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VOLUME 66 • ISSUE 1 • September  - 8, 009

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VOLUME 66 • ISSUE 1 • September 2 - 8, 2009

THE NAVIGATOR Jacksonville University’s Campus Newspaper 2800 University Blvd. N Jacksonville, FL 32211 Main office: (904) 256-7526 Business office: (904) 256-7524 E-mail: Fax: (904) 256-7684

EDITORIAL BOARD RENAE INGRAM JR. Co-Editor-in-Chief Photography Editor

Ask The Students: Interracial relationships •Every week, the Navigator will be printing a question asked by our peers and will also ask random students for their thoughts on the subject•Please feel free to send in your comments as well! •All comments need to be recieved via email by 9 a.m. on Fridays• COREY WOOLFORK “I’m a fan of interracial relationships; as long the female looks attractive, I am willing to be seen in public with her.”

DAVID BERRY Co-Editor-in-Chief Sports Editor Jeans fils Business Manager Sarah Willats Copy Editor

KAMERON JACKSON “I’m perfectly fine with relationships with other races (a.k.a white women). Everyone knows REAL beauty is on the outside!!!”

Jared Brooks News Editor KAMERON JACKSON Features Editor ED Kelleher Layout Editor

ED KELLEHER “It might not be for me, but it is what it is and it’s going to happen. People should surround themselves with those that make them happy, and if it’s someone of another race so be it.”

corey woolfork Distribution Manager Peter Moberg, Ph. D. Faculty Advisor

STAFF Staff Writers Maren Tith Larry Maxwell Tiffany Bromfield Rica CAUGHMAN Staff Photographers renae Ingram jr.

JARED BROOKS “I’m not a fan of interracial dating! There’s too many beautiful black women out there for me to be dating elsewhere! Now when it comes to interracial relations...THAT’S a different story!”

DAVID BERRY “I have no problem with interracial dating. I don’t discriminate at all, and some people can’t even tell what race I am. I love ‘em all!”

Cover photograph* renae Ingram jr.

EDITORIAL POLICY The views represented in The Navigator’s columns and editorials do not necessarily represent those of the faculty, staff, or administration of Jacksonville University. We welcome letters to the editor representing similar and contrasting opinions. To be eligible for publication, all submissions must include name, class distinction, major, phone number, and e-mail address, and should be e-mailed to navigator@ Please limit them to 300 words or less. The Navigator reserves the right to refuse publication or edit any material on the basis of clarity, space, or journalistic ethics. (904) 256-7526

RICA Caughman “I support all relationships. People should do what makes them happy. It’s hard enough to find love as it is...why would you want to restrict yourself to a particular race?”


ED’S FITNESS TIP 9/3/09: BURN FAT FASTER! 1.On a treadmill, warm up for 5 minutes and then begin doing sprint intervals. 2.Crank up the speed to where you are sprinting at about 80% up to your top speed. 3.Hop on the treadmill for 20 seconds, then hop off onto the sides for 10 seconds, and then back on for 20 seconds. 4.Keep repeating this process for 15 minutes straight and then you’re done for the day. You don’t need to run miles to blast off the fat.


VOLUME 66 • ISSUE 1 • September 2 - 8, 2009

Crime Log 8/30/09 5:15 p.m. Merritt Penticoff Burglary. JSO is investigating a burglary to a classroom, where electronics were stolen. 8/29/09 9:46 p.m. Village Apartments Stalking. A student reported that a man has been stalking her. 8/27/09 10:38 p.m. Student Commons Motor Vehicle Theft. Unknown suspect(s) stole an unlocked, unattended golf cart outside of Nellie’s restaurant. 8/26/09 12:45 a.m. Parking Lot Criminal Mischief. A student reported that an unknown person(s) vandalized her vehicle. 8/25/09 8:00 p.m. McGehee Hall Theft. A cell phone was stolen from a residence hall room during a residence hall meeting. 8/23/09 3:28 a.m. Village Apartments False Fire Alarm. Unknown suspect activated the pull station fire alarm at an apartment building. 8/22/09 3:25 a.m. Oak Hall Alcohol Violation. A person, under 21 years of age, was found to be in possession of alcohol. 4/29/09 to 8/21/09 McGehee Hall Burglary. Unknown suspect(s) entered the chapter room and stole electronics and an appliance.

Retention cure


Why you may well be asking, should you take my personal advice about your most intimate details of life, love, longing, and so on. Good question. First, let me introduce myself. I’m a student much like you. However, I have more than 15 years of dating experience. I can almost hear your laughter from here! It’s true. I’ve been dating for quite awhile, and I’ve been involved in practically every situation you can think of and some you probably can’t even imagine. The mind reels, right? Maybe I just want to offer guidance and a forum in which to discuss what preoccupies pretty much the entire human race pretty much more than anything else. Love, baby. Love. In this, my first installment of my column in The Navigator, let’s first dispense with the formalities. My name is Rica. It is, yes, my real name. My last name, for those who may already be wondering if they know me, shall always and forever remain an open secret on the JU campus. Maybe you’ve seen my bright, shining face around campus.

