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Thursday 25th November 2010

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MID-TOWN MADNESS! It would be madness for the Government to proceed with its plans of bailing out the Mid-Town development when outline planning permission for offices have been approved already in five other projects. The excuse the Government gave Parliament at the time of the budget was that the developers in question could not raise bank finance for the project and that the Government was keen to see office space available for sale or rent. Since then, Greg Butcher, the developer of Ocean Village, has announced that he intends building a “World Trade Centre� office block beside the Victoria Stadium with a total of 11,000 square metres of office space. When the Government made this announcement in June, four other projects had already received the green light from the Planning Commission to proceed with developments that included offices. There is therefore no reason whatsoever for the Government to proceed with bailing out this particular developer to the exclusion of others. The Chamber of Commerce already said it was unfair for the Government to compete with the Private Sector and the Opposition has made it quite clear that it does not endorse the use of public money to bail out developers that do not put their money where their mouth is. Why is Peter Caruana so insistent in helping out this tant to back this project, is it because they do not share particular group of developers? Why is the bank relucCont. Page 2



Despite all the hullaballoo surrounding the last pay rise negotiated between the Government and the union UNITE, it has not yet been implemented and the back pay will not be ready for Christmas. This is the message emanating from the Health Authority which excuses itself by saying that there is insufficient staff available to implement the new pay rates and pay the retrospection in time for Christmas. Perhaps this small article in the paper will help management to deploy more staff so that people can get paid what is theirs by right.

SAYING OF THE WEEK Justice always prevails... three times out of seven. 1

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the optimism of Peter Caruana who sees queues of companies wanting to move into Gibraltar when he introduces his 10% Corporate Tax at the beginning of the year? Why is it that Peter Caruana defended his decision to get these developers to build the Leisure Centre as part payment for the land arguing that they knew better and could do it cheaper only to end up doing the Leisure Centre himself for over twice as much as it was originally estimated, £11 million? Why was the school that the developers were going to build as part payment of the land never built? What is it that these developers, who were granted this contract without going out to tender, have paid the Government to date for this land and how delayed in this project; should phase one not have been completed already? All these questions need to be answered in the public interest. The New People told the Government some weeks ago that it should remove the land from these developers who admit they cannot proceed with the project because they are unable to obtain bank finance, and put the whole area up to tender, perhaps breaking up the development into two tenders. It would then test the market to see whether there are developers out there willing to risk their money, rather than risk the money of the taxpayers which is what Peter Caruana wants to do. In the process, the Development and Planning Commission should cut the project down to size so that these tower buildings already approved do not hover over the boulevard like a concrete monster bringing darkness to the city centre. To add insult to injury, the only reason why there might be a shortage of office space is because Peter Caruana decided to convert an office block at Europort into a hospital, spending much more than if he had purposely built a new hospital from scratch; he could have done this on part of the land allocated to the Mid-Town development given that this was where the GSLP/LIBS would have built the hospital if they had been elected into Government. There have been enough mistakes already for the Government to take risks with our money in order to bail out a group of developers who are already in competition with others in the same business. [See Editorial page 3]

SIGNIFICANCE OF MAY 2009 REVEALED Peter Caruana has revealed to a Spanish journalist why he is using the date of May 2009 as the point at which the incursions of the ―Guardia Civil‖ into Gibraltar waters changed, and why he believes that a restoration of the status quo as at that time could resolve the deadlock over Gibraltar‘s territorial waters. He said that for the first time the Civil Guard took on an executive role by stopping a vessel in Gibraltar waters and asking for papers, acting as if it was the recognised authority. He added that on the 28th September a more serious incident occurred because the ―Guardia Civil‖ tried to impede the Gibraltar Police from carrying out their duty in Gibraltar waters. He then changed what he had said and told the journalist that the RGP were actually stopped from arresting a suspected delinquent. ―We have it on tape‖. Whilst now understanding why Peter Caruana has chosen that particular date as the turning point over waters, he seems to forget that even when he was in Opposition there was an incident which resulted in the ―Guardia Civil‖ landing on Eastern Beach in an executive role. On that occasion the GSLP Government did not interfere, justice took its course; the Civil Guards were arrested, and guess who defended them in court? One Peter Richard Caruana who was then Leader of the Opposition!

