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Neepawa buys new fire truck Neepawa Town Council Tuesday, May 3 By Eoin Devereux The Neepawa Press The Town of Neepawa is moving ahead with the purchase of a new fire truck. The 2016 International pumper truck has been ordered from Fort Garry Fire Trucks, based out of Winnipeg, at a cost of $399,895, before taxes. A purchase of this type for a municipality is tax exempt however, so the town will receive the cost of the taxes back at a later date. The purchase was officially made on Wednesday, May 4, with assembly of the truck beginning immediately. The purchase of the vehicle will be made in instalments, with 50 per cent as a down payment, 25 per cent at the mid-point of assembly and the other 25 per cent paid upon receipt of the finished vehicle. Town administration expects to receive the pumper truck before the end of the year. Budget approved The financial plan for the Town of Neepawa has been approved. Council gave second and third reading to the document, which allocates $7,655,027.81 towards the general operating fund and $5,047,751.51 to the utility operating fund. Compared to the 2015 budget, that’s an increase in spending of $936,897 towards general and a $1,969,431 increase for utility. The majority of that extra funding however, is being transferred from the town’s reserve funds and will not impact the mill rates for property owners.


Kyle Lund of Waray (in red) and Rusty Abarollo of Bisdak (in black) battle for the ball in the opening tip-off of the deciding game for the Neepawa Filipino Basketball League championship on Sunday, May 8 at the NACI gymnasium. Additional pictures from the thrilling final game can be seen on page 7 and 8.

Neepawa, MB


New town website will soon have a new look. Council has approved the creation of a revised municipal website by Insightrix Research, a Saskatchewan based company focused on online marketing and website development. The town received 16 proposals to update the website, 15 from Canadian companies and one from the United States. Neepawa’s revamped online presence is expected to be finished by the end of the year.

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Beautiful Plains Medical Clinic to expand again Lottery committee hoping to sell out this year By Ken Waddell The Neepawa Press After several years of successful lotteries, the Beautiful Plains Medical Clinic Committee is hoping to go above and beyond with this year’s fundraiser. The lottery has been edging closer and closer to a sell-out every year and that’s a very good thing. However, Mary Ellen Clark, who chairs the committee said, “Wouldn’t it be great be to sell out?” Last winter, the much smaller Neepawa Natives Junior A Hockey cash lottery did sell out for the first time in its history, so it would be nice to achieve that same result for the clinic. The Beautiful Plains Medical Clinic is owned by the Neepawa Area Development Corporation (NADCO). A number of years ago, NADCO purchased the former Neepawa Clinic that was then owned by Dr. Chapman, who retired. Extensive renovations and upgrades were done and then about four years ago, an expansion was embarked upon. That raised the number of examination rooms to 10. Perhaps even more important, the renovations included a suite in the lower level that has been used almost continuously by student doctors. Arnie Suski, who has been involved with the medical clinic committee for over a decade and has been a long-time chair


The Beautiful Plains Medical Clinic (right) is about to expand again. The two houses (pictured above) have been bought by NADCO and plans are bing drawn up to add eight more examining rooms, so the clinic can potentially move up to 10 doctors. of the committee said, “NADCO has bought the two houses south of the clinic. Those two houses are being advertised to be moved. The land may be used for parking or for expansion of the clinic.” Plans are being drawn up to expand by eight more examination rooms. “That would allow us to go up to 10 doctors from the current six.” As they did with the last expansion, the committee is planning on building the addition on a basement to allow for offices and for another rental suite. The existing basement suite has been very popular with visiting student doctors, as it gives them a place to stay while they work out their educational requirements under the guidance of one of the clinic’s six doctors. Dr. Brian Milligan, who

did some work himself at Neepawa as a student and has been at the clinic now for a number of years said, “Doctor recruitment is ongoing. We are getting favourable responses from the student doctors. We want to recruit Manitoba Medical School graduates as they tend to stay around longer. We haven’t been looking as much overseas. It will be a couple of years before any students move here. I wish it was sooner.” Milligan also said they are attending job fairs and are always looking to recruit more doctors. Over the years, the annual Beautiful Plains Medical Clinic lottery has paid for most of the renovations and expansion. It is hoped that this year’s lottery will go a long way towards paying off the expense of the planned expansion.

