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Wednesday, June 30th 2010

Metro strike bring Madrid to halt Practically all workers on Madrid Metro joined the strike yesterday due to salary drop.


National News

Civil Guard dies in explosion The breaking news on Tuesday morning that there had been an explosion at the Civil Guard Training School in Valdemoro, Madrid, aroused fears that the Basque terrorist group ETA were on the rampage again. It turned out that a still unexplained explosion in the school's Explosives Deactivation Service brought down an area on the first floor of the building where some young Guardias were training. At least twelve were injured, none of them seriously. However, the explosions had started a blaze in the basement, where Semtex and explosive materials recovered from terrorists

are stored and it was there that the badly burned body of 61-year-old 2nd Lieutenant Francisco Morcillo was discovered under the rubble. One office worker told reporters that she had heard at least eight explosions. The fire was brought under control quickly and damage limited to lower floors – administrative staff have offices on the upper floors. One office worker, who

refused to give reporters his name, said it could have been a “real catastrophe”. He said office staff should never have to work in a building where explosives are stored. One of the Guardias, who also refused to give his name, said: “We spend our time fining people for not wearing they safety belts, but we are literally living and working on top of an arsenal. Some 200 Guardias live at the school.

An inside source said there had never been routine safety inspections. He added that the building had been used for storing furniture until it was bought by the Guardia Civil to store explosives. The school is located on the edge of the town, which was unaffected by the explosions. Only a huge cloud of smoke indicated that anything untoward had happened there




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WEDNESDAY, June 30th 2010

n 02 - General News ICKHAM’S

WORLD I Spy... with my little eye...

Something beginning with “F”.






American Independence Day Celebrations

Dr Branovic TAPAS

Music Academy Summer school starts

Marbella (see page 17) Sun, July 4th

TAPAS July 23rd - July 25th

Nelson Academy (see page 17) July & August

Victims of terrorism honoured

NEWS Spotlight Pictures provided by readers

Jodie Dixon and Sheila M Dixon

To celebrate Victims of Terrorism Day, King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia presided at a special ceremony in Parliament on January 27, attended by members of all the political parties and representatives of several victims' associations. By Kym Wickham

Yep, we are right at the end of June and once again the locals in the Campo are still having bonfires. Quite apart from the fact that at this time of the year it is totally ILLEGAL, this practice is so dangerous it is beyond belief that anybody with a single brain cell could even think about starting up a fire. One of my Spanish neighbours told me it was “natural” to have a fire and that he was only burning his garden rubbish and because it was behind his fencing, couldn't possible set the area alight. Rubbish is exactly what that statement is. A fire that is started by a person is not a natural thing, it is a man-made piece of arson at this time of year and don't even think that if you have a hose handy it'll be alright – it won't be. One spark and the whole of the area can go up. That is why Spain has fire bombing aircraft working flat out at this time of year. Apart from the trees, ground and houses that go up in flames, what about people’s pets and the wildlife, let alone the danger to other humans. Every year huge areas are wiped out by either stupidity or fire starters. So please everybody, don't you be the stupid ones by mistake. Take your rubbish to the tip or up the bins and let us all live in safety and peace.

The date was chosen because it was on June 27, 1960, that the first bomb attack by the Basque terrorist group ETA killed a 20-monthold girl at a railway station. In response to the King's call for the political parties to unite against terrorism, another event was held in Parliament on Monday, when the spokesmen of all the parties represented there – the

the families of those killed and to the survivors. In the case of death, families will receive a minimum of €250,000 and up to a maximum of €500,000. A person invalided by an attack will receive a sum between €500,000 and €750,000 in compensation, while people who are wounded but not incapacitated will receive a minimum of €100,000.

View towards the fire on Sierra de Mijas on Monday afternoon

'Savage' metro strike continues The Madrid Metro provided a skeleton service on Monday after only 38% of its workers responded to their union's call for a strike. It came to a standstill on Tuesday when almost all the workers joined the strike. At a meeting Tuesday morning, their union agreed to continue the strike on Wednesday. The strike action came in response to a drop in salaries announced by Madrid's regional government last week.

Meanwhile, commuters were left totally in the dark after the Metro's website went down early on Tuesday morning. Those hopeful commuters who turned up on Tuesday to see if a skeleton service was running were turned away and by mid-morning all the stations were eerily empty. Those few which stayed open to provide information did not allow commuters past the entrances. Buses provided by Renfe were full

One of the helicopters collecting water from Alhaurin Golf

Mijas fire extinguished

to overflowing and there was not an empty taxi in sight anywhere. As soon as their passengers alighted, taxi drivers had the pick of desperate passengers. Union leaders said the strike had been a “total success”. A spokesman for the Madrid regional government called it “totally irrational” and said sanctions would be applied: “We are going to apply the law with all its consequences.”

The fire which broke out on a hillside above Mijas on Monday afternoon was finally put out Tuesday morning, after destroying some seven hectares of vegetation. People were evacuated from five houses and the A-387 road was closed in both directions between kilometres and 7 and 9. It took nine helicopters and ten firefighting teams to put out the blaze, which was the first forest fire of any importance so far this summer.











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Socialist Party, the Partido Popular, Convergencia y Union, the Basque National Party, Izquierda Unida, the Mixed Group and Union, Democracia y Progreso – pledged their agreement on a new law to recognise and protect the victims of terrorism. Under this law, details of which were released the previous Friday, compensation will be paid to


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37 19 33 16

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WeDNeSDAY, June 30th 2010

Did you know?

National - 03 n

On this date in

National News


the last sixpence was minted in Britain

Catalans called on to defend Statute Catalan regional premier José Montilla has called on Catalans to demonstrate en masse to defend their amended Autonomy Statute which was drafted and approved by referendum more than four years ago. The original text called for Catalonia to be given the status of “nation” rather than autonomous region and it was this, among several other amendments that led the main opposition party, the Partido Popular, to ask the Constitutional Court to declare the document unconstitutional. Four years and several examining judges later, the Court finally decided on Monday to eliminate 14 amendments, but left around 95% of the original text untouched. However, the amendments to be scrapped include the

preamble which describes Catalonia as “a nation” and a clause that gives the Catalan courts judicial independence from Spain’s legal watchdog, the CGPJ or the General Counsel of the Judiciary. Another clause which proclaims Catalan the “preferred language” to be used by all public institutions was also declared unconstitutional. All three issues are very dear to Catalans and on hearing the Court's decision, Premier Montilla declared he would abide by it, but did not agree with it, and would continue to press the region's claims.

José Montilla.

Now leaders of the Catalan Socialist Party, the moderately nationalist Convergencia y Union and the radical nationalist Catalan Republican Left party have called for a mass protest on Saturday, July 10.

Mossos denounce pedestrian Just two days after 12 revellers on their way to St John's night celebrations were killed crossing the railway line at Castelldefels station on the outskirts of Barcelona, an RTVE cameraman caught a young woman crossing the line in the same place and filmed her walking straight into the arms of two irate Mossos (Catalan police). The woman, apparently a Russian, who at first refused to show the Mossos her papers, told them she was in a hurry and had not heard about the tragic accident. The Mossos have reported her and she faces a fine of

Govt busts EUROPE’s BEsT AIRCONDITIONERs own AT sPAIN’s LOWEsT PRICEs! Luxury, whisper quiet budget aircons that never

The government has overspent its staffing expenses by 100% so far this year, according to the latest Finance Ministry figures for the month of May. The 2010 Budget assigned 2.7% for spending on staff but the government has spent 5.6% – more than double – in the first five months of this year. The figures do not take into account staff spending at a regional level.

Photographers protest arrests Parliamentary press photographers went on strike last week to protestagainst the arrests of two of their colleagues. Freelance Edu León was arrested for taking photos of plain-clothes policemen arresting foreigners on Madrid's Metro. Jesus G Feria was arrested for taking photographs of some National Police beating up youths who were watching Spain's match against Switzerland on big screens outside Real Madrid's Barnabeu stadium.

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between €6,000 and €30,000, which will be set by a judge. It took several days to identify the 12 victims – most of them immigrants from South America – using DNA tests. The authorities have cleared the driver of the train that ran the victims down of all responsibility. They said the train was travelling at a normal speed and was on schedule. Minutes after the tragedy happened, ten Renfe guards arrived, specially drafted in to supervise the crowds who flock to the nearby beach every St John's Day for the bonfire celebration.

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WEDNESDAY, June 30th 2010

n 04 - National

Scottish 'cow' heads to Pamplona A van converted to look like a Highland cow will be driven by Mechanic Mikey Sandison, 29, and electrician Gordie Mackay, 25, from John O'Groats to Spain for Pamplona's Running of the Bulls. They will take part in the Ramshackle Rally across Europe during their twoweek trip, which started last Saturday. The 22-year-old vehicle was bought for less than £150 to comply with the rally's rules. After gluing fur used for cushions to the

Abortion figures 'worrying' Health experts are concerned about the latest abortion figures issued by the National Statistics Institute (INE) which show that there was one abortion for every five births last year. They have said this is a cause for concern in a country where the older population is growing rapidly and the birth rate has started to fall again after rising continuously for the past ten years. Even immigrant women – who helped reverse Spain's falling birth rate ten years

ago – are having fewer children. The experts point out that all this has happened before the new abortion law comes into force on July 5th. As the law will makes it easier to end a pregnancy, the experts fear it will trigger a sharp rise in abortions. The main opposition party, the

Partido Popular, has already asked the Constitutional Tribunal to declare the law unconstitutional and more than 60 pro-life associations and groups plan to meet outside the Tribunal in Madrid on Saturday, July 3, to support their demand that it should hand down its decision urgently.

Electricity price agreement

van, they carried out a road test to make sure it stayed stuck on. Mr Sandison said they hoped to raise thousands of pounds for the Alzheimer's Society along the way. The pair also said they hoped to join the bull run while wearing kilts.

Industry Minister Miguel Sebastian and Partido Popular economics spokesman Cristobal Montoro have reached an agreement to suspend an

electricity price rise which was due to come into effect in July. The planned price rise ranged from 5% for medium-sized industries to 10% for households and

small businesses. Despite the decision, the price of electricity will still go up on July 1 which is when VAT will be increased from 16% to 18%.

Celebrities sign letter for Pope Tennis ace Rafael Nadal is one of about 1,000 celebrities who have signed a letter to welcome Pope Benedict XVI, who will be visiting Santiago de Compostela and Barcelona later this year. It is part of the “Bienvenido Benedicto

XVI (BB16)” which emerged “spontaneously” and “independently” of any organisation, association or political party. The signatories include judges, bank presidents, generals, admirals, university professors, journalists, and

former Finance Minister Rodrigo Rato, as well as sports stars such as Real Madrid's Raúl, flamenco dancer Sara Baras and bullfighters Francisco and Cayetano Rivera Ordoñez. Most are practising Catholics but not all – David

Hatchwell is the deputy chairman of Madrid's Jewish community. The letter praises the Pope's stand on issues such as religious freedom, parents' rights in their children's education, abortion and paedophile priests.

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WEDNESDAY, June 30th 2010

National - 05 n

Corruption harms democracy

EWS IN BRIEF Got a story? Send your stories and pictures to The News

The quality of democracy in Spain has dropped by half a percentage point in the past two years, according to the Fundacion Alternativas' annual report. The foundation was inspired by the Democratic Audits set up in 1993 by the University of Essex to assess the quality of democracy and political freedom in the UK. A spokesman said the main cause of the drop was the corruption scandals

affecting the political parties. He said that for the first time since democracy was restored after the death of General Franco Spaniards now rate corrupt politicians as one of their three main problems. The spokesman said the

scandals were closely linked to urban planning and public sector contracts at local, regional and national levels. He said another cause was political party financing, and mentioned the so-called Gurtel case as an example. The

Foundation said solutions involved limiting election spending, more internal democracy in the parties, and greater independence for the entities responsible, among other things, for controlling political conflicts of interest.

ETA suspect rearrested Fermin Vila Michelena, a suspected member of the Basque terrorist group ETA, was rearrested by police in Belfast last Saturday under a European arrest warrant issued by the Spanish authorities, after being arrested and released two days earlier. A spokesman for the Spanish interior ministry said he was the subject of three arrest warrants. He said that Michelena was part of ETA's

Madrid cell which carried out four car bomb attacks in 2001 and had been on the suspected terrorist list since December 2001. Earlier this year, former ETA member Jose Ignacio de Juana Chaos jumped bail in Northern Ireland. De Juana Chaos had served 20 years for the killing of 25 people in 11 attacks and is wanted on charges of terrorism. A court in Belfast

ordered the extradition of Michelena who was last seen in Spain in April.






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Don't post hols on Web

Spaniards ignore crisis

MADRID. The Policía Nacional have issued detailed recommendations for people who want to go on holiday and not have to worry about having their home broken into. As well as the usual advice – lock up homes well, hide objects of value, etc – the police say “don't post holiday dates on Facebook or similar because thieves read them too”.

MADRID. Official figures show that despite the current economic crisis the number of Spanish emigrants returning home has remained stable. Last year, 31,689 came home, 300 more than the previous year. Half of them had been living in South and Central America which have been even harder hit than Spain. A third had been living in other EU countries.

Website for battered women

Greens want in on talks

MADRID. The Equality Ministry has added a new section to its website called WRAP (support and prevention resources) consisting of maps of all parts of Spain that give 5,000 addresses and telephone numbers where victims of domestic violence can get immediate help. Refuges are not included “for security reasons”, a ministry spokesperson said.

SPAIN / GIBRALTAR. Environmental groups in both countries want to attend the three-way talks between Spain, Britain and Gibraltar, claiming that the Aarhus Convention guarantees their right to take part in any attempt to find solutions to the crisis that is affecting our environment. One item on the agenda is pollution in the Campo de Gibraltar area of Spain opposite the Rock.




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WEDNESDAY, June 30th 2010

n 06 - International

Did you know?

On this date in

World News Police numbers not sustainable President of the Association of Chief Police OďŹƒcers Sir Hugh Orde told senior oďŹƒcers from England, Wales and Northern Ireland at ACPO's annual conference in Manchester on Tuesday that current police numbers are not "sustainable" in the face of budget cuts. He said it is "misleading in the extreme" to claim otherwise, and urged ministers to make structural reforms, rather than "salami slicing" the police to save money. Sir Hugh also said chief constables would face "hard choices" over where to make savings, and the government must take the lead. He said forces

may look at merging units and back-office functions, or at sharing expensive equipment, but warned that the idea of any police force mergers is always unpopular with voters who are afraid of losing their "local" police. Speaking after Sir Hugh, Home Secretary Theresa May announced plans to cut

police bureaucracy by scrapping Labour's 10point Policing Pledge. This includes commitments to respond quickly to calls and to keep victims informed about their case. Last week, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson said his force would "shrink" as a result of budget cuts.


London Bridge was opened

Belgian abuse panel quits

Dr Death sentenced Jayant Patel, a US surgeon, dubbed "Doctor Death" by the Australian media, has been found guilty of the manslaughter of three of the patients in his care at a hospital in Queensland between 2003 and 2005. He was also convicted of grievous bodily harm against a fourth patient. Patel will be sentenced on Thursday. After 50 hours of deliberation, the 12-man jury at the Brisbane Supreme Court reached the guilty verdict after hearing evidence of botched and needless operations. Patel, 60, had pleaded not guilty to the manslaughter of Gerry

Kemps, James Phillips, and Mervyn Morris, and causing grievous bodily harm to Ian Vowles during his time as director of surgery at Bundaberg Base Hospital. Prosecutors told the court that Patel had been criminally negligent when he had performed two oesophagectomies and two bowel operations on the four men. They argued that Patel's operations were well below the standard of a competent surgeon. Patel was detained by police in the US in 2008 after Australia launched extradition proceedings against him.

A Catholic Church-backed commission of inquiry into clerical sexual abuse in Belgium has announced it is shutting down in protest at police raids, which were carried out last Thursday at the request of the Brussels prosecutor's office. The commission's offices were searched and 475 case files removed, many of which contained confidential information from alleged abuse victims. Commission head Peter Adriaenssens, who only took over eight weeks ago, expressed concern at the motive for the raids. The Belgian Church was shaken in April when the Bishop of Bruges, Roger Vangheluwe, resigned after admitting to having sexually abused a boy. Pope Benedict XVI denounced the raids as "deplorable".

WEDNESDAY, June 30th 2010

International - 07 n

Cabinet meets outside London

EWS IN BRIEF Got a story? Send your stories and pictures to The News

David Cameron took his coalition cabinet to Bradford in West Yorkshire on Tuesday for its first meeting outside London He was continuing the practice of away-day meetings revived by Gordon Brown in October 2008 when his cabinet met in Birmingham – the first cabinet meeting not to be held in London or at Chequers since 1921. The day included visits by ministers related to their areas of responsibility, and the main themes of the

visit were boosting regional economic activity and helping businesses grow. Speaking to a conference of chief executives on Monday, Mr Cameron warned that Britain had to learn to "earn its way in the world" again if it was to remain prosperous. He said: "I think too many people in this country are living under the delusion

that a prosperous past guarantees a prosperous future." Tory MPs attacked Gordon Brown over the bill for his regional cabinet meetings, estimated to cost up to £200,000 a time. Labour MPs are now expected to return the favour – but with an added edge. They will ask how, when claimants are facing cuts to their benefits,

departments are having to make savings of up to a third in their budgets and public sector workers are having their pay frozen, can the coalition justify spending so much on cabinet away days? No 10 insist the costs will be kept as low as possible and that the government is keen to listen to the views of the public.

US Supreme Court extends gun rights The US Supreme Court ruled by 5-4 on Monday that a ban on the ownership of handguns in the city of Chicago was unconstitutional. It also restricted the rights of state and city governments to enforce controls on gun ownership. Justices said the US Constitution protected the right to keep and bear arms for the purpose of self-defence. Two years ago,

the court ruled a ban on handguns in Washington DC was unconstitutional – declaring that the Second Amendment protects an individual's right to possess guns, at least for purposes of self-defence in the home. But Washington is a federal city, with a unique legal standing. The latest ruling could potentially change laws on gun ownership in many of the

other US states. Debate over the exact meaning of the constitutional right to keep and bear arms has raged for years in the US. The amendment reads: "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed." The Supreme Court's ruling is quite narrow – it upholds the

right of individuals to keep handguns at home for the purposes of self-protection but makes it clear that this does not mean that all laws governing gun ownership in America are now in doubt. However, for the first time, the US Supreme Court has offered a clear definition of national significance of these 27 much debated words written in 1789.

