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PSY 410 Week 5 Individual Assignment Practical Applications Paper

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1. Individual Assignment: Practica Applications Paper

• Prepare a 1,050- 1,500 word paper, in which you analyze the application of abnormal psychology. Address the following in your paper: o Identify two licensed professions that you are interested in learning more about in the field of abnormal psychology such as psychiatrists, psychiatric nurses, psychologists, social workers, marriage and family therapists, and pastoral counselors. o Discuss the practice/clinical work of each of these professions (i.e., the type of work they do, type of clients/patients they see, type of treatment they provide). o Identify the educational and licensure requirements for both professions you have chosen. The license requirements will vary for each state, therefore, identify the licensure requirements for your current state of residence or the state you would like to practice in. You may use the state’s Psychologist licensing board website as a source. This is the only web site you are allowed to use as a source in your paper. If you need assistance in locating your state’s Psychologist licensing board website, please ask the instructor for assistance. Analyze the legal and ethical issues related to licensed and unlicensed professionals in the field of abnormal psychology.

Psy 410 week 5 individual assignment practical applications paper  

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