Nakoula Basseley

Protesters have targeted US consulates, embassies and business interests across the Middle East and

The government has banned the sale of all spirits containing more than 20% alcohol following a spate of poisoning that has left 19 people dead. The ban covers all outlets including restaurants and hotels. north Africa, but British, Swiss, German and Dutch properties have also been attacked. The US ambassador to Libya was among four Americans killed on the day protests first broke out.

Drop in coca leaf production Production of coca leaves – the raw ingredient for cocaine – in Bolivia has dropped significantly over the last year, according to a report by the UN Office on Drugs and Crime.

dropped from 31,000 hectares in 2010 to 27,000 hectares. This is the first such drop since President Evo Morales, a former coca producer, came into power in 2006.

The annual UNODC report said that the area under coca cultivation

The production of coca in small amounts is legal in Bolivia, but the production of

cocaine is illegal. Coca leaves have been used for many centuries as a mild stimulant and to counteract the effects of the high altitude in the Andes. Bolivia's Foreign Minister David Choquehuanca said the findings showed that his country was unfairly

criticised after it ended antidrug cooperation with the United States in 2008. Mr Morales often blames consumption in the West for fuelling cocaine production in the Andes and recently said the US has no "moral right or authority" to talk about the fight against drug trafficking.

The poisonings have been blamed on bootleg vodka and rum tainted with the industrial chemical methanol and sold cheaply at markets and outdoor kiosks. Czech police have arrested 10 people and seized 5,000 litres of spirits, as well as counterfeit labels. police said they are dealing with well-organised bootleggers, and that those at the very top have so far eluded capture. Meanwhile, about 30 people are being treated in hospital for methanol poisoning. Some have gone blind and others have been put into artificial comas by doctors. denMaRk

Time ‘to make babies’ a group of workers at six nurseries in central denmark offered parents two hours' free childcare last week so that they ‘could go to bed and make more babies’. a spokeswoman said a lack of young children meant the future of local nurseries was uncertain. The offer was for one night only, but she said if their plan was successful, they would be happy to do it all over again. The nursery workers want to draw attention to the dwindling number of births and to do something about it. in terms of birth rate, denmark languishes at 185th out of 221 countries in the world.

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WEDNESDAY, September 19th 2012

news Your outlook on the World

World News n 07


UN draws up list of Syria war crimes A UN commission investigating human rights abuses in Syria says it has drawn up a new secret list of Syrians and units suspected of war crimes, lead investigator Paulo Sergio Pinheiro said on Monday after gathering a "formidable and extraordinary body of evidence". The commission found that opposition forces were also guilty of war crimes, but

not of the same gravity or the same frequency or scale as those blamed on government forces. Mr Pinheiro said the "increasing and alarming presence" of Islamist militants in Syria “tends to push anti-government fighters towards more radical positions". He urged the UN Security Council to refer the situation in Syria to the International Criminal Court (ICC). Meanwhile,

Human Rights Watch has said armed rebels are torturing detainees and carrying out summary executions, but added that violations by government forces were more widespread. The group said when it presented evidence of extrajudicial executions to opposition leaders, they said that those who kill deserved to be killed, and that only the worst criminals were being executed.

Mexican hackers stage cyber protest Mexican computer hackers took over at least ten government and other websites in a political protest to mark the country's independence day on Sunday, September 16th. Calling themselves the Mexican Cyber Protest, they targeted the websites of political parties, media organisations and government agencies. Hacked pages were

replaced with a message denouncing the recent presidential election as fraudulent, calling President-elect Enrique Pena Nieto an "imposed president", and saying Mexico's democracy was "stolen" in July's election. The hackers also complained about corruption, drug-related violence and the economy.

They accused outgoing President Felipe Calderon of mismanaging the economy and unleashing a wave of violence by confronting drug cartels. The inauguration of Enrique Pena Nieto on December 1st will mark a return to power for the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), which governed Mexico for 71 years until 2000.

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WEDNESDAY, September 19th 2012

08 n UK News

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UK News Wills and Kate win injunction on photos A court in Paris, Le Tribunal de Grande Instance in Nanterre, decided yesterday Tuesday) that a French publication, Closer, could not print photographs taken of Prince William’s wife Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, topless while on holiday at the privately owned Chateau D’Autet near Aix en Provence. The photos were apparently taken from half a mile away using a long lens while Wills and Kate were on holiday in the country. The court also ordered the magazine to

hand over all files of the pictures to the royal couple within 24 hours. Representing the royal couple, lawyer Aurelian Hamelle asked the court to grant â‚Ź5,000 in damages (ÂŁ4,034), to fine Closer â‚Ź10,000 (ÂŁ8070) a day for each day the injunction is not respected, and â‚Ź100,000 euros (ÂŁ80,720) if they printed the photos. They have also asked for the photographer who took the pictures to be prosecuted. However the Italian owners of the magazine,

Mondadori, that is controlled by former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi, said that the photos are not theirs to sell. Mondadoriowned gossip mag Chi has already published a 26page spread with the topless pictures. And the Irish Daily Star announced on Monday that it has suspended its editor Michael O’Kane after the newspaper’s decision to publish the photos last Saturday infuriated the paper’s owner Richard Desmond who says that he wants the paper shut down because of it.

Governor calls for restraint

New sta reforms

Further to media comment that HE The Governor has urged restraint only from Gibraltar, The Convent wishes to clarify that its recent statements in response to media questions have explicitly called on “all sides� to show restraint, and to reiterate that point. Sir Adrian has publicly praised the restraint and professionalism shown by the Royal Gibraltar Police, the Royal Navy and the Gibraltar Defence Police throughout their handling of the fishing dispute. This is in sharp contrast to recent statements in the Spanish media and he has made his views clear that such statements will not

Business Secretary Vince Cable announced a new employment reforms package last week after the lack of backing for the previous proposals. ‘Nofault sacking' reforms have been scrapped but bosses will get new powers to fire under-performing workers, he said.

help achieve a local resolution to the current dispute. The Governor ensures that the UK is apprised of latest local developments regarding BGTW and the views of HM Government of Gibraltar, and that these are taken fully into account in the UK’s political, diplomatic and naval responses to Spanish incursions and other threats. From his perspective the key considerations are upholding British sovereignty and protecting Gibraltar’s interests. Issued by the OďŹƒce of the Governor, The Convent, Gibraltar

He unveiled plans that will signal a drastic cut in how much compensation employees can win in unfair dismissal cases. But company bosses will be given stronger legal protections to get rid of staff not deemed to be meeting required standards under a shake-up of employment laws.







Defector Lord Stevens of Ludgate said that he had given up hope david Cameron would take the radical action of leaving the Tory Party to become a fully fledged member of the antiBrussels party UKIP to unshackle Britain from the yoke of Brussels. Adding to a string of defecting MPs Lord Stevens said: “I would urge everyone to consider whether they want to be run from the unelected Brussels Commission or Whitehall. I believe in the United Kingdom being the United Kingdom. We fought two World Wars to preserve that.�


Freedom The European Court of Human Rights ruled today, that jailing dangerous prisoners indefinitely on the grounds of risk without giving them access to rehabilitation courses was a breach of human rights. More than 6,500 oenders in Britain are currently in jail without any fixed date for their release due to protection of public safety. The case came to the attention of the European Court after three Britons, Brett James, Nicholas Wells and Jerey Lee were given automatic IPP sentences in 2005 and claimed that a failure to ensure they had access to courses in prison harmed their ability to show they were rehabilitated and able to be released.

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WEDNESDAY, September 19th 2012

news Your outlook on the World

Doctor Two policewomen Cala Luna Restaurant trouble killed in UK Fuengirola, Plaza Picasso 4. 2nd line Beach, close to Hotel Las Pyramides

UK News n 09


Complaints against doctors in the UK have risen by almost a quarter (23%) in the past year. The highest number were made against men and older doctors according to the General Medical Council report, with psychiatrists, GPs and surgeons attracting the highest number of complaints. Almost ¾ of all complaints were about male doctors and 47% about GPs. The GMC recorded 8,781 complaints last year compared with 7,153 in 2010. Allegations about doctor’s communications skills rose by a whopping 69% over the year and complaints about lack of respect rose by 45%. One in every four doctors are now likely to be investigated by the regulator.

Two unarmed female police officers were killed on Tuesday afternoon as they tried to arrest suspected killer Dale Cregan, 29, in Abbey Gardens, Hattersley, Tameside after they attended what has been described as a “routine callout” to the property that had been empty “for some months”. A short while later he walked into Hyde police station, Greater Manchester where he was arrested. Cregan was already wanted for the murders of David Short and Mark Short. David Short was killed in a gun and grenade attack in Clayton on 10th August. His son, Mark Short, was killed in a pub shooting at the Cotton Tree Pub in Droylsden in May.

A witness at the scene – a local window cleaner in Abbey Gardens – reported hearing 13 gunshots and an explosion. Assistant


Constable Garry Shewan said it was "a tragic day" for Greater Manchester Police. "A long and dark shadow has been cast across Greater Manchester and my thoughts are with the officers' families, friends and colleagues. We will be doing everything we can to support them over the coming days and weeks."

Home Secretary Theresa May said: "This is a deeply shocking incident and a terrible reminder of the risks that police officers face every day to keep our communities safe." Shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper said it was "deeply distressing news [and] a painful demonstration of how police officers put themselves in harm's way every day to protect the public". The police flag at Greater Manchester Police headquarters has been lowered to half mast. A bomb disposal team remain at the scene at the time of going to press. - 633 15 65 74

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10 n Local News

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Local News

Bruno Hauptmann arrested for kidnapping Lindbergh baby

ieves tie up foreign Mayor asks for more couple in Guadalmina safety signs on A-7 A gang of thieves broke into a house in Guadalmina Alta in the early hours of Sunday and tied up a foreign couple while they ransacked their home. At press time the police had not given out the couple’s nationality, but

said the thieves had been carrying guns. They said the men were probably from Eastern Europe. The husband was able to free himself around 5.30 that morning and called the police. They thieves got away with jewellery and art work valued at more

than €200,000. Another house in the urbanisation had been robbed a few hours earlier and residents told a local newspaper there had been several robberies in the area this summer, the record being a total of four on the same day.

Land clearing caused fire The fire-fighting organisation, Infoca, said the fire that destroyed 8,225 hectares in the MarbellaOjen-Coin area at the end of last month started in a finca in Coin, when two men lit a bonfire of dry undergrowth they had cleared from their land. It said the finca was at the foot of a slope of the Alaminos hill on the lane known as Charco del


Infierno (Hell’s Pool). Infoca said that when the men left the finca, the bonfire continued to smoulder and

sparks started two fires to the north and the west. The two men have been released with charges.





Mijas mayor Angel Nozal has asked the Public Works ministry and the Traffic Authority to reinforce safety on a curve at kilometre 209.9 on the A-7, where two people have died in separate accidents in one week.

Given the characteristics of the old N-340, the mayor said the only solution was to install more warning signs, telling drivers to reduce speed.

A lorry driver was killed in an accident there last Wednesday and a 78-yearold man died of a heart attack on Sunday when his car ran off the road there.

He has also asked for a speed radar to be installed on the curve “where it would do more good than on straight stretches of road”.

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Inland & Coastal News n 11


Jumping on the Eurovegas band wagon Gambling magnate Sheldon Adelson’s decision to build Eurovegas on the outskirts of Madrid favours the Costa del Sol, Tourism Department boss Elías Bendodo told reporters last week, pointing out that the Costa is already the “the favourite beach of the capital’s residents”. As a result, he said his department will do everything possible to attract the millions who will visit the gambling and recreational complex each year. Bendodo said that thanks to the AVE high speed train, Malaga is only two and a half hours away from Madrid, adding that the Costa’s greatest advantage is its climate. He predicted that during the winter, when the temperature often falls

Northsouth work gap widens The International Labour Organisation (ILO) warned on Monday of the “increasing gap” in employment between the north and south of Spain. It said that a third of the workers in Almeria, Jaen and Granada provinces were out of work, with the situation being worse in rural areas. It said the unemployment rate in the campo was 8.3 per cent in 2007 and now stands at more than 30 per cent.

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below zero in Madrid, Eurevegas visitors will be tempted to head south for a break to Malaga where the average winter temperature is 19 degrees. Malaga also has the most hotels in Andalucia – 2,403, with a total of 165,000 beds, 84,000 of them in four and five star hotels. No definite date has been given for the complex’s opening – some predict by 2015, others by 2018 – Jose Carlos Escribano, president of the Costa del Sol Hoteliers Association (Aehcos), said



“but when the time comes, we shall offer our services to seal strategic alliances with Las Vegas Sands, Eurovegas’s parent company”. The president of the Andalucian Tourism Council, Miguel Sánchez, said the tourism sector must establish contacts with the Eurovegas promoters from the very beginning, offering them a variety of products “so that they will see that the Costa is the beach complement the project lost when Adelson decided not to build it in Barcelona”.