Lottery tickets are available from clinic committee members, some town and municipal councillors and at the Town of Neepawa office as well as Enns Bros and Harris Pharmacy in Neepawa. Tickets will be available this week on Thursday and Friday at the Lottery office at the Town of Neepawa council chamber from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m and on Saturday

Two towns host economic development forum By Eoin Devereux The Neepawa Press

A summit on economic development is coming to Neepawa and Minnedosa. The Economic Developers Association of Manitoba (EDAM) is holding its spring forum in the two communities from May 11-13. Neepawa’s economic development officer, Marilyn Crewe, said that representatives from 51 different municipalities and organizations will be a part of the conference. “This is an opportunity for both Neepawa and Minnedosa and really the region in general,” said Crewe. “This forum will allow for many training and networking opportunities. EDO’s from across the province will be able to sit down together and

discuss new ideas on how to better create community based action. It’s all about creating meaningful and measurable change in our communities.” Vern May, the economic development officer for Minnedosa, said the partnership between his community and Neepawa to put on an event like this is very exciting. “A collaboration like this doesn’t happen often enough. We’re working together well and each community is able to complement the other. This is something that hasn’t been done at other EDAM events. It provides a new element for the delegates. Different perspectives on issues that we all deal with,” said May. Some of the presenta-

tions that are scheduled for the EDAM forum include better ways to engage the local and regional media, getting existing community business owners to buy in to the economic development strategy and culti-

vating the next generation of entrepreneurs. As well, bus tours of the business districts of both Neepawa and Minnedosa will occur, allowing the organization to speak with several business owners.

Neepawa Legion #23

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this week from 8 a.m to 9 p.m. The Early Bird draw deadline is also at 9 p.m. on Saturday night. Five radio stations will be broadcasting live from the Lottery office and phone calls will be made to hundreds of former ticket

purchasers. Tickets can be bought by phoning tollfree to 1-877-876-8555. Tickets are available online at or by mail at Neepawa and District Farm and Leisure Lotto, P.O. Box 369, Neepawa, MB, R0J 1H0.

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Neepawa Press Looking Back 1956: 10-year-old O’Brien wins great musical distinction MAY 11, 2016 3

capable of breaking the sound barrier. The air forces had said that they were going to hold their maneuvers over as little populated an area as possible and, obviously, Neepawa must have been chosen for at least one fly by. 30 years ago Thursday, May 8, 1986 Myths dispelled about the hog plant: Appearing before the Neepawa Rotary Club last Friday, during a luncheon meeting, Springhill Farms hog processing plant general manager Jack Irish said he wanted to “dispel a few misconceptions” surrounding Neepawa’s newest industry. “All of your misconceptions are based on plants built anywhere from 20 to 62 years ago,” Irish said

in his speech to the club members. “Outmoded, outdated, just like the dinosaur. “If you stand in front of Springhill Farms – all you will smell will be the Neepawa dump burning garbage,” he commented, assuring the gathered audience modern processing plants are kept scrupulously clean, preventing unwanted odours. 20 years ago Monday, May 14, 1996 The first of several hurdles standing in the way of a Dairy Queen brazier restaurant in Neepawa has become a stumbling block. The proposed site, initially purchased by franchise applicant Darrell Reid of Neepawa, has flunked an environmental assessment test.

A portion of the vacant 44,000 square-foot lot, located at the corner of Main Street and 5th Avenue, was found to be contaminated with hydrocarbon particles in excess of allowable provincial standards. The lot, owned by Imperial Oil, once contained fuel storage tanks. The test result is not a deal killer, Reid said. “We did some remedial work last week and removed about 80 yards of contaminated materials,” said Reid, who has ordered a second environmental test. “I’m confident the results of the remedial test will be fine.” 10 years ago Monday, May 8, 2006 The Neepawa Press won three awards at the Manitoba Community News-


1956: 10-year-old Garry O’Brien, winner of great musical distinction this year at Winnipeg and Dauphin festivals.