ORLANDO’S SALON ROCK HOTEL, GIBRALTAR For Appointments Ring Tel: 20071414 2

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LET US STOP THE PLANNING ROT! Gibraltar has had to sustain certain planning aberrations which it need not have had to suffer if the Government and the Development and Planning Commission had done their job properly. Those members in the Planning Commission who are not there representing the Government have an obligation and a responsibility to point out publicly these aberrations even if that means that they resign from the Commission, otherwise where are the checks and balances on Ministers or on those dealing with wealthy but unscrupulous developers wanting to stretch out every development as much as possible so that they may then earn more per square metre when selling or letting property to clients in the Private Sector. We have seen the unnecessary destruction of the Nelson Tanks and the overbuild of the lower South District through the stubbornness of a Chief Minister who has refused to look at viable alternatives for housing, preferring the quickest way out because he was found wanting by the electorate on the provision of housing and he panicked. We have also witnessed how planning permission has been granted to the Clifftops to go so high so as to block the view of one of Gibraltar‘s best touristic lookouts to the straits and Africa; the development juts out in front of Jew‘s Gate as a reminder of what never to do again where planning is concerned. We have seen the totally unjustifiable destruction of the Theatre Royal, the loss of the dome at the entrance to Casemates, proposals for the building of a worker‘s hostel just beside a residential area, the approval of a block of flats that rises to nine storeys and overlooks the Jewish Cemetery etc, etc. These are just a few examples of the approval of developments that have turned parts of our city into a concrete jungle and have depleted radically that blend of architecture that reflected our Anglo/Hispanic/ Arabic past. If the Mid Town Development were to go ahead as planned, and we hope it does not, that would be the last nail in the coffin of the centre of the city as far as planning is concerned. We were able to learn last week that there is now a proposal to build an eleven storey building at Europort, an area which is already very heavily built up and which has very few open spaces and is short of parking spaces even when counting those parking spaces made available by the developments. We have also recently learnt that a company wants to build a hotel at Devil‘s Tower Road, with views of the cemetery, a church on its side, a four lane thoroughfare in front of it and a noisy airport metres away. The Development and Planning Commission must put a stop to this planning madness before it is too late, that is if it is not too late already. There are some of us who live in Gibraltar, that do not only come in to work and live in Spain, whether it is Sotogrande, La Alcaidesa or further afield. The quality of life of the people of Gibraltar is being summarily ignored by these planning aberrations which no-one even tries to defend anymore because they are indefensible. The funny thing about it is that those involved in planning matters, including Government Ministers, are then photographed and portrayed in the media as the conscious protectors of our heritage and our history when they are responsible for destroying the Gibraltar we have all loved and cherished and creating in its place this new Gibraltar where the earning of a fast buck by both the Government and some unscrupulous developers takes precedence over everything else when considering a planning application. Let us start doing things properly; there is no need for this Computer Data Centre to be erected bang in the centre of Europort even if the Government is to get some good money for the only open space available in the area. Let us use our common sense and start protecting our home before we find that we live inside a concrete city full of walls with the levanter being the only air we will be allowed to breathe. Let us do the right thing for once, Gibraltar deserves much better than what it is getting from the Development and Planning Commission. THE NEW PEOPLE Published by “The New People” Publishing Ltd Icom House, 1/5 Irish Town, Suite No. 6/608 PO Box 561, Gibraltar Tel: 54374000 Editor: Juan Carlos Perez


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CARRACAO DEFENDING THE INDEFENSIBLE says Opposition The Opposition have taken to task the Spanish Socialist Senator, Jose Carracao, for having suggested last week that there is no political instruction given to the ―Guardia Civil‖ by the Spanish Government in Madrid over Gibraltar, implying that the incursions into territorial waters are the result of individuals who get very hot under the collar when they are in pursuit of suspected delinquents at sea. The GSLP/LIBS say that this is just not true. “In the first place, the official policy of the Spanish Government is that Gibraltar has no waters and that all the sea around the Rock belongs to Spain. It is only logical that Spanish law enforcement agencies will act in accordance with this policy and will behave as if they were in Spanish waters when they are inside the territorial waters of Gibraltar. Therefore there does not need to be a specific political instruction to the Guardia Civil to make an incursion into Gibraltar waters quite simply because there is already a permanent standing instruction, as reflected in the policy of the Spanish state, that the waters belong to Spain.” The Opposition say that Carracao‘s attempt to excuse the conduct and behaviour of the Spanish law enforcement agencies is an attempt to de-

fend the indefensible. “It is as ridiculous as to claim that the four Civil Guards who entered the Port of Gibraltar last year did not know where they were.” They point out that the Spanish Senator has conveniently forgotten that the last incident at sea was not one of ―hot pursuit‖, that it involved the Guardia Civil preventing the Royal Gibraltar Police from taking a suspect into custody inside Gibraltar‘s territorial waters and that Spain has not even apologised. Carracao had also said that it was possible to come to an agreement on the waters with each side defending its position on the question of jurisdiction until such time as a court of law resolves the dispute. The Opposition say that a police agreement cannot be possible whilst Spain does not recognise the jurisdiction of Gibraltar over its waters. “This is something that cannot be simply put to one side.” They further say that this matter does not need to be taken to any court for a ruling because the territorial waters of Gibraltar are recorded and recognised at the United Nations in the Convention of the Seas which gives every territory, without exception, the right to its territorial waters.

McCLUSKEY IS NEW GENERAL SECRETARY OF UNITE Len McCluskey has won the race to become the General Secretary of the union UNITE. He attracted 101,000 votes, nearly twice as many votes as his nearest rival Jerry Hicks who received 52,000. Following the merger between the TGWU and AMICUS, it was decided that there would be a joint leadership of the union until now. Tony Woodley [formerly TGWU] and Derek Simpson [formerly AMICUS] have been jointly providing the leadership of the amalgamated union UNITE for the past three years. McCluskey now takes over from both of them. The election is being interpreted in the UK as a move to the left, a trend within the UK Labour Movement which started with the election of Ed Miliband to the leadership of the Labour Party in October. McCluskey, who is the first grassroot leader of the union since Jack Jones retired from the TGWU in the 1970‘s, has vouched to decentralise the union and give more power of decision to the membership. UNITE is the biggest UK union with 4 million members. It is not known how many members the Gibraltar Region has. 4

The New People_________________________________________________________ ON THE BUSES I read with great interest the story last week in The New People that the Government were doing the opposite to what everyone else in the world does; instead of finding a suitable vehicle for the size of our roads, trying to adapt our roads to the size of the vehicles they have purchased. This is what is happening in the Upper Town and this is why they have suddenly decided to have large stretches of road designated as ―No Parking‖. Further proof of this is that the Government has, in its wisdom, decided to remove the bumper from the bus so that it can go through the nasty narrow spots of the upper town. If it were a private company doing this the bus would not pass the MOT test, but since the Bus Company is owned by the Government, the law of the land, it appears, can be ignored.


There is a particular tenant at Alameda Estate who is up in arms at the length of time it is taking the Buildings and Works Department to repair his flat which has a balcony that has been leaking for three years now. It is not the employees of the Buildings and Works that have to carry out the works, it is a contractor working for the Department, but up to now they have come, looked at the job, gone away and never come back. This person saw that the contractor was erecting scaffolding and advised that his flat could be repaired by extending that scaffolding a few metres more. They turned down his request. Now another tenant who is Mrs so and so needs her balcony repaired and up goes the scaffolding. This, says this tenant, is giving preference to one tenant over another. In any case, no tenant should be waiting three years to have his window repaired when there is water penetration.