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Cattle breeders throw in the towel The province’s few remaining cattle breeders are threatening to throw in the towel because the price they get for milk doesn’t cover their production costs. a spokesman for the asaja, Coag, upa y faeca agricultural associations said at a meeting last week that it costs between 36 and 40 cents to produce a litre of milk but the middlemen only pay the breeders between 30 and 33 cents. He said that 10 years ago there were more than 100 breeders in the province and now there are only about a dozen – two in guadalhorce, four or five in ronda and the rest in antequera. fuengIrola

15 Amazing displays

Stall holders protest In response to the council’s proposal last Thursday to hold the Sunday market on Saturday, some 20 stallholders gathered outside the town hall on friday to say they would not accept the change. The president of the Malaga Street Traders’ association said on Saturday that his organisation would give them its full support. a council spokesman said the proposal was an open-ended one and no decision had been made. However, he pointed out that it arose from the traffic problems caused by the market and local residents’ complaints. granada

The unemployment rate for the whole of Andalucia stands at nearly 33 per cent. It noted that in the north of Spain, unemployment was well below the national average of 25 per cent, as low as 12 per cent in some areas. The ILO said growing unemployment had already led to looting in supermarkets and the occupation of country estates.

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Alternative to street drinking In an effort to keeping drinking youngsters off the streets, a local disco is allowing them to bring in their own drinks for a door charge of €3. Those availing themselves of the disco’s services – toilets and music – have to be over 18. They will also have to put up with the owners’ cultural programme of talks on the effects of abusing alcohol as well as sexual and cultural information. The owners said that this way they were saving the local council the expense of cleaning up after the “botellones” (street parties) while giving young people a safer place to drink. They expect to have more than 1,000 clients every night, mainly students from the local university.

La Cala 952 587 759 Marbella 952 764 595



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12 n Political Update

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The Local

Memo from

Voice Madrid Muriel Pilkington

Martin Delfín Writes for the English language version of

A little shedding of light

Why Espe left



ell, she certainly went out with a bang rather than a whimper, but that had always been Esperanza Aguirre’s style. She took the whole world by surprise when she called an unexpected press conference on Monday to announce her resignation “for personal and health reasons”.


he now former Madrid premier told reporters she was proud of her political career and “of all my many gaffes”, many of which arose out of her famous battles with former Madrid mayor Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón, the current Justice minister. They were both vying to be Rajoy’s successor. In fact, at one point it looked as if they were trying to oust him altogether but the party moderates prevailed and Aguirre backed off. Rajoy extended the hand of friendship to Gallardón and gave him an important party post, which many interpreted as a hint as to who his successor would be. Gallardón took the hint and has been one of Rajoy’s most faithful collaborators since then, finally being rewarded with a ministry.


he pair’s most public clash took place during the battle for control of Caja Madrid. Aguirre managed to stop one of Galladón’s men from getting on the bank’s board by backing the candidate put forward by the Communist-dominated United Left (IU, Izquierda Unida) who are like water to Aguirre’s oil. During the meeting held to appoint the board’s members, Aguirre said to her second-in-command, Ignacio Gonzalez, “I think we’ve been very lucky giving the position to IU and stopping that hijoputa (son of a whore)”, not realising that the mike was still on. Most people still believe she was referring to Gallardón and not the man he was backing.


ne of her most recent gaffes was what she said to the mayor of Valdemaqueda when she visited him a few weeks ago. She didn’t like the architectural style of the town hall so she said to the mayor: “You know why we should introduce the death penalty. For the architects whose crimes outlive

them.” She apologised quite profusely for making the remark but only because it sounded bad, not because she didn’t mean it. It wasn’t her first brush with cultural matters. In 2010, during a ceremony in Becerril de la Sierra, she asked the mayor how he could have authorised that “putamierda” (f*****g s**t), referring to a statue in the square.


t’s not widely known – outside of Madrid at least – that Aguirre is married to a count and has aristocratic connections on both her parents’ sides. This is could account for her highhandedness and apparent lack of sensitivity to others’ feelings. Spanish aristocrats have always ridden roughshod over their social inferiors. Her determination to become Spain’s first woman PM could also account for her arrogance, especially as she was the first woman in Spain’s post-democratic history to become president of the Upper House and Minister of Education.


s she said, she has reason to be proud of her political career but her very right-wing attitudes made her stand out like a sore thumb in a party which is drawing ever closer to the centre. I suspect she finally realised that she was too right-wing ever to win over a majority of voters, despite the fact that the number of people who voted for her over the past 10 years increased with every election.

o one had expected the stunning announcement. Within less than an hour on Monday afternoon, Madrid government press officials hastily convened a news conference with Esperanza Aguirre. Just a few hours beforehand she had held "an affectionate and intimate" meeting with Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, the head of her Partido Popular (PP) with whom she has had so many public falling-outs in the past. Aguirre announced that she was standing down from the regional premier's office and would give up all her party positions, including the seat she has held in the regional parliament. The emotional 60-year-old, who has often been called the iron lady of Madrid, wasn't clear why she was stepping aside but she alluded to her past battle with breast cancer, albeit which is in remission, as one of the factors that compelled her decision. She also said she was tired and wanted to spend more time with her family. In other words, after nine years as Madrid's controversial and brash regional premier, Aguirre had decided that she was going to throw in the towel.


hat said, she did dare to say what many people only thought. She hated the Basque terrorist group ETA with a passion and sharpened her tongue on it at every opportunity. She loudly opposed the release of the latest ETA prisoner on humanitarian grounds, echoing the feelings of many people in the Partido Popular. It was just another nail in her coffin as far as Rajoy was concerned.


ut my favourite memory of the two of them is the incident in the helicopter on December 1st 2005. I can’t remember exactly why but they were visiting the Mostoles bullring in Madrid and flew out in a helicopter. Unfortunately because of a gust of wind, the pilot only just cleared the wall and the helicopter fell a few yards to the ground on the other side, right on the verge of the busy A-5 highway. Rajoy fractured a finger but Aguirre was unhurt. Relations between them at the time were very tense and I suspect both of them had fleeting fantasies about the other not emerging alive.

Esperanza Aguirre


he sudden decision by "Espe” has fuelled a lot of speculation. Is she really ill or has she hit a brick wall in her political career, knowing that she will never be able to fulfil her dream in the short-term to become Spain's first female prime minister? Monday's meeting with Rajoy, according to some in the PP, was far from the "affectionate encounter," as the prime minister had described it in a short statement he released after Aguirre announced her intentions to step down. Some in the PP claim that Espe showed up demanding one final time "a piece of the action" for her base, which includes some the party’s most conservative sectors. When she didn't hear what she wanted to hear, Aguirre, the political dog who has waged battles with Rajoy's centrists including former Mayor Alberto Ruiz Gallardón,

decided it was time to go. But before she stepped down she anointed her right hand man, Ignacio Gonzalez, the current deputy regional premier, as her successor. It was a move that many believe will not play out as she may have planned because Rajoy's party backers in Madrid will soon demand new elections. But, as of press time, nothing had been decided.


ne of the last confrontations that pitted Espe against Rajoy was the recent heated debate that took place during a PP national committee meeting when the matter of a conditional parole for ETA terrorist Iosu Uribetxeberria was discussed. Rajoy's Cabinet last month approved Uribetxeberria's request to apply to the High Court for humanitarian release because he is terminally ill with cancer. The decision rained down like hard bricks on the PP hard liners who believe it lost them a good part of their electorate – most notably terrorism victims' groups who come out en masse for the PP on election day. Among those criticising the Cabinet was former Interior Minister and now Euro Deputy Jaime Mayor Oreja who was backed by Aguirre. She argued that there were other options that the Cabinet should have looked at instead of giving Uribetxeberria a favourable nod, something that Rajoy didn’t want to hear. It was the last showdown between Espe's conservatives and Rajoy's moderates to take place before the eyes of the prime minister and it appeared that Aguirre came out losing. The ETA terrorist who is serving a 32-year sentence for kidnapping and murder was eventually given the green light by the High Court to be released.


ith Espe gone, the hard liners indeed will have to look for a new leader. Gonzalez has neither the pull nor the flair that Aguirre has to lead the party's conservative bloc, and the Socialists in Madrid are betting that he will never be able to pull together the confidence of the Madrid PP.


n fact Tomás Gómez, the PSOE's radical leader in Madrid who has had his own share of conflicts with the Socialist’s national leadership in the past, said that with Aguirre’s departure "a new period" has opened in Madrid. It won't be long before all the parties’ wolves will launch their vicious fight for control of the Spanish capital.

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Special Feature n 13


î&#x20AC;&#x201A;e thing about cats & kittens Like them or loathe them, cats and kittens are furry little balls that once youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve had one, you canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t be without them. Once you succumb to their charms, you are hooked for life. I have 15 of them. All look entirely different to me â&#x20AC;&#x201C; even the black ones â&#x20AC;&#x201C; and all have their own personalities. Some will sit around all day waiting to be fed. Some will run around like little whirling dervishes chasing after everything from a rat to some imaginary thing on the wind. Some will love to sit on your lap and be cuddled all the time while others will maybe deign to allow you to stroke them for a couple of minutes, then turn their back on you and wander off to clean themselves. All in all, to have a cat live with you, despite the furniture scratching is, they think, an honour. Beloved and revered by the Egyptians as gods such as Bastet, these creatures have been the subject of many books such as the great cat detective, Sneaky Pie Brown series, statues (my favourite being that of Hodge who lived with Dr. Johnson the diarist, that can be found round the back of Fleet Street in London), cushion covers, quilt covers (think Hello Kitty and what a stir that causes amongst young and old alike) among a host of others. Cats come in all colours and sizes. Thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the huge Ragdoll variety that can be the size of a medium sized dog â&#x20AC;&#x201C; I kid you not, have a

look on the internet â&#x20AC;&#x201C; to the often small and very skinny Spanish versions, and I have two chunky little things that still look like kittens even though they are now 4 years old. Colour-wise you have everything in the spectrums of black, white and brown, through the reds, often called Marmalade cats that look like Garfield, to sleek black creatures that resemble panthers, beautiful pure whites to cats that seems to have all manner of splodges of colour in them. You will note that I have said throughout this article that cats live with you. Cats do not allow you to own them as far as they are concerned, in fact theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re fairly convinced that they own you â&#x20AC;&#x201C; and once youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve got one, youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll realise theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re not far wrong! Sometimes they will stay out all night, just for the fun of it, while youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re frantically calling them for their dinner and, by 3am you will have convinced yourself that your beloved creature will have starved without his bowl of Whiskers. But no, come the morning by which time you have imagined all sorts of things happening to him or her, theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll saunter back along the lane, wrap themselves purring around your legs and youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll be so grateful that theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re OK youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll forgive them anything. At the moment, the animal charities are really struggling and more and more people are dumping their cats on them. To this end, I would

abandoned with his brother Mac by owners who went back to their country and left the cats locked in the villa they were renting. Whisky is a gentle and very affectionate cat that purrrrrrs his head off and he is also ok with dogs. Cats have a very hard time here in Spain because to some people cats are vermin. All they can think off is the colonies of cats that they see around the rubbish containers some with cat flu, aids, leukemia and the endless litters of kittens. The penalty for these poor little souls is that there is no spaying programme in place by the local authorities and therefore street cats just multiply and interbreed. Organisations and private individuals have been helping where they can towards this problem especially around the harbour areas but it is a huge task that never ends. Some local councils will fine you if you feed a cat while others will poison them to eradicate the problem. To adopt one of the lovely cats or kittens from A.I.D. please phone (0034) 62694242 or email animalsindistress2007@yah

implore you to take a cat into your life. Mostly they donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t need much looking after so, if you wanted to go away perhaps a neighbour could be persuaded to pop in and feed them for you, perhaps give them a cuddle, and even have a chat, as well. They are quite brilliant company and their antics will never cease to amaze you. Famous people down through the ages have written about their much loved companions. I talk to mine all the time and, yes, I am quite convinced they understand every word I say. They will sit and keep you warm on a cold winterâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s night and cheer you up when youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re sad.

Now hereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a plea from Animals In Distress: We are looking for forever homes for our lovely cats. We have some gorgeous and friendly cats, most of which are abandoned pets. They are all vaccinated and sterilized. They have been in our cattery far too long and they need their own family environment again. It seems that everyone prefers a kitten to adopt and the grown cats are left behind. Grown cats are not as much hassle as kittens, they are already potty trained, you donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t have to keep an eye out for them all the time and they just laze around all day except when they have a mad spurt and of course cuddles time. Whisky (Ginger & White photo) was

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14 n Community News

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Community News Birthday joy

Fire fund DAVID THE DOGMAN how to So.....You Want To Breed part 5 access it –

A great deal of money has been raised for the victims of the recent fires along the Costa del Sol. Accessing the funds can be done via which has been set up from a group that grew overnight on Facebook with the express intention of helping those in need as a result of the fires. Last Sunday saw the 70th birthday of local man Brian “The Sausage Man”. Friends all turned up for the BBQ in the garden of Brian and his wife Kath (pictured above – photo taken by Madeline Wright) and presented him with quite an array of cards to mark the occasion. Of course, there were sausages – well, there would be wouldn’t there! –

spicy chicken wings, ribs, different curries to enjoy, fluffy rice, and all manner of salads and potatoes.

There’s a “need help” tab that should be followed. The people behind it are liaising with the Foreigners Department in Marbella and elsewhere as things become more organised.

Mike Bryant and Brian Sinclair-Morrison provided the music for everyone to dance to.

The link for Facebook to their site to find out more about what help the group can and is giving is /groups/312338028864557

As you can see by the photograph, Brian had a lovely evening dancing, eating, chatting with friends.

