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Issue 96

Wednesday, October 27th 2010

Sweeping changes to cabinet A new look for the Government - but opinion polls show it is trailing PP by 13 points


Cholera epidemic - World News

ousands at risk from cholera spread The UN's humanitarian co-ordinator in Haiti has said tens of thousands of people in the crisis hit Caribbean island are still threatened by an outbreak of cholera despite some signs that the epidemic is stabilising. warned: "A nationwide outbreak with tens of thousands of cases is a real possibility.” The UN and aid agencies are boosting prevention efforts in and around Haiti's capital Port-au-

Murray Harper

Prince, where 1.3 million survivors of January's devastating earthquake live in tent camps. Five cholera cases were detected on Saturday in Port-au-Prince, and isolated. Another 20

suspected cases were under investigation by medical aid organisation Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) CONTINUED ON PAGE 2


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Six new deaths were reported on Monday bringing the total number of people known to have died to 259 and authorities confirmed more than 3,300 cases. The UN’s Nigel Fisher




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WEDNESDAY, October 27th 2010 Read your favourite news, plus a whole lot more in


A Song for Cudeca

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02 n General News

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WORLD They’ve got to be kidding...

By Kym Wickham

Would somebody please explain to me why the uK government are getting away with constantly raising the pensionable age. Throughout the whole of the time (yes, for over 30 years) I was paying into my uK government pension I was told that I would get my pension at age 60. After I had paid my dues, in full, they announced they were raising the age on a rising scale to age 65. now they have just announced it will be rising to age 66! To my mind, this is a case of simple contract law. If I did X, they agreed to do Y. I have upheld my side of the contract but they can apparently do what they like. This must surely be a very easy case of breach of contract law as they are refusing to pay me 6 years money they owe me that, at today’s rate of £97.65 per week is £5,077.80 per year, totalling a whopping £30,466.80 - and we're not even getting into SERPS etc.! It would appear that the uK Government is above the laws of the land as far as contract law is concerned. If it has invested unwisely or has used what was in the coffers unwisely, why should that be our fault and why should we suffer? I can understand raising the retirement age for newcomers to the scheme as that could be under a different contract, but for people who have already paid? Sounds like theft to me! Any lawyers want to do a pro-bono? You’d have a lot of clients on percentage!

links with Havana The EU's decision on Monday to contact the Cuban government in an effort to improve ties with Havana has been hailed by the Spanish press as a first major success for newly appointed foreign minister Trinidad Jimenez. However, it was former minister Miguel Angel Moratinos who laid the groundwork over the past six years. Sra Jimenez repeated on Monday his claim that the Cuban government's pledge in July to free 52 political prisoners merited a change of attitude on the EU's part. The EU's "common position", dating back to 1996, demands that Cuba makes progress on democracy and human rights before any normalisation of ties. France and Belgium decided to back Spain and EU foreign affairs chief Baroness Ashton is now set to contact the Cuban

government to arrange future talks. Several former communist countries now in the EU are against Brussels softening the EU position on Cuba. And last week the European Parliament awarded its Sakharov Prize for human rights to Cuban dissident Guillermo Farinas, who ended a hunger strike after Havana announced it was freeing the prisoners. He was close to death after refusing food for more than 130 days. The death of another dissident while on hunger strike in February put pressure on Cub, which has always denied that it has political prisoners, calling them mercenaries paid by the US to undermine Havana's rule. In September, four recently released Cuban prisoners currently living in Spain urged the European Parliament not to revise the EU's 1996 position on Cuba.

Catalan premier backs off coalition Catalania's Socialist regional premier Jose Montilla said over the weekend that he had no intention of forming another three-way government there with the two parties whose main promise for the November 28th election is to seek a referendum on independence from Spain. Observers have said that Sr Montilla hopes his promise

will sway moderate Catalan nationalists to vote for the Socialist Party and give him a viable majority in the Catalan Parliament. However, recent polls suggest that Convergencia y Union, the party which governed Catalonia for 23 years before the Socialists formed their first three-way government in 2003, is set to win the election with a small majority.


ousands at risk from cholera spread The director general of Haiti's health department, Gabriel Thimote, confirmed on Monday that the rate of increase in cholera deaths had slowed.

Aid, said he believed the death toll would increase in the next few days. Haiti has not seen a cholera outbreak for about half a century, and many people are frightened by the news of the outbreak and unsure of what steps to take to avoid the disease.

However, the number of infections had increased by 10% since Sunday, and aid agencies insisted they would remain on alert. Mr Thimote said: “We think that the situation is stabilising. That doesn't necessarily mean we have reached a peak."

Poor sanitary conditions make the camps and slums vulnerable to cholera, which is caused by bacteria transmitted through contaminated water or food. Cholera causes diarrhoea and vomiting leading to severe dehydration, and can kill within 24 hours if left untreated. It is easily treated through

Agencies battling to contain the disease echoed Mr Thimote's caution. Harold Paul, regional emergency manager for UK aid organisation Christian



continued from FRONT PAGE

rehydration and antibiotics. UN spokeswoman Imogen Wall said most effort was being directed into setting up dedicated treatment centres and making sure people across Haiti were kept informed of the best ways to stem the spread of the virus. She said previous experience of cholera in Latin America in the early 1990s suggests that the disease could spread easily across large areas and could incubate for a number of days before presenting symptoms. Haiti has enough antibiotics to treat 100,000 cases of cholera and intravenous fluids to treat 30,000, according to the UN.







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WEDNESDAY, October 27th 2010

National News n 03

news Your outlook on the World



National News


water skis were patented by Fred Waller

Major cabinet reshuffle doesn't convince Most polls carried out after last week's cabinet changes showed that, on average, 70% of Spaniards think they are cosmetic ones designed to help the Socialists win the regional and local elections that will take place over the next few months. A similar number believe that Interior Minister Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba's promotion to Deputy Prime Minister, taking the place of Maria Teresa Fernandez de la Vega, indicates that he has been chosen to be Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero's successor for the 2012 general election. Sr



Rubalcaba will now hold three positions – deputy PM, Interior Minister and official Cabinet spokesman. Health minister Trinidad Jimenez has been moved to the Foreign Ministry and replaced by Leire Pajin, who was the Socialist Party's organisation secretary. Apparently

Miguel Angel Moratinos had no warning that he was to be dropped as Foreign Minister – his dairy was full of official appointments until the end of November. Valeriano Gomez is a completely new face, replacing Labour Minister Celestino Corbacho who has gone to Barcelona to

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help out in the Catalan regional election slated for November 28th. Another new face is Rosa Aguilar, former Cordoba mayor and member of the Izquierds Unida (United Left) party until she went over to the Socialists a couple of years ago. Two ministries have disappeared – the Ministry for Equality had been merged with the Health

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ministry and Housing has gone to the Public Works Ministry. The reshuffle aims to boost Socialist Party's ratings which dropped after the introduction of unpopular austerity measures. The party is now trailing 13 points behind the Partido Popular in opinion polls.

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WEDNESDAY, October 27th 2010

04 n National News

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Miguelin goes to Chinese museum Economy Minister Elena Salgado on Monday gave the 6.5 metre-tall robot baby called Miguelin, which was the Spanish Pavilion’s symbol at the Shanghai Universal Expo, to its organising committee. Miguelin, who was conceived by filmmaker Isabel Coixet as a symbol of Spain’s vision of the future of cities, will be one of the main attractions at the museum to be built in Shanghai to commemorate

the exhibition. He was the most photographed exhibit in the Spanish Pavilion, which has already been visited by nearly seven million people. Sra Salgado was in Shanghai on her way back from a meeting of the

G-20 finance ministers in Gyeongju, South Korea. She announced Spain’s intention of making a gift of Miguelin during a visit to the pavilion accompanied by the director general of the Expo, Hong Hao, who

received Miguelin symbolically. Sra Salgado said it was an “extraordinarily important gift” because Miguelin represented much more than the half a million euros it cost to bring him

into the world. She said: “We could say that Miguelin is the ambassador of friendship between the peoples of China and Spain and this adorable baby will stay in Shanghai as symbol of that

friendship and to strengthen the cooperation and trade between our two countries.” Last weekend the exhibition organisers’’ aim of attracting 70 million visitors was achieved.

Ecuadorean wins siesta contest A jobless security worker from Ecuador has won a competition billed as the country's inaugural siesta championship, by napping for 17 minutes in a busy shopping centre.

Royal couple miniseries slammed The Prince looks like an idiot, Letizia comes across as a know-it-all, the Queen is a witch and the King a clown. That's the critics' verdict of the first episode of Telecinco's mini-series about the Royal love story. Monday's two-hour-long episode told how the relationship began and how Letizia, a commoner, was received at the Palace. For some reason the Queen speaks with a French accent – she was born in Greece and

learned Spanish after she married the King, but now speaks it fluently and without any trace of any kind of accent. The King acts more like a spy snooping after his son, trying to keep him under control. In a statement issued hours before the episode was aired, the Royal Household said it was not acquainted with

the contents and had not been consulted during the filming. When asked about the series at the reception held on October 12th at the Royal palace to mark National Day, Princess Letizia said she knew nothing about the production except that “very pretty actress” Amaia Salamanca plays her.

Pedro Soria Lopez took first place and €1,000 for his effort - or lack of it. Judges also praised the 62-year-old for his volume, notching up snores of 70 decibels around talking level. The contest, run by the National Association of Friends of the Siesta, was part of a

campaign to revive the siesta tradition, which is seen as threatened by the fast pace of modern life. During the nine-day contest held in Madrid's central shopping district, 360 competitors stretched out on sofas and tried to sleep as much of the 20-minute period allotted to

them as possible. Their pulses were monitored to make sure they were really asleep. Judges awarded points for the speed with which participants fell asleep, the volume of their snoring, the most original sleeping position and the best-dressed sleeper.

Benalmádena Ben n almádena nalmádena na Mediterra

Prostitutes to wear reflective vests Following a law introduced by Els Alamus town hall banning sex for sale in public urban areas, women looking for customers on the LL-11 road outside the town near Lleida in Catalonia have been ordered to wear yellow fluorescent vests or pay fines of €40. A 2004 law

states that pedestrians on major highways and hard shoulders have to wear the high visibility vests. The local authorities say they are not harassing the prostitutes but protecting them from being hit by drivers. However, the sex workers themselves have accused mayor Josep Maria

Bea of trying to drive them out of the area. There are an estimated 300,000 prostitutes in Spain where prostitution is not illegal but profiting from the sale of sex is. In a recent survey, a quarter of the men questioned admitted having paid for sex.

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WEDNESDAY, October 27th 2010

National News n 05

news Your outlook on the World


Octopus's death shocks country

Stricter smoking ban passed

Spaniards on Tuesday were shocked to hear of the death of Paul the Octopus at the Oberhausen Sea Life Centre in Germany. Paul predicted the winners of all Germany's World Cup clashes, as well as the final. Now Spaniards are asking themselves if this means the national team will never win another World Cup match. Others were more practical, saying “Thank God we didn't pay all the money to bring him here”. Several offers of tens of thousands of euros were made so Paul could spend his last days in Spain but the Sea Life Centre turned

them all down. Staff there said his death was not unexpected, because common octopuses have a maximum life expectancy of three years. Paul was two years and ten months old, according to the centre's reckoning. Manager Stefan Porwoll said on Tuesday Paul appeared to have passed away peacefully during the night, of natural causes. He said the centre may decide to bury Paul in his own small burial plot within the grounds and erect a modest permanent shrine.

But Paul will live on in a range of commercial enterprises ranging from special clothing lines to mobile phone applications. He will also feature in a documentary to be released early next year.


A law banning smoking in all bars and restaurants was passed in Parliament and now has to go to the Upper House, which is expected to pass the measure. Expected to become law on January 2nd, it will also make smoking illegal in public places like playgrounds, hospital grounds and at public schools. Hotels however, will be able to designate around a third of rooms specifically for smokers. The law will make Spain one of the European Union’s strictest countries as regards smoking. Most EU countries still allow restaurants and bars to have designated smoking sections. Lawmakers say the ban will save thousands of lives by cutting out passive smoking.





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Spanish approve gypsy expulsions a survey has found that at least half of the Spaniards questioned did not disapprove of the recent expulsions of roma people from France and said that if the Spanish government were to adopt a similar measure they would not object. a similar number said they would approve a ban of the Moslem veil, while nearly 70% said the burka should be banned. Several recent surveys indicate that Spaniards are becoming less tolerant of certain groups of foreign immigrants. BarCELONa

Dogs kill street people Police sources have confirmed that a man and a woman found dead in an allotment in the city's La Llàntia de Mataró district on Saturday appeared to have been killed by dogs. an autopsy found no evidence that they had died by human hands. The police said that the man, aged around 60, and the woman, about 55, had been living in the allotment with several dogs but there were packs of street dogs living in the area. Madrid

12 countries interested in UME at the ceremony marking the fifth anniversary of the creation of the Emergency Military Units (UMEs), defence minister Carme Chacon said they had been so successful that at least 12 countries – including russia, Peru, Chile and Morocco – had expressed interest in receiving help to create similar units. She said the UME, consisting of 3,600 men and women in five battalions, has been called out to 90 natural disasters – forest fires, floods and heavy snowfalls – since its creation.

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WEDNESDAY, October 27th 2010

06 n World News

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On thiS dAtE in

World News


Christopher Columbus discovered Cuba and claimed it for Spain

War-hit countries 'most corrupt'

Indonesia tsunami leaves 123 dead At least 123 people have been killed and hundreds were missing after Monday's powerful earthquake off the coast of Sumatra triggered a localised tsunami, according to local authority reports. Dozens of houses were destroyed by waves after the 7.5 magnitude quake, which struck near the Mentawai islands. Australian officials are trying to contact a group of between eight and 10 missing surfers who were

on a charter boat in the area, but poor telephone coverage was hampering efforts to contact them.

Meanwhile, another group of Australians said their boat was destroyed by a wall of water.

A local police officer said bad weather had delayed a search and rescue operation.

Captain Rick Hallet told Australian media that his boat was anchored off Pagai Island in the

Menatawis when the waves came: "We felt a bit of a shake underneath the boat and within several minutes we heard an almighty roar, then we saw the wall of white water coming at us." The wave brought another boat

crashing into them and sparked a fire, forcing them to jump into the sea. Some of those on board were swept up to 200m inland by the wave, he said.

War-torn states are still among the most corrupt in the world, according to a new report from Transparency International, based on a poll of businesses and people in 178 nations. The worst is Somalia, followed by Burma, Afghanistan and Iraq, while Denmark, New Zealand and Singapore tie for top place as the world's least corrupt countries, with the UK 20th and the US 22nd. The Berlin-based watchdog’s report rates Russia as among the worst for corruption, in 154th place. Italy, in 67th spot, now comes below Rwanda. Emerging economic powerhouse China is in 78th place. Chile and Uruguay are rated the leastcorrupt countries in Latin America. In the Middle East, the best placed is Qatar.

President fêtes Chile miners

Canadian terrorist pleads guilty

President Sebastian Pinera fêted the 33 miners rescued after 69 days trapped underground with a palace reception in Santiago, during which each miner was given a medal to commemorate the 200th anniversary of Chile's independence from Spain, which was celebrated while they were trapped.

The 24-year-old, who had been facing a possible life sentence if convicted, was wounded and captured in Afghanistan in 2002 when he was 15. He is accused of throwing a grenade that killed US Army Sgt Christopher Speer, from New Mexico, when US troops raided an al-Qaeda compound in Afghanistan. He was charged at his war crimes tribunal with murder in violation of the laws of war, conspiracy, providing material assistance to a terrorist organisation and espionage.

The 33 also played a football match against their rescuers and government officials, with the government team winning 3-2. The teams were made up of 16 players each in order to give all the miners a chance to play and also to allow for frequent changes, as some of them are still not very fit. The total number of men on the field, including

the referee, was 33, mirroring the number of men who were trapped in the 5th August rockfall. The miners have become celebrities not just in Chile, but around the world, since being rescued nearly two weeks ago. Books are being written about their ordeal, and there is talk of Hollywood films. Some of the men have

After reaching a plea agreement with the US military authorities at Guantanamo, Omar Khadr, the youngest detainee there, has pleaded guilty to all five terror charges against him at a war crimes tribunal.

been to Spain to appear on a TV chat show, while in Santiago and at the World Expo in Shanghai, people have been queuing up to have their photographs taken next to the Phoenix escape capsules that were built to bring the men to the surface. Chilean writer Pablo Huneeus has copyrighted the message that announced that the trapped men were alive and well on behalf of the

miner who wrote it, Jose Ojeda. The message was discovered attached to a probe 17 days after the mine collapse. President Pinera showed off the note during his visit to Europe last week and in the UK gave copies of it to the Queen and prime minister David Cameron, as well as presenting each of them with a rock from the mine.

The defendant also admitted planting improvised explosive devices and receiving

weapons training from alQaeda. Details of the plea deal have not yet been disclosed but it could mean Khadr will avoid life in prison, or be returned to Canada to serve a shorter jail term. Khadr's lawyers told the court that the US had agreed to support Khadr's request to return to Canada after one year to serve the rest of his sentence, adding that his return would ultimately be left in the hands of the Canadian government. The US is the first country since World War II to prosecute a person at a war crimes tribunal for actions allegedly committed as a juvenile. Critics of Guantanamo Bay have said Khadr should not be prosecuted because of his age at the time of the Afghanistan battle. US President Barack Obama has pledged to close the Guantanamo facility, but Congress has repeatedly blocked his efforts.

WEDNESDAY, October 27th 2010

World News n 07

news Your outlook on the World


Students try to boost French protests French students staged protests on Tuesday to try to boost opposition to the government's pension reforms among signs of cracks in the movement. Three of 12 national oil refineries have voted to end their action and a rubbish collectors' strike in Marseille was suspended. The row comes to a head this week, with Parliament expected to hold a final vote on Wednesday to bring into law an increase in the minimum retirement age from 60 to 62. The students are on a half-term

break which they plan to use for a series of marches around the country in opposition to the plan to increase the retirement age. Another nationwide strike has been called for Thursday. The authorities see the protests as a litmus test as to whether they are running out of steam. Rubbish collectors in Marseille ended their high-

Fiat 'better off without Italy' Italian unions and politicians have reacted angrily to suggestions by the head of carmaker Fiat, Sergio Marchionne, on Sunday that the company

would be better off without Italy, citing the country's poor record of labour efficiency and industrial competitiveness. He said improvements to Fiat's

profile two-week strike on Tuesday, while all of France's 200 fuel supply depots were cleared of strikers on Monday, and 80% of petrol stations were expected to be operating normally on Tuesday. But seven French refineries are still closed and buffer stocks of petrol and diesel are almost exhausted. If they do not reopen, France

could face an even more serious fuel crisis by the end of the week.

profits were made despite continuing loss-making at its Italian plants.

efficiency and 48th in terms of industrial competitiveness.

Mr Marchionne had said that eliminating lossmaking Italian plants would increase financial gains. He said: "Fiat cannot continue operating these factories at a loss forever." He added that the country ranked 118th out of 139 countries in work

But the speaker of parliament, Gianfranco Fini, said the only reason Fiat was still a "colossus" was due to the Italian taxpayer, referring to government bonus schemes introduced to support the automobile industry during the global

attempting to walk on water. Now four other dolphins, including young infants, have been recorded trying to learn the trick from the two adults, and have been seen practising, less successfully, in the river. Billie is thought to have learned the trick during a brief period when she was held captive in a

dolphinarium, before being released back into the wild. She passed the behaviour onto Wave. The behaviour, when a dolphin beats its tail fluke repeatedly so it lifts its body vertically out of the water, is seen among captive, trained dolphins but it is extremely rare in the wild.

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financial downturn. Fiat has been waging a bitter battle with the Italian unions over the company's plans to improve productivity through stricter working conditions and shut down a factory in Sicily. The head of Italy's biggest union, CGIL, Guglielmo Epifani, said the

CEO's comments reflected his underlying intent to abandon the country, saying: "The truth is that Marchionne would like to leave Italy." The company reported a sevenfold jump in profits, making €190 million in net profit in the past three months, up from €25 million a year ago.


Dolphins learn to 'walk on water' Scientists at Australia's Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society have reported seeing six wild dolphins mastering the technique of "walking" on water - furiously paddling their tail fluke, forcing their body out and across the water. Dr Mike Bossley said the dolphins seem to walk on water for fun, as it has no other obvious benefit. He said that makes the behaviour a rare example of animals "culturally transmitting" a playful rather than foraging behaviour. In past years, he has witnessed two wild adult female dolphins, named Billie and Wave for research purposes,

The government has warned that the disruption is threatening the country's fragile economic recovery. Finance Minister Christine Lagarde said on Monday that the strikes were costing France up to €400 million a day.


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WEDNESDAY, October 27th 2010

08 n World & UK News

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Possible UK Another UK bank holiday pension rise Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith and pensions minister Steve Webb are working on plans to provide UK pensioners with a “decent” £140 per week government basic pension by the next general election which will be in 2015. At the moment, the basic single person’s pension is just £97.65 and for a couple is £156.15 Currently pensioners can undergo a series of means tests to provide them with a top-up but this is a complicated and expensive system to administer and the new scheme is hoped to be cheaper to run with the funding coming from the reduced amount of money being ploughed into

bureaucracy - announced last week. The big boost in payouts will be for women who opted out of the system to bring up children, thereby spending years away from paid work, and national insurance contributions. Business Secretary Vince Cable said on Monday that it was a Liberal Democrat idea that had been developed by the party over several years in opposition. "This is a big idea that my colleague, the pensions minister Steve Webb, has been working on and indeed, we worked on it for years in opposition," Mr Cable told BBC Radio 4's Today programme."

Royal friend dies in crash A friend and fellow polo player of the Prince of Wales and Princes William and Harry has died with two other people after an Augusta helicopter they were travelling in crashed in the Mourne Mountains in County Down, Northern Ireland. The helicopter was apparently returning to England after a shooting trip to Ireland over the weekend. The rescue services were alerted by a witness seeing a helicopter in difficulties.

Charles Stisted, 47, was the Chief Executive Officer of the Guards Polo Club in Windsor. A spokesman for Clarence House told Sky News: "The Prince of Wales, the Duchess of Cornwall, Prince William and Prince Harry are all shocked and deeply saddened by this terrible tragedy. "Their Royal Highnesses' thoughts and prayers are with the families of those killed at this dreadful time."

New Blakelock appeal A new appeal for witnesses was launched on Monday to try and find those responsible for the killing of PC Keith Blakelock some 25 years ago.

A new re-construction of the events took place in the hope of jogging memories of the incident.

The TUC have suggested a new bank holiday be introduced on the last Monday in October next year to encourage people to help in community schemes.

At the moment there is a four month gap between the UK's August and Christmas bank holidays and the new one would coincide with schools’ half term holidays.

General Secretary Brendan Barber said: "One of the best things about our national character is the extent to which people are willing to help each other. People in the UK already have a solid record of getting involved in voluntary and community work, but there is still a great potential for more people to join in. A new bank holiday with a theme of encouraging people to

Unlucky 13 for the UK Britain has ended up in thirteenth place in the Prosperity Index, an international survey of wealth and happiness over 110 countries compiled by the Legatum Institute, a think tank based in London. It states that Britain has failed to make the top ten mainly due to education, national security and healthcare. Norway, Denmark and Finland were the top three while Ireland was 10th, Iceland 11th and the UK was followed by Austria then Germany. The loss of public confidence in the UK's banking institutions and worries about job losses are undermining Britain's performance as a whole although low inflation and high income capital per worker had increased its place within the survey. It also stated that key areas of the UK economy were found to be sound. Of the 110 countries covered by the survey, Britain ranks 101st on public confidence in financial institutions, 98th on optimism about job prospects and 93rd on expectations of future economic performance - the kind of ratings usually found in the world's poorest countries, the Legatum Institute said.

Rise in motor sales The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders said last week that production was up by a massive 35% for the year to date, with output of commercial vehicles rising by almost 17%. September alone saw a rise of 6.6% across the industry from the previous month. On top of the output growth, there will be an increase of around 50% for apprenticeships within the industry although the Government's Train to Gain scheme will be

scrapped. Support for research and developement of low carbon vehicles should add to the upward trend of the UK motoring industry. However, Inchcape, the multinational car dealer, has said that it intend to scrap some 500 jobs across Greece, Belgium, Singapore as well as the UK.

