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August 2012


Sushi Lor is a female asian rapper, Model, exotic dj, hip hop dancer, and a hostess in the midwest!

2 |  THE NEW HMOOB | AUG 2012



Meet The Team

of The New Hmoob The New Hmoob proudly supports inspiring and

talented Hmong Individuals, Artists, Organizations, and the Hmong Entertainment.

Za Xiong CEO, President, & Graphic Designer “Art is everything to me!”

Sara Chang Graphic Designer,Editor “Studying in Graphic Design.”

Jar Xiong Cheif Editor “Studying in Pre Med.” Xue Ying Lo Photographer Quote: “There is only you and your camera. The limitations in your photography are in yourself, for what we see is what we are.- Ernst Haas”

Yeng Xiong Editor “I love volleyball!” AUG 2012 | THE NEW HMOOB | 3


Rapper Sushi Lor Takes Milwaukee Rapper | Model | Exotic Dj | Hip Hop Dancer  | Hostess

By: Jar Xiong and Za Xiong

Sushi Lor, a woman with vibes of sophistication sat on the lounge sofa ready for us to interview her. She is powerful even with most of her tattoos hidden. Laughs from her rapper voice, Sushi answered our comical questions. Laid-back as she looked, Lor tells us how things look from an Asian rapper’s perspective. THENEWHMOOB: How long have you lived in Milwaukee and are you originally from Milwaukee? SUSHI LOR: I was born in Thailand. I’ve been here since I was three so I am a true “FOB”! THENEWHMOOB: How old are you? SL: Twenty THENEWHMOOB: Twenty! Omg, and you call us young? I’m twenty-one and Za is twenty. We might have the same hobbies with our age so what are your interest and hobbies? SL: I love dancing! I love music, that’s how it started out. I love going out and networking. It’s always good to go out and meet new people. THENEWHMOOB: So besides the hobbies what do you do during your free time? SL: My free time I enjoying hanging out with the family. 4 |  THE NEW HMOOB | AUG 2012

THENEWHMOOB: You seem like a well-rounded person. Do you have another career you are pursuing besides rapping? SL: I am in school for business. Eventually I will start my own entertainment and go off from there. THENEWHMOOB: Back to the rapping topic, was there any specific person or role model that inspired you as a kid to become a rapper? SL: Artist I would listen to as a child would be Cassidy and jumped a decade later to Lil Wayne. THENEWHMOOB: Are you planning to become out there to the world with your rapping? SL: It’s something I have been pursuing for the past five years and it’s paying off. People are giving me more gigs and approaching me more. It’s definitely getting somewhere! THENEWHMOOB: What kind of obstacles did you face while pursuing a career as a rapper during your past five years? SL: Being Asian. It’s a good and a bad thing. Typically, Asians can’t rap. But being an Asian female and having the capability of rapping catches attention easily. THENEWHMOOB: Do you write your own songs? SL: Yes I do. So far I wrote all my songs.

“I’m a really good girl with bad-ass tattoos”

AUG 2012 | THE NEW HMOOB | 5

THENEWHMOOB: Wow, that’s good! What do you rap about? SL: So far I’ve been writing about women power. But it seems like the R&B thing about love everybody can connect to it. Even a fourteen year old can listen to my songs and can connect with me. At this time, more people listening to my music, the more the better!

On a regular basis, fall time I will be back in school, part time jobs, gigs and rapping. Pretty much I will be occupy. THENEWHMOOB: What do you think about the two different you?

THENEWHMOOB: Especially being an Asian woman and rapping about women power will catch a lot of attention.

SL: I don’t think they know that! Well now they do. Actually this is what I do every day. Because I DJ also, artist sends me music every day and would they think I sit and listen to music all day every day. But im definitely not like that! I’m always out and about!

SL: Yeah, I’m basically rapping about me being the shitt. THENEWHMOOB: I like that! So, do you have any future goals?

THENEWHMOOB: That’s very interesting? Is there anything you think a lot of people don’t know about you?

SL: Yeah, during the next five years I hope to finish school and eventually go wherever the career is. As of Milwaukee, I will be here but I don’t plan of staying here forever.

SL: I’m a really good girl with bad-ass tattoos! Everything is on the left side.

THENEWHMOOB: Milwaukee will miss you very much but you’ll get a lot of supporters! Let us get to the topic everyone’s been dying to hear. How is your love life?

SL: I don’t know. I’m a lefty and I feel dominant on the left side. They’re on my left arm, side and back shoulder. THENEWHMOOB: May you explain your tattoos?

SL: I actually haven’t been having time for love. I don’t know! I always wanted to date an Asian guy but I think Asian guys are intimidated to talk to me. The Hmong community is small around here so if two people date, everybody knows! You’re afraid to make the first move because then if one Hmong person knows, everybody knows.

