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OUR STANDARDS OF SERVICE what you can expect from us

Registered Office: 83 Green Street, Glasgow, G40 2TG Tel: 0141 550 3581 E-mail: Bridgeton Office: 2 Main Street, Glasgow, G40 1HA Tel: 0141 554 5245 E-mail: Castlemilk Office: 49 Blaeloch Drive, Glasgow, G45 9QJ Tel: 0141 634 7000 E-mail: Cranhill Office: 14 Ruchazie Place, Glasgow, G33 3HA Tel: 0141 774 3030 E-mail: We are committed to ensuring access to information for everyone. If you need this information translated into another language or you require an audiotape, Braille or large print version, please tell us. Registered under the Industrial & Provident Societies Acts (No 1933R(S)) Charity registered in Scotland (No SC 032782) THIS LEAFLET IS PRINTED ON RECYCLED PAPER

CUSTOMER FEEDBACK To help us continually improve our services we would like to receive your comments on where you feel we have not met any of the standards contained within this leaflet, or your suggestions for how we can improve our services. Please complete this strip and return to one of our offices listed overleaf. Did we meet our service standards when we dealt with your enquiry? (please tick) Yes No If Yes, what was good about our service?

If No, which standard/s Llisted didn’t we meet?

Which office and member/s of staff dealt with your enquiry?(please tick) Green St Bridgeton Castlemilk Member/s of staff: Do you have any other comments?

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INTRODUCTION This document sets out the standards of service you can expect to receive from us.

Who are our service users?

Our service users include: tenants, owner occupiers in Thenew factored property, sharing owners, housing applicants and any other individual or groups of individuals who seek or receive a service from Thenew Housing Association.

What are Service Standards?

Service Standards are service commitments by an organisation. They confirm how specific services will be delivered and explain to users the quality of service they can expect. We recognise the way we provide our services can be as important as the service itself.

How will we monitor our performance?

Ultimately your complaint can be referred to the Public Services Ombudsman if we cannot reach agreement.

OUR KEY SERVICE STANDARDS When you make any enquiry to us, we will: · give you an estimate of when we are likely to be able to respond to your enquiry and keep you regularly informed of our progress in pursuing the matter. · ensure that all correspondence and personal information is treated in confidence and discussed with our colleagues only when necessary and appropriate to do so. When you write to us or email us, we will: · respond within 5 working days, If for any reason a reply is likely to take longer (for example to obtain further information) you will receive an initial acknowledgement within 5 working days.

We will review these standards on a 3 yearly basis with our When you complain, we will: service users and report our performance on achieving make an information leaflet on the Association’s the standards to our Management Committee on an annual · complaints policy readily available from all our basis. Where necessary we will ask an independent agency offices. to assess our performance. · investigate fully all complaints made by service users about our services and use our findings to improve Where we have not met our standards of service we will our services to you. apologise, explain why and aim to ensure that it doesn’t · deal with complaints promptly, courteously, happen in future. systematically, fairly and in confidence. If you feel that we have not met a service standard in any way please complete the customer feedback slip attached General information, or use our formal complaints procedure. This will help us to We will: continually improve our service delivery to you. · issue at least 3 newsletters to residents each year. · provide a Thenew website giving information about Formal complaints: the organisation and current events and consultation If you wish to make a formal complaint (this is usually topics. where you have not had a satisfactory response from the staff responsible for dealing with your request or enquiry) our separate Customer Complaints Leaflet "The easy guide to making a complaint" and form will explain in detail how your complaint will be dealt with.


Our staff will: · be prompt, polite, friendly, helpful and willing to listen. · treat everyone who uses our service fairly and equally. · respond effectively and sensitively to your needs. · always make themselves known to the person/ organisation they are dealing with. · wear name badges in the office and at meetings and carry identity cards outside the office. · provide their email address and direct dial phone number in correspondence to you. · help you fill out any form that we ask you to complete. · visit you at home if required.