Botanical Gardens - Calm and Serene - Romantic Nights - A Beautiful Setting - Fine Dining Las Islas












Ferro Carril













BANCO El Banco





BENALMADENA - MALAGA ¯ Benalmadena-Malaga PASEO MARITIMO ¯ Paseo Maratimo


Situated only 10 minutes walking distance to the beach, and 25 minutes drive from Malaga airport and Marbella At Las Islas you can enjoy freshly prepared dishes, varying from the finest Lebanese & Mediterranean dishes to vegetarian specialties, fish & meat from the grill Restaurant opening time: Monday to Sunday from 12.30 to 22.30 A WARM WELCOME AWAITS YOU... Advance Booking Recommended

C/Canela 12 Torreblanca, 29640 Fuengirola, Malaga,

Tel: +34 952 475 598 -

Many people love their dogs and think that it’d be a great idea to breed from them – but have you really thought your reasons through?

So your bitch is of suitable breeding quality - what next? When your bitch comes into season: Contact the stud owner and you will be advised when to take your bitch to him. Plan to pay the stud fee at the time of breeding. Costs Money There may also be a boarding charge if the bitch has to stay. Costs Money Be sure you understand, in advance, what the stud fee you pay guarantees. The stud dog may live some distance away from you, so this could involve transport costs. Costs Money Bitches don't get mated on cue, so repeated visits may be necessary.

After your bitch has been mated, you have 63 days to do more reading and thinking. Laced within these thoughts about the precious little darlings will have to be some terrible thoughts about what could go wrong, and what that may cost you. We hate to keep dwelling on this, but things do go wrong so you must be prepared in case it happens to you. What happens if something goes wrong and Fifi needs a caesarean.? What if the puppies die? What if she's not pregnant– waste of stud fee. What if she has a miscarriage? What if you were not diligent enough and next door's cross breed got her? What are you going to do with a litter of puppies you can't sell and don't have the heart to destroy? What if Fifi won't or can't

feed the puppies. Are you prepared to get up every two or three hours to feed them? And worst of all.....what if Fifi dies--was it really worth it? The days pass and Fifi has her puppies without too much trouble but you still need to take her to the vet to be sure. She will probably have hormones and antibiotics to prevent infection. Lucky for you – Fifi had ten healthy pups. They are now ready to have their dewclaws removed. All of these things plus the items we’ve spoken about before all cost money .... more next week!

WEDNESDAY, September 19th 2012

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Community News n 15


Zf!Pmf’! Cvudifsz Dbsojdfsjb

Refrigerated Home Delivery service now available Call Martin for telephone orders on 671 464 400 Avda Blas Infante, Alhaurin el Grande




New Classes starting If you have lived here for years and never managed to get to grips with the language, why not go for it now? We will be learning stuff that you need to know to get along here.

Contact Valerie at or leave a message on 952 45 07 47 and I will get back to you. Classes will start Tues 25th September and will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The initial five week course which runs till 25th October will cost 75€


Age Concern’s street party raises funds Age Concern has gratefully received a donation of €515 from the annual summer bash held by the Duquesa Society of St. George earlier in September. It was organised by Tony Gates in conjunction with Dean Shelton (President of the Society) of the Manilva Foreigners Department. The Department provided a stage and PA system and also took part in the event to officially close the summer programme.

Chloe Lawrence, Phil Evans, Harry Vine & the Grapes, Yaqui, Gaz, Stelvis, Lloyd Earle, Daniela and Billy Robbins.

The event took the form of a street party where, with thanks from the organisers, numerous acts performed on stage including Marcus, Eqiis,

Tony Gates, Oliver Eaton and Justine Smith volunteered to take part in an “open mike” where amateur singers were encouraged to sing at a


Ground floor La Trocha C.C. Coin

General Insurance

Car Insurance, Buildings, Contents,Travel,Holiday Home, Pet, Health

Just call into our office near La Trocha for a quote on any service you require Or call 951 315 271 or email

To advertise in The News Call Geoff on 622 05 04 09

The Original English Tearoom

In the very heart of Mijas Village. For the best lunches, snacks, sandwiches, jacket potatoes, salads and fabulous cakes at affordable prices plus service with a smile, visit The Original English Tearooms Situated near the miniature museum in Avda del Compas. Telephone Rose on 603 389 318

cost of €5 per song, the proceeds of which were given to the Society’s chosen charity, along with a raffle and a donation from Fathoms Bar. Thanks are also given to several of the local businesses and various anonymous persons who very kindly provided donations for the raffle prizes.

Key cutting, photocopying, fax, printing, business cards, greeting cards etc., all in one place!

Funeral Care Spain English Funeral Directors

24hr Service 654 056 653 Office 951 909 264

No worries, just memories

Custom Built Guitars Alberto Martín Ramos

- Professional concert Guitar making - An"que instruments making. - Adjus"ng and Repair of stringed instruments. - Studio guitars for sale.

Urb. Carib Playa Pueblo Andaluz Plaza Sta. Mónica local L. Marbella Málaga. Tlf. 620 147 751




Call Geoff on 622 05 04 09

Tel: 951 315 240

Transport volunteers needed by Cudeca Cudeca urgently needs volunteers to join the Transportation Assistance Programme and help to transfer patients from their homes to the Cudeca Centre, every morning (Monday to Thursday) from 9:30 to 10am and from 1pm to 1:30pm. On occasions,

volunteers also accompany patients to attend hospital appointments at other hospitals. Please contact the Volunteer Department on tel: 952 56 49 10 or e-mail

Saturday 22ndSeptember 3.00pm -5.00pm

Saturday 22nd September 3.00pm - 5.00pm ry r yChapel rin elGr Grand C em ete Ch apelAlhau e Cemetery Alhaurin el and Grande

Come and enjoy a funtime Co om m e and en joy a fun tim e. Includes story time, games indoors and outdoors, tdoo Includes tory s i t m e , g am a m es indo o r s nd n a d ou rs,the acr ft s s, , learn a so ng and crafts, learn a song and end afternoon end htewith aft erno witha sna ck and a drin k. aonsnack and a drink ree/ All elco Free w me

Free/All welcome

Fur rthe ther details romf Marjor ie ie r rthu Athurs 617 562530

Further details from Marjorie Arthurs 617 562 530 tivitie s aresu per rv vised yb 3CR B re egiste giste re ed d leader s. A llac All activities are supervised by 3 CRB registered leaders St. nAdChaplaincy re ew w s Cha plainc cy y Cost a De DelS lSol ast. E Sol East St Andrews Costa Del


WEDNESDAY, September 19th 2012


16 n Out & About

Read your favourite news, plus a whole lot more in

Your Weekly Entertainment Guide INSIDE THIS WEEK La Risa ladies Lunch- with speaker Crystal Clear Anne. Plenty to see at Pögs - Keep an eye on their advert for who’s on when Happy Hour - e Village Inn restaurant has Happy Hour from 6 - 7 pm

espa’s back Jump! Getting cooler Markets

The first play of the evening is “Madame Munday’s Mystical Mirror”, a slightly unusual work by Paul L Hedge that will be directed by Jean Fenton. It tells of para-normal activities in an English village of the Midsomer

Murders type. This will be followed as always by a four course dinner after which the second play will also be of an outdoors theme. “Feeding The Ducks” by Michael Park is directed by Jamie Stonehewer. Bookings made be made by telephone to 952 472 985 or by email to Further information on membership and the activities of THESPA can be found by logging onto

Fun for all at the Tamisa The Tamisa Golf Hotel on the road from Fuengirola to Coin, just past the Mijas Golf entrance are holding a variety of classes. On Friday 21st September you can get fit and learn to dance at their Zumba classes that start at 7pm.

not take the kids along for Hip-Hop classes for children starting at 11am? Then on Saturday 29th September they will be having another Nordic Walking session along the river. This time for more advanced walkers so why not walk fit? Starting at 11am.

On Saturday 22nd, why

Porky Pies

Cafe Bar & Bakery

Pies & pastries baked freshly each day on the premises. Eat in or take-away.

Also breakfast & full menu, together with daily specials. Sunday Roast €4.95 medium, €5.95 large, includes FREE home-made sweet and full menu also available. Open Tuesday - Sunday 10am Closed Monday

Located in Gamonal, Arroyo de la Miel

951 211 727


FamilyBar Free Wii For Customers’ Use All Major Sports Shown Breakfast & Snacks 9-Late 10% Discount With This Advert (Valid On Food Purchases 9-2) Bonanza Sq. Benalmadena


Our staff welcome you with a smile

Great ambience Large, sunny terrace seats 120 Live sports 42” screens & 70” movie screen! Pool Table Happy hour every day, 3 - 7pm Cheap prices 7 days a week 11am - late

Jardines de Gamonal, Calle Sagitario Building 7, Arroyo de la Miel


ADVERTISE IT IN THE NEWS The paper that everyone reads!

627 652 728 CALL ADRIAN ON

Please contact Skydive Spain booking office on 0034 955 766 056 or send them an email to: for the Sponsorship Form and relevant information about Positively Pink.

With the weather starting to cool down a bit, now is the ideal time of year to make a trip to one of the many markets in the Malaga area.

out this week’s Kym’s Kitchen recipe. Plus you can see all manner of crafts, so if you’re looking for a present for someone, pop along and grab a bargain.

To the right here, there is a list of all the weekly markets to go along and enjoy, and don’t forget the big Sunday Flea market up in Coin at the La Trocha Commercial Centre on the A355 Coin to Cartama Road. They also have a farmers market open every Sunday morning where you can buy loads of fresh fruit and vegetables and breads, all to use as you try

Also, don’t forget that this Saturday sees the monthly auction at JK’s in Coin, with lots of bargains to be had. You can take your unwanted items along at 11am and the auction itself starts at 2pm. The bar will be open for refreshments and this is usually a very popular event so come early to grab a seat!

Lord Cudeca calender Lexden to give MR. JEEVES talk Conservatives Abroad are very pleased to welcome Lord Lexden (Alistair Cook) as their speaker after the dinner to be held on Friday 28th September at Tamisa Golf, Fuengirola. Lord Lexden, historian and author, is a strong advocate of abolishing the 15-year-rule whereby expat Britons are deprived of their voting rights even though many pay UK tax on pensions etc, own a UK home which is subject to UK council tax and have family there. What is made worse is that the UK is variously described as the engine room and mother of democracy and that most EU countries do allow their absent citizens to vote in their mother country. Hear what he has to say and enjoy a pleasant evening out in nice surroundings. Tickets include drinks on arrival, a four-course meal with wine, beer and water and details can be obtained from mijasconservatives@gmail. com or 952 591 590.

Cudeca Cancer Care Hospice calendars are available for a charitable price of €3 and can be purchased in the 12 charity shops and at Cudeca Centre located in Benalmádena. The Friends in Focus Photography Club www.friendsinfocuscamer, is an international group of excellent photographers and loyal Cudeca supporters, who have taken

opLA C A L Taperia & Bar

5 Home-made Tapas and a bottle of wine or 2 pints beer or jug of Sangria €15 All football shown

La Copla Taperia

to Calle Jaen, Montemar on the left side of Hotel Riu Nautilus

951 106 426

the photographs for the 2013 Charity Cudeca Calendar for you to mark down all the events you see here that you want to go to!

Evening kitchen under new management Great New Menu

Home made fresh food served from 6pm MONTEMAR

Free Entry!

Terry @ Buzby ad ’


Wednesday 19th KT Peters Multi-change drag act Thursday 20th Leslie Harrison - Rock chick Friday21st Gemma Rose all round female entertainer Saturday 22nd Mad Terry- Man of many voices Sunday 23rd KT Peters Multi-change drag act Monday 24th Johnny Westwood country cowboy Tuesday 25th Ian Jacks - DJ by day, superstar by night EVERY NIGHT from midnight Karaoke with Tommo


Focus on Benalmadena Inland

There is still time to register for a sponsored Skydive in aid of the breast cancer charity Positively Pink this Saturday 22nd September. You will need to pay a €30 deposit and the rest on the day in total €135 – and you will need to be quick and get all your friend, relatives, work colleagues etc., to sponsor you for the jump.


Thespa open their new season next Wednesday, September 26th at the Masonic Hall, Edificio Bougainvilleas in Los Boliches with a starting time of 7.30pm curtain up. This will allow the treasurer time to receive any outstanding annual subscriptions.


Now Open from 8.30pm Av Antonio Machado Benalmadena 645404911 / 628617658

Monday : Marbella – Recinto Ferial, Zona de Las Albarizas. Malaga – Barriada de La Luz & Barriada de las Campanillas. Tuesday Nerja – the El Chaparil area on Calle Antonio Ferrandis. Malaga – Churriana in Puerto de la Torre. Fuengirola – the Recinto Ferial. Wednesday Estepona – Avenida Juan Carlos I next to the Recinto Ferial. Malaga – Huelin and the de la Paz districts. Mijas Costa in La Cala. Benalmadena Costa – Parque de la Paloma. Thursday: Torremolinos – Recinto Ferial. San Pedro de Alcantara - Recinto Ferial. Malaga - Parque Juan Jurado Lorca opposite the Guardia Civil. Friday: Arroyo de la Miel – Tivoli World car park. Benalmadena Pueblo – Plaza del Alguail. Saturday: Mijas Costa – La Cala and Las Lagunas. Puerto Banus – the bullring in Nueva Andalucia opposite Puerto Banus. Fuengirola – Recinto Ferial. Sunday: Torremolinos – Recinto Ferrial. Estepona – port. Fuengirola – near the Mosque. Malaga – next to the Rosaleda Football Stadium. Nerja – between Urb Flamingo and Almizara II. Coin – La Trocha Commercial Centre, morning (undercover in car park).