Trust that this accompanying photo is indeed me and not some rich and famous celebrity gossip columnist from the Big Apple. So, anyhow, this is the deal. You write Attention Rica at navigator@ with your questions about all things romantic and otherwise. I will consult my oracle and astrologist and get back to you in print with some sage love advice. Don’t be afraid to get “down and dirty” with your honest questions, darkest secrets, biggest challenges, and greatest annoyances. In order to get the discussion going, and the gossip flying, let’s have a look at some possible sample relationship questions. First, for the male reader, “I’m a cheater and I want to know how not to get caught.” Or, “Does size really matter?” Now for the female reader: “How do I get the title ‘girlfriend’ that I want, say, versus booty call?” Or, “ I’m a cheater and I want to know how not to get caught.” Another version of the same question might pertain, as well. “Are females really better at cheating than men, and do they not get caught as often?” Some other questions I would like your response to might include “What constitutes biracial dating?” and “What is the difference between bi-sexual and bi-curious?”


Throughout my college career here at Jacksonville University, it has become somewhat of a tradition to estimate the number of former classmates that decided not to return to school from year to year. The term for this phenomenon is retention, which at the freshman level, has been a huge problem for JU. According to Dr. Derek Hall, Vice President for University Relations and External Affairs, “The top reason for leaving was financial. That is not a big surprise considering the economic turmoil of the last year. The second most often mentioned reason was to be closer to home. Other reasons included campus life, safety, specific majors and military service.”  I believe JU has made significant strides pertaining to retention that will undoubtedly increase the 62% rate the institution has. “One of the biggest changes made on campus

to assist with retention is the revamp in the advising center. We have a new director and a new approach for advising students. So far, their efforts have been very successful,” stated Dr. Hall. He also added, “The student profile has increased (GPA and SAT) and our recruitment includes more information on being successful as a college student.” Among other things, the university has attacked the retention problem with four main initiatives: Academic Initiatives, Student Life Initiatives, Enrollment Initiatives, and Marketing Initiatives. These initiatives include but are not limited to a revamped JU 101 after extensive assessment, more freshman-friendly faculty teaching freshman, new student activities director hired, new food service chef, wholesale changes in recruitment process, targeting a higher academic quality of potential students, denying more students, and integrated retention, orientation and current student

communications. Working as a new student orientation group leader allowed me to experience first hand the progression JU is making when it comes to influencing students to finish their collegiate careers at Jacksonville University. The JU Culture that is being implemented definitely contributes to the cause. Joey Sanchez and JUSA have done a tremendous job making JU students feel that this is their university and informing them about the rich tradition JU possesses. However, I personally believe the most important factor JU has addressed is what I like to call the reality factor. Reality is: JU is a small, expensive university with a few issues students will undoubtedly find out about. In my opinion, the university is being more realistic in its marketing and recruiting approach while creating a much richer campus life, which I believe will contribute towards increasing the retention rate. 

VOLUME 66 • ISSUE 1 • September 2 - 8, 2009



VOLUME 66 • ISSUE 1 • September 2 - 8, 2009

Swine flu arrives at JU JARED BROOKS NEWS EDITOR

The Swine Flu has been the center of all major media’s attention for the past several months. Well the virus is now impacting Jacksonville University. An email was sent last week by Campus Activities informing the campus community that two JU students were infected with the H1N1 virus. According to Dean Bryan Coker, Dean of Students, the number of cases since that time has increased. There has been one additional confirmed case of the H1N1 virus at JU however that particular infected student withdrew from the University immediately. There is a possibility that two more students that have been exposed may have contracted the virus. Although neither of the two students has tested positive for the virus as of yet, the University is monitoring their status closely. According to Dean Coker, Jacksonville University is taking several precautionary measures to ensure the safety of its students from this contagious virus.

Mike Kanaby, Director of Campus Security, has tailored a pandemic response plan for the H1N1 virus that is available to all students. Quarantine space has been setup in two residential halls to accommodate any student that may catch the virus. The University has set up a system to monitor ill student’s body temperature periodically, distribute any prescribed medication, and providing the students with food through Sodexho. Dean Coker also mentioned Jacksonville University’s close relationship with Baptist Health, who have been eval uating students and keeping the University updated on their health. JU is currently working with Baptist Health on vaccinating students once a vaccine becomes available. Dean Coker added that the priority would go to on-campus residents, however commuter students may be vaccinated if the opportunity were to come about. On-campus residents seem to have mixed responses about the arrival of the H1N1 virus at JU. Senior Latonya Wimberly stated, “I haven’t been too stressed about the spread of the H1N1 virus. I just try to avoid sick people and keep my hands clean.” Junior Sian Senior added, “Although

the thought of the virus is scary, I haven’t lost any sleep over it. I just focus on staying healthy and keeping my distance from sick people. I haven’t gone as far as avoiding contact with people and wearing the mask!” However, Sophomore Brittany Carter and Senior Milton Sumpter have a taken a few more preventative measures to combat the spread of the virus. “I’ve bought several bottles of hand sanitizer and have been trying my best to avoid touching other people, period. I’ve seen too many people in my classes coughing and sneezing,” said Carter. Sumpter stated, “I’ve been keeping my hands to myself. I constantly wash my hands and watch other people who have been looking sick. I don’t even shake my friend’s hands anymore!” Jacksonville University is focusing=2 0on keeping students and parents involved and informed with the latest changes regarding the spread of the H1N1 virus at Jacksonville University. So be sure to check your JU email, the JU website, and other outlets of official JU information for the most recent news regarding the virus.