THENEWHMOOB: What does the one on your arm stands for?

Looking for Love

THENEWHMOOB: What kind of Asian guys would you prefer? SL: I’m not into a traditional Asian guy. I would like a modern Asian guy. Modern as in up-to-date as well as show respect. The guy does not have to be traditional as long as they respect women and what we do. THENEWHMOOB: So right now you’re not in a relationship? SL: Sadly, I’m not.

The Real Sushi Lor

THENEWHMOOB: Single! Let’s move on to your personal life. So can you give us an example of your day to day life? SL: I can say Xoua, yep that’s my HMOOB name, and Sushi Lor are definitely two different people. So Sushi would be the boss lady and Xoua would be the very laid back person. She’s really chill but still loves to do things. 6 |  THE NEW HMOOB | AUG 2012


SL: I have a Hmoob qwj symbol on my back shoulder, which I got two years ago. Then I have a Scorpio tattoo representing my horoscope.

SL: Honestly is a quail fish. When I think of fish I think of God and it’s like a Christian thing to me. And then the four roses represent the four people in my family. I’m not a big fan of roses but it reminds me of love and I need more love in my family. THENEWHMOOB: What about the one on the side? SL: It’s a dove with a torch. The dove is a symbol of women and the flames represent power. THENEWHMOOB: Wow! Women power all over your body! This is awesome! How did the older generation of Hmoob react to your tattoos? SL: It’s something I don’t show off. I don’t walk around my family with my tats appearing. It’s a self-choice. I go blink whenever they ask. I tell them it’s art and ink. Check out Sushi’s website at where you can learn more about this TALENT!

“I love dancing! I love music, that’s how it started out.”

AUG 2012 | THE NEW HMOOB | 7

SURVEY e h t t a Wh ies Think Lad 34.5% of woman DO feel the need to put make-up to impress their man. WOULD YOU TAKE YOUR MAN HOME TO GET MARRIED? 45% SAYS YES 55% SAYS NO 66.3% ARE WILLING TO LIVE WITH THEIR IN-LAWS.

OF ORIENTIENTAL RELATIONSHIPS ns e M e h t at ink WOULD YOU MIND IF YOUR MAN WAS h h T W THE SAME HEIGHT AS YOU? “Yes. I wanna be able to look up to my man physically. I wanna be on my tiptoes when I kiss him.” “I wouldn’t mind because height wouldn’t matter when it comes to understanding each other and having the feelings for one another.” “I would, because I want to be able wear high heels and not be taller than him.” “I perfer him tall because I want my childrens to be tall too.” “No, because I’m already too short. However, if I’m tall, I wouldn’t mind at all. Cause you know, most cute Hmong guys are pretty short.” “Not really because love should have no boundries.”

Do you like your HMOOB woman in fake eyelashes and circle lens? 35% says YES 65% says NO 84% of Men would like their woman to party with them! IF THE RULES WERE CHANGED, WOULD YOU LIKE IT FOR THE WOMAN TO TAKE YOU HOME AND MARRY? “No, because the guy should always be superior.” “Sure why not, if the men can do it why not the women?” “No.. Husband should provide a healthy home environment for wife and kids.. He’s the back bone if the relationship.” “I would actually like to see that happen for once. I think it’ll be something new, although the who knows what the elder’s might think of it. But I wouldn’t mind seeing something like that happen.”

8 |  THE NEW HMOOB | AUG 2012

“yes, bc you want a woman who loves you more than you love them.. and vise versa! when a guy takes a woman home, all the pressure is on him and he has to show her he loves her and he will do anything for her.. now if the rules were switched around, i’d love a woman to take me home and let me know she’s in control! lol”

PFROM A DSCRATCH THAI Recipe by Mai Doua Vang

INGREDIENTS •8 oz. Thai rice noodles (or enough for 2 people), linguini-width, available at Asian/Chinese stores •1 to 1 1/2 cups raw chicken breast or thigh meat, sliced •Marinade for Chicken: 1 tsp. cornstarch dissolved in 3 Tbsp. soy sauce •4 cloves garlic, minced •3 cups fresh bean sprouts •3 spring (green) onions, sliced •1/2 cup fresh coriander/cilantro •1/3 cup crushed or roughly chopped peanuts (or other nuts, such as cashews) •1/4 cup chicken stock •vegetable oil for stir-frying, and wedges of lime PAD THAI SAUCE: •3/4 Tbsp. tamarind paste dissolved in 1/4 cup warm water (look for tamarind at Asian/Chinese or Indian food stores) •2 Tbsp. fish sauce, + more to taste •3 Tbsp. brown sugar