EL MOJITO Plaza de Remo La Carihuela Torremolinos

952 057 062

Football is back - all matches shown inc. Saturday 4pm game Food Served all day 11am to 9pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday Robbie’s Roadshow plus Karaoke Friday Siobhan - female vocalist from Dublin - Country Irish 60s, 70s & 80s Fun for all ages Saturday Nightlife - Comedy vocal duo - not to be missed! tributes to Elvis, Tina Turner & Showaddywaddy Sunday Danny Stone Mr Blue Eyed Soul *FREE ENTRY* Shows start at 9.30pm. Open all day.

WEDNESDAY, September 19th 2012

OUT & ABOUT news Your outlook on the World

Out & About n 17


Your Weekly Entertainment Guide

Axarquia Country Festival in Riogordo Axarquia Animal rescue are holding a country festival in Riogordo on Sunday 30th September. Fun for all the family including dog show, handicraft competitions, best cake and preserve classes and fun races for the kids to win 'Olympic style' medals. Gates open at 12pm and the party will continue until late into the night.

Dog show The dog show has twelve classes including two for obedience as well as classes for pedigrees, cross-breeds, best rescue dog, waggiest tail, child handler and fancy dress. There are some fantastic prizes on offer, as this part of the show is being sponsored

QV H Y WH 6  E 5R

The entry fee for each class is 5 Euros and they will be giving a 5 Euro voucher to be used in their online shop to every entrant. They are also giving a 50 Euro voucher and a sack of dog food to every first prize winner and the Best in Show. Rosettes will also be awarded down to sixth place. Entries are from 1pm with judging starting at 2pm. The handicraft competition has 20 classes, so hopefully something for everyone. From traditional Spanish crafts such as decorated roof tiles, jugs and plates to The Best Scarecrow.

Handicrafts There are also classes for greeting cards, items made of paper mache, mosaic,

knitted, crocheted and embroidered. As well as preserves, cakes, the largest vegetable and a children's classes. Entries are from 12pm with judging starting at 1pm. Entry is 2 Euros per class for adults and 1 Euro for children. Prizes are rosettes down to 3rd and a trophy cup to the Best in Show. Full details of the classes can be found on the website www.axarquianimalrescue. com. This part of the show has been sponsored by local businesses. There will be plenty to keep non dog lovers amused as well. The main ring will have displays by the municipal band, flamenco

Show Sh ow Ba Barr %HQDOPiG HQD¶V%HVW. HSW 6HFU HW

The new home of . . . *BUNNY LA LANE*

dancers and even a fire eater!

Late night entertainment As the day turns to night the entertainment will continue with a line up of bands to keep everyone amused. At the moment Guiri, Johnny unplugged, Katie the English Rose and Graham Russell-Pead are the bands lined up to play. There will of course be a bar, paella and lots of stalls and a raffle. In addition there will be a bouncy castle for the kids and a display of model aircraft and Harley Davidson motor cycles. What started out as a small group on Facebook has grown into a small army of helpers. Without the facilities of kennels or a cattery, stray animals are fostered in peoples homes until they can be re homed. Axarquia Animal Rescue helps with the costs of feeding the animals, veterinary costs and getting

The event will be being held at the Romeria ground in the town. Approaching from Lake Vinuela, turn off right just after the petrol station and then left following sign posts for the village of Riogordo. The feria ground is a short way along

Karaoke with Paul Bear Friday and Monday l

l Football on 4 Large Screens

Doors open at 8.30 pm. Seats must be taken by 9 pm. 5 euro Show Charge

*Sunday & Monday* = 4 pm. Karaoke with Bottled Beers from ¼1 ¼ House Spirits ¼1 Branded Spirits ¼2


l Bingo 3pm Wednesday and Friday

G u e s t A r t i st e

As k a b out our FR RE EE E Loyal ty Card

Quiz Wednesday

Live Music Thursday and Saturday

*Tuesday* = Clos oseed *Wednesday Evening* t he l e ge ndar ry y Bunny L ane wi t h

*Thursday* = Open at 7 pm. ffor or Bin Bin ing go, Quiz & Karaok okee *Fri rid day* = Open at 7 pm. ffor or F Fu un Karaok okee N Nig igh ig ht *Saturday Evening* w e p re se n t *V a r i e t y S h o w* wi t h Rob St Ste evens *T he Ma n o f M a ny I m p re s si o n s * and. . . Scot ottt C Cre rea re asy (XURSH¶V1ž 0LQG5HDGHU  S pec i al G ues t Door orss open at 8.30 pm. 5 euro Show Charge


610 370 210 Facebook

this Watch what’s for space at JK’s on

Coming to this JK’s Month

Bingo & Quiz Wednesdays - start 8.30pm

Sunday September 23rd Karaoke from 3 - 6pm Charity Auction September 29th

More info:620 37 41 91


(Smirnoff, Bacardi etc.)

Mixers ¼1 - House Wine ¼1 -'%DLOH\·V7LD0DULD¼2.50


THE NEWS sy Scott Crea  ž 1  ( XU RS H ¶ V r e d a e R d Mi n

All the money raised will be going to Axarquia Animal Rescue which was founded a year ago by Teresa Dainty to help combat the problems of stray and abandoned animals in the area.


Happy H Hou our from from 4 - 5 pm.

Tel el.. 605 663 335 (after mid d--day please! e!))


There are still spaces left for stalls at 15 Euros a pitch. Contact details are again, Teresa 656396885 or go to the websitewww.axarquianimal

Los Boliches

*Sunday & Monday* 4 pm. Karaok okee w wit ith it h

Local 14, Plaza Ibensa, Benalmádena - Costa XQGHU(GXDUG UGR¶V5HVWDXUDQW

There are never enough people to offer foster homes and if you can help please contact Teresa on 656396885.

on the left hand side and will easily be seen on the day by the large posters on either side of the road!


CLOSING: on Wednesday 12th September RE-OPEN: on Wednesday 19th September with Bunny Lane

g B oo kin le b Ad vis a

the cats and dogs in their care neutered.

where our advertisers get great results

Call Geoff on 622 05 04 09

Get well soon


Lots of love from Julie, & everybody at Buzby’s &







WEDNESDAY, September 19th 2012

18 n Out & About

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Your Weekly Entertainment Guide

Murder and mayhem at Cala Luna Following the highly sucessful "Death By Chocolate" Murder Mystery evening in June the Cala Luna Restaurant in conjunction with the Salon Varietes Theatre will be presenting another whodunnit night on Friday 28th September. This time you will be solving the mystery of Pasta, Passion and Pistols. Enjoy a beautiful threecourse meal with unlimited wine for only €25 whilst you watch members of the Salon Varietes Theatre act out the plot – then it is up to you to interrogate the suspects and work out who the murderer is. Your M.C for the evening Gloria Harding will guide

you through the proceedings and a donation from the ticket price will be made to the Salon Varietes.

The Plot Soho, 1961. A shady, glamorous world of coffeebars, strip-clubs and criminality. Home to the music business, and a home from home for mobsters, fleeing the police of their own country. Marco Poloneck was one of Britain's biggest rock and roll stars, his Italian good looks and style driving young girls wild, so that he could hardly leave his house without attracting a crowd of screaming fans. But that

was last year. Since then, his fall has been as spectacular as his rise. And now he's dead, his body found in a cafe called Mamma's Kitchen with a single bullet-wound in his temple. One – or more – of the following suspects is a murderer, and your task will be to discover who.

The suspects are: FABIO CORNETTO (Owain Griffiths) – The proprietor of Mamma's Kitchen, a man about whom rumours have circulated for years, though nothing has ever been proved in a court of law. MAMMA CORNETTO (Margaret Williams) – Fabio Cornetto's widowed mother who set up this cafe

fifteen years ago and still rules the roost. TALCY MALCY (David Vincent) – Marco Poloneck's former manager, he's always prepared to take a short cut through a legal minefield if there's a pot of gold on the other side. CLINT WESTWORLD (Peter Geldard) – A former Hollywood actor, he has come to England to find fame and fortune, but is currently running the Expresso Bonanza coffee Bar, next door to Mamma's Kitchen. VIVIENNE WESTWORLD (Lynn Halliday) – Clint's sister, she is an up and coming fashion designer whose name has been linked with both Marco Poloneck and Talcy Malcy.

Kitchen Open 6pm - 1am Established in 1994. Serving Great Steaks, Whole Roasted Shoulder of Lamb, Steak Pies, Stroganoffs, Chicken, Fish, Pastas and Our Famous Pancakes. WE ONLY USE IRISH BEEF CHRISTINE COOLER (Catrina Helsby) – A model and an actress, though if truth be told, she hasn't found acting roles easy to come by. Or modelling work, come to that. Advance bookings are essential so phone the Cala Luna now to reserve your place – 633 15 65 74.


WELCOME! Ponderosa’s Famous Ribs Full Rack & Fries

Live Music Every Night

Soul Music Bar

Open every day 6pm ‘til late

* Full English Breakfast * Meals served all day THE STRIP CALAHONDA

Spicy Stir-fried Vegetables

Calle Moncayo,29 Fuengirola

952 582 761

Restaurante The Village Inn

Meson del del Pueblo Pueblo Meson

Tom´s Irish Bar A warm Irish welcome

All Premier League Football on 5 large screens

600 060 563 C/ Salvador Rueda 65, Los Boliches



Happy Hour 6 - 7 pm every day

952 835 731

Nellie´s DELI

Take Away Home Cooking and Catering Scandinavian and International Specialities

Tel: 951 319 439 Aloha Gardens, next to El Jardin. Avda Del Prado Nueva Andalucia Open Mon-Fri 9am - 4 pm (until 7pm from Sept 24th) Saturday 11am - 4 pm



Call Geoff on 622 05 04 09

Moochers Anniversary, is the best place forOffice, your Birthday, Anniversary, Office, Golf Presentation, Leaving or Homecoming party. Vegetarians catered for

See our website for everything Moochers or Telephone: 952 477 154

Calle de la Cruz 17 Fuengirola (Fish Alley)


Open 2pm ‘til late (Closed Tuesdays)


Evening Menu

Fish & Chips

Thurs - Sat 7 - 10pm Sunday Lunch 1 - 5pm Booking advisable

€13 with this advert


“Make it Special. Make it Moochers”

Simply the best fish & chips you’ll ever eat!

951 276 728 NEXT TO DUQUESA GOLF N.340 KM 142

Sierra Gorda, Carretera Coin - Cartama, Coin 654 137 077



Football shown on the largest screen in Los Boliches.

C/ Poeta Salvador Rueda 53, Los Boliches

WEDNESDAY, September 19th 2012

news Your outlook on the World

Out & About n 19


A fond farewell to Maggie Ross Maggie Ross (pictured below) who wowed the crowd in 2011at the Mijas Blues festival died recently, aged just 63. Best remembered for her distinctively clear voice, infectious smile and enthusiastic talent, Maggie was all set to perform again this year when shortly before the July 2012 event she was diagnosed with severe cancer and only given a few months to live.

During that remaining short time her many friends say she fully embraced her colourful life, her final days and also a new song written and adapted for her by songwriter Brian Parish. The infectiously catchy four-and-a-half-minute song “Hope you have enjoyed the show”, sums up her attitude to life and has all the makings of a great farewell blues

anthem, which hopefully will be incorporated somehow into the Mijas Blues Festival in tribute to a great blues artist. The single (only available on Youtube, but easy to find) and her début album “Don't mess with me” are well worth listening to. Maggie who was from the North East of England was referred to the

Northern Cancer Centre at the Freeman Hospital in Newcastle. Strangely, back in 1981 Maggie was very involved in a fund raiser to purchase a CT scanner for that very same facility. The proceeds of the new CD are going once again to the Charlie Bear Cancer Care Trust in Newcastle, to date the Maggie Ross Band have raised some £5,000 from CD sales and donations to date.

The Band's last performance was at the prestigious Great British Rhythm and Blues Festival in Colne, Lancashire on the 27th August. Maggie never made it to their next gig on the 7th at the Big Jug in Durham City, she died on the 2nd September 2012 but not before she had arranged a terrific fund raiser and her own personal farewell send off . So yes, Maggie Ross, we

“have enjoyed the show, and no we won’t forget you”. Details and links to the Charlie Bear Trust and purchases of the supportive CD are available through www.maggierossband. com. The Mijas Blues Festival will come around once again next July. written by Pete Woodall of Woody’s Los Boliches

MUFFINS Cafe Bar and Restaurant

Perfect for breakfast, lunch and Friday Night treats serving a large selection of breakfasts, sandwiches, baguettes, speciality English muffins, salads and drinks Daily Specials €5 Mon - Thurs 9am - 6pm Friday ‘til late Saturday 9 ‘til 3pm

600 653 513 Next to Sunshine Golf, La Cala

Fantastic Opportunity! Paseo Maritimo 86, Fuengirola

952 466 928


ith M pr Fr o a bu n wn ee ffe - S s t m at Huge choice of: en Prawns, Salmon, Tuna u

Salad, Serrano Ham, Meatballs, Soups, Lasagne, Chilli con carne, Grilled Chicken, Spare Ribs, Carvery Buffet, New Fish Buffet - with 10 varieties of fish!, Clams, Squid... NEW Ice Cream Buffet with 10 different flavours, chocolate mousse, crème caramel, home-made cakes, sweets and much, much more!



