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interior style intervention

This may sound like the intro to a bad joke, but what do you get when you mix a Smurf and a Cracker Jack boy (hey, it was Halloween!)? Adam, the Smurf, must have made one helluva lasting impression on Nicole, the Cracker Jack boy, because they’ve been together ever since. See for yourself how this couple merged their styles.

lyw ew e


4 The Nest Mag






meet molly

val k

TIP Take inventory of what you each love to help decipher your couple style.

design challenge

Display photos that represent the both of you.

couple compromise

They created a special wall that tells their love story. What’s hanging? Fave couple shots and wedding portraits, plus their immediate family members: Nicole has four sisters; Adam has three brothers. >

white wins—their previous sofa (nicole hated it and adam loved it) didn’t fit through the door!

design challenge

Couple compromise

Balance Mix it up and everybody feminine with wins. Girl gets the soft masculine. couch and pretty pillows; guy scores the Western flair. (PS: The cowboy hats are actually Nicole’s!) Now that’s art! fall 2012


design challenge

couple compromise

lyw ew e


6 The Nest Mag






Create a comfy, Decide what’s romantic romantic retreat. to both of you. For Nicole and Adam, it’s the trips they’ve taken together. Their bedroom is where they put ’em on display.

val k

TIP Graphic patterns in gender-neutral colors are a safe bet in the bedroom.

design challenge

couple compromise

Give the This is the duo’s kitchen some favorite hanging personality. spot. Decorating was a team effort: Nicole provided the design vision for this Julia Child– inspired pot rack; Adam built it. The extra storage space and easy functionality are handy. [n]

great for drying

click [for more DIY decorating tips and tricks] shop the look at

process this Dinner prep can be a snap. KitchenAid 7-cup food processor, $100, BedBathandBeyond .com

white out Scallop designs dress up the table. Mikasa Antique White dinnerware, $40 for 5-piece place setting, BedBathandBeyond .com


bon appétit Nonstick cookware equals a speedy cleanup. Anolon Advanced 11-piece cookware set, $300, BedBathandBeyond .com

cup o’ joe Program it to grind and brew each morning. Breville the YouBrew coffeemaker with built-in grinder, $280, BedBathandBeyond .com fall 2012



C LO in living

Punch up your pad with these simple tips for adding color to your home. 1  play up your focal point Paint

one wall a vibrant kelly green or cherry red and position a sofa up against it.

2 organize the fragiles

Display your margarita glasses by color. See how much easier it’ll make your next cocktail party! 8 The Nest Mag


3 seize a window of opportunity Hang a boldly patterned shade.

4 arrange plants together Skip

the usual houseplants and line up a trio of succulents or cacti on a windowsill.

5 frame it Say ta-ta to traditional wood

frames—choose a purple finish instead!

6 go for a triple play

For a foolproof palette, limit yourself to three colors. Then mix away with patterns!

decorate and display

Take open shelving by storm: Stack books by size and spine color. Line up vases and vessels by their tinted-glass hues.


wear your shades




colors next to each other on the color wheel make great combos

Sometimes more is more. Dig deep within one color scheme, like red, and reveal all of its many sides.


work the warm colors

Wanna get fired up...or just liven up your space? Welcome in the shades of the sunset. Yellow, red, bright pink and orange excite the senses and are prime candidates for social spaces like kitchens, living rooms and dining rooms.

1  5

cast the cool colors

10 fake a bigger space Forgo construction

(remember: you’re on a budget!) and use light hues to visually expand your digs instead.

11 line up the linens Claim your towel territory

by color. He gets navy; she takes periwinkle.

Dreaming of a Caribbean cruise? Get kinda close by decorating with cool colors, like blue, gray and violet. They’re best for quiet spots, like offices, bedrooms and bathrooms. >

12 pull it all together Spruce up a flea-market

find with a new set of knobs. Mix and match your handles for that one-of-a-kind look.

13 hit the border Don’t just paint the walls. Treat

the baseboard or molding to a new coat as well. Opt for high-gloss paint for a sleek, durable finish. fall 2012


16 punch it up

Partner a dark table with uplifting sidekicks, like a wall painted a sunny hue and lipstick-red accents.


10 The Nest Mag


19 add some flavor Steal some citrus

inspiration. Trend forecasters have named tangerine the color of the year for 2012.

20 paint the floor Feeling bold? Apply

a coat of a standout color, like fuchsia, to the floor. Talk about fancy footwork!

21 splash on some color Tile your

backsplash in a bright turquoise or lime.


run with it

Get stopped in your tracks. A neutral kitchen gets a punch of pizzazz when you place a striped runner underfoot.