Housing Applications

When you apply for a house or request a transfer, we will: · assist you with the completion of your application form. · process your completed application within 15 working days. · ensure that all information provided to us by you will remain confidential and only record information required for the proper assessment of your application. · allocate available property fairly and on the basis of When you visit one of our offices, we will: housing need. · make every effort to make offices accessible to · allow you 3 working days to accept an offer of people with disabilities. Where this is not possible, we rehousing. will offer assistance and home appointments. · acknowledge you when you arrive and attend to you Repairs as soon as we are able. When you report a repair, we will: · ensure that if you have made an appointment with a · respond to Emergency repairs within 2 hours. member of staff you will be seen on time. · complete Urgent repairs within 3 working days. ensure that if you have not made an appointment · · respond to Appointment repairs within an agreed and the member of staff you wish to speak to is timeslot. available, you will not be kept waiting for more than · complete Routine repairs within 15 working days. 10 minutes. · post inspect a proportion of all jobs. · give you a mutually convenient appointment with a · issue a repairs receipt with a customer satisfaction specific member of staff upon request. form for all jobs completed within your home for you to complete and return. When you telephone us we will: · · · ·

answer all telephone calls promptly. deal with all enquiries immediately, but where this is Your Rent: not possible we will call back within one working day We will: · offer a variety of easy methods of rent payment. or at an agreed time. provide advice and assistance in completing Housing ensure that when offices are closed, an answerphone · Benefit forms. or message service will be in operation. · process payments by rent payment card to the rent respond to any messages left on our voice mail account within 2 working days. within one working day (if we have not redirected our · send you a statement of your rent account on an calls). annual basis and explain the information contained in it.


Estate Management We will:

When you are having difficulty paying your rent, we will: · make sensible and realistic arrangements for repayment of your arrears based on your circumstances. · confirm in writing any arrangement you have made to repay your arrears. · work with other agencies to try to prevent arrears and to ensure that all tenants receive appropriate advice on welfare benefits and debt advice.

· ·

inspect all gardens monthly during the growing season. inspect closes and common areas on a monthly basis.

Right to Buy

If you are a tenant and want to buy your house, we will: · issue the Scottish Government leaflet on right to buy and provide an example of your likely annual bills. · process your application within 2 months.

Neighbour Disputes & Anti-Social Behaviour Complaints

Factoring Service

If you are an owner (or sharing owner) and receive our factoring service, we will: · issue you with an account giving details of charges twice during the year. · offer you a variety of easy payment options including regular monthly payments. · supply a copy of Thenew’s Guide to Factoring Services to all new owners. · post inspect all common repairs.

When you make a complaint about anti-social behaviour, we will: · not ask for complaints to be made in writing before investigating. · help you to complete our neighbour/anti-social behaviour complaints form. · visit you (or contact you by phone) within 24 hours if an incident is very serious or serious (Category 1 and 2 cases) such as drug dealing from the property or excessive persistent noise disturbance. · visit you (or contact you by phone) within 5 working days if the incident is of a relatively minor nature (Category 3 cases) such as stair cleaning complaints. · make regular contact with you during ongoing complaints. · make clear to all tenants that any form of harassment of a neighbour will be viewed as a serious breach of the Tenancy Agreement.


hold at least 2 consultation events on our proposals at appropriate stages in the planning process. (if you live in an area where there are new development proposals)


give you the opportunity to choose your style of kitchen units if you are to be rehoused in a new property and your allocation has been confirmed at least 4 months prior to handover of the property,

· If you are a tenant and want to alter or improve your home, we will: · not unreasonably withhold permission for requests to alter or improve a property. · compensate you for certain improvements at the end of the tenancy (as long as we agreed to them being done).

carry out satisfaction surveys on all our new build properties within a year of handover and use this to inform future design.

Alterations & Improvements



When carrying out the renewal of major items in your home, we will: · ensure that programmes of work are detailed in our newsletters. · advise you at least two weeks before work commences, that a contractor has been appointed to carry out works in your home. · at least 7 working days before works commence, visit you with the contractor to discuss the works and any specific requirements. · post inspect all works. ·

issue a tenants satisfaction survey within 3 months of completion of the works.

When carrying out servicing and cyclical works, we will: · ensure tenants are notified of planned visits at least 7 working days before, unless the visit is urgent in nature. · where applicable inspect works on completion.

OUR PAYMENTS AND ACCOUNTS SERVICES We will: Rents & Factoring Payments · process all rent & factoring payments within 2 working days of receipt of payment into our bank account. Accounts Payable · adhere to suppliers agreed payment terms. · respond to supplier’s reminder letters within 5 working days of receipt.


Thenew Service Standards 2010  

service standards

Thenew Service Standards 2010  

service standards