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2010 Officer Elections Voting Guidelines This Year’s Candidates: President-Elect Judy DeWeese, CIT

Vice President Shirley S. Horne, CIT (withdrawn) Cindy Johnsen, CBT, CDS, CIT

Secretary Linda Champlin-Frank, CIT Riki Lovejoy, CBT, CIT

Treasurer Yasmine A. Branden, CCA Janet P. Sullivan, CCA, CDS, CIT

Who Votes: Members classified as “Active,” “Corporate” and “Member-at-Large” are eligible to vote for NAWIC National Officers by ballot. The NAWIC Office will produce the ballots. Ballots will be sent by June 1 to all voting members based on the NAWIC Office’s record of paid and processed members as of May 1. Ballot information will be emailed to all voting members. Those who do not have e-mail will receive a paper ballot. Voting Instructions: All ballots must be returned by June 30 to be counted. Each ballot returned will count as one vote. All instructions on the ballot must be followed in order for a vote to count. Tallying and Notification: The ballots will be tallied by an outside source as determined by the NAWIC Office. The outside source will send a letter with the determined outcome of the election to the execu-

tive vice president of the Association. The number of votes a candidate receives will not be published. Each candidate may submit a written request to the executive vice president asking for the number of votes she received with a breakdown by region. Candidates and the NAWIC Board of Directors will be notified of the results by July 7 via e-mail or phone. Results will be posted on the NAWIC Web site by July 8. If a second vote is required, ballots will be sent as soon as possible after July 7. You must vote in the first ballot to be eligible to vote in a tie situation. Remember: As in any election, your vote does count. Write-in Candidates: Write-in candidates will be allowed. To qualify, write-in candidates must have their application to the NAWIC Office prior to ballot information being e-mailed on June 1.

Candidate Bulletin Board To help familiarize members with the five candidates running for national office, an interactive, online Bulletin Board will be available at NAWIC Online on March 25. Go to > Member Sign In > Member Center > Bulletin Board. We hope you will find the Bulletin Board to be user-friendly. However, if you have any questions, please e-mail Tim Elmore, NAWIC Web specialist, at, or call him at (800) 552-3506.

“You must vote and make your voice heard. Otherwise, you will be left out.” Mari-Luci Jaramillo


Judy DeWeese, CIT




Candidate Facts

AWIC Builds” is a simple statement, but it boasts many facets. For me, NAWIC programs and relationships have helped build my leadership skills, broaden my education and open doors that would otherwise have remained shut. NAWIC encouragements have built confidence and the belief I can make a difference. As NAWIC President-Elect, I will continue to share my knowledge, enthusiasm and passion for NAWIC – I will pay it forward. The national recession took its toll on our industry and membership. Our top priority must be to build and maintain strong chapters with current members

through participation and use that strength and enthusiasm to grow membership. We must also build our position and influence in the construction industry, which will also lead to an increase in membership. Expanding the “NAWIC Builds” philosophy, we can help build this industry and our Association back and beyond its historic heights. “NAWIC Builds” should be ingrained across the industry to trigger these thoughts at its mere mention: NAWIC Builds Leaders; NAWIC Builds the Construction Industry; NAWIC Builds Community; NAWIC Builds Success; NAWIC Builds Me. National/Regional/NEF Committee Member: • Region 7 NEF Liaison, 2008-2009 • Region 7 Fund Trustee, 2007-2009 • Membership Dues Taskforce, 20062007 • Membership Taskforce, 2005-2006 • Strategic Plan, 1999-2000 • Voting Taskforce, 1999-2000 • Construction Industry, 1996-1997

Chapter/Region Affiliation: San Antonio, Texas, Chapter #11 — Region 7 Year joined NAWIC: 1978 Company: Mauze Construction Corp. Company Type: General Contractor Position & Job Duties: Office/Business Manager — office administration, financial planning, accounting, contract administration, process monthly pay application, office staff supervision. Years in Construction: 36 Other Industry Experience: Credit and collection, electrical estimating, copy writing, purchasing. Community/Industry Affiliations: • U.S. Air Force Vietnam-era Veteran • Past President Babcock North Neighborhood Association • Speaker at various events • Volunteered with Special Olympics and other community-service projects

Education: • Edison College & San Antonio College • Construction Industry Technician (CIT), NEF National Offices Held: • Vice President, 2009-2010 • Secretary, 2008-2009, 2007-2008, 2000-2001 • Region 7 Director, 2005-2007, 1997-1999

Elected Chapter Offices Held: • President, four terms • Vice President, three terms • Secretary, three terms • Director, four terms • Parliamentarian, five terms

Outstanding NAWIC Participation: • Chapter leader and mentor to members and officers; Chapter Mentor of the Year 2003, instrumental in establishing chapter expense guidelines, guidelines for chapter operating procedures and chapter scholarship guidelines. Chaired most chapter committees, including newsletter, nominating and chapter strategic plan.