22 do your homework

18 mix and match Who says you have to Think hard about how your office should look.

buy a matched dining set? Why not surround Stack color-coordinated file boxes to keep your the table with aqua and butter-yellow seats? study looking, well, studious. >

23 know your

color wheel

Primary colors

Secondary colors

Blue, red and yellow are the basis for every color in the spectrum.

Orange, green and violet are combinations of two of the primary hues.

Complementary colors These

colors sit right across from each other on the color wheel (think: blue and orange).

analogous colors This

scheme is based on bordering hues on the color wheel.

fall 2012


26 commit halfway Cover

the inside of bookshelves (just the back) with a cobalt-blue liner.


aim high

Forget about a stark ceiling. Reach for new heights and paint a mod design up your wall in lieu of a headboard.

28 meet us in the zen zone If orange excites you,

then prohibit it from entering the bedroom. You should save the energetic shades for the den or great room.

24 change it up (all the time) Treat

29 flaunt your taste Let food take

25 style around a fave piece Love

30 get hung up Texture adds another

your wavering ways to a dose of wall decals, center stage: Eggplants, artichokes and limes which can be applied (and removed) in a flash. make eye-catching arrangements.

your blush-pink damask sectional? Select pillows, throws and rugs with that in mind.


meet the power couples you can’t go wrong with these color duos


clou d

Blue rules. Uncover all of the fab shades that this color can offer. 12 The Nest Mag


layer of style. Suspend a silk shantung sheer behind your existing drapes.


Chocolate has met its wingman; lemon brings a bit of light to this rich hue.

tan gerine


We’re rooting for this cheerful tangerine tag team that’s the perfect pick-me-up.



Green and blue, an ever-popular preppy pair, will never go out of style.


Fuch sia

These rich jewel tones complement each other without the overkill.

32 brush up your bathroom

Jump-start your morning routine! Lift an all-white bath with a curtain in a ruby-andmandarin floral print.

33 put art to work

Hanging art on an aubergine wall? Pull the room together with a complementary print rather than a competing one.

34 light it right Go cool

and contemporary with your light fixtures. Opt for the robin’s-egg-blue sconces or a sharp, regal blue chandelier.

35 welcome a bright spot First impressions

count. Break out the brushes and paint your front door a brilliant cherry red. [n]

click [for more makeover ideas] fall 2012


style ideas on a budget Think it’s impossible to make over a room for under $10—or for free? Think again. Here are some of the best-kept secrets from our stylist pal Kendra Smoot.


disguise clutter

Hide a jumble of electrical cords and wires behind flea-market art. When the TV isn’t on, cover it with a cool piece of fabric. It feels intentional and not-so-sneaky.

14 The Nest Mag


hang paper

Chinese paper lanterns give off the perfect light and make a great statement. Pick the right size for your space at


divide a space

Forget construction—you can get the same effect with a homemade folding screen. The chalkboard paint lets it double as a message board; buy a can at >

fall 2012



9 5


mix styles Having


lay it on Jute and

only one genre screams “catalog!” Pair an old farm table with mid-century modern chairs.

other natural-fiber rugs are budget-friendly, feel soft underfoot and wear beautifully. Plus, they’re flat enough to top with a decorative rug, which will add a pop of pattern and color, and instantly define your space.

16 The Nest Mag


paint everything

It’s amazing what a coat of paint can do to pretty much anything, from a simple frame to a piece of furniture. Think about painting just the legs of a chair or a few drawers in a dresser for an instant update.


wallpaper a space

Cover a powder room in eye-catching pages from an old book you picked up at a garage sale or flea market.


create a nook You


break rules Skip

don’t need a real home office (although it would be nice!). Carve out a little space for a personal “work zone.” All that’s really required is a desk, a chair and some inspiration.

everything you’ve learned about hanging and arranging pictures, and do it in a style that pleases you. Frame a bunch and use colorful tape to mount the rest.


be yourself

Show off your personality by hanging your favorite photos in a clever way. (There’s that colorful tape again!) [n]

click [for more decorating ideas] fall 2012


s e r o 5 ch fore e b o to d

l l fa

that you you s o d o t our top what are Here are a weekend. So ! ck off in for? Get started can che waiting