Campus security beefs up


Good-bye, Public Safety, hello, Campus Security. Despite the large amounts of criticism Public Safety took during the last academic year, they have bounced back this Fall 2009 semester with some drastic changes. For starters, Public Safety is now known as Campus Security. Mike Kanaby, Director of Campus Security, discussed the thought process behind the name change. “Basically, was it time to change the department’s name to more accurately reflect the functions that the department performs. We agreed that Public Safety didn’t really tell the campus what the department did.  We negotiated back and forth about what the name should be and settled on Campus Security for a name.  The name change more accurately reflects the department’s focus and purpose.  That purpose being the physical security of facilities and university property, manage-

ment of access control, supervision of guard force services, and incident response and documentation. Fundamentally, there has been no change in the services the department provides.”

Campus Security has also added two new patrol cars to their unit. At first sight, these vehicles look very similar to actual police vehicles, which will undoubtedly serve as a deterrent for criminals. Kanaby stated, “Our patrol cars will be used as our previous vehicle was. Primarily for utility purposes, and for response to fire alarms and for calls related to in-progress crimes.” The most obvious and visible change Campus Security has made is their new uniforms. These new uniforms give Campus Security a much more authoritative look and will definitely play a role in deterring criminals from campus. According to Kanaby, “Most people can identify a security officer by the official uniform.

When campus employees, students, or visitors are in need of help, they can scan the area looking for the distinctive uniform of the security officer. Criminals usually curb their unlawful behavior when they spot a uniformed security officer in the area. The uniform of the security officer conveys power and authority. When a security officer puts on his or her uniform, the officer is perceived in a very different way by the public. While our polo-style shirts served us well, after about 4 to 6 months of wear and washing, they were often faded and did not make for a favorable impression. We have returned to a more traditional uniform in anticipation that the security employees wearing them will take more pride in their uniform appearance and that the campus community will take more pride in their security representatives.” In addition to these visual changes, Campus security also has seven officers who have been trained to carry pepper spray.

When asked about this addition to Campus Security’s equipment, Kanaby stated, “The training and decision to carry OC spray was voluntary, and officers carrying the pepper spray were sprayed themselves as part of the standard training. This involved a review and modification to our department’s use of force policy.   While this is a change, we’re not expecting a big change in officer-involved use of force.  After the training, I took a few minutes to speak to the newly trained staff, and I asked an employee who has worked at JU for 25 years in the security department, if he could ever recall a situation where he would need to use pepper spray.  The officer confessed that he had never been involved in a situation that would have warranted the justifiable application of pepper spray.” I’m sure the new image and new additions to Campus Security’s equipment will only improve the quality of security at Jacksonville University.

Flu Facts

• First pandemic in 41 years • Has reached 74 countries on every continent except Antarctica • First case= 5 year old Mexican boy • First US death= 23 month old child • Could infect up to 120 million people • As of 8/14, 414 people have died •Symptoms are much like regular flu facts provided by:

JU’s “great” wall Rica Caughman STAFF WRITER

In response to the crime spree that rocked JU last spring, a structure is being built that will change the look and feel of the campus forever. The brick columns and black vertical rails that line the perimeter of JU along University Blvd. are an effort to address the concerns over campus safety voiced by students in the aftermath of a crimeriddled semester earlier this year. The goal is that the fence will act as a deterrent, keeping unwanted visitors from trespassing onto the property. Once finished, the fence will be accompanied by gates at every entrance. These gates will be open and allow access from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., at which time the gates

will be locked with the exception of the resident entrance. Campus Security will be posted at the resident entrance to allow access for students and visitors. Although the projected completion date passed as students returned to class, the main body of the fence should be completed within the next couple of weeks. The gates will take longer as decisions still need to be made concerning the main entrance. The approximate cost of the project is $200,000; the bulk of which came from trustee donations. While the fence may potentially deter unwanted guests, Dean of Students Bryan Coker reminds us, “Safety is also up to individuals making wise decisions and keeping an eye on their surroundings.”