National/Regional/NEF Committee Chair: •N  EF Nominating Committee, 20092010 • Committee Coordinator, 2009-2010 • NEF Trustee, 2008-2009

Reason for Running The goals of the Association parallel my goals: to assist each woman in achieving her unique success in the construction industry. As President-Elect, I will capitalize on my leadership ability, ideas, energy and enthusiasm to achieve our shared goals.


Shirley S. Horne, CIT

Vice President e-mail:

“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other." John F. Kennedy


Candidate Facts

AWIC provides its members with resources to achieve their full potential. With 19 years in the construction industry, NAWIC has provided me with the skills to further my career. As operations manager at Hay Construction Company Inc., my duties cover all aspects of operations, including accounting, contracts, submittals, change orders, public relations, human resources and Corporate Secretary. Being a very active chapter member, I have served in every chapter office and committee. Serving on Regional and Na-

tional committees, as Region 11 Director and NAWIC Secretary has broadened my understanding of the Association as a whole and has excelled my professional education. I share a passion for NAWIC and the opportunities it offers to its members, and I want to assure that all members realize their full potential in their membership through professional education and personal development. I am committed to furthering the goals of our Association for the benefit of all members.

n w a r

Chapter Affiliation: Myrtle Beach, S.C., Chapter #301 — Region 11

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Year Joined NAWIC: 1992 Company: Hay Construction Company Inc.

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Company Type: General Contractor Position & Job Duties: Business Manager – oversee operations of general contracting firm, including accounting, contracts, human resources, submittals; serve as corporate secretary.

id d n a C

Years in Construction: 19

Other Industry Experience: Safety coordinator, budgeting, job cost accounting, scheduling, insurance, bonding, construction management, office management, purchasing, technical support.

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Community/Industry Affiliations: • Chamber of Commerce Membership Task Force and Networking Chair • Home Owners Association President • Habitat for Humanity • March of Dimes • Miracle League • Junior Achievement • CSI Products Fair

Education: • Construction Industry Technician (CIT), NEF National Offices Held: • Secretary, 2009-2010 • Region 11 Director, 2007-2009 Elected Chapter Offices Held: • Treasurer, 1998-1999, 1992-1993 • Vice President, 1997-1998 • President, 1995-1997 • Director, 1994-1995 • Secretary, 1993-1994

Reason for Running

National/Regional/NEF Committee Chair: • National Membership Chair, 20052006 • National Membership Co-chair, 2004-2005 • Region Block-Kids Chair, 2004-2005 • Region Membership Chair, 20032004 • Region Construction Industry Chair, 2002-2003, 1994-1995 • Region Team Mates Chair, 20012002 • Region Membership Chair, 19992001 National/Regional/NEF Committee Member: • Region Membership Task Force, 2004-2005 • Region Conference Auditor, 20042005

Outstanding NAWIC Participation: •M  yrtle Beach, S.C. Chapter 301 Member of the Year, 2005-2006, 1999-2000 • R  ed Rose Recruiter, 2001-2002, 1997-1998

I greatly value NAWIC’s opportunities for women in leadership training, team building, education, and self-confidence. I want to utilize my leadership skills and strengths to help each member achieve her full potential.


Cindy Johnsen, CBT, CDS, CIT

Vice President e-mail:


AWIC must embrace the present even as we imagine our future. Our leaders must be genuine and connected with our Core Purpose and the membership; this includes effective listening and active communication. Being a strategic thinker and experienced leader, I live my values — integrity, honesty, character, fairness, accountability and vision. We must remember that our members are our main resource. Through them, NAWIC continues to be the best support

for women in construction helping each member to be successful. The fellowship of our Association is what makes NAWIC different from other organizations, and we should never change that dynamic. My vision sees each member fully using every advantage NAWIC provides, so she realizes her full potential. As a dedicated leader, I will continue to give back, and I look forward to the opportunity to guide NAWIC into the future.