18 The Nest Mag

1 groom your garage Time: 3 hours

A garage clean-out probably ranks high on your list of chores to put off until later—so tackle it first. Mark the Saturday after Labor Day on your calendar and participate in National Clean Out Your Garage Day. With any organization process, the key is clearing away clutter. Use your driveway to sort through everything you’ve packed into the garage; group items by use, such as tools, garbage and equipment. Get rid of anything

that you haven’t used in two years, is broken or is otherwise considered junk. “Make sure the space is organized, clean and can fit cars too,” recommends Lou Manfredini, Ace Hardware’s home expert. Get as much as you can off the floor: Pegboards, wall shelves, rolling carts and wall hooks should be used whenever possible. Manfredini suggests using painter’s tape to map out where you’ll hang hoses, ladders or sports equipment before installing any hooks. Staying organized will help you get the most out of your garage all year long! > fall 2012



pack up your backyard Time: 1 hour

Outdoor living days are dwindling, so it’s time to prep your patio. First, clean any pieces you plan to store: cushions, hammocks, umbrellas. Trust us—come spring, you’ll be glad you did! Stack patio furniture and cushions, and store them in your garage or on a covered

20 The Nest Mag

porch. If you don’t have the room, you can leave the furniture outside with heavyduty waterproof furniture covers on it, which will protect against the winter weather, so it’ll last for years to come. While most granite pieces can withstand the elements, softer stones like cast stone, marble or manufactured stone should either be covered or moved. Terra-cotta pots


should also be moved indoors, as freezing can cause them to crack and break. “A common misconception is that you need to put your grill away during the colder months,” says Manfredini. “Covering it will do the job, and it still allows you to easily cook outdoors in winter.” With your outdoor areas packed up, you can enjoy the cooler months guilt-free and tucked indoors.

clean up your home office Time: 2 hours

First, organize summer photos now while your vacation’s still fresh in your memory. Print a few shots for chilly day pick-me-ups! Next, tackle your work space. Dust your monitor with an electronic wipe, eyeglass cleaning cloth or even a used dryer sheet. With the computer off, turn the keyboard upside down and shake out any crumbs; clean keys with an air duster or a small, clean paintbrush. “You’d be amazed at how much dust collects in the interior of your computer,” says Manfredini. Dust can cause your computer to run hotter and move slower. To clean a desktop model, look for a removable side panel; use your vacuum’s soft brush to get deep into the core. A tidy office will keep you on-task and organized all year.

4 5

cultivate your garden Time: 3 hours

The beginning of fall is the perfect time to prep your yard for a lush spring—and cooler temperatures mean you won’t be boiling in the summer sun while you work outdoors. Don’t wait too long, as you’ll want to prep and plant in advance of the impending cold. Reseed any bare spots in your lawn and apply a winter fertilizer that builds resistance to the cold. Prepare for the fall and winter by mulching,

update your kitchen Time: 20 minutes

A quick switch of a few accessories, tools and small appliances will get your kitchen ready for cooking and entertaining this fall. Switch out your pastel pot holders and dish towels for ones in warmer tones and fall motifs. Likewise, those cute lemonwedge glasses were fun for summer lemonade, but not so much for spiked cider. Store your seasonal tableware and kitchen tools in the basement or on a high shelf in your pantry. Put away the margarita maker (aka the blender) and break out

pruning shrubs and trees, and raking fallen leaves. “I always suggest that home owners contact their local hardware dealer for recommendations on the appropriate grasses, fertilizers, pest and disease controls, and plants for their region,” says Manfredini. Now’s also the time to plant bulbs for spring flowers. It’s a long way off, but being able to daydream of a tulip-anddaffodil-covered lawn in the dead of winter will make the effort worthwhile.

the electric kettle. ’Tis the season for tea and cocoa! You’ll also be more likely to turn on your oven in cooler weather, so dust off your casserole dishes and roasting pans. If you don’t already have one, invest in a Dutch oven so you can whip up savory stews like beef bourguignonne. Reorganize your kitchen shelves to fit the new season. Move your ice cream bowls to a higher shelf and the mugs back down to eye level. Clean out your pantry and make room for canned staples. And locate your apple-cutter gadget for what’s sure to be a great apple pie season! [n]

click [for more practical organizing tips] fall 2012


raise the bar Need a place to mix cocktails at home for friends? Take an old cart to new heights.

must-have mixers Vodka? Check. Bring on the OJ and cranberry juice. Now you’re ready to concoct the staples.

go-to glassware Can’t fit all the fragiles? Then start off with pairs of martini, rocks and highball glasses.

alcohol level Booze, ice bucket and shaker hang on the bottom.

lyw ew e


22 The Nest Mag






don’t get up... the party will roll its way to you!

val k

TIP Short on space? Turn a small closet into a bar by adding a few shelves.

ready-made blend Prepare a nonalcoholic batch that’s simple to spike, like a pomegranate lemonade.