VAT upped to Landmark euthanasia ruling 24% GERMANY. The Federal Court of Justice has ruled that it is not a criminal offence to cut off the life support of a dying person if that person has given their consent, and acquitted a lawyer who had advised the daughter of a comatose woman to cut off her feeding tube.

ROMANIA. Prime Minister Emil Boc has said he plans to raise value-added tax (VAT) to 24% in an effort to curb the country's deficit and secure a $20bn International Monetary Fund (IMF) loan. The increase puts Romania just below those states with the highest VAT rate in the EU – The patient had expressed 25%. The average rate for her wish not to be kept alive European countries is now artificially. 20%.

Village for sale

Singer ‘dies’ twice

NEW ZEALAND. Offers are flooding in for a pub, a fire station, a village hall and 18 houses that make up the isolated village of Otira in New Zealand which is on sale for just over £465,400.

MEXICO. Singer Sergio Vega was shot dead only hours after he told the entertainment website La Oreja that reports of his murder had been mistaken. The 40-year-old singer, known as El Shaka, had increased security measures after a number of Mexican musicians had been killed. Musicians who perform narcocorridos – songs celebrating the lives of drug barons, – often become the targets of rival drug gangs.

The remote spot in New Zealand's Southern Alps, which is overlooked by spectacular snowcapped mountains, is on a major highway and a historic railway line.

WEDNESDAY, June 30th 2010

n 08 - Inland & Coastal

Did you know?

Local News Councils must control noise CCTV not The Junta de Andalucia ruled last week that municipalities both large and small throughout the region must introduce an anti-noise ordinance if they have not already got one. The proposal about this new obligatory regulation on noise pollution will be approved at the Junta’s Cabinet meeting in October. For the period of one year following the meeting, the Junta’s environment department

will help the smallest municipalities to draw up the regulation and all municipalities will have another year in which draw up and approve their socalled “noise maps” marking out areas where higher decibels are allowed,

to meet an EU move to harmonise noise pollution regulations throughout the Union. The regulation will focus on “coches discoteca”, drivers who play music full blast, and will also regulate the use of emergency sirens in certain parts of towns.

effective A study on the effectiveness of the CCTV system installed in ten streets in Malaga’s historical centre has shown that the cameras have simply driven pickpockets and muggers to nearby streets without surveillance. It also showed that people in the area do not feel more secure nor have the number of fights and brawls been reduced. Local shopkeepers said more police patrols would be a more effective way to reduce robberies, although they would also like to see more streets included in the CCTV system.

Guardia Civil wants motto changed The Unified Association of the Guardia Civil (AUGC) in Malaga has requested that the motto “Todo por la Patria” (All for the Fatherland) be removed from the facades of their barracks because they consider it has unfortunate political connotations. The motto dates back to 13th October 1937 when General German Gil y Yuste had it emblazoned on all Guardia

Civil barracks in the areas of Spain dominated by the military rebels during the civil war. It was extended to all Guardia barracks after the war ended. The request comes as three barracks in Malaga are about to be refurbished. The AUGC has suggested that something along the lines of “Todo por la Constitucion” would be more in keeping with the times. The Junta de

Monda foreigners office There will be a public meeting in Monda Town Hall on July 8 at 8 pm to gauge the support for a Foreign Residents Department. If enough foreign residents turn up, the office will open in September. Meanwhile, the Foreign Residents Department in Coin is

going from strength to strength. It also serves foreign residents in the surrounding area, who can submit their questions and queries on 952 45 32 11; by email to, or visit the website at reigners


Orthodox Church East,West, home's best seeks plot BENALMADENA. A representative of the Russian Orthodox Church visited the town last week to look at a 300 m2 plot on which it would like to build a church. Mayor Enrique Moya said there were at least 5,000 people belonging to the Russian Orthodox Church living on the Costa del Sol, “enough to give them their own church”.

MALAGA. A spokesman for the Andalucian Travel Agents Association said the crisis is forcing “Malagueños” to forget the Caribbean and stay closer to home for their holidays this summer. While most of them have opted for the Costa del Sol or the country's eastern Mediterranean beaches, others were heading for less wellknown destinations inland.

Pedestrian bridge planned

Banderas to be town crier

MARBELLA. The Town Council plans to ask the Development Ministry to build a pedestrian bridge from the Benabolá roundabout to Puerto Banus because the underground tunnel cannot cope with the number of pedestrians needing to cross there and is frequently flooded during the rainy season. As a result too many people are endangering their lives by crossing the road.

MALAGA. The president of the Association of Religious Brotherhoods, Rafael Recio, has announced that Antonio Banderas will be the “pregonero” for Easter Week next year. The pregonero, or town crier, makes the official speech to open the Easter pageantry. Banderas belongs to the San Juan Brotherhoods Association and returns home every Easter to take part in the processions.




Electrical items, Air conditioning, Fans, etc.

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Charles Blondin became the 1st man to cross Niagara Falls on a tightrope.






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Andalucia’s delegate to the Malaga Provincial government, Juan Jose Lopez Garzon said: “Right now we have more important problems to deal with.” The AUGC represents half the Guardia Civil in Malaga province.


On this date in

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Ctra. Mijas, Km 3,5 - 29651 Mijas - Malaga Tel: 952 476 907

WEDNESDAY, June 30th 2010

Inland & Coastal - 09 n

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Great golf

New Foundation of Friends calling success

The annual Peter Stock Memorial Week held at La Cala Resort, Mijas, recently was another outstanding success, once again being blessed with beautiful sunny, if breezy, weather and large entries. The fourball, played over two days on two courses, is one of the highlights of the competitive calendar and one of the most sought after titles. This year’s winners were the UK pairing of Danny Rees and Gordon Edwards. This was the last event in the week of competitions organised by Joan Stock in memory of her late husband Peter, who himself was a great fan of the fourball format. This was the 16th staging of the week and all funds raised go to the pallative care organisation, Cudeca.

Rev. Don Spence, the founder and pastor of the Calahonda Baptist Church resigned at the end of 2008 and now has a new call on his life. From Sunday July 4th , he will be taking an 11 a.m. service at the Faith Baptist Church in San Pedro. He is now looking forward to many years of service in the area.

Clarification from Midas Midas Telecom would like to point out that, further to their advertorial in The News last week, their services are achieved by using your existing Telefonica network but with all the advantages of Midas Telecom services in your own language.

The Foundation of Friends were pleased to present a cheque for €2100 to AVOI as a result of recent fund-raising activity. AVOI is the volunteer association that helps children with leukaemia in the hospital at Materno de Infantil in Malaga. In operation since 1993, AVOI’s aim is take care of the needs of children in hospital and to help them forget about their condition. They have been doing this by creating and running recreational and cultural activities, which include workshops and outings from the hospital. Juan Carmona, the founder of AVOI, said "the money raised by The

Foundation of Friends helps us to provide fantastic days out for the children, such as a recent fiesta at Fuengirola Zoo on the 4th June - it makes such a difference for the children." If you would like more information on The Foundation of Friends and the work they are doing for children in need here in Spain, or on their up and coming events, visit their website on www.thefoundationoffrie or call Michelle on 607 988 544 or email info@thefoundationoffrie

The Inland U3A is hoping to expand its existing courses and is looking for new Group Leaders. If you can offer your knowledge or a skill, then please let them know by contacting It is both rewarding and fun to share your interests with like-minded people and make new friends. Next term (October 2010

to May 2011) enrolment will start in mid-September further details will be published in due course. The U3A Art Group is currently holding an Exhibition of its work in Coin at El Palomar Hotel, Urbanizacion Miravalle, Los Llanos. The Exhibition will stay open over the summer, giving you plenty of time to visit over the next couple of months.



e uk njjoy the enjoy e mer!! summer s summ this D †choose your seat online  D †upgrade to extra legroom seating D † speedy online check-in D †dedicated group booking service

U3A to expand next session

one way inc. tax

D †great value hot meals & snacks D †free frequent flyer scheme D †flying the nation for over 40 years fllightss flight


Conditions apply. apply. Pre-bookable seating (including extra legroom) available to buy online. Online check in requires pre-booked seats. Meals available to buy when pre booked online. Snacks and drinks available to buy onboard.



WEDNESDAY, June 30th 2010

n 10 - Political Update

The Local Voice

Muriel Pilkington

Memo from Madrid

Martin Delfín

Writes for the English language version of El Pais


Lofty dreams of independence



ollowing up the dire warning by European Commission president José Manuel Barroso that the economic crisis could mean the death of democracy in Spain, Portugal and Greece, it must be remembered that the death of democracy is never sudden. There is always a build-up with plenty of clues to warn people of its coming – if you are on the look-out for them. Today, many Spaniards are under the impression that the coup attempt on February 23, 1981, was nothing more than a flash in the pan but tensions within the military had been building for some months before the bunch of Guardia Civil stormed into Parliament. And the cause of their discontent was to be found in the Basque Country, where ETA had re-emerged with a vengeance in the second half of 1980, declaring it would unleash total war on Spain if the province of Navarra was not included in its dream of an independent Basque homeland. As usual, they blithely ignored the fact that most Navarrese wanted to stay as part of Spain. In an effort to browbeat them into submission, ETA started targeting tourist resorts and Guardia Civil barracks in the province.


he claim to Navarra infuriated senior Army officers because the region, apart from being an inalienable part of Spain, was a symbol of patriotic values for them. Navarra had provided Franco with the Requetes, the ferocious militia that had played a crucial role in his war effort. And the draft military amnesty law presented to Parliament in June 1980, which opened up the way for the reintegration into the ranks of the officers who had fought for the Republic during the Civil War, outraged the military even more than the legalisation of the Communist Party. To make matters worse, both ETA and GRAPO (The First of October Anti-fascist Resistance Group) had carried out a series of assassination attempts on senior generals during the spring and summer of 1980. So the military were not at all happy and conspiracy was rife.


he situation on the political front didn't help matters either. The first freely-elected post-Franco government was beginning to run out of steam. Between them, King Juan Carlos and the then Prime Minister Adolfo Suarez had steered the country through the most dangerous period – from November 1975 to June 1977. Suarez’ centre-right Union Centro Democratico won the general election in June 1977 and during the next three years, with the king keeping watch in the background, he brokered the 1978 Constitution and the autonomous statutes for the country’s 17 regions, working closely with the opposition parties, especially the Partido Socialista Obrero Español (Spanish Socialist Workers Party).


ut Suarez had become increasingly isolated from the cabinet, his party and the press. Socialist leader Felipe Gonzalez withdrew his support, claiming that Suarez no longer had a meaningful contribution to make. Unemployment had risen to one and a half million. And the


Attempted military coup of February 23

government was dragging its feet as regards the transfer of powers to the regional governments, especially those of the Basque Country and Catalonia.


nd the conspirators were quite open. By October 1980, the press was mentioning the so-called “Operación De Gaulle”, a reference to General Alfonso Armada, a great admirer of the French general, who was floating the idea of a coalition military-civilian government to solve the country’s problems.


eanwhile, several senior generals visited King Juan Carlos to complain bitterly about the situation. The King listened to them and tried to make them see reason, making it clear that “in no circumstances should they rely on me to cover the slightest act against a constitutional government like ours. Such actions, if they took place, I told them, would be considered by the King as a direct attack on the crown.”


earing that the military were finally running out of patience, Adolfo Suarez resigned on January 29th, 1981, because he believed his effective removal from power would placate them. But while Parliament was meeting to confirm the appointment of Leopoldo Calvo Sotelo as his successor on February 23rd, just after 6 pm groups of Guardia Civil stormed into the chamber through its several entrances, fired shots into the ceiling, where the bullet holes can still be seen, and declared the military had taken over. In fact, only Valencia had been taken by General Milans de Bosch, while the King was in the Zarzuela Palace ringing , all the military posts in the rest of the country to demand their allegiance to himself and Parliament.


he rebels imposed a news blackout – but overlooked one RTVE camera sent to record the acceptance of Calvo Sotelo as Prime Minister. Meanwhile, the news team at RTVE’s television studios had defied the military by 10 pm on the 23rd and gone on the air, knowing that another RTVE news team was on its way to the Zarzuela Palace to film the King’s condemnation of the coup, which effectively ended the uprising. Those film clips are shown frequently on TV today, a constant reminder of what might have been if the coup had succeeded.

he people of Catalonia remind me of a certain small sector in Puerto Rico who favour independence. The Caribbean island is a US territory and home to 3.8 million people who have the right to come and go to the United States as much as they please without a visa. In truth, they have been US citizens since 1917. This special relationship began in 1898 when Spain lost the island, along with Cuba and the Philippines to the United States in the brief but disastrous SpanishAmerican War declared by Queen-regent Maria Cristina of Hapsburg. Cuba and the Philippines were eventually granted independence but Washington decided to hold on to Puerto Rico because there had never really been any significant push for independence much less separation from Spain. As historian John Bergamini put it in his excellent 1974 book “The Spanish Bourbons: The History of a Tenacious Dynasty,” Puerto Rico “with more local selfgovernment than Cuba, had shown little inclination to be freed.”


n Catalonia, people are calling for mass demonstrations to protest the Constitutional Court’s decision Monday to scrap 14 amendments of the so-called Estatut – the region's governing body of bylaws approved by voters in a 2006 referendum. The bench majority considered them incompatible with Spain’s Constitution. Among those struck down are the preamble which describes Catalonia as “a nation” and a clause that gives the courts in the northeast territory judicial independence from the Spain’s legal watchdog, the CGPJ or the General Counsel of the Judiciary. There is also the statement in the autonomous statute that proclaims Catalan the “preferred language” to be used at all public institutions that was also declared unconstitutional. The Catalan nationalist party bloc (CiU) called the Constitutional Court’s decision a “serious one,” and said it would not have accepted anything more than a carte blanche approval of all of the more than 200 clauses that make up the statute which Catalans voted for during the referendum.


ince 1967, Puerto Ricans have been offered three plebiscites to chose their own political future – whether they want to be independent, become a US state or keep the status quo. The current relationship with the United States, adopted in 1952, is commonwealth status. Loosely based on the British system, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico (or Estado Libre Asociado) affords islanders many US benefits. Besides travelling to and from the mainland, they can tap into many health and federal retirement benefits. They use the dollar, but don’t pay federal income taxes. They are disallowed to vote for president and cannot make their own bilateral treaties. The island has three major parties: Popular Democratic Party (PPD), New Progressive Party (PNP) and the Independence Party (PIP), whose respective pole positions should be centreleft, centre-right and far left but are actually defined by their status positions they support – commonwealth, statehood and

Puerto Rico

independence. In all three plebiscites held in 1967, 1993 and 1998, the current status quo has won hands down with independence getting less than 5% of the vote and statehood coming in second.


he majority of Catalans believe they are perhaps better off on their own rather than being attached to Spain. Jose Montilla, the Socialist regional premier, said Monday night he didn’t like the Constitutional Court’s ruling but “just because I am going to respect it, doesn’t mean I agree with it.” And if it were up to Josep Duran i Lleida and some of his CiU forces, a coup would be in the offing with a separatist militia operating from the Pyrenees.


rime Minister José Luis Rodriguez Zapatero gave Catalonia a chance to obtain broad autonomy in 2006 when the Socialists supported thenregional premier Pasqual Maragall’s bid to draft his own set of bylaws. But the term “nation” and the seemingly forced upon Catalan language has scared many, especially those in the main opposition Popular Party which took the challenge to the Constitutional Court. Catalonia, as opposed to other regions such as Galicia and Castilla-La Mancha, had been given a chance to become a Spanish commonwealth but it still wants more. The Catalans believe they can make it on their own if they declare their independence from Spain saying that they can survive on the region’s industrial power base. But do the most educated Catalan independence supporters really believe that those companies and firms which actually serve a large Spanish consumer market will remain inside a budding nation? Kosovo is Europe’s newest nation, recognised by some countries – Spain excluded – but it hasn’t made any headway in helping nurture a financially wracked continent back to health.


n Puerto Rico, supporters of independence are mostly romantic, with lofty dreams of a one-day Republic of Puerto Rico that hinges on a scary reality – cutting ties with the United States would mean a drastic plunge in living standards, the closing of almost all American companies, which employ hundreds of thousands of islanders, and the loss of federal benefits. I think perhaps the Catalan nationalists should have a heartto-heart with members of the Puerto Rico’s Independence Party.

WEDNESDAY, June 30th 2010

Opinion & Comment - 11 n


The News wants to hear your views Send letters to the editor as part of an e-mail text to

Arthur Cliveden by email I don’t know if you think this is worth inclusion in The News but I have been seeing on the Internet what appears to be another injustice about to occur in the London area. Your research will obviously be able to connect Clr. Robert Bailey of the BNP with an event during the recent election canvassing where he was confronted with some Asians, one of whom spat in his face. Now I don’t know if you are into the art of dirty fighting, but if you are then you will know that once someone is spat in the face the automatic reaction is to push one’s hands directly to wipe the spit off, at which stage the assailant then kicks out as hard as he can between your legs. Unfortunately for this poor Asian he was obviously unaware that Clr Bailey was an ex-marine and well aware of this trick. Clr Bailey retaliated and downed the Asian but will now appear in court in July charged with GBH (we should also now introduce a new charge SWITCA Spitting With Intent To Cause Aids - but of course to what ethnic race only would that law apply?