VOLUME 66 • ISSUE 1 • September 2 - 8, 2009

killa kolumn JU breaks though with ASB KAMERON JACKSON FEATURES EDITOR

KAMERON JACKSON FEATURES EDITOR ED KELLEHER Layout EDITOR Killa Kelleher: Alright fools, welcome back to JU! I hope you all had a great summer, but in all reality, I could care less about how your summer went. All I know is that I had one hella hot summer down here in Jax, and it was awesome! But why would I waste my time telling you useless bodies about my killer summer when I wouldn’t listen to yours if you looked as good as Megan Fox in “Transformers?” Forget summer, forget everything you thought you knew and get ready to read yet another installment of the BEST column this paper has ever had to offer. If your new to the school and don’t know of the Killas, you will soon enough. As long as the brown nosing, freedom hating, suits upstairs don’t shut these Killas down, we should last the whole year. But on a serious note, I’m very sad to back here for my last year as a Communications major. It just isn’t the same being in class without that “nail on a chalkboard” voice of Maria Sotelo. At least I can Youtube her infamous JU video when I need my Sotelo fix just like the rest of you. By the way, I would like to make it known that these Killas deserve one of them rings all of our championship caliber football players are wearing. This time last year, we called the shot when we said, “this got to be the year for JU sports” as we listed off the best reasons to return to JU. Well? Where are our rings!?! Check my sources, double check, triple, check. It’s there in black and white (like Killa Kam and myself). We supported the team all year and that’s how were thanked? I see how it is, but just let it be known that if yall football players reading this start stinking up the place, you WILL be an attraction in an up coming issue. So good luck to our boys, and to the rest of you player hating wanna bes across campus. Let’s have a Killer ‘09-’10. Killa Kam: That’s right.The great Michael Jackson once said, “Don’t stop ‘til you get enough.” Well, to be honest with you, I have had enough, but if I stop, the Newspaper Gods will invert my genitals.

So we must continue the weekly chaos, killin ‘em softly with hard topics such as racism, politics, racism, pop culture, racism, and racism. In case you are wondering, I’m the one in the picture above who would get pulled over for driving a Lamborghini or arrested for getting too close to a white woman But a lot of mess happened over the summer so check this quick rundown: A bunch of folks lost their lives this summer. Now you’re probably saying to yourself, “Hey Killa Kam, people die all the time.” Yeah, but those folks aren’t rich and famous. The sad part was, during that long string of funeral arrangements Farrah Faucet was overshadowed by Michael Jackson, then Steve McNair got put to sleep while he was trying to sleep, Ed McMahon finally found the stars he was looking for, and just recently Ted Kennedy just…..died. Billy Mays is STILL not dead due to him trying to sell more OxiClean on a commercial I saw a couple of days ago. Speaking of dropping the soap, Michael Vick finally finished his term in prison. He is now cooking cheese-steaks and chitlins’ for Andy Reid in Philadelphia. The NFL continues its positive image as Plaxico Burress shoots himself and is also sentenced to two years. So one star athlete is released from prison and another starts his term. Thank you white people for staying consistent. Hopefully they don’t bust Vick for his other illegal fighting rings including giraffes, pigs, blacks, and panda bears. Also in the spirit of competition make sure to catch our very own JU Dolphins football team open the season against the Miami Dolphins in the coming weeks. My bet is on the Dolphins. If you haven’t already slammed the paper down in disgust and/or constipation, let me be the first to tell you newcomers that we are simply poking fun at the things people take too serious. In fact, nearly everyone in my apartment building is on welfare and/or food stamps. It’s a relief to see JU finally put that gate up to keep out the Mexican immigrants. But anyway, absolutely no race or celebrity or $100,000/yr college near a CVS Pharmacy who recently turned its best restaurant into Taco Bell is safe. And with that said….holla at yall fools!!!!

When people normally think of a college spring break, some of the things that come to mind include luxury vacations, wild parties, and eventually a handful of regrets for some. However, Jacksonville University has begun a new trend for Spring Break, guiding students in a more enlightening direction. During the Spring Break of 2003, the school began its Alternative Spring Break (ASB) program as Dr. Ray Oldakowski and Dr. Quint White, both JU professors at the time, accompanied a group of ten students to Costa Rica. During the week, the group ventured on exotic excursions including trips to banana plantations, rain forest preserves, and Atlantic Coast beaches. Participants stayed with various families, or “homestays”, in Costa Rica, to help in learning the new language and culture. The next year JU repeated its success, this time with twice as many students. Then in 2005, JU’s ASB program ventured out of the country to Ecuador. The country has been the base of the program with over 200 students participating in ASB for the past five years. Continuing its rise as an overwhelming success on campus, the program joined forces with the students from Keene State University in New Hampshire this past March. The group explored the villages and volcanoes of the Andes as well as worked and

played with children at orphanages. A huge aspect of ASB is where students volunteer their time to participate in community service activities at places in need. Community service activities range from working with students at a local elementary school to restoring public areas in dire need of help. JU also gives students a chance to earn course credit as the program incorporates classes in either Geography or International Studies. Junior and ASB participant Rebecca Stott thoug highly of the program. “Not only do you live in another culture, but you begin to perceive the world in a new way.” JU is continuing to build upon the growing program by offering an Alternative Thanksgiving Break for this fall. Students will travel to Oaxaca, Mexico, a popular student travel location with dozen of hostels located within minutes of the pre-Columbian ruins at Monte Alban, UN World Heritage site. JU Study Abroad Advisor Ginny Garzon feels that the program can be give students a priceless experience if they participate. “JU’s ASB programs give students the opportunity to step outside their comfort zones,” said Garzon. “I think our students return home with a greater appreciation for others and community service.” For more information about this Fall’s Alternative Thanksgiving Break to Oaxaca, or any JU international travel, stop by the Study Abroad Office in room 105 of the Gooding Building.