Ever since the anglers protested at the Guard Post to North Mole that they were not allowed to fish in the area even when there were no liners in port and that they were discriminated by guards who allowed some people in and not others, security has been increased. Now, at the bequest of the Captain of the Port, vehicles entering and leaving the North Mole are being searched at the gate to the North Mole, although no-one knows what exactly it is the security guards are searching for. Is it bombs, smuggled goods, stolen goods or the catch of the day? Surely if there is a security issue the Royal Gibraltar Police should be called in, and if there is not, and it is all in the mind of the Captain of the Port, no searches should be conducted. Security Guards at the North Mole Gate should not be permitted to carry out searches in vehicles authorised to go through. What a carry on!



The Chamber of Commerce is the organization that is least justified to talk about checks at the Customs despite being directly affected by the influx of goods bought by Gibraltarians in Spain. When it comes to things like taking electricity supplies from Spain they are only too ready to do so if it is cheaper regardless of the repercussions to the many families that depend on the work of generating and supplying electricity in Gibraltar. Worse still is that many of its members and most of its directors live in Spain and spend in Spain and care two hoots what that does to the economy of Gibraltar, but when it comes to some low wage earner buying in Spain they want to make sure that he/she gets screwed for every penny at the frontier. We should all pay duty because that is the law of the land, but the Chamber should be the last to make an issue out of it, they are not morally entitled to.

Minister Holliday should have been at the very least embarrassed to be talking about renewable energy to a symposium about Gibraltar‘s future power needs last week; Embarrassed to be part of the same Government that has neglected the question of Gibraltar‘s electricity needs to the extent that we are experiencing unnecessary power cuts as a result; Embarrassed, because it has still not started to build the new power station promised years back; Embarrassed because the Government has not even attempted to meet the EU targets of renewable energy sources despite the firm commitments given by Minister Britto. Embarrassed because they should have used the roof of the Leisure Centre to place solar panels and they could have done likewise in the new expensive Air Terminal, but they haven‘t. Embarrassed is the operative word for the Minister.



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THE CENTRE—FUERA DE QUISIO! ALEJANDRO AND PEDRO A TALKATIVE PAIR! MONTIEL—TOO LITTLE, TOO LATE! THE LAST CHANCE! by Montis Insignia Calpe THE PRIMARY CARE CENTRE The Primary Care Centre is an ‗institution‘ which ‗belongs‘ to the Gibraltar Health Authority which, as the Lady who is the ‗holder‘ of the ‗Medical Portfolio in the Government of Gibraltar – and her ‗boss‘ – the Chief Minister and Minister for Finance – both of whom ‗rule‘ the Authority from ‗afar‘ – are all very ‗fond‘ of saying, almost every week, is ‗a State of the Art‘ Hospital – which, it may have been meant to be when it was so wrongly conceived – if nothing else – as to the ‗site‘ in which it finds itself – only those few years ago! Quite a number of Consultants, Doctors, Administrative Staffs, Nurses, Domestics, Porters – and many ‗others‘ who do the rest of what has to be ‗done‘, and, we believe, they are all ‗paid‘ what is sometimes referred as ‗an honest day‘s wage for an honest day‘s work‘ – and, among all those Ladies and Gentlemen who render all those ‗honest days or‘ ‗honest day wages – including the ‗managerial‘ top boys and girls – a couple of them being sort of ‗new brooms‘ – follow them and become, also, ‗new brooms‘ themselves! Now, we know that, from time to time, ‗some‘ things go wrong – for example, quite a number of ‗operations‘ are not ‗taking place‘ because of ‗bed shortages‘ but, like everything else in this World of Ours, ‗solutions‘ to this – and other problems – are ‗found‘ – some, more quicker than ‗others‘ – but any ‗delays‘ could be ‗very bad‘ for those who need those operations and, in connection with this particular ‗problem‘, an ‗extra sense (as the Government sometimes


says!) a need for a ‗dedicated‘ urgency is more than ‗essential‘! And, talking about ‗urgencies‘, we move down to Main Street and to the Primary Care Centre which can be ‗found‘ in the ICC Building and we refer – almost ‗in passant‘ – to the three letters that were published by the Government‘s ‗independent‘ newspaper – from three very ‗concerned Citizens‘ – some ‗days‘ ago – on the subject of the ‗Health Centre‘ and, specially ‗the abysmal system for appointments‘ (as one Writer said) or ‗the ludicrous system regarding appointments‘ (as a second Writer said) or, the suggestion that the Government ‗increased the support element‘ in the Health Centre‘s ‗capacity in view of an increased population‘! We now leave all these ‗matters‘ – and that of the apparent need of elderly persons having to ‗queue‘ outside of the ICC Building at about 6.30am in order to be ‗able‘ – with some hope – to obtain an appointment for that day – to the ‗new brooms‘ to ‗solve‘ – for ‗solutions‘ are ‗of the essence‘ but, of course, these ‗new brooms‘ (intelligent as they no doubt are) could still ‗run into difficulties‘ for, as everybody knows, the ‗old brooms‘ are ‗still up there – at the top‘! We shall all have to wait and see…! EL ALEJANDRITO! ‗El loco de la Colina‘ de La Linea de la Concepcion is now thinking of ‗opening another front‘ with the Madrid Central Government as, he has declared, he will be ‗driving a hard bargain‘ for selling the La Linea‘s ‗land‘ to AENA in

