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Issue 175

Wednesday, May 16th 2012

Eurozone narrowly avoids recession Slight growth in the Germany economy offsets contractions in other eurozone countries including Spain



All eyes on Athens as fears of euro exit grow Greece continued to dominate the headlines on Tuesday even as hope sprang eternal ahead of the meeting between newly inaugurated French President François Hollande and German chancellor Angela Merkel, who is still swallowing the bitter pill of her party's defeat in a regional election on Sunday. Tuesday's talks in Athens came in the wake of Monday's discussions between the leaders of the centre-right New Democracy, Pasok and moderate Democratic Left parties which ended in failure after just an hour. The left-wing Syriza bloc – the second largest in parliament – did not attend Monday's talks, saying it would not join any coalition making further cuts. It rejects the terms of the latest €130 billion EU/IMF bailout, which demands more austerity. Meanwhile, Democratic Left, which could have

used its handful of seats to cement a majority government, instead insisted it will not join any coalition which does include Syriza. But all four attended Tuesday's talks, as did the Greek Independent party – meaning only the Communists (KKE) and far-right Golden Dawn were absent. As Thursday's deadline looms, the chances of success at this 11th hour are slim. If the talks fail, as expected, it would mean fresh elections which polls indicate could be won by a Syriza-led government intent on turning its back on a bailout. This would


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probably lead Greece to default on its debt and hasten its departure from the euro. The political turmoil has spooked markets around the world. Heavy losses in Europe and the US on Monday were followed by falls in Asia on Tuesday morning. However there was some relief for the European markets on Tuesday following the news that the eurozone managed to avoid recession, recording zero growth in the first three months of the year. The worst scenario – of Greece leaving the euro –

could unravel the whole ideological framework which governs monetary union. This scenario was rejected as "nonsense" by the chairman of the eurozone group, Luxembourg Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker, who said on Monday "I don't envisage, not even for one second, Greece leaving."

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But the fact that it is being openly discussed means a taboo has been broken in Brussels. On

Tuesday, EU economists were already trying to work out the cost for Greece of a return to the drachma.

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WEDNESDAY, May 16th 2012



La Sabana Santa

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An exhibition of art works from the Provincial Government Art Collection is being held from now until Sunday May 27th. Open Monday to Friday from 10am-1:30pm and 5pm -8pm, Saturday and Sunday from 11am – 2pm. Auditorio de la Finca El Portón, Juan Carlos I, Alhaurin de la Torre. Tel: 952 411 043

Lorca earthquake one People want an emergency pact year on


By Kym Wickham

Provincial Art Expo

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02 n General News

Visitors to Lorca this week could be forgiven for thinking that the earthquake that devastated the town, killing nine and injuring more than 300, had happened only recently, and not on May 11th last year. There are empty spaces where 250 apartment blocks once stood, and many of those still standing are propped up by scaffolding. Saturnina Martínez, the councillor in charge of coordinating the reconstruction, said an assessment of the full extent of the damage revealed that more buildings than were originally believed have been damaged. She admitted that only three permits to build apartment blocks have been issued in

Lorca after the earthquake

the past year, as well as 30 for individual houses. But work has yet to begin as residents cope with the nightmare of getting permission from the bureaucrats to repair their homes. Out of the original residents of 90,000, 7,000 are still homeless and some 10,000 have moved away. Two schools have been knocked down, 11 others are under repair. And the town's two hospitals are still not functioning properly. Local shopkeepers are facing bankruptcy, with some 10 per cent of stores closed permanently.

Most of the city's historic buildings suffered serious damage and are closed, as are all but one of Lorca's 16 churches. As a result, a once-thriving tourist trade has been reduced to a trickle. Inmaculada García, who heads the commission set up by the government in Madrid to oversee reconstruction after the disaster, told reporters: "We have been working very hard and we have achieved a lot, but I'm sure that we could have done a lot more than we have and we could have done it more quickly."

The latest opinion poll carried out by Metroscopia for El Pais newspaper shows that Spaniards criticise both the government and the opposition for the current economic crisis, and feel that the Socialist government has to take the larger share for not implementing austerity measures when it should have. That said, they believe an emergency pact between the government and the Socialist Party is the only solution to the current economic situation. Paradoxically, while Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy's popularity has dropped, the survey showed that if there were

an election today, the Partido Popular would win it with a comfortable majority. However, the real villains are the banks. A majority of those questioned in the survey were strongly against any government help for the banks and a large number would be in favour of their nationalisation.

Getting tougher on the banks The government announced last Friday that it will force the banks to take on an extra €30 billion of capital to cushion themselves against loans going bad. Deputy Prime Minister Soraya Saenz de Santamaria told reporters at her regular Friday press conference that the banks will have to raise the

money or borrow it from the government at an annual interest rate of about 10 per cent. She said the government is determined to take the necessary measures to restore credibility and trust in the financial system.

of these toxic loans into separate companies. The government also

intends to liberalise property rental rules to make it easier for the

banks to sell their portfolios of property debt.

Earlier in the week, the government partially nationalised Bankia, and has already forced banks to make provisions of €54 billion to cover bad loans, most of them related to the collapse of the housing boom which left many small lenders holding mortgages they may not be able repay. Under the new regulations, the banks will also be forced to put some












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weDneSDaY, May 16th 2012

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National News n 03


On ThiS daTE in

National News Four days of M-15 protests end


the first Academy Awards were handed out in Hollywood

Eurozone avoids recession

Thousands of people started to congregate in the main squares in the country’s cities and towns on Saturday in the lead-up to the first anniversary of the M-15 movement on Tuesday. Madrid's Puerta del Sol square continued to be the heart of the movement. Authorities have permitted protesters to use the square for a fixed number of hours each day, and Deputy Prime Minister Soraya Saenz de Santamaria said the government would ensure those hours were respected. A few hundred protesters who defied the curfew were cleared out by police in the early hours of Sunday and Monday and a few arrests were made. The square is a focal point for the movement of so-called "indignants", which erupted in response to





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Figures released on Tuesday show that the eurozone has narrowly avoided returning to recession after recording zero growth in the first three months of the year. Puerta del Sol protests

economic crisis and austerity policies exactly a year ago. This year, the demonstrators have even more to protest about – the harsh austerity measures implemented by the Partido Popular government since it was voted in last November.

Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy defended his policies at a political rally on Sunday, saying they were necessary to tackle the country's economic problems. But amid a relapse into recession and an unemployment rate that has soared to 24%, the protesters say the policies are not working.


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The German statistics agency, Destatis, said the

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In the final quarter of 2011, the eurozone shrank by 0.3%, and many analysts were expecting further contraction but the stronger-than-expected performance was in large part due to a growth of 0.5% in the German economy.

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country's economic growth was due to a rise in exports and higher domestic consumption. Spain's economy shrank by 0.3% in the first quarter of this year, the French economy recorded zero growth in the same period while the Italian economy contracted by 0.8%. ` Some analysts believe that the first quarter may prove something of a temporary respite as many eurozone economies continue to struggle amid weak demand, high unemployment and dramatic cutbacks.



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WEDNESDAY, May 16th 2012

04 n National News

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Final victory in Penal code Urdangarin’s Odyssey case changes to fight father dies corruption

Spain’s long legal battle with Odyssey Marine Exploration over the 500,000 silver and gold coins recovered from the Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes which was sunk by the British navy off the coast of Portugal in 1804 is finally over. On Monday, the US Supreme Court rejected a petition by the Tampa, Floridabased shipwreck experts to review the case, which included petitions by the Peruvian government and some of the descendants of the ship’s passengers, who said they were the rightful owners of the treasure. Odyssey had surreptitiously taken the coins to Florida in early 2007 and the ownership battle has been waging since then. Spanish military cargo planes brought the coins

The government announced last Friday that it intends to introduce stiffer penalties for tax evaders and Social Security cheats, to lower the amounts of money involved before the offence is considered a crime and raise maximum sentences from two years to six.

back to Madrid in February this year after the Supreme Court refused to stop the transfer while it was considering the appeal. The Culture Ministry has said the coins and other artefacts will be displayed at different museums around the country. Spain’s lawyer, James Goold, said on Monday: “All the team is very pleased by the decision, which makes our victory absolutely final.”

The Cabinet will send a bill to Congress to change the Penal Code and create a new type of crime involving tax fraud on amounts over €600,000, aimed at organised crime groups or people who hide their money in offshore accounts to avoid paying tax. The government also wants to raise the statute of limitations for tax fraud cases from five years to 10 years to help fight public corruption. This will avoid situations as in the so-

Infanta Cristina , Urdangarin and their children attend the funeral Cayman National Bank

called Gürtel kickbacks-forcontracts scandal, in which prosecutors could not file charges against some Partido Popular (PP) officials because the statute of limitations had run out. Government prosecutors are currently trying to retrieve some €6 billion from tax fraud cases.

The Infanta Cristina and her four children made a rare visit to Spain last week to attend her father-inlaw’s funeral last Saturday. Juan Maria Urdangarin died of a cerebral haemorrhage last Thursday. He was 79. His son, who is currently facing charges of embezzlement, in Palma de Mallorca, travelled to Vitoria in the Basque Country last

Tuesday when his father’s health worsened. Queen Sofia and the Infanta Elena went to Vitoria on Friday to offer their condolences to the family but did not stay for the funeral. In addition to family members and friends, the funeral was attended by representatives of the Basque Nationalist Party (BNV), to which Sr Urdangarin belonged.

Fifty years go uncelebrated The uproar over the King’s recent visit to Botswana to hunt elephants was forced out of the headlines by a bigger bombshell last week – King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia had no plans to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary on May 14th either in private or in public. This only added fire to the rumours that have been abounding since the illfated elephant hunt that the King is romantically involved with a German baroness he met five years ago. The first hint of any trouble in the Royal marriage was when Queen Sofia did not rush back from Athens to be at her husband’s side when he was brought home from Botswana with a displaced hip after tripping on the stairs at the hunting lodge. She went straight to the Madrid Clinic from the airport but only stayed half an hour. She returned the following day for a threehour visit, which one newspaper described as the first time the Royal couple had been alone for so long. The decision not to celebrate their 50th anniversary only revived speculation that theirs had been an arranged marriage

all along. When Franco decided he needed to find a princess for his successor, he dismissed Princess Sofia of Greece because she was not a Catholic. However, Queen Federica was set on finding her eldest daughter a husband who would one day sit on a throne and the most likely candidate was Prince Juan Carlos who was tipped to restore the monarchy in Spain after Franco’s death. That would only become official in 1969 so Queen Federica was taking a chance when she organised a cruise in 1954 for all the young European Royals, which included Prince Juan Carlos. The two apparently did not hit it off until 1961, however, when Prince Juan Carlos and his family holidayed in Corfu in 1961 at the invitation of the Greek royal family. The Prince’s letters to his


friends at the time seemed to indicate that he had actually fallen in love with Sofia and that the marriage had not been arranged by his scheming soon-to-be mother-in-law. And there seemed to be no doubt that she was head over heels in love with him. After much wrangling between the two families over the religious ceremony, the couple were married in Athens on May 14th, 1962, first in the Roman Catholic cathedral from whence they went

straight to the Orthodox Greek Cathedral to repeat their vows there. Sofia formally became a Catholic after the marriage. Rumours of the King’s dalliances have abounded since then but the Spanish media have discreetly avoided going into any great detail. Despite the rumours, the couple seemed perfectly happy – some say because Sofia was determined that her son would one day sit on the throne of Spain. The King himself has always said

Present Day

that his wife has been the best adviser he could have had. The scandal caused by the King’s hunting trip – although it’s not known if he actually did kill an elephant this time – seems to have encouraged the Spanish media to take the gloves off and it is possible that the country will find out all about this latest rumoured romance in the not-too-distant future. Sources close to the Royal family claim the King

has been devastated by the furore over his trip, which came hard on the heels of the scandal involving his son-in-law, and is looking for ways to get back his popularity. Polls show that a majority have forgiven the King but most have said he chose the wrong time to indulge in a pastime that only the very wealthy can afford. Meanwhile, the popularity ratings of the Queen, Crown Prince Felipe and Princess Letizia have risen.

WEDNESDAY, May 16th 2012

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National News n 05


Kidnap in Pakistan was 'plotted in Spain' A court on Monday heard how a married couple planned the kidnapping of a five year-old UK boy in Pakistan from their home in Tarragona. Sahil Saeed, of Oldham, was snatched during a robbery on March 4th, 2010, while he was visiting his grandmother's home in the Punjab region. He was released 12 days later after his family paid a ransom of £110,000. Zahid Saleem and Muhammad Sageiz, from Pakistan and Saleem’s wife

Gianina Monica Ms Neruja, from Romania, were living in Tarragona before their arrests. They have been in custody awaiting trial since being arrested on 16th March 2010. Appearing in the Tarragona court, they denied charges of kidnap, conspiracy, robbery and trespass as well as eight charges of unlawful arrest in connection with the case.

Prosecutor Maria Jose Osuna said that the three, together with at least four other people of Pakistani origin, designed, organised and carried out the kidnapping of the British minor Sahil Saeed. They were betrayed by a phone call to the boy’s uncle which was traced to a phone box in Constanti, near Tarragona on the afternoon



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Cashier flees with €450.000

Two days later Sahil's father received another call from Spain informing him that the gang knew that he had contacted the police. The case continues.


Councils want to tax Church property Bankrupt councils are figuring out how to get the Roman Catholic Church – Spain's biggest landowner – to pay real estate tax (iBi). a 1979 agreement between Spain and the Vatican exempted the Church and other religious organisations from the tax. Zamora City Council plans to collect the garbage collection fee on Church-owned buildings, while lawyers in Valladolid and León are trying to determine what their councils can charge the Church for. Madrid Mayor ana Botella has no plans to charge the Church for anything.



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Sahil Saeed

of March 4th, 2010.

and 13th as part of Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee year celebrations. Despite the official protest, Queen Sofía will travel to London later this week to attend a luncheon given by Queen Elizabeth to celebrate her Diamond Jubilee.

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a cashier at a branch of the Caja Mediterráneo in Yecla, Murcia, fled to South america after stealing €450,000 from the safe on april 20th. the theft was only recently revealed because the bank had refused to comment so as not to hinder the police investigation. His co-workers told the newspaper La Verdad de Murcia that the cashier had invited them all to have a drink at the end of the working day before disappearing. Murcia Police have asked interpol to issue a search and capture order.

Protest over prince’s visit to Gibraltar Spain’s Foreign Ministry has sent a letter of protest to the British government to express its “displeasure and discomfort” over the planned visit of Prince Edward and his wife Sophie Rhys-Jones (right) to Gibraltar between June 11th



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WEDNESDAY, May 16th 2012

06 n World News

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On thiS dAtE in

World News


Joan of arc was canonised a Saint

Australia-US military N ties worry China


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Public holidays scrapped

Australian Foreign Minister Bob Carr said on Monday in Beijing that Chinese officials had raised concerns over growing military ties between Australia and the US. On his first trip to China as foreign minister, Mr Carr had three high-level meetings to discuss a China-Australia free trade deal on Monday which he later said were dominated by questions over Australia's growing alliance with the US. He said Chinese officials had told him that "the time for Cold War alliances has long since passed".

partner for Australia and about a quarter of all Australian exports now go to China, but Australia's key security partnership is with the US.

China is a major trading

Mr Carr also discussed

Last month the first contingent of some US marines to be stationed in Darwin arrived; the US will eventually deploy a 2,500strong force in northern Australia by 2017.

The UniTed STaTeS

Castaway sues Princess Cruises Bob Carr with Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi

consular cases involving Chinese-Australians who have been jailed in China recently. He told reporters

the response he received was that China ''does not recognise dual citizenship''.

Help for low income families Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff has launched a raft of social programmes for low-income families with young children, which include an expansion of the popular social programme Bolsa Familia created by her predecessor Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva. Families with children

under six living in extreme poverty will get $35 a month for each family member, which would benefit 18 million people. Access to day care and health care will also be expanded. Ms Rousseff said that despite Brazil's economic progress over the

The government has decided to scrap four of its 14 public holidays in the hope of improving competitiveness and boosting economic activity. all Saints day on november 1st and Corpus Christi, which falls 60 days after easter, october 4th, the anniversary of the formation of the Portuguese republic in 1910; and december 1st, which marks Portuguese independence from Spanish rule in 1640 - will be suspended for five years from 2013. The decision over which Catholic festivals to cut was negotiated with the Vatican.

a Panamanian fisherman who survived 28 days adrift in the Pacific earlier this year and watched two companions die is suing the owners of a cruise ship that sailed past. adrian Vasquez has filed a lawsuit in Florida alleging negligence by Princess Cruises, his lawyer said. The american cruise company has said it deeply regrets that one of its ships sailed past the dying men. Passengers said they spotted the castaways and alerted staff, but the firm said the captain was not informed.


Hailstorm kills 40

past years, there were still people living in abject poverty, and that many of those were children and adolescents. She said the programme

is aimed in particular at low-income families in Brazil's north and northeast, where drought has further increased the suffering of those living in absolute poverty.

Forty people were killed when a brief but violent hailstorm swept through a mountainous region of northwest China last week. a local government official said 18 are still missing in Min county in Gansu province, while 87 had been sent to hospital. he said 29,300 people were evacuated after rain and hail battered the county for just an hour. Since May 8th hailstorms have struck the province, affecting 3.42 million people. about 64,000 people have been relocated to safer areas and 7,600 houses have collapsed.