I sincerely hope the judge’s summing up will not be something like “It was fortuitous for the members of the jury that a person with a camera just happened to be on the scene when the incident occurred and was able to record it all”. Pity the spitting couldn’t have been edited out because then Clr Bailey could have been sent to the gallows without the need for Shi-ite law to come to the fore in the UK. Editor says: This incident is on Youtube for all to see and it appears there was a slanging match between the parties beforehand. Obviously in an ideal world this kind of behaviour on both sides would not happen and people of authority should endeavour not to get involved in such incidents be they MP’s of any party, football managers etc. However, once things get as low as physical abuse in all its forms - whether it being spitting, throwing an egg à la Preston, or actual punching or kicking, a person should have the right to reasonably defend themselves without fear of prosecution.

Per R Dewar

Sabinillas Edition 78 has the inimitable Muriel Pilkington stating, in as many words, that young people are more interested in cell phones, Ipods and computers than in revolutions. She omits one other factor: today’s ‘opium of the people’, football. Editor replies: I doubt many of the English football youngsters will be that interested in the game at the moment after the English side's pitiful performance in the World Cup! Personally I think sports managers have a very poor “pool” to pick new up-and-coming players from right now and that the playing of competitive sports in schools should be brought back without delay. People have to learn that in life, sometimes you lose and the sooner kids get used to that basic fact, the better. Young people need guidelines not namby-pamby pussyfooting around and adults need to be taught how to communicate with children again, a skill sadly missing in a lot of them. Parenting is not about sticking your kid in front of a computer or telly telling it to get on with it. And it should bother all of us how few parents “know” their children.


Costa Futbol Academy The Costa Futbol Academy is run by former former professional footballer and manager Brian Tinnion. He has played over 700 league games in a career spanning over 22 years. Starting at Necastle United he then went to Bradford City and then Bristol City where he finished up manageing for two years. Since Brian moved from the United Kingdom to the Costa del Sol in 2006, he set up the Costa Futbol Academy enrolling two teams in the Spanish League. He is also a scout for Premier League team Everton, where he watches La Liga games every weekend. He also scouts for the best young players on the Costa del Sol.

The Academy has been running for over three years and is based in Alhaurin el Grande at Alhaurin Campo de Futbol, we also have sessions at La Cala and Benalmadena. We currently have two teams in the Spanish League with the under 11’s finishing 2nd in the league and winning promotion! We are always looking for newcomers from ages 5 to 16 to come and join the coaching sessions and push for a place in the teams.

Coaching sessions are held as follows: Monday and Thursday at Alhaurin, Thursday at La Cala, Fridays at Benalmadena. Weekly games are held with the Spanish League Summer Schools are running throughout July in Alhaurin and Benalmadena. Please call Brian for more details on 663 492 261

Stargazing By Ken Campbell If you would like to be kept up to date or take part in any of the events then go to

The Summer Nights As we move into the beginning of July you will get a chance to witness the motion of the planets as they move in our Solar System.

If you look to the west just after sunset you will be able to spot the planets Venus, Mars and Saturn all forming a perfectly straight line with one another and all very close together. Venus is the very bright ‘star’ closest to the horizon. Iit is now so bright it looks like an airplane’s landing lights. Mars, which is very red in colour, is above and to the left of Venus and yellow coloured Saturn is about the same distance again up and to the left of Mars. But if you watch them throughout the rest of July you will see a noticeable difference in their positions each night until the last few days of July, when all three planets will have moved extremely close together in a very nice conjunction. Of course the planets are not really close together, they are in fact millions of miles apart, and it is simply a line of sight effect

that will make them look this close. It was this movement of the planets through the background stars that puzzled ancient astronomers and so the name planet comes from the Greek word Planetès meaning wanderer. The Sun, Moon and the planets all move across the sky in a very narrow band called the ecliptic and it’s because they all stay within the ecliptic that we sometimes have this close grouping of planets. The ecliptic is so called because it is here that eclipses occur. There will be a total eclipse of the Sun on July 11th when the Moon will pass in front of the Sun but unfortunately it will occur on the opposite side of the Earth from us so we won’t get to see it. Early risers will also get a very rare opportunity to see the Planet Uranus during July as it too will be so close to another bright planet, this time Jupiter,

that you should be able to see them both together in the field of view using a pair of binoculars. Uranus is so far away that it is only just within the range of being seen with the naked eye under perfect conditions so it is usually very hard to find. But because throughout July it will be within a degree or two to the right of Jupiter it will be easy to find. Jupiter will be the bright ‘star’ that you can see in the south east in the early hours of the morning. Through binoculars or a small telescope you should be able to make out the blue/green disc of Uranus as well as the four brightest Moons of Jupiter. So all in all a very busy month ahead! To keep up-to-date with Ken Campbell or to take part in any of his events or lectures, or for more information visit

WEDNESDAY, June 30th 2010

n 12 - Advertising

WEDNESDAY, June 30th 2010

Advertising - 13 n

WEDNESDAY, June 30th 2010

n 12 - Advertising




Your Weekly Entertainment Guide

Iznajar – the largest lake in Andalucia WRITTEN BY Jean Joss

In the valley of the river Genil, hidden among seemingly endless rolling hills covered in olive trees, lies Lake Iznajar, an inland “sea” about thirty kilometres long. he small hill town of Iznajar, was originally a prehistoric settlement, flourishing in the eight century after the invasion of the Moors in 711AD when a castle called “Hins Ashar” was built on the highest point. Today it has been transformed by the creation of the lake. Driving from the south, the approach roads swoop down into the valley and across the bridge underneath the town itself which perches high above on its rocky promontory, earning itself the title Mirador del Genil.


turning on the right after the bridge, park at the bottom and walk up to the top. Parts of the fortified town walls can be seen in the old streets below the ruins of the Moorish castle. The Iglesia de Santiago is worth a visit, as are the labyrinthine lanes of the Barrio del Coso in the older part of the town. Particularly attractive (and a complete surprise) is the tiny Patio de las Comedias adorned in true Andalusian fashion with masses of blue plant pots lovingly watered each day by the ladies living there.



ross over the bridge and turn right climbing up the hill into the village itself. At the top there is limited parking at the Mirador across the lake, a “must” for photographers. If (like me) you prefer not to drive through the narrow pueblo streets, take the second

urn left over the bridge and you may find Valdearenas Beach. In earlier years this was a long stretch of sand but this year, after the torrential rains of the winter, the water level has risen so high that in early June the beach had disappeared completely. And tracks

used by the fishermen had vanished.But if you can't walk or swim on the beach then you can at least visit the newly opened Hotel Rural Caserio de Iznajar which has a swimming pool, relax on its terrraces – and take photographs from this side of the lake too!



eave the Sevilla-Granada autovia at the Salinas junction (Junction 1 on the A-92M) and follow the A-333 past Villa Nueva de Tapia to Iznajar).

El Carnicero






Gazpacho Andaluz Cóctel de Gambas con Piña Carpaccio de Salmón Paté de Campo Casero Champiñones Gratinados Rellenos Alcachofas con Jamón Serrano Esparragos verdes al Vapor

Andalusian Gazpacho Prawn Cocktail Carpaccio of Salmon Home Made Country Pâté Stuffed Mushrooms au Gratin Artichokes Sautéed with Ham Steamed Green Asparagus



Lomos de Solomillo de Cerdo a la Mostaza Marmita de Gulasch Húngara Pollo Tikka sobre Placa Marmita de Cordero con Ciruelas Solomillo de Cerdo a la Brasa Bacalao Fresco Frito Salmón a la Salsa Cremosa de Eneldo

Loin of Pork with Mustard Hungarian Goulash Hot Pot Chicken Tikka on a Hot Stone Lamb with Prunes Hot Pot Grilled Pork Fillet Fish and Chips Salmon with a Dill Cream Sauce



Helado de Moka y Croccanti Flan Casero Tarta de Almendras Sorbete de Limon

Coffee-Moka and Croccanti Ice Cream Home made Crême Caramel Almond Cake Lemon Sorbet


Spaguetti o Escalope Milanesa y helado €8,00


Spaghetti / Breaded Escalope and Ice Cream €8,00


952 886 307

El Carnicero Grill Pueblo Viejo Cancelada Entre San Pedro y Estepona Cambio de Sentido Cancelada


WEDNESDAY, June 30th 2010


n 16 - Out & About


The Econ La Cala Winter Pool Search for your League Presentation League champions Studio One hosted the winner’s presentation night last Tuesday on their bar terrace in La Cala village weather wise it was a far cry from some of the wet and windy nights that many of the brave players endured throughout last winter. Studio One, rightfully full of bravado and chipper attitude claimed the winners trophy with 127 points, closely followed by runners up The Paramount Bar 122 points, and in third place The Captains Bar with 109 points. In the players ranking Lee Draycott from The Streets of London and Paul Poplar from The Captains came joint first

with 12 points a piece with each receiving a tasty Pulsar ¾ pool cue with a case for their efforts. The Econ Inter League Championship Trophy 2010 finally went to The Amistad Bar from the Fuengirola League and was collected by one of their top players, Kevin Barnes. The final score resulting in 11 points for Amistad to Studio One’s 10 points which after the 9/9 draw was only settled by a tense 3 frames singles shoot-out, with quality pool being demonstrated by both sides. In the “presentation night snacks department” both leagues came joint first with a first-rate spread being laid on by both


The Royal British Legion, Alhaurin de la Torre branch are holding a Car Treasure Hunt on Sunday July 4th starting at La Vega Bar in Alqueria, Alhaurin de la Torre. The first car leaves at 10am and subsequent cars at 10 minute intervals. All the proceeds will go towards the Poppy Appeal. Studio One for La Cala and Amistad for Fuengirola no complaints on those scores at all. The Econ leagues start again in October, contact Mike on 609 504 427 for details. Econ Pool maintain and supply good quality profit share pool

and snooker tables all along the coast, plus accessories, winner’s trophies to order and a table recovering service. More photos of both the presentations can be found online at m/woodysfotos.

EL MOJITO Plaza de Remo La Carihuela Torremolinos

952 057 062

SPECIAL OFFER! 8oz entrecôte steak with all trimmings & bottle Rioja - only €20 per couple Mon & Thurs: Quiz, Bingo & Play Your Cards Right from 9.30pm Wed: Live Football from 8:45 Fri: From Dublin - Siobhan Sat: “Mr Blue Eyed Soul” Danny Stone Sun: Tribute to Elvis by Dalton Tues: Night Life featuring Kopycats Cabaret comedy duo

*FREE ENTRY* Shows start at 10pm. Open all day.

Food served 11am - 10pm

There will be a Meal Voucher Prize for occupants of the winning car and it costs just €5 per person to join in. For details contact Julie on 952 963 124 or mobile 620 476 034.

Have you seen TAPAS’ Dr Branovic? Emma Tyler mourns the sudden and unexpected death of her husband, Joe. But all is not as it seems and, deep in the bowels of a nearby hospital, something stirs. Enter Detective Inspector Monroe - a man who knows a thing or two about the unexpected. Last memorably seen in "Forget-me-Knot", the grumpy, beleaguered detective soon finds himself right in the middle of another mystery which threatens to unhinge his sanity. How did Joe manage to walk out of his own postmortem? Where is the mysterious Doctor Branovic? How did the toaster get dented on both sides? Why has Monroe got a hole in his right hand? And, most crucially of all, does Emma Tyler really own a cat? Throughout this highly unusual romp, the audience often know far more than the characters. But can they possibly see what's coming? One of David Tristram's funniest and most inventive scripts to date, Dr Branovic will be a surefire hit with all those who love his witty, madcap comedies. TAPAS will be performing this play on Friday July 23rd and Saturday 24th at 8pm and on Sunday July 25th at 7pm at Los Arcos on the A7059 Coin / Cartama road (by Km6) . Tickets are priced at €6 for TAPAS members, €8 for guests and €4 for children. For more information and to book your tickets call the Box Office on 951 247 283 or 951 312 886.

WEDNESDAY, June 30th 2010

Out & About - 17 n

If it's fun..... they do it!

The American Club of Marbella is holding its 4th Independance Day Fiesta at the Marbella Golf and Country Club on Sunday July 4th, starting at 10am with an optional Texas Scramble round of golf for €30. At 4pm there will be a BBQ feast with a whole array of meats, all the classic salads and side dishes you could want PLUS the cheerleaders performing at 4.30 pm. This part of the afternoon

costs just €25 with a special price for children of €10. There will also be games and prizes for the children and a few “fun Surprises” to enjoy. Ann McGeehan, the President of the American Club of Marbella invites you all to join her in celebrating "America's Day" along with the continued support of the Foreigners and Tourist department of Marbella!! She says, “We are ALL adapting to the wonderful,

Spanish philosophy that we ONLY do it, if it's... FUN!" The Venue can be found on the mountain side of Los Monteros / Hospital Costa del Sol exit off the 340 (Kilometre 188), then just follow the signs. Contact Mr P Whiting for further information and to book your tickets for the golf and / or the rest of the day's fun on 952 772 789 or email him at

A Summer School with a difference Have you got talented kids? Then the Nelson Music Academy (Los Boliches) is the place for them this July and August. Kids Summer Club (10.00 until 2.00 pm) each week a different themed learning adventure going all around the world, learn by having fun for 4 to 12 year olds. Open to all ages, classes on song and dance, theatre and puppets, arts and crafts. From 3.00 to 5.00 pm music workshop for everyone, covering vocals, piano, guitar and woodwind. Custom designed with a good size drama room and music studios it’s a great place for your kids to shine. See their advert below for more informations and contact details.


Cod and Chips Emporium of the Coast


1.00pm ALL DAy TILL LATE €7.95

Fish & Chip take-away only €5 100 t sea rant tau Res


Fully a cond ir itione d

Carvery Chris: 664 028 310 John The Fish: 678 292 792 2nd street behind Yaramar Hotel, Los Boliches Visit us at


Luxurious Lounge Bar Popular Drinks Prices

ALL Sporting Events Broadcast Theme/ Entertainment Evenings Available For Private Functions Open from 12 noon ‘til late Upstairs at Los Jarales



We offer a large variety of tapas



! #






$ /,) .*, -*(

Polig. Inds. Calle Ribeiro on corner of Avda. Salvador Vincente

MUMTAZ MAHAL Indian Restaurante Menu del Dia 3 courses €9,95 4 courses €11,95 Take-away service Available


This Week !

Mondays & Thursdays

10% on t disco u ake -aw nt ays

Free home delivery with orders over €25.00


Lunch 1.30 - 4.00pm Dinner 7.00 - 12.00pm

Belly Dancing 10.30am €5 per session

Urb. El Rodeo, Coin

Wednesdays 8.30pm

952 455 599 626 977 224

Saturday 26th

La Risa @ Lauro Golf

Bingo & Quiz jackpot €600!

Charity Auction Sunday 27th mid-day

Come along and join in our pool and darts competitions More info:654 396 651

AMERICAn CELEBRATIOn BBQ Saturday 3rd July from 7.30 pm Steaks, Ribs, Burgers and Dawgs!

Sunday Lunch Served 1 - 5pm On the road between Alhaurin el Grande & Alhaurin de la Torre Across From the Clubhouse

Reservations: 660 350 896


WEDNESDaY, June 30th 2010

n 18 - TV Listings



MOVIE OF THE WEEK Sun, July 4th 22:55

Dragonfly A doctor struggles with grief after his wife is killed while working with the Red Cross in Colombia, but when he sees a pattern in the sketches of children in his hospital, he becomes convinced...

MOVIE OF THE WEEK Sat, July 3rd 23:25

Skin Powerful drama based on the true story of Sandra Laing, a black woman who - due to a rare genetic irregularity - was born to white Afrikaner parents in 1950s South Africa and ostracised from white society...

MOVIE OF THE WEEK Wed, June 30th 23:05

Passenger 57 An anti-terrorism expert, who has taken early retirement and is about to start a new life, unwittingly becomes involved...

MOVIE OF THE WEEK Sat, July 3rd 18 :30

The Magnificent Seven A Mexican village is at the mercy of Calvera, the leader of a band of outlaws....

MOVIE OF THE WEEK Mon, July 5th 22:00

Philadelphia A drama about a gay lawyer's fight against unlawful dismissal by his homophobic employer. Forced to lead a double life because of the bigoted views...



DIY SOS The Big Build

The Bionic Vet

Thur, July 1st 20:00

Wed, Jun 30th 22:45

Looking at the work of `bionic vet' Noel Fitzpatrick. Oscar, a two-and-a-half-yearold-cat whose back feet have been chopped off by a combine harvester, is flown in in the hopes that Noel can give him two new feet...