bar checklist

Good mixin’ calls for the right fixin’s: tools Cocktail shaker Scotch Can opener Tequila Citrus squeezer Vermouth Muddler Cognac Cocktail napkins Corkscrew & bottle opener garnishes Cutting board Fruit (lemons, limes, Ice bucket oranges, raspberries) Jigger Green olives Paring knife Maraschino cherries Stirring rod Straws mixers Swizzle sticks Club soda Tongs Cola Juices alcohol Tonic water Bourbon Vodka optionals Gin Coasters, blender, fruit peeler, Red wine (keep a bottle of ice crusher, cocktail umbrellas white chillin’ in the fridge) Rum Nestpert: Jonathan Pogash,

click [for cocktail recipe inspiration] shop the look at


cheers! Stemless wineglasses work for margaritas or water too. Riedel O, $25 for set of 2, BedBathandBeyond .com fabulous fizz Save money by making soda at home. SodaStream Fizz home soda maker, $130, BedBathandBeyond .com

what’s in store

Follow these simple tips to keep your dried goods in order. sort by function Put all baking

supplies together on one shelf; store grains and beans on another shelf. Do the same for spices.

stock frequently used items at eye level If you eat a lot of rice,

that should be front and center. Keep rarely used items at the top of the pantry, especially if you need a step stool to reach that shelf.

buy grains in bulk and pour them into glass jars

Spices also can be stored in glass, as long as there’s no direct sunlight.

corral with baskets Keep them on the bottom shelf for teas, odd jars and napkins.

label everything A P-touch label maker by Brother International keeps your lettering extra tidy! [n]

click [for more organizing tips] 24 The Nest Mag


how to make the basics

There are just a handful of things you really should know how to make.

This nothing-to-it recipe can be made any time of year (hooray for canned tomatoes!) and tweaked to fit any guest’s tastes. ingredients Serves 2

2 (28-oz.) cans whole peeled tomatoes 1 stick unsalted butter 1 medium onion, peeled and halved Salt and red pepper flakes to taste directions 1. Put a large skillet or braising pot on the stovetop. Squish each tomato into the skillet with your fingers; discard the tough bit at the top. Or skip the mess by pulsing them in a food processor until chopped, about 15 seconds. 2. Add the butter, onion halves (cutside down) and a couple pinches of salt to the pan. Bring the mixture to a gentle simmer; stir occasionally, until the sauce thickens, between 1 and 1 ½ hours. Season with salt and red pepper flakes if desired. Discard the onion prior to serving.

26 The Nest Mag

The genius of this roasted chicken and veggies dish is that it only looks like it took all day to prep and cook. (Honestly!) Simply wash, season and pop it all in the oven...before you know it, dinner’s ready! ingredients Serves 6

1 (5-lb.) roasting chicken Salt and ground pepper 2 lb. assorted baby and/or fingerling potatoes, sliced lengthwise 4 carrots, cut into long, 1-in.-thick pieces 4 parsnips, cut into long, 1-in.-thick pieces 3 Tbl. extra-virgin olive oil directions 1. Preheat the oven to 450°F. Place a cast-iron skillet and a roasting pan in the oven. Rinse the chicken and pat dry. Tuck the wing tips behind the chicken’s back and tie the legs with string. Season the chicken with salt and pepper. When the skillet is warm, place the chicken inside; roast for 20 minutes. 2. Reduce the heat to 400°F. Roast the chicken until a meat thermometer registers 165°F, or the juices run clear, about 1 additional hour.

3. Let the chicken rest on a cutting board for 15 minutes. 4. Meanwhile, toss the vegetables with the olive oil and 1 tsp. salt. Place in the roasting pan, with the potatoes cut-side down. Roast the veggies until they caramelize, about 35 to 40 minutes. >

fall 2012

27 15

log on

Looking hundreds for of e a meal idea sy s? Click here !

A skirt steak is a basic, cheap cut of meat with loads of flavor and no extra lovin’ needed—just season and sear.

ingredients SERVES 4

1 (1 ½-lb.) skirt steak, about ⅓ inch thick Salt and ground pepper

28 The Nest Mag

directions 1. Place a large, cast-iron skillet over medium-high heat until very hot (smoke will rise from the surface). 2. Generously salt and pepper both sides of the steak. Add it to the skillet and cook for 3 minutes without turning; sear on the other side for 3 minutes.

Get creative with your à la mode options—forgo the expected vanilla for a butter-pecan–flavored topper!

ingredients SERVES 6–8

for the topping ¼ cup flour ¼ cup packed brown sugar ¼ cup granulated sugar ¼ tsp. ground cinnamon ¼ tsp. salt 5 Tbl. unsalted butter, cut into small chunks and chilled for the fruit filling 5 apples, peeled, cored and thinly sliced ¼ cup granulated sugar 1 Tbl. flour Juice from ½ lemon Pinch of salt directions 1. Preheat the oven to 375°F. 2. For the topping: In a blender or a food processor, combine the flour, both sugars, cinnamon and salt. Pulse. Then add the butter and pulse 6 to 8 times until the mixture forms pea-size pieces. (Or you can do this by hand with a pastry cutter and some elbow grease!) Transfer the topping to a bowl and refrigerate for at least 15 minutes. 3. For the filling: Toss the apples, sugar, flour, lemon juice and salt in a large bowl. Transfer the filling into an 8" x 8" baking dish.

