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Needless to say, we used a lot more anti-oxidants in the future - in fact, today we have a specific anti-oxidant product for allergies - much improved over our capsule experience! ALL of our horses, everyday, are supplemented with anti-oxidants. We want them around a long time.

When man makes a mineral mix, he is simply guessing. Even with a free choice mix that just has massive amounts of this and that, horses simply over-consume what they don’t need, while trying to get what they do need and quite honestly what they do need might not even be in the mix to begin with! I assure you; man-made blocks and mixes are missing critical elements!

Finally, Basic #5 Don’t short the salt. Horses are not lickers! THE major factor in allergies, or any illness of “unknown” cause, is the misuse of salt and mineral blocks. Free choice, natural sources of salt and minerals will help your horse’s allergies improve drastically. Horses are not lickers: they can’t get what they need from salt or mineral blocks quickly enough to get what they need! Horses needs change whenever the barometer changes because the grasses that they eat have changed. The chemical composition of grass actually changes with the weather. Also our “salt based” fertilizers used today often confuse the horse. The potassium contained within them literally tricks the horse into thinking he has plenty of salt already because the potassium ion is so similar to sodium. When this happens, they quit eating salt or if they only have access to blocks, they can’t even get as much of what they need. This situation is a major metabolic stress on the system. Many problems can result.

Many of the tiny micronutrients, or elements, like rubidium, molybdenum, palladium, cesium, and strontium, are critical for problems like allergies, COPD and even cancer. When I take away typical “man-made” salt and mineral blocks, and replace them with natural sources, many allergies and other problems go away! It is amazing what nature provides! I really hope you have stuck with me long enough to read this single point. The most important “The most important thing you can do for your horse’s health is to thing you can do for provide a natural source of salt and minerals.

your horse’s health is to provide a natural source of salt and minerals.” (See our RED CAL product on page 46)

Although we are still learning about allergies, a few things are very important. Certainly keeping flies and pests away is critical, but don’t overuse the chemicals or you could be adding fuel to the fire. The cause of an allergy must be addressed rather than just treating the symptoms. Nutrition is critical. Vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and essential fatty acids should not be overlooked as part of the treatment.

The obvious ones are “tying up” and what we generally think of as electrolyte problems. The least obvious, but the most dangerous, is the massive change in gut bacteria, which sometimes can be life threatening. Examples are laminitis, abortion, and allergies. Even free choice minerals can be a problem! That’s because man only has a vague idea of what our horses need. Every year new minerals and vitamins are being discovered - so how can we put them in a bag?

Less sugar in the diet is always best. Feeding oats rather than “complete” feed, supplemented with NATURAL sources of vitamins and minerals - top dressed and based on the needs of each individual horse is also best. And instead of salt and mineral blocks, natural “free choice” supplements are better and may even contain beneficial ingredients we don’t even know about yet. Finally, in my humble opinion, you should only vaccinate for what you absolutely think is necessary. If we provide the body what it needs, it will heal itself!


Significantly helps keep the flies and mosquitoes off your horses or your money back. Potential uses: Over 10,000 horses * Itchy Skin can't be wrong! * Bacterial or Fungal Skin Conditions * Respiratory and Lung Conditions SEE PAGE 42. (Comparable Pet SEE PAGE 48. Product on page 54.) (Comparable Pet Product on page 55.)

Just wanted to tell you how much my horse and I love your Bug Check product. My gelding from Germany was a "walking welt" from all of the bugs here in Florida until I tried your product! It cleared up the welts very quickly and everybody comments on his slick, shiny coat. I thought I could take him off of it now that it's winter and I hadn't seen a welt on him in quite some time. I was wrong I just ordered some more! Thanks for a great, natural product! -Cheryl, Bonita Springs Fl PS: I've told my friends all about it and they got some for their "walking welts" too!



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