€8 +





Open 7 days a week 13:00 - 22:00 Restaurant Don Q, Paseo Maritimo, 40, Fuengirola

CASA KON-TIKI The Home of Fish and Chips

Open All day, 7 days a week 12 ‘til late The Sunday Car very is now closed until the beginning of October due to the hot weather. Summer Special Offer Our famous meal deal now includes a drink (half draught lager, glass house wine, soft drink, tea or coffee) for only €5.95 mid-day to 5pm, 7 days a week

Large selection of sweets at €2.95

Daytime offers including our - new pizzas now being ser ved. And, of course, our usual full menu Call Chris on

664 028 310

to reserve your table

2nd street behind Yaramar Hotel, Los Boliches Visit us at

One of the most famous café restaurants in Mijas is up for sale. This is a rarely available golden opportunity for someone to take over this business in the thriving tourist village of Mijas. For more info call:

603 389 318

La Risa@Lauro Golf Ladies Lunch - Thursday

with Crystal Clear Anne followed by private readings by appointment Monday - 2 Course Menu - including a fabulous curry - just €7.50 Wednesday & Friday Beer battered Fish & Chips Saturday night includes our Special Menu Sunday - Excellent Sunday Lunch book early to avoid disappointment

Advance bookings are advisable

For further details of all these events call us on 660 350 896 or pop into the bar. On the road between Alhaurin el Grande & Alhaurin de la Torre at Lauro Golf

Across from the Clubhouse


WEDNESDAY, September 19th 2012

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THE PIRATES BAND OF MISFITS Directed by Peter Lord Voices: Hugh Grant, David Tennant, Jeremy Piven The folks at Britain’s vaunted Aardman Animations specialise in whimsical animated movies with decidedly mischievous twists. If you don’t know the Aardman name, you’ll probably recognise some of the studio’s work: the “Wallace & Gromit” films, “Chicken Run” and “Arthur Christmas”. Set sail for a fun-filled voyage and hilarious pirate antics with the biggest Band of Misfits on the seven seas! When the infamous Pirate Captain

(Hugh Grant) is shunned once again by his rivals Black Bellamy and Cutlass Liz, he sets his sights on winning the coveted Pirate of the Year Award.

Polly is worthy of winning him Scientist of the Year and untold riches. So it's off to London and into the malevolent schemes of both Darwin and Victoria.

The Pirate Captain has a bird in the hand that may win him the prize yet. His ship's mascot Polly is not a parrot as he and the crew believe, but rather the world's only surviving dodo, so identified by Charles Darwin (David Tennant) when his famous ship the Beagle is attacked by the pirates. Darwin assures the captain that

The 3-D version of Pirates may offer some viewers a bit of extra kick, but the real fun centres on the way the Aardman folks mix humour and craftsmanship to create a film that should provide enjoyment for kids. In this case, the adults who accompany those kids to the cinema may have an even better time.

DVD NEW RELEASE Release date: September , 2012

WE'VE GOT CHRISTMAS MAIL Starring: A.J. Buckley, Ashley Scott A postman falls for the pretty co-worker he was recruited to spy on, only to realise that she may be the woman of his dreams in this romantic holiday comedy. When Matt's boss grows suspicious of new hire Kristi, a "Santa Writer" whose job is responding to letters addressed to the North Pole, she recruits him to spy on her and report back with any unusual findings. But the more time Matt spends

observing Kristi, the harder he starts to fall for her until he's hopelessly in love. Later, when Kristi uncovers the clandestine plot, she quits her job and disappears without a trace. Meanwhile, Matt searches high and low for her, to no avail. But when Kristi learns that Matt had no choice if he wanted to keep his job, it's only a matter of time before fate brings them back together.

WEDNESDAY, September 19th 2012

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by Cathy Stronach

For your personal birth chart please contact ARIES

March 21st April 19th


April 20th May 20th


May 21st June 21st


June 22nd July 22nd


July 23rd August 22nd


August 23rd September 22nd

Although this is not the time to be reckless in your choices or decisions it is a time when you shouldn’t back off from a project that you are contemplating. You are way ahead of the game right now and if you are going to partake – well then you may as well win. Remain balanced and be ready to adapt to changes but at the same time do not shy away from trail blazing when the mood takes you. Trust your instincts now for they are spot on. It is time to listen to what your heart is telling you and follow through. Some challenges are likely to appear this week, particularly emotional ones, however, do not try to second guess situations as misunderstandings could occur. If you focus, persist and remain determined to do what you need to do all will go well. You have the answers, it is making the first move which is the hardest but once taken, the rest will happen naturally. There are irritating factors in your life right now that feel like a burr in your side and you know they will never in go away totally, so you can either find a way to live with them or let them get to you and in some cases take over your life. A fresh new emotional perspective will keep the defeating thoughts at bay and help you to remain more positive and optimistic. You are full of inventive spirit and you could come up with some exciting ideas. This is a time for deep reflection. You are being given an opportunity to express yourself practically and with utter clarity, which is not always easy for you as your emotions tend to drown the tongue and the mind. It will also help you put certain feelings in proper perspective so you do not lose yourself to their hold. This in turn will empower you in the deepest sense as it clears the way for some significant brainstorming. Be careful that you don’t get caught and trapped in your own words and promises to others, you are a giving sign but right now you also need to put your own wants and interests first for a change. There are some really important choices and decisions that need to be made about what kind of future you really want. You can do what everybody else says is best for you, or you can follow your inner self. Be bold and listen to your gut instincts. This is a time of new beginnings for you and a moment to shine. You have all that you need within you to make a sweeping change in a key area of your life for the better. It could be a change in employment or some other type of elevation of personal status, honour and income. It is time take the lead and keep your emotions on the positive side. The pieces of a puzzle come together by the weekend and you will get a glimpse of a bigger picture

You can expect to bring what you do to new heights, the key to your success right now is finding those that are on your wavelength so you can gain a pace together and achieve greatness. There could be news of a family matter brought to your attention and try not to get distracted as there are projects September 23rd - that have been started but not yet completed. Breakthroughs of unforeseen potential become possible. October 22nd

Kym’s Kitchen don’t have to be a chef!

Potatoes are amazingly nutrient-rich, containing vitamins and minerals, virtually fat free, contain no cholesterol and when served in their skins are a great source of fibre. Recipe sent in by Ian Wooldridge, Head Chef at Kimbridge Farm, near Romsey.

Potato Pie Ingredients:

serves 4

• 850 grams of potatoes (about 4 medium size) • 375 grams of ready-made shortcrust pastry • A knob of butter • A little flour • 1 small onion, peeled & finely chopped • A little milk • 2 leeks, trimmed, cleaned & sliced • 1 heaped tablespoon of plain flour • 175ml of chicken stock • 150 grams of crème fraiche • 2 teaspoons of wholegrain mustard • 400 grams of cooked ham, chopped into small pieces • Salt & freshly milled black pepper Directions Peel the potatoes and cut into manageable size pieces. Place in a pan of clean water and allow to stand for half an hour. Then drain and rinse the starchy liquid away. Refill with water and add a little salt. Bring to the boil and simmer until the potatoes are tender, but not falling apart. Drain and set aside. Next melt the butter in a pan and add the onion. Gently fry for 5 minutes and then add the leeks. Very gently cook for a further 15 minutes, stirring occasionally. Sprinkle in the flour and add the stock. Continue to heat and stir until the mixture starts to thicken. Now remove from the heat and mix in the crème fraiche, mustard and ham. The

potatoes should now be cool enough to handle, so cut them up into bite-size pieces and add them to the mixture. Season the completed pie filling well with salt and freshly ground black pepper and place into a 6cm (2”) deep, 26cm x 26cm (10”) ovenproof dish. Roll out the pastry on to a floured surface so that it just fits over the pie dish. Pierce the lid with a knife to allow any air to escape and brush with a little milk. Bake in the oven at 200˚C (180˚C fan)/Gas Mark 6 for 25-30 minutes until the pastry is golden brown. As the potatoes are in the pie, just serve with plenty of fresh seasonal vegetables.



October 23rd November 21st


No matter how tempted you are it may be prudent to rise above the temptation to try to settle things now; all things have a way of working themselves out eventually. The key is to be patient because there is a lot more at stake than you might realise and remain adaptable to make changes when needed. Life is set to get busy so making a prioritised plan will help you to make sure you get everything done in a productive way.

SAGITTARIUS Perhaps you are seeing far more than you would like to? You are naturally intuitive but the emotional currents are pushing those limits beyond your previous capacity and allowing you to practically penetrate into the psychology of others. You career could take a turn and there could be a new November 22nd - way forward where you thought you had reached a dead end. Be ready to December 21st meet new people who can change and restore your own inspiration.

CAPRICORN You are walking around with your eyes looking down at the earth at the moment which gives you the perfect opportunity to go around and pick up all the opportunities that others have left behind. There is creativity and inventiveness within you that is crying out to be put into practical application. December 22nd - You will start to see many elements of the past re-surface at this time but now January 19th you have the chance to get things sorted out in a more productive way.


January 20th February 18th


February 19th March 20th

You generally prefer a safe distance from intensity which is why you have been known at times to appear detached Aquarius. It is like watching your life as if you were watching a movie, ‘in it’ but separate from it. This will protect you to a point but there will come a time when that no longer works. This week you discover something that you have been missing and this will allow you to see what you have previously been blind to within a relationship.

New beginnings are possible when a challenge is confronted; you cannot keep sweeping something under the rug. It is time to come up and out with it and when you do, a load of energy will free up. There is the energy around to help fix or improve a valued connection; this energy can also open a door for a new relationship to enter if you are in the market for it. After the weekend the spotlight moves towards your finances.

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WEDNESDAY, September 19th 2012

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e case against being too clean Journalist Moises Velasquez-Manoff has just published a book about an idea known as the hygiene hypothesis, the implications of which threaten to unravel much of what we think we know about health and disease. This hypothesis argues that our modern obsession with eradicating germs has backfired into an explosion of disease, specifically all the “new” diseases that have replaced infections to undermine our health. The modern immune system, its proponents claim, is bewildered by the sudden absence of its customary microbial targets. With nothing constructive to do, it is crazily spinning its wheels, resulting in soaring rates of food allergies and asthma, arthritis, psoriasis, multiple sclerosis and diabetes, even heart disease and cancer, as well as alopecia, the premature baldness from which Mr. VelasquezManoff suffers and which led him to the subject in the first place.

most of them intestinal microbes. Thriving in the colon, these “old friends” that have been with us since time immemorial are as important to our health as a limb or an organ. Altering their numbers, whether with sanitary measures, antibiotics or deworming pills is similar to fooling around with the liver or the spleen. The microbes in the intestine, the hypothesis holds, educate the immune cells that travel all over the body, and any major alteration in the intestine sends some wild and crazy cells out there to wreak havoc. One fact that seems to back this hypothesis is that allergic and autoimmune conditions are far more frequent in rich countries than in poor ones, where hygienic conditions are deplorable. Societies where intestinal parasites are the rule seem to lack these conditions





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la.ffii Fueennnggirool YT KOTIISI!


In one subgroup, people who had been taking the extract in high doses for four years or more, there was a decrease in Alzheimer's diagnoses, but the researchers said this could have been due to chance. They said that while there was no proof of the extract’s efficacy, there are no dangers in taking ginkgo except that it is not recommended for people taking warfarin or other blood thinners.


s. 1166 s.

er -tehokasta inkedIn, Twitt • Facebook, L s MYYDÄ! sti ja mahdollisuu taan tehokkaa markkinointia a miten hanki aa sinulle tieto iidejä. • Kick Off ant mivia myyntil äytännöt. tannuksilla toi ollisuudet ja k ja pienillä kus median mahd n e s i l i sosiaa ok-kampanja • Käymme läp ehokas facebo t n a a l l e t i n n u • Kurssilla su koituksiisi. juuri sinun tar

So far results are mixed:

Mr. Velasquez-Manoff himself joined the “hookworm underground” in the name of research and possibly in search of a new head of hair, but found the intestinal side effects intolerable and the benefits small (smooth skin and clear sinuses; he is still bald).

French researchers studied 2,820 mentally healthy people aged over 70 who said they had memory problems, randomly assigning 1,406 to take the plant extract and 1,414 to take an identical placebo. They then followed them on average for five years. At the end of the study, 61 members of the group taking ginkgo biloba were diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, compared with 73 in the placebo group, an insignificant difference.

Nor were there any significant differences between the groups in strokes, gastrointestinal events, vascular problems, cardiac failure, angina or heart attack.




Mr. Velasquez-Manoff asks: “Is faecotherapy the wave of the future? Does our path to good health lie in breathing microbe-rich dust and regaining the faecal content of our ancestors (while avoiding the disabling chronic illness that often accompanied it)? Scientists are now beginning to treat various illnesses with probiotics, various combinations of “good” intestinal bacteria.

some good, some inconclusive. Some enthusiastic proponents have skipped the long, dull validation process and are infecting themselves with a variety of intestinal worms.








Ginkgo biloba extract is widely used as a preventive for Alzheimer’s, but a new randomised placebocontrolled study indicates it does not work.