4. After the topping has chilled, scatter it loosely over the apples in the baking dish. Bake until the mixture is bubbly and the top is golden, between 35 and 45 minutes. Cool for about 15 minutes before serving. [n]

fall 2012

29 15


signs your kitchen mıght not pass a health inspection

 1 You didn’t realize there was a thermostat in the refrigerator— much less know what temperature to keep it at (which, by the way, is about 38 degrees).

5 You are unaware that you should be washing your hands in the bathroom sink— not the kitchen sink— before you prepare or cook any food.

2 You’re not sure which of the following carries the most bacteria and other germs: sink, dish towels or cutting board. (Believe it or not, it’s the towels!)

 6 If you see a friend’s cat on a kitchen counter, you don’t bat an eyelash. (Cats are known to track bacteria from the litter box!)

 3 You’re hanging a plastic bag from your cabinet door in lieu of a proper trash can. The best way to prevent vermin is to have a trash can with a tight-fitting lid.

7 Your kitchen is in the same room as your living and sleeping quarters (in a studio apartment). This scenario would get your kitchen “shut down.”

9 When preparing salad or raw veggies, you only wash them if they’re not prewashed. But you still need a 30-second rinse to remove pesticides!

4 You’ve had sightings of creepy crawlies in your kitchen, including at least one of these: roach, fruit fly, mouse or rat. Hello, exterminator?

 8 You toss out old food and wipe down your fridge only once it smells. By then, it’s already too late: Stay on top of refrigerator cleaning.

10 Your favorite cutting board is covered with nicks and grooves, which can breed harmful bacteria—even if you wash it regularly. [n]

click [for more cleaning tips] 30 The Nest Mag

ready to nest?

new from

Stressed over decorating? Don’t be! With tons of photos and how-tos, The Nest Home Design Handbook will help you: Kill the clutter


Make a small space look bigger


Hang pictures properly


Choose the right paint color


Blend his and her furniture


Design like a pro



Here to take the guesswork out of decorating is The Nest Home Design Handbook, complete with worksheets for room layouts, hiring help, DIY guides and web resources to get you on track to creating a stylish living space.

Clarkson Potter/Publishers


newlywedrules to 覺gnore Forget what all the cookie-cutter couples have to say and play it your way. By Jennifer Benjamin

32 The Nest Mag

you made sure your wedding was enviably original, dismissed pushy advice that made zero sense to you and have been calling all the shots. But despite the fact that you’re doing things according to your own rules, people have a way of making you feel like there are certain newlywed expectations that you’re supposed to live up to and that if you don’t buy into them, you’re not doing the whole married thing right. Well, we say forget that. Here are some so-called rules you shouldn’t think twice about ignoring.




You have to be Mr. and

Once you’re married,

You need to phase out

Mrs. Same Name/Same

you need to put a

your individual friends and

Account/Same Life

five-year plan into place

meet new couples

ignore it You may be

ignore it Some couples

reluctant to merge your money with your spouse’s, put them on your mortgage or, if you’re a woman, take his name. So what’s wrong with you? Nothing. It’s natural to feel pangs over giving up some of your autonomy. When it comes to merging, there are no rules—do what’s right for you. Consider using a joint account for household bills, while maintaining personal accounts for your other expenses. Just one quick trip to the bank, and you’re done. No identity crisis necessary.



of Nesties felt pressure to change their last name

have their entire future mapped out—including the exact month they want to conceive—but that doesn’t mean that you should too, especially since life rarely goes according to plan. Exciting things can happen while you’re moving from point A to point B—a career opportunity in another city (or country), inspiration to start your own business, graduate school, winning the lottery...hey, you never know. If you have a more fluid attitude about your joint future, you absolutely can be five-year-plan-free.



of Nesties feel pressure to have a five-year plan

ignore it Why is it that

as soon as you get hitched, you’re expected to be hot on the trail of other duos to befriend? You suss each other out as if you were on a first date before deciding if you could spend a ski weekend together. You’re still the same people you were before you got married, so don’t buy into the pressure to fill an arbitrary couples quota. The individual friends you’ve had for years—the ones who were with you long before your spouse showed up—are still important, even if they’re in different stages than you are. >



of Nesties crave more time with friends fall 2012



Women who bottle up their feelings during fights are more likely to develop serious health problems.*