Week of May 11, 2016 By Cecil Pittman The Neepawa Press 80 years ago Tuesday, May 12, 1936 The Neepawa Creamery wishes to announce that it has made available a new form of dessert – the “take home sundae” – the perfect finish for any dinner. 70 years ago Thursday, May 9, 1946 Locker plant expands: Excavation is underway at present for the new 20 by 42 addition to the Neepawa locker plant. Construction will start as soon as the full sized basement is completed and nearly all the material is at hand. F. Lyall, plant manager, reports that they may be temporarily delayed for some finishing material, but that the building will be in operation within a short time. 60 years ago Thursday, May 10, 1956 Garry O’Brien, 10, guest at meeting of local Lions Club: Ten-year-old Garry O’Brien, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ernie O’Brien of Franklin, Monday night of this week presented a highly enjoyable program of musical selections at the regular meeting of Neepawa Lions Club. Garry, who has won

great musical distinction this year at the Winnipeg Music Festival and at the Dauphin Festivals, and his father were guests of the local organization at this meeting. The youngster is a music pupil of Gerald Death, Neepawa. 50 years ago Tuesday, May 10, 1966 It was announced this week that the D and R Groceteria will be closing its doors as soon as stock and equipment are sold out. Proprietors Ray and Doris Murray said they were sorry to be leaving Neepawa, but were forced to do so for health reasons. They will leave for Victoria when stock and equipment at the store are sold. The Murrays have a son, Ken, in the RCMP at Victoria and a daughter, BettyRae, at Vancouver. 40 years ago Thursday, May 13, 1976 Many people from the Neepawa and surrounding district where awakened early Thursday morning by what many thought was a terrific explosion. The Canadian and American air forces have been holding maneuvers this past week over the skies of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba with planes


paper Association’s annual awards banquet in Winnipeg. The Press topped two categories – one for photography and one for feature writing. Jack Gibson was named the winner of the best photo essay for his work on the MSOS Games, which were held in Neepawa last summer. Meanwhile, Elizabeth Treger produced the winning entry in the best feature article on a business topic. The story profiled salesmen who earn their living by making commission sales. The other award was a third place finish by Gibson in the best sports photo. The photo was a shot of the NACI Tigers’ extreme cheerleading squad.

Neepawa Press Opinion

4 MAY 11, 2016

Est. 1896

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by Chad Carpenter


‘ W hich is safer, rail or pipeline?’ Well, another Manitoba election has come and gone. And we got the change we wanted. Or did we? It still seems like the goal of “evidence-based” policymaking, often promised by politicians of every stripe, remains as elusive as ever. Take climate change, for example.  Except for the cranks, the pseudo-scientists pimping for big oil, those living on the moon or the stupid, the science is now accepted. It’s settled. Our earthly home is warming dangerously because we’re burning too much fossil fuel. This is already creating conditions that have, for one thing, been making wildfires happen more, come earlier and last longer. (And oh, by the way, as I write this, Fort McMurray is burning.)   Burning permits are also being cancelled in many parts of Manitoba amid a high fire hazard and a series of fires burning here. Yet our new Premier, Brian