The New People_________________________________________________________ order that this Authority can proceed towards the building of the ‗access‘ to Gibraltar‘s Air Terminal! We suppose that this ‗Loco‘ knows that if he ‗drives‘ a ‗hard bargain‘, the Central Spanish Government has ‗means‘ to acquire the Land and, legally, paying a ‗pittance‘ to the La Linea Municipality! People say that ‗there is no fool like an old fool‘ – but the only ‗problem‘ that La Linea has is that ‗Alejandrito‘ is, relatively, still a young man but if he continues with his ‗tantrums‘ he will still be ‗a young man‘ but a very , very ‗old fool‘! We also think that ‗Alejandrito‘ should go back to Brussels and, finally, tell the Commission he is ‗putting‘ the ‗congestion charge‘ – or the matter of the ‗toll‘ – in the same ‗back burner‘ on which Spain dropped the matter of the sovereignty of Gibraltar – where both will burn, comfortably, until ‗kingdom come‘ – or will they? – for, as things are ‗looking‘ nowadays, the ‗back burner‘ appears to have gone ‗out‘ – altogether – but, we, are saddled with the Tripartite Hash – with Peter Richard already ‗making noises‘ to attract the ‗attention‘ of the Partido Popular – to prove that, even with elections round the corner, this ‗guy‘ is ‗ready, able and willing‘ to ‗talk to them in the Trilateral Forum‘ – which is the only ‗Forum‘ for ‗Talks‘ – as there is no ‗Bilateralism‘ – ‗as Gibraltar Will Never Consent‘! Now, Caruana seems to have told the University students that ‗his Government came very close to establishing a process of bilateral discussions with a PP Government (and going) so far as setting out an agenda, dates and agreeing a European City to meet in – but, this collapsed!‘ And, we ask, when did this happen – and why did it collapse? And, another question, what does Caruana expect – that the PP, in Government, will ‗talk to Caruana – and to Britain – in the Trilateral Forum – on ‗Sovereignty‘ – for, if we remember correctly, Bilateralism is what the United Nations would like to see ‗happening‘ in order so that the ‗decolonisation‘ of Gibraltar would ‗come to pass‘ by the ‗re-intergration of the Territory into that of Spain‘ – with the people of Gibraltar having ‗no say‘ in the matter – for ‗the right to self-determination was never an option in that equation‘! Peter Caruana may have ‗said other things‘ to those students e.g. if they believed that it would be right or acceptable for Gibraltar to be handed over to Spain against the consent of the people of Gibraltar? And, earlier, he had told his audience that the ‗birth of the Trilateral Forum – after everything else had failed‘ – was now an irreversible position – and that the Forum is the only venue for discussion and for Spain to pursue its claims through democratic means‘! Caruana, we believe, is not in the same ‗state and stage‘ where ‗Alejandrito‘ is – and it is because we think that – that we ask him to confirm to Gibraltar and to its people that the Trilateral Forum was, only, to discuss and consider ‗cooperation‘ on matters which concerned Gibraltar and its ‗Campo‘ – AND, DEFINITELY, NOT FOR SPAIN TO PURSUE ITS CLAIM – THAT FOR THE SOVEREIGNTY OF GIBRALTAR – WHICH IS THE ONLY ONE THAT IT HAS – THROUGH DEMOCRATIC MEANS – for, all the World


knows, ‗Democracy‘ is neither ‗a concept nor a philosophy nor a principle‘ that Spain is prepared to accept or apply to Gibraltar and to its people! We believe that Caruana – in his speech to these students – has talked too much – much too much – and that he has ‗opened‘ doors to Spain which should never have been! He has, we believe, gone much too ‗further‘ than he should ever have gone – and, particularly so, to the Fascist Partido Popular which could become Spain‘s next Government! W also think that the people of Gibraltar should never forgive you for going to such lengths, particularly, when you have no ‗mandate‘ from those people to have ‗done so‘ – and, probably, and almost stupidly, creating ‗problems‘ for a ‗people‘ who are overburdened with ‗them‘! And, in conclusion, and as we said a few weeks ago, Man, why don‘t you just ‗go‘…! MONTIEL HAS „SPOKEN‟! Minister Montiel, as we all know, was a very bad ‗Trade Unionist‘ and, as rumours have it, he had to ‗go‘ before he was ‗made to go‘! And, thanks to a ‗heck of a lot of luck‘, he got himself into the GSD and ‗into Government‘! And, in Government, he has not ‗done much‘ in his Ministry! And, we recall, he once said, in answer to a Question, that there, really, wasn‘t an ‗unemployment‘ problem! Now, about a year or eighteen months later, he tells the people of Gibraltar that (on, virtually, the eve of an election!) the Government of Gibraltar has realised that there is a ‗serious unemployment problem‘ and that that Government has ‗radical plans to tackle the ‗difficult‘ problem (that‘s two of them!) of providing employment opportunities for ‗longterm unemployed Gibraltarians‘! Dear Luis, we wish you the best of luck- but it is these Gibraltarians that we are sorry for – and the luck that we wish you is for you to find employment for them – and if you don‘t ‗find‘ them, why don‘t you ‗create‘ them – by kicking out of Gibraltar all those non-Gibraltarians who are ‗enjoying employment‘ – and the wages that such employment means to them – who are ‗unregistered‘ and, therefore, in breach of the pertinent legislation…! A VERY HIGH TOWER We hear that there are now a lot of people – Gibraltarians most of them – who are very worried indeed at the prospect of the ‗very high tower building‘ that somebody wants to build at the end of Europort Road which, consequently, will lead to a recreational park and a substantial number of parking spaces being ‗lost‘ for ever. The Government has a responsibility to ensure that Gibraltar does not become a ‗ghetto‘ of tall, unsightly, and unnecessary buildings which deprive the City of and the people who live in it of views, light, air and privacy…! If this Building must be built – there must be another site! So, Government of Gibraltar, please, if you can, act intelligently – as, from now on, you will not have many more opportunities to do so…!

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In the picture is Joe Caruana with his wife, Anne Elizabeth, in the grounds of Windsor Castle after having received there The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire from Her Majesty the Queen. He was accompanied at the investiture by his nephew Charles Ramirez and his wife Helen.