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WEDNESDAY, May 16th 2012

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World News n 07


Hollande sworn in as president Franςois Hollande was sworn in as president at an inauguration ceremony at the Elysee Palace with outgoing President Nicolas Sarkozy. After laying a wreath at the Arc de Triomphe, travelling in an open-top car down the Champs-Elysees and naming his cabinet, he set off to Germany to have dinner with Chancellor Angela Merkel. The visit underscores the importance of the German-French relationship in Europe amid the continuing political vacuum in Greece and predictions that it may be forced out of the euro,

stoking fears that caused the single currency to tumble in trading on Monday. Mrs Merkel openly supported Mr Sarkozy in the election battle and on Monday Mr Hollande admitted during a television interview on Monday that "we don't think the same on everything". He has criticised the German-led focus on austerity as the way out of

the European economic crisis. As the eurozone's two biggest economies and biggest contributors to its bailout funds, Germany and France are key decision makers over the strategy supposed to pull Europe out of crisis. After his German trip, Mr Hollande will hold his first cabinet meeting on Thursday followed by a visit to Washington to meet US President Barack Obama.

crisis. Despite CDU attempts to portray the Social Democrat-led state government as irresponsibly spendthrift, the party increased its share of the vote, while support for Mrs Merkel's CDU fell to its lowest post-war level. However, she said she was "very relaxed" about national

elections due next year, even though political analysts have said many voters rejected Mrs Merkel's tough line on fiscal discipline as a cure for state debt on Sunday and predict that the trend will continue.

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Merkel admits 'bitter' defeat Chancellor Angela Merkel admitted on Monday that her Christian Democrat (CDU) party suffered a "bitter, painful defeat" in Germany's largest state election on Sunday. But she insisted that the result in North Rhine-Westphalia would have no impact on her policy on Europe's debt

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WEDNESDAY, May 16th 2012

08 n UK News

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Reforms to allowances Six children People receiving the Disability Living Allowance (DLA) could lose out under planned reforms to slash the cost of such benefits by £2.2 billion while implementing the new Personal Independence Payment.

It has been reported that some ex-service personnel who have lost limbs fighting for the UK could be among those affected but Works and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith said of the new system: “It’s not like incapacity benefit, it’s not

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a statement of sickness. is a gauge of your capability. In other words, 'Do you need care, do you need support to get around?'... Those are the two things that are measured. Not, 'You have lost a limb'." He told The Daily Telegraph that there had been a 30% rise in the number of claimants over recent years and around two million claimants would be reassessed in the next four years. The annual cost of benefits at the moment reaches almost £13 billion and in the future only those considered to be in need of support would qualify. Ministers are consulting on the new eligibility criteria for the disability benefit system, which will be announced in the autumn.


die in arson attack

A dramatic appeal has been launched by Derby police for any information in connection with the house fire that killed six children on Friday. Jade Philpott 10, John 9, Jack 7, Jessie 6, and fiveyear-old Jaydon all died when the fire swept through their home in Allenton, Derby. The children were asleep upstairs. Their 13-year-old brother Duwayne was seriously burned in the fire and died in hospital after his parents took the decision to switch off his life support machine on Sunday evening. A 38-year-old man and 28-year-old woman had been arrested on suspicion of murder but were released without charge on Saturday. Assistant Chief Constable Steve Cotterill thanked those that had already come forward but expressed surprise that there were so few of them, adding that he strongly suspected that there is

someone who knows a lot more than they are telling. Their father, Mick Philpott battled the flames trying to save them. In 2007 he hit the headlines after demanding a larger council house to share with his wife, Maired, girlfriend, Lisa, and their 17 children. A resident of the estate, Bobby Sutherland said he felt inspired to create the charity Catch Me When I Fall and they have received cash donations from fellow residents to help pay for the funerals of the children. Father Alan Burbridge from St George’s Roman Church Catholic described Mr. Philpott as “a good, caring, family man. He looked after his children well, he was devoted to his children even though he’d got so many.” A service was held in the church on Saturday in memory of the children.




Brit or scot? ancient documents have revealed the birthplace of Jeremy Clarkson, doncaster in Yorkshire, was signed over to Scotland in a treaty 900 years ago as part of the Treaty of durham after King david successfully stormed large areas of northern England. It remained in Scottish hands for 21 years until Henry II appeared to reclaim the town under English rule in 1157. But experts have now found an official pact wasn't ever signed – meaning strictly speaking the South Yorkshire town still belongs to the Scots. Charles Kelham, who discovered the oversight, said: "King david coins dating from that time have been found in doncaster, so the links are there." UK

Gay marriage Tim loughton, Tory minister for families, has sparked a storm after he said that he is totally opposed to same sex marriages. His comments have upset david Cameron who is behind a parliamentary Bill to make these legal. He added that nobody in his constituency has asked for it so he won’t be embracing the proposals. UK

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The people of Melksham, a small town in Wiltshire are fed up to the back teeth with constantly having to put up with delays getting anywhere due to roadworks so one local card has changed – just ever so slightly – one of the roadworks signs in the area with the labourer sitting on a pile of debris having a cup of tea and a smoke. Lib Dem councillor Jon Hubbard said: "Melksham has had a lot of road works taking place and there has been a lot of annoyance at how long it is taking. It doesn’t come across as a shock that someone has done this, it is a real problem in the town with roadworks seemingly taking forever. I’ve seen a

lot of workers sitting around and I’ve raised the issue. Recently there was a case when workers were redoing a road and there were terrible problems. Lanes were closed but there was no one doing any work. Residents certainly haven’t been given the appearance of anyone being hard at work." Maybe this will get the local roadworkers off their rear ends and inspire them to get the job done at last!

Free vouchers Parents will be able to get £100 free vouchers to pay for “parenting sessions” from a counsellor available from Boots chemist outlets to encourage good parenting. Parenting classes are also going to be offered. nick Clegg is pushing for two week “catch-up” classes for kids lagging behind in their lessons during their summer holidays. BordEr ConTrol

Che in UK Epassport controls’ sensitivity can be toned down to speed the access to the UK according to Unions after a woman used her husband’s passport to get through and, in one incident according to reports, the machine recognised a picture on a TShirt – of Che Guevarra – and let the person through.

WEDNESDAY, May 16th 2012

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UK News n 09


Boating tragedy leaves two dead Julian Mynott, 42, and his three-year-old son Freddie died after their rowing boat overturned on the River Avon on Saturday afternoon at around 5.30pm and went over a three-metre-high weir on a stretch of the river at Barford in Warwickshire. Two other children were pulled from the water alive by a local resident and a police officer shortly after the accident happened. One of the surviving children had suffered a cardiac arrest and was given CPR. The child remains seriously ill in Warwick Hospital. The second child is described as conscious but poorly. All three children had been spotted earlier wearing life jackets.

victims who died were pulled from the water some hours later. One local resident, Ali Bonner-Evans described the river level as “very high at the moment and the current is very fast. I think the boat just got to the weir and the boat just went straight over it, and there could have been nothing they could have done to stop that happening.” She added: “Everybody is devastated. This is not the kind of thing you expect to happen on a sunny Saturday afternoon in a small Warwickshire village.” Air and land ambulances, the Hazardous Area Response Team and a number of paramedic officers attended the scene.

More Olympics tickets go on sale to the public The issuing of some 900,000 tickets for the Olympics gave an extra chance to those who had missed out on buying tickets when they went on sale on Sunday.

Another 70,000 tickets for the Olympic Park will be on offer for this group from May 17th and on May 23rd any unsold tickets will go on general release for anyone to buy.

1.2 million people lost out in the first ballot so now is their chance to get tickets for hockey, tennis, football and beach volleyball while for athletics, tickets swimming, cycling and diving go on sale in the next few days.

Different tickets have been available from 11am each day for the last three days and for the next couple of days including; on the 13th beach volleyball, hockey, tennis, wrestling and football; on the 14th athletics,

MoD black hole plugged According to Defence Secretary Phillip Hammond the black hole of £38 billion in the MoD budget has been plugged and they are out of debt for the first time in its history.

Nicknamed "Granny Nav", the technology is being developed as part of a £12 million programme by the UK's Research Council to help the elderly better navigate while driving.

Huge cuts and compulsory redundancies within the armed forces, equipment cuts the details of which have been described as a “grand announcement” yet to be released, plus the early retirement of HMS Ark Royal and the selling off of the whole of the UK’s Harrier Jump Jet fleet to America has finally balanced the books.

The core programme has a fully funded budget of £152bn over 10 years. The overall defence budget over

However, the Royal Navy and the RAF will have lost five thousand jobs each by 2015, the army will have seven thousand less soldiers and the Ministry of Defence will have shed 25 thousand jobs. There is still another wave of redundancies to be implemented which may mean that some famous regiments will no longer exist having been amalgamated with others. Mr Hammond told the Sunday Times: "We hugely value the regimental system, and nobody, as far as I know, is suggesting dismantling it." Mr Hammond said the U-turn on the type of plane to be bought for the Royal Navy's new aircraft carrier, which will result in a substantial saving, was "the last piece of the jigsaw. In terms of reducing the size of the civil service, the army and the air force, we shouldn't have to do any more over and above what we've already announced," he said.

“For many older people, particularly those living alone or in rural areas, driving is essential for maintaining their independence, giving them the freedom to get out and about without having to rely on others," Professor Phil Blythe who led the research said in a press statement, "but we all have to accept that as we get older our reactions slow down and this often results in people avoiding any potentially challenging driving conditions and losing confidence in their driving skills. The result is that people stop driving before they really need to.” Blythe said his research team has been looking at ways to keep people driving safely for longer to help boost independence amongst the elderly and keep them socially connected. Giving up driving is one of the key reasons for a fall in health and well-being

its way to Ascot

Black Caviar, a five-year-old mare, thought to be the world’s fastest sprinter, is to travel from her native Australia to the UK to take part in Royal Ascot after a record 21 consecutive wins.

among older people, leading to them becoming more isolated and inactive, according to Newcastle University. To figure out the best ways to help keep older people on the road, the Intelligent Transport team at Newcastle University converted an electric car into a mobile laboratory called DriveLAB. The car was decked out with tracking systems, eyemotion detectors and bio-monitors to help researchers understand the challenges faced by older drivers as well as night vision systems and intelligent speed technology. Edmund King, AA president said: "The car is a lifeline for many older people as it helps keep them mobile, independent and connected to friends and family. The pioneering work of DriveLAB will help with technological solutions to ensure that older drivers stay safer behind the wheel." The research will be presented at an Aging, Mobility and Quality of Life conference in Michigan in June.

run the horse if she was not in 100% condition after her first ever trip abroad. Tickets are a sell-out whenever she is racing and she has her own Facebook page and fan club and many of her fans are already booking tickets to the UK to come and watch her race.

She has never lost a race and her owners, a consortium of friends and family from Melbourne, and trainer, Peter Moody, now believe she is ready to take part in the Diamond Jubilee Stakes this coming June.

Regular jockey Luke Nolen will travel with her and he said of her most recent race where she failed to win by her usual huge margin; “she never got out of second gear!”

However, Mr Moody added that he would not


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Under the new spending system, a core programme has been created for equipment projects which are certain to go ahead instead of the department spending cash on projects that were later shelved meaning that there will be the necessary funds for equipment in the future drawing on their own reserves rather than having to delay projects due to lack of cash.

the same 10-year period is £160bn, giving the department £8bn for their contingency pot.

Any tickets not sold on the day will be carried forward and fans will only be able to buy a maximum of four tickets for one event. Once they have bought their four tickets, they will not be able to buy any more over the five-day period and will have to wait for the general release tickets.

Granny Nav Top horse on Older drivers may now be able to stay on the road for longer thanks to new technology being developed by scientists that uses pictures of mail boxes or pubs as visual turning cues.

The bodies of the two

mountain bike and road), modern pentathlon, rowing, triathlon, and Olympic Park tickets.

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WEDNESDAY, May 16th 2012

10 n Local News

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Local News


Spam went on sale, produced by George A Hormel and Co

Guardia asked to help Former Casares end illegal building mayor freed on bail Mijas town council has asked the Guardia Civil for help in controlling and inspecting building works in the municipality, many of which are illegal. The council has stopped work on 50 illegal constructions in the past month alone.

Town planning councillor Manuel Navarro said the new illegal constructions are complicating the process under way to regularise the situation of illegal houses which were built more than four years ago. He said the council was not willing to tolerate people building without a

licence, who face fines of between 600 and 10 per cent of the total amount spent on the construction. They also have to foot the demolition costs.

Wanted Briton arrested The Guardia Civil arrested a 34-year-old Briton in Manilva last Friday, wanted in the UK in connection with the kidnapping of a 22-year-old man and drug trafficking in Newcastleunder-Lyme. The Spanish authorities said he fled the

country last year when he found out the British police were after him. He had been living under a false name in Manilva, and only left his home at night. He finally went out during the

daytime last week to buy something at a Chinese shop and the Guardia, who had been following him for some time, were able to arrest him. They said the woman he was living with did not know his true identity.

Asked to work for half pay Estepona town council has sent a letter to all its workers asking them if they would be willing to work part time for just half their salaries. Those older than 63

have been asked if they would be willing to take early retirement. This would save the council €6 million, which it needs to be able to start paying off the €60 million it owes the government in Madrid.

If the council cannot start paying the debt, the central government can step in to administer its finances in accordance with the recently implemented “Adjustment Plan”.

Marbella promotes luxury image Malaga City councillor Elías Bendodo, the president of the Association of Costa del Sol Municipalities Margarita del Cid, and Marbella mayor Ángeles Muñoz on Monday presented the programme of the 2nd Marbella Luxury Weekend, to be held in Puerto Banus from May 31st and June 3rd. One of the highlights will be the Cars and Arts Luxury Show which includes an exhibition of 24 Porsche 911 GT2 hoods belonging Argentinean collector Jorge Gomez who allowed 19 artists to use them as canvases. Ascari Race Resort will exhibit more exclusive models, including one of the three existing Ferraris driven in the 1995 F1 world championships by Gerhard Berger and Jean Alesi. The exclusive group La Zagaleta

is organising the “Brands and Trends” forum featuring representatives of Inditex, the owner of the Zara brand, Vitorio & Lucchino, Interbrand, Chopard, UBS, Tiffany s and L’Oreal – to name only a few.

Some of the world’s best restaurants, fashion designers and jewellers will also be displaying their wares, with the accent on originality and exclusiveness.

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The Guardia Civil detained former Casares mayor Juan Sánchez, his wife, a lawyer and a woman with alleged lings to organised crime after searching the town hall and several private homes, as well as offices in Marbella and Estepona, in an investigation into money laundering that began in 2010. After being questioned, the former mayor left by the back door of the court in Estepona at 2am on Tuesday morning and his wife left by the front door minutes later. The judge had released Sr Sanchez pending payment of bail of €200,000, although the prosecutor has asked for him to be jailed until the bail money was paid. The searches were carried out in connection

with urban planning irregularities committed when Sr Sanchez was mayor. He resigned the position in 2009 but stayed on as a councillor. He had been mayor from 1979 with a five year gap from 1995 to 2000 when the GIL party governed. He belongs to Izquierda Unida (IU, United Left), as does the current mayor Antonia Morera.

The Estepona court investigating the case has blocked 165 bank accounts, closed 236 offices and seized 19 vehicles. “For the moment” the authorities said on Monday, the mayor, his wife and the other two who were detained are charged with accepting bribes, money laundering and links with a criminal organisation.

WEDNESDAY, May 16th 2012

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Inland & Coastal News n 11


Poet 'could have fled Spain' Documents have recently turned up that could explain the mystery of why Federico Garcia Lorca – a gay left-wing supporter of the Second Republic – went to visit his family in Granada just days after the Civil War broke out, instead of fleeing the country. The reason seems to have been found in a collection of papers belonging to Juan Ramirez de Lucas, a journalist and art critic who kept his relationship with Lorca a secret until his death, aged 91, in 2010. The papers have only recently come to light. Ramirez was a 19-year-old student when he met the 38-year old Lorca. They fell in love and according to Mr Ramirez’s diaries, they had talked about leaving Spain together. Lorca went to Granada to bid farewell to his family

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Spanish poet Federico Garcia Lorca

but Ramirez’s father refused to give his underage son the written permit he needed to leave the country. The delay cost Lorca his life.

undiscovered spot in the countryside outside Granada.

Water saving plan under way



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The documents, which Ramirez gave to his sister on his death bed, includes a poem written by Lorca on the inside cover of a book and a letter the poet sent to his lover dated July 18th, 1936, a day after war broke out.

The income of the province’s bingo halls has dropped by more than 52 per cent in recent years, from €160 million in 2007 to less than €76 million last year, according to a Junta de Andalucia report.

A Workers Commissions’ spokesman said jobs in the sector in Malaga province had dropped from over 1,000 five years ago to 632 today. He said the situation was extremely worrying, given that more and more people under the age of 40 prefer the gambling alternatives provided by the Internet.

Classic to Scandinavian modern All the accessories - All professionally installed

Just a month after the war started, Lorca was taken with three other men by pro-Franco Falangists and shot at a still

It warned that a third of the remaining 350 could close down by the end of the year.

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Crisis batters bingo halls

It said the economic crisis was not the only factor to blame. The tough anti-smoking law has driven many smokers away, the Spanish Confederation of Bingo Hall Owners has said, and has been the main cause for the closure of 30 bingo halls across Spain.

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The aquagest company is currently scouring the old part of the town looking for water leaks and broken pipes to repair which would save some 80,000 litres of water a day. The leaks are detected by devices that register the sound of water gushes and trickles. a company spokesman said that overall the pipes were in a good state of repair despite being at least 40 years old. The company will gradually extend the inspection to cover all the 550-kilometre-long network that delivers water to the town.

15 Amazing displays


Nearly two million steps antonio asensio is back home after walking barefoot to Santiago de Compostela on a pilgrimage he vowed to make to extend the life of his mother, who has a terminal cancer. it took him two months and two million steps to walk the 1,420 kilometres to the cathedral where he begged St john to intercede for his mother. The first thing the 39-year-old restaurant owner did on arrival last Friday was to ring his mother, before answering – still shoeless – questions from reporters. MijaS Pueblo

Off-duty cops thwart robbery Two off-duty local policeman were able to prevent a group of japanese tourists from being robbed by three bulgarians after pedestrians who knew them by sight warned them that two women and a man appeared to be shadowing the tourists in a suspicious manner. They moved to make the arrest when the man was taking a photo of the tourists to distract them while the women picked their pockets. They later recovered dollars, pounds and Swiss francs from the bulgarians’ car.

