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Should Your Practice Be on the Cloud? The benefits of cloud-based practice management software. By Renee Knight, Editor When Drs. Jonny and Elliott Brennan opened their Arizona-based practice in 2015, they knew they needed a robust practice management solution to help their new business thrive. As a scratch startup, the brothers didn’t want to spend a lot of money on the infrastructure and hardware necessary for a server-based system, and were looking at options that would streamline their workflow and help them easily track important business metrics.

It was pretty clear to them that a cloud-based system was the best fit, they just needed to determine which one. They’d worked with different cloud solutions in other offices, and had a pretty good idea of what was available. After trying a few more, they decided that, in their case, Dentrix Ascend from Henry Schein made the most sense. “We wanted a solution that offered more than just clinical software. We also wanted it to give us insights into the business of dentistry,” Dr. Brennan said. “The built-in business intelligence lets users customize reports with drag and drop functionality. It helps bring data to your attention in a way that can drive business decisions. That was important to us.” If you’re ready to invest in a new practice management system for your office, you might want to consider going to the cloud as well. Cloud solutions offer a variety of benefits, from enhanced security to decreased upfront costs, and are becoming more and more common in dental practices. There are a variety of quality options to choose from, it’s just a matter of making the decision to move to the cloud and then finding the system that best meets your needs.

THE BENEFITS Investing in a cloud-based solution can offer many advantages to new dentists. Not only does it save you money on the initial upfront and ongoing maintenance costs that a server-based system requires, it also gives you access to practice information from anywhere you are, day or night, as long as you have an Internet connection, said Satish Hemachandran, Carestream Dental’s general manager of CONTINUED ON PAGE 10 >>


The New Dentist Winter 2017  
The New Dentist Winter 2017