Freshman orientation a hit Tiffany Bromfield STAFF WRITER Nearly 100 students along with volunteers and faculty anxiously awaited the arrival of the new students during JU’s 2009 Freshman Orientation. Engaging in numerous meet and greet activities, over 350 students would be moved into their respective dorms for the upcoming academic year. Orientation coordinators worked a gruesome two and a half months to plan an Orientation weekend unlike any other. As a result, it is needless to say that the festivities greatly exceeded expectations. Thursday afternoon Orientation began with the traditional opening session. The coordinators and other administrators spoke as group leaders performed their traditional opening dance. The preliminary dinner was served underneath a pure white tent that glimmered due the sunset of the St. Johns River in the backdrop. Later that evening, students enjoyed, “An Evening with Chuck Milligan.” Milligan hypnotized close to 20 students with Educational Programmer, Lucas Meers being one of them. “It was absolutely hilarious,” Vice President of Student Life, Dr. Balog said. “It was truly one of the

standout moments of such a wonderful evening.” Friday began with the traditional matriculation ceremony while the annual book discussion followed on Persepolis. The luau was cancelled due to wet weather but the crowd was moved to Nellie’s where the band continued to as students danced and fraternized. Though Saturday was a slower day than usual due more weather problems, Orientation weekend kept the party going. The new faces had time to mingle and continue the fun. In fact, that evening New Student Orientation teamed up with the Residence Hall Association for an Ice Cream Social and Dance, Dance Revolution competition. Annual favorite, “The Boat Cruise on the Lady St. Johns” was saved for Sunday, the last day of the orientation. An amazing photo slideshow was presented on the big screen at the Landing as it displayed many of the memorable moments from over the weekend. Many students, group leaders and faculty got to relive the freshman orientation experience one last time. Finally, the students enjoyed the boat festivities as the crowd favorite, “I’m On A Boat,” was played leading to coordinator Mason Woodward breaking down Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” video chorography as the orientation officially came to an end.


VOLUME 66 • ISSUE 1 • September 2 - 8, 2009



VOLUME 66 • ISSUE 1 • September  - 8, 009

Are you ‘Ready’ for Trey Songz? DAVID BERRY sPorTs EdiTor

Behind the hype and madness of being a famous recording artist you should realize that Tremaine Neverson, better known to his fans as Trey Songz, is simply a man who wants to be successful but is working to attain that success. That’s right, there is more to him than what you see on the television and hear on his albums. Beneath it all is a man who is working hard so his fans can get the best of what he has to offer. “what is a normal day?” Songz repeated when asked what a normal day consists of for him. “i don’t have normal days. There is a different type of day for me when i go on tour, do promos, record albums, and shoot videos. it all consists of a lot of work.” with so much time devoted to being an artist, what does he do in the little free time he does have? “when i get time off, i kick it at home with my family. i got a couple brothers, and i’m a momma’s boy. when i get a chance to kick it, i watch TV, play basketball and bowl. i just like to lay back and be regular.” The hard work will pay off with his highly-anticipated third album Ready, which dropped on Monday. The singles on Ready include “Brand New”, “i Need a Girl”, “Successful” and “LoL :-)”. “i’m feeling great,” he said when asked about his feelings with the album being released. “There’s a lot of buzz about me right now. i have four records out there that are doing well that are on the album and all of my music is being received well.” The guest artists on the album include Drake, Gucci Mane, and Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em. Production on the album is led by Troy Taylor along with Sean Garrett, Patrick hayes, Stargate, Los Da Mystro, and Brian Michael Cox among others. “i think there is definitely a great show of growth on this album from the last two albums,” Songz commented when asked to compare this album to his first two, I Gotta Make It and Trey Day.

“i feel like my first album was of course an introduction piece and my second album was a little more contemporary and hip-hop. This album is bringing the two worlds together as well as bringing other aspects of my music into it.” Along with talking about the album, The Navigator wanted to take a look at other things that you wouldn’t often hear from an artist at his caliber.