DIRECTIONS 1.Soak and soften the rice noodles in a pot until the noodles are soft enough to be eaten, but still firm. Set aside. 2.Prepare the Pad Thai Sauce by stirring the following ingredients: Tamarind Paste, brown sugar, and fish sauce until well dissolved. en with the sauce in step two. 4.With a Wok, or non-stick pan over mediumhigh heat, add oil, garlic and stir until fragrant 5.Then stir the marinade chicken in the Wok for 5-8 minutes. 6.Add noodles, and pour the rest of the Pad Thai sauce over. Use a “lift and turn” motion method to prevent noodles from breaking. Stir for 1-2 minutes. Add water to soften the noodles and to add moisture. 7.Last but not least, add bean sprouts, cilantros, and sliced green onions. Stir another minute. 8.Serve with crushed peanuts and lime on the side AUG 2012 | THE NEW HMOOB | 9


What is Hmoodle?


Jabb Vue How was it created?

Hmoodle is the quintessential site for online entertainment for the Hmong-American and Asian-American community. Our mission is to be a one stop shop for everything Hmong, in addition to integrating other Asian influences into the site, in essence, an amalgamation of entertainment for our people highlight10 |  THE NEW HMOOB | AUG 2012

ing sports, multimedia, politics, and relevant news updates. I have always wanted to create a news media outlet targeting the Hmong community since I was in high school. At that time, there weren’t any local newspapers or any other type of media that focused on our Hmong people. I wanted to create something that would cover everything from New Year’s celebrations, sport tournaments, entertainment to our beliefs, values and our culture, as well as anything that needs to be highlighted within the Hmong community. After I graduated from high school I went on to attend college and majored in graphic web design in Bay Area, San Francisco. Soon after I received my BA, I moved to Minnesota and started Hmoodle in the summer of 2008.

When I first thought of Hmoodle, I wanted it to be a magazine, but the cost of creating a magazine was way too much, so I decided to make it an online sports, entertainment and news site. Hmoodle has become one of the most visited sites in the Hmong community and will continue to grow. We have a team in California that covers our west coast area. Big shout out to Ge Vang and Tommy Moua and their team. Hopefully soon we will have a team on the east coast as well.

How do you become a Hmoodle girl?

Any girl can become a Hmoodle Girl. Our main girl is to showcase beautiful girls who would otherwise go unnoticed. We want to unleash their beauty and talents and give them the opportunities they may seek for. It is also a step for them to launch their career in the modeling world if they are thinking about pursuing it, but we also like to show women who are brains and beauty. In addition, Hmoodle gives the girls a chance to get in front of the camera for those that have never modeled before. We are also featuring established models/gogo dancers/import models within our community. This will hopefully serve as an example to any girls who want experience in the model industry whether in the mainstream or not. Hopefully the Hmoodle Girls can offer advice that can come in handy to those thinking about making that type of plunge.

How has being part of Hmoodle changed your perspective if any?

Hmoodle has given? me the opportunity to meet many people from varied different levels of professions. The things that I was able to do with other people is much bigger than they would have ever been if I would have done it by myself. Running your own creation is about networking, sharing ideas and asking questions, which in the end makes Hmoodle a better overall product.

On the personal level, one thing I learned is that to never let anyone tell you what you can do or cannot do because your dreams and their dreams are very different. They don’t know what your dreams are. Like the old saying goes, “you don’t poop out what they ate. “ Always stay positive and surround yourself with more energetic people rather than those who are always in a negative attitude. Earl Nightingale once said, “You become what you thinking about”, so think of what you want to become or what you want your goods or services to be. Do the things that you’re passionate about then it turn into profit? Most people fail because they’re too hungry; aiming for bigger fortune when there’s no passion in it.

What is unique about Hmoodle?

Hmoodle is unique because of its name. Just for the record, it pronounced just like Hmong, the H is silence, it’s not hamoodle or hmong noodle, simply just Hmoodle (moo-dle). Many people have asked me how I came up with that name. It’s simple; I shuffled between Hmong and models. I didn’t want to have another name that contains Hmong in it, no offense to anyone, I love my people. I want to be different but yet unique at the same time and very simple to remember the name. We are and will continue to be the only one stop spot for your online resources on the Hmong community and other Asian communities as well. We are working hard to bring you the latest news, sports and entertainment.

Is there more to Hmoodle than the website? At the moment, Hmoodle will be your only online resources on our Hmong community. We are exploring other venues, products and services which will be brand as Hmoodle, so look out for it in the near future, but we are proud of some of charity work in which we organized a bone marrow drive and plan to continue to also make our mark in the charity community.

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12 |  THE NEW HMOOB | AUG 2012


Hmong Magazine Aug. 2012

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