Candidate Facts

Chapter Affiliation: San Bernardino-Riverside, Calif., Chapter #111 — Region 12

National/Regional/NEF Committee Chair: • NEF Strategic Plan Chair, 2008-2009 • Strategic Plan Co-Chair, 2007-2008 • Floor Vote/Credentials Chair, 2005 • Credentials Chair, 2004 • Floor Vote Chair, 2003 •C  onstruction Industry Chair, 19992000 • B usiness Management Chair, 20012004 • Legal Affairs Chair, 2002-2004 • NEF Liaison, 2008-2010, 2004-2005 • APC Parliamentarian, 2004 • Forum Parliamentarian, 2004, 2005 •C  rystal Vision Awards Chair, 20052006

Year Joined NAWIC: 1997 Company: Granite Construction Company Company Type: Heavy Civil Construction Position & Job Duties: Project Specialist — assist Regional Business Manager in business procedures; job cost subject matter expert; key member of process improvement team; part of the regional administrative/ accounting team specializing in contract/subcontract administration, transportation/rental equipment agreements, legal issues, invoice review, and internal communication. Years in Construction: 21 Other Industry Experience: Real Estate Broker, Notary Public, Administrative Manager for a real estate developer/home builder for eight years. Estimating Administrator — duties included contract administration, insurance, bonding, bid proposals, assisting

estimators and job cost accounting for large heavy civil firm. Construction Administrator/Trainer — train engineers in job cost accounting and project management per company policy; assist in estimating and construction; member of the job cost team in a software conversion. Community/Industry Affiliations: • NAFE – National Association of Female Executives • AATCC – American Association of Textiles Chemists & Colorists • People to People Inc.

Education: • Bachelor of Science, Home Economics, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo • Construction Bookkeeping Technician (CBT), NEF National Offices Held: • Treasurer, 2008-2010 • Region 12 Director, 2006-2008 Elected Chapter Offices Held: • Treasurer, 2002-2004 • President, 2000-2001 • Vice President, 1999-2000 • Corresponding Secretary, 1998-1999 • Director, 1997-1998

National/Regional/NEF Committee Member: • NEF Strategic Plan, 2009-2010 • NEF Nominating, 2009-2010 • Regional Fund Review, 2008-2009 • Director’s Fund Trustee, 2003-2005 Outstanding NAWIC Participation: • S an Bernardino-Riverside WIC of the Year, 1998-1999 • National Construction Industry Project submittal, 1999 • YWCA Appreciation Award, 2000 • Coachella Valley, Calif. Chapter Brilliant Star for membership recruitment, 2002

Reason for Running Being an experienced leader in NAWIC, I will utilize my proven strengths to increase the value of membership and to champion NAWIC within the construction industry.

Linda Champlin-Frank, CIT


Secretary e-mail:


Candidate Facts

have been a member in good standing of the Colorado Springs, Colo., Chapter since May 2002. During this time, I held chapter officer positions of corresponding and recording secretary (two terms each), president- elect, president and immediate past president. In 2008, I was elected Director of Region 8 and have spent the last two years on the NAWIC National Board. I have been employed in the construction industry for more than 25 years and currently work for a general contractor. I have my employer’s full support in my endeavor to move into this po-

sition and, therefore, will be available to attend all necessary meetings and perform my duties. With my experience, I am qualified to prepare accurate minutes, keep records as outlined in the bylaws and prepare any necessary correspondence requested. My NAWIC goals are to continue to support and be part of this Association by striving to grow and become part of the leadership to move the organization forward — making it the selected Association for all women in construction.

Chapter/Region Affiliation: Colorado Springs, Colo., Chapter #356 — Region 8

National Offices Held: • Region 8 Director, 2008-2010 Elected Chapter Offices Held: • President, 2006-2007 • Recording Secretary, 2004-2006 •C  orresponding Secretary, 20022004

Year joined NAWIC: 2002 Company: GH Phipps Construction Companies Company Type: General Contractor Position & Job Duties: Staff Accountant/Office Manager — all accounting functions in branch office, manage branch office, assist preconstruction department, member of purchase order implementation team (new software). Years in Construction: 25

Other Industry Experience: Construction experience building playhouses for CASA and working with Habitat for Humanity; accounting, office management and human resources at electrical contractor’s office.