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WEDNESDAY, May 16th 2012

12 n Political Update

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The Local

Memo from

Voice Madrid Muriel Pilkington

Martin Delfín Writes for the English language version of

Nothing but bad news

His honourable ostrich


hatever this Partido Popular (PP) government plans on doing to avoid a European rescue plan doesn’t look good. It appears each day we are headed more and more towards a bailout. The Spanish banking sector is where all the bad bugs seem to be hiding. IMF officials fear that the banks have “masked” hundreds of millions in bad real estate loans that have been put on their books as good performers but are actual ly refinanced credits they know that their troubled customers will never be able to pay back. Economy Minister Luis de Guindos has already asked the European Central Bank (ECB) for help to conduct an independent appraisal of its private financial sector. This could only uncover more bad news for Spain because all the loans, whether already in default or not, make up 300 percent of the sector’s GDP, or some €3 billion euros in credits.

t used to be more fun writing this column when Zapatero was around – at least he gave me lots of ammunition for the occasional lighthearted piece making a mockery of him. I recall them with longing now that the headlines are just about more cuts and more marches protesting the cuts. Even the marches are dull these days. Apparently the hard core anti-system troublemakers really believe the authorities are going to go after them with all (figurative) guns blazing to make sure there are no repeat performances of the violent episodes that ended the general strike in Barcelona on March 29th.


ass protests since then have been less well attended – a lot of people steer clear because they fear the troublemakers – and even the May-15 (M-15) movement seems to be running out of steam if its first birthday celebrations are anything to go by.


ould it be that people are beginning to realise that the real problem is not the state of the economy but the corruption, both private and public, that has brought us to this pretty pass. Successive opinion polls are beginning to reflect this. More and more people are saying they’re worried about the politicians’ seeming inability to solve problems and a few are beginning to voice the thought that it’s the corruption at high local, regional and national levels which could be the cause. The real problem is – just how do you put an end to this scourge which has such deep roots in the Spanish psyche? Even the United Left (IU) – my current bête noire – is in on the act, as the recent arrest of the former mayor of Casares shows. The IU acts holier-than-youand-me but this isn’t the first case involving it in economy hanky-panky.


aving lived in an extremely corrupt South American country – Venezuela – for many years, I can understand the despair the average Spaniard must be feeling right now. When I arrived in Caracas in 1977, one of the most corrupt presidents – Carlos Andres Perez – was in power. It’s because of him that I’ve always been wary of former Spanish PM Felipe Gonzalez, who was always visiting his good friend in Caracas – birds of a feather flock together, and all that.


hen Perez and his Social Democratic party were ousted by Luis Herrera Campins and the Christian Democratic Party in the 1978 election, everyone said “well, they can’t be any worse than the last lot”. I went along with them saying the same every five years until 1998 when failed coupster and current president Hugo Chavez first ran for president. I suddenly thought “no, he can be worse than the last lot because every lot so far has been worse than the one before it”. I then started trying to dissuade all the people I knew from giving him their votes “because he’ll get rid of corruption”. I wish I had €100 for every time one of them later said to me “you were right, Muriel, I wish I hadn’t voted for him”. He’s still around, having destroyed the last vestiges of the far-from-perfect democracy that Venezuela once enjoyed and it looks as if only a fatal illness will get rid of him, seeing how his people are so good at rigging election results.


hey don’t rig elections here – I think – but the situation is even worse because Spaniards from time immemorial have wanted power not to do something good for their country but to enjoy all the trappings of power and end up with a healthy bank account – in the Bahamas of course. You see, it’s their God-given right. Your average Spaniard deep down believes that the laws only apply to others, not to him. They pay lip service to the law but when it comes to the crunch they trample all over it, while they criticise others for doing the same. At the same time, they want to be all things to all men yet cling on to power and the easiest way of achieving that is to throw money around as if there were no tomorrow. You’ll make a lot of people so happy they’ll love you forever and – more importantly – they’ll owe you not one but many favours.


t’s this anarchic cast of mind which has plunged this country into so many little civil wars and local disturbances until the 1936-39 civil war put an end to all that under the iron hand of Franco. The first couple of decades after his death were exciting – as everyone seemed to pull together to make sure the transition to democracy was a success.


nfortunately the old anarchy mindset seems to be resurfacing, but more on that next week.


team do all the talking. It is incredible how a leader of a country that is doing a tightrope-walk on the brink of a possible collapse isn’t out there telling us that everything will be okay – at least for psychological pur poses. We have come to expect a little more from our political leaders, but then again Rajoy has shown us that all he was good for was to constantly badger the previous Socialist government with contentious criticism that didn’t serve this country any good but certainly helped him get where he wanted. If this nation tanks no doubt there will be calls for early elections, and I expect these calls will come ju st before Christmas. It will be another sign that our political institutions have been weakened by this economic mess.


hen we have De Guindos’ not-soassuring comments on Monday when he told reporters that Spain has “done everything we needed to do from the standpoint of a new government” and “from now on, what we need is the cooperation of all of the euro zone”. What that cooperation entails doesn’t sound to be a positive approach. Spain’s risk premium already reached a new record high this wee k as investors keep on telling us that things are well out of shape. It is important to note that through it all, the Economy minister has assured reporters that no one has come out and mentioned the word bailout – at least not publicly – for now. The concerns, of course, are centred around Greece as it is no longer taboo to believe that Athens may have to exit the euro zone, which could be the Greeks’ real and only chance for survival. But there are those who are quietly fearing that a Greek pull-out will only spell disaster for the euro’s biggest member, Germany, where banks hold as much as €100 billion in Greek debt. The jury is still out as to whether the euro will survive if Greece leaves this 12-year experiment, and whether the country’s abandonment would usher in other farewells.


ere in Madrid, PP Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy certainly hasn’t been the reassuring face during these tough times. He continues to play ostrich, burying his face at Moncloa while letting his economic and financial

Plea deals in works


ext week, Iñaki Urdangarin will have to face more sour music when his former business partner-turned-bitter enemy, Diego Torres, is expected to testify before a Palma de Mallorca judge about information he says he has that demonstrates that King Juan Carlos may have intervened to help his royal sonin-law drum-up business. I say expected because there are some behind-thescenes manoeuvres being undertaken by the defence counsels for both Torres and Urdangarin to win plea deals and avoid what could be more embarrassment for the royal household. Prosecutors insist that there are no such discussions in the works and that they are prepared to go to trial. But no doubt something is cooking. If Urdangarin avoids jail time by just paying a €2 million euro fine – chicken feed by the monarchy’s standards – there are certainly going to be lots of people clamouring for greater justice and perhaps new calls to get rid of the royals.

WEDNESDAY, May 16th 2012

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CALL In Or phOnE 952-661-456 or 952-661-956 FOr FULL dETAILS – WE LEAd – OThErS FOLLOW NO OTHER SAT COMPANY BEATS OR PRICE/QUALITY/CHANNELS – GUARANTEED !!! Why “pay to view” when you can watch the channels “free to view”

advertising features

Elite Glass Curtains SL

Orange Corner

Specialists in the manufacturing and installation of glass curtains Having had 20 years experience in the glazing industry Elite Glass Curtains prides itself as a company giving a first class product and service, with a comprehensive 5year guarantee. Plus Elite also welcomes trade and commercial enquiries, Elite Glass Curtains are a totally frameless glass system specifically designed for balconies, terraces and patios. Our versatile system allows a series of frameless glass panels to be completely open, completely closed or a combination of both … the choice is yours. When closed, Elite Glass Curtains protect and reduce the effect of wind, rain, dust and noise. When open, your terrace is back

to summer mode and Elite Glass because Curtains are totally frameless, your view is never interrupted. Elite Glass Curtains provide a completely flush internal and external appearance, they are aesthetically attractive and because glass is pleasing to the eye, Elite Glass Curtains enhance the appearance of your home. Elite Glass Curtains are crafted to your exact specifications and are manufactured to bespoke design.

Safety and Simplicity The system is extremely safe; the glass used is 10mm tempered safety glass which is a way of creating more living space

without sacrificing anything security and safety wise, and with a bonus – the addition of Elite Glass Curtains can increase the value of your home. We are also holders of full public liability insurance. Visit


showroom at Poligono Industrial Elviria, Nave 27 to view our bespoke design or For a free no obligation Quotation, please contact Elite on 952 830 503 – 630 625 085 or email or visit our newly designed web page at


Part of the English supermarket “Supersave” in Torremuelle just off the N340 between Fuengirola and Benalmadena, Orange Corner is a friendly local cafe and deli. We serve home cooked food including hot meals, sandwiches, delicious breakfasts, roasted chickens, and lovely fresh salads, plus good coffee,

home-baked cakes, fresh shakes, beer and wines. We also sell novelty birthday cakes, deliciously topped cupcakes and wedding cakes can be made to order - just tell us what you want! Please come and visit us and enjoy our great food and refreshments.

WEDNESDAY, May 16th 2012

14 n Community News

Read your favourite news, plus a whole lot more in

Community News e best of the rest from last Cudeca quiz week’s PAD annual dog show, as promised! Best dog over 9 years old was won by this beautiful elegant greyhound called Selva.

Best puppy went to Lilly whose owner reckons she’ll be in the over 30kg class by next year!

Best adult small dog was Lexie who you saw last week as she also won Best In Show.

Chico won the category looking for the Best medium sized adult dog. What a cutie!

Last month, La Fishita held its first quiz night in aid of Cudeca. Guests began the evening served with drinks and Thai fishcakes, followed by a portion of delicious La Fishita fish and chips, before the quiz master, Geoff Bromige, started firing off questions to the eight teams of families and friends.

The evening went swimmingly and the event raised €460 for the charity, which La Fishita more than doubled, bringing the final donation to a grand total of €1010!

Angel won the “Best Dog of 30kg” category. Her first time in the ring and she was soooo good!

Daniella’s little dog, Ellie, won dog most like its owner – they had the same T-Shirt and shorts!

Best six legs was awarded to Labrador cross Monty who had the same ribbons as his owner.

And last but by no means least Drago won best fancy dress dog as the dragon with owner “George”!

These funds will help Cudeca to continue Giving Life to Days to people with advanced non-curable illnesses and support to their families. If you missed out this time don’t worry, La Fishita plans to hold regular quiz nights throughout the summer.

Got a problem?

The News Helpdesk

Knit, natter, donate Focus trip along the west coast of Spain The Nurses from Malaga Maternity Hospital collected over 1000 items of clothing which had been knitted or crocheted by the ladies in the Knit N Knatter group who meet in Torreblanca. These items have been completed since the last donation in October 2011. La Cala Lions very generously donated money to enable d them to buy yarn for this project. Also, the proprietor of the restaurant where they meet holds a raffle once a month and donates

the profit from the raffle to the group. If you would like to join them to knit for the Premature Babies, or just go along to natter, please contact Freya Aldridge on 664205927 or email They meet twice a week on a Monday and a Wednesday, from 11 am until 1pm at Restaurant San Torini, on the Paseo Maritimo, Torreblanca. And they can provide yarn, needles, and patterns so don’t worry if you don’t have these.

Art and Craft Fayre Lux Mundi, Torre Del Mar is having an Art and Craft Fayre on Thursday 24th May at the centre. It is a chance for you to acquire handmade jewellery, cards, handpainted glassware, handpainted roof barrel tiles, make-up, hand-made knitwear, hand-made gift boxes, home-made cakes and toffee.There will be a

demonstration of 3D decoupage and information on how to paint roof barrel tiles. It will be a chance to relax with friends in the gardens over refreshments that will be available to purchase. All are welcome, so please come and join them; the Fayre is open from 10.00am to 4.00pm.

For an appointment call Duncan Burrell on

607 590 977

Happy Birthday

Caroline Lots of love from Sue, Mick & everybody at

The News Ground floor La Trocha C.C. Coin

Key cutting, photocopying, fax, printing, business cards, greeting cards etc., all in one place!

Tel: 951 315 240

Zf!Pmf’! Cvudifsz Dbsojdfsjb Various Bar-b-q packs now available Call Martin for telephone orders on 671 464 400

DAVID THE DOGMAN Are dogs to blame? part 2 Breed characteristics

The “friends” on their trip The Friends in Focus camera club has just returned from a highly enjoyable coach trip to the west coast of Spain where they stayed in a 4 star hotel in the beach resort of Matalascanas. The party of 33 people consisted of members and their guests who visited the lovely city of Seville en route to the hotel. From there during the

next three days they visited and photographed the famous Rio Tinto Mines and Exhibition, the fascinating walled village of Niebla, and took a very interesting jeep safari within the Parque Nacional de Donana. Further trips are planned for the future so keep an eye on what's happening by visiting their web site www.friends

It is difficult to determine just how much a dog's genetics determine his behaviour, just like it's hard to know how much of a person's personality is nature and how much is nurture. It's true that some breeds were bred to perform tasks that require more aggression than others. Pit bulls, for example, were bred to fight dogs and other animals for sport. Some people theorise that pit bulls' genetics make them more prone to violence than other dogs, and pit bulls have in fact

been involved in more fatal attacks than any other dog over the past 20 years. But breeds that are not bred for aggression, including Golden Retrievers, Cocker Spaniels, and Yorkshire Terriers, have been involved in fatal attacks as well. It's also true that some breeds simply have more ability to injure people than others do. Though it's no more likely to bite than a smaller dog, if it does bite, a Great Dane can do much more damage than a Maltese, for example. (Even very small breeds can be dangerous to children, however.) More next week


WEDNESDAY, May 16th 2012

news Your outlook on the World

Community News n 15

Charity Dinner Down’s Syndrome With a fabulous dinner lined up, plus entertainment from Gary Combes, the charity dinner in aid of animal charities PAD and El Refugio del Burrito is set to be a sell out as usual. To be held at Restaurante Taberna de Mar – “The Singing Chef” – in Calle Hernan Cortez, Fuengirola, this Saturday May 19th starting at 7.30pm you’ll need to book your tickets pretty quickly. The dinner comprises a

welcome drink followed by a starter of either prawn cocktail or melon with Serrano ham, then for your main course you can choose between pork tenderloin with a pepper sauce or grilled salmon with a hollandaise sauce. The price of the tickets is just €15 each of which €4 goes to the charities. Call the restaurant on 952 477 695, Maiken Saalby on 645 367 383, or Inga Yvon Brüning on 654 513 380 to reserve your places.

“Knit and Natter” group, Gibraltar The knit and natter group, which has been meeting on Tuesdays, 11am to 3pm, will now also meet on Thursdays, 5.30pm to 8pm, to accommodate those crafty people who can’t make day times. The group is informal, free and international, with members from Turkey, Germany, Poland, Scotland, China, England and of course Gibraltar. There is a wide range of ages and backgrounds, but a common interest creates friendly and supportive vibes. Activities include knitting, crochet, drinking tea or coffee and nattering! Much of the craft work is for charity in which case you do not pay for yarn or,

if you wish to use some for your own projects, you can purchase at a discount. Charity Work – the craftspeople make blankets and baby clothing for ‘Women in Need’ in Gibraltar, Mother Teresa’s mother and baby home in Tangier and for ‘Rifcom’. ‘Rifcom’ helps people in the Rif Mountains in Morocco – an area where erosion has had a devastating effect on farming and where villages with no road or telecommunications access are isolated and lacking medical and other provisions. Help from outside, including warm blankets and children’s clothing can be a lifeline.

Pet of the week

charity benefits from fab event Terry and Julie of Mad Terry@Buzby’s held a fantastic night recently to raise money for the Down’s Syndrome charity featuring a grand raffle and auction.

including Kym and Geoff at The News, Boozer Cruiser, Bar 27, Jan’s Hairdressers, The Jolly Pirate, Cath from CJ’s and Kevin and Jo from the Robin Hood.

Entertainment was by Colin Price, the famous Welsh comedian, and singer Mario Ross, plus all round entertainer Mad Terry and Tommo.

“Thanks very much, a wonderful night was had by all and they are looking forward to the next one,” said Terry.

Terry and Julie would like to thank all of their sponsors for making the event a successful one

Reference Library at the Arts and Crafts has a fantastic selection of books and magazines which can be browsed for inspiration or photocopied at the centre for use at home. The knit and natter group welcomes everyone, beginner or experienced. Donations of yarn are very welcome. For further information about Knit and Natter; contact Arts and Crafts

The Original English Tearoom In the very heart of Mijas Village Come and enjoy a real English “cuppa” in china pots and cups. Enjoy good wholesome meals, soups, scones and cakes. Situated near the miniature museum in Avda del Compas. Telephone Rose on

603 389 318

SNICKERS Here we have Snickers, a fine looking young boy. He has an excellent character, loves to play and is full of fun. He is good on a lead, and enjoys his walks, he is well adjusted to the public and very good in traffic. He is a happy chappie who shows no aggression at all. He would make someone a wonderful family pet.

For further information please call Pat on 620 354 885. FAMA’s policy is never to put a healthy dog down. FAMA would also like to let readers of The News know that Chico, who has appeared in the paper in the past has at last been adopted. Pat says; “Thanks for all your and others’ help – it is much appreciated.”



Call Geoff on 622 05 04 09

For more information about who is appearing at Buzby’s, check out their advert on page 19, Out and About.