The proponents of the hypothesis argue that a human being is not really an individual but a “superorganism,” a large creature subsuming many billions of smaller ones,


Doubts about ginkgo biloba as memory aid




tell. w w w. h a r   A FUENGIROLA





WEDNESDAY, September 19th 2012

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e MOBO nominees announced

And there’s already a lot of rivalry … as Tulisa says about being up against Jessie J: “What about it?”! Rival talent show judges Jessie J and Tulisa Contostavlos are to battle it out for the Best female at this year’s MOBO Awards. The Voice coach and the X Factor judge go head to head for the music awards at a ceremony to be held at Liverpool’s Echo arena on November 3rd. Last year Jessie J swept the board at the MOBOs picking up four out of the five gongs. She was nominated for Best act UK, Best newcomer, Best song for “Do it like a dude” and best album for

“Who you are”. Also in the running for the best female title are Emili Sande along with JayZ’s protégé Rita Ora, former X Factor contestant, Rebecca Ferguson and Running singer Jessie Ware. Plan B and Emili Sande lead the nominations with five nods each. Rapper, actor and director Plan B is up for Best Male, Best Hip-Hop/Grime Act, Best Video, Best Song and Best Album for “Ill Manors”. As well as best female Sande is nominated for best R&B song/act, Best video

for “My kind of love”, Best song for “Next to me” and Best album for “Our Version of Events”. Hot Right Now singer Rita Ora and artist and producer Labrinth follow with four nominations each. Ora has been recognised in the categories for Best female, Best video for “RIP” featuring Tine Tempah, Best album and Best newcomer. Tempah’s loyalties may be divided as he also features on Labrinth’s track “Earthquake” which is up for Best song. Ora’s competition for

the best Newcomer gong includes Misha B and Connor Maynard. Ed Shearan, who was the golden boy of this year’s Brit Awards has three nominations. Husband and wife Jay-Z and Beyonce compete for the title of Best International Act. Rihanna, Nicki Minaj and Canadian star Drake are also among the nominees for that category. As for Tulisa being nominated against rival Jessie J, she said: “What about it?”

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Crystal Clear Anne explains palmistry: Part 1

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Hello and welcome back everyone. This week we will start taking a look at palmistry. Which hand do you write with? The hand you write with is your main hand. It is the one you use most to express yourself. The hand you don’t write with, iron with, paint with, mix cement with etc., represents the more private side of your personality. Let’s begin with the main hand. The Major Lines. The Lifeline. The Lifeline describes your strength and vitality, urgency

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and motivation and deals with the length and strength of life, family ties, and the generalities of life. It relates to the amount of energy you have at your disposal. Many people have breaks in their Lifeline and have been told by amateur palmists that their life will be short, big words – not true. I can put your mind at rest as the Lifeline describes the strength, not the length of your life. The Lifeline begins between the index finger and the thumb. It is then read downwards to the wrist

where it ends. The Lifeline close to your thumb indicates someone who has a close relationship with their family and is content spending time at home with no great urges to travel. The Lifeline toward the middle of the hand shows a person who wants to achieve great things in their life and is keen to break new ground with a sense of adventure and travel. A Lifeline that ends near the thumb side of the wrist indicates a person who yearns for home and wants

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to spend the autumn/ winter of their life on home ground, a general love of home comforts and a need for security. When the Lifeline ends toward the other side of the wrist it indicates a person who will emigrate away from home, reaching for new horizons, sometimes noted as forks implying a dilemma in respect of leaving family behind. A very long lifeline shows a person who takes life at a leisurely pace encouraging their long-term plans to fruition taking time to plan ahead, this individual seeks a better lifestyle. They are strong willed and very ambitious. They are proud characters who make good leaders. Thanks you once again and please keep sending your emails and letters to The News. Until next week, Anne

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w w vetk


WEDNESDAY, September 19th 2012


24 n TV Listings


Sun, Sept 23rd 12:25am

Charlie & Boots Premiere. Keen fisherman Boots seeks out his estranged father Charlie, who has become withdrawn after the death of his wife on their wedding anniversary. Shocked at the decline of the normally spirited old man, Boots decides to rebuild their relationship by taking him on a 3,000-mile road trip around Australia.


Fri, Sept 21st 12:35am

Where the Truth Lies Thriller charting the rise and fall of two popular entertainers in the 1950s. A comedy duo bask in the glory of fame, money and power until a blonde beauty is found drowned in the bathtub of their hotel suite. As well as spelling the end of their careers, the incident haunts them for years after.


Tue, Sept 25th 10:35pm

The Break Up Twist on the traditional romantic comedy formula as a happy couple's relationship implodes amid childishness and bickering. When neither wants to move out of their luxury apartment, a battle of wits ensues.With Vince Vaughn, Jennifer Aniston, Joey Lauren Adams, Cole Hauser, and Jason Bateman.(2006)


Wed, Sept 19th 1:50am

Runway Hard-hitting Bangladeshi film, exploring how unemployment and a hopeless future can draw young men to find a sense of purpose in radical Islam. Ruhul is a young man in his twenties, a dropout from a madrasa who lives with his family in a small hut near the runway of Dhaka's international airport.


Fri, Sept 21st 10:00pm

The Dead Pool Action drama in which 'Dirty' Harry Callahan returns to investigate an underground betting ring in which the participants gamble on the deaths of prominent San Francisco citizens. One such 'dead pool' list contains the names of a rock star, a film critic and a talk-show host, all of whom have been systematically murdered.


Wed, Sept 19th 7:00pm

National Treasure

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7:30am According to Jim 7:55am Everybody Loves Raymond 8:25am Frasier 8:55am Come Dine with Me 9:55am Come Dine with Me 10:30am Come Dine with Me 11:00am The Renovation Game 12:00pm Channel 4 News 12:05pm Undercover Boss USA 1:00pm Quick Bakes with Eric Lanlard 1:20pm Yangtse Incident 3:10pm Countdown 4:00pm Deal or No Deal 5:00pm Gordon Ramsay's Ultimate Cookery Course

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8:20am Frasier 8:50am Come Dine with Me 9:55am Come Dine with Me 10:25am C ome Dine with Me 11:00am The Renovation Game 12:00pm Channel 4 News 12:05pm Undercover Boss USA 1:00pm The Kitchen Pharmacy 1:15pm Born Free 3:10pm Countdown 4:00pm Deal or No Deal 5:00pm Gordon Ramsay's Ultimate Cookery Course 5:30pm Come Dine with Me 6:00pm The Simpsons

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11:20pm Family Guy 11:45pm American Dad! 12:05am American Dad! 12:30am Russell Howard: Right Here Right Now 1:30am Wilfred 1:50am Don't Tell the Bride 2:50am The Revolution Will Be Televised 3:20am Bad Education

7:00pm Great Movie Mistakes 7:15pm Doctor Who 8:00pm Be Your Own Boss 9:00pm Surrogates 10:25pm Great Movie Mistakes 2: The Sequel 10:30pm EastEnders 11:00pm Bad Education 11:30pm Chris Ramsey's

Comedy Fringe 12:00am Family Guy 12:45am American Dad! 1:10am American Dad! 1:30am The Revolution Will Be Televised 2:00am Be Your Own Boss 3:00am Chris Ramsey's Comedy Fringe 3:30am Bad Education

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Kevin McCloud has always had a dream - to buy himself a beautiful piece of woodland, roll up his sleeves and build himself a cabin in the woods. Kevin's decided that everything for the cabin has to be made by hand from his woodland, and if it not, then it has to be constructed from somebody else's rubbish.Together with a hardy band of friends and experts, Kevin is going to reuse, repurpose and recycle almost all his building materials for his bold building in rural Somerset.

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Singapore Grand Prix Sun, Sept 23rd 12:10pm

Kevin McCloud's Man Made Home Sun, Sept 23rd 8:00pm

NOTE: Add 1 hour for Spanish viewing times.





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10:00am Chuggington: 10:05am Nuzzle and Scratch 10:25am Driver Dan's Story Train 10:40am Waybuloo 11:00am In the Night Garden 11:30am BBC World News 12:00pm Daily Politics Conference Special 1:00pm My Life in Books 1:30pm To Buy or Not to Buy 2:15pm Weakest Link 3:00pm Wanted Down Under 3:45pm Helicopter Heroes 4:30pm Flog It! 5:15pm Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is 6:00pm Eggheads 6:30pm How We Won the War

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Center of the Earth 6:20pm Channel 4 News 6:50pm 6:55pm The Political Slot 7:00pm Jimmy and the Whale Whisperer 8:00pm Kevin McCloud's Man Made Home 9:00pm Big Fat Quiz of the 90s 10:35pm Hitman 12:25am Stalked 12:55am American Football Live 4:45am Brief Encounters of the Sporting Mind 4:50am Brief Encounters of the Sporting Mind

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7:45am Make Way for Noddy 8:00am Fifi and the Flowertots 8:15am Peppa Pig 8:30am Roary the Racing Car 8:40am Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures 8:45am Bananas in Pyjamas 8:55am Milkshake! Monkey 9:00am Abby's Flying Fairy School 9:15am The Wright Stuff 11:10am Celebrity Wedding Planner 12:10pm 5 News Lunchtime 12:15pm World's Toughest Trucker 1:15pm Home and Away 1:45pm Neighbours

2:20pm Monkey Life 2:50pm Looney Tunes 3:10pm Secrets of an Undercover Wife 5:00pm 5 News at 5 5:30pm Neighbours 6:00pm Home and Away 6:30pm 5 News at 6.30 7:00pm Emergency Bikers 8:00pm The Man Who Stopped WW3: Revealed 9:00pm Person of Interest 10:00pm CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 10:55pm CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 11:55pm CSI: Miami 12:50am SuperCasino 4:00am Nick's Quest

7:00pm Great Movie Mistakes 8:00pm Top Gear 9:00pm Live at the Apollo 9:30pm Live at the Apollo 10:00pm Russell Howard: Right Here Right Now 11:00pm Family Guy 11:20pm Family Guy 11:45pm American Dad! 12:05am American Dad!

12:30am The Revolution Will Be Televised 1:00am Be Your Own Boss 2:00am Live at the Apollo 2:30am Live at the Apollo 3:00am Bad Education 3:30am The Revolution Will Be Televised

7:00pm Formula 1: Singapore Grand Prix Highlights 8:00pm National Treasure 10:00pm Family Guy 10:20pm Family Guy 10:45pm Bad Education 11:15pm Surrogates 12:40am Tourettes: Let Me Entertain You 1:35am The Revolution

Will Be Televised 2:05am Bad Education 2:35am Be Your Own Boss

7:00pm Don't Tell the Bride 8:00pm The Growing Pains of a Teenage Genius 9:00pm Tourettes: Let Me Entertain You 10:00pm The Revolution Will Be Televised 10:30pm EastEnders 11:00pm Family Guy 11:20pm Family Guy 11:45pm American Dad!

12:05am American Dad! 12:30am Tourettes: Let Me Entertain You 1:30am The Revolution Will Be Televised 2:00am Don't Tell the Bride 3:00am Be Your Own Boss

7:00pm Total Wipeout 8:00pm Cherry Healey: How to Get a Life 9:00pm Don't Tell the Bride 10:00pm Cuckoo 10:30pm EastEnders 11:00pm Family Guy 11:20pm Family Guy

11:50pm American Dad! 12:10am American Dad! 12:35am Cuckoo 1:05am Don't Tell the Bride 2:05am Cherry Healey: How to Get a Life 3:05am Tourettes: Let Me Entertain You

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Fill in the grid using all the letters of the alphabet. Some letters have been given to help you get started.

Fill in the grid so that every row, every column and every 3 x 3 grid contains the digits 1 through 9. With no repeats, that means that no number is repeated in any row, column or box.






13 12


25 3























25 18


4 11



















26 24



13 25







10 24




14 2













13 14

12 10




23 1




6 10



21 10








7 5








3 17









24 21








16 26 18 11


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C 14





3 13



4 26




12 18




3 13







1. Boy in distress becomes champion (7) 2. Scholar caught drinking wine (5) 3. Thief vandalised Neil's cart (9) 4. Philosopher managed last of apple crumble (7) 5. Guarantee losing right result (5) 6. Luminary in performance is happy (9) 7. Stone the reptile hides under (6) 8. Prince enters flat of major (6) 14. Can Egyptian eat passion fruit? (9) 16. Staff complete score for instrument (9) 18. Priority service arranged in hotel (3,4) 19. Dried fruit cut for a sovereign (6) 20. Highest ambition of first lady remains (7) 21. Leading currency upset economist (6) 23. Ethiopian leader opening tournament (5) 25. Catch deer for the table (5)




8 10











1. Claps (8) 2. Child (5) 4. Knuckle sandwich (1,5,2,5) 5. Tidy (5) 6. Conjunctivitis (7) 7. Grass (4) 8. Folk of high social status (6) 13. Cause to be alienated (8) 15. Thin stream or drop of liquid (7) 16. - ing word functioning as a noun (6) 18. Currently broadcasting (2,3) 20. Neglected and in need of a clean (5) 21. Human egg cell (4)

DH X T A U E E S Target


1-6 Poor 7-10 Average 29


1. Part of a church (4) 3. Plant resembling a delphinium (8) 9. Upstart (7) 10. Disease in dogs causing hair loss (5) 11. Slang of a particular group, originally thieves (5) 12. Portion of lamb or pork from just behind the neck (6) 14. Crane fly (5-8) 17. Warning (3-3) 19. System for pinpointing ships and aircraft (5) 22. Holiday home (5) 23. Type of meat (7) 24. One for the road? (8) 25. Naughty child (4)











See how many words of four or more letters you can make from the given nine letters. In making a word each letter may be used only once. The key letter must be used in each word.