A funny ending? Firemen to strike Comedy duo Lenny Henry and Dawn French were granted a “quickie” divorce on the grounds of his “unreasonable behaviour” after 25 years of marriage.

Neither attended the court and Mr Henry agreed to pay the costs of the proceedings. They have an adopted daughter, Billie, and remain friends.

UK firemen are set to go on strike on what is one of their busiest days of the year. The Fire Service have said they will strike on November 5th, Bonfire Night, if their demands for

stopping changes to their contracts of employment are not met. The decision to strike at that particular time has been condemned across the board and talks continue to try and stop it.

take an active role in their communities would be the perfect way to bring the country together. If another 1 in 10 people do just 5 hours of volunteer service a year it could be worth £500 million and give those people extra employment-related skills.” However, it was felt by some observers that hardworking people would

relish the extra day off work to be with their families and it was suggested that a better scheme would be to encourage those on the dole and benefits to give one day a week to volunteering and perhaps get extra employmentrelated skills and get off the dole – thereby saving the country a rather larger fortune.

Youth dies after London gang street shooting The shooting of two youths, resulting in the death of 16-year-old Samuel Adelagun, and serious abdomen wounds for a 15-year-old now in a stable condition in hospital, during the early hours of Saturday morning in Plaistow, London, has sparked a manhunt for the assailants, described as wearing black clothing and balaclavas. After being shot, the pair ran to a nearby house and banged on the door to be let in. Adelagun died soon after. Police confirmed that two gunmen had fired shots at a group of four youths, at which time the group scattered. The other two met back on Chesterton Road, Plaistow later when they called the police. A police spokesman for the Met's Trident unit, which tackles gun related crime within the black community, said that both

victims were known to the police and it was believed that the attack was gang related. He added: "Shooting incidents are still rather rare in London. We are working with the community and asking the community to help us to come together to solve this." Despite protests and marches by the families, and particularly the mothers, of members of these gangs the killings keep happening on the streets of UK towns. Flowers, including seven bunches of white roses, have been laid at the foot of the police cordon taping off the scene. One tribute read: "To Sammy, one of the realist young bucks. Gone but never forgotten. 100 % love. Liam." Meantime a female friend at the scene said: "He was just a lovely guy, he had amazing dimples and a smile that would make you melt."

Teens arrested on suspicion of girl murder A post-mortem is to take place on 15-year-old Rebecca Aylward of Aberkenfig, South Wales after her body was found on Sunday morning near a bus stop on the outskirts of the village. South Wales police would not comment on how the girl was thought to have died but released information stating that two 15-year-old boys had been arrested in connection with the incident. The police were

given extended time for interviewing the boys on Tuesday. She was last seen just after mid-day on Saturday after being dropped off by relatives to visit a friend. Her mother reported her missing when she failed to return home on Saturday evening. Police are appealing for witnesses who may have seen Rebecca to come forward.

WEDNESDAY, october 27th 2010

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Children freezing at work A joint investigation has been launched between West Mercia Police and the Gangmaster Licensing Authority in Worcestershire after seven children – five boys and two girls aged between 9 and 15 years old - were discovered working in a field in the Kempsey area picking spring onions in near freezing conditions last week. It was reported that some were with their parents whilst others appeared to be on their own. Six of the children have been taken into police protection. Some fifty Rumanian workers, including a number of children, were found to be working on the farm where no licenced gangmaster could be found. Indian workers were also on the premises but were under the control of a licenced gangmaster. A GLA spokesman said: “The workers and children were not dressed adequately to protect themselves from the cold conditions.”



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Tough new dress code planned The mayor of the seaside city of Castellammare di Stabia, luigi Bobbio, is planning a tough new dress code which would effectively outlaw everything from miniskirts to low-cut jeans to improve what he calls standards of public decency. offenders would face fines of between €25 and €500. Castellammare di Stabia is the latest city to make use of the extra powers handed down by prime minister Silvio Berlusconi's government to mayors, in the effort to fight crime and confront anti social behaviour. SlovenIa

First black mayor elected a doctor born in Ghana has been elected the first black mayor of the coastal town of Piran in Slovenia. Peter Bossman came to the country in the 1980s, when it was still part of the former Yugoslavia, to study medicine. The 54-year-old had intended to return home after his studies, but changed his mind after marrying a fellow doctor of Croatian origin. He said people no longer noticed his colour and his election showed the country’s "high level of democracy". IndIa

New bug species found in amber More than 700 new species of ancient insect have been discovered in 50-million-year-old amber found in lignite mines in the Cambay Shale of the Indian state of Gujarat. The discoveries come from some 150kg of amber produced by an ancient rainforest in India. Scientists said that many insects are related to species from far-away corners of the world which means that, despite millions of years in isolation in the ocean, the region was a lot more biologically diverse than previously believed.

More women Iranians come forward going nuclear Former cab driver John Warboys, 53, who was jailed in April indefinitely after being linked to more than 85 counts of drugging and sexually assaulting women, could now be linked to more than 100 different crimes. Scotland Yard said that a number of women have come forward since the trial with fresh information which could make him the UK's most prolific sex attacker. The police added that they believe there may still be many more who have not come forward to lodge a complaint. Many of his victims were women drinking in trendy London nightspots. He would invite the women to “celebrate” with him

following an alleged lottery win that he would back up with a carrier bag stuffed full of cash. He would then spike their drinks and once they were incapacitated, assault them in the back of his vehicle. Warboys was told that he would have to spend a minimum of eight years in prison and would not be eligible for parole until officials said that he was no longer a threat to women.

Iranian TV announced on Tuesday afternoon that the country had started to load fuel into the core of the Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant. It will take 2 to 3 months to load 40 - 50% of the fuel in the reactor. The facility, in the south of the country, was opened in August after 35 years of delays but it is expected to start producing electricity by early 2011. Iran’s nuclear programme has been a source of much friction between Tehran and the West as the Islamic Republic is suspected of developing nuclear weapons under the guise of providing energy for the country.




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Regional News


the US annexed West Florida from Spain

Councillors failed in their duty On the tenth day of the hearing of the Malaya case in Marbella, the lawyer for the Town Hall, Alberto Pelaez, agreed with the statement by Judge Miguel Angel Torres, that all the councillors had failed in their obligation to

“denounce the irregularities which were being committed”.

of cases “they necessary for investigation”.

As for the excessive duration of the periods of detention alleged by the accused's defence lawyers, he said that in the majority

Of the 95 people facing charges in the case, only Juan Antonio Roca, Marbella council's former urban planning adviser

were the

who is alleged to be the brains behind it all, has not been allowed out on bail because of fears that he will flee the country. The trial is expected to last well into next year.

Cruise ship visits exceed expectations More than half a million visitors from cruise ships visited Malaga in the first nine months of this year, up from 488,000 for the whole of last year. The director of Malaga port, Sebastian Camps, said the port authorities had not expected to pass the half million mark until 2012. He said another 78 cruise ships were

scheduled to call in at Malaga before the end of the year which would bring the number of visitors to an estimated 680,000. Sr Camps said the port authorities were

already revising the forecast of one million visitors by 2015. He was speaking at a party given for the arrival of cruise ship passenger number 503,975 last week. The

cruise ships have made an important contribution to a record rise of 20% in the number of tourists visiting the provincial capital in September.

Big fine for motorists on closed road Unwary motorists using the Fuengirola road from Alhaurin el Grande (A-7053) last week faced hefty fines as they were stopped by Guardia Civil officers at a road block by the Valtocado turn-off. The road has been closed for nearly two years and frustrated commuters have been forced to use the Mijas route. Only people with official passes on display are allowed access. Now much of the work has been finished - barring 500 metres - and drivers had been unofficially using the road after 7 pm. But a road worker was injured after being hit by a vehicle and the Guardia

Civil are now stopping motorists and fining them for driving along a “carretera de obras”. Speculation is growing that the road may be finished by Christmas, otherwise the company carrying out the work will face a financial penalty from the Junta de Andalucia. The Guardia Civil has also been stepping up its activity on the Marbella road at the unfinished roundabout near La Trocha in Coin. Motorists are being handed a €200 fine for using the prohibited left turn onto the road from the Cartama direction.

Wet long weekend holiday forecast

Marbella leads in business closures Nearly 270 self-employed people have been forced to close their businesses in Marbella so far this year, according to the Association of Selfemployed Workers of Andalucia (ATA). Deputy chairman Rafael Amor told

reporters that the figure represented a drop of 2.7%, the biggest one for towns of more than 40,000 residents along the Costa del sol. He criticised the Junta de Andalucia’s employment councillor, Manuel Recio, who said recently that the

self-employed have suffered less than anyone else from the current economic crisis. He said that in the month of October alone more than 1,100 self-employed people in Andalucia had joined the dole queues.

As All Saints Day falls on Sunday, Monday the 2nd is a holiday and the weathermen say it might be better to choose indoor recreational activities. They said the showers will start on Friday afternoon, Saturday will start out fine but the clouds will gather later on and Sunday will end with rain. Temperatures will drop by 4 to 5 degrees on average.

More families slide into poverty Latest figures show that many average families of four in Malaga city have less than €475 a month to cover rent, food and utilities and that the members of at least 4,000 households subsist on €16 a day each. Malaga City Hall's social wellbeing councillor Maria Victoria Romero said they formed

part of the 30% of Andalucia's total population who live below the poverty threshold and represent 60% of the 6,600 households that have had to apply to community services for help in the past year. She said that was an increase of 140% over last year.

WEDNESDAY, October 27th 2010

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New works for Picasso Museum The Picasso Museum celebrated the 129th anniversary of the painter’s birth on Monday by announcing the addition of 43 new works to its collection - on loan from the Almine and Bernard Ruiz-Picasso Art Foundation (FABA) for a period of 15 years. This brings the collection of works by Malaga’s most famous son to 276, which are the visible evidence of the €108 million invested by the Junta de Andalucia

in the museum since it was inaugurated in 2003. Only 36 of the newly acquired works will go on show because of lack of space.

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Nearly 2,400,000 people have visited the museum since it opened eight years ago and 20 different exhibitions have been held.

Water resources catalogue in process Hundreds of ecologists, environmentalists,trekkers and walkers have located 730 springs in Andalucia, many of them for the first time. Some 40 of them, which were the only source of water in the olden days, still flow under Malaga city. The searches were done in response to an appeal by the Andalucian Water Agency, the University of Granada and the Geological and Mining Institute of Spain two years

ago. The idea is to produce the most complete catalogue of Andalucia's water resources to date. So far, Ronda is the town with the most springs – 103. The catalogue, which has 3,438 entries, can be consulted online by people who think they have found a new spring. If the spring is not recorded, the discoverer can download a form and send in the details, together with a photo. Fuensanta spring in Ronda

Wild boars on latest rampage Not satisfied with digging up patches of golf courses, the Costa's wild boars are beginning to indulge in “urban tourism”. Their latest favourite destination is the residential complex, Club La Costa de Mijas, attracted by the damp earth of the recently irrigated lawns which are so easy to turn over with their snouts. A spokesman for the complex's maintenance

department said they arrive in a group and are not frightened off by security guards flashing torches at them. Mijas town hall and the Junta de Andalucia are consulting environmental experts, the Guardia Civil's Seprona nature protection service, golf club directors and managers of hunting areas in an effort to find an acceptable solution to the problem.

Carnation arrests Police arrested two women in Malaga on Monday for allegedly stealing money from two foreign tourists while trying to sell them carnations. They said Lucía S.F., 49, and María Esmeralda A.C., 31, had relieved the tourists of €600 and €800 each while distracting them with the flowers. A police patrol car stopped the women as they tried to run away. Tourists are urged to be cautious when approached by flower sellers.

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Mediterranean real estate expo sales up

Monda’s new Foreigners Dept takes off

Sixty six visitors to last weekend's 7th Mediterranean Property Expo (SIMed) at the Palacio de Ferias in Malaga decided to buy property, upping this year's sale by 10% over last year.

Since it opened on October 18th in the town's public library, Monda's Foreigners Department has had a steady increase in the number of visitors seeking information from a volunteer staff who speak English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch and Flemish.

Companies who took part estimate that the real number of sales may double or triple in the near future after visitors decide to go for the many bargains on offer. More than 6,600 visitors handed over an average of

200 forms with their contact data to each of the different exhibitors. Since it began seven years ago, SIMed has become a key tool for companies and professionals involved in property sales.

Supermarket own brand sales rising Shoppers in Malaga province are increasingly opting for supermarkets’ own brands to stretch their money further in these times of crisis. A survey has shown that nearly 45% of the food products and cleaning materials sold were the supermarkets’ own brands. This is 5% over the national average and nearly 10% higher than when the current economic crisis began to bite three years ago. A spokesman for the polling

company, SymphonyIRI, said the percentage was even higher in poorer provinces like Huelva or Cordoba. He added that other surveys by the company showed that people living in the more well-off areas of Spain such as Madrid and Barcelona still preferred brand name products.

Many of them just dropped by to say hello and good luck while others were delighted to find that use of the library's computers is

free. The volunteer staff are at the library on Monday mornings from 10 am to 2 pm. One of the department's first initiatives is to provide subsidised lessons in conversational Spanish to local residents to help them to integrate into village life, in collaboration with Monda Town Hall. Further details about the service can be obtained from Source:

More blue zone parking on way Alhaurin el Grande's local council has approved a plan to provide more than 150 new parking spaces, to be regulated as a blue zone, at the Municipal Library and the new health centre. The new spaces will join

those blue zone parking areas already existing at the apartments at María Cristina Cine and those located in the section that includes Avenida Gerald Brenan, up to the Cruz de la Misión and Plaza de la Legión”.

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Triple rape case solved 9 years on


participated in the rape. Their cousin was arrested shortly afterwards. The three men had offered to give the girl a lift home

injured. Medics discovered that the man was dead and had a head injury. J.J.M.S., a friend of the dead man, was not immediately suspected but by the end of the week he was arrested along with two men and a woman. The Guardia believe the man died when he was run over, either accidentally or deliberately, by J.J.M.S. and the others helped him to cover up the death.

from a discotheque in Benalmadena’s Puerto Marina. They gave her drugs and took her to some wasteland instead.

Two women aged 45 and 50 have been arrested by the Guardia Civil in Almeria and charged with drugging men in Almeria, Granada, Malaga, Jaen, Cordoba and Murcia in order to rob them. The women contacted the men, all aged between 60 and 65, through a social contact network and met them after checking out their finances. They met the

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Judge halts trial - Roca raises funds

None of the DNA samples found on her clothing matched any the police had in their database at their time.

Mortal accident Women drugged cover-up robbery victims The Guardia Civil have arrested four people in Pozo de Alcon (pop. 5,000) in Jaen province for attempting to cover up the death of a man in a road accident. The body of Juan Jose B.M., 60, was allegedly found in a car at the beginning of last week by J.M.M.S, 45, who went to the local health centre to ask for someone to look at a man who, he said, was


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The National Police have arrested two brothers and their cousin in connection with the rape of a young English tourist in Torremolinos in November 2001. The two brothers were detained a few days ago in connection with another crime but DNA tests showed they had


Our friendly reception and client liaison team are also bi-lingual

men in their homes, and drugged them before removing all their valuable objects. One victim was taken to hospital with heart complications and told medical staff what had happened. The women had got away with more than €30,000 in money and jewellery in that incident. The Guardia arrested two others for aiding and abetting them.

The judge trying the Malaya corruption case has given the man alleged to be behind it all, Juan Antonio Roca, permission to sell one of his art works so that he can pay his lawyer. The local council's former urban planning adviser is alleged to have millions of euros stashed away in foreign banks but he claims he is penniless. His lawyer, Rocio Amigo, will receive €8,000 a month from the proceeds of the sale of the painting. Judge José Godinho has suspended the trial for 20 days while a number of previously raised issues are examined. MALAGA

Surgeons help out at weekends A local paper has learned that a team of surgeons from Seville's Virgen del Rocio Hospital is carrying out operations at Malaga's Hospital Clinico and the Carlos Haya Hospital on occasional weekends to help it comply with a recent decree fixing limits on waiting times for operations. The practice is not uncommon or illegal, but a UGT union spokesman said that “these mobile teams can alleviate the situation, but each hospital should solve its own structural deficiencies”. MARBELLA

Hospital facturas being handed out The Costa del Sol Hospital on Monday became the first in Andalucia to issue “facturas” to patients to show them how much their treatments have cost the health service. However, the patients are not expected to foot the bill. The idea is to make patients aware that the treatments are paid for out of their taxes. Only certain treatments - such as operations for cataracts, which cost €1,399 and hernias, €1,147 - will be “billed” at first.

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Memo from

Voice Madrid

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Hats off to the Spaniards

The bigger picture



he more opinion poll results I read, the more I realise that the average men and women in the street here have a lot more political savvy than the people they elected to govern them. It could be that the seemingly neverending economic crisis has sharpened their minds and removed the veils from their eyes but they are increasingly less inclined to swallow empty promises and vain hopes.


t didn't taken them long – about 24 hours – to see through a major Cabinet reshuffle which – according to prime minister Zapatero – will create jobs and get us all out of this economic crisis. Appointing a new labour minister won't get results if you don't give him the tools to do the job – like investing in research and development, which would create jobs in the long run – instead of dreaming up more subsidies to help people on the dole which will just add to the country's debt.


hile the newspapers are analysing the strengths of the new Cabinet and filling page after page with bios of the old and new ministers, the opposition is getting ready for a renewed onslaught in which insults, omissions and outright lies will be the main weapons. Once again the Socialist party is intent on linking the Partido Popular with the Civil War and the Franco regime and the terms “ultra derecha (far right)” and “fascismo” are being bandied about, as they were in the lead-up to the last election.


pposition leader Mariano Rajoy has not risen to the bait. He has asked his people to forget insults and concentrate on the issues that really worry people – like unemployment. Unfortunately one PP man, the mayor of Valladolid, Javier Leon de la Riva, had already opened his mouth and put his foot in it. His comment about the appointment of Leire Pajin as health minister, that she would probably distribute condoms left and right to the country's youth, caused an uproar in the Socialists' ranks, giving them the perfect ammunition to fire at the PP. His immediate apology was even worse. After saying he regretted having insulted the new minister, he then added: But she still looks to me like a character in a cartoon. Some apology!


r Rubalcaba was not slow in using such wonderful ammunition from such a source – and accused the PP of being “genetically machista”. Now, a man can be machista for genetic reasons – by simply having the male genes – but parties don't have have genes. Whatever, it sounded good. The fact is that if there is one person even more adept than Zapatero at using lots of words to say nothing much it's Rubalcaba. He's very sound when he talks about the Basque terrorist group ETA, but his hard-line

stance there is undermined by rumours that Zapatero wants to restart talks with the group in order to achieve his dearest wish – bringing ETA in from the cold.


nd many people haven't forgotten that it was Rubalcaba who tried – and failed – to cover up the existence of GAL, the anti-terrorist death squads which emerged – in secret – a year after the Socialist government of Felipe Gonzalez came to power, when killings by the Basque terrorist group ETA were at their height. Made up of members of the security forces and hired assassins and with the mission to destabilise ETA in its "safe havens" across the border in France, GAL (Anti-terrorist Liberation Groups) was responsible for 28 murders between 1983 and 1987. The Gonzalez government's involvement in this shadowy armed group was the subject of a judicial inquiry and a Supreme Court trial which convicted two senior government ministers - former interior minister Jose Barrionuevo and his security chief – and sent them to jail for ten years. Perhaps the Spanish people would have overlooked the government's involvement – except that more than a third of the people killed by the GAL death squads had no connection to ETA.


erhaps Mariano Rajoy should trot out the squeaky clean Socialists relationship with GAL every time they thrown the Iran war in his face. But the past is the past and Rajoy's instructions to concentrate on issues not insults will win him more votes in the end, while the Socialists' penchant for insulting everyone who doesn't agree with them will lose them votes.


o it looks as if the the March 2012 election campaign has already begun. Zapatero and his ministers were grinning like Cheshire cats over the weekend, convinced the Cabinet reshuffle will save their skins. But it will be interesting to see if those grins survive the Catalan regional election in a month's time, which the main opposition party there, Convergencia y Union, is tipped to win. However, anything could happened between now and then – a month is a devil of a long time in politics.

ast week’s Cabinet shake-up was prime minister Zapatero’s biggest political move since he was first elected in 2004. The strategy was designed to shore up his government and develop a commanding presence with Socialist heavyweights taking the top ministries, including a fresh face to help try to smooth things over with the trade unions. But besides pinning his hopes, as we were told, on people who can communicate better in getting his austerity and economic messages across, Zapatero is focusing on a bigger goal – one that will guarantee the Socialists will win a third term and one that could give his administration historical perspective. He is striving to put an end to ETA once and for all.


he person to tackle this difficult chore is none other than his new deputy prime minister Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba. The 59-year-old Cantabria native has been the government’s point man in the fight against terrorism since taking over the reins at Interior in 2006. Coordinating the battle with French law enforcement, Rubalcaba oversaw a series of stunning blows on ETA, including arrests of the organisation’s military chiefs and their subsequent successors in 2008-2009. Thanks to an agreement penned in January 2008 with the French, Spanish agents are permitted to work in the south of France, where ETA hotbeds are located. For 14 years, he has served as the Socialist Party’s number one advisor in anti-terrorism matters. He represented the Zapatero government in 2006 during the initial peace talks in Switzerland, which ended with devastation when an ETA commando unit later that year set off a car bomb at a parking garage at Madrid ’s Barajas International Airport ’s newest terminal, killing two Ecuadorian nationals.


ut now the time is ripe for Zapatero. ETA is being pressured by its traditional supporters on the outside, members of the banned Basque radical “abertzale” parties, including Batasuna, who want the terrorists to call a permanent ceasefire so that they can be allowed to run in the next municipal elections. It is a race against time. But the government says it isn’t enough; it wants Batasuna and other radical left nationalists to demand that ETA lay down its weapons. The organisation is also seeing pressure stepped up from once sympathetic international observers, including South African lawyer Brian Currin, who are urging the terrorist group to call a fully verifiable ceasefire. The organisation has said that it would consider whether to discuss the offer.


ith the Socialists, ETA has a better chance of winning much more guarantees than if they were to negotiate with a hard-line

Popular Party (PP) government. During Prime Minister José Mariá Aznar’s 19962004 government, it appeared that no-one in the PP administration was willing to negotiate. Aznar himself was the target of an assassination attempt in 1995 when he was opposition leader. Since the prior ceasefire that ended in 1999, ETA has killed more than 50 civilians and government officials. From its inception in 1959, the group has been responsible for more than 850 murders.


inning a peace pact is no doubt Zapatero’s biggest unannounced goal – unannounced because the Socialist government doesn't want to get burned like it did in 2006. But there are other missions for the rest of this new Cabinet. His new foreign minister Trinidad Jiménez – fresh from her loss in the Madrid regional premier primary – has to solve the diplomatic mess with Venezuela, which refuses to hand over wanted ETA suspect José Arturo Cubillas Fontán. Cubillas has the protection of the Hugo Chávez government, which according to some press reports coming from Caracas , is planning to allow him to move to Cuba if the pressure gets all too intense on all sides. But there are also several ETA suspects in the Caribbean island that the High Court also wants, and Jiménez’s push on Monday in Luxembourg for a more lenient European Union policy toward Cuba could be Madrid ’s bargaining chip. Terrorists in exchange for better treatment.


t the labour ministry Valeriano Gómez, another veteran negotiator, takes over from Celestino Corbacho who, after pretty much losing all respect from the unions, was pushed to Catalonia where his name will appear on the Socialist election slate in the upcoming regional race. A former member of the UGT technical committee and previously an analyst at the ministry, Gómez has gained the trust of the workers organisations. Although the negotiations over labour reform broke down leaving the Socialists to seal its own version in Parliament, Zapatero has said he is willing to reopen talks with labour and big business to finetune the package as well as discuss pension reform. Gómez will be the man heading up that job.


his will be Zapatero’s last opportunity to rescue his government. He may think he has all the right people in place, but it will be up to this new team to see whether they can convince the public that they really have it in their hearts to bring this country forward.