3 tired trends to ditch entertaining Orchestrating a stressful sit-down dinner for eight— by yourselves



You should be spending all

As newlyweds, you

your free time together

should never fight

New Twist

An organized potluck where the host tells the guests what to bring

decorating She picks all the furniture, and he just goes along with it New Twist

Merging styles, so you both have a say about what your place looks like

celebrating Dialing in your paper anniversary with a cliché photo album New Twist

Handing your spouse a printout of concert tickets or e-tickets…to South Africa

ignore it Having quality

time together is important, but you had a full life before getting hitched, and you still should now (hello, that’s why you found each other interesting in the first place). Plus, when you’re spending too much time together, there’s no opportunity to share anything new (you’ll also annoy each other to death). So make a point to schedule more nights doing your own thing, or take a short vacation if the opportunity comes up. Yes, your other half will survive and—shocking revelation here—will enjoy having some space.



of Nesties crave more alone time

ignore it You might

have heard that fighting after just a few months of marriage is a bad sign, or hear people claim, “We rarely fight.” Well, any new couple who tells you that they don’t tiff here and there is full of it. The first year of marriage can be really hard, and you might even feel like you’re duking it out more than ever. So why pretend? If your spouse pissed you off, you’re more than entitled to (respectfully) go back and forth in the ring. This period is a training ground to build healthy communication skills.



of Nesties think they fight too much

*According to the Framingham Offspring Study, Psychosomatic Medicine Journal

14 The Nest Mag

Got cornered by a pair of judgmentalists? Throw it back in their faces with these comebacks. Judgmentalist insult

“You’re moving to that part of town?” Comeback ”Yes, because when we have kids, we’d like them to grow up to be either junkies or pimps.” Judgmentalist insult

couvpoleidto a

“You don’t have the same last name? That’s interesting.” Comeback “Why would we? That means at least 200 business cards and tons of trees would go to waste.” Judgmentalist insult

and their by-the-book way of doing things; known to look down on others who do things differently

“Well, in a few years, you guys can get an upgrade on that ring.” Comeback “Interesting idea, but you know what they say about men who give big rings...”

their religion Judgmentalism

Judgmentalist insult

the judgmentalists (noun, plural)

who they are Couples who worship themselves

places of observance Baby showers, dinner parties, weddings, trendy brunch venues

defining characteristic The “eesh” face (as if they’d just eaten lemons) while passing judgment

“You’re not having kids soon? Better not wait too long.” Comeback “We’re still having too much fun practicing.” [n]

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sporty dates $ hiking A wooded area or hiking trail is rarely more than a 30-minute drive away. Pack your hiking boots or sneakers, large bottles of water and a small snack or lunch. $$ ice-skating Gliding around a public rink is often free if you own skates. If you don’t, expect to pay about $6 for rentals. Bring a thermos of hot chocolate and a sweet treat to share.

dates for $20

Plan the perfect night without hitting the ATM. By Caitlin Moscatello


e came up with 20 super-fun dates for $20 (or less!) that are way more original than the ol’ dinner-anda-movie routine.

at-home dates $–$$$ bathroom spa Take turns giving each other massages and rinse off all that oil with a bubble bath. $$ movie theme night Match up movies with your dinner menu. In the mood for Italian? Rent The Godfather. $: $1–$6 $$: $7–$14 $$$: $15–$20 36 The Nest Mag


artsy dates $ art gallery Most galleries are free, plus opening night = free wine! $–$$ local concerts Pack a picnic and hit up free outdoor performances. $$$ pottery painting Consider it a PG version of the famous scene in Ghost.

book reading Check out a book reading (free). Spend just a few bucks to grab coffee after!

driving range

You don’t need to swing like Tiger Woods to have a good time hitting golf balls.

$$–$$$ minor league games Buy tickets for seats farther in the back for as little as $8 apiece, or opt for standing room, which goes for even less at about $4 per person. Or relive the glory days and share a blanket on the bleachers at a high school football game. Go ahead, make out (who’s gonna recognize you?).


on-the-go dates $ volunteer “work” Doing good together can be a lot of fun. If you love the outdoors, find an organization that plants trees or cleans beaches. $ historic tour Every town or city has a unique history, so discover yours by taking a walking tour of local sights with historical significance.

foodie dates $ street or county fair Whether it’s a pie bakeoff at the fairgrounds or a falafel stand in the city, street and county fairs are great places to sample food and soak up the local flavor. During the holiday season, check out craft fairs too. You just might find some cool gifts.

$$$ brunch $$$ dance class Ask about the brunch So you’ve seen Dancing with specials at a favorite the Stars and secretly wish restaurant. Many weekend you could twirl like Kirstie hot spots offer deals on Alley or A.C. Slater from Saved brunch buffets, limited by the Bell. It’s time to test brunch menus and drinks. your own skills by taking a For the bravest couples, couples dance class. there’s often an “unlimited drinks” option.