8 9



12 13 15



N E S C L E I T G Target





1-9 Poor 10-13 Average

21 22



The following are not allowed: - Words beginning with a capital letter - Words with a hyphen or apostrophe - Plural words ending in “s” SOLUTION FOR CODEWORD

19. Q 20. P 21. I 22. V 23. S 24. O 25. M 26. U

1. Apse 3. Larkspur 9. Parvenu 10. Mange 11. Argot 12. Cutlet 14. Daddy Longlegs

1. Pimple 4. Dresden 9. Lacerated 10. Split 11. Donne 12. Porbeagle 13. Nitrite 15. Tomato


17. Tip -Off 19. Radar 22. Villa 23. Venison 24. Motorist 25. Tyke 17. Snitch 19. Sine Die 22. Elemental 24. On Cue 26. Naive 27. Inanimate 28. Spectre 29. Beat It






14-17 Good 18-20 Excellent




11-13 Good 14-15 Excellent

The 9-letter word SELECTING


1. Spot redcap in stately home (6) 4. Endlessly prepare retreat in China (7) 9. Torn fabric gets valued (9) 10. Lance accepts coppers in shop (5) 11. Poet is finished, they say (5) 12. Pressure or hound a shark (9) 13. Knight gets iodine and common salt (7) 15. Plant excessively covering carpet (6) 17. Spill the beans on parasite found in school (6) 19. Relationship's come to an end and put off indefinitely (4,3) 22. Meet Nell, a reformed primitive (9) 24. Copper interrupts an individual at the right moment (2,3) 26. Childlike interest in body of the church (5) 27. Wrongly maintain earl is dead (9) 28. A presence requiring dreadful respect (7) 29. Live as a bird and take off (4,2)




10. E 11. Y 12. B 13. A 14. T 15. Z 16. X 17. D 18. R


1. C 2. F 3. L 4. H 5. J 6. N 7. G 8. K 9. W



The 9-letter word EXHAUSTED



13. Estrange 15. Driblet 16. Gerund 18. On Air 20. Dusty 21. Ovum

1. Applauds 2. Sprog 4. A Bunch of Fives 5. Kempt 6. Pinkeye 7. Reed 8. Gentry

14. Tangerine 16. Mandoline 18. Hot Line 19. Sultan 20. Everest 21. Keynes 23. Event 25. Chart

1. Paladin 2. Macon 3. Larcenist 4. Diderot 5. Ensue 6. Delighted 7. Nether 8. Staple

WEDNESDAY, Sepember 19th 2012

news Your outlook on the World

Opinion & Comment n 27


“THE NEWS”WANTS TO HEAR YOUR VIEWS Send letters to the editor as part of an e-mail text to

Sheila Thompson Thank you Mr. Waugh, I agree with all you have said (in last week’s letter). I have current issues about this and other matters with the Department of Work and Pensions, which must surely be the most incompetent department ever set up,and I fear that we shall be denied the rights we have contributed to over forty years and more. I have spent four years trying to get answers from this department without success and shall now be writing to Ian Duncan Smith who, unfortunately has just refused a move to a different

Gill Scott I like your paper, it gives me plenty of information about the country I live in (although it would have been nice to know how the Spanish contestants were doing in the Paralympics as well as the English). I usually avoid (and have been known to complain about) Ms Pilkington's column because I find it too black and white and occasionally politically economic with the truth and overall more of an "everyone's entitled to my opinion" read rather than the local voice – or at least not my voice (a local for 46 years). However, I have to complain about both columnists for a too black and white politically economic with the truth

Irene Beatty

by email

department in order that he may see through his "plans" for this department. (I dread to think what these may be.) During the past week or so, the minister Steve Webb indicated that the department system is so complicated that he does not understand it properly himself, so what chance have we retirees? I would like to propose the possibility of a signed petition from all of us, maybe it could be done in each area – I am sure the British run pubs and restaurant owners would allow a book to be placed with them for signing.

At least we may be heard if we all shout at the same time. The amount of money spent by this department due to their own errors far exceeds the unclaimed benefits due to the retired population, and indeed exceeds the thousands of false claims made by the people of all ages who enjoy benefits to which they are not entitled. I have stories from my working life that still make me furious with the way this department operates multiple standards and it is long overdue independent scrutiny by a reliable and credible watchdog.

Fuengirola column – or are they both hung over from the holiday months? Ms. Pilkington says (and there is no way this can mean anything else taken out of context!) Quote "For centuries, Spaniards have always tried to live as comfortably while doing as little as possible – which has meant feeding at the public trough." Correct me if I am wrong, but I think in her probable country of origin (same as mine, the U.K.?) such a remark is criminally prosecutable. Maybe I am wrong, perhaps Ms Pilkington is a throwback from apartheid white South Africa. Mr. Delfin, whose columns I

usually respect comes up with another unfair blanket condemnation. He states that "There is no way that the EU is going to nations that in the past went crazy on worthless spending sprees with little or no accountability." As said I have been here 46 years and have seen 200 years worth of great improvement work done on this country done in that time. Both Ms. Pilkington and Mr. Delfin should perhaps be grateful that the Iberian Peninsular houses such amazingly tolerant people who have put up with us of "Island Mentality" for so long with such gentle kindness.

By Ken Campbell

If you would like to be kept up to date or take part in any of the events then go to

e Andromeda Galaxy If you know exactly where to look in the night sky, at this time of year it is possible to spot the most distant object visible to the naked eye; The Andromeda Galaxy.


ll the stars in the Universe are not just scattered around in space but instead are grouped together in their billions into galaxies. We live inside a galaxy and on very dark clear nights you can see part of our galaxy stretching across the sky like a faint band of light called the Milky Way.


ur galaxy contains about 600 billion stars and is over 120 thousand light years across. All of the individual stars that you can see at night are really very close neighbours in the scale of things. If our galaxy were shrunk down to one metre across then all the stars that you can see would be inside a circle about 5mm in diameter. The rest of the stars are so far away and so numerous that they appear to blend into each other forming the Milky Way.


ur galaxy is shaped a bit like two fried eggs placed back to back with a highly condensed central region and five spiral arms spinning away from the centre and thinning out toward the edges. It is believed that there is a huge black hole at the centre of our galaxy around which the spiral arms are rotating. It will take about 200 million years for our galaxy to rotate once.

by email Thank you for your section in The News regarding our dressing up as very old St. Trinian’s girls and our efforts to raise money for Breast Cancer (Positively Pink). Last night we did another troll around the streets of Benalmadena to raise yet more funds. This has been our third trip out and you will be pleased to know that we have now collected just over €1,500. We would like to thank all those people who contributed to this charity. We are also having a fun day on Saturday 22nd September at 3.30pm to be held at the Chorrillo Bar (corner of the car park by the lift in Benalmadena Pueblo). There will be tombola, raffle, face painting, bouncy castle, karaoke, Bbq, stocks and much more. Also any unwanted gifts


O would be appreciated for the tombola. You can contact the landlady (Eleanor) on 695 611 108 or Julie on 635 523 745. I have attached a photo of us before going out on the streets from last night. Sorry about the quality but the light was beginning to fade. The (ahem) girls in order from left to right on the photo are, Eleanor, Claire, Julie and myself Irene.

ur solar system is located about 2/3 of the way or about 30 thousand light years out from the centre of the galaxy in one of the spiral arms. We can’t really see the centre of our galaxy because stars obscure it but it emits a very strong radio signal and so we know that it lies in the constellation of Sagittarius.


bviously we can only make a calculated guess as to what our galaxy looks like from afar as no one has ever travelled far enough away from it to look back. But we can see literally billions of other galaxies which helps us to determine what our galaxy probably looks like. And our next closest neighbouring galaxy gives astronomers a fine picture of what a galaxy looks like. In the constellation of Andromeda is a galaxy that is even bigger than our own galaxy.


he Andromeda Galaxy or M31 is thought to contain over 1 trillion stars – more than double the number of stars in our Milky Way. It is huge, over 220 thousand light years across and at a distance of 2 ½ million light years away from us. The light you are seeing now left the Andromeda Galaxy 2 ½ million years ago and has been travelling at 186,000 miles per second to get here. But the Andromeda Galaxy is on the move towards us at 100 miles per second and in about 4 ½ billion years time it will collide with the Milky Way to form a single Super Galaxy.


ith a magnitude of 3.4, the Andromeda Galaxy is well within the range of human vision and on moonless nights it appears as a faint smudge of light. Through binoculars it can easily be seen and a small telescope shows some of the detail in its structure.


here are three ways to find M31, first locate the ‘W’ shape of Cassiopeia that can be found high up in the north-east part of the sky. Follow a line down from the two stars that form the right-hand side of the ‘W’ about four times the distance between them and M31 is here. The second way is to locate the great square of Pegasus which is four stars just below and to the right of Cassiopeia. From the upper left-hand star of the square there are three more stars sweeping away to the left, find the middle star of the three and then slowly move upwards until you come across the next brightest star and again here is M31.


he third and simplest way is to contact the Costa del Sol astronomy society at and they’ll be glad to point it out to you. Enjoy your Stargazing!

WEDNESDAY, September 19th 2012

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1 bed Arroyo centre modern no pool or parking, Sat TV, views 400€month 1 bed Benalmadena Costa close to beach, no pool, all inclusive 385€month 2 bed Benalmadena Costa, pool, parking, 4th floor no lift 450€month 2 bed Torrequebrada, pool, parking good views 525€month 2 bed Residencial Gamonal, parking, pool, SatTV, enclsd terrace 600€month 2 bed 2 bath Paloma Park, pool, parking, private garden 600€month 2 bed front line beach Torrequebrada unfur, pool, parking 700€month Office for rent 70m2 centre Arroyo aircon 500€month MANY MORE PROPERTIES AVAILABLE, TOO MANY TO LIST WE ALSO DO HOLIDAY LETS, JUST ASK FOR PAT


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WEDNESDAY, September 19th 2012

30 n Motors & Sports

Motors Sports and

Motors News

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Huge petrol station opens for business

Britain's biggest ever petrol station opened recently near Cobham in Surrey, with a staggering 36 pumps to dispense fuel. The huge forecourt on the M25 has underground fuel storage tanks holding 1.3 million litres of fuel that take a week to fill. It has 141 nozzles and the capacity to serve 3,400 motorists a day. Shell UK's marketing manager David Wood said 150,000 cars would be passing by the site every day. But he insisted the oil giant was likely to make more money selling premium coffee and food from its shop than petrol.

Lorenzo wins after early drama at Misano Jorge Lorenzo went one step closer to the MotoGP crown at Misano after capitalising on title rival Dani Pedrosa's misfortune to open a 38-point championship lead.

Lorenzo – who was never troubled throughout the shortened 26-lap race in Italy – conceded that his arch-rival had been “really unfortunate,” but admitted he was now feeling “more calm” about his

championship prospects. The Spaniard, who suffered a similar fate at the hands of Alvaro Bautista at Assen, said: "It's been a very tough weekend because Dani and I have been very close in the qualifying and the warmup.” Italy's Valentino Rossi was second in his home race for Ducati, while Briton Cal Crutchlow was another rider to crash out. Crutchlow had made a poor start from third on the grid and had been shuffled back to fifth before he crashed out on lap three. On a weekend when MotoGP remembered the late Marco Simoncelli at the circuit now named after

him, it was fitting that close friend Rossi produced his best ever ride on the Ducati and Alvaro Bautista took third place on the Gresini Honda that should have been ridden by Simoncelli this year. Dani Pedrosa and Repsol Honda have explained the chaotic chain of events that ended with the MotoGP title contender being knocked off on the opening lap of the restarted Misano race. All was going to plan for Pedrosa as he waited in pole position for the red lights to disappear, but a problem for Karel Abraham forced the start to be abandoned at the last moment. When Pedrosa's crew then went to remove his front tyre

warmer for the restart they found that the wheel was locked solid – and his bike was removed from the grid to be worked on. Mechanics quickly resolved the brake issue and Pedrosa's bike was returned to the grid – before any rider had left to start the sighting lap. But Pedrosa was forced to start from last place on the grid – the official reason given at the time being that "his engine was started from the pit lane". However Pedrosa's bike was clearly started after it had been pushed back onto

Audi threatens BMW's Rugby season starts - it’s a game of three halves seven-year reign as Numero Uno in global premium sales Audi cut BMW's lead in 2012 luxury-car sales to just 2,110 vehicles in August, threatening BMW's sevenyear hold on the top position in premium auto deliveries. The Volkswagen Group's luxury brand boosted eightmonth sales 13 percent to 961,000 vehicles, compared with the BMW brand's 7.8 percent increase to 963,110 autos, according to the two companies' monthly sales reports. BMW, the world's largest-maker of luxury cars, led by 40,513 vehicles through August of last year. VW is reaping the benefits from pouring 20 billion euros ($25.6 billion) into research and development at Audi since 2002. The luxury brand now sells 12 model lines, twice what it had in 2003, including three SUVs, the A1 compact and the R8 sports car. Audi, which ranks second in premiumvehicle deliveries since overtaking the MercedesBenz brand in 2011, has a goal of beating BMW by 2020.

Audi is likely to overtake BMW several years ahead of that target unless "there are surprising shifts in market share which I don't expect, especially in China," said Daniel Schwarz, a Frankfurt-based Commerzbank analyst. "They are the strongest growing luxury brand, and they just launched the A3, which is close to being their best-selling car in a peak year."