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Weather 22:35 The National Lottery Draws 22:45 The Bionic Vet 23:15 Waking up in Reno 00:40 Weatherview 00:45 DIY SOS 01:15 Mary, Queen of Shops 02:15 The Delicious Miss Dahl 02:45 Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is 03:45 Click 04:00 BBC News 04:30 Panorama

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07:00 Dennis & Gnasher 07:15 Dennis & Gnasher 07:25 Sportsround 07:40 Wolverine and the X-Men 08:00 Deadly 60: Australia 08:30 Paradise Cafe 09:00 Animals at Work 09:30 Da Dick and Dom Dairies 10:05 BAMZOOKi 10:40 Roar 11:10 That Summer Day 12:05 The Lizzie McGuire Movie 13:30 Escape to the Country 14:30 And Then There Were None 16:05 Sacred Music

17:05 Flog It! 17:35 Tennis 20:00 Coast 20:10 Dad's Army 20:40 Stephen Fry on Wagner 21:40 Have I Got a Bit More News for You 22:25 Today at Wimbledon 23:25 Skin 01:05 Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead 03:00 Pages from Ceefax

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Street 21:00 Taggart 22:00 News at Ten and Weather 22:35 World Cup Highlights 23:35 It Shouldn't Happen on a TV Ad 00:35 The Zone 02:35 Touching Evil 03:25 ITV Nightscreen

07:25 Toonattik 09:25 The Crocodile Hunter Diaries 10:25 Children's Hospital 10:55 Monk 11:55 ITV News and Weather 12:00 This Morning: Saturday 13:00 Columbo 14:30 World Cup Live 17:00 Kangaroo Jack 18:35 London Tonight 18:45 ITV News and Weather 19:00 World Cup Live 21:30 James Corden's World Cup Live 22:00 ITV News and Weather

22:30 Hannibal Rising 00:45 The Zone 02:50 October Road 03:35 ITV Nightscreen

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16:10 Deal or No Deal 17:00 Melanie and Denise's 5 O'Clock Show 18:00 The Simpsons 18:30 Hollyoaks 19:00 Channel 4 News 20:00 The Untold Great Fire of London 21:00 Big Brother 22:00 Desperate Housewives 23:00 The Big Bang Theory 23:30 My Name Is Earl 23:55 4Music Favourites 00:30 The Album Chart Show Spotlight 00:45 Mercury Prize Sessions 01:00 4Play 01:15 Big Brother: Live

07:00 Big Brother's Little Brother 07:30 Big Brother 08:25 Frasier 08:55 Melanie and Denise's 5 O'Clock Show 09:55 Deal or No Deal 10:40 Everybody Loves Raymond 11:05 Friends 11:30 Friends 12:00 Channel 4 News 12:05 Relocation, Relocation 13:00 Come Dine with Me 13:30 Come Dine with Me 14:00 Come Dine with Me 14:25 Come Dine with

Me 14:55 Come Dine with Me 15:25 Countdown 16:10 Deal or No Deal 17:00 Melanie and Denise's 5 O'Clock Show 18:00 The Simpsons 18:30 Hollyoaks 19:00 Channel 4 News 20:00 Location, Location, Location 21:00 The Untold Invasion of Britain 22:00 Big Brother 23:15 Skins 00:15 Dirty Sexy Money 01:05 Big Brother: Live 04:05 Unreported World

09:55 Deal or No Deal 10:40 Everybody Loves Raymond 11:05 Friends 11:35 Friends 12:00 Channel 4 News 12:05 Relocation, Relocation 13:00 Come Dine with Me 13:30 Come Dine with Me 14:00 Come Dine with Me 14:25 Come Dine with Me 14:55 Come Dine with Me 15:25 Countdown 16:10 Deal or No Deal 17:00 Melanie and

Denise's 5 O'Clock Show 18:00 The Simpsons 18:30 Hollyoaks 19:00 Channel 4 News 19:30 Unreported World 20:00 A Place in the Sun: Home or Away 21:00 Big Brother 22:00 The IT Crowd 22:35 Big Brother 23:05 Stand up for the Week 23:55 The Album Chart Show with Tesco Entertainment 00:25 4Play 00:45 Big Brother: Live 04:00 This Week's 4music Top 20

07:00 Mobil 1: The Grid 07:30 QUAIFE Msa British Rallycross 08:00 The Morning Line 08:55 Friends 09:25 T4 on the Beach 10:25 Being N Dubz 10:55 Big Brother 11:55 Big Brother 12:25 Hollyoaks Music Show 13:00 Smallville 13:55 Channel 4 Racing 15:55 Come Dine with Me: Extra Portions 16:25 Come Dine with Me: Extra Portions 16:55 Come Dine with Me: Extra Portions 17:25 Come Dine with Me: Extra Portions

18:00 Channel 4 News 18:30 The Magnificent Seven 21:00 Big Brother 22:00 Russell Brand Scandalous 23:05 Star Trek III: The Search for Spock 01:10 Big Brother: Live 03:45 What About Brian 04:30 Demolition Day

08:05 Fifi and the Flowertots 08:20 Peppa Pig 08:25 Thomas and Friends 08:35 Milkshake Monkey 08:40 Hana's Helpline 08:50 The WotWots 09:00 Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures 09:05 Castle Farm 09:15 The Wright Stuff 10:45 Trisha Goddard 11:45 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 12:40 Five News 12:45 Extreme Fishing with Robson Green 13:45 Neighbours 14:15 Home and Away 14:50 Zoo Days

14:55 Animal Rescue Squad 15:10 Thicker Than Water 17:00 Five News 17:30 Neighbours 18:00 Home and Away 18:25 Live From Studio Five 19:30 Escape from... Alcatraz 20:00 The Titanic Conspiracy: The True Story 21:00 NCIS 22:00 K-Ville 22:55 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 23:55 Cricket on Five 00:55 Super Casino 04:05 Wildlife SOS

07:50 Make Way for Noddy 08:05 Fifi and the Flowertots 08:20 Peppa Pig 08:25 Thomas the Tank Engine 08:35 Milkshake Monkey 08:40 Hana's Helpline 08:50 The WotWots 09:00 Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures 09:05 Castle Farm 09:15 The Wright Stuff 10:45 Trisha Goddard 11:45 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 12:40 Five News 12:45 Extreme Fishing with Robson Green 13:45 Neighbours

14:15 Home and Away 14:50 Zoo Days 14:55 Animal Rescue Squad 15:10 Mystery Woman: Game Time 17:00 Five News 17:30 Neighbours 18:00 Home and Away 18:25 Live From Studio Five 19:30 Fifth Gear 20:00 Oil Disaster: The Rig That Blew Up 21:00 Cleaner 22:50 Police Interceptors 23:50 Cops in Crisis 00:10 Super Casino 04:05 Red Bull Air Race

08:00 Milkshake! Show Songs 08:05 Fifi and the Flowertots 08:20 Peppa Pig 08:25 Thomas and Friends 08:35 Milkshake Monkey 08:40 Hana's Helpline 08:50 The WotWots 09:00 Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures 09:05 Castle Farm 09:15 The Wright Stuff 10:45 Trisha Goddard 11:45 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 12:40 Five News 12:45 Extreme Fishing with Robson Green

13:45 Neighbours 14:15 Home and Away 14:50 Animal Rescue Squad 15:05 Life on Liberty Street 17:00 Five News 17:30 Neighbours 18:00 Home and Away 18:25 Live From Studio Five 19:30 Random Hearts 22:05 The Mentalist 23:05 Grey's Anatomy 00:05 Super Casino 04:05 Motorsport Mundial 04:30 Nick's Quest 04:55 County Secrets

07:00 Elmo's World 07:15 Pocoyo 07:25 The Milky and Shake Show 07:30 Chiro 07:40 Noddy in Toyland 07:55 Milkshake! Bop Box 08:00 Hana's Helpline 08:10 The Little Princess 08:35 The Adventures of Bottle Top Bill and His Best Friend Corky 08:45 Igam Ogam 09:00 Olivia 09:15 The Mr Men Show 09:30 Gerald McBoing Boing 10:00 Zoo Days 10:15 Fifth Gear

10:45 Red Bull Air Race 11:45 3 Ninjas Knuckle Up 13:25 The Bounty Hunter 14:55 Sphere 17:25 End Game 19:10 Five News 19:15 Cricket on Five 20:00 NCIS 21:00 CSI: Miami 22:00 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 22:55 Law & Order 23:55 Cops in Crisis 00:15 Super Casino 04:05 Euro Senior Tour 04:55 The Family Recipe

WEDNESDaY, June 30th2010

TV Listings - 19 n Filmed in front of 17,000 fans at London's O2, this blistering set features Brand's account of hosting the MTV Video Music Awards, his rise to Hollywood fame, sexual notoriety and the media storm around `Sachsgate'.

Comedy: Russell Brand Scandalous Sat, July 3rd 22.00


July 4

MONDaY July 5


NOTE: add 1 hour for Spanish viewing times.

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TUESDaY July 6th

06:00 Breakfast 09:00 The Andrew Marr Show 10:00 The Big Questions 11:00 Country Tracks 12:00 BBC News 12:05 EastEnders Omnibus 13:30 Tennis 18:20 Great British Railway Journeys 18:50 BBC News 19:05 Regional News and Weather 19:15 Countryfile 20:15 Antiques Roadshow 21:15 Who Do You Think You Are? 22:00 BBC News

22:15 Regional News and Weather 22:25 The Impressions Show with Culshaw and Stephenson 22:55 Dragonfly 00:30 The Sky at Night 00:50 Weatherview 00:55 Mary, Queen of Shops 01:55 Children's Emergency 02:25 Make Me a New Face: Hope for Africa's Hidden Children 03:25 Holby City 04:25 BBC News 04:30 HARDtalk

06:00 Breakfast 09:15 Estate We're In 10:00 Homes Under the Hammer 11:00 Real Rescues 11:45 Cash in the Attic 12:15 Bargain Hunt 13:00 BBC News at One 13:30 Regional News 13:45 Doctors 14:15 Murder, She Wrote 15:00 BBC News 15:05 ZingZillas 15:25 Zoo Factor 15:45 League of Super Evil 16:00 Trapped 16:25 The Legend of Dick and Dom 16:55 Newsround 17:15 The Weakest Link

18:00 BBC News at Six 18:30 Regional News 19:00 Countryfile 20:00 EastEnders 20:30 Panorama 21:00 Crimewatch 22:00 BBC News 22:25 Regional News 22:35 Crimewatch Update 22:45 7/7: Saved by a Miracle 23:25 Annapolis 01:00 Springwatch Weatherview 01:05 The Genius of Design 02:05 Cracking Antiques 02:35 Museum of Life 03:35 Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

06:00 Breakfast 09:15 Estate We're In 10:00 Homes Under the Hammer 11:00 Real Rescues 11:45 Cash in the Attic 12:15 Bargain Hunt 13:00 BBC News at One 13:30 Regional News 13:45 Doctors 14:15 Murder, She Wrote 15:00 BBC News 15:05 ZingZillas 15:25 Zoo Factor 15:50 OOglies 16:05 Natural Born Hunters 16:35 Horrible Histories 17:00 Newsround 17:15 The Weakest Link 18:00 BBC News at Six

07:00 Dennis & Gnasher 07:15 Dennis & Gnasher 07:25 Muddle Earth 07:35 Bear Behaving Badly 08:00 Wingin' It 08:20 Sam and Mark's Guide to Dodging Disaster 08:30 Prank Patrol 09:00 Big Babies 09:15 OOglies 09:30 Sorry, I've Got No Head 10:00 Something for the Weekend 11:30 Escape to the Country 12:30 MotoGP Series 14:00 Dragonslayer 15:40 Flog It! 16:25 Songs of Praise

17:00 Coast 17:20 James May's Toy Stories 18:20 Tennis 20:00 Top Gear 21:00 How to Build a Jumbo Jet Engine 22:00 Mock the Week 22:30 Today at Wimbledon 23:30 Two Days in Paris 01:05 Vatel 02:40 Dateline London 03:00 BBC News 03:30 The Record Europe 03:50 The Super League Show

08:50 Brum 09:00 Tinga Tinga Tales 09:15 Postman Pat 09:30 Guess with Jess 09:45 Show Me Show Me 10:10 Waybuloo 10:30 Yesterday at Wimbledon 11:30 Animal Park 12:00 The Daily Politics 12:30 Working Lunch 13:00 The World at War 13:50 Hands on Nature 14:00 Open Gardens 14:30 Ready, Steady, Cook 15:00 Diagnosis Murder 15:45 Flog It! 16:30 Ben Fogle's Escape in Time

17:15 Escape to the Country 18:00 Eggheads 18:30 Antiques Road Trip 19:00 South Africa Walks 19:30 Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 20:00 University Challenge 20:30 Antiques Master 21:00 Mary, Queen of Shops 22:00 Rev 22:30 Newsnight 23:20 How to Build a Jumbo Jet Engine 00:20 The Culture Show 01:00 BBC News 01:20 ABC World News with Diane Sawyer 02:00 BBC News

09:00 Tinga Tinga Tales 09:15 Postman Pat 09:30 Guess with Jess 09:45 Show Me Show Me 10:10 Waybuloo 10:30 In the Night Garden 11:00 Yoko! Jakamoko! Toto! 11:10 Flintstones 11:35 Flintstones 12:00 The Daily Politics 12:30 Working Lunch 13:00 The World at War 13:50 Hands on Nature 14:00 Open Gardens 14:30 Ready, Steady, Cook 15:00 Diagnosis Murder 15:45 Flog It! 16:30 Ben Fogle's Escape

in Time 17:15 Escape to the Country 18:00 Eggheads 18:30 Antiques Road Trip 19:00 Antiques Master 19:30 University Challenge 20:00 How to Beat Tough Times 21:00 Miranda 21:30 Top Gear 22:30 Newsnight 23:20 MOTD 2010 FIFA World Cup 00:20 Stephen Fry on Wagner 01:20 BBC News 01:30 ABC World News with Diane Sawyer 02:00 BBC News

07:25 Toonattik 09:25 Coronation Street Omnibus 11:45 ITV News and Weather 12:00 This Morning: Sunday 13:00 House Gift 14:00 Columbo: A Bird in the Hand 16:00 Agatha Christie's Poirot 18:00 Ladies of Letters 18:30 London Tonight 18:45 ITV News and Weather 19:00 Gazza's Tears: The Night That Changed Football 20:00 Emmerdale 20:30 Coronation Street

21:00 Lewis 23:00 ITV News and Weather 23:15 World Cup Rock and Goal Years 23:45 World Cup Rock and Goal Years 00:15 Nightwatch with Steve Scott 01:05 The Zone 02:30 British Superbikes Championship Highlights 03:25 Motorsport UK

06:00 GMTV 09:25 The Jeremy Kyle Show 10:30 This Morning 12:30 Loose Women 13:30 ITV News and Weather 14:00 Dickinson's Real Deal 15:00 Celebrity Pressure Cooker 16:00 Midsomer Murders 17:00 The Chase 18:00 London Tonight 18:30 ITV News and Weather 19:00 Emmerdale 19:30 Coronation Street 20:00 Countrywise 20:30 Coronation Street

21:00 Identity 22:00 News at Ten and Weather 22:35 Mad Max 3: Beyond Thunderdome 00:30 The Zone 02:35 The Jeremy Kyle Show 03:30 ITV Nightscreen

06:00 GMTV 09:25 The Jeremy Kyle Show 10:30 This Morning 12:30 Loose Women 13:30 ITV News and Weather 14:00 Dickinson's Real Deal 15:00 Celebrity Pressure Cooker 16:00 Midsomer Murders 17:00 The Chase 18:00 London Tonight 18:30 ITV News and Weather 19:00 Emmerdale 19:30 Children's Hospital 20:00 Piers Morgan

On...Las Vegas 21:00 Taggart 22:00 News at Ten and Weather 22:35 World Cup Highlights 23:40 October Road 00:25 The Zone 02:30 The Jeremy Kyle Show 03:25 ITV Nightscreen

07:00 Catching the Impossible 07:55 Triathlon 08:50 The Hills 09:20 Friends 09:50 Hollyoaks Omnibus 12:20 Big Brother's Little Brother 13:30 The Simpsons 14:00 T4 on the Beach 17:45 Deal or No Deal 18:30 Channel 4 News 19:00 River Cottage 20:00 Come Dine with Me 21:00 Big Brother 22:00 Alan Carr: Chatty Man 22:50 The IT Crowd 23:25 Stand up for the

Week 00:15 8 Out of 10 Cats 00:50 Big Brother: Live 02:55 The Sound of Fury 04:25 Countdown

07:45 Big Brother 08:45 Melanie and Denise's 5 O'Clock Show 09:45 Deal or No Deal 10:30 Everybody Loves Raymond 10:55 Friends 11:25 Friends 11:55 Kicking Ahead: The Power of Sport 12:00 Channel 4 News 12:05 The TV Book Club 12:35 Will & Grace 13:00 Come Dine with Me 13:30 Come Dine with Me 13:55 Come Dine with Me 14:25 Come Dine with Me

14:55 Come Dine with Me 15:25 Countdown 16:10 Deal or No Deal 17:00 Vernon Kay's 5 O'Clock Show 18:00 The Simpsons 18:30 Hollyoaks 19:00 Channel 4 News 19:55 20:00 Big Brother 21:00 The Sex Education Show: Am I Normal? 22:00 Underage and Having Sex 23:05 Being N Dubz 23:40 Alan Carr: Chatty Man 00:30 Big Brother: Live

07:20 Big Brother 08:15 Frasier 08:45 Vernon Kay's 5 O'Clock Show 09:45 Deal or No Deal 10:30 Everybody Loves Raymond 10:55 Friends 11:25 Friends 11:55 Kicking Ahead: The Power of Sport 12:00 Channel 4 News 12:05 Relocation, Relocation 13:00 Come Dine with Me 13:30 Come Dine with Me 14:00 Come Dine with Me 14:25 Come Dine with

Me 14:55 Come Dine with Me 15:25 Countdown 16:10 Deal or No Deal 17:00 Vernon Kay's 5 O'Clock Show 18:00 The Simpsons 18:30 Hollyoaks 19:00 Channel 4 News 19:55 20:00 Gok's Fashion Fix 21:00 The Sex Education Show: Am I Normal? 22:00 Big Brother 23:10 The Good Wife 00:10 The Poker Lounge 01:05 Big Brother: Live 03:55 KOTV

07:10 Pocoyo 07:22 The Milky and Shake Show 07:25 Chiro 07:30 Noddy in Toyland 07:50 Milkshake! Bop Box 07:55 Fireman Sam 08:05 Hana's Helpline 08:10 The Little Princess 08:25 The Adventures of Bottle Top Bill and His Best Friend Corky 08:45 Igam Ogam 09:00 Olivia 09:15 The Mr Men Show 09:35 Gerald McBoing Boing 10:00 iCarly

10:35 True Jackson, VP 11:10 Zoo Days 11:20 Family Food Fight with Flora 11:50 Chinese Food in Minutes 12:20 Revealed... 13:25 Quo Vadis 16:40 Clash of the Titans 18:50 Five News 18:55 Ghost Busters 21:00 Be Kind Rewind 23:05 The Woods 00:50 Super Casino 04:05 Nick's Quest 04:30 Nick's Quest 04:55 The Family Recipe

08:20 Peppa Pig 08:25 Peppa Pig 08:30 Thomas and Friends 08:40 Hana's Helpline 08:50 The WotWots 09:00 Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures 09:10 Castle Farm 09:15 The Adventures of Bottle Top Bill and His Best Friend Corky 09:25 Milkshake Monkey 09:30 Igam Ogam 09:45 Michaela's Great British Animal Roadshow 10:45 Trisha Goddard 11:45 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 12:40 Five News 12:45 Extreme Fishing

with Robson Green 13:45 Neighbours 14:15 Home and Away 14:50 Animal Rescue Squad 15:05 First Daughter 17:00 Five News 17:30 Neighbours 18:00 Home and Away 18:25 Live From Studio Five 19:30 How Do They Do It? 20:00 Police Interceptors 21:00 Extraordinary People 22:00 Philadelphia 00:30 Cops in Crisis 00:55 Super Casino 04:05 Nick's Quest 04:30 Nick's Quest