$9 ethnic eats Here’s the thing about low-key ethnic restaurants: The food is often just as good as (if not better than) fancier, pricier cuisine. Even picky eaters can’t resist pad Thai with chicken, veggies and peanuts.

offbeat dates

$$$ amateur comedy shows Admission is cheaper when amateurs take the stage at a comedy club. The comedic value—intentional or not—is worth the cover charge. $$$ thrift store shopping Head to a flea market or thrift store and see who can find the strangest, wackiest item for $10 or less. After you shop, try guessing its provenance.

$$ recipe night Have a few of your couple friends over and ask everyone to bring their favorite recipes and the ingredients to make them. Prepare each dish separately and invite everyone to sample one another’s cuisine. This can be an inexpensive way to try new foods and get recipes you might never have thought of!

$$ farmers market Wake up early on a weekend morning, grab your canvas grocery bag and head over to your local farmers market. Strolling through the stands of locally grown fruits and vegetables and homemade breads and other treats is a fun way to spend time together and stock up on healthy eats. [n]

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real couples Get the scoop on these fabulous duos. By Samantha Leal

Melissa, 27, & Kevin, 31 Ha rtf or d, CT

Ashley, 26, & Michael, 27 Ov erl an d Pa rk, KS

St at us Married August 28, 2010 ho w th ey me t They met in the e dorms their freshman year of colleg at Marquette University. .th eir dig s They own a 3,750-sq ft. home with 4 bedrooms and 5 baths. ba by clo ck Waiting another year or so... pe ts Stella, a teddy bear dog (a shih tzu–bichon frise) Nicknames They call each other “Brew.” (They’re not really sure how that happened.) Something nobody knows “Our first trip alone was our honeymoon!”

38 The Nest Mag

Statu s Married July 1, 2010 how th ey me t Mutual friends set them up. th eir dig s They rent a 1,000-sq.-ft. penthouse with 2 bedrooms and 2 baths. ba by clo ck They have a five-yearold daughter, Ariana. “She keeps asking for a sibling!” They plan on trying for one soon. Ho bb ies /In te re st s Melissa lov es to shop, especially for shoes. Kevin lov es sports (“Let’s go, Pats!”). In 10 ye ar s th ey ’ll Be Out of debt and have bought a house! sex lif e Twice a week

this couple has their goals in sight!

Christopher, 31, & Valerie, 28 Staten Island, NY

Stat us Married September 10, 2010 how th ey me t Valerie was at the Jersey Shore for her birthday; Chris was there with his friends. Ca re er s Valerie is a special education preschool teacher, and Chris works for a trust company. th eir di gs They rent a 900-sq.-ft. apartment with 2 bedrooms and 1 bath. Ba by Cl oc k Not too ether!” soon. “We’re enjoying time tog ris Mo st an no yin g ha bit Ch personal says, “Valerie likes to hide my says, belongings when she cleans.” She house.” “Chris leaves his stuff around the uld love to Fa nt as y Sp lu rg e They wo e day! have a vacation home in Italy on rrounded In 10 ye ar s th ey ’ll be Su ful home, by family and friends in a beauti en. raising healthy and happy childr


Want to be a real couple? Send your info to

Tom, 29, & Jess, 2 C h ic a g o


Stat us Married September 4, 2011 how they met Through Tom’s coworker, whom Jess was dating at the time(!). “My ex and I were on the outs when I met Tom... Tom just hurried that along,” explains Jess. their digs They rent a 900-sq.-ft. loft with 1 bedroom and 1 bath. baby cloc k No immediate plans—they look forward to spending the next few years traveling and figuring out where they’ll buy a house. guilt y plea sure Jess loves a good cocktail and splurges on obscure liquors. Some thin g nobo dy know s Tom and Jess knew that they wanted to get married within six weeks of dating! [n]

splurge: smallbatch bourbon!

have friends, will travel

Why tell other couples about your next great vacation when you can take them along instead? Check out these hip places to explore together. By Myatt Murphy miami