On Saturday 15th September 2012, at the Fernando Hierro stadium in Velez-Malaga, a superb, physical and entertaining game of rugby was fought out between the great rivals of Malaga Rugby Club and Axarquia Rugby Club who are based in Velez-Malaga. A crowd of over 100 people enjoyed an afternoon of sport, friendship and some cool refreshments. With all squad members from both teams keen to impress their respective coaches in advance of the new rugby season, the match was played over


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three halves to allow every player the chance to impress and show their commitment and skill, as well as to gain match fitness. This was a great game of rugby, played by two great teams, both of which deserve credit and congratulations for putting on an entertaining display of rugby.

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at the end of the Coin road


the grid. Repsol Honda later explained that the grid penalty was due to the brake issue being "resolved after the permitted time". Pedrosa shook his head and pointed down at his bike as he began the warmup lap, suggesting further problems, and dropped

behind the safety car on his way to the grid. But once the race got underway Pedrosa's bike seemed to be in full working order as he carved his way forwards from 21st – and was inside the top ten in the space of a few corners. But it was all to be in vain as we know now.

The final score was difficult to ascertain but with many tries being scored, it was agreed that the final score of 33-33 was a fair result. For more information on joining Axarquia Rugby Club or if you would like to sponsor the Axarquia teams, please ring Michael on 669 899 064 or 952 514 898. Social Club membership costs 15 euros

for a whole year and includes a free club t-shirt, discounted drinks at the games and regular email updates of club news and upcoming fixtures. Training for Axarquia Rugby Club is held at the Fernando Hierro Stadium in Velez-Malaga every Tuesday and Thursday from 19.00 for the Juniors and 20.30 for the seniors ( all age groups welcome).


Lorenzo was gifted a straightforward victory on his Factory Yamaha after the luckless Pedrosa was taken out by Hector Barbera on the opening lap of the race. The 2010 world champion is now hot favourite to claim a second premier class title after wrapping up his sixth victory of the season on the YZR-M1, which looked resplendent in a new manufacturer 'Race Blu' livery at the San Marino Grand Prix.

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WEDNESDAY, September 19th 2012

news Your outlook on the World

Sports & Motors n 31


Camero Cup at Miraflores is overwhelming success Thursday 13th September and Friday 14th September saw Miraflores Bowls Club stage the Camero Cup event, sponsored by Francisco Camero SL, for the second successive year. After discussion with the sponsors it was agreed to change the format of the competition to an open mixed pairs event. With all 16 rinks available we could accommodate a maximum

The losing semi-finalists

of 32 teams, this was highly ambitious for the time of year with many competitive bowlers still to return from their summer breaks. Entries came in regularly through the close season with virtually all of the clubs on the Costa del Sol supporting the event. Closing date arrived and we were delighted to have succeeded in exceeding the limit – leaving us with a reserve in the event of a late withdrawal. At the conclusion of the qualifying stage the four group winners went forward to the semi-finals and thanks to the generosity of the sponsors the group runners-up (Rob & Geraldine Robinson, Alan Turner & Diane Johnson,

Geoff Edginton & Sybil Ferguson and Alan Plimmer & Lynn Heseltine) also received prizes.

again after an excellent display of bowling by both teams Mike & Kate ran out the winners 9-7.

The semi-finalists were then drawn to determine who played whom, resulting in Frank & Pauline Ball (Mijas) playing Malcolm Greenwood & Wendy Pemberton (Benavista), and in the other match John Owen & Liz Bryce (Superbowl) were drawn against Mike Detheridge & Kate Morris (Benalmadena).

The final proved to be an intriguing affair with some excellent bowling by all. With the match all square and with the last bowl of the match Mike Malcolm and Wendy (L) and winners Mike & Kate Detheridge bowled a Throughout the day there running wood which had been little breeze and achieved his objective of the temperatures had promoting one of Kate's soared into the mid 30's, so other bowls into the head to wanting to avoid anyone score 3 shots and win the being taken ill the two match drawing a large captains were offered the round of applause from the choice of reducing the spectators.

Some superb bowling saw Malcolm and Wendy win comfortably with Frank & Pauline conceding the match when the score reached 18-4 after 12 ends. In the other semi-final,

number of ends in the final. After consultation with their leads they decided to reduce the final to a 10 end match.

In 2004 Chris Moneymaker won The Main Event at the WSOP after buying in for $100 via a satellite tournament winning over $6 million. This popularised “Holdem” and the online poker revolution! Week by week I will pass on poker gossip, online site reviews, poker tips and basic lessons for the beginner. Never played poker? Well, here are the basic rules: You need a minimum of 2 players and a maximum of 10 players when using a standard deck of cards. We have three positions that move around the table

clockwise after every hand, Dealer, Small Blind and Big Blind, the latter 2 being forced bets to ensure there is a pot to play for and, as a rule of thumb, the Small Blind is half the Big Blind. Each player is dealt two cards, face-down which are private to them. With these cards and the five dealt to them on the board you have to make the best hand possible with 5 of the 7 cards. Starting with the player after the Big Blind they can either fold, call or raise the Big Blind. This carries on until each player wanting to be in the hand has bet the same amount. There are then 3 cards dealt face-up (Flop), another round of bets / folds, starting from the Small Blind now, then another card face-up (Turn) followed again by a

round of bets / folds. Finally the River card is dealt and the last round of betting and folding and the player with the best hand takes the pot! If you want to learn poker, online is a great way but I would strongly advise not putting any money on these sites until you have learnt the basics. All the top sites have free play that is real poker played with real people but with “play money”. A good poker tip: If you can’t pump your hand, dump it! Written by: Poker Wayne

Seve’s son Javier wins amateur Madrid Open Javier Ballesteros, son of former world number one Seve, has won the amateur Madrid Open. The 22-yearold, a law student in Madrid, finished six under par to win by four shots. He dedicated the victory to his late father, a five-time major champion, who died aged 54 in May 2011 after a long battle with cancer. "My father always told me that you have to play with what you've got, and that's what I did," Javier said. "I thought about him a lot during the 18 holes and I




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By Grant Frost

Cavendish to split from Sky

Wayne’s Poker I have been playing poker for over 15 years and have played at many levels of the game. For the first 4 years I was playing Omaha, the 4-card version of the popular Texas Holdem and before I came to Spain, I was a poker tutor.

Sadly, Jo Winstanley of sponsors Francisco Camero SL was unable to be present at the final through illness and was therefore unable to make the prize presentations. Grant Frost in his closing speech thanked the competitors for their support and for the spirit in which the competition had been played. He then thanked the umpires together with Helen & Carol for keeping everybody fed and watered. Club President Derek Shemmings then presented the prizes to the winners, runners-up, losing semi-finalists and group runners-up. An excellent end to two very good days of competition to kick-off the 2012/13 bowling season.

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dedicate this victory to him and my mother." The victory in Madrid is the biggest to date for Javier, who has delayed a decision on turning professional until after he completes his law studies at the city's Complutense University. He made his first appearance in a professional event at the Peugeot Alps de Barcelona tournament in April and finished tied for 12th, 12 shots behind winner Pablo Larrazabal, after a final round of 68.

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World champion Mark Cavendish has confirmed his desire to quit Team Sky but hopes for an "amicable" split. In July the 27-year-old was told by boss Dave Brailsford he would be allowed to leave if he wanted to go. Sky have made it clear they expect compensation if they are to lose one of their star riders but Cavendish is hoping that is "speculation". "I have seen some stuff about a release fee but I don't think Dave would do that," he said. "I have known him since I was 14 years old. He has seen me grow my career and I have seen him grow his and construct the most successful team in cycling. "I hope that is just a bit of speculation [about the fee] and everything can work out amicably for everybody."

WEDNESDAY, September 19th 2012

32 n Sports & Motors Sports Flash


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Westwood denies McIlroy rift Lee Westwood is open to the possibility of partnering Rory McIlroy at the Ryder Cup, dispelling talk of a feud between two of Europe's key players. Speculation of a rift between the pair has been rife since McIlroy quit the management company Westwood has been with for 20 years, with the two then exchanging views over the split on Twitter. But according to Westwood, they remain friends and he would love to play alongside the world No 1 in Medinah next week.

Joaquin inspires Malaga With on eye on Tuesday's Champion’s League game, manager Pellegrini rotated the squad giving some players a rest, but on a hot 30ºc afternoon you would never have known it. Malaga 3-1 Levante Malaga set about a tough Levante defense with every player showing their worth. Joaquin had the first half chance for Malaga on five minutes shooting tamely at Manua in the Levante goal. Malaga then had a great penalty shout on 16 minutes when Ballesteros clumsily bought down Saviola in the box only to be waved away by the ref. Malaga's great football was



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constantly giving Levante problems and it was no surprise that they went in front, Isco setting up Saviola who slotted home from inside the box. Just after half-time Levante drew level breaking from their own half, Michel powered forward to smash the ball home brilliantly from outside the box. Malaga though never wavered and their great football came up with the goods. Saviola turned provider for the excellent Joaquin to fire home on 58 minutes. Pellegrini then


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brought on Roque Santa Cruz for his debut as the manager looked to conserve his players. With four minutes left Sergio Sanchez received his second yellow and was sent off after being adjudged to have used an elbow while challenging for the ball, and for a minute or two Malaga were on the backfoot. However in the dying seconds a great Malaga move was finished by Portillo at the back post

Costa del Sol CC vs Mijas CC DEAD FLOOR?

The Depot Andalucian Freight


It was a scorcher of a day as these two teams took to the field in the 2nd pre season friendly. CDS won the toss and chose to bat putting up 64 for no loss after only 10 overs, Tony (20 runs) and Tom (32 runs) showing patience and skill to craft a great opening partnership. Mijas’ bowling wasn’t as tight as it could’ve been and they gifted CDS with 29 extras. But amidst the wides, byes and no-balls Sean saved the day with an

to send the Malaga fans home happy and confident for the Champions league

home tie against Zenit St Petersberg. Report by: Scott Forbes

incredible six wickets for 32 runs and two catches in the field. Kevin also lent a hand taking one wicket for three runs and also taking two catches. Before the Sean/Kevin onslaught, CDS crumbled to 91/7 and were eventually bowled out for a mere 134.

Phill (20 runs) and, once again, Kevin (13 runs) did their best but with the tight CDS bowling, each bowler taking a wicket and an attacking field, CDS bowled Mijas out in 29 overs for 105 for an unexpected and long overdue win.

Mijas needed only 135 to win and everyone thought they were headed home for an early lunch but newcomer Dave showed them precisely how to swing the ball taking 3 for 14 runs including the danger man Brian for a duck. The Mijas batsmen, Dave (12 runs),

Don’t forget to join us for the first ever Costa del Sol charity cricket fest from the 27th to the 29th of September at the Cartama Oval. For more details contact Tim Meal at Report by Jody van der Westhuizen

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BAR LOS ARCOS & BENAVISTA BOWLING CLUB in support of FUNDACION ELLIOT GEORGE For the third year running, Hughie Holgate and his team at Bar Los Arcos and Benavista Bowling Club are hosting this great family day in support of Fundacion Elliot George, the foundation that helps children with special needs here on the coast (www.fundacionelliotgeorg This year, their annual charity event is taking place on Sunday, 30th September. It will begin with a children's sponsored walk at 11:30. If you have a child who would like to participate in the sponsored walk, forms are

available from Jez at Bar Los Arcos or Mel at Benavista Bowling Club (952 88 51 48). Registration time will be from 10:30 onwards at the designated meeting point at Bar Los Arcos. The circuit is approximately 2 km around the Benavista area and it will be monitored by appointed marshals. However, we strongly recommend that children under the age of 8 be accompanied by an adult. The walk will finish around 12:30. Meanwhile, from 12:00 onwards, there will be nonstop entertainment. In the children's area, try your hand at traditional games

such as “Roll-a-10-centcoin”, “Ping-Pong Alley” or “Egg-in-the-sand”. If you are feeling lucky, there are super prizes to be won on the tombola and raffle. Enjoy great live music with a refreshing drink and delicious local tapas at this years “Tasca”. Browse through the market stalls and pick up a bargain. For the little ones we have magicians, face-painting and balloon crafts, swings and slides, lucky dip and many more games. For further information, contact Mel (952 885 148) or Pat (636264078).


Jake Humphrey to leave BBC Sport for BT Vision BBC presenter Jake Humphrey has announced he is to leave the corporation to host BT Vision's Premier League coverage. BT will launch a new channel after acquiring the rights to £738m worth of Premier League football, starting from the 2013-14 season. The 33-year-old, best known for hosting the BBC's Formula 1 coverage, will anchor the new channel's live football coverage from next season which includes 38 live games a season over three years. He will continue to present the BBC's F1 coverage for the remainder of the current season.


Handshakes row could resemble 'mafia feud', says PFA boss British football must stop the current handshake row from becoming a "mafia feud", says Professional Footballers' Association chief Gordon Taylor. Anton Ferdinand refused to shake the hand of John Terry on Saturday following allegations Terry made racist comments to Ferdinand last season. Taylor told BBC Radio 5 live: "We have to move on. These things will separate us and become like some mafia feud." The 67-yearold also insisted pre-match handshakes should remain.

Fantastic Opportunity! One of the most famous café restaurants in Mijas is up for sale. This is a rarely available golden opportunity for someone to take over this business in the thriving tourist village of Mijas. For more info call:

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The News Newspaper - Issue 193  

The News Newspaper - Issue 193

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