20073685 or Ann Swain at;

+250 real ales, more than 25 awards for the best ales in the world in their class. Plus chocolates, truffles and Belgian foods Sales to business and private



BAM! what a winner The British Association of Marbella (BAM) held their April lunch at Mare Nostrum Chinese Restaurant for 26 members. With Joan and Fran organising this 13course extravaganza, their members enjoyed large helpings of wonderful gourmet foods, great service and lively conversation. They warmly welcomed BAM's past President, Andrew Anderson and his wife, Merlyn visiting from Scotland, their two newest members, Wilhelmina and Eddie Bickerton, plus Joe Molitor and Helga Marcelis who celebrated nine years of being together. Lively banter and a celebration cake (low in calories, high in protein ... from: a rich cake, chocolate filling, strawberries and whipped cream topping –HAH!) was enjoyed by all ... some twice! After lunch and much laughter, they even got some business done! President Jan Jennings described their plan

for this month for a professionally organised trip to Cordoba for the Flowering Patios Festival then lunch in Cordoba. A luxury tour bus made convenient pick ups around Marbella. They had 24 reservations and report that they had a great scenic time! The May lunch is postponed so they can celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee on Sunday, June 3rd at Club Naranja. Call Pat for more information on this on 952 830 959. They hold their coffee mornings at Café Acebuche (at Hotel Baviera, behind Burger King in Marbella Centro) every Wednesday at 11am. Interested folks are always welcome and anyone interested in joining BAM or attending any of the events can call Joan on 952 835 947 or Fran on 952 927 807. Thanks to Alex and Eva, you can also get latest information on events from their website: www.britishassociationofma

WEDNESDAY, May 16th 2012

16 n Advertising Features How do insurers determine what your motor insurance quote should be? As part of the recent launch of its new and improved motor insurance policy, Liberty Seguros, the leading expatriate insurance provider in Spain, has compiled an informative list of factors taken into account by insurance companies when determining insurance rates. While some are general, others are specific to the vehicle and its owner. Here are some of the general and personal factors that affect insurance rates: People Have Accidents – over 40 million accidents around the world each year. Cars are Expensive to Repair – sometimes replacement parts alone can cost about three times as much as purchasing the same car new. Medical Treatment for Accident Victims is Expensive – rising health care costs means upward trends in medical treatment costs in the event of an accident. People Steal Cars – as car theft continues to rise, so will the cost of car insurance. Some People File Fraudulent or Inflated Claims – these people believe an accident is an opportunity to make money. Your Car – The more expensive a car is to repair or replace, the more it costs to

Read your favourite news, plus a whole lot more in

e News Help Desk who and what is it for?

will be replaced without any hassle. Plus, if you have a tracker device installed in your car you may be eligible to receive a sizeable discount. As Liberty Seguros works only with the best brokers, customers receive premier service with the flexibility to tailor a policy to suit their specific requirements. If you need to buy quality car insurance at an affordable price and want to deal with a reputable, secure company in your language, visit or call 902 255 258 to find the name of your nearest broker.

insure. It’s important to highlight the car’s safety features as it can help lower your car insurance quote. Your Address – Where you live and whether or not the car is kept in a garage will affect your quote. Your Driving Record – Having fewer accidents, violations or claims in your driving record will also help lower your car insurance quote and might make you eligible for a noclaims discount. The new and improved car insurance policy from Liberty Seguros means customers now get more for their money. The policy is designed for specially expatriates and some of the covers included are: 24 hour Roadside Assistance Key Loss Cover/Replacement Up to 65% No-Claims Discount Tracker Device Discount Extensive Breakdown Cover 10% Named Driver Discount Courtesy Car/taxi No matter what time of day your car breaks down or if you lose your keys, “don’t panic” as the new ad campaign denotes. Liberty Seguros will be there to help. A courtesy car or taxi will be provided to keep you moving if your car is being repaired and if your keys get lost they

Well, maybe you’ve just arrived in Spain and don’t know the systems or what you need to get done to make yourself legal here or, maybe, you’ve been here for years but have found the routes through all the bureaucracy impossible to work through so you ignore what you really do need to do and hope there’ll be no consequences. Sounds familiar? We’ve all received letters from the electric and telephone companies that we don’t understand. Then there are the ones from the council or the tax or IVA people. They’re, of course, in Spanish but they look like you’re in trouble about something and you have absolutely no idea what it is so. So what do you do? We all react in one of three ways: 1. We know someone who speaks enough Spanish to try and translate it for us. Now you know what it says but do you know what you have to do about it? 2. We take it to a lawyer that will cost us a fortune to find out what it’s about. 3. We put it in a drawer and hope it will go away! The problem with two of the above is that you are still stressed out about it all and, no, it isn’t going to go away and now, maybe, you really are in trouble! It’s simply the same as in the UK. If you know the systems and speak the language there’s rarely a problem if things are dealt with properly. For instance, if you got a letter from BT, you’d phone them and sort it. Here, it’s in Spanish, they don’t speak English apart from if you hang on for around half an hour waiting for the person they say speaks English and then – guess what? – they don’t understand what you’re on about. We all know it’s a pain but we have chosen to live here and this is what we have to put up with if we’re not fluent in the language. On the other hand, even if you’ve done all the language courses available and are pretty fluent, do you know who to go and speak to and which hoops you have to jump through or work round to get to the right people who can sort it all out. Now, that’s where we come in. We have over 45 years experience in dealing with everything from Telefonica to Sevillana Endesa to the water people, from importing cars from abroad and re-registering them to checking that there’s no charges outstanding against them before you even buy them. We can help you with translations to do with hospitals, town halls, police etc., and we can even help you with getting your kids into school. Want to make sure your house is legal and if not, make it so? Come to us. Want to purchase a property and make sure there are no outstanding bills on it? Come to us. We can help you with practically anything you can think of and, if we can’t, we can refer you to a trustworthy expert in whatever field you need that can. So, when it looks like there’s no light at the end of the tunnel, come to us and we’ll turn the torch on for you! Call The News Help Desk: Duncan Burrell 607 590 977, Abigail Tyler on 654 854 668 or 952 454 491 at The News Help Desk Office for an appointment. The help desk is at the offices of The News, 1st Floor, Local 6, Sierra Chica, Coin. We’re opposite the La Trocha Commercial Centre on the Coin to Cartama Road (A355 km1)

About Liberty Seguros Liberty Seguros is the leading expatriate insurance provider in Spain with over 150,000 international clients, committed to providing high quality, competitively priced insurance products and services to both personal and business users. Liberty Seguros has been in operation since 2001 and is one of the top 10 insurers in Spain with a total of 1.5 million customers. It is part of the Liberty Mutual Group of Companies, the 5th largest property and casualty insurance company in the US with more than 90 years experience in the sector.









14 14







//M M

//M M





* All prices exc. VAT. VAT.






MARBELLA: QuitaCola S.L / Centro Plaza 65-68 / 29660 Nueva Andalucia / Tel: 693 787 779 MARBELLA: / San Pedro Centro / 29670 San Pedro de Alcántara / Tel: 691 176 007 MARBELLA: Schoof Seguros / C/ Los Jazmines, 400-B / 29660 Nueva Andalucia / Tel: 647 741 834 (speaks German) FUENGIROLA: Mimobile / Centro Finlandia / Avda Los boliches 4 vinkel C/oliva 3N / 29640 Fuengirola / Tel: 952 197 510 / Mon-Fri:10-18h FUENGIROLA: Daytona Computer S.L / C/ Martinez Catena, 1 / Edif. Solplaya 6, local 27 / 29640 Fuengirola / Tel: 952 667 395 FUENGIROLA: Life can be so Easy / C/ Feria de Jerez 3 bajo / 29640 Fuengirola / Tel: 952 480 484 / Mon-Fri: 10-14h (speaks German) MÁSMÓVIL FUENGIROLA: M ÁSMÓVIL Fuengirola / Avda. Jesus Santos Reín 17 / 29640 Fuengirola / Tel: 657344788 GERMAN)) CALAHONDA: DISA TV / Urb. Sitio de Calahonda / Avda. de Espana no 70 / 29649 Mijas Costa / Tel. 952 827 483 / Mon-fri 10-14 (speaks GERMAN NERJA: Artikosta-Inmobiliaria / C/ La cruz 10, bajo / 29780 Nerja / Tel: 952 528 059 / Mon-Fri 10-15 ESTEPONA: Estepona Port Business and Internet Centre / Urb. Paraiso 5 / Puerto Deportive de Estepona / 29680 Estepona / Tel: 952 793 476

for free free 1473 1473 Call for or vvisit isit www * Set-up fee per call (43 cts incl VAT). Price includes VAT is 4,72 cts/min. to landlines and 16.52 cts/min. to mobile phones. Domestic calls: 3,54cts per minute + 0,177 call set up fee (incl. VAT). 5GB price includes VAT: 35,3€.


WEDNESDAY, May 16th 2012

news Your outlook on the World



Out & About n 17 Your Weekly Entertainment Guide INSIDE THIS WEEK inking of flying o somewhere? - Tips to avoid surcharges Songs from the musicals - e Salon’s new show from Fri. 25th May Fancy a cuppa or lunch? - Plenty to enjoy at e Lemon Tub

Murder & mayhem Charity Pink carts at TAPAS Following the success of last year’s Murder Mystery Evening TAPAS – The Andalucia Performing Arts Society – are following up with another play by Chris Martin, “Who Killed the Headmaster?�. This will be performed on Saturday 19th May on the stage at Los Arcos, km6 on the A7059 Coin/Cartama road, the audience will dine while watching the play and then guess the identity of the murderer.

Bartholomew Rex is the of Headmaster Hornchurch Private School for Young Gentlemen ... but he's struggling! The school is in financial trouble, the staff are unhappy and his is wife unsettled ... There are no shortages of suspects in this comedy drama! Being a Private School the governors obviously call in a Private Detective in the form of the master of detection – Hercule Poirot! – who has his work cut out

unravelling a particularly unpleasant, brutal and perplexing murder case ‌ as have the audience!!! Tickets are ₏12 (₏10 for Tapas members) and include a one-course supper of Pukka steak pie and chips. Please call the Box Office on 635 293 714 to book your tickets by latest Wednesday 16th May for this fun night out. Tickets will not be available on the door. You are sure to have a most Thrilling evening!



Show Bar         

Sunday 27th May 2012 will see the first Karting Challenge in aid of Positively Pink Spain.

Ten to 12 local companies, each comprising of three team members will be competing against each other to win the trophy and get the opportunity to spray the bubbly. The first race is scheduled to start at 1pm. Thanks to the support of these local businesses and their sponsors a great day is planned for the whole family whilst raising money for this fantastic local charity. So go along and enjoy a day out and support this event which offers something for everyone. Entry is free. Positively Pink was formed in 2006 and has

detection is your best protection�.

spent the last six years raising sufficient funds to provide FREE breast screening to British women living on the Costa del Sol.

For more information on this event or to support Positively Pink in the future contact them via email: or via their website:

In 2011 513 women were screened over a four month period at a cost of â‚Ź44,000 and saved one woman’s life. The ethos of the charity is quite simply “early

The new new home of . . . *BUNNY LANE LANE*

Wednnesdayy & Friday ay Evveninngg the legendarryy

B u n nyy L an e is now appear i ng e xclu sivel y in Benal mĂĄd e na at           also star r ing Rob SSte tevvens *The Man of Man te anyy Faces*.

Botanical Gardens - Calm and Serene - Romantic Nights - A Beautiful Setting - Fine Dining Las Islas NE L





5 e ur o Sh o w C har ge







Ferro Carril

Afternoon sessions: Karaoke / Live Act



The Only Afternoon Entertainment Venue


B o o k i n g E s s e n t i a l : T e l . 605 663 335

f: 95 246 4298 e:


Sattuurrdayy Evveninngg we present **V V a r i e tyy S h o w* with Rob SSte tevvens *The Man of Man y Imp ressions* . te Scottt Creassyy     . Door s ope n at 8.30 pm. Seat s must be tak en by 9 p m.

C/Canela 12, Torreblanca del sol, 29.640, Fuengirola, Malaga t: 95 247 5598



Bottled Beers from 1 - House Spirits 1 Branded Spirits 2 (Smirnoff, Bacardi etc.) Mixers 1 - House Wine 1    


Ask about our FR RE EE E Loyalty Card

Tel. 605 663 335 (after mid d--day please!)






BANCO El Banco


BENALMADENA - MALAGA  Benalmadena-Malaga PASEO MARITIMO  Paseo Maratimo

A REAL PARADISE ON THE COSTA DEL SOL THE COMBINATION OF SERENITY AND NATURAL BEAUTY MAKES LAS ISLAS A ROMANTIC PARADISE... Directions From the airport, take the N-340 towards Algeciras. By pass Torremolinos, and continue on through Benalmadena Costa then Carabajal to Torreblanca.

Here, just as you pass a chemist, turn right at the round about and follow the blue signs to the Hotel.

Situated only 10 minutes walking distance to the beach, and 25 minutes drive from Malaga airport and Marbella At Las Islas you can enjoy freshly prepared dishes, varying from the finest Lebanese & Mediterranean dishes to vegetarian specialties, fish & meat from the grill

Doors Open 4 pm - Free Entrance Local 14, Plaza Ibensa, BenalmĂĄdena - Costa 




       Monday to Friday 4 - 8 pm with Happy Hour from 4 - 5 pm

tt Creasy Scott      er Mi n d R e a d

Restaurant opening time: Monday to Sunday from 12.30 to 22.30 A WARM WELCOME AWAITS YOU...

C/Canela 12 Torreblanca, 29640 Fuengirola, Malaga,

Tel: +34 952 475 598 -


WEDNESDAY, May 16th 2012

18 n Out & About


Read your favourite news, plus a whole lot more in

Charity Summer Ball This is an event open to the public to delight in an elegant and beautiful evening without any fundraising agenda on Saturday 26th May. Valparaiso has offered the very generous price of 35 per person – including all wine, beer and soft drinks – for this event in support of Age Care Association's charitable work. This is truly a special opportunity to start off the summer season in a celebratory fashion. You can come as individuals or book a table

for a party of friends. The objective is to have as many people come and enjoy themselves as possible.

There will be dancing and cabaret until late and the dress code is black tie or lounge suits for the men and ball gowns, long or cocktail dresses for the ladies. Tickets are available through the Age Care Association Charity Shop

Your Weekly Entertainment Guide

Music at the Salon The Salon Varietes Theatre, Fuengirola presents MAD ABOUT THE MUSICALS directed by Eddie Barnett. This musical revue is a vibrant compilation from the very best musicals of the stage and screen.

The evening starts at 7.30pm with drinks and canapés by the pool followed at 8.30pm for the four-course dinner.

in El Zoco, Calahonda call in or phone on 675 874 308,or the Age Care Association telephone helplines 691 761 088 or 655 903 182 or via John Greaves on 952 661 764.

PARKA´S Soul Music Bar

Northern Soul Motown

* Full English Breakfast * Sunday Roast Lunch * Meals served all day


They open the show and first act with “Moulin Rouge” and then take a roller coaster ride into the music of "Grease", "Prince of Egypt", "Coyote Ugly", "Sister Act" ,"Flash Dance", "Miss Saigon" and "Joseph". The second act takes you through the high octane "We Will Rock You" and “Burlesque” meeting

  

   

   TO  BE REASONS     CHEERFUL  



  €2 €3      

Large Beer House Mix

   @1pm Open @ 5pm. Sat  & Sun 

along the way “The Jazz Singer”, “The Jersey Boys”, “The Dream Girls”, and hear the fabulous songs “Tell Me On A Sunday” and “Take That Look Off Your Face” from “Song & Dance”, culminating in the high energy rock n’ roll medley from the hit Musical "Dreamboats & Petticoats”. Being staged from Friday 25th until Wednesday 30th May, this is a show bursting with energy from start to finish, a song and dance extravaganza. For more information and to book your tickets call the Box Office on 952 474 542.



The small bar with the biggest measures in town.

Music from the 60s to date. Open daily from 4pm.

C/ Poeta Salvador Rueda 49 Los Boliches (Behind the Yaramar Hotel)

The News Golf Deals HOUSE FISH & CHIPS



Mon to Fri 11.00 ‘til 15.00 & 18.00 ‘til 22:00 Sat 18:00 ‘til 22:00 Sun closed. Tel: 634 087 569 Ave. Gamonal, Arroyo de la Miel

€100 Golf for 2 people including Buggy To book this GREAT deal

Call 952 454 491

PIT STOP Sports Cafe Bar

Now serving traditional fish and chips Eat in or take away Los Jarales

Tom´s Irish Bar A warm Irish welcome

For all your Premier League Football

600 060 563 C/ Salvador Rueda 65, Los Boliches

Jack’s Tavern Alora

(formerly Harvey’s)


Weds: Curry Night Fri: Fish and Chips SUNDAY LUNCH

618 846 629 for more info

Passion Studio has relocated to the Tamisa Golf Hotel, offering a cheap membership with lots of benefits and more facilities than the original Passion Studio. Now members can enjoy the Indoor pool, Sauna, Jacuzzi and of course the Zumba, Pilates & Salsa classes with professionals Caterina, Britta, Kathy & Daniela. Call 952 58 59 88 or email for more information.

Come along and enjoy Happy Hour at the Tamisa Golf Hotel every Sunday, Tuesday & Thursday from 6pm until 8pm each day

WEDNESDAY, May 16th 2012

news Your outlook on the World

Out & About n 19


e Lemon Tub


689 668 626 Fuengirola Port, Local 33

Every Night

For those who still want something sweet, there are home made flapjacks and lemon cheesecake plus

Kitchen Open 6pm - 1am Kitchen Open 6pm - 1am Established in 1994. Established 1994. Roasted Serving Great Steaks,in Whole Serving Great Whole Roasted Shoulder of Steaks, Lamb, Steak Pies, Stroganoffs, Chicken, Pastas and Shoulder of Lamb, Fish, Steak Pies, Our Famous Stroganoffs, Chicken,Pancakes. Fish, Pastas and WE ONLY USEPancakes. IRISH BEEF other tantalising offers. Our Famous

WE ONLY USE IRISH BEEF “Make it Special.

“Make it Special. Make it Moochers”

Las Rampas has a good choice of shops and Make it Moochers” bazaars making The Moochers is the best place for your Lemon Tub the ideal Birthday, Anniversary, Office, meeting point for either Moochers is the best place for youror Golf Presentation, Leaving breakfast or lunch from Homecoming party. Birthday, Anniversary, Office, 8.30 in the morning until Vegetarians catered for Golf Presentation, Leaving or 4.30 in the afternoon.