rENaE iNgraM

Trey songz’ new album Ready is in stores now No matter what happens, he is still a young artist putting in work everyday to be even better. when asked about what he would be doing if he wasn’t

an artist, the answer was simple: there is nothing else he’d be doing. “i never had a plan B.” Songz confessed. The closest thing he had to a backup plan was being a barber, but he still admits that he would be trying to get into the music industry while cutting hair. Fortunately for him, the music industry called first and cutting hair is something he can do for fun. you can read about the collaborations he has on the new album, but who would Songz choose if he could team up with any artist, living or otherwise? “i’d say Marvin Gaye, because i feel like his music was really an outlet for his feelings.” That answer is not surprising considering the musical influences he listed off, an impressive mixture of artists who show his love and respect for music history. “My homie Troy Taylor put me onto a lot of things that i knew nothing about. he put me onto the isley Brothers and Michael jackson,” Songz said when asked about some of who he listened to. “Anybody from Steely Dan to Aretha Franklin to Marvin Gaye to Donnie hathaway to r. Kelly. Even rappers influence my style.” That is not a surprise when you hear his music because not only can you hear him sing, but you can hear him rap as well. Such a diverse talent seems bound to succeed. For any of his fans on Twitter, they know that it is not very hard to keep up with him now if they follow him (@ Songzyuuup). how does he feel about the ease of interacting with the fans with social networking websites such as Twitter, MySpace, and Facebook? “it’s a great marketing tool,” he says, noting that two or three years ago he would have had to send his songs to tons of Djs in order to get them played and now he can put it on his Twitter and his fans can hear it instantly. “There’s not so much in between me and my fans now.” with all that said, the only thing left to do now is go out and to your nearest music store, or go on iTunes to make sure you get Ready. This album is for his fans.

TiTle of Work (2008) Artist Classification (Freshman, Sophomore...) Major, Minor Medium

Place your art here!

Your text goes here. Your text goes here. Your text goes here. Your text goes here. Your text goes here. Your text goes here. Your text goes here. Your text goes here. Your text goes here. Your text goes here. Your text goes here. Your text goes here. Your text goes here. Your text goes here. Your text goes here. Your text goes here. Your text goes here. Your text goes here. Your text goes here. Your text goes here. Your text goes here. Your text goes here. Your text goes here.

Artists are now welcome to display their artwork in The Navigator! All 2-D artists and writers are welcome. Along with the art, artists are to include their name, title of work (including date), classification, major, minor, and medium. This space also allows for the artist to communicate the inspiration, meaning, and production of the work (300-325 words). For information, email Your text goes here. Your text goes here. Your text goes here. Your text goes here. Your text goes here. Your text goes here. Your text goes here. Your text goes here. Your text goes here. Your text goes here. Your text goes here. Your text goes here. Your text goes here. Your text goes here. Your text goes here. Your text goes here. Your text goes here. Your text goes here. Your text goes here. Your text goes here. Your text goes here. Your text goes here. Your text goes here. Your text goes here. Your text goes here. oes here. Your text goes here. Your text goes here. Your text goes here.


VOLUME 66 • ISSUE 1 • September 2 - 8, 2009

Sizzling Summer Movie Recap larry maxwell staff writer

Summer is almost over and along with it numerous summer movies are still in theaters or are finishing up their run. There were so many good movies that came out this summer and this list features my top 5 movies from the summer.

1. Star Trek

Hands down “Star Trek” was the movie of the summer. According to JJ Abrams this installment of the most sensitive area of sci-fi culture is not meant for the original “Star Trek” fans, this version was to meant reintroduce the characters to a new generation. The movie stars Chris Pine as James T. Kirk, Zachary Quinto (Heroes) as Spock and the beautiful Zoe Saldana as Nyota Uhura. Chris Pine plays the iconic James Kirk humorous, arrogant, and decisive rather than the way William Shatner portrayed the character. The movie has a ton of laughs and even more action than Transformers. A definite must see for fans and nonfans alike.

2. X-Men Origins: Wolverine

“X-Men Orgins: Wolverine” was probably one the most highly anticipated movies of the summer that took us through the story of Wolverine’s past. The movie goes back seventeen years before the first X-Men movie

including the discovery of his mutant abilities, his experience with Weapon X and how the feud between him and Sabertooth began. The film features Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, Live Schreber reprising his role as Sabertooth and two new faces. Black Eyed Peas Band member Will. I.Am joined the cast as John Wraith and Ryan Reynolds picks up the dual swords to play the deadly assassin Deadpool. The movie is packed with great fighting sequences truly showcasing each mutants’ ability. There are new faces from the marvel X-men universe to make their apperance such as Gambit and the Blob.

3. G.I. Joe

“G.I. Joe” is a live action movie adaptation based off the toy franchise, G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero. The film features an assortment of characters from the franchise, both Joe, Cobra, and various well-known actors/ actresses playing the parts. Channing Tatum plays Conrad Hauser / Duke, Marlon Wayans plays Wallace Weems/ Ripcord and Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays Rex Lewis and the sinister Cobra Commander. The movie had laughs, delivered mostly by Marlon Wayans and action from each character showing their specialty. There is even a love interest in the movie with Ripcord trying to win the heart of another Joe.

4. District 9

Little was known about this movie except that it

was about a group of aliens being mistreated in a refugee camp. “District 9” has a deeper meaning than what the trailer seemed to show. The story is based off the Apartheid events that took place in District Six, a refugee camp in Cape Town, South Africa. With the exception that the aliens are the ones being mistreated, evicted and forcefully removed from their homes. The movie uses interviews as a means to tell the story. In the film, Sharlto Copley plays Wikus van de Merwe whose life was going seemingly on tract until contact with an alien liquid slowly turned him into the very creatures he was mistreating. The movie is technically amazing, emotionally heart wrenching and wildly entertaining. Even though the film is supposed to be more of a serious movie, there were some funny moments.