Pallister, has just announced a new cabinet, without a Minister of the Environment! This surely places him in one of the categories I have just mentioned above. While I'd like to give him the benefit of the doubt, let's face it, this is no oversight. And it’s hard to view it as anything but the act of an utterly contemptuous climate denier.  One of Pallister's new Ministers, now my own MLA, made it clear at a forum with two other candidates before the election, that she was not that familiar with climate science or the Energy East pipeline. That’s a plan for a massive new project that would use an aging pipeline, which already crosses Manitoba, to carry highly corrosive and polluting Alberta tar instead of the natural gas as it now does.  But the other two candidates didn’t even think the science was settled yet. While one did express the need for greener energy, the other actually called a carbon tax, already used suc-

cessfully in some jurisdictions to reduce fuel consumption and greenhouse gases, “the work of the Devil.” The three local candidates (all card-carrying members of the Conservative Party of Manitoba, as it turns out) also thought pipelines were better than tanker-trains, because they’re safer. Not only was it the wrong question, their answer was highly debatable.  In a 10-year period, Enbridge of Calgary recorded more than 600 spills of crude oil from its pipeline into the States. One hundred and thirty-two thousand barrels escaped, fully half the amount involved in the infamous Exxon-Valdez tragedy in 1988. Then, in 2010, 2.4 million litres of bitumen (tar) spilled from an Enbridge facility into a river in Michigan. That cleanup has proven incredibly difficult, lengthy and costly and was the worst spill of its kind, ever. Last July, five million litres of bitumen mixed with water and sand

leaked from a pipeline south of Fort McMurray. It proved to be one of the biggest oil spills in Alberta’s history. Oh, and just last month, there was a spill of more than 70,000 litres of crude from TransCanada’s Keystone pipeline in South Dakota. And in Russia, an oil pipeline ruptured under a river recently and exploded. I could go on. But you get the idea. So why is the question, “Which is safer, rail or pipeline" the wrong one? Despite the LacMégantic tragedy (or perhaps because of it), we should be asking, instead; “How can we wean ourselves off fossil fuels and find sustainable, alternative sources of energy, before it’s too late for our kids and our planet? " For the first time in a very long time, I did not vote in a provincial election. And there will need to be more and better choices before I do again. Larry Powell Neepawa, MB

Letters to the Editor

Circulation ‘One of the greatest pleasures a hockey fan can have’

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Verified circulation CCNA November 30, 2015: 4,138

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Just about every hockey fan has a hockey hero. I was born in Neepawa on March 30, 1941. Shortly after World War II, some of the guys formed a hockey team. I can only recall a few; there were the three Guinn brothers, Ron, Jim and Bill; however, the youngest, smallest and I believe the fastest, player was Skinner Bell (George). He moved away from Neepawa in the late ‘40s or early ‘50s, as did my family in 1953. Several years rolled by and in 1991, my work took me to Hudson's Hope, BC, where I joined a men's senior hockey team, the Hudson's Hope Hornets. The Hornets put on a tournament every year and teams came from all around; Fort Nelson, Fort St. John, Dawson Creek, Mackenzie, etc. A greatly enjoyed tournament. One year, about 1995, there were a couple of teams that had too many players and one that just had a few players, so we made up

Thumbs up, thumbs down Thumbs up to local artists for generously donating their art for a silent auction at the recent launch of ArtsForward. The art club has their art on display for the month of May. Most people would likely be surprised to see how many talented artists call the Neepawa area their home. The VCC recently went through an exercise to look at rebranding and instead of being the Viscount Cultural Centre for the Arts, they will be known as ArtsForward. Ron Nordstrom, Neepawa

a team with a combination of these. I wound up playing defense with a fellow everyone called Buzz. In conversation in the dressing room, Buzz mentioned Neepawa, so I asked him, “What’s your last name?”. He said “Bell,” and I, of course, asked if he was related to Skinner Bell. He replied, “that's me”. I realized that the defense partner I was playing with was my hockey hero. In other tournaments previously, we had played on opposite teams. Skinner is playing in the great arena now and I have had one of the greatest pleasures a hockey fan can ever have – playing with and against my hockey hero, Skinner Bell. A story shared with love to Neepawa. George Goodwin Revelstoke, BC

Would you like to send a thumbs up or thumbs down to an individual or group in the community? Please send it our way. Submissions must include a name and must be under 100 words. We want to hear from you! In person: 243 Hamilton St. Neepawa By fax: 204-476-5073 By email:


CRA used as cover Looking Back for phone frauds

ArtsForward launches

Page 6 • September 2, 2015 •

Looking Back: Week of September 2

such as the one that called Barnaby’s husband under the facade of being with Phone frauds have been Canada Revenue Agency. a problem for a long time, The Canadian Anti-Fraud but every once in a while, Centre (CAFC) says that there seems to be a spike because it is tax season, in calls in an area that re- there are a lot of fraudsters minds everyone to be wary using that as their cover of suspicious telemarket- during this time of the ers. Genie Barnaby, co- year. Usually, the fraudordinator of Home Assist- ster either claims that ance Neepawa and District there is a refund pending (HAND), has had that very or that the person owes back taxes. Most often, reminder recently. “I had a senior call me they will ask for personal this morning in tears as information, which is the she had a very rude, ob- biggest red flag, as the noxious caller asking her Canada Revenue Agency about her Visa card and should have all the inforrequesting information,” mation they need on file. Barnaby said on Thursday CAFC encourages anyone PHOTO BY RON NORDSTROM of last week. “When she receiving suspicious calls In order to better communicate what it is they do, the Viscount Cultural Centre has been rebranded refused to give him any like that to call the Canada as ArtsForward. On May 6, a special celebration was held to unveil the organization’s new name info, he called her a very Revenue Agency and check and logo. Marlene Siatecki, VCC’s first director of programming and Rrain Prior, current director of nasty name. She did hang to see if what they were told programming, show off ArtsForward’s new logo. For more about the change, see this week’s Banner. up on him, but he did call is true before cooperating her back again and called in any way. Other common fraud her the nasty name once more.” The senior had told covers include winning Barnaby that when the call prizes, investment opcame in, the phone showed portunities, services or all zeros in the caller ID. products for sale or charShe also noticed that the ities that don’t exist. The caller had a very thick biggest warning sign of a fraud is requesting private foreign accent. Barnaby added that financial infor mation, her husband, Bob, also such as bank account Photo Cecil Pittman Archives or creditCanada card numbers, recently a suspiIn the received “good old” days Neepawa’s Day baseball events attracted five to six thousand people. 14 senior baseball teams and the famous JJ Casey shows cious phone call asking without having agreed to were the big attractions. for personal information purchase anything or give earlier that week. “My money. Other warning include husband received a call signs 70 years the ago caller and it is expected the Miss Mitchell is from Mr. Sneath said that such chinery, cutting a swath By Cecil Pittman specifically for cash course will be in opera- Grandview, where she statements of attitudes of damage south of this week from someone asking Thursday September Looking to be in a tion next July 1. saying theyback were from Rev- only, claiming 6, 1945 has been teaching for should be made by all Neepawa to Gladstone of authority in enue Canada saying Bob position Stu Forsman, Murtwo years. Mrs. Sumner affected parties before last Tuesday. the had to 80 provide personal their years ago After the storm, which ray’sbusiness, Garage, calling has left is from Mentmore, and the hearings commence 50 years ago the phone info regarding his income Tuesday September 3, recipient for Flint,of Michigan tocall athas taught for six years to give a clear indication dumped from one-andFriday September 3, their first name instead tax,” she explained, 1935 adding by one-half to two inches of their position. tend a two weeks course at Glenburney School. 