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Easter Adventures 2022

Dive into a dream world – and the dreams of your childhood

Dear Nautilus guest, We are delighted to welcome you to your island home away from home this Easter season. A beautiful Maldivian escape awaits you and your loved ones, filled with free-spirited experiences to inspire you and reconnect you with long-held childhood dreams. We have curated pleasures and adventures aplenty for you to suit both young and young-atheart alike, culminating in extra special treats and exciting events on Easter Sunday. Aside from the Easter festivities, April is simply an ideal time of year to visit our little island. April falls within the Maldives’ dry season, the ocean is warm and tides are gentle, allowing you to maximise your time in the sun and the sea. We are likewise pleased to let you know that we have partnered with Ananda in the Himalayas, the world’s most lauded destination spa, so that you may experience the very best of wellbeing, from the mountains to the sea. Read more here to learn about Ananda’s spa and culinary offers at The Nautilus, as well as the Ananda Retreat at The Nautilus, slated for 07 to 11 April 2022. This Easter, we invite you to create a new world of your own making. A very happy Easter to you and to those you hold dearest!

Andre Miethig General Manager

13th April

Young Wonderers: Nature Walk & Leaf Collecting

Young Wonderers: Kids’ Workshop: Flower Art

Take in the beautiful nature around you here at The Nautilus, and breathe in the fresh Maldivian sea air. Pick up a favourite leaf and keep hold of it tightly for later!

Discover the magic of flower arranging to create a colourful work of nature's art!

Young Wonderers: Creative Time: Leaf Painting

Young Wonderers: Mini Gardeners

We hope you kept your leaf from this morning's walk! Now it's time to paint it. Get creative and decorate it in the most imaginative way possible.

Young Wonderers: Maldivian Palm Leaf Origami Join us for a unique session of locally-inspired origami with our resident artist! Weave and fold the materials into beautiful fish, crabs and birds or create your own palm leaf origami art.

* Additional charges applicable

Get your gardening gloves on for this Young Wonderers gardening session. Explore what we grow on the island, from herbs to flowers.

Nautilus Rising Head to our poolside lounge, Naiboli, for sunset. Witness the soft hues of the sunset from the comfort of inviting sun loungers and cabanas, while sipping on stylish cocktails and nibbling on gourmet canapés

14th April

Young Wonderers: Funny Bunny Gymnastics

Young Wonderers: Make Your Own Paper Bunny Bag

Laughter is a fantastic route to fitness. So bring your body, enthusiasm and laughs, as we shake off some energy and do fitness in the best way – the funny way!

Let’s get crafting! Make your very own paper bunny bag and fill it all the way up with gummy bears.

Young Wonderers: Carrot Hunting

Young Wonderers: Movie Party Time

Scour the island for strategically-hidden carrots – underground, on the beach, on the trees – or hidden in plain sight. Collect as many as you can!

It's showtime! Get comfy and enjoy a super fun movie with popcorn, pizza, sushi and other sweet treats.

Young Wonderers: Bunny Tattoo Making Get into the spirit of the season and don your very own bunny tattoos – by far the coolest fashion accessory this Easter time.

* Additional charges applicable

·“There will come a time when you believe everything is finished; that will be the beginning.” - Louis L'Amour

15th April

Young Wonderers: Freestyle Dance Class This is the perfect time to show off your signature dance moves – in front of your new friends. Dance like no one is watching!

Young Wonderers: Easter Bracelet Making Create your own Easter bracelet using cute beads and bitty baubles. Keep it as a souvenir from your Easter at The Nautilus, or give it to someone you love so much.

Young Wonderers: Paint Your Own Easter Bunny Bag Design your bunny tote with your favourite images, colours and words, and take your masterpiece with you everywhere you go.

Good Friday Brunch * Come for a leisurely brunch at Thyme, and luxuriate to your heart’s content until mid-afternoon. The treats will keep coming – a live station serving uber-fresh pasta, sushi & sashimi galore, overflowing prosecco, and a cornucopia of tropical fruit, among others.

Young Wonderers: Easter Pasta Art

Harmony and Grace *

Did you know that mac ‘n cheese is more than just tasty? We’ll show you how to use the dried (pre-cooked) macaroni pieces – and other pasta shapes – to make art for your family.

Encompassing total wellness and offering an array of lifestyle options, Solasta Spa has especially created rejuvenating treatments to make yourself feel wonderful and brand new.

Young Wonderers: Chocolate Eggs Competition

Blind Champagne Tasting *

Hidden treasures, hidden island clues and chocolate to hunt, what isn't there to love? Especially when it's a treasure hunt on the beautiful Nautilus Island.

* Additional charges applicable

Test your champagne knowledge and take your taste buds to the next sensory level with a blind tasting. This leisurely activity encourages you to savour the flavours and aromas of the world's best wines, perfectly paired with our chef's culinary creations.

16th April

Young Wonderers: Easter Yoga

Young Wonderers: Bunny Chef Hat Making

Enjoy gentle yoga stretches to limber up for a jam-packed day of fun!

Making a bunny chef hat is easier than you think – all you need is paper, little fingers and some nifty folding skills. Come craft with us!

Young Wonderers: Funny Bunny Games It’s time for some good laughs. Join us for an array of very funny Easter games!