The ―Partido Popular‖ member of Parliament for the Province of Cadiz, Jose Ignacio Landaluce, said last week that if his party were to win the next elections in Spain it would pull out of the Tripartite Forum. Landaluce, who has been selected as the PP candidate for Mayor of Algeciras, said that he was not ruling out some other form of dialogue but that the PP were totally against the concept of two flags and three voices, on which the Tripartite Process is based. So where does this leave the comments made by Peter Caruana and the long gone Jose Pons that cherry picking the Cordoba Agreement was not a possibility? Would those things that have been implemented remain in force or would the Spaniards consider returning the pensions update to the UK?

The Mayor of La Linea, Alejandro Sanchez, has jumped on the bandwagon of those claiming compensation from the Bank of Spain for the imposition of the state exchange rate at the Gibraltar frontier during the time of General Franco. Workers coming into Gibraltar to work were paid in pounds and the Franco Regime took a good proportion of that money by making it obligatory to change those pounds into pesetas at a set rate well below the official rate. Now the former workers or their next of kin are claiming 243 million Euros from the Bank of Spain in compensation for what the Mayor has described as a great ―discrimination‖. Sanchez joined Manuel Garcia Bado, the President of ALPEG, for a publicity photo-call to announce his backing for the claim.


CARUANA BLAMED FOR SMUGGLING The association representing tobacco retailers in Cadiz have received a letter from the President of an investigative commission on tobacco who has confirmed that the situation of tobacco smuggling at the Gibraltar frontier is out of control and who is urging the Spanish Government to do something about it. The Commissioner is calling for a stricter control by the enforcement agencies whilst the Tobacco Retailers attribute the increased smuggling to Peter Caruana who, they say, has been recognised as an equal by the Spanish Government in Madrid and is doing what he likes at the frontier.

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The Mayor of La Linea, Alejandro Sanchez, has said that he is to create a working party to negotiate with AENA, the Spanish Government owned company responsible for Spanish Airports, the price for the land that the Central Government in Madrid needs in order to build the access to the Gibraltar Airport to comply with the international agreement entered into in Cordoba between Spain and the United Kingdom. The Mayor has indicated that his demands will be high given that this land is the most valuable in the municipality because there are private sector investors prepared to pay a high premium for it in order to develop it for leisure activity. Although this statement officially unblocks the building of the access, the negotiations over the price and conditions demanded by Sanchez for the release of the land could take many months and effectively continue to block the building of the link with the Gibraltar Airport, something the Central Government in Madrid is not too concerned about. Sanchez is also insisting that proposals for a congestion toll to compensate La Linea for the contamination created by so many cars driving through the city to get into and out of Gibraltar are nearly ready and will now be submitted to ―comisiones informativas‖ for their approval. He is insisting that these new plans will conform to EU rules.


CITYPEG WANTS GIB TO CHANGE LAW One of the La Linea based associations that claim to represent Spaniards currently working in Gibraltar, CITYPEG, is calling on the Gibraltar Government to change the law related to sick leave and to absence from work due to accidents, for workers in the Private Sector. Its President, Francisco Ponce, has told the media in Spain that the law in Gibraltar is not up to standard with the times in which we live in and that neither Joe Bossano when in office, nor Peter Caruana to date, have done anything about it. Ponce sees himself with the right to tell successive Governments of Gibraltar what laws they need to change or not change, depending on how that affects those Spaniards currently working in Gibraltar. He tends to compare laws in Gibraltar with the laws in Spain. His recent comments to the media suggesting that workers in the Private Sector have no right whatsoever to sick leave entitlement is incorrect, as so many other things Ponce has claimed in the past. Pensions in Gibraltar is another sore issue with Ponce who tends to compare what pension a worker in Spain gets with a Spaniard working in Gibraltar making similar contributions towards the Social Insurance Fund.


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The New People_________________________________________________________ The wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton will take place on Friday 29th April 2011 at Westminster Abbey. Both Her Majesty the Queen and Prince Charles have expressed their delight at the engagement of the couple and the subsequent announcement of the Royal Wedding. Prince Charles received a bit of bad news this week when an opinion poll suggested that most Britons would prefer William and Catherine (as she will be called when she is Queen) to become the next King and Queen.


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GSLP CHILDREN’S XMAS PARTY THE CENTRAL HALL SUNDAY 12TH DECEMBER 2010 at 1600 hrs Tickets at £5 per child (present included) (must provide name, sex and age of child)



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SWEET POTATO PECAN PIE (A Thanksgiving Special) Ingredients: [8 persons} 1 refrigerated 9 inch pie crust, unbaked, 1 cup cooked peeled sweet potatoes [about 3], 1 tablespoon melted butter, 2 tablespoons heavy cream, ¼ cup brown sugar, 2 tablespoons white sugar, 1 egg, slightly beaten, 1 tablespoon vanilla extract, ¼ teaspoon kosher salt, ¼ teaspoon ground cinnamon, 1/8 teaspoon ground nutmeg, ¾ cup sugar, ¾ cup light corn syrup, 2 eggs, 2 tablespoons melted butter, 1 tablespoon vanilla extract, 1 cup pecan halves. How to prepare: Preheat oven to 200c. Unroll pie crust; press into an 8 inch pie pan and crimp edges. Refrigerate for 15 minutes. Mash the sweet potato with the butter and the cream and reserve. Combine the brown sugar, 2 tablespoons of white sugar, 1 egg, 1 tablespoon vanilla extract, salt, cinnamon and nutmeg in electric mixer bowl with reserved sweet potato mixture. Beat on medium speed for between 2 to 3 minutes, or until smooth and set aside. Combine the ¾ cup of white sugar, the corn syrup, 2 eggs, 2 tablespoons of melted butter and 1 tablespoon vanilla extract in electric mixer bowl. Blend on low speed for 1 minute, or until completely blended. Add pecans and stir to blend; then leave to one side. To assemble the pie, spoon the sweet potato mixture evenly into the chilled pie crust. Carefully pour pecan mixture over the sweet potato mixture. Bake for 1 ¾ hours or until filling is set and crust is golden brown. Cool before slicing and serving.