Outstanding NAWIC Participation: • Region 8 Chapter WIC, 2005 •C  hapter Construction Industry Participant Award for CASA Community/Industry Affiliations: Playhouse • Associated General Contractors •U  nited Way Women’s Leadership Council • First Pres. Choir Education: • High school graduate • OSHA 10 Hour Certification • CPR/first aid certification •C  onstruction Industry Technician (CIT), NEF

Reason for Running

I want to continue my personal growth and be a vital part of the leadership of this Association. I am qualified to perform the duties of this office. I love NAWIC and appreciate the strength, support and education I have received.

Riki F. Lovejoy, CBT, CIT



Secretary e-mail:

s a member of this Association since March 1987, it has positively affected many areas of my life — education, industry knowledge-sharing, friendships and leadership skills. I’ve served as a three-term chapter president as well as chapter vice president, secretary and director, and I have been the Region 3 NEF liaison. But nothing prepared me for what it would be like to be on the National Board!

I learned more about the Association and its intricacies serving two years as the Region 3 Director (2007-2009) than I did as a member for 22 years! One of the primary revelations was NAWIC’s role as a key player in the global Construction Industry and its strategic plan to take it to the next level…to be the resource for the construction industry. My goal is to continue to be a part of this on-going effort.

Candidate Facts

Chapter Affiliation: Gr. Orlando, Fla., Chapter #73 — Region 3

National Offices Held: • Region 3 Director, 2007-2009

Year Joined NAWIC: 1987

Elected Chapter Offices Held: • President, 2000-2001, 1990-1992 • Vice President, 1989-1990 • Secretary, 1988-1989 • Director, 1987-1988

Company: RFL Consulting Solutions Inc. Company Type: Construction Management Consulting Position & Job Duties: President — Provide technical expertise to lending institutions and investors and providing construction and program management services to national & international developers. Day-to-day duties include site visits, troubleshooting, reporting, signing contracts, accounting/ bookkeeping, administration and technical. Years in Construction: 24 Other Industry Experience: Project engineer, project secretary, V.P. of general contracting office, carpentry/concrete/masonry subcontractor.

National/Regional/NEF Committee Chair: • Legislative Awareness, 2009-2010 • NEF Region 3 Liaison, 1999-2001 Outstanding NAWIC Participation: • Best Web site design

Community/Industry Affiliations: • National Association of Women Business Owners • Professional Woman Network • Co-authored five books on women’s issues • Professional motivational speaker/ presenter

Education: • Bachelor of Science, Business Management with minor in Management Info. Systems • Associates in Construction Technology • Construction Industry Technician (CIT), NEF • Certified Senior Project Manager (CSPM) • Certified MBE & WBE • Construction Bookkeeping Technician (CBT), NEF

Reason for Running To become NAWIC National President, I need to continue my education about this Association by becoming a part of the Executive Committee. My current skill-set qualifies me at minimum to be the NAWIC Secretary.

Yasmine A. Branden, CCA


Treasurer e-mail:


Candidate Facts

believe NAWIC’s best asset is our commitment to enhancing the success of women in the construction industry. We’ve made tremendous strides, accepting the challenges in front of us, creating a better Association, and improving our industry. We must continue to even greater success, engaging our members with every step. As your National Treasurer, I will be committed to value engineering; getting the most from our resources and strategically expanding professional alliances, educational programs and certifications, and networking opportunities to boost our

competitive edge over all other construction associations. Through my years of membership, NAWIC has helped me to not simply follow the expectations of others but, rather, to forge my own path as a strong independent woman in a demanding and challenging industry. I believe we must, now more than ever, embrace our futures, mold challenges into advantages, and continue our journey to making NAWIC the leader in the construction industry.