With its constant sunshine, countless sports events and 24-hour nightlife, there are thousands of things for a four- or sixsome to do and see from the minute you land to the moment you unfortunately leave. SPLURGE You won’t find any two-bedroom suites at the Delano, but you will find yourselves in the heart of South Beach— near the best restaurants, shops, clubs and beaches. Every Tuesday night, a lounge party spills over into public areas of the hotel, drawing a celeb-dotted crowd (from $299, STEAL Every one of Pelican Hotel’s 25 rooms

is themed (from vintage ’30s to groovy ’70s). Fight your friends for popular #215— it was designed to look like an old-fashioned Texas brothel and is the most in-demand room at this boutique bargain (from $135, must-Dos

See the Ancient Spanish Monastery Cloisters. Built in 1141 and shipped here from Spain, it’s the oldest building in the Western Hemisphere. n Rent a powerboat and speed along the Miami coast ( n Hit Skybar, which has an exotic outdoor living room area ( n


taurants Many res add a n and bars service t n e 18 perc ake charge —m n’t o d sure you !­ ic tip tw e

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Zen out in Gaige House’s spa-like villas.

napa valley

California’s Napa Valley is considered one of the world’s greatest wine regions with its hundreds of wineries and gourmet restaurants. SPLURGE The centrally located and luxurious Gaige House has Zen villas and caters private group dinners—see what it means to live like a rock star (from $500, STEAL Suites at the Silverado Resort and Spa come with a wood-burning fireplace, a kitchen and a balcony/patio. The resort also offers three-bedroom vacation-rental homes (from $179, must-Dos

Book a private tasting at a high-end winery, like Inglenook or Joseph Phelps. n Saddle up four steeds and ride along the bucolic landscape at the Triple Creek Horse Outfit (


Savor Inglenook’s Rubicon red.


Skip Aspen and sneak away to this lesser-known Colorado ski town that lets you play in the snow sans the high price tag. SPLURGE Hyatt Main Street Station is located within walking distance of 54 pubs and the mountain’s chairlift. Two- and threebedroom condos offer a fireplace, kitchen, whirlpool tub and balcony (from $254, HyattMainStreet

STEAL All the suites at

Mountain Thunder Lodge can easily handle two couples— some even have room for three or four pairs—and come with hot tubs, stone fireplaces, gourmet kitchens and private balconies (from $229,

Breckenridge is home to one of the largest historic districts in Colorado.


Hang with the locals at the Breckenridge Brewery; head to Cecilia’s to dance ( n Have dinner for four at Relish ( > n

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las vegas

With glam casinos, five-star fare and endless entertainment options, Sin City has something for everyone—especially traveling couples. SPLURGE There’s only one option: Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas. Couples can be right where the action is—yet escape from all the craziness—at this non-gaming hotel tucked quietly at the south end of the famous Las Vegas Strip. The concierge staff specializes in personalizing activities for groups of four or more, from nighttime helicopter tours to VIP access to the most exclusive nightclubs (from $159, STEAL The Red Rock Resort, located off the Strip, affords couples peace and quiet just minutes away from all the action. Its casino is considered to be better than

those at most on-the-Strip resorts, and it’s the only Vegas joint that organizes group adventures, from mountain biking to kayaking (from $168, must-Dos

Catch a show, like Cirque du Soleil or Blue Man Group ( n Tour the Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon or top-secret military base/alien destination Area 51 ( n Walk the Fremont Street Experience, a five-block strip of nostalgic casinos, shops and eateries ( n

Sleep off your hangover on a chaise lounge at the Four Seasons’ rooftop pool (above); cruise with your crew on crazy Fremont Street.

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need a passport?

Yes ! As o f 2009, you need a passport (or equiva lent) to travel to Canada.

See and be seen at Opus Montreal’s Suco Lounge.


Known for being at the heart of the music scene, this international and culturally refined city has every type of club—night, comedy and music—for travelers seeking nonstop fun. SPLURGE The contemporary 136-room Opus Montreal boutique hotel is a hit with traveling couples looking for a hip spot downtown. Save a few bucks and bunk together in an executive suite with two rooms (one has a Murphy bed) and two baths. Late checkout is at 2 p.m., so any lazybones who sleeps in won’t hold everyone up (from $180, STEAL Look no further than the Embassy Suites by Hilton Montreal. Situated downtown in historic Old Montreal, this 210-room hotel lets couples traveling together enjoy two-room suites with their own fireplace. Rooms with a

kitchen are also available—a perfect way to spend less on food and more on fun (from $200, must-Dos

Spot celebs at Globe, a bar with a laid-back vibe and a nightly DJ ( n Take a stroll along rue Sainte-Catherine, the city’s main shopping street, and stop by Place Montréal Trust, a 320,000-squarefoot shopping mall. n Place your bets at the Casino de Montréal, one of the world’s 10 largest casinos ( n In late May, soak up the Mondial de la Bière, the largest beer festival in Canada ( Also check out free concerts at the Montreal International Jazz Festival ( [n] n

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