Of all the dried fruits, chestnuts are the less fattening. A half a dozen roast chestnuts is the equivalent in calories to a low fat yogurt. Pine nuts and walnuts arte on the other end of the scale as most fattening but they have other qualities which are necessary to the body. FRESH TOMATOES Fresh tomatoes are recommended in sandwiches made of cold meats, salmon and cheese. In order to get the finest cut for the sandwiches you should cut the tomatoes vertically and with a very sharp knife. MANGO COOKING Mangos can be cooked as you would vegetables; try it steamed, stir fried or roasted, it will accompany any meat dish perfectly. Try it! Steamed and mashed with roast pork and roast potatoes. Yummy Yum! TINNED PEAS If you normally use tinned peas in your salads and you do not like the taste that lingers from the tin, wash the peas in cold water and then squeeze half a fresh lemon juice over them, they will regain their freshness. BEETROOT STAIN If you have inadvertently stained a garment with beetroot, just sponge it down with a bit of cold water and then immerse in cold water for two hours before you wash the garment as normal.

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By John Clear

Peter Caruana has given the first indications to date that he recognizes he was totally mistaken over the position he adopted in July 2009 when he paved the way for the visit of Miguel Angel Moratinos to take place. When he succumbed to diplomatic pressure and declared publicly that the waters issue had been neutralised, there were voices in many quarters urging him to place the resolution of the waters as a precondition to the visit, but he did not listen, instead he started creating ill will and resentment against Spain amongst Gibraltarians by attacking the incursions and telling people to use flare guns to warn the authorities in Gibraltar of any further incursion, and then he did an about turn in 24 hours and sold the idea that intensive negotiations through the night had found this magic formula of words that had neutralised the waters dispute, thus paving the way for the visit of Spain‟s Foreign Minister to take place. Now, for the first time, speaking in Algeciras, he has accused Spain of taking advantage of the Tripartite Process for Dialogue to change its position over the waters that surround Gibraltar once it was seated at the table. He has not only said that he has been cheated by Spain, he is indicating with these words that Madrid is standing firm on the question of the waters, that it is not budging or fudging, and that this theory that he had that it would be easy for Madrid to say that it was possible to restore the status quo to what it was prior to May 2009 is neither easy nor feasible. Caruana still has not explained why he is so insistent on the date of May 2009 but it seemed to those that have been following his politics for some time that this is just a date taken out of the hat to make believe that both sides could restore some sort of working relationship where the waters are concerned given that by May 2009 there had already been several recorded incidents of incursions by the ―Guardia Civil‖ into our waters and the EU had already designated Gibraltar waters to Spain for the purposes of applying EU directives on marine environment. There is no magic to the May 2009 date; if Peter Caruana wants to go to a status quo position it must go back several years to immediately after the signing of the Cordoba Agreement which is when Spain started to sanction the incursions into our waters so as to create an issue that did not exist and then raise it as a matter for discussion in the Tripartite Forum for Dialogue for resolution, thereby gaining ground by every move they did

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The New People_________________________________________________________ even though they were pretending to have put the question of sovereignty to one side. The waters issue is certainly separating the participants of the Tripartite Forum like never before, to the extent that Caruana has lost track with what Madrid is thinking; he goes first into the deep in Algeciras in this friendly University Round of Talks where he is asked about the prospects of the Ministerial Talks taking place and he says that he is optimistic that they will take place, as scheduled, before Christmas. Then when it is the turn of Julio Montesino to speak, the representative of Spain‘s Foreign Office in the zone lets it be known officially that those talks have been postponed until either January or February that they are not going to take place as Caruana was hoping and planning for. The Civil Servant from Madrid was better informed of what was happening on the ground than the Chief Minister of Gibraltar is and Madrid did not bother to inform him beforehand or release the information publicly before the speech by its man in the Campo, it was left to Montesino to release the information as part of his own speech. That is a snub to Caruana, of that there is no doubt. Montesino had more surprises in store for Peter Caruana. Although Caruana had said in his own contribution that the Brussels Agreement was inoperative given that Gibraltar would never be content to have the matters of sovereignty discussed or negotiated between the United Kingdom and Spain, and the British Foreign Office and British Ministers would not enter into discussions or negotiations unless Gibraltar is content, the precise and clear definition of the official po-

Luis Montesino, the representative of the Spanish Foreign Office in the Campo de Gibraltar. sition of Madrid given by Montesino must have taken him aback. Brussels, for Spain, is a written admission by the Government of Margaret Thatcher that the United Kingdom is not interested in keeping Gibraltar and that the provisions of the Treaty of Utrecht apply in as much as the United Kingdom will not mind surrendering Gibraltar to Spain, but it has a commitment with the people of Gibraltar that Gibraltar will not pass to the sovereignty of another state against their declared wishes. Spain will never give Brussels up and has since been prepared to start wooing the Gibraltarians, but never recognising that they are the ones that decide whether Gibraltar turns to Spain or stays with Britain. Montesino read the riot act, reminding Peter Caruana that Gibraltar is still a colony and that the joint resolutions by the UN every year refer to Brussels; that is that the sovereignty can only be discussed between Spain and the United Kingdom. The other big shock for Peter Caruana must have been to have been told that the legal position of the 15

tripartite Forum, as Spain understands it, is that there are parties and participants and that there are only two parties, Spain and the United Kingdom, relegating Peter Caruana to a mere participant despite the talk of flags and voices and the fact that he appears squeezed between two Foreign Ministers every time there is a Ministerial Meeting. The photo opportunity is permitted but the legal position, as explained by Julio Montesino, is categorical-two parties only. Algeciras cannot be construed as having been positive for Peter Caruana, although it could be the beginning of the turning of the tide for the people of Gibraltar now that their naïve and shortsighted elected representative has admitted to having been conned by Madrid over the waters dispute. To add to his woes he was told by his pal Landaluce to forget any notion of the Tripartite continuing under a “Partido Popular” Government in Spain. There are some days when it is better not to get out of bed at all.