WEDNESDAY, October 27th 2010

Opinion & Comment n 15

news Your outlook on the World


“The NewS”wANTS To heAr your vIewS Send letters to the editor as part of an e-mail text to

G Dolores Scott I do enjoy your paper and its constant improvement in appearance and content, although I try to avoid being annoyed by Muriel Pilkington's biased, partisan view of politics, by just not reading her. Unfortunately for me, you have been pairing her column with that of the erudite Sr. Martin Delfin of El Pais, who writes such an excellent informative column clearly showing the difference between reporting and opinion while doing so. I say unfortunately - because the eye tends to stray over to the annoying lady. Before I could rescue it while reading your Wednesday October 13th edition I spotted Ms. Pilkington's grossly inaccurate statement viz: " the March 2004 election, which was tipped in their favour by the current Interior Minister, Martin Perez -Rubalcaba, who skilfully manipulated the Madrid train bombings to bring out the anti-war faction." In indisputable fact, what happened on that dreadful morning took place in a country which had been not

Samantha Ives I only ever wanted a job! 4 years of looking for a job left me scammed, floored and owing the bank 5000 euros. Multi talented and qualified, I started job hunting 4 years ago here in Spain where I already made and designed my own unique candles, greetings cards and painted portraits. There was no call for this type of skill so I decided to do something I enjoy. A self taught musician, I played the drums for 5 years and applied to join a band, but advert after advert was a let down - even having the phone put down on me when they heard I was a girl. I then went on to make all my own catering products– cakes pastries, buffets and birthday cakes, again this went nowhere, and after continuously applying for jobs in newspapers, never got as far as an interview.


just manipulated but forced by its ambitious Prime Minister Sr. Jose Maria Alfredo Aznar Lopez (who apparently had post government ambitions in America) and his Partido Popular, into an illegal and ultimately fruitless and world damaging war in Iraq alongside the United States of America and Great Britain despite more than 75% of public opinion being totally against it. (Hence Sr. Zapatero's dedication to fulfil his campaign promise of withdrawing our troops as soon as his party took power rather than as Ms. Pilkington insultingly suggest simply because he had nothing better to do). The country was also deeply dissatisfied with its then right wing government for their disgraceful behaviour in shaming the country over the maritime oil leaks they had tried to foist onto Portugal when the proper and safer behaviour should have been to tow the damaged vessel into Spanish port. Within minutes of the bombs exploding in Madrid in such a manner that practically the entire country knew they could only identify with Al

Quaeda since ETA has a well known practice of detonating in the same manner as the IRA (having been coached by them)......almost every house in the country was flooded with leaflets exhorting us to rush to our city squares and wave the accompanying banners denouncing ETA. Such a shameless insult to the nation's intelligence brought the rousing response of all fairminded who routed the Partido Popular from their arrogant posture by throwing them out of government even though their financial policies seemed to be acceptable. Money is not everything Ms. Pilkington, I was never so proud of my adopted country as when that event took place three days after the bombing during which time - Ms. Pilkington seems to have forgotten - a moratorium was issued on campaigning. Ms. Pilkington's tirades are more appropriate to coffee clutch armchair critics than to serious political discourse. Editor says: Ah! Our Muriel always stirs things up but we get many more letters agreeing with her than we do disagreeing.

After all this I was on the edge and decided to pack my bags and go on back to England, but before I did, I saw a job advert in a local newspaper for a payment rep here in Spain. I e-mailed and got the job straight away. After several emails I received 2 cheques to my address which I had to deposit into my bank account, I did this obviously thinking it was in my job description, then had to forward on the money to their offices in Nigeria. Five days later the bank called me saying I was

By Ken Campbell

If you would like to be kept up to date or take part in any of the events then go to

Last flight of Discovery If all goes according to plan then the Space Shuttle Discovery will make its final flight on Monday November 1st. The task for the astronauts - five men and one woman - will be to deliver two more units to the International Space Station (ISS) and to test out a brand new ‘Robonaut’. The Robonaut is a self contained robot helper that looks a lot like Star Wars C3P0. It will help the astronauts when they go out of the Space Station on their spacewalks. The idea behind the Robonaut series of robots is to have a humanoid machine work alongside astronauts. Its shape and dexterity are designed so that Robonaut can use space tools and work in similar environments to suited astronauts. Discovery was the third space shuttle to be launched back in 1984 and is now the oldest of the three remaining shuttles. The two older shuttles Challenger and Columbia were destroyed in dreadful accidents in 1986 and 2003 killing all 14 astronauts on board.

Coin So, tired, I decided to do something that I always wanted to do and what I thought would be a fantastic job opportunity for me, I studied 8 long months and paid 100 $ for a Cabin Crew training course. I passed with a great score of 95% only to find a recent flight led me to hospital with an incurable sinus problem, which makes me very sick while flying.


being prosecuted for fraud as the cheques were fake and the company was non-existent. I have since looked into it but it was so cleverly done. After several trips to the police I was told the bank was demanding the amount of money on the cheques back - but I no longer had the money as it had already been sent to Nigeria. I had to find a solicitor to help me. I suffered panic attacks, fainting, sickness and other illnesses. But the fact is that, in the end, I had to pay 5000 euros to the bank or I would have been prosecuted and possibly sent to prison. After paying the bank I am still now jobless and am currently studying for a new career in journalism and hope to make my first big break when I visit the Formula 1 paddock at this year’s winter testing.

This will be the 133rd launch of a space shuttle since the first flight of Columbia on April 12th 1981 and it is the 39th flight of Discovery. There was an earlier space shuttle called Enterprise (named after the Star Trek Enterprise) that flew in 1977 but this was only a test flight and never actually went into space. The space shuttles have been the work horse for NASA and without their help the International Space Station would never had been built and the giant Hubble Space telescope could not have been sent into space, but now they have come to retirement age and are no longer needed. There will be one final flight by one of the remaining shuttles: Endeavour will fly in February 2011 but the shuttle Atlantis will be kept on standby to act as a rescue mission should anything go wrong with either Discovery or Endeavour. After that they will all be sold off. It will be left to the Russians to ferry the crews back and forth from the Space Station from then on in their

much cheaper Soyuz rockets. While NASA turns its sights on returning to the Moon around 2019, 50 years since their first trip in Apollo 11. You will be able to see the ISS tonight (Wednesday October 27th) - if you look toward the south west at 20.10 you will see it looking like a very bright star getting brighter as it passes almost directly overhead. You’ll have to be quick though, as it takes only 5 minutes to cross the sky travelling at 17,000mph. Don’t forget to wave at the seven astronauts on board!

Fuengirola Astronomy Society The next meeting of the astronomy society will be tomorrow (Thursday 29th) at 8.00pm. We are at a new venue now, which is the Danish Tennis club just past the Peugeot dealer on the Fuengirola to Mijas road km 2.2 at Casa Danesa urbanization Haza del Algarrobo. I will be giving an illustrated talk on the winter constellations. Admission is only €2.50 and the prize in this month’s raffle is the Brian Cox book ‘Wonders of the Solar System’.

WEDNESDAY, October 27th 2010

16 n Community News

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Community TAPAS triumph again

“THE NEWS”WANTS TO HEAR YOUR VIEWS Is there something happening locally that you would like our readers to know about? Is your society or organization planning a fundraiser or special event?

Contact us on

PET CHAUFFEURS Defra Compliant Luxury Household Pet Transport. UK-Spain-UK in 48 hours by road via Eurotunnel.

iPets attended day and night iFree pet passport check-in

service iAdapted mini-coach with heavy-duty aircon iDogs walked individually every 2/3 hours iCat pens are roomy with soft bedding, litter trays and toys iRabbits / Parrots etc welcome

If you missed TAPAS’s latest production of the “Old Time Music Hall” then you certainly missed out on an excellent evening of musical variety. Nearly 250 people thoroughly enjoyed the 20 acts, ranging from full chorus, solo singers, monologues, dialogues and a magician to the full blown verbosity of the Master of Ceremonies. With an atmosphere similar to that of an intimate dining room the audience were able to enjoy the entertainment seated at group booked tables, with waiter service, which Los Arcos, the new home of TAPAS, is able to offer.

The sheer professionalism of the performers, the grandeur of their costumes, stage backdrops, lighting and props make it all difficult to believe that TAPAS are comprised entirely of amateurs working to a very high standard. The musical entertainment was interspersed with bouts of light hearted comedy acts which included John and Maggie Parker together with Jenny Storey performing a well crafted and funny version of the “Sand Dance” that had the audience howling. The musical compositions, arranged by

musical director Jane Busby, included many of the old stalwarts of Music Hall tradition and were a delight to listen to. Judging by the laughter, applause and audience participation TAPAS again offered an evening of wonderful entertainment. TAPAS are holding a Christmas Fayre at Los Arcos on Saturday November 13th and the next production, “Who Killed the Director?”, a Murder Mystery evening will be on Saturday November 20th. Further details on the TAPAS website

British Chamber of Commerce to hold seminar on Spanish Law The British Chamber of Commerce, with over 100 years’ presence in Spain, is a non-profit-making organisation whose main aim is to promote trade relations between Spain and Britain as well as providing new business opportunities for its members. It is a non-profit-making NGO, it works closely with the British Exterior Minister, the British Embassy and Consulate, as well as other government agencies, both regional and national, and has over 300 members. Membership is open to all businesses in Spain, not only those with Spanish or

British commercial interests but any company with international links would be welcome additions to the British Chamber of Commerce in Spain. On Thursday October 28th the Chamber will host an educational seminar at the Don Pepe Hotel in Marbella starting at 5 pm entitled “The Five Most Forgotten and Ignored Business Laws in Spain”. There will be five short presentations on different laws that all business in Andalucia should be aware and compliant with including : Internet Law, Health and Safety Law,

Money Laundering Laws, Data Protection Law, and Andalucia Tourism Law. There will be an opportunity for Q&A afterwards. Tickets to attend the event can be obtained for €12 for members and €15 for non-members from Francis Tanner on 952 815 365 or you can email them at You can read more about the British Chamber of Commerce at their website www.

David The Dogman Consultations with david in your home

610 868 748 / 952 883 388

On collection we invite you to view your pets travel arrangements. See our testimonials at 0044 1323 44 7687

Worship meeting If you can..... If you can start the day without caffeine,

The Christian Evangelical Church are holding a joint worship meeting on Friday October 29th starting at 8.30pm and would welcome anyone who would like to join them. The Church is at calle Pensaniento 45, Torreblanca at the Los Boliches end of Fuengirola. Go to for further information.

Still time

If you can always be cheerful, ignoring aches and pains, resist can you If complaining and boring your with people troubles, If you can eat the same food every day and be grateful for it, If you can understand when your loved ones are too busy to give you

any time,

If you can take criticism and blame without resentment, If you can conquer tension without medical help, If you can relax without liquor, If you can sleep without the aid of drugs, Then you are probably the family dog!


You can still catch the Ely Cathedral Choir tonight (Wed)in Mijas at 8pm and tomorrow lunchtime (Thu)in Alhaurin el Grande and at St Georges in Malaga at 7.30pm. On Friday you can see them in Sotogrande at 8pm. The last showing is in Gibraltar on Saturday 30th at 8pm

Xmas cards Cudeca Christmas Cards, hand crafted by volunteers and patients, are now available in Cudeca charity shops along the coast. Packs of 10 cards are priced at €6.

This little female born on January 10th this year is of mixed breed and is medium sized.

wants to please and needs someone with time to spend training her.

Penny desperately needs a home. She is a young, beautiful looking dog, with a lovely playful personality.

Anyone taking her on and giving her the time would be rewarded tenfold. Tel: 626 942 427. Visit the A.I.D. website:




WEDNESDAY, October 27th 2010

Community News n 17

news Your outlook on the World


New Ladies at A bumper fundraiser Lunch Club Inland Mums has now grown up! Ladies living here in Spain with school aged children frequently find it difficult to meet like-minded people. The Ladies That Lunch club recognises that the gap between dropping the kids off at school and picking them up again can be a lonely and boring time, so the club is now aiming at filling that time by inviting mums to get together, without the kids, to relax together maybe for coffee or even lunch, every second Thursday morning. The first meeting is on Thursday November 4th at half past ten for coffee. You can all order and pay for

what you want so you're not looking at a club that could cost you loads of money at a time when money is tight. Some meetings will be just a coffee morning, and some could be a lunch somewhere but whatever you're doing you can be assured of meeting new friends, getting support and help in fitting in in your new community, with people who will have likeminded interests and lifestyles. So call Emma Webber now on 608 408 771 for more information about next week’s meeting and start making new friends.

Film festival ends with gala The 5th Edition of the Marbella International Film Festival ended Sunday, October 17th after a gala ball and awards ceremony attended by over 100 international filmmakers and guests. The winners were: 24 Hour Challenge "Wena, Wena, Wena" produced by James Gomez of Marbella; Best Animation - Out on a Limb, by Daisy Yu-Chuan Lin. Taiwan - USA; Best Short Short - Happy Life by Minos Nikolakakis, Greece; Best Documentary Absent by Justin Hunt, USA; Best Short - Awaiting Her by James Joint, Honduras; Best Feature - Do Elephants Pray? by Paul Hills, UK.

The festival started with the 24 hour film challenge on Friday, October 15th. That evening a party was hosted for over 250 invited guests who were greeted by young girls wearing flamenco dresses. Red carnations were given to all and the spirit of the feria pervaded the party. After festival parties were also held at various venues during the weekend. In competition were 50 films from all over the world. The partipants all commented on the beauty of the town of Marbella and the weather and many have expressed intentions to return here for their future film projects. Next year’s dates will be October 14th, 15th and 16th 2011.

The 3rd annual Joint Charity Dog Show in Alhaurin El Grande was a huge success, with more than 70 dogs and their owners competing in 13 classes on a sunny October day - and the event was so successful more than €1,700 euros was raised, to be split between organisers CHAIN (Charity for Animals in Need) and ARCH (Andalucian Rescue Centre for Horses).

Classes ranged from the Dog With the Waggiest Tail to The Best Rescued Dog Looking for a Home. The Egg and Spoon race was hotly contested and the Best in Show was won by Zac, a beautiful German Shepherd puppy, with the Reserve Best in Show awarded to Luna, a sweet little dog who had been abandoned with S.O.S. 5 days earlier.

Calendar girls do it this year in Villanueva

How can they do this?

The ladies of Villanueva de la Concepcion have come up with a novel idea for raising money toward the town's next feria – they are launching a “Calendar Girls” style calendar for 2011, which will be launched at a ceremony in the town next Wednesday November 3rd at 5pm in the town hall. The six friends, aged from 46 to 64 years, and all from the UK or Holland, decided almost a year ago that they wanted to find some way of raising funds for their adopted village. With support from the town's innovative mayor plus a local photographer and printer the girls met regularly to practice posing with various props to hide certain attributes!

In the interval there was an exhibition by Javier of “Attack and Protection” with his German Shepherd dogs and Sabrina once again demonstrated her skills as a dog trainer. A bouncy castle, stalls, barbecue, candy floss and cream teas made it a memorable day for all


One of the saddest tasks faced by volunteers in the costa's animal refuges is being asked to rehome dogs who have been part of a family, microchipped, but cruelly abandoned when their owners leave Spain for the UK. This little dog was found forlornly wandering the streets of Torreblanca and she is a very affectionate, sweet natured girl. She is being fostered by the lady who found her, gets on well with the three other dogs in the house and has been called Smiley because of her charming nature. But she is II years old and SOS volunteers are desperate to find her a

loving home because it would be unkind to make her spend the rest of her life in a refuge.

If you can find a place for her in your heart please telephone Therese on 653 257 875.

Are these your horses?

The calendars cost just €6 each and will be on sale from various outlets in the area or you can call 659 186 519 to order your copy now.

CDS photographers head inland to Ecija The Costa Del Sol Photographic Society recently visited the town of Ecija known as the "City of the Sun" or the "City of the Towers." Both elements constitute the symbols of the town, located between Cordoba and Seville, and considered as one of the most important artistic centres in Andalucia. Ecija is not part of the usual tourist route but the Photographic Society prides itself on organising trips to places with a difference so its members,

mostly residents, are able to enjoy the undiscovered areas. Further information on

membership and activities can be found at or ring 952 446 893.

ARCH, the rescue centre for horses and donkeys ,received a call at the weekend from a local farmer reporting a bay pony mare and her chestnut filly foal who had been running loose round

the Rio Grande area of Coin for a couple of days. The pair are now safe and being cared for at the ARCH rehabilitation centre - the farmer was concerned because he had

just sprayed the field they were in with weedkiller and didn't want them harmed. If anyone can help identify them could they contact Sue on 660 220 700.

WEDNESDAY, October 27th 2010

18 n Story

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Captain of almeria

EpisodE 3 - part 1

î&#x20AC;&#x201A;e Consequences


What are the Countâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s proposals for Rodrigo going to be? Read on for part one of Episode 3 The heat of the morning was starting to rise as Rodrigo walked with Count Alonso across the estate lawn towards the mansion house. He was still in shirtsleeves after the duel and both men sipped at glasses of brandy as they conversed. The Count looked cool, elegant, even though dressed in his heavy court jacket, whereas Rodrigo was somewhat dishevelled, his shirt stained with sweat and blood from the duel. Rodrigoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s attendant Nicholas followed at a short distance, remaining politely out of earshot of the two as they talked. Nicholas was worried for his captain since the Count was a powerful man and more deadly in some ways than a sword blade could ever be. He knew the duel would have consequences for Rodrigo, who had wounded the Governorâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s son Carlos over

a matter of honour, and he feared that the Captain would now have to pay for this and his other indiscretions. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Carlos will be unrelenting in seeking satisfaction, Rodrigo, and I do not refer just to the field of honour,â&#x20AC;? stated the Count, â&#x20AC;&#x153;he will use any means to discredit you and when his father, the Governor, hears of the duel â&#x20AC;ŚIâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m afraid that his influence will hasten your downfall.â&#x20AC;? â&#x20AC;&#x153;I realise this, Count Alonso, but I did not ask for this duel, it is a matter between the Governor and me â&#x20AC;Śhe pocketed the prize money from the ships that my crew and I seized â&#x20AC;Śmy men served well and fought hard and deserve their reward. I am not concerned for myself,â&#x20AC;? explained Rodrigo. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I




grievance, Rodrigo â&#x20AC;Śbut did you have to bed the manâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s wife?â&#x20AC;? he asked. They climbed the steps to the wide paved veranda of the mansion. A mixture of frustration and anger had hardened the Countâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s face. Rodrigo turned to look at the face of this man whose expression and questioning eyes demanded an answer. â&#x20AC;&#x153;It was unplanned â&#x20AC;Śa lapse on my part, I must admit Sir â&#x20AC;Śit just happened â&#x20AC;Ś Isabella is like a flame.â&#x20AC;? â&#x20AC;&#x153;Ah! Love,â&#x20AC;? chuckled the Count, his expression softening. â&#x20AC;&#x153;If she is the flame then you must be the poor moth, Rodrigo â&#x20AC;Śand I am afraid that you will have to suffer the burns of your infatuation. The boy dotes on her, even though she is his stepmother and the old man â&#x20AC;Śwell â&#x20AC;Śsome men idolise women, my dear Rodrigo, raising them on pedestals â&#x20AC;Śfor others

they are mere possessions â&#x20AC;Śa manâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s love for a woman comes in many forms, mostly as a symbol of what they value and not necessarily dependant on any mutual feelings.â&#x20AC;?

â&#x20AC;Śâ&#x20AC;? started Rodrigo, but the Count raised his hand to stop any further protest.

Both men were quiet for a short time as they sipped their brandy; watching as the sun rose over the sea, its heat burning off the morningâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s mist. There were a few murmurs of noise from the large house as the staff went about their duties for the waking household. They could hear Carlosâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s groans emanating from the open French doors as the Doctor bandaged his wound. Nicholas stood quietly to one side of the men. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m afraid that you will have to return to Spain, Captain,â&#x20AC;? said the Count finally, as he turned to face Rodrigo again. â&#x20AC;&#x153;But my ship, my men

â&#x20AC;&#x153;I know, my dear Rodrigo; I will take up your grievance and accept my word that they will be paid â&#x20AC;Śbut I cannot help you â&#x20AC;Ś protect you, here. I have estates outside Cordoba and know of an open commission on the coast near Almeria. It may not be to the liking of a seaman like yourself â&#x20AC;Śbut I think that you need to - how shall we say - adopt a low profile - to disappear for a short while.â&#x20AC;? The Count paused briefly to finish the last of his brandy, handing the empty glass to Nicholas. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Now rest, come to see me in the afternoon and we will discuss the details.â&#x20AC;?

the tables on the veranda and eased his body into a chair. He suddenly felt very tired as he placed his empty glass on the table. He closed his eyes to enjoy the small relief of the slight breeze from the sea. He smelt the ocean; his mind wandered, he thought of Isabella.

â&#x20AC;&#x153;Yes Count,â&#x20AC;? replied Rodrigo quietly, bowing slightly as the aristocrat took his leave to enter the house by the French doors. Rodrigo moved to one of

What will happen to Rodrigo and his companion? Read the next part of episode 3 in The News to find out!

Villas de Costalita - on the beach




Casa Michell


Costa del Sol


Telephone +34 670 00 88 03


Built Rooms 3ULFH 

350 m2 3 bed + 3 bath Âź


WEDNESDAY, October 27th 2010

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Your weekly entertainment Guide InSIde thIS week

Ghosties & long leggedy beasties at Jk’s Friday 29th theSPA Play Reading and dinner tonight, Oct 27th Anything Goes at e Salon from Friday nov 5th

e gems of unspoilt Spain now in focus Written by Andrea MacLean

- as battle commences


t has been dubbed the new Battle of Trafalgar and if nothing else, plans by the Junta de Andalucia and property developers to build a huge hotel on the Costa de la Luz will spotlight an area of Spain beloved by Spaniards and known only to discerning Britons prepared to leave behind the busy Costa del Sol and head west.


nvironmentalists, and those desperate to support any attempt to prevent the despoiling of one of the last unspoilt stretches of Spanish coastline, are arguing that a hotel for nearly 1,300 people, planned for the sleepy seaside village of El Palmar, is the sort of thing that could actually drive visitors away. Now, there are hotels along this stretch of coast and there are plenty of reasons to visit this beautiful part of the

country,but that is part of the rub. In the summer you need to book smartish to be sure to find somewhere to stay, as masses of Sevillanos head to the area for their summer holidays.


ith unemployment in the Cadiz area running at 30 per cent, there are those who feel that there is a strong economic argument for building the hotel - it will provide much needed jobs, continue to stimulate a growth in tourism and help enrich the local economy. The 600 inhabitants of El Palmar are not all connected to mains water and electricity, so there are compelling reasons for many of them to back the project. On the other hand, concerns have been raised in the European Parliament over whether the project complies with sewage and water rules.

And the Salvar El Palmar campaigners say that the sprawl of overdevelopment on the Costa del Sol should act as a red flag of warning.


he village is just a few kilometres west of Cabo de Trafalgar - the scene in 1805 of the great sea battle in which Admiral Nelson lost his life. And now the scene is set for a new battle. But just what is in the region that suggests such a huge hotel would fill an important gap in the market? You have to make a real effort to visit this area of outstanding natural beauty and there is every reason to want to visit now, outside the busy summer months. This week we look at one of the nearby towns that is an important draw for those tourists who like their slices of Spain to be rich with history and architectural beauty.


he hilltop town of Vejer de la Frontera is less than 10 kilometres from the beaches at El Palmar and Trafalgar Bay, and set high above the steep gorge of the Barbate river, 200 metres above the surrounding countryside. It's a maze of perfectly preserved cobbled streets, with brilliantly white houses that glisten in the sun and the renowned travel writer Jan Morris described it as "perhaps Spain's most spectacular village".


t its heart is a medieval quarter but unlike some other towns and villages, a tight grip was kept on the development in the newer part of the town, so it is fully in keeping with its historical and architectural heritage. The town is dominated by its Moorish castle and Gothic church, built on the

site of a mosque. Vejer began as a fortress town held by the Phoenicians, and later the Romans, before it spent 5 centuries under Moorish rule, until it was captured by King Ferdinand of Castille in 1248. That is when it became a border town against the Moors and de la Frontera was added to its name. Traditionally, the townswomen wore long, dark cloaks that covered their faces, called cobijades, but the costumes nowadays are only worn for fiestas.


he Plaza de España must be high on the list of prettiest village squares in Spain and from here, walk through the Arco de la Villa into the old town, and take a step back in time. From its walls the views are spectacular rich agricultural and grazing land as far as the eye can

see. It overlooks the Atlantic coastline with views of Africa, as well as natural parks and forests of pìne that are a habitat for an abundant collection of birdlife, as well as offering a multitude of walking trails for those who want to reflect on the beauty of nature. The town was declared a Historical Artistic Monument of National Importance in 1978 and while it may have been a border against the Moors, it seems unlikely that the council will stand in the way of a development that could bring more wealth to the area. One thing is for sure with or without a new hotel, this whole area of quiet, undeveloped Spain, has much to offer and Vejer de la Frontera is a mustsee.