See our website for everything Homecoming party. Moochers

Vegetarians catered for There’s something to 952 477 154 suit everyone, even if it is or Telephone: See our website for everything Moochers Calle de la Cruz 17 Fuengirola (Fish Alley) just a proper cup of tea or a lovely gourmet Columbian or Telephone: 952 477 154 coffee. Calle de la Cruz 17 Fuengirola (Fish Alley) advertising feature

restaurant - hostal

NEW À LA CARTE MENU 3 courses €27.50 2 courses €21.50


Take Away Home Cooking and Catering Scandinavian and International Specialities

Ctra. de Coin / Monda Km 3 Apto.147 - 29100 Coin - Malaga Tel. (+34)952452916

Tel: 951 319 439 Aloha Gardens, next to El Jardin. Avda Del Prado Nueva Andalucia Open Mon-Fri 11am - 7 pm Sat & Sun 11am - 4 pm




Wednesday 16th K T Peters - Multichange drag act Thursday 17th Ian Jacks - DJ by day, superstar by night Friday 18th Mad Terry- Man of many voices Saturday 19th Tazz - Motown & Michael Jackson tribute Sunday 20th KT Peters Multi-change drag act Monday 21st Rob Stevens - Man of many faces Tuesday 22nd Ian Jacks - DJ by day, superstar by night EVERY NIGHT from midnight Karaoke with Tommo the King of Karaoke

EL MOJITO Plaza de Remo La Carihuela Torremolinos

952 057 062

SPECIAL OFFER! 8oz entrecôte steak with all trimmings & bottle Rioja - only €22 per couple Food Served all day 11am to 9pm

Now Open from 8.30pm

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday Robbie’s Karaoke Roadshow plus Live Football Friday Siobhan - female vocalist from Dublin - Country Irish 60s, 70s & 80s Fun for all ages Saturday Nightlife - Comedy vocal duo - not to be missed! - tributes to Elvis, Tina Turner & Showaddywaddy Sunday “Mr Blue Eyed Soul” Danny Stone - tributes to Barry White, Chris Rea, Soul

Av Antonio Machado Benalmadena 645404911 / 628617658

*FREE ENTRY* Shows start at 9.30pm. Open all day.


SANTA FE The Lemon Tub




Terry @ Buzby ad ’


Menu of the Day €8 Steak cooked on a hot stone, Paella, Breakfast, selection of fish Bar - Restaurant

Live Live Music Music Every Night

It looks like the good weather is here to stay so bikini or mankini friendly salads will be available as well as the old favourites of lasagne, chicken curry and vegetarian options. Not forgetting the great breakfast offer of egg, bacon, sausage, tomato with tea or toast for only €2.50.

Free Entry!

Comida para llevar

Fish & Chips

Take Away

Marlow’s for the best fish and chips on the coast Now new extensive menu includes home-made pizzas, pastas, ribs, chicken, starters and kids menu

1. Early Bird: 6 - 7.30pm Mon - Thurs

1 x cod or haddock and chips, 1 side order,& 1 x drink €7.50

2. Lunch menu deal:

2 courses €8.50, 3 courses €8.95 includes drink

3. Sunday Lunch

Roast topside of beef, roast lamb or roast chicken €8.95. Served 1 - 4pm Open Lunch 1pm - 3.45pm Evenings 6 - 10pm

TEL: 951 276 728


CASA KON-TIKI The Home of Fish and Chips

Open All day, 7 days a week 12 ‘til late 5th Anniversary offer Thursday 17th May mid-day ‘til close Fish chips and mushy peas €5 Take-away €6

€5 Meal Deal ser ved 12 - 5pm Mon - Sat. Large selection of dishes available.

Sunday Car very is now back with a choice of Pork, Turkey, Ham or Beef, including all you can eat vegetables, Yorkshire puds and roasters,

only €7.95 Menu of the Day 3 courses €8.95 with all drinks at bar prices. P.S. Don’t forget ourJumbo Cod & Chips!

Call Alan or Chris on

617 994 723 or 664 028 310 to reserve your table

2nd street behind Yaramar Hotel, Los Boliches Visit us at

Las Rampas, Fuengirola

Due to popular demand we are continuing our Spring Madness Offers English Breakfast: Egg, Bacon, Sausage, Tomato with Tea or Toast Served 9-4 Only €2.50 Lunches: from €3.50 Lasagna, Chicken Curry, Chilli, Cottage Pie, Roast Ham Salad + Vegetarian Options. PLUS: Tea Cakes, Chocolate Fudge Cake, Home-made Lemon Cake and Much More.

Also a Full Range of Salads, Sandwiches, Baguettes and Jacket Potatoes

Tea, Coffee, Wine, Beer Only €1 Opening hours: 9 to 5 Monday to Friday and 9 to 4 Saturday

La Risa @ Lauro Golf

Diamond Jubilee - 3 Course Lunch Sunday June 3rd plus entertainment with Jason Oliver - €20pp - tickets available now!

Ladies Lunch - Thursday 17th May

Monday - 2 Course Curry Menu 7.50€ Wednesday & Friday - Fish & Chips Saturday - Special Menu or Event Sunday - Excellent Sunday Lunch Advance Bookings are advisable

For further details of all these events call us on 660 350 896 or pop into the bar. On the road between Alhaurin el Grande & Alhaurin de la Torre at Lauro Golf Across From the Clubhouse



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Best Comedy Movie Ever!

By Amy Thomas



Snow White and e Huntsman hen I was growing up, W one of the first movies I ever watched was the

Director: Rupert Sanders Starring: Kristen Stewart, Chris Hemsworth, Charlize Theron The Evil Queen Ravenna (Theron) is told by her Magic Mirror that her hated step-daughter Snow White is about to surpass her as Fairest of Them All, and take her place on the throne.

castle. But you can forget about singing dwarfs and cartoon forest animals, for this Snow White is a fairy tale with an epic, action adventure twist with plenty of violence and bloody battles.

Well, we all know that the Evil Queen cannot let that happen. And all of us familiar with the Grimm’s Fairy Tale, and the Walt Disney version of the story know that Snow White gets on her toes and flees the

The movie had its world premiere in London on Monday and is set to give The Avengers a run for its money at the box office. Speaking of which Avenger Thor (Hemsworth) stars here as The Huntsman,

despatched by the Queen to kill Snow White. However, he throws in his lot with the beautiful young girl (Twilight’s Stewart), protects her and teaches her fancy fighting skills to prepare her for the day she will battle for the throne. Our warrior princess is aided in her quest by a band of eight dwarfs (Ray Winstone, Ian McShane,

Toby Jones, Eddie Marsan and Bob Hoskins amongst them) and her childhood love Prince William (Sam Claflin). It’s a weighty cast, a sizzling plot, and fantastic action scenes so perfect for summer blockbuster fare.




Act of Grace

Release date: May 21st, 2012

Release Date: May 21st, 2012

Director: Lawrence Silverstein Starring: Sean Faris, Danny Dyer & Amanda Fuller

Director: Noreen Kershaw Starring: Benjamin Adams, Chike Chan & Michael Dixon

Ryan (Sean Faris – Never Back Down) is a freerunner who will do whatever it takes to break free from vicious mobster Reese (Tamer Hassan – The Business), who controls a band of street racers. They run for the rush and for the money, but now they're running for their lives in the ultimate death race.

In a secret world, a family's code of honour is under threat and an ancient way of life is knocked off its axis by one boy's act of grace ...

With exploding collars locked around their necks, they have just one hour to make it across town. Who lives and who dies depends on Mr. Frank (Danny Dyer – Dead Man Running) and his shadowy betting

Raised on the tough Manchester estates, a young English boy, Dezzie, becomes loyal friends with a young Chinese boy, Yasin, protecting him from local gangs and bullies until Godfather Kai Chang arrives to take the teenager back to Hong Kong. organization. With the odds stacked against him Ryan must battle for his freedom without losing his head in the process.

Marx brothers 1935 “A Night at the Opera”, which has to be one of the best comedies ever made. While the Marx brothers made many movies, “A Night at the Opera” is their first one without Zeppo, and many Marx brothers fans claim that the films they made without Zeppo were not as good. Personally, I think “A Night at the Opera” was by far their best, sorry Zeppo, and though many people do not agree with my articles, the fact is that “A Night at the Opera” was the Marx brothers’ biggest grossing movie.

Ten years later, Yasin returns to Manchester and invites Dezzie to be a part of the 'family'. A Triad family with unbreakable laws, a code of honour and

he basic story is Otis P. TMarx)Driftwood (Groucho trying to get Mrs.

traditions dating back two thousand years. But as the friends journey progresses side by side, a firm wedge of hate and betrayal is soon to drive them apart ... and against each other

Claypool (Margaret Dumont) into high society – and romancing her to get her money. He figures opera is the best way and gets involved with Chico, Harpo and rising opera singers Rosa Castaldi (Kitty Carlisle) and Ricardo Baroni (Allan Jones).The scenes that I loved in this movie as a kid, I still love today, as if I was watching it for the very first time. o be honest, I am not a Thumour, great fan of slapstick but the Marx

brothers fast paced script is hilarious – they were so ahead of their time. llan Jones sings some A great memorable numbers. “Alone” became a massive hit after the film was released and I really enjoyed “Cosi Cosa” – it’s not really the song that much that I enjoyed, but how all the Italian immigrants are travelling to the US in full traditional costume. After Jones sings “Cosi Cosa”, Chico gets on the piano and gives one of the most memorable piano solos ever. Chico makes shooting the keys look easy, I get mesmerized by his fingers when he’s playing, his fingers look like rubber, it’s quite amazing. Of course, no Marx film would be complete without Harpo’s harp number, but before I get to that, Harpo was quite the pianist, I know he always plays the clown, but lots of time at concerts Harpo would stand in for Chico, and without the blond wig, you couldn’t really tell them apart. Now, back to the movie – there is a shot of Harpo just before he starts to play the harp, he has his arm around it and looks up, as if he is in a church, there is this look of worship and adoration on his face, you can tell just how much he loves the harp – every time I watch that scene it makes me want to learn how to play! nother brilliant scene is A when Harpo ends up running up the scenery during the opera, and if this scene was not amazing enough, Harpo did his own stunts and he was 47 when they made this film. All in all the Marx brothers were geniuses and “A Night at the Opera” is one of their best. This is a must have for any movie enthusiast!

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news Your outlook on the World

Magazine n 21



by Cathy Stronach

For your personal birth chart please contact ARIES

March 21st April 19th


April 20th May 20th


May 21st June 21st


June 22nd July 22nd


July 23rd August 22nd


August 23rd September 22nd

Although some things have been tedious lately your attention to detail and the finer things in life are starting to pay off, it has been the careful follow ups that have helped to secure some footing. Some of the dust is starting to settle and life may feel as if it is a little less rocky. There could be a feeling of certainty arising within key relationships and you may feel that you are committed now for the long haul. It has been a battle but one worth fighting for. There is the potential to achieve great progress this week or by the same token you may opt to take a break, whichever, is the most pressing. A new set of rules are waiting to be actioned by you as you take charge of your life and if you use this window to negotiate sensitive communications you can tailor the outcome to suit your needs. A problem could be solved that will open the financial flood gates at long last. Your patience is going to pay dividends this week as you stay rooted to your vision of your ultimate future. Even though life is far from perfect, this week gives you a break and the universe helps you in your personal pursuits, granting you some justice when it really counts. Headaches become a thing of the past as your mind strengthens and you become full of fierce focus and determination in a certain arduous process. You are full of feeling and no one can quite understand how you inwardly function as there are no words that can describe the way you feel about certain things. Others are just not wired in the same way. A more stable emotional base is on the cards as Saturn and Venus connect offering a more solid and earthy base for you to spring from. From this new found inner strength you can put bottom lines in place allowing you to feel more comfortable with your lot. The worst part of this week is having to be the one to deliver the news, on the other hand the reward comes with the respect you gain from walking the one road others fear to tread. Just remember that no matter what life throws at you, we are never given more than we can handle and your consistency and persistence is going to produce results in all the profitable areas. Networking with like minded individuals brings content and satisfaction. You are emerging from the dust like a warrior becoming full of power and energy after a long hard battle. There is hope again resurfacing as you move into a different gear, you are stepping up to the mark and your vision is widening. This week you deliver some communication to another that has been a long time coming but you do it with courage and care. This is no time to take a back seat but to shine brightly where others can see you.

At long last your time has come. Someone finally puts their money where their mouth is and helps you find a way of communicating the right message that will move mountains. All may not play out perfectly but the signs will be there and it will certainly come to fruition by the first week of June. Your faith in people is September 23rd - restored as someone steps in and helps out. Look out for financial bargains as you October 22nd have a keen eye at the moment.

October 23rd November 21st

This week you get a load off your chest, freeing you from a mass of unwanted baggage. It is essential that you consider all parties’ feelings as well as your own in the confrontation, noting that a simple give and take keeps the peace all around. Your personal needs when looked after give you the power to be of service to others, but until then, you scrabble around in the dark searching for what you need. A weight lifts and you feel a sense of freedom. So much in life lately has kept you in the moment and this is a place in which you

SAGITTARIUS thrive, it is quite healthy for you in order to regain proper perspective. There will be no getting ahead of yourself now as you will be humbled and mindful and in ways methodical about your current reality and you will find as you carefully take care of business a multitude of rewards ensue. You connect effortlessly to like November 22nd minded others and they prove to be anchors of support during these st December 21 unpredictable times.

CAPRICORN It has been a long hard slog and even though you have been tired you have

pressed on and somehow amidst all the sleepless nights and stressful days you look stronger and more impressive for having stuck in there. This week you prove your strength to those that mean the world to you, you are hungry December 22nd - for validation and recognition right now and this is fed, bottled and stored for January 19th the future.


January 20th February 18th


February 19th March 20th don’t have to be a chef!

Layered spicy vegetables, basmati rice and cashew nuts are just the ticket in this traditional vegetarian Indian dish.

Spiced Vegetable Biryani ( Serves 2 )




Kym’s Kitchen

What goes up must come down, it is all about the law of cause and effect that suggests that what we put out there really does come back to us. You will reach dry shores this week and an old restlessness fades away leaving you feeling at ease, a feeling that perhaps you have forgotten you can experience. Keep going with that creative endeavour, it will pay dividends and allow you shine in more ways than one.

Recent months have all been about clearing the closets and sweeping away toxic connections with those who are not benefitting the process that your soul is undertaking. There has been some tough love necessary along the way and if you have not found the courage yet to deliver or express what you must, this week is your week. Say what you need to say and make no apologies for it, you need to be direct and deliberate in your communications, speak up Pisces.

• 1 small carrot, peeled, cut into small cubes • 1 medium potato, peeled, cut into small cubes • ¼ green pepper, diced • ¼ red pepper, diced • 25g/1oz green beans, finely chopped • 50g/2oz frozen peas • 1 tsp tomato purée • ½ tsp finely chopped green chillies • 1 tsp garam masala • ¼ tsp ground turmeric • 225g/8oz cooked basmati rice • 1 small onion, finely chopped

• handfull of roasted cashew nuts, chopped • ½ tsp cumin seeds, toasted • ½ tsp red chilli powder

Directions Preheat the oven to 170C/235F/Gas 3. 1. Cook the carrot, potato, peppers, French beans and peas in a pan of boiling water for 3-4 minutes, or until tender. Drain and return to the pan. 2. Add the tomato purée, green chillies, garam masala and turmeric to the vegetables and mix until well combined.

3. Place half of the rice at the bottom of an ovenproof dish, spread the vegetable mixture on top, and then place the rest of the rice on top, spreading it evenly. 4. Sprinkle the top layer of rice with the chopped onions, cashew nuts, cumin seeds and red chilli powder. Cover with aluminium foil and bake for 15 minutes. 5. Serve with yoghurt.


THE DELICIOUS SAUCE CO. When it comes to new foodie products there isn’t much that gets past Lynn McLean which is why she could not resist becoming involved with the sales and marketing in Spain of THE DELICIOUS SAUCE CO. Five original and versatile flavours are made with the finest natural ingredients, vegan & vegetarian friendly with the additional benefit of being gluten free. The flavours are: Non-Smokey Chilli BBQ Sauce – Chilli Pineapple Sauce – Chilli Piri Sauce – Chilli Mint Sauce – Chilli Guava Sauce and finally the firey Chilli Piri Extra Hot Sauce. Also there are new delicious flavours being developed for savoury relishes and jams that will be available soon. Lynn got so excited about the sauces she decided to spread the word. “Everyone who is interested in food and new fresh flavours, will want to experiment with new recipes especially here in Spain where the weather permits us to BBQ regularly and create flavour-packed salads” Lynn hopes to get people with a genuine interest in food to take up the opportunity to sell the

Chilli Pineapple sauce, sauces in Spain exclusively. “Obviously I love the potato salad spiced up with product but it is a great the Chilli Piri sauce. Lynn has already done business opportunity for foodies and entrepreneurs. her own market research We provide a stand and and feels that the market is uniform and as much back ready for these tasty up support as you need with additions to your store recipe leaflets etc. I have cupboard and says the already had enquiries from products speak for people who want to join our themselves. team of sales people, one So if you think you’ve got from Barcelona which is what it takes and would like perfect as I am so lucky to to be part of the team with have the sole trading rights the knowledge that there is for the whole of Spain so I only one team in Spain can control the distribution selling DELICIOUS SAUCE CO. sauces, get in touch fairly”. Amongst the many with Lynn. The world is your With some recipes that Lynn has tried oyster…. and tested are: Chilli potato DELICIOUS SAUCE CO. cakes, Chilli Guava pasta & sauce, naturally. Radish salad, Lamb chops Email: marinated in the deliciously Phone Lynn or Steve: 952459707 mild Chilli mint Mobile: 691088859 sauce, Homemade coleslaw with

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Health &beauty Nutrition needs change with age

News - Breakthroughs - Treatments - Trends

Only one in five eats five a day Just one in five Britons eats the recommended five portions of fruit and vegetables a day, a poll for World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) has found. The Department of Health first launched its five-a-day campaign nine years ago but the WCRF’s survey of more than 2,000 UK adults showed people still find it too difficult to achieve that goal.