1965 of Mr. or Mrs., or being thatWhen this caller also had a the babbitt he sponsored of rain in half an hour by General Neepawa’s two elestrong accent. “It is really pressured to make a deciwas pouring sprayed Motors for automotive mentary schools opened cleared, property owners 30 years ago 40 years ago sad that people have to sion immediately, as they and blew into his face, service managers. were left to survey the Thursday September Thursday September their doors Wednesday be concerned about who know there is a chance for Arthur G. Curtis sufdamage of the worst hail 5, 1985 4, 1975 is reaching them through the recipient to find out for this fall term, with fered a painful accident storm in years. The Roxy Theatre and 60 years ago A statement by the about 635 students regtheir phone and making that the caller’s claims Sunday which may have Neepawa Drive-In TheThursday September Manitoba Pool elevators istering. 16052gm7 are fraudulent if they have them feel violated!” serious consequences. 10 years ago 8, 1955 Both schools have president, H. B. Sneath, atre are both up for sale, it out. It can be easy to forget, time to check was burnt Gladstonewho willbelieves again some new staff mem- has included the CNR says owner Don Zaba, Monday September 5, Anyone asOne mosteyeball telemarketers are and if in ammation sets they 2005 havehave its own golf been thecourse target bers, and both have new line between Russell and leaving the future of genuine (albeit a nuisance in he may lose sight of A nine-member inafter a period of several a fraudulent phone call principals. Ted Witoski Neepawa, and south to public movie showings sometimes), butthe people of it. always The other eyelid should years, according to re- is principle of Kelling- the junction of the main in Neepawa hanging in terim board of directors report it immedishould be careful and his forehead were ately. ports They fromcanthat town. call the toll ton School, replacing line as essential to main- the lurch, at least for a was appointed Thursday about what information badly num- Miss Ruth Faryon, and taining a basic grain while. they areburnt givingalso. out. He Evenis free evening to oversee Budz The PhoneBusters property comprises conned his home. at acres, 1-888-495-8501, when not togiving infor - ber Zaba, interviewed by N Bloom daycare, after of 55 three miles Dennis Paterson is the shipping network in the http:// mation, once a person visit telephone from his Red all but three members of souththe of website the town and new principal at Vis- province. refuses to cooperate with will make a course of count, replacing Mrs. The statement came Deer, Alberta home, said the previous board reemail phonebusters@ a scammer, the scammer or approximately 3,500 Slezak. in response to the an- business at the drive-in signed. to report suscan often be very rude and The resignations took yards with nine aholes. New staff members nouncements of the and downtown theatre fraud. offensive, as in the case pected Work will begin shortly at Kellington include dates for hearings before was “slow all the way place after months of of the senior that spoke between Miss Dianne Mitchell, the Hall Commission, around” during the past wrangling BARRISTERS ANDfraud with Barnaby. Most grade 1 and Mrs. Eliza- set up to review rail-line year, although the drive- board members and the centres encourage SOLICITORS people beth Sumner, grade 6. abandonment proposals. in did its best in 1984 daycare’s rst director to hang up as soon as they since his purchase of Anna K. Gordon. Gor269 Hamilton Street,to Neepawa, Man. suspect fraud prevent both properties in 1975. don also resigned. scammers from getting the Thursday’s meeting INLEY HOMSON ✦ opportunity to say their ✦ to appoint an interim 20 years ago choice words. C HARTERED A CCOUNTANTS I NC . Monday September 5, board was organized by Sometimes, fraudsters Hours: the Neepawa Area De1995 will use Office a real company 17 Dennis St. W. P. O. Box 70 287-A Hamilton St. P. O. Box 267 velopment Corporation, Hail the size of golf 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Gladstone, MB R0J 0T0 Neepawa, MB R0J 1H0 as a cover to make their Telephone: (204) 385-2570 Telephone: (204) 476-3941 which spearheaded deballs and gale-force Monday to Friday stories more believable, By Kira Paterson The Neepawa Press