08:50 The WotWots 09:00 Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures 09:10 Castle Farm 09:15 The Adventures of Bottle Top Bill and His Best Friend Corky 09:25 Milkshake Monkey 09:30 Igam Ogam 09:45 Michaela's Great British Animal Roadshow 10:45 Trisha Goddard 11:45 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 12:40 Five News 12:45 Extreme Fishing with Robson Green 13:45 Neighbours 14:15 Home and Away

14:50 Animal Rescue Squad 15:05 Confessions of an American Bride 17:00 Five News 17:30 Neighbours 18:00 Home and Away 18:25 Live From Studio Five 19:30 Michaela's Zoo Babies 20:00 Build a New Life in the Country: Was It Worth It? 21:00 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 22:00 CSI: Miami 23:00 CSI: NY 23:55 NCIS 00:55 Super Casino 04:05 Nick's Quest

18:30 Regional News 19:00 Animal 24:7 19:30 Nigel Slater's Simple Suppers 20:00 Holby City 21:00 New Tricks 22:00 BBC News at Ten 22:25 Regional News 22:35 Imagine... 23:35 Tom Jones at Glastonbury 00:35 Weatherview 00:40 Are You Having a Laugh? TV and Disability 01:40 Grow Your Own Drugs 02:10 Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is 03:10 Raymond Blanc's Kitchen Secrets

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&7D !2B> ( =28.:1 !! ! !2B> #.=86.92:? @=; !2B> 8;;9/2=4 #=2>> ') ') %@>>6. ';1.D =.:02 ! *;=81 "02.: 6:.:02 :?=2<2:2@= 5.::28 8 .E22=. !2B> :?=2<=2:2@= 5.::28 8/. .2860



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%.16; *.82> %.16; %.16; D9=@ %.16; (8>?2= %.16; *;=81 &2=A602 %.16; !2B> '.87 %.16; * '.87 &<;=? %.16; ,;=7>56=2 %.16; %.16; + %.16; @>60 %' %.16; %.16; %' %.16; +?=. ;:1;: %' C?=. %' D=60 %: .28 %.16; &0;?8.:1 %' % :. 5;602 9 .460 6>> &;8.= %.16; .8.CD ;>> %.16; =;;A2 =2.8 %.16; />;8@?2 $+ # ) ( 2 2 ## !( 6



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8.>>60 .EE .<6?.8 .=;86:2 #=2962= )1( #$) &9;;?5 :>645? %.16; #8.:2? %;07 : '@:2 2 2 ==;B %;07 2.=? ;81 @ 5688 @ 4:6?6;: +




" (%' #)-

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! "% # "! "% ( ' & * "' %& " "* !" "' % & ' " # !, '& "(% #% $( ', !! & ( % !' * , F # , '" ) * * ! ,"( ! F % '" ) * F

3 3@ 3


WEDNESDAY, June 30th 2010

n 20 - Magazine








By Ricky Leach

Better second time around email: web:

Brooklyn's Finest BY ANTOINE FUQUA Starring Richard Gere, Don Cheadle, Ethan Hawke Three cops at the end of their tether are trying to do the right thing over the course of one explosive weekend - the movie cuts between the three without them ever meeting as it reveals what happens to the boozy burnt-out veteran (Gere) who is on

the point of retirement after 22 years of keeping his nose clean, the Catholic cop (Hawke) tempted to steal money from the crooks he is chasing so he can help his sick wife and five children and the ambitious cop (Cheadle) who is working undercover

so he can show his bosses he is worthy of promotion but finds himself under pressure from his superiors and a ruthless FBI agent - a good turn from Ellen Barkin. Expect a huge body count and a lot of action as the three find their way to redemption.


The Princess and The Frog BY RON CLEMENTS, JOHN MUSKER Voices by Anika Noni Rose, Oprah Winfrey Disney returns to traditional handpainted values in this toe tapping fable set in Jazz-age New Orleans, in which young Tiana

fatefully kisses the frog prince, who yearns to be human again. A beautifully crafted tale that fits the family entertainment bill.


Avatar triumphs Blockbusting Avatar last week made up for its poor showing at the Oscars by dominating the 36th Saturn Awards. It scooped ten trophies at the annual science fiction and fantasy ceremony. It picked up the Best Science Fiction Film award as well as trophies for director James Cameron

and the leading actors. In the meantime Hollywood studios are searching for the new Avatar - the movie they can produce in 3D, that will draw in huge audiences and earn an absolute fortune. It was reported last week Fox have optioned Ray Bradbury's The Martian Chronicles.


enerally sequels are often regarded as a sly way of Hollywood capitalizing on the success of a film and simply pumping out 90 minutes of follow-up that can keep the box office tills ringing with faithful viewers. Occasionally however films that do well can spawn sequels that are even better than the originals.

Meet the Fockers’ is a funny, stylish comedy that builds on the story of ‘Meet the Parents’, a film that itself was heralded as the best comedy of 2002. Following the story of a clash of cultures as Jewish male nurse Gaylord Focker (Ben Stiller) and his fiancée Pam Byrne (Teri Polo) visit her ultraconservative, Protestant parents, Meet the Parents drags out all the usual comedy clichés but it does it well. Robert De Niro plays Pam’s father Jack, who is really a CIA agent but has been posing as a retired florist. He takes an instant dislike to his future son-in-law and sets about finding out as much as he can as his distrust of the daughter’s suitor grows and grows.


n Meet the Fockers, the tables are turned and the Byrne’s family find themselves in unfamiliar waters as they meet the cosmopolitan Jewish in-laws and Jack Byrnes finds himself floundering in the sexually open and liberal minded home of Gaylord’s parents, played by Dustin Hoffman and Barbra Streisand. Once again the comedy touches on cultural differences but largely the laughs come from the exceptionally talented cast and the very physical gags you see when respected actors play unrespectable characters. Hip, sexy and very believable together, Streisand and Hoffman are the perfect foils for the repressed and uptight De Niro. In the end he has to admit defeat, accept Gaylord as the father of Pam’s unborn child and finally takes intimacy lessons from Miss Streisand, mainly for the benefit of his long

CinEMAS SHOWing FiLMS in EngLiSH To find out the times and location online, go to, click on Malaga, go to Cine and on drop down list select “Cartelera V.O.” and click on film poster

suffering wife. I like Meet the Fockers because it showcases the talents of mature actors and the humour doesn’t rely on dense youths calling each other ‘Dude’.


f course the ultimate sequel to beat all of sequels has to be Aliens. Although the manic shape-changing bitch monster from outer space became the storyline that kept on giving (where are we now? Aliens Six or something?), the best of the run so far has to be number two.


et fifty-seven years into the future from her last brush with the crazy bugs, Sigourney Weaver again plays space veteran Ripley, not looking a day older of course as she has been in hyper sleep, which must be a bit like having your own Hollywood make-up artist gently moisturizing your mug on a daily basis while you concentrate on never getting bed sores or succumbing to musclewastage.


nyway, Ripley pops out of hypersleep and is promptly asked to go back to planet Alien on the grounds that she is the sole survivor of round one. After three or four whole seconds of deliberation she takes on the task and heads up a team of expendable bug-fodder grunts to go and hunt down the aliens. The genius of the film was in the pitching of evil queen bitch alien against hard as acrylic nails Ripley, in an oestrogen fueled female mud wrestling match that eventually sees the alien pushed into an airlock and blasted out into space, never to been again, until Alien 3 was required. The image of Miss Weaver shifting 15 tons of wriggling alien with a strap-on cargo loading suit/machine has become sci-ficonic and as yet unmatched in the Alien franchise. But then we are only at number six or whatever, so the 7th could be the best one once that hits the silver screen.

*please check times with the cinema direct

Malaga - plaza Mayor: 902 902 103 Fuengirola - parque Miramar: 952 198 600

Marbella - Cines gran Marbella: 952 810 077 Velez Malaga - C.C. El ingenio: 902 221 622

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Magazine - 21 n A weekly overview


March 21st April 19th


April 20th May 20th


May 21st June 21st


June 22nd July 22nd


July 23rd August 22nd


You are busting to break out of yourself, there is a well of pressure and energy that is building within, it is like you have grown too big for your own body. There is emotional pain behind all of this, urging you not to remain in the same place any longer. All that is coming up will be showing you where you need to focus your energy and put changes in place. If you put a little effort in now you can move mountains, go beyond the apparent obstacles and the bigger picture will become clear. A small change to your circumstances or outlook can make all the difference to a plan. Lately you have been brought to the edge of your emotions and are willing to succumb, it seems, to what your heart is telling you. It is time to make a move. Some aspects of a situation have changed and an open door that was once closed stands before you. This is a whole new ball game with a choice to be made, trust your instincts, listen to your heart and say goodbye to the restrictions of the past. Let the wind blow those cobwebs away as resentments that you didn’t even know you were harboring are welling up from the depths. Acknowledge their existence, don’t deny they are there and take your learning from a past situation. Tie up loose ends, even though you feel stuck in a situation A great expansion is due to take place soon; your whole horizon is due for an enthusiastic boost. Very different experiences from those which you are used to are just around the corner. This is prime time for you to make significant rapid changes in your life, even with so much uncertainty in the air, you have had enough. It is your time to step in and direct a situation that is suffering from stagnancy. You will be propelling yourself out of any relationship issues that have held you back in the past, determined to re-balance the scales of injustice so that you can move on. Seeking advice from those that have your best interests at heart can help spur you on. Opportunities are only there if we recognise them, perhaps you have been looking to the left when the answer and movement was occurring to the right. Optimism will help you unlock your luck; it will draw these opportunities to you and allow you to ‘look’ further and more deeply into things that you would normally dismiss. You have been emotionally anchored to one place for too long and now you are just about prepared to do what is necessary to get you out of a sticky position. You are a sign full of courage and vitality this week, feeling in a strong position to take charge of the direction of your life, it is your turn to take centre stage – about time too. Be the leader, the inspirer, the motivator. What you thought you wanted you may now realize was more an ‘ought’ than reality. With renewed clarity and insight you now feel happy with the conclusions that you are now forming. Be bold, be brave and muster onwards and upwards.


You care a lot what others think of you and it is hard trying to stay out of a certain drama that is knocking on your door. Some acquaintances are pushing your buttons and you may feel out of control when it comes to this situation. Make sure you look after you and keep yourself as relaxed as possible and don’t allow anyone to make you feel uncomfortable. Stay relatively cool and rd September 23 - detached, take a step back and respond instead of reacting to this person. A nd October 22 cautious approach will make all the difference.


October 23rd November 21st

The person on the end of your message will be left in no doubt as to how you really feel. It is going to be loaded with everything you now seek to change or feel is not working within this interaction. This is an intense time for you and you could be wrestling with awkward decisions. The longer you leave things the more uptight you will become. Words need to be said, your voice needs to be heard. Don’t waste time worrying over what might be, speak up and go for what you know you need.

SAGITTARIUS You are willing to fight for what you believe in and this is one of those moments when you are compelled to go for it. There is a reason for you to be confident in your understanding of the ‘truth’ of this matter but many changes are going to occur in rapid succession that could alter the approach you eventually take. All that you value most including the things that mean the nd November 22 - most to you will become more and more obvious. There will be no hidden st December 21 surprises, all is out in the open.

CAPRICORN The more you think about something in your life the less sense it seems to make to you. There just seems no logical explanation, so stop thinking about it, let it go on the back-burner, as someone else could do with your attention and assistance right now. You will be able to find common ground with another person whom you have been at odds with and will re-find some of December 22nd that trust in human kind that you thought you had lost. January 19th


January 20th February 18th


February 19th March 20th

You would rather ignore an issue instead of tackling it head on. Perhaps you are hoping it will go away or things will just right themselves but in your heart you know you have to make a stand. A situation is draining you of energy. Fears are heightened and you may be worried about your health or that of someone close to you. Imagine how light you will feel once the heavy burden of your past has been lifted and then you will be able to energise the outcome that you want. This is a ‘think on your feet’ week and if you can keep up with the turbulent and crazy things that are happening, you will benefit. You could be having an influence on someone’s life, there is a powerful connection with this person and a story is in the process of unfolding. Try not to question this involvement or wonder too much if you would be better apart, your eyes are about to be opened. Emotional barricades are tumbling down that have been getting in the way of progress.

Kym’s Kitchen don’t have to be a chef!

Asparagus Wrapped in Crisp Serrano Ham Ingredients:

(serves 6)

● 750gr medium-thick asparagus ● 400gr Serrano ham, medium to thinly sliced – enough for an equal number of asparagus spears and slices of ham. ● Parmesan cheese, optional. ● Warmed butter to drizzle over the top.

Method ● Preheat the oven to 220ºC. Cut the bottom 1 to 1½ inches off the asparagus spears. If the spears are thick, peel them. Wrap a slice of Serrano around each spear spiraling upward, with the fatty stripe of the ham at the bottom creating a barber’s pole effect up the spear. Line an oven tin with a 1½ cm lip with aluminum foil, covering it lightly with olive or sunflower oil.

● Put the prepared asparagus on the tray and put the tray in the oven. Leave for 5 minutes, then shake the pan vigorously to turn the spears. Roast for another 5 minutes and shake again. At this stage you can sprinkle a little Parmesan cheese over the top, but be careful not to overcook the cheese or it will taste a bit bitter. Continue roasting for about 15 minutes until the

asparagus becomes tender. You can drizzle a little melted butter over the top just before serving if you wish. ● Serve as a starter, double the quantities for a main dish, or serve as a vegetable side dish to other meals. Goes great with grilled chicken!

SPANISH POCO A POCO By Valerie Mitchell


August 23rd September 22nd

by Cathy Stronach

Gardening (Part 2) I suppose that when one wants plants one can simply go to the garden centre (vivero) and point or fill up a trolley but you will need to be able to ask a few basic questions. Most of these will revolve around sun - sol, shade - sombra and water - agua. ¿A esta planta le gusta el sol? - Does this plant like the sun? ¿A esta planta le gusta la sombra? - Does this plant like the shade? ¿A esta planta le hace falta mucha agua? - Does this plant need a lot of water? ¿Necesita mucho abono? - Does it need a lot of fertiliser? If you need to be more specific, saying what you need, you can use the expression Me hace falta - I need. Me hace falta un árbol para un sitio con mucho sol I need a tree for a place with full sun. Me hace falta un arbusto para una maceta grande I need a bush for a big flower pot. So we see that macetas are flower pots. Necesito macetas para el patio - I need flower pots for the patio. Necesito macetas para el balcón - I need flower pots for the balcony. Quiero cultivar tomates en macetas - I want to grow tomatoes in flower pots. Quiero cultivar hierbas en macetas - I want to grow herbs in flower pots. Perejil - parsley, albahaca - basil, romero - rosemary, tomillo - thyme. Ya está - That's it Hasta la próxima - Until next time Valerie Valerie runs the Centro Idiomas Language School in Coin. Her books, “The First Twelve Shortcuts to Spanish” , “The Second Twelve Shortcuts to Spanish” (€5 each) and “The Verb Book” (€7) are available from The News office in Coin, Woody’s Cards and Books in Los Boliches, David’s Books in Los Boliches or by email from or call 952 450 747.

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News - Breakthroughs Treatments - Trends


Beauty Tip

Watch those weights

Age-proof your body (part 2)

Weightlifting is an increasingly popular form of exercise – but some weights land up where they shouldn’t.

Obscure unsightly veins with spray-on leg makeup or a body-bronzing mist. Stand in the tub or shower, as the spray will travel. After the first coat, pat legs lightly with a paper towel to take off any excess, then let the spray dry for a few minutes and apply a second coat if you need more coverage. To avoid clothing stains, make sure your legs are completely dry before you get dressed. Bulging varicose veins should be evaluated by a vascular surgeon, but spider veins - which are small, dilated blood vessels - can easily be treated by a trained physician. A technique called sclerotherapy dissolves veins with a quick injection of saline or glycerine but it is not cheap. Support hose will help keep veins from expanding, but don't look good with shorts. One alternative is to elevate your feet whenever you can. And exercises, such as rolling up onto your toes to work your calf muscles and keep blood flowing (repeated throughout the day), will also help. Avoid sitting with your legs crossed because the pressure makes the body try to correct the cut-off circulation by creating new blood vessels, and those can become spider veins.

An American study has found that between 1990 and 2007, 970,000 people ended up in emergency rooms with weight-training injuries. About 82% were men, but the study found the number of injuries in women has risen dramatically as more and more take up weight training. Women were more likely to injure their feet and legs, while men’s injuries were more common in the trunk and hands; men had more sprains and strains,

and women had more fractures. The most common injuries were caused by weights being dropped, crushing a body part between weights or hitting themselves with the equipment. Overexertion, muscle pulls and loss of balance accounted for about 14% of emergency room visits. More than 90% of the injuries occurred while using free weights rather than weight machines. Less than 2% of the injured needed

hospitalization, but a few were fatal: the researchers estimate that 114 deaths were related to weight training over the 18-year period. The researchers said before taking up weight training people should receive proper instruction and use proper techniques for their lifts.