WEDNESDAY, October 27th 2010


20 n Out & About

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Play reading and dinner tonight THESPA are presenting two contrasting plays tonight, Wednesday October 27th for their dinner and play reading night. The first is “Mind Games” by Ian Hornby, a psychological drama directed by Gloria Ketchell. Dinner will be served in the interval, after which the accent is on comedy with “The Evergreens” by David Campton, directed by Jean Fenton (by kind permission of Samuel French Ltd.) The venue, as always, is the Masonic Hall, Edificio Bouganvilleas in Los

Boliches but please note that the starting time has been brought forward to 7pm for 7.30pm. Annual subscriptions to THESPA of €10 can be paid tonight, with the AGM taking place on Wednesday November 24th. Further information about THESPA is available on m New actors, especially young people, are always welcome as, of course, are helpers of all kinds.

It’s not just magic! A childrens’ magic and comedy show will be held to raise funds for AVOI, the volunteer association that helps children with leukaemia in the hospital at Materno de Infantil in Malaga, on Saturday October 30th starting at 6pm. The event is to take place at the Palacio de Congresos, Marbella. From fire juggling to musical mimes, from rope tricks to rabbits, and from magical clowns to comic's not to be missed! At just €10 for a ticket that you buy on the door, why not go along and enjoy the show!

Your Weekly Entertainment Guide

ree Pianists in concert "The Three Pianists", will be at the Black Box Theatre this Saturday Oct ober 30th, starting at 9pm. The show will include classics, nostalgia, evergreens, singalong, comedy and a glass of cava -something for everyone. Never mind the Three Tenors, don't miss The Three Pianists! The Black Box is a lively and interesting little theatre located in central Marbella on Calle Notario Luis Oliver. Tickets are €12 each For more information, map and video go to

CoinBox review and new Double Halloween dates for your diary party at Pógs Successful local rock band CoinBox continue their hectic schedule, with a series of up and coming public performances between now and Christmas. You may have wondered where they have been lately, but the last couple of months they have been busy performing at private functions and at some 'out of area' venues. So if you have not had the chance to go along to see one of their gigs before, or if you are one of their many regular followers, why not take the opportunity to go along and see their show. And

indeed it is a show as they cover and put their own spin on a wide range of popular rock tracks, with plenty of stage theatrics and interaction with their audience. The guys are also very excited as they are in the process of producing some original tracks of their own, which they hope will be ready for their live performances in the New Year. You can check all their dates by viewing their website which will give you details on how to contact the band to book them for your private party, wedding, celebration or for public

venues. Unfortunately, due to their popularity, a few people have been disappointed when trying to book the band, so if you know that you have a special event coming up in the future it is advisable to contact the booking team early to avoid this situation. Public perfomances next month include: Saturday November 20th, Los Aperos, Alora from 09.30 pm onwards. Saturday November 27th, Cudeca Charity Fundraiser, Pizzara 7pm onwards.

Dressing up in weirdo Gothic costumes, howling and growling at the moon, blood and broomsticks, pumpkins and masks, if any of this sounds like fun to you - then be at Pógs live music bar in Fuengirola this Halloween long weekend. Dress up and let it all hang out, there are two rock 'til you drop fancy dress Halloween parties, two events to really show your inner self. It's all there, free shots just for looking good in your costume, special cocktails - deadly Black Mojitos at the Quijote Cocktail bar, loads of chilled Guinness and

CASA KON-TIKI The Fish and Chips Emporium of the Coast

100 t sea rant tau Res


ully New opening times a cond ir itione d 7 days a week 12 noon ‘til late (no siesta)

New Menu now with 33 Fresh Home-made dishes. All your favourites from €4.95 Sunday lunch €7.95 €5.95 3 course set menu of the day €7.95**€9.95 Sundays



Chris The Dish: 667 842 359 John The Fish: 678 292 792

2nd street behind Yaramar Hotel, Los Boliches Visit us at

brilliant music all weekend. The double party starts with Traffic Jam on Saturday night and Fun Fiction on Sunday, two great bands who cover everything from Pink Floyd and U2 to the Rolling Stones, the Doors and the Chilli Peppers. Both bands have a good following in the Fuengirola area, especially Traffic Jam who recently played in the castle with Boney M, but coming up fast are Fun Fiction. This bouncy Argentinian based band are just the boys you need for a real party, soft rock with attitude and talent, ideal

for a wild Halloween night. Anyone at the Pógs Rocky Horror party last year will testify that Pógs can really get going when it’s time for a celebration, it’s a big venue with two bars and a dance floor and don't forget Monday November 1st is also a holiday, All Saints, so .. party. On another note, later in the month from November 26th Pógs will be cutting back for a bit of staff rest and recuperation, to live bands only on Friday and Saturday nights until December 15th when it’s rock on for Christmas and the New Year’s Party.

WEDNESDAY, October 27th 2010

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Basque found! Get a kick out of e Salon This Friday 29th from 9pm JK’s will be having their Halloween party and Duncan - you know Duncan, the big bloke at 6ft 5in - is going to be dressed by his girls in a basque, stockings etc and we can’t imagine what they’ll use for his shoes! Mascara and lipstick aside, this should prove to be the party to be seen at this year. Music will be provided by Jitterbugs as well as a fab disco and entrance is free. There will be food

available to buy in the form of, among other things, freshly roasted chickens dripping with a blood red sauce! If you want to reserve a table, you’ll need to do so now as they are being snapped up fast. So, put on your cloaks, vampires teeth and witchypoo nails - or basques and the whole Rocky Shop of Horrors bit and get down to JK’s on the Poligono La Trocha, Coin. Call 654 396 651.

Anything Goes - Cole Porter's hit musical comedy is the Salon's big book musical of the season and will play from Friday 5th to Sunday November 14th.

You, Friendship, You're The Tops and De Lovely. Set in the glamorous 1930s it has a cast of 30 excellent singers and dancers, fabulous costumes and scenery.

The show takes place aboard a luxury liner during a transatlantic crossing and includes the songs I Get A Kick Out Of

Directed by Peter Mitchell with Peter Height doing his usual wonderful choreography - this is a show not to be missed.

$ #$



% %"



Two fundraising events for PAD

Plaza de Remo La Carihuela Torremolinos

952 057 062

SPECIAL OFFER! 8oz entrecôte steak with all trimmings & bottle Rioja - only €20 per couple Mon & Thurs: Quiz, Bingo &

PAD is a privately run charity in the Mijas/Fuengirola area that specialises in the rehabilitation and rehoming of abandoned dogs and cats.

30th Oct FANCY DRESS & KARAOKE 8pm Till Late

This Sunday, October 31st, they are holding their now famous annual Autumn Fair to raise money for the animals in their care. From 11am to 3pm you will be able to go along to the Centro Nordico on the Fuengirola to Mijas Village road and find stalls selling CDs, DVDs, books including talking books jewellery, clothing and accessories, bric-a-brac and, of course, lots of items for your pets. There will also be a barbecue, a beer tent, a cakes stalls and plenty of other things to eat and drink. They are also having a special day on Sunday November 7th from noon until 3pm when you can

Play Your Cards Right from 9.30pm Tues &Wed: Live Football from 8:45pm Fri: Siobhan from Dublin female vocalist Sat: “Mr Blue Eyed Soul” Danny Stone Sun: Rock n’ Roll with Dalton & his 50s & 60s show *FREE ENTRY* Shows start at 9.30pm. Open all day. Food served 11am - 9.30pm



Bingo Most Evenings 9.30pm All Sports Shown Open 9am ‘til Late

€1 A PINT!


a la Carte meals Reservations Only 1st Sitting 6.00pm


go along, have a good look round the shelter and enjoy a plate of paella for just €8 per person. Drinks and tapas will also be available and you might just meet your new companion. Since the shelter opened in December 1998 PAD has found homes for 5000 dogs and cats. They have open days on the 1st Sunday of every month, and hope you can visit the shelter and may consider


taking a dog or cat as a friend and companion for life. PAD are on the carretera Cerros de Aguila which is off the N340 (land side) just past the Hotel Fuengirola Beach.For more information call the kennels on 952 468 054 or the cattery on 952 469 254 or email them at or have a look at their website at

685 825 687

622 05 04 09


M A R LO W S %& '$ !&


%& '$ !&

Fish & Chips


Monday & Thursday Belly Dancing 10.30am €5 per session Wednesdays 8.30pm Bingo - jackpot €400 Quiz - jackpot €120 Friday 29th Oct Halloween Party Saturday 30th Oct Charity Auction register 11am, view 1-2pm for auction at 2pm Sunday Pool and Darts competitions from 2pm More info:654 396 651

( $

) *

& $ ")% ) $ % ( $*"! % ! & # ! %" ) ( # !& ! ) !' "$ 2010 !") ( ! ") $ #$ % "! & ) * ! $ %& '$ !& %, This Week !

# $

'$ ) * '! % !") 2 "'$% % # '% % "$ $ ! $ ! "$ /8,50 "!-& "$ & "'$ %'# $ '! * " %& !! $% % $( $" 1# &" 5# "$ "! * /8,75

- Quality - Value - Service - Always CASTLE




+ 951 276 728




La Risa @ Lauro Golf SUNDAY LUNCH Served from 1pm HAND BATTERED COD N’ CHIPS - Every Friday - served all day

GERMAN EVENING - SATURDAY OCTOBER 30TH €15PP from 7.30pm Now taking bookings for Christmas

On the road between Alhaurin el Grande & Alhaurin de la Torre Across From the Clubhouse

Reservations: 660 350 896

WEDNESDAY, October 27th 2010

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By Amy Thomas

Mystery Ink? email:


ooking at the photograph of Daphne du Maurier it is difficult to believe what a scandalous lifestyle she is said to have led, or that some of the most suspenseful movies that Hollywood produced were adaptations of stories penned by her fair hand.


e King's Speech BY TOM HOOPER Starring Colin Firth, Geoffrey Rush, Helena Bonham Carter




lthough “Jamaica Inn” was a very successful story, the 1939 Hitchcock version of it was spoiled by Du Maurier having to rewrite the ending to appease Charles Laughton’s massive ego. The movie is set in Cornwall where a young orphan, Mary, is sent to live with Aunt Patience and Uncle Joss who are the landlords of the Jamaica Inn. Mary soon realizes that her uncle's inn is the base of a gang of ship wreckers who lure ships to their doom on the rocky coast. The girl starts fearing for her life. This was Hitchcock’s last preHollywood movie. After his arrival in Hollywood the following year Hitchcock gave us “Rebecca”, a story of an innocent bride’s happiness being overshadowed by the sinister past of her new home and its intimidating housekeeper.

Hobbits on move?

An Oscar for Colin?

We may be living in the age of celeb magazines which lift the veil daily on the lives of our Royal Family and put them in the public spotlight, but we Brits still love a good period drama - and if it should be about the Royal Family, well, that's no bad thing at all - and this is a true story. In The King's Speech, Colin Firth brings to life Queen Elizabeth II's father, King George VI - a shy, diffident man catapulted into the role of head of an Empire on the verge of a world war. But "Bertie" was not just shy -he suffered agonisingly and painfully

Filming for the two Hobbit movies - prequels to the Lord of the Rings trilogy may yet be moved from New Zealand as a result of union action. The now empty Harry Potter studios in the UK have been suggested as one alternative as studio bosses at Warner Brothers try to get production sorted. The New Zealand scenery was a spectacular backdrop to the LOTR trilogy and was expected to have the same supporting role in the 3D versions of The Hobbit. The book will be filmed in two parts and has been dogged by setbacks including financial difficulties at MGM, who own half the project, and the decision of director Guillermo del Toro to quit. LOTR director Peter Jackson stepped in

from a profound stammer and the film opens with him looking anguished as he has to make a speech to a large audience, knowing that he will struggle to get out every word. As the diffident younger brother of the self-absorbed and charismatic King Edward VIII ( Guy Pierce) he had hoped to remain in the shadows. But Edward's abdication for the love of Mrs Simpson meant that Bertie had to accede to the throne at a time when the country needed to hear the calm, fluent voice of its King. And that is when Lionel Logue (Rush) stepped in.

but has been in a bitter dispute with New Zealand Equity - the actors union who called for an international boycott of the film, over pay and conditions. Late last week rumours abounded that the studio was looking at alternative filming locations and NZ premier John Kelly said it would be a "tragedy" if the movies were not made in the country. Talk of moving may have focused minds - on Monday the unions in New Zealand promised that there would be no industrial action impact on filming if the studio and Jackson - stick to plans to film there, and protesters dressed as characters from the book took to the streets in a bid to persuade studio bosses to stay.

The irreverent Australian speech therapist and the King spar as they try to correct the King's stammer. Director Hooper (The Damned United) has a rich collection of backdrops to illustrate his story - not least the glory of the accession ceremony in Westminster Abbey. Helena Bonham Carter plays Elizabeth BowesLyon, the fiercely protective wife of the new King (the Queen Mum always blamed her brother-in-law and Mrs Simpson for the early death of her beloved husband) and though it

After the release to a warm, critical reception of The King's Speech, Colin Firth is being hotly tipped for an Oscar nomination for his role as George VI. He picked up a BAFTA for best actor for his role in A Single Man and was nominated for an Oscar for his nuanced performance but lost out. Now it has been reported that Hugh Grant, Firth's fellow actor in the Bridget Jones movies, is feeling cross with himself. Apparently he was offered the part but turned it down and is now regretting it. Grant has admitted that acting holds less interest for him. His last role was in dire comedy Did you hear about the Morgans? with Sarah Jessica Parker, which one critic said showed Grant had already given up acting.

may not sound the most compelling story line in this day of rollercoaster rides with big guns, the verbal fireworks and top class acting by all the cast have had the critics pretty unanimous in their verdict that The King's Speech will be on award winning lists as the movie prize giving season approaches. The story ends on the eve of the Second World War - so of course we know that the King was a courageous winner in his own personal battle, and along with Churchill, provided inspiration for Britons as the war raged.

CINEMAS SHOWING FILMS IN ENGLISH To find out the times and location online, go to, click on Malaga, go to Cine and on drop down list select “Cartelera V.O.” and click on film poster

Malaga - Plaza Mayor: 902 902 103 Fuengirola - Parque Miramar: 952 198 600 Marbella - Gran Marbella: 952 810 077 Velez Malaga - C.C. El Ingenio: 902 221 622 *please check times with the cinema direct

The Scapegoat”, 1959, is the story of a French count who schemes to kill his wife and implicate a mildmannered English schoolteacher whom he resembles. Alec Guinness plays the dual role of the French count and the benign Englishman. Despite some interesting supporting cast, including a very Baby Janeish Bette Davis, the story seems somehow only half told, and the two Guinness characters remain frustratingly underdeveloped.

Don’t Look Now”, directed by Nicholas Roeg, is taken from the short story of the same name and was released in 1973. Following the tragic drowning of their young daughter the Baxters move to Venice, where John Baxter works restoring church mosaics. There they encounter a sinister pair of sisters, one of who claims to be psychic, and from there we are led through the atmospheric canals of Venice to further tragedy.

Although haunting and beautifully filmed, one of the biggest bones of contention with this movie is the overly long and very graphic love scene between the protagonists. My general rule of thumb for love scenes in mainstream movies is ‘if you wouldn’t be comfortable watching it with your mother, then cut it out’….. or at least edit.


nother story filled with intrigue and mystery is the 1952 “My Cousin Rachel”, starring Richard Burton and Olivia de Havilland. When Philip’s cousin Ambrose dies, he is convinced that he was murdered by his new wife Rachel to inherit his wealth. But he ends up falling in love with her, and he knows that his suspicions must have been unfounded. But were they, or is Rachel just trying to use Philip to get at the estate Ambrose left to him instead of to her? And will she murder him next? The BBC also produced a very successful serialization of it in the 1980s, starring Geraldine Chaplin and Christopher Guard.


nd last, but by no means least Hitchcock’s 1963 “The Birds”. The titular tale follows pretty much the same storyline as the book that is, the birds go wild. Swarms of birds grow exponentially and start attacking people, and the tale focuses on a family’s struggle to survive. The only major difference is that the book is set in rural Cornwall, England while the film is set in California, but still manages to put across the sense of isolation and claustrophobia the family feel inside their home. The success of the story has been attributed to its metaphoric relation to the still fresh terror Londoners, especially, felt during the Nazi air raids of two decades earlier, as it was amplified by Cold War tensions.

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It is a now-or-never feeling that is inspiring you to take action this week. You need to get something resolved and the pressure is building inside of you to make sure you get something sorted once and for all. The more you find yourself ‘doing’, the more empowered you will feel. Even though you need to take action others close to you may also need their own space to get on with their own things too – so you need to remember this when interacting with a loved one. You are fierce with strength and determination now, a lot more focused than you have been over the last few weeks. There is a renewed energy rising up within that wants to tackle projects head on. With this much work to do there is little time for anything else. However, towards the weekend a glimmer of romance lights up your life so expect to be wined and dined. More and more you are being asked to have a little trust and see how far it will take you. There is a sense of completion in an area of your life that is freeing up time and resources for other things. This is a breath of fresh air for you. Teaching from example is something that comes naturally and this will be of great benefit to those around you who are willing to learn. Watch your back, though, as someone in your circle stands to benefit if a problem arises, so be one step ahead and not give them the satisfaction. Time to let that guard down. A Cancer’s guard is made of hard stuff and it can feel uncertain and vulnerable to allow yourself the freedom to relinquish control. Find someone you can trust and have a more restful and relaxing week if possible as that is what you ideally need. Your delegation techniques are right on the ball and there will be no problems in asking others for a bit of help. By the weekend you will have relaxed enough to enjoy yourself – go and have some fun. There is a current challenge that needs to be faced and conquered and you have keen inner radar that is highly intuitive right now to guide you. You feel the urge to have a fresh start and a new beginning but know that it is impossible to lay the past to rest until certain aspects of that past are sorted out. Trust in yourself and communicate your ideas as soon as you can – you may be pleasantly surprised at another’s reaction to your suggestions, perhaps they want things sorted out too. You have a strong impulse in you to clear the air, you have known that things are not as good as they could be but have hoped that it would all right itself. Now you realise it is up to you to lay your cards on the table and say things as they are. This is no time for harbouring emotions but time to let the truth be known. Rather than waiting for things to happen, it is likely that you will take the lead in all areas of your life and get things moving.


Is the cash flow a little stagnant and stifled? It isn’t that you can’t make money but there could be an obstacle or two in the way of getting that cash flow back on track. This is the time for meetings where you can join forces with others of a like mind or spirit - there may be some things that you just can’t do on your own and need some team spirit to accomplish the results you crave. A September 23rd - rush of creativity gushes forth by the weekend and you are all set to create a October 22nd masterpiece.



October 23 November 21st

Life is full of surprises and this week encourages you to remain open and adaptable enough to capitalise on the opportunities coming your way. Desires that have lain dormant spring to the surface and if you have the will to direct them with purpose and unrestricted passion for what you believe in, then the universe will sort the rest. One thing is for sure, time is on your side; make sure you check the facts before jumping to conclusions, though.

SAGITTARIUS Are doubts creeping in, bringing tension into an area of your life that you thought was under control? Just as there are worldly threats that we hear everyday on the media there are is also some potential problem in our lives. The key is to be inspired and not afraid, most of the potential problems never happen so there is no point in panicking unnecessarily. This week you need November 22nd - to keep positive and there will be some miraculous changes springing your December 21st way.

CAPRICORN You are on the verge of an inspiring emotional breakthrough as this is a time of significant perception shifts for you. You have been looking at something and it has not been making sense, leaving you in quite a quandary - a veil lifts and all becomes clear. Your words now carry much weight and the impact that you have on others is profound. By the end of the week you will feel in a more nd December 22 confident position to make careful, considered and successful choices. January 19th


January 20th February 18th


February 19th March 20th

Removing yourself from a toxic relationship has allowed you to see the extent of the pain that has been endured. This objectivity has allowed certain pressures in your life to slowly reduce - there is only one last part to finish a drama that has all but played itself out. This final change may not come as quickly as you would like, as you still have to rely on someone else to put certain pieces into play. The main thing is you are far clearer as to what you now want. This can be a successful buying and selling time for you - trust your instincts when it comes to bargains and I doubt you can go wrong. The heavens want you to make decisions and choices that will benefit not only you but those of your family. Profound emotional issues are coming under scrutiny, enabling you to get to the bottom of an intense situation from the past. Once you understand the motivation behind this problem, you will be able to diffuse it.

Kym’s Kitchen don’t have to be a chef!

As we are in the week of Halloween, buy two pumpkins, one for your Jack-o-lantern and another for this delicious, warming soup. This recipe was supplied by Ian Wooldridge, Head Chef of Kimbridge Farm, Hampshire.

Pumpkin Soup Ingredients:

(serves 4)

● 1 medium pumpkin, peeled & chopped ● 1 large onion, peeled & chopped ● 4 large carrots, chopped ● 1 large potato, peeled & chopped ● 2 litres of chicken or vegetable stock ● 500g carton of passata ● 2 tsp of curry powder ● 2 tsp of paprika ● Salt and freshly ground black pepper ● Olive oil for frying ● Cream and dried pumpkin seeds to garnish

Directions ● Heat the oil in a large saucepan (or preferably a pressure cooker) and add the onion, carrot and potato. Cook until the onion is soft. Add the pumpkin and stock. Bring to the boil and add the passata. Cover and simmer gently until the vegetables are soft and tender. Add the curry powder and paprika and then

simmer for a further 5 minutes. Blend with a hand blender, or cool and liquidise. Season to taste with salt and pepper. ● Serve into warm bowls with a drizzle of cream and a sprinkle of pumpkin seeds.


Poco a Poco By Valerie Mitchell


August 23rd September 22nd

by Cathy Stronach

Two weeks ago we looked at the verb tener. This week we're going to see some of the idioms it is used to make. Although tener usually translates as to have, when it is put together with a variety of words, such as frío, calor, sueño, suerte, hambre, sed, vergüenza, prisa, miedo, it changes its meaning to “to be.” So, Tengo prisa means I'm in a hurry Tengo hambre - I'm hungry Tienes sed - You're thirsty Tienes frío - You're cold Tiene sueño - He or she is sleepy Tiene vergüenza - He or she is embarrassed (Remember that if you say estoy embarazada you are saying you are pregnant so be careful!) Tenemos miedo - We're scared Tenemos suerte - We're lucky Tienen calor - They are hot, as in, they are feeling the heat. (Another word to watch out for is caliente. Do not use it to refer to people unless you wish to talk about them in a sexual context. Use caliente for plates and such like) Tener is also used to talk about one’s age. ¿Cuántos años tiene? How old is he or she? Tiene veintidos años - He's 22 years old (Do be careful to pronounce años as anyos - if you pronounce the n as an ordinary n the word becomes anus. Amazing the possible pitfalls we're coming accross today, isn't it) If you want to enquire about the age of a baby or very young child you ask ¿Cuánto tiempo tiene? You are not asking how many years old he or she is but how much time he or she has been alive. And remember, tenemos que practicar - We have to practise Buena Suerte - Good luck Hasta la próxima - Until next time Valerie runs the Centro Idiomas Language School in Coin. Her books, “The First Twelve Shortcuts to Spanish” , “The Second Twelve Shortcuts to Spanish” (€5 each) and “The Verb Book” (€7) are available from The News office in Coin, Woody’s Cards and Books in Los Boliches, David’s Books in Los Boliches or by email from or call 952 450 747.