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Telephone 476-2336

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winds beat down on crops, buildings and ma-

velopment of the community daycare.


My Neepawa This picture was taken this April at Broadway Avenue, in Neepawa. PHOTO BY CHRISTINA BABADILLA

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Neepawa Town Council meeting

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Yellowhead Centre request Board members with the Yellowhead Centre forwarded correspondence to Town Council requesting assistance with the first stage of its capital improvement project. The first stage of improvements to the facility are already underway and include the installation of new LED lighting in the entrance concourse and arena, a dehumidifier for the west-end of the facility and a lowemissivity (Low-E) arena ceiling. The cost of all these energy saving efforts comes in at around $125,000. The Yellowhead board passed a motion earlier this year to pay for the improvements from part of a pre-approved line of credit made available from the Beautiful Plains Credit Union. The Yellowhead Centre has also received

a grant from Community Places for $30,000 and has applied to several other organizations for additional funding. Council has allocated funding to the Yellowhead Centre in its 2016 financial plan. In previous years, however, that support was needed specifically to aid with the general costs of operating the facility. Hydrant flushing The Town of Neepawa confirmed that its annual hydrant flushing program will begin on Thursday, May 12. It will operate throughout the community for approximately two weeks. Administration noted that people may notice periods of low pressure or moments with no water. Water may also be discoloured after flushing is completed. People are asked to please run cold water

through an unfiltered tap until the water runs clear. The water remains safe to drink during this process. Misc. Summer staff have been hired and are working around the community. Work at the former C.N. Rail property is underway by Dig-All Construction. Line painting on municipal roads is underway. A Canada Day celebration meeting was held on Monday, May 2. Representatives with two organizations (Scouts and the United Church) attended and offered to assist with the festivities. Scouts offered to organize a canteen, while the United Church will aid with putting together an old time picnic event. Other events are still being pursued. Interested volunteers or organizations are asked to contact the town office if they wish to help with the day.


Neepawa Press Sports

MAY 11, 2016 7

A three-peat for Waray


(Above) The team members of Waray celebrate a third straight Neepawa Filipino Basketball Championship. (Right) Kyle Lund (7) collects a defensive rebound in the first half of the game, while Mark Rioja (14) helps box out the opposition. By Eoin Devereux The Neepawa Press Waray has claimed its third straight championship in the Neepawa Filipino Basketball League (NFBL) and was able to do so in dramatic fashion. Trailing by four with just 1:17 remaining in the final quarter, Waray scored the final six points of the game, to claim the final by a 63-61 margin over Badak. The final matchup of the NFBL season was played in front of a raucous crowd of over 250 people at the NACI gymnasium on Sunday, May 8. The showdown started off extremely well for Waray, as they scored the first eight points of the game. The team continued to control the early tempo and were able to secure a 22-13 lead after the first quarter. Badak inched its way back into contention however, as the second quarter progressed, ultimately cutting the deficit to just two points by the end of the first half, at 33-31. Early in the third, Badak took the lead

with an early three pointer. They continued to pressure Waray into low percentage shots, while taking advantage of their own opportunities, securing a 52-45 lead into the fourth and final quarter. Waray started to play at a quicker tempo as time ran down, while Badak went with a slower, methodical pace, in an effort to run down the clock. Slowly, but surely, Waray cut down the deficit it faced, until the game was tied at 61-61 with just 30.2 seconds remaining. With time running out, they were able to drop a basket in to reclaim the lead for the first time since early in the third. A last second half court attempt by Badak as time ran out bounced off the rim, to make the final score 63-61. After the game, Mark Rioja was named the game MVP. With the NFBL season now concluded, league commissioners Stafford Greer and Grant Hurrel wish to thank Lorelyn Knight of Investors Group for sponsoring the playoff trophies and congratulate both teams on an amazing performance to end the season.

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Neepawa Press Sports Page 6 • September 2, 2015 •

8 MAY 11, 2016

Looking Back

NFBL Championship CarlinBack: commits Looking Week to Concordia By Eoin Devereux The Neepawa Press