When tanning becomes an addiction Despite decades of campaigns warning people that too much sun can lead to skin cancer, millions continue to abuse the ultraviolet rays that in small doses help maintain health but in larger doses can destroy it. Dermatologists are frustrated by their seeming inability to deter tanning behaviour, particularly among adolescents and young adults. There are many explanations for this failure, including the widespread belief that people look better with a tan. But in recent years another explanation has emerged for which there is now considerable scientific support: some people are addicted. As with alcohol, not everyone who is exposed

becomes dependent on the sun. But various studies have shown there are enough UV abusers to warrant a new medical diagnostic category: tanning addiction. Many people think a tan protects them by helping block the damaging effects of UV radiation but in fact it damages the skin. Even brief exposure to ultraviolet light can cause mutations in the DNA of skin cells, including the melanocytes, the host cells for melanoma. Accumulate enough of those mutations and a cancer can result. Even those who escape cancer will eventually experience the ageing effects of repeated tanning: loose, wrinkled, leathery skin that can make people look decades older than they are. In a recent study a team of US researchers administered two tests of

substance abuse to 145 people sunbathing on a Texas beach. One was a modified version of the socalled CAGE test for alcohol addiction, consisting of four questions: Have you ever felt you needed to cut down on your tanning? Have people annoyed you by criticizing your tanning? Have you ever felt guilty about tanning? Have you ever felt you needed to tan first thing in the morning. They found that 26% of the beachgoers met the CAGE criteria for addiction. And in a second test, a modified version of the psychiatric profession’s official diagnostic criteria for a substance abuse disorder, 53% of the respondents scored positively.

Ice craving linked to anaemia Fatigue and weakness are the familiar symptoms of the blood disorder anaemia, but in recent years cravings for ice have emerged in the medical literature as a puzzling and increasingly documented sign of the condition, especially its most common form, iron deficiency anaemia. Some scientists suspect that the compulsive consumption of ice — called pagophagia — relieves inflammation in the mouth brought on by iron deficiencies. In extreme cases, people with undiagnosed anaemia and pagophagia have been known to go through several bags or trays of ice in a single day. The problem usually clears up after treatment with iron supplements, unlike sickle cell anaemia, which cannot be treated with these supplements.

Hydrocleanse Colonic Irrigation are pleased to announce their NEW PHONE NUMBER is

666 911 071


= SANDAL-READY FEET Painting toes with an iridescent neutral varnish is a great way to make feet look more attractive immediately. Golds and other shimmery nudes work with any skin tone or shoe colour. If you have calluses which are uncomfortable and tough to file down, see a podiatrist to have the skin build-up safely removed. Once they're under control, use a pumice or foot file regularly to prevent another callus from forming. Remember that foot files work better on dry skin. Podiatrists also recommend rubbing olive or coconut oil on to rough spots, then donning socks and leaving the treatment on for at least an hour a day. To control the build-up of skin, regularly massage your feet in an alpha hydroxy acid that contains cream. = DAILY SUN DEFENCE Protecting your face with SPF may be a daily ritual, but you probably don't slather sunscreen on your body every morning. Enter SPF body lotions. They claim to provide both hydration and UV protection in one bottle, without sacrificing skin comfort, though they aren't meant to replace your sunblock during prolonged exposure.

952 960 372 630 700 201

WEDNESDAY, June 30th 2010

Magazine - 23 n

Contemporary lifestyle and celebrity gossip CELEBRITY SPOT


Posing pouch set for revival

Mick not impressed either!

Practically the whole of the population of England can be described Fashion experts reckon that skimpy is in this summer - and as “Gutted” after the disastrous efforts made by their football team. that means a resurgence of interest in one of fashion's most unforgiving items... itsy bitsy Speedos.

According to price comparison website Ciao, there has been a 400 per cent increase in the number of internet searches for the tiny trunks in the first six months of this year compared to the same time last year - which means that the scene is set for a revival. Now it may be all actor Daniel Craig's fault as he looked pretty cool as James Bond stepping out of the sea clad in a pair of budgie smugglers - or banana hammocks - take your pick. And David Beckham appeared to perfection in a

pair of white trunks, although they did look worryingly like a nappy. Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo has been seen sprawled across magazine covers in his pair of trunks flexing his well oiled muscles. And there's the rub. For a lot of British men a six pack is the thing you find on the bottom shelf of the fridge. And post World Cup there may be a few beer bellies that will need toning to avoid an overhang. Even the model names sound intimidating - Pellet (hmm), the Herculean

Placement - crikey. Speedos were invented by Australian Peter Travis in 1961 and the first time a man wore them on Bondi beach he was arrested - but sadly the magistrate threw out the case. So, for all the guys who plan on spending their time in the sun sporting the skimpies and who are not professional athletes or Olympic swimmers, don't forget the essential lessons - and try not to use Rod Stewart as a role model because you will have to invest in a gold medallion as well.!

But apart from blubbering fans, Mick Jagger also looked none too pleased by the pathetic performance, seemingly having to take a photo as he couldn’t believe what he was seeing with his eyes. During the match against

Germany fans makeup was streaming down their faces along with their tears. The WAGS that did turn up were seen either throwing their hands in the air in utter despair or covering their faces, determined not to watch as yet another goal went into their net.

Coleen Rooney had more sense than to travel all the way to South Africa and was spotted at Chester Races looking after fivemonth-old son Kai, who at least should put a smile on the face of his father when he gets home.

Hermione Grainger is a dog Potter witch Hermione Grainger, AKA Emma Watson, will be seen in a new music video for her boyfriend George Craig’s band, One Night Only, which was formed in North Yorkshire seven years ago

but only secured a recording contract, with Vertigo, in 2007. The video to go with their new single, Say You Don't Want It, sees 20-year-old Emma as a pedigree dog running with George

through New York. Problem is, until they see their reflexions in a window, they don't know they're dogs. Watson's owner turns up and takes her home just as they are about to kiss. Aaaaah.............

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n 24 - Magazine

Take a break TARGET PUZZLE

SUDOKU by Papocom Fill in the grid so that every row, every column and every 3 x 3 grid contains the digits 1 through 9. With no repeats, that means that no number is repeated in any row, column or box. Level:




See how many words of four or more letters you can make from the given nine letters. In making a word each letter may be used only once. The key letter must be used in each word.





0-1 Dreadful 2-5 Poor 6-8 Average 9-11 Good 12-16 Excellent 17-18 Mastermind

0-1 Dreadful 2-5 Poor 6-8 Average 9-11 Good 12-16 Excellent 17-18 Mastermind

The following are not allowed: - Words beginning with a capital letter - Words with a hyphen or apostrophe - Plural words ending in “s”



1. When you’re all dressed up but without a destination. (2,5,2,2) 9. Comprehensive home degree. (2-5) 10. Take a seat home for demonstration. (3-2) 11. Machine tool requiring two intermeshed notes. (5) 12. Fustier reaction to receiving a bellyful. (7) 13. A person having little authority or importance. (6) 15. Cabinet that one might come out of? (6) 18. Drive in this ratio to a TV programme. (3,4) 20. Cutting corruption payments. (5) 22. A beaming smile will go the distance. (5) 23. Develop a root in Canadian province. (7) 24. Salty crustacean used widely as aquarium food. (5,6)

2. Wherein ex-con dithers ‘they say’ literally. (2-3) 3. Observe an understanding of speech. (3-4) 4. Broadcast with another. (2-4) 5. Electronic weapon causing tears to flow. (5) 6. Guess Lieutenant became lilylivered. (7) 7. Waiting aimlessly for elimination period. (7,4) 8. Marriage might be considered as such a foundation? (11) 14. Psychiatric illness treated with both positive and negative cells. (7) 16. Barge carrying little weight. (7) 17. Shafts fletcher produces. (6) 19. A red dye produced by removing iron curl from fluoresecein. (5) 21. Advertise rapid eye movement to the matter. (L) (2 3)



1. Deny any connection with (6) 4. Small cupboard (6) 9. Thin metallic sheet (7) 10. Pleasant smell (5) 11. Move stealthily (5) 12. Time between (7) 13. Relating to part of non-visible spectrum (11) 18. Based on report given by others (7) 20. Long fine thread (5) 22. Ski trail (5) 23. Ornament worn around throat (7) 24. Over there (6) 25. Solidify due to decrease in temperature (6)

1. Perceive (6) 2. Burn slightly (5) 3. Enormous lie (7) 5. Smallest (5) 6. Whip - bane (7) 7. Emotional shock (6) 8. Carnival toy (anag) - having supernatural powers (11) 14. Connection (7) 15. Person in position of authority (7) 16. (Of sea) slightly rough (6) 17. Middle (6) 19. Large root vegetable (5) 21. Swelling (5)




6 8













3. Bibliomania is the compulsive collecting or hoarding of what?


4. What is the technical term for the hollow at the back of the knee, sometimes called the knee pit?


5. Name the Green Party leader and its first parliamentary MP, who won the Brighton Pavilion seat in the UK May 2010 general election?








6. The Hundred Years War, during the 13th and 14th centuries, was fought between which two countries?

8 9



7. IPO - the UK government agency responsible for the protection of ideas, patents, copyright, etc., stands for what?





16 18

1. Which Caribbean island, especially capital city Plymouth, suffered long term devastation after the previously dormant Soufriere Hills Volcano began erupting in 1995? 2. Fremantle prison, which was closed in 1991 and is now a heritage site, is in which country?


17 19




8. In 1834 who invented raised point writing using a six dot system enabling the blind to read?

10. A navarin casserole is cooked using which type of meat? SOLUTION FOR PUB QUIZ

18. Hearsay 20. Fibre 22. Piste 23. Necklet 24. Yonder 25. Freeze

1. Disown 4. Closet 9. Tinfoil 10. Aroma 11. Creep 12. Interim 13. Ultraviolet

15. closet 18. top gear 20. graft 22. miles 23. Ontario 24. brine shrimp

1. no place to go 9. in-depth 10. sit-in 11. lathe 12. surfeit 13. nobody


14. Liaison 15. Officer 16. Choppy 17. Centre 19. Swede 21. Bulge

1. Detect 2. Singe 3. Whopper 5. Least 6. Scourge 7. Trauma 8. Clairvoyant

8. institution 14. bipolar 16. lighter 17. arrows 19. eosin 21. ad rem

2. on-dit 3. lip-read 4. co-host 5. taser 6. gutless 7. killing time







9. The archaeological site of the ancient city of Troy is in which country?








Cryptic Quick



1. Montserrat 2. Australia (near Perth, Western Australia) 3. Books 4. Popliteal fossa 5. Caroline Lucas 6. England and France 7. Intellectual Property Office 8. Louis Braille 9. Turkey 10. Lamb

by John Birch


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Sca real ndinav esta ia te a n gen t

Properties Pr operties for sale at rreduced educed prices!

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€ 260,000

Large lounge · 3 bedr Large bedrooms ooms · 2 bathr bathrooms ooms · 110 m² built · 75 m² terrace terrace · Direct Direct access from from lounge to two large large terraces terraces · South-west orientation Beautiful tr tropical opical gar gardens dens with the lar large ge designed swimming pools and the lake with the fountain. Sun all day day.. Underground Underground garage garage space and storage storage room room Reference: Refer ence: RE-2006

Villa Villa - La C Capellania apellania

Torremuelle Torr orremuelle € 475,000 Apartment - T

2 bed · 1 bath · 200 m² built · 50 m² terr terrace ace Garden Gar den with pool and lovely views over the sea Charming villa in a sought-after community · RERE-1947 1947

Resale properties properties wanted! Scandinavian clients looking for apartments and villas fr rom om Benalma from Benalmadena to Marbella. For a free free consultation consultation and For and valuation, valuation, call our listing agents on 951 100 210 or e-mail e-mail or

Tel. 951 100 210

€ 198,000 2 country villas - Mijas Golf ar ea € 695,000 area

2 bed · 2 bath · 75 m² built · 7 m² terr terrace ace · A/C LLocated ocated in a beach community dir directly ectly to the sea Apartment with very good rrental ental potential · RE-2008

wo individual villas, each with: LLounge, ounge, 3 bed · 2 bath TTwo Open plan kithcen · 120 m² built · 40 m² terr terrace ace · A/C otal 10,000 m² land · Room for horses · RERE-1993 1993 TTotal

See them all on Townhouse - Paraiso Paraiso Townhouse

€ 250,000

2 bed bed · 1 bath bath · 83 83 m² m² · 38 38 m² m² terrace terrace · RE-452

Apartment - F Fuengirola uengirola centr centre e

Apartment - F uengirola Fuengirola

1 bed · 1 bath · 58 m² built · 20 m² terr terrace ace · SR-1438 SR-1438

€ 198,000 House - Benalmadena

2 bed · 2 bath · 80 m² built · 18 m² terr terrace ace · RE-1982 RE-1982

€ 160,000

€ 325,000

3 bed · 3 bath · 98 m² built · 35 m² terr terrace ace · RE-1983 RE-1983

WEDNESDAY, June 30th 2010

Advertising - 27 n A mod partme e unfu rn furn nts itu rnish ed n re or eede d

LLong ong term rrentals, entals, no finders fee! Available vailable now - ccall Malene 687 88 77 00 Rentals west of Malaga - A

LR-1968 Apt. - Benalmadena · € 650 · LR1968

Villa - Mijas · € 2,500 · LRLR-1998 1998

3,000 RE-1950 Villa - Las Chapas · € 3 ,000 · RE1950

Benalmadena · Villa · 3 beds · 3 baths · 300 m2 built · Ref Ref.. RE-490 € 3,500 Benalmadena · Apartment · 2 beds · 2 baths · 90 m2 built · 50 m2 terr terrace ace · Ref. Ref. LR-1968 LR-1968 € 650 Benalmadena Costa · Villa · 2 beds · 1 bath · 74 m2 built · 50 m2 terr terrace ace · Ref. Ref. LR-1971 LR-1971 € 850 Cerros Cerr os del Aguila · Apartment · 3 beds · 2 baths · 110 m2 built · 12 m2 terr terrace ace · Ref. Ref. LR-1874 LR-1874 € 650 Fuengirola Fuengirola · Apartment · 2 beds · 2 baths · 110 m2 built · 35 m2 terrace terrace · Ref. Ref. LR-1556 LR-1556 € 1,000 ownho Fuengirola · TTownhouse Fuengirola ownhouse · 3 beds · 2 baths · 93 m2 built · Ref Ref.. RE-1607 RE-1607 € 800 Fuengirola · Penthouse Penthouse · 3 beds · 2 baths · 105 m2 built · 45 m2 terrace Fuengirola terrace · Ref. Ref. RE-1907 RE-1907 € 690 FFuengirola uengirola · Villa · 4 beds · 4 baths · 159 m2 built · 100 m2 terr ace · Ref. Ref. LR-1972 LR-1972 € 1,500 terrace on · Townhouse Townhouse ownhou · 3 beds · 2 baths · 121 m2 built · 20 m2 terr Higuer ace · Ref. Ref. LR-1522 LR-1522 € 800 Higueron terrace Higuer on · Villa · 4 beds · 3 baths · 270 m2 built · 30 m2 terr ace · Ref. Ref. RE-1974 RE-1974 € 2,850 Higueron terrace Las Chapas · Villa · 4 beds · 4 baths · 250 m2 built · 70 m2 terr ace · Ref. Ref. RE-1950 RE-1950 € 3,000 terrace Los Monteros Monteros · Villa · 6 beds · 6 baths · 500 m2 built · 180 m2 terr ace · Ref. Ref. RE-1008 RE-1008 € 5,000 Los terrace Marbella · Apartment · 2 beds · 2 baths · 180 m2 built · 40 m2 terr ace · Ref. Ref. LR-1808 LR-1808 € 900 terrace Mijas · Villa · 4 beds · 3 baths · 300 m2 built · 100 m2 terr ace · Ref. Ref. RE-1998 RE-1998 € 2,500 terrace Mijas · TTownhouse o ownhouse · 2 beds · 2 baths · 163 m2 built · 90 m2 terr ace · Ref. Ref. RE-881 € 850 terrace Mijas · Villa · 3 beds · 3 baths · 260 m2 built · 175 m2 terr ace · Ref. Ref. RE-1565 RE-1565 € 1,600 terrace Mijas · Villa · 5 beds · 5 baths · 350 m2 built · 100 m2 terr ace · Ref. Ref. LR-1633 LR-1633 € 2,500 terrace Mijas · Villa · 3-4 beds · 3-4 baths · 164 m2 built · 100 m2 terr ace · Ref. Ref. RE-1779 RE-1779 € 1,875 terrace Mijas · TTownhouse o ownhouse · 2 beds · 2 baths · 140 m2 built · 20 m2 terr ace · Ref. Ref. LR-1961 LR-1961 € 750 terrace ace · Ref. Ref. RE-1995 RE-1995 € 800 Mijas · Apartment · 2 beds · 2 baths · 86 m2 built · 45 m2 terrace Mijas Costa · Townhouse Townh ownhouse · 2 beds · 2 baths · 155 m2 built · 20 m2 terr ace · Ref. Ref. RE-1656 RE-1656 € 1,000 terrace Mijas Golf · Townhouse Townho ownhouse · 2 beds · 1 bath · 100 m2 built · 40 m2 terr ace · Ref. Ref. RE-931 € 650 terrace Mijas Golf · Apartment · 2 beds · 2 baths · 70 m2 built · 20 m2 terr ace · Ref. Ref. LR-1677 LR-1677 € 500 terrace Mijas Golf · Apartment · 2 beds · 2 baths · 80 m2 built · 15 m2 terr ace · Ref. Ref. LR-1920 LR-1920 € 600 terrace Mijas Golf · Apartment · 3 beds · 2 baths · 105 m2 built · 95 m2 terr ace · Ref. Ref. LR-1942 LR-1942 € 750 terrace Puebla LLucia ucia · Apartment · 2 beds · 2 baths · 70 m2 built · 15 m2 terr ace · Ref. Ref. LR-1724 LR-1724 € 750 terrace Rivier ace · Ref. Ref. LR-1574 LR-1574 € 750 Rivieraa del Sol · Apartment · 3 beds · 2 baths · 86 m2 built · 25 m2 terr terrace TTorreblanca orreblanca · Villa · 3 beds · 2 baths · 146 m2 built · 15 m2 terrace terrace · Ref. Ref. RE-1558 RE-1558 € 850 TTorreblanca o orreblanca · Apartment · 2 beds · 2 baths · 85 m2 built · 15 m2 terr ace · Ref. Ref. LR-1821 LR-1821 € 700 terrace TTorremar orremar · Apartment · 2 beds · 1 bath · 69 m2 built · 18 m2 terr ace · Ref. Ref. LR-1853 LR-1853 € 600 terrace TTorremar orremar · Apartment · 2 beds · 2 baths · 90 m2 built · 34 m2 terr ace · Ref. Ref. LR-1854 LR-1854 € 700 terrace TTorremar orr ace · Ref. Ref. LR-1855 LR-1855 € 950 · Apartment · 4 beds · 3 baths · 160 m2 built · 50 m2 terrace TTorremuelle orremuelle · Villa · 3 beds · 2 baths · 180 m2 built · Ref RE-1181 € 2,500 Ref.. RE-1181 TTorremuelle orremuelle · TTownhouse ownh ownhouse · 3-4 beds · 2-3 baths · 165 m2 built · 100 m2 terr ace · Ref. Ref. RE-1679 RE-1679 € 850 terrace TTorremuelle orremuelle · Apartment · 2 beds · 2 baths · 70 m2 built · 80 m2 terr ace · Ref. Ref. LR-1757 LR-1757 € 650 terrace TTorrequebrada orrequebrada · Villa · 4 beds · 4 baths · 450 m2 built · 200 m2 terr ace · Ref. Ref. RE-512 € 3,000 terrace TTorrequebrada orrequebrada · Apartment · 2 beds · 2 baths · 90 m2 built · TTerrace Terr errace · Ref. Ref. CM-1029 CM-1029 € 1,250 TTorrequebrada orrequebrada · Apartment · 2 beds · 2 baths · 65 m2 built · 15 m2 terr ace · Ref. Ref. RE-1973 RE-1973 € 600 terrace