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New way to measure body fat

Beauty Tip

How fattening is drink?

Body Mass Index (BMI) has been used for 200 years to measure body weight based on a person's weight and height. It was not designed to determine how obese a person is, since it fails to take into account several factors, such as the distribution of the fat, and the ratio of muscle to fat tissue.

the Body Volume Index, which they claim provides a more realistic view of the body's shape, and will help identify people at risk of illnesses such as heart disease, strokes and diabetes.

Now scientists from the University of Aston in Birmingham have a launched a new indicator,

But unlike the BMI, you cannot calculate your BVI at home - it requires a specialised 3D white-light

scanner which takes a complete scan of the body to show how fat is distributed compared to a "normal" person. The scanner was developed as an offshoot from technology designed to help retailers such as Marks and Spencers produce more accurate clothing sizes.

A spokesman for Select Research, the company that developed the scanner, said: "Most people in the world realise that carrying extra weight around the stomach means that they do have a greater health risk, commonly known in healthcare as central obesity. What BVI now offers the world is a brand new way of measuring the

abdominal area which BMI simply cannot do." BVI is currently being tested through a clinical research programme led by Heartlands NHS Hospital in the UK and The Mayo Clinic in the USA. The 3D scanner involves no contact, and uses safe white light technology rather than radiation or lasers.

'Unsafe' drug found in herbal tea Payouji tea and Pai You Guo Slim capsules, herbal medicines that are marketed as weight loss aids, have been found to include the drug sibutramine, which was withdrawn in Europe and the US in January 2010 over fears it increased the risk of heart attack and stroke. Sibutramine was first

approved as an antiobesity drug in 1997, but data from recent studies suggests a higher rate of heart attacks and strokes among people taking it. The Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Authority, which oversees medicines in the UK, said that any product containing the drug was

" "

inhaler based on bitter substances such as quinine or even saccharine, which has a bitter after-taste, could "replace or enhance" current treatment but warned that simply eating bitter foods would not help protect from or relieve an asthma attack. A spokesman for the asthma research department at the University of Leicester said the finding was very "encouraging", potentially offering a new target for treatment. He said future

$ !



" " " % # %

/,) +/' *)"+

considered "harmful to human health". They said that not only could it have side effects including high blood pressure, seizures, heart attacks or strokes, but could interfere with other prescription medicines. Anyone taking the drug was urged to stop and consult their doctor.

Taste buds in lungs could ease asthma The discovery of "taste receptors" in the lungs rather than on the tongue could point the way to new medicines for asthma, researchers at the University of Maryland have said. In experiments with mice, they found that bombarding the receptors with bitter-tasting compounds helped open the airways, which could ease breathing. They said this could have implications for other lung diseases. They said that an



studies could focus on trying to reproduce the effect in human as well as mouse airway tissues, and making sure that the substances did not produce unwanted side effects such as inflammation. A spokesman for Asthma UK said that a significant number of the 5.4m asthmatics in the UK did not control their symptoms using existing drugs, and that research into new, more effective treatments, was "vital".

)'(' & (.%''

% #


# % % *+('% &


# $


% ! #

% &


# "


# #

% #


! #& !&


# # # !



# &




952 960 372 630 700 201

# %* & *-(), (%! ! & '#% &$$ "# (((

Two fifths of women surveyed in the UK’s Know Your Limits campaign didn't know that a glass of white wine has the same calorie content as a bag of crisps. Two large glasses of white wine not only put a woman over the recommended daily limit for alcohol consumption but - at approximately 370kcals - also provide her with nearly a fifth of her daily calorie allowance. Similarly, two fifths of men weren't aware that a pint of lager has as many calories as a sausage roll. A beer-drinker knocking back just five pints a week would add a whopping 44,200 calories over a year, equivalent to 221 doughnuts. More than one in three drinkers admitted they were likely to eat more than they usually would. The figures also suggest that the “morning after” sees us pack away yet more calories. Almost two thirds of drinkers who normally ate cereal or muesli for breakfast ditched it in favour of less healthy options to help them through their hangover – turning to a fry-up, bacon or sausage sandwich, or takeaway breakfast from a fast-food chain. That can add an extra 450 calories, on top of the alcohol calories consumed the night before. Tips to help avoid that weight gain: -Stick to the daily recommended units. Men should not regularly drink more than 3-4 units of alcohol a day; women should not regularly drink more than 2-3 units a day. A pint of lager (ABV 5.2%) and a 250ml glass of wine (ABV 12%) both contain 3 units of alcohol. -Eat a healthy dinner before drinking so you're not tempted to go for the less healthy options. -Opt for a sandwich instead of crisps or chips, or a chicken burger, no mayo instead of a kebab. -Opt out of rounds and drink at your own pace. -Cut down with a friend for moral support. -Pace yourself by taking small sips. -If you're drinking white wine, add a splash of soda water to help the same number of units last longer. -Alternate with a glass of water.

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Cheryl sends tights sales soaring Cheryl Cole was at the centre of controversy on Sunday as fans questioned whether she mimed to her new single on the results show, but she is still setting trends. The star gave a pulsating, full-on performance of her new song Promise This but did not appear to be singing live - an irony given that that is what all the contestants have to do. Her publicity team later revealed that her performance was pre-recorded in front of the studio audience an hour before the live show began, and that because of the strenuous dance routine she did not sing all the words. But her stripy stockings got tongues wagging. And a survey has shown that must-have hosiery is the latest fashion statement. Sixty three per cent of women now spend between £11 and £30 on a single pair of tights, inspired by the sexy look of Cheryl, and other stars like Alexander Burke. Online retailer Tights Please commissioned the research and predicted a surge in sales of Wolford's £32 Bondage tights, worn by Cheryl in the video for her new single. And now fans will be rushing to buy the stripy stockings worn by the Girls Aloud star on X-Factor. X-Factor winner Alexandra Burke wore a pair of Falke's £22 Glamour tights for her performance in the recent Help for Heroes concert and sales rocketed, and other stars like Pixie Lott and Agyness Deyn have helped put the Henry Holland designs for Pretty Polly onto the fashion pages.

So tights are no longer just an afterthought and it seems women are prepared to pay more for them as they play a bigger part in completing the total fashion design look. Tights Please director Charles Duncombe said:" We have been retailing tights for 10 years and have seen the average price rise from £4 in 2000 to £7 today as customers have demanded higher quality. That is an increase of 30 per cent over inflation." He added that the tights were a way of buying into the glamour of favourite celebrities without breaking the bank. "The explosion of the celebrity scene on the internet has created a 'me too' approach to buying hosiery and our customers want to look just like their favourite stars. A pair of tights costing in the region of £15 buys them a little of the glamour of Cheryl Cole or Alexandra Burke, as the rest of the outfit will probably be beyond their budget," he added.

TV show sets tone for must-have fashion The face of fashion has been changing under the influence of popular TV series Mad Men as the hourglass figure celebrates its return and '60s silhouettes appear in all the high street shops. The show's costume designer, Janie Bryant, has revealed that part of the secret of the success of fashions worn in the show is that the actresses are all wearing vintage and reproduction longline bras, girdles and panties. When the undergarments start to chafe the actresses are given pads made from moleskin, to cushion their skin. The Emmy winning series is set in a New York advertising agency and fashions have spanned the late '50s up to the early to mid '60s. The "Mad Men look" is found

everywhere, as Zara and other high street outlets stock fitted sheath dresses, coats with nipped-in waists, plaid capes and calf length pencil skirts - all on the autumn "must have" list. The show has been credited with encouraging the return of curves, personified by the size 14 38E actress Christina Hendricks, who plays office manager Joan.

published her book The Fashion File, on Monday and has launched her own collection - a capsule wardrobe inspired by the 50s and 60s.

Now iconic undie-makers Playtex are relaunching a new lingerie range aimed at over 50s inspired by the series. The company launched in the UK in the 1950s, is selling 12,000 girdles every week, and say the new line will provide sleek, sexy and discreetly supportive underwear for a client group that feels it has been pushed to one side by the other brands. In the meantime, Bryant




Well, it's all far removed from the day when black became the new American tan. And Cheryl's tights are positively bargain bucket compared to some in the Wolford range - how about the Seraphine fishnets embellished with hand-sewn crystals at a mere £79, or the fringe tights, which feature layers of fringing from calf to ankle, and cost a whopping £200 - you definitely would not want to ladder them.

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1. Just Enough Education To Perform (the Stereophonics' third album) 2. Iran 3. Dottle 4. Twelve (Australia 6, China 5, Pakistan 1) 5. 1869 6. Velcro 7. David Copperfield


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They don’t earn as much as Wayne Rooney - well, they don´t actually earn anything at all. And they don´t get coached by Fabio Capello which may be a good thing. But currently scientists in the UK are working hard to refine a football team made up of

humanoid robots to compete in 2011’s robot football World Cup. Standardised robots from around the world are pitched against each other and this year’s tournament attracted entrants from 40 countries. Dr Subramanian Ramamoorthy, from Edinburgh

University, said preparing the robots to play football was a good way to create and refine software for robots that will help humans. The Robocup was set up with the aim of, by 2050, creating a team capable of taking on the best human players.



Illegal online sports streaming of matches 'increases'

Privacy body to re-examine Google Britain's privacy watchdog is to look again at what personal information internet giant Google gathered from private wi-fi networks.

The number of internet streams showing matches illegally has increased, say some of the UK's biggest sporting bodies. The Premier League, the England and Wales Cricket Board and the Lawn Tennis Association all believe their sports have a problem.

streams have been removed in two years, according to internet monitoring company NetResult.

In most cases, the services are taken down almost as soon as they are put up.

The Department of Business says it's not a criminal offence to watch them but you could be sued in a civil court.

At The Information Commissioner's Office had investigated a sample earlier this year after it was revealed that Google had collected personal data during its Street View project. At the time, it said no "significant" personal details were collected. But Google has since admitted that e-mails and passwords were copied. On its official Google

blog, senior vice president Alan Eustace wrote that the company was "mortified" to discover, after the initial investigation in May, that personal information had been collected. Privacy watchdogs in numerous countries, including France, Germany and Canada, had also investigated the information. "It's clear from those [external] inspections that while most of the data is

fragmentary, in some instances entire e-mails and URLs were captured, as well as passwords," Mr Eustace wrote. "We want to delete this data as soon as possible and I would like to apologise again for the fact that we collected it in the first place. "We are mortified by what happened, but confident that... changes to our processes and structure will significantly improve

That investigation said that the information "did not include meaningful personal details that could be linked to an identifiable person".

While the last batch has already been produced for the Japanese market, Sony said it will continue making

Its popularity began to fade with the arrival of CDs and was further eroded by downloadable music and


Indian tax authorities have given Vodafone 30 days to pay a 112bn rupee ($2.5bn, £1.6bn) tax bill, as part of an ongoing tax dispute.

The Walkman was the world's first commercial personal stereo system and revolutionised how people listened to music. the device in China to accommodate a dwindling band of users in the US, Europe and some Asian countries.


Vodafone given $2.5bn Indian tax bill deadline

Sony stops selling tape Walkman after 30 years worldwide and the groundbreaking, pocket-sized music player was cherished by a generation of joggers and teenagers.


A spokesman for the Information Commissioner's Office said it had kept an eye on international investigations since its own one concluded in July.


Often cited as one of the greatest gadget inventions of all time it has been squeezed out by portable CD players and latterly the advent of digital rivals, most notably Apple's iPod. Since its launch in 1979 around 220 million Walkmans have been sold


our internal privacy and security practices for the benefit of all our users."

devices that can store thousands of songs, while also delivering better sound quality. The retirement of the Sony Walkman in Japan was announced the day before the ninth anniversary of the release of the iPod.

The formal demand relates to the mobile phone company's 2007 purchase of the Indian telephone assets of Hong Kong conglomerate Hutchison Whampoa. Vodafone will appeal against the tax at the Indian supreme court on Monday. The firm says the $11bn transaction was exempt

from tax because it took place between two offshore entities. But the Indian tax department now says that Vodafone must pay the capital gains tax, and has handed the company its first formal tax demand. "The tax authority is attempting to interpret Indian law as it has never been interpreted for the past 50 years, and this interpretation also goes against internationally recognised tax norms."

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Buried Alive: Chilean Miners

Sat, Oct 30th 21:45


October 27

The rescue of 33 Chilean miners, trapped half a mile underground for 10 weeks, captured the imagination as the world watched with bated breath. This looks at the technology, and the impact on the men.


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17:15 The Weakest Link 18:00 BBC News at Six 19:00 The One Show 19:30 Helicopter Heroes 20:00 Waterloo Road 21:00 The Apprentice 22:00 BBC News at Ten 22:25 BBC London News 22:35 The National Lottery Draws 22:45 Film 2010 with Claudia Winkleman 23:25 The League Cup Show 00:15 Weatherview 00:20 Country Tracks 01:20 Bang Goes the Theory 01:50 Watchdog 02:50 Restoration Roadshow

06:00 Breakfast 09:15 Animal 24:7 10:00 Homes Under the Hammer 11:00 Cowboy Trap 11:45 To Buy or Not to Buy 12:15 Bargain Hunt 13:00 BBC News at One 13:30 BBC London News 13:45 Doctors 14:15 Land Girls 15:00 BBC News 15:05 Copycats 15:35 Big Babies 15:50 Shaun the Sheep 16:00 Deadly 60 16:30 The Sarah Jane Adventures 17:00 Newsround 17:15 The Weakest Link

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06:00 Breakfast 09:15 Animal 24:7 10:00 Homes Under the Hammer 11:00 Cowboy Trap 11:45 To Buy or Not to Buy 12:15 Bargain Hunt 13:00 BBC News at One 13:30 BBC London News 13:45 Doctors 14:15 Land Girls 15:00 BBC News 15:05 Copycats 15:35 Big Babies 15:50 Shaun the Sheep 16:00 Fee Fi Fo Yum 16:30 Horrible Histories 17:00 Newsround 17:15 The Weakest Link 18:00 BBC News at Six

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Weather 18:15 All Star Family Fortunes 19:00 You've Been Framed! 19:30 Harry Hill's TV Burp 20:00 The X Factor 21:45 Piers Morgan's Life Stories 22:45 ITV News and Weather 23:00 Rod Stewart: One Night Only 00:15 Dating the Enemy 00:45 The Zone 02:50 Sons and Daughters 03:10 Elvis

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17:00 Come Dine with Me 17:30 Jamie's 30 Minute Meals 18:00 The Simpsons 18:30 Hollyoaks 19:00 Channel 4 News 19:55 20:00 Buried Alive: The Chilean Miners Rescue Mission 21:00 Grand Designs 22:00 The Million Pound Drop 23:05 The Event 00:05 The Event 01:05 4Play 01:15 The Shockwaves Album Chart Show 01:30 We Are Together 03:05 Brothers & Sisters

07:00 Freshly Squeezed 07:30 Everybody Loves Raymond 07:55 Everybody Loves Raymond 08:25 Frasier 08:55 According to Jim 09:25 Coach Trip 09:55 Coach Trip 10:25 Coach Trip 10:55 Coach Trip 11:30 Coach Trip 12:00 Channel 4 News 12:05 A Place in the Sun: Home or Away 13:05 Born Free 14:55 Wogan's Perfect Recall 15:25 Countdown 16:10 Deal or No Deal 17:00 Come Dine with

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07:30 Roary the Racing Car 07:45 Noddy in Toyland 08:00 Fifi and the Flowertots 08:15 Peppa Pig 08:25 Peppa Pig 08:35 Thomas and Friends 08:45 Igam Ogam 09:00 Big School 09:05 Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures 09:15 The Wright Stuff 10:45 Trisha Goddard 11:45 House 12:40 Five News A renegade cop bucks the system 12:50 Warship after he uncovers a covert CIA 13:45 Neighbours drug-running operation in 14:15 Home and Away 14:50 Animal Rescue Chicago. Year: 1988

Squad 15:10 Murder Among Friends 17:00 Five News 17:30 Neighbours 18:00 Home and Away 18:25 Live From Studio Five 19:00 Five News at 7 19:30 How Do They Do It? 20:00 Cowboy Builders 21:00 NCIS 22:00 Law and Order: Criminal Intent 23:00 Law & Order 23:55 World Poker Tour 00:50 Super Casino 04:05 House Doctor

07:30 Roary the Racing Car 07:45 Noddy in Toyland 08:00 Fifi and the Flowertots 08:15 Peppa Pig 08:25 Peppa Pig 08:35 Thomas and Friends 08:45 Igam Ogam 09:00 Big School 09:05 Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures 09:15 The Wright Stuff 10:45 Trisha Goddard 11:45 House 12:40 Five News 12:50 Warship 13:45 Neighbours 14:15 Home and Away 14:50 Animal Rescue

Squad 15:10 Suburban Madness 17:00 Five News 17:30 Neighbours 18:00 Home and Away 18:25 Live From Studio Five 19:00 Five News at 7 19:30 Jaguar Adventures with Nigel Marvin 20:00 Escape from Alcatraz: The True Story 21:00 Life After Armageddon 23:05 Impaled 00:05 Super Casino 04:00 House Doctor 04:25 Brian Sewell's Grand Tour

07:45 Noddy in Toyland 08:00 Fifi and the Flowertots 08:15 Peppa Pig 08:25 Peppa Pig 08:35 Thomas and Friends 08:45 Igam Ogam 09:00 Big School 09:05 Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures 09:15 The Wright Stuff 10:45 Trisha Goddard 11:45 House 12:40 Five News 12:50 Warship 13:45 Neighbours 14:15 Home and Away 14:50 Animal Rescue Squad 15:05 Revenge of the

Middle-Aged Woman 17:00 Five News 17:30 Neighbours 18:00 Home and Away 18:25 Live From Studio Five 19:00 Five News at 7 19:30 Fifth Gear 20:00 Eddie Stobart: Trucks and Trailers 21:00 The Mentalist 22:00 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit 22:55 CSI: Miami 23:55 Cops in Crisis 00:10 Super Casino 04:00 Motorsport Mundial 04:25 Brian Sewell's Grand Tour

07:00 Mio Mao 07:05 The Wot Wots 07:20 Roobarb and Custard Too 07:25 Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs 07:40 Make Way for Noddy 07:50 Mist: Sheepdog Tales 08:10 The Little Princess 08:40 Hana's Helpline 08:50 Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures 08:55 Olivia 09:15 The Mr Men Show 09:30 George Shrinks 10:00 Your Sport 10:05 How Do They Do

It? 10:35 The Gadget Show 11:35 Rory and Paddy's Even Greater British Adventure 12:35 Eddie Stobart: Trucks and Trailers 13:35 Merlin 17:10 Raid on Entebbe 19:55 Five News 20:00 The Mentalist 20:45 NCIS 21:45 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 22:45 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 23:45 Forensic Files 00:15 Super Casino 04:05 Animal Rescue Squad

MOVIE OF THE WEEK Fri, Nov 29th 23: 30

Halloween The Reurrecton

MOVIE OF THE WEEK Sun, Oct 31st 01:55

Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers (1989)

MOVIE OF THE WEEK Wed, Oct 27th 22:35

No Reservations

MOVIE OF THE WEEK Fri, Oct 29th 23:20

Saw IV Classic Horror

MOVIE OF THE WEEK Mon, Nov 1st 23:00

Above the Law

WEDNESDAY, October 27th 2010

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news Your outlook on the World Reality series: the

Six celebs - Jodie Kidd, Julian Clary, Jack Dee, Ade Edmonsen, Penny Smith and Rory McGrath - take to the roads of France in a madcap treasure hunt in different vehicles, inc an iconic VW Camper van

Monte Carlo or Bust


NOTE: Add 1 hour for Spanish viewing times.

Thu, Oct 28th 2100




October 31st

November 1st

November 2nd

06:00(GMT) Breakfast 07:40 Match of the Day 09:00 The Andrew Marr Show 10:00 Sunday Morning Live 11:00 Country Track 12:00 The Politics Show 13:00 Cash in the Attic 13:45 Bargain Hunt 14:30 Diagnosis Murder 15:15 EastEnders 17:10 Points of View 17:25 Songs of Praise Big Sing 2010 Aled Jones 18:05 BBC News 18:30 Countryfile's Autumn Special 19:30 Strictly Come Dancing 20:00 Antiques

Roadshow 21:00 Single Father 22:00 BBC News; Regional News and Weather 22:25 Match of the Day 2 23:35 American Football 00:35 The Apprentice 01:35 Spooks 02:40 Holby City 03:40 Secret Britain Borderlands and Beyond 04:40 HARDtalk

06:00 Breakfast 09:15 Animal 24:7 10:00 Homes Under the Hammer 11:00 Cowboy Trap 11:45 To Buy or Not to Buy 12:15 Bargain Hunt 13:00 BBC News; Weather 13:30 Regional News and Weather 13:45 Doctors 14:15 Moving On 15:00 BBC News; Weather; Regional News 15:05 Copycats 15:30 Big Babies 15:50 Shaun the Sheep 16:00 Hotel Trubble 16:30 Blue Peter

17:00 Newsround 17:15 Weakest Link 18:00 BBC News 18:30 BBC London News 19:00 The One Show 19:30 Inside Out 20:00 EastEnders 20:30 Panorama 21:00 Spooks 22:00 BBC News 22:25 Regional News and Weather 22:35 Ask Rhod Gilbert 23:15 The Graham Norton Show 00:00 Damages 00:40 Damages 01:30 The Apprentice 02:30 The Great British Bake Off

06:00 Breakfast 09:15 Animal 24/7 10:00 Homes under the Hammer 11:00 Cowboy Trap 11:45 To Buy or Not to Buy 12:15 Bargain Hunt 01:00 BBC News at One 13:30 BBC London News 13:45 Doctors 14:15 Moving On 15: 00 BBC News 15:05 Copycats 15:30 Big Babies 15:50 Shaun the Sheep 16:00 My Genius Idea 16:30 Blue Peter Special: Do Aliens Exist? 17:00 Newsround 17:15 The Weakest Link

18:00 BBC News at Six 18:30 BBC London News 19:00 The One Show 19:30 EastEnders 20:00 Holby City 21:00 Turn Back Time 22:00 BBC News at Ten 22:25 BBC London News 22:32 BBC Weather 22:35 Taking the Keys Away 23:20 Eat, Pray, Light 23:55 US Midterm Election Results 2010

07:15am League of Super Evil 07:25 Sportsround 07:40 Bear Behaving Badly 08:00 Scoop 8:25 Hotel Trubble 09:00 Deadly 60 09:30 Gastronuts 10:00 Something for the Weekend 11:30 Escape to the Country 12:30 Live MotoGP Portuguese Grand Prix 14:00 Live Darts: World Masters 17:05 Four Nations Rugby League 18:00 Teaching Awards 2010

19:00 Top Gear 20:00 Return of the Rhino: 21:00 James May's Man Lab 22:00 Psychoville Halloween Special 23:00 Genius with Dave Gorman 23:30 Film Black Sheep . 00:55 A History of Horror with Mark Gatiss 01:55 Film Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers 03:25 BBC News 03:30 The Record Europe 04:00 BBC News

09:25 The Large Family 09:40 Toddworld 09:50 Pingu 10:00 Waybuloo 10:20 Clifford 10:30 Pablo the Little Red Fox 10:35 3rd & Bird 10:50 Wibbly Pig 11:00 In the Night Garden 11:30 Animal Park 12:00 Daily Politics 12:30 GMT with George Alagiah 13:00 Due South 13:45 Film 2010 14:15 Instant Restaurant 15:00 Diagnosis Murder 15:45 Flog It! 16:30 Pointless 17:15 The Hairy Bikers'

Cook Off 18:00 Eggheads 18:30 Strictly Come Dancing, It Takes Two 19:00 Michael Wood's Story of England 20:00 University Challenge 20:30 MasterChef: The Professionals 21:00 Horizon 22:00 Genius with Dave Gorman 22:30 Newsnight 23:20 A Life without Work 00:20 BBC News 00:30 BBC World News America 01:00 News 01:30 ABC World News with Diane Sawyer

09:50 Pingu 10:00 Waybuloo 10:20 Clifford's Puppy Days 10:30 Pablo the Little Red Fox 10:35 3rd and Bird 10:50 Wibbly Pig 11:00 In the Night Garden 11:30 Animal Park 12:00 The Daily Politics 12:30 GMT with George Alagiah 13:00 Due South 13:45 Ready, Steady, Cook 14:15 Ben Fogle's Escape in Time 15:00 Diagnosis Murder 15:45 Flog It!