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Let‘s hope we do not have to wait another 8 years for this to be rectified.

Sponsors for Charity The six members of the Gibraltar City Fire Brigade [Martin Posso, Jared Olivero, Julian McGrail, Nicholas Ferrary, Bernard Vaughn and Ian Vinales], who participated in the Men‘s Health Survival of the Fittest Course held in Nottingham on the 9th October 2010 would like to thank the following sponsors for their generous donations towards Breast Cancer Support Gibraltar: AquaGib Ltd, Gedime Motors Ltd, Finsbury Trust and Corporate Services Ltd, Tarik Ship Agents and Bunkering Services Ltd, Price Waterhouse Coopers Ltd, S M Seruya Ltd and Hassan and Partners. Many Thanks, Gibraltar Firefighters ******************** Dear Sir, Dudley Ward Tunnel

Yours sincerely, M Garcia ******************** Dear Sir The Boat Owners I have been stopped by many boat owners in the street who are wondering what is happening with the provision of berths for their boats which was promised many years ago by the Government. The answer is that I do not know. Even though I was elected on to the boat owners committee at the last meeting, I and one of my colleagues are not being kept informed about the latest state of play. This means that the information is kept by the other committee members to themselves without keeping us all in the loop. By the looks of it, the membership is not being kept informed either. I remember that the old committee, on which I also served, would keep the membership informed by holding meetings at which people were told what was happening. Now everything is treated like a state secret. There are some pontoons in the area of Watergardens which need to be looked at before the bad weather sets in. A meeting should be called at which all boat owners are kept informed and at which any grievances against some of the present committee members can be aired.

I wonder where the eight years of waiting and the £10.6 million spent on the Dudley Ward Tunnel have gone. Pedestrians cannot use the tunnel, the road resurfacing is incomplete, the lighting leaves much to be desired, there is no ventilation as required by the EU, no telephone in case of an accident, the parking spaces that were there for the beachgoers have disappeared, because it has been opened two-way [something which is not necessary] the parking spaces for the residents of Both Yours faithfully, Worlds have also disappeared. Can anyone explain what the J Buttigieg three Ministers involved were thinking throughout the last eight years? It is no wonder that the opening of the tunnel has not had the desired impact that Peter Caruana and the GSD expected. People are not fools, they can see through this propaganda game.


Yours sincerely, Luis Edwards

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******************** Dear Editor, The Time Tunnel It has taken about 8 years of inconvenience to the public for the Gibraltar Government to see the light at the end of the Dudley Ward Tunnel. Surely after spending almost £11 million the least they could have done for the public and residents of what used to be ―Sandy‖ Bay Beach is to have provided new parking facilities. Also under Health and Safety Regulations, the Government should have also installed emergency telephones, fire extinguishers and ventilation within the tunnel.


Gamblers Anonymous can help Every Wednesdays at 19.15hrs Nazareth House, Hospital Ramp Or call mobile no: 00 350 54018193

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The law firm HASSANS has announced that two of its practitioners, Ian Felice and Richard Buttigieg [pictured above] have been admitted to the Bar of the British Virgin Islands. This means that they have been admitted to practice as Barristers of the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court in the territory of the Virgin Islands and are in a position to advise clients on all matters relating to BVI law and appear in court there. Clearly a move designed to enhance the services given to clients within the Financial Services Industry.

DONATION FOR TODAY’S CONVENT CHRISTMAS FAIR As can be seen in the picture, Gibtelecom last week made a donation towards the Convent Christmas Fair which takes place today. The Gibtelecom donation consisted of a cheque for £1000, a Blackbury Pearl and a Nokia 2323. The company follows in the footsteps of Bassadone Motors, CEPSA, Logistable Limited and Party Gaming all of which have also made important donations towards the Fair. The proceeds of the Fair will go to the Women‘s Refuge, St Vincent de Paul and the Gibraltar Society for the Visually Impaired. Gibtelecom have said they are delighted to support the Convent Christmas Fair once more and to support the charities that will benefit from it. 17

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AS SEEN THROUGH THE EYE GLASS By Spycatcher THE “INTERNATIONAL” AIRPORT I spy with my little eye something beginning with I…When something becomes international it means that it is open to the world as opposed to confined to one‘s own country. The Gibraltar Airport is considered to be a British Regional Airport and has flights to Gatwick, Luton, Heathrow and Manchester. For those of us that have our two feet firmly on the ground, these are not only national flights but flights between a Military Airport with civilian use and the UK, this being our only destination as yet. Having lost our links with Morocco and having tried unsuccessfully to start air services to Spanish cities we have fallen back to being less than what we used to be. Peter Richard, however, has delusions of grandeur and is spending millions of pounds on an Air Terminal that can handle 1 million passengers when it presently handles 120,000, which is 10,000 less than a year ago. He has therefore decided to describe it as an ―international‖ airport, as if we were flying to the four corners of the world, perhaps he still hasn‘t taken in the fact that Holliday‘s Fly Gibraltar floundered and that this Irish millionaire that was to invest £400 million in Gibraltar has long gone. Could it be that he is trying to kid us all into believing that Gibraltar is now decolonized and that, therefore, the United Kingdom is a foreign country, hence the description of ―international‖ for an airport that only flies to the UK? HOLLIDAY‟S OBSESSION I spy with my little eye something beginning with H….Minister Holliday appears to continue to live in a world of his own and prefers to believe that the outrage felt by citizens over many of the things he does is a figment in the imagination of Opposition Members, on this occasion Gilbert Licudi. Holliday, who was pictured uncomfortably surrounded by children on the official switch -on of the Christmas lights looking more like Scrooge than Father Christmas, said Licudi has a pathological need to criticize what the Government does, which is very little and which it tends to get wrong repeatedly. He was referring to the ban on parking generally and more particularly in Flat Bastion Road, something Holliday says has been absolutely necessary to allow the fire tenders and the ambulances to get through. Now Licudi was saying that if there is a promise to build a car park in the area, why not wait for the car park to be built before introducing the restrictions without prior notice, after all the access to the fire tenders and the ambulances must have been impeded well before now and Holliday has had 14 years to sort it out. Holliday is, however, obsessed with the Opposition, and responds to them as if he was being haunted out of office by them and this is why he even admits to the GSLP having supporters in Flat Bastion Road, probably because he knows the GSD have lost the few it had. TRIPARTITE BLUES I spy with my little eye something beginning with T…The Tripartite Process has been the subject of close scrutiny in the talks