5. Transformers 2

Shia LeBeouf, Megan Fox, and Optimus Prime are back and this time the fallen Deceptacons are bent on revenge. In the sequel to the phenomenon that is Transformers, the Autobots must stop the fallen before an ancient power is used to destroy Earth. “Transformers 2” Revenge of the Fallen features double the amount of robots than the first movie, less clothing on Megan Fox and even more comedy. Although all of this made “Transformers 2” better, the best part about the film was the amount of action. You get to see Optimus Prime take on three Decepticons at once and see some familiar faces, or cars, from the series make their debut.

Not so ‘Glorious’ Bastards ed kelleher layout Editor

Well, the hype of yet another summer flick caught my attention and drove me to the point where I had to see it. Yay. From the start, any Quentin Tarantino fan can pick out his slightly funny but depressing music choice and his chapter-to-chapter movie format as found in the “Kill Bill” series. Tarantino’s newest attempt at yet another ridiculously and unnecessarily gore- glorified, non-stop action, and blood bath type movie is none other then “Inglorious Basterds.” Remember when I said gore, action and blood bath? Well, take those three away and you almost have this inglorious display of a World War II movie. Basically, what Tarantino gave us was a satirical and not-so-historically accurate view of World War II. “Basterds” stars Brad Pitt (easy, ladies) as Lt. Aldo Raine, leader of the Basterds. The rest of his inglorious crew are made up of Jewish-Americans who want to hunt down and kill every Nazi possible and then scalp them. Sounds like a great flick, right? Wrong. What the TV commercials failed to mention was that the underlying plot of this French-Jewish girl, Shosanna (played by Melanie Laurent), who is all up in this movie. Throughout the movie, viewers are filled in on two plans regarding Shosanna’s cinema and the

Basterds plan to kill Hitler and any other high commanding officers. A slim-chance chain of events chooses Shosanna’s cinema as the premier location for a new Nazi pride film. Since all of the highest in command of the Nazi party will attend, the Basterds plan to blow it up and kill them all, thus ending the war. Lucky for the Basterds, Shosanna (being Jewish and hating the Nazis for killing her family) plans to burn the place down. You get the idea and yes, the plan is carried out successfully in Tarantino fashion. In perhaps the best scene of the movie, a number of Nazis are burning to death while being shot up by two of the Basterds up in an opera box. Did I mention it was historically inaccurate? Yea, they even killed Hitler…and chop, chop, chopped his face up with sub-machine gun bullets. Now that’s what I paid for! I’m pretty sure that out of the two and one half hours this movie ran, about two hours were dedicated to the story of Shosanna and her lover/co-owner of her cinema. The other half-hour was made up of more useless dialogue and SOME Nazi killing and scalping (yes, they show the scalping). Look, I’m up for any movie in which Nazis are dying in sick ways, but a movie that is all talk and hardly any show just doesn’t cut it for me. The title didn’t lie; it was inglorious and gets two out of four dolphins.

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VOLUME 66 • ISSUE 1 • September 2 - 8, 2009

PFL Title? Playoffs?



VOLUME 66 • ISSUE 1 • September 2 - 8, 2009


2009 JU FOOTBALL PREVIEW david berry sports editor

photos taken by renae ingram jr. If there was a word to describe the 2009 Jacksonville University football team, what would it be? Pressure would not be it, at least if you ask around the team. The Dolphins are looking to build on their history-making 2008 season with a repeat Pioneer Football League championship and a possible playoff appearance. Expectations are high, but the team seems ready for them. “The team has responded real well after the winning the championship,” sophomore quarterback Josh McGregor said when asked about the mindset of the team. “We have our heads on our shoulders and we are ready to show people that we are not just a one-year wonder, we will be able to compete each and every year.” McGregor will be at the helm of an offense that was second in the PFL in total offense and fourth in passing offense. It helps that he is going into his second year under Head Coach Kerwin Bell’s system. “I feel real comfortable this year and I’m hoping to learn from last year’s mistakes and make it an even better season.”

McGregor commented. He is coming off of a record-setting season which saw him rewrite the single-season school record book for passing yards (2,444), passing touchdowns (24), and completions (172). He is also within striking distance of the all-time school records for each of those categories. There is certainly depth and experience at the quarterback position, with junior quarterback Erik Stepleton backing up McGregor. He proved capable of leading the team to victory last season as he stepped into the lineup and leading the team to a fourth quarter come back win over San Diego. The running back position promises to be just as loaded as and maybe even more loaded than quarterback. There is a stable of backs, highlighted by Rudell Small. The all-PFL back rushed for 1,364 yards and 13 touchdowns. Backing up Small are sophomores J.J. Laster and Keith Dawson, and juniors Ron Harris and Maurice Manning. “I feel that have the best core of running backs in the conference,” Small said. “I believe all of us are able to step up and make big plays when we’re called on.”