16:30 Pointless 17:15 The Hairy Bikers' Cook Off 18:00 Eggheads 18:30 Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two 19:00 Coast 19:30 MasterChef: The Professionals 21:00 Whites 21:30 Harry and Paul 22:00 Later Live... with Jools Holland 22:30 Newsnight 23:20 A History of Horror with Mark Gatiss 00:20 A Life Without Work 01:20 Weatherview 01:25 See Hear 01:55 Victoria: A Royal Love Story

06:30 ITV Morning News 07:00 The Fluffy Club 08:25 Toonattik 10:25 Finger Tips 10:45 The X Factor 12:30 This Morning: Sunday 13:30 ITV News and Weather 13:35 Coronation Street Omnibus 15:55 Midsomer Murders 18:00 Downton Abbey 19:05 Granada News and Weather 19:15 ITV News and Weather 19:30 Harry Hill's TV Burp

20:00 The Cube 21:00 The X Factor 22:00 Downton Abbey 23:05 ITV News and Weather 23:15 Paul McCartney and Wings: Band on the Run 00:15 Whitechapel 01:15 Piers Morgan's Life Stories 02:05 Rugby Highlights 02:50 The Zone 03:30 Motorsport UK 04:20 ITV Nightscreen

06:30 ITV Morning News 07:00 Daybreak 09:30 Lorraine 10:25 The Jeremy Kyle Show 11:30 This Morning 12:25 ITV News 12:30 This Morning 13:30 Loose Women 14:30 ITV News and Weather 15:00 60 Minute Makeover 16:00 Dickinson's Real Deal 17:00 Midsomer Murders 18:00 The Alan Titchmarsh Show

19:00 Granada Reports 19:30 ITV News and Weather 20:00 Emmerdale 20:30 Coronation Street 21:00 Wild Britain with Ray Mears 21:30 Coronation Street 22:00 The Little House 23:00 News at Ten and Weather 23:35 Real Crime with Mark Austin 00:35 Monte Carlo or Bust 01:30 The Zone 03:30 UEFA Champions League Weekly 04:00 The Jeremy Kyle Show

06:30 ITV Morning News 07:00 Daybreak 09:30 Lorraine 10:25 The Jeremy Kyle Show 11:30 This Morning 12:25 ITV News 12:30 This Morning 13:30 Loose Women 14:30 ITV News and Weather 15:00 60 Minute Makeover 16:00 Dickinson's Real Deal 17:00 Midsomer Murders 18:00 The Alan Titchmarsh Show

19:00 Granada Reports 19:30 ITV News and Weather 20:00 Emmerdale 20:30 River Monsters 21:00 Fiddles, Cheats and Scams 22:00 71 Degrees North 23:00 News at Ten and Weather 23:35 Homes from Hell 00:35 Swingtown 01:25 The Zone 03:30 The Rockford Files 04:20 The Jeremy Kyle Show 05:15 ITV Nightscreen

07:00 The Treacle People 07:10 Planet Cook 07:30 Yo Gabba Gabba 07:55 Motor Racing 08:20 Freesports on 4 08:50 Friends 09:15 Friends 09:45 Hollyoaks Omnibus 12:15 Live and Lost with Blackberry 12:20 Video Exclusive 12:25 The Inbetweeners: Revealed! 12:55 Jls Only Tonight 14:00 The Simpsons 14:30 The Simpsons 15:00 Jamie's 30 Minute Meals 15:35 Jamie's 30 Minute Meals

16:05 Jamie's 30 Minute Meals 16:40 Jamie's 30 Minute Meals 17:10 Jamie's 30 Minute Meals 17:40 Deal or No Deal 18:30 Time Team 19:30 Channel 4 News 19:55 20:00 The Genius of British Art 21:00 Undercover Boss USA 22:00 The Secret Millionaire 23:00 Desperate Housewives 23:55 Seven Days 01:00 NFL Football 04:45 Rat Race Stockton

07:35 Yo Gabba Gabba 08:00 Freshly Squeezed 08:30 Everybody Loves Raymond 08:55 Everybody Loves Raymond 09:25 Frasier 09:55 According to Jim 10:20 Coach Trip 10:55 Coach Trip 11:25 Coach Trip 11:55 Coach Trip 12:30 Coach Trip 13:00 Channel 4 News 13:05 A Place in the Sun: Home or USA? 14:05 A Man Alone 15:55 Wogan's Perfect Recall 16:25 Countdown 17:10 Deal or No Deal

18:00 Come Dine with Me 18:30 Jamie's 30 Minute Meals 19:00 The Simpsons 19:30 Hollyoaks 20:00 Channel 4 News 20:55 21:00 Dispatches 22:00 Coppers 23:00 Chris Moyles' Quiz Night 23:50 Ramsay's Best Restaurant 00:55 Bestival 2010 01:10 Video Exclusive 01:20 Russian Standard Vodka Originals Presents the Noisettes 01:50 Party Poker Premier League Poker

08:00 Freshly Squeezed 08:30 Everybody Loves Raymond 08:55 Everybody Loves Raymond 09:25 Frasier 09:55 Coach Trip 10:25 Coach Trip 10:55 Coach Trip 11:25 Coach Trip 11:55 Coach Trip 13:00 Channel 4 News 13:05 River Cottage Bites 13:20 A Place in the Sun: Home or Away 14:20 The Moonraker 15:55 Wogan's Perfect Recall 16:25 Countdown 17:10 Deal or No Deal

18:00 Come Dine with Me 18:30 Jamie's 30 Minute Meals 19:00 The Simpsons 19:30 Hollyoaks 20:00 Channel 4 News 20:55 21:00 Kirstie's Homemade Home 22:00 Ramsay's Best Restaurant 00:05 Seven Days 01:10 Late Night Poker 02:10 European Beach Volleyball Championship Finals 03:05 Freesports on 4 03:30 KOTV 04:00 Motor Racing 04:25 World Sport

07:45 Ben And Holly's Little Kingdom 08:00 Mio Mao 08:05 The Wot Wots 08:20 Roobarb and Custard Too 08:25 Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs 08:40 Make Way for Noddy 08:50 Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures 08:55 Mist: Sheepdog Tales 09:10 The Little Princess 09:25 The Adventures of Bottle Top Bill and His Best Friend Corky 09:45 Hana's Helpline 10:00 Olivia 10:15 The Mr Men Show

10:30 George Shrinks 11:00 iCarly 11:35 True Jackson, VP 12:10 Your Sport 12:25 Street Market Chefs 12:55 Wild Animal ER 13:30 Cowboy Builders 14:30 The Ghost of Greville Lodge 16:15 The Canterville Ghost 18:10 Five News 18:15 The Witches 20:10 Little Man 22:00 Dumb & Dumber 00:15 Evil Woman 02:00 Super Casino 05:05 European Challenge Tour Golf

07:55 Castle Farm 08:00 The Little Princess 08:15 The Mr Men Show 08:30 Roary the Racing Car 08:40 Milkshake Monkey 08:45 Noddy in Toyland 09:00 Fifi and the Flowertots 09:15 Peppa Pig 09:25 Peppa Pig 09:30 Mio Mao 09:35 Thomas and Friends 09:50 Igam Ogam 10:00 Pocoyo 10:05 Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures 10:15 The Wright Stuff 11:45 Trisha Goddard 12:45 House

13:40 Five News 13:45 Warship 14:45 Neighbours 15:15 Home and Away 15:50 Meals in Moments 16:05 Agent of Influence 18:00 Five News 18:30 Neighbours 19:00 Home and Away 19:25 Live From Studio Five 20:00 Five News at 7 20:30 How Do They Do It? 21:00 The Gadget Show 22:00 Extreme Fishing with Robson Green 23:00 Above the Law 01:00 The Gadget Show 02:00 Super Casino 05:00 House Doctor

08:30 Roary the Racing Car 08:40 Milkshake Monkey 08:45 Noddy in Toyland 09:00 Fifi and the Flowertots 09:15 Peppa Pig 09:25 Peppa Pig 09:30 Mio Mao 09:35 Thomas and Friends 09:50 Igam Ogam 10:00 Pocoyo 10:05 Milkshake! Music Box 10:15 The Wright Stuff 11:45 Trisha Goddard 12:45 House 13:40 Five News 13:45 Warship 14:45 Neighbours

& %


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15:15 Home and Away 15:50 Meals in Moments 16:00 Meals in Moments 16:10 Falling in Love with the Girl Next Door 18:00 Five News 18:30 Neighbours 19:00 Home and Away 19:25 Live From Studio Five 20:00 Five News at 7 20:30 Street Market Chefs 21:00 Sea Patrol 22:00 CSI: Miami 23:00 CSI: NY 00:00 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 00:55 NCIS 01:55 Super Casino 05:00 House Doctor


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! )'%# ' & '( 4

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WEDNESDAY, October 27th 2010

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PC AUTOS TEL: 952 477 709



BMW X5 3.0D,











BMW 325i,











BMW 320D,


















12/1999, 98.000KM, 4WD, ABS, AIRBAGS, AIRCON, ALARM, RADIO/CD, LEATHER. 10.900€



VW GOLF 1.9 TDI GT SPORT, 14.900€

BMW X5 4.8i,





Carretera de Mijas, 9, 29640, Fuengirola, Malaga


WEdNESdAY, October 27th 2010

Local Directory n 31

news Your outlook on the World




BENALMAdENA Municipal Police 952 562 142 Health Centre 952 440 404 / 952 443 545 Arroyo de la Miel Health Centre 952 562 142 Taxi 952 441 545 Tourist Office 952 442 494 Foreign Residents Department 952 579 802

First Aid (Night time & Holidays) 952 468 653 Police (Urgent 092) 952 589 324 Taxi 952 471 000 Tourist Office 952 467 625 Town Hall 952 589 300 Foreign Residents Department 952 589 440

ESTEPONA Bus Station 952 800 249 Municipal Police 952 800 243 Taxi 952 802 900 Tourist Office 952 800 913 Town Hall 952 801 100 Fire Brigade 952 792 121 Foreign Residents Department 952 809 031

GIBRALTAR Ambulance 199 Fire Brigade 190 / +350 200 72936 Police 199 / +350 200 72500 Tourist Office +350 200 74982

FUENGIROLA Bus Station 952 475 066 Fire Brigade (Urgent 080) 952 461 046 First Aid (Emergency) 952 468 835

MALAGA Airport 952 048 804 Bus Station 952 350 061 Fire Brigade 952 411 890 Guardia Civil 952 071 520 Renfe Railway Station 902 240 202 Taxi 952 327 950

Tourist Office 952 213 445 Town Hall 952 135 000 MARBELLA Bus Station 952 764 400 Fire Brigade 952 774 349 Municipal Police 952 899 500 Taxi 952 774 488 Tourist Office 952 771 442 Town Hall 952 761 100 MIjAS Police Las Lagunas 952 460 909 Fire Brigade Las Lagunas 952 586 328 Town Hall & Foreign Residents Department 952 485 900 Town Hall Las Lagunas 952 473 125 Taxi 952 478 288 Social Services 952 486 370 Consumer Office 952 582 911 Tourism Office 952 589 034

NERjA Municipal Police 952 521 545 Taxi 952 520 537 Tourist Information 952 521 531 Town Hall 952 548 401 SAN PEdRO dE ANCANTARA Fire Brigade 952 774 349 Town Hall 952 789 300 TORREMOLINOS Bus Station 952 382 419 Fire Brigade 952 381 414 Taxi 952 380 600 Tourist Office 952 379 512 Town Hall 952 379 400 VELEz MALAGA Town Hall 952 559 100 Municipal Police 952 549 238

Austria 952 600 267 Belgium 952 599 159 Canada 952 223 346 denmark 952 211 797 Finland 952 212 435 France 952 226 590 Germany 952 363 591 Great Britain 952 352 300 Greece 952 311 847 Holland 952 380 888 Hungary 952 308 393 Iceland 952 661 200 Ireland 952 475 108 Italy 952 306 150 Norway 952 667 955 Phillipines 952 222 757 Saudi Arabia 952 310 358 Sweden 952 604 383 USA 952 474 891


CHURCHES Church of England / Episcopal St. Georges Malaga 952 219 396 San Miguel Nerja 952 521 339 Parish Church Competa 952 219 396 Capilla de Nuestra Señora del Carmen Almuñeca 952 521 339 Anglican Chaplaincy of St Andrew Los Boliches 952 580 600 San José Chapel Carmen Church, Benalmadena Costa. Norwegian Church at El Camponario, Calahonda. Iglesia Cristo, Coin. Cemetary Chapel, Alhaurin el Grande. Iglesia Paroquial Virgen del Rocio San Pedro. Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de la Merced, Sotogrande. Torre Guadiaro 952 808 605 St Barnabus IERE (Anglican) 958 359 388 St Barnabus IERE (Anglican) 952 030 461 Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, Gibraltar +350 200 78377 Muslim Mezquita del Rey Abdul Aziz 952 774 143 Mezquita del Centro Cultural Sohail, Fuengirola 952 473 916 Mezquita Calle San Augustin, Malaga 952 228 595 Roman Catholic Santo Cristo del Calvario, Marbella 952 774 899 Saint Joseph’s Chapel, Fuengirola 952 472 985 Lux Mundi, Fuengirola 952 474 840

Church of the Immaculate Conception Arroyo de la Miel Hermita de San Miguel, Calahonda St Andrew’s Chapel, Los Boliches Parish Church of Virgen del Carmen, Benalmadena Costa Lux Mundi Second Ecumenical Centre, Torre del Mar 952 543 334 Nuestra Señora de Europa, Chiclana (Cadiz) Methodist Methodist Church, Gibraltar +350 200 77491 / +350 200 40870 La Capilla de la Torre, Sotogrande, 956 795 062 La Capilla de la Torre, Torre Guadiaro, San Roque Jehovah’s Witnesses Edificio Apollo, Torremolinos 952 561 170 Kingdom Hall, Fuengirola 952 469 082 Calle José Palanca 20, Malaga. Fuente Nueva, San Pedro 952 818 595 Kingdom Hall, Torrox Costa 952 526 740 Calle Infantes, Torre del Mar. Calle Felix Rodriguez de la Fuente, Coin 952 499 239 Evangelical /Baptist/Pentecostal Elim Family Fellowship 952 486 820 / 951 912 525 Evangelical Church, Los Boliches 952 460 728 Evangelical Community Church, Torremolinos 952 384 706 Christ Ambassadors, Torremolinos

952 384 706 Fellowship of the King, Nerja 958 658 439 Community Bible Fellowship, Nerja 952 521 776 Presbyterian Hotel Torremar, Torre del Mar 952 532 825 Informal Community Church, Torrox Park, 952 532 825 Evangelical Christian Fellowship, Calahonda 952 930 275 Arroyo Baptist Church, Arroyo de la Miel 952 447 967 / 952 386 716 Baptist Church, Calahonda 952 834 213 Asambleas de Dios, La Linea. The International Christian Fellowship, Marbella 952 932 216 Christian Church, Christamar Centre, Puerto Banus 637 408 194 Words of Power Evangelical Church, Mijas 952 591 180 Fellowship of the King, Salobreña 958 658 439 Fellowship of the King, Almuñeca 958 658 439 Evangelical Reformed Church, Almuñeca 958 639 529 / 677 699 490 Fellowship of the King, La Viñuela 952 033 021 Brethren Assembly, Gibraltar. Plaza Ibensa 35 - 37, Benalmadena 952 486 820 Ark Christian Fellowship, Fuengirola 952 592 171 Faith Baptist Church, San Pedro 952 930 458

Lux Mundi Ecumenical Centre, Fuengirola 951 260 982 / 654 328 016 Saint Andrews Church, Gibraltar +350 200 77040 Dutch Evangelical Skandinaviska Turistkyran, Fuengirola. Avenida Montemar 10a, Torremolinos. Church of Jesus Christ of latter day Saints Calle Rueda 7, Los Boliches 952 469 392 / 607 521 032 Calle Jesus del Gran Poder, Motril 958 825 665 Calle Babell 1, Malaga. Calle Sevilla 43, Algeciras 956 630 894 Bahai Bahai Information Offices: Marbella 952 902 121 Fuengirola 952 474 447 Malaga 952 214 057 Benalmadena 952 442 424 Alhaurin de la Torre 952 411 496 Rincon de la Victoria 952 402 870 Gibraltar +350 200 73287 Synagogues Beth Minzi, Torremolinos 952 052 550 Beth El, Marbella 952 859 395 Quakers Quakers (Society of Friends) Malaga

Church of Scotland (Presbyterian)

The Norwegian Seamans Church El Campanario, Calahonda 952 939 800

MABS Cancer Support Group 952 833 568 NADFAS Costa del Sol 952 382 713 De La Frontera 952 804 692 Nerja 958 640 176 Nederlandse Club 952 473 545 Out of Africa Association 952 668 081 / 952 440 312 Photograpihic Society Costa del Sol 952 446 893 Positively Pink (Breast Cancer charity) 670 004 422 Recovery International (Mental Health) 952 593 455 Rotary Club Benahavis 670 604 392 Benalmadena 952 441 440 Estepona 952 800 999 Fuengirola/Mijas 648 292 146 Guadalmina 610 702 683 Marbella 952 821 121 San Pedro 951 318 381 Royal Air Force Association RAFA 952 119 708 / 952 484 117 Royal Antideluvian Order of Buffaloes 952 563 950 / 951 313 970 Royal British Legion: Alcaucin 696 391 224 Alhaurin de la Torre 952 595 412 Alhaurin el Grande 952 499 238 / 655 316 160 Benajarafe 952 514 226 Benalmadena 952 447 655 Coin 637 474 753 /663 157 776 Colmenar 951 163 071 Estepona 671 846 204 Fuengirola 952 468 106 La Viñuela 618 293 749

Marbella 952 774 572 Mijas Costa 615 758 959 Mollina 654 472 922 Nerja 952 526 423 Torre del Mar 628 343 198 Torremolinos 952 370 907 Trapiche 951 239 366 Royal Naval Club 677 311 902 Scouts 606 305 664 SOL Classic Car Club 951 244 149 Soroptimist International 653 771 625 Table Tennis Club International 952 373 813 The International Music Society (TIMS) 952 486 947 THESPA (The English Speaking Players Association) 952 472 985 Toastmasters Club 646 533 112 Torremolinos and District Social Club 952 386 172 Triple “S” 952 417 452 U3A Fuengirola 952 494 172 U3A Marbella 622 670 158 U3A Marbella - Inland 952 112 847 41 and Tangent Club 639 542 387 (East of Malaga 951 160 509) Zoological Society 952 711 377 Animal Charities ACE Animal Charity 610 752 350 ADANA 952 800 975 CAS Animal Charity 952 523 607 CHAIN Animal Charity 672 399 323 FAMA Animal Charity 620 354 8850 PAD Animal Shelter 952 468 054 SEPE Horse and Donkey Charity 610 775 413 SOS Animals 626 351 881 Triple ‘A’ , Bettina, 952 771 586

CLUBS, SOCIETIES & CHARITIES Age Care Calahonda 691 761 088 / 655 903 182 Age Concern Lifeline 650 163 928 Alcoholics Anonymous 600 379 110 Al-Anon 662 180 326 Arroyo Friendly Club 952 446 935 American Club Costa del Sol Estepona, Sotogrande 952 804 693 Fuengirola, Mijas, Benalmadena 653 274 392 Malaga 952 400 006 Marbella 675 094 494 Arroyo Social and Welfare Club 952 051 610 Art of Living Club 646 379 944 Arte y Cultura Marbella 952 773 188 Asociacion Francofonos 952 815 444 Barbershop Harmony Group 952 473 051 Bowls: Belplaya Bowls Club, Torremolinos 952 416 534 Bridge Club - ACE 952 485 678 Bridge Club Atalaya 609 548 595 Bridge Club Calahonda 952 931 636 Bridge Club Casares 952 893 633 / 952 890 199 Bridge Club - Nerja 952 525 425 / 617 534 342 British Association of Marbella 951 275 049 / 952 828 533 British Society (Britsoc) 952 416 552 Brownies & Rainbows 667 433 581 Club Charity and Pleasure 696 241 678 Collegium Musicum 952 775 492 / 952 475 840 Computer Club St Andrews 637 091 130 Conservatives Abroad 951 250 901 / 952 565 777 Costa Chordbusters 952 464 184

Cricket Club Costa del Sol 606 526 618 Cubs & Beavers 952 568 55 / 618 705 166 CUDECA 952 564 910 Diabetic Support Group - Alhaurin /Fuengirola/Puerto Banus 952 464 184 English Speaking Group Malaga 952 432 235 Estepona Floral Arts 952 880 935 Ferrari Owners Club 952 812 490 Friends of the Theatre (FOTA) 952 448 410 Fuengirola and District Society 952 476 385 Good Companions 952 494 730 Guides 667 433 581 Hash House Harriers 606 761 942 / 654 633 430 History Club Nerja 952 538 526 International Club of Estepona 952 802 549 International Labour Group 952 464 324 / 952 375 909 International Music Club 952 449 298 Irish Association of Spain 952 375 482 Irish Cultural Association 952 374 127 Jazz Appreciation Society, Benavista 952 888 106 / 669 504 942 Jazz Club 952 830 900 Amigos de Jazz 952 669 580 Lions Clubs: Benalmadena 627 440 361 Calahonda 952 934 791 / 647 379 652 La Cala de Mijas 952 473 238 Marbella 952 823 135 Marbella Francofono 952 815 444 Nerja 952 523 051 Puerto Banus 620 288 500 Los Claveles Charity 952 810 374 Lux Mundi Ecumenical Centre Fuengirola 952 474 840

MONdAY: Marbella at Las Albarizas, Alora, Torrox at El Llano, Torrox at Urb Costa del Oro TUESdAY: Antequerra, Fuengirola, Marbella at Puerto Banus WEdNESdAY: Alhaurin de la Torre, Estepona, Malaga next to Avenida Juan XXIII, La Cala, Rincón de la Victoria at Supersol. THURSdAY: Alhaurin el Grande, Malaga at Cruz de Humilladero, San Pedro Alcantara, Nerja, Torre de Mar, Torremolinos, Velez at El Pozancon. La Trocha (Coin) boot sale. FRIdAY: Almunecar, Benalmadena, Manilva, Rincón de la Victoria at La Cala del Moral. SATURdAY: Coin, Malaga at El Palo, Nueva Andalucia, La Cala II, Las Lagunas, Ojen, Velez at La Caleta de Velez. SUNdAY: Estacion de Cartama, Malaga at Matiricos, Rincón de la Victoria at Benalgalbon, Ronda. La Trocha (Coin) boot sale. Pizarra - boot sale.

EMERGENCY NUMBERS Emergency Number to make a preliminary report in English - you must still report to a National police station to sign the report to make it official within 48 hours 902

102 112 Emergency Operator 112 Ambulance 061 Fire Brigade 080 National Police 091 Local Police 092 Sea Rescue 900 202 202

HOSPITALS Carlos Haya 951 290 000 Materno Infantil 951 290 00 University Hospital 951 032 000 Costa del Sol Hospital 951 976 670

CINEMAS Malaga - Plaza Mayor: 902 902 103 Fuengirola - Parque Miramar: 952 198 600 Marbella - Gran Marbella: 952 810 077 Velez Malaga - C.C. El Ingenio: 902 221 622


WEDNESDAY, October 27th 2010

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Sca real ndinav esta ia te a n gen t

Pr Properties operties for sale at rreduced educed prices!

L Lovely ovely apartment on Mijas Golf “Las Golondrinas“ - Life on the golf course!