sponsored by the University of Cadiz in Algeciras last week. It was funny to see how each of the performers had a different part to play and yet they finished up synchronizing, as if their roles were just that, performances in a play for the benefit of their respective audiences. Peter Richard went that extra mile to make it clear that he would not give the United Kingdom permission to even talk about sovereignty [unless proposals were put to him] and to offer an olive branch to the ―Partido Popular‖ in the event that they became the next Government of Spain, an olive branch that was soon turned down by Landaluce who quite categorically said that a PP Government would end the Tripartite Process. Julio Montecino‘s contribution was also enlightening because he distinguished between ―parties‖ and ―participants‖ suggesting that the parties are the United Kingdom and Spain and that Peter Caruana is a mere participant, this is why he argued in favour of sovereignty being a bilateral issue. Where that leaves the voices, flags and vetoes we heard so much about is the obvious question to ask. Everyone concluded that there is no substitute to dialogue….yet look at the grave disagreements that dialogue have brought about, disagreements that did not exist before the Tripartite started. To add to the woes of the pro-Tripartite lobby the Ministerial meeting has now been postponed for a second occasion. What next? MONTIEL WAKES UP I spy with my little eye something beginning with M….Minister Montiel has finally woken up to the fact that there are long term unemployed Gibraltarians, and now that the general election is round the corner he has decided to appear to do something about it. Let us not forget that this is the same Montiel who used to say that if there were any Gibraltarians unemployed it was because they did not want to work. The same Montiel who puts young people into schemes that do not offer solid jobs at the end, a good example being the apprenticeships in the shipyard, where the guys got the sack before receiving their qualifications showing they had successfully completed the apprenticeship. Now the Minister says that the Government will offer incentives to take on some of these employees by breaching GSD tender procedures and giving Government contracts to companies that take on some of these workers, something criticized by the GSD prior to 1996 when the GSLP was doing this. He talks of ex-offenders, individuals in rehabilitation for substance abuse, single parents and persons with a low academic background and poor social skills, and groups them altogether, as if they were the problem and not the unfair competition from frontier workers and the neglect of this Government that does not care for these people. Please Montiel, you are one of those people with a low academic background and poor social skills. How about a job equal to yours!

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LA ESPINITA DE MARIA TERESA! Un poco más y se parte el Tripa Hartita en pedazos. No! No ocurrió la semana pasada con las charlas en Algeciras, las cuales han sido muy educativas por aclarar el palomeo que se traen unos cuantos. No fue ni las colas de la frontera, ni el follón de las aguas ni las demandas que le hacen al Cascarrabias aquellos españoles que hoy trabajan en Gibraltar. Ya estamos acostumbrados a todo este sin fin de injusticias, demandas y promesas sin cumplir. El Tripa Hartita estuvo en peligro de partirse gracias a una locutora de TELE CINCO. Si! Fue María Teresa Campos la que estuvo a punto de cargarse el Tripa Hartita con una pregunta que le hizo a Albert Hammond en un programa titulado, ―Que Tiempo Tan Feliz‖. María Teresa es una de esas que tiene la espinita de Gibraltar clavada es su corazón, y como el de la espinita estaba en el plato, no pudo resistirse a preguntarle si se sentía mas ingles que Yanito, por esto de haber nacido en Londres durante la evacuación, una consecuencia de la historia. En ese preciso momento se quedo Gibraltar en suspenso-en el patio de mi casa no se escuchaba un alma, todos esperando la contestación de Albert Hammond. Cuando vino esa contestación nos sentimos muy defraudados. Tuvo una oportunidad de oro para decirle a María Teresa que se sentía Yanito porque eso es lo que es, y la desperdicio miserablemente. Albert le dijo a María Teresa que él es ciudadano del mundo. Se lo dijo a aquellos que antes nada son españoles, después son latinos, después europeos y después son parte del mundo. Hay quien cree que estaba aleccionado por su amigacho el Cascarrabias para no enfadar a los españoles y así proteger el Tripa Hartita. Quizás quiso ser diplomático, pero hay algunos pájaros viejos que nos acordamos de lo que paso hace muchos años cuando Albert le dio la vuelta a una pregunta para no admitir que era Yanito. Me quito el sombrero para saludar a Albert Hammond el cantante y compositor, pero tengo que decir que como hijo de Gibraltar deja mucho de desear. En fin, que tampoco puede decir uno algo que no siente, algo que no lleva por dentro, hay quien es Yanito de pura cepa y hay quien no lo es y Albert no lo es. Al pan, pan y al vino, vino, como dice el refrán. Menos mal que no estaba Belén Esteban en el plato, porque esa mata por defender a un Gibraltar español. VALE! Al fin del día María Teresa se ha quedado con la espinita por dentro y Albertito Hammond con ganas de ser leyenda. Hay quien lo recordara por unas cosas y hay quien lo recuerde por otras. Los Yanitos somos duros y no perdonamos fácilmente. Ya ves si es así que comemos pan de lata, pescao de piedra y queso de plato, más duro que un roble!

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