Neepawa Natives defensemen Patrick Carlin has committed to Concordia University of Edmonton and its hockey program for the 2016-2017 season. The Concordia Thunder play in the nine team Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference (ACAC). With Carlin, who is originally from Edmonton, commiting to the Thunder, he joins Austin Hingtgen as the most recent graduating players of the Neepawa Natives, who will pursue college opportunities in the upcoming year. In a media release announcing his commitment, Carlin expressed gratitude toward both the Neepawa and Concordia organizations. “I would like to thank my family, my coaches from minor hockey all the way through junior, the town of Neepawa, my teammates, and my billets (Gluska family). It was a privilege to be a part of the Neepawa Natives organization and I will always appreciate the town and their support of the organization,” said Carlin. “[Moving forward], the opportunity to play for Concordia is a perfect PHOTOS BY EOIN DEVEREUX fit for me to be a part of a good young team.” (Above left) Barak attempts to move the basketball upcourt early in the game. (Above right) a layup attempt Concordia head coach Dan Glegloff, said the by Kyle Lund (7) late in the game. (Below) About 250 people filled the NACI gymnasium to watch the program is very excited to have a local athlete conclusion of the NFBL season. like Patrick return home. “His skating and puck moving abilities will be an asset for our team and he will be part of our strong young core of defensemen. Patrick has also shown a great commitment to academIn the “good old” days Neepawa’s Canada Day baseball fivea to ics and leadership and we events are sureattracted he will be valued member of the community at Concordia were the big attractions. University of Edmonton,” noted Glegloff. Carlin proved to be a leader for the Neepawa 70 years ago and it is the Natives, both in the community andexpected on the ice By Cecil Pittman Thursday course willasbe inofoperaover the September last two seasons. Serving one the Looking back 6, 1945 tion next25 July 1. in 56 assistant captains, he contributed points games during theMurMJHL regular season. Through Stu Forsman, 80 years ago media release, the left Neepawa Natives organization ray’s Garage, has 50 years ago noted Michigan that the Carlin a very important role Tuesday September 3, for Flint, to at-played Friday September 3, with the club last season and wished both him 1935 tend a two weeks course 1965 and the Concordia Thunder success next year. When the babbitt he sponsored by General Neepawa’s two ele-

was pouring sprayed and blew into his face, Arthur G. Curtis suffered a painful accident Sunday may have July 16 - Ronald McDonald Housewhich Charity. serious consequences. July 25 - Touchwood. One eyeball was burnt July 30-31 - Desert Classic (July 30 in Neepawa). and if inammation sets August 4 - Ladies 50+ Tournament. in he may lose the sight September 3-5 - Rosebowl. it.Classic. The other eyelid September 10 - Sunflowerof Fall and his forehead were The Neepawa Press apologizes forburnt the error. badly also. He is conned to his home.


In the Wednesday, May 4 edition of the Neepawa Press, the tournament dates listed in the article ‘Getting back into the swing of things’, were from the 2015 schedule. The correct dates from 2016 as listed on are as follows: June 9-12 - CN Future Links Prairie Classic. July 11 - Senior Men Open.

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mentary schools opened their doors Wednesday for this fall term, with 60 years ago about 635 students regThursday September istering. 8, 1955 Both schools have Gladstone will again some new staff memhave its own golf course bers, and both have new after a period of several principals. Ted Witoski years, according to re- is principle of Kellingports from that town. ton School, replacing The property comprises Miss Ruth Faryon, and of 55 acres, three miles Dennis Paterson is the south of the town and new principal at Viswill make a course of count, replacing Mrs. approximately 3,500 Slezak. yards with nine holes.16052 New staff members Work will begin shortly at Kellington include Miss Dianne Mitchell, grade 1 and Mrs. Elizabeth Sumner, grade 6.

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Junior High classes pick up a few new tricks


On April 22, 150 Grade 7 and 8 NACI students participated in five different workshops en français! Students learned how to perform magic at one of the workshops. They visited each workshop to pick up some new skills, while learning new French vocabulary and using the basics that they already knew.

An expert at playing spoons taught the kids how to make the eating utensil into a musical instrument.

At the station in the gym, the Grade 7s and 8s learned some traditional French-Canadian folk dances.

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One of the visiting teachers showed the students some tricks for drawing cartoon characters.

At one workshop, students made delicious and nutritious wraps. This day of activities ensured that the Junior High classes would not be left out of the French-Canadian experiences. Previously, the Grade 6s had done their own version of Festival du Voyageur at NACI to learn about French-Canadian voyageur and Metis culture, while the Grade 9 French class has recently come back from a trip to Quebec, where they experienced French-Canadian life.


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