€ 189,000

2 bed · 2 baths · 97 m² built · 17 m² terr terrace ace · This well pr presented, esented, west facing apartment enjoys views over the lush fairways on Mijas Golf and to the mountains beyond Centr Central al hot and cold A/C · FFully ully furnished · Marble Floors · Community pools · Refer Reference: ence: RE-1931 RE-1931

Apartment - El Faro Faro

illa - F uengirola Villa Fuengirola € 165,000 V

2 bed · 1 bath · 70 m² built · Gr Great eat sea views Bright · Marble Floors · Community pool & tennis FFurnished urnished · RE-2071

Resale properties properties wanted! Scandinavian clients looking for apartments and villas fr rom om Benalma from Benalmadena to Marbella. For a free free consultation consultation and For and valuation, valuation, call our listing agents on 951 100 210 or e-mail e-mail or

Tel. 951 100 210

€ 650,000 V illa - F uengirola Villa Fuengirola

5 bed · 3 bath · 365 m² built · 70 m² terr terrace ace Marble Floors · Sea views · Quiet LLocation ocation Private gar garden den with pool · RE-2088

€ 800,000

13 bedr bedrooms ooms · 12 baths · 700 m² built · 150 m² terrace terrace Huge villa in the sought-after ar area ea of La Sierrezuela Sierrezuela W Work ork needed on lower level · RE-615

See them all on Apartment - Costalita

€ 420,000

3 bed bed · 2 bath bath · 125 125 m² m² · 10 10 m² m² terrace terrace · RE-2037

ownhouse - Benalmadena Townhouse T

€ 233,000

3 bed · 1 bath · 110 m² built · 75 m² terr terrace ace · RE-2023

Townhouse Mile € 345,000 T ownhouse - New Golden Gol

House - Benalmadena

3 bed · 2 bath · 180 m² built · 65 m² terr terrace ace · RE-2007

3 bed · 3 bath · 98 m² built · 35 m² terr terrace ace · RE-1983 RE-1983

€ 325,000

WEDNESDAY, October 27th 2010

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A furn ttractiv ishe e d / u villas n requ ired furnishe now d !

LLong ong term rrentals entals of villas and townhouses, townhouse , no finders fee!

Higueron Apartment in Higuer on · LR-2006

Villa - El Faro Faro € 1,800 · LR-1817 LR-1817

Villa in Monte Mayor, Mayor, Benahavís · 5 bed · 5 bath · 500 m² · Garage Garage · Pool Pool · € 3,700 · RE-1614 RE-1614

Townhouse Townhouse - Campomijas Campomijas · RE-289

Penth.1,650 Penth.- FFuengirola uengirola · € 1 ,650 · LR-2074

Villa - Fuengirola Fuengirola · € 1,500 · RE-2061

TTownhouse ownhouse in FFuengirola uengirola · 3 bedr bedrooms ooms · 2 bathr bathrooms ooms · Furnished Furnished · Pool Pool · € 850 · LR-1506 LR-1506

Villa - Benalmadena · € 2,500 2,500 LR-2069

Available Rentals - A vailab vailable now - call Malene 687 88 77 00

Penthouse Marbellaa · LR-2072 P enthouse - Marbell

Arroyo Arroyo de la Miel · Villa · 3 beds · 2 baths · 198 m2 built · 100 m2 terrace terrace · Ref. Ref. RE-2069 € 2,500 Benalmadena · Villa · 3 beds · 3 baths · 300 m2 built · Ref. Ref. RE-490 € 3,500 C ampomijas · TTownhouse ownhouse · 3 beds · 2 baths · 130 m2 built · 26 m2 terr ace · Ref. Ref. RE-289 € 950 Campomijas terrace El FFaro aro · Villa · 3 beds · 3-4 baths · 275 m2 built · 25 m2 terr ace · Ref. Ref. RE-1817 RE-1817 € 1,800 terrace Fuengirola · TTownhouse ownho ownhouse · 3 beds · 2 baths · 90 m2 built · 50 m2 terr ace · Ref. Ref. LR-1506 LR-1506 € 850 Fuengirola terrace Fuengirola · TTownhouse ownho ownhouse · 3 beds · 2 baths · 93 m2 built · Ref RE-1607 € 700 Fuengirola Ref.. RE-1607 Fuengirola · Penthouse Penthouse · 5 beds · 3 baths · 350 m2 built · 100 m2 terr ace · Ref. Ref. LR-2074 € 1,650 Fuengirola terrace Higueron · Apartment · 3 beds · 2 baths · 110 m2 built · 75 m2 terr ace · Ref. Ref. RE-2006 € 850 Higueron terrace Higueron · Villa · 3 beds · 2 baths · 270 m2 built · 30 m2 terr ace · Ref. Ref. RE-1974 RE-1974 € 2,850 Higueron terrace Sierr ace · Ref. Ref. RE-615 € 4,500 La Sierrezuela · Villa · 12 beds · 9 baths · 700 m2 built · 150 m2 terrace Las Chapas · Villa · 4 beds · 4 baths · 250 m2 built · 70 m2 terr ace · Ref. Ref. RE-1950 RE-1950 € 2,000 terrace Los Monteros Monteros · Villa · 6 beds · 6 baths · 500 m2 built · 180 m2 terr ace · Ref. Ref. RE-1008 RE-1008 € 5,000 Los terrace Penthouse · 3 beds · 2 baths · 150 m2 built · 30 m2 terr ace · Ref. Ref. LR-2072 € 1,200 Marbella · Penthouse terrace Mijas · Villa · 4 beds · 3 baths · 300 m2 built · 100 m2 terr ace · Ref. Ref. RE-1998 RE-1998 € 2,200 terrace Mijas · Villa · 4 beds · 4 baths · 240 m2 built · 260 m2 terr ace · Ref. Ref. RE-1203 RE-1203 € 2,800 terrace Mijas · Townhouse Townhouse · 4 beds · 3 baths · 220 m2 built · 50 m2 terr ace · Ref. Ref. LR-1610 LR-1610 € 890 terrace Mijas · Villa · 4 beds · 3 baths · 521 m2 built · 120 m2 terr ace · Ref. Ref. RE-2051 € 4,000 terrace Mijas Costa · TTownhouse o ownh ownhouse · 2 beds · 2 baths · 155 m2 built · 20 m2 terr ace · Ref. Ref. RE-1656 RE-1656 € 1,000 terrace Puebla LLucia ucia · Villa · 4 beds · 2 baths · 240 m2 built · 20 m2 terr ace · Ref. Ref. RE-2061 € 1,500 terrace TTorremuelle orremuelle · Villa · 3 beds · 2 baths · 180 m2 built · 50 m2 terr ace · Ref. Ref. RE-1182 RE-1182 € 1,580 terrace TTorremuelle orremuelle · Villa · 5 beds · 4 baths · 200 m2 built · 75 m2 terr ace · Ref. Ref. LR-2057 € 3,000 terrace TTorrenueva orrenueva · Villa · 3 beds · 2 baths · 130 m2 built · Ref Ref.. LR-2028 € 1,000

Villa - TTorrenueva orrenueva € 1,000 LR-2028

Villa - Higueron Higueron · € 2,850 2,850 · RE-1974 RE-1974

LR-1614 Villa Benahavís · € 3,700 · LR1614 See the photos online - www

VILLAS VILLAS W ANTED for long term rrental! ental! WANTED Malene Rental Agent

Attractive ental villas - detached and semiA ttractive long term rrental detached wanted. Modern furnished or unfurnished. Ar Areas, eas, only: Benalmádena, Mijas and Marbella. Marbella

Clients waiting now: Modern furnished townhouse 3 - 5 bed · 2 bath · € 700 - 1,000 Individual modern villa 3 - 5 bed · 2 bath · € 1,200 - 1,600

Call rental agent Malene on 687 88 77 00 or e-mail

WEDNESDAY, October 27th 2010

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AIR CONDITIONING COOLFLOW The Air Conditioning Specialists. Installation, servicing and repairs to all makes and models. Special offers available. Call Ian 678491234. Established 7 (097)p years on the coast ---------------------------------------------PROFESSIONAL Aircon Specialist. Cost effective, calculates your personal use and requirements. 6 6 9 0 0 9 8 2 1 (100)p ----------------------------------------------




659 246 463



ALL TYPES of projects, constructions, Licences for new buildings, extensions, reforms, legalizations. Building advice. (0105)tnp Chedaco S.L. 680700430

2010 CAmP-LET Concorde and Royal Camping Trailer tents. Ready for delivery. 638467289 (117)p ---------------------------------------------LOVELY quiet caravan plots, great views and facilites. €200per monthCartama. 699199805 (098)p ---------------------------------------------HOBBY Executive 700, 2004, Spanish legal with plates and documents. 5 birth, end bedroom with Queen size bed, separate bathroom and shower, air con, full size fridge/freezer, oven, hob, microwave, hot water, eating. Twin axle 28 foot by 7.6 foot wide. Excellent condition. Can deliver to site. Only €8,900 Contact Paul on (098)p 609509004



COmPUTERS PC PROBLEmS solved. Data transfered, ADSL installed, virus / spyware / malware removal. (096)p 952932264 / 609574455 ---------------------------------------------COmPUTER Helpline. Desktops, laptops repaired, upgraded. New and used supplied. Internet, email problems solved. 952564274, (101)tnp 677702501 ---------------------------------------------PC DOCTOR desktop and laptop repair centre. Sales and upgrades. ADSL from €20 per month. Full range of internet, Telefonica and Telecom services. Anti-virus program €50 per year. We cover the coast. Certified and bilingual technicians. Call sales 952591071 (0)pwf Support 807488440 ---------------------------------------------COIN Computer Services. All repairs, virus removal, upgrades, Broadband. Free calls to UK. (100)tnp 951047292, 676909418

DECORATORS WANT the best? Nº 1 on the coast for painting & decorating. Call Nick at Decor8. All aspects no problem. 678889933/952939561 (140)p ---------------------------------------------SDS Superior Decorating Services, interiors and exteriors. Specialist in paper hanging and paint finishing. Very reasonable rates. For the best quality workmanship call Tim Hammond 952455551 or email (096)p


Enjoy a taste of home cooking! EMAIL mobile 677 838 830

BOATS & NAUTICAL BEST prices RYA Licences ICC, Powerboat 2, Boat, Jetbike and (096)p Berth Sales. 638647289 ---------------------------------------------12V and 24VDC Specialists. Bill 633571600/647289753/ (097)p 617601509

BUILDERS BUILDING Professional building from extensions & alterations to garages and store rooms (almacens). 30 years experience 669009821 (100)p ---------------------------------------------DAmP problems. Sourced and cured by master builder. Ted (097)bfp 693859894

CARS & VANS UNWANTED cars, vans. Wanted dead or alive. Removed free. (096)p 616835799 ---------------------------------------------WANTED good, bad, ugly, cars, caravans, even non-runners. Free collection. 951047311, (116)p 696321138



● All Categories ● Valid Worldwide ● Fast Delivery

610 868 748

WE BUY and sell catering equipment and furniture. Also stainless steel fabrication, own workshops, extractor hoods, work benches etc. 650966374, 952338378 (0)p

CHImNEY SWEEPS PROFESSIONAL inexpensive chimney sweeping and maintenance service. All areas covered. (107)p 607441959, 654184242

WASHING machine repairs, fast, reliable service. All work guaranteed. Also sales from €70. Can deliver. (099)pwp Call Joe 686271836

ELECTRICIANS ELECTRICIAN 16th Edition BS7671 qualified, apprentice trained, 23 years experience. Rewires, extra sockets, lights, fault finding etc. Water pumps – supplied or refurbished. or (113)p call Ian 650151569 ---------------------------------------------ELECTRICIAN 30 years experience. Boletins, ICP’s, general installations and maintenance. 669009821 (100)tnp



POCO A POCO Spanish classes in La Trocha Shopping Centre, Coin by Valerie Mitchell of Centro de Idiomas. Call first 952450747 (0)f ---------------------------------------------AFTER SCHOOL Spanish for kids & teens. Centro de Idiomas. Call Valerie on 952450747 or email (0)f

TREE Surgeons - no tree too tall. Removal of dead palms, trees and limbs. Eco gardening, mulch and manure. Fertiliser, palm pruning. 686948552, 661129146

CLEANING SERVICES mR mULTI KLEAN - Professional Window Cleaning, marble floor polishing and carpet & upholstery cleaning. Best price and service. Call Andy on (097)p 606590728 ---------------------------------------------UPHOLSTERY and steam cleaning, sofas, carpets etc. J A Cleaning (102)p Services 626357955 ---------------------------------------------THE WINDOW CLEANERS Husband (099)tnp and wife team. 691140427 ---------------------------------------------EXPERIENCED Cleaners – reasonable rates. Coin and surrounding areas. 622056336, (097)p 622291073 (101p

---------------------------------------------STYLEX ARTIFICIAL GRASS. No mowing of fertilizing and stops mudslides. We install and sell 40 different types, 20 years lifespan. Tel 678103028. (105)p

GATES THE GATE Repairman. Electric gates, garage door motors and intercoms repaired. Call Colin on 636394641 or visit: www.the-gate(105)p ---------------------------------------------SECURE-IT Manufcturers of gates, grills, railings, entrance gates, staircases and stainless steel etc. You price it, we slice it, we will beat any genuine quote. Call for free estimate 952465230/652625050 (095)p www.secureit-spain-com


Best Policies & Price

Mobile Massage Therapist Reflexology, Swedish massage "Gift vouchers and pamper parties available" Visit

666144572 GILLIAN your friendly mobile hairdresser for the elderly. Specialist in perms, sets, colours and blow-drys. Good rates. All products supplied unless advised (098)p otherwise. 635261483 ---------------------------------------------HAIRDRESSING Mobile hairdresser, over 15 years experience, all aspects. Telephone Janet 645037335 (099)tnp ---------------------------------------------mOBILE Massage Therapist. Reflexology, deep tissue, aromatherapy, Swedish massage. For more information please see or call (101)tnp 666144572 Number 1 Mobility Hire & Sales Service Tel. 952447764

CHIROPODY / PODIATRY Do you suffer from lower limb joint pain in feet, knees, hips - a bio-mechanical assessment could find the problem. Call Jennifer, Dip,BMec (103)tnp HPC Reg. on 663516654 one treatment, one hour, one dazzling white smile. €150 (106)p 608675081




30 YEARS EXPERIENCE Cuts - Hi / Low lights - Perms


HOUSE CLEARANCE HOUSE clearances, full or part clearance inland and coastal areas, (100)p mobile 634312191 ---------------------------------------------PLACE AN AD! It’s quick, easy and (f) it works. Call 952454491

INSURANCE PRESTIGE Insurance Consultants. For quality products and personal service. Motor (all types UK and Spanish). Home (Building/Contents). Travel Health - Life/Disability - Business. Registered with the Direccion General de Seguros as Exclusive Agents for Ibex Insurance and Generali Seguros. Tel/Fax 952453873 Mobile 667982418 (099 )p ---------------------------------------------PLACE AN AD! It’s quick, easy and (f) it works. Call 952454491



Tel: 952 934 963 Calahonda, Mijas Costa, Málaga


LOCKSmITHS SECURITY OF SPAIN, 24 hour emergency locksmith. Home and business security. Patio doors and windows secured. Lock and key changes for your new home. Parking guards. Safes installed. Home and business security checks. Locked out and lost keys? Call SOS on 636770865 and ask for (084)tnp Darren ---------------------------------------------LOCKSmITH Emergency /Appointment. Doors opened without damage, locks changed, patio doors and windows secured. Intruder Alarms fitted. 24 hour honest, fast and reliable service. (097)tnp Call Paul 657466803

FULL SIZE 952566345

mARBLE Floor Polishing (€2 m2) Why pay more? We clean, then crystalize and polish to a high gloss, non slip. Professional fast services. Cover all Costa. 14 years (140)p experience. 671244683 ---------------------------------------------mARBLE, terazzo grinding, polishing. New laid or refreshing old floors. Repairs (096)p also. Cyril 645840199


La Trocha MarkeT

Sundays 10.00am - 2.00pm

Artisans & Traders Welcome OPEN 52 WEEKS OF THE YEAR

647 647 637 WWW.UKSHOPPINGINSPAIN.COm ARGOS-SCREWFIX, All UK shops delivered to Spain 950473224 (109)p ---------------------------------------------ELEGANT 3 and 2 seater sofas gold with thin black line design tassles at each end. €150 (097)p Telephone 952964458 ---------------------------------------------AVAILABLE for roads, tracks, car parks etc., 300 ton crushed concrete. Very good material for sub-base can be supplied laid & rolled For a good, free quote in English ring 637179373 or for your quote in Spanish (100)p 647206118. ----------------------------------------------

Table Tennis Table (101)p

WANTS BOOT SALE items, tools, electrical, paperbacks, household, china etc. Top prices paid. 607780648 (096)catp ---------------------------------------------NEED some space? Cash paid for all good household items. (105)p 630158235 ---------------------------------------------WANTED, small household items, toys, books, CDs, etc for charity 92 abandoned dogs. We collect your items. Please call 663025723 or email (096)p ---------------------------------------------ADULT DVD’s €1.50 or 50 for €50. Wanted 50’s, 60’s, 70’s rock records. (096)p 650509035 ---------------------------------------------PLACE AN AD! It’s quick, easy and (f) it works. Call 952454491


' !


mISCELLANEOUS CHIROPODIST Podologo Jim Burgess established in Spain 25 years , registered professional 374, for all foot problems, ingrowing nails, diabetes, telephone 952447208 676143700 opposite skating rink Agata, Arroyo (097)p Benalmadena

$ #



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/-+ -/. ),-

$ &

mETS DOG training club. Fuengirola Glyn 605121831, Ken 627851379. Torre del Mar Colin (098)p 606616308 ---------------------------------------------LAGUNA Kennels and cosy cattery. Five star facilities, fully tiled quarters with airconditioning. Your pets lovingly cared for by English mother and daughter. Near Coin. 952112021 / (099)p 606838983 ---------------------------------------------EXPORT Specialists. Cat and Dog World Kennels. 952112978, (096)p 630197435 ---------------------------------------------WESTIE and Labrador puppies. Both parents can be seen. €395 Tel. 952112978, 630197435 (096)p ---------------------------------------------LUXURY professional kennels, Cat and Dog World. Legally licensed and vet approved. Viewing welcome. 952112978 / (096)p 630197435 ---------------------------------------------PROBLEmS? David the Dogman from Estepona to Fuengirola (0)tnf 952883388 / 610868748 ---------------------------------------------CATS & DOGS We have a good selection of all types of cats and dogs desperate for a loving home. Tel: 626942427 or visit our website (0)tnf ---------------------------------------------GREAT Dane wanted. Any sex or colour. Good home on country (097)p finca. 651316602 ----------------------------------------------

WEDNESDAY, October 27th 2010

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ALmOGIA Kennels and Cattery. Personal attention to all borders. Fully licensed. Export arranged. 30 minutes airport. Peter or Maureen 952110243/600409488 (102)p ---------------------------------------------CHIHUAHUA Pedigree puppies with passport. All year available. (102)p 952112870/654285667 ---------------------------------------------BEAUTIFUL Ragdoll kittens. The ideal apartment cat. Sensibly priced. Animals transported and quarantined. 952960075 / 662645816 (116)p ---------------------------------------------CAT neutered, tri coloured, beautiful affectionate girl, 5 years old, needs loving home. (99)f 952486518 ---------------------------------------------KITTENS galore, 3 months old, boys and girls of all colours would love to share your home. (99)f 952486518 ---------------------------------------------CATS Zipi and Zape, handsome 8 month old boys, loving and gentle. (99)f Seek good home. 952486518 ---------------------------------------------PETCARE Pet Hotel. Holiday accommodation for dogs and cats. Short/long term stays. Viewing recommended. 952112284, 6 8 5 4 0 0 2 1 6 (102)p ---------------------------------------------ITALIAN Greyhound Puppies (Toy Breed) Champion sired. Registered with RSCE (Spanish Kennel Club), bred for health and superior temperament. Price €800 Contact (096) 952417979/600348242

PLUmBING PUmPS Reconditioned and repaired for pools, irrigation, pressure systems etc. Economical prices, fast (139)p turnaround. Tel. 667292493 ---------------------------------------------SCOTT FORBES the Plumber. All work guaranteed. 652665410 (0) ---------------------------------------------PLUmBER All types of plumbing carried out by professional plumber with 30 years experience. (100)p 669009821 ---------------------------------------------CLEARFLOW Drain Services. All drain problems solved. More than 25 years on the coast. Tel. (098)bfp 952885661 or 630200600 ---------------------------------------------PROFESSIONAL Plumbing Solutions SL Multi-trade services. Fed up with hard water? No call out fee. Free estimates. www.professionalplumbingsolution (107)p (0034) 666918387

PROPERTY FOR SALE ALHAURIN el Grande-Coin. New country house 100m2, 10,000m2 plot. 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, living room with fireplace, pool, terrace, beautiful views. €285,000 w w w. s u n s h i n e - i m m o. co m (096)tnp 696150765 ---------------------------------------------ARROYO Vera Cruz. Independent 3 bed villa in quiet cul-de-sac. Good views, large lounge, separate dining room, fully fitted kitchen, pool, garden, store & solar panel. (100)tnp €270,000 952566345 ---------------------------------------------CARTAmA Delightful studio chalet on wonderful quiet plot. (098)tnp €15,000 699199805 ---------------------------------------------COIN Villa (300m2), 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, livingroom with fireplace, basement (100m2), pool, 3 terrace, €360,000 www.sunshine(096)p 696150765

CARTAmA Beautiful country house (100m2) with 1,000m2 plot near to the street with a nice view of the mountains. 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, large kitchen, living room with fireplace and aircon with heating, barbecue, pool, terrace, parking, furnished. €264,00 (098)tnp 696150765 ---------------------------------------------COIN Legal Country Home. 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, private pool, 1,600m2 irrigated garden. Secure fencing, main services, phone and Sky. Reduced €250,000 (100)tnp 952455269, 689368014 ---------------------------------------------COIN Sierra Gorda. New villa 420m2. 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, living room with fireplace, garage for 3 cars, pool, roof terrace. €375,000 www.sunshine(096)p 696150765 ---------------------------------------------COIN Las Delicias. Villa 147m2, 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, living room with fireplace and aircon, fitted kitchen, storage room, barbecue, terrace, pool. €399,000 w w w. s u n s h i n e - i m m o. co m (096)p 696150765 ---------------------------------------------COIN Wonderful main house (250m2) plus 4 separate (wooden) bungalows. 10,000m2 plot. The main house has 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, modern fitted kitchen, living room with fireplace, storage room, garage, pool, central heating, furnished. Each bungalow has 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom. €595,000 www.sunshine(096)p 696150765 ---------------------------------------------COIN Nice country house (147m2) with 6000m2 fenced plot. 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room with fireplace and aircon with heating, storage room, terrace, pool. €360,000 www.sunshine(096)p 696150765 ---------------------------------------------COIN El-Rodeo. Chalet (310m2), 900m2 plot. 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, very big living room with fireplace, roof terrace, carport, pool, barbecue, €290,000 www.sunshine(096)p 696150765 ---------------------------------------------AGRICULTURAL plot for sale in Coin 2 x 400m2. €150,000 www.sunshine(096)p 696150765 ---------------------------------------------ELVIRIA (Marbella) on the mountain side with magnificent view of the sea. Beautiful villa 340m2 (1000m2 plot) 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, fitted kitchen, living room with fireplace, aircon and heating. Terrace , pool (10 x 5). €900,000 www.sunshine(096)p 696150765 ---------------------------------------------TORROX COSTA Beach house with 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 living room with fantastic view of the sea, divided into 2 apartments. €360,000 w w w. s u n s h i n e - i m m o. co m (096)p 696150765 ---------------------------------------------END APARTmENT for sale, Lagomar Golf (Mijas Golf ), 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, communal garage, fully furnished. Single course block (nobody above, nobody below), views of mountains and sea. 10 minute walk to 2 golf courses. Bargain at €145,000ono. (099)p Call Craig 678152666

TO RENT BED & BREAKFAST evening meal and laundry. Sat TV in every room. €85 per week. 627379001 (096)tnp ---------------------------------------------ALHAURIN 1 bedroom, fully furnished. Separate kitchen and bathroom. Sky T.V.. From €80 per (092)tnp week. 952112919