Here are some pointers, which apply to people in their 50s and over but should not be ignored by those in their 30s and 40s. lGet lutein for clarity. The world can get blurry for a lot of older people. The experts’ advice is to up lutein intake during middle age to save your eyes from age-related macular degeneration or cataracts. Studies have also shown that the nutrient, which is related to beta-carotene and vitamin A, may also help fend off cognitive decline. To do this, eat more green, leafy vegetables like spinach and

broccoli, fruits like grapes and oranges, and egg yolks. lFibre intake is vital for normal bowel function and may lower the risk of gastrointestinal inflammation. It can also lower cholesterol and blunt the rise in blood sugar that occurs after eating. Prunes are a good source of fibre but it’s also present in vegetables, fruits, nuts, and grains. lLimit saturated fat. Most of the fat in an older person's diet should be good fats, such as polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fat, which come from foods

like soybean and canola oil. These oils can also be a good source of vitamins E and K. Low-fat dairy products, for example, are rich in nutrients such as protein and calcium without adding unnecessary fat or calories found in fullfat dairy.

To mark its awareness day, "Fruity Friday", being held on May 18th as part of Cancer Prevention Week, the charity is urging people to eat "just one more portion" for a healthier diet, which would increase cancer protection.

lCut out unhealthy carbs by limiting foods high in sugar. As we grow older we need to keep a healthy weight, rest the pancreas (the insulin-pumping organ whose functioning goes awry in diabetes), and maximize the intake of healthy nutrients per calories consumed.

The YouGov survey for the WCRF found that, on average, 17% of lower income households (social groups C2, D and E) eat at least five portions per day, compared with 27% for those in higher income groups. Fruit and veg consumption levels were lowest in the north of

iPad linked to neck strain As more and more people get hooked on tablet computers like the iPad, researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health

studied 15 experienced tablet users in their natural viewing positions to see if using a tablet can cause head and neck strain.

They found that using a tablet on your lap for extended periods may raise the risk of neck and shoulder discomfort that could lead to musculoskeletal problems. They said placing a tablet on the lap created the greatest strain because it forces the user to look down at a steep angle, causing head and neck flexion – a particular hazard for users who are doing a lot of typing. One way to minimize the problem, they said, is to use a case that props up the screen to a better viewing angle when you don’t need to type. Even better would be to prop it up on a table. The

more elevated the tablet, the less you have to strain your neck to see the screen.

England, where 18% had five or more portions daily.

A Department of Health spokesman said it was aware that more had to be done to encourage people to eat their five a day and help prevent diseases like cancer: "That is why, through our Change4Life campaign, we invested around £10m last year on encouraging healthier lifestyles.”

Camping Los Jarales, Calahonda - 951 063 105

We specialise in: l

Waxing lManicures lPedicures lEyelash extensions


Acrylic Nails lPamper parties lHair treatments & extensions

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€2 Facials Manicure ention m u o y lSpray tans n e h w s' lMassage 'The New lFish pedicures l

HAIR, NAILS & BEAUTY All aspects of hairdressing, Cuing - Wella Colours, Hi /Lo lights - Perming

Sunbed ‘winter specials’ 60mins €25 - Spray tans - Clarins facials from €30 WEEKEND PACKAGES AND PAMPER PACKAGES FOR IDEAL GIFTS Reflexology and Massages from €25 - Manicure / Pedicure Full set of acrylic nails €35

Waxing, eye treatments, eyelash extentions

The New Brazilian Blow Dry Special Offer €120 Now open Mondays for Monday Madness!!

Find us on Facebook - 16/17 Las Rampas, Fuengirola - Mon - Fri 10 - 6.00pm / Sat 10 to 4.00pm

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Hair Salon (All hair treatments) Beauty Treatments (Facial, Pedicure, Manicure)

Eyelash extensions and Courses

HAPPY FEET Medical Pedicure, Podiatrist proper hygiene, disinfection, skin and nail disorders.

Coin - Málaga Tel: 951 247 180 Mob: 674 716 115

email: website:


952 917 126

Mon-Fri 10-20, Sat 10-14 Bernabe Tierno 3, Lindamar 2, Fuengirola (street between paseo mercadona and feria).

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Magazine n 23


People &fashion

Contemporary lifestyle and celebrity gossip

Britain’S got talEnt narroW Win for thE adoraBlE dog and hiS oWnEr

Every dog has its day … and last weekend belonged to Pudsey The phones must have been going mad over the weekend that saw the final of this year’s Britain’s Got Talent series. And the question in everybody’s minds must have been “How on earth can I choose between Pudsey and the favourites – singing duo Jonathan Antoine, 17, and Charlotte Jaconelle, 16. However, once the voting was over Pudsey was declared the victor and his 17-year-old owner Ashleigh Butler was beyond delighted with the result.

Their routine on Saturday night with a great “Mission Impossible” style show delighted the audience. Simon Cowell has fallen in love with the little dog who clearly is devoted to his owner and loves to learn new tricks and routines, and no doubt so will the Queen be when they appear on the Royal Variety Performance. With a standing ovation from both judges and audience Pudsey narrowly won the competition with the public phone-in vote. Ashleigh and Pudsey also win the top prize of £500,000. Ashleigh was

crying with joy when Ant and Dec broke the news of her win saying she was “so proud of Pudsey”. And Simon described them as one of his “favourite ever acts”. There should be huge advertising and publicity opportunities to follow. The show’s latest series has been described as the “most successful ever” having seen a whole range of great acts. Judge Amanda Holden said that the addition of Little Britain’s David Walliams had brought out “a whole new side of Simon Cowell”

What a fabulous pair

Pop-Opera singers – and favourites to win – Jonathan Antoine 17, and Charlotte Jaconelle 16 were runners up in this year’s Britain’s Got Talent. At their audition, Simon Cowell suggested that Jonathan “dump” Charlotte but he refused and at the semi-finals Cowell said “that was probably the best decision he’d ever made”. Their performance on Saturday night’s final was flawless. Gone was the Jimi Hendrix T-Shirt for Jonathan and casual trousers and jacket for Charlotte and, in their place, Jonathan was in full

black dinner suit and sparklingly white shirt with Charlotte in a beautiful long white gown. The pair who performed “The Prayer” are already set to be recording stars and looked every bit the international stars they are sure to become. Frock and tie aside though, their performance saw both audience and jusdges on their feet with a standing ovation and Simon Cowell punching the air at the end in sheer delight. In an earlier show, he had said “I think we’ve just found a new Pavarotti” and he’s not wrong.

Jonathan’s age of just 17 belies his fabulous voice, Charlotte complements him perfectly. Throughout their performances it was noted how Jonathan – who it has to be said is a large lad – looked to Charlotte for reassurance, and every time he got just that. What a fabulous pair these two are. We will be seeing a lot more of them we hope. They will encourage people who have, in the past, said they disliked opera – much as the three tenors brought the art to the masses not that many years ago.

that the public rarely see. Cowell said of the finals: “This is the greatest final we have done. I have absolutely loved it.” Holden added that she had enjoyed working with Alesha Dixon who Cowell had poached from her role as judge on BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing. Alesha said that: “ Britain’s Got Talent is amazing. It’s end of the pier crazy and incredible,” adding that she would love to be included in next season’s show. “I’ve had the time of my life,” she said.

Ashleigh and the delightful Pudsey

e Voice plummets While Britain’s Got Talent enjoyed a ratings figure of 14.5 million viewers, The Voice’s ratings plummeted to a new low of an average throughout the show of just 5.9 million – a major drop from the 8.2 million the previous week. Having been rescheduled to an earlier slot of 6.10 pm, so it wouldn’t clash with the BGT final that started at 7.10pm, the show still failed to pull in the viewers. It will remain at the earlier time of 6.30pm next Saturday to avoid a clash with the BBC’s showing of the UEFA Champions League final and will remain at an earlier slot the following week so it doesn’t clash with the Eurovision song contest followed the next week with the live final. During this weekend’s show, one artiste on each of the two teams, Tom and, were saved by

public vote while the two mentors had to send two of their three remaining acts home. Frances Wood and Joelle Moses plus Adam Isaac and Matt & Sueleen were sent home by their mentors. Tom Jones chose to save Leanne Mitchel while his Ruth Brown was saved by the public vote. saved Tyler James and Jaz Ellington, who has been the bookies’ favourite to win since he first appeared, was saved by the public. Next week it’s the turn of the other two teams.

Shelby dies Race car driver and automobile manufacturer Carroll Shelby, who created the best known US sports cars of the 1960s – the AC Cobra and the Shelby Mustang – has died at age 89. One of the top race car drivers in the United States after World War II, Shelby turned to building cars starting in the 1960s, when he wedged a huge Ford V-8 engine into a lightweight British-made AC roadster to give birth to the AC Cobra. This combination of power and speed tore up the racetrack, enabling the Cobra to win in its category in the 24 Hours Le Mans race. Shelby was also the father of the special Ford Mustang series, the GT350 and the GT500, which were built at the end of the 1960s. Regularly updated, the Shelby Mustang GT500 is still the top of Ford's line of sports coupés in the United States.

International Medium Crystal Clear Anne Tarot card readings, Chakra therapy, Palm readings, Spiritualist, Healing, Phone readings, Angel readings.

Need help? For guidance and support call Anne on 652 394 224 Monday, Wednesday & Friday at Toni’s First in Cards, Fuengirola Also at Benalmadena Puerto for ladies afternoons on Thursday & Saturday please call for an appointment


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24 n TV Listings


Wed, May 16th 10:45pm

Cast Away A manager for an American courier service has to fend for himself when a plane crash leaves him stranded alone on a desert island. Initially panic-stricken, he overcomes his terror to survive for four years on his own before building a raft and setting off on an epic journey back home. Adventure drama.


Sun, May 20th 10:00pm

Man on Wire Documentary film based on Philippe Petit's autobiographical book To Reach the Clouds: In August 1974, French wire-walker Philippe Petit spent nearly an hour walking, dancing, kneeling and lying on a wire which he and his friends had strung in secret between the rooftops of New York's Twin Towers.


Fri, May 18th 10:35pm

Raw Deal Mark Kaminsky is kicked out of the FBI for his rough treatment of a suspect. He winds up as the sheriff of a small town in North Carolina. FBI Chief Harry Shannon, whose son has been killed by a mobster named Patrovina, enlists Kaminsky in a with a promise of reinstatement into the FBI if Patrovina is taken down.


Sat, May 19th 9:45pm

Rush Hour 3 In this third installment of the popular action comedy franchise, LAPD Detective James Carter (Chris Tucker) and Chief Inspector Lee (Jackie Chan) book a flight for Europe and prepare to clean up the streets of Paris after discovering that Chinese triads have extended their criminal influence to the City of Lights.


Thur, May 17th 10:00pm

Snatch Guy Ritchie's sophomore follow-up to his 1998 sleeper hit Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels, Snatch revisits the previous film's territory of London's crime-ridden underbelly, and does so with the same brand of humour and stylish direction that made Ritchie's first effort a surprise success.


Con Air

Wed, May 16th 10:00pm

Read your favourite news, plus a whole lot more in


New Series:

Uefa Champion’s League Final

DIY SOS: The Big Build

Sat, May 19th 7.00pm Nick Knowles helps adapt a house for Eric Rivers, who is terminally ill with motor neurone disease. He, his wife Davina and three daughters need their terraced property altered to meet his needs and provide them with additional room, so friends, neighbours and local tradespeople rally round to complete the construction work in just nine days

Wed, May 16th 8.00pm




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WEDNESDAY, May 16th 2012

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The return of the documentary providing an insight into the work of emergency service bikers, including for the first time paramedics on patrol in Cornwall. In Birmingham, Mark Hayes makes a shocking discovery when called out to a vulnerable patient living in squalor. Martin Smith deals with teenage moped riders who are taking risks in North Yorkshire.

New Series:

New Series:

Emergency Bikers

Lewis Wed, May 16th 8.00pm

Wed, May 16th 8:00pm

NOTE: Add 1 hour for Spanish viewing times.





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8:00am The Adventures of Bottle Top Bill and His Best Friend Corky 8:10am Mio Mao 8:20am Angelina Ballerina 8:30am Milkshake! Monkey 8:35am Rupert Bear 8:50am Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom 9:05am The Mr Men Show 9:25am Roary the Racing Car 9:35am The Milkshake! Show 10:00am Inside Hollywood 10:10am The Gadget Show: World Tour 11:10am Emergency Bikers 12:10pm Robson's Extreme

Fishing Challenge 1:10pm Police Academy 2: 2:55pm The Witches 4:45pm Dr Dolittle 2 6:30pm Ultimate Police Interceptors 6:55pm 5 News Weekend 7:00pm Cricket on 5 7:55pm NCIS 8:50pm CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 9:40pm CSI: NY 10:40pm Law & Order: Special Victims Unit 11:35pm Law & Order: Special Victims Unit 12:35am SuperCasino 4:00am Great Artists

7:45am Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures 7:55am Little Princess 8:05am Mio Mao 8:10am The Adventures of Bottle Top Bill and His Best Friend Corky 8:25am Peppa Pig 8:30am Angelina Ballerina 8:45am Rupert Bear 8:55am Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom 9:10am The Mr Men Show 9:25am Roary the Racing Car 9:40am The Milkshake! Show 10:00am Animal Rescue Squad 10:20am Grey's Anatomy 11:15am The Restaurant

Inspector 12:15pm Murder at the Gallop 1:55pm Free Willy 2: The Adventure Home 3:45pm Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue 5:05pm Hercules 6:55pm 5 News Weekend 7:00pm Cricket on 5 8:00pm Once Upon a Time 9:00pm Norway Massacre: The Survivors 10:00pm Perfect Stranger 12:10am The Walking Dead 1:30am SuperCasino 4:00am The FBI Files 4:50am Rough Guide to Eco Escapes

7:20am The Mr Men Show 7:35am Thomas & Friends 7:45am Make Way for Noddy 8:00am Fifi and the Flowertots 8:15am Peppa Pig 8:30am Roary the Racing Car 8:40am Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures 8:45am Bananas in Pyjamas 9:00am Olivia 9:15am The Wright Stuff 11:10am LIVE with 12:10pm 5 News 12:15pm Highland Emergency 12:45pm Mexican Food Made Simple 1:15pm Home and Away

1:45pm Neighbours 2:15pm The Mentalist 3:15pm Murder in Greenwich 5:00pm 5 News at 5 5:30pm Neighbours 6:00pm Home and Away 6:30pm 5 News at 6.30 7:00pm Cricket on 5 8:00pm The Gadget Show: World Tour 9:00pm Robson's Extreme Fishing Challenge 10:00pm The Walking Dead 10:55pm Shrooms 12:35am The World of Stupid Criminals 1:05am SuperCasino 3:55am House Doctor

7:20am The Mr Men Show 7:35am Thomas & Friends 7:45am Make Way for Noddy 8:00am Fifi and the Flowertots 8:15am Peppa Pig 8:30am Roary the Racing Car 8:40am Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures 8:45am Bananas in Pyjamas 9:00am Olivia 9:15am The Wright Stuff 11:10am LIVE with 12:10pm 5 News Lunchtime 12:15pm Highland Emergency 12:45pm Mexican Food Made Simple 1:15pm Home and Away

1:45pm Neighbours 2:15pm Law & Order 3:15pm Murder 101: College Can Be Murder 5:00pm 5 News at 5 5:30pm Neighbours 6:00pm Home and Away 6:30pm 5 News at 6.30 7:00pm Dirty Great Machines 8:00pm War Hero in My Family 9:00pm CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 10:00pm CSI: NY 10:55pm CSI: NY 11:55pm CSI: Miami 12:50am SuperCasino 3:55am House Doctor

7:00pm Doctor Who 7:45pm Doctor Who Confidential 8:00pm Adele Live at the Royal Albert Hall 9:00pm Live at the Apollo 9:45pm Russell Howard's Good News Extra 10:30pm Family Guy Best Freakin' Episodes 12:40am American Dad!

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7:00pm World's Craziest Fools 7:30pm England's Worst Ever Football Team 9:00pm Family Guy Best Freakin' Top Two 10:00pm Family Guy 10:20pm Family Guy 10:40pm American Dad! 11:05pm American Dad! 11:30pm Snog, Marry, Avoid? 12:00am Russell Howard's

Good News 12:30am Britain Unzipped 1:30am England's Worst Ever Football Team 2:55am Lip Service 3:55am Snog, Marry, Avoid? 4:25am Russell Howard's Good News 4:55am World's Craziest Fools

7:00pm The Voice UK 8:30pm The Voice UK Results 9:00pm Are My Fake Breasts Safe? 10:00pm EastEnders 10:30pm Snog, Marry, Avoid? 11:00pm Family Guy 11:20pm Family Guy 11:45pm American Dad! 12:05am American Dad! 12:30am Are My Fake Breasts

Safe? 1:25am Snog, Marry, Avoid? 1:55am Britain Unzipped 2:55am Don't Blame the Dog 3:50am Lip Service 4:50am Snog, Marry, Avoid?

7:00pm World's Craziest Fools 7:30pm Snog, Marry, Avoid? 8:00pm Eurovision Song Contest 2012: Semi-Final One 10:00pm EastEnders 10:30pm Russell Howard's Good News 11:00pm Family Guy 11:20pm Family Guy 11:45pm American Dad!

12:05am American Dad! 12:30am England's Worst Ever Football Team 2:00am Russell Howard's Good News 2:30am Britain Unzipped 3:25am The 16 Year Old Killer: Cyntoia's Story 4:25am Are My Fake Breasts Safe?