Young Wonderers: Easter Sausage & Cheese Rolls Making Class

Young Wonderers: Easter Bowling

Come and learn how to make sausage and cheese rolls from scratch – from hand-kneading your dough to the final special touches, just like a chef.

It’s time for some serious fun and games. Try your hand at Easter bowling!

Cruise á la Mode * Young Wonderers: Easter Postcard Making Sit down with your new island friends and create handmade Easter postcards that you can send to friends and family.

* Additional charges applicable

Come aboard our yacht, ready to set sail just for you. Bask in nature’s majesty as you cruise the Maldivian waters. Feel the wind and warm sun caressing your face, the gentle lapping of the deep blue soothing your cares away. Do keep an eye out for our resident dolphins!

16th April

Family Kayak Racing The ultimate test of balance, teamwork, strength and leadership. Does your family have what it takes to win this adrenaline-pumping race towards victory?

Maldivian Cooking Class * Experienced cooks and beginners alike can participate in this fun-filled interactive discovery of Maldivian cuisine, its electrifying flavours and its cultural roots.

Marine Biology Presentation Allow our marine biologist to guide you through this marinethemed chat. Learn new facts about the magical underwater world of Baa Atoll.

Private Afternoon Tea * Nothing says daytime leisure quite like afternoon tea. Allow us to serve you an array of premium teas, delectable cakes and pastries and comforting savouries that satisfy the palate, as well as the eyes.

* Additional charges applicable

17th April

Young Wonderers: Bunny Face Painting

Easter Yoga

Get your face painted with rosy cheeks and cute whiskers – don’t forget the bunny ears!

Signal the start of your new beginning with a peaceful and calming yoga session at Solasta Spa. Open up your chakras and your body to receive the blessings of the Universe. Namaste!

Young Wonderers: Easter Egg Hunt

A Sparkling Easter Brunch *

Search the island, high and low, and amass your Easter egg collection. Scour the beach, dig underground, peer beyond the bush – but don’t try too hard, they may be hidden in plain sight!

Begin your morning with a fabulous Easter brunch with your very favourite people. Enjoy specialty milkshakes and some crisp Prosecco, while our resident acoustic duo serenades you with heartwarming tunes.

Young Wonderers: Competition

Compete in Stand-up Paddle Boarding



Put your crafty fingers and innate engineering skills to the test, and build the highest sand tower on Nautilus Island.

Race your loved ones with this electrifying stand-up paddleboarding competition. Test your multitasking skills as you witness the sea-life within the lagoon – all while attempting to win this harder-than-it-looks race!

Young Wonderers: Egg Colouring

Tea MasterClass *

Let your imagination run free in this artsy activity of Easter egg colouring and styling. The perfect Easter gift, made with love, for your nearest and dearest.

Learn the art of tea preparation and appreciation, and take your newfound knowledge and skills home with you. Soon, you can host your very own tea party!

Young Wonderers: Easter Party, Easter Treats & Movie Time

Sunset Bonfire at The Beach

It’s Easter Sunday, an oh-so-fun day! Let’s party hearty, enjoy surprise treats and watch an awesome movie with new friends.

* Additional charges applicable

Gather ‘round the fire at sundown, your favourite drink in hand, and sing and dance to the beat of Maldivian boduberu. A magical experience you won’t soon forget.

18th April

Young Wonderers: Pool Party & Mini GAMES Get set for a hilarious sack race, Easter egg and spoon race, and water buckets competition. Best of luck to you! Celebrate with a super fun pool party with your island buddies.

Young Wonderers: Craftzone: Easter Egg Scratch Art Channel your inner Picasso and layer crayons and paint as wildly as the spirit takes you. Then, scratch out your cool designs and see kaleidoscope hues peeking through your etchings. Say hello to your work of art!

Young Wonderers: Creative Paper Art Make beautiful pieces of art using paper adorned with a variety of other materials. Learn cool techniques and designs to make your paper art come alive.

Young Wonderers: Marshmallow Cupcake Decorating Design your cupcakes with marshmallows to create cute creatures, funny faces, or interesting objects.

Coral Adoption * We invite you to discover the marvel of coral reefs and the importance of their conservation. The Nautilus is committed to restoring our atoll's reefs, and we will explain how you can also engage with this work in a more personal way.

* Additional charges applicable

Snorkelling Scavenger Hunt Get ready for the ultimate underwater adventure! Enjoy a day of fun and laughter as you scramble around the deep, looking for objects on the list. Watch out, there may even be some added surprises.

Chocolate MasterClass * Learn to make chocolate from scratch from our resident pastry chefs. Impress your friends at home with your awesome choco creations.

Easter Football Tournament Come along alone, with new friends, loved ones, or even with members of The Nautilus Maldives team. Become the latest football star on the island!

Sake MasterClass * Let us take you through the fascinating world of sake – its origins, its land, and how to appreciate this delicate spirit. Sample some of the best sake in the world with choice canapés.

Mastering The Art of G&T * Nothing spells summer like a crisp and cool glass of G&T, in any way you like it! Let our resident mixologists teach you how to make the perfect one, using your favourite fruits, herbs and garnishes.

Your beautiful new beginning is at hand. This Easter season, create a world of your own making at The Nautilus. Contact your House Master to co-create your Easter dream world.