LonG LETs Studio Jupiter Sat TV, w/machine, pool 350€/month 2 bed 1 bath apt Los Tulipanes nr Bonanza, pool, park 550€/month 3 bed apt Arroyo / Tivoli pool, parking, sat TV 650€/month

ARROYO Miel Centre. Ideal retired, long term, huge sitting room and terrace, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, walking distance to shops etc. pool, garage, €680 Tel: 619302236 (094)p ---------------------------------------------CARTAmA Country house or chalet, singles €250pm, couples (098) €300pm. 699199805 ---------------------------------------------COIN 2 bedroomed holiday casita, special offers for late summer. Contact: (097)0 or ---------------------------------------------COIN town centre, lovely room with en-suite bathroom to rent. €200 per month. For more information call 685407610 (100)tnp ---------------------------------------------COIN Campo House. 3 bedrooms, bathroom, aircon and heating. Barbecue, pool (plastic) €600 No commission. www.sunshine(096)tnp 696150765 ---------------------------------------------COIN Sierra Gorda, Nice villa with 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, living room with fireplace, beautiful kitchen, roof terrace, pool, nice view. Aircon with hearing, parking. €1,000 No commission. w w w.sunshine - (096)tnp 696150765

COIN Pretty campo house. 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room with aircon and heating plus underfloor heating, large kitchen, pool, barbecue. Close to La Trocha. €1000 No commission. w w w.sunshine - (096)tnp 696150765 ---------------------------------------------COIN Campo House. 2 bedrooms, bathroom, living room with fireplace, including electric and water. €600 No commission. w w w.sunshine - (096)tnp 696150765 ---------------------------------------------COIN Flat in the campo with fantastic view. 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room with fireplace. 120m2. €500 No commission. www.sunshine(096)tnp 696150765 ---------------------------------------------COIN Flat in the campo with fantastic view. 2 bedrooms, bathroom. €300 No commission. w w w.sunshine - (096)tnp 696150765 ---------------------------------------------PLACE AN AD! It’s quick, easy and (f) it works. Call 952454491 ---------------------------------------------COIN New Campo house. 3 bedrooms, bathroom, living room with fireplace. 5000m2 fenced plot. €650 No commission. w w w.sunshine - (096)tnp 696150765

3 bed Paloma park, pool, parking, Sat TV 700€/month 3 bed Townhouse, Torrequebrada, pool, parking, store 850€/month 5 bed Villa, pool, garden, furnished / unfurnished, Arroyo de la Miel 1,500€/month mANY mORE PROPERTIES AVAILABLE, TOO mANY TO LIST WE ALSO DO HOLIDAY LETS, JUST ASK FOR PAT RENTAL PROPERTIES URGENTLY REQUIRED IN JUPITER AND mINERVA

Avenida Gamonal, Local 9, Edificio Jupiter, 29631 Arroyo de la Miel, Malaga Tel: (0034) 952 57 40 51 (0034) 952 57 77 51 Fax: (0034) 952 44 26 51 COIN Chalet in El Rodeo (130m2), 3 1/2 bedrooms, bathroom, living room with fireplace, fitted kitchen, garden, parking. Close to town. €650 No commission. w w w.sunshine - (096)tnp 696150765 ---------------------------------------------COIN Country house (147m2) close to town, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room with fireplace, aircon with heating, fitted kitchen, beautiful pool area, storage room, barbecue. €950 No commission. www.sunshine(096)tnp 696150765 ---------------------------------------------COIN Country house. 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, living room with fireplace and aircon/heating, fitted kitchen, terrace, barbecue, pool, nice views. €700 No commission. w w w.sunshine - (096)tnp 696150765 ---------------------------------------------COIN Sierra Gorda. Modern flat with fantastic view. 2 bedrooms, bathroom, living room with aircon, roof terrace, pool. Furnished with modern furniture. €500 No commission. www.sunshine(096)tnp 696150765 ---------------------------------------------ALHAURIN EL GRANDE Nice country house (150m2), 2,500m2 plot. 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room with fireplace, fitted kitchen, roof terrace, 6x9 pool. €800 No commission. www.sunshine(096)tnp 696150765


$"!#% / #

!' $



Mijas Costa

FUN HOUSE, Commercial Valdepinos, Local 20B Urb. Calypso. Tel: 695 463 017

BRYCE FRANKEN PUBLICIDAD, CC Calypso, Local 6, Urb. Calypso. Tel: 952 939 104


CARDS`N´THINGS Contact Andy on Tel: 635 434 874

IRISH CARD & PARTY SHOP, Calle Troncon, 14 Tel: 952 588 731

Nueva Andalucia AD FACTORY MEDIA GARAGE, Calle Gustavo Adolfo Becquer n14 Tel: 952 813 431


Los Boliches

San Pedro

ANN’S BOOKS & GREETINGS CARDS, Nueva Plaza Bonanza, Avenida Gamonal. Tel: 952 564 279

WOODY’S CARD SHOP, C / Poeta Salvador Rueda 93, Plaza San Rafael. Tel: 952 471 877

TRADUCCIONES SAN PEDRO, C/ Pizarro, 18 Tel: 952 789 204 Fax: 952 784 844

EST. 1987

TEL: 952 931 128

Special Offer

Scissor Gates Supplied & Fitted


SINCE 1987,

AND HAVE 1000’s OF SATISFIED CUSTOMERS. 952 931 128 - 952 933 234 EMAIL:

R E F R I G E R A T I O N / airconditioning. Same day repair specialist. Fridges, displays, bottle (094)tnp coolers etc. 627769969 ---------------------------------------------IRONING lady - why not let me do the job you hate! Reliable ironing service, collection and delivery. (098)p 622407703





(up to 12mm plate or flat bars) Please note all our products are undercoated in red oxide giving - ELONGATING & KEY WAYS you a 5 year guarantee no rust: - ONSITE WELDING & CUTTING

Established 13 years / Calle Olivar Don Pablo 23 1b, Mijas Pueblo 29650 / REG No X2571360Y

REmOVALS & STORAGE UNION JACK Removals (The Original) See main advert on front (0)p page. 90210956 ---------------------------------------------SPAINUKSPAIN@HOTmAIL.CO m Vehicle leaving Spain on 5th November, returning 1st and 7th November. Prices from £80 per cubic metre. Cars £495, bikes £250, dogs £395, cats £295. Free removal boxes with all jobs undertaken. (105)p 952160096 / 665150227 ---------------------------------------------CHEAP as chips, van and man removals, anywhere, anytime. (100)bfp 635253549 ---------------------------------------------TRANSPORT vehicle to and from UK every month. Small loads - full house, door to door. 952960075, (116)p 679932071


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!&% *!&# %# % % $%

$"!#% !(

+ $ -


GREETINGS WORLD Contact Ted on Tel: 618 200 155




Alhaurin de la Torre


D.L.S. Fabrications - Welding Engineers

*% % % !* !&# (!# - $! *!& # $ # !&$ !# # !' $- % " $ ' &$ $" %! $! ! )" # % &$ $ %! " *!& % # % ! $. !! !#( # %! # #! *!& $!! .,

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COIN Country house, near to main road. Like new, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room, barbecue, pool, roof terrace. 800m2 plot ideal for animals. €800 No commission. www.sunshine(096)tnp 696150765 ---------------------------------------------mARBELLA Centre. Rooms with own bathroom, satellite/internet. (100)p 671244683 ---------------------------------------------mARBELLA Apartment Rentals from €700 per month to €1,500 per month. 1 / 2 / 3 bedrooms. Exclusive addresses. 622571040 (100)p ---------------------------------------------LONG TERm Rentals, super prices, no commissions, apartments, townhouses, villas, fincas, coast and (096)p inland. 679111522 ---------------------------------------------BETWEEN Churriana and Torremolinos. Top floor of country house. 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, large lounge with open fire, kitchen with internal patio, large terrace. Views to Malaga Bay and mountains. Very private. Close to all amenities. €700per month. (096)p 629114174, 952437174 ---------------------------------------------CARTAmA 5 bed, 5 bath country house. €800pm or buy €300,000. 100% mortgage, no deposit. Stables, gardens, views. Ideal for (095)p B&B. 699199805

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To apply for one of the three positions above please send your CV to ACTIVE sales presenters and listers required for commercial estate agency. Full or part time. Excellent qualified leads. High commission. Good basic for right person after successful trial. Excellent telephone manner. Own computer with internet connection and own car essential. Self-starters call 691661922 (096)p

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Congestion charge price hike The London congestion charge has undergone its biggest revamp since its introduction in 2003 amid criticism of ‘eye-watering’ rises in the charges. The Freight Transport Association (FTA) has accused Transport for London (TfL) of using ‘underhand tactics’ to bury a daily price increase of £1 to £10 during the Government’s Comprehensive Spending Review.Congestion charges have increased 42 per cent since the charge was introduced seven years ago.

Alonso gifted Korean F1 GP Victory catapulted Alonso to the top of the F1 World Championship points standings as Red Bull take a pounding with both cars unable to finish the race.

Victory catapulted Alonso to the top of the F1 World Championship points standings. Lewis

Hamilton, who finished second for McLaren Mercedes, goes to Brazil second in the championship standings. Felipe Massa finished third, taking the final podium spot for Ferrari and making it the fourth time this season that both the Ferrari drivers have been on the podium together. The magnitude of the victory for Ferrari under the circumstances did not escape Alonso. “This is the best race of the year for our team. Two cars on the podium and being competitive all weekend. That’s the first wet race I have won, so I am very happy, but nothing has changed really. We all know the new points system, anything can happen,”he said. Runner-up Hamilton, who

was showing the strains of a three hour ordeal, said: “A great result. I am very happy with it. Ferrari had a little more grip than us so it was about bringing the car home.” Rain delays have been disrupting the Korean Grand Prix for several months as almost two months of work days were lost as rain lashed down in the Yeongam area. On race day the skies opened up again and rain pelted down relentlessly. Nevertheless over 100,000 people streamed to the country’s first Grand Prix and were streaming in even after the start despite the prevalent conditions. A gutted Red Bull team on Sunday night was ruing a catastrophic grand prix, which saw Mark Webber lose the championship lead, and Sebastian Vettel

the race. The immediate attention centred on pole sitter and race leader Vettel’s Renault engine failure, which Helmut Marko said took the team and its supplier by complete surprise. “It’s our first engine failure this year. The mileage was at about 1600 kilometres, and normally the average (life) is 2000-2100,” said Marko. “Something broke in the valve area, so it’s the first time. On Friday we were using an engine with much higher mileage,” said the team’s motorsport consultant. He advised German Vettel, 23, not to give up. “It’s not easy, but there are still 50 points to get,” said Marko. “Alonso is on his last engine. We’re not giving up.” Engine supplier Renault apologised later.

Classic Treasure Hunt Members of SOL Classic Car Club went on their annual treasure hunt this month, not only hunting for clues but also having to find the answers to a wide range of motoring-oriented questions set by organisers Terry and Andrea Ellis. The challenge began at Estepona Golf Club from where the cars followed the route book up past Casares and through Gaucin, always a scenic drive made even more beautiful by clear air and sparkling autumn sunshine. There was even a photo stop outside the picturesque pueblo blanco of Casares where a dozen or more griffon vultures were enjoying the thermals high above the church tower. Coming down from the

mountains, meeting flocks of sheep and groups of bikers, the route entered the flatter and greener valley where cattle graze – here some of the cars had a more than close encounter with two loose cows! Then, after a coffee stop down in San Pablo de Buceite (where there was plenty of conferring, head scratching and hiding of answer sheets), the route led past Jimena and back to the coast via San Martin del Tesorillo. At the lunch venue, La Casona, there was an impressive line-up of classics, much to the delight of the restaurant owner. After lunch answers were read out and the results announced. Winners this year were Jaybee and Chrissie

Blackburn in their Rolls Royce Silver Spur, accompanied by guests Anthony and Gill. They were presented with the club's treasure hunt trophy, renamed The Roscoe David Memorial Cup, in memory of one of the founder members who died earlier this year. Runners up were

! .+( *-* '+. ! ,), ,-* -((

Bob and Carol Livermore in their Rolls Royce Silver Cloud. Classic car enthusiasts are always welcome at club events, see the website: for details. Report by Jean Joss

leO’S AUTOS enGlISH MeCHAnICS WOrkSHOp & MOBIle prompt reliable Service City & Guilds Qualified

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Alonso exits the pit lane in 3rd place( but not for long) ADVERTISING FEATURE

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KEYMAN SPECIALIST Transponder Chip Keys Laser Keys, Keyless Remotes & Fobs


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Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso won the rain delayed inaugural Korean Grand Prix while Red Bull Racing’s title ambitions took a nose dive with Sebastian Vettel retiring when his Renault engine exploded on lap 46 whilst leading comfortably, and Mark Webber crashing out of the race.

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WEDNESDAY, October 27th 2010

38 n Sports & Motors Sports Flash


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Former GB Olympic rowing star dies Great Britain's double Olympic champion rower Andy Holmes MBE has died at the age of 51. Holmes was part of the coxed four crew, which included Sir Steve Redgrave, that won a gold medal at the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles. Holmes is believed to have died from the bacterial infection Weil's disease, also known as leptospirosis. The infection is a problem for watersport athletes because it can be caught through coming into contact with river water containing the urine of infected animals.

Axarquia Rugby Club Pointless in Pamplona Malaga went to Pamplona knowing that they had a good overwhelm Granada record there but the game could not have had a worse start. Free running at the Fernando Hierro stadium, Velez-Malaga Axarquia Rugby Club started their league season with a stunning display of rugby against the former first division side University of Granada Rugby Club. Axarquia ran through with 5 tries, one of them a superb display of back running, to overwhelm the strong team from Granada by 30 points to 10. This was a game fought with tremendous spirit and cameraderie from both sides and was superbly officiated by the Andalucian rugby federation referee. Hopefully, this is a foretaste of the season to follow, and everyone can enjoy a festival of rugby and sportsmanship in the forthcoming months. Michael Reeve, the new coach of Axarquia was ecstatic: “Fantastic…what a display…a great team effort and we know we will be challenging for promotion this season after that. The other teams in our division will be taking note of this result.” Supporter, Peter Milton said: “ it s difficult to hold back the emotion – this is a fantastic day for our team, Axarquia Rugby”.

Axarquia attack Granada

Motril. A game full of running rugby, great skill and some really hard tackling resulted in a well deserved draw ending 20-20 with 4 tries scored by both sides. Once again played in great spirit and sportsmanship. All teams, senior and junior (ages 11-18), are looking to encourage more and more players to join the club - beginners and novices will be welcomed with open

Before the match, the junior U17 side played a fantastic game of rugby against a skilful side from

arms, as well as more experienced players. For more information on joining Axarquia Rugby Club, please ring Michael on 669 899 064 or 952 514 898. Training for Axarquia Rugby Club is held at the Fernando Hierro Stadium in Velez-Malaga every Tuesday and Thursday at 19.00 for the juniors and 20.30 for the seniors.

Within two minutes Osasuna broke down the right wing and Manu Torres stupidly pulled down the winger in the box giving away a stonewall penalty. Nekounam stepped up and sent Galetto the wrong way to make it 1-0. Baha upfront, playing for the injured Rondon, had a half chance on 10 minutes but Osasuna were playing with more authority. Malaga cleared off the line on 13 minutes after allowing Osasuna a free header on goal. Malaga's only real chance of the half fell to Weligton who failed to connect with a back heel. Galetto in the Malaga goal made a great save on 31 minutes, but it was all Osasuna and the inevitable happened in the 37th minute. Malaga's defence failed to clear a cross and the ball fell to Massoud, who crashed the ball into

Manu Torres protests his innocence to the ref

the top of the net, making it 2-0 at halftime. The second half started no better for Malaga and it wasn't long before the home fans were celebrating a 3rd goal. Soriano's 56thminute corner was not dealt with by Malaga's defence, and when Massoud sent the ball back into the danger zone from the right-side of the six-yard box, Aranda was on hand to divert the ball into the back of the net

and set the seal on a solid win. In the closing few seconds substitute Edinho nearly gave Malaga a consolation goal, with a blazing shot that went just wide. The worst display of the season, a team plagued with injuries, and a team not playing well. Jesualdo Ferreira has his work cut out. Report by Scott Forbes

The juniors scrum down

Bowls: the Benavista Pairs The first main internal tournament took place last week as the "Snow Birds" returned to swell the ranks. It proved to be a very good competition with members adapting quickly to the artificial green from the grass of Britain.

determined opposition upped a gear and pulled away to win 23-18. The spectators were enthralled it was a quiet but knowledgeable crowd concentrating on the match.

David Rogers, representing the sponsors, presented the prizes to the winners as well as providing tapas and sangria for the appreciative audience. Report by Frances Farmer

The youngest player, and only junior member, Oliver Batchelor played with Ramon Jones and they reached the quarter finals, only being beaten in an extra end by Barry and Paco. A good tournament led to a thrilling final between Barry Pemberton and one of the relatively new members, Paco Mancera, against Malcolm Greenwood and Wendy Pemberton. Paco and Barry held their own until the last two ends when the

The winners Wendy Pemberton and Malcolm Greenwood

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Magic Matteo Manassero makes history! It was truly a magical moment for Italian teenager Matteo Manassero when he became the youngest European Tour event winner with a four-shot victory at the Castello Masters in Valencia on Sunday. It was a superb performance from the teenager, who at just 17 years and 190 days, broke the record that had been held by New Zealander Danny Lee who was 18 years and 213 days old when he won the 2009 Johnnie Walker Classic. The 17-year-old sank three consecutive birdie putts on the back nine to move to 16 under with a final round 67. Spain's Ignacio Garrido finished second on 12 under while England's overnight leader Gary Boyd dropped four shots in the last three holes to end 11 under. Said Manassero: "I couldn't imagine to be a winner the first year, it was just to keep my card and now I'm a winner already." Joining the celebrations of breaking records, Rory McIlroy was proud to

become the first player to hit balls under the shadows of Pyramids last week at the Egyptian Open when he fired six birdies but also hit three bogeys. McIlroy's three-under-par 69 left him on two under - 10 behind leader Scotland's George Murray. "Three years ago, I would never have dreamt I'd be able to do something like this. It's really cool," said McIlroy after his visit to the Pyramids. Unfortunately, there was nothing for Colin Montgomerie to celebrate last week after he experienced a “terrible shock” on Friday after being involved in a car

accident near Glasgow. He said he was lucky to have walked away from the crash "relatively unscathed", but he confirmed he was pulling out of the charity walk in Inverness on Friday. The walk was in aid of the Elizabeth Montgomerie foundation, which he set up in memory of his mother after she died of cancer. Monty was driving his BMW southbound on the A80 when the incident happened. "I was trapped as the side of the car was compressed and the air bags were holding me back, but the passenger door suddenly opened and I was pulled to safety thanks to other drivers who had witnessed the accident," he said. Monty felt it was unnecessary to go to hospital and received treatment at the roadside from the ambulance crew before being taken back to his home in Perth. Strathclyde Police have now confirmed a male van driver has been charged over the crash. Report by Claire Voet

Bowls: Malaga V Spain

Santa Maria Bowls Club confirmed their support for the Federacion Andaluza De Bolos and the Federacion Espanola De Bolos, by contributing funds and staging the highest level match of bowls, on the Costa Del Sol.

Malaga’s newly formed select squad played the Spanish national squad and the development team at Elviria, Santa Maria Bowls Club and put on a show of competitive bowling of a world class. Malaga lost against the National squad section but managed to beat the development part of the squad. This resulted in an overall 31points to Malaga and 33 points to Spain, defeat for Malaga, but what a result. The international format was played over two days, with Pairs and Triples in the morning and Rinks (Fours) and Singles in the afternoon. Full report on the web site

Polos & Logos

Tel: 952 932 758

- 670 800 555

Urb. Jardines Butiplaya, 13-14 Downstairs in Sunshine Golf La Cala Mijas - MALAGA




1 Week Unlimited Golf: 199€ 1 Month Unlimited Golf: 490€ *Free Buggy included when purchasing 2 memberships Tel: 952 41 27 67 Fax: 952 41 47 57

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Spanish winners dominate Fifa Ballon d’Or award shortlist. Seven of Spain's World Cup winning-squad have been shortlisted for Fifa's Ballon d'Or award. Andres Iniesta, who scored the winning goal in the final, along with Barcelona team-mates Xavi, Carles Puyol and David Villa, and Real Madrid's Iker Casillas and Xabi Alonso are all listed. Cesc Fabregas of Arsenal is also nominated, but there are no English nominees. Last year’s winner Lionel Messi, pictured right, is also on the list.

Sprinter Usain Bolt says he is back to full fitness Usain Bolt looks to have finally recovered from the injuries which forced him to rest for the last few months. The sprinter cut short his season way back in August - only four days after losing to Tyson Gay over 100m in Stockholm. But the triple Olympic champion, 24, is back in training and intends to defend his 100m and 200m

World titles at the 2011 World Championships in Korea.



Lance Armstrong to race down under

Bolt said: "The good news is that I am 100% healthy and am completely over my back and Achilles tendon problems."

Seven-time Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong will ride his last professional race outside the United States in January's Tour Down Under. Armstrong, 39, quit the sport in 2005 before returning in 2009, but in July he confirmed that 2010 would be the last time he rode the Tour de France. In what is likely to be his last season, The Tour Down Under is the Texan's first confirmed race for 2011.

Bolt missed the remaining Diamond League meetings in Zurich


Bolt’s last outing in Sweden and he shows signs of the strain we very rarely see

and Brussels after suffering

his first defeat in two years when he was beaten by Gay in Sweden. The Jamaican sprinter also missed the Commonwealth Games in September as he struggled to overcome a back injury. But Bolt, who set a new 100m world record at the World Championships in Berlin in August 2009, has revealed in his IAAF online

diary that he is raring to go again. "I am really enjoying training at the moment," he stated. "For the first time in my career I was looking forward to getting back into training before my end-ofseason break was over.”

England complain about Russia’s 2018 comments England's 2018 World Cup bid team has lodged a complaint with Fifa against the head of Russia's rival campaign over comments he made about London. Russia 2018 chief executive Alexei Sorokin was quoted as criticising high crime rates and the drinking habits of young people in England's capital. Fifa has strict rules prohibiting criticism of rival bids. Sorokin said he had no intention to discredit bid rivals and is ready to apologise for any "misunderstanding".


Marble Restoration Service and Floor Polishing



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Sca real ndinav esta ia te a n gen


Bank repossession in Spain - buy directly from the bank

Approx 30 apartments for sale in Duquesa

Price € 120,000 - 135,000

Lounge · 2 bedrooms · 2 baths · 70 - 80 m² built · Terrace · Spacious · 3 large community pools · Garages · Paddle tennis · Gated community · Exclusive area · Reference: RE-2060

High quality development ALL APARTMENTS have 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms They are 70 - 80 m² built · Bright · Spacious Elevator · Siemens kitchen · Private terrace Some available with parking and storage room included

100% mortgage* • • • •

2.5% mortgage rate Interest only for 2 years! No redemption fee No opening cost for mortgage (only a 1% penalty if change lender) • Mortgage application supplied in English *Notes: Banco Espana instructed all Spanish Banks that they are no longer permitted to offer mortgages above the selling price of the property, so purchase costs and fees cannot be included in the mortgage amount. Siemens kitchen Modern kitchen with granite worktop, “Siemens” fitted kitchen – electric oven 4 hobs, American fridge, Washing machine.

La Duquesa sports harbour The sportsharbour has several restaurants and bars open all year. It is a lovely holiday area with wide sandy beaches. There are plenty of charming places to enjoy lunch!

sale ain s s Sp tre Dis nts in tme r a p

Map of Duquesa Located close to the beach 5-8 mins walk and near the town Duquesa, these apartments have excellent road access and travel from either Malaga Airport or Gibraltar (Monarch and British Airways)

Tel. 951 100 210


The News Newspaper - Issue 096 (Date 27-10-10)  

The News Newspaper - Issue 096 (Date 27-10-10)

The News Newspaper - Issue 096 (Date 27-10-10)  

The News Newspaper - Issue 096 (Date 27-10-10)