Chapter/Region Affiliation: Portland, Ore., Chapter #54 — Region 9

Elected Chapter Offices Held: • President, 2004-2005 • President-Elect, 2003-2004 • Vice President, 2002-2003 • Recording Secretary, 2001-2002 • Recording Secretary, 1999-2000

Year joined NAWIC: 1999 Company: Neil Kelly Company

National/Regional/NEF Committee Chair: • NEF Trustee, 2009-2010 •N  EF Region 9 Liaison, 2009-2010, 2005-2007 •N  ational Professional Education, 2006-2007 • Region 9 Membership, 2002-2003

Company Type: Residential/Commercial Remodeler Position & Job Duties: V.P./Production Manager — manage remodeling, service and facilities departments; oversee legal, contractual and code compliance Community/Industry Affiliations: issues; drive green build and • Gr. Portland Construction sustainability practices. Partnership • Homebuilders Association of Gr. Years in Construction: 23 Metro Portland • The Natural Step Other Industry Experience: • Oregon Assoc. of Minority Superintendent, project manager, Entrepreneurs land development manager, • Oregon Remodelers Association construction manager, non-profit housing program manager and legislative education/lobbying.

Education: •U  niversity of Denver, Master of Real Estate and Construction Management, 1999 •C  ertified Construction Associates (CCA), NEF •C  hristopher Newport College, Bachelor of Science - Government Administration, 1988 National Offices Held: • Region 9 Director, 2007-2009

Reason for Running

National/Regional/NEF Committee Member: • Diversity Task Force, 2009-2010 •C  hapter Chartering Task Force, 2007-2008 •N  ational Professional Education, 2005-2006 •R  egion 9 Professional Education, 2003-2005 Outstanding NAWIC Participation: • Region 9 WIC of the Year, 2006

I pledge to use every available resource to improve NAWIC, strengthen our membership, expand our diversity, and find ways to “envision otherwise” through the thoughtful stewardship of our financial assets and my continued commitment to our Association.

Janet P. Sullivan, CCA, CDS, CIT for


Treasurer e-mail:

Candidate Facts

t does not seem like I have been in the construction industry for 30 years. I started learning as a payroll clerk for a general contractor. Three contractors and one owner later, I am still learning and enjoying being a part of the project teams and the construction industry. I’ve learned to listen and take in what is around me. I’ve learned to read job cost reports as well as balance sheets and income statements. Some go to school and then get their experience; I experienced the job before I earned my four-year ac-

counting degree. Using my education, experience and skills, I want to play a part in NAWIC, as it meets member needs and continues to grow. Times are tough; the construction industry is suffering. However, no matter what the times, NAWIC has tremendous value. The construction industry will change as a result of these economic times. NAWIC needs to listen to its membership and change as the industry changes.

Elected Chapter Offices Held: • President, 2009-2010, 2001-2003 • Treasurer, 2007-2009, 1999-2001 • Board of Director, 2005-2006

Chapter/Region Affiliation: Terre Haute, Ind., Chapter #303 — Region 4 Year joined NAWIC: 1998

National/Regional/NEF Committee Chair: •N  ational Prof. Ed. Chair, 20072008 •N  ational Prof. Ed. Co-Chair, 20062007 •R  egional Prof. Ed. Chair, 20062008 • NEF Regional Liaison, 2004-2006 • WIC Week Regional Chair, 20022004

Company: Garmong Construction Services Company Type: General Contractor Position & Job Duties: Project Accountant — administering contracts and subcontracts, progress billings, analyze month end job cost and process change orders. Years in Construction: 30 Other Industry Experience: Payroll clerk, accounting manager, controller and project accountant. Worked five years for engineering school as contract administrator in CM department.

Community/Industry Affiliations: • Habitat for Humanity – Women Build • American Cancer Society Relay for Life • Church Administrative Council President • Church Building Committee Chair • Junior Achievement Liaison in Elementary Schools

Education: • St. Mary-of-the-Woods College, Bachelor of Science, Accounting • Construction Industry Technician (CIT), NEF • Construction Document Specialist (CDS), NEF • Certified Construction Associates (CCA), NEF

Outstanding NAWIC Participation: • Terre Haute Chapter #303 4-Most Member, 2002 • Terre Haute Chapter #303 4-Most Leader, 2006, 2005

National Offices Held: • Region 4 Director, 2008-2010

Reason for Running

My passion for NAWIC drives me to participate in our Association’s operations and planning. I want to ensure NAWIC’s path is the result of members’ voices being heard and that we enhance the success of women in the construction industry.

2010 NAWIC Candidate Supplement  

2010 NAWIC Officer Candidates

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