RE-1779 Villa - Mijas € 1,875 · RE1779

Townhouse Townhouse - TTorremuelle orremuelle · RERE-1679 1679

Villa - Mijas · € 2,500 2,500 · LR-1633 LR-1633

W West est of Marbella - The New Golden Mile

LR-1971 Villa - Benalmadena Costa · LR1971

Townh. LR-1656 Townh. Mijas Costa €1,000 LR1656

Rentals wanted! A ttractive long term rrental Attractive ental pr operties wanted: properties Benalmádena to Marbella

ownhous Atalaya · TTownhouse Atalaya ownhouse · 3 beds · 2 baths · 160 m2 built · 70 m2 terr terrace ace · Ref. Ref. LR-1893 LR-1893 € 950 talaya · TTownhouse ownhous A Atalaya ownhouse · 2 beds · 2 baths · Ref Ref.. RERE-1977 1977 € 700 ace · Ref. Ref. LR-1549 LR-1549 € 550 Casares · Apartment · 2 beds · 2 baths · 86 m2 built · 24 m2 terr Casares terrace terrace · Ref. Ref. RE-1999 RE-1999 € 1,450 Costalita · Apartment · 2 beds · 2 baths · 150 m2 built · 90 m2 terrace terrace · Ref. Ref. LR-1734 LR-1734 € 650 Costalita · Apartment · 1 bed · 1 bath · 50 m2 built · 15 m2 terrace terrace · Ref. Ref. RE-1736 RE-1736 € 900 Costalita · Apartment · 3 beds · 3 baths · 124 m2 built · 20 m2 terrace terrace · Ref. Ref. LR-1745 LR-1745 € 750 Costalita · Apartment · 2 beds · 2 baths · 110 m2 built · 10 m2 terrace Penthouse · 1 bed · 60 m2 built · 9 m2 terrace terrace · Ref. Ref. LR-1748 LR-1748 € 550 Costalita · Penthouse terrace · Ref. Ref. RE-1752 RE-1752 € 750 Costalita · Apartment · 2 beds · 2 baths · 110 m2 built · 10 m2 terrace terrace · Ref. Ref. LR-1768 LR-1768 € 900 Costalita · Apartment · 2 beds · 2 baths · 110 m2 built · 10 m2 terrace terrace · Ref. Ref. LR-1795 LR-1795 € 800 Costalita · Apartment · 2 beds · 2 baths · 110 m2 built · 9 m2 terrace terrace · Ref. Ref. RE-1818 RE-1818 € 850 Costalita · Apartment · 2 beds · 2 baths · 100 m2 built · 10 m2 terrace Costalita · TTownhouse ownhou terrace · Ref. ownhouse · 3 beds · 3 baths · 380 m2 built · 100 m2 terrace Ref. RE-1831 RE-1831 € 1,800 Costalita · Apartment · 2 beds · 2 baths · 150 m2 built · 70 m2 terr ace · Ref. Ref. RE-1924 RE-1924 € 1,250 terrace Costalita · Apartment · 2 beds · 2 baths · 120 m2 built · 12 m2 terr ace · Ref. Ref. RE-1966 RE-1966 € 750 terrace Costalita · PPenthouse enthouse · 2 beds · 2 baths · 90 m2 built · 10 m2 terrace terrace · Ref. Ref. RE-1975 RE-1975 € 600 Costalita · PPenthouse enthouse · 2 beds · 2 baths · 120 m2 built · 10 m2 terrace terrace · Ref. Ref. RE-1988 RE-1988 € 800 El Pr esidente · Apartment · 3 beds · 2 baths · 105 m2 built · 158 m2 terr ace · Ref. Ref. RE-1803 RE-1803 € 1,000 Presidente terrace Estepona · Apartment · 2-4 beds · 2-3 baths · 23-65 m2 terr ace · Ref. Ref. GO-357 € 1,800 terrace Estepona · Apartment · 2 beds · 2 baths · 93 m2 built · 27 m2 terr ace · Ref. Ref. RE-1198 RE-1198 € 750 terrace 2 m2 built · Terrace Estepona · PPenthouse enthouse · 2-3 beds · 2-3 baths · 122-222 Teerrace · Ref. Ref. OC-1705 OC-1705 € 1,200 ace · Ref. Ref. RE-1654 RE-1654 € 1,100 Guadalmina · Apartment · 3 beds · 2 baths · 160 m2 built · 60 m2 terr terrace ace · Ref. Ref. RE-1863 New Golden Mile · Apartment · 3 beds · 3 baths · 185 m2 built · 128 m2 terr RE-1863 € 1,800 terrace RE-1955 € 3,000 Nueva Andalucia · Villa · 5 beds · 4 baths · 620 m2 built · Ref.. RE-1955 ace · Ref. Ref. RE-1550 RE-1550 € 2,500 Puerto Banus · Apartment · 3 beds · 3 baths · 183 m2 built · 38 m2 terr terrace ace · Ref. Ref. RE-1861 RE-1861 € 1,500 Puerto Banus · Apartment · 2 beds · 2 baths · 130 m2 built · 30 m2 terr terrace Puerto Banus · Apartment · 2 beds · 2 baths · 115 m2 built · 15 m2 terr ace · Ref. Ref. RE-1862 RE-1862 € 1,100 terrace Sotogr ace · Ref. Ref. RE-378 € 1,750 Sotogrande · Apartment · 3 beds · 2 baths · 150 m2 built · 34 m2 terrace

See the photos online - www

LR-1942 Unfurnish. apt - Mijas Golf · LR1942

Townhouse Townhouse Mijas · € 750 · RE-1961 RE-1961

Clients waiting now: Unfurnished pr properties operties 2 - 4 bed · 2 bath · € 800 - 2,000 Small individual villa 2 - 3 bed · 2 bath · € 1,000 - 1,200

Call rental agent Malene on 687 88 77 00 or e-mail

wednesday, June 30th 2010

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air ConditioninG


professional Aircon Specialist. Cost effect and calculates your personal use and requirements. 6 6 9 0 0 9 8 2 1 (081)p

2010 CaMp-let Concorde and Royal Camping Trailer tents. Ready for delivery. 679260870 (117)p

CaterinG serviCes




% $"!

Coolflow The Air Conditioning Specialists. Installation, servicing and repairs to all makes and models. Special offers available. Call Ian 678491234. Established 7 (079)p years on the coast

arChiteCts all types of projects, constructions, Licences for new buildings, extensions, reforms, legalizations. Building advice. (091)tnp Chedaco S.L. 680700430

business eQuipMent

boats & nautiCal best prices RYA Licences ICC, Powerboat 2, Boat, Jetbike and (096)p Berth Sales. 679260870 ---------------------------------------------plaCe an ad! It’s quick, it’s easy and (f ) it works. Call us on 952454491

Cars & vans unwanted cars, vans. Wanted dead or alive. Removed free. (084)p 616835799 ---------------------------------------------CosMetiC vehicle repairs. Leather and cloth seats. Cigarette burns, plastic repairs, professional valets. Alloy wheel scuffs, bumper scuffs and scrapes, minor paint (081)p repairs. 605614956



● All Categories ● Valid Worldwide ● Fast Delivery

610 868 748



$ Enjoy a taste of home cooking! EMAIL mobile 677 838 830

Classes spanish Classes for children in July, La Trocha, Coin. Call 952450747 or email (0)p ---------------------------------------------poCo a poCo Spanish classes in La Trocha Shopping Centre, Coin by Valerie Mitchell of Centro de Idiomas. Call first 952450747 (0)f ---------------------------------------------spanish Teacher, all levels. Alhaurin, Coin, Mijas. Inland/Coast. (089)p m 678997388

health & beauty

Mark dental CliniC restorative & cosmetic dentistry

MDC see our main advert on Page 5

952 917 164

Calle Burgos 3, Fuengirola, Malaga

herbalife - Call me for products and advice. Gail 952561589 (080)cntp ---------------------------------------------Gillian your friendly mobile hairdresser for the elderly. Specialist in perms, sets, colours and blow-drys. Good rates. All products supplied unless advised (085)p otherwise. 635261483 Number 1 Mobility Hire & Sales Service Tel. 952447764

hairdressinG Mobile hairdresser, over 15 years experience, all aspects. Telephone Janet 645037335 (081)tnp ---------------------------------------------Mobile Massage Therapist. Reflexology, deep tissue, aromatherapy, Swedish massage. For more information please see or call 088)tnp 666144572


insuranCe / finanCe

pC probleMs solved. Data transfered, ADSL installed, virus / spyware / malware removal. (084)p 952932264 / 609574455 ---------------------------------------------CoMputer Helpline. Desktops, laptops repaired, upgraded. New and used supplied. Internet, email problems solved. 952564274, (083)tnp 677702501 ---------------------------------------------pC doCtor desktop and laptop repair centre. Sales and upgrades. ADSL from €20 per month. Full range of internet, Telefonica and Telecom services. Anti-virus program €50 per year. We cover the coast. Certified and bilingual technicians. Call sales 952591071 (0)pwf Support 807488440 ---------------------------------------------Coin Computer Services. All repairs, virus removal, upgrades, Broadband. Free calls to UK. (080)tnp 951047292, 676909418 ---------------------------------------------reMote CoMputer serviCe 24/7 we solve your computer problems remotely - it’s easy, secure and fast! from as little as €5 per service. internet connection required. prices do not include parts, software or transport. ask for a quote without obligation. skype: remotecomputerservice or (079)p phone: 668808033 ---------------------------------------------apple keyboard and mouse set, works with Windows and Mac, costs €85 would sell for €40. As new, only used for 6 months. Call (079)p 622211131

prestiGe Insurance Consultants For quality products and personal service. Motor (all types UK and Spanish). Home (Building/ Contents). Travel - Health - Life /Disability - Business. Registered with the Dirección General de Seguros as Exclusive Agents for Ibex Insurance and Estrella Seguros. Tel/Fax 952453873, Mobile 667982418 (079)P

doMestiC applianCes washinG machine repairs, fast, reliable service. All work guaranteed. Also sales from €70. Can deliver. (086)pwp Call Joe 686271836

finanCial serviCes true selfCert remortgages, debt consolidation, bridging finance, capital raising, business finance 665995685/652986088 (088)tnp

loCksMiths seCurity OF SPAIN, 24 hour emergency locksmith. Home and business security. Patio doors and windows secured. Lock and key changes for your new home. Parking guards. Safes installed. Home and business security checks. Locked out or lost keys? Call SOS on 636770865 and ask for Darren (053)p ---------------------------------------------loCksMith Emergency /Appointment. Doors opened without damage, locks changed, patio doors and windows secured. Intruder Alarms fitted. 24 hour honest, fast and reliable service. (084)tnp Call Paul 657466803

MisCellaneous sales available for roads, tracks, car parks etc., 300 ton crushed concrete. very good material for sub-base can be supplied laid & rolled for a good, free quote in english ring 637179373 or for your quote in spanish 647206118. (081)p


CRAFTERS CORNER All you need for scrap booking & card making Mon - Fri 10.00 - 6.00 pm (no siesta) Sat 10.30 - 2.00 pm

679 017 127 Fuengirola





La Trocha Market Sundays 10 - 2pm Thursdays NEW TIMES 10.00am - 2.00pm

Artisans & traders Welcome

647 647 637 wants boot sale items, tools, electrical, paperbacks, household, china etc. Top prices paid. 607780648 (080 )cntp ---------------------------------------------wanted furniture, house clearances, any amount. Cash waiting. Reliable. 630254949 (082)p

personal serious gentleman, 66 years, WLTM for rest of life partnership, serious attractive lady 56-62 years, who speaks Spanish or Italian, drives, has some independent economy and will come to live with me in my home near to Sotogrande for a happy tranquilo life. I do smoke, do not enjoy Costa nightlife. Enjoy music, films. We can have a very good life together. (Sorry no pets). 956616267, (079)p 619650266 5.00-9.00pm

pets & aniMals Mets doG training club. Fuengirola Glyn 605121831, Ken 627851379. Torre del Mar Colin (085)p 606616308

laGuna Kennels and cosy cattery. Five star facilities, fully tiled quarters with airconditioning. Your pets lovingly cared for by English mother and daughter. Near Coin. 952112021 / (086)p 606838983 ---------------------------------------------eXport Specialists. Cat and Dog World Kennels. 952112978, (078)p 630197435 ---------------------------------------------Cat Neutered, black, affectionate big girl, 4 years old. Would make an ideal companion. 952486518 (076)f ---------------------------------------------westie and Labrador puppies. Both parents can be seen. €395 Tel. 952112978, 630197435 (078)p ---------------------------------------------luXury professional kennels, Cat and Dog World. Legally licensed and vet approved. Viewing welcome. (078)p 952112978 / 630197435 ---------------------------------------------Cat European, neutered, beautiful blue/grey loving 1 year old seeks (0)tn good home. 952486518 ---------------------------------------------2 kittens Female, born mid April 2010. Found in the countryside and completely domesticated. 616094034 or visit our website (078)f ---------------------------------------------Cat European, neutered, beautiful blue/grey loving 1 year old seeks (0)tn good home. 952486518 ---------------------------------------------probleMs? David the Dogman from Estepona to Fuengirola (0)tnf 952883388 / 610868748 ---------------------------------------------afriCan Grey, talker. Cage, extras €1,000, no offers. 662222585 (079)w Fuengirola ---------------------------------------------2 puppies Males, born beginning of April 2010. Small breed. Free to a good home. 616094034. (0)tnf ---------------------------------------------Marta Small female dog born approx. June 2009. Quiet little dog with loads of character who gets on well with anything. Tel: 616094034 www.animals-in(000)tnf ---------------------------------------------plaCe an ad! It’s quick, it’s easy and (f ) it works. Call us on 952454491

property for sale eXChanGe Alhaurin, 4 bedroom house with garden, reduced €269,000 or smaller property as partexchange, details and photos. (084)p 607906782 ---------------------------------------------Coin Solid 4 bedroom finca, legal with mortgage. Good condition. 8,000m2 land, horse licence. Excellent value, first offer €395,000 (084)p 654821137, 951165963 ---------------------------------------------don’t buy anything before searching Distress sales. Bargain properties. Urgent reductions. Reposessions. Incredible value! 606526618 (078)p

to rent bed & breakfast evening meal and laundry. Sat TV in every room. €85 per week, 2 in a twin room €135 per week. 627379001 (079)tnp ---------------------------------------------Coin town centre, lovely room with en-suite bathroom to rent. €200 per month. For more information call 685407610 (084)tnp ---------------------------------------------alhaurin Campo, fully furnished static home with satellite TV plus internet. Private garden and parking. €300pcm plus (079)tnp electric. 660952627


LonG LETs 1 bed Duquesa de España, pool Parking, Sat TV. 500€/month 1 bed apt Minerva, pool, Sat TV W/machine. 500€/month 1 bed small house, Arroyo, No pool or parking 450€/month 3 bed Townhouse Torrequebrada pool, parking 650€/month 3 bed Benalmadena Costa, pool, parking, 600€/month 3 bed frontline apt, Costaquebrada, pool, parking, Sat TV. 1100€/month Many More properties available, too Many to list we also do holiday lets, just ask for pat

Avenida Gamonal, Local 9, Edificio Jupiter, 29631 Arroyo de la Miel, Malaga Tel: (0034) 952 57 40 51 (0034) 952 57 77 51 Fax: (0034) 952 44 26 51 lonG terM Rentals, super prices, no commissions, apartments, townhouses, villas, fincas, coast and (078)p inland. 679111522 ---------------------------------------------luXury apartment in Coin, Sierra Gorda, 2 bed, air con/ heating, furnished, community pool, €500 (080)p pcm 696150765 ---------------------------------------------plaCe an ad! It’s quick, it’s easy and it works. Call us on 952454491 or email us to (f )

advertising agents » Alhaurin de la Torre


Mijas Costa

GREETINGS WORLD Contact Ted on Tel: 618 200 155

FUN HOUSE, Commercial Valdepinos, Local 20B Urb. Calypso. Tel: 695 463 017

BRYCE FRANKEN PUBLICIDAD, CC Calypso, Local 6, Urb. Calypso. Tel: 952 939 104

Arroyo de la Miel


Nueva Andalucia

CARDS`N´THINGS Contact Andy on Tel: 635 434 874

IRISH CARD & PARTY SHOP, Calle Troncon, 14 Tel: 952 588 731

AD FACTORY MEDIA GARAGE, Calle Gustavo Adolfo Becquer n14 Tel: 952 813 431


Los Boliches

San Pedro

ANN’S BOOKS & GREETINGS CARDS, Nueva Plaza Bonanza, Avenida Gamonal. Tel: 952 564 279