Area on offense with the most question marks-offensive line Defensive end Shaun Lewis (left) and safety Jason Wood (right). The line will have to overcome the loss of stalwarts Mike Aguilar and Chris Tessitore, who anchored the line for the last three years. With junior tackle Leonard Payton and sophomore center Ian Osking as the returning starters from last year, questions still remain for the other three spots. Candidates to start are sophomore tackle Chad Cypher, junior guards Dustin Robinson and Levan Sims.

Surprise player to step up on the offense-FB Jarvis Williams

The junior linebacker-turned-fullback has finally nailed down the starting spot to lead block for Small and the other talented tailbacks. Williams looks like he will be a solid target out of the backfield for McGregor and could end up showing the same effectiveness that tight end Chris Kuck did last year, leading the team in touchdown receptions with five. He has found his niche on the team and it should pay dividends as he could be the best fullback in the PFL this year.

Quarterback Josh McGregor (left) and running back Rudell Small (right)

Wide receiver most likely to step up as the main target-Josh Philpart

The sophomore is primed to step into role of lead receiver on the team after tying

for the team lead in receptions (36) ending up second on the team in receiving yards (444) and receiving touchdowns (four).            Philpart is a reliable target as a possession receiver that could be the next of the great receivers to come out of JU. He possesses great hands and good route running ability that makes him dangerous.             He is far from the only receiver returning for the Dolphins. Juniors Tommie Rogers, Rodney Sumter, and Elliot Finkley along with senior Sam Bell figure to play key roles in the passing game. As mentioned earlier, the tight ends could also be big parts of the offense in different ways. Kuck is smaller and known more for his pass-catching ability, while senior Tim Kraemer is big and a great run-blocker.  “We have a ton of good receivers and I am hoping to put up big numbers with these guys,” McGregor commented when asked about replacing Geavon Tribble in the passing game. “I feel like any receiver that we call on will go out there and make plays for us.”

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VOLUME 66 • ISSUE 1 • September 2 - 8, 2009


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‘An even more dangerous unit’

           The defense returns a load of talent to a unit that finished in the top 20 nationally in both scoring and total defense. The defensive line promises to be a strong point on the defensive side of the ball, with a wealth of experience and talent. They are led by junior defensive end Shaun Lewis, who came out of nowhere to tear through the PFL last season and finish second in the conference in sacks. “I’m very confident, we have a lot of guys returning,” Lewis said when asked about his confidence in the defense this year. “We’re a veteran defense, and when you add the young talent we’re an even more dangerous unit.” The other returning defensive ends include juniors Bradley Burns and Ray Gault along with senior Aaron Frye. On the interior part of the line, the returning defensive tackles are Haywood Range, Rolando Fines, and Cevonte Heagle. “Everything starts up front on the defensive line,” Lewis commented. “We know we set the tone on game day and we’re going to always be ready to make plays.”

Area on defense with the most question marks-the secondary

The back four on the defense has to replace two of the better defensive backs in school history in Tremaine Mack and Robson Noel. Returning is senior safety Jason Wood, who is the clear leader of the secondary. After picking up all-american honors this offseason, Wood is poised to lead this defense to another top five national ranking in pass efficiency defense. He is also within striking distance of the career tackles record, needing 89 to break Brandon Torre’s mark. “I won’t sit here and lie, the record matters to me,” Wood said when asked about being so close to the record. “At the same time, winning matters more. I’d rather go

11-0 and not even come close to the record rather than achieve it and lose games.” The leading candidate to replace Mack at the other safety position is senior Keenan Bowe. Both cornerback positions have good competition for the starters. The top candidates to play are Brian Valdez, Leonard Smith, JeMarr Anderson, and Roderick Clark. Anderson and Clark are new to the team this year, with Anderson transferring in from Temple. Clark is hoping to pick where he left off in his freshman year when he started for the Dolphins. This should be one of the more intriguing positions for Jacksonville this season. “The core of defensive backs is very versatile and deep this year,” Wood said. The linebacking core has experience returning, led by Layne McCombs, Joseph and Allen Fennell, and Will Perry. Sophomore Andy Sainvil has a chance to make an impact as a backup this season. There is talent all around this unit, but consistency is will be the main focus coming into this season. The special teams should be solid once again this year, with senior Donovan Curry back to handle the kicking duties. Sophomore Logan Chipperfield has the punting duties. There are plenty of predictions going around about your Jacksonville Dolphins, but when I look at the schedule I only see two potential roadblocks to an undefeated season: September 12 at Samford and October 24 at San Diego. If there is any season to make the playoffs, this would be the year. My prediction for this season is 11-0 with a huge upset over their Souther Conference opponent. Are the playoffs in the future? I think so. The 2009 JU Dolphins will be the Florida Gators for everyone in the PFL, but do they feel the pressure? Not if you ask no. 47. “No pressure at all, we feel like we have the most talent in the league. We’re confident and ready for any challenges we face this year.”

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