WEDNESDAY, May 16th 2012

26 n Magazine

Read your favourite news, plus a whole lot more in



Fill in the grid so that every row, every column and every 3 x 3 grid contains the digits 1 through 9. With no repeats, that means that no number is repeated in any row, column or box. Level:




Work out which

Fill in the grid using all the letters ofletters the alphabet. We have given you 3 to start you off. Can you Some letters have been given to help you get started. 21


11 22



6 15

25 11














18 13









6 5






21 22










4 4























6 24


















8 8















19 1


24 5



























26 9


3 10





22 18


















D 14













1. Opening consulting room with minimal intrusion (7,7) 5. See 1 (7) 9. There's a hole in sister's things (5) 10. Type of claret not finished, having no date attached (9) 11. Fair Susan holding love back, being virtuous (9) 12. It takes a second to split up honest funds (5) 13. The wife's language! (5) 15. Type of service is shortly to be prepared for war (5,4) 18. Type of dress with belt getting smaller (9) 19. Assess university in depression (3,2) 21. Subject to pretty intensive crossexamination initially (5) 23. Unusually, men go cash for this dress (9) 25. Start unit that's different for opposing monopolies (4-5) 26. Pipe obtained from branch that is by river (5) 27. Influential group using cookhouse cupboard (7,7) 28. See 27 (7)

1. Warm wine for the family (7) 2. Child from New Street touching the Queen (9) 3. Start to break up a stone (5) 4. One gets ulcers put right for a pound (9) 5. Must I drop from the stairs to see them? (5) 6. Sends back statements about former spouse (2-7) 7. Senior to exhibit part of red letter upside down (5) 8. Americans travelling in southeast Kenya (7) 14. Bound to need whisky for the game (9) 16. Bad-tempered Syd held up savings scheme on credit nearly (9) 17. Forgiveness concerning a self-imposed duty (9) 18. Bad bet shatters Harry, which is a disappointment (7) 20. A sweet cleaner put up with worry (7) 22. Cat or dog, say, needs it to be small in Montpellier, say (5) 23. Child has a tea-maker, but where might the milk be? (5) 24. Not applicable to Geldorf, who's a wealthy person (5)



1. Sport on cruise ship (4,4) 5. Northerner - tax (4) 9. Disney character - Underworld god planet (5) 10. Female serving drinks (7) 11. Bowling rink (7,5) 13. Continue - summary (6) 15. Book size (6) 17. Hostile (12) 20. Non-specialist - army officer (7) 21. Angry (5) 22. Paradise - ex-prime minister (4) 23. Breakthrough - advance (8)

1. Drug - information (4) 2. Periods of play in polo (7) 3. Sexually promiscuous woman (4-4,4) 4. Movable (6) 6. Progress, slow on land but fast in water (5) 7. 1950s' unruly youth (5,3) 8. Transmission (12) 12. Three-sided figure - musical instrument (8) 15. Stir (up public opinion?) (7) 16. Fisherman (6) 18. Taut - timely verbal indication (5) 19. Canteen - litter (4)

See how many words of four or more letters you can make from the given nine letters. In making a word each letter may be used only once. The key letter must be used in each word.

P T L B E D AA A Target 1-10 Poor 11-14 Average

15-18 Good 19-22 Excellent The 9-letter word ADAPTABLE

D U T S L E C E R Target 1-6 Poor 7-10 Average

11-13 Good 14-15 Excellent The 9-letter word CLUSTERED

The following are not allowed: - Words beginning with a capital letter - Words with a hyphen or apostrophe - Plural words ending in “s” SOLUTION FOR CODEWORD

14. Octavo 17. Antagonistic 20. General 21. Irate 22. Eden 23. Progress

1. Deck Game 5. Scot 9. Pluto 10. Barmaid 11. Skittle Alley 13. Resume



19. I 20.Y 21. C 22. S 23. M 24. L 25. T 26. Q

18. Strapless 19. Sum Up 21. Topic 23. Cheongsam 25. Anti-Trust 26. Brier 27. Kitchen 28. Cabinet

1. Keyhole 5. Surgery 9. Nouns 10. Clarendon 11. Righteous 12. Purse 13. Dutch 15. Under Arms


1. Dope 2. Chukkas 3. Good Time Girl 4. Mobile 6. Crawl 7. Teddy Boy 1. Kindred 2. Youngster 3. Onset 4. Enclosure 5. Stars 6.Re-Exports 7. Elder 8. Yankees




10. W 11. H 12. K 13. P 14. V 15. B 16. J 17. O 18. A



1. E 2. X 3. Z 4. F 5. G 6. N 7. D 8. R 9. U





8. Broadcasting 12. Triangle 15. Agitate 16. Angler 18. Tense 19. Mess 14. Hopscotch 16. Dyspeptic 17. Remission 18. Setback 20. Pomfret 22. Petit 23. Churn 24. Nabob

WEDNESDAY, May 16th 2012

news Your outlook on the World

Opinion & Comment n 27


“THE NEWS”WANTS TO HEAR YOUR VIEWS Send letters to the editor as part of an e-mail text to

Benjamin Theaker While reading your “virtual newspaper” on the Web, I noticed that G. Robinson states they had read “just two” of the columns by Amy Thomas, so I think it unfair to criticise her negative opinion. Granted, Ms Thomas makes no bones about airing her personal dislikes, but on the other hand she enthuses with gusto and humour about those she does like. The column always makes for entertaining reading and does not purport to be an official movie review. Frankly, I find it refreshing to read a column that refuses to gush over much of the overblown mind-numbing garbage that Hollywood throws at us and

Per R Dewer Like your correspondent Brian Dellar (Edn 173), I was trained by the RAF Technical College nearly 60 years ago; we were subjected to discipline far removed from that obtaining today. So I can well understand his frustration at the seeming lack of enforcement of the nonsmoking and other laws, (untaxed hence illegal Britregistered vehicles come to mind), especially here in Downtown Manilva. I don't think the Local Police

Tony Byford Like many charities, SOS dog refuge works in difficult circumstances and relies solely on voluntary help and donations from our

Stratford-upon-Avon, UK

often making a point of showing us some older and lesser known gems. G. Robinson questions where Ms Thomas’s “warmth of feeling” is, I would question where is G. Robinson’s sense of humour is – surely you must realize that much of her writing is with her tongue planted firmly in her cheek. It is, after all, a lighthearted piece of writing. Oh, one last comment – as for the Titanic romances, though I don’t dispute some dalliances may have been formed during those few short days at sea, they would certainly not have been between a first class and a steerage passenger.

And as for Potter fans, the Sir Frederick Ashton and the Royal Ballet´s interpretation of her tales on film is outstanding. Editor says: We have had many letters from readers praising Amy Thomas’ column since G Robinson’s comments last week so, not to worry, Amy will be with us for some time yet! Also, the columns we run are the opinions of the people who write them and readers are, of course, able to agree or disagree as they see fit. Keep those letters coming in!

Manilva deserve much blame however, for although they are well intentioned, they are 'thin on the ground' and are mostly from families of what was a generation ago an impoverished fishing community which the property barons and greedy tourism have turned into something close to a concrete jungle. Their salaries and benefits are provided in turn by a cash-strapped Ayuntamiento, itself a victim of the property barons.

Parts of this jungle are rented out to countless unregistered people {non-'empadronado'); if they were, perhaps we would see Manilva with enough legal residents to warrant a Policia Nacionale establishment and more Guardia Civil, in line with our grown-up neighbour Estepona, where the laws are obeyed. Until that frubjious day arrives I suggest your correspondent is 'Farting into a Windmill'!

SOS co-founder. By email supporters. Readers of The News will recall that we are currently searching for a new refuge, and relying very heavily on foster homes plus other help – you all know who you are and thank you! So it was very worrying to hear last week that SOS has closed down and put to sleep all the dogs in its care. This is a malicious lie, and we do have some idea who might be spreading it. In recent weeks we stepped in after a Labrador and her seven pups were abandoned, when 5 puppies were found in a ditch, when two puppies were found cowering at the side of the road, next to the dead body of their sibling, and when two puppies were thrust into my hands at the La Trocha Sunday market, with the threat that if I did not take them the man holding them would take them to the nearest field and dump them. All these animals are now

being cared for. So this is a message to News readers – rest assured that we have not closed down, and we would never put to sleep a healthy animal. Do please visit our stall at the Sunday market if you would like to hear more about the dogs in our care. We believe that the person(s) behind this rumour are also behind the cruel assertions that Kim, who also has a stall at the Sunday market and is well known to many, has been sending dogs to Switzerland for vivisection – untrue and a slur on her and the Swiss charity dedicated to finding new homes for Spanish dogs. May I also extend a big thankyou to your readers for responding to our appeal for bric-a-brac, clothes and household goods. It’s ongoing, and we will happily come to you to collect any unwanted items! Just give us a call on 952 960 202 or 665 682 919.

Stargazing By Ken Campbell

If you would like to be kept up to date or take part in any of the events then go to

Annular Eclipse of e Sun Next Sunday and Monday there will be an annular eclipse of the Sun. But what is an annular eclipse and why does it take place on two days?


n eclipse of the Sun occurs when the Sun, Earth and Moon line up exactly and the Moon passes in front of the sun blocking out its light for a few minutes. By sheer coincidence, The Sun is 400 times bigger than the Moon but it is 400 times further away and so they appear almost exactly the same size in the sky, so during a regular eclipse, the Moon just fits nicely over the Sun’s disc covering it completely.


ut two weeks ago I told you about the super-sized full Moon, when the Moon was at its absolute closest point to the Earth making it appear about 1/3rd bigger than normal. Now that the Moon has completed half an orbit around the Earth it will be at its most distant point from the Earth when it eclipses the Sun and so it will appear about 1/3rd smaller than normal. This reduction in the Moon’s apparent size will make it too small to cover the whole of the Sun’s disc so during an annular eclipse a ring –or annulus – of sunlight will appear all around the Moon. An annular eclipse is essentially a partial eclipse in the sense that the Moon never blots out the sun completely.


nfortunately the eclipse will occur mostly over the Pacific Ocean on the other side of the world to us and so won’t be visible from Europe. The first point of contact will begin in southern China, then head east over Japan crossing the Pacific Ocean until it reaches the west coast of the United States of America crossing the International Date Line on route. So for people watching it in Japan it will occur on 20th May while for people in the USA it will occur on 21st May.


e tend to think of eclipses as being a very rare event but they occur much more frequently than you would think, there will be a total eclipse of the Sun occurring on November 13th this year but again it is on the wrong side of the Earth to us and will favour Australia this time. The next time that Europe will see anything of an eclipse will be in 2015


when a partial eclipse will be visible. The problem with eclipses is that the path of totality i.e. the path on the Earth where the Moon will cover the whole disc of the Sun is very narrow indeed, sometimes only a few dozen miles wide and so anyone standing outside of the path will only see a partial eclipse. A total eclipse of the Sun will pass directly over southern Spain on August 2nd 2027.


here can also be a hybrid eclipse which means that parts of the Earth will see an annular eclipse and other places on the path will witness a total eclipse. Because the Earth is round then if the eclipse is seen when the Sun is either just rising or setting then the Moon is further away from the observer than when it is directly overhead making it appear too small to cover the whole of the Sun.


n 1970 I was 11 years old and went to a lecture given by Sir Patrick Moore; he told me that the next eclipse visible in England would be on August 11th 1999. That was 29 years away! During that time I sat my ‘O’ levels, left school, completed an electrical apprenticeship, got married, had two children and watched them growing. And all this time I had remembered what Patrick Moore had said. When the date for the eclipse came closer my wife booked a trip for us to Reims near Paris to watch it. And I can understand why ancient humans would be terrified when they occur; a total eclipse of the Sun is the most awesome natural sight that you can imagine!


appy Star Gazing!

WEDNESDAY, May 16th 2012

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HEALTH & BEAUTY HYPNOTHERAPY list of treatments available at (183)p or call 952199298

AVAILABLE for roads, tracks, car parks etc., 300 ton crushed concrete. Very good material for sub-base can be supplied laid & rolled For free quote call (170)tnp 637179373


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Tel: 951 315 240

HAIRDRESSING mobile hairdresser, over 15 years experience, all aspects. Telephone Janet 645037335 (175)tnp

BINGO books and raffle tickets. Woody’s Los Boliches Tel (tn-pw 952471877


SOS Animal refuge

HIRE SERVICES Providing Mobility Solutions since 2001. Mobility scooters, Wheelchairs, Walking, Bathing, Mobility aids - Sale & Hire service. Delivered to you when (170)fgh you need it. Tel:952447764

We may have all your household needs for sale, call us first!! 952 960 202

HOUSE CLEARANCES BOOT fair items. Tools, electrical items, glass, china, quality clothes, paperbacks, etc. 607780648 (172)tnp ---------------------------------------------HOUSE Clearances. Full or part. Fast and efficient service. (172)tnp 628239174, 628564634

INSURANCES HOME INSURANCE - 100% cover for all eventualities. Our policies include: Subsidence, Landslip and Heave. Accidental damage to both buildings and contents. Worldwide All Risks on your personal possessions (including jewellery). Cash inside and outside your home and much more. We can also arrange insurance for: Motor - Travel - Health - Business - Liability. PRESTIGE INSURANCE CONSULTANTS Tel/Fax: 952453873 Mob. 667982418 (163)tnp

Please donate all your unwanted items MOBILITY Mobility Scooters, Wheelchairs, Walking, Bathing, Mobility aids Sales & Hire Tel:952447764 (148)fgh

PETS & ANIMALS METS DOG training club. Fuengirola Glyn 605121831, Ken 627851379, Jeff 629832250 (174)pwp





LOCKSMITH 24 hours. Window grilles. New locks fitted. w w (160)tnp 664445396 ---------------------------------------------LOCKSMITH Emergency / Appointment. Doors opened without damage, locks changed, patio doors and windows secured. 24 hour honest, fast and reliable service. Call Paul 657466803 (189)tnp



Sundays 10.00am - 2.00pm

Only limited space available

647 647 637 OPEN 52 WEEKS OF THE YEAR

952 904 973 FREE DELIVERY TO HOME 679 550 490 YOUR

Pet accessories and hygiene products


LAGUNA Kennels and cosy cattery. Five star facilities, fully tiled quarters with airconditioning. Your pets lovingly cared for by English mother and daughter. Near Coin. 952112021 / (177)tnp 606838983 ---------------------------------------------EXPORT Specialists. Cat and Dog World Kennels. 952112978, (165)p 630197435 ---------------------------------------------LUXURY professional kennels, Cat and Dog World. Fully licensed. Cheap collection service. Viewing welcome. (165) 952112978 / 630197435 ---------------------------------------------BO JANGLES Luxury Cat Hotel, Alhaurin de la Torre. While you are away let your cat have a luxury holiday too. For more information call 952963793 or (179)p 609931444

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UNION JACK Removals (The Original) See main advert on front (0)p page. 902109560

REFRIGERATION, air conditioning, same day repair. Specialist. Fridges, displays, bottle coolers, etc. (181)tnp 627769969

ENTHUSIASTIC energetic experienced waiting staff wanted for Los Boliches beach front cafe bar. Must speak good English and be a flexible team member. (176)p 649541739


Lonesome rescued peacock needs a new home. Can you help? If you can please call

GILLIAN your friendly mobile hairdresser for the elderly. Specialist in perms, sets, colours and blowdrys. Good rates. All products supplied unless advised otherwise. (185)tnp 635261483


PLUMBING SCOTT Forbes - The Plumber. All work guaranteed. 20 years British (f ) gas experience 652665410 ---------------------------------------------ALL TYPES of plumbing installations and repairs - NOW! Multiservices (164)p 952663141 / 637771207

PROPERTY TO RENT ALHAURIN de la Torre, spacious, 1 bed apartment, furnished, on health and spa complex, use of all amenities, €400 per month exc. elec (156)tnf and water 691140427 ---------------------------------------------LONG term rentals, super prices, no commissions, apartments, townhouses, villas, fincas, coast and (174)tnp inland. 679111522

Transport - Removals

Studio Jupiter, low floor, pool, British TV 300€month 1 bed Jardined de Gamonal, pool 425€month 1 bed Myramar Oasis, Sat TV, pool, parking 450€month 2 bed Benalmadena Costa, pool, parking, 4th floor no lift 450€month 2 bed Torrequebrada, pool, parking good views 525€month 2 bed front line beach Torrequebrada unfur, pool, parking 700€month 3 bed nr station Arroyo modern pool, parking, storeroom650€month 3 bed Townhouse Arroyo no pool, solarium 600€month Large empty local 340m2 approx, 1.100€month Benalmadena Costa MANY MORE PROPERTIES AVAILABLE, TOO MANY TO LIST WE ALSO DO HOLIDAY LETS, JUST ASK FOR PAT RENTAL PROPERTIES URGENTLY REQUIRED IN JUPITER AND MINERVA ALSO LONG TERM AND SALES PROPERTIES IN THE ARROYO/BENALMADENA AREA

Avenida Gamonal, Local 9, Edificio Jupiter, 29631 Arroyo de la Miel, Malaga Tel: (0034) 952 57 40 51 (0034) 952 57 77 51 Fax: (0034) 952 44 26 51 FOR SALE PROPERTY FINDER. Access to “below market value properties”, repossessions and refurbishments. Housing stock throughout the UK. Combined services available, tailored finance, conveyancing, refurbishment packages, tenant sourcing. Suitable for investment, repatriation and individual needs, block purchases available. Call Carla on 687921481 for an informal chat or email at (rhf)

LADY carer (qualified) with car available. All duties including housekeeping. 681267344 (179)pwp

We are a friendly team that enjoy our work, so if you are serious about your transport or removal needs, then please give us a call and speak to someone that has the knowledge, experience and enthusiasm tohelp you make the right choices. We look forward to hearing from you soon.! LOCAL & EUROPEAN REMOVALS



ALL STYLES curtains, upholstery, soft furnishings and bean bags made to measure. Sensible prices. Also repairs/alterations. All areas. Call 678910117 or email (172)tnp

Tel: 952 816 582 VAN LEAVING for Cheshire. Monthly returns. Part loads (181)pwp required. 697671661

SERVICES CARPENTRY, kitchen, tiling, bathrooms, reforms, plastering, rendering, patios. 673126749 (160)p

FOR ALL your advertising needs, (f ) call The News. 952454491 ---------------------------------------------IF YOU are having problems with your property taxation or legalsation. Perhaps we can help (f 607590977

TRANSLATION SERVICES NEED HELP with visits to town hall, police station, etc.? Then call me for assistance. Cheap. Cheerful. (0) Adam 662441518 ---------------------------------------------FOR ALL translation needs, call (f 654854896

D.L.S. Fabrications Welding Engineers


 WROUGHT IRON SPECIALIST  Dish + Cable + Box   including installation GATES    €149 DOORS  It´s not a misprint! WINDOWS No monthly payments.    This is a 1 off payment!  FENCING      

952 590 651

952 661 456 952 661 956

          SKY and Sky+ digiboxes. Wide      selection of quality tested receivers    available at very reasonable prices.    (182)tnp  659812995  Subscribe to your Internet   WINDOW TINTING     Package from €33.90 per month*    150€ Installation     Free Hardware     On production of Save 65% on   calls this leaflet   * IVA    Mob: +34 605 193 609 ES.   Tel: +44 2033711 775 UK.     Expiration Date 01/072012     FOR ALL translation needs, call  (f 654854896    SITUATIONS VACANT    ADULT RELAXATION   TRY something different luxury  

649 696 453




Transporte - Mundanzas

HELPFUL friendly team can assist you with phone, water or electric (tn)p company issues. 654854896 ---------------------------------------------SOLAR water heating. Repairs, sales, design, servicing, maintenance, decalcifying. Reasonable prices. Very experienced. 697 388 449 / 951 160 490 ---------------------------------------------X PAT Planet for satellite, computers, rural internet, cheap international calls and surveillance, call Steve (172)emp 605193609 ---------------------------------------------NEED a licence and don´t know how to go about it, we can help. From driving licences, building licences to opening licences. 607590977 (tn)p

Kitchens, Bedrooms, Bathrooms.

Reform All Trades

651 599 173

COIN WINDOWS We make aluminium windows, doors and mosquito screens, also supply and fit sun canopies, blinds, shower screens, etc. Spanish owned business. Call Lisa Marie (177)tnp 646066351 ---------------------------------------------TOTAL reforms all areas, kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms. We will beat any genuine like for like quote. Call (181)tnp JWS Jason 651599173

PROPERTY VALUATIONS OFFICIAL property valuations in your language. Flat rates. Call Patrick on 616672211 or 952417095 (office hours) (211)tnp

Call our classifieds help-line on 952 45 44 41 / 952 45 44 91

10% Off

Radio sales person, hours to suit, work from home.

massage, exotic erotic. Philipina,   Thai, Russian San Pedro near Banus (178)tnp   618448131    ---------------------------------------------Covering inland and   ASIAN, Russian, Brazilian, beautiful    West of Malaga.  sexy ladies, hot & horny. Las  Chapas,   Contract and Commision  near Calahonda 679126231(178)tnp    ---------------------------------------------for right person.    FOR ALL your advertising needs,   Sell yourself to us.  The News. We have prices to  call  Email  suit every pocket. Call  today!   (f )  952454491  

      


 SPECIALISTS IN ALL  INSTALLATIONS &  PROBLEM SOLVING


  



Providing  a PROFESSIONAL  QUALITY SERVICE   

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WEDNESDAY, May 16th 2012

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Tanker drivers vote to end dispute by just 1% The threat of a damaging fuel tanker strike has been averted after drivers voted by the narrowest of margins to accept a peace deal. Six weeks after the government was shaken by panic buying of petrol across the country, hauliers voted by just 51 per cent in favour of ending the dispute. In four out of the seven firms involved, tanker drivers rejected the offer on safety standards and training – but overall the deal will go through.

Masterful Maldonado takes maiden win in Barcelona

The start went as most expected, Maldonado got a good start, but Alonso's was better – the skill of a seasoned double world champion at the top of his game. Maldonado tried squeezing him as tight as he dared, Alonso’s right wheels were actually on the grass, but the Spaniard didn't flinch. As they swept through the first corner, Alonso inched ahead and finally took track position. The deed was done, and the race was won. Except, Alonso wasn’t pulling away, and Maldonado wasn't panicking, and instead was perfectly happy staying with the Ferrari and maintaining a smooth clean line. While it didn't exactly look like he was in any position to go for the lead, he looked a certainty for second. Sir Frank must have thought that even this scenario was almost beyond his wildest dreams. Faced with this scenario Williams immediately changed its pit stop strategy in anticipation of Alonso’s, and that enabled Maldonado to regain the lead after 27 laps. He then held on to the lead through the following pit stops. But by Lap 50 of the 66-lap race, Alonso trailed him by just 0.8 seconds. Then suddenly, Alonso had a problem he

could not identify that cost him grip on his Ferrari. While Hamilton showed off all his

pushed so hard, and I knew this was going to be a tough race, but to have my first podium and my first win – you can just imagine the emotions," said Maldonado. The celebrations at the Circuit de Catalunya were short-lived, however, with the team's garage gutted by fire after the race and Venezuelan Maldonado carrying his 12-yearold cousin to safety in a smoke-filled pitlane.

talents by

carving his way through the field from last place on the grid to eighth, the battle at the front was on a knife-edge right to the very end. With 10 laps to go there was less than a second between Maldonado and Alonso while Raikkonen was taking huge chunks out of their lead lap by lap, but Finland's 2007 champion Raikkonen had to settle for a disappointing third, taking the chequered flag 3.8 seconds behind Maldonado after just running out of laps in a spirited chase for a possible victory. "After last year, we have worked and worked, and



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them out of the race. The race stewards decided Schumacher had caused a collision that took Senna out of the race. Schumacher had initially claimed that the incident was the Brazilian's fault for moving in the braking zone. The incident and penalty will pile more pressure on Schumacher, who in the third year of his comeback to the sport has had the worst start to a season in his career.

Team founder and principal Frank Williams, in a wheelchair, was pushed hurriedly from the garage to safety as thick, acrid smoke billowed over the paddock. Nine people from three teams who had battled the flames were taken to the circuit medical centre, mostly suffering from smoke inhalation Michael Schumacher has been hit with a five-place grid penalty for the next race in Monaco after ramming into the back of Maldonado’s team mate Bruno Senna. The seven-time champion’s lack of care taking both of

Maldonado carries his cousin

An injured Williams team member


Pastor Maldonado started from pole position, after the stunningly harsh overnight decision by the stewards to strip McLaren's Lewis Hamilton of his qualifying times for a technical infringement after his car ran too low on fuel after its final flying lap, and sending him to the very back of the grid. But even starting at the front seemed no assurance of race success for the Williams team, especially not when Maldonado found himself facing off against the formidable Fernando Alonso in the Ferrari in the run down to the first corner once the lights went out.

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Fiesta of Fords fills Beaulieu Rain held off for this year’s Simply Ford event, held in the grounds of the National Motor Museum. The event is now in its third year and a firm fixture on the Beaulieu calendar. Over 1,100 people attended and 500 Ford cars, from early models to custom and modern classics, were on display in the Beaulieu Arena and surrounding parkland. Clubs attending included the Ford Car Owners Club, Obviously Ford, the RS Owners Club and the Mark Three Owners Club. In addition, there were a number of trade stands selling Ford related parts and accessories. The Ford Motor Company supported the event for the second year, bringing along a Ford RS200, an Escort Cosworth WRC and a Lotus Cortina. Also making a welcome return was the Ford Supervan 3 which has a top

speed of around 150mph. It is built on a Ford C100 race car chassis and was originally powered by a mid-mounted FordCosworth 650bhp ‘HB’ F1 engine. A People’s Choice trophy was awarded to Mark Hudd from Devises for his pristine 1995 Escort Cosworth. Runners up were Paul Love from Bath with his Sierra Cosworth 4×4 and Jim Watson from Eastleigh with a 1959 Popular 100E. The prizes were presented by the National Motor Museum’s Manager and Chief Engineer, Doug Hill. The Managing Director of Beaulieu-based Vintage Tyres, Chris Marchant, presented a trophy for the best Cortina, in celebration of the 50th anniversary this year of both Vintage Tyres and the Cortina. The winner was Mark Taylor from Clevedon, owner of a Mk III Cortina Savage.


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WEDNESDAY, May16th 2012

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International Rugby Fiesta Axarquia Rugby Club Colts U17 team welcomed the famed Welsh rugby club, Cwmbran, at the Fernando Hierro stadium in VelezMalaga on Saturday 12th May 2012. This was truly an international event with young players from Wales, Spain, Italy, Argentina and the UK supplemented by a 100-strong crowd including 10 American tourists keen to learn more about the great sport of rugby. The Americans were amazed at the ferocity and speed of the game (and the lack of body armour and helmets worn by the kids!), but were even more amazed at the camaraderie at the end of the game when both sets of players hugged and shook each other’s hands – all friends after the battle. This was an exhibition of the true spirit of rugby. Cwmbran, a club steeped in 130 years of history, showed why they have just won their championship league in Wales, with some technically superb rugby, a well drilled back line and they ran in numerous tries during the first half. The Axarquia boys never gave up and as the heat took its toll on the Welsh in the second

half, the brave “Wild Boar” boys from Axarquia started to gain strength, running in a great try and nearly scoring a second, much to the enjoyment and appreciation of the crowd. While Axarquia lost 57-5 at the final whistle, the president of Cwmbran, Robbie Evans, praised all the players after the match. He stated, “Cwmbran were founded 130 years ago and all of our boys have been playing since the age of five or six years of age. For Axarquia Rugby Club, which was only formed six or seven years ago, and with players who have only started playing this year (and one player, Kieran Jones, who has played his first ever game today!), this was an amazing performance. They gave our lads a good fight

What a finish!! as City claim the title


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Calahonda District Darts league


Darts league success

and credit must go to all these young players and their coach, Micky Reeve. We thank Axarquia Rugby for their great hospitality and, be sure, we will come back !” Please contact Dani (Spanish President) on 669899064 or Michael (Technical Coach) on 669899064 for further details, or visit the new website to register interest. Training for Axarquia Rugby Club is held at the Fernando Hierro Stadium in Velez-Malaga every Tuesday and Thursday from 19.00 for the Juniors and 20.30 for the seniors (all age groups welcome).

On Friday the 4th May The Calahonda District Darts League held their annual presentation night at Henry’s Bar in Torrenueva. The league combines 16 teams into two divisions of over 200 players in all competitions, leagues and cups. In past seasons, honours have been dominated by the Tony’s Bar team from La Cala and in particular the Ray’s Bar team of Doña Lola, but this year there has been a greater spread of winners meaning success for everybody which shows the rise and change in standards. Division 2 runners up were Oscar’s Stars of Doña Lola and the champions were Tony’s Tornados of La Cala. Division 1 runners up were Henry’s Jagerbombs

and making it three years as champions the Ray’s Rascals team captained by Richard Walker. The Kate Clark gold cup was won by Bunker’s Rangers, who have had a great season. The silver cup was won by Dempsey’s Dynamos who have also had an excellent season winning the Memorial silver cup as well. The Memorial gold cup was won in great style by the team of Henry’s Jagerbombs. Women’s player of the season is singles gold champion and silver cup doubles winner Nina Hilton of Zoco Zulus from Our bar. Deano Moseley of Tony’s Tornados was men’s player of the year as singles gold cup champion. There are

Bunkers Rangers with The Kate Clark Cup

Only time will tell whether Manchester City’s 3-2 victory on Sunday against relegation strugglers Queens Park Rangers, eking out the narrowest of triumphs in a season-long contest with Manchester United for the Nº1 spot in The Premiership marked the start of a new era – or a temporary blip – in the dominance that Sir Alex Ferguson, has achieved by winning 12 titles in the 20 seasons since the Premier League was founded. Despite the advantage of an extra man after Queens Park Rangers’ often-

pugnacious captain, Joey Barton, was sent off for striking Tevez early in the second half, City were trailing, 2-1, at the end of 90 minutes. Needing a win to finish ahead of Manchester United in the league standings, City scored twice in 125


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Minutes earlier and 100 miles to the northeast, Manchester United had secured a 1-0 win against Sunderland, like Queens Park Rangers also-rans in this season’s league race. When that game ended, Manchester City were still trailing with barely two

LAURO LIVING Golf breaks Call 952 41 27 67 Tel: 952 41 27 67 1 week apartment + fax: 952 41 47 57 unlimited golf for a private viewing from 299€

The darts league welcomes all bars and players to join in for next season from La Cala to Las Chapas. The pre-season meeting is in September, so get in touch and generate great income for your bar. Managed by Richard Walker, this is simply the most successful and well organised darts league on the Costa del Sol and is second to none, so come and join in the fun. email: www.calahondadistrictdart

Henry’s Jagerbombs with Memorial Gold Cup

seconds during injury time, securing the most unlikely of victories. Mancini stunned, described it as “crazy” and said he felt about 90 years old.

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over 200 photos on our website of the presentation night. A fantastic display of medals and cups was provided by Sunshine golf of La Cala, the league sponsor.

minutes to play, allowing Manchester United’s players, along with Ferguson, to believe, just for a fleeting moment, that they had won the top division of English soccer for the 20th time since the forerunner of the Premier League was established in 1892. (Left) Barton and Tevez square up after Tevez had gone down, Barton then dead-legged Aguero and went to headbutt another City player before being dragged away. As Mancini said crazy!!

WEDNESDAY, May 16th 2012

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Man City forced to apologise to Fergie Manchester City have apologised after striker Carlos Tevez was pictured with a sign saying "RIP Fergie" during his side's Premier League title parade. The former Manchester United forward poked fun at former boss Sir Alex Ferguson, as City paraded their trophy on an open-top bus through Manchester.The sign was thought to refer to a 2009 response by Ferguson, when asked if United would ever be City's underdogs.Ferguson said at the time: "Not in my lifetime".

A La Champions! Malaga 1 - 0 Sporting Gijon Malaga started the day knowing that a win would make history and send Malaga into the Champions

Matt Kuchar wins e Players Championship American Matt Kuchar held his nerve on a tense final day to win the Players Championship at Sawgrass by two shots. The 33-yearold, who started the round one shot behind leader Kevin Na, dropped a shot at the opening hole but hit four birdies for a 13-under total. Kuchar's previous best finish this season was joint third at the Masters in Augusta Scotland's Martin Laird and American trio Zach Johnson, Ben Curtis and Rickie Fowler were joint second. Na, who is looking for his second PGA Tour title,

was given a slow play warning by tournament referees on day three, over the length of time he was taking before shots with a ritual which included a remarkable number of practice swings before striking the ball.

myself to pull the trigger. All I can do is my best. After backing off once I almost feel like I'm cornered. It's a tough situation but I'm working on it and it's getting better. Hopefully it will go away by the end of the year."

At last year's Texas Open Na took 16 at one hole. Despite the problems, his golf was often stunning but he admitted afterwards he was struggling with his balance over shots.

Luke Donald, needing a top-four finish to take over from Rory McIlroy as world number one, finished sixth. Donald had started the final round back in 27th, eight shots behind Na, but battled hard with a round of 66 for a nine-under total. He also equalled the record for golf's richest event, with a back-nine 30 containing six birdies.

"There's a lot going on and I know the whole world's watching," he said. "It's really frustrating for me and I'm screaming at

Bilbao fans fly to wrong country Some 400 Athletic Bilbao fans missed out on seeing their team in last week's Europa League final after accidentally flying to the wrong country. The fans of the Basque team had clubbed together to charter a jet specially for the match to ensure that

they could not be undone by airline schedules, industrial action or any other unforeseen cancellation. There was only one tiny flaw in their plan: instead of chartered a flight to the Romanian capital of Bucharest, they chartered

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chances to settle the game. Isco received a 2nd yellow late on but Malaga held on easily to ensure top level

Malaga fans partied well into the early hours

League qualification for the first time. The atmosphere was fantastic and it was Malaga who started in dominating fashion, dictating play and creating chances at will. Eliseu was the first to test Pablo in the Sporting goal and minutes after a Rondon header came back off the upright. Isco and Cazorla were denied by Pablo again and Demichelis headed over from the back post as Malaga pressed for the opening. After half time the one way traffic continued and once again Pablo in the Sporting goal was a thorn in Malaga's side saving from Joaquin and Camacho. On 49 minutes Malaga made the deserved breakthrough, Rondon 'Malaga's leading goalscorer again' headed home to send the Roselada into raptures. And it was Rondon again who missed


football at Malaga next season. Rondon was replaced by Ruud Van Nistelrooy, who could have scored on his final professional game. The 35-year-old, has decided to end his career and made his announcement in a press conference on Monday. Van Nistelrooy said: "Yesterday was my final game as a professional footballer. I would like to thank Malaga, the technical and medical staff for an unforgettable year.” What a rollercoaster season it has been for Malaga but at the end of it all the table does not lie – Champions League qualification. Next game the 21st/22nd August 1st leg, 4th round Champions League qualification stage. Bring it on! Report by: Scott Forbes

Sporting SPOTLIGHT triatHlon

British double at World Triathlon Series Jonny Brownlee completed a British double by winning the San Diego World Triathlon Series. He followed up Helen Jenkins's triumph on Friday with his first Olympic distance victory in the world series. The 22year-old beat Switzerland's Sven Riederer by five seconds, with South African Richard Murray third. "I didn't know what to expect. Seven months is a long time out," said Brownlee, who had already qualified for London 2012. "I was in a bit of shock at the race briefing, thinking 'wow, it's been a long, long time since I've been in one of these'.”


Van Persie off to Man City in Mega Deal Robin van Persie is set to join Manchester City this summer in a deal that will make him one of the bestpaid players in the world, according to Tuesday's papers. The Daily Mirror and The Sun both report that City will offer the Dutchman £250,000-aweek to move to the champions, trebling his wages and putting him in the same earnings bracket as Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.Arsenal's objections to selling the player will apparently be answered by a £25 million transfer fee - an astonishing amount considering that he has just one year left on his contract. the Mirror claims Van Persie will tell Gunners chiefs on Wednesday that he is off to City.


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ruGby leaGue

Holders Wigan to meet leeds in semi-final "The Wigan Warriors will meet Leeds Rhinos in the semi-final of the Challenge Cup – a repeat of last year's final. Wigan beat rivals St Helens on Saturday to progress, while Rhinos overcame Leigh on Friday night. Warrington, who ended Catalan Dragons' 100% home record on Sunday, will play Huddersfield, who scored nine tries in a crushing win against London Broncos. Fixtures are scheduled for the weekend of 14th-15th July 2012.

The News Newspaper - Issue 175  

The News Newspaper - Issue 175

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