WOODY’S CARD SHOP, C / Poeta Salvador Rueda 93, Plaza San Rafael. Tel: 952 471 877

TRADUCCIONES SAN PEDRO, C/ Pizarro, 18 Tel: 952 789 204 Fax: 952 784 844

wednesday, June 30th 2010

Classifieds - 29 n reMovals & storaGe reMoval van from spain to england and back. part loads wanted both ways. leaving 1st july, returning 8th july. day 638282828 eve. 952575597 (078)p ---------------------------------------------Cheap as chips. Van and man removals. Anywhere, anytime. (080)bfp 635253549


$"!#% / #

Mobility Abroad. Mobility scooters, wheelchairs, walking frames, bath lifts, commodes and all mobility aids. Sale or hire. 952447764 / (o)ghf 699161949 ---------------------------------------------Marble, terazzo grinding, polishing. new laid or refreshing old floors. repairs (083)p also. Cyril 645840199


!' $


*% % % !* !&# (!# - $! *!& # $ # !&$ !# # !' $- % " $ ' &$ $" %! $! ! )" # % &$ $ %! " *!& % # % ! $. !! !#( # %! # #! *!& $!! .,

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$"!#% !(

absolutely everything to do with property. Sales, maintenance, legal. (000)f ---------------------------------------------painter excellent quality painting carried out . No fuss. No mess. 30 years experience. (000)f 669009821 ---------------------------------------------the window Cleaners Husband (099)tnp and wife team. 691140427

+ $ -

$ *10/



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!!! reMovals man and large van. Experienced. €20 per hour, extra (087)wp help available. 619604114

witham bRoS. ltd als port rage ns sto re tra We know how important your possessions are!! v mo

For a comprehensive service by our experienced and professional staff

Tel/Fax 952 590 364

roller shutters roller shutter, persianas, repairs, same day service, 7 days a week, also conversions to motorized and new installations 681177568 (079)p

serviCes eleCtriCian 16th Edition BS7671 qualified, apprentice trained, 23 years experience. Rewires, extra sockets, lights, fault finding etc. Water pumps – supplied or refurbished. or call (113)p Ian 650151569

upholstery and steam cleaning, sofas, carpets etc. J A Cleaning (089)p Services 626357955 ---------------------------------------------Mobility Abroad. Mobility scooters, wheelchairs, walking frames, bath lifts, commodes and all mobility aids. Sale or hire. 952447764 / (o)ghf 699161949 ---------------------------------------------eleCtriCian 30 years experience. Boletins, ICP’s, general installations and maintenance. 669009821 (o)ghf ---------------------------------------------Mr Multi klean - professional window Cleaning, marble floor polishing and carpet & upholstery cleaning. best price and service. Call andy on (079)p 606590728 ---------------------------------------------frenCh polishinG repairs, restoration etc. Restore your valuable furniture to its former glory. 647579519 / 952119190 (090)p ---------------------------------------------any jobs around your property you don’t want to do, I can do for you. No (0)ch job too small. 685555834






$ 1.+ 1,* *+0 % 1.+ 1,, +,# ' $

water leak detection, domestic, mainswater and swimming pools. Immediate repairs available. (089)tnp 951047399, 633231424 ---------------------------------------------CosMetiC vehicle repairs. Leather and cloth seats. Cigarette burns, plastic repairs, professional valets. Alloy wheel scuffs, bumper scuffs and scrapes, minor paint (081)p repairs. 605614956 ---------------------------------------------translations All language combinations, all fields. Certified and ordinary translations. Best rates. Translations Network 952776803 Fax 952824630, (081)p ---------------------------------------------available for roads, tracks, car parks etc., 300 ton crushed concrete. very good material for sub-base can be supplied laid & rolled for a good, free quote in english ring 637179373 or for your quote in spanish (0)f 647206118. ---------------------------------------------Coin windows. We make aluminium windows, doors and mosquito screens, also supply and fit sun canopies, blinds, shower screens, etc. Spanish owned business. Call Lisa Maria (085)p 646066351 ---------------------------------------------r e f r i G e r a t i o n / airconditioning. Same day repair specialist. Fridges, displays, bottle (081)tnp coolers etc. 627769969 ---------------------------------------------friendly and professional cleaning services, just moved over from England. Please call Charlotte (081)tnp on 00447590509758

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Bars Businesses Restaurants

Woody’s Los Boliches

sCott forbes the Plumber. All work guaranteed. 652665410 (0)

DISTRESS SALE was 1 1.2 .2 MEuro

Tel 952 471 877 advertising agents for THE EWS


Classified or Display Adverts

paintinG, Decorating, Plastering and tiling. Free estimates. Quality (084)tnp assured. 607906782 ---------------------------------------------british electrician and handyman. Low prices. Call (086)p Michael 633555099 ---------------------------------------------eX-arMy Officer with 7 seater vehicle available for day trips, etc. (078)p 677246912 ---------------------------------------------buildinG Professional building from extensions & alterations to garages and store rooms (almacens). 30 years experience 669009821 www.frankmultiservices.comk (086)p ---------------------------------------------Man /van, odd jobs, etc. Price negotiable, Richard 952452734 or (089)p 698322822 ---------------------------------------------sMall Welding maintenance, rotten repairs, security improvements etc. Mijas Costa (079)p area. Jim 655095147


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WEDNESDAY, June 30th 2010

n 30 - Motors


Motors Flash

Jag XKR 75 ready for UK debut One of the most exclusive Jaguars, the XKR 75, will be making its debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed next month, with the limited run of 75 expected to be on European roads by October. The Jaguar XKR 75 carries a price tag of £85,000 and will only be available in selected countries in Europe.

Vettel victorious in Valencia

Porsche at the 2010 Goodwood Festival of Speed

As team mate Mark Webber survives a horror smash at nearly 200mph. The Red Bull driver somersaulted and landed upside down after running into the back of Heikki Kovalainen's Lotus. “The car did a great job” said Webber after the race. Porsche will once again showcase an exciting array of new, iconic and historic Sebastian Vettel took his was going more their way, second victory of the 2010 they might be more models at this year's Goodwood Festival of season with a convincing sanguine.” Nine other European Grand Prix win at drivers were summoned to Speed, 2 to 4 July. the Valencia street circuit. The Red Bull driver started from pole position and was never headed despite a feisty challenge on the opening lap by eventual runner-up Lewis Hamilton. The race will be remembered though for another Lewis Hamilton controversy.

and weight down by 70 kg in comparison with the prior 911 GT2, the new 911 GT2 RS has a power-toweight ratio of 452 hp / tonne, by far the best in its class, and marks the

Vettel on the podium with Hamilton & Button

overtaking the safety car “a scandal”. Hamilton’s version went as follows, when asked what happened ”I don’t remember too much about it to be honest. I was coming round turn one and literally as I got to the safety car line I saw that the safety car was pretty much alongside me. I thought I had passed it, so I continued and that was it.”

Some sections of the international press are unimpressed with Ferrari’s attitude; Daily Mail writer Jonathan McEvoy said it “smacks of arrogance and desperation”. “They are the grandest team in the sport, but they are just one of the players. Nor the referee. Perhaps if the season

Less than three hours after the chequered flag, all of them were found guilty and handed 5 second time penalties. Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso, however, moved past the penalised Sebastien Buemi for eighth place, while Nico Rosberg – 12th at the flag – moved ahead of both Pedro de la Rosa and Vitaly Petrov.

Lorenzo makes it four in Assen Jorge Lorenzo has equalled his four MotoGP race wins from last season after just six rounds of 2010, after the title leader turned early pressure into another confident victory at Assen. Fastest in every track session leading up to the race, the Fiat Yamaha rider was over one-second clear at the end of the opening lap, and looked set to disappear into the distance once again.

The Sunday Times Supercar Run is a prime attraction at the Festival of Speed, showcasing the fastest and most exclusive road-going sports cars. This year's event will mark

victory became three-way when

the softer rear tyre option) seemed to lose momentum just after the halfway stage, allowing Lorenzo to pull away again. Stoner, who at one point had been just 0.6sec from Lorenzo, worked hard to try and get around Pedrosa's RCV and prevent Lorenzo escaping.

However, Repsol Honda's Dani Pedrosa - who looked to make a significant step forward in morning warm-up broke through from seventh on the grid to take second place from Ben Spies by the end of lap 3 of 26.

Ducati's Casey Stoner arrived on Pedrosa's rear wheel just a few laps later.

Pedrosa was then quickly able to reel-in the #99, and the fight for

However Lorenzo kept his cool and Pedrosa (running, like Stoner, on

But the Australian began to lose pace with seven laps remaining – later explaining he had suffered arm pump – and the podium positions were effectively decided. Lorenzo officially took victory by 2.935sec from

Pedrosa, with Stoner fourseconds further back to finally claim Ducati's first podium of the 2010 season. Lorenzo is now 47 points clear of Pedrosa in the championship.


WOrkSHOp & MOBIle prompt reliable Service City & Guilds Qualified

Awe inspiring.. The all new Porsche 911 GT2 RS

the debut of the latest Porsche 911 GT2 RS. With 620 hp and the capability to lap the NürburgringNordschleife circuit in Germany in 7 min 18 secs, the GT2 RS is the fastest and most powerful roadgoing sports car ever built in the history of Porsche. With power up by 90 hp

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summit of the 911 range. Power comes from a tweaked version of the previous generation 997 GT2’s engine, a 3.6-litre, twin-turbocharged flat six. It’s transferred to the road via a six-speed manual gearbox and rear-wheel drive.


Hamilton’s old teammate, Fernando Alonso, still obviously bears some grudges as could be heard over the team radio. After the Valencia race, Alonso accused FIA stewards of “manipulating” the outcome, while Ferrari’s official website called Lewis Hamilton’s mild penalty for

the FIA officials in Valencia, accused of driving too quickly under safety car conditions. Jenson Button, Rubens Barrichello, Robert Kubica and Adrian Sutil finished in third through sixth, but their penalties did not affect those placings.





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WEDNESDAY, June 30th 2 010

Sports - 31 n Sports Flash


FIFA ‘U’ turn on technology FIFA president Joseph Blatter says its time to re-open the debate on the use of technology in football following a series of officiating errors at this year's World Cup. "It would be absurd to not consider the option. We have to have further discussions on this topic," the head of football's ruling body said Tuesday in Johannesburg.

Faint Ponting praise For England Cycling The home side's one-day series triumph earned them bragging rights in all three forms of the game after winning the Ashes last year and defeating Australia in last month's World Twenty20 final. England clinch NatWest ODI series with thrilling win over Australia at Old Trafford. Ricky Ponting accused his batsmen of wilting under pressure after England wrapped up their one-day series at Old Trafford in Manchester. Inspired spells from fast bowlers Shaun Tait (3-29 off 10 overs) and Doug Bollinger (3-20 off 10) almost pulled off a dramatic victory as England lost 6-18 from 39 balls late in its run chase. In pursuit of 213 for victory, all-rounder Tim Bresnan (14 not out off 15 balls) lifted his side over the line with five deliveries to spare by edging James Hopes for four to hand England an unbeatable 30 series lead. But Australia's bowling performance and

Australia’s fielders trudge off after their loss

England's late wobble shouldn't be allowed to mask the shortcomings of the touring side's highly regarded middle order. Australia's batsmen have been providing declining returns in the series, setting England respective targets of 268, 240 and 213 on good batting decks. "That sort performance was

of a

reasonable bowling performance, a poor batting performance again, and at the end of the day you look back and it's happened in three games, so it's a series gone," Ponting said. "What we have to do now is show a bit of pride in our performances in the last two games and try and salvage whatever we can out of the series."

shorts Lance Armstrong has confirmed via his Facebook page that this will be his last Tour de France and he would love to win to take his record to eight wins. The 38-year-old American made a return to the race last year after first announcing his retirement in 2005. Welshman Geraint Thomas will help Team Sky take on the Tour de France in July after winning the men's British Road Race Championships in Pendle on Sunday. But fellow Welsh Olympic gold medallist Nicole Cooke relinquished her nine-year hold on the women's crown as she was beaten by Emma Pooley. Thomas held off the challenge of team-mate Peter Kennaugh in the final sprint and Ian Stannard completed a one-twothree on the podium for the British team.

England return to Face the music But not the press as they were hurriedly loaded into limo’s with blacked out windows and driven to their respective hotels The England football team have returned to the UK after being knocked out of the World Cup by Germany. They touched down at Heathrow Airport at about 0620 BST. David Beckham led the team off the plane, with Jamie Carragher and Michael Carrick just behind him. Players' wives, girlfriends and children were also among the group to emerge from the aircraft.

defeat by Germany. Lampard was denied a goal in Sunday's 4-1 last-16 loss, even though his shot clearly crossed the line.

The players had looked tired as they passed through security at Johannesburg's OR Tambo airport after a coach journey from their Rustenburg training base. Fifa president Sepp Blatter has apologised to the Football Association over Frank Lampard's disallowed goal in England's World Cup

Blatter said the debate on goal-line technology would be reopened when the International FA Board meets in July. "I apologised to England and Mexico. The English said thank you and accepted that you can win some and you lose some and the Mexicans bowed their head and accepted it."


WEDNESDAY June 30th 2010

952 45 44 91 / 952 45 44 41 -


Pironkova beats Venus Williams Tsvetana Pironkova produced a brilliant display to shock second seed Venus Williams in the quarter-finals. The unseeded Bulgarian continually returned almost everything Williams threw at her and won 6-2 6-3. Williams had seemed out of sorts during the match several times throwing the ball up and then delaying before starting her service action again.

Murray getting closer

DAVE’S DRIVES Hello again The fantastic run of British success on the U.S. P.G.A. tour over the last few weeks has certainly grabbed the attention with firstly Justin Rose winning, then Lee Westwood and finally Graeme McDowell’s amazing capture of the U.S. Open last week. This week Rose again led the way with two fantastic rounds of 64 and 62 to be the halfway leader of the Travelers Championship held in Connecticut. Rose’s third round effort however was rather tentative, but a two-under score of 68 still left him with a three shot lead going into the final round. Sadly his form deserted him in the last few holes of the final day and he dropped vital shots to lose his way, but the encouraging thing is that European professionals are more than holding their own in the States in this Ryder Cup year. I played a friendly game this week at Calanova Golf Club and as usual found the staff to be very helpful and the course much improved. The greens were really exceptional and the course as a whole was in fine condition (you can tell I had a good round) and hopefully this very friendly course will soon be back up in the top echelon of our local venues. After the bitter pill of England’s elimination from the World Cup perhaps we will have some good news on the golfing front at the Ryder Cup this coming October and restore some much needed pride. Until next time. Keep your head down Dave.

For the third summer in succession, Murray is into the quarter-finals at Wimbledon, but he has never played so well in making the last eight. Of the men's quarterfinalists, Murray is alone in being the only one who is yet to concede a set at these Championships, the only one to have won 12 from 12, after he dealt with the power of Sam Querrey, at 6ft 6in a dangerous American who was trying so hard to cuff the ball through the Centre Court grass. Whilst the other seeded players are having to endure the chaos and fivesetters this summer, Murray just keeps on winning his matches in straight sets, and if Murray can continue to strike the ball with power and poise when he plays France's Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, there is every chance that he could make the semi-finals on an unbroken run of 15 sets. It has taken Murray only seven and a half hours to make the last eight, and John Isner and Nicolas Mahut



& &





" ! .*' )& ', +, ! $

" ! .*' )& ), *, "

Call 952 450 487 659 249 463

Troubled tennis star Jennifer Capriati is recovering after she was rushed to a Florida hospital due to a suspected drug overdose. Paramedics responded to a call from a hotel in Riviera Beach early on Sunday morning.


Real sign Di Maria Real Madrid have signed Argentina midfielder Angel di Maria from Benfica on a six-year contract, the Spanish club said on its website on Monday. The 22-year-old, who has helped Argentina reach the quarterfinals of the World Cup in South Africa, is the first signing the club have made since Jose Mourinho replaced Manuel Pellegrini as coach last month.


Hodgson poised to replace Rafa Roy Hodgson is set to be appointed Liverpool's new manager by Thursday, The Reds were granted permission to speak to the 62-year-old two weeks ago by his current club Fulham. Hodgson has also been linked with the England manager's job following the team's humiliating exit from the World Cup but Liverpool have acted quickly.

.*' )& ', +,

Findings of the investigation into match-fixing allegations made against John Higgins will be handed to an independent tribunal next week. The threetime world snooker champion and manager Pat Mooney have denied agreeing to throw frames. A spokesman for Higgins on Friday reiterated the player's determination to prove the allegations were unfounded.

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match with far greater experience at the back end of Grand Slams. The Scot was looking to reach the quarter-finals of a major for the sixth time, while Querrey was playing in the last 16 at the highest level for only the second time. Someone once said that tennis in Britain is not a sport, it is a fortnight, and all those who only dip into Murray's world for two weeks every summer will probably not know, or even

No one was about to fling programmes and Pimm's cups on to the grass, not with Murray playing so well, including hitting one extraordinary forehand volley that had so much sidespin on it that it bounced, curled around the net post and came back on to his side. It was a pity that a replay was not shown on the video screens as everyone inside Centre Court, probably even Querrey, would have liked to have seen that one again.

Capriati in drug overdose drama

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Apart from that, though, Murray was magnificent. Despite being the elder man by only five months, Murray went into their fourth-round

! &,.%

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needed longer than that to play one set. Murray's performance was not perfect as his first-serve percentage was on the wrong side of 50, at 45, and he played a poor game towards the end of the opening set.



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Andy Murray in control to reach quarter finals


Higgins report heads for tribunal

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care so much, about his troubles in the spring as he got over the disappointment of losing January's Australian Open final to Roger Federer. The Murray on Centre Court was not the same Murray who played so poorly at the Monte Carlo County Club this April that he was whistled off by the diners.





Sports Flash



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The News Newspaper - Issue 079 (June 30th 2010)  

The News Newspaper - Issue 079